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Definitely Miami Ch. 2 (Kelly Brook)
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Definitely Miami Ch. 1
Starring: Kelly Brook

Themes: Big Tits, Threesome (MMF), Double Penetration, Dirty Talk

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story was written for my friend Galva82 as a Patreon request. The idea was his and and credit to him for the scenario. If you would like to go back and read chapter 1 first, here it is.

Miami, Florida

Awakening on a ship of any sort comes with a different feeling than rising from a slumber in your own bed back home. The bed was smaller and felt different, along with the lack of sunlight peeling through an uncovered window. Kelly Brook learned the difference quickly compared to hotel rooms and her own luxury home back home in England. Last night had proven to be a worthwhile experience, making this trip worthwhile. Three days in had so far paid off, all thanks to the efforts made by one man who could not resist her. From the moment she climbed out of bed, Kelly was already thinking about fucking Adrian again. After she left his cabin last night, she had to spend several minutes scrubbing his cum off her face. It was impressive how drenched in cum her face was. There were even droplets in her hair that Kelly had to get out.

The morning after sex was always an event to look forward to. Kelly enjoyed seeing the reaction of a man, knowing they had recently bedded a famous model. Some of the men were flabbergasted, still in disbelief over what they had achieved. Others were arrogant, feeling a major ego boost to have accomplished such a feat. Then there was the other kind of men who were so stunned by the experience that they fell head over heels in love with her. Kelly had been playing with heart strings of men for many years while single. It was a different tale when she was in a committed relationship, but she knew that would not be the case with Adrian. He was the type of man she felt would not brag about his lucky night. Kelly suspected this based on how secretive he was about his past, but she did believe last night gave him an unneeded ego boost.

If there was any man Adrian would brag to, it was the captain of the ship. Before yesterday, Kelly wondered if Julian would be the first to make a move on her. The young captain did everything to make her feel comfortable during this cruise, giving her a solid impression. Adrian may have beat his friend to it, but Kelly was still playing the role of a seductress aboard the yacht. She believed them both to be easy pickins, still seeing the chance to seduce Julian before the end of this private cruise. Knowing what happened between her and Adrian last night, it was not hard for her to imagine him bragging to his friend. Maybe he wanted to rub it in and try to make him jealous. Kelly knew men like that from past experience, but it was still difficult for her to speculate on Adrian's motivations. For all she knew, he probably wanted another round with her all to himself.

Kelly had other ideas in mind for herself. If she could possibly seduce them both at the same time, that would prove to be an accomplishment for herself. The chance of developing a relationship with either man on this yacht seemed slim to none. She had no interest in them outside of the desire to use them for her own pleasure. This trip had been the result of her friend Lori telling her about Julian. She could still recall that shocked expression across Julian's face when she mentioned her friend's name to him. Kelly did not need to hear any tales about wild events the men shared with her friend. Some stories were best left as secrets between those who participated in the events. The slight hint of such details was enough to put ideas in Kelly's head. If the men could co-exist together as friends through sharing an affair with Lori, Kelly was confident she would receive the same treatment.

But she still had other plans for them. After leaving her cabin, Kelly greeted Julian in the kitchen for breakfast. His reaction was the same as the previous mornings. From that, she knew that he had yet to speak with his friend about last night. It was evident to her that Julian had not shaved in a few days. What was once a five o'clock shadow, was now becoming a small beard of black hair on his face to go with his blonde hair. When Adrian finally came out of his cabin, Kelly awaited him in the bar. He walked in a pair of swim trunks and nothing else, as if he had not a care in the world after last night. When she noticed his face was clean shaved, she knew how to tease him upon greeting the man. 'Did you have fun last night, Adrian?'. She sat at the bar, a robe covering her voluptuous figure, her long brunette hair pinned up in a high ponytail.

All he did was smile and nod at her. Not a man eager for a conversation after crawling out a bed, she assumed. By the time the morning hours shifted to the afternoon, Julian was ready to move the yacht back into open waters. The night and morning were spent at a port in Brickell. By the time the clock shifted into PM hours, the boat steered in a south-east direction. Julian informed Kelly that he was on a course for the Miami South Channel. Kelly had no preference for where he steered the boat. She was considering the fact of what a memory today would make being out in the middle of nowhere, stranded on a yacht with two men lusting over her. When she walked up to the captain's booth to see Julian, she untied her robe slightly to give him a view of her heavy cleavage. A white push-up bra elevated her heavy breasts to make it easier to distract the young man.

He did not disappoint her. Struggling to keep eye contact with her, Julian blushed while Kelly grinned widely at him. This man would be so easy, she thought to herself. While Adrian had proven to be more of her equal match in the bedroom, she did not believe the same was true for Julian. He was the easy type. One she could easily devour and wrap around her finger to pleasure her, or so Kelly thought. As the hours progressed and the afternoon sunlight poured through the windows, Kelly wondered when or if Adrian would confess his accomplishment to his friend. She did not want to push it, hoping that the two men would have a discussion themselves. When Julian came down to the bar, she did not see a change in his overall body language. So far, there was nothing to suggest that he was envious of Adrian. She sat at the bar, playfully tapping her fingernails on an empty glass while sitting alone until Adrian re-entered the room.

"You look lonely today, Kelly. Want some company?"

Her big brown eyes gazed up at him. Her hair was still fixed in a ponytail, revealing her full face. Shaking her head at him, Kelly crossed her legs on the bar stool before replying.

"I shouldn't have to ask for company from you after last night."

Adrian smirked, flashing his teeth. She spoke again, this time with a question.

"So how was it?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that? You left and didn't climb into bed with me after we were done."

"That was because I had to clean up."

Kelly bit her lower lip before she continued speaking.

"After you gave me a face full of spunk."

That comment was enough to make Adrian grin at her.

"But you asked for it."

Biting her lip again, Kelly got up from the stool. Her bare feet slid across the carpet floor as she stepped closer to Adrian. Her big brown eyes locked onto his face as she strutted her hips until she stood face-to-face with him. She pushed her busty chest against his, hoping that it would distract him enough to glance down at her heavy cleavage. He kept his cold gaze focused on her face. This was as good of a time as any to tease him about Julian and, hopefully, put some ideas in his head.

"Did you tell the captain what we did last night?"

Adrian shook his head at her.

"Don't want to share with your friend, huh? I figured you would have bragged to Julian by now to make him jealous."

"Is that what you want, babe? You want to play a game in the middle between us?"

