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I GO TO RIO featuring Candice Swanepoel
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I Go To Rio
featuring Candice Swanepoel
Written by HearszAM
CODES: MF, oral, cunnilingus, rimming, reverse cowgirl, doggie, anal creampie

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

Rio De Janeiro, one of the world's most iconic cities. Home to the 2014 Football World Cup and one of the more recent Summer Olympics. But more importantly, home to the biggest all year round party on Copa Cabana beach.

This wasn't the only reason Geoffrey was in town for the week. He'd been on assignment for work, a job that sometimes took him to many exotic places all around the world.

Travelling for work had left him next to no time for a relationship, something that he and his boss was well aware of. Geoff had been given an invitation to an upper class singles event at a swank looking rooftop, conveniently hosted by the sixty-floor hotel he was staying at, overlooking the idyllic Rio beach strip. He personally didn't want to be there as he wasn't great with talking to women. But considering it was a five hundred dollar per head event, which included all he could drink and eat, he found it impossible to say no to his employer as they had paid on his behalf.

Discussions and introductions with other attendees wouldn't be a problem, despite being in a foreign country. Everyone present could speak English so no woman that he might be interested in, would be unapproachable. The only catch to attending the expensive function was that everyone who attended had to wear a mask. And whatever happened after that night was solely down to Geoff and any would-be companion, whether that was obtaining a phone number, catching up for coffee at some point or if it suited both, a good old one night stand if he was lucky.

But all was not well with Geoff at the beginning of the night. After striking out for the first hour or so, he found himself leaning against the bar mulling over his beer. Just as he considered leaving, out of the corner of his eye he saw a tall, leggy blonde was standing beside him.

"Like to join me for another round" the stunning stranger asked.

Geoff had to look over his shoulder to make sure that this utterly gorgeous woman was referring to him.

"Who, me?"

"Of course. Unless you'd prefer to drink alone?" she replied, a noticeable South African accent evident in her voice.

"No please, I'd love to" he answered, still not believing his luck.

"By the way, my name's Candice, but you can call me Candy".

"Geoff" he hesitantly replied, overcome by her beauty.

As they ordered their drinks, Geoff looked her up and down, at Candice' hourglass figure, her cascading golden locks, heavenly eyes and the longest pair of legs he'd ever laid his eyes on. At that point, it felt like every guy in the room was checking out the mysterious blonde, including the waiter who was attending to their order.

Swanepoel donned a scarlet lace dress, showcasing her slender pins in stiletto heels. Her dress was the perfect mix of naughty and nice, the embroidered number featured a frontal slit to expose her statuesque figure. Candice had managed to somehow tone down her usual look, styling her blonde hair into classy curls.

Even despite the fact she was wearing a mask, Candice looked awfully familiar to Geoff. But out of fear it would sound like too much like a bad chat-up line, he avoided using the "don't I know you from somewhere" bit. He knew he would probably only get one chance to strike up a conversation with this drop dead gorgeous woman, and would do everything not to blow it.

"How on earth was such a stunning girl like Candice single?" Geoff thought to himself, and why she would be at such a party in order to find a potential date.

"So what do you do for a living?" Geoff asked as they took a seat at a nearby table.

"I'm in the fashion industry" she replied, not giving away her true identity or exact occupation.

Candice had also hidden from Geoff that she was in fact already in a relationship, engaged in fact. Her reason for being at a singles party was that the Victoria Secret model wanted one last time with another man. She didn't fear marrying her current beau of ten years Hermann. But knowing that he could be the last guy she'd ever be with, made the supermodel entertain the idea of having a one night stand before that day finally arrived.

Attending a masquerade-styled event was the perfect opportunity for her to hide her face somewhat, and to also choose from a selection of upper class guys for her last hurrah. She just had no idea what Geoff’s real reason was for being there, and that he was anything but upper-class.

Candice and her partner, a model himself, owned a place in Rio, which she frequently visited quite often. This time around, she made the trip without him whilst he was currently in Europe doing some photo shoots.
The leggy model had been at the party for a while, making short conversations with potential casual partners, shutting down others that were overly eager to get her attention. When she noticed Geoffrey standing at the bar all by himself, she made her move.

