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The Secret Revenge w/ Kate Upton
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

The Secret Revenge
Starring: Kate Upton
Featuring: Charlotte McKinney
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal

“Oh yeah, come on.”

Kate couldn't believe what she was seeing. Alan wasn't her boyfriend or her fuck toy, he was her photographer, but he was still hers.

“Oh, that cock feels so good in me.”

Yet here he was, fucking her.

“Ooh yeah, pull my hair. Pull it!”

The view Kate had wasn't the best but she could recognise that voice anywhere.

“Oh God, I'm so close. Make me cum, make me… Ooohhh!”

There wasn't much to differentiate Kate from Charlotte McKinney. They were both big breasted blondes, they were of similar height and had only been seen fully topless once. The fact that Charlotte was a year younger and had been seen topless in an upmarket art book didn't matter.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Charlotte screamed as she reached her orgasm.

They had to be false friends for their job but Charlotte had always made her true feelings known by the passive aggressive insults she would hurl. No, she hadn't been seen by the Internet covered in spunk but she hadn't been on the cover of Sports illustrated either. Kate wasn't sure if she'd ever been invited either.

The two were finishing up as Alan reached his end, covering her large breasts with his spunk. She knew it wouldn't be good if she got caught spying so Kate snuck out of the studio. As she reached street level, she saw Charlotte's car.

“I could key it!” she thought to herself.

No, that wouldn't be good. The news would definitely hit the gossip sites and ‘Upton keys rivals car’ wouldn't look good for her burgeoning acting career.

“No, I know of something better. I know how to make her pay.”

3 weeks later

Kate stood in the bedroom with her back against the wall. She looked around as her friend Cathy walked out of the large closet.

“Yeah, she'll have a good view from within here. Are you sure about the mask?”

“It'll work.” Kate said as she nodded.

“But isn't the whole point of revenge that the other person knows you've got your revenge on them?”

Kate shook her head.

“Then it's all about how good she knows his body. She could guess but I'd be surprised.”

Cathy walked over to Kate and bent her over the bed. She put her hands on Kate’s hips and mimed some thrusting.

“Get in this position and she'll get a great view of him fucking you. You can be face to face with the whore when she sees her boyfriend hanging out of your ass. Shame she won't know it's him.”

Cathy lifted her hand back and slapped Kate's ass. Kate gave a little giggle before standing up next to her friend.

“Now now, you can't get me too excited before the plan. I need him to fuck me, not you.”

“Are you sure?” Cathy asked. “I could get you to scream louder.”

“If he doesn't finish the job.” Kate said before placing a kiss on her friend's lips.

Kate was happy that she'd got Cathy’s help, the plan would never have worked without her.

After walking out of the photo studio that day, Kate wanted to get revenge on Charlotte McKinney and knew the best way to pay her back was through sex. Kate and Justin had a very open relationship because of their jobs so it wouldn't affect them. He'd probably get off knowing what she was doing it.

Through research, she found out that Charlotte had been dating a guy called Jacob. They'd been together for six months and she must have been serious about him as he was significantly whiter than her usual flings. Asking around, she'd found out he was a bit of a Bro so she didn't have high expectations for him. She also knew he had a thing for tall big breasted blondes and, if anyone could fill that role, it would be Kate.

She took one final look at the room and smiled. Everything was set for her revenge, all she needed was for the remaining players to arrive.

4 hours later

A house party wasn't usually where you would expect to see two world famous supermodels but this was held in an upmarket apartment in Manhattan. Kate stood next to Cathy as she surveyed the room, she'd spotted Jacob earlier and had flirted a little, always leaving a trailing hand run across his chest. She knew he would be putty in her hands when the time came, all she had to do was make sure Charlotte stayed away from him.

With her eyes trained on the door, she spotted Charlotte McKinney walk into the room immediately. The 5 foot 8 blonde looked magnificent in her orange mini dress, the girl looked ready for action with her legs and breasts on full display.

“Keep Jacob distracted, I'll deal with Charlotte.” Kate instructed her friend as she strode towards her rival.

“Wow, look at you.” Kate said as she approached Charlotte. “If I had a cock, I would bend you over and go to town.”

“Um… thanks.” Charlotte replied unsure as to what Kate was alluding to.

“How are you girl? I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little bit buzzed.”

“Yeah,” Charlotte replied. “I've probably drunk far too much to be here but had to make an appearance. Especially when I look this good.”

