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Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 1 (Kara Del Toro)
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Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 1
Starring: Kara Del Toro

Codes: MF, Dirty Talk, Oral, Tit Fuck, Anal

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Story is dedicated to my friend Galva82. Special thanks goes to him for all the original ideas for the Try Me stories. This is a direct sequel to Try Me Too (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

Nassau, Bahamas

A thumping sound echoed throughout the white room, followed by the reflection of a light cast across white tiles. This shining glare could only come from outside the room, then quietly disappear with the sound of foot steps from behind. Another day at the Rosewood Baha Mar was where Anthony found himself hard at work. The calendar was marked for Tuesday, but the hours could have matched that old feeling of the Monday blues with where he currently found himself. Down on his hands and knees with a sponge, he scrubbed the corners of a bathroom floor. Someone had entered the room, but he paid them no attention. So far, this was his second shift of the day after lunch break, moving away from the main desk and checking in to make up for the lack of janitorial work he had completed in the past two months.

Occasionally his shifts alternated, depending on what jobs were currently available among the staff throughout the hotel. Sometimes Anthony found himself in the spa, other times it was housekeeping. Today was not his choice since two janitors had been out sick for the week. Picked by his supervisor, Anthony did not have a choice but to grab a cleaning cart and go down to the bathrooms and work later in the day. He worked to polish the corners of the bathroom, only after tending to each toilet stall and urinal in the men's room. Done cleaning the floors, he pulled himself up from the floor and let out a deep sigh. Anthony tossed the sponge into a green mop bucket on his cart. His eyes wandered across the row of mirrors hanging up in the room.

For a moment, he studied his blue eyes across the glass surface. Below, the bathroom had mounted sinks in a row with a reflective marble top. Before he was on the floor, Anthony had scrubbed and polished every piece of the counter. A row of five stalls with white doors was directly behind him, while the urinal stalls were off to the left, near the door. His face was clean shaved, recently trimmed blonde hair slicked back. Letting out another sigh, he pushed his hands beneath one of the silver faucets. Motion detected, the water began to spray down in a cool spring. Reaching across with his left hand, he shoved the soap dispenser and began to wash his hands while a man stepped out of the urinal section and joined him at the sinks. Anthony did not pay the guest any attention. Once his hands were clean, he had his own paper towels to use from the janitorial cart.

The sound of hot air blowing through a dryer near the door screeched in a loud noise. Ignoring it for now, Anthony opened the door while the other man was preoccupied. He was tall and had dark hair, but did not bother to try and help hold the door open whatsoever. Not that Anthony needed the man's help, but it would have been a kind courtesy. Out of the bathroom and back in the halls of the second floor, Anthony continued to push the cart. Sunlight poured in front of a large window across the hall. The carpet led down a path that turned, leading to the suite rooms. At least he did not have to enter them and do any floor scrubbing, Anthony quietly thought to himself. Still pushing the cart down the hall, he could hear a faint voice in the distance that was all too familiar.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you!"

Oh god, Anthony thought to himself. There was no mistaking that voice as any other man but Scott. Maybe he was apologizing for bumping into someone, but Anthony was not concerned. All he wanted to do was avoid his friend for now. Months had passed since their eventful day which they shared with one special model. It had been over a year since they both bonded as friends over sharing Kelly Brook in a threesome, but that was beyond the question right now. It was always difficult to have any hard feelings towards Scott, but the man knew how to wear out his welcome as time went on. Anthony found himself annoyed by Scott the longer he was around him. Over the weekend, the two men enjoyed a Saturday night sharing a bottle of tequila. Anthony had awakened with one of the worst hangovers after having a nightmare where he could hear Scott's voice echoing through the distance.

The dream ended yesterday morning upon waking up with a constant urge to barf. Maybe it was not the alcohol, but the nightmare itself, Anthony thought to himself. Any time the two men were alone and drinking, Scott was unable to shut up about their past with Kate and Kelly. Much time had passed since then but the memories remained strong. At the end of the day, they may have been stuck working for a corporate hotel chain, but in those affairs, they felt like champions. Blessed in the presence of two beautiful models. As Scott liked to remind Anthony, that he was gifted with luck in life. Right about now, that was the last thing he needed to be reminded of while working a job he loathed. That job was currently the only thing Anthony felt he needed to focus on. That was his agenda for getting through this day and living to see another pay check.

"Hey man, there you are!"

Stopping in his tracks, Anthony quietly rolled his eyes. Scott was standing directly behind him at the opposite end of the hallway. Turning around to face his friend, Anthony took one look at Scott stepping towards him. That chubby belly wobbled, bouncing left and right. Though his shirt was tucked in as part of the uniform, it was barely contained. His red hair was curly like any other day, Scott had that same goofy grin that he was known for.

"You're looking for me? What did I do?"

Scott began to laugh at his friend's question.

"If you did something to strike gold again, I'm not sure what it was. You are so damn lucky in life. Haven't I told you that before?"

"Yeah, you've reminded me hundreds of times already."

After another chuckle, Scott's facial expression changed. With his lower lip slightly hanging, his eyebrows raised, he gave a shocked look. Without the patience to endure much speech from him, Anthony called out.

"Come on, get to the fucking point. I don't have all day to stand here."

"Dude, there's this model upstairs looking for you. I checked her in earlier and she asked about you. She knew who I was and she knew you too!"

"You're shitting me."

Shaking his head, Scott protested.

"No, I'm not! Do you really think I'd stop what I'm doing and come find you if I just wanted to play a joke? Come on, man. Does the name Kara Del Toro ring a bell?"

Eyebrows quirking up, Scott grinned back at Anthony. The name definitely had familiarity in Anthony's mind. Occasionally he would browse the internet, looking at glamour models when he was alone by himself off work. Kara was a model he followed on Instagram and had noticed she was a rising star. What Anthony now expected was for Scott to give him a story about Kara somehow checking in to the hotel and knowing both of them.

"Yeah, it rings a bell. Wait, are you about to tell me she knows both of us? How the fuck is-"

Scott cut his friend off, talking over him.

"It's true! I knew you wouldn't believe me at first. Look, she knows Kate Upton."

After pausing for a minute, Scott gave Anthony a reassuring nod and continued.

"This girl Kara knows every-fucking-thing we did with Kate Upton, I'm not joking. She wants to talk to you, man."

