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Wet Deeds (Devin Brugman)
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Wet Deeds
Starring: Devin Brugman

Themes: Big Tits, Comedy

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story was written for Breadloaf. If you are interested in your own custom story like this, check out my Patreon

Miami, Florida

Clear blue skies were visible from beyond the beach shore. A deep blue color was cast across the shallow water, with small waves crashing over the muddy sand. Foot steps were visible in the sand until the water washed them away. Four small steps made a pattern as a golden retriever pranced through the sand. The dog's owner was not far behind, holding a loose leash attached to a red collar. A man and a woman walked by, sharing a laugh with one another as their voices were subtle. The morning breeze had faded away hours ago, and now the sun's strength was nearing its peak of the day. With clear skies and no chance of rain, the weather was ideal for spending the day outside. Whether the activities were done alone or in the company of another, it was just another afternoon at Hobie Beach.

Large trees offered shade away from the shore line. As time passed by, several waves crashed over the small beach subtly. The shallow waters extended further than other beaches in Miami. Few tourists knew of the existence of Hobie Beach and chose to spend their time making a long trip across the Rickenbacher causeway to locate it. Following the path of the causeway was Key Biscayne south. The white sands remained hidden to most. This was a beautiful secret for anyone that truly knew their way around Miami. Hobie Beach was never cluttered with large groups of people. The tourists had all of Miami Beach to themselves. Sometimes privacy was key, as that was something Devin Brugman had learned over the years.

Miami was not a city she knew like her hometown of Oakland. At thirty-one years of age, Devin had spent the majority of her life back home in California. She preferred to view herself as an entrepreneur, as opposed to a glamour model. In the past, she had come to Miami alongside her best friend, Natasha Oakley. Together, the two models had been running a successful online business for a decade now. This trip, however, was not to model anything for their 'A Bikini A Day' line. After a hard breakup with a boyfriend of four years, Devin needed some time to herself. It would have been easy to sit at home all by herself, but a trip away from Los Angeles would be a breath of fresh air. She arrived in Miami last week without saying a word to any of her friends, apart from Natasha.

Sharing a conversation with her best friend may have been a mistake. Natasha had informed Devin that she had some friends with 'business interests' in Miami. Devin knew the meaning of such choice words. Natasha claimed that she had heard 'from a friend of a friend' about a wet T-shirt contest ongoing in the city. The cash pay out was around five grand per model. A hefty paycheck that was almost too good to believe. With nothing better to do than go on sight-seeing tours, Devin made a bold decision two nights ago. 'Oh, what the hell, I might as well make some money while I'm here'. Natasha offered to call her friend, passing phone numbers until a man contacted Devin through a text message. He introduced himself as Damian Pierce before calling her for a short conversation. 

The event was arranged at Hobie Beach on a Wednesday afternoon. Damian spoke with a strong American accent, but Devin did not feel the need to ask him where he was from. He knew Natasha, and from that connection, he claimed to know of Devin. She was flattered that he was aware of her social media presence. Damian offered a cash payment up front, citing that all the other models were unknown names. Some had connections to a talent agency in town, while he claimed the others were merely amateurs. The name of the event had taken her by surprise but caused a thunderous laugh. Crude and to the point, Devin had to joke about trying to promote an event under the name of 'Big Wet Tits'. Damian did not sound embarrassed over the phone, nor was he offended that the event was likely not to draw many contestants.

She met Damian earlier before the trip. He insisted on meeting all the contestants at a nightclub across town. In her past trips, Devin had never visited any clubs outside South Beach. Her first impression of Damian was one she could not forget. He was a short man, slightly taller than her. With a clean shaved face, a gold necklace was visible beyond the white blazer jacket he wore. The gleaming jewelry matched with a gold Rolex watch as another piece to a suit she guessed had to cost at least a few hundred dollars. His hair was brown, matching his eyes. Beyond the fancy dark red shirt he wore under his jacket, Damian had a slim build. There was something about the way he dressed that reminded Devin of gangster films she had seen in passing. The man literally had an outfit today mimicking a style from Al Pacino in Scarface.

What kind of man pays by handing over a briefcase full of cash? It may have been a simple gesture, but Devin could not shake the feeling that he thought of himself as some kind of player. It was easy for her to believe that Damian ran all of his business from the club. Devin had hinted at this in a brief conversation, which made the man blush. She found herself thinking about that moment while marching knee deep in the water. Her long brunette hair was drenched from a short underwater dive. Water splashed around her voluptuous body as Devin stomped forward, feeling the wind blow a cold chill. Her natural D-cup breasts shook as the white T-shirt was drenched over it, revealing her nipples that poked through the fabric. Below, she wore a bikini thong raised high over her hips. In the distance, Damian stood close to a tree, taking up most of the shade it offered.

The other girls who had participated in this contest were moving out of the water with Devin. Only one man was there to be the judge. She was almost impressed with Damian for managing this entire event all by himself. But deep down, she knew there were other reasons he would handle something like this alone. From the way she seen it, Damian had to be losing some money by paying all the models up front and not making this a public event to be judged. It was almost as if he had arranged this entire ordeal for his own personal satisfaction. There he stood as judge and jury, watching the women step out of the water, but Devin could feel his focus shifting more towards herself. She stomped her feet in the sand, her large breasts shaking and jiggling around as the T-shirt clung to her wet skin. Curving her soft, pink lips into a full smile.

"Alright, alright! I think we might already have a winner!" 

Damian spoke up as he grinned at Devin. She laughed while still splashing around in the water.

"Are you sure about that, Damian? You look like you might be sweating in that fancy suit. Maybe you should take it off and go for a swim." 

Another girl laughed at her remark. Water trickled down her hips and legs when Devin stepped her feet through the wet sands. She was joined by a blonde-haired girl wearing a blue shirt. Behind Devin was a black model wearing a see-through pink shirt. Despite all the women gathering around him, Damian's focus was on Devin alone. He could not look into her eyes. Instead, his attention was fixated on her busty tits while he kept a goofy smirk across his face.

"See something you like?"

