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Who is going to have fun with Jessica first?

A man (public blowjob)
46 (39.3%)
A man (back room destruction)
45 (38.5%)
A woman (public pussy-licking)
11 (9.4%)
A woman (back room strap-on play)
15 (12.8%)

Total Members Voted: 83

Author Topic: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret  (Read 21377 times)


Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #15 on: June 15, 2019, 09:23:18 AM »
I'm a little behind but I voted. Wanted to let you know that this series is fun and really enjoy what you're doing with all the choices offered.
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #16 on: July 16, 2019, 05:58:11 PM »
So, Rimjob did it? Can't await to read the next chapter.


Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #17 on: December 21, 2019, 10:21:21 AM »
Alright, sorry for leaving this story alone for so long. I started continuations a few times in the meantime, but was a bit blocked and ultimately, it slipped a bit in the background… If you like the new update you have “matstick” to thank for that. He contacted me on Discord and asked. Don’t think it will always work like this though… I’m still lazy and I still have lots of other shit to do. Ultimately I liked how it turned out though, and I hope you’ll like it too.

As a bit of an apology (and because they were damn close with each taking the lead at points) I made both of the top options happen. So, in case I still have the attention of some of you, I would much appreciate it if you made use of the voting option above!

Thanks, guys!

Grunting, his teeth grit in exertion, Brad gave it his all as he thrust into the drunk woman below him. He was fucking Jessica Motherfucking Alba! And not only that, the gorgeous slut was loving it!

Laying on her back below him, her ankles crossed beneath his butt, the actress greedily pulled him deeper, helping him fuck her pussy while her short fingernails raked the skin of his shoulders. Her hair was a tangled mess, her face sweaty and flushed, twisted in drunken pleasure. Her eyes, half-lidded, had rolled back, only the whites visible, her mouth agape, the corners ever so slightly pulled up into a euphoric expression.

He fucked her good and hard, giving the actress what she craved and she let him know, receiving every powerful thrust with an appreciative, whimpering moan, eagerly giving up her pussy.

Feeling himself get close to yet another orgasm, the young man knew that it was likely to be his last. He had given the gorgeous woman all he had, and she had enjoyed every second, but even his stamina was coming to an end. He lowered his gaze from her stunning face down to those big, soft tits, bouncing up and down on her chest with every thrust, almost hitting the MILF in the chin.

Focused by the sight, Brad gave a grunt of determination. Pushing himself up a little bit further up the bed, he changed his angle and lifted Jessica’s hips off the mattress, increasing the leverage behind his thrusts and fucking her even harder as a result.

Jessica welcomed this change. She had lost the ability to form words about a minute ago, but her hoarse whimpers became louder and shriller as he jackhammered into her. Instinctively knowing he was close and feeling her own release imminent, she uncrossed her ankles from behind his butt and spread her legs wide, almost in a split to allow the young man to use her pussy, fuck her with everything he had. This had the pleasant side effect that the pose caused her ass cheeks to splay and with every thrust she could feel his heavy balls smack up against her small, clenched asshole. The lewd, additional stimulation of the repeated impacts on her sensitive sphincter drove the ferocity of the encounter home, turning her on even more.

“AAH! AAH! AAH! AAARGH!” she came suddenly and harshly. Her sore muscles clenched up suddenly and after a number of previous orgasms she was too tired to fight it, feeling her legs shake and tremble uncontrollably. Overwhelmed by her climax, she felt Brad grab her by the calves, taking complete control as he lifted her legs and pinned them to the bed, effectively folding her in half and opening her pussy up even more as he gave his final thrusts into her soaking wet, slimy cunt.

“FUUUUCK!” Brad groaned, feeling himself get overwhelmed by his own orgasm. Yanking his cock out of Jessica’s clenching pussy, he grabbed it in his fist and aimed it up. With a strained roar, he came hard, shooting several thick ropes of cum over Jessica’s shuddering tits, painting the flushed, golden skin with four thin lines of creamy, white jizz. One of his bursts slightly overshot, reaching all the way to the chin of the delirious actress.

