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Spilling Wine (Caroline Vreeland)
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Spilling Wine
Starring: Caroline Vreeland

Codes: MF, Dirty Talk, Drinking, Oral, Tittyfucking, Anal

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story was written for Nikko, enjoy.

Miami Beach, Florida

January 2021

The wind rustled and shook the palm trees outside. A clear blue sky made way for the sun to shine into any window unguarded by a veil of curtains or shades on Palm Island. The upper-class gated community accessible only by the MacArthur Causeway, connecting South Beach to the main city. Higher temperatures were a welcome relief for anyone who loathed the strong winter weather felt anywhere north of Miami. Going outside was not on today's agenda for the two people occupying the luxury mansion sitting quietly beyond a large black gate. A black BMW was visible beyond the gates parked in the driveway, but someone would have to stick their head out and look for the vehicle. Nosy neighbors were the least of their worries for the newly married couple locked inside.

Last night had been a wild evening for Carolina Vreeland and her husband Nikko. Waking up after ten with full sunlight beaming in the bedroom had become a normal occurrence since tying the knot. Their wedding ceremony was in New York back in December. Due to the pandemic, only a handful of people could attend their event. This left Caroline disappointed. They spent the holidays together in New York before finally flying home to Miami. All of this had become distant memories at this point for Nikko and Caroline. Several hangovers and days of emptying wine bottles between romantic sex made for an active honeymoon. The sunlight awakened them most mornings in the bedroom, all thanks to not covering the windows with curtains.

Outside, a clear view of the blue waters was visible. A doorway led to a small balcony where the two occasionally sat and enjoyed the scenery. Nikko found the ambience of crashing waves and seagulls to be peaceful. It was much better than the busy streets and loud city sounds of his home country, France. At thirty-four years of age, he had enjoyed a quiet career in fashion photography. It was his job that led him to meet Caroline as she was transitioning from a music career into becoming a social influencer and model. At the time, Caroline was modeling for a designer fashion brand. The outfit was of little importance to Nikko, who stood behind the camera station, zooming in on her buxom pale body. Her piercing blue eyes were celestial to him. Some may have called it love at first sight, but that was how he truly felt.

That day was over two years ago. Nikko asked her out, and then the night continued with them partying across town. Their wedding had been set in New York for a reason. Manhattan was the scene of their first meeting. Much had happened throughout the two years of their relationship, as it started a bit rocky with back and forth partying. Nikko learned quickly that Caroline was sexually fluid. She too learned that he had something of an addiction to sex. Long before he met her, Nikko had worked his way through the UK glamour industry. He took great pride in the number of affairs he had with models from that country. It all began when he chose a university in London to attend. Little did he know that he would meet the right people who had connections to that line of work.

Back in those days, work was easier to come by with glamour modeling. Nikko had worked as an assistant photographer alongside another student for four years. During that time, he was assigned a job at Loaded magazine. The goal was to eventually break into FHM, as he was told by multiple photographers that they had higher paying jobs for photographers. The break never came once the industry began to collapse. Yet during his time, Nikko enjoyed several affairs with what he believed to be some of the most beautiful women in the world. Once they were a year into their relationship, Caroline was the only person he shared his secrets with. He teased her about Lucy Pinder. Once upon a time, that was the woman he hoped to develop a relationship with.

Life changed with luck. After the money dried up in the glamour industry, Nikko took a trip back to his home country of France. He took a year off to clean up. His physical appearance remained largely unchanged. Short black hair and a clean shaved face to go with his skinny body had been the norm for his entire life. Back home, he was able to sit down and think about life with a break from his career. Luckily, he still had connections from all the friends he had made in the glamour industry. Some photographers moved into fashion modeling. Others tried to keep a stake in what was ultimately a dead industry, insisting that they still had a love for glamour. It was a difficult choice at first, but when Nikko needed to earn a living, he followed one of his friends and took a job with a company in New York City.

Caroline lived a different life compared to her husband. She had spent years trying to have a breakout career in music. After that lack of success, she moved into acting and later modeling. Her struggles in music had made her view the avenue as a passion project, rather than a future career. She did not see the need to become a major star. With the money to back herself, Caroline pushed forward with it, all while balancing another career in modelling. Her relationship with Nikko developed throughout the past two years, beginning with the parties they attended. Once he learned that she was sexually fluid, the doors were open for all sorts of wild adventures among them. She took advantage of his preference for buxom women and old contacts without the glamour industry.

How about a threesome? That was the question Caroline used to tease her man back then when he would mention the bombshell models he had once photographed. Unfortunately for Nikko, he had lost contact with the models from his previous career. Many of them had moved on to manage their own careers online through FansOnly. But Nikko should have guessed that eventually Caroline would go down that avenue herself. As their relationship continued to grow, this gave him something to do alongside her. He enjoyed working as her photographer when they were not traveling and doing other things. Outside of this work he did with her, he still had his job back at an agency shuffling around other photographers. Much of his work revolved around Harpers magazine. A studio in New York and another in Los Angeles gave him a busy flight schedule.

