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Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 2 (Kara Del Toro)
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Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 1
Starring: Kara Del Toro

Codes: MF, Dirty Talk, Oral, Tit Fuck, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Story is dedicated to my friend Galva82. Special thanks goes to him for all the original ideas for the Try Me stories. Here is Part 1 if you'd like to read it first.

Nassau, Bahamas

Hot air followed anyone inside with the swinging doors left open to the pool area. The back of the Rosewood Baha Mar hotel building led to a massive swimming pool as part of the resort. Sunlight nearly blinded Scott's view as he stepped back outside. Sweat had already formed under the collar of his unbuttoned white shirt. It was possibly the worst choice for a shirt to wear on this hot day outside, but dress wear was rarely something Scott put much thought into. His locks of curly red hair had a heavy orange tint in the sunlight. Today marked Wednesday, and Scott had a rare off day on his schedule. It was the reward of hard work, as he had not missed a shift in over ten months. Unlike his friend Anthony, Scott prided himself on working hard and saving his money. Whatever he planned to spend his earnings on however, that was of no concern. 

Living at the hotel, Scott had been working for years with no life commitments apart from leisure spending. He would cash his pay check, pay a phone bill, and other necessities as part of his job. The rest of his earnings were saved, sometimes for the use of fun weekends alongside his friend Anthony. Every once in a while, they needed to unwind themselves with some alcohol and bonding over women. Before last year, the two had a loose friendship, but since the affair with Kelly Brook, Anthony had taken a new liking to Scott's company. Since then, the two men had bonded over babes, counting Kate Upton as one of them, and now another model who occupied his thoughts. Every day they discussed women, Scott had to remind Anthony of his luck in life, but right now he was feeling like the lucky one. After all, he met Kara Del Toro first before Anthony. 

Yesterday he could not help himself. Knowing that Anthony had a romp affair with her back in her room, Scott wanted all the details. Anthony scolded him, as he complained about how Kara easily manhandled him. Sometimes Scott felt as if he was being treated as a laughingstock in a room. Whether it was due to his chubby frame or his personality, he did not know at times. From Scott's point of view, Anthony came off as arrogant and headstrong. On the flip side, Scott knew that his friend viewed him as a nuisance from time to time. The men had their differences, but the friendship remained. Deep down, sometimes the resentment was too much for Scott. Anthony did not want to share his luck with him unless he was needed. As Scott remembered, Kate Upton was different from Kelly Brook. She called him the big boy, a nickname he took great pride in because of the size of his stomach. 

Below the buttons of his shirt, Scott's stomach barely fit into his pants. Tucking his shirt in was impossible, but he did not care today. Off the clock and not checking in to work, he had no shame in walking out to the pools with his fat belly exposed. The sun was out with no rain on the radar this morning. The outdoor pool at the hotel was massive, leading to a full resort on the other side of the building. Scott could recall his first time working on the pool side. There was an extended walkway through the pool leading to a small tiki bar. On the hottest of summer days, it did not matter if the bar had a roof and active ceiling fans. The heat would find a way to soak in, leaving anyone ready to take off their shirt and dive into the pool. Scott was properly dressed for a swim today if he wanted it. His soles were covered by a pair of white flip-flops, which went with his shorts. 

He could not hold back the goofy grin across his face. Today was beautiful, and he was on his way to see something even prettier than what the weather offered. Since yesterday, Scott had been keeping a close eye on Kara Del Toro. Just two days ago, he met her at the reception when she checked in to the hotel. A funny woman who had a history with Kate Upton, eager to trace the other woman's footsteps back to the hotel. Kara knew all about Kate's affairs, spoken from word of mouth. Anthony had reveled in his luck after having a romp with Kara, but the way he talked about her, Scott knew his friend had to be embarrassed about something. The simple fact of the matter seemed to be that Kara destroyed him. Anthony did not want to talk about it at all. 'She was good', was all he could muster out in words when pressed on the issue.

With a watchful eye, Scott knew where Kara was spending her time earlier in the day. Through the hours of yesterday, he had been keeping tabs on Kara. It was easy for him to check the phone logs on a computer and see what she ordered from room service. The option was there for him to come into her room at any time and greet the gorgeous model, but Scott had other ideas in mind. When he first met Kara, they shared a long conversation about what all Kate had told her. The first thing Scott asked was if she referred to him as the big boy. He took great pride in that nickname from Kate, but Kara only laughed in his face when he mentioned it. Maybe Kate did not inform her for a good reason. Kara had at least told Scott that from Kate's own mouth, if she had to pick between the two men, she was going with Scott. Whether she was lying or not, he did not care. 

It was only a compliment to make him smile, rather than a massive ego boost that such words would have been to Anthony. For once, Scott felt like climbing over his friend and proving that he was more than just three-hundred pounds of joy. By chance, if Anthony had not given Kara a memorable affair, Scott was ready to prove that he was better at fucking than his friend. As he walked his way around the pool section, he kept that same silly smile across his chubby mug. Without a care in the world, Scott was excited about going out to meet Kara today. The only reason he knew she was out at the pool was due to some sneaky peeping. Scott watched Kara's door on the seventh floor. He was off work for the day, so he used a free maintenance cart to pretend he was doing something in the hall. Kara left her room in a robe, clutching a towel. She never seen him on the other side of the hall, as Scott easily ducked behind the large cart and hid himself. 

That was an hour ago, a few minutes past two PM. Kara was still outside near the pool, relaxing in a lounge chair with her feet propped up. Scott had walked through so many people, taking a moment to remember how many guests checked in during the week. The pandemic had changed things for a time. Scott could remember all through the 2020 year as fewer guests were arriving. Two years after that nightmare had ended, the hotel was seemingly more packed than ever. As he walked, shirtless men passed by. Scott offered a friendly smile to an older woman he noticed to his left. Her eyes did not cross his, as she was laughing at a man who must have been her age. Unable to resist, Scott took a peak at what only he would declare to be a set of 'big ass titties' bouncing in a loose black top. His eyes narrowed across a row of white lounge chairs on the eastern side of the pool. 

