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Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
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Secondhand Experience
Starring: Britney Spears, Diora Baird

Codes: FF, Lesbian, Cheating/Affairs, Oral, Rim

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Los Angeles, California

"Is it too tight?"

"A little bit, but I'm fine."

"Your boobs look like they're about to pop out!"

A blonde haired woman leaned down after that comment, trying to contain her laugh. She was standing in front of a white wall. Her long golden hair flowing beyond her shoulders and hazel eyes gazing back at another blonde haired woman across the room. A modeling photography session was currently underway between the two women. Diora Baird fixed herself up in a shiny metallic green catsuit. It was made of latex and fit another woman's measurements. With a busty build and curves, Diora struggled with the suit at first. A zipper in the middle ran down to her belly button, allowing her plump breasts to nearly pop out as the other woman had noted. Trying not to blush, Diora smirked back at the camera while moving her right hand to the zipper.

When Britney Spears of all people reaches out to you for a talk, you don't say no. Diora had a surprise message on social media earlier this year when the pop princess reached out to her. How she had entered Britney's radar was a mystery to the thirty-nine year old former Scream Queen. Britney claimed that she stumbled across her social media account and liked her glamourous modeling pictures. It was flattering that of all women in the world to take an interest in her, this was Britney. Back during her time in Hollywood, Diora had witnessed Britney's imperial period of mega stardom. Time moved by and life changed. Over the following months, Diora found herself communicating with Britney more and more. They spoke discreetly over the phone, so far keeping their friendship a secret to the outside world.

There was always a risk involved with speaking to Britney. Any time she posted on social media, the whole world followed. Gossip websites and tabloids zoomed in, analyzing every little detail of her posts. This did not count her dedicated fanbase who liked to find clues and try to connect dots to each post. Sometimes that was the price to pay with famous friends. Diora had followed Britney's court battle last year in the media. Now that she was truly free, Britney was trying to build a new life for herself at forty-years old. Diora had her own social circle to invite Britney to, but decided against it. This was a friend of hers that she did not see the need to share with anyone else. Few women could say they had the experience of Britney Spears flirting with them. That was something Diora took pride in once they began hanging out from time to time in L.A.

Today was spent at Britney's massive Calabasas home. To avoid suspecting paparazzi photographers, Britney sent her agent to pick up Diora and drive her in. As long as Britney herself was not out on the roads in her white Mercedes, the paparazzi rarely came out. Diora had learned from friendships she shared with other famous names, that there was always a way to avoid detection in the city. Sometimes it came with a price, but Britney had the deep pockets to pay for her own privacy. The last time Diora spent time at Britney's home, she met the pop princess' fiancÚ Sam Asghari. The man proved to be a gentleman early on with his manners, but today he was absent from her home. Britney had arranged a girls day for the two of them, sending Sam off to go shopping in town. He would be coming home later tonight, leaving Britney and Diora with plenty of time to themselves.

Before the day had been arranged, Diora shared many conversations with Britney about her modelling. That was initially how the two women bonded together. Britney declared herself impressed with Diora's beauty and choice outfits. Diora on the other hand, teased the pop princess about her nude photos posted all over social media. 'So when are you going to open a FansOnly page?', a question that she asked the other woman often. Britney teased her, offering the woman to model in her own outfits she used on social media in the past year. At first, Diora was not sure she could fit herself into some of the outfits, but that only left room for Britney to joke about her huge boobs. Any time she teased Diora about her busty D cup breasts, it made her blush. They never discussed intimate attraction, but Diora did have a thing for Britney years ago.

Smiling back at her, the camera flashed as Britney snapped the first photo. Instead of spending their day talking and working out, Diora had brought her camera to do a photo shoot. She chose the metallic green catsuit, figuring that she could get enough photos to make a set for her FansOnly subscribers. The one piece suit covered her entire body, minus the unzipped front in a V pattern. Her breasts nearly spilled out as they were tightly contained. Hand still on the zipper, her eyes dipped downward as she closed her lips. Trying to give off a seductive expression, Diora gazed back at the camera as Britney snapped another photo. Standing forward, she curved a smile and then slid the zipper back up. Moving it just under her tits to squeeze them within the latex suit for one last photo like this. Diora curved her lips in another full grin just before Britney snapped another picture.

"I think this outfit looks better on you than it did on me."

Quirking her eyebrows back at Britney, Diora responded.

"You really think so?"

Britney nodded. While Diora was looking glitzy in the green outfit, Britney sported a casual look. A pair of black booty shorts and a white crop top were all she wore. Her long golden hair was pinned up in a pony tail. Her abs and belly were exposed due to the small top and Diora could see the edge of her hip tattoos. Even when she wore something simple, Britney still looked fabulous, Diora thought to herself. So far they had shot enough photos in the outfit alone. The time had come for Diora to begin stripping. One reason she was confident with Britney behind the camera was knowing that the other woman shared her same taste in nude modelling. Pushing the zipper back down, Diora began to peel the suit off her pale skin.

"Go ahead and start snapping pictures, Brit. You don't have to wait for me."

Before they began this photo session, Diora had talked to Britney about her style of photography. Similar to improvisation or a form of method acting. Diora preferred the photographer to snap as many photos as they possibly could when she was stripping. Her eyes did not have to be focused on the lens with each snap. Her goal was to have enough pictures to make a proper set with at least dozens of snaps. Sometimes she picked out the best ones for her FansOnly subscribers, other times the entire set was worth keeping. Carefully, Diora peeled her right arm out of the catsuit as her breasts finally popped out. Britney made sure to zoom in, capturing a still image frame of those glorious D cup breasts. Those lovely eyes glared back at the camera when Diora got her other arm out of the suit.


