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Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« on: April 20, 2019, 06:51:05 PM »
Hello, boys and girls!

I was hoping to try something here with my new story. The subject is going to be current-day Jessica Alba and I started the story off writing a fun, short scene. From here on, my idea was to involve you, the reader into the development of the story, because I am feeling very democratic. Here is how it works: you guys read the chapter I posted. At the end of this, you will find a cliffhanger with the options represented in the poll above. From here on it is pretty easy. You vote a direction, I write up the winner in a new chapter, which will end in another poll. Rinse, repeat and we will hopefully end up somewhere fun. My hopes for this were of course a high participation, but written feedback, either as a comment or as a PM would also be much appreciated. Anyways, hope you’ll enjoy this little start and find an option in the poll that you like and I will see you for the new chapter  :)

„AARRGHFUCK!“ Jessica Alba hissed, her lips pulled back to reveal her clenched white teeth in an intense grimace as she felt the fat, bulbous cockhead stretch her petite asshole open and force its way into her tight backdoor.

Her knees rose off the floor and her toes dug deep into the plush, thick carpet of the Alba/Warren manor’s master bedroom as she bucked up, instinctively trying to evade the powerful sensation, but the sweaty, strong man was having none of it.

Bracing his left forearm against Jessica’s bare back Tony Buchner roughly pushed the gorgeous actress back down onto her bed, pinning her in place, a wide grin on his face as he fed more and more of his thick cock into this gorgeous little ass.

“You dirty little MILF-whore!” he growled into her ear, using his free hand to give her butt a small swat before he took a hold of her hip, effectively leaving her completely at his mercy, “Take that big dick!”

Again Jessica cried out at the heady mix of pain and pleasure that soared through her body as she was sodomized by the heavyset man on her own marital bed. Able to do little more than take it and bear the discomfort of initial anal penetration she clasped at the sheets, her knuckles blanching. “S-slower!” she implored.

“Shut the fuck up!” came the hoarse reply and before Jessica could even gasp the pressure from between her shoulder blades was gone and instead a big, strong hand grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face-first into the mattress.

“Little cunt!” Buchner berated her as he held her down, keeping her face buried in the soft silk sheets as he pushed deeper, making sure to force every last inch of his cock into the Latina’s ass, enjoying the snug, red-hot embrace of her rectum.

Jessica gave a muffled groan as she was skewered like this. Squeezing her eyes shut tightly she let go of her sheets and instead she reached back and, grabbing a cheek in each meticulously manicured hand, she submissively spread her ass open for him, allowing this man she barely knew full control over her famous booty.

Buchner gave a growl as he looked down. He could see the actress’ small sphincter stretched tightly around his cock, clinging to his shaft as he slowly pulled back slightly, attempting to keep him in. He gritted his teeth. His hand moved from the back of her head to her hip to gain more control over her torso and subsequently Alba lifted her head, gasping as she was allowed to breathe freely again.

They moaned in unison when Tony thrust back in, stretching her deep once again. Buried completely, he shimmied his hips slightly from side to side, causing a shiver to tingle up her spine. She felt his big, hairy balls rub against the wet folds of her pussy, reminding her of the things he had done to that pussy only minutes prior… before he had made her suck him… and now he was using her asshole.

High on pleasure, breathing heavily, Jessica turned her head and peered back through her disheveled, sweaty hair at her fucker, cooing like a little slut as he began to ream her asshole.

He was not handsome. About twenty pounds overweight, the man who was currently using her as his personal fleshlight, was also at least fifteen years her senior, his formerly brown hair and beard peppered with grey. His face was red, now even more so than usual and he was sweating, his big barrel chest, hairy and strong, heaving. She could do so much better. She did not care.

“Fuck my ass!” she whined, giving him a smoldering look to which he grinned. Jessica Fucking Alba was his slut. And a dirty one at that!

Snarling, he gave her what she asked for. His cock sawed in and out of her tight, clenching hole, quickly gaining pace, her thick luscious booty jiggling with every impact as he pounded her into the bed.

“AAH! AAH! AAH! AAH!” Jessica cried. Her fingers slipped off her ass-cheeks, her nails raking the warmed skin and leaving red scratch marks on her own ass. Her nose crinkled in an intense mask of pleasure and she braced herself against the bed. Spreading her knees apart a little further, she pushed back against Tony, offering her most sacred hole for him to fuck.