Devin teased him while another girl was heard loudly sighing. When she arrived, there were four other models on the beach. Damian paid for Uber service to escort all the contestants, but as time moved, some of them left. It was easy for Devin to understand. They all received their cash payment and did not take this event seriously. Devin had already taken her briefcase of cash and stashed it back in her hotel room in Downtown. She saw no reason to leave yet. Not with Damian's attention focused on her busty tits. Another woman stood next to her, planting her hands on her hips as the sunlight poured over her tanned skin. 

"So when are you gonna announce a winner? You told me the winner gets paid again." 

The black woman spoke up. Devin did not bother learning the names of any of the other contestants. She was not here to build friendships. On one hand, she had concerns that other models would recognize her and want to star in her A Bikini A Day photo sessions. That was a project she only trusted Natasha with, no outsiders. 

"Yeah, I did say something like that."

Damian's voice caught all of the girls' attention. He raised his left index finger before continuing on in his speech.

"But I also said, I'm only announcing the winner back at my club. If you think you won, you can come see me tonight at the Dance Palace." 

One model sighed while another rolled her eyes. Devin could feel the waves of water splashing against her legs as the other ladies made their complete exit from the water. Damian grinned at her. He lowered his left hand index finger, only to give Devin a thumbs up instead.

"Nice Brug Jugs!" 

Gazing back at him in surprise, Devin quickly responded in shock.


"You know what I'm talking about, babe." 

He winked after looking at her boobs a second time. Damian made it a point to refer to her breasts under a silly nickname. They were completely visible beyond the thin veil of her wet t-shirt. Before his big announcement, she was positive that she had won the contest anyway. Stepping closer to Damian, Devin spoke up. 

"I can easily guess what you're talking about. But did the... Brug Jugs win the contest?" 

Turning around to face her, Damian could not contain his goofy grin. Devin knew he was going to take yet another look at her breasts. When he did, she quirked her eyebrows up, giggling at him. He reacted by shaking his head at her.

"Come back to the club tonight and I'll let you know if you won. Just ask one of the bouncers for Damian, they all know me." 

As he walked away, Devin was joined by another model. Her long blonde hair was pinned up in a ponytail to prevent it from becoming wet. She had a similar body to Devin, a buxom chest barely hidden behind a red see-through shirt. Her breasts jiggled and shook with each step she made. 

"Such a loser. He'll throw five grand at you to tell you that you've got big hooker tits, then prays you're flattered enough to go back to the club for some quote on quote 'real fun' later." 

The woman held up her index fingers to put quotations around the end of her speech. Devin laughed, but she knew there had to be truth to this other woman's words. At the end of the beach was a set of towels that were waiting for the girls, as well as their cellphones and other belongings. What kind of man was willing to throw away five grand per woman for a fun little show? He must have been making good enough money to throw away like that. Or did he work at all? Maybe he came from a wealthy family, like Devin's past boyfriends. Then again, she could only make guesses without knowing the truth. The more she thought about Damian, the more Devin became curious to learn who he truly was. What secrets did he have hidden back in his club? 



After leaving the contest, Devin needed to take a trip back to her hotel and wash off. Luckily for her and the other models, Damian had arranged transport by calling Uber drivers and paying the bill himself. Back in her room, Devin decided to call her friend Natasha and see if she had any spare time to shoot the breeze, girl-to-girl. The hotel bathroom had a standard bathtub to go with a shower. Devin made proper use of it by arranging a bubble bath. She flexed her legs while sitting up and holding the phone up against her right ear. Natasha laughed loudly at the mention of his nickname for her boobs. 'Brug Jugs? Are we gonna put that on T-shirts and sell it too?'. Together, the two ladies shared a laugh before moving into a longer discussion regarding Damian. 

Natasha reassured her that he was 'legit', but in what? Devin pushed her to elaborate with such a choice word to describe him. That led Natasha to go into length, discussing how he was some kind of player in Miami with connections to a talent agency. One thing she said caught Devin's ear. Apparently, he knew the right people in town for scoring drug deals, or at least that was what Natasha was led to believe. She had heard 'from a friend of a friend', that he was more than just some playboy with a silly grin. Natasha pushed her to ask Damian for herself, if she was so interested in what kind of business he operated in. Devin teased, asking her friend in response if she had slept with him before. 'Hell no! I have a type and it ain't him!', It was amusing to hear such a strong reaction from Natasha. It was too easy to push her buttons. 

Devin hung up with her friend after thirty-eight minutes of discussion. She stepped out of the bath tub, determined to meet up with Damian for the night. The conversation with Natasha had only made her more curious with passing time. A man like him would expect the contestants to dress up for a potential date. Devin had an outfit that she expected to please him with. Everywhere she went, she kept this same one-piece, black strapless mini dress. A zipper in the back held it up, blending in with the silky fabric. Devin boldly assumed that with this outfit, Damian would be unable to resist the view of her 'Brug jugs' tucked into the tight dress. The view of her cleavage was the strong point of this outfit, but Devin planned to go a step further. Tonight was a reminder of why Devin brought a set of gold hoop earrings on trips like this.

Her outfit was complete with a pair of high heels. The classic 'fuck me pumps', as Natasha liked to call them. If Damian could play his cards right, maybe he would be able to see the bikini outfit underneath her black dress. If they hit it off tonight, Devin felt she could rock the man's world. She grabbed her black purse from the bedroom before heading out. Her first step was to call an Uber and arrange a trip to the Dance Palace club. The charge was only around thirty dollars, paid in cash. Miami felt different at night. The entire city was lit up in the darkness. Unlike earlier in the day, the exterior of the Dance Palace building was shining bright with pink neon lights. The sign featured two disco balls completing the 'a' letter in the club's name, hanging high on the side of the building. 

White concrete walls were visible outside the building, but Devin anticipated something fancier for the interior design. The front door was painted black, with two men in suits standing guard as the bouncers. With no one else in the way, Devin reached into her purse to flash her ID to the men. One nodded at her and opened the door like a gentleman. She thanked him, but was unable to ignore the glance from the other man, who was gazing directly into her cleavage. She had yet to step foot in the club and already, her 'Brug Jugs' were gaining attention. Smiling to herself, Devin stepped inside. She was surprised that loud music had not greeted her ears yet, but she only had to wait for a few seconds. Bass beats boomed in the distance. A small hallway connected to the entrance before opening up into the large building space. 

