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General Chat / Re: Extreme1's question of the night
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Football, writing, star wars audiobooks,
General Chat / Re: Extreme1's question of the night
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Here's your question for the night: Got any plans for the weekend?
I'm got some wrestling to watch and some stories to work on!
Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Paris Berelc
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Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Alexandra Daddario
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Celebrity Pictures & Gifs (Real) / Re: Sabrina Carpenter
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Actors & Actresses / Re: Alison Brie - Right Place, Right Time
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I don't know how I missed this story, but it was fantastic. One of the best I've read with Alison. Great work, Noj.
Sports Talk / Re: NBA 2022-23
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I am going to handle this carefully.  The Grizzlies, Heat and other NBA teams spoke out on 29-year-old Tyre Nichols’ death at the hands of five Memphis, Tenn., police officers, saying, “This is just crazy.”  Updates to come.

The Grizzlies lost to the Timberwolves, 111-100.
The Heat beat the Magic, 110-105.
Author Index / Re: MiamiLyfe Stories (Updated 1/27/22)
« Last post by MiamiLyfe on January 27, 2023, 10:39:31 PM »
I've been working on it on and off since like September, and now it is finally posted.

"Old Traditions With A New Friend" with Maia Mitchell - https://celebritystorysite.com/index.php?topic=4724.0

Actors & Actresses / "Old Traditions With A New Friend" with Maia Mitchell
« Last post by MiamiLyfe on January 27, 2023, 10:16:30 PM »
Old Traditions With A New Friend

Starring Maia Mitchell
Codes: MF, Oral, Public, Skinny Dipping, 
Written by MiamiLyfe
Disclaimer: The following is completely fictional and it is nothing but pure fantasy

It was a warm Friday night and it was the eve of my 10-year high school reunion, so that meant that a lot of old friends were in town in Corona Del Mar. Though rather than going out to meet some of them, I had five friends coming over to my house. It'd been years since we all were in the same place, and between the reunion and tonight being my birthday, it was the perfect excuse to all hang out at my house, just like we did in high school. Unlike everyone else, I still lived in our hometown. In part, because I work as a money manager, and there is a lot of money to manage in Orange County. But also because I moved back into my childhood home after my parents passed away in an accident. A fully paid-for 5-bedroom house right by the beach doesn't become available too often and it was too nice to just sell.

As the sun began to set, my friends began to arrive. First Rebecca, then Luke, then Jake, and Lauen. Now we were just waiting on Emma, who was driving down from LA after she finished work. All six of us grew up on the same block and had been friends since elementary school. While we all had other friends, we were a core of six, all of us were each other's best friends.
We were all hanging out in my living room, sharing a few drinks and laughing about some of our wild escapades in high school when the doorbell rang. With it being my house, I went to open the door for Emma.

"Hi Nicky," Emma shouted after I opened the door and she wrapped me in a big hug. The two of us, still living relatively close, had kept in contact the most since high school, usually meeting up at least once a month. "I brought a friend with mine from work," she informed me.

"Seriously Emma? This was just supposed to be the six of us."

"She just got through a breakup and could use a fun night," Emma said. She then leaned forward and said quietly into my ear, "I really don't think you'll mind too much."

I rolled my eyes as she said that. This was not the first time Emma had tried setting me up with one of her friends. While I had some good times with her friends, nothing ever lasted longer than a month. I was about to say something until I saw her friend walking up towards us. My jaw almost dropped when I saw her. It was no secret among our friend group that Maia Mitchell was one of my top celebrity crushes, ever since the gild forced me to watch Teen Beach Movie with them. So Emma thought it was hilarious when she got a job as a makeup artist for Good Trouble. She and Maia became friends while working with each other, and Emma liked to tease me about my crush. Emma would often send me selfies of the two of them or tell me the secrets Maia told her about her dating life. Now, Emma had gotten Maia to come to my house to hang out.

"Happy Birthday," Emma whispered into my ear before turning around to introduce Maia and me. Maia told me how she was happy to finally meet me after hearing so many stories about me from Emma. She also apologized for crashing our reunion. I did my best not to stumble over my words as I told her it was no big deal. I then let the two women inside and we introduced the Aussie actress to the rest of our friends.

We had a great time hanging out at my place for the next three hours. I ordered Chinese food from a local place we all ate from in high school or when we were up late during the summer when home from college. It was amazing how the food tasted the same way it did back then. Maia seemed the mesh with the group seamlessly, and she got a lot of good laughs from us reminiscing.
"So Nick, what else you got planned for us tonight?" Luke asked.

"Ahhh, I don't know I was just kind of winging it tonight. We could go out someplace, or I have some games we can play."

"I don't know, I've already had more to drink than I was planning," Lauren said.

"Yeah, and we're probably going to all be hammered tomorrow at the reunion," Rebecca added.

"We could always bring back another tradition," Jake said. "It is Nick's birthday after all."

"Aren't we a little old for that?" Luke asked.

"Yeah, I'm not too sure about that either," I replied.

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Emma said with a smile.

