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Parisienne Desires (Lauren Summer)
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Parisienne Desires
Starring: Lauren Summer

Codes: MMF, Oral, Tit Fuck, Double Penetration, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story was written for my friend Jack. Special thanks to another friend for help with the French dialogue, enjoy!

Paris, France

Vibrating and ringing, a smartphone echoed from the bedroom and throughout the hotel suite. The curtains had been pulled back hours ago, inviting sunlight to pour in and brighten the yellow-colored walls. Across the pulled back crimson red sheets, the phone sat near a set of pillows. Room service had yet to enter the room and fix up the bed. Their arrival a few hours ago was only to deliver breakfast to an American tourist who checked in days ago. Lauren Summer gazed back at her face in the mirror, studying her light green eyes. This was not the first trip to France for the twenty-seven year old model. There was a time when she used to fly in and check in at five-star hotels before the world stood still two years ago. Finally back in Paris for a small vacation, Lauren had all the time in the world to relax.

She checked in four days prior, spending her first day catching up on sleep from the jet lag. The next few days made up a short schedule of sight-seeing. Lauren had all intentions of snapping photographs while she was here. Upon leaving home, she preferred to go sightseeing. Part of the reason for traveling was to get a much needed break from home while enjoying the scenery of another country. Sometimes you needed to get away from work and travel around the world to clear your mind. That was how she felt, but her style was to go along. While Lauren had plenty of friends among her social circle in L.A., this was a trip she had to make for herself. When bringing others along, they only stretched out the checks, leaving Lauren to spend more money on credit cards.

Sometimes that was the lifestyle of a working model. To fancy herself as a woman of influence online and live glamorously. She did not need an agency or a laundry list of managers. Lauren had proven herself a few years ago when she exploded on social media with her own modelling. Playboy and Vogue were names on her resume for professional photography. Everybody wanted to have that one friend who was a beautiful model. Whether it was a man looking for his dream date or a girlfriend to tag along. Lauren was confident in herself, that she may not have been the next big model, but she had established her presence through sheer determination. A runway was not needed for someone like her. Hard work had paid off to afford a trip like this. Sometimes it was good to reap the rewards and embrace this lifestyle.

Still looking back in the mirror, she carefully fixed up her makeup. The long locks of her brunette hair were pinned up in a ponytail, hanging high. Sitting on the bathroom counter were various makeup kits and a bottle of water. Lauren had previously taken a shower after stumbling out of bed earlier. No matter how many days it had been, she could not get used to the time difference from back home. In Los Angeles about now, she would be enjoying the midnight hours. Time in France was nine hours ahead of what she was used to, but that was not enough to forget her day-to-day routine back in California. Wearing only a black thong and matching bra, Lauren considered her options for the day. It helped that she was quite a night owl at times back home. The naps she took after arriving had effectively thrown her sleeping schedule off to shift into an average Paris day.

Back in the living room of the suite, Lauren's photography equipment was spread out across a table and lounge chair. It would have been easy to snap pictures with her smartphone and put them up on social media and elsewhere. There was still time to arrange a session for Summer Magazine, a personal project she ran online. A tripod was folded up over the black leather couch, sitting next to her bag of film reels. Over on the lounge chair, Lauren had a black bag she kept her favorite polaroid camera in. On the floor was another bag with the video recording camera and a second tripod. All the tools she needed to set up an easy photography session were there, but not today. Lauren had other ideas in mind now as she hovered her hands across a set of gold hoop earrings. Today was going to be special, she thought to herself why putting the earrings on. The shining gold radiated in her reflection across the mirror.

More than anything today, Lauren felt devious. She had made a connection in Paris on her last trip, though that was a few years ago at this point. Jean Fournier was a man she met back in 2019 through 'a friend of a friend' as the old saying went. So far, he had proven to be a reliable connection far away from home. Lauren had befriended model Julia Rose some time back. Prior to them both getting banned from all MLB games for flashing their tits during the World Series, Julia introduced her to Jean days later at a party. A tall man who turned out to be a French businessman, always one to stick out from the crowd with his grand style. At the time, Lauren did not know what kind of business Jean was into. He offered her a phone number and told her to give him a call if she ever found herself in Paris. On her last trip, she received a proper introduction into his little world.

Jean was a playboy. A man in his mid-forties, evident from the few grey hairs he had in his beard. Tall and skinny, he always dressed in designer suits and wore gold jewelry. Lauren teased him that he looked like a gangster. On a date together, he revealed his side of business as a financial backer for a Hollywood studio. Where his money came from was a mystery to her. It would not be until talking with Julia that Lauren learned that Jean had family connections in real estate across Europe. It was none of her business to poke around for the funny details. Lauren had seen men like him before, who lived in luxury with a penthouse suite and limitless funds to indulge in a lifestyle of excess. She assumed there were other models before her and some who would come after, but her name was in his book. On one cold winter afternoon, Lauren had the man all to herself in his personal quarters.

That was a fun memory she could not forget. Jean complimented her gold hoop earrings that night along with the black high heels she wore. The man had taste for glamour, she thought to herself. Their date continued on into a night of hot lust. Thinking about that night, Lauren felt a desire deep down. Much time had passed since the last time she was in the company of a man. Her sensual needs were specific. A man like Jean was her type, one who took his time with back and forth pleasure. There was no need to use any sex toys, not when she could wrap her fingers around a thick and veiny long cock. If eyes were a window into the soul, she could see directly through Jean's chestnut brown eyes. He liked to get nasty. That was the impression she had from witnessing all the grins he would make. Jean called her exquisite, something Lauren remembered him by.