As the ferocity of his orgasm slowly subsided, two weaker spurts of semen splashed on Jessica’s belly before brad let out a grunt and collapsed onto the bed next to Jessica, completely and utterly exhausted.

“Fuuuuuck…” Jessica moaned, lying on her back next to him, staring at the ceiling with glazed eyes as she rode out the aftershocks of her latest orgasm. She could not remember ever feeling so delectably sore. To be fair, at this moment she couldn’t remember much but the last hour…

After splashing around in the pool a little, they had quickly gotten back into it, tearing off each other’s clothes until they both stood naked in the garden. If she was honest, the thought that someone could see her naked tits, her pussy and her butt had really been exciting to her in that moment and when Brad had rather roughly pushed her to her knees beside the pool and shoved his cock into her mouth, that only made the thrill more delicious.

He had surprised her when he did not give her the opportunity to blow him, instead immediately resorting to fucking her face. It was not something she had done a lot, usually hesitant to give up control, but weed and wine had apparently enough of a relaxing effect on her to let herself go a bit, willingly gagging and slobbering all over his cock.

After he had used her mouth for a few minutes, treating her rather gruffly, he had picked Jessica up in his arms, both hands on her ass. She had been out of breath from the facefuck, but the moan she had given when he impaled her pussy again and her own body weight had caused her to sink down his cock had been embarrassingly loud.

Her arms and legs wrapped around him, all she could do was close her eyes and take it as he fucked her. It was so utterly different from anything she had had in the last few years. She was getting used like a slut, but at the same time, she just used him as his dick. It was pure lust, no mutual love and respect but unadulterated desire. It was a fuck, not making love. It was so freeing…

Brad had pushed her to her knees again after a while, forced his cock back into her mouth and made Jessica swallow a load, not giving her any other choice as he held her tight with an iron grip on her hair, not letting her off before he could feel her throat roll in a swallowing motion.

They had headed inside, stark-naked, flustered and sweaty. Brad had cracked open another bottle of wine, a far cry from the quality of the one they had had earlier, but neither of them cared. Jessica knew he was attempting to get her even more drunk and he didn’t even pretend otherwise: as she lifted the bottle to her lips he grabbed it and kept it tilted, making her swallow significantly more than she had intended until the red wine spilled over, running down her body in rich, red rivulets.

As she had giggled he had hoisted her soaked form up onto his dining room table. Diving down his lips and tongue went to work, sucking and slurping the sweet wine off her cleavage and her tits, lightly biting her stiff tit-tips. She had continued to drink straight from the bottle, leaning back as the lips roamed further downwards. Getting more and more drunk while getting her cunt tongue-fucked by a skilled, good-looking young stud… Jessica was in heaven!

He had taken his time, lapping at her clit, teasing her, once or twice letting his tongue linger to flicker across her asshole, even making her eyes bug when he sucked her entire sex into his mouth.

She had cum several times on that table and her knees felt shaky when he pulled her off and led her to his bed room. Instead of tossing her onto the bed, however, Brad had led her over to his big wardrobe, which had mirrored doors. Pushed against it, roughly bent over and forced to plant both hands against the cold glass to keep her balance as she was entered from behind, Jessica once again basked in the feeling of getting taken like a slut. Her ass was getting slapped, her hair was getting pulled and she could do nothing but push her booty back at him and enjoy the experience of getting fucked standing by a man who did not care for her personality and feelings in the slightest.

Jessica let out a dick-drunk giggle as she reveled in the memory of the rough sex, his dick pounding her little pussy. He really made her cum good! He had then tossed her onto the bed and impaled her again fucking her as she had wrapped her legs around him.

Darting her tongue out, Jessica lapped at the streak of cum that had reached her chin. She was not a huge fan of tasting cum, swallowed only because she knew that men loved it, but somehow, in this situation, it only turned her on. Reaching down with one finger, she collected the cum from her stomach and tits and licked it off, savoring the naughty feeling as she swallowed it. Glancing over, she saw Brad watching her, lying on his back in complete exhaustion.