"Of course you'd be on board," I said. Emma had always been the wildest one in the group. "And also, it's not just us here tonight, is it?"
"Are you talking about me?" Maia interjected.

"Nick's right," Rebecca spoke up. "We can't drag Maia into this."

"Drag me into what? What's happening right now?" Maia asked, totally lost by the conversation.

"They are talking about going skinny dipping in the ocean," Rebecca informed her, "it was something we did on our birthdays. At midnight on our birthdays, we'd all sneak out of our homes, meet a the beach, and go skinny dipping."

"Oh fun," Maia said.

"It was fun when were in high school. But that we are grown up now," I said.

"Oh right, Nick. You're sooooo mature now," Emma teased.

"Come on Nick, you scared?" Luke asked.

"No, I just don't want anyone to feel pressured into doing anything they might not want to."

"I'll do it," Maia interjected. Everyone went silent and turned to her.

"You will?" Jake questioned her.

"Totally. It sounds like fun," Maia said. "It's been a while but I did it a bunch with friends growing up in Australia."

"Well, if Maia is in then we know Nicky is on board," Emma joked. Though she was right. If Maia was okay with going skinny dipping with me present, I was not going to turn down that chance. After a couple more minutes of discussion, we all decided to do it. Though it was still early, we agreed not to head down to the beach until after 11. So I brought out my Cards Against Humanity decks and we played that and drank a little more.

When it was late enough, I went upstairs and put a bunch of towels into a gym bag and we all headed out the back of my house. Exiting through the back fence, we then crossed the street and went down the stairs that led to the beach. Unfortunately for me, I was the last one going down the stairs, with Emma and Maia being the first two. Once they reached the bottom of the stairs, the two ran off toward the water. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs and my eyes had adjusted to the dark, the two ladies had already stripped off their clothes and were in the water. All a caught was a glimpse of Maia's butt before she dove into the water.
As we all reached the water's edge, we all stripped off our clothing and headed into the ocean. Thankfully, it was a semi-warm night in Southern California and the water was not too cold either. So it was quite comfortable being out there in the water. It was also dark enough so that while we could all see each other unless you were standing just a few feet from a person, you could not make out much more than a silhouette of the person's body.

While we all frolicked around in the Pacific Ocean for some time, I found myself standing next to Maia in knee-deep water. We were watching Jake, Luke, Emma, and Lauren play a game of chicken deeper in the ocean, while Rebecca played referee for their game. While It was dark, Maia was close enough to me that I could now get a decent look at her naked form in person. My eyes drifted up and down her body. I am sure she could sense me looking, but I could not help it. My god, she was incredible.
"So, any chance I can get a birthday kiss from you?" I asked, taking a shot in the dark. She gave me a look to see if I was serious or not.
"Oh, why not," she rolled her eyes as she said it. She then stepped closer to me and kissed me. But it was just a quick peck on the lip. I barely even felt her lips touch mine, before they pulled away.
"What was that?" I asked disappointed.

"A kiss."

"Please. When was the last time you kissed a person like that? When you were five?"

"Fine," she said. She again stepped towards me, and then placed a hand on my waist. She looked me straight in the eyes as she closed the distance between us, only closing her eyes once her head tilted to the side. This time, when she pressed her lips to mine, they lingered. I kissed her back. I was expecting her to pull away, but she didn't. Instead, she opened her mouth and snaked her tongue into mine. I then found out that I was wrong about every woman I had thought was a good kisser. They were all amateurs compared to Maia. She was an expert-level kisser. She took my breath away the way she kissed me, and it had nothing to do with her being a celeb crush of mine.

"Wow," I said in disbelief when she pulled away.

"I don't need to ask if you enjoyed that," she said. I looked at her, confused, and then I saw her eyes drop. I looked to see what she was looking at, and then realized I was sporting a massive erection. I had been concentrating on not getting aroused since the moment the actress agreed to go skinny dipping. But once she kissed me, I lost concentration and control. My erection was probably pressing against her by the time she pulled away. She then commented, "I guess I know why Emma calls you Nick the dick."

"Thanks, I think," I said embarrassed. "But actually that nickname kind is a slight reference to something else."

"Okay," she said, not quite understanding. "So any other group birthday traditions, I should be aware of?"

"Yes and no. Yes, there is another, but no I don't think you need to know about it," I told her.

"What's that?"

I then explained the evolution of our birthday traditions. How we first did the midnight swim on our birthdays the year we turned 13, and also that was the year we first did a birthday kiss at the stroke of midnight with the guys kissing the birthday girl and vice versa. I told her how the kisses started as a peck on the lips and then it devolved over the years into a purposely sloppy kiss with a lot of tongues. Then I went on to say how it was the year we turned 15 that we skinny-dipped on our birthdays. And finally, the year we turned 17, we all lost our virginities to one another on our birthdays. I told her how Rebecca and Jake lost their virginities on her birthday. Rebecca took mine on my birthday. I took both Emma's and Lauren's virginities on their birthdays. And Lauren took Luke's on his birthday. I went on to tell her how for the next couple of summers the birthday person always had sex with someone from the group that night.

"You didn't do it on the beach as a group did you?"