The more she thought about him, several ideas began to run through her mind. Without a moment to unwind herself, Lauren began to wonder if Jean would be down for some partying. Of course, there was a risk involved. She was not the only model in his contact list, but Lauren had to consider herself special since she was rarely in France. Stepping out of the bathroom, she crashed on the bed to clutch her phone. Multiple notifications were visible across the home page. She swiped her right hand index finger to clear online notifications related to her social media accounts. There was no need to waste time checking in online while she was alone today. Bringing up the contact list, Lauren cracked a small grin while scrolling through and finding Jean's name. It sat next to Julia Rose. Laughing to herself, Lauren found it hilarious that Julia was not here to share any fun. If all went well, today was going to be a wild ride.

'I remember Paris in 2019. Do you? XoXo'

Finishing the quick text message with a heart emoji, Lauren tapped the screen to send it. She dropped the phone back on the bed, not expecting a quick response back. Her eyes scanned across the bedroom, focusing on the phone sitting on the right-side nightstand. She was tempted to grab it and make a call to room service when the notification sound went off on her phone. Reaching to grab it from the bed again, Lauren tapped the screen, and then Jean began to call her before she had even read the text message. Smirking, she thought to herself that someone appeared to be excited.


A one-word introduction was all Lauren had to do when she answered the phone.
"Long time no see, sexy lady. How's it going?"

Giggling at his response, the sound of his French accent was a breath of fresh air.

"I'm doing alright, thought you might be in the mood for some company today. I'm in Paris for the week. Wanna hook up and do something?"

"Hmmmm, you've been thinking of me today? Really?"


Silence fell for a few seconds after her subtle reply. Lauren swallowed her breath, somewhat nervous for a moment. The last thing she wanted was to get blown off by Jean. Then again, she had to figure a man like him probably had another woman for company.

"It's been a long time, I'll give you that. Did you just get off a flight?"

"Yeah! I've only been in Paris for a day. I've been thinking about you since I checked in to my hotel."

A bold faced lie, but it was one Lauren took a risk on. How would he know the difference? She was careful to keep her business separate from his own.
"I'm free today if you wanna party."

"Does that mean you're alone?"

"Yeah, sort of."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

He chuckled into the phone.

"I've got a close friend with me. He's something of a protégé in my line of work."
"Oh really? You mentoring someone as an apprentice?"

Lauren teased him. Jean chuckled at that comment.

"Yeah, something like that. I wouldn't mind introducing him to a nice lady, if you're up for it."

This was certainly unexpected. Lauren felt her heartbeat racing. Knowing Jean, what he meant by an introduction could mean various things.

"How old is he?"

"Twenty-six. About the same age as you, yes?"

"Yeah, that's right."

"You wanna party tonight, Lauren? I can set a day for the three of us."

Thinking to herself, Lauren was quite surprised at this revelation. When she first sent the text message, she assumed Jean would arrange something for the two of them. To meet another guy, however, she had to consider it for a moment. This could turn out to be a wild adventure, if she hit it off with the man. Meeting new people was not always on the menu. On second thought, if she did not have fun, Lauren thought she could get up and leave.

"Sure, I'll give it a try. Does your friend look like you?"

"Actually yeah. But he's taller than me and hasn't lost his looks yet. It's a wonder my whole head isn't gray yet."

She laughed at his remark.

"Text me where you're staying and I'll send the limo in an hour."

"Alright, sounds good to me, Jean."

The phone disconnected. Lauren took a deep breath, then let out a sigh. This was going to be a memorable day, she thought to herself. To come to Paris for an adventure of sorts, this would at least be something not to forget. A mystery man to meet and spend her time alongside an old companion. She walked away from the bed, returning to the bathroom where she undid the ponytail holding her hair together. Standing back in front of the mirror, Lauren grinned to herself. It was a good thing she decided to pack her black outfits. To spend the night alongside Jean, and she planned to impress with her dress alone. Whoever his apprentice was, Lauren was eager to meet him now. The more she thought about the night to come, the more she felt that she would be forgetting the jet lag that wrecked her sleeping schedule.



Across the city, the blue sky had faded into an orange hue as the evening hours came to a close. Traffic began to pick up for another night in Paris, but Lauren was long gone from the hotel. Jean sent a bodyguard to pick her up in a sleek black Audi A8. It was a short drive across streets completely unfamiliar to her eye. Jean had a private villa deep in town. If there was one thing Lauren came to admire, it was French architecture. She had witnessed mansions back in Los Angeles with a similar taste in elegance. A faded white color covered the exterior, but it was inside where the real beauty of the home sparked to life. Jean's mansion was massive and easy to get lost in. Upon meeting him face-to-face again, she kissed his right cheek as he leaned in for a hug.

The man was quick to introduce his friend by the name of Alexandre Durand, or Alex for short. He stood taller Jean, but had darker short hair. Lauren had to wonder what Jean's natural hair looked like before the touch of gray. His face was clean shaved, a stark difference to his friend, who sported a short beard and mustache. The most striking difference came in their style of clothing. Jean had chosen a white buttoned up shirt to go with his black slacks. From that appearance alone, Lauren could only assume he worked earlier in the day. Alex on the other hand, was dressed in a black T-shirt to go with his dark skinny jeans. A big Rolex watch across his wrist, along with his small gold hoop ear piercing. Lauren had arrived in a tight black dress with shoulder straps, pushing her busty breasts up far enough to distract their wandering eyes. Her feet were pushed into a shiny pair of high-heel pumps. The end of the dress went a few inches above her knees, showing off her pale skin that prompted a subtle reaction to the two French men.

'Elle s’habille comme une salope', a comment uttered by Alex to his mentor, followed by slight laughter between them. Their wandering eyes gazed back at her as Lauren was confused. This was only a hint of things to come. When the men wanted to make remarks without her knowing their meaning, they used the French language. Lauren knew they were communicating only among themselves but did not mind. Alex told her that he only knew so much of the English language.