Scott grinned when he noticed Kara Del Toro was still there. She may have switched chairs to go for a swim, but he could recognize her in a row of only four women. The chairs on both sides of Kara were unoccupied, offering a spot for Scott to have a seat. Rather than join her in what appeared to be a sunbathing session, She was laying across the chair, feet dangling from the edge. A leopard-patterned top covered her busty tits, tied around her back with no straps. The same print pattern covered her bikini bottoms. Her long blonde locks of hair were flowing from the chair. Dark sunglasses shielded her eyes, and sitting next to Kara's right side was her cell phone and a towel. Her tanned skin was so beautiful in Scott's eye. Since he had nothing on him, he glanced around an empty chair and noticed a spare bottle of sunscreen someone had left behind. Grabbing the bottle, Scott shook it up as he called out to Kara. 

"Hey Miss. Del Toro! Having a fine day?" 

She turned her head, glancing in Scott's direction. Without answering at first, Kara raised her sunglasses as if to get a better view of him. He began to shake up the sunscreen in his right hand while Kara's eyes locked on his face as he spoke again. 

"You look like you could use some company today. You mind if I help you out with this?" 

He showed her the bottle of sunscreen. Kara flashed her teeth as if she were about to smile, but instead rolled her eyes. It gave the impression to Scott that he was probably annoying her. That was a reaction he was used to seeing from people. 

"Aren't you supposed to be at work, Scott?" 

"Not today. I've got the day off. Would you like some sunscreen on your legs?" 

Laughing at him, Kara leaned up and grabbed her phone. She bent her knees, pulling her legs up and then extending them back out. With a smug grin, she replied back to him.

"I've gotta respect a man who asks if he can make himself useful." 

The tone in her voice echoed with such arrogance. Scott knew he was stroking her ego by offering her service like this, but what did he care? He could easily guess that from his body size, he was not her preferrence of a man. Falling down to his knees over the concrete, he positioned himself at the edge of her chair. Kara took her sunglasses off, leering her big brown eyes at him as if she had absolute control of this chubby man already. 

"Did you come all this way out here to meet me today?" 

Kara spoke while shoving her left foot out. Scott shook the bottle once last time, then squirted out the white liquid substance into the palm of his left hand.

"No, I came out here to go for a swim." 

"With no towel?"

That smug look remained on her face. Scott figured that she knew he was lying, so he offered a smile as he began to rub her left foot.

"No, I was only kidding. I really wanted to come out here and ask you something." 


While quick to reply, Kara still seemed bothered by his presence alone. He took his time applying the sunscreen on her foot and then up her leg. 

"It's a personal question about my friend." 

"Go on." 

"Anthony won't tell me much about you, so I'm left wondering if he satisfied you?" 

His admission caused Kara to begin slowly giggling. While Scott slid his fingers up her leg, he listened to her laugh grow louder with each passing second. He stopped to squirt more sunscreen on his hand while Kara replied.

"Seriously? He won't tell you about it?" 

Scott shook his head.

"No! He got really pissed off when I asked him yesterday!" 

Still laughing, Kara dropped her phone onto her stomach. Scott had moved on to applying sunscreen over her right leg now. He was not sure why she was amused, leaving him with the impression that something must have been personal between her and Anthony. Or maybe it had to do with Kate Upton, since she was the one who informed Kara about the old affair. 

"What's so funny? Did I miss something?" 

"Oh no, you wouldn't understand." 

Finally, she stopped laughing. Kara smirked down at Scott as his fingers were hard at work applying the sunscreen on her tanned skin. She moved her phone, leaning up a bit for him.

"Don't forget my stomach." 

Her words were uttered with authority, as if she were a boss, ordering him on a shift. Scott squirted more sunscreen into the palm of his left hand, lathering his hands together after setting the bottle down on the floor. He had to stand up and lean forward to even reach her stomach, all while Kara's eyes fixated on him. 

"Anthony was okay. Let's just say I've had better when it comes to men." 

Hearing those words, Scott gasped. He was unable to hide his excitement, as he saw an opportunity for Kara to try him. Now it was beginning to all make sense to him. There was a reason Anthony had such an attitude when asked about Kara yesterday.

"I'm not sure what Kate saw in him. For as much as she talked about you and him, I was expecting some kind of sex god under the uniform." 

Chuckling at her remark, Scott finished up slathering the sunscreen over her stomach. He shook his head and leaned up, gazing back at her face before replying. 

"Maybe it really is true, but Kate got us mixed up." 

Flashing his teeth in a full grin, Scott pointed at himself with his right hand thumb. 

"I'm the big boy in the bedroom, not him." 

Kara shot him a dirty look before answering back.

"Oh, hush!"

Scott swallowed his breath, trying to relax for a moment. The last thing he wanted to do was say the wrong thing and offend this woman. For a man with his body build, the chances of landing her were slim to none. Still grinning, Scott tried again. 

"You can't ask Anthony who Kate preferred, cause he's still pissed about it! But hey! Ask Kate who the big boy was. It sure wasn't him."

Again, he pointed his thumb back at his chest.

"I'm the one who was having fun with her and those big ass titties while she left him on the job. Anthony's got an ego problem, so he ain't gonna tell you about that." 

His words had an effect, causing Kara's expression to change. She seemed curious, at least that was how Scott felt when studying her face.

"She left him on the shift? Is that what you're saying?" 

He nodded to her words. In front of them, water splashed from the pool from someone jumping in. 

"Yeah. You see, Anthony didn't think about work when she checked in. He was too busy trying to make a play at her. Not that I blame him, after all, it was Kate Upton." 

Raising his right hand index finger, he carried on.

"But the job matters, you know. He's already got himself in trouble before for missing work. You see how I'm off today? That's cause unlike him, I work hard and don't lose my off days."

"You work hard so you can play hard, huh?" 

"Yep! That sums me up pretty well!" 

She laughed at him. Scott stood up properly, sinking his hands down into his pockets as his eyes scanned her curvy figure. Kara noticed his eyes glancing down at her boobs contained in that tight leopard print top. 