Miami was Caroline's home. Nikko had only visited once prior to his first flight alongside her. By this point, he had become accustomed to her lavish home. Cream colored wallpaper covered most of the upstairs rooms, fit with maroon carpet flooring. Downstairs, the lighter colors were visible throughout the day thanks to sunlight beaming in from several windows from all corners. This interior design changed inside the master bedroom. The black marble walls with gold lining were a stark contrast, but matched the black carpet floor. Nikko had once asked Caroline how much money she put into this decoration, but she insisted that it was already built in such a way before she purchased the home. The dark interiors made it easier for her pale white body to stand out when modelling in the bedroom.

The bed was made up with silky black sheets and blankets. The gold frame extended above in a fancy design with posts on each corner. The closets on both sides were large enough to be their own rooms, but the black doors remained shut for the day. Sleeping in had become normal for Caroline and NIkko. Across the room, sitting on a glass table, were several empty wine bottles and two glass goblets. Their supply of alcohol was not close to diminishing. The cellar had more than enough supply to last them for years. If there was one thing Nikko learned early on about Caroline, it was that he could not underestimate her love for wine. The days of wine and roses, he joked sometimes. At the start of their honeymoon, they went through at least a single bottle per day. Sometimes more, depending on how frisky Caroline felt.

That was more often than not since New Year's eve. Caroline's lust could not be contained and she unleashed it upon Nikko throughout the days. Last night had proven to be a wild experience, but she was not done with him yet. They had both been awake for several hours now as the afternoon sunlight remained strong. Breakfast was skipped for lunch, which came after an hour in the shower. It was likely to be the one trip they made outside the bedroom before nightfall and the only one requiring clothes. By the time they made their way back into the bedroom, the clothes were laying across the floor once again. Nikko sat up in the bed, pressing the palms of his hands down into the silky black blankets. His dark eyes gazed forward at the figure of his lovely wife.

"Can't get enough of these, darling?"

Caroline called out to him in her sultry, seductive voice. Her long platinum blonde hair shined with several locks fixed behind her shoulders. Standing naked, her voluptuous body was fully visible to Nikko's eyes. Everything except her giant natural breasts. Caroline concealed them in her hands. She covered them up while pushing her legs together and leaning over. Her womanhood was slightly hidden at first in this pose. No hairs were visible above her clit. Nikko bit his lower lip. He knew the game Caroline was playing with him, as he could not maintain eye contact with her and instead scanned his eyes up and down her perfect body.

"You know the answer to that, babe."

Nikko's response made her chuckle as she leaned up. A smirk ran across her red lips as her piercing blue eyes locked on his. He expected her to comment on how he could not keep his eyes away from her cleavage. Caroline knew how to tease him with her boobs alone. She finally let go of them, raising her arms high to position her hands behind her head. Nikko licked his lips as he watched his wife flex her elbows. Her full, all-natural E cup breasts shook free from her grip. The tattoo art of black written lines on her left forearm was also visible. As she stood there, Caroline began to shake her breasts. She swayed left and right, bouncing them around.

"I'm gonna hypnotize you."

She giggled while standing on her toes, still shaking her breasts up and down. They jiggled around with such a powerful force. Nikko was already fantasizing about putting those big tits to work for the first time today. Under a sheet draped across his leg, Nikko could feel the erection growing between his legs. He drew it back, exposing his hardening cock, and wrapped his right hand fingers around it. Caroline took notice of this action and then immediately stopped. She lowered her arms, shaking her head as she held up her right hand index finger.

"You know better than to do that in front of me!"

He laughed at her reaction. Caroline could not stand it when he started jacking off in front of her. Nikko continued, only to tease her. She stepped closer to the bed and leaned down. Her right hand moved his, halting him from masturbating. As their eyes met, he raised his hands and cupped her stunning face. Carolina responded by shoving her lips against his, and together, they embraced in a passionate kiss. As he let go of his cock, Caroline's cold fingers squeezed around his stiff pole. As she began to wank him, Nikko moaned into her mouth. The kiss ended as Caroline pulled back and grinned.

"You know something? I'm still hungry."

Her hand jerked his shaft faster. Nikko managed to keep eye contact with her for now, moaning again.

"Oh yeah? You wanna go back in the kitchen?"

Carolina giggled, shaking her head.

"No. I'm not in the mood to cook."

Biting her lower lip, Caroline smirked as her hand was stink wanking hard and fast across the length of his shaft. She went for a quick kiss before pulling away. Still holding him by his cock, Caroline tugged hard enough to force Nikko to stand up from the bed.

"You want it?"

