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Sex in the Afternoon with Lucy Pinder
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Sex in the Afternoon with Lucy Pinder

Thank you to Cade for helping me. This is my first real story, I hope someone likes it.

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. I am not affiliated with Lucy Pinder by any means.

A quarter past ten. That's the time I get up almost every day. Sunlight beams down from the veil of curtains covering the bedroom window. Sometimes the neighbors wake me up cutting grass around this time of the year. Summer is coming and I'm sure it won't be long I wake up to the sound of a push mower. I roll out of bed, noticing that the covers were already pulled back by the only person who sleeps next to me every night. There's a reason why my girlfriend gets up before me on a week day. Had this been a Sunday, we would likely be too hungover and smashed to get out of bed.

Lucy Pinder is my girlfriend. The one and only. Queen of glamour. Best boobs in the world. Whatever you want to call her. I'm the lucky guy who gets to see those huge titties any given night in all of their glory. You're probably wonder how I was able to land such a beautiful babe in my life. Let's just say I'm blessed. The details don't really matter anyway. Having been born into wealth and with a brother who used to be a photographer at Nuts magazine, I'm pretty damn lucky, huh?

I moved to Britain a few years ago after finishing college. I was lucky to not flunk my way out of Rutgers. It's pretty easy to get caught up in all the partying. A green painted bong was my best friend along with the various copies of Nuts and Loaded magazine my brother sent over. My brother is older than me by a decade. While I got through school, he was working full time as a photographer in the glamour industry. After moving to London, he introduced me to a number of ladies from those old days. That was how I met Lucy.

Several nights of partying and weekends of drinking later, we found ourselves in a pretty tight relationship. I moved in with Lucy after she signed the deed for a new luxury flat. Sometimes it's funny how different we are in terms of culture. Me being a clueless Yank when it comes British English speeches. I can't complain though cause after all, there's countless men who would die to be in the position I'm currently standing with this special woman. While she is working with the modeling job, my duty around the house is to keep things tidy. I try to keep her in the dark about how I have

After I get out of bed and brush my teeth, it's time for a quick shower to start the day. I take my time, letting the warm water rinse my body clean all while thinking about how this day is going to unfold. Last night Lucy was telling me about how she planned some new professional photoshoots. It was fresh content to go up on her FansOnly page. Her joy to return to modeling has been quite refreshing to experience face-to-face. Lucy remembered herself as a goddess and I could not have been more happier for that.

Downstairs led to the kitchen and lower rooms. It took some time for me to become accustomed to the white interior decorations of the flat. When I had first moved out to London, my previous place of residence had a dark interior design. Then again, what could I care? I was here for Lucy and not the decorations that came along. The kitchen had a massive marble stoned counter in the center. The top was white, matching the refrigerator, oven and stove. I glanced over at the coffee machine and noticed a mug left behind. Only a small remainder of coffee was enough to tell me that Lucy had come and gone earlier. It would have been nice to wake up to her lovely face and a warm cup of coffee. But oh what the hell, no use in complaining when life is already good enough.

I opened the fridge, passing on coffee to grab a bottle of water. Since I had just come out of the shower, I had yet to get properly dressed. Only a white robe was wrapped around my skinny waist. My short brown hair was combed back and judging by my mug in the mirror minutes earlier, I needed to shave. A five o'clock shadow of small black hairs had formed, but I was not in a hurry to pick up a razor today. I still needed to go back upstairs and collect my phone. Maybe Lucy had sent me a text message by now. The cold spring water felt rejuvenating as I swallowed it down my throat and then marched back up to the bedroom. The phone had been left on a nightstand next to the bed. When I tapped the screen, I was surprised to see no messages had been sent. The time was 10:44, still in the AM hours.

Taking another glance around the bedroom, I noticed that Lucy had left her closet door open. Down on the floor sat a pair of black stiletto high heels. Maybe she had left them behind on purpose. One thing I learned from living with this woman was that she could never have enough pair of shoes. She may have struggled finding bras big enough to contain her massive tits, but shoes were not a problem. Seeing her closet open like that, I decided to open my own. A freshly ironed white long sleeve shirt sat on a lonely hanger next to a pair of black pants. By the time summer rolled around, it would be too hot to go out in a suit.

Lucy once told me that she liked having a suit to take off my body. I always smile when I remember that. Stripping off the bath robe, I started to change into my suit. Underwear first, followed by the pair of pants. By the time I slipped the shirt on, I wondered where I was gonna go. There was no use in dressing up if I wasn't heading out. Taking a look down at the bottom of my closest, I spotted my black shoes. Reaching down to grab them, I suddenly heard sounds from downstairs. A door slammed and some other loud banging sound. Could Lucy have returned home so soon?