"No, no no. This all happened in a bedroom after we were at the beach."

"So was the sex just a birthday thing?"

"I mean there were also the occasion hookups throughout the year between each other as well. We were a bunch of teenagers who had just discovered sex, you really think we were going to just limit stuff to six nights a year? But it was cool. There was no jealousy. And even though we never made a big deal about it, we all knew whenever two people in the group had hooked up."

"You all are quite in the incestuous group of friends, aren't you? No sexual secrets between you all?"

"I mean no," I tried to say calmly.

"What was that look?" Maia exclaimed excitedly. I thought I could keep my poker face, but she had caught me.

"What look?" I tried to play it off.

"You have a secret! You have a secret you don't want some of your friends to know. Tell me. Come on, please tell me."
She had caught me. I did have a secret that I was keeping from Luke and Jake. I never planned on talking about it with anyone else other than those involved. But with Maia Mitchell standing naked 2 feet away from me, my defenses were down. She could have asked me for my bank account and social security numbers and I probably would have willingly given them to her. I looked back at my five friends and they were all still frolicking in the waves.

"Okay, but let's go sit on the beach, make sure they can't hear us," I said, and I led the way out of the water, and we took a seat in the sand, looking out at the water and my friends. Maia sat down close to me. I sat with my legs splayed out in front of me, making no attempt to hide my throbbing member. Meanwhile, Maia sat hugging her knees and covering her body so I could not see anything.

"So what is the secret?" So I told her about what happened the summer we all turned 21. That summer, Rebecca, Emma, Lauren, and I all came home after our junior years in college while Jake and Luke both living in New York for the summer to work internships. The four of us in Orange County agreed that we would not keep up our traditional birthday skinny dip without the others. But Rebecca used her legal I.D. to buy a ton of beer which got the four of us plenty drunk, and the next thing you know we were all naked and running through the ocean waves. At one point a big wave came and knocked Rebecca over and her tumbling body took me down as well. When we came to a rest, her body was laying on top of mine. We looked at each other for a few seconds before we began making out. When another big wave crashed and brought water rolling over us, we got up and moved up onto the beach. We started to kiss again, and before we knew it we were having sex on the beach. She was the first of us to climax. When she did, we noticed that Lauren and Emma were sitting on the beach just a few feet away, watching us having sex. Fueled by lust and booze, I got off of Rebecca and moved to Emma and started having sex with her right there in front of our friends, and then I switched over to Lauren. The three of us all had sex on the beach that night. And then for my birthday, we went down to the beach but only stayed for 15 minutes before we all went back to my bedroom and had a four-way in my bed. We did the same thing on Emma and Lauren's birthday. And when it wasn't one of our birthdays, I was having sex with one of the girls at least once every other day.

"We all agreed that it would be best if we never tell Jake and Luke about that summer because we didn't want them to feel any jealousy," I said as I wrapped in the story. "That was also the summer I got the nickname 'Nick the Dick' because I was their frequent booty call all summer long."

"Wow, that was wilder than I thought," Maia said in response to hearing one of my biggest secrets, and also one of my fondest memories. "So Jake and Luke still have no idea?"

"As far as I know they don't. And they'd let me know if they knew."

"How do you know?"

"Same way I know that Luke still has no idea I was fucking his younger sister that same summer," I admitted.

"What?" She blurted out with laughter. "You're bad."

"It's not my fault. She seduced me," I explained.

"And you just couldn't resist her, could you?" She said sarcastically.

"I don't think many men could. If I had a picture I'd show you, but at the time she was a blonde 18-year-old who was the cheer captain and homecoming queen with really nice tits. Not quite as exquisite as yours, but still pretty nice."

"You think they're nice?" She said, leaning back with her hands behind her and her chest not thrust forward.

"Maia! Is Nick trying to seduce you?" Emma suddenly called out from the water.

"No, he's behaving!" she yelled back. "Though he does not have much in the way of modesty!"

"Yeah, he's always been a bit of a showoff," Emma replied as she came walking out of the water.

"Should we head back?" Luke said as he came out of the water behind Emma.

"Yeah, I'm getting kind of cold," Rebbeca said. We all wrapped ourselves in towels and began to dry off. And then we all went to pick up our clothes. Maia began to put her shirt on her clothes, but Emma stopped her.

"Don't bother, we're going to jump in the hot tub at Nick's place when we get back," Emma informed her. So we all stuffed our clothes into the bag I brought the towels in, and walked back to my place, each with only a towel covering our nudity. Once back at my place, we all split apart. I went to turn on the hot tub. Jake went to the kitchen to make margaritas, and Rebecca and Maia went to the bathroom. Emma was quick to join me outside. She stripped off her towel and got in the tub, and I got in right after her. Emma and I were talking a bit when Maia came outside.

"No towels by the hot tub," Emma yelled out to her. In response, Maia removed her towel, and now, in the brightness of my patio lights, I got to fully appreciate Maia's full nude form in full clear view. I immediately went from a sizable chub, to hard as steel as she walked towards us. I then felt a hand move to my lap and give a hard squeeze to my shaft. "That's what I thought" Emma whispered into my ear as Maia approached.