"I'm looking for a guy who can keep me up all night. I wasn't impressed with Anthony. Kate has slowed down, so maybe he's the kind of guy she prefers, but not me." 

"You should give me a try then, honey." 

Kara busted out laughing loudly. A shirtless man walked past them, all while the sound of conversations shared by other guests near the pool could be heard. 

"Seriously? You look like you wouldn't last twenty-minutes with me."

"I can believe I'm not your type, but Kate gave you her word on me, right? Would you trust Kate?"

Shaking her head slowly, Kara smirked. 

"Not really. Anthony was a let down. Kate told me about you, but I think she liked Anthony more." 

"So is that a yes or no? I'm basically asking if you'll fuck me." 

So blunt in his words, Scott did not know any other way but to be crude. From the way Kara was talking, he figured she would not mind his lack of subtleties. Kara glanced away, then shot him a dirty look. 

"You're right about one thing. If we were alone in the bedroom, I'd be the one doing the fucking. I'm not sure you can handle me." 

"Looks can be deceiving." 

Laughing at his words again, Kara nodded.

"You can say that again! But I'll tell you what."

She raised her right hand index finger at him. 

"I could prove to you that I'm better than Kate. After all, I did come out here to get laid. I was just expecting Anthony to be better." 

"Maybe Kate was messing with you then. She'd rather have me all to herself if she comes back. I would know since she told me herself." 

Lying was easy when it came to the expression on Scott's face. He couldn't stop smiling, but luckily he wasn't giggling at his own words. Kara gazed back at him, slowly nodding. From that look, he at least knew she had to be considering his words. After a few moments, Kara sat up and grabbed her towel and phone. It became clear to Scott that she was about to leave. She snapped her fingers at him, pointing to her pair of white flip flops down on the concrete pavement. Scott grabbed them and leaned down on one knee. He held the flip flops for her to push her feet into them. 

"I'll give you a chance to prove yourself." 

When he glanced up, Scott got a nice under-view of her cleavage contained in the tight bra. Kara placed her hands on her hips, giving him a commanding pose. 

"Come knock on my door around five o'clock. If you really want me bad enough, you'll come not a minute after, correct?" 

"Uh, yes Kara." 

"Good! I'll be expecting you and not anyone else." 

Taking a glance down at her feet for a moment, Scott chuckled before he spoke again.

"I do have one request though. I'd like to see your feet in a good pair of heels. Sorry, but that's something I love." 

"Don't worry, I packed my favorite pair of heels for this trip."

"Awesome! I love seeing a hot babe march around in heels!" 

His loud exclamation drew the attention of a few men walking by. Kara was not bothered at all with Scott's loud mouth. She grinned down at him. 

"Give me a good first impression and I'll prove I'm better than Kate." 

Kara walked off, clutching her towel and cellphone. She left Scott there on one knee, turning his head to see her phat ass cheeks rubbing against one another in the bikini bottoms. Her hair whipped around as she took a look from across her right shoulder. Scott could not tell if she was mocking or daring him with that devious eye. What he did know was that tonight, he was getting lucky. These events were rare throughout Scott's life. He could count on one hand how many times he had sex back in college. The affairs he shared with Anthony were only of chance to indulge himself in lust. Most of his alone time was spent online, browsing social media and masturbating to photographs of hot models. He was not sure what charm Anthony had when it came to women like Kelly, Kate and Kara. Regardless of what it was, Scott was confident that he could leave a better impression on this woman than his friend. 



With time to prepare for the night, Scott took the elevator up and returned to his own suite room. He thought about changing clothes and arriving at Kara's doorsteps in a fresh outfit with the scent of cologne. On second thought, there was no point in wearing fancy clothes that would only be scattered on the floor within minutes of his arrival. At least, that was his interpretation. Back in the bedroom, Scott had his own little treasure chest of lads mags hidden under the mattress. Kara Del Toro was never printed in the pages that featured busty British models, but here he was thinking about Kelly Brook again. There was a certain sense of pride that came when looking at those old pages of magazines and knowing what he did with her. Had she never walked through the door of the hotel last year, would Anthony's luck have continued this far? He considered sitting in bed and jacking off to photos of Kara on his iPad. 

Scott opted against masturbating. He needed to save his stamina for Kara. From the way she talked to him and her tone of voice, all he could think about was giving her a night to remember. Since Anthony had failed, this was going to be a day of revenge for Scott. Maybe Kara would return to the hotel later on, he thought to himself. If that happened, he wanted the model to know who was the better man in the bedroom between the two friends. In the past, Scott only felt included when Anthony needed another man in the room to restore order. That was how he viewed the situation with Kelly and Kate. Both women got the upper hand on him after a while, and it was up to Scott to help him in a threesome. Not tonight. For once, Scott had a gorgeous woman waiting for him, and he was getting her all to himself. 

Taking his time, Scott had a few snacks alone in his bedroom. His plan was to give Kara enough of an impression to sleep in her room tonight. At least he thought that would be the last reward for satisfying her. The next day however, he had to return to work. For once though, he wanted to experience falling asleep next to a lovely model. He was certain that Anthony had slept in Kelly and Kate's room. Without changing his clothes at all, Scott waited for fifteen minutes before 5 PM, and then he set off on his journey. Already knowing what floor Kara was checked in to, this was a short trip. Between a few stops in the elevator to let other strangers out, Scott could not handle the excitement he had. His feet stomped into the floor with such power, his chubby belly wobbled slightly. Arriving before the time she gave him, but not a minute after. He raised his hand and knocked loudly on her door three times. Taking a deep breath, Scott could hardly stand still waiting.

"Room service?" 

A voice called out to him from inside the room. Scott leaned forward and replied.

"Nope! It's the big boy comin' to see ya!" 

The door knob began to turn before Scott finished his words. Kara stood there with a black robe tied around her waist, hiding her body inside. Her long golden hair drifted behind her shoulders, revealing a set of gold hoop earrings that were not there earlier today. From the way she looked at Scott, he figured she was slightly annoyed by him. 

"Too lazy to change your clothes before coming up?" 

He lost the smile, glancing down at his buttoned up shirt, and then Scott tried to force another grin. 