Black walls covered the interior, complete with silver lining and a glass cube wall in the distance. The music of choice sounded like old hits from the eighties, evident from the old reverb bass and snare drums. Or maybe it was modern music with a retro flavor. Music was the least of Devin's concern as she noticed a bar on the left side of the building, currently occupied with several people sitting down at stools. A walkway followed by a checkered floor pattern led to the dance floor on the right side. Across the room, close to the bar, she noticed a spiraling staircase made of sleek metal. It matched the hand rail in its shiny appearance. Behind the staircase was another glass cube wall. Rays of yellow and green colors reflected across the glass. The staircase led to a white door with a diamond cutout window to peek in. 

Devin was not sure where to look for Damian. That staircase leading to a fancy door was her first guess, but how could she approach it? The more she considered, the more she figured that door had to lead to some V.I.P. section of the club and likely where Damian resided. One thing she could not quite figure out was how small the dance floor appeared to be. The club appeared to be much larger in scale from observing the building outside. Glancing around the club, Devin searched for a security guard. She remembered Damian mentioning that if any girls did arrive at the club, to just find someone and ask for him. It was a wild guess that he was referring to security. Devin was going to act on the belief that Damian, or someone he associated himself with, owned the club. Turning around, she noticed a man standing in a black T-shirt with the club's logo printed on the front.

"Hi there! Excuse me, I'm looking for Damian. Do you know him?" 

The man stood tall with a muscular build. Devin noticed his leering blue eyes gazing down at her cleavage for a moment before he had a chance to respond. Perhaps he was distracted at the sight of her 'Brug Jugs', she thought. This man had slicked back blonde hair and a big black mustache, but that hair could not hide the grin on his face. Devin spoke again, making sure she had his complete attention. 

"I'm one of the models from his wet t-shirt contest. He told all of us he was waiting until tonight to announce the winner." 

He raised his left hand and twitched a finger towards the staircase she was previously looking at.

"That door up there will take you to Mr. Damion. Just make sure you tell 'em when they open up." 

After his speech, he stepped aside from her. Devin turned around and decided to march her way up the staircase. Her right hand gripped the rail, feeling the cold steel. Her heels stomped loudly across each step as her purse dangled from her right shoulder. Devin raised her right hand and knocked three times. She stepped back and clutched her purse as the door opened after a few seconds. A tall man stood in front of her, wearing a pink button-up shirt, revealing a gold necklace and sporting slicked-back brown hair to go with his Florida tan. 

"Hi! I'm looking for Damian? I'm one of his wet t-shirt models."

The man curved his lips into a smile and stepped aside, allowing her entry through the door. 

"He's in here, take the path on the left." 

The entry led to a narrow white hallway. Inside, Devin could hear a different style of bass beats in the music. Something more oriented around the Hip Hop music she was familiar with back home. The white walls had faded into a dark red color by the time Devin reached the end of the hall. Inside, she walked into what appeared to be a club within the club. Outside the V.I.P. room, the club appeared to be small, and this explained why. Red carpet covered the floor as there was no walkway between the small round tables scattered on the floor. On the right side of the room, Devin could see something of a mini-stage with three stripper poles. The stage was currently occupied by two nude dancers, shoving their buttocks against one another with the pole in between. 

Several men stood around the room, all of them dressed similarly in slacks and button-up shirts. The hot air inside had probably made them take off their fancy suit jackets. Whatever the business of the other men, Devin had no care. She came to see Damian and that was it, though she found herself intrigued by this environment. It was almost like stepping into another world. This was the domain he chose to surround himself with, leaving little to the imagination of what kind of business Damian did. As she began to walk again, laughter broke out from two men across the room who were sharing drinks and watching the dancers. Devin noticed Damian sitting across the room in a fancy booth style table with black cushion padding behind him. He sat alone. His table appeared to have several papers scattered and an empty drinking glass.

"Hey there!" 

Devin called out to him as she strutted her hips, stepping closer. Damian had removed his jacket, still wearing that same button-up red shirt from earlier in the day. He smiled and stood up from where he was sitting. 

"Hey Devin, I wasn't expecting to see you again." 

Stepping closer, he offered his hand for her to shake. Devin simply laughed at this gesture.

"You look surprised to see me! Did any of the other girls come up to see who won the contest?" 

"Actually, no." 

He looked back at her in shock, then tried to laugh it off. Devin grinned, seeing the chance to tease him now. 

"I guess I'm the first, huh?"

"Yeah, believe it or not. The girls never come back after the show. I guess they figure the winner's bag won't be much from what they've already earned in entry." 

"You mean the winner's briefcase? That's what you gave me earlier." 

Damian shook his head.

"No, I give out a bag to the winner. You must think you won since you're the only one to show up." 

"Well, I am the only one who got a nickname for her boobs."

The struggle had already begun with Damien trying to keep eye contact with Devin. She had already caught him trying to glance down at her cleavage, so the time had come to turn up the heat. He blushed, quickly grinning and then glancing away. This man was too easy, Devin thought to herself. 

"Can I get you a drink or something?"

"Sure, if you've got any wine." 

Her eyes leered back at him as Devin continued on.

"Just don't think you're gonna get me up on a stage dancing naked like that right there." 

She turned and softly pointed her right-hand thumb at the pole dancers on the other side of the room. This was a test to see Damian's expression. He shook his head, letting out a sigh.

"Oh... That's Adrian and his girls." 

The look of disgust on his face told Devin that he likely had some problems with the other man he mentioned. Was it a rivalry of some sort or risky business? So many questions lingered in her mind as Devin found herself to be a quiet observer of his inner-world. 

"You're too classy to be put on a stage like that. Wait here and I'll get us some wine. Does it need to be vintage?" 

Devin shook her head at him. 

"No, I'm not picky as long as you have some ice."

"I'm just asking cause I've got some bottles dating back to the nineteen-fifties if you want to open something special." 