“WHORE!” Tony shouted at her, taking advantage and pounding her little orifice, causing the actress to scream. He planted a hard slap on her buttock, causing it to flush further before his fingers dug back into the soft skin of her hips. “WHERE IS MY FUCKING COCK, YOU BITCH?!”

“AAAH!” Jessica cried, earning another hard slap to her behind, “IT’S IN MY ASS! AAAH! MY ASSHOLE!”

Her screams rang loudly through her empty house as the successful MILF was getting absolutely pounded, her petite, little backdoor all but destroyed by the harsh cock. Even a person standing in the big mansion’s driveway would have been able to hear her cries of ecstatic pleasure.


Grunting with exertion, Tony used his grip on her hips to yank Jessica upwards, roughly manhandling her to her feet to fuck her in a bent over position. The actress just went along, her knees feeling shaky, but she was stuck between the heavier man and her big bed, both at his mercy and safe from falling over.

Her eyes closed, gasping for air, Jessica was hyper-aware of the moment. Her big, soft tits swinging underneath her frame, repeatedly slapping together. Tony’s scrotum smacking heavily against her wet, swollen pussy. Her asshole stretched wide open to accommodate the thick, veiny cock that pumped in and out of her rectum, invading her deep. She cried out when a hand snatched her hair and her head was cocked back. She was getting fucked like some little slut. And she was loving it!


The two hard slaps elicited two sexy yelps from her and also they signaled the start of a sprint from Tony, who, grunting and huffing, gave her all he had. His powerful thrusts pushed her forward each and every time and his hand yanking her back by her hair caused a sharp pain in her scalp, but the MILF just loved it.

“YEAH!” she screamed, feeling the beginnings of an orgasm arise inside her body, “YEAH! YEAH! FUCK!!!”

Reaching down with her right hand, she quickly found her clitoris and rubbed it feverishly, adding another layer of sensations to the mix and elevating the pleasure to a higher level. She was so wet. It was almost embarrassing how much she got off to getting fucked in the ass! Going lower, she plunged her middle and ring finger into her creamy hole, slipping in easily. Curling her digits, she quickly found her g-spot and proceeded to massaged it in small circles while simultaneously stimulating her clit with the palm of her hand.

“YEAH! TONY! HARDER! HARDER, PLEASE!” she spurred him on, almost desperately begging him to use her as she could feel her release become imminent, “YESS! TONY! FUCK MY ASS! AAAAH! PLEEAASE!”

Tony bared his teeth. His eyes clenched shut with effort. Veins popped at the sides of his neck as he exerted himself, shutting out the intense pleasure he was receiving from pummeling the gorgeous woman’s back door to get her over the edge. He could hear the urgency in her voice, knew that it was a matter of seconds before he would make her cum like the little whore that she was.

God, she had a tight little asshole! So snug, so hot, so welcoming! It was the best hole he had ever experienced, made even better by how much the woman it belonged to loved getting it fucked. His little side bitch. The woman he could fuck in ways other women did not want to.

“YESS! LIKE THAT! AARGH!” Jessica squealed, her face contorting with pleasure as her fingers became frantic, working her own sensitive spots with expert precision to amplify the sensations she was experiencing due to the dick in her ass. She was almost there… Just a little bit more… Just

Jessica cried out as her entire body clenched up. She could feel every fiber of her body being filled with white lightning. She opened her mouth in a silent scream, felt her supporting arm shake and buckle, but Tony’s unforgiving hand in her hair kept her upright. She gasped for air, filling her burning lungs and her eyes rolled in their sockets, fluttering closed as she rode a wave of pleasure radiating from her anus.

“GOD DAMN BITCH!” Buchner groaned as Jessica’s sphincter clenched tight, locking him balls-deep inside her rectum in the throes of her orgasm. His brow twitched as he felt her anal muscles work, treating him to an incredible massage as repayment for the pleasure he had bestowed on her and he held out desperately. There was one more thing he wanted from the snobby cunt!

What does Tony want from Jessica before he is done with her?

- He wants her to go ass-to-mouth!
- He wants a rimjob!
- He wants her to ride him like the little slut that she is!
- Something unforeseen happens...