Candice was usually the one to be dominated in the bedroom, but on this occasion, she wanted to be the one in control. She was well aware of the kind of guys that were full of confidence, or lacking it like Geoff clearly was. In saying that, she did find him quite handsome, he dressed really well and by the looks of the bulge in his pants, was fairly well-endowed. This is was the guy that she was here for, he just had no idea what she had in mind for later in the night.

"And how about you?" the New York resident asked, returning fire by also asking Geoff what line of business he was involved in.

“I’m a journalist, um, writing a piece for the Sports Section of a major Los Angeles newspaper. It’s for the aftermath of the Olympics that were here in Rio, to see how things have been several years after the event was hosted. It’s actually been a tiring week, but I think I got all the information I needed”.

“It sounds like pretty gruelling kind of work?”

“It’s not so bad. Sure the jet-lag sometimes in this job knocks you about a bit. But sometimes you get to meet to some lovely people such as yourself”.

The five-foot nine model blushed, loving that he thought of her in such a way. Candice despite her real intentions became more attracted to Geoff as the night wore on. He didn’t look at her like she was a piece of meat, and she could tell that he was incredibly nervous just being in her presence. What made the whole conversation with Geoff genuine for her was that he didn’t feel this way because she was a celebrity. She liked that  he was completely unaware of who she was.


Over the next hour or so, they ordered a few more drinks, Geoff becoming more comfortable with Candice. All the while he was still completely oblivious to the fact that she was a Victoria Secret model.

"So I take it you’re staying in the hotel?" she asked, crossing her delicious looking legs to get his full attention, not that she ever lost it.

"Uhh yeah, it's my last night here and then I fly home to the States tomorrow afternoon" he replied, gulping as he saw that lustful look in her eyes, running her finger tips around the rim of her wine glass.
Leaning forward so those piercing blue eyes drowned into his, with a serious tone she asked,

"So I was wondering if we could take this party back to your place? It's getting a little loud in here for my liking".
Geoff felt his heart temporarily stop beating at her really forward request, knowing deep down exactly what she was suggesting.

"S-s-sure" he uttered, downing his half full glass of beer in one go.

"Just one rule though. Between now and the end of the night, neither one of us can take off our masks" she laughed, before swallowing the remaining champagne from her glass flute.

It seemed an odd request to Geoff, but he went along with it, knowing that he was incredibly close to having what surely was going to be the greatest night of his entire life. There certainly would be no better way to end his last night in Rio.

As they took the elevator up to his fifteenth floor hotel room, Candice lay back against one of the compartment walls, a little tipsy from the alcohol she consumed. One of her high heels dangled on the tip of her foot whilst she went through the  plan in her head for the last time. She was going to make this a night Geoff would never ever forget.

Their arms were locked around each other's as they staggered down the carpeted hallway, the model giggling as she tried to keep herself from falling over. Geoff himself was feeling a little hazy, urgently wanting to get Candice to his hotel room door to see where things would lead from there.

When the door to his hotel room opened, Candice couldn't contain her wanton need, shoving Geoff up against the wall and pressing her sumptuous lips against his. She moaned into his mouth, caressing his strong body with her eager hands. With trepidation, he did likewise, his hands sliding down her back and resting upon her slim hips. Geoff briefly wondered if Candice had gone a while without sex as well, given the way she was passionately and enthusiastically kissing his mouth.

His head was spinning as the slightly taller woman rubbed her body against his, turning his head so she could lick and suck on his exposed neck. The warmth of Candice' breath upon his skin made him quiver, and he was more aroused than ever.
Taking his hand, Candice led him to his bedroom, easily locating it as she had stayed in a similarly designed room at this very hotel in the past. They continued to make out as the pair stood at the foot of the bed, both knowing what was going to happen.

Geoff was in dreamland, and the good stuff hadn't even happened yet. Just getting to this point was more than he could have ever hoped for. But he feared he wouldn't be able to meet her expectations. Candice could sense there was something wrong with the way he looked at her as their kiss broke. She knew guys were intimidated by her good looks, especially those that were well aware that she was a supermodel.
Sitting Geoff down on the end of the bed, she asked,

“Are you nervous Geoff?"

"Yeah um, a little".

"Well don't be. You're going to get laid tonight, so just relax, and let me help relieve some of this tension, starting right here" Candice said in a comforting tone, grabbing his solidified cock and getting to work by removing his trousers.