Charlotte smiled as she span around to show off her dress. Kate had to admit she looked amazing and she licked her lips as she watched Charlotte turn. Kate hadn't expected her to be drunk when she arrived but this might work in her favour.

“Now I heard from a little birdie about a certain fantasy you have.”

Charlotte’s eyes went wide at Kate's comment. She had many sexual fantasies, like any young woman, but she didn't want them discussed in public. She usually felt embarrassed about them.

“What?” she asked.

Kate moved closer to Charlotte and pressed her lips to the shorter blondes ears.

“I heard you've always wanted to watch a couple fuck without them knowing.” Kate whispered as she put her arm around Charlotte's waist.

The younger model didn't say a word; she looked like a deer in headlights. Her eyes had gone wide but there was no denial forthcoming.

“It's okay, we've all thought about stuff like that and... I've got to admit… I've always wanted to be watched.”

Kate smiled as the shocked look remained on Charlotte's face. Inwardly, Kate was surprised by how easy this was to do.

“I didn't think Jason was in New York.”

“He's not but I don't see what he has to do with anything ” Kate replied as she flicked her hair.

“He's your fiancée!” Charlotte said.

Her voice must have been louder than she expected as a few people turned around to look at her. Charlotte covered her mouth and looked to the ground with embarrassment.

“Don't be so naive. He travels a lot, I travel a lot and we both have a lot of admirers. There's a certain arrangement we've come to.”

Charlotte nodded as she felt Kate’s arm drop down and giver her ass a squeeze.

“I have a proposal for you. There is a certain guy here who's going to help me fill out another little fantasy. I'll sneak you into a closet beforehand, you just have to wait and watch me get fucked. Two birds, one stone.”

Charlotte nodded.

“And if you like what you see, maybe we can fulfil another fantasy of mine.”

Charlotte didn't back down so Kate took her arm in arm and lead her to the bedroom. Part 1 of the plan succeeded.

10 minutes later

Kate laughed at the joke Jacob was telling the group. It was long winded and Kate had switched off halfway through but she knew that if she laughed at his jokes, he would be easier to bend to her will.

Slowly, the people drifted away and Kate was left alone with Jacob. She knew Charlotte would be waiting so didn't want to waste much time.

“So… um… Jacob, I have a confession to make.” Kate started as she ran her finger along her bust.

His eyes dropped down to her breasts as expected and she slowly teased him. This all seemed too easy for her.

“What is it?”

“I've got a fetish. I like to fuck guys in Mexican wrestling masks.”

His eyes immediately shot up to hers with his mouth agape. He seemed to be lost for words. Kate leant down and fished out a tiger mask from her bag. After returning to her standing position, she placed it into his hands.

“Up the stairs, first door on your left. Meet me in five minutes, arrive with the mask on.”

Kate gave him a wink and walked off, leaving Jacob shell-shocked. His eyes followed the voluptuous blonde as she headed to the stairs before he finally let a breath out.

5 minutes later

Jacob stood outside the door, as instructed by Kate, and paused for a moment. He'd had a good time dating Charlotte but Kate was an upgrade in his eyes. She was taller, her boobs were bigger and she was a lot more famous. He took a final breath before putting the mask on and pushing open the door.

He was greeted by the sight of Kate Upton sitting on the edge of the bed. Her back was slightly turned to him but he could see her perky right nipple on display. The dress she had worn earlier was draped on a chair and she wore only an angelic white thong. Kate looked over her shoulder to see him enter and a smile came across her face.

“Oh, El Tigre! Thank you for coming to me and allowing me this opportunity to show you how thankful I am.”

She couldn't see but Kate knew he'd be smiling inside. The role-play was suggested by Cathy and was an excellent cover. Jacob would think it was adding an extra layer to the eroticism and it allowed Kate to fuck Charlotte's boyfriend in front of her without her knowing.

“How could…”

Jacob stopped as he saw Kate shake her head at him. This was a non-speaking role for him.

“No El Tigre. Don't say a word. I know why you did what you did. Just allow me to thank you in my own way.”

Kate raised herself from the bed and granted Jacob a full view of her breasts. Her nipples were standing on end and he licked his lips as she held out her hand.

“Come to me.” Kate said seductively.

Jacob did as she commanded and Kate brought her lips to his, pushing her tongue into his mouth. As Kate was the taller of the two blondes, she was almost of height with him so he didn't need to lean down for her, as he did with Charlotte. Kate's hands were gripping the back of his head as she aggressively attached his mouth.