I forgot about the shoes and raised out of the bedroom. My feet stomped down onto the wooden floor of the staircase as I climbed my way down. Back in the kitchen I caught sight of one of the most beautiful women in the world standing alone. Her brunette hair was fixed up with wavy curls flowing behind her shoulders. A simple black dress covered all of her thick curves with straps over the shoulders. The end of the dress went a few inches above her knees. To top it off, Lucy had on a pair of black high heels. But of course, most of the attention was fixated on her exposed cleavage. Those massive tits were about to spill out. My lower lip fell in amazement to her beauty.

"Hi Viri! Did you just wake up?" Her voice oozed with that thick English accent. The tone was enough to make a silly American man like me start blushing. I smiled, nodding back at her. "Yeah, I guess hot chocolate last night did me in."

Lucy curved her pink lips into a smirk hearing my words. "Did you forget to change out of your dress from a photoshoot?" I couldn't help but ask her that.

"Yeah! I thought you might like to see me come back in this. What do you think?"

"Well, it fits you well. Brings a lot of attention to your boobs, I must say." My remark caused her to grin smugly. Whether she said it or not, Lucy knew how to serve with her looks. "Oh how typical. Being cheeky already today, are we, Viri?"

I blushed again at hearing her utter my name. Stepping a bit closer to her, I placed my hand on Lucy's shoulder and leaned in. Inhaling the strong scent of her perfume, I was taken by surprise at that smell. Lucy leaned in and kissed me on the left cheek. Our eyes met as I had to take a moment and admire those chestnut brown hues.

"You know anytime you put a suit on like this..." Lucy moved her hands to my unbuttoned shirt. She gripped both sides, rustling the fabric while finishing her sentence. "I just wanna take it back off."

I tried to look back at her face but was distracted at the massive cleavage about to spill out from her small dress. Lucy shoved it against my chest and then I responded by wrapping my arms around her and pushing my lips to hers. We embraced for a tender kiss, trading short touches of our lips back and forth before she pulled away.

"I wanna take that dress off you, babe. Would that be a fair trade?"

With a grin, she replied. "You know, there's a reason I didn't take it off after my shoot today."

Quietly thinking, I was slightly disappointed in myself. Here I was with her and I had yet to ask her how the photoshoot went. Lucy had only just now entered my sights and I had other things on my mind. She turned her back to me, showing that thick ass barely contained within the dress. While her world famous breasts got all the attention of her goddess form, I quite enjoyed her booty too. I would go as far as to call it underrated.

Lucy whipped her hair around to glance behind her right shoulder. I knew that grin on her face. I stepped directly behind her and then felt her shove that thick ass up against my crotch. Her hands moved to grip at the side of my legs and then I wrapped my arms around her. Feeling the cloth materials of the dress beneath my fingertips, I ran my hands up to her huge tits while Lucy felt up my legs. She leaned over a bit, moaning and then calling out to me.

"Oh what the hell, help me get this thing off!"

I did not hesitate to begin pulling at her dress while keeping my lips at her neck. I kissed under her earlobe while Lucy helped me pull at the straps and shove her dress down. Those famous all natural tits came spilling out. They shook and wobbled before my hands smashed against them. Lucy moaned, raising her head up as I was still kissing at her neck and now massaging her breasts. These were hands down, the greatest boobs in the world at least to my opinion.

She shoved the rest of the dress down, pulling away from me to step out of it. Only a black thong covered her pussy for a few lasting seconds. The thong hit the floor when she used both of her thumbs to tug it down. I took a moment to look at her sweet pussy. The pink folds were wet, glimmering from the light. Eyes trailing back up to her huge tits, I smirked. Just like that, she had went from wearing a simple dress to completely unclothed in a matter of minutes. Lucy bit her bottom lip, flashing the front row of her teeth and then she slid that thong down. "Get the shirt off," she spoke in a commanding voice before falling down to her knees.

"I'll take these off." Her hands pulled at the front of my pants as I stripped the shirt off and dropped it to the floor. She unbuttoned my pants and pushed the zipper down before tugging them down to my ankles. I watched as the glamour goddess rubbed her face against the bulge sticking up in my pair of tight briefs. She leaned up and then clenched the elastic band of the underwear with her mouth. I watched in amazement as Lucy Pinder pulled my underwear down with her teeth.

There was no questioning the hungry lust she had for my man meat now. Underwear tugged down with the pants down at my ankles, I watched Lucy grab my cock with her right hand. She twisted her fingers around it and began to pump it up and down. Exhaling, I gave her a nod. "You want me, Lucy?"