In a low voice, Britney's tone echoed that high pitch southern twang she was known for, but to Diora's ears it sounded seductive. Planting her hands on her hips, Diora raised her head. Proudly modelling with her bare breasts on full display. A triangle tattoo was visible beneath Diora's right shoulder. With several flash snaps, she was confident Britney had enough photos of her boobs so far. Diora moved her hands, cupping her tits and then squeezing them together. She flexed her elbows, grinning seductively at the camera as Britney continued to press that little red button to take more pictures.

"Spread your arms out so I can get some good shots of your tattoos, babe."

Britney's voice came off so flirty, but Diora knew better than to underestimate the woman's love for her body ink. When they first met, Britney had a field day checking out the tattoos on Diora's arms and feet. Letting go of her breasts, she flexed her elbows and raised her arms up behind her head. This displayed both of her wrist tattoos; a dove outline on her left wrist and a feather across the right wrist. One tattoo Britney adored was her four leaf clover on her right forearm. Diora's tattoos were so simple with blank ink, reminding Britney of her own body art. Once Diora placed her arms behind her head, she raised her head, showing off her shaved arm bits as Britney continued to snap photos.

"So beautiful."

If not for modeling at the moment, Diora considered asking Britney who was behind the camera for all her nude photos. It could have been her assistant or maybe it was Sam. Licking her lips, Diora began to push the rest of the catsuit down. The metallic green color glimmered, nearly blinding Britney for a moment with shiny flashes. Diora had to pull her legs out of it, revealing a black thong that covered her snatch. She noticed Britney biting her lower lip, moving the camera down and watching her get out of the outfit. She turned her back, pulling her feet to finally free herself of the metallic catsuit. Standing there in nothing but a thong, Diora gritted her teeth, nodding to Britney.

"We're not done yet."

Shaking her head, Britney giggled.

"No we're not."

Taking a few steps back, Britney raised the camera back up to her face. Diora thought to herself how to approach this next reveal. Falling down to her knees on the gray carpet floor, Diora grabbed the jumpsuit and slung it across the room. She did not want it in the way for these next photographs. With her hands on her hips, all of her tattoos on her arms were in perfect view for Britney. With the camera still held up to her face, Britney fell down to her knees too, focusing the lens on Diora's pretty face. Maintaining eye contact had to be difficult, leaving Diora to easily guess that Britney was focusing on her boobs. She moved her left hand, grabbing at one side of her thong and tugging it to reveal another tattoo. The outline of a heart was on her left hip, slightly higher than Britney's own hip tattoos. Witnessing that only made the other woman smirk.

Diora played with the thong. She pulled it just far enough to hook in with her thumb and reveal the small hairs above her clit. Britney licked her lips, noticing that landing strip as she continued to snap photos. Three flashes from the camera illuminated the wall behind her. Closing her eyes, Diora raised her other hand and roamed her fingers through her long locks of hair. She wanted her hair to appear slightly messy before she pulled the thong down further. Britney snapped several photos, zooming out to capture her full figure and the reveal of her dripping wet pussy. The pink folds glistened with fresh dew. When Diora opened her eyes, she bit her lower lip, softly purring and dropping the thong down further. No words were spoken between the two women, but the heated feeling of lustful feelings began to ignite.

Pushing the thong down further, Diora bent her legs and then began to turn around. In a panic, Britney snapped a few more photos. Counting up to three flashes, Diora was not sure if that was enough. It did not matter now as she climbed up on her knees and stepped out of the thong. Barefoot without any clothing covering her body now, she raised her hands and pushed her palms into the white wall she now faced. This was a perfect pose for some proper shots of her buttocks, Diora thought to herself. She trusted Britney would not disappoint working as the photographer. Spreading her legs out, she lowered her head and slid her fingers up the wall. Within seconds, Diora saw the flash glowing the whiteness of the wall as Britney continued to snap photos. A subtle sigh came out from Britney's voice before she spoke.

"Seeing you naked like this makes me want to start stripping down too."

"What's stopping you?"

Diora's question made Britney giggle. She had risen, standing straight so she could focus on those lovely curves on full display. Snapping more photos, Britney let out another sigh. To hear that, Diora had to wonder if Britney was becoming aroused. Even though the other woman was committed in a relationship with her boyfriend, there was still an attraction shared between them. Before today, Britney had flirted with Diora on more than one occasion. As the day was progressing, those memories occupied Diora's thoughts.

"God you are so fucking hot. Let me zoom in and get a picture of this."

Another flash of the camera illuminated the wall. Diora could only assume that Britney was snapping a photograph from her thighs. From where the wall had lit up, she had a clear view below.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Oh yeah! You're hot! Let me tell you that again in case you don't believe me!"

Laughing at Britney's response, Diora turned around. Smirking back to the other woman, she watched Britney's chestnut brown eyes glance down. Giggling at the fact the pop princess could barely maintain eye contact with her, Diora watched her stare at her bare breasts. To tease her, she raised her right hand, covering up her nipples. When Britney glanced back to her face, Diora stepped in and grabbed the camera from her hand.

"You look like you wanna say something to me, Brit. What's on your mind right now?"

Stepping a bit closer, Diora moved her arm off her breasts and shoved them up against Britney's chest. She went for a hug, watching as the singer's eyes enlarged as she glanced down into her heavy cleavage. Britney could feel her erect nipples poking up into the small black crop top she wore.