"Really? And you're not making all this crap up?"

Stomping his foot down, Scott acted as if he were offended.

"Fuck no! Why would I lie to you, man!? Come on, if you don't believe me then you should go talk to her yourself. She wants to see you anyway up in room seven-oh-nine."

Anthony's eyes leered at Scott. This could all be some sort of set up, an odd prank awaiting him beyond the door. The look on his friend's face, however, told him that there had to be some truth to these claims. Perhaps another famous model was awaiting Anthony, desiring some kind of meeting based on gossip from another woman. If it was true, he was ready to find out what brought Kara to this place. What kind of woman travels all the way to the Bahamas to verify gossip regarding an affair? That was one question Anthony tried to make sense of in the back of his mind. Stepping away from his cart, he offered a smile to Scott.

"You mind taking over my shift?"

Offering a smile back at Anthony, Scott nodded before replying.

"Yeah man, but you owe me one after this!"

There was no chance for Anthony to take back the janitorial cart. Scott stepped past him, grabbing a hold of the front handle and pushing it. The fat man turned, leaving Anthony standing there all by himself. With how fast Scott reacted, that was one sign that he had indeed told the truth. Anthony swallowed his breath, exhaling as he began to make his trip to the elevator. The doors were shut only momentarily. When they opened back up, two men stepped out, dressed in swim trunks and carrying white towels. Anthony walked right past them, entered the lonely metal box and then pushed the button for the seventh floor with his right hand index finger. A quiet ride up from the second floor ensured as Anthony remained in deep thought. Here he was on yet another journey to meet a model who had checked in to the Rosewood Baha Mar, or so he thought.

What if it was all a prank? That question lingered, but Anthony would have an answer soon. When the elevator doors stopped, he almost ran out into the seventh floor hall. Laughter was audible in the distance, as the sound of two people sharing a conversation was somewhere among him. The hall appeared empty, so he took his time traveling all the room to the room with the numbers 709 hanging on the door. Standing there, Anthony swallowed his breath as he began to have second thoughts. Once more, he considered the possibility of this potentially being some kind of joke. Why would Kara Del Toro of all people, seek him out like this? If Scott's word was true, then it was time to find out. He raised his right hand and knocked three times. Several seconds passed as his actions were met with absolute silence. No sound was heard, so Anthony raised his hand to knock again when the door knob suddenly turned.

"Room service for Miss. Del Toro?"

He called out and watched the door crack open. A blonde haired woman stepped forward, tanned skin with dark brown eyes. Her hair was pinned up in a ponytail, loose with strands of hair dangling past her ears. From his memory of witnessing her photos online, this appeared to be Kara Del Toro herself. A silk black robe was wrapped around her body with a hint of cleavage down below. Her eyes scanned his face, then glanced down to see the name tag pinned on his uniform.

"So you're Anthony?"

Not expecting this question to be her first words, he slowly nodded.

"Yeah, that's me. Am I talking to Kara Del Toro? THE Kara Del Toro, yes?"

Her eyes glanced back up at his face, and then Kara flashed the front row of her teeth, grinning at him. She slowly nodded her head, giving Anthony that look of lustful hunger, as if he were her prey today.

"Yeah, why don't you come on in."

Stepping into the room, Anthony watched as Kara shut the door and then wandered in front of him. Every room at the hotel had a similar look. It did not matter to Anthony, for any suite he stepped into felt like the last one. The same black leather couch was in every living room of the one bedroom suites. Only slight differences were in the larger rooms; sometimes a different rug covered the wooden floors, but the same white walls remained. As Anthony watched Kara move to the kitchen, his eyes wandered around. She had unpacked several things across the glass coffee table. What appeared to be a Gucci brand leather bag, a large smartphone, and a bottle of water.

"So what's this about? My friend Scott said you were looking for me about something. He said you knew about something involving Kate-"

Her voice cut him off, speaking from the kitchen.

"Kate Upton, yes. She's told me all about you, sweetie."

Anthony did not know how to respond to that. Scott had indeed told the truth when he encountered him. Kara stepped back out of the kitchen, still wearing her robe as she now raised a glass to her lips and took a sip. He noticed the bright red paint on her fingernails. It appeared to Anthony that she was drinking whiskey or some other form of alcohol. Only a single cube of ice was in her glass, rattling around with each step she took. It was then that Anthony noticed she was barefoot, her toenails matching the red paint on her fingernails.

"What do you mean? Kate told you what I did with her?"

Kara nodded, grinning smugly back at him.

"Yeah, I was out here last year with her for a photo shoot. Unfortunately, we didn't get to model together, but that doesn't mean we didn't go out for drinks. Kate used to be a wild girl before she settled down, you know? She can tell some stories if you get her in the right mood, if you know what I mean."

"No, I wouldn't know. I'm just a regular guy who works at a hotel."

Kara giggled mockingly.

"That's a funny way of putting it, as much as Kate talked about you and that chubby friend of yours."

He blushed as he watched her finish her drink and then set the glass down on a counter that separated the kitchen and living room.

"You want me to get you a drink, Anthony?"

"No, I can't do that while I'm on the clock."

Once more, Kara giggled. Flashing her teeth at him, she raised her right hand thumb, biting down on her nail to tease him. She did not care that he was still in uniform. There was no telling what stories Kate had spilled to her. It was obviously enough to spark some curiosity, Anthony thought to himself.

"So were you looking for me to see if what she told you was true? I don't know what she told you, but I'm guessing it had to be something good?"

"Oh no, sweetie. You were better than that, according to her. You see, Kate hasn't had a chance to have many affairs since she got married. If you worked around a modelling studio, you would have heard all the stories about her. She used to be pretty wild."

Flashing her teeth, she burst into laughter for a moment. Kara watched Anthony place his hands on his hips as she carried on speaking.

"Kinda hard for her to live it up anymore with a family, you know?"

"I didn't think she would tell someone about me, let alone you."

Chuckling at his remark, Kara bit down on her lower lip. She folded her arms across her busty chest.

"You're taller than I expected, I'll give you that much. Still a good looking guy, so Kate wasn't lying to me about that."

Anthony laughed at her remark.

"Yeah, Kate is pretty tall as I remember. So what's this about?"

Kara unfolded her arms, placing her hands on her hips.