“One more time?” she asked with a dirty grin and a flick of her eyebrow.

Brad chuckled. “Fucking hell, you’re insatiable…” he muttered. “I don’t think that is possible… Maybe tomorrow…”

“Come on…” Jessica grinned, rolling over onto all fours and reaching out to grab Brad’s flaccid cock, “Where is that young man stamina?” she teased, stroking him a few times before lowering her mouth and engulfing the head of his dick, gently sucking.

“Fuuuuck…” Brad groaned at the sensation. Instinctively, he grabbed a hold of Jessica’s hair, but he neither pushed her nor did he pull her off, so Jessica proceeded to slowly suck his dick, trying her best to coax him back to hardness. She only wanted one more go…

Never taking his cock out from between her lips, slowly bobbing up and down, Jessica slid her knees off the bed and to the floor, kneeling between the man’s legs to get a better balance. She made sure to position herself in a way that, if Brad would look up, he would get a perfect view of her ass in the mirror. She knew that the lewd sight was a turn on for him and she was willing to do everything in her power to get him going one more time.

She could taste the tang of her own pussy on his cock, another thing that she usually was not too crazy about, but this time it added to the experience. Letting his still rubbery cock pop out from between her lips she stuck her tongue out and lapped along the underside of his shaft, all the way from the root of the tip, pushing her tongue against the small hole. She felt a shudder run through his body each time she repeated this, but he remained flaccid. Lolling her tongue out all the way, she proceeded to slap his cock against it repeatedly before she took him back inside and turned her head to the side, letting the tip of his dick push into her cheek, making it bulge lewdly. She knew that men loved seeing this kind of thing, that it was enough to men drive wild, but, apart from a tired moan, Brad hardly reacted, he did not even look up!

Not ready to give up, Jessica began to suck his testicles into her mouth, gently sucking the balls while moaning like it was the best thing she had ever tasted, hoping that the small vibrations this would send up his spine would reinvigorate him.

“Come on, Brad!” she begged, stroking his shaft, “Get hard for me! I’ll do all the work, I promise!”

“Sorry, babe!” he chuckled apologetically. “I don’t think I can go any more… Let’s do it again tomorrow in the morning, alright?”

Frustrated, the MILF sat back on her heels. It appeared that it really was not going to happen. Annoyed, she stared at the man’s penis, which did not want like she wanted…

All of a sudden it hit her. Gabrielle had told her about this trick, that she used to drive men wild. Back when she had told Jessica about it, she had been in disbelief and disgust, knowing that she would never try it, but Gab had sworn that it was something that would always work…

Jessica swallowed. It was debauched, but if it meant getting him hard, maybe it was worth a shot…

Brad moaned in disapproval, already half-asleep when Jessica pushed his thighs apart wider, then gently grabbed his cock, softly stroking it. Then, her heart beating a mile a minute, Jessica leaned in, not going for his cock or his balls, but going lower, eyes fixed on Brad’s puckered asshole.

“What the…” Brad jumped, fully awake in a flash when he felt Jessica’s soft tongue slip over his asshole. His eyes wide, he lifted his head to look down, finding Jessica’s big brown eyes stare back at him, his testicles resting on the bridge of her nose as her chin was buried in his ass.

“Oooohfuck!” he gasped as he felt her tongue again, incredulous that she would do such a thing. “Fuck yeah!” he grinned, happy to roll with it. His tiredness was completely gone. Reaching down with his right hand, he grabbed the back of Jessica’s head, taking control and forcing her deeper. “Yeah, you fucking useless cunt whore!” he hissed, “Eat that ass!”

Shocked by the success of her own action, Jessica did not complain. The entire lower part of her face was buried in the man’s ass and she was forced to lick it, but the way it had renewed his energy was crazy! She moaned, helplessly compliant, and continued, giving in to the fact that she was giving a rimjob now.