"Oh my god! They're so big!"

Diora giggled at that reaction. She could feel Britney breathing in her face. Their eyes met and the feeling of lust had almost overwhelmed them at this point. Diora dropped the camera. It fell to the floor with a clank noise, but she was confident it would not break on the carpet. Britney cupped her face, stroking her left cheek with her thumb. For a moment, they traded angelic expressions before Diora began to speak.

"I remember when you kissed Madonna on stage. I've always wondered if she was your first."

"She certainly wasn't my last. I kissed someone else on stage that night too you're forgetting about."

Leaning in, Britney pushed her lips up against Diora's as she closed her eyes. Parting her lips, Diora surrendered herself, darting her tongue into Britney's mouth and kissing her passionately. Britney had moved her hands off her face, now roaming her fingers down Diora's curves. The women continued to kiss, savoring their taste from one another while the feelings of lust had become overwhelming to this point. Diora kept her body shoved up against Britney, hoping that her hand would venture down to her thighs and feel her moist wetness. She could feel those hands on her hips, but Britney went for her ass, squeezing a handful to both cheeks. Diora moaned into her mouth and pulled back, breaking the kiss. Her big tits wobbled and bounced.

"So how was it?"

Britney grinned after her question. Diora took a deep breath before responding.

"You're a good kisser."

She smirked back at Diora.

"I'm a lot more than that, baby."

Reaching for the ends of her crop top, Britney pulled it over her head. Diora could see her tits jiggle around, tightly contained in a compact pink sports bra. They were not as busty as her own, but Britney still had an impressive athletic body. Not wanting to get distracted at this beautiful woman facing her, Diora leaned down and grabbed her camera.

"Don't worry about this."

Britney took the camera from Diora. She gave her a reassuring smile before speaking again.

"I'll bring this back in the living room so you don't forget it."

Turning her back to Diora, Britney began to stomp her way out from the room. This photo session had been arranged in a specific room downstairs of her massive hole. Standing there, Diora exhaled her breath. Was she supposed to just stand there and watch Britney walk away? Her eyes glanced down, watching those thick ass cheeks move a bit in her pair of shorts. That famous tramp stamp tattoo on her lower back was visible. Diora could not help but pout. The woman did everything to work her up into a lustful frenzy and was now leaving the room. She was not going to take this. Diora came running behind Britney, yelling to her.

"Hey, wait up!"

Britney whipped her ponytail, glancing beyond her right shoulder. She flashed her perfect white teeth, giving a mischievous grin back to her friend and then ran faster. Diora was forced to dash behind her, only to catch up as Britney tossed the camera onto one of her living room couches. The room was massive with three couches, all lined up together where sunlight could light up the room from a veil of white curtains. Across the right wall was a massive flat screen television, currently turned off since no one was home besides the queen, her guest and bodyguards outside. Britney turned around in time for Diora to nearly tackle her. She was forced to take a few steps back, nearly falling backwards into a couch. The naked model pushed her body against her, wrapping her arms around Britney as they locked for another round of passionate kissing. Britney shoved back, eagerly thrusting her tongue into Diora's mouth as she moved her hands over her naked body.

At long last, her hands moved to Diora's thighs. Slick in drenched juices that had leaked from her waiting labia, Britney was now feeling her up. This only lit up Diora who felt the urge to grab at Britney's sports bra and begin pulling it off. Their kisses broke in time for Britney to give her an aiding hand. Together, they freed her breasts. Diora tossed the bra to the floor and then gazed at Britney's C cup tits. Biting her lower lip, she flashed her teeth with a look of lustful hunger. Again their eyes met as Britney then fell down on the couch. The camera she had tossed was sitting on her left side, but Diora had no concern for it. There was only one thing she cared about now and it was indulging herself in Britney's beautiful body. She buried her face between her breasts. Letting out a moan, Britney moved her hands to the back of Diora's head, encouraging her to smother her face in her tits as she laughed.

"Oh my god! I've had to look at your boobs all day and now you wanna play with mine?"

Biting her lower lip, Britney purred a soft moan. She moved her hands to her tits, shoving them up against Diora's cheeks for a brief few seconds. Those big hazel eyes glared up at her as Diora then then smashed her hands over Britney's tits and raised herself up a bit.

"What can I say? I like 'em. They're so big and beautiful."

She pushed her lips against Britney's, kissing her again. As they traded soft kisses, Britney slid her hands down to the sides of her booty shorts. Diora could feel her shoving them down, prompting her to slide down to the floor and help her. She situated herself on her knees, directly between Britney's legs.

"God, I'm so wet for you right now, Diora. I know my boyfriend is really, really hot, but you..."

Biting her lower lip, Britney whimpered a soft cry. She spoke again as Diora's loving eyes gazed up at her from her thighs.

"You've got me burnin' up today, babe."

There was nothing for Diora to say back to her. All this time their friendship grew in the passing months, she knew deep down this was always a possibility. Little did she have any care that Britney was about to get married. Perhaps if she were bi, the two would have invited her for a threesome romp. That was the kind of vibes Diora received from Britney and Sam as a couple. It was too easy for her to imagine them as a swinger couple in the future as husband and wife. She was thankful that he was not here to walk in and join them. The least of her concerns was the man witnessing his fiancÚ having her pussy eaten out by another woman. With her eyes still locked on Britney, Diora parted her lips and then bit down at the front of her booty shorts. Britney took a deep breath, her muscular stomach heaving as the model tugged her shorts down with her teeth.