Jacob was taken aback by how forward Kate was with him, the complete opposite of his experience with Charlotte, but he was very happy with the start. He dropped his hands down her body and cupped her ass cheeks, grabbing a good handful.

“Mmmm.” Kate moaned as she felt his hand squeeze.

As the kiss continued, Jacob decided to push things a little further along. His fingers slid underneath the drawstring of her thong and rubbed her asshole. Kate continued to moan and allow her fingers trace down his chest.

“You certainly know how to kiss El Tigre!” Kate said as she pulled away from the kiss. “Why don't you show me what else your tongue can do!”

Kate dropped backwards onto the bed, her legs spreading as she landed. Jacob didn't waste anytime and dropped to his knees by the side of the bed. He grabbed the straps of her thong and pulled it down her legs, exposing her freshly shaved pussy. Putting the thong onto the bed, Jacob leaned in and breathed in the aroma of her pussy. He smiled inwardly as she smelt nicer than Charlotte and the neat package was just waiting for his tongue.

Jacob leaned down and placed some kisses onto Kate's thighs, swapping sides in quick succession. She squirmed under the feeling and couldn't wait to feel his tongue on her. Kate grabbed his hair and motioned his head towards her bald pussy, it getting wetter as his lips caressed her.

Jacob knew the time was ready and he ran his tongue along her neat slit. She let out a moan as his tongue came into contact with her clit and he knew how to please her. He moved his tongue along her clit in a circular motion to warm her up, Kate's hips starting to buck as she felt the pleasure move along her body.

“Oh God El Tigre, the rumours are true.” Kate moaned.

Kate arched her back and looked towards the wardrobe. She could just make out Charlotte's silhouette as she ground her pussy into Jacob's tongue. She was getting off knowing that Charlotte watched and had no idea who he was. She let out a little yelp as Jacob pinched her nipple, she was concentrating too hard on Charlotte to notice his hand creeping up.

“Dig your tongue in.” she instructed as she looked down to Jacob.

He nodded his head as she slid his tongue down her slit, tasting her juices as he went down. His tongue slid into her pussy with ease and started to thrust it into her.

“Oh God yeah, fuck me with you tongue.” she moaned.

Jacob smiled at this encouragement and continued to slide it into her pussy. Kate continued to buck her hips and her crotch knocked into his face numerous times, the mask preventing him getting wet. Her juices smelled nice though and Kate's pussy got wetter as he continued to tongue fuck her.

“Oh God yes, that tongue is so nice…” she moaned louder, ensuring she was clear for Charlotte's ears.

Kate's own hands drifted down to her large breasts, pinching her nipples as she enjoyed the pleasure. She could feel his tongue get deeper into her pussy and knew her orgasm wasn't far off; she would drown his face with her juices.

To her surprise, Jacob pulled out of her pussy and stood up by the bed. She looked at him confused as to why he stopped but got her answer quickly.

Jacob flipped her onto her tummy and moved her onto all fours. He lifted her ass up and pushed her back down so it was easily presented to him. Jacob pulled her towards him so her knees were on the edge of the bed and he dropped back onto his knees.

“Oh yeah…” Kate said. “Tongue fuck my asshole!” she said with encouragement on her voice.

Jacob didn't see any reason to hold back and leaned down to Kate’s ass, his hands spreading her cheeks wide. She'd recently got bleached and her ass looked inviting as he got close. Jacob ran his tongue around her hole, eliciting a moan from Kate who loved her ass being eaten.

“Oooh yeah babe, just there.”

Kate closed her eyes as she felt Jacob’s tongue enter her ass, slowly at first to probe her area. Kate knew she could push the kinkiness on but decided her orgasm was more important. Jacob's tongue started to probe deeper as she wiggled her ass at him. Kate slowly snaked her right hand down her body and started to massage her clit, the wetness nestling onto her hand.

“God this ass tastes good!” Jacob said as he took a breather

“Then don't stop!” Kate moaned. “I only need a little more to cum.”

Jacob listened to her words and sunk his mouth back onto her ass, starting to tongue fuck her. She matched his pace and moved her ass in time, creating a thrusting effect. Her moans increased as her hands moved along her clit in a circular motion.

“Oh God yeah, tongue-fuck me good.” Kate continued to moan.

Jacob grabbed either side of her ass to hold her in place as he dug his tongue further in. Kate struggled to keep her eyes open as she increased the speed of masturbating. It proved too much and Kate closed her eyes as her orgasm started.