"Maybe I wanna see how good you are. Maybe you wanna see how good I am."

He raised an eyebrow at her words, still trying to make sense of this whole ordeal.

"I don't get it. You traveled all the way down to the Bahamas to meet a guy who Kate Upton had an affair with. What the hell? This makes no sense."

Laughing at him, Kara flashed her full pearly white teeth.

"You're silly, you know that, right? I'm here to do a photoshoot across town. I'm always in the Bahamas for modelling. You're lucky I decided to check in to the hotel and see who these two guys were that Kate had been telling me about."

She pointed her right hand index finger at him, speaking again.

"You're the lucky one today. You wanna try me, Anthony?"

Still taken back by this whole situation, Anthony had yet to consider Kara's lustful advances. All of it seemed like a strange dream, right up to the point where he was expecting to walk out the door and wake up. Maybe Scott was right when he reminded him repeatedly that he was blessed with luck in life. Smiling back at Kara, he thought for a moment before replying to her.

"You know, I'm not the type of guy who can say no to an offer like that. But I'd love to know whats your game here? Did Kate recommend me for a quick fuck or something? I still don't get it."

She slowly raised her eyebrows and puffed.

"You don't get it, huh? Maybe I just want to prove to you that I'm better than her. Married and with a family, you should be able to see Kate is past her prime."

Curving her lips into a grin, Kara began to move her hands across the silky black robe that covered her body. It appeared she was going to untie it from her waist, but the model stopped momentarily. Her big hazel eyes shifted back up at Anthony and she giggled.

"You have no idea what I can do to you. I'm sure Kate was a beast in the bedroom back in her day, but these days I'm the one. I take it you're a guy who likes big tits, huh?"

"Yeah, you've got that right."

He nodded back at her, causing Kara to giggle again.

"Don't worry. I know how to use mine, you'll see."

With a wink, Kara stepped back. She carried herself with a playful attitude but also took on the role of a seductress. Lost in Anthony's mind were his thoughts about work. Before he took the journey up to her room, Scott had taken his cart. The least he could hope for is that his friend would not be outside the room with his ear up to the door, quietly masturbating by himself. But what did that matter right now? There was no need to be concerned about his friend, as Anthony was ready to add another beautiful woman's name to his list of lucky encounters. Giving Kara a nod of approval, Anthony exhaled and then stepped back.

"If you really wanna do this, I'm ready."

Kara slowly shook her head and grinned.

"No, you're not."

Her hands slid down to untie her robe. The black fabric pulled apart, giving him a view of her tanned skin before she dropped it to the floor completely. Standing there naked in all her glory, Kara Del Toro flexed her arms up above her head. She extended her elbows, revealing her shaved arm pits, all while watching his eyes scan across her famous nude body. She may not have reached Kate Upton's level of status in the world, but that did not matter. Her confidence was bolstered, and now Anthony was viewing her large breasts. They had to be a D cup size. Not as busty as Kate, but still impressive to his mind. Her stomach was flat and muscular toned to fit her strong legs. He narrowed down on her shaved pussy. Moistured pink folds glistening in sight. The only sign he needed to know that she was in a lustful mood for him.

Lowering her arms, Kara glanced away as she began to walk forward. The ponytail dangling behind her head sway, shaking left and right along with her breasts slightly moving. All Anthony did was turn, watching her walk as if she were modelling for him. Her back was soon turned to him, revealing her thick ass. He did not want to compare her to Kate in his mind, for that was a memory he held dear to his heart. Those plump cheeks rubbed up against one another before Kara bent over fully. From there, Anthony was able to see the splitting crack of her ass. She reached for her smartphone. Whatever she was doing with it was the least of his concerns for now, but the sound of her fingernails tapping across the screen was audible in this calm moment. Standing back up, Kara clutched the phone in her left hand while stepping towards the couch and calling out to Anthony.

"Take your clothes off. Don't just stand there."

That tone in her voice, striking with authority was all Anthony needed to hear to know that she was the one in control. Kara displayed such confidence, talking earlier as if he belonged to Kate and she was here to steal his heart and soul. First, he began with his shoes, taking them off along with his socks. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as Anthony had to admit to himself that it felt good to strip off his work uniform. It would have been nice to leave and change into more casual clothes like the time when he had his affairs with Kate, but Kara's demands were different. She did not come off as the type of woman to be left waiting around. By the time he stripped his pants and shirt off, Anthony's eyes shifted forward in the direction of Kara's nude form.

Her hands were firmly planted on her hips, only this time it was not a pose for modelling. Kara was watching him strip. Her gaze was fixed on him at all times, ensuring that he was preparing for this moment. Anthony expected her to at least say something, but Kara stood in silence while watching him. Not even a gesture regarding his skinny chest, which he assumed would appeal to her. Standing there in his underwear, Anthony saved the pair of white briefs for the final piece of clothing to remove from his body. Inside, his cock had already stiffened up but was not at full length yet. Anthony slid the underwear down, dropping them to his ankles and carefully stepping out. Kara tossed the phone to the left side of the couch, causing a faint thumping sound. Her eyes shifted down to his cock and then she grinned.

"Bring me that."

She pointed downward with her right hand, index finger. Anthony chuckled and began to step closer. His cock bounced around since he did not bother grasping it with a hand. Once he was standing face to face with Kara, he could feel her breath blowing across his skin. Their eyes met, and he finally responded to her words.

"Is that all you want?"

Slowly shaking her head, Kara grinned.

"No. I want everything you've got."

Anthony soon felt the warm touch of her hands pushing up against his chest. Her fingernails grazed across his skin as Kara took a deep breath. She threw her arms around him and pressed her lips against his, her gaze returning to his.As they began to kiss, Anthony could feel her breasts shoved up against his chest. Those erect nipples rubbed over his skin, all while his hands were caressing her curves. Kara moaned into his mouth when he cupped her ass cheeks, giving them an ample squeeze. Her tongue darted deeper into his mouth as the kiss morphed into one of burning lust. She pulled away, breaking the kiss and then reaching down to grip his cock. As her right hand's fingers twisted around it, she gave him another devious smile.

"You're already hard for me."

Jerking her hand back and forth, Kara began to giggle. Once again, she flashed her perfect white teeth. The smirk she gave Anthony was almost sinister. The look of a seductress with all intentions of eating him alive.