Whimpering another soft moan, Britney's southern accent began to come out between the deep breaths she took. There was no thong or panties underneath those shorts. Diora witnessed Britney's hip tattoos. She glanced at the cross on her left hip, then that classic flower design on the right side. Once Diora set her eyes on those pretty pink folds, she forgot about any body art the princess of pop etched into her skin. Not a hair in sight above her pussy, Britney was wet and waiting for Diora's hungry mouth. Exhaling deep breaths, she gazed down at her with loving eyes. Diora rubbed her palms over Britney's thighs, licking her lips while studying her erect clit. When their eyes met again, Britney moved her right hand to the side of Diora's head, stroking locks of her dirty blonde hair.

That touch was all she needed for encouragement. Planting her lips at her pink folds, Diora kissed and then parted her lips. She snaked her tongue inside of Britney, listening to her pant and begin moaning aloud. Closing her eyes, Britney moved her free hand over her left breast. With a deep breath, she pinched her own nipple, all while her right hand fingers rustled through Diora's hair. The feeling of that tongue snaking and inching through her snatch had brought Britney back to a familiar place. So much time had passed since her last affair with another woman. Now she was laying back on the couch, spreading her legs out in complete bliss as Diora was hard at work eating her pussy. Diora concentrated on pleasuring Britney, moving her right hand up to touch her clit briefly. This only made Britney gasp louder, all while her tongue was thrusting in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm..."

Crying out to her in pleasure, Britney slowly began to grind her hips. The temptation was there to squeeze her legs around Diora's head and ride her face. Instead, she sat back, spread her legs out further and enjoyed this pleasure. Diora took her time, moving her tongue in and out of that sweet pussy. She pinched her clit between her index and middle finger. That caused Britney to moan louder as she now moved both of her hands to her tits, squeezing them. When Diora glanced up, she saw Britney shoving her breasts towards her face and licking her right nipple. Witnessing this was enough to make her thrust her tongue faster. Wiggling it around inside the princess of pop, Diora used the tip of her right hand index finger to rub Britney's clit. Her left hand gripped one of her legs, maitaning her position.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhh yeah! Don't stop!! Lick it up! Lick it good!!"

Britney called out to her before rolling her hips. This was unexpected. Diora had slowed down, leaning her head up as Britney briefly rode her face. When she stopped, Diora pulled her tongue back. She lapped it across the clit, all while her eyes gazed up at Britney. No longer trying to lick her own nipple, Britney had moved her hands over Diora's head, playing with her hair. Softly kissing those pretty pink lips, Diora licked over Britney's clit to tease her. When she heard those faint gasps and moans, that was all the evidence she needed to know she was pleasing the woman. Her own pussy was craving attention. She had neglected pleasuring herself, all from her own devotion towards the other woman. Sliding her right hand down, Diora began to finger herself as she embedded her mouth back to Britney's twat.

"Keep licking it, don't stop!"

Yelling at her, Britney gripped Diora's hair. The closer she was drawing to her orgasm, the more desire Britney had to unleash her juices on Diora. So much time had passed by since the last time she felt the love of another woman. This was a pleasure she missed. Sam knew how to use his mouth, but this act was so much better when shared with a woman. Closing her eyes, Britney took a deep breath, moaning out. She raised her left leg arching it up on Diora's right shoulder.

"Oh my god! Ohhhhhhhh my god!!"

The twang in her deep southern accent began to surface with Britney's loud cries of pleasure. Diora knew she was close from that alone. Slithering her tongue in and out of that pussy, she worked to push the singer to the height of her pleasure. All the while, her own hand was busy at work between her thighs. Diora fingered herself with her index and middle finger, poking the fingertips between her folds again and again.


Her words came out with a heavy slur. Britney gritted her teeth, growling a series of lustful moans as her legs began to shake. Eyes widening, she panted and gasped as her inner walls tightened up around Diora's talented tongue. The burst of her juices overflowed, shooting to the back of Diora's throat. Swallowing it down as quickly as possible, Diora set her eyes up on Britney's face. She was not pulling her lips away until she had tasted every last warm drop offered. Panting and gasping for breath, Britney moved her hands back to her own breasts, squeezing them as she gazed down into Diora's eyes. She could still feel her tongue inside her. When she finally withdrew it, Diora looked satisfied. Licking her lips, she softly moaned while climbing back up. No longer fingering herself, she pushed her right hand fingertips towards Britney's mouth.

Rather than having a taste of where those fingers had been, Britney wanted a kiss instead. She cupped Diora's face and leaned in, kissing her passionately and tasting her own juices still in her mouth. Britney moaned, kissing Diora again in a more aggressive manner. Though she had just experienced a hard climax, it was not enough to hinder Britney. Diora had her fun pleasuring Britney, but now it was the other woman's turn. All Britney could think about was having a beautiful curvy figure to explore. She had already found herself mesmerized by Diora's amazing big breasts. As the women traded kisses, Britney finally moved her hands to squeeze those wonderful tits. She could feel those hardened nipples poking into her palms. With a second squeeze, Diora let out a soft moan and stood up. Smiling back at Britney, she giggled.

"You've been waiting to get your hands on my boobs, haven't you?"

Smirking back at her, Britney quietly nodded. Diora giggled, blushing at that reaction. She moved her hands to her breasts, shoving them together and then bouncing them in her hands.

"They're so big."

Britney giggled in that goofy tone only she could. Diora sat down on the couch, moving to Britney's right side. Raising up her legs, Britney rest on her knees, climbing over Diora as she moved her hands over those busty tits.

"They're so fuckin' beautiful."