"I think you already know the answer to that question." A prissy reply in her thick English accent. I watched my cock slip between her pink lips and then Lucy wasted no time sucking it. She used her hand to stroke up, meeting in sync with her lips bobbing up and down. I threw my head back and let out a loud moan. My voice was interrupted by the sound of her lips popping off my cock.

"This makes up for the lack of sex over the weekend." Lucy spoke before shoving my cock back into her mouth. This time she did not use her hand, instead bobbing her head up and down at a rapid speed. I groaned, trying to focus on her eyes as she looked up at me. Her hands moved down to her giant breasts. She pressed her palms down over her nipples and then squeezed her own boobs. It was a subtle hint as I knew what she wanted to do after she had enough of slobbering on my cock. But for now, Lucy was hard at work devouring it.

Her lips continued to work, sucking it inch by inch. I groaned, gritting my teeth and watching her. Her lips made slurping noises that only made my heartbeat race at a faster pace. When she pulled her lips back to the head, I listened for the popping noise and then watched as she quickly raised her breasts up. She pulled them apart, offering a subtle entry to place my cock. I gasped upon feeling those giant boobs smother every inch of my shaft.

"Ohhhhh, Lucy..."

It was such an amazing feeling to have my cock between the famous tits of Lucy Pinder. Even though it was not the first time, I could never get used to the feeling. Her breasts were so large they easily ate up a cock with only the head poking out. This was a dream that so many men across the globe wished for. Their fantasy was my reality as I was now bucking my hips to thrust my cock between her tits.

"Fuck my tits, Viri! Ohhhhhhh, yeah!" Her voice called out in excitement with soft cries. I continued to buck my hips, pumping my cock between those tits. It was amazing to watch the head disappear only to poke back up. Lucy spread her fingers over her nipples, allowing them to poke between her fingers. Like before, I could not concentrate on her gorgeous eyes. Instead I was watching every passing second of tittyfucking Lucy Pinder.

"This is what you're built for, Lucy! Greatest tits in the world need a good fucking!" She moaned when I made that statement. Still fucking her tits, I cried out in pleasure.

"Yeah, that's what they're there for! Come on, fuck my tits! Fuck 'em!!"

When she yelled at me like that and gritted her teeth, I could not hold myself back. I began to fuck those tits harder and faster. Bucking my hips as hard as I could. Lucy squeezed her tits tightly, only allowing the head to poke up between the folds. "Oh, fuck! Fuck yeah!"

"Yeah, yeah! Fuck my titties!" She yelled in such excitement I began to fear that I would blow my load right then and there. Slowing down, I continued to thrust while her big brown eyes focused on my face. Lucy grinned. She knew that she had me under her thumb.

"God, you're the fucking best." I had to compliment her while still pumping my cock between those tits at a slow pace. Lucy glanced down and spit on the head. She parted her lips and flicked her tongue across it a few times as I came to a complete halt. Gritting her teeth, she let out a seductive moan and then let go of her breasts to free my cock from her firm tits. She wrapped her right hand around it again, giving a hard squeeze while rising up from the floor.

"Come on. We might as well do it right here in the kitchen."  I chuckled at her remark, watching her let go of my cock and take a few steps backwards. I immediately tried to walk with my pants and underwear wrapped around my ankles. Lucy laughed as I nearly tripped forward. She offered a hand to me while I wiggled my feet loose. Giggling again, Lucy bit down on her lower lip while placing her hands at the edge of the large counter.

"I figured we wouldn't make it to the bedroom. Someone must've been feeling hot and heavy while modeling today," I teased Lucy while stepping behind her. I took a moment to admire her booty, running both hands up it to caress her cheeks. She moaned before letting out a frustrated sigh. "Don't make me wait for this. I shouldn't have to beg with how fast you got that dress."

Chuckling at her prissy remark, I knew better than to keep this woman waiting. When Lucy wanted something, she told you with a strict tone in her heavy accent. I guided my cock between her thighs, rubbing it against her folds. Lucy gasped and then exhaled deeply. She closed her eyes while gripping the edge of the counter and then I slowly slid my cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm, that's it." She exhaled again all while I let out soft moans. The wonderful feeling of her cunt wrapped around my cock was enough to put me in a trance. I gripped her hips with both hands and then began to drive my cock inside her. Taking it slow at first, I wanted both of us to enjoy this moment of passion.