Whether that was true or not, she could not judge him. Alex pointed at her right arm, interested in the artistic ink above her right elbow. She was surprised that he noticed her tattoo of two flowers. They were not filled out, only in simple black ink. Lauren was eager to reveal her other tattoos. A Venus symbol on her right hand ring finger and a Morse code behind her right ear.

Alex was impressed as he quickly pulled his shirt off and showed Lauren his own inked beauty. With a pair of muscular abs, he had a tattoo of a flaming skull in black ink across the left side of his chest. Jean watched them interact, but the older man did not want to waste his time on this introduction. He informed Lauren that the two had arranged a private party in his lounge room within the mansion. A trip up the staircase was in order. It was difficult for Lauren to remember her last time in this massive home. Without Jean there to guide it, the villa could have been a labyrinth of long corridors and doors, all of the same dark red color. Once they made it to the lounge room, that was where the rest of the evening was to be spent. A private party between the three of them. Lauren had not so much noticed the butlers and bodyguards that Jean kept around downstairs.

They were not allowed in the lounge room. Something Lauren learned only from hearing Alex brag. The walls were black with gold lining and a dark red carpet below. Jean had once told Lauren about his surround sound audio system. Speakers in every corner built into the walls and a stereo in the center of the room. First wine was served, followed by the choice of whiskey while slow jams began to play. Alex took a moment to chime in that the playlist was all his choice of American hip hop music. Some of it Lauren recognized, others she was not sure of. In front of the stereo system was a metal stripper pole, glimmering in the darkness from a few dim lights. All Lauren could do was grin and tease Jean about the fact that he wanted a party but did not tell her she would be the one entertaining him. 'Are you trying to see if I'm that type of wild girl, honey?', she teased the older man while the music continued to play.

From the small elevated stage, a large table sat in front of a black leather couch. A dark wood covered the surface, with sculpted legs and gold lining around the edges. Normally, Lauren could imagine that the table was filled with various items any other day. Jean liked to drink, and the alcohol was properly served with the choice of wine or whiskey. A small bucket of ice was there, but still plenty of space was left on the table. She could not help but wonder if the table was moved there for a different reason. Starting with a glass of wine, Lauren teased the men about using the stripper pole. She was not properly dressed to put on an act like that, but the temptation was there. Her words excited Alex. Moving from the wine, she poured a glass of whiskey, daring the men after drinking two shots. 'Pardon me, I've never been a wine girl, if you catch my drift'. Once again, her words prompted the men to both give each other a quick glance. 'Je pense qu'elle se considère comme une séductrice.' Jean gave his apprentice a cold stare after that remark in French.

A familiar song came up in the playlist. The intro riff was unmistakable as Ginuwine's hit song 'Pony'. Swallowing her breath while listening, Lauren was taken by surprise when the voice of Britney Spears came through. 'Baby can't you see, I'm calling...' Someone told her years ago that every girl had a special song that brought their inner-stripper out. A combination of Toxic with Pony was enough to light some flames within her soul. After tugging down the left shoulder strap of her dress, Lauren turned to the men and then winked. There were no words that needed to be said. If their plan was to see her put on a show for them, their wish was to be fulfilled. The right song had made her want to peel the dress off, dropping it to the floor and standing in a black thong and bra. Lauren stomped her heels across the small stage, wrapped her right hand fingers around the stripper pole, and then made her best attempt to start dancing.

Moving did not come natural to her. Off key and with not much balance, she shook her long hair around and then began to twirl around the pole. Experience was not on her side, but the least she could do was try. Moving in front of the pole, she began to bounce her hips as Jean and Alex watched. Each man was still sipping from a glass goblet as she put on a show. Britney's voice echoed in the distance, singing the chorus of Toxic when Lauren decided to pull her bra off and free her tits. Alex sat his drink down and stood up, clapping his hands at her. Lauren moved her left hand over her breasts, squeezing the left one before rubbing it against the cold metal surface of the stripper pole. Time had slowed down for her as she then began to sway, finally in sync with the beat of the song. Jean slowly grinned, flashing his full teeth as he watched her.

She turned around and gripped the stripper pole with both hands. Spreading her legs out, Lauren leaned forward and made an effort to roll her hips. The thong was barely visible down the crack of her booty. With a few tries, she began to shake her ass and moved into a twerk rotation. This was not something Lauren had much experience doing. She kept her hands on the stripper pole, rolling her hips to force those firm ass cheeks to clap together. Alex uttered something in French to his mentor, then the two men traded a few remarks back and forth. All Lauren did was continue twerking while feeling the warm sensation inside her thong. Dripping wet, she could contain her lust that was ready to be unleashed. Once upon a time, Lauren had almost indulged herself in a threesome. That night she was alongside her friend Julia. Tonight, the pleasure was all for her without the need to share. Two men, all for her.

"There's that dirty girl I remember."

Jean's comment made Lauren smirk as she let go of the stripper pole and turned around. The song had faded into another one in the playlist. Lauren did not feel the need to listen to any more music for the night. She stepped over to the stereo and turned it off as both men stood up.

"I think that's enough music for tonight. Hope you don't mind."

"It's fine, beautiful."

"Yeah, no problem."

Jean spoke before Alex's reply. Lauren smirked at them and then hooked her thumbs down into her thong. Knowing that their eyes were surveying every curve of her body, she teased the men with this final reveal. Dropping the thong to the floor, she waited to hear the faint gasps as they witnessed her pussy. Freshly shaved and glistening in a layer of wetness. Lauren stepped out of the thong, throwing her arms behind her head to flex her elbows in one final pose.

"You know how to model."

Alex's compliment made her laugh. Lowering her arms, Lauren fell down to her knees.

"Yeah, I think I know how to strike a pose."