“Yeah. Oh my word. Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kate screamed.

Thinking quickly, Jacob took his tongue out of her asshole and dropped himself down to collect her juices. He lapped it up as Kate rubbed her pussy on his face, enjoying the wave of pleasure as it went through her body. As her orgasm came to an end, Kate collapsed down and rolled onto her back. She stared directly at Jacob as he stood at the edge of the bed.

“Maybe you should take those clothes off and enjoy your turn!”

He looked down at the curvaceous blonde as she enjoyed the warm glow of her orgasm. Her large breasts glistened as they rose with her breathing. She licked her lips as she watched him undo his shirt.

“No teasing El Tigre. I've heard what a magnificent cock you have and I can't wait to have it in all of my holes.” Kate said with a wink.

Jacob smiled at she emphasised the all. He dropped his trousers and his hard on was very apparent against his boxers briefs, it was larger than she'd been told.

“Now I can see why Charlotte chose you.” she thought.

Kate lifted her foot and ran it along his cock, she let out a little moan as her eyes took in the full length. Jacob lowered his boxers down and the cock sprang out hitting her foot.

“So big… lay down on the bed.”

Jacob followed her instructions and laid down on the bed. He looked at her as she crawled up and mounted him, hovering her pussy over his cock to tease him.

“I thought you said all three holes?” he asked.

“I did.” she said as she placed her finger on his lips. “I just love the taste of my juices after I've ridden a cock.”

Kate flung her head back as she lowered her pussy down and allowed it to envelope Jacob’s cock. A pleasurable sensation took over as she started to push her way up and down, settling into a consistent motion. Kate looked down to see that Jacob had his eyes closed, his hands resting on her hips.

She shot a look to the wardrobe and knew Charlotte would be watching. She smiled and shot a wink as she increased the motion a little bit. Kate took Jacob’s hands off her hips and placed them onto her breasts allowing him to massage them. His fingers entwined and pinched her small nipples, the pain causing her body to have a shake.

“Oh God, this cock is so good!” she says in a moan, his cock going deep into her pussy. “Such a tight pussy! Much tighter than..”

Karen dropped down and stuffed her left breast into his mouth, her nipple brushing past his teeth.

“You want to carry on fucking this gold mine pussy, don't mention her name!” She aggressively whispered in his ear.

Jacob nodded as she continued to grind her pussy into him.

“How's your reload?” she asked.

“Not great.” he moaned as his cock dug deeper into Kate.

“Dammit” Kate grumbled as she leaned back.

Jacob looked down to see her exposed clit and he reached out to massage it. A moan came from her mouth as she started to bounce harder onto his cock. Her breasts bounced hard before Kate grabbed them, squeezing her nipples at the same time.

“Good boy.” Kate said as she dismounted him. “let's see what it tastes like.”

Kate kneeled next to him and lowered her mouth down to him. She engorged the free standing cock in one as she felt Jacob moved his hand to her ass. She could feel it creep to her hole and spread her cheeks a little. Not wanting to be distracted, Kate continued to run her lips along his cock; taking time to flick the head with her tongue as she moved off.

“Oh God yeah, suck it Upton. Your mouth feels so good.”

He creeped his fingers into her pussy to cover them with juices. There was no lube around so he would have to use her natural wetness to penetrate, luckily Kate was sopping.

“You think my mouth is good, wait until you get into my ass.” Kate said as she took a moment from sucking the cock.

Jacob leaned his head back as Kate licked along the stem before taking his clean shaven balls into her mouth. She had to lean down more to get them both in, exposing her asshole to Jacob. Taking the cue, he took his fingers out of her pussy and slipped the first into her asshole.

He trusted it in and out of her ass to loosen her up before adding a second in. Another moan came from Kate as she stroked Jacob's cock, holding it close so she swallowed it up after finishing her ball licking. Jacob increased the speed of his fingering and could feel her ass loosen more, almost ready for the third finger.

“Shitting hell, I want that nice big cock in me again.”

Jacob nodded as he stuck a third finger in and moved them all in unison in a circular motion. Kate got back up to all fours and started to move her body so she faced the wardrobe. Jacob moved out of her way but kept his fingers in her ass.

“Maybe it's time those fingers came out and that cock fills me up.” Kate said as she looked back at him.

A smile came across Jacob's face as Kate wiggled her ass at him. He pulled his fingers out and moved over to be right behind her.

“Quick! Fuck me like a wanton slut!” Kate said as she prepared to be mounted.