A pointless question that he knew the answer to. The smirk across her lips told him what he needed to know, but Nikko still liked to tease her with spoken words. Now that he was properly standing, Caroline fell down to her knees.

"I thought you were hungry, babe?"

"I am, but not for any food you could cook me. I want this."

Her fingers tightened around his erect pole. Caroline flashed the top row of her pearly white teeth as she situated herself on her knees. Those deep blue eyes gazed up at him as she parted her lips. She breathed across his cock before flicking her tongue over the head. Nikko had to brace himself. When Caroline wanted to, she could easily overwork him into a frenzy of lust. A blowjob to start the day did not sound bad in his mind. Taking a deep breath, he moaned out.

"You wanted that meat. Go on and take it, baby."

She glanced away from his face, studying his pubic hair for a few seconds before closing her eyes. Nikko knew what was to come with that look on her face. Caroline pushed her left hand against his leg while shoving her right hand down to the base of his pole. She began to feast on him, sucking the first few inches slowly until her lips met with her index finger. 'Mmmmm', the soft moan escaping her lips made Nikko groan. He took a deep breath, exhaling aloud as Caroline began to bob her head up and down at a slow pace. Another muffled moan escaped her lips as she opened her eyes to glance up at his face. A popping noise broke the silence.

"Mmmmmm, this is what I was missing to start the day. This sausage wasn't in the fridge."

After finishing her words, Caroline on the head of his cock. She began to pump her right hand up and down, stroking his wet shaft.

"I don't need to be frozen, baby. If you want my meat, you know where to get it. Already warmed up for you."

Nikko blushed, hearing her crack up laughing. His joke was corny, but at least it made his wife giggle. He carried on speaking as she continued to stroke his pole.

"All you had to do was ask. I would've stripped down in the kitchen."

"Oh no, Nikko. You know, I don't like doing it in the kitchen."

Again, he blushed. When he first witnessed her house a few years ago, Nikko wanted to go on a conquest of fucking in every room possible. Caroline however, preferred to contain their gluttony in the bedroom. He forgot about that memory when she shoved his cock back into her mouth. When her right hand fingers unwrapped from the shaft, that was the only sign Nikko needed to know that she was about to turn up the heat.

"That's it, suck it baby."

He swallowed his breath after speaking. Caroline pressed both of her hands onto his legs as she made an aggressive maneuver with her lips. Sucking his cock inch-by-inch, Caroline easily devoured it. Nikko gritted his teeth, groaning and letting out grunts.

"Ohhhhhh, man..."

Her eyes opened, glimmering deep blue eyes gazing up at him as she continued to bob her head up and down. Caroline sucked his dick deeper until the head was nearly touching the back of her throat. Nikko knew what was coming. Her efforts thus far were only a subtle hint of things to come. When she closed her eyes again, Caroline moved her hands off his legs. He knew this routine from so many times in the past with her. She pushed her palms against her own breasts and then shoved her lips all the way down. His face scrunched up, trying his best to withstand her lustful cravings.

"Yes, yes, yes..."

Nikko faintly whispered as he grunted again. The head of his cock poked into the back of her throat. His wife had successfully completed another round of deep-throating. This was one art she was an expert in, as he learned last year. Caroline had better gag-reflexes than any woman before her in his lifetime. If she wanted to, she could easily make him blow a load down her throat. When she pulled her lips back, Nikko knew Caroline had other ideas in mind. She did give him one hint by placing her hands on her tits. Her elbows were now flexed out as she shoved her breasts up. A small hint of the next step to come. For now, she withdrew his shaft from her lips and took a deep breath. As her eyes gazed up at him, Nikko counted four saliva strings dangling from her open lips back to his shiny, drool soaked dick.

The threads of drool broke, falling down to her breasts below. Caroline reached for his cock with her right hand as her eyes studied his face. Nikko locked eye contact with his wife as she flicked her tongue across the head of his shaft. She twirled her tongue around it, licking in a clockwise rotation before she brought it back into her mouth. Once again, Carolina bobbed her head up and down, as she was now making slobbering and sucking noises. Her left hand twitched, allowing her to pinch her own nipple between two fingers. The noises her mouth made became louder with each passing second. Caroline used her right hand to slide down between her legs. Nikko did not catch her doing this, but soon felt her sucking harder and faster, all while her right hand middle finger was playing with her clit.

"Oh my god..."

Crying out to her in pleasure, Nikko began to fear that the time was drawing short before his first orgasm of the day. Caroline liked to go all day long, forcing him to cum multiple times throughout the day. He saw no reason to stop his wife. If it was his cum she wanted, Nikko felt it was worth having an orgasm. Gritting his teeth again, he groaned as she then moved her hands back to her breasts. Pulling her lips back to the head, Caroline opened her eyes and gazed up at his face. For managing to hold himself back from exploding yet, she rewarded him with a playful wink. Or maybe that was a hint of something. Nikko could not stop and think as she released his cock from her mouth with another popping noise. Caroline wasted no time shoving her breasts around it.