"Right here, there's no better place to do it today." Lucy giggled after speaking. I blushed, biting my lip to prevent myself from laughing. Bucking my hips forward, I began to fuck her as Lucy moaned softly. Her breasts were beginning to bounce and sway. When I seen them shaking, I leaned over to grab them from behind.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah!" She moaned out to me. Lucy raised her head as I began to thrust harder and faster. Feeling her nipples poking ino my hands, I squeezed her breasts again and began to massage them. It took me some time, but I found a steady rhythm pumping my cock inside her. Her eyes remained closed as she moaned out.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh yeah! I want more! Fuck me harder, Viri!" I did not want to disappoint her, but for a moment I felt conflicted. As much as I loved her boobs, it was painful to not see them up close while squeezing at them. Nevertheless, I continued to buck my hips, pumping my cock inside her. Lucy moaned, her hair swaying around as our bodies began to smack together creating noises of lust.

"You're the best, Lucy! The best! The GOAT!!" I could hear a faint gasp and then she yelled at me.

"Fucking hell! The bloody what!? I'm a goat!?" From the tone of her voice, she sounded offended.

Oh shit! Oh fuck, I thought to myself. I messed up and said something wrong to break this moment of passionate heat.

"I meant the greatest! Greatest of all time, baby!"

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and then turned Lucy around. Smashing my lips up against hers for a passionate kiss, I moaned into her mouth while feeling her giant breasts pushed against my chest. She wrapped arms around me, leaning her back against the counter as we continued to trade kisses. When we finally stopped kissing, I stepped back and Lucy grinned at me.

"Come on, we're not finished!" She grabbed my hand, pulling me to the table and then stepped back. I figured she wanted me up on the table so I climbed up and laid my back down across the cold surface. Lucy then climbed up atop of me, breasts bouncing and shaking the entire time. She bent her knees to straddle me and then I gazed up at her elegant face. Her long brunette hair dangled from both sides as she reached down to grab my cock and hold it upward.

"No better place to do this, Lucy." She ignored me while lining herself up to slide down on my cock. Lucy let out a moan and brushed her hair behind her shoulders.

"Guess we're about to scratch off the kitchen counter on the list of places we've did it." She replied while slamming herself down on my cock. I groaned upon feeling myself inside her again. Lucy pushed her hands down over my chest, sliding her fingers up as she then began to roll her hips and bounce herself on my cock.

"Oh god! Ohhhh god, Lucy!" I cried out, watching her perfect breasts bounce and shake close to my face. I reached for them with my hands and then leaned up. Pulling her breasts apart, I shoved my face between them. This prompted Lucy to lean back up. She grabbed her tits, smothering my face with them all while she continued to ride my cock. With my eyes closed, I began to slobber and tried my best to motorboat her tits but she got the better of me. Those tits rubbed and shook up against my face. Taking deep breathes and panting, Lucy cried out.


Our bodies hit together with louder smacking noises. I moved my hands over hers, squeezing her boobs and finally brought her right nipple to my mouth. As Lucy was still riding my cock, I sucked on her nipple while feeling her other boob beat up against my face. This was pure heaven. Having this beautiful woman fuck me all while I got to suck on her tits. I moved my mother to the other nipple making sure that I licked it before sucking on it. Lucy closed her eyes. I knew from previous experience once she was close to her climax, she did not stop. Over and over, she pounded herself down on my cock and I knew I would not be able to take it much longer myself.

"Lucy! Ohhhhhh, LUCY!!"

She slammed herself down again and again. I finally moved my face away from her breasts, laying flat on my back and watching them bounce all around. Lucy gritted her teeth and with the final thrust, she came to a halt and raised herself up. As I felt the tightening of her pussy around my cock, that was it. Unable to hold myself back any longer, I cried out like an animal in heat. Our screams and cries of lust echoed throughout the flat as we both experienced the orgasm together. To cum inside Lucy was such an honor, a privilege to my mind. I closed my eyes, becoming lost in this pleasurable experience of warm ecstasy washing over me. This was how it always worked out for us. It was this moment that you never wanted to end. She was just that good.


Re: Sex in the Afternoon with Lucy Pinder
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Great to see someone else writing Lucy, excellent work.
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Re: Sex in the Afternoon with Lucy Pinder
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Nice work man.
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Re: Sex in the Afternoon with Lucy Pinder
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It was pleasure to help you, old friend.  :))
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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Re: Sex in the Afternoon with Lucy Pinder
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That was great!
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Re: Sex in the Afternoon with Lucy Pinder
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Good story. More Lucy is always a good thing.
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Re: Sex in the Afternoon with Lucy Pinder
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Thanks guys. Since you all liked it, I think I'll write some more.


Re: Sex in the Afternoon with Lucy Pinder
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Funny story. I liked the part where he called her the GOAT and it confused her lol.
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Re: Sex in the Afternoon with Lucy Pinder
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Goofy story, I liked it.
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