"You have no idea what you're in for. When I suck your cock, you'll never think about her again. Just trust me, I'll show you."

Such assurance or blatant arrogance. Whichever it was, Anthony did not care as Kara leaned in to kiss his lips again. Her hand worked his dick, stroking it at a faster pace now. When the kiss broke, her eyes glanced down to view the extended length. Squeezing his cock, she bit down on her lower lip while gazing back at his face.

"I think you're ready now."

Kara spoke again, her eyes returning to the ground for a brief moment.

"Or at least he is."

Anthony smirked as she mentioned his cock, as if it had its own mind. As they faced the couch, he watched her slowly drop to her knees. Her right hand still jerked his cock back and forth. Her ponytail slightly bounced as Kara situated herself then gazed her lovely brown eyes up at him. Exhaling a deep breath, Anthony braced himself for this moment as he could feel her breath blowing down onto the head of his shaft.

"I'm gonna suck your cock right off, Anthony. I hope you're ready for this."

Kara spoke to him in that low, slutty tone of voice. He did not respond to her words as he watched the swimsuit model part her pink lips and slide the head of his shaft into her mouth. 'Mmmmmm', she made an audible but muffled moan as she began to suck the first few inches of his cock. Kara's right hand slid down to the base while her left hand was pushing up against his leg. She took her time, tasting his meat pole to begin this oral session. Kara broke eye contact when she pulled her lips back to the head of his shaft and released it with a popping sound. Flicking her tongue across the head, she squeezed her fingers around his cock and then began to lick the left side of it. Anthony moaned out loud to her.

"You like my cock, babe?"

Once more, those big brown hues gazed up at him, but she did not respond. Licking back and forth, Kara shoved her lips to the side of his cock and began to rub back and forth. She teased him as if she were playing harmonica with his pole. Once she stopped, Kara giggled and then began to move her right hand up and down. While stroking that thick shaft, she finally answered his question.

"Yeah, Kate said you had a big one. I just hope you know how to use it later."

With those words spoken, she opened her mouth and slid his shaft back in. This time, Kara sucked him faster, bobbing her head up and down his cock while using her hand to stroke the remaining inches in perfect sync. This dual pleasure of her mouth and hand working simultaneously made Anthony groan and call out to her.

"Oh fuck yeah! Suck it! Suck that cock, Kara!"

It did not take a long time for Kara's actions to result in him uttering her name. Hearing that, she removed her right hand and then smashed his balls against the palms of her hands. Using no fingers on his shaft, Kara devoured it. She sucked him in, slamming his shaft to the back of her throat, her lips buried in his bush of pubic hairs.

"God dammit!"

Groaning, Anthony gritted his teeth as her deep-throat skills caught him completely by surprise. He could feel her hands squeezing his balls all while the head of his cock reached the depths of her throat. Kara demonstrated superb gag reflexes, not once choking on his entire length. All Anthony could do was stand there and pray he could survive her lustful onslaught, all from her hungry mouth. When she pulled her lips back to the head, a popping noise echoed throughout the room upon freeing his dick from her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah! You like that, Anthony?"

Strings of drool dangled from her open mouth back to his wet shaft. Kara spit on his cock, giving it another layer of shiny saliva.

"You know how to suck it, I'll give you that."

Her right hand found its place back on his cock. Kara glared at him as her hand glided easily across his length now, pumping it back and forth.

"Oh yeah, I know how to suck cock better than Kate Upton, don't I?"

She caught him by surprise mentioning the other woman's name, but Anthony did not care about Kate right now. His entire focus was on this pleasure that Kara was giving him, hoping he could hold back from blowing his load too soon. Rather than sucking his cock again, Kara moved her head below. He soon felt her tongue licking over his hanging nut sack while the length of his shaft stretched across her head. Kara used both hands to stuff his balls between her lips, slobbering all over them and then reaching up to grasp his dick with her right hand again. As she sucked on his balls, she wanked his cock back and forth like she had been doing before. Anthony gasped, letting out whimpering cries of pleasure as she continued to suck on his balls. When Kara popped them out, she lashed her tongue over his hairy sack one final time and then raised her head back up.

The strands of her hair that were outside of the ponytail dangled from near her ears. What Anthony witnessed now was the determination of this woman. Kara shoved his cock back into her mouth yet again. Moving her right hand away, she now used both palms to push against his legs while bobbing her head up and down. Kara did not hesitate this time to go all in, completely deep-throating his length without any warning. Anthony gasped and then clenched his teeth together. As he began to groan, Kara's curious hazel eyes gazed upon him. She focused her eyes, as if she were staring into his soul, all while bobbing her head up and down. Saliva began to leak from the corners of her mouth, but it was not enough to distract her. Inch by inch, Kara slobbered her way up and down his hard dick.


Audible slobbering and sucking noises grew louder with each passing second, all while the strings of drool fell from the corners of her mouth. Kara had broken eye contact, instead shutting them as she concentrated her efforts to sucking him. Her hands moved to her breasts, pushing her palms down over her nipples as her lips slowed down. When her eyes shot back up at his face, Kara moved her lips back to the head of his shaft. She had a moment to witness the expression across his face. So far, Anthony had managed to hold himself back, but it was not an easy task. With her oral skills alone, if she wanted to, she could make him blow a load early. He had to at least respect that skill of hers. When Kara released his shaft from her lips, a loud popping sound echoed throughout the room.

"God that was amazing. You must really love my cock, huh?"

A silly question from Anthony was still not enough to break her concentration. Saliva strings were dangling from Kara's open mouth back to his drool soaked cock. She opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out wide while moving her hands to the back of her head. The strings of saliva broke off as Kara undid her pony tail and tossed the stretch band to the floor. Her long golden hair flowed down her shoulders freely, covering her ears. Now that her hair was free, Kara resembled the photos Anthony had seen posted online of her. His cock was dripping in her saliva as she moved her hands to her breasts, holding them up. He knew what she was about to do next. Standing there, he watched her shove those big tits up and shove his cock right in the middle of them.

"Yeah, you've got a nice cock. Fits perfectly between these big titties, huh?"