In the beginning she had been reluctant, timid and shy, wanting to do it, yet not wanting to, too disgusted to do it. Then her tongue had made first contact and, shockingly, she had found that it was not so bad. Instead, to her surprise, the incredible naughtiness was actually a turn on!

“Fucking little cock-hungry bitch! Cunt! You little fucking cum dumpster!” Brad growled, his dirty talk more than a little demeaning now, but she liked it. “More! Deeper, you worthless cunt!”

“Mmmmph!” Looking him deep in the eyes, Jessica complied, pushing the tip of her tongue against his wrinkled hole. She felt it yield, and then her tongue was in his ass. The realization made her pussy shudder.

More shocking than anything to her was how much she liked this! She was Jessica Alba, actress, entrepreneur, wife, mother… ass-eater! She couldn’t comprehend it. She loved it! Licking, slobbering, she blew this man’s mind beyond what she had thought possible.

“Mmmmh! Oh wow!” Jessica gasped, breaking free of his grip when she saw Brad’s cock rise again, strong and hard, it had worked. Apparently, rimjobs were a trick in her arsenal now…

“Oh yeah!” Brad grinned, flexing his cock for her benefit, watching with amusement as Jessica’s eyes followed its sway like she was hypnotized.

“Come here!” he reached down, but to Jessica’s surprise did not grab her by the arm, but instead grabbed her throat. He did not choke her, but it definitely was a very dominant display, not that she minded at this point as he pulled her up to her feet, “Ride me, cunt!”

Jessica had no objection and eagerly climbed into his lap, his fingers still around her throat. Reaching down, she grabbed his cock around the base and, teasing them both, lightly slapped the underside against the bald, soaked lips of her pussy, enjoying the way it made him hiss. Then she lined him up with her petite hole and without further ado, she sank onto his cock.

They both moaned in sync, Jessica’s a bit strained due the light restraint around her neck, as she easily took him inside, her wet hole extremely relaxed after all the fucking.

She did not waste any more time, the penetration focusing her mind on her goal: achieve another orgasm! Flicking and gyrating her hips, she rode him hard, causing the entire bed underneath them to shake and bump up against the wall. Her tits bounced wildly on her chest, causing Brad to grab one of them and squeeze it hard, eliciting another gasp.

Grabbing his wrist, she pulled his hand away from her throat and down to her other tit, inviting him to play with them as she threw her head back to face the ceiling, basking in the feeling of being impaled on a thick cock.

Unabashedly, she screamed her pleasure out. She didn’t care who heard. She felt good!

Letting go of her tits, Brad grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks and mauled them in the same way, spreading them wide and helping her slam herself down onto him with more force.

“OHGOOOOOD! OOOOOH! OOOOHGOOOD!” Jessica cried. One hand crept between her legs to where he spread her open and she began furiously playing with her clit, rubbing it for added stimulation as she felt that final, much longed-for orgasm slowly arise.

“AWW! YEAHH! YEAH!!” she screamed, feeling Brad deliver a stinging slap to her right ass-cheek.

“Cum for me, you cunt!” Brad growled, his voice rising, getting more urgent until he bellowed it out, “Cum for me! CUM, YOU BITCH!!!”

With that final word he roared and came, deep inside Jessica’s pussy. Her eyes widened at the sensation of receiving his cum, feeling the warm jizz shoot deep in her cunt. Receiving a creampie was the final straw that sent her over.

“I’M CUMMIIIIIIING!” she announced as her pussy clamped around him. Her eyes rolled back in pleasure as wave after wave of endorphins flooded her body, robbing her of her senses and sending her crashing down on top of Brad, her fingers digging into his flesh to hold on.

When her orgasm slowly ebbed off, all she could do was slide Brad’s spent prick from her pussy and collapse on the bed next to him. She fell asleep then and there, his creamy, white semen still leaking out of her freshly-fucked pussy.