Taking a step back, Kelly looked somewhat puzzled at him. All Adrian did was smirk as he called out her plan. How was he able to figure it out? She was almost offended by the fact that he could see right through her intentions. Adrian was still smirking when he spoke again.

"Why don't you go tell Julian yourself if you want him."

"You don't mind sharing with him?"

That question only made him chuckle.

"What do you think?"

"What I think is you wouldn't mind shagging me again."

Her heavy English accent came out strongly in her choice of words. Adrian was still not tempted by her, but he did nod to her words.

"Maybe I want to do it again alongside Julian. Is that what you're really thinking, babe?"

Stunned at his words, Kelly's lower lip fell. She could not believe he knew what she truly wanted from them.

"How did you know that's what I wanted?"

Chuckling at her question, Adrian stepped closer, his eyes locked on hers as he reached for her chin with his right hand.

"Because I know women like you. I knew I wasn't going to be enough to satisfy you last night. You're a lot like Lori. That woman wanted both of us too."

Kelly grabbed his wrist, pulling his hand away from her face. before letting go. One of her curiosities had now been answered. So Lori did take them both on in the act of a threesome. For a moment, Kelly envied her friend who was not here. It had been some time since she last indulged herself with two men to fuck her silly. At least now she understood that Julian and Adrian both had a level of experience with handling a woman together.

"Go ask Julian if you want to fuck him too."

Since Adrian had to push her with that statement, Kelly was not going to give in so easily. She felt the need to taunt him in her sultry voice.

"What's the matter, Adrian? Can't handle me all by yourself? Is that why you want me to invite him?"

"I handled you pretty well last night."

"Yeah, and so did I."

She grinned before finishing her sentence.

"I made you scream last night. It's a wonder you didn't wake the captain up with how loud you were."

He blushed, trying not to smile. Julian knew just what to remind Kelly of as he responded.

"Yeah, you're right. I got loud when I was blowing my load all over your gorgeous face. What was that you called it again? A face full of spunk."


"And you asked for it. I should've took a picture with my phone."

Now Kelly was the one blushing. Years ago, she had taken nude photos with her phone and sent them to a boyfriend, but never anything as wild as that. It was funny to her that when she tried to taunt Adrian with dirty talk, he had just enough naughty things to throw back at her. Her confidence remained strong despite knowing that the men had experience with threesomes. Kelly knew she could handle them, as her lust had yet to be fulfilled on this trip. Fucking Adrian last night was not enough to completely satisfy her. With a sigh, she glared back at Adrian and spoke again.

"I'll go talk with the captain. I'll let him know you need some help taming me."

She could not resist teasing him one last time with taunting words. Adrian did not respond as he watched her walk out of the bar and back into the halls of the yacht. Kelly sighed once more as she imagined herself as Julian's seductress. She was slightly disappointed that the men did not talk enough for Adrian to share a story with him. It would have been more fun to pull their heart strings and toy with their emotions like a love triangle. Instead of marching up to the captain's room, Kelly walked back to her cabin. The door shut loudly behind her as she was now left alone to consider her options. Kelly pulled her ponytail out, freeing her hair so she could straighten it with her fingers. She remembered finding a pair of red high heels that she had accidentally packed for this trip. They served no purpose but to take up room in her luggage bag until now.

When she slipped her feet into them, she grinned at the sight of the bright red color on the floor. Now she could make a grand entrance up the stairs by stomping her heels across the wooden tile floor. Since she had the time to kill, Kelly decided to change her outfit. She tossed off the white bra and looked over her two-piece bikini sets she had brought on board. Black and red were her colors of choice. The red bikini was similar to the one she wore in Piranha 3D with shiny latex. Strings connected the bra, tying behind her back. Kelly made sure to tie them extra tight, to the point where her giant breasts were nearly popping out from the side. The bottom piece slipped on easily with no dangling strings. The red color of this bikini almost matched her heels, if only the bright red color was metallic. Once she properly fixed her hair up, she left the cabin.

The hallway extended with a staircase leading into the captain's room. Her heels boomed loudly across the floor with each step Kelly took, while her breasts slightly shook from the tight bikini top. She touched the metal rail on the left side, sliding her fingertips across the cold steel as she made the journey up, stomping her feet loudly with each step. As she continued up the stairs, Kelly figured that her heels had to at least alert or possibly startle Julian. The white door leading inside was left cracked. The locks did not click into place. Rather than knocking, she invited herself in. Sunlight glared from the row of windows, completely illuminating the white room. The captain sat quietly in a wooden chair, facing all the controls and steering wheel of the ship. Since he had yet to turn around, Kelly placed her hands on her hips and cleared her throat to get his attention.

"Captain Julian, do you have a moment?"

As she spoke, he turned his chair around from the right side. Kelly was posing with her hands on her hips, ready to see that bewildered expression on his face when seeing her full buxom figure on display. Julian did not disappoint as his eyes widened at the sight of her bikini-clad body. No matter how many times he had seen her in a bikini the past few days, the looks on his face each time told Kelly he was attracted to her. He brushed his hand across his buttoned-up white shirt that matched his shorts. Julian did not bother to put on any shoes since it was only the three of them sharing the yacht.

"How can I help you, Kelly?"

One of the first things Kelly noticed was that his eyes almost locked onto her breasts. They were nearly bursting out of the bikini top due to how tightly she tied the strings. To help his view, she leaned down a little bit. Her cleavage nearly spilled into his face as she placed her left hand on his shoulder.

"I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Talk about what?"

This man was too easy, she thought to herself. There were many options Kelly saw to try and seduce him. She almost decided to turn around and ask him to loosen her bra strings with how distracted he was by her tits.

"I had a talk with Adrian. I think he might need your help with something."

Finally, his eyes shifted to her face. Julian smiled and answered her back.

"Help him or help you with something?"

Giggling at his words, Kelly flashed her pearly white teeth.

"You'd be helping me, but in reality, you might be helping yourself too."

She leaned over slightly further. Her breasts were nearly pushed into his face as her hand remained on his shoulder.

"I might as well tell you my secret and stop beating around the bush. Adrian and I were busy last night."

"Yeah, I heard you and him before I went to bed."

Not expecting that for a response, Kelly tried to hold back her smile. She figured he would not mind if she sat on his lap, so she straddled him and bent her left knee before nestling her buttocks down on him. Julian leaned back in the chair, softly moaning as his eyes were once again locked onto her breasts.

"You heard us? I didn't think we were that loud."

When his eyes finally shifted up at her, Kelly smirked down at him.

"I'm sorry, I should've asked before sitting on your lap. Do you want me to get up?"