"Oh geezus" Geoff gasped as Candice stroked his elongating penis through his dress pants.

The one time GQ Cover girl swirled her tongue in and around Geoff's ear as she removed his belt, sliding down his zipper and pushing his pants down, so they ended up around his ankles. With her face still half covered with a mask and her tongue swabbing the side of his face, Geoff couldn't shake this nagging feeling that he'd either met Candice before, or that he should've known who she was. But all that was forgotten when she slipped her soft manicured fingers into his boxer shorts, taking a hold of his stiff member. 

“Ohh god!!” he groaned, not knowing where to look or what to say at that moment.

Aware of exactly what Candice wanted, Geoff swiftly discarded his shorts, so she could get a good look at thick, erect cock.

"Mmm, very nice" Candice purred as she lightly started to jerk him, using her other hand to caress his balls.

"Tell me Geoff. Tell me what you want me to with these lips" she whispered, running her tongue around the opening of his mouth seductively.

"Suck it Candice, take me in your mouth" he said nervously, showing some of his inner lust for the sexual being beside him.

Tucking a few strands of hair behind her earlobe, Candice kneeled before him, parting his legs and bowed her head down and in between Geoff's lap. Giving him a few firm jerks, she parted her moist glossy lips, and closed her mouth around the tip of his thick, throbbing member.

“Oh fuck yes!!" he moaned, unable to contain his excitement at this stunning creature sucking his dick like it owed her money.

Geoff's legs tensed up at the feeling of Candice's wondrous mouth slurping its way all the way down his length, and back up again. She cradled his balls as she successfully took him into her throat. The two fingers wrapped around his thick girth stroked his cock as she swallowed his sword, whilst her long golden hair repeatedly tickled his bare thighs.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, can't hold out..." Geoff grunted, giving Candice little warning as he came prematurely in her wonderful sucking mouth.

Showing him that she was a pro at giving head, Candice was still stroking the base of his cock even though he had spurted his load down her famous throat. His seed dripped from her lips as she came back up for air, giving him a sexy grin as she licked up some of his gooey mess from the corners of her mouth.

"Sorry about that Candy.." he said, apologising for unloading sooner than he had hoped to/

"It's okay, I don't mind really..  I had a feeling that might happen. And I just love making a guy cum. And swallowing…”
Geoff was beside himself after hearing Candice’s dirty admission.

“Just as long as you're in it for the long haul tonight?" she asked, her eyes drawn to his now semi-hard member, lightly stroking it.

"Definitely!" he said assuredly, the pair moving to the middle of the king-sized bed, kissing and fondling each other anew.

"I'll be back in a second, just going to freshen up. Remember, keep your mask on".

He watched Candice hop off the bed and make her way into the bathroom. Geoff couldn't believe his good luck. Being paid to travel to Rio for work was great, but to have an incredible blow job and soon to have sex with a mega hottie like Candice was almost incomprehensible!

"You ready?" Candice called out from the en suite.

By this time, Geoff was already underneath the covers, all of his clothes removed.

"Ready when you are?" he replied.

The scene before him as Candice re-entered the bedroom was one he knew would be played over and over in his mind for several years to come. She wasn't given the nickname "perfection" for no reason.

The majestic South African stepped from out of the bathroom, stripped down to a matching lace bra and underwear from none other than the Victoria Secret range she had modelled once upon a time. Candice was still wearing her heels just to further add to her already tall height.

"Holy moly..." Geoff gasped, wondering if he did something right in a past life to receive such a delicious looking bounty.

Candice never tired of seeing the kind of stunned look that Geoff was giving her, one of shock and awe as he looked her up and down. She was used to it with her fiancé, but this felt more unique considering Geoff was the last guy other than her boyfriend that she'd be doing this for.

"You're incredible.." Geoff called to her as she made her way to the side of the bed.

"You're not so bad yourself" Candice giggled, referring to the tent shape in between his legs.

Slipping off of her heels, the insatiable blonde moved upon the bed, pulling the sheets back to unveil his once again erect member. She snuggled up close to her temporary lover, rubbing her smooth pins against him as they made out. Geoff's body shivered as she felt up his chest, stomach and grabbed his reinvigorated tool. He sneakily slipped a hand behind her elegant back to unclip her brassiere, the sexy material covering her chest, then falling away to unveil her pert breasts. He went from kissing her swan like neck, down to her impressionable tits, licking at her hard nipples and swirling his tongue against the puffy nubs.