Flashing her teeth, Kara began to giggle while squeezing her breasts around his shaft. She had to know beforehand that titty fucking was one of his favorite pleasures. Anthony did not hesitate to buck his hips and thrust his cock between those tits. With the first thrust, Kara let out a sensual moan. She closed her eyes and raised her head, grinning widely at this feeling.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it. I knew you wanted to fuck my tits."

She began to giggle, her eyes still closed in the embrace of this wonderful feeling. Anthony began to think about what kind of friendship she had with Kate. Maybe it was not friendship at all, seeing as Kara had other plans for a man that Kate had a history with. None of it mattered however, as he enjoyed this wonderful feeling of his cock pumping between her boobs. By the time Kara finally opened her eyes, she glanced down to watch the head of his shaft poke up. She spit down on it, offering more saliva as lube to make the job easier.

"God that feels so good!"

He swallowed his breath after speaking. All Kara did was moan seductively. Her big brown eyes gazed up at him, but Anthony's sights were set on the action below her chin.

"Fuck my tits. Come on, fuck 'em!"

Thrusting his cock faster between her boobs, Anthony gasped again. This pleasure was almost too much for him. He was struggling to control himself, to hold off from blowing his load. Kara's big brown eyes gazed back up at him, and then she grinned. She could feel every inch of his long shaft pumping between her tits. The expression on his face was enough to make her giggle. Kara knew he was holding onto dear life trying to prevent himself from exploding in cum. She began to moan louder, preparing to break the silence with dirty talk.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh yeah! Your cock feels so good between my tits. Mmmmmm, yeah! That's it, that's it! Fuck my tits!!"

Slowing down, Anthony wanted to enjoy this while it lasted. He was not ready to blow his load, no matter how hard Kara was trying to push him over that edge. She grinned at him, quick to notice that he was holding himself back. She lowered her head and then opened her mouth. He resumed thrusting his cock between her tits, now to feel her tongue flicking across the head with each push. Anthony did not stop, now encouraged to continue driving his cock between her tits. He picked up the pace, fucking those tits harder and faster. Kara opened her mouth and each time the head of his dick slipped between her lips, it came out with a popping noise. Pop. Pop. Pop.

"Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!"

Anthony screamed, his voice echoing throughout the hotel suite. He made one final thrust between her breasts and then came to a sudden halt. Kara seemed to know he was holding back. She raised her head to see him panting. He reached down, desperately pulling his cock out from between those luscious breasts. She grabbed his wrist, forcing him to let go of his shaft.

"Oh no, I'm not done playing with you yet!"

Her right hand gripped his cock like before. Using her left arm, Kara tucked it underneath her breasts to hold them up, and then she began to rub the head of his dick against her left breast.

"Your cock fit so perfectly between my titties, didn't it?"

He nodded at her, moaning as she moved his cock over her nipple.

"Yeah, you know it did."

Smack. Smack. Smack. She beat his cock up against her hardened nipple. Kara bit down on her lower lip, purring soft moans. She alternated his cock to her right boob and repeated the process after enough smacks across the left nipple. Smack. Smack. Smack.

"I told you I'm better than her. You didn't want to stop fucking my tits, don't lie."

Chuckling at her words, Anthony could not hold back that laugh. He did not want to come off as if he were mocking her, but it was impossible. Kara leered at him with her eyes, then let go of his cock. As Kara began to rise up, Anthony offered her a hand. She grabbed a hold, standing up to face him now as he spoke.

"I'm not gonna compare you with her. I'm having the time of my life right now though. I could fuck your tits all day, babe."

Kara smirked back at him.

"I know how to work 'em. Kate at least taught me that."

A subtle confession, but not one he cared about. Standing there, Anthony watched her turn to face the couch. Kara then bent over, grabbing her smartphone and tapping the screen. This sudden act of playing with her phone caught Anthony off guard. The screen flashed, but from where he was standing it was impossible to read the screen.

"What are you doing? I hope you're not about to call her while we're fucking."

Kara glanced across her left shoulder, quick to give him a dirty look.

Why the fuck would I do something like that? You're mine today, Anthony! I'm gonna make you forget about that washed up slut!"

Still clutching the phone in one hand, Kara remained bent over the couch. She took a second glance at Anthony, this time from over her right shoulder.

"We're gonna play a little game now."

"Oh, Really? Does the game involve me fucking you?"

That response made Kara laugh for a moment. Anthony stood directly behind her, his eyes focusing on her thick rump.

"Uhhhhh, yeah. That's part of the game, sweetie. I've set some alarms to change positions. We're gonna take turns fucking. You get to fuck me, then I get to fuck you my way."

From how she described this game in spoken word, Anthony was slightly confused. He understood the part about setting an alarm on her smartphone. It was the turn based part that he did not quite catch on to. Would he be in control and then change positions? How much time would a round last? So many questions were now lingering through his mind, but before he could speak, Kara opened her mouth first.

"Don't just stand there and stare at my ass! Come on and fuck me, Anthony!"

Stern words brought Anthony back to the task at hand. Wrapping his right hand around his shaft, he guided it between her thighs and began to rub it against the pink folds of her moist heat. Kara pushed the palms of her hands down into the cushion of the black couch. The smartphone sat between her hands, currently untouched. Head raised, she closed her eyes and cooed softly.

"You can spank me and pull my hair."

Anthony brought his right hand down, playfully spanking her ass.

"Oh yeah? Anything else I can do?"

Letting out a frustrated sigh, Kara shoved her buttocks back and then yelled at him.

"Stop asking me stupid questions! Shut your mouth and fuck me!"

To get her point across further, Kara rubbed her ass against him. That was enough to finally prompt Anthony to guide his cock past her vulva lips and at long last, enter her. She let out a moan in relief. Crying out in pleasure, Anthony wanted to take his time and get used to the warm tight feeling he felt from her pussy. Planting his left hand on her hip, he reached out with his right hand to snatch at her long golden hair. He grasped at several locks, maintaining a grip as he began to buck his hips forward.

"Oh yeah, that's it! Pull my fucking hair!!"

Kara gritted her teeth, growling out her moans now as she yelled her orders to him. Anthony began to buck his hips harder and faster. As he found a rhythm in fucking her, her breasts swayed underneath, bouncing left and right.Pulling his left hand back, he took a quick glance at her plump ass and then spanked it hard.

"Mmmmm yeah! There you go! Spank that ass too!"