"I've had a good taste, now it's your turn to have some fun."

The small valley between her giant mountains was left unoccupied for merely seconds. Nikko groaned as he felt her giant breasts squeezing around his dick.

"Mmmmmm, look at that. Your cock always fits so perfectly between these big tits."

She snickered, flashing her teeth for a moment. Caroline glanced down and then spit on the head of his dick. Nikko knew what to do. He had been fucking those tits for a few years now. Caroline took such pride in her busty chest. She knew how to flaunt her curves, and when it came to modelling, all the focus was on her greatest asset. Nikko moaned as he watched the head of his cock disappear between the folds of those amazing tits. He swallowed his breath as she began to speak.

"Come on, I'm not doing all the work. If you want to fuck my tits, you gotta fuck 'em. Come on, Nikko. You wanna fuck my tits?"

"You know, I can't say no to that."

Giggling at him, Caroline shook her head. She knew the right smirk to make in order to truly tease him.

"Then what are you waiting for? Come on and fuck these titties!"

Caroline gritted her teeth after completing her speech. That was enough to motivate Nikko to immediately begin bucking his hips. She moaned and then began to speak aloud in a low, seductive voice.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it. Ohhhhhh yeah."

Nikko cried out in pleasure. He could feel every inch of his cock pumping nice and slowly between her perfect breasts. Caroline kept her eyes fixated on him as she softly giggled.

"Ohhh, ohhhhhh, you like that? You like fucking my tits?"

"You know I do, baby!!"

"Mmmmmmmmm, yeah. I love feeling that big fucking cock, pumping up and down between my tits. Just like, that Nikko. Keep going for me."

Her eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head before closing them. Caroline knew just what to say at the right moment to push Nikko to the brink. He was bucking his hips harder, pumping his shaft faster with each passing second. Caroline was not done with her filthy speech.

"Up and down, up and down. Just like that, keep going."

The head of his cock shoved up with such force that it hit her chin. Caroline maintained eye contact for a few more seconds before finally leaning her head down. When the head poked up, she flicked her tongue across it. Over and over, Nikko continued to thrust between her breasts as he groaned and grunted.

"God, these tits are the best I've ever had. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING comes close!!"

Caroline giggled at his words. Nikko always blurted out something without thinking during the heat of the moment. Again and again, he continued to thrust his cock between her tits. She spit on the head as it poked up and then raised her head back up.

"That's it, that's it! Fuck my tits!!"

Her body rocked as her hair swayed from behind her shoulders. Nikko saw no point in holding himself back. He was going to keep going until he blew his load right between her breasts. Hopefully, he could give Caroline a pearl necklace to reward her lustful appetite to start this day. Nikko moaned as his face scrunched up. Caroline laughed, still holding her tits together.

"Don't stop! Keep fucking 'em, up and down! Up and down!! Harder, Nikko!!"

From the tone of her voice alone, to screaming his name, Nikko almost shot his load at that precise second. Caroline was trying to push him to the limit. She had to know that at this rate, he would end up busting a nut. Nikko continued to fuck her tits. His cock thrust back and forth between them as he began to pant and groan.

"Up and down. Up and down, keep going."

She was giving him orders at this point. Caroline knew he was about to explode from the look on his face. Nikko's muscles scrunched up yet again as he was trying to hold on to dear life. Perhaps he needed a little more encouragement from her strong voice.

"Up and down! Up and down! Fuck those tits!!"

"Ohhhh god! OHHHHHHH FUCK!!"

Unable to control it any longer, Nikko closed his eyes while gritting his teeth. Not wanting to stop this amazing pleasure, he continued to thrust between her breasts as his cock began to erupt. Caroline grinned as she felt the first spurt of cum coat her neck.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeah! Ohhhhhhhhh yes!!"

Caroline moaned to him, snarling her words as her teeth clenched. Nikko began to wail and cry out as strings of cum shot from his dick and splattered up her neck. He still managed to thrust his cock back between her tits. From there, the excess cum became a warm river. He pushed one last time as the head poked out and another spurt of cum drenched her neck. Caroline took a deep breath before leaning down. She flicked her tongue across the head, still cradling his shaft between her huge breasts. The cum above her neck shined and glimmered like a pearl necklace.

"I can't help it when I'm fucking your tits. I just don't know how to stop."

"I didn't want you to stop, honey."

Caroline giggled as she finally let go of her breasts to allow his depleted cock to flop out. It was free only for a few seconds. She grabbed it with her right hand, then used her left arm to prop her breasts underneath her forearm. Nikko was out of breath and slightly fatigued as he was trying to recover from such a hard orgasm. The cum that splattered between her tits was now a stream running down to her stomach. Caroline had no care in the world about his warm, sticky seed that coated her skin. She rubbed the head of his cock over her right nipple, listening to him moan out to her.