"Uh, I figured since this is gonna be taken off, no need to dig anything fancy out." 

Kara rolled her eyes and stepped aside, inviting him in. Her heels clicked and clacked across the wooden floor. Scott entered and shut the door behind him as she wasted no time untying her robe. His eyes caught a brief glimpse of the black thong and matching bra she wore. Scott leaned in, hoping to kiss her, but Kara reacted by shoving him back.

"What was that for? You don't wanna kiss?" 

She shook her head at him.

"Kiss you? Hell no! This wasn't a romantic invitation, Scott! Let's get that straight right now!" 

Her voice was elevated to the point where Kara was almost yelling. There was only one way Scott could reduce her anger to something more lighthearted, at least he thought to himself.

"That's okay, but you'll put those lips around my dick, right?" 

Sighing at his response, Kara pulled off her robe, dropping it to the floor. She watched his eyes enlarge as Scott stood there, amazed at her beauty. Her long, slender legs were muscle-toned. Her feet were properly fitted into a pair of high-heeled stilettos with a curved end. Flat stomach with no navel piercing whatsoever. Scott licked his lips, seeing her heavy breasts, barely contained in the silky black bra. 

"Wow, you look good in black. Thanks for remembering the heels, babe. I've got a thing for a hot babe in heels." 

"Yeah, you told me." 

Placing her hands on her hips, Kara glared at him. 

"Take your clothes off, don't just stand there." 

Her voice was stern, commanding him. Scott just laughed at her.

"Don't mind if I do!" 

Beginning with his flip flops, Scott kicked them off, and then he took his shirt off. His chubby belly wobbled as Kara's eyes set upon him. To finish, he unbuttoned his shorts and slid them down with his underwear simultaneously. Now standing there naked, Scott rubbed his hands over his fat stomach. Kara responded by pulling at the left shoulder strap of her bra. This made her tits jiggle before she pulled it off and revealed them to him. Scott immediately wrapped his right hand fingers around his swelling cock. He began to wank as Kara played with her breasts. She bounced them up and down, then shoved them together and stepped a bit closer.

"Is this what you want, Scott? You like my big tits?" 

"I love big tits! I can tell you that!" 

"Mmmmm, tell me that again!" 

Whatever made her suddenly flirt with him, Scott did not know. Maybe Kara took pride in having a man like him willing to drool over her tits. He did not waste time thinking for himself as she moved her right hand to the back of his head and shoved him face-forward into her breasts. Due to his chubby frame, Kara had to push herself against his body. Scott leaned down, feeling her breasts smother his face. They were not as big as Kelly Brook's, but still impressive as ever. Kara moved her hands to the side, rubbing her tits against his face, up and down. First the left, then the right. Scott felt her hardened nipples poking against his cheeks.

"You like these, don't lie. Kate told me all about how much you love big titties." 

His big blue eyes shot up at her from between her tits. Scott parted his lips, now loudly slobbering over her left nipple. Kara moaned at that feeling. He was pleasantly surprised that it did not take long to get a cry of pleasure from her, regardless of whether she exaggerated it. Sucking on her nipple, Scott listened to her moan louder with each passing second.

"Yeah, suck on 'em for me." 

Kara raked her fingernails through the back of his hair, making sure Scott knew what she desired for the moment. He pulled his lips from the left nipple and then planted them on the other. Kara slid her right hand across her tanned skin, finding her thong to tug down. It fell to her ankles where she carefully stepped out, heels booming loudly on the floor. The sound could not deafen Scott's slobbering sounds as he drooled all over her tit. His right hand was hard at work, pumping his cock back and forth underneath his large belly. 

"Mmmmmmmm, tell me you love these titties." 

After uttering her words, Kara pulled his head out from her tits. Scott flashed his full teeth in a cheeky grin. 

"I love 'em! You've got big hooker tits!" 

Her eyes widened as she gasped. Taken back by his words, Kara looked somewhat offended, but also trying not to laugh.

"I've got what!?"

"Big hooker tits! What? Kate didn't tell you about that!? I know a pair of big hooker tits when I see 'em!" 

Unable to control herself, Kara burst out laughing. Scott stepped back, noticing that her thong was down on the floor and her womanhood was now exposed to his eyes. Not a single hair was above those pretty pink folds. Scott licked his lips, eager to indulge himself with a taste, but not yet. Kara was in control and he did not interfere with her. Her big brown eyes glared at him as she reached down and moved his hand away from his shaft. Glancing down and then back up at him, she grinned.

"You like what you see down there, babe? Kate didn't call me the big boy for nothing! My belly ain't the only thing that's fat! I know I've got a big fucking dick." 

Smirking at him, Kara grabbed his cock tightly.

"Yeah, I can see that." 

"If you put my cock up against Anthony's, I'm pretty sure it's bigger... or at least fatter." 

Finally, Kara had a chuckle at Scott's words. She dropped down to her knees, not bothering to look up at him whatsoever, as she was seemingly mesmerized by his chunky dick. Back and forth, her hand wanked it. Now sitting on her knees, Kara licked her lips before parting them. Her eyes finally shot up at Scott's face as she slipped the head between her lips. 

"Oh god, yes..." 

He was so excited for this moment, Scott could not help but moan out his words. Kara closed her eyes and then began to bob her head up and down. She moved her hand away entirely, concentrating her efforts on sucking his length. Scott felt as if he were standing in heaven right now. Just to be here and have a gorgeous model blowing him was enough to feel like a king.

"Oh yeah! Suck it, babe! Ohhhhhh yeah!!" 

Moaning out, he took deep breaths as Kara began to slobber her way up and down his shaft at a faster pace. She did not hesitate to devour his shaft, already shoving her lips down to properly deep-throat it. Not once did she make eye contact with him, as Kara easily sucked him down. Scott watched her golden locks of hair slightly move with the gold hoops dangling from her ears. 

"God damn, you know how to suck it! Wooooo!!" 

Scott's cry of excitement echoed throughout the hotel suite. Kara's big brown eyes shot up at him as she slowed down and pulled her lips back to the head of his shaft. She released it with a loud popping sound. 