"Oh yeah, that feels good" she moaned with encouragement, also allowing Geoff to lay upon her now so he could have some kind of control.

Geoff's confidence continued to rise as he continued to worship Candice' flawless figure, inhaling her sweet perfume over every inch of her smooth skin.

"Keep going" she implored, Geoff spending a fair while on kissing her flat toned stomach, initially unsure if he should continue his descent.

He found himself lying in between Candice's toned thighs, his face above the treasure underneath her slightly damp underwear. He could immediately smell the heat emanating from underneath the lacy material. She lifted her ass up off the bed, so he could slide her panties down her incredibly long legs, revealing her smooth bald cunt.

“Good lord” he muttered in disbelief, Candice’s legs apart, using her fingers to spread her juicy looking snatch.

Geoff nearly passed out at the sight of Candice' pristine pussy, those perfect wet lips just begging for his tongue to lap against. She opened up her thighs further as he moved his head closer to her tasty looking clam, his mouth latching onto her juicy folds.

"Unghh yes!!" she cried, her body undulating at the feeling of Geoff's tongue flicking up and down her slimy pink taco.
He traced his fingers along the underside of Candice' silky thighs and legs as he devoured her sweet pussy. Her sharp nails clawed through the hairs on his head, stroking his scalp while he tongue-fucked her enthusiastically. Candice' hips gyrated in circles, the newspaper columnist sliding a finger into her velvet like cunt that drove her even more crazy.

To her surprise, Geoff finally took charge, flipping Candice over, so she was now on all fours, her picturesque derrière hoisted up above the rest of her naked body. Geoff salivated over Candice' tight round ass, picking up where he left off by burying his face in between her succulent cheeks. The much desired catwalk model was moaning a storm as Geoff ate her out from behind, sucking on her puffy lips and now had two fingers embedded deep inside her lubricated hole.

Candice couldn’t help but pinch one of her tender nipples with fingers on one of her hands. Using both of his hands, Geoff had them on each of her taut buttocks, parting them to expose her tight looking backdoor. At first glance, it looked like she recently had it waxed, which only willed Geoff on even more when he stuck his tongue in there.

"Ohhhh" Candice moaned audibly at the feeling of Geoff rimming along her taint and asshole, loving his unpredictability.

Even her boyfriend had never been this adventurous with her.

With him double fingering her dripping cunt, his barely shaven face grazing against her ass and his tongue flicking at her hot puckered anus, Candice reached down to flick her bulging bean, desperate to get off.

"Unghh, unghh, UNGHHH!!" she wailed as she climaxed, her inner walls convulsing due to the multiple fingers in and around her pussy, and his tongue fucking her clenching sphincter.

The glowing model lay back onto the bed, her body still shuddering due to the intense orgasm she had just endured thanks to Geoff's incredible oral skills.

"Wow Geoff.. I haven't cum like that in ages!"

"You're welcome, the pleasure was all mine I think“ he joked, his cock twitching as he gazed at her satisfied naked body.
Candice took a hold of his pulsing member, knowing he was more than ready to continue.

"I see you're hard and ready. Shall we?" she asked, giving his stiff cock a gentle squeeze.

At that point Geoff cursed himself for not having any protection. Surely a woman as fine and as classy as Candy didn't have sex with men she'd only just met, without them at least putting on a rubber.

"I'm sorry Candy but, I um, I don't have a condom. I guess I didn't expect to get this lucky while I was here in Rio“.

He felt like he'd ruined the night. Fortunately for Geoff, Candice' response was not what he was expecting.

"It's okay Geoff. I'm happy to have sex with you without one. I trust you. Just don't cum inside me, all right?"

He leaned over to kiss her again, smothering his body upon Candice', their naked figures entwined in the centre of the bed. Geoff teased her a little by rubbing the spine of his penis along her juicy slot. Candice was craving to be filled, gripping his dick and guiding the tip against her tight opening.

"Fuck me Geoff... Give it to me nice and hard..".

Taking a hold of her hourglass hips, Geoff backed up a little and thrust most of his long meat rocket inside of Candice' heavenly soaking wet cunt, the model crying out loud as he roughly penetrated her.