Please vote in the poll above! I hope you enjoyed it and if you did: Please like, share, comment and subscribe :P
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2019, 10:35:29 AM »
Looks like she is going for ATM so far in the poll. I just wanted to say, this story was amazing. You know how to write rough sex and with dirty talk, especially with Alba.
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2019, 08:56:43 AM »
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“FFFUUUCK!” Tony Buchner hissed out between tightly gritted teeth. He felt a vein pulsing at the side of his head as concentrated fully to resist the urge to cum. Jessica’s anal muscles clenched and massaged his shaft beautifully, trying to coax out his load as the actress basked in her own orgasm, but Buchner held out stubbornly. The hand on her ass cramped up with the effort, causing his fingernails to sink deeply into the firm, yet malleable flesh.

Jessica let out a whine as she finally overcame the apex of her orgasm. Her entire face twisted up in intense pleasure, her mind was completely focused on the thick shaft currently stretching her rectum. She could feel every detail, every vein, every pulse of pleasure of Tony’s fat shaft, feel the fat, mushroom-shaped tip of his cock in the depth of her bowels, feel how her sphincter wrapped tightly around his base, holding him in place. It was a huge turn on.

“Fuuuuck…” she whimpered as her climax slowly began to subside, the spasms controlling her body weakened and she felt how exhausted her release had left her. Tony let go of her hair and her head, now unsupported, dropped forward so her forehead rested on the mattress as she felt the big man grab her buttocks with both hands and spread them apart. Ass raised and head lowered, Jessica could feel Buchner’s greedy eyes taking in the sight of her asshole wrapped tightly around his cock, clinging to him as he pulled back.

Buchner smirked at the gasp the gorgeous actress gave as he slowly pulled his cock from her hole, savoring every inch as he slid out. Her sphincter tried to hold on to the rim of his tip, but only for a moment before his entire length popped out.

“You nasty little whore!” he hissed at the spent woman, keeping her ass-cheeks pulled apart for a good while longer as he watched her freshly-fucked asshole quickly clench up and shrink back to its original size. After everything he had had to deal with with this spoiled bitch, seeing her like this was immensely satisfactory for him.

“Mmmh!” Jessica moaned tiredly and twisted lightly in his grip. Despite the situation being inspected like this made her feel the slightest bit uneasy. Smirking cockily, Buchner finally let go and stepped back. No longer stuck in between the man and the bed, Jessica’s knees shook slightly, but held, keeping her legs straight in her slumped-over pose that looked like she was offering up her cunt and asshole, a sight that Buchner relished.

“Come here, bitch!” he eventually uttered, his voice demanding. Grabbing his thick dick around the base he waved it slightly. “Time for you to lick me clean!”

It took a second before there was a reaction from the exhausted woman. He considered giving her a little incentive with a firm slap to that scrumptious Latina ass that she showed off so generously, but then Jessica, with a moan, lifted her head and looked back at him over her shoulder.

“What are you looking at?” Buchner hissed brusquely, glaring down at her. “Come here, get on your fucking knees and suck my cock like the good little whore that you are until I paint that slut face of yours!”

Jessica glared, but nonetheless complied, allowing her shaky knees to buckle and fall onto the thick, soft carpet. Obediently she turned around to face the big, balding man, kneeling in front of him. “Fucking prick!” she muttered under her breath.

The slap was resounding and took her by surprise, her hair flying. She cried out in shock and looked up, her fingers daintily touching the hit spot.

“Watch your mouth, you little whore!” Tony growled, lifting a threatening finger, “Now get to work!”

Jessica’s eyes tightened, but only for a moment before she lowered her eyes and grabbed Tony’s thick shaft. Opening her mouth, she quickly engulfed the head with her soft lips and began to suck him, her wet tongue lapping at the underside. Glares and complaints aside, Jessica liked the way he treated her. She would have bitten her tongue off before she would have said it out loud, but the rough, dominant, misogynistic way he treated, almost abused her, was the reason why she fucked him. It was all part of her dirty little fantasy, being used by the handyman, being turned into his little slut. It took her away from her stressful day-to-day-life for a time.

She moaned as she tasted the tang of her own ass on his cock but it did not deter her in the slightest. Picking up speed she vigorously began to blow him, sucking him deeper and deeper into the hot cavity of her mouth, from time to time varying with whore-ish, open-mouthed licks of her tongue along the marbled sides of his shaft and even going further down to service his hairy ballsack, loosing herself in the task.