Julian slowly shook his head.

"No, I think you wanted to sit on me for a reason."

"Yeah, I did!"

Moving her hands to the back of the chair, Kelly leaned forward to move her tits into his face. She moved her left hand to the back of his head, running her fingers through his short locks of hair before guiding his face between her tits.

"You can't stop looking at my boobs. I know you want them."

He moaned before pulling his face away. All this time during the vacation cruise, Julian tried to act like a proper gentleman despite the attraction he had towards her. Kelly giggled as he leaned back in his chair. His cheeks flushed red as he grinned.

"I think you're forgetting what you wanted to ask me. You said something about helping Adrian."

"Ohhhh, right..."

Kelly played it as if she truly did forget her intentions for this visit.

"You see, Adrian had a hard time handling me last night. I think I was a little too aggressive with him. I'm guessing it was him groaning that you heard last night."


Julian's single word response prompted Kelly to try and motivate him further. Since her ass was sitting on his lap, she began to grind her hips, rubbing against his crotch in hopes of feeling an erection grow. He exhaled, letting out a sigh before moaning. Within seconds, Kelly could feel his cock beginning to poke up. That was cue for her to continue this conversation in a seductive manner.

"I really think Adrian could use your help. You see, I'm a wild woman. It takes two men to tame me, if that is even possible."

When their eyes met again, Julian leaned up and cupped her face. Kelly knew what he was about to do as she closed her eyes and pressed her lips to his. He moaned into her mouth while moving his hands to wrap around her. As they continued to kiss, she could feel his cock growing harder beneath her. It poked up in the front of his shorts, rubbing up against her left ass cheek. Their lips broke apart, ending the kiss. Kelly considered untying her bikini top and freeing her breasts right now, but it would spoil the surprise. Climbing off his lap, she glanced down to see the bulge sticking up in the front of his shorts. If not for Adrian waiting downstairs, Kelly would have been tempted to fall down to her knees and get started right here and now.

"I know what you're thinking, Kelly. You wanna fuck both of us, right?"

Slowly nodding her head, a wide grin formed across her lips.

"I've assumed since I stepped foot on this boat that both of you had to work together to tame Lori. Am I correct?"

It was a lie, but how would he know what she was thinking? Kelly was confident in playing up his desire by teasing him like this. Julian nodded at her, but did not reply. She figured he would be unwilling to discuss the affair with Lori, and that was fine by her. After a few moments, he smiled and finally spoke.

"I knew there had to be a catch somewhere. A woman like you doesn't just board this ship for some private vacation out at sea. You've been waiting all this time to have fun, haven't you?"

"You are correct, Julian dear."

He finally laughed and began to rise from the captain's chair. With a sigh, he shook his head.

"I just hope the marine patrol don't interrupt us. They've been such a pain in the ass."

She giggled at him.

"You have a point. They have proven to be quite a nuisance."

Julian smiled, blushing again as he stepped closer. Like before, his eyes were focused on her great big breasts. Kelly shoved her body up against his, and he responded by throwing his arms around her neck for another round of kissing. Kelly made sure to plunge her tongue deep into his mouth this time, just to give him a taste of what was soon to come. Julian moaned into her mouth before pulling back. She took a step back and immediately glanced down to see his hard bulge poking forward. Kelly grinned at him.

"Wait here, baby. I'll go talk to Julian. Give us like ten minutes or so. Can you wait that long?"

"Sure, but you know it's rude to keep a girl waiting longer than that."


After his quick reply, he immediately left the room, racing down the stairs and stomping his feet across the floor. Kelly could not help but bite down on her lower lip, quietly pondering the dirty thoughts in her mind. She could remember the last time she had a threesome. It was before she turned forty and the result of one wild night at a party with her ex-boyfriend and one of his mates. Today was a different situation. Kelly felt confident that she could play these two men to her own desires, though Adrian had already proven himself last night. The more she thought about what awaited her, the more she felt the wetness developing between her thighs. To resist the urge to use her hand was almost too much to bear. Kelly was so tempted to strip the bikini from her body and plop herself down in the captain's chair for some fun time with her fingers.

Despite the urge within, she maintained herself. She instead tried to distract herself by glancing across all the controls to the ship. Julian currently had the yacht anchored with no power to the engines. He would need to raise the anchor later in the evening to dock back into port, but that was not important right now. All she was concerned about was having Adrian and Julian ready to get started downstairs. As the seconds passed by, she felt that tingling sensation continue between her legs. God, she wanted to take her bikini bottoms off right now and begin fingering her pussy. Kelly was so wet thinking about how she was going to be fucking not one, but two hot studs. A few minutes passed before she could no longer wait. Kelly took off from the captain's room, stomping her heels loudly across the floor, hoping that would get Julian and Adrian's attention.

"Yoo hoo! Where did you go, Julian? Ummm Adrian, did you jump overboard running from me?"

Her voice echoed down the hall with the full strength of her British accent. No reply came from the men, leaving Kelly to wonder where they went. She let out a sigh and continued her walk, heels still stomping down on the floor. When she arrived at the doorway leading into the inner bar, she was alarmed at the sight of Julian standing naked near the bar. He had stripped off his clothes, revealing his hairless tanned chest and skinny build. His cock was still hard, poking forward with his right hand fingers wrapped around it. Kelly licked her lips as she entered the room and glanced to her left side. Adrian was also naked, standing in front of the large white sectional sofa against the wall. Like his friend, Adrian was also gripping his cock and stroking it slowly. Kelly entered the room, grinning at both of them as she placed her hands on her hips.

"So... Neither one of you was willing to let me strip your clothes off. That's a shame."

Julian's eyes were glued to Kelly's body. Adrian had a look on his face that told her he was in a zone. Maybe her taunting words had motivated him to an extent to rise to this occasion. Kelly ran her hands through her hair and then finally untied the strings of her bikini top. She pulled it off and heard the faint gasp of Julian's voice as he finally witnessed her epic breasts bouncing free. He stepped forward, eyes widening as he raised his hands. Kelly grabbed his wrists and pushed his hands over her boobs, allowing him to finally grasp them.

"Go ahead and squeeze 'em, love. I know you've been wanting to do that for days, haven't you?"

"Oh man, these are the best tits I've ever seen."