"Mmmmmmm, your cock and my tits were made for each other, Nikko. Don't even try to deny it. You know, I'm right. You love my tits so much, don't you?"

"You can say that again."

Smack. Smack. Smack. She spanked his dick across her erect nipple after his reply. Caroline grinned at Nikko, biting her lower lip before alternating his dick to her other tit. Instead of slapping it across the areola, Caroline chose to squeeze his shaft to get the last drops of cum out. Her eyes leered back to his face as Caroline let go of his cock and appeared satisfied. She climbed up from her knees as the cum streamed down her busty chest.

"Now I think that's a good way to start our fuck session today. You've already given me some cum, now I need a drink."

She laughed at her own words. Nikko closed his eyes and fell backwards onto the bed. Exhaling deeply, he took a moment to gather his thoughts. As he lay there, Caroline walked across the room.

"I hope you're not gonna lay there all day. I know I've been busy draining your balls every day, but I know you're stronger than that, Nikko."

He began to open his eyes, gazing up at the large black ceiling. A light chandelier glimmered high above. The diamonds and gold sparkled, despite not being activated by the light switch. Caroline grabbed a bottle of wine that had previously been opened last night. She filled one of the two goblets with the cherry flavored beverage. Dark red stairs were at the bottom of both glasses. Neither Nikko nor Caroline thought to switch out the cups for clean ones yet. No ice was needed for her as she fed the goblet to her lips. Nikko leaned up, watching his wife drink the full glass and then pour herself another one.

"Hey, wanna go get a fresh bottle?"

Her eyes wandered in his direction before Caroline shook her head. The glass was pressed against her lips as she swallowed down the wine. In her left hand, she carried the large bottle by the neck, holding it up against her left boob.

"No, we still need to finish this one."

Nikko sat up as she spoke. He motioned with his right hand for Caroline to bring him the bottle. She did not hand it over until she had filled her glass a second time.

"I can bring you a glass."

Caroline spoke as she watched Nikko raise the bottle up to his lips. He ignored her words and helped himself. As he began to sip from the top, she curved her lips into a devious smile. A naughty idea came to her mind, but first she had to swallow the remainder of her goblet. Quickly turning around, Caroline ran across the room to grab a towel. Her giant breasts shook and wobbled with each step. Nikko was still taking sips from the wine bottle as she wiped the cum from her body. She set the goblet down on a table, no longer needing it. Caroline had a better idea in mind for quenching her thirst. Nikko pulled the bottle from his lips as he watched his wife walking back to the bed. He was mesmerized at the sight of her busty breasts bouncing and jiggling all around.

"Don't know about you, honey, but I'm feeling a little tipsy."

She snatched the bottle out of his hand. Nikko let out a sigh before responding.

"Really? We just got started drinking."

With a soft giggle, Caroline answered him in return.

"Indeed we have. I feel more alive now. Do you need some help, honey?"

Her words left him with a confused expression. Caroline used her right hand to tilt the bottle over her breasts and then spilled a stream of the alcoholic liquid onto her ivory skin. A dark red trail ran down her right breast, trickling towards the nipple.

"Treat yourself, honey."

Using her left hand, Caroline cupped the back of his head and shoved Nikko's face over her breast so he could lick her skin clean. He raised his arms and then smashed his hands over her amazing large boobs. Much to Caroline's delight, Nikko licked the stream of wine, much to Caroline's moaned.

"Ohhhhhhh, yes. Would you like some more?"

When his eyes gazed up at her, Caroline smirked.

"I'll take that as a yes."

As she giggled at him, Caroline lowered the bottle again. A second stream of wine dripped down her right breast. Nikko slurped it up loudly, slobbering up her breast while his hands were squeezing them both. This only encouraged Caroline to continue spilling wine onto her voluptuous figure. First, she raised the bottle to her lips to have another sip. Caroline then smirked as she spilled a stream of wine down her left breast.

"Lick that up for me, honey."

Before he obeyed her request, Nikko took one last moment to slobber all over her right nipple. He was not going to leave it until a string of drool was dripping from it. When he began with her left boob, Nikko kissed the nipple, then slid his lips up, slobbering loudly the entire time. Caroline bit her lower lip, moaning out to him. His tongue lapped over the stream of wine, swallowing it down his throat. With her skin properly cleaned, Nikko moved his lips over her nipple. As he sucked on it, Caroline grinned. She lowered the wine bottle to spill another river across her skin. The wet path took a few left turns before finding her nipple. Nikko slurped it up, then licked the stream clean. Caroline pulled herself away from him and then began to climb onto the bed.

"Are you a little tipsy now, my love?"