Again her deep southern accent came out in her words. Squeezing her tits again, Britney glared into Diora's eyes and gritted her teeth. Her expression alone told Diora all she needed to know without Britney uttering a single word. Britney pulled Diora's tits apart and then shoved her face between them. Letting out a soft moan, Diora moved her hands to the sides of her tits, smothering Britney's face with them. They moved together on the couch until Diora was laying down. Her feet barely reaching the camera from the opposite end of the couch. She felt the cold metal on the big toe of her right foot. Britney moved her face over Diora's right boob, parting her lips to suck on her nipple. Feeling her tongue hard at work over her nipple, Diora moaned out.

"Oh god, that feels so good."

She gasped after speaking. Their bodies rubbed against one another. Britney could feel the pubic hair above Diora's vulva, scratching up against her clit. After slobbering on her nipple, she withdrew her mouth and planted it onto the other tit. Her big brown eyes gazed at Diora's face. The women made eye contact, Diora taking deep breaths while Britney slobbered all over her erect nipple. Glancing away from Britney's face, Diora took a look around the living room. The dark wooden interior design had caught her eye, all while the sound of Britney sucking on her nipple was audible. Turning her head to the left, she took a moment to appreciate her surroundings. Never had she experienced this kind of lust with another woman inside such a large home.

Sliding her lips off the nipple, Britney smothered her face between Diora's breasts for a second time. She was not done exploring the front side of her body. When Diora glanced back down, she could see Britney's golden hair. The feeling of soft kisses across her skin had made her softly whimper. Prepared to surrender herself to Britney, Diora closed her eyes briefly and then wrapped her arms around the other woman. Rising back up to make eye contact, Britney moaned. Their bodies rubbed against each other. Pussy to pussy, breasts to breasts. Together, they breathed down each others necks. Britney made the first move, shoving her lips to the left side of Diora's neck. She was searching for a weak spot, kissing her way up to Diora's ear lobe. As she moaned to her, Diora rubbed her womanhood against Britney, letting her feel the wetness she had only for her.

"Ohhhhhh, honey..."

Britney began to whisper into Diora's ear. Taking another deep breath, Diora closed her eyes. She kept her arms wrapped around Britney's back. Their hardened nipples nearly poked against each others.

"Remember when you told me that you were a scream queen?"

Giggling after those words, Britney bit her lower lip. Again, she whispered into Diora's ear.

"I can make you scream for me if you give me a chance."

Loosening the grip of her arms around her back, Diora leaned back and closed her eyes. She soon felt Britney's lips pressing against hers for a few short kisses. From where she was laying on the couch, Britney had easy access to the whole front of her body. This time, she was going to kiss her way down to her womanhood. Beginning at her right breast, she placed the first soft kiss. Trailing her way down with kiss after kiss, Britney listened to Diora moan. She arched her feet, bending her knees into the couch so she could properly sit up. All those years of dancing and working out paid off to give Britney a flexible body. Lips trailing down past her belly button, Britney then lapped her tongue across Diora's stomach. When she finally made it down to her opening, she gazed up and locked eyes with the other woman.

Diora had moved her hands over her breasts, pulling them apart to make a tunnel where she could look back at Britney. She winked up at Diora while pushing her tongue across the small strip of hair above her pussy. Licking her lips, Britney could not wait to devour Diora. She broke eye contact, taking a moment to value a woman who preferred a hairy landing strip above her womanhood. She began by kissing her clit, causing Diora to wail out a loud moan. Pressing the palms of her hands down over her firm breasts, Diora moaned. While Britney was playing a tease act with her pussy, Diora could not wait to feel her tongue slipping inside. Exhaling deeply, she was becoming impatient. She lifted her left leg up, but before Diora could lower it anywhere on Britney's body, the other woman pulled it down.

"Just relax, I'm gonna make you scream!"

With those words uttered, Britney embedded her lips on the pink folds of Diora's opening. She slid her tongue inside, wiggling it around aggressively. Gasping for breath, Diora yelled in a panicked voice.

"Oh my god! Ohhhhh, fuck!!"

Britney was only just getting started and yet she had already accomplished one goal. To hear Diora's voice echoing throughout the mansion was a step in the right direction. She thrust her tongue in and out of the model's tight pussy. Raising her right hand, Britney pinched the clit, listening to Diora cry out again.

"Fuck! Ohhhhh yes!!"

Shaking her left leg, Diora curled up her toes and bit her lower lip. Britney had already provoked a strong reaction out of this woman with the power of her tongue. Still slithering inside her, she shook it around and began to thrust deeper. Diora gasped, gripping her breasts tighter.


Just like that, Britney had made her scream. She was so satisfied in her lustful abilities, Britney continued to eat Diora's pussy. Rather than playing with her clit, she had other ideas in mind to trade pleasure. Using both hands, Britney ran them underneath her, cupping her ass cheeks. Diora closed her eyes, moaning and crying out in bliss. She was soon caught by surprise when she felt a finger crawling up the crack of her ass. Her eyes opened wide as she felt Britney's right hand fingertip playing with her dark little hole.


This sudden pleasure awakened the real scream queen within her. With Britney's tongue thrusting inside her pussy and now a fingertip wiggling in her ass, Diora felt as if her whole body was ignited in a lustful fire. She curled her toes up and pinched her own nipples. With her teeth gritted, she let out a growling moan. Britney had no intentions of stopping. Not until she was able to taste the model in return for the licking she had given her earlier.