On the floor, she pressed the palms of her hands down into the carpet and began to crawl forward. There was no need to leave the lounge and head up to a bedroom. Lauren wanted to get down and dirty right here. Instead of a bed, she would make proper use of that wooden black table. It was big enough to support all three people in the room, or so she  believed.

One way or another, Lauren wanted to test the legs of that table. Crawling slowly, her breasts bounced and wobbled underneath. She bit down on her lower lip, softly giggling. Jean stood on her left hand side as Alex was to the right. The younger man had already begun unbuckling his belt in excitement. All she could do was grin, witnessing that sight. Lauren called out in a low, tempting voice.

"Got something in there for me?"

"Yes I do."

His words were uttered with the full strength of his French accent. Lauren flashed her pearly white teeth while gazing at Alex. Her green hues wandered over to Jean, who could only smile.

"I can trust you to show my friend here a good time, yes? I told him you're one of the best."

His question came as she raised both hands at the front of Alex's jeans.
"Only if you both show me a good time in return."

The belt buckle made a clacking noise when it came undone. Lauren's eyes moved back to Alex as she unbuttoned his pants and began sliding the zipper down. She could hear Jean's clothes rustling as he took it upon himself to begin stripping. Alex grabbed the ends of his shirt, pulling it up to reveal his tatted chest again. By the time Lauren pushed his pants and underwear down, her eyes shifted to that long scepter awaiting her touch. She had not one, but two monstrous cocks to pleasure herself with tonight. Wrapping her right hand fingers around Alex's shaft, she glanced over to see Jean stepping out of his pants and underwear. His semi-erect pole awaited her free hand. Instead of one, Lauren was now stroking two cocks. Her pale white hands glided back and forth across each veiny pole.

"It's my lucky night in Paris."

Moaning after her words, Lauren shoved both cocks in her face. She began to rub them against her cheeks while speaking more filthy words.

"Two huge cocks all for me."

"One pretty American lady all for us."

Jean spoke to her with a faint moan in his voice. Exhaling for a moment, Lauren took her time stroking each cock. She could feel them rising to full length within the grasp of her hands. The only question this situation came down to was which one would be sucked first? That was an easy choice for Lauren since she had tasted Jean in the past. Opening her mouth, she enveloped her pink lips around the tip of Alex's shaft. 'Mmmmm', with a muffled moan, she began to suck his long hard dick while wanking Jean's cock with her left hand.

"Oh, putain!"

Alex yelled in French. Jean laughed as they both watched Lauren suck and slobber her way down that cock.

"Elle best bonne, non?"

Ignoring their conversation in a language she could not understand, Lauren concentrated on sucking Alex. She bobbed her head up and down, but pulled her lips back to the head and released it with a popping noise. She then pushed Jean's cock in her mouth. Moving her hand down to the base, Lauren began to twist her fingers around Alex's wet cock. Both men moaned as her mouth and hand worked in sync. Those big green eyes glared up at Jean as Lauren slobbered her way down his shaft. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking him vigorously.

"T’es trop sexy."

Lauren understood the last word from Alex's voice. She drew her lips away from Jean's shaft, releasing them with a popping sound.

"Mmmmmm, yeah. I feel sexy tonight."

Her hands stroked each cock back and forth. She leaned in, flicking her tongue across Alex's shaft, then giving Jean's pole an equal licking. When it came time to choose one, she pushed Alex's shaft back into her mouth. This time, Lauren closed her eyes and sucked him harder and faster.

"Suce-moi, suce-moi, suce-moi..."

More French words she could not comprehend, but Lauren felt they had to be some words of encouragement. Bobbing her head up and down, she devoured Alex's cock with ease. Using her left hand, she pumped her grip up and down to please Jean with the touch of her hand. Rather than alternating between each cock with sucking, Lauren shoved her lips all the way down Alex's dick, deep-throating it. She gagged, eyes watering up as she choked. Alex grunted as she pulled back and released his shaft from her mouth. Saliva strings dangled from Lauren's mouth as she gasped for air, but she was not distracted. Turning her head right, she spit on Jean's cock and fed it back between her lips. With a muffled moan, she devoured his length. Sucking it inch by inch, all to be rewarded with the sound of their groans and cries.

Her hand pumped Alex's rod back and forth, fingers squeezing tightly around the pole. So wet down below, Lauren could not shake the feeling of lustful hunger she had within her. Pulling back, when she released Jean's shaft from her lips, Alex could be heard whispering some words she could not make out. His eyes fixated on her as she spit on his cock and pushed it back into her mouth. Gazing up at him with her green hues, she began to bob her head up and down, sucking him again. Lauren let go of his shaft with her left hand, bringing it below to squeeze his hanging nut sack while her right hand was pumping up and down the length of Jean's rod. Again, she made the effort to give Alex another round of deep-throating. Gagging on his dick a second time, she pulled herself up and released it with another popping sound.

"I think she's just getting started. She knows how to handle herself. You just watch."
Jean spoke while the men watched the dangling saliva strings from the corners of her mouth. Lauren's eyes wandered to the older man as she grinned at him. Gripping both cocks again, she replied while wanking.

"Yeah, this is only the beginning."

Still stroking each cock with her hands, Lauren began to giggle.

"You know what I'm in the mood for, guys?"


No words were needed to reply to Jean's question. Only actions would suffice. Letting go of each cock, Lauren gazed up at the older man and moved her hands to her breasts. She shoved them up. Alex gasped when he watched her pull them apart to offer a passage. The older man knew just what to do, as he guided his shaft between them. She squeezed her breasts together and let out a moan. Satisfied at the feeling of that thick shaft between her tits, Lauren began to pump them up and down.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah. It's been a while since I did this with anyone."

She giggled at Jean's words. Lauren gazed up at him with her green hues.