Maia entered the hot tub and sat down right next to me. Next to enter was Luke, who got in on the other side of Emma, and Lauren was right behind him, as she took a spot next to Maia. Rebecca helped Luke carry out the margaritas he made. She had a tray with seven glasses while Jake had a full pitcher in each hand. After passing out the glasses, Rebecca climbed in across from me and Jake sat down between Rebecca and Lauren. The seven of us then got our alcohol-induced buzz back as we downed Jake's heavy pour drinks and relaxed in the hot water.

"Just so we're clear, this time in the hot tub is the last of our old traditions that we are doing tonight," Lauren spoke up to say after we'd been soaking for nearly an hour and some of us had begun getting a little playfully handsy with one another.

"Aww, you're no fun," Luke said. Though he tried to sound like he was joking, I knew he was probably slightly disappointed.

"I'm fun, but I'm also married. Remember?" She said, holding up her hand and showing off her ring.

"I'm with Lauren," Rebecca said. "I am seeing someone, and I am trying this new thing where I don't sleep with other men while dating someone."

"Wow, that's a big change for you," Jake teased.

"Hey, mean!" Rebecca sternly said back. "It's true, but still, mean," she added with a laugh.

"Damn, after skinny dipping I was kind of hoping we might relive some other fun nights from high school," Luke lamented.

"Me too," he added.

I then felt Emma reach over a grab my cock again. She then whispered into my ear as she squeezed my shaft, "Just remember that tomorrow night, this is all mine." She then turned to everyone and shouted, "Well, I'm still up for some fun tonight."

Emma then turned her body toward Luke and pulled his face in for a kiss. And Emma being Emma, didn't do anything halfway; she pushed her tongue into his mouth as they made out in front of everyone.

"So how exactly is this supposed to work? The numbers don't exactly add up without Rebecca and Lauren."

Emma then stopped kissing Luke and stood up. "I'm sure we can find some creative solutions," she said as she moved across the tub. She then sat down on Jake's lap and started making out with him.

"I better get out of here before Emma somehow ropes me into this," Lauren said as she quickly got up and climbed out of the tub.

"Right behind you," Rebecca said. The two of them grabbed towels and wrapped themselves up before heading inside. Maia and I sat in stunned silence and watched as Emma made out with Jake for a bit. When they stopped kissing, she got off his lap and took a seat between Jake and Luke, and both guys quickly closed the gap between her and slid closer. Emma then moved to kiss Luke, and Jake's hand reached over to cover her breast. A minute later Maia and I watched as Emma's hands moved under the water but were reaching out in either direction. It was clear that she had a hand on both of their cocks.

"Maybe we should give them some privacy?" I suggested to Maia as we sat there on the other side of the hot tub, watching this threesome unfold.

"Good idea, though I'm not sure if they care about privacy or not."

"Umm, maybe you should get up first," I told her.

"Anxious to get a good look?" Maia teased.

"Honestly, I'd love it, but you're closer to the steps and I don't want to accidentally poke you," I told her, referencing that I didn't want to hit her in the face with my erection while getting out.

"Oh, well that is considerate," she said as she stood up and turned away from me. "But just so you know, I don't mind a good poke every now and then." I then watched as she stepped out of the tub and my eyes were glued to her exposed ass. If my dick was hard as steel before, watching her ass sway had now made me as hard as tungsten. I got out of the tub after her, and my eyes were glued to her body as she picked up two towels. She held one up to her body to cover herself, and she extended the other toward me.

"Here," she said, making it look like she was handing me the towel, but before I had a chance to grab it, her hand purposely released it and she dropped the towel. Maia laughed as the towel now hung on my erection like a towel rack.

"Funny," I said as I took the towel and began wrapping it around me.

"It really was though," Maia said as she continued to giggle.

The two of us wrapped ourselves in the towels and went into my house. We entered through the kitchen and I offered Maia some water as I went to get myself a bottle. As we stood in the kitchen sipping from our bottles of water, we started to hear some whispers and light moans. We tried to ignore it until we realized that the sounds were coming from inside the house. We slowly followed the sound into the living room where we found Lauren and Rebecca both naked on my couch. Lauren was lying back with one leg draped off the side of the couch, while Rebecca was on top of her. We watched as Rebecca started to kiss her breast, and meanwhile, her hand was rubbing away between her legs.

"Your friends are wild," Maia quietly said to me.

"Honestly, they are even surprising me," I said to her. While Maia watched, I was doing the math in my head about how I could get Maia upstairs when the only way to the staircase was to walk by the couch. Finally, I just decided to throw caution into the wind.

"I thought you two were not fooling around with anyone," I said loudly while entering the room. Both women were so startled that they shrieked and tried to cover their bodies until they realized it was just me.

"Jesus Nick, you scared us," Lauren shouted at me as she relaxed and dropped her hand, exposing her breasts again.
"Sorry but you two surprised me, I thought you two were staying faithful."

"I said I wasn't doing other guys, women don't count," Rebecca said defensively.