His smile was as if he were quietly asking for her to trust him. After a few seconds of thinking, Devin gave in with a nod.

"Sure, why not? If you've got a bottle from nineteen-ninety, then I might be your drinking girl tonight."

With a laugh, Damian walked off. 

"Don't worry, I'll find something good. Just wait here. Feel free to have a seat, no one's gonna bother you." 

As he walked away, Devin took a moment to glance around the room again. She sat down on the far right side edge of the booth and then noticed the high ceiling fans turning at a slow pace. The scent of cigarette or cigar smoke was faint in the distance through the laughter of the other men. As she sat there, no one approached Devin. Damian seemed to have this space all to himself in the V.I.P. club. He returned with two goblets in his left hand and his right hand clutching the bottle of wine.

"Couldn't find the year you wanted, had to settle on nineteen-seventy-seven." 

She grinned, reaching out to help him by taking the bottle.

"That's fine by me. This bottle is older than both of us." 

"Yes it is." 

Damian laughed as he set each glass down.

"I forgot ice, hold on just a moment." 

Devin shook her head.

"No, don't worry about it. Do I get to open the bottle?" 

With a grin, he nodded his head before glancing down at her cleavage. There were those wandering eyes Devin was beginning to miss. She giggled and then shook the bottle, knowing that it would cause her breasts to jiggle around in the dress.

"Go ahead, unscrew the top." 

The cork was already loose. Devin watched his eyes glance down, viewing the action of her shaking breasts as she then popped the top. To further tease him, she moved the cork up to her nose.

"I didn't think you were a cork sniffer." 

"I'm not." 

She dropped the cork down to her cleavage, feeling the dry wooden piece roll between her tits. His eyes followed it as she could have predicted. With his eyes focused on her 'Brug Jugs', Devin poured the wine into the first glass. Then she poured it into the second before finally grabbing the cork and placing it back on the top. Damian did not utter a word as he grabbed his glass, following after hers.

"To the winner of today's contest." 

He raised his glass after citing a toast. Devin giggled as she moved her glass up against his. 

"Is that me or is that my... Brug Jugs?" 

"Uhhh, I think you know you won." 

God, he was too easy, Devin thought to herself. Once again, Damian was blushing. When he was face-to-face with her, no matter how hard he tried to portray himself as some big-time player, he couldn't keep his emotions in check. Together, they sipped from their glasses. Devin swallowed the remainder after a second sip and then set her glass down.

"Want a refill." 


Damian was quick to refill her glass. He had yet to finish his first cup while Devin was swallowing half of her own glass. The wine tasted as sweet as honey, regardless of her insistence on ice early on. Damian spoke up again.

"You'll have to give me some time to get the money together for you. You see, no girls ever come back from my contests, so I've never given out a winner's bag." 

Devin licked her lips and then shook her head.

"I'm not worried about that. I just needed an excuse to come up and see you again. Do you have someplace we can go for some privacy?" 

An almost loaded question was sure to grab his attention. She wanted to see the shocked expression across his face, and Damian did not disappoint. He needed a moment before he could properly respond in words.

"Uh yeah, sure."

Forgetting about the drinks, Damian stepped away and guided Devin out of the main room and down another hall. This one had dim lights and black walls with doors on both sides. Damian turned to make sure no one else was in the hall besides them when he opened a door on the left side. 

"What's the matter? Worried someone is watching us?" 

He shook his head at her question.

"No, I just don't want us to be bothered right now." 

She grinned, stepping into the room with him. The walls were black, with a mirror across the room and dim neon lights hanging from both sides. Devin's first impression was that this seemed like a private room for a strip club. There was a couch sitting against the wall with enough space to contain at least five people. An oval-shaped black fancy rug was sitting in front of it. Across from the couch was a large television hanging on the wall. On the left side was a wooden table, filled with empty bottles of wine and other alcoholic beverages. Devin turned around, gazing back at Damian as he shut the door.

"Did you lock it?" 

"No, but thanks for reminding me." 

"We don't want anyone barging in on us, do we?" 

Once again, her words made him blush. Devin stepped closer as his right hand pushed the button on the gold door knob to lock it. There was no need to stall time on this. She wanted him and whether he would admit it in words or not, Devin knew he had the same desire for her body. Maybe a quick one-night stand far away from home was needed to recharge herself for work. Her decision was already made before she made it this far, and Devin knew she had no desire to back down now. She gazed back into Damian's eyes and raised the question.

"Look, you know I'm not here just to waste your time, and I know you didn't call my boobs 'Brug Jugs' for nothing." 

He began to laugh, blushing again. Devin continued.

"I don't need a bag of money for winning some silly contest. I'll do you one better, by giving you something to brag to your friends about." 

With no more words needed, Devin pushed her lips against his for a passionate kiss. Her busty chest brushed against his as she now felt his warm hands wrapping around her body. She closed her eyes, embracing this moment as her tongue drove into his mouth, dancing against his. Damian responded by kissing her back with an equal fury of lust. Within seconds, they were trading kisses back and forth. Devin shoved him against the door, just to establish how badly she desired him. Damian moaned into her mouth and then stepped forward as the kisses finally came to an end. He took a deep breath, gazing back into her eyes and then glancing down at her appropriately nicknamed 'Brug Jugs'. The time had finally come for him to witness them soon. 

"You like my boobs, Damian? Oops, excuse me, I mean my Brug Jugs!" 

Grinning back at him after uttering those words, Devin reached her hands back to find the zipper on her dress. She quickly slid it down, causing the zipping noise to be audible through the silence. Damian stepped a bit closer to her as he began to take his shoes off, pulling them off quietly. Devin got a better idea when she noticed that and saw his white socks on his feet. She pointed over at the couch with her right hand.

"Why don't you have a seat over there. Sit down and you can watch me strip." 

Damian chuckled.

"I told you that you were better than that, babe. You're not a-"

Devin cut him off, speaking over him.

"I'm not a stripper! This is for your eyes only, Damian, and no one else." 