"Mmmmmm, really? Last time I had this huge cock between my tits, you just about blew your load too soon. I think my tits might have been a little too much for you."

Alex laughed at her words, but Lauren had said it for a reason. It was just the right words to utter, motivating Jean to begin thrusting between her tits. Closing her eyes, Lauren embraced this moment as she felt every inch of his long cock pushing up between her tits. She glanced down to watch, spitting on the head and then licking it. She was expecting any moment for Alex to join in. So far, the man had only stood there, wanking himself as she glanced over.

"Bring that dick over here so I can suck it again!"

"I think he's waiting to fuck these tits."

Jean called out while thrusting his cock forward. Lauren laughed at his remark and watched Alex continue wanking his shaft. Either it was true or the younger man was teasing her. Locking her eyes back onto Jean's face, Lauren moaned.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh yeah! That's it! Fuck those tits! Fuck 'em!!"

Feeling the bounce of her body, Lauren maintained eye contact but opened her mouth. Leaning down, she finally glanced away, but looked to her right. Alex was still stroking his cock, unwilling to join in. Since the other man did not give her something to suck, Lauren flicked her tongue across the head of Jean's cock. Each time he did a full thrust, she licked the head. He continued to fuck her tits, pumping at this moderate pace to maintain himself without drawing close to an orgasm. Lauren knew Jean all too well. Especially since she had mentioned it, perhaps he was trying to hold himself back. Gazing back up, she giggled.

"Mmmmmm, I just love having a big fucking dick between my tits. It fits perfectly between 'em."

Her eyes turned to Alex again, teasing him. His hand was still wrapped around his thick shaft, pumping it back and forth. Jean slowed down with a few more thrusts between her tits before he pulled his cock out. Lauren moved her palms across her nipples, squeezing her own breasts. As she kept them held up, Jean poked the head of his cock against her left nipple.

"Smack it."

Biting down on her lower lip, Lauren moaned when she felt the head of his shaft hit against her erect nipple. Jean moved to the other one, rubbing his cock against it while Alex spoke up.

"My turn now. I know what I want."

"You know what you want, huh?"

"Yes, yes. Get up on the table, salope."

Ending his speech with a French word, Lauren was not sure what he was calling her. She climbed up from her knees, but first, she shoved her body up against Jean. Her tits brushed against his chest as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. This was all to tease the other man, though she could assume Alex was not the kissing type. When she broke the kiss, Lauren stepped back and carefully laid herself down on the table. Jean quickly moved over, grabbing both drinks from the table and bringing them to another table on the right side of the room. Lauren could hear the clanking noise of the glass across another wooden surface, but paid him no attention. She slid herself across, feet dangling from the far left side of the table. From where her head was, it would be easy to hang from the edge.

"Is this how you want it?"

"Yes, yes! Stay right there!"

The excitement was audible through his quick replies. Alex was quick to climb over the table, straddling her to sit down on Lauren's stomach. Lauren shoved her tit up and pulled them apart just enough to create a tunnel down the center. Jean stepped around her and soon, she could see his cock hanging above her head, casting a shadow across her face. She felt Alex thrust his cock forward, prompting her to squeeze her tits around it. Gazing forward at the tip of his shaft, Lauren flicked her tongue across it as he began to thrust.

"Mmmmm, yeah. Fuck my tits. That's what you wanted, isn't it?"

"Yes, just what I wanted!"

Her eyes glanced up and then she noticed Jean was wanking his cock above her. She did not notice his return at first. The man knew how to tease her from this position.

"Wanna suck on this again?"

She answered him back by opening her mouth wide. Her head hanging from the edge of the table, every lock of her brunette hair was hanging down. Alex was busy thrusting his cock between her tits while Jean fed his cock between her lips. Lauren closed her eyes, knowing this was a difficult position for an upside down blowjob, but she enjoyed a dirty challenge. Muffled moans were audible from her stuffed mouth. Lauren kept her hands on her breasts, squeezing them tighter as Alex began to thrust harder and faster.

"C'est exactement mon type de fille. She knows how to use her body."

Alex moaned as he spoke in French to his friend.

"Je t’ai dit qu'elle est la vraie affaire."

Not knowing what was said, Lauren assumed from that last word that they were talking about an affair. She kept her eyes closed, still slobbering all over Jean's shaft while Alex fucked her tits. Spreading her fingers out, Lauren pinched her nipples between them as Jean thrust his cock further down her throat. His balls crushed against her nose, leaving her to inhale the scent of his public hairs. With her eyes still closed, this time she did not choke on his entire length as the head reached the back of her throat. The older man had slowed down as Alex was pumping his cock harder and faster between her boobs. Lauren could hear Jean making a grunt sound. He withdrew his cock slowly from her mouth. A flood of her saliva began to pour down both sides of Lauren's nose. As the drool ran down her face, she moaned at the feeling of Alex's cock pumping between her breasts.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh yeah! Fuck those tits! Fuck 'em hard!!"

The strings of drool ran down to her forehead, now dripping to the floor. Lauren gazed up, using her right hand to wipe her face as she watched that cock pump between her tits.

"You like it? You like it, don't you, babe?"

As Alex called to her, she grinned up at him.

"Yeah, I like it!"

Jean resumed wanking his cock, not bothering to feed it back to her mouth. Lauren focused on Alex, opening her mouth so the head of his cock could thrust between her lips. Pop. Pop. Pop. Finally, she tried to lock her lips around the shaft. Alex quit thrusting, giving Lauren the opportunity to suck the head and a few inches while that cock was still shoved between her tits. 'Mmmm, mmmmmm', muffled moans came from her voice before she pulled her lips away with one final popping sound. Alex appeared satisfied as she pulled her tits apart, freeing his cock.

"Sale pute, mon type de femme."