“Unghh fuck!! So, so good..” she wailed as felt Geoff bury is cock halfway inside her bareback.


He kept a steady pace, savouring the warm wet feeling of her velvety walls gripping his sawing penis. Geoff looked down at her crystal blue eyes, swaying his hips faster as he pumped Candice’ pussy harder, his skin slapping against hers.

"Ohh Candy, you're so fucking wet!" he groaned, her secretions dousing his entire length.

The GQ Cover girl wrapped her long slender legs around his waist as he railed into her, the soles of her feet rubbing against his ass. Geoff was on top of her for a good half an hour, changing the position of her incredible legs every so often. At one point he spread those incredible stems apart as far as they would go, just so he could watch his cock slide in an out of her slick hole, holding both of her ankles as if they were handles of a wheelbarrow.

Another position that really got the bed rocking was when he pushed her legs together and pinned them against her chest. Candice' body was folded in two so her feet were above her head, allowing him to hammer into her cunt whilst she was unable to move.

Once Geoff had had his fill and his back and hip muscles began to feel like jelly, Candice took control, flipping him over, so she was riding his still rock hard member. She put both her hands to the back of her head, tilting it back slightly and flicking her long silky hair as she rocked her body upon him.

"Your cock feels so big inside me Geoff" she cried, really grinding her hips sharply in his lap, and rubbing her sensitive clitoris which made her gyrate quicker upon him.

Her plentiful juices made it easier for her to rock on his dick faster, squelching noises echoing around the air-conditioned room. There was no end to this woman's sexiness, Candice doing a one hundred and eighty degree turn while still impaled on his cock, so she now faced away from Geoff.

Riding him reverse cowgirl allowed Geoff to lay back and get a great view of Candice twerking her ass as she bounced on his dick. He fondled her tight round derrière, spanking those taut cheeks which made her yelp. Grabbing her arms, he pulled her down, so she was laying upon him with her back on his sweaty chest. With her knees bent and her feet placed upon his thighs, Geoff thrust his hips upwards to fuck her gaping pussy.

"Ohhh God Geoff, fuck me! Fuck my pussy!!”

His balls slapped against her ass as he lost any self-control he may have had, driving the model crazy with his relentless onslaught. He reached around to pinch her chest, just as Candice moved her hand down to rub her clitoris. Her inner cunt walls caved in around his surging shaft, causing her to give off erotic groans as she climaxed again. Candice squirted out warm juices from her love hole, once Geoff's dick flopped out of her inflamed pussy.

"Goddamn Candice..." Geoff said as he exhaled audibly, wondering if this night could possibly get any better.

He looked across at the naked bombshell, considering asking her if she'd take her mask off. Geoff just had to see that gorgeous face of hers in full, just to know for sure if they hadn't met previously. His mask was still on, and the sweat that had formed on his eyebrows had made it quite sticky and uncomfortable to wear. Geoff thought Candice must have felt the same kind of discomfort, so he decided to go ahead and ask.

"Candice, I was going to remove my mask, but I was hoping you would too before we call it a night?"
Geoff was hopeful, but started to panic when Candice shot him a serious look, getting up close to him, and pressing her sultry lips to the side of his face.

"I hope you're keen for more Geoff because, there's still one more hole you haven't tried yet..." she devilishly stated, licking at his ear which made him shiver.

Candice wanted him to forget all about his request, and proceeded by taking his soiled cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his bellend before taking him deep into her throat again

“Ohh christ!” he grunted, the statuesque model tasting her own pussy on his cock, saliva dripping out of her mouth to get him all nice and soaked.

Offering her ass to him just before she began giving him incredible oral made Geoff forget all about the question he'd asked her. Candice didn't want to give him any chance of figuring out who she was, and given that she was still horny for more, this seemed the perfect way to distract him from finding out the truth. At least, not till later on.
Geoff however wasn't sure if she was serious, until she took his saliva drenched member out of he mouth and moved back into the all fours position, crawling on the bed so her ass was the focal point.

Candice bent her face down so it pressed against the mattress, then reached behind with both hands to cup her incredible behind, parting her cheeks so she could offer her tight looking asshole to him.

"Please Geoff... I want you in my ass, fucking me" she pleaded desperately.