Her nipples hardened as they poked into his palms. Kelly glanced in the direction of Adrian, grinning at him. She did not have to speak any words. The look on her face was enough to get her point across. Behind him was the villa-style sofa, an eye-catching piece of the yacht's furniture. It extended across the wall with enough cushions to seat at least ten people. More than enough room for the three of them. Julian shoved his face between her boobs after removing his hands. Kelly began to shake her tits, smothering his face with them as they rubbed against his skin. He slobbered and motorboated her breasts before pulling away. She fell down to her knees, sitting up as Adrian finally stepped closer. Kelly glanced up, grinning at both men as they let go of their cocks, as if they expected her hands to grab them.

"I hope you're both ready to handle me, cause I know I'm ready for you."

Speaking in a low, seductive voice, Kelly curved her lips into a grin. Her left hand fingers were wrapped around Adrian's shaft, and her right hand grabbed Julian's pole. A soft moan was heard from Adrian's voice while Julian took a deep breath. It suddenly dawned on Kelly that she had forgotten to slip off her bikini bottoms. If not for holding a cock in each hand, she would've certainly slid her hand down into her thong and rubbed her clit. As her hands continued to wank Adrian and Julian, she giggled.

"Mmmmmmmm, this is gonna be better than last night. I get to suck two dicks today!"

She brushed the head of Julian's shaft over her lips, kissing it, and then pushed Adrian's rod against her face. It was not hard for Kelly to choose which one to suck first, but she hoped to tease the men into thinking she was second-guessing. They were already at full length before her knees hit the floor. Parting her lips, Kelly began by sliding Julian's cock into her mouth and squeezing her lips around it.

"Oh god!"

To hear him scream like that, Kelly knew she had him right where she wanted this younger man. She slid her hand down to the base, feeling his pubic hair while her left hand began to wank Adrian's shaft at a faster pace. She bobbed her head up and down, slobbering and sucking on Julian's cock. He exhaled before groaning aloud. Kelly knew she had to take turns with each cock, and luckily for Adrian, she was eager to taste his shaft again today. She extracted Julian's shaft from her lips, then turned to her left. Her big brown eyes gazed up at Adrian before Kelly spit on the head of his shaft. With her hand sliding down to the base, she fed his dick into her mouth. 'Mmmmmmm', with a muffled moan, Kelly began to suck loudly while her right hand was now stroking Julian's cock up and down.

"Holy fuck! Look at how she sucks!"

Julian's voice rang out loudly as he was in shock watching Kelly. She devoured Adrian's cock, sucking inch after inch until her lips met her fingers wrapped around the base. Her right hand was pumping Julian's shaft back and forth, causing him to groan aloud. When Kelly pulled her lips back to the head of Adrian's cock, she released it with a pop sound before turning her head to the right. Licking her lips, Kelly spit on Julian's cock before shoving it back into her mouth. Her left hand was wanking Adrian's shaft now as she let go of Julian's rod. As she began to bob her head up and down, she closed her eyes in concentration. She suddenly felt Julian's hands planted on both sides of her head. Kelly opened her eyes as he began to buck his hips, driving his cock down her throat.


"Yeah, fuck her mouth, dude. She knows how to suck it good."

Adrian cheered his friend on as Kelly's mouth made slobbering and sucking noises. Julian's hanging nuts beat up against her chin with each full thrust he made. Kelly widened her open mouth, causing the noises to become louder with each passing second. She did not anticipate Julian taking control like this, but knew to unwrap her fingers from his cock. Julian grunted. His fingers gripped her hair tighter as he was now bucking his hips faster.


The incoherent noises echoed from her mouth as saliva leaked from the left corner of Kelly's mouth. Her plump tits shook as a result of how hard Julian was currently fucking her mouth. She kept her eyes closed and stopped jerking Adrian's dick. She was now pressing both her hands down over her mighty breasts. Julian slowed almost to a halt, slamming his cock to the depths of her throat. The head of his shaft hit the back of her throat, but Kelly did not choke. If he was trying to test her gag reflexes, she hoped this impressed the young man. As her lips were buried in his bush of ball hair, Julian grunted. He gritted his teeth and snarled before yanking her hair to release his cock from her lips. A rope of drool dangled from her mouth back to his now shiny, drool-soaked dick.

"Mmmmmmmm! Someone has been a naughty boy!"

Kelly laughed in a taunting manner as her hands grabbed each cock again. The thick rope of drool broke off, now dangling from her chin. As she stroked both cocks in her hands, the drool rope broke and fell between her boobs. Her big brown eyes gazed up at Julian as she flashed her teeth at him in a lustful grin. If Adrian was hoping she wanted another round of sucking his shaft, he would be disappointed. At least for the time being, as Kelly had other ideas in mind. She was ready to get her tits involved in the fun. As her hands glided across each shaft, she giggled again before speaking dirty words.

"You boys like that, huh? You like how I suck you off?"

Leaning to her left side, she flicked her tongue across Adrian's shaft. Kelly stopped wanking them when alternating to her right side to kiss the head of Julian's cock. When she removed her hands, the cocks slightly bounced, twitching in the air. Kelly turned to Adrian as she moved her hands over her breasts. She held them up and pulled them apart to offer a passage. She trusted he would know what to do.

"Come on, you know where I want you to put your dick."

Adrian planted his left hand down on her right shoulder as he guided his cock between her boobs. Kelly closed them together and then rubbed her breasts up and down his cock as a way to tease him.

"Holy fuck!"

Julian's jaw dropped as he fixed his sights on the wonderful view of his friend's cock pushed between those huge boobs.

"That is so fucking hot."

She raised her head and looked up at Julian.

"Isn't it? I love having a big cock pushed between my big titties."

When she winked at him, he wrapped his fingers around his cock and began to stroke it. Adrian paid his friend no mind as he began to buck his hips, driving every inch of his cock between her perfect breasts. Kelly moaned as she spoke to Julian again.

"Come here! You can fuck my mouth again while he's busy tittyfucking me!"

Keeping her head turned to face Julian, Kelly moaned again at the feeling of Adrian's shaft pumping between her boobs. Julian reached for her hair with his left hand, but did not grip. Kelly parted her lips, and when he slid his shaft between them, she closed her eyes.

"Just wait until you're between her tits, man. I told you, she knows what she's built for."

Adrian spoke while Julian moaned. Kelly enjoyed this rougher edge from Julian. It proved against her expectations, showing that he certainly had a dominant flare like his friend. She kept her eyes shut while sucking his cock, feeling several inches of it thrust in and out of her mouth, all while Adrian was busy fucking her tits. The heavy breathing and moans from the men were the only sounds heard as Julian took his time with her mouth. Kelly expected him to start off at a fast pace, but he went slowly. She opened her eyes, glaring up at him while sucking his cock. She moaned muffled sounds, sending vibrations into him at the feeling of Adrian's dick still pumping between her tits. When their eyes met, Julian began to buck his hips hard and fast.