Smack! His hand came down across her bum again. Kara kept her legs spread out, embracing this moment as Anthony had control for now. It was his turn and he was determined to give her everything she demanded.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Teeth still barred, her words snarled out loudly. Anthony groaned and continued to buck his hips. Over and over, his cock worked in and out of her tight, juicy cunt. Kara took deep breaths, feeling her breasts sway and bouncing all around from underneath. For now he was taking his time with the turn, not knowing when the alarm would go off. Anthony felt the need to brag as he fucked Kara.

"God, you're so amazing. This pussy is so tight!"

"Ohhhh yeah? Better than Kate, right? RIGHT!?"

When she screamed that last word, he thrust inside her at a faster pace. The sound of his balls beating up against her thighs now echoed through the room. Smack. Smack. Smack. Only her faint moans were louder than that steady thumping noise. He may not have replied back to her spoken words, but Kara was successful at motivating him. Over and over, he pounded his cock into her pussy, accelerating the pace despite his worries of blowing a load too soon.

"Fuck me, Anthony! FUCK ME!!"

This time when she hollered at him, Anthony did slow himself down a bit. The grip he had on her hair was lost now, allowing Kara to lower her head. There was a reason he was beginning to slow his movements. She knew it but Anthony needed to maintain himself for when Kara took control, the tables would certainly turn. Whimpering her moans, she bit down on her lower lip and purred while shoving her ass back up against him. Anthony thrust forward and then she responded by thrusting back to meet his movement. He responded by slapping his right hand across her ass, but all that did was make Kara moan.


The alarm on her phone began to buzz, catching Anthony by complete surprise. In the heat of their lust, he had forgotten about the timer. Kara quickly tapped her fingers across the phone to reset the alarm for another round. She whipped her hair around to glance beyond her right shoulder. A grin curved across her lips before she spoke.

"Now it's my turn!"

She grabbed the phone and tossed it to the right side of the couch, moving it out of the way entirely. He took a step back and then Kara shoved her ass back hard, nearly tripping Anthony backwards. Keeping his balance, he reached for his cock and carefully pulled it out of her cunt. Now that she was free to stand up and turn around, Kara shoved her body up against his. Their lips met for a few rounds of quick kisses as she threw her arms around his neck and began to pull him closer. Before Anthony knew it, Kara had turned him around. When she broke the kiss, she shoved him to sit down on the couch and face her.

"You gonna take me for a ride, Kara?"

Anthony teased her with a smug grin, but Kara did not appear amused by that expression. Licking her lips, she raised her right foot up and sank it down into the cushion of the couch. Anthony brought his hands up to help her climb up and straddle him, but Kara did not require his aid. She bent her knees and reached down to wrap both of her hands around his cock. Her pussy hovered above it as she lined that shaft up properly. Biting down on her lower lip, Kara softly purred while gazing at his face. Anthony's eyes were fixated on his shaft, watching as she lowered her cunt for it to slide right back in.

"Mmmmmmm, there we go."

His eyes shifted upward, now seeing her full body as Kara was on top and prepared to ride him. She slid her fingers across his chest, keeping him pushed down on the couch as she began to roll her hips and work that cock inside her. That devious smile formed across her lips.

"Oh Anthony... I'm gonna do more than ride this cock. I know Kate did this to you, so I gotta prove that I can do it better."

"I don't know why you're so worried about trying to outdo her. She's not here so it don't-"

Kara cut him off, yelling over his speech.

"Sit back and shut up!"

With those last words, she began to roll her hips hard and fast. Within seconds, Kara was bouncing herself up and down on his cock. She raised her arms up, bending her hands to the back of her head to flex her elbows out. This gave Anthony a full view of her breasts moving all about. They bounced and swayed left and right. He reached for them, grabbing a hold and then raising his head to shove between them. Kara did not let him distract her as she continued to ride his cock and pound herself down. His balls were smacking against the undersides of her ass cheeks each time she thrust down.

"Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhhhhh yeah! Mmmmmmmm!"

She closed her eyes, moaning out loud, as Kara soon felt his mouth slobbering and sucking on her breasts. Using her hands, Kara smothered his face with her tits. Rubbing them up and down against his cheeks all while she bounced herself up and down on his lengthy cock. Anthony closed his eyes, slobbering loudly as he tried to motorboat her breasts. He expected Kara to giggle, but all she did was moan and begin crying out to him.

"Yessss, yesssss, YESSSSSSS!!"

Hearing her scream at such a high pitch, Anthony moved his face away from her breasts and tried to grab a hold of them. Kara moved faster, still rolling her hips and bouncing herself up and down. Creaking noises from the leather surface of the couch were heard along with a chorus of their moans.

"You like that!? You like how I fuck you, Anthony!?"

"Yes! Keep going, baby!"

Squeaking sounds from the couch continued as Kara had no intention of stopping until that alarm went off. This was her turn, and so far, Anthony had managed himself. At the speed of her fucking he was not sure how much longer he would last before reaching his climax. Kara was unleashing her full lustful onslaught on him, making a statement with her actions. He began to pant and groan, laying back on the couch as he still felt his cock pumping in and out of her pussy. When his hands moved away, Kara brought her own hands down over her breasts, touching herself.


Biting down on her lower lip, Kara focused on Anthony's face as she screamed at him.


He gritted his teeth and yelled back at her.


His voice echoed louder than any noises created on the couch and her soft moans. The sounds were soon interrupted by something else.


The alarm went off for a second time, causing Kara to come to a complete halt. Before she was ready to get up, she reached over and grabbed the phone. Anthony watched her reset the alarm again by tapping the screen. She then began to raise herself up, allowing his cock to slip out of her cunt as she stood up on the couch.

"It's your turn now, sweetheart. How do you want me?"

His eyes leered at her as Kara stood up clutching the phone. There was one part of her body he had yet to explore after witnessing it several times. With a grin, he replied.

"Do you like to take it up the ass, babe?"

Kara laughed, flashing her full teeth.

"Yeah, I do. Kate told me about how you fucked her ass. I was hoping you would fuck mine!"

She appeared more excited than he did, causing Anthony to look at her puzzled. Kara turned her back to him, facing the glass coffee table where she placed the phone down. Bending over, she spread her legs and then began to roll her hips. Those firm ass cheeks began to clap together in a steady rhythm of twerking. Glancing across her right shoulder, Kara flashed a grin and then quirked her eyebrows. She watched Anthony stand up and get into position directly behind her. Without a care if he was prepared, she backed her ass up against him and began to rub it up and down. His cock luckily found its way into the crack as she continued to move that booty.