"And my husband's fine with me occasionally fooling around with other women, so long as I take pictures for him," Lauren said and raised her arm to show the phone in her hand. "So what are you doing? Why'd you interrupt us?"

"Maia and I were going upstairs," I told them.

"We were?" Maia said as she stopped hiding in the doorway and stepped forward.

"Well, hurry up and go," Rebecca said. I turned and glanced back at Maia behind me before heading up the stairs. I was happy that Maia didn't even question anything and just followed me up the stairs and down the hall into my bedroom.

"Why did we come up here?" Maia asked as she suddenly realized that she was standing in the bedroom of a guy she just met hours ago and was dressed in nothing more than a towel.

"Just thought you'd like to get away from all the craziness from downstairs," I tried to play innocent.

"Oh really? That's the reason you brought me to your bedroom?"

"Would you prefer to go to the bathroom or guest bedroom?"

"No this is fine," the Australian actress said as she meandered around the bedroom, looking at the objects on the shelves and the photos on the wall.

"If they're still outside, you can probably see what Emma and the guys are up to through the seated bay window," I told her. Maia then walked to the far wall and got up on her knees and looked out from the cushioned bench seat in front of the large window.

"Oh wow," Maia said as she looked out the window. I got on the seat next to her and looked down. Emma had always been a wild woman, but seeing her on her knees sucking off Luke's cock while she jacked off Jake, was on a whole new level for me. "She ever do that in high school?"

"No. Must be an LA thing."

"No, it's not," Maia snapped back, maybe thinking I was insinuating something about her. "More like the valley," Maia joked as she looked back out the window, alluding to the porn industry in the San Fernando Valley. We watched for another few minutes. That is when I noticed Maia starting to fidget and shift her body weight every 30 seconds.

"Hot, isn't it?" I asked

"Yes," she responded, transfixed by what was taking place outside. As she kept watching, I slowly moved back away from the window and moved down to the floor. I took hold of the bottom edge of her towel and gave it one hard yank. It came right off, and once again Maia was left in the buff.

"What are you doing?" she turned her head around and asked.

"Don't worry about it," I told her with a big smile on my face. She then smiled back. Maia seemed to understand what I was about to do as she widened her legs while sitting on her knees and bent over as her focus went back to what was happening outside. I reached up and ran my fingers over her slit. Moving my hand further up, I could feel the start of her brunette landing strip. My fingers could feel how wet she was and it wasn't from our time in the hot tub. I pulled my fingers away and gave them a lick. Sampling what it was I was about to taste. I then pushed my face up between her legs and hungrily began eating her out. I had been looking forward to this for a while. Maia Mitchell had been my dream girl for a while, and now here she was, naked, bent over, and moaning as I licked her tasty snatch.

"So what's going on outside?" I asked Maia while continuing to eat her out.

"Oh…uummmm….. Emma is… She's ridding Luke," she struggled to say. "Jake, just watching. I think he came in her mouth or something."

"Okay," I said as I slid a finger into her.

"You don't care about what's happening outside do you?" Maia said as she turned back to me.
"Not at all," I told her.

"Then let me give you my full attention as well," Maia then spun around, he back resting against the window, and her legs spread wide, as she now sat down on the window seat. With her in position, I moved back in, sliding two fingers between her lower lips and hooking them a bit to find her g-spot as my lips went to her clit. Maia moaned and her head rolled in pleasure, and I worked her pussy.
"Em was right. You are pretty good at this," Maia said.

"She say anything else?" I asked as I pulled out my fingers and began rubbing her clit with my thumb.

"Only that she taught you everything you know about eating women out," she told me. "Hope she's right. Emma is incredible at it."
"So you and her have.."

"That's enough questions," Maia interrupted me, and then lightly pushed my head back down. I took the hint and used my mouth for something much more productive than talking. Maia kept her hand on the back of my head as my tongue and fingers worked her twat. Once she got close to cumming, she grabbed onto the hair on top of my head. Her legs that were dangling off the edge, kicked up as she climaxed and I got another surprise by just how much her pussy gushed when she orgasmed. By the time I pulled my face away from between her legs, her juices were dripping down my chin. Maia then started giggling as her orgasm died down. "Not quite as good as Emma, but you're a lot better than my last boyfriend was."

Maia then directed me to go lay on the bed. I did what she said and she quickly joined me on the bed. She lay next and moved in to kiss me. I was once again blown away by what an incredible kisser she was. As we made out there, her hand started on my chest and slowly worked its way down until her fingers wrapped around the base of my shaft. She pulled her lips away from mine and gave a cute lip bite as she snaked her way back down the bed. She held my dick so it pointed straight in the air as she gave it a lick, and then the second. She then moved to start sucking the tip. I guess it should not come as much of a surprise that someone as skillful a kisser as Maia would also be quite gifted at doing other things with her mouth. I let her go for several minutes, my mind lost in the pleasure she delivered with her tongue and the rest of her mouth. 

“Fuck Maia, you gotta stop,”

“Why?” She asked before going back to teasing my tip.

“Because if you don't I’m not going to be able to hold back.”

“That’s the idea,” she said with a wink. 