First things first: I will not write something involving Jessica getting pregnant. Sorry if the creampie got your hopes up. If that is your thing, I cannot help you there, you gotta find someone else. Anyway, everyone gets two votes and I promise not to take half a year again…

What happens next?

- Jessica has a meeting with Mr. Valentini
- Jessica discusses the construction site with Mr. Buchner
- Jessica goes on a business trip along with her assistant
- Jessica returns to meet Brad
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #18 on: December 21, 2019, 12:34:12 PM »
Cheers, new chapter, thanks for continuing writing. It's time to find out how Jess agreed to have sex with Mr. Buchner and in general what connects them, my vote for this. Although on the other hand, Mr. Valentini, still an idle character, he also needs to be given the opportunity to fuck Jess.
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #19 on: December 23, 2019, 12:24:58 PM »
Thank you for a new chapter, I missed out on this fun adventure when you first started. Glad to be able to vote now and hope you are doing well. Happy holidays to whom is probably my favorite author on here.
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #20 on: December 29, 2019, 06:41:13 PM »
Thanks for a new chapter, sorry I am late leaving you some feedback. Got my vote in. This has been a fun journey reading through these chapters.
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #21 on: January 28, 2020, 08:01:34 AM »
Okay, a bit of plot, but I promise to make it up to you guys next time (which will not take a month)

Looking out the window of the cab, Jessica watched the New York traffic crawl by. They were stuck in traffic, but with things going as they were, she would just about make it to her next appointment. Her final appointment of the day.

Mr. Roger Fucking Valentini. The old fucker really tested her nerves at this point. He had stood his damn ground, insisting on his stupid, ludicrous idea that he would only sign this multi-million-dollar deal that would bring millions of dollars to both his company as well as Jessica’s “Honest Company” if she would agree to be present for another meeting with her.

It was beyond ridiculous. As if the two of them being in the room was even required, would even do the slightest thing for him. It was nothing but a stupid power move. But the old fucker had dug his heels in, had refused to sign the papers a month back in LA just because she had not been there, so now here she was: in New York, forced to be the adult and deal with the mogul’s childish tantrum.

It had been a stressful day. A meeting with another potential partner in the morning, followed by a brief work-out in the hotel gym before she had attended a glamour shooting, posing and strutting for the camera. Routine work, but it ground her down. At least she looked fantastic. In the window’s glass, Jessica caught her reflection, the carefully, professionally-applied make-up and the glossy hair the stylists had outfitted her with really had brought out the best of her looks. If she had not been so exhausted, Jessica would have felt excited.

For a brief second, her mind wandered back to a month ago. The last time she had felt stressed out. She had ended up in another man’s bed. She had gotten high and drunk and had fucked another man. She had licked his ass, for Christ’s sake! Jessica blushed as the memory welled up inside her again, embarrassed, but at the same time her bare thighs inadvertently rubbed against each other and she felt a sensuous heat. It had been so fucking hot!

Not only that. Instead of being wrecked by guilt as she had expected, Jessica had discovered that she felt relaxed over the next few days. It seemed, her raunchy encounter had served to vent all that pent-up pressure and for almost a week, she had mastered all the challenges of her stressful day-to-day life with a smile on her face. Then the high of her lewd actions had worn off.

Now she was back to her old, stressed self. Useless handymen in her home, a lazy-as-fuck husband, jobs modeling, acting and being an entrepreneur. It was a damn nightmare.

Watching the small stores roll by her window, one of the shops suddenly caught her attention. Her eyes widened ever so slightly as the cab came to a stop, once more stuck in the famously horribly New York traffic, leaving her sitting right in front of the shop’s window.

They were not in a good part of New York right now. If they had been, a shop like this would not have been around. Mesmerized, Jessica stared at the wide window, filled with all kinds of lewd objects. Dildos, whips, chains, masks, two dolls dressed in naughty nurse and policewoman-outfits. She felt a tingle between her thighs as she took in all the stuff on show.