Whatever the meaning was of those words in his language, Lauren had to assume it was a compliment. When Alex got up, she turned to Jean, who was motioning with his hands. The time had come for the real fucking, Lauren assumed. She had indulged in the fun of sucking and tittyfucking each cock by now. Using her tits on a cock was one of Lauren's preferred pleasures, now satisfied. Swallowing her breath, she prepared herself for the next sensational feeling. All this time, her pussy was soaking wet, desperate and neglected. She rose from the table and stood up. Jean pointed down at the table and snapped his fingers, directing Alex.

"It's your turn to get on top of him."

Lauren giggled.

"I was planning on it."

Reaching for Jean's cock, she squeezed her fingers around it and grinned.

"I want this up my ass. Think you can give me a good pounding?"

"You know, I can do that."

Laughing at his remark, Lauren turned to see Alex sitting down on the table. He could not lean back far enough since his back would be hanging from the edge. He motioned with his hands, impatiently awaiting her to mount him and ride. For a moment, she remembered the song that brought out her inner-stripper. Alex's saddles were waiting. Bending her knees to climb up on the table, she reached for his cock below. Alex fought back the grip of her hand, holding up his pole himself. Since he did that, Lauren decided to carefully line herself up and lower her hovering pussy onto it. His eyes were focused on her pretty pink vulva lips. He gasped, letting out a loud moan upon the feeling of his cock entering her warm labia. Jean stood behind them, hands planted on his hips as he watched her ass cheeks split in this new position.

"You ready for me, Alex? I know I'm ready to do some real fucking."

Before he could reply, Lauren flipped her hair to glance beyond her right shoulder.
"Don't make me wait for it. You know I want that big fucking dick up my ass."

Jean chuckled at her remark. Focusing on Alex again, Lauren pressed her hands down over his chest. She slid her fingers up, feeling his muscular abs and leaning far enough for Jean. Alex was distracted by the sight of her jiggling breasts. He grabbed them, squeezing hard to make Lauren moan. While her tits were receiving attention from him, Lauren soon felt Jean's strong hands squeezing her ass cheeks. He pulled his right hand back, delivering a hard spank across her bum.

"I want you both to fuck me! I shouldn't have to beg!"

Again, the older man laughed at her words. Lauren knew Jean and this was just the way he liked to stall time to tease her. When she finally felt his cock, it was thrusting up the crack of her booty.

"Ohhhhhh, give it to me. Give it to me!!"

Spank! His hand slapped across her bum again. How he planned to tease her did not matter now as Alex began to buck his hips upward. His cock pumped in and out of her pussy, prompting Jean to make a quick decision. Before he could find her dark little hole, his cock flopped out of the crack. Squeezing her cheeks, he pulled them apart and found her ass hole. Lauren groaned, feeling Alex squeeze her breasts again. Closing her eyes, Lauren gasped when she finally felt Jean's cock pushing into her ass.

"Oh god! Ohhhh god! That's it!!"

Swallowing her breath, she had little time to think. To have a cock in her ass and pussy simultaneously was a fantasy fulfilled at long last. This night was made even better with her preference of men. Gritting her teeth, she groaned before yelling out again.


Alex let go of her tits, wrapping his arms around her to pull her down. Her big breasts pushed up against his muscular chest, but he nearly lost his balance across the wooden table. Jean reached for her hair, snatching a tight grip that pulled her head. Lauren growled, her teeth still barred. For a brief moment, the older man could witness her hidden tattoo on the back of her neck. Jean had other ideas in mind rather than studying her body art. He pulled her hair while bucking his hips. Eyes leering down at her ass, Jean watched as his cock disappeared and reappeared with each full thrust.


Screaming out again, Lauren was overwhelmed with pleasure. Alex would thrust, then Jean would pump his shaft in. She could feel both of them thrusting in and out, fucking her in this steady rhythm. Jean leaned down far enough to rub his chest across her back. Lauren was sandwiched between both men for the time being.

"Putain, putain! Oui oui!!

Alex yelled in French. Together he and Jean continued to thrust in Lauren's holes. She kept her eyes closed, raking her fingernails across Alex's chest as she screamed again.


Her breasts were shaking and wobbling all around. Hair swiftly swaying around with those gold hoop earrings having a slight bounce. Lauren was lost in a bliss of pleasure. As Jean began to thrust harder and faster, she could feel his balls hitting against the undersides of her booty. Again and again, they gave her thrust after thrust. She was so close to reaching her climax, but Lauren was not ready.


Alex's hands slid from her back, moving to her ass. He gave those cheeks a hard squeeze as he began to lose his balance and slid off the table. Acting quickly, Alex moved his hands to balance himself off the floor. Jean began to chuckle, seeing what had become of this position. The table was not the most ideal place for them to try this position, but Lauren did not care. She wanted to test the support of those wooden legs, and so far, the table was the least of her concerns. Jean stepped back and carefully pulled his cock out of her ass. Feeling him slip out, she glanced across her shoulder to see him snapping his fingers.

"Get up, babe. Come on, we're both gonna stand up while doing this."

As Lauren began to rise, she reached for Alex's cock to carefully pull it out of her tight vulva. The younger man groaned.

"Ne sois pas si négligent de ton environnement."

What Jean was telling his apprentice, Lauren was unsure. Alex rolled his eyes, so she figured he had to be scolding him with that remark. When she climbed off him, Alex gripped the edge of the table but still ended up falling on the floor. Jean snapped his fingers again, just to make sure he had Lauren's attention.

"You don't have to do that. I can't stand it when someone snaps their fingers all the time."

"Sorry, pretty lady."

As he stepped back, Alex got up.

"I want more! I wasn't done fucking you."