Her mouth made loud sucking and slobbering noises like before. Adrian's fingers pressed down on her shoulder, keeping her locked in place. Kelly closed her eyes and adjusted her hands over her breasts. Her hard nipples poked between her fingers as Adrian was also thrusting faster in an effort to meet the pace his friend made in her mouth. The longer Kelly stayed in this position on her knees, the more she could not prevent the rushing thrill she felt between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet and she so desperately wanted to pleasure herself. Julian slowed down, thrusting in her mouth, and pulled his cock out. Kelly turned her head, now able to properly glance down to see the head of Adrian's poking up with each full thrust he made. She flicked her tongue over it, licking each time it poked up as he groaned in pleasure.

"Oh man, I can't wait to fuck those titties."

Julian's whispering voice had enough effect on his friend to completely stop. Adrian moved his left hand off her shoulder, then snatched his cock out from between her tits as Kelly pulled them apart. She turned towards Julian, grinning at him as she kept her breasts held apart.

"You wanna tittyfuck me too?"

She batted her eyelashes to further tease him. Julian could not look into her eyes. She knew his focus was going to be primarily on her breasts. The young man had likely been fantasizing about this moment since they first set sail. When he slid his shaft up the valley of her mountains, Kelly shoved them together. Trapped between her breasts, Julian wasted no time thrusting his cock forward.

"Ohhhhhh god..."

He cried out in pleasure as Kelly felt every inch of his hard cock stuck between her breasts. Adrian began to wank himself. She could see the movement of his shaft from the corner of her left eye, but Kelly focused her eyes on Julian's face to talk dirty to him.

"You like that? You like how your cock feels between my big titties?"

Taking his time, he slowly thrust between her boobs. Kelly exhaled a deep breath and then glanced down, watching the head poke up with each thrust. Since Adrian was not involved, Kelly was able to focus her complete attention on Julian.

"Fuck my titties! Just like that, mmmmmm!"

The sound of her spitting broke the silence after her words of encouragement. Kelly glanced up at his face momentarily, darting her tongue out. When she glanced back down, she slightly lowered her head, flicking her tongue across the head each time it poked up. After four licks, Kelly raised her head and smirked at him. Julian thrust harder and faster as she moaned out to him.

"Ohhhhhh yeah. It feels so good when I've got a cock between my titties. Tell me you love it, Julian."

"It feels so fucking good! Fuck yeah, I love your tits!"

"She knows what she's built for."

Hearing Adrian speak was enough to distract Kelly. Her eyes leered in his direction as Julian began to slow down. He was not done having his fun yet.

"I've been thinking about fucking these tits for days."

Julian spoke as he made one last hard thrust between her boobs. Kelly was grinning at Adrian as they were currently locked into a staring contest. She had taunted him for a reason earlier, but now through the silence, Kelly knew she had motivated him to an extent. What would he have to offer her when her thong finally came off? She quietly wondered to herself if Adrian was going to try and thrill her like last night. Julian pulled his cock from her tits, finally gaining Kelly's focus back on him. She held her breasts up, sliding her hands underneath to present them to him. Julian rubbed the head of his cock against her right nipple. As Kelly moaned, he began to slap his cock against her skin. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed in the room.

"Mmmmmmm, you're naughty, you know that?"

"So am I."

Once again, Adrian had her attention with his reply. She may not have been speaking to him, but she might as well have been. He offered a hand to pull her up from the floor. Kelly accepted, gripping his hand tightly and rising up from the floor. Now that she was standing face-to-face with them, she pressed her giant breasts up against Adrian's chest in hopes for a kiss. He did not oblige. His hands slipped down, tugging at her bikini bottoms as he smirked.

"I think you need to lose these, babe."

With a short laugh, Kelly sassily responded.

"Maybe I'm just waiting for one of you to take them off."

"I'd love to."

Julian answered her from behind. Kelly turned around, grinning at him before she nodded.

"Go ahead. Makes up for me not getting the chance to undress you."

He fell down to his knees. Kelly spread her legs while glancing down, hands planted on her hips. Julian's eyes gazed up at her as he bit down on the front of her thong, tugging it down with his teeth. While her eyes focused on him, Adrian slid his hands over her stomach. She felt his breath blowing down the right side of her neck. She sighed while moving her head, allowing him to breathe down her neck. As Julian was now looking at her wet folds, he licked his lips. Adrian caressed her smooth skin, bringing his hands up to her breasts as he began to kiss her neck. While standing in this position, Kelly was thankful to be in a pair of high heels. They elevated her height enough that she was able to shove her buttocks back and grind onto Adrian's crotch.

"This... is beautiful."

Those words belonged to Julian as he licked his lips, gazing in amazement at her wet vulva lips. The bikini bottoms sat on the floor now as Kelly was finally standing naked. Adrian groaned as his cock was almost in the crack of her thick booty. While much attention was given to her world-famous breasts, Kelly was quite proud of her bum too.

"You know something, babe?"

Adrian whispered into her ear as he stretched his fingers across her breasts. His hands fondled and squeezed them softly as her nipples poked into his palms. Kelly's eyes were fixated on Julian, hoping that he would use his mouth to pleasure her. After all this time of neglecting her pussy, she was desperate for a good licking. She did not reply to Adrian as he spoke again.

"We forgot to do something last night. You know what I'm talking about, hmmmmm?"

She felt his cock now sliding up the crack of her ass. Adrian moved his right hand away from her breasts but kept his left hand squeezing one of them. Kelly giggled and shoved her ass back, teasing him while Julian moved his hands to her hips. She slid her hands down, touching over Julian's to encourage him to eat her pussy as she replied to Adrian.

"I didn't forget about that, but you might have."

"Tell me, Kelly. When is the last time a man gave this ass a good, old-fashioned pounding?"

Spank! His right hand smacked her ass hard. When his left hand finally moved her from her tits, Kelly spread her legs further and leaned down to place her hands on Julian's head. Her fingers rustled through his blonde locks of hair. His mouth was embedded on her pussy as his tongue flicked the wet folds This was going to be a first-time experience for Kelly. To have one man fucking her in the ass while the other was eating her pussy. She bit her lower lip, softly purring in anticipation to feel Adrian's cock slamming up her ass. Since she did not reply to him, his hand smacked the right cheek again.

"Tell me!"

"What difference does it make? You'll be the last one before the next man, if that's what you're wondering."

"God, you're such a fucking tease."