After all the events of the night so far, it probably shouldn't have been a surprise to Geoff that she'd make such a dirty suggestion. And he was going to make the most of the opportunity, regardless of how little energy his body had left to offer. As he knelt behind the imploring model, Geoff gazed at her winking rosebud, like it was giving him the all clear to sodomize her world-class derrière.

Candice parted her thighs a little further apart as Geoff took a hold of those firm cheeks, getting his still lubed up member in position. She gave a deep guttural groan when he first attempted to penetrate her tight little asshole, his thick girth not what she was expecting. Geoff steadied himself, holding her hip with one hand and her shoulder with the other, pushing forward again and grunting as her asshole opened up for him so his bulbous tip slipped past her vice-like ring.


"Ohhh Geoff! You feel so big in my ass!" she wailed, feeling her sphincter stretched wider than ever before.

“Nghhh!!” he grunted, feeling her ass clench around the first few inches of his cock.

This was far from her first time having anal sex, but Candice still required time to get accustomed to having a dick in her butt, more so with Geoff as his dick was a fair bit thicker than her partner's.

"God your ass feels incredible Candy!" he moaned as more and more of his length disappeared up her backdoor.
Geoff in contrast was experiencing anal sex for the very first time. He didn't tell Candy beforehand as he was embarrassed to admit this to her. But once she offered it to him, there was no way he was going to turn down fucking the hottest ass he'd ever laid eyes on!

Candice rubbed her slit as Geoff continued burying his stiff pole further inside of her awesome ass, the South African goddess' painful groans soon turning into erotic cries, enjoying pleasurable sensations within. Geoff got a fluent rhythm going, now holding Candice' by her slim hips. She had leaned up so her back was straight and her front was propped up by her arms.

The grunting model turned her gorgeous face to look at her tired lover, biting her bottom lip as he finally felt his thighs pressing against her ass, and his balls smacking against her cunt-lips.  She softly mouthed the words "harder" to Geoff, and he duly obliged. His thighs clapped against her ass, making the taut cheeks ripple. She was intentionally using her anal muscles to milk his shaft, the journalist deciding to change his position to regain control of the situation.

Geoff stood up on the bed behind her, the tip of his cock still being consumed by Candice' incredible ass. He bent his knees, so he was almost sitting on her lower back, fucking her gaping hole harder and faster than before.

“Ohhh Candy, take that cock you hot little anal slut!" he said taunting her.

Geoff had mimicked words that he'd recently seen in a porno called "Backdoor Whores". Rather than be offended by his verbal degradation of her, Candice actually loved being treated and spoken to like a slut.

“Yes Geoff! Fuck that ass! Turn me into your anal whore!!”

Geoff was out of his mind with lust, sweat dripping from his forehead and onto Candice’s ass and lower back as he railed into her glowing booty.

As with all good things, the night of uninterrupted sweaty sex had to come to an end. Just as she closed in on the last of a trilogy of intense climaxes that evening, Geoffrey also felt his last orgasm approaching.

“Ohhh Candy! I'm gonna cum!!"

"Don't stop fucking me!!" she squealed, furiously frigging her sopping slit so that she could simultaneously cum with her casual partner for the night.

“Cum in my ass Geoff!!”


Just when Geoff couldn't hold out any longer, his glands contracted, and he blew his wad deep into Candice Swanepoel’s bowels, just as the heaving model emitted a loud sigh, her entire body shuddering in orgasmic bliss. Geoff painfully withdrew his spent shaft, the last remaining drops of his warm seed spitting out onto the small of Candice' back.


He awoke the next morning, looking across to the other side of the bed which had already been vacated by the incredible woman he met at the masquerade party the night before. He called out her name in the hope she was still in the apartment, but no response was forthcoming.

What depressed Geoff even more was that apart from knowing her name and that she was in the fashion industry, he had no idea where she lived, her surname, and he didn't even get her phone number!
He sighed as he saw the mask Candice was wearing the night before, resting there on the next pillow.

With a few hours to kill before his flight back to Los Angeles, Geoff decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air, to hopefully take his mind off of things. Whilst on his trek down to the beach, he walked down a broken Brazilian street and noticed a mural, dedicated to a pretty blonde.

Upon closer inspection, Geoff's heart sank when he recognised those exact same blue eyes, that were behind the stunning woman in the mask from the night before.

“Wait… I slept with Candice Swanepoel...??" he said to himself, his eyes wide in disbelief...

The End.

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