Turning back, Lauren smirked at Alex. The table was clear and she saw an opportunity to make a new position on it. Her eyes shifted back at Jean, then Lauren got an idea. Turning her back to Alex, she climbed upon the table. Her knees hit the hard wooden surface, hands gripping the edge. Pushing her knees together, she shoved her ass back a bit. Jean stepped around the other side of the table, facing her.

"Bring that dick over here. He can fuck me while I suck you."

"Elle est une sale pute."

Alex's comment made Jean laugh. He flashed his full teeth, grinning back at his friend. Lauren did not want to be kept waiting. The last thing she needed to do was turn her head. Instead, she focused her sights on Jean's cock, hungry for it. When she felt felt Alex's cock rubbing against her pretty pink folds, she moaned.

"That's it, yes. Fuck me."

Eyes gazing up at Jean, she smirked. He planted his hand on the back of her head, gripping her hair. Opening her mouth wide, Lauren moaned on his cock before it was shoved back into her mouth. Her moans were now muted as both men fucked her from one end to the other. Alex gripped her hips as he began to thrust his cock in her pussy. This position made it easier for him, as he found a steady rhythm while Jean began to fuck her mouth.

"Elle est si bonne!"

As Alex yelled out, Lauren's large breasts began to bounce and sway from underneath. Her hair slightly moved along with those gold hoop earrings. She could feel Jean's fingers tightening in her hair as he bucked his hips, thrusting inch after inch of his cock between her lips.


Her mouth began making various slobbering and sucking noises. His balls hit against her chin with deeper thrusts. Lauren curled her toes up from inside her high heels. Both men fucked her in a chorus, thrust after thrust. After Alex would pump his shaft in her pussy, Jean followed it up by thrusting his dick hard into her mouth. Closing her eyes, Lauren maintained herself, slobbering all over that meat pole pumping in and out of her mouth.

"Suce-le, espèce de sale pute!"

Alex spanked her ass after uttering his words. Jean pulled his shaft out of her mouth to give Lauren a slight break. A flood of her drool poured out as his shaft was dripping in her saliva. Coughing on her own spit, Lauren groaned and then screamed to Alex.

"Fuck me! FUCK ME!!"

Jean pushed his cock back into her mouth. This time he planted both of his hands on her head. Bucking his hips again, he fucked her mouth in unison with Alex. Together the friends worked in unison at fucking this beautiful American model. Alex groaned, closing his eyes and enjoying the warmth of her tight pussy wrapped around his cock. Jean's face scrunched up as he gritted his teeth, still fucking her mouth. Lauren’s breasts were shaking and wobbling in rhythm as she was being taken from both ends. Lauren opened her eyes, gazing up at Jean as he slowed himself down. With one final thrust, he pushed his cock all the way down. She gagged, choking at the feeling of his cock hitting the back of her throat. Jean grunted and then pulled his cock free from her lips with a long rope of drool dangling back to her mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck!"

Her words cried out in pleasure. With Jean stepping back, Alex knew it was time to stop. He gave her ass another playful spank, then pulled his cock out of her moist opening. The time had come to change positions again. Jean glared towards Lauren. He spoke up after they made eye contact to one another.

"Stand up, Lauren. Come here, pretty thing."

She got up from the table, moving towards Jean who smirked to her. She knew what the next position would be. It was too easy for her to guess. Taking a deep breath, Lauren took a moment to consider her options. The act of double penetration was not so intimidating now. Not that she had any fear before they were locked together on the table. From the way Jean approached this situation, she could tell he was a man of experience. Alex on the other hand, Lauren knew he did not share that quality with the older man. So far, she was a bit disappointed in him, but not enough to warrant herself berating him in a language he struggled to speak.

"You ever been fucked like this before?"

Alex's voice caught her by surprise. As he stood behind her, Lauren leaned back to rub her booty against his skin.

"You like my ass, Alex?"

Answering his question with one of her own, Lauren bit down on her lower lip. She was not sure if Alex was the type of man to love a woman's bum. She knew Jean had admiration for her bum, but what of him?

"Yes I do!"

Spank! His left hand came down hard across her bum, making the cheeks wobble slightly. Lauren softly grinned, gazing back at Jean.

"That's more like it."

Her words were meant for Alex, despite her curious eyes set on Jean who was not looking in her direction. The men made eye contact with one another, giving nods. Jean was the leading man here, ready to guide his friend in another act of double penetration.

"Come on, let's lift her up."

Bracing herself for this position, Lauren swallowed her breath again. She exhaled deeply upon feeling Jean's hands at her waist. He lifted her off her feet. Spreading her legs out, she then felt Alex's hands cupping her ass cheeks. They both balanced her up, legs spread out and holes awaiting those hard cocks. Lauren threw her arms around Jean's neck. She leaned in while she could feel Alex's breath blowing down the right side of her neck.

"Just one thing, honey."

Lauren whispered to Jean, carrying on her words.

"I don't want you to stop until I cum. I wanna cum all over your big fucking dick."

She kissed his lips. Alex moved his right hand off her booty to reach for his cock. He rubbed it up the crack of her ass and then pushed into her dark little hole. Gasping at that feeling, Lauren at least was able to grab Jean by the cock. He did not interfere, allowing her to rub his shaft against her wet folds. Sinking it inside her, Lauren gasped.

"I'm ready for it. Come on, I want you both to fuck me. Fuck me, please."

Jean chuckled.

"You don't have to beg for it."

The men laughed together as they began to buck their hips. Lauren moved her hands, caressing Jean's chest as she closed her eyes. She eventually threw her arms back around his neck, rubbing her tits up against his chest as they began to fuck together. As Alex thrust into her ass, Jean began to pump his cock in her pussy.

"Oh god, that's it!"

"Son cul est si serré!"

Alex groaned after uttering his words in French. Lauren had no concern whatsoever for what he could be saying. Together, the men fucked her in unison. One after the other, they continued to thrust at this slow pace. Her breasts jiggled, bouncing slightly as her erect nipples rubbed against Jean's chest.