She winked at him while watching him sit down in the middle of the large black couch. All attention was now focused on her, precisely how she wanted his eyes glued on her figure as she slid the dress down and revealed her bikini-clad voluptuous body for the second time today. Only now her body was not hidden behind the veil of a wet t-shirt. Devin wore a bright yellow thong piece and a matching bra. She had to make matters work by tying the strings tightly behind her back, so as to not reveal any shoulder straps in the dress. This caused the bra to look as if it were about to explode and unleash her natural D-cup breasts. The inked writing tattoo on her left side was briefly visible in this pose, along with the black heart outline art under her right hand. Damian softly smiled as she planted her hands on her hips.

"There's the winner of today's show."

Laughing at his words, Devin saw this as the perfect time to finally free her boobs. She reached back and untied the yellow bikini top, at long last letting them loose as they flopped free from that top. The yellow piece of clothing dropped to the floor as Damian's eyes widened at the sight of her breasts. 

"No, here's the real winner! The Brug Jugs!" 

Still giggling, she made her breasts jiggle and bounce around left and right. Devin then grinned at Damian as she plopped her thick ass down on his lap. She could already feel his growing cock beneath her, but her focus was on shoving his head between her boobs. 

"Come on! Motorboat 'em!" 

Moving her hands to the back of his head, Devin guided his face between her boobs. Her tits slapped against his cheeks and then Damian began to shake his head while slobbering loudly. As he followed her request, Devin rewarded him by rolling her hips and grinding her ass down over his crotch. Damian moaned while caressing her tanned body with his fingertips. When his hands finally made it to her breasts, he pressed his palms against her firm skin. She moaned at the feeling of his touch. Her nipples hardened, poking into his palms before he raised her left tit to his lips. Damian's eyes glared up at her face as he hungrily sucked on her nipple. Devin moaned, feeling herself becoming more wet between her thighs. She placed her right hand over his head, stroking his hair as he sucked her boob. 

Exhaling her breath, she felt a sudden urge to use one of her hands to pleasure herself. With all this focus on her breasts, Devin was sure to put her booty to work now, if not later. She rolled her hips, grinding down into his crotch to feel his cock rubbing between her ass cheeks. Damian slobbered loudly on her left tit before pulling away. A strand of drool dripped off her boob, falling to his shirt when he squeezed her right breast. His lips were planted over her nipple, sucking it in as he fondled and massaged her breasts with both hands. Devin moaned softly, still grinding her hips to feel his cock below. It was begging for attention. His love pole would not have to wait for long. She closed her eyes and continued to grind until he stopped sucking her nipple.

"Oh my god, these boobs are fucking perfect. They're so big and soft." 

As Devin re-opened her eyes, she noticed the flabbergasted look across his silly face. She grinned and began to rise up, pulling away from him until she was standing in her heels again. Swaying her hips left and right, Devin began to turn around while touching her body.

"Allow me to finish stripping before we get your pants off."

While she was not a skilled dancer, Devin knew how to at least bump and grind. She carefully turned around, revealing her plump booty to him. The thong piece was tucked down the middle, but not for long. As she bent over, Devin began to untie the strings of her bikini piece. It fell to the floor as the final article of clothing to cover her body. She kept her high heels on, seeing no reason to take them off. Damian's eyes scanned across her nude body, admiring every curve as she continued to move. 

"Oh man, look at that booty. Can you twerk, Devin?" 

"Yes I can, mister!" 

Planting her hands down onto her knees, Devin spread her legs slightly and then began to roll her hips. Damian focused on watching her thick ass cheeks clap together in a steady rhythm. He unbuttoned his shirt while watching this twerk show, pulling the buttons one-by-one until he could toss the shirt to the floor. Devin continued to roll her hips, moving at a faster pace now.

"Holy shit, look at that!" 

Clap. Clap. Clap. Those firm phat cheeks smacked together now at a faster pace until Devin stopped. She remained bent over, giving him a complete view of her booty before she got up again. As Devin turned around, she moved her hands over her breasts, hiding them from him. She wanted to see his eyes glance down at her pink folds while noticing that he had become shirtless. Damian could see the folds glistening in the wetness, without a single strip of hair around her womanhood. His erect cock was poking upward in the front of his white pants, desperate to be freed from its clothed prison. Devin grinned as she noticed the light hair on his skinny chest. Like her, Damian's skin was also tanned, but not as dark. She thought of teasing him about that fact, but instead she fell down to her knees and began to crawl forward.

"So you got to see my Brug Jugs, now it's time I get to see your cock." 

Damien chuckled at her words. Devin sat up once she found the place between his legs and raised her hands. With no belt to worry about, she was able to use both hands to pull apart the front button of his pants.

"I hate to inform you that I don't have a nickname for my dick." 

Her big brown eyes gazed up at his face as Devin grinned at him. She was thinking of something to say, but Devin was unsure as she slowly slid the zipper down. The noise was audible along with his exhaling breath. 

"No need to worry about that. I know it's gonna be nice and big." 

Licking her lips, Devin used both hands to shove his pants down and reveal his pair of white briefs containing the shaft that awaited her.

"How cute is this? A nice pair of tighty whities underneath that fancy suit."

Devin laughed loudly, causing Damian to blush. He tried to contain himself, but the cheeky grin on his face could not be held back. She grabbed the blue elastic band of his underwear and tugged it until his erect dick flopped freely into sight. Devin grinned, flashing her pearly white teeth as she pushed his underwear down along with his pants. They slipped beyond his knees and fell to the floor below. Devin glared at his eyes as she gripped his cock with her right hand and began to slowly stroke it.

"I can't believe we're doing this right now." 

Damian's words caused Devin to stop. Her hand gripped the base of his shaft, slowly squeezing it. 

"Am I gonna have to suck you off to get you to believe this is real, Damien?" 

She finished her speech with a giggle. That was enough to get a full grin across his silly face. Devin moaned and then flicked her tongue across the head of his cock. She twirled her tongue around it before slipping the head between her lips. Damian let out a loud moan.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah!" 

He threw his head back, exhaling a deep breath as Devin treated herself to his fat dick. Taking her time, she sucked the first few inches while moving her left hand to his hairy ball sack. She gave his nuts a hard squeeze, all to bring his leering eyes back to her face. It was this eye contact that Devin desired while sucking him off. As long as Damian was gazing back into her deep brown hues, she eagerly bobbed her head up and down.