“Ooh, yeah!” Buchner grunted, his eyes closing in relish, “That’s a good whore!” Reaching out with both hands he let his fingers slide through Jessica’s soft, luxurious hair on either side of her head, enjoying the gorgeous, silky feeling before he grabbed a hold. Gradually he began to take control of the blowjob, setting the pace and the depth of her motions. He went deeper and deeper, sheathing his cock in her warm, wet gullet until he finally made her choke on him.

Grinning, he opened his eyes and looked down, finding Jessica staring back at him through big, watery eyes, teary streaks marring her cheeks.

“What a good little whore you are!” he mocked the kneeling actress, “Finally a way to shut you up!” He increased his pace, eliciting more gags. “Try saying, ‘This takes longer than expected!’!” Jessica gargled, her eyes snapping shut as her mouth was getting fucked. “Say, ‘You are late, our appointment was at 2!’!” Another gag caused an eruption of spit around his cock that covered her lips and chin and dripped down onto her breasts as Buchner used her mouth like it was a pussy. “SAY, ‘THIS LOOKS LIKE SLOPPY WORK!’!”

Letting out a muffled scream, Jessica’s self-control finally wavered and her hands flew up to Tony’s hips, trying to push him off, but the powerful stout man continued in a frenzy, violently abusing her mouth as his thrusts became erratic.

“FUCKING BIIIITCH!” he roared, feeling his orgasm come with ferocity. His face deep red with exertion, panting, he pulled his cock from Jessica’s throat, dragging out long strands of slimy saliva that splattered onto the carpet before he held her head tightly in place with a fist entangled in her hair and jerked his cock off with the other.

“AAAARRGH!” he groaned as he came. Jessica, overwhelmed by the skullfuck she had received and gasping for breath, jerked as the first streak of thick, creamy jizz hit her straight across the bridge of her nose. However, she recovered quickly and opened her mouth, lolling out her tongue as far as she could to receive his load, which was rewarded with the second jet of cum plastering along the entire length of her tongue all the way to her throat.

“Daaaamn!” Buchner groaned, his next two shots missing her mouth and splattering on her right cheek before he adjusted his aim and spurted the rest of his load over her outstretched, pink tongue and in her gaping mouth, each hit received with a slutty, joyful moan from the kneeling MILF.

Finally done, his knees shaky, Buchner staggered over to a large basket chair that stood in the corner of the room and heavily plopped into it, gasping for air while looking at the defaced starlet.

“Damn,” he chuckled, admiring the huge load he had deposited on Jessica’s stunning features, “Talk about sloppy work…”

The bathroom was filled with steam when Jessica turned off the shower. She stepped out of the cabin and grabbed a big, fluffy, white towel. As she began drying herself off she looked into the mirror.

The quick shower had cleaned off the traces of the intense fuck. Her exotic face, was exquisite even without make-up and at 37 she had developed a strong and athletic, yet curvy body. Motherhood had softened her body, but thanks to her strict training regimen it had done so in all the right places. Her breasts were bigger than they had used to be, soft and round and capped with hazel-colored stiff nipples, and her ass was also thicker.

Turning around, she allowed herself to briefly admire her golden behind, the corner of her mouth twitching disapprovingly as she discovered the five halfmoon-shaped marks where the buffoon’s fingernails had dug into her skin as he had ridden out her orgasm, but she quickly shrugged. Those marks would fade in no time and it had been absolutely worth it. Good, fucking primal sex!!!

She finished toweling off and stepped back into the bedroom naked where, to her dismay, she found Buchner still, currently buttoning up his shirt in front of the big body-length mirror. Overweight, pudgy, balding, definitely neither smart or witty… whenever he was not fucking her she preferred him far away.

“Why are you still here?” she asked, directly.

He glanced over at her via the mirror, taking a second to admire her naked body. Leering. “Take it easy, babe!” he grinned, finishing up his buttons and combing his hair with his fingers.

“Fuck you, taking it easy!” she spat back, “My husband is going to be back with the kids any second now. I want you out of the damn house five minutes ago!”