Diora's voice echoed throughout the mansion, crying out as she puckered up her lips. Over and over she could feel Britney's tongue and finger simultaneously working through her holes. At this rate, the singer would not have to work hard for long to help Diora reach her climax. Letting go of her breasts, Diora slid her right hand down to play with her clit. Britney let go of it, offering her the chance to pleasure herself. At long last, she moved her finger out from the crack of Diora's ass, now pulling both of her hands free. Eyes closed, she clenched her teeth together again, groaning. She bucked her hips up, causing Britney to move her lips off her pussy. Pulling her tongue out just in time and moving her face, Britney gasped at the sight she witnessed.


With her body tensing up, Diora could not control the torrent of her warm love nectar that squirted from her labia. It shot so high, missing Britney's head entirely and landing down on her lower back and across the left side armrest of the couch. Eager to have a taste, Britney embedded her lips back over those pretty pink folds. She sucked it, licking hungrily while swallowing down the juices that flowed into her mouth. Laying back, Diora attempted to catch her breath, but let out a whimpering cry as Britney was not done yet. She wanted every last drop to swallow down, repaying the favor of her own licking from earlier. When she was done, Britney moved her mouth away from Diora's pussy, licking her lips and grinning.

"Mmmmmmm, yummy. You taste delicious."

"Ohhhhh, so do you do, Brit."

Gasping after the reply, Diora was attempting to catch her breath. She watched Britney rise up and stand on her feet. As she was still laying on the couch, her eyes scanned every curve of the singer. Britney turned around, bending over slightly to rest her hands on her knees and arching her buttocks up. The first time Diora had witnessed Britney's ass, she was chasing behind her in that pair of booty shorts. Now she was naked and Diora could see every inch of her curves. The crack of her ass split and her fairy tramp stamp tattoo was more visible than before.

"Do I have something on my back? I'm pretty sure I feel something wet back there."

Britney already knew the answer to her own question. From where Diora lay, she could see the shiny mess of her excess juices that squirted onto Britney's back. It dripped from the left side, streaming down to her ass.

"Yeah, I think you know you've got something back there."

Giggling at her reply, Britney spoke again.

"Mmmmmmm, I know I do."

She ran her hands up to her ponytail. At long last, the time came to free her golden locks. Slipping her fingers through her hair, Britney shook it until every strand flowed properly behind her shoulders. She then glanced behind her right shoulder, teasing Diora with a playful grin.

"You don't like to taste yourself, babe?"

Diora bit her lower lip, trying to contain her own grin.

"I think I'm more distracted by your ass."

Spank! Britney used both hands to give her cheeks a hard spank, allowing Diora to witness the ripple of movement through her firm cheeks.

"Come a bit closer and I'll twerk on your face."

"I would be honored."

That response made Britney giggle. Still bent over, she moved over her knees again. Diora climbed off the couch and fell to her knees. Crawling forward, Diora made her way to Britney's ass. She ran her hands up, squeezing those soft firm cheeks. Softly moaning, Britney began to roll her hips and twerked. Her plump ass cheeks clapped together, then crashed down onto Diora's face. Moaning at this feeling, she pulled Britney's cheeks apart and slid her tongue up the crack of that perfect ass. There was something about Britney's butt that Diora found to be magnificent. Not too big, but not flat by any means either. Now she had those lovely ass cheeks beating up against her face. Britney stayed true to her words, properly twerking against Diora's gorgeous face.

"Mmmmmm, you like my ass, huh?"

Britney teased in her soft, almost high pitched voice. When her accent came out, it was strong. Feeling the tip of Diora's tongue inching up the crack of her booty, Britney gasped. She smiled to herself, knowing what the other woman was about to do for pleasure. Coming to a halt, there was no need for Britney to continue twerking that booty. She maintained herself, still standing as Diora began to wiggle the tip of her tongue into her dark little hole. Biting her lower lip, Britney moaned. She rarely ever had this kind of pleasure to herself. It was all made better while sharing it with another woman.

"Go on and lick it!"

As she called out to Diora, Britney dipped her right hand middle finger past her vulva lips. She could not fight the urge to finger herself. Taking a deep breath, she panted while shoving her ass back a bit to offer more room for Diora to lick. With her eyes closed, Britney was letting the fantasy take over when they were both alerted to a loud noise in the room. A phone began to ring loudly, causing Diora to stop and Britney panicked.

"Oh shit! Not right now!"

The phone was sitting on a small table in the center of the living room. Among all the couches, Britney's living room was decorated with various glass tables and other furniture. Diora pouted when the singer took off running. Britney leaned down to grab her phone, giving a panicked expression after reading the name on the screen. She had forgotten all about Sam who was now calling. Answering the phone, she raised it up to her right ear and spoke.

"Hey baby! Is everything going alright?"

From that greeting, Diora knew Britney's fiancÚ was on the other end of the line.

"Yeah! We finished up the photo shoot about an hour ago. I'm just sitting with her having tea right now."

Britney's lie to her lover made Diora want to laugh. She smiled wide, fighting back her laughter. Slowly, she began to crawl her way towards the other woman. Britney's eyes followed every move Diora made while soon found a place in front of her opening once again.

"No, I don't want any fast food. You don't have to make another stop. We ate out the other day when we went shopping."

Eavesdropping on their conversation, Diora could hear Sam's voice but unable to make out any of his words. She ran her fingertips up Britney's hips, placing the palms of her hands over her body art. When Britney gazed down at the other woman, she patted her on the head.

"Oh! Make sure you get a pink one. You know I love everything in pink, baby."