"Oh my god, that's so good."

Damian spoke up again as she continued to suck him. Her big gold hoop earrings bounced with the movement of her head. 'Mmmm, mmmmmm', muffled moans were audible as Devin carried on, still bobbing her head up and down before pulling her lips to the head. A popping sound echoed through the room when she pulled her lips away.

"You've got to give me some time to warm up. I'm just getting started." 

Devin licked her lips after uttering her speech. She began to wank his cock. Her hand pushed up and down as Damian replied.

"Just getting started? What do you mean by that?" 

Such a ridiculous question on first thought, but she could humor him in some dirty talk while jerking his shaft.

"Don't worry, I've got plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make you wanna fuck me all night long." 

Her voice was low and seductive. Devin pumped her hand faster by the end of her speech, only coming to a complete stop to push her hand down to the base, ready for another round of sucking. Deep down, she knew this experience had to be a dream come true for him. She may not have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, but Damian knew of her fame online. It was easy for her to imagine him bragging about this night to his friends in the future. Those thoughts remained at the center of her mind as she resumed sucking his dick. As she began bobbing her head up and down, Devin pressed both her hands down into his legs as she began to suck his long shaft faster.

He cried out in pleasure at her oral skills. Devin closed her eyes, concentrating as she continued to suck. Slobbery noises became more audible with each passing second. She pushed his shaft deeper, her nose meeting with a few long strands of his pubic hair. When Devin opened her eyes again, her focus was directly on Damian's face. He took a deep breath, his eyes never leaving her as he sat back and enjoyed this pleasure. Devin had the man right where she wanted him. So far, she had ignored his ball sack, but that was about to change. She hoped that he would not blow his load too soon from her deepthroat skills, but it was a risk she was willing to take now. With her eyes locked on Damian, she slowly pushed his cock all the way down until she felt the head hit the back of her throat.

"Ohhhhhh man." 

Clenching his teeth together in a grunt of pleasure at this feeling. From that expression on his face, Devin knew he was hanging on to dear life to not cum this early. That was fine by her. Devin was confident in her gag reflexes that she could maintain this position. She pressed her hands into his legs once more, this time extending the tip of her tongue to lick his balls.

"You're pretty kinky." 

His words were uttered between loud moans. From where he was sitting, Damian could not see what she was doing, but he certainly felt it. The tip of her tongue wiggled on his ball sack, all while his cock was shoved to the back of her throat. Devin eventually stopped and pulled her lips back to the crown. Before finally releasing his cock from her lips, she wrapped her right hand fingers around the pole. A few saliva strings dangled from her open mouth back to his shiny, drool-covered cock. They broke away when Devin used her left hand to reach down for something. She leaned up and then brought her big breasts up to play. 

"You can't tell me you haven't been looking forward to this." 

She finally let go of his cock when she needed both hands to push over her big tits, trapping his pole between them. Damian's eyes became enlarged as he gasped for breath.

"Oh man! I love those titties so much!" 

Giggling at him, Devin smirked while squeezing her boobs around his thick shaft. 

"Don't you mean Brug Jugs? Tell me you love my Brug Jugs!" 

"Yes, your Brug Jugs, sorry! I love 'em, you know that already!" 

Devin laughed loudly at his words. Her breasts easily smothered his shaft with only the head poking up. She knew he loved these tits from the sole fact that he gave them a nickname. With a soft moan, she began to pump her breasts up and down. 

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh god!" 

Damian gasped and moaned as she fucked his cock with her tits. He watched the entire length of his shaft disappear between her tits and then the head poking up with each thrust. 

"You like that, Damian? You like how my Brug Jugs feel wrapped around your cock?" 

"It feels so fucking good!" 

His reply prompted her to moan. Devin never glanced away from his face as she continued to pump her breasts up and down. 

"Yes it does! I love having a big cock between my Brug Jugs!" 

Devin was unable to control her laughter after her response. She continued to work her breasts up and down as Damian sat there and watched. It did not bother her that he could not look into her eyes. All the focus was on her breasts at this moment. 

"Ohhhhhh yeah! Mmmmmmmmm yeah!! I bet you've been thinking about this all day!" 

She bit her lower lip and purred soft moans. Devin was not done talking dirty with him yet, as she was still working her tits up and down his cock.

"Don't lie to me, Damian. This is what you left thinking about when you gave me that big thumbs up over my Brug Jugs!" 

He raised both hands, giving her a double thumbs-up in response. Devin gave a full grin, flashing her pearly white teeth as she was now pumping her breasts harder and faster. 

"Oh, fuck yes! That's what your Brug Jugs were made for!" 

"Damn right they were!" 

After another wink, Devin finally broke eye contact with Damian. She lowered her head to watch the head of his cock pump up. She halted her movements, just to see if he would begin thrusting between her tits out of reaction. Damian did not disappoint, as he began to buck his hips and continue driving his cock upward. Devin flicked her tongue across the head each time it poked up. 

"God, I could fuck these titties all night long!" 

For once, she was not going to correct his speech. Devin was focusing all her efforts on licking his cock each time it pumped up. After enough licks, Devin parted her lips. The head of his dick slipped between her lips and then back out with each pump to create a series of popping sounds. Pop. Pop. Pop. The lustful noises echoed in the room before Devin leaned her head back up. She grinned at Damian as he began to slow down. That gave her the chance to resume control, thrusting her tits up and down his shaft a few more times before coming to a complete halt. 

"I'm glad you love my Brug Jugs, Damian." 

Finally letting go of her breasts to free his cock, Devin pushed her hands down on his legs to help raise herself up from the floor. She moved her face closer to his, soon locking lips for another series of passionate kisses. Damian moaned into her mouth before she pulled away. With a smirk across her face, Devin quirked her eyebrows up. He was expecting her to utter some words teasing him, but instead the buxom model turned around. 

"I think you've had enough fun with the Brug Jugs so far tonight. I hope you're in the mood for some fucking now." 