As Adrian complained, Julian snaked his tongue into her pussy. A faint gasp cooed from her English voice as she replied.

"Ohhhhh, but you like it when I'm teasing you, don't you?"

Julian's fingers slid across her body, caressing her skin as his tongue snaked deeper into her pussy. He took his time, savoring the taste of her loving cup. From behind her, Adrian pressed his left hand on her back to encourage Kelly to lean down further. She kept her hands positioned on Julian's head and arched forward slightly. Her large tits shook, wobbling around as Adrian began to enter her dark little hole. She swallowed her breath, moaning out at the feeling of a tongue slithering in her pussy and a cock pushing into her ass.

"Ohhhhhh god, ohhhhhhh yeah..."

The time to prepare herself for this sensational pleasure was now gone. Kelly embraced this moment, feeling Adrian grip her hips as he began to thrust his cock into her ass. Julian's tongue moved at a slow pace, wiggling inside her cunt. He moved his right hand over her clit, rubbing at it as his eyes glanced upward to see her hanging breasts. Her fingernails lightly scratched his hair as Kelly began to moan louder.

"Ohhhhh god! Yes! Yessssssss!!"

Adrian groaned.

"So fucking tight!"

With a grunt, he tried bucked his hips harder, pounding his cock into her ass. Her breasts shook and wobbled in all directions as she remained leaned over. balancing herself by pressing down on Julian's head. His tongue wiggled in and out of her pussy as his fingers pinched and rubbed her clit.

"Oh god, ohhhhh yeah! That's it, yes! YESSSS!!"

At long last, Kelly screamed as loud as Adrian did last night. Her voice echoed throughout the inner cabins of the yacht. Julian was aggressively eating her pussy in an attempt to match the way Kelly had gorged herself sucking his cock. This had caught her completely by surprise as the men were now working together, pushing her close to the brink of no return. From the way Julian worked his tongue inside her, Kelly knew she was going to have an orgasm early to start this day. She panted, groaning as she raked her fingernails through his blonde hair. Adrian was now pounding her ass by the second, pumping several inches of his cock into her rump. His balls slapped against the undersides of that thick booty, all while his friend was twisting his tongue deep inside her.


It became clear to Kelly that she had merely seconds to go before the start of her climax. She could not believe how wrong she was to underestimate Julian so far. From the moment of him fucking her mouth, to now passionately eating her pussy while his friend was pounding her in the ass. Her breasts were still shaking and wobbling all around as Kelly closed her eyes and screamed.


As her legs shook, Adrian grunted and began to pull his cock out of her ass. He seemed to know what was happening, leaving his friend to enjoy her orgasm for himself. Julian had already tasted the first few drops, but now received a gush of her hot juices squirting down the back of his throat. He gagged, coughing on her love nectar. His tongue was finally extracted from her pussy and more of her juices squirted onto his face and chest. Kelly needed a moment to catch her breath. She glanced across her right shoulder to see Julian had stepped back but still faced her.

"Do you need a moment to relax, babe?"

Adrian's words came with a smug grin. He was taunting her the same way Kelly had done to him earlier. She turned to face him, pouting as she shook her head.

"I'll be just fine. Your friend knows how to use his tongue. I think that's something else you forgot to try on me last night."

Kelly could not help but taunt him back with prissy words. Despite the experience of an early orgasm, she still felt in control. Julian had only surprised her with his efforts. He climbed up from his knees, but her focus was entirely on Adrian. Kelly gritted her teeth, giving him the look of lustful hunger on her face before she fell down to her knees. On all fours, she crawled towards his cock, ready to go from ass to mouth.

"You want to suck on it again, Kelly?"

Teeth still barred, Kelly hissed her reply to him.

"I want you to fuck my face while your friend gets to fuck me."

"Kelly, do you mind if I fuck your ass too?"

Julian called out to her from behind. She glanced across her right shoulder to give him a lovely smile.

"Yes you can, since you're such a gentleman."

Her gaze turned back to Adrian.

"Unlike you, who likes to play rough."

Her taunt was complete with the wink of her left eye. Kelly parted her lips, awaiting Adrian to feed her his cock. She felt one of Julian's hands caressing her bum. He squeezed the right cheek and then spanked it.

"Damn, this ass is bigger than I expected."

She felt his cock slide up the crack after Julian spoke. Adrian snatched her hair up with his right hand, tugging hard as he thrust his cock into her mouth. Kelly squeezed her lips around it, but he did not begin to thrust until hearing his friend moan.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck..."

Kelly could feel the first few inches of Julian's shaft pushing into her ass. A muffled moan was heard from her English voice, as her mouth was stuffed with Adrian's cock. He planted his other hand down on her head, now gripping her hair with most of his fingers. As Julian pumped his cock into her ass, Adrian began to buck his hips. Kelly closed her eyes and sucked loudly, knowing that within any second now she was going to be slobbering and gagging on his thick shaft. Grunts and groans were heard from the men as they now began to thrust in a rhythm, one after the other.

"Fuck yes! Ohhhh man!"

Julian moaned again as Adrian began to buck his hips faster, pumping his cock in and out of Kelly's mouth. His fingers curled her hair in a tight grip. So far, she was managing herself well with muffled moans while feeling Julian pump his shaft into her ass. Caught in between them, Kelly was determined to devour Adrian's cock. She tried to bob her head up and down in an attempt to meet his thrusts, but gave up after a few tries.

"Let's fuck the hell out of her, man!"

Adrian yelled at Julian. As Kelly closed her eyes, she suddenly heard a smack sound but did not feel anything. It was the two men giving each other a high-five to properly 'Eiffel tower' her, as it was called by some men. Julian slowed down to a halt and then carefully pulled his cock out of her ass.

"I'm getting ready, but I need to know. Kelly, can you talk to me?"

After Julian asked for a response, Adrian snatched his cock out of her mouth. She took a deep breath, knowing where he wanted to shove his dick next. Kelly moaned to Julian.

"Yes, I know what you wanna do, love. Go ahead and fuck me."

At least he was willing to ask for her permission first. Kelly was not sure Adrian would have given the same respect, now that she knew the difference between the men. She did not have to wait long to feel the head of Julian's cock rubbing against her wet mound.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah. Fuck me, Julian. I want it. I need it."

"Sure is nice to hear you beg."

Kelly gazed up to see a smug grin on Adrian's face after his words. It was time to taunt him again, just to drive him that extra mile.

"You were supposed to fuck my face. What's stopping you?"