Still clutching the bottle in her right hand, she was careful about using her left hand to climb up on the bed. Nikko sat there and watched all of her movements until Caroline pushed her knees down into the silky black blankets. With a few steps forward, she crawled across the bed, nearly reaching the pillows on the other side. She buried the bottom of the wine bottle down into the sheets, but only momentarily. Moving her left hand to push down into the sheets, Caroline raised her right arm and then tilted the bottle upside down. Nikko stood up at the right moment. His feet sank down into the bed as Caroline was now spilling wine down her back. For a moment, he stood there and watched the river form in the valley of her muscles.

Leaning down, Nikko moved his hands over her plump ass cheeks and gave them a strong squeeze. His eyes were still watching the wine trail down her body. It entered the small of her back from the right side, trickling down at a faster pace. He wasted no time leaning down and lapping his tongue across her dry skin to begin. By the time the tip of his tongue reached the wine, Caroline let out a soft moan. Nikko squeezed her booty cheeks again and then lapped up all the wine. His tongue followed every turn up the trail, catching every last drop before swallowing it. She raised the bottle up to her lips for a final time, drinking the remainder and then dropping the empty glass down over the sheets. There were fresh bottles outside the bedroom, but no need for anymore. For now, Caroline had enough taste.

"I guess I'm all clean now, but feeling kinda sticky."

Nikko pulled his right hand back and playfully spanked her ass in response. Caroline giggled again. She now pushed both palms of her hands down into the blankets to prop herself up on all fours. It was the perfect position for him to pound her the way she preferred it.

"Mmmmmmm, do that again. Spank me, love."

His hand smacked across her bum, this time striking both cheeks. Nikko could feel his palm stinging from pain as Caroline glared at him from behind her right shoulder. The smirk on her face told the story of her current mood.

"I've been a bad girl."

"Yes you have."

Spank! Once again, Nikko's right hand smacked across her beautiful bum. Caroline turned her head, softly moaning as she began to call out to him in a loud voice.

"I'm a bad, bad girl. I think you need to do more than just spank that ass, honey. It's been a long time since you pounded me in the ass."

Caroline spoke the truth, for Nikko could remember the last time he fucked her ass. It was before Christmas, on a cold night spent drinking. He grinned and then gripped his shaft. After stroking it a few times, he pushed it into the crack of her thick booty.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah. That's it. You know what I want."

She bit her lower lip, purring soft moans as Nikko pulled her ass cheeks apart. He wanted to gaze upon the beauty of her dark little hole before his cock entered it. Once he found it, he guided the head of his shaft to sink in. Caroline moaned again, speaking up.

"That's it, that's it. Yeah, get that cock up my ass. Come on, Nikko. I want to feel you-"

Unable to finish her sentence, she gasped for berath as his cock pushed inside her ass. Nikko spanked her ass again, just to make sure he had her full attention. His eyes gazed down as he watched his cock begin to disappear as he slowly thrust into her ass. The tight feeling always made him groan. Anal was not something Caroline and Nikko always did, but when she wanted it, he did not refuse her request. As he began to thrust, Caroline shoved herself backwards to help out.

"Come on and get into a rhythm. I want to feel that big fucking cock ramming me in the ass."

"Are you too proud to beg, babe?"

"I shouldn't have to beg. Especially not while your cock is up my ass right now."

He laughed at her snarky response. Nikko had to tease her as he planted his hands on her hips.

"I'm not gonna beg. You're gonna fuck my ass, cause you want this too."

Shoving herself back again, Caroline made his cock pump through her ass hole. Nikko began to thrust forward, and then she stopped.

"That's it. More of that, please."

The last word of her speech made him chuckle. Here he was thinking he could not get her to beg, but Caroline managed to anyway. Nikko slapped her ass with his right hand and began to thrust forward.

"What was that? I thought you weren't gonna beg?"

With another hard thrust, her body rocked. Caroline gasped and then moaned out. Before she could reply, he made another thrust.

"Give it to me, Nikko! Fuck my ass!!"

Spank! His right hand slapped across her bum again. Nikko groaned as he was now fucking her ass in a steady rhythm. Every inch of his long hard cock was pumping in and out of his wife's tight ass. Caroline closed her eyes as she curled her toes and raked her fingernails across the silky blankets underneath. Her breasts began to bounce and sway all around as Nikko was now giving it to her the way she wanted. His cock pumped in and out of her ass, pounding it at a steady pace.

"Just like that! Yes! YES!!"

As he continued to fuck her ass, Caroline felt the tingling sensation down between her thighs. All this time, her pussy had been neglected. She was unable to fight the urge to slide her right hand between her legs. This was the second time Caroline used her finger to rub on her clit. She found it slightly difficult to maintain the position of her middle finger as Nikko was still hard at work fucking that ass.