Realizing that she was getting wet just looking at the mere display of sexual equipment, Jessica felt her cheeks blush slightly. Over the last few weeks, her mind had repeatedly gone back to her encounter with Brad, relishing in the memories of her raunchy encounter. She had considered trying to get her husband to scratch the itch, but after ten years of marriage, the thought of getting laid by Cash just did not spark excitement within her. She loved him, but she realized that the thought of fucking him did not get her blood pumping as much anymore.

The cab rolled on and Jessica caught one more thing. At the entrance of the shop hung a poster. A man and a woman, him dressed in a fancy tuxedo, her dressed in a small, black dress. Both of them wearing fancy opera masks. “Swinging Party at the Mansion Sauna Club!” Jessica red in a deep red font, along with the current date and immediately the idea of anonymous, secret sex with no strings, no consequences entered her mind.

“Oh, come on!”

The frustrated moan ripped Jessica from her thoughts and her head whipped around to see Jack in the seat next to her, on the phone, his mouth tightened in anger.

“Is this supposed to be a joke? Who does Mr. Valentini think he is? We came all the way here just to meet him! Tell him to make time!”

Jessica sighed, putting two and two together as her assistant raged on the phone, arguing with a woman on the other side, Mr. Valentini’s assistant, to salvage something from this trip.

“We arranged this trip just for him. We spent days rescheduling the calendar to meet his ludicrous demands… No, our flight is tomorrow morning, we do NOT have time then… Then he should not have cancelled half an hour before the meeting!”

Jessica couldn’t help but smirk in amusement as she watched Jack. She realized that she was not even pissed. The cancellation meant time off. An evening to herself, room to breathe. She could have told Jack to calm down and that she was actually happy with the development, but on the other hand, he was really cute like this.

In his late twenties, her assistant was in great shape, athletic and slim, wearing a nice, casual suit. His beard was a fashionable stubble, his brunette hair short, his blue eyes dreamy. She had picked him because he was damn good at his job, but the fact that he absolutely was eye-candy didn’t hurt either.

“Tell Mr. Valentini that this is unacceptable! Tell him…” Jack suddenly stopped when Jessica calmly put her hand on his arm, looking over at her.

“It’s fine, Jack! Let it go!” Jessica smiled before leaning towards the driver. “Excuse me, sir! We had a change of plans. Could we get back to the hotel instead please?!”

An evening to do what she pleased. She was really looking forward to this.
“So, Jack! Any plans on what you are going to use your evening off for?!”

Jessica asked as she and her assistant stepped into the elevator. The two of them had had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant (Jessica’s treat) and were just about to head up to her room.

The young man gave a smile. “To be honest, I might use it to stay in. The last couple of weeks have been stressful. I might grab a drink at the bar at the top floor and watch some popcorn movie in my room.”

“Come on, Jack! A young guy like you, all alone in New York City? Is that how you will spend your time? Live a little!” she teased, playfully pushing his shoulder. Surprised, she registered just how strong that arm felt.

“I think not!” Jack chuckled, “I think a quiet night is just what is called for… how about you?”

“Haven’t decided yet…” Jessica admitted, “I might book myself a massage…”

“That sounds great!” Just then, the elevator came to a halt, the doors sliding open. “This is my floor. Enjoy your evening!”

Watching the doors close as her assistant left the elevator, Jessica began contemplating her plans for the evening as she made her way to her own floor. Maybe she should meet Jack at the hotel bar. She could still feel the hard muscle of his strong arm against her hand. The things he could do with those arms…

On the other hand, she was more than a little intrigued by that poster she had seen earlier. Maybe, this party was just the right place to really work the stress out of her system without having to fear consequences?

Or maybe getting a massage actually was the best way to finish the day?

Please vote in the poll above for one of the three options!
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #22 on: January 28, 2020, 02:22:10 PM »
Without hesitation, swinger party, the first gangbang for Jess, I guess, and other dirty stuff. At least there are probably a lot more sex adventures than with the other options, because we are here for this, right?


Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #23 on: February 18, 2020, 09:02:31 AM »
Fair enough, easy choice, I guess. I planned to get this done quicker, but I guess I am always slow… I hope this new segment is enjoyable and I hope this next choice will be a little bit tougher.

„Th- thank you! The rest is for you!” Jessica said with a smile, her stomach quivering with nervousness as she slid out of the backseat of the cab, slipping the driver a 50-dollar-note.

The New York wind wafted along her bare shins as she stepped upon the sidewalk, bringing her current state of dress to the forefront of her mind. Swallowing hard to battle her nerves, Jessica absently tightened the belt of her elegant black coat as she began walking.

Just in case, she had told the cabbie to drop her off about a block away from the club, setting out to walk the rest of the way. Glancing back over her shoulder she caught the driver take in the sight of her swaying ass. He realized he had been caught and, giving her an apologizing smile he pulled away from the curb to take off.

Watching him disappear, Jessica pulled a big pair of sunglasses out of her pocket, put them on and made her way towards the address she had found on the internet.

As soon as she had entered her hotel room she had looked the party up on her phone. The “Mansion Sauna Club” was located in a big old house at the outer reaches of an industrial area, away from the biggest turmoil of the city. She had found pictures and from the looks of it, while the “Mansion” was a bit shopworn from the outside, the interior was tastefully designed. It derived its name from the basement, where a big sauna area had been set up, but from what Jessica could gather, the party would focus on the floor above, which was furnished in a 50’s style Gentlemen’s bar, noble and elegant.

The website had explicitly stated that the club carried a standard of visual appearance, declaring the right to refuse guests in case their outer appearance did not match their ideals. The formulation was not overly specific, but Jessica concluded that she could at least expect a modicum of decent looking people once she arrived.

Pulling out her phone, she quickly checked GoogleMaps to assure herself that she was on the right path. The area was not exactly deserted, she didn’t think there was such a place in New York at any time of day, but cars and pedestrians were sparse, giving the dark area a ghostly feel that made her queasy stomach feel even worse.

Finding the right address, Alba almost gasped a sigh of relief as she quickly climbed the weather-worn, stone steps that led to the entrance door of a huge, ugly, old building, which looked completely inconspicuous from the outside, but she could see a light through the entrance door and before she could even look for a button to ring a bell, the door opened and a gorgeous-looking red-haired lady in a form-fitting, black cocktail-dress opened the door.

The upper part of her face was hidden behind a golden, venetian mask, which was embroidered with all kinds of dainty details, leaving the lower part of her face bare, a wide, painted-red smile.

“Well, hello there, darling!” the woman’s voice was smoky. Jessica guessed she must have been in her forties, an absolute bombshell. Her flimsy dress showed off her curves, displaying a mouth-watering amount of cleavage and she moved with a stunning grace, an aura of confidence.

Realizing that she was staring at the woman, Jessica blushed slightly. God, she was nervous! She could hardly remember ever being so on edge. Her mouth was dry as she tried to speak and she had to clear her throat.

“H-hello!” Fuck, was it just her mind or was she really sounding this pathetic? “I… I am here for the party?!”

Her stuttering caused Jessica’s blush to deepen and she hoped that her big sunglasses covered that at least partially. God, this was nerve-wrecking.

“Oh, that is great!” The woman’s smile was warm and friendly, but at the same time the self-assuredness she displayed made Jessica feel even smaller. “Is this your first time with us?”

Not wanting to hear her own, shaky voice again, Jessica just nodded, her tummy in knots. Immediately she regretted her decision, feeling even worse about herself.

The red-haired hostess stepped aside with the warm smile. “Well, everyone’s nervous the first time. Come on in!” Obeying the invitation, Jessica was extremely aware of how the woman’s eyes took her in. Her buttocks inadvertently flexed as she felt the redhead’s gaze when she closed the door behind her.

She was inside. At a swinger party. Here to get fucked! The realization triggered another burst of adrenaline and the actress felt her body shiver in nervousness. Turning to face the hostess, she found the woman smiling at her. That warm smile. But underneath, Jessica could sense something else. Something that made her feel like a doe in headlights.