Her words invoked an aggressive reaction. Adrian gripped her hair tighter as Kelly parted her lips. Julian thrust his cock into her pussy and let out a loud moan.

"Ohhhhhhhh man..."

Like before, the men waited until each cock was pushed into her. Kelly squeezed her lips tightly around Adrian's shaft, and then it was time for another round of fucking from both ends. Julian gripped her hips as he began to drive his cock in and out of her pussy. She moaned loudly, her cries muffled, and only stopped when Adrian would thrust inch after inch of his shaft into her mouth.


The loud slobbering and sucking noises had returned. Adrian continued to buck his hips, feeding his cock into her mouth as his friend was panting and groaning at the feeling of her pussy. Her huge breasts shook and bounced from underneath, wobbling to the left and right. She was overwhelmed with lust. This was just what Kelly desired--to be fucked by both of them at the same time. The men worked as a team, proving beyond her expectations. As Adrian's cock slammed into the back of her throat, she closed her eyes and finally gagged. That sound was enough for him to slow down, but not Julian. His cock was pumping in and out of her juicy cunt at a fast pace.

"Ohhhh man! This woman is better than Lori! I can't get enough of fucking this pussy!"

Julian cried out in pleasure as he moved his left hand away from her hip. Kelly felt him slap her ass while still pounding his cock in her pussy, but she could not be distracted by his touch. Her entire focus was on sucking Adrian's cock as her mouth made louder slobbering noises.


Excess saliva oozed from both corners of her mouth, with a thick string dangling off her left chin. Each time his balls rubbed against her chin, the drool strings broke off and fell to the floor. This face-fucking had turned into a sloppy mess. The more Julian thrust into her pussy, Kelly was beginning to doubt how much longer she could go. Could she end up having a second orgasm so soon? If not for sucking Adrian's cock, she would have thought more on it. She opened her eyes and gazed up to see Adrian gritting his teeth. His face was scrunched up, as if he was trying to hold himself back from exploding inside her mouth. He slowed down, but pumped his cock to the back of her throat. Kelly gagged, choking on his entire length as her lips were buried in his pubic hair.

"Fuck! That's it!!"

Adrian groaned his words before abruptly snatching his cock out of her mouth. Drool flooded out of Kelly's mouth while Julian was still fucking her pussy at a fast pace.

"Oh yeah! Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, OHHHHHHHHHH GOD!! FUCK ME!! FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!"

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of Julian's balls slapping against the undersides of her thick booty was heard clearly over Kelly's moans and screams. Adrian's cock was covered in drool. He rubbed it against the left side of her face as Kelly paid him no attention.


She no longer cared about having a second orgasm too soon. The rush of the climax was too much, and Kelly needed that sweet release again. She balled her fingers up into fists and curled her toes in her heels. The left heel came loose as Julian never slowed down. Over and over, he pounded his cock into her tight pussy. Adrian began to playfully smack his dick across her left cheek. Kelly moaned, eyes open wide as she was about to reach her climax.


Her legs began to shake and tremble. Kelly lowered her head to the floor, slightly elevating her ass up. She could not hold back as her second orgasm was now commencing. Julian reacted swiftly, pulling his cock out of her pussy to prevent himself from exploding inside her. Since she had already experienced one climax today, there was no burst of juices to squirt all over Julian. A small amount trickled between her thighs as she lay there, catching her breath slowly. The first time was enough to wake her up, but after her second orgasm, Kelly was beginning to feel the tides shift. She may have been in control now, but neither Julian nor Adrian had cum yet.

"Have you had enough, babe?"

Adrian called out to her, but Kelly ignored him. She was catching her breath and moving to rest on her knees.

"Or do you want more?"

That was a question Kelly had no desire to refuse. Her eyes locked onto Adrian, still catching her breath as she nodded and replied.

"Yeah, I want more. There's still something you haven't done yet."

Her spirit remained strong. Kelly felt she still had enough left in her to continue. Bound and determined to make those cocks explode, Kelly wanted to force one hard orgasm out of both of them. Something they would never forget long after she had left Miami. There was still one position that Kelly hoped to get out of them. Her eyes glanced over at the sofa. All this time they had been fucking, no one had sat down on the cushions. It would have been easier to use now, but she felt the need to make things slightly more challenging. Kelly saw reason to prove to herself she was still strong enough to handle two men at once. As she stood up, she finally kicked her heels off. Her eyes turned towards Julian as she began to speak.

"Are you both strong enough to hold me?"

Looking back at Adrian, she continued.

"I want you facing me. And as for you..."

She flashed her teeth in a grin before speaking again.

"You're gonna slam that cock up my arse again."

Julian's eyes widened upon her uttering the word 'arse' in her lovely British accent. Adrian stepped in front of her, prepared to create this position for her. Once Julian was behind her, Kelly waited for the men to lift her up. Adrian used arms underneath her, balancing her body by using his open hands to cradle her buttocks. Kelly spread her legs as her breasts were pressed against his chest. He moaned at that wonderful feeling of her erect nipples rubbing against his chest. The men traded hands, after Adrian watched Julian move his hands underneath her. She was so tempted to begin teasing Adrian about the fact that his friend had forced her to cum twice, but if she were to have a third orgasm, it would be all over his cock.

"Come on, let's not stall time. I need to be fucked again."

"Wow, after everything so far today? I can't believe you're still this horny, Kelly."

Laughing loudly at Julian's words, Kelly smiled widely. She may have been nearly exhausted, but her lust was still strong for one final round. She had spread her legs out to properly wrap around Adrian's waist. If only she had kept her high heels on, she could've poked the heel into his buttocks. Her soles rubbed over his skin as she was waiting to feel his cock enter her cunt.

"I don't see how you can complain. I told you, Adrian would need another hand when it came to satisfying me today."

Throwing her arms around Adrian's neck, Kelly grinned at him. She noticed his eyes were glancing down at her breasts pressed against his bare chest.

"Isn't that right, love?"

Adrian ignored her. He was busy gripping his cock, trying to find her pussy as he rubbed between her thighs. Kelly moaned when she felt the head brushing across her wet folds. Julian's shaft slid up the crack of her ass. He found her dark little hole easily, thanks to her ass cheeks being spread. She closed her eyes upon feeling each cock push into her holes. She was sandwiched between the men, feeling them begin to thrust into her holes simultaneously. Kelly raised her head and closed her eyes as she began to cry out in pleasure.

"Oh god! Ohhhhhhhhhh god!!"