"Mmmmmmm, you like how I suck your cock, Scott?" 

There was no reason for him to reply in spoken word. The wide smile across his face and nod told her that. Kara spit on his shaft and then raised both hands to wrap all ten of her fingers around it. She began to stroke it, using her drool for lube as she spoke to him. 

"I'm a better cock sucker than Kate Upton, am I not?" 

"Oh, fuck yeah! You don't take your time like her. I think you were craving a big fucking cock today, huh?" 

Slowly nodding her head, Kara exhaled. Her hands were twisting and stroking his cock nice and slowly. 

"Yeah, I've been in the mood. I just hope you can handle what I'm about to do to you. At least give me a better impression than your useless friend." 

Removing her left hand, Kara slid her right hand down to the base and shoved his cock back into her mouth. Scott groaned as Kara then began to bob her head up and down at a fast pace. Her hoop earrings dangled, bouncing slightly from how aggressive she became. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm', muffled moans came from her voice between sucking noises. Scott groaned as he loved how easily this woman turned up the heat. 

"Fuck yeah! That's how you suck a cock! Ohhhhh, yeah!!" 

What brought out this wild side of her, Scott was not sure. On one hand, he figured she had a lustful hunger for him. On the other hand, he believed this had to be a test. Kara bobbed her head up and down at such a fast pace, maybe she expected him to blow his load soon. If that was what happened between her and Anthony, no wonder Kara was disappointed in him. Scott felt he could last longer. He stood there, eyes scanning the coffee table and couch close by as Kara removed her hand and proceeded to shove his cock to the back of her throat. Her puffy pink lips met at the base of his shaft. The entire length of his cock disappeared into her mouth. 

"That's how you do it, babe. Suck it all the way down." 

Kara maintained herself, deep-throating his shaft for several seconds before pulling back. Scott was impressed. Taking a deep breath, he locked eyes with her again, but only momentarily. When Kara closed her eyes again, she resumed sucking but at a slower pace now. 

"I love a girl who knows how to suck my whole cock. So fucking hot..." 

Unable to control his excitement, Scott so badly wanted to plant his hands down on her head and take control to fuck her mouth. For now, he figured he would save his stamina for later when his cock was stuffed between those big tits. The thought of fucking those tits was almost too much for him. Kara pulled her lips back to the head, releasing his cock from her lips again with a popping noise. 

"Mmmmmm, you like that, huh?" 

Strings of drool dangled from her open mouth back to his shiny, spit-soaked shaft. Kara broke them by pulling away. 

"Fuck yeah, I liked that! You suck it better than Kate Upton, that's for damn sure!" 

Flashing her full teeth in a grin, Kara was pleased. She wrapped her right hand back around his cock, stroking it as she replied. 

"That's what I wanted to hear! For being a fat ass guy with an ugly face, you gave me a pretty good first impression." 

"I did?" 

Her hand let go of his cock and then Kara moved both hands to her breasts. She shoved them up, grinning at him. 

"Anthony was howling like a banshee from how I sucked him, trying so hard not to cum." 

Scott gasped, watching Kara pull her breasts apart and shove his shaft right between them. She bit down on her lower lip, softly moaning as she began to squeeze her tits around his dick. 

"Maybe you're just the type to keep me up all night after all." 

She watched his eyes enlarge and then heard that moan from his voice. It was apparent to Kara that Scott was a man who preferred big tits. She looked so proud to tease him like this, knowing how to play with his emotions by saying all the right dirty words. 

"Your cock fits nicely between my tits?" 

"Ohhhh yeah! I love it when I've got a nice, hard, fucking cock right between my tits!" 

Her words had an effect on Scott, prompting him to buck his hips for the first thrust between those tits. Kara gasped, feeling his dick pumping between her boobs now.

"Oh yeah!" 

She whispered her moan and then he began to thrust again. His fat stomach wobbled side to side as Scott was now fucking her tits. Kara glanced down to watch the head of his shaft poke up. She parted her lips, licking it and then yelled to him.

"That's it! Fuck my tits! Just like that!" 

"These tits were made for fucking, Kara!!" 

Over and over, Scott pumped his cock between her breasts. Kara struggled for a moment, having to realign the grip with her left hand as she nearly lost control. That did not stop him from thrusting harder and faster. She opened her mouth, letting the head of his pole slip between her lips. Pop. Pop. Pop. She squeezed her lips hard enough to make repeated popping noises each time it left her mouth. 

"This is what I like! A hot woman with big ass titties letting me fuck 'em hard!!" 

Laughing at his exclamation, Kara leered back up at Scott.

"Fuck my tits! Ohhhh, ohhhhhhhh yeah!!" 

Still pumping between her breasts, Scott yelled back at her.

"You like that, Kara!? You like getting your big tits fucked!?" 

"I LOVE IT!!" 

When she screamed at him, Scott found another level of speed, still pumping his cock between her tits. Every inch of his long shaft pumped between them now with such force, she lost her grip on her breasts and his cock flopped free of them. Kara quickly wrapped her tits back around it, but Scott slowed down almost to a complete halt. Since he had a chance for a few more thrusts, he took it slow. She leaned down, flicking her tongue across the head with each thrust he made. Scott moaned. 

"Feels so fucking good." 

Letting go of her breasts to free his cock again, Kara grabbed it and then pushed the head between her lips. Her big brown eyes gazed up at him as she gave his shaft a loving kiss. 

"Mmmmmm, such a great cock. Almost makes up for how out of shape you are." 

He laughed at her remark. 

"Kate didn't call me the big boy for nothing, as you can see. Since you gave me some pleasure, I think I should return the favor." 

Licking his lips, he spoke again. 

"And besides, I haven't got to eat any pussy in a long time."

"Well, I can't say no to that." 

Again, Scott laughed at her reply.

"Yeah! That's what I thought! A hot woman ain't gonna tell me no when I want to some some pussy!" 