"You like that, baby!? You like that!?"

His left hand now smacked across her ass so hard, Nikko felt the stinging pain coursing through his palm. Caroline moaned as she raked her left hand fingernails across the blanket.


She gritted her teeth, snarling out her words in a deep growl. Over and over, Nikko's hard cock pumped into her ass inch-by-inch. Caroline was trying her hardest not to finger herself, but she finally gave in and slipped her middle finger beyond her vulva lips. She followed it up by sliding her index finger in, now pleasuring herself with two fingers all while her husband was busy fucking her ass. His ball sack was smacking against the undersides of her thick booty with each full thrust he made. Powerless to fight off the urges now. Caroline needed his cock in her pussy right now. She growled and screamed at him.


Caroline pushed her head down into the blankets, raising her ass up while sliding her right hand from between her legs. He knew it was time to stop and withdraw his pole from her wonderful booty. Once it was out, Nikko grabbed it. He could not help himself but to rub his length down the crack of that ass one last time before guiding it to her pussy. Caroline let out a sigh of relief when she felt the head of his dick slipping beyond her wet folds.

"That's it, that's it. Mmmmmmmmmmm, yes."

Her voice echoed with such delight. Caroline closed her eyes as she felt Nikko begin to thrust his cock into her pussy. He began nice and slow, taking his time to feel the warmth of her womanhood around his shaft.

"Ohhhhh yeah. Fuck me, Nikko. Fuck me."

To hear her utter his name in that soft, angelic voice, Nikko felt as if he were in heaven. It did not matter how many times they did this. Caroline had a way of making him come to life when they became united as one, with his cock inside her juicy pussy. Still thrusting at a slow pace, he planted his left hand back across her ass cheek. He gave it a nice squeeze as his eyes gazed forward to see her long platinum blonde hair still laying across her back. The tattoo on her left shoulder was visible with her hair covering up the opposite side.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

A faint whisper came from her voice as Caroline was now begging him. She stretched her arms across the blankets, finding the empty wine bottle she had previously used to tease him with. Nikko moaned as he began to thrust harder and faster. All this time, they had been toying with each other and had yet to truly fuck.

"Is this how you want it, baby?"

His question was pointless, but Nikko still tried to tease her with spoken words. Caroline kept her eyes closed. Her giant breasts were pushed down into the silky bed sheets.

"Yes, I want more. Give it to me! Come on and fuck me, Nikko!"

Thrusting harder, Nikko squeezed her left ass cheek and then planted his right hand on her hip. Caroline lowered her ass to the point where she was able to press her hands down into the blankets and elevate herself back into the position on all fours. Now she was able to feel her large breasts bouncing and swaying all around. Nikko continued to thrust harder and now pumping at a faster pace.

"Yes! Yesssss!! Just like that! Don't stop, don't stop!!"

"Don't worry baby, I'm not stopping!"

He swallowed his breath after replying. Nikko moved his right hand down the small of her back, pushing his fingers down as he continued to thrust his cock inside her. Caroline opened her eyes to see the empty wine bottle in front of her. She grabbed it, wrapping her fingers around it as she felt him thrusting even harder now. Nikko groaned as he watched her giant breasts jiggle and shake left and right. Instead of grabbing her hips again, he leaned forward and moved his hands underneath her to smash his palms against those amazing large tits. Caroline moaned as she felt his hands pressing over her poking nipples.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Ohhhhhhhh god!!"

As he squeezed her breasts, Nikko felt his left hand slip. He had to adjust his grip, squeezing tighter as he continued to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. Caroline curled her toes and fingers up. She was drawing so close to reaching that glorious moment of her climax.

"Keep going, I'm almost there... almost. Don't stop fucking me, Nikko."

Caroline was nearly crying with pleasure. She wanted that sweet release so dearly. Nikko still felt that he had some ways to go before he reached what would be his second orgasm of the day. Maybe it was a good thing she forced him to blow a load between her tits to start this wild, wine flavored fuck session. Her hands still clutched the bottle as Caroline was now cradling it beneath her chest. Nikko slowed down his thrusts to feel her pussy still wrapped around his thick shaft. He nearly rested his chest on her back, leaning in far enough to whisper in her ear.

"Are you gonna cum, baby?"

"Yes, I'm almost there. Give it to me, honey. I need you to make me cum."

"You need it?"

She sighed at his question. The tone in her voice began to shift as she replied.

"Yeah, I need it! Come on and fuck me, Nikko!"

The soft cries became frustrated moans. If only he knew how badly she needed to reach the height of her pleasure. Her husband's breath was felt blowing down the side of her neck. Caroline thought to herself for a moment as Nikko began to thrust harder and faster.

"Make me cum, Nikko! Make me cum and I'll let you fuck my tits again!!"

An incentive sufficient to send Nikko back into overdrive. He let go of her breasts and stood back up properly for this final series of thrusts.