Maybe he was buying her something. Their conversation was meaningless to Diora as she was gazing back at something else with a pink color. Her hazel eyes glared up at Britney before she struck her tongue across the wet folds of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah! That sounds good!"

Britney moaned into the phone. Not caring if she began to cry out in pleasure to her boyfriend over the phone, Diora slipped her tongue inside of the pop princess again. She soon felt Britney's right hand fingers twisting a grip in her hair as she gasped.

"Ohhhhh yeah! Get that one! I wouldn't mind a bag of Cheetos too since you're making one last... stop!"

While Britney talked into the phone, Diora shook her tongue inside her pussy. In an attempt to overwhelm her and make the singer moan to her boyfriend. It was a devious move, but Diora wanted to push Britney to that extra gear.

"No, I'm fine! Just had a little slip in the kitchen."

Giggling after her words, it was clear to Diora that Britney was trying to reassure Sam. How could the man guess that she was truly moaning at the delight of her pussy being eaten? Exhaling deeply, Britney bit her lower lip as Diora was thrusting her tongue in out at a faster pace. Finally, she used her other hand to cover up the phone. Figuring Sam would not be able to hear her moan. Britney screamed to Diora.


Puckering her lips, Britney moaned again. Her hand was still covering the phone to prevent Sam from hearing her screams. She called to Diora again.

"Come on! My boyfriend will be home in like ten minutes! Hurry up and lick me good before he gets here!"

With a deep breath, Britney moved her hand off the phone.

"I've gotta go, baby! Diora needs me, I'll see you soon. Love you, bye!"

Tapping her fingers frantically across the screen, Britney finally had Sam off the phone. She tossed it towards the couch and then gasped at the feeling of Diora's tongue slithering in and out of her.

"That's it! Yesss, yesssssss!!"

Once again, her southern accent came out in full strength. Diora had only so much time to devour that delicious pussy for a final time. Time was no longer on their side. At the bare minimum, Diora was confident she could push Britney into another climax, then run upstairs and stall enough time to get dressed. Britney on the other hand, probably needed a good excuse to explain her lack of clothes. It did not matter at all to Diora as she was now sliding her right hand down to play with her own womanhood. She fingered herself again, all while her tongue was inside Britney.

"Keep going, keep going! Yes! Ohhhh god, yesssss!!"

Throwing her head back, Britney ran her hands up to her boobs. She gave them a subtle squeeze as Diora continued to thrust her tongue in and out of her wet pussy. She could not take it for much longer. She needed another sweet release from this gorgeous model. Why couldn't Sam stay in a store longer? That was one question Britney could not help herself with. If only he had stayed gone longer. All this time she had spent exploring Diora's body and embracing a different kind of passion. The thought had never crossed her mind that they were working against the clock. Britney had forgotten all about time, but she knew one thing. This was one experience she did not want to have to share with Sam. This was a secret for her and Diora only.

"Oh my god! Ohhhhh god! I'm almost there! Keep going, keep going!!"

Exhaling deep breaths, Britney could feel her second orgasm drawing closer with each passing second. Diora worked hard, wiggling and shaking her tongue inside that juicy labia. Britney squeezed her breasts, feeling her own nipples poking into her palms.

"Don't stop, Diora!"

Time was still of essence. Any moment now, Sam could be pulling up into the driveway or worse, walking right into the house. Britney needed to have her sweet release now more than ever. She lowered her right hand and pinched her clit, all while feeling Diora's tongue wiggling around inside her. Gasping for breath, this was it. Britney could feel the rush coming.


Screams echoed from the living room into the distance as her legs began to shake. Britney closed her eyes, clenching her teeth momentarily as her juices trickled into Diora's loving mouth. Her warm juices were not as much as the first taste Diora received. The model had successfully pushed Britney Spears to a second orgasm, completing their day. She pulled her mouth off those pink folds, but was not done until she placed a soft kiss over it. Britney swallowed her breath, trying to quickly recover. She had become fatigued through all this time of sensual lust she shared with the other woman.

"Oh god, that was so good. You know how to use your tongue."

Diora quickly climbed up off her knees and watched Britney lean over to grab her shorts. She looked as if she were about to panic getting dressed. Once Britney had collected her clothes, she ran out of the living room. Still naked, her breasts shook and wobbled around as she went upstairs.

"Hurry up and get dressed! We don't need to let Sam walk in on us!"

Before she had put on that metallic green catsuit, Diora had arrived in a different casual outfit. For a moment, she forgot where her clothes were, then suddenly remembering that she stripped upstairs with Britney too. She took off, climbing the staircase while yelling out.

"Hey Britney! If you don't mind me asking, where did you learn how to lick like that?"

She turned, almost becoming lost down a hallway with doors that all looked the same. Without a quick answer, Diora wondered if Britney was hesitant to tell her. From the way she had used her mouth on her, Diora could not help but wonder. Did she learn that from the woman she kissed on stage? Upon finding the open doorway where she previously undressed, Diora stepped into a guest room. She moved to the bed, grabbing her pair of panties when Britney's voice caught her attention.

"You wanna know where I learned how to use my tongue?"

When Diora turned around, Britney was standing in a leopard patterned bikini with pink strings. She did not bother putting on any other outfit. For a moment, Diora had to consider how lucky Sam was. For a man to come home to Britney Spears was one thing. But with her choice outfits, the imagination had to run wild. She grinned back at Diora, flashing her pearly white teeth.

"Remember when you said something about me kissing Madonna on stage?"

Diora's lower lip fell. The thought of Britney having an affair with Madonna ran through her mind.