Turning around, Kara began to walk towards the black couch sitting there. All this time, they had yet to make it to the bedroom, as they both stripped down within seconds of him entering the room. Time had moved by fast, but now Scott was thinking about it. Where they fucked did not matter as long as they were in the act. Kara sat down on the couch, giving Scott a nod before she pointed towards her cunt with her right hand index finger. That told him where she wanted him. Legs spread out, she moved to the edge of the couch as Scott fell down to his hands and knees and began to crawl towards her.

"You want this pussy, big boy?" 

Scott did not reply as he crawled his way between her legs. Kara dipped her right hand down, raking her middle finger across her clit.

"Hot and wet, all for you." 

She bit down on her lower lip, her eyes fixated on his face. Once Scott was sitting up on his knees, she planted her hand on his head. 

"Don't worry, baby, you leave this to me! I know how to eat it!" 

"Prove it then." 

Gripping his curly orange hair, Kara guided his mouth to her cunt. Scott embedded his lips to her labia and darted his tongue inside. 

"Eat me!" 

Kara gasped after uttering her words. Scott wiggled his tongue inside of her, raising his right hand to rub her neglected clit. Kara exhaled and then placed her other hand over his head. From where he was sitting on his knees, she decided to raise her legs and prop them over his shoulders. She raked her nails through his hair as he began to thrust his tongue deep into her juicy cunt. 

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah..." 

Throwing her head back, she moaned and closed her eyes. Still gripping his hair, Kara began to grind her hips in an attempt to fuck his face for a moment. Scott concentrated on eating her out. Kara moved her hands off his head and now roamed her fingertips across her tanned skin. She changed her mind after feeling his tongue deep inside her. Scott closed his eyes, listening to her soft cries and coos. With each moan, Scott was only motivated to work harder at pleasuring her. 

"Keep going, keep going. Don't stop, don't stop." 

Again, she called for him as her hands now found the place on her breasts. Kara squeezed her tits, spreading her fingers out to poke her nipples between her index and middle fingers of both hands. To further get her message across, she lightly squeezed her calves around his head. As his tongue snaked in and out of her pussy, Kara pinched her own nipples. 

"Fuck! Ohhhhh!!" 

Hearing her moan like that, Scott took his time. He savored her taste, still wiggling his tongue around inside her. Kara gasped again, still pinching her nipples before moving her right hand down to his head. Scott could feel her fingernails digging into his curly hair. 

"Don't stop! Don't stop!" 

Luckily for her, he had no plans to stop. Not until he had a taste of her sweet juices. Scott rubbed her clit, pinching it between two fingers as his tongue was still thrusting in and out of her. Kara gritted her teeth, growling a few moans before raking her fingers through his hair. 

"Oh god! God!" 

Eyes still closed, Kara purred her moans after biting down on her lower lip. Her legs squeezed around his head again, giving Scott the urge to use his free hand to grab his cock below. While feeling her legs across his shoulders, he was so tempted to wank himself. There was something about the way Kara commanded him that only made his dick harder. With a gasp, she suddenly yelled. 


Picking up the pace, Scott had only become more excited to taste her juices. Anticipating that sudden burst, he shoved his tongue deeper inside her. Kara began to gasp louder, crying out in pure lust as she moved her hand off his head and then rubbed her tits again. Playing with her own breasts, Kara screamed at him.


With a deep gasp, Kara whimpered. His tongue was still hard at work inside her. Scott knew what was about to happen as he felt her cunt tense up. He rubbed her clit one last time while she moved her legs out from his shoulders, spreading them out. 


Kara screamed loudly, her voice echoing in the distance in a high pitch. Her love nectar flooded into Scott's mouth, nearly choking him from the sudden burst. He swallowed it down in an effort to not gag, but ended up choking anyway. Kara snatched him by the hair, pulling his mouth off her cunt. She took a moment to see her juices leaking from the left corner of his mouth as he grinned back at her.

"Do I know how to eat pussy or what?" 

"You made your mouth useful, I like that in a man." 

A backhanded compliment was still better than a disappointment, Scott thought to himself. Kara was a woman with high demands, but so far he knew how to please her. Climbing up from the floor, he stood up as her eyes gazed back at him. 

"I'm gonna need a moment to recover before we move on to some real fucking." 

She grabbed his cock, grinning up at him. 

"You don't mind if I suck you off again? As a reward for licking me?" 

"Why would I say no to that?" 

Not wasting any time whatsoever, Kara leaned forward, shoving his cock back into her mouth. Scott could still taste her juices down his throat with a stinging sweetness. Kara began to bob her head up and down, sucking the first few inches of his shaft. 'Mmmmm', she made a muffled moan before finding herself at a steady pace. As Kara bobbed her head up and down, Scott was tempted to run his fingers through her long locks of golden hair. He wanted to take control and fuck her mouth so badly. From the way she had put her hands all over his head, the man wanted to repay the favor.

"Damn, I love how you suck me off." 

For now, he did not interfere with her. Kara had free reign all to herself, slowly bobbing her head up and down his shaft. She used her free hand to play with her clit, rubbing it and dipping one finger into her pussy. As she continued to slobber her way down his shaft, Kara let go of it with her right hand. Scott watched her wrap her right forearm around her breasts, almost as if she were hinting at another round of tittyfucking. Unable to control himself now, Scott grabbed her by the hair with both hands. His fingers sinking down into her locks of hair. Kara immediately came to a halt, sucking while glaring up at his goofy grin.

"Suck it, Kara! Yeah!!" 

Bucking his hips forward, Scott began to fuck her mouth. The gold hoops dangling from her ears shook and bounced around as he began to thrust. Kara closed her eyes, moving her hands to her breasts. They began to shake until she pressed her palms down over them. 


He took his time, thrusting at a slow pace. Kara sucked inch after inch of Scott's long cock, still holding her breasts as he fucked her mouth. Slowing down almost to a complete halt, Scott pushed his cock all the way down her throat. He knew she had proper gag reflexes that she demonstrated earlier. 

"You're the best cock sucker I've ever had in all my life! You can put that down on the books!" 

With a thrust forward, her lips met as pubes. Kara inhaled the scent of his pubic hair, brushing against her nostrils while his balls rubbed against her chin. Scott pulled a few inches back and resumed fucking her mouth. Thrust after thrust, he moaned out to her. Kara's mouth generated more slobbering and sucking noises. 