The big man turned around, smirking. “Be a bit nicer, sweetheart. Why don’t you smile a little more for me after I just made you cum like that?! After all, if you annoy me too much, who knows what might happen? I might have a little talk with the paparazzi…”

Jessica snorted and rolled her eyes. “You don’t want to play that game, Mr. Buchner! You fuck with me and you have a famous, pissed off millionaire against you. I’ll make you suffer more than you can return the favor.” She threatened before a dirty grin spread her lips. “Besides, you enjoy fucking me way too much to screw this up…”

The naughty comment dissolved any tension after she had established her dominance again and Tony smiled and nodded. “Sure, Mrs Alba!” he said and moved to leave when she stopped him.

“Don’t ever slap my face again! Are we clear? Pretty much the only thing of limits… Come on, Mr. Buchner, you can remember that!”

Tony looked at her and opened his mouth, but thought better of it and nodded. “Of course, Mrs. Alba!”

“Good! Now get out of my house!”

Standing naked at her bedroom window, Jessica watched the handyman climb into his truck and reverse out of the driveway. Only after he had turned around the corner of the street and was no longer in sight did she step away.

Grabbing a white, loose-fitting summer dress she quickly slipped it over her naked body before she headed downstairs. She gathered up her tight black leggings, tank top and sports bra as well as socks and sneakers – remains from the yoga session she had never attended -  and neatly put them away, cleaning away the traces of the rough sexual encounter that had happened here only an hour prior and that had left her feeling so delectably sore.

Once the house was tidy she began fixing dinner, cutting up vegetables and setting the table. Finally, she dropped into a big lounging chair on her terrace. Nibbling on a piece of carrot she watched the sunset while basking in the relaxed feeling of the aftermath of a good fucking session. While only months ago she never could have envisioned feeling like this she was now unable to consider stopping. Fucking around felt so good! So liberating!

What is going to happen next?

- Her family comes back
- A friend calls her
- A neighbor approaches her
- Flashback: How did Jessica become a cheating slut?

Hey, guys, I hope you enjoyed this and are not disappointed with how it turned out. Originally I wanted to wait for a week after posting a new chapter, but there was not much movement in the poll anymore and I had some time, so this is the result. If you can think of an option you want to see that isn’t in a poll or if you have a brilliant idea for what should be implemented in a future chapter or if you simply want to tell me I did well, please leave a comment. I love comments  :P Anyways, see you next time :)
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2019, 10:20:16 PM »
LOVED IT, I voted for the flashback episode!  :D
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #4 on: April 28, 2019, 03:13:53 PM »
Looking forward to more. Hot damn, this is outstanding.
"All that glitters is cold."
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
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Alright, stick with me here please, because I am now trying to develop a bit of a plot, which is where I am relying on a lot of votes. Sadly, there is no real smut in this chapter, but I am trying to write a story here, so sometimes that is going to happen. I am really curious how you will decide, so please, vote in the poll above!

Love you guys :)

Frowning angrily, Jessica absentmindedly rubbed a small spec of dust from the gleaming-clean dashboard of her car as she forcefully interrupted her assistant on the phone. “I don’t care, Jack! I don’t care what Mr. Valentini wants! I am not attending that meeting.”

“But, Mrs. Alba…” came the helpless voice from her phone, “He insisted that…”

“I do not give a flying fuck what that ancient asshole insisted on! We both know that he just wants me there to drool all over my fucking tits like he did the last time! And the time before that!” Jessica almost shouted with frustration, “Even if I wanted, I have two other appointments scheduled that day and I won’t be able to attend the fucking thing. Not like I am needed there. Just tell the old fuck to man up and sign the papers before he inevitably gets metoo-ed and the entire deal blows up in a scandal…”

“Mrs. Alba…”


“Fuck!” Jessica groaned, rubbing her temple with two fingers, “Someone else is calling me. Take fucking care of it, Jack! It is why I pay you!”

“I am not getting pai-”


“Hello Jess!” Gabrielle Union’s cheerful voice filtered out of the speaker, “How’s it going?!”

“Peachy!” Jessica almost hissed before she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and collected herself, “What’s up, Gab?”

“You sound stressed…”

“I am stressed!” Jessica gave back before repeating with more emphasis, “What’s up, Gab?!”