Julian grunted. His hands slid to her sides, trying to grip her skin as he began to buck his hips, driving his cock into her ass. When he thrust, Adrian would pump too. The act of double penetration had been something Kelly had neglected over the years. This was her first time doing it in her forties, and after two orgasms, she was nearing a breaking point already. The struggle was real as she raked her fingernails across Adrian's back.

"Dammit! Fuck!!"

Snarling in pain, Adrian began to thrust harder and faster. His cock glided into her pussy with ease after she had cum twice. Her breasts remained pressed against his chest. Kelly closed her eyes, gasping for breath as she curled her toes. They were only just beginning, but she was already feeling the exhaustion coming on.


Her screaming voice echoed throughout the yacht, piercing the men's eardrums. Their grunts and groans were audible at a lower pitch than the chorus of her crying voice. Kelly gritted her teeth and began to growl as she screamed at them again.

"That's it! That's it!! Give me those cocks! FUCK ME!!"

Adrian did his best to thrust forward, but when Kelly opened her eyes, she could see the struggle on his face. She was not the only one nearing exhaustion, but he had not reached an orgasm yet. That look on his face told the tale, as he was desperately trying to hold himself back from exploding inside her. Julian was slow with his thrusts, pushing the entire length of his cock up her ass.


Over and over, Kelly felt inch after inch of each cock pumping into her holes. Adrian would thrust in her pussy, then Julian would drive his cock into her ass. This was the closest they came to working into some kind of rhythm. With each thrust, Kelly could already feel her third orgasm coming soon. She squealed in excitement. Her voice elevated to such a high pitch as she screamed. Adrian groaned as he felt her inner walls tightening around his shaft. Kelly had reached another orgasm, now feeling completely exhausted as she curled her toes and shook her legs out while her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

"Come on, man! We gotta set her down!"

Julian listened to his friend and pulled his cock out of her ass. Kelly felt each cock slide out of her holes. Her feet touched the floor, but she was not eager to test if she had the strength to stand. She fell to her knees, out of breath and nearing the point of complete exhaustion as she faced Adrian. His right hand fingers were wrapped around his cock, stroking it. Kelly knew he was not going to pass up the chance to drench her face in cum for a second day in a row.

"Come on, come on! Let's cum on her face!"

Adrian had little patience for his partner now. Kelly leaned forward, pressing her hands down into the floor since she was still trying to catch her breath. Kelly giggled, catching her breath somewhat enough to reply.

"Yeah! Ohhh.... yeah... Come on and.. give it to me..."

She struggled to complete her words, still breathing heavily as Julian entered her line of sight from the right side. Each cock was aimed at her face with a hand wanking it back and forth. Kelly braced herself. She moved her hands to her breasts, knowing to hold them up just in case any cum went over her chest. As she closed her eyes, she moaned to them.

"Give me a face full of spunk!"

Julian grunted. His face was all scrunched up as he began to cry out. He did not utter any words as his cock began to erupt in his hand. Kelly kept her eyes closed and felt the splash of cum spraying onto her forehead. As Adrian reached his breaking point, he screamed loudly.


String after string of cum splattered across her face and into her hair. Kelly gasped, dropping her lower lip before she gritted her teeth. Through the act, she still wanted to tease them some more as they unloaded their cum on her gorgeous face. Two lines crisscrossed onto her forehead before a wad slathered over her right eyebrow and dripped down. Adrian had made an impression last night, but this was certainly a much larger amount of cum for Kelly. She felt drenched with the warm, sticky substance dripping from her face. As she blinked her eyes to open them, another wad splashed onto her forehead. Only a few drops fell onto her massive tits, despite her holding them up in hopes of receiving a few splashes. Kelly finally let go of her tits to use her fingers and wipe the cum around her eyes.

Julian's cock was entirely depleted of cum when he squeezed the final drops out. They fell to the floor. Kelly reached for his shaft and guided it to her lips, sucking on the head lovingly before he pulled away. The last of Adrian's cum was a string that missed her face entirely and landed across her breasts. Kelly grabbed his cock and fed it between her lips, still eager to suck whatever small remainder of drops he may have had for her. She may have been exhausted and drenched in cum, but she still felt sexier than ever. This was definitely Miami, she thought to herself. Any time she came into this town, she ended up creating wild memories alongside unsuspecting men. No words were spoken as Kelly let go of Adrian's cock and sat there on her knees, allowing the two men to admire the mess they made on her face.

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Re: Definitely Miami Ch. 2 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2022, 07:31:35 PM »
Cade this is a super hot story. Hope u do a mff threesome with Kelly for this setting.
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Re: Definitely Miami Ch. 2 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2022, 11:44:20 AM »
I've been waiting a while for this and you absolutely did not disappoint. No one writes threesomes better than you. No one writes busty models better than you either!

Kelly is so headstrong and confident like she is going to eat these men alive. You imply that the guys had to work a strategy for her and experience paid off. I love these little kind of details. I'm wondering what comes next for her? Will Lori show up after all the talk about her? 5 stars, keep it coming.
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Re: Definitely Miami Ch. 2 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2022, 09:29:04 AM »
What a piece.. A damn sexy piece!!

I love reading about Kelly Brook. She's so good and sexy all the time no matter the storyline and this one is awesome too. It was super hot, this chapter n2 is superior, a notch above the stakes go up and from the moment Julian joins Adrian, it's off again for a round. This woman's appetite is insatiable, she really has energy and you can feel it in this fabulous story!
Excellent this threesome, the model Kelly takes it in all her holes and she still asks for more, what an incredible degree of power.. I liked Kelly's dirty talk, what a beautiful slut anyway she knows how to excite the men there's nothing to say lol

She once again uses her titanic big tits on these two men this time and what an expert tit fucker it's crazy, everything is crazy in this sequel. Incredible level of writing !
Thank you, thank you again !!
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Re: Definitely Miami Ch. 2 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2022, 09:14:16 AM »
Amazing story! Love it! This is so good and have found this inspirational in choosing what and who I should write about next. I just wish I was half the writer you are!
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Re: Definitely Miami Ch. 2 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #5 on: November 07, 2022, 06:23:37 PM »
Amazing story! Love it! This is so good and have found this inspirational in choosing what and who I should write about next. I just wish I was half the writer you are!

Wow, that's huge thanks. It always makes me feel good when I can inspire someone else to write the women in my stories. I will be looking forward to your next work, and thank you again for the kind words!
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Re: Definitely Miami Ch. 2 (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #6 on: November 07, 2022, 11:45:02 PM »
Thanks for another chapter Cade.

Love seeing Kelly get rocked by two studs. She wanted it, she got it.
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