She opened her eyes, glaring up at him. Scott was amazed that with all this mouth-fucking, Kara had yet to tear up. He pushed her all the way down again, groaning at the wonderful feeling of his cock hitting the back of her throat. Kara closed her eyes and this time, she gagged. 

"That's what I'm talking about! Best fucking blow job EVER!!" 

Scott loudly exclaimed his compliment to her and then pulled back a few inches on his cock. He was not done yet fucking her mouth, still thrusting inch after inch of his long thick pole between her lips. Drool began to leak from the corners of her mouth with a string dangling from the left side. When he came to a halt, Kara pulled her lips back to the head and released his cock with a loud popping noise. Like before, saliva strings dangled from his cock back to her open mouth. Kara cleared her throat then spoke.

"Are you ready to fuck me with this big fucking cock?" 

Nodding his head slowly, Scott grinned. He didn't have to say anything as Kara gripped his dick and kissed his head one last time. Whether she knew it or not, the tables were about to turn. After fucking her mouth, Scott felt that he could take control. 

"I hope your fat ass can do me in doggy style, cause I sure as hell ain't letting you get on top of me." 

Kara's statement only made him crack up laughing. She let go of his cock, allowing him to replace her hand with his own. 

"What if I let you get on top of me? Would you wanna ride it?" 

Quirking up her eyebrows, Kara teased him by smirking. 


He stepped around her and plopped down on the couch. His right hand fingers were still wrapped around his cock, now holding it up for her. Her big brown eyes glared at him as she stepped closer towards the couch. 

"Come take the big boy for a ride, baby." 

Unable to hold back his excited grin, Scott flashed his full teeth while pumping his hand up and down his dick. Kara grabbed his wrist, forcing him to let go of his own meat. Bending her knees on both sides of him, Kara kept Scott straddled as she hovered her pussy above his cock. She rubbed the head over her vulva lips, gazing back at his face. Scott was too distracted at the sight of her juicy cunt. Having known he had just eaten it minutes ago, he took a deep breath, anticipating the moment she slid herself down on it. 

"Mmmmmmm, here we go..." 

Her eyes were locked on him while sinking that cock into her pussy. Kara pushed her hands down on his fat belly and then took a deep breath. At long last, his cock was inside her. Scott exhaled his breath and moved his hands over her hips. Kara wasted no time rolling them to begin bouncing up and down on his cock. 

"Ride the big boy, Kara!" 

Leaning back on the couch, Scott slid his right hand back to slap her ass. Kara moaned, arching her body forward and now pressing both of her hands down into his stomach. Her breasts shook, slightly wobbling left and right. Her hair was now hanging from both sides, swiftly swaying with their body movements. Scott saw a chance to begin bucking his hips to drive his cock in and out of her pussy. He grabbed at her tits, squeezing them hard as he bucked his hips.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhh fuck!!" 

His sudden movement caught Kara by complete surprise. She had been going slow and easy with him so far, possibly due to experiencing an early orgasm. Scott leaned up far enough to shove his face between her big tits, moaning aloud. 

"Ohhhhh, fuck! FUCK YEAH!!" 

Face shoved between her tits, cock fit snugly into that tight pussy. This was heaven to Scott. His words came with a roar, echoing through the room. He continued to buck his hips, pumping his cock in and out of her while her breasts smacked up against his face. His hands roamed down her back, gripping both ass cheeks. Kara moved her hands away from his chest while the sound of his balls slapping against the undersides of her booty cheeks grew louder between their moans.

"Fuck me! FUCK ME!!" 

Smack. Smack. Smack. His hairy ball sack was getting quite the work out. Scott groaned, moving his face away from her breasts, ready to change this position despite how little time they spent in it. Kara leaned back up, her hair moving into her face. As she used both hands to move her hair, she bounced up and down on his cock. Scott gripped her hips, just to make sure she did not fall off of him.

"Yeah, that's it! You know how to ride the big boy!" 

Spank! His right hand smacked across her bum from behind. Kara was overwhelmed by Scott. He believed he had her in the right spot to take control, all thanks to that early climax she received before they began to truly fuck. When he stopped bucking his hips, Scott leaned up, and then Kara began to slowly climb off him. She extended her knees, rising up to slip his cock free from her pussy. 

"Get up! I want you to fuck me!" 

She climbed off him, turning around and then bending over the glass coffee table. It was clean, minus a few empty water bottles that had been sitting there before Scott's arrival. Her sweaty palms pushed down over the glass surface with her left hand fingers nearly slipping off. From where Scott was now standing, he had a perfect view of her ass on full display. Kara was bent over, now glancing at him from behind her right shoulder. Judging by the look on her face, she was slightly fatigued. 

"Don't make me wait! I want you to fuck me!" 

"No need to worry!" 

With his hand, Scott slapped her ass hard. Kara gasped, slightly flinching from that powerful smack across her booty. Gripping his cock, Scott was not done teasing her just yet. He rubbed the head between her thighs, feeling the moist heat of her pussy when he found her vulva lips. 

"You want the big boy to fuck you, Kara?" 

Sighing at him, Kara did not respond. Scott used his left hand and slapped her ass hard.

"Yes! Yes I want to be fucked." 

Finally getting a response out of her, Scott began to slide his cock into her pussy while Kara groaned. Her teeth were barred, resulting in her next words being uttered in a growl.

"Prove yourself useful, you fucking fat ass! FUCK ME!!" 

Another spank across the bum was not needed. Those words were all Scott wanted to hear for encouragement. He loved the attitude Kara displayed. Thrusting his cock into her pussy, he listened to her gasp and moan before he planted his hands onto her hips. Bucking his hips hard, Scott found himself at a steady pace to fuck her the way she desired. 

"That's it! Yes! Yessss!! Fuck me!!" 

Hanging her head down, Kara's long blonde hair began to sway with each full thrust. Her hoop earrings bounced along with her heavy breasts, now swaying up and down. Scott gave her everything he had, pounding his cock in that tight pussy. He watched his chubby belly wobble and ripples of movement course through his skin. Moaning aloud to her, he screamed. 