“Yeah, no. I want to fuck you. Please, I wanna feel your pussy engulf my cock.”

“Mmmm, that does sound good. But, I only do it with a dinger.”

“A what?”

“A dinger? A condom or a rubber,” Maia explained.

“Oh yeah, sure.  They are in the table,” I said pointing at a nightstand. Maia crawled over across the bed and I got a good view of her ass and innie pussy lips peaking underneath as she bent over to open the drawers and pull out the condoms. 

“I found four,” She said as the held up the four connected trojan condom wrappers. “How many do you think we can go through tonight?” She asked. That question got me super excited since it sounded like she was ready to spend all night having sex. 

“Only one way to find out,” I answered. She wasted no time in ripping open a wrapper and pulling out the rubber.

“Tell me how you want me,” Maia said as she unrolled the condom down my shaft. “All those times you supposedly fantasized about me, how were we doing it?”

I smiled and once she had the condom on, I startled Maia by jumping to my feet and jumping off the bed. I then reached out and grabbed her by the ankle. She giggled as I dragged her to the edge.  She quickly understood what I wanted and lifted her legs onto my shoulders.

“So this is what you want?” She asked.

“Fuck yes,” I said.  I leaned down towards her and she reached up to grab me by the back of the head to lift herself up a bit and we kissed once again. As our lips were locked, I rubbed my cock up and down across her pussy lips. She gripped the back of my head a little bit tighter as she felt my tip brushing across her clit. I then pulled away right as I was ready to thrust in. I watched her eyes light up and her mouth formed an “O” before letting out a moan as I pushed my dick between her tight lips. I started off going slowly working my whole length back and forth.

“Go faster,” she asked me, and I quickly obliged. “Yeah, like that. Faster, un-huh. Yes.” Maia told me. I moved my hips faster and thrust harder.  I then used my hand down to her pussy, stroking her from the base of her landing strip down over the clit to the top of her pussy lips. The way her head rolled around and the way she held on to the blanket made it easy to tell how much she was enjoying the added feel of me rubbing her clit. 

“Fuck, your cock feels so good,” Maia moaned.

“God, you feel amazing,” I told her.

“Yeah, am I living up to what you dreamed?”

“So much better,” I told her with my eyes darting between her face and watching her breast jiggle with each thrust. “You’re fucking amazing.”  The two of us found a good rhythm and kept it going for a few minutes until she told me to flip her over. When I didn’t move right away, she again told me to flip her over, but this time in a more aggressive voice. I grabbed her leg off my left shoulder and pulled it across my body.  Maia spun her body as I moved her leg, and suddenly she was on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees.
“Fuck me doggie,” she told me. I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock forward into her. 

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep going!” she pleaded as jackhammered her pussy. Maia had a white-knuckle death grip on the comforter as I fucked her from behind. Her moans got louder until her pussy clenched and her body trembled. I then felt her pussy gush.  When I pulled my cock away, not only was it soaking wet but I could even see her pussy dripping down onto the blanket below.  Maia then laid down and turned her body to the side and looked up at me.  

“Did you cum yet?” she asked.

“Unbelievably, no. Not yet.” I told her. 

“Then come here,” she said while grabbing my left arm and pulling me onto the bed.  I fell forward and then crawled up towards the headboard until my full body was on the bed. I rolled onto my back and before my ass checks could even hit the bed, the Good Trouble star was moving on top of me. She held my dick up so it pointed toward the ceiling as she squatted over it. 

“Tell me when you’re about to spoof,” she said, and before I could even reply she slid her body all the way down my pole. The former Disney actress then began riding me.  Working slowly and sensually at first before picking up the pace.  Looking up at her face and jiggling breasts as she rode me was one of the most epic and beautiful sites I’d ever seen.  Literally could have died at that moment, and I would have done so with the biggest smile on my face. But instead of dying, I was now trying to settle down the building pressure coming from my balls.  It was becoming harder and harder to keep myself under control, but I never wanted this moment to end.  Finally, I gave up trying.  

“Maia, now,” were the only words I could get out of my mouth. In a flash Maia was off of me and was tearing the condom off, throwing it behind her before inhaling my cock. She sucked my dick hard and in no time she had me blowing my load into the back of her throat.  She had no issue taking my whole load and swallowing it. Giving an ‘mmmmm’ sound while doing so, which the vibrations of on my cock caused my body to shiver in pleasure. When she was done, Maia moved up and cuddled up next to me. 
“Emma was right about you,” she said with a smile while rubbing my chest. 

“Good to know, but I don’t know if I should be forever grateful to Emma for setting us up because that was fucking amazing or to be pissed off that she took too long to do it,” I said. 

“Little bit of both. She has been keeping you hidden away.”

“Well, I think that is over now.”

“You think so?” Maia questioned my choice of words.

“Yeah, I think maybe we should probably have some more sex, you know, just in case,” I said as I reached over for the next condom.
“Good thinking,” she said pulling the condom out of my hand and eagerly opening it. 