"You like my ass, huh?"

Spank! The sound echoed in the distance as Anthony's hand was stinging in pain from that hard smack. All Kara did was giggle in response as she quit rubbing up against him.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Not answering her back, Anthony was too focused on her ass. He used his hands to pull apart her ass cheeks and take a first glance at her dark little hole. Gripping his shaft with his right hand, he guided it. Kara closed her eyes and lowered her head in anticipation for this moment. She did not have to wait long, as she soon felt the head of his cock poking through her back door hole. Biting down on her lower lip, she purred a long moan.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah. That's what I wanna feel. That hard cock sliding right up my ass."

Exhaling deeply, Anthony took his time. Standing there, he watched the first few inches of his shaft disappear upon the first thrust into her ass. What tight feeling he had experienced for her cunt was now an afterthought.

"Come on! You wanted to fuck me up the ass, then do it! Ram that cock right up my ass!"

Impatiently, Kara shoved herself back to force the remainder of his length to push into her ass. Anthony was able to witness his entire shaft disappear up her ass, all while she moaned out to him. Gripping her hips, Anthony began to buck his hips faster.

"Oh god!"

He grunted, teeth gritted as he found a rhythm while pounding his cock into her ass. Going at a slow pace, he did not want to overdo it and blow his load too soon. Kara's breasts began to shake and wobble from underneath. She moved her hands to grip the edge of the glass table. Luckily for her, it was a sturdy piece of furniture.

"Yes! Oh God, yes! Just like that!"

Kara yelled at him and then groaned as she gritted her teeth. Curling her toes, she screamed at him louder.


Her voice echoed, undoubtedly heard by anyone who could be standing outside the hotel room. Anthony gasped as he continued at this steady pace. He did not want to thrust too fast as he was hoping to enjoy this pleasure for every lasting second there was. Over and over, he watched his cock pump in and out of her lovely ass. He pulled his right hand back and smacked it across her right ass cheeks.

"Yes, yes! Don't stop! Keep fucking my ass! YESSSSSS!!"

Slowing down slightly, the thought crept back to the center of his mind. Once again, Anthony became concerned that if he were to continue at a steady enough pace, he would blow his load too soon. This round was his turn, and he knew that he likely only had seconds to enjoy this before the phone alarm went off again.

"Come on, give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME!!"

Perhaps Kara knew that he was purposely trying to stall time. When Anthony made the next full thrust forward, she began to shove herself back. He then stopped entirely, allowing her to take control pumping her ass backwards. His cock continued to thrust in and out due to her movements, but he had now lost control in hopes of holding his orgasm back.


Once again the alarm sounded, and Kara came to a halt. Anthony had lost track of time and now all he could do was swallow his breath. He was in trouble and knew the next round was going to be his doom.

"It's my turn again! Come on, get that cock out of my ass! I know what I wanna do with it!"

Taking a few steps back, Anthony carefully pulled his cock out of her ass. Now that it was free from her body, he watched Kara quickly turn around. The grin across her lips told him that she knew what was about to come for this next round. She wasted no time grabbing his shaft, jerking it hard as her knees thumped to the floor below.

"Kara, what are you about to do!? Are you gonna-"

Anthony gasped, unable to finish his speech when she started sucking again. Going from ass to mouth like it was nothing, Kara hungrily devoured his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh, FUCK!!"

Teeth clenched, Anthony closed his eyes upon screaming. The sound of Kara slobbering and sucking on his shaft filled the room. She bobbed her head up and down all the while her hand held his cock at the base. At this rate, he was not sure how much longer he would last as Kara was pushing him to that breaking point with ease. Her right hand let go of his cock from the base, but this time she did not bother deep-throating his length. Upon opening his eyes and glancing down, Kara had pulled her lips back to the head of his shaft. She came off with a popping noise, and then Anthony noticed where she had moved her hands. A special provision was arranged as Kara had her tits ready for him. She raised them up, stuffing his shaft right between them.

"Mmmmmm, put your cock right back where it belongs."

She spoke before squeezing her tits around his shaft. Anthony scrunched his face up, desperately trying to fight back the impending orgasm.

"Oh god, Kara! Oh god, this feels so fucking good!"

Laughing loudly at his words, she wasted no time pumping her breasts up and down. Every inch of that long shaft pumped up and down, all while her eyes fixated on his face. She understood the expression he carried. Anthony was trying so hard to hold himself back from exploding as she worked her tits up and down.

"Oh! Ohhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah! You like that? You like how my big titties feel wrapped around your cock?"

Grunting and groaning, Anthony did not reply to her words. Over and over, she continued to work her breasts over his cock. Pumping them up and down while her eyes studied his face.

"Kara! Oh God, Kara! KARAAAAA!!"

As his voice echoed loudly through the room, Kara shoved her breasts down. His cock nearly slammed up into her chin as it began to explode. The first wad of cum splattered onto her chin with such force, several drops fell to her breasts. Warm strings smeared on her neck, leaving her with a sticky pearl necklace.


Anthony wailed like a banshee, crying out in pleasure now as Kara quickly let go of her breasts and grabbed his dick. She moved fast, using her left arm to hold her breasts up and her right hand to jerk his cock. He was still crying out when she aimed his cock at her right breast and more cum splattered across her skin. Kara licked her lips, moaning as she then moved his cock towards the left boob, still jacking him until more spurts of his hot seed coated her tanned skin. The final drops of his cum were squeezed out, covering her left nipple. Kara let go of his shaft once she was done, then moved both of her hands to her breasts. She held them up and grinned, giving Anthony a moment to take in the sight of his sloppy art covering her boobs.

"Well, what do you think?"

Still out of breath, he exhaled before replying.

"That was fucking awesome. You've worked me over pretty damn well."

"I didn't mean that. How do I look?"

"You look hot with all that cum on you, babe."

Her lips curved into a smug grin. Using her right hand index finger, Kara scooped some of the cum up and fed it to her lips. She purred a moan before pulling her finger out cleanly, swallowing what was in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm, yummy. I told you I'm better than her."