"Oh my god! You and her did-"

Shaking her head, Britney cut off her speech. She spoke over Diora, correcting her.

"No, you forgot about the other girl I kissed that night."

Britney giggled while grinning. She wanted to see that shocked expression across Diora's face upon learning this revelation.

"Who else was on stage with you that night? It's been so long I forgot."

The smile fell on Britney's face, disappointed that Diora did not remember the other singer. She was not going to inform her. Stepping out of the room, she soon heard Diora gasp and then reply.

"Oh fuck! Christina! You and Christina!?"

Happy that she suddenly remembered, Britney giggled. She began to walk down the hallway, strutting her hips in the bikini as she called out to her.

"I've got secondhand experience when it comes to women."

Still giggling, she left Diora there in the room to put her clothes on. In a subtle confession, Britney was confident she had left Diora with enough naughty thoughts to make her imagination run wild. She did not have to tell her every detail about the other singer kissed on that special night. an iconic moment in her career, but an even greater night in her life. Days like this were rare in Britney's life, to share long alongside another woman. Diora had proven herself as a friend in the past but after today, Britney felt more trusting of her. For a moment, she thought about the other singer that night. If only she were here to tell the story to Diora herself. Sam would soon be home, but this was a day Britney did not see herself forgetting. She went to collect the metallic green catsuit and offer it as a gift to Diora. Maybe she would treasure it as a memento to this wonderful day.



Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2022, 02:10:46 AM »
That was brilliant!
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Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2022, 10:26:28 AM »
Mein Gott Donnerwetter! This is what I'm talking about: Relatively unknown stars pulled into the spotlight. As a horror buff I was familiar with Diora and her movies (her best scenes are found in that cheesy Night of the Demons remake and Texas Chainsaw prequel) so it's awesome to see a story with her. I wasn't even aware she had quality photos like the one you posted!

I like how you take Britney's stardom and current habit of posting nudes into consideration for the storyline, and how lesser known women react when they're introduced to her. Great lesbian action, and the use of a female perspective is always fascinating since I would never dare to write one myself.

Mint stuff.
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Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2022, 11:48:08 PM »
Loved this! Britney letting her model in her own outfits was cute.

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Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #4 on: June 11, 2022, 12:50:13 AM »
Thanks for the support, appreciate the kindness.

Mein Gott Donnerwetter! This is what I'm talking about: Relatively unknown stars pulled into the spotlight. As a horror buff I was familiar with Diora and her movies (her best scenes are found in that cheesy Night of the Demons remake and Texas Chainsaw prequel) so it's awesome to see a story with her. I wasn't even aware she had quality photos like the one you posted!

I like how you take Britney's stardom and current habit of posting nudes into consideration for the storyline, and how lesser known women react when they're introduced to her. Great lesbian action, and the use of a female perspective is always fascinating since I would never dare to write one myself.

Mint stuff.

Love Diora! I first discovered her some years back from a low budget movie she did, and wanted to write her back when I was planning out BBB. She came out a lesbian at the time, so I decided to wait and figure something out. As for Britney's nude pics, I've been coming up with ideas to incorporate them into stories for several months now. I'm hoping to do another story later this year involving the pics.

This idea just came to me a few days ago and I figured, I need to write it before I forget it or get busy writing other stuff. The entire story was written in a day. Not something I normally do, but I was inspired! I probably should've put a more recent picture of her up, but I swore to myself years ago if I did write Diora, I was using one of her Playboy pics.
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Blocboy VC

Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2022, 03:19:58 AM »
Great job. Had another celeb I never heard of.
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Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #6 on: June 15, 2022, 10:33:23 PM »
Great story. I loved it
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Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #7 on: June 16, 2022, 11:59:55 AM »
All that was missing was for Sam to walk in on them lol
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Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #8 on: July 27, 2022, 01:48:57 PM »
Nice work. I figured Britney would be keeping you busy this year.
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Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #9 on: August 12, 2022, 11:42:32 AM »
Yeah it's California! It was a good surprise to read this exciting lesbian story..

What a classy duo, Britney Spears & Diora Baird they make the pair. A good pair besides this story is rudely well conducted I greatly appreciated. Like the title, the experience was cool, very cool, the duo is awesome, the lesbian action is top really sexy!!
No man, no Sam Asghari in it either, it changes but it's cool. I love the choice of photos taken, everything fits perfectly well, this story is of rare purity, it made me happy to read it! The twerk that Britney does on Diora's face towards the end is so perfect and well used.
This story is a great success.
Thanks :)
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St Clair2

Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #10 on: August 17, 2022, 02:43:36 PM »
Loved this
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Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #11 on: October 10, 2022, 06:59:59 PM »
Holy shit, Cade!  This must've been a dream pairing for you.  I love how flirty Britney and Diora were with each other.  It made me excited to see these go get down and fuck.  The sex didn't leave me disappointed, but it did leave me a sweaty mess.  Excellent job, my friend!  *chef's kiss*
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Re: Secondhand Experience (Britney Spears, Diora Baird)
« Reply #12 on: October 17, 2022, 05:44:12 AM »
Holy shit, Cade!  This must've been a dream pairing for you.  I love how flirty Britney and Diora were with each other.  It made me excited to see these go get down and fuck.  The sex didn't leave me disappointed, but it did leave me a sweaty mess.  Excellent job, my friend!  *chef's kiss*

Many thanks! Happy to hear this coming from another big Britney fan.

I have long wanted to write Diora. She was originally supposed to be in BBB, but when she came out a lesbian, I wanted to do a pairing for her that would be satisfying. This story just randomly came up out the blue one hot summer day in June.
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