Eyes shut, Lauren embraced this moment of pleasure as she felt each cock pump into her. With her legs still spread out, Jean moved his hands over her legs to maintain this standing position.


Screaming to them, Lauren's voice echoed throughout the room. Alex thrusted harder and faster, now moving out of the rhythm he previously had with Jean.


The high heels became more loose from the sheer force of their double penetration in unison. Jean groaned, still thrusting into her pussy. Lauren gritted her teeth for a moment, then began to gasp. She curled up her toes, loosening the heels further to the point where they both fell to the floor with a thunderous boom.

This was it. There was no turning back from this moment. At long last, Lauren felt herself being pushed to that much needed climax. Her legs began to shake as she lost control. A surge of her juices flooded onto Jean's cock from within as her eyes rolled back.

"Elle jouit! Elle jouit!"

She could not care about Jean's words in French. All that mattered was that her lust had been fulfilled. Panting and gasping for breath, Lauren could feel them stop completely. Both Jean and Alex's hands moved over her as they made an effort to pull out. It was Alex's cock exiting her ass that she felt first. Opening her eyes, she caught her breath, and carefully fell on her toes as Jean pulled his rod from her pussy. Her warm juices streamed down her thighs, but Lauren was not concerned about that for the time being. Lowering herself down to her knees, she licked her lips while gazing back and forth between the men. Jean was once again on her left side, and Alex was on her right.

"I'm not done sucking on those cocks! Bring 'em over here! Come on, guys!"

Alex chuckled, not even bothering to grab his pole. He watched her grab it with her right hand and feed it into her mouth. Lauren went from ass to mouth, sucking on Alex's thick shaft while her left hand gripped the other cock. She bobbed her head up and down, slobbering all over Alex's dick as the other man chuckled.

"Tu vois? Je t'avais dit qu’elle est une pute."

Jean spoke in French again. After he finished his words, Lauren pulled Alex's cock from her lips. Alternating to Jean, she spit on it, then shoved it into her mouth. Her left hand slid down to the base, still gripping it as she began to suck. She let go of Alex's cock only so she could reach down and squeeze Jean's balls. The older man groaned. Lauren pulled her lips back, releasing his cock with a popping sound and then flicking her tongue across the head. Her eyes gazed up, leering at both men.

"Who wants to cum on my face?"

With a smirk, she flashed the front row of her teeth, biting her lower lip. Alex laughed.

"You know, I was already close."

Lauren giggled at his words. She reached for his cock, shoving it back into her mouth. He gasped, caught by surprise completely as she began to bob her head and down his length for a final time. She let go of Jean's cock, giving him the chance to wrap his own fingers around it.

"Sale pute! Je suis si proche!!"

The French words screamed in a panic were enough to tell Lauren that she was pushing Alex close to his orgasm. His face scrunched up as he began groaning, all while Jean became busy wanking himself. When Lauren pulled her lips off Alex's pole, she turned to see Jean's cock aimed directly at her face.
"Get ready for this."

Moving her hands to her breasts, Lauren swallowed her breath and then raised her tits up. She knew they would be aiming at her face, but it would not hurt if any misfires landed down on her boobs. Licking her lips, she watched Alex wrap his hand around his cock. Both men were busy stroking their poles, aiming directly at her face. Closing her eyes, Lauren called to them.

"Cum on me! Cum all over me!"

She licked her lips again, listening to the faint cries and moans from each man. Keeping her eyes closed, Lauren took a deep breath. Eagerly anticipating this moment for them to cover her face, time felt as if it slowed down. She hoped that this wait would not last much longer while listening to Jean grunt.

"Je donnerai à cette salope jusqu'à la dernière goutte!"

It was Alex's voice yelling in French that caught Lauren by surprise. He cried out as the first wad of his cum splattered on her forehead. Jean exploded merely seconds later. She gasped, feeling two wads land on her forehead with streaks ending up in her hair. Another wad of cum splashed onto her left cheek, dripping down with a thick droplet that landed on the floor. Slowly opening her eyes, Lauren blinked in time to see a string of cum from Jean's cock. It missed her face entirely, landing in her hair with only a drop on her right temple.

"Oh god, so much cum. I want it all, mmmmmmmmm..."

Closing her eyes again, Lauren continued to hold her breasts up. She rubbed them together, trying to bring attention to them. As Alex's cock was nearly depleted, he squeezed out the final drops onto her breasts. She opened her eyes again, leering up at them with her green hues. The last spurt of cum from Jean was a string that landed on her right cheek, near her nose. Completely covered in their warm, sticky seed, Lauren giggled.

"That was a bigger load than I'm used to."

The men laughed at her words. Lauren gripped each cock again, ready to give them a goodbye kiss. She plunged Alex's shaft between her lips first, kissing it and then pulling it out. As she moved to Jean, she gazed into his eyes. He was watching the cum drip from her face as she twirled her tongue around the head of his pole. After all, she owed it to him. Kissing his cock, she pulled it from her lips and winked up at Jean. Deep down, Lauren was sure this was not their final Parisian affair together.

"I hope you guys had fun. I know I did."

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Paris, France! I'm finally posting a comment here for this awesome story with Lauren Summer..

Super choice to have taken Lauren, she is very good this girl. Super story well written, well developed the subject is good I like the themes covered in the frame everything is good! Brothel the action is top, at the top level how the fuck became more and more hot and intense the trio was energetic and full of good sexy ideas; Mention to the successful dialogues, like everything else Lauren, Alex & Jean were great together and their interactions were perfect.
The end is super explosive even, Lauren takes everything down to the last drop!
It was super sexy I loved it so much.
Thanks. Thanks !!
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