"Can't argue with that."

Giggling, Kara flashed her full teeth. At long last, Anthony had submitted to her comparison to the great Kate Upton.

"Now that's more like it! I told you and I proved myself."

Rising back up from her knees, the cum began dripping from her boobs as Kara grinned back at him.

"I made you finally blow your load, but I have yet to get my own satisfaction like that. I think you owe me a good licking."

Nodding his head back at her, Anthony agreed.

"Yeah, I owe you a really good licking for sure."

Placing her right hand on his chest, Kara shoved him backwards. Stumbling back, Anthony felt his buttocks fall into the plush leather cushion of the couch. Kara smirked at him and then began to climb up onto the couch.

"I wanna see if the stories are true. Kate said you were good at eating pussy. Come on and prove it to me, Anthony."

Her feet sank down into the cushions of the couch as Kara moved herself into position to shove her juicy cunt into his face. Licking his lips, Anthony placed a kiss over her vulva lips. He soon felt Kara's right hand fingers brushing through his short blonde hair. Her nails dug down, forming a loose grip when his tongue darted into her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah..."

Kara moaned out in pleasure. She exhaled while raising her head and feeling the streams of cum dripping down her skin. Anthony began to snake his cock in and out of her cunt, all while she bragged aloud.

"Mmmmmm, yeah. Eat my pussy... You enjoyed fucking me in every way you could."

There was no way he could respond if he wanted. Eyes closed, Anthony concentrated on giving her this oral sensation. His tongue wiggled within her while two fingers pinched her clit. Kara gasped, crying out.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah! That's it!"

She was reveling in this moment. For her, the ecstasy of pleasure was only one piece. Anthony knew Kara was receiving a large ego boost since she knew his history with the other woman. Still pinching at her clit, he used his other hand to caress her ass cheeks behind. His tongue continued to thrust in and out of her pussy vigorously.

"Faster, Anthony! Come on, I need to get off!!"

A tense choice of words came with Kara raking her nails through his hair. It was evident from that, Kara was not going to allow him to take his time and savor her taste. Anthony responded by spanking her ass with his left hand and then snaking his tongue faster through her womanhood. She began to gasp, taking deep breaths and then panting.

"Eat me, eat me, eat me..."

Her voice had fallen to a faint whisper as Kara now used her free hand to wipe more cum from her skin and feed it into her mouth. She bit down on her lower lip while he wiggled his tongue inside her. Anthony moved his hands to clasp onto her ass cheeks, giving them a hard squeeze as he was now trying his hardest to give her that sweet release she desired so dearly. Soon Kara clenched her teeth together, giving out a slight grunt and then gasping for air one last time before biting her lower lip.


Purring loud moans were the sounds Anthony heard as he felt the muscles within tense up and then his mouth flooding with her juices. Kara leaned over, holding herself at the back of the couch with both hands, and thrust her pussy into his face. She had to make sure that all of her love nectar poured between his lips. Anthony gagged towards the end, desperately swallowing it all down. Out of breath now and fatigued, Kara moved her cunt away from his face and quietly climbed off the couch. She left him sitting there, completely worn out with the lingering thoughts of having to return to his work shift in the back of his mind. Work had been completely lost in Anthony's mind but was now starting to come back.

"Oh god, that was amazing."

He leaned up after speaking, his eyes leering at seeing Kara standing there with a grin across her face. She turned her back to him, stomping out of the living room still naked as she replied.

"Yes it was! You're good at eating pussy, I like that in a man. Maybe I'll see you again later this week."

Kara left the room as Anthony now had to collect his clothes. Oh shit! His heart rate began to race as he suddenly remembered one scary thought he had. What if Scott was standing outside in the hall masturbating? The thought of his friend may have been out there the entire time, probably shoving an ear up to the door and listening petrified Anthony. He grabbed his underwear, covering up his crotch while running to the door and opening it. The least he could do was poke his head out and peak in both directions to see. The hall was empty, leaving Anthony to sigh in relief. He shut the door and then turned around to see Kara standing face to face with him. She had left the room to slip on a white robe, untied at the waist to still reveal her skin underneath. Her lips were curved into a grin.

"Are you trying to run away from me so soon, Anthony?"

"No, I thought I heard something outside, that's all."

Laughing at his response, Kara crossed her arms over her busty chest. She was still grinning as her eyes studied his face.

"I had a good time with you. I'm staying until Friday, so maybe I'll see you again sweetie. I'll let you get dressed and go back to work. Tell your friend I said hi."

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Re: Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 1 (Kara Del Toro)
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2022, 02:15:19 PM »
Amazing Job Cade. Kara defo has a dominatrix streak in her. Hope Anthony gets to drain himself in her and on her again soon. Awesome work.
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Re: Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 1 (Kara Del Toro)
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Nasty is, nasty does. This si more like it.  :Y:
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Re: Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 1 (Kara Del Toro)
« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2022, 12:36:19 AM »
That was incredible!!!!
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Re: Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 1 (Kara Del Toro)
« Reply #4 on: May 05, 2022, 02:35:46 AM »
Oh my god! This was better than I expected!

Sitting here reading this I thought Kara came off arrogant comparing herself to Kate like that. It made for great drama though. I loved the part after all the sex, Anthony poked his head out the door to make sure Scott wasn't out there jacking off lol. You always put funny stuff like that in stories to bring them to life.
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Re: Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 1 (Kara Del Toro)
« Reply #5 on: May 07, 2022, 02:29:42 AM »
Another great chapter.

Really liked the back and forth game that Kara played by using her phone alarm to switch positions.
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Re: Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 1 (Kara Del Toro)
« Reply #6 on: May 10, 2022, 01:11:07 PM »
Grandiose, incredible, wickedly good.. It was a fabulous story by Kara Del Toro! 👍

This part n1 is already dirty, the game is launched for Anthony and he is already well on his way to exhausting himself to the end with it. Kara likes to dominate here, she wastes no time and goes straight to the main topic. It is she who seems to command Anthony for the moment even the changes of sexual positions are also a good idea with the mobile 😉 phone
Scott would still be jealous, it was nice to warn his buddy of Kara's arrival. It's a great job again as always and the choice of the star is perfect! I ask for more, it was really excellent. Thank you for this sequel to the Try Me saga so big now.
Thank you 😀


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