Kate's eyes were fixed at the wardrobe as she knew Charlotte would be watching intently. She felt Jacob grab her hips as he lined his cock up with her hole. A moan came from her mouth as she felt his cock fill her.

“Jesus, you are so tight. “ Jacob said as he started to thrust.

“Damn right, not everyone gets to fuck that hole. Now make it worth it.”

Kate snaked her hand down her body to play with her clit. She knew she wouldn't come just from the ass fucking and she wanted him to feel like a king. Her finger moved along her clit in a circular motion as she felt Jacob take long thrusts into her ass. He must've been close from her pussy and mouth and wanted to pace himself.

“Oh yeah… faster…” Kate moaned.

She was mostly talking to herself but he wouldn't have noticed. He started to thrust harder, increasing the speed for her. He was looking ahead too with no idea his girlfriend was watching.

“Christ, so nice. So tight Kate.”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!” she moaned louder, her pleasure senses being attacked by both her finger and his cock.

Kate broke eye contact with the wardrobe as Jacob pushed her head into the bed. He was being careful before as he didn't want to hurt her but didn't care anymore, he only had his pleasure in mind. Jacob held her head to the bed so he had a good angle, his other hand guiding for hips into the thrusts.

“Oh my God, I'm gonna fill that ass.” he said loudly.

“Fill it! Cum in me!” Kate said slightly muffled.

Jacob let go of her head and placed it on her other hip. He thrusted harder now he had hold of both of her hips and could feel his balls start to tighten. He closed his eyes as the cum started to shoot out of his cock into her ass. Her pussy started to get wetter as Kate's fingers finished massaging her own pussy.

He pulled out and collapsed back onto the bed. His cock stood up semi-erect and Kate looked over his body, proud of herself.

“Thank you El Tigre!” she said as her finger traced up his chest. “ You did wonderfully!”

A smile came across his face as he started to remove the mask. Kate knew this was a chance to annoy Charlotte but she didn't want to be caught naked.

“No. Keep it on.” she whispered. “Let's keep the illusion. Get dressed and keep it on. It's a souvenir of the night you fucked me.”

He was slightly confused by her comment but he nodded his head. Kate moved to the top of the bed and motioned for him to leave. He was a means to an end and didn't want him here any longer. The joy that Jacob felt had dissipated a little but he wanted to enjoy his night still.

Jacob got dressed quickly and left the room. He'd come here to have sex with someone and had achieved it. His buddies were across town so he decided to go meet them. He removed the mask and put it in his pocket, at least he had a souvenir.

Kate waited for a moment after the door closed before her eyes went out of the wardrobe. Kate got to her feet and walked to the bedroom door to lock it. She wasn't in a position to get caught by some drunk partygoer.

“Come out then Charlotte!”

The door opened and Charlotte McKinney gingerly walked out. Gone was the orange dress and any bra that had contained her large breasts. Her thong was still on but looked soaked with her own juices. Charlotte collapsed onto the bed next to Kate and looked at her.

“That was amazing!” she said.

Kate smiled as Charlotte moved to cuddle into her, she was worried that Charlotte would have caught on to who she was fucking when he got vocal but she was stuck in blissful ignorance..

“Glad you enjoyed it. Stick with me and you'll have great fun.”

4 hours later

Charlotte almost floated into the apartment building, she had been on cloud nine for several hours. She thought it had been a ridiculous idea to sit in the wardrobe to watch but she loved watching Kate get a pounding. After cuddling for a little, Kate was starting to get a little amorous, placing some kisses on her neck and her hand brushing her breast. Charlotte wasn’t ready for that so beat a hasty retreat.

Now she walked into Jacob’s apartment ready to have a good seeing to. She knew he’d been out with the boys, a few drinks down and he would be a bit rough with her, probably throwing her around and attempted to get into her ass. She’d avoided it until now but seeing what Kate had done, she’d felt ready. Anything Kate could do, she could do. The sight that she saw entering the lounge stopped her dead in her tracks.

A tiger mask sat on the coffee table.

A tiger mask exactly like the one El Tigre wore as he fucked Kate Upton. Charlotte picked it up and smelt, an odour of sex ran through it.

“That mother fucker!” she screamed.
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Re: The Secret Revenge w/ Kate Upton
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Good story, I liked it when I first read it years ago. The only flaw is with Kate, you gotta do some titty fucking. She's built for that.  ;) Other than that, it's a good story. I enjoyed getting to read it again.
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