Giggling at her words, Devin whipped her long brunette hair to glance across her right shoulder. She flashed a smile, winking at Damian as she fell to her knees again. Only this time, she was pressing her palms into the rug on the floor to keep herself balanced on all fours. Damian stood up from the couch, gazing down at her thick rump. He smirked while observing that fine ass. Devin saw a new opportunity to tease him with her booty. She rolled her hips and began to twerk for a second time tonight. Damian responded by playfully slapping her bum with his right hand.

"Mmmmmm, you like my ass, Damian?" 

"Yes I do, babe." 

"I think your cock would like it too." 

That was all she had to tell the man to get her point across. Closing her eyes, Devin bit her lower lip, anticipating the moment she felt his cock pushing into her dark little hole. She did not have to wait long. After she stopped twerking, Damian slid his lengthy pole up the crack of her booty.

"Mmmmmmmmm, you know what I want." 

Devin was not done teasing him with her filthy words. As Damian thrust his cock between her ass cheeks, she began to roll her hips again. Now she was twerking on his dick, causing his pole to rub up and down between her plump cheeks.

"Oh man, that's beautiful."

"It sure feels good. I can't wait to feel this cock shoved up my ass." 

Damian stood there and watched her ass continue to twerk on his dick. Devin did not stop until a few more seconds passed. She felt his left hand touch the small of her back, and then he used his dominant hand to guide his cock to her dark little hole. Slow and steady, Damian took his time, but Devin let out a sigh of relief when she felt it push in.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah, that's it. Right there." 

Biting her lower lip again, Devin braced herself for a hard pounding. From the way he fucked her tits, she figured Damian would have what it took to make her scream. He thrust slowly. As she felt more of his cock pump into her tight hole, Devin moaned.

"God, this ass is tight." 

"Ohhhhh, did you expect anything less?" 

"No, I knew this booty was gonna feel good." 

If not for the feeling of pleasure at this moment, Devin would've laughed at his words. Damian gripped her hips and then took another thrust. He saw the length of his shaft vanish into her ass, only to reappear when he thrust back.

"Mmmmm, that's it, that's it. Come on and fuck my ass, Damian. You know you want to!" 

Her words had enough effect on him to make Damian thrust harder. He groaned as he began to find a rhythm in bucking his hips.

"God, this feels incredible!" 

Devin opened her eyes and gazed forward as she felt his shaft pump in and out of her ass. She bit her lower lip, moaning as her breasts began to shake and bounce underneath. Damian moved his right hand to grip her ass cheek, squeezing it hard. At the same time, Devin felt a burning twitch between her thighs. All this time, she had been avoiding touching herself. After all this ass fucking fun, she was going to need Damian's cock inside her womanhood. 

"Fuck my ass! Yes! Yes!!" 

Screaming out to him, she felt her hair begin to sway around. The gold hoops dangled and shook from her ears as her breasts were now bouncing and wobbling left and right from beneath her. Devin curled her toes up inside her heels and then moved her left hand. She could not resist the urge anymore and had to touch her clit. She rubbed it with her middle finger, then slipping her index finger between her pink folds to begin pleasuring herself. Damian pulled his right hand back and spanked her ass while yelling.

"Ohhhhh man! This booty is fucking perfect!!" 

Smack. Smack. Smack. That was the sound of his balls smacking against the undersides of her thick ass. Damian shifted his grip to her hips, still pounding her ass with his hard cock. Devin had slipped her fingers further into her moist pussy, now furiously fingering herself. This pleasure was blissful, but she needed his cock inside her other hole. She pushed her hand back into the floor before finally looking at him from across her right shoulder.

"Damian! I need you! I need you to fuck me so bad right now!" 

He responded by spanking her ass with his right hand again. Devin whimpered at him as he came to a halt.

"You need it?" 

Nodding her head, she whispered to him.

"I need it bad. Fuck me, Damian." 

Her words were enough to make him carefully pull his cock out of her ass. Devin bit her lower lip, purring a series of moans as Damian began to tease her with his shaft. He brushed the head against her pink folds, teasing her as he rubbed it up and down.

"You ready for this, babe?" 

"I've been ready. Come on and fuck me, Damian! Make me scream your name!" 

With a laugh, he replied. 

"Scream it all you want, but we're not at my apartment, so you ain't waking any neighbors up." 

Whether he was trying to or not, Damian found a way to make her laugh. Devin's giggling shifted into soft moans as he slowly pushed his cock into her pussy. Taking a deep breath, she muttered to him.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah."

Closing her eyes, she spoke again.

"Fuck me, Damian. Fuck me nice and hard." 

She felt the palm of one of his hands pressing down on her back. Damian exhaled his breath and then began to thrust nice and slowly. 

"Give it to me, Damian!" 

Devin was slightly impatient, but he could not figure how long she had been waiting for this moment. Taking a deep breath, she purred soft moans as he began to buck his hips and drive his cock into her pussy. She closed her eyes, feeling her mighty breasts bounce and shake around. 

"Ohhhhh man, you're so tight, babe!" 

An obvious statement not worth replying to. Devin gasped for breath and continued to moan. She raked her fingernails into the carpet rug as he found his rhythm, driving his cock into her juicy pussy again and again with each thrust. Damian leaned forward and caressed her skin with his strong hands. Devin could easily guess where he was bringing them as she shut her eyes again. She did not have to wait long to feel him gripping her breasts and squeezing them as he continued to thrust. 

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah! That's it!!" 

Biting her lower lip again, Devin purred louder than before. She felt his hands squeezing her breasts harder as Damian breathed down the right side of her neck. Too much hair was in the way for him to press his lips onto her skin. All that mattered to her was that his cock was still pumping in and out of her pussy.

"Keep going, keep going." 

As she whispered, Damian began to slow himself down. That was fine by Devin, just so long as he did not entirely stop. His hands squeezed her breasts again, slipping her nipples between his fingers, and then he finally pushed his lips against her neck. Devin moaned as she felt his breath blowing down the side of her neck. Damian unexpectedly resumed thrusting, quickening his pace as he rediscovered his previous rhythm.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh yeah. That's it, Damian. Just like that, mmmmmm."