"Fuck me! FUCK ME!!"

Closing her eyes again, Caroline grabbed at the bed sheets below. She snatched them between her fingers as they slipped. The wine bottle was still underneath her breasts. Nothing else mattered to her except this moment. Gritting her teeth, she growled before crying out to her husband.


Eyes opening wide, Caroline whimpered and then screamed again as Nikko made his final thrust.


That familiar feeling had come as Nikko felt her gushing juices coat his cock from within. Had he not already experienced an orgasm earlier today, he undoubtedly would have cum inside his wife at this exact moment. He moaned at this wonderful feeling while stepping back and withdrawing his cock from her pussy. Excess love nectar juices dripped, falling to the blankets below. Caroline's legs shook as she again clutched the wine bottle and slid it forward. She did not want to roll over and feel that glass shape against her back. Nikko took another step back and watched as she rolled over on her left side. Once she was properly resting on her back, he moved to straddle his wife's stomach. Nikko sat down and watched Caroline shove her huge breasts up. She pulled them apart to offer a passage for his wet cock.

"I did say you could fuck my tits one last time. I just hope you can last more than a few pumps."

Caroline giggled as she teased him. Nikko's cock was shiny, glistening in her juices. She did not bother licking it clean, at least not yet. He slid it down the passage offered between her huge boobs and then moaned as she closed her tits around it. With a grin across her lips, Caroline spoke again.

"Fuck my tits."

She spit on the head, regardless if it was drenched enough in her sticky juices. Nikko began to pump his cock back and forth between her boobs. The slickness of his shaft made this much easier. His wife locked her eyes on his face, grinning as she began to tease him with dirty words.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it. Keep fucking those tits, honey."

Letting out a sigh, Nikko groaned. All this time they had been fucking, he was slowly becoming exhausted. A bead of sweat dripped from his forehead. After swallowing his breath, he tried to thrust a little faster. Caroline knew from the expression on his face, he was struggling to hold himself back. She kept her eyes locked on him as she opened her mouth wide, as if to tease him to thrust his cock into her mouth. He avoided that option, concentrating on the pleasure he felt. Only the head of his cock could be seen between her boobs each time it thrust up.

"Ohhhhhh yeah, mmmmmmmm."

Caroline closed her eyes after softly moaning. Nikko was thrusting at a slow pace, trying to hold off the inevitable.

"Fuck my tits, Nikko. Fuck 'em good!!"

Hearing her scream like that so suddenly, she almost pushed him to the edge. Nikko groaned, gritting his teeth as he let out a cry of pleasure. His voice carried fatigue, giving her the impression he was nearly exhausted. Caroline began to flick her tongue over the head of his cock each time it poked up. After a fourth time, she saw his face squinch. Nikko was holding onto dear life, trying his hardest to prevent his second orgasm of the day. He began to pant, taking deep breaths as his wife giggled in a seductive voice.

"That's it, that's it. You want to cum for me again? Go on and do it. Cum for me, Nikko! I want to swallow that hot load."

"Oh god! Ohhhhhh, FUCK!!"

He screamed before gritting his teeth. Nikko did not want to stop as he felt his cock exploding between her breasts for the second time today. When the head of his shaft poked up between the folds, a spurt of cum fell down to her neck. Caroline leaned up and began to lap her tongue across the head, licking his cum.

"You're the best, baby. These titties are the fucking best."

His words escaped his mouth with groans and cries of pleasure. Since he had already experienced a hard orgasm earlier in the day, Nikko did not have much cum for his wife. She licked it all from the head of his cock, quickly swallowing it with only the first thick droplet of his warm seed covering her neck. Not enough to make a full pearl necklace this time, but a small white gemstone for a necklace. Caroline let go of her tits so he could pull his cock out, but Nikko was completely worn out at this point. She had drained him for the day, and he felt as if he were about to collapse on the left side of the bed. As he gazed around the bed, he noticed that empty wine bottle and smiled. Caroline giggled before speaking up.

"You're bad, but you're right. I'm the best when it comes to wearing you out, honey."

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Re: Spilling Wine (Caroline Vreeland)
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First of all, thank you ! God that was fucking hot, incredibly epic, I love the way of being in the story it's kinda new it's cool.

You know me well. Nice also the allusions to my country. You have done your homework well because Caroline Vreeland is super well written and detailed, everything is even her love for wine. It's great all these details placed in the story that I already had the shivers before the fucking even started... I took advantage of it, even took advantage. This story is purely a marvel of writing. I like the place chosen and your photos are good. I think that I too will be 'exhausted' at the end even if Caroline gives me strength. I would love to do so many dirty things to her. These huge jugs need to be covered in cum. I want to fuck them for hours.
I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I do! Great story. A perfection !
Thanks a lot.
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