“Damn,” the black woman on the other side of the line chuckled, “Just wanted your okay on the scheduling days for the re-shoots of the finale. You never signed off on that…”

“What? Oh shit, yeah… Totally forgot…” the Latina groaned, her head dropping back as she tried to remember the scheduling Gab had sent her earlier, “Should be fine, though I might have to leave early on the third day. Got a photoshoot in Venice the day after…”

“Busy, busy…”

“You have no idea!” Jessica mumbled before it just started pouring out of her, “I got the re-shoots, I got Honest closing this big deal with the Europeans whose senior seems adamant to put my ankles behind my ears, I got fucking Mr. fucking Buchner and his crew of dickheads slacking behind schedule on the sundeck…”

“They are still building that?” Gabrielle interrupted, “Didn’t you say they wanted to get it done last week?!”

“Yeah, no shit!” Jessica was becoming agitated, “He is way behind, but if I say something it’s just discussions and excuses. I have no clue why this fucking company came recommended. And since that shit is not enough already my dear eldest apparently kicked a damn soccer ball through a car window yesterday when she was visiting friends…” Jessica glanced over at the bottle of fine red wine resting on the padded passenger seat, “… so now I gotta mend fences before that dude decides to sue us. Gotta skip my cocksucking yoga class to get this done!”

“Cocksucking yoga sounds interesting. I might join you some time…” Gab grinned, “Can’t Cash handle the mending thing?”

“Don’t get me started on that lazy sonofabitch!” she rolled her eyes. “He has got tickets for the clippers. Can’t miss those of course…”

“Daaamn, girl, you need a massage!”

“Preach!” Jessica giggled, feeling her friend’s nonchalant attitude relax her a little, “Maybe if I let Mr. Car-Window give me one we are cool afterwards…”

“Two birds with one stone,” Gabrielle uttered, making both women laugh.

“Alright, Gab!” Jessica finally said, “I gotta go. Momma’s gotta fix this situation before it turns into a situation!”

“Cool, good luck! See you soon!”

Hanging up the phone, Jessica tossed her phone into her purse and sat back, taking a deep, relaxing breath. The short conversation had taken away some of her anxiety, but she was far from calm. She quickly checked the rearview mirror, ensuring than none of her stress showed.

It didn’t. Her make-up, though minimal, was perfectly applied. Her full lips glossed with a pink, shiny hue, just a tad of blush applied to her cheeks and a light mascara made for a stunning, but still professional look. To accentuate this, her luxurious hair was pulled back into a strict ponytail.

Looking down, Jessica subconsciously ran a hand over her sleek business costume, straightening any of the imaginary wrinkles. She looked like a freaking professional! Low cut, loose-fitting white blouse underneath a dark blue blazer, paired with a form-fitting pencil skirt of the same color.

The black pumps, black belt, black purse and the modest jewelry consisting of simple, golden earrings and a petite watch, finished her ensemble of in a stylish, sexy-professional way. She certainly felt like she looked good enough to appeal to any man’s good nature without feeling like she was whoring herself out.

“Alright, let’s do this!” Jessica sighed, grabbing her purse and the bottle of wine and stepping out of her car. Just as she locked the door she received a text message from Jack, informing her that Mr. Valentini insisted on her attendance, but was willing to reschedule to ensure this.

“Oh, fuck you and the entire country of Italy…” Jessica cursed under her breath at the non-present, old businessman before stuffing her phone back into her purse and making her way towards the house of Brad Mitchell, the man whose car her eldest daughter had inadvertently crippled.

While it certainly was not a neighborhood of the same standard as Jessica’s own it still very obviously was a good area. The houses looked neat and tidy with big garden’s around. After all, her daughter’s friend, who she had visited, attended the same school, so it was pretty safe to assume that her parents were well off.

Jessica felt another surge of anxiousness as she pressed the doorbell, feeling the sudden, ridiculous urge to run away as she waited for commotion behind the door.

What do you want to happen next?

- The door is opened. Brad Mitchell is friendly.
- The door opens. Mr. Mitchell is pissed!
- Nobody opens. Jessica decides to sneak around the house to look for someone.
- Jessica's phone rings. It is Mr Valentini.

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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #6 on: May 10, 2019, 03:08:25 AM »
No need to apologize for lack of smut. Having a story with depth is great, and I love reading how you write this as well as your other Jessica stories cause I feel like you really put your soul into. It's great, better than stories that go straight to sex.
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