"Fuck yeah! This is what I call a good fucking night!"

Spank! His right hand smacked her ass. Kara whimpered as she could feel inch after inch of his hard cock pumping into her. Scott was not done running his mouth yet. 

"You! Me! My cock! This tight fucking pussy! Your BIG ASS TITTIES!!" 

If not for the sensational pleasure of a hard fucking, Kara undoubtedly would have been rolling her eyes at his words. Scott knew how much he could annoy his friends, but in the heat of this moment, there was no holding back. He moaned before screaming her name. 

"Kara, you're a fucking goddess!!" 


Unable to maintain her hands pushing down into the glass table, Kara lost her balance and slammed her forearms against the table. She lowered her head slightly, her breasts swaying and bouncing in every direction. Scott was easily overwhelming her at this point as she lost all control. Whatever stern words she had for him at this point were of no use. Scott had proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he was different from Anthony in the bedroom. At least in his mind, this was the kind of man Kara truly desired. He continued to thrust in her pussy, now listening to her scream loudly.


For a moment, Scott thought about the time he was masturbating outside a door while Anthony was with porn star legend Gianna Michaels. Or all the time he spent wishing he could fuck Kelly Brook and Kate Upton, only to join in as part of a threesome deal. Not tonight. He had a woman all to himself, screaming her lungs out as he fucked her. Over and over, Scott pumped his cock in that pussy. He felt he could last a little longer before finally blowing his load. When he did, there was only one place he wanted to witness his cum splattered across her skin. Kara raised her head, panting and groaning loudly.


Unknowing to Scott, Kara was reaching another breaking point. Instead of experiencing it with his tongue, he felt the hot rush of her juices inside. Her legs began to shake, barely holding up in her high heels. Her juices trickled down her thighs.  He came to a sudden halt and then quickly pulled his cock out of her pussy. Out of breath, Kara groaned and began panting. Scott stepped back, watching his cock swing around. 

"Damn, I wasn't expecting that." 

Kara had nearly collapsed over the table, still catching her breath. Scott stood there for a moment, jacking himself off. When she finally turned around, Kara swallowed her breath. 

"I can't believe you haven't cum yet. Anthony couldn't go this long." 

"What did I tell you, babe? I'm the real sex god if that's what you were looking for! You just wouldn't know it from looking at me, right?" 

She sighed and then slid down to her knees. 

"Want to fuck my tits one last time? I guess you deserve a good reward for lasting this long."

"I'd never say no to another round of some tittyfucking! Hold those big ass titties up for me, babe!" 

Excited as ever to indulge himself, Scott watched Kara hold her heavy breasts up. She pulled them apart, allowing a passage between her tits. He could feel her breath blowing down across the head as she squeezed those tits together. Bucking his hips, Scott groaned as Kara began to moan.

"Ohhh, ohhhhh god! Yes! Fuck my tits!" 

The tone of her voice told him that she was nearly exhausted from all this fucking. Scott was reaping the rewards now, feeling every inch of his cock pumping between her wonderful tits.

"God, these tits are awesome! They were made for fucking!!" 

Kara did not utter any words back as she glanced down and watched the head of his cock poke up with each full thrust. Over and over, Scott pumped his meat pole between her soft tits. When she glanced up at his face, Kara moaned. 

"Are you gonna cum for me? Gonna cum all over me?"

"Fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum all over you!" 

Harder and faster, Scott thrust between her tits. He thought about finishing himself right there. Just a final push for his cock to splash cum up to her neck, but that was not suffice to him. He could feel the rush within, knowing he had little time to enjoy her breasts for longer. There was no other place he wanted to see his cum splattered besides her beautiful face. So close, the thought overwhelmed Scott now. He reached for his cock, pulling it from her breasts and then gripping it tightly. This action caught Kara by surprise. She held her breasts up and then gazed at his face.

"Cum for me. Cum all over me." 

Aiming his cock forward at her face, Scott groaned as he continued to wank.

"Gonna cum all over your pretty fucking face! OHHHHHHH, YEAH!!" 

Closing her eyes at the right moment, Kara parted her lips. Scott grunted, sliding his grip down to the base of his cock and then groaning as he watched the first wad splatter across her forehead. It was almost as if he were viewing this moment in slow motion. 

"Fuck yeah! Woooo!!" 

Yelling out, Scott pumped his cock again. He watched spurt after spurt of his cum splatter onto her face, drenching her left cheek and reaching her eyebrow. Kara began to laugh, flashing her full teeth. She blinked her eyes, closing them again when she caught sight of another wad of cum stuck to her right temple. Giggling at him, Kara watched Scott squeeze out the last drops of cum from his cock. A few droplets fell down to her left breast below as she spoke softly. 

"Didn't know I'd be getting a facial tonight." 

Scott laughed.

"Well, you're most certainly welcome! Did you let Anthony cum on your face?" 

"Hell no!" 

Again, he laughed at her words. The cum began to drip from her face as Kara was now laughing with him. 

"I was better than Kate, wasn't-"

He cut her off, yelling over her words.

"You gave the best fucking blow job ever! Best sex I've ever had in my life!!" 

A smug grin curved across Kara's lips as she nodded. The cum continued to drip from her face, streaming down her neck. 

"Now I know who to call when I'm checked in. You've proven yourself more than useful." 

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Re: Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 2 (Kara Del Toro)
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2 thumbs up for BIG ASS TITTIES
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Re: Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 2 (Kara Del Toro)
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2022, 02:36:37 PM »
Funny story. Scott finally got lucky and didn't have to share with Anthony.
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Re: Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 2 (Kara Del Toro)
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I can certainly tell you enjoyed writing this one. Scott is quite animated and loud lol
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Re: Try Me, I'm Better Than Her Pt. 2 (Kara Del Toro)
« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2022, 07:44:14 AM »
Suite & grandiose end.

I love all that adrenaline rush with Scott. He finally got his share it's well deserved for him and he gave himself a good time in Kara.. It was animated with sexy and wild dialogues. Really great. Thank you.


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