We’d go on to do it two more times that night. In the second round, we tried several positions before I filled up the condom.  The final time was only doggy the entire way through, which she seemed to absolutely love, which ended with me pulling off my condom at the last moment and shooting my load onto her ass and back. After that final orgasm, we finally both fell asleep spooning in exhaustion.  The next morning, I woke up in a daze. I was not even sure the previous night was real.  But as I became more conscious and aware of my surroundings, I could not feel the body I was spooning against, the perfectly shaped globe in my hand, but I could smell the shampooed hair of the person lying in front of me. Opening my eyes, I lifted my head to look, and sure enough, I was looking at Maia Mitchell sleeping before me.  The sheets were down around her waist, and I got my first look at her beast in the natural daylight, and they looked as spectacular as ever. I am not too sure how long I spent admiring the body of the beautiful naked Aussie next to me. 

“So, do you always watch people sleep when you’re in bed with them,” Maia asked, catching me off guard. Looking up at her eyes, they were now open and were looking right at me.

“When they look as good as you do, sure. Why not?” I replied.  “Plus, I wasn’t actually sure last night really happened.”

“Oh, it happened,” she said with a big smile on her face. “I can still almost feel you inside of me.”

“I had put that together actually. Between you laying there, the empty condom wrappers on my nightstand, and the one unopened condom on your nightstand. I was able to piece all the clues together.”

“Unopened condom?” Maia questioned as she rolled over to the nightstand and picked up the condom. She then rolled back and played with it in her hand. 

“Yeah, it’s the last one,” I told her.

“Last one?” She asked, looking me in the eyes.


“Are you saving in for anything?”

“Nope. It’s just going to be sitting there on the nightstand.”

“Hmmm…” she said making a face.  “It’d be a shame to just have it sit there and go to waste.”

“Yeah, it would,” I replied. As he had been speaking, the two of us has slowly been moving closer and closer to one another, and we were now almost nose to nose.   “And you said you could practically still feel me inside of you, wouldn’t you actually prefer to feel the real thing.”  

She didn’t so much answer in words as it was more of a growl as she pounced on me. Within the blink of an eye, we were suddenly all over each other. Maia was sitting on my legs with the condom wrapper discarded. She quickly unfurled it down my shaft and as soon as it was on, she was on top of me with my full manhood embedded inside of her. She then started to aggressively ride me. The previous night was something I had dreamed about for many lonely nights, but now in the morning, it was even better.

“FUCK ME, you’re amazing,” I told her.

“You’re acting like we didn’t spend all last night doing this same,” Maia said with a big smile.

“I know, but, fuck. I don’t know if it’s the lack of alcohol or the daylight, but this feels even better than last night,” I told her.  She immediately leaned down and missed me in response.  The two of us made out feverishly as she continued rocking her hips and down my pole. We kept going like that until I wrapped my arms around her and spun her over onto her back.  I then broke off our liplock and began kissing down her body, of course spending extra time with each of her magnificent breasts, before continuing down her body.  Finally, I was down at her honeypot, where I eagerly ate food breakfast. My tongue worked her pussy while my thumb rubbed her clit. 

“Mmmm, just as good as I remembered,” I jokingly told her.

“Good to know,” she said, but she was uninterested in what I had to say. She pushed my head back down between her legs.  Her eagerness to get my mouth back on her was made apparent three minutes later while I was sucking on her clit and she came hard, drenching my lower jaw and down to my neck and in her orgasmic juices.  

“You’re right, that might have been even better than night,” she giggled.  I then quickly moved back up her body. I took a pillow and told her to lift up her hips. “What are you doing?”

“Just trust me,” I told her, and she lifted her hips and I put the pillow under her.  I then moved on top of her and thrust my dick into her. We then started having sex in the missionary position. However, instead of thrusting in and out of her, I used the pillow to help angle her body a bit and used more of a grinding motion. So now as I moved in and out of her, I was also grinding my pelvis against hers and more specifically against her clit. 

“Oh. OH! I get it now,” Maia said as she was now enjoying the added stimulus.  She then wrapped her legs behind my back to pull my body in tighter against hers. She then moved her hands behind me and pulled me down for a kiss. We were so tightly pressed together that I could feel her breasts up against my chest as we made out. We kept going at it for a while until she said by my ear, “Don’t stop. Keep going, I’m almost there.”

With that, I picked up the pace of my movements. I was close to finishing as well, but I was determined to hold out until she got off. With each thrust, it was getting harder to hold out with each thrust. When she was getting close, her moans started to build up, her legs tightened around me, and I also felt her nails digging into my back. Finally, I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, which immediately caused me to fill the condom I was wearing. When we both were on the come down from our climaxes, I gave Maia a long kiss before moving off of her. 

“I think we made the most of that last condom,” I joked. 

“Heck yeah, we did.”

I laid down next to Maia and did my best to look her in the eye and not at her breasts as we talked.  

“I should take a shower before Emma and I drive back home,” Maia said.

“Mind if I join you?” I asked.

“I was hoping you’d join,” she told me. She then got out of bed. I stayed in bed and watched her ass as she moved to my bathroom.  It was not until she was out of view that I quickly jumped out of bed to join her in the shower. 