Still feeling his breath blowing down her neck, Devin felt she could reach her climax soon. His hands were still squeezing her breasts as Damian thrust harder and faster. Devin opened her eyes and began to cry out in pleasure.

"Ohhhhh, don't stop! Don't stop!! Keep going, I'm almost there!!" 

Damian's hands finally let go of her breasts, freeing them to swing and shake around as he continued to thrust into her pussy. With each hard thrust, Devin panted and took deep breaths. She could only hold on for a short amount of time as she bent her elbows and lowered her body to the floor. The cold feeling of the rug brushing against her breasts was felt as she began to pant and moan. Damian knew she was about to reach that long awaited moment, so he slowed down. With another hard thrust, he finally heard her scream.


Closing her eyes again, Devin felt her legs beginning to shake as the blissful feeling coursed through her body. Damian moaned as he felt the warmth of her pussy and gushing juices flooding his shaft inside her. He stepped back and quickly pulled his cock out of her pussy before standing up straight. The last thing he wanted, was to blow his load inside of her. His quick action resulted in spurts of her love nectar leaking onto the rug below. Devin nearly collapsed onto the floor, still moaning aloud as she attempted to catch her breath. 

"Oh my god... you... you have no idea how badly I needed that." 

She called out to him while rolling onto her back, still on the floor. For a moment, Devin gazed up at the dark ceiling. Her left heel became loose and now lay on the floor to reveal her left foot. Damian saw the bird tattoo on her foot, a tattoo he had not paid attention to before. He towered over her, casting a shadow across her body. Devin finally caught her breath and moved her hands to her breasts. She was not going to miss a chance to tease him with her tits, or Brug Jugs, as he preferred to call them. Damian gripped his cock, squeezing it as a few drops of her juices fell to the floor. Grinning up at him, she pressed her breasts together, massaging them as she spoke up. 

"You didn't cum inside me. For a moment there, I thought you were going to." 

"I almost did." 

"Why don't you fuck my Brug Jugs one last time and then you can give me that load." 

Damian quickly moved to sit on her stomach as Devin began to laugh, teasing him with her seductive voice.

"That got you moving fast!" 

"I can't say no to fucking those tits again!" 

"Brug Jugs!" 

Devin corrected him as she laughed and held her breasts apart. The smile across her face was one of relief. She knew he would not say no to another chance to fuck her tits. There was no better way to finish the man in her mind. To receive a sticky pearl necklace or a face full of cum, either way, Devin was going to use her tits to make him explode. Damian wasted no time in sliding his shaft into the small trench between her boobs. From the moment she pushed her tits around his cock, Damien began to thrust.

"Mmmmmmmmm, yeah... That's it, fuck my Brug Jugs..." 

She called out to him in a low voice. Devin moaned at the feeling of his cock pumping between her breasts, inch by inch. Damian's face was already scrunching up. That was the only thing she needed to witness to know he was struggling to contain himself. Devin glanced away from his face to gaze down at his cock pumping between her tits. From this position, it was much easier for Devin to lick the head. After the first lick, Damian thrust faster. She continued to lick it with a few more thrusts and then gazed back up at his face. He was twitching with his face still scrunched up. All Devin could do was grin at him, preparing to give a dirty speech.

"You gonna cum for me, Damian? Do you got a big... hot... load for me?" 

"Yes! Oh God, yes!!" 

Damian groaned and began to pump his cock faster between her breasts. Devin had to adjust the grip of her right hand, but that was not going to prevent her from teasing him with more dirty talk.

"Oh yeah? Really? Are you gonna cum all over my face!?"


Those words had a clear effect on making him scream. Damian grunted and then came to a complete stop, pulling his cock out from between her tits. Devin quickly shut her eyes and smiled. As soon as he wrapped his fingers around his shaft, Damian groaned again. He only had to stroke once to force a thick string of cum to fly out. He watched almost in slow motion as the creamy rope splattered onto her forehead. Devin gasped at the warm feeling, calling out for more.

"That's it, yes! Cum on me! Cum all over me!" 

String after string of cum splattered onto her forehead, streaking into her hair and down her left eyebrow. Devin began to laugh at this feeling. So much time had passed since she last had a facial. 

"Take it all, Devin! Ohhhh God!! "

His words were spoken with groans and grunts. Damian wanked his shaft, forcing more spurts of cum that splashed onto her right cheek and dripped down her neck. After a short wait, Devin parted her lips, inviting him to cum in her mouth. He avoided her mouth entirely, squeezing his cock harder to force out another spurt of cum that fell down to her neck. Slowly opening her eyes, Devin blinked at him a few times before curving her lips into a wide grin. She could feel the cum dripping down her face as she leaned up.

"Oh god, that was real good. It's been a while since I had my face blasted like that." 

Damian grinned at her. He sighed in relief before responding to her words. 

"Well, what can I say? The Brug Jugs made me do it." 

Giggling at his response, Devin flashed her teeth.

"That's right, mister. Blame it on my boobs! You know you love 'em!" 

As she laughed, Damian began to blush. No matter how exhausted he looked, he could not stop smiling. Devin knew this was a man she would not forget for a proper one-night stand anytime soon. His sticky seed streamed down her face as Damian brought his attention back to her breasts. He squeezed his cock one last time to force out the last drops, watching them fall onto her right nipple. He rubbed the head of his shaft against her nipple as Devin watched. Their eyes met as he began to smear the small remainder of cum into her skin. Devin moaned and then swiped her left hand fingers across her face to collect a few drops and feed them into her mouth. Damian pushed his cock against her other nipple, giving it an equal rub as a final goodbye to the glorious Brug Jugs, all while she licked her fingertips clean. 

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Re: Wet Deeds (Devin Brugman)
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Waahhh!!! It is a great success in my eyes this splendid story with Devin Brugman!

This model is so sexy, you managed to create a completely crazy and unique story for her. It's really well written and well done in every way, what a visual image when we see Devin in a wet t-shirt with her nice big tits. She knows how to use them well, you have made good use of them. The ending is great, I love the power that emanates from it and I'm sure Damian is on cloud nine at the end of this story.
Thank you for this fabulous story !


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