As I lathered up her breasts, Maia leaned in and kissed me. I was quick to kiss her back, and the two of us started making out under the spray of the shower. 

“I knew you two would hit it off,” said Emma as she surprise both Maia and me.  Neither of us knew when she entered the bathroom, but she was there now and was without any clothes on. Emma casually opened up the shower door and came in with us. “Hope you don’t mind, but I could really use a shower after last night.”

“I know you know that there is another shower in the bathroom down the hall,” I told her, annoyed that she was interrupting what little time I assumed I had left with Maia for the day.

“Yes, but I thought we could save some water this way,” She said while taking the loofa from my hand. “Plus I wanted the see what you two were up to.”

“Nothing much,” Maia said blushingly. 

“What is everyone else up to downstairs?” I asked.

“They all left,” Emma replied as she began washing herself. Maia and I were not too sure what to do now, so we reluctantly went back to showering. My shower was large enough to comfortably fit two people inside, but with the addition of a third things got a little bit tighter. There was suddenly a little more brushing and bumping into one another. At one point I bumped up against Emma. After I apologized she turned and responded, “No worries, though I’m surprised you’re still able to get it up. I would have thought Maia would have worn you out last night.”

“It’s pretty impressive,” Maia said. “I’ll just have to try harder next time.”

The mention of a next time made me get even harder, which did not go unnoticed. “I think he likes that idea,” Emma giggled. “Maybe you should help him out?”

“Why me?” 

“Because every time I look at him his eyes are on you,” Emma correctly pointed out. “I think that stiffy has more to do with you than me.” Then with a big smile, she said, “And also this will just be one more thing Nick will owe me for after the reunion tonight.”

“Wait, am I supposed to make up for each individual act?” I asked.

“That might take a while,” Maia joked. 

“Don’t worry about tonight, let's stay in the moment,” Emma said. “No are you going to help my friend out?” she asked Emma. 

“We kind of already used up all his rubbers,” Maia again blushed as she spoke.

“There are other ways to take care of him.” Maia got the him that Emma gave her.  Maia then moved close to me, and once again she kissed me. Teasing me a bit with her tongue before moving from my lips to kissing my collarbone. Her hands meanwhile traced down my chest until she had both her hand wrapped around my manhood.  She looked me dead in the eye as she sank to her knees. She kissed and licked my tip before she began going all in on sucking me off. I stood there watching her and enjoying the amazing feeling of her mouth on me.  

I was so focused on Maia for several minutes, that I forgot that Emma was in the shower with us. That was until I heard her moan. I looked up from Maia for a minute to see Emma across the shower fingering herself as she watched her friend blow me. She smiled when she looked up and our eyes met. 

“How is she,” Emma asked,

“Incredible,” I said as I looked back down.  I swear I could see a bit of a smile on Maia’s face after hearing me say that, even though her lips were still wrapped around my cock. 

“Better than me?”

“Honestly, yeah,” I confessed.

“I guess I’ll have to up my game,” Emma replied.  I did not doubt that Emma would take it as a challenge to be better than Maia.  But while Emma had to try, to me it just seemed like Maia was a natural talent. Thankfully Emma stayed quiet after that, except for the occasional moan while she played with herself, and left me alone to enjoy the pleasure Maai was giving me. Her tongue massaged my shaft as she worked her mouth up and down was so incredible. She looked up into mine the entire time she orally pleasured me. When I finally did orgasm, she happily took what cum I had left into her mouth and sucked whatever was left out of me.  My body shuttered after I came. When I looked down at Maia I watched her swallow my load, and then she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue to proudly show she had taken it all. 

Maia then stood back up and kissed my lips.  Our kiss was interrupted by a loud orgasmic cry by Emma. We both looked over at her, and watch Emma’s body tremble as she climaxed from touching herself. 

“Fuck that was good,” Emma sighed.

“You don’t know the half of it,” I replied.

“I have some idea,” Emma said with a smile. She then turned he focus to Maia, “We should get out of her.  We stay in here too long he’s just going to get hard and want to fool around some more.”

“That wouldn’t be the worst thing,” Maia said playfully, “But you’re probably right.”  Emma was correct.  So long as Maia was going to be nude or near-nude around me and I could still get it up, I was going to make the most of it. The two women got out of the shower and toweled off, and I stayed behind to relax under the relaxing spray of the water.  

Maia and Emma got dressed and then they had to get going after that.  Maia was riding back up to LA with Emma and Emma had the day planned to get her hair and nails done before coming back down for the reunion tonight. Before getting in the car, Emma told me to rest up and not to play with myself.  She wanted me primmed and ready for her tonight. I didn’t think that that was going to be an issue.  After last night, Maia had worn me out in the best possible ways, and I could use a long nap. I was back upstairs, getting ready to get back into bed when I received a text message from a number I didn’t know, but I saved it immediately after reading the message that said, “Hi it’s Maia. Em gave me your number. Last night was great. Call me next time you come up to LA.”

Then a minute later another message came in.

“And be sure to bring a full box of condoms, you’ll need them.” 

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Now that’s what I call a party! Great continuation to the series.

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