“Do you need a mask?”

“Yes, please!” Jessica forced herself to speak.

The woman reached over to a small table next to the entrance door and grabbed a mask from a small pile, handing it to Jessica. It was similar to the one the hostess wore, just black instead of gold. A lacy, thin piece of fabric that would cover the region around her eyes to disguise her identity. The only thing that could keep everyone from knowing who she was.

“Behind that door are the changing rooms!” the woman pointed. “There are lockers in there to keep your personal belongings… Remember, you can’t take your phone! We don’t want anyone to be filmed without their consent! If you want to document your fun, there are possibilities of that, just ask… The party is over there!”

Jessica followed the direction the woman pointed at to see a pair of big, heavy oak doors that looked right in place with the theme of the location that Jessica had seen on the internet. “Okay!”

“Now go get changed and then go have some fun!”

Jessica could feel her heart pound in her chest as she stood in front of the changing room mirror. She could not remember ever being so nervous. While her jobs regularly demanded that she would do things that made her uncomfortable in one way or another, this was entirely different.

She had always been very strict, almost famous, with her no-nudity-attitude. She was aware that people liked looking at her, but she had decided that there was a limit on what she allowed them to see. Being naked made her feel vulnerable. Yet, now a number of people would get to see her naked if she went through with this. And they would not just see her breasts, like in some classy photoshoot. No, they would see everything! They would see her tits, they would see her cunt, they would probably get some good looks of even her asshole! A multitude of strangers would get to see her asshole!

The lewd thought made Jessica’s throat tighten, her tummy knot up, but at the same time she felt her pussy moisten. The thought, while terrifying, was a huge turn-on as well. In fact, the sexual excitement she felt, the thought of getting fucked by a random stranger, made her push through her nerves. She would get herself some dick!

Putting on the finishing touches with her sensual, dark red lipstick, Jessica straightened and tossed the stick back into her make-up bag before stepping back and giving herself a once-over. God, if anyone would recognize her and get a picture of her like this it would be a disaster.

The website had declared the dresscode to tonight’s party and had made it clear that there would be no room for anyone not ready for this. Lingerie. Women would attend in lingerie.

On one hand, this was a good thing: underwear was something she had in her suitcase. Had the dress-requirements been more exotic (and not demanded business attire or workout gear) Jessica would have been stumped. Now, she wore a matching set of black, lacy lingerie. The bra, a revealing half-cup that was all but see-through, pushed her big, soft breasts up and together, creating a delicious, deep display of cleavage. Her tits had grown with motherhood and Jessica could not help but be proud of the results.

Her eyes travelled down over her trim stomach down to her panties and she blushed a little bit as she once again realized how small they were. It wasn’t like she had packed a huge amount of alternatives for this trip, so she had been kind of stuck with the one matching set she brought. The lacy bottoms were cut about as tight as they could be. Similar to the bra, they were almost see through, inviting a second, closer look and just barely hiding Jessica’s small, delicate slit. However, due to their tightness, that effect was almost completely for naught, as not only they clung to her sex, following her groove and displaying the outlines of her pussy in a devilish cameltoe, but the strip of fabric was also so narrow that it revealed a good third of her smooth cunt lips on either side.

The back was no better as the strap of her thong was so thin it literally disappeared between the cheeks of her ass. Turning around, Jessica gulped as the entirety of her ass was on display. She bent over slightly and her eyes widened when her firm buttocks splayed from the pose and she realized that the small string did not even cover her tightly clenched asshole! In fact, a good portion of her wrinkled, brown sphincter was visible on either side. She had always considered this set as sexy but practical as it would not show lines beneath even tight skirts, but now that she would step in front of people she realized just how slutty it looked! It looked like something a porn star would wear!

Her choices of footwear had been similarly limited. In fact, once her running shoes and a pair of sneakers were taken away, she had the choice between her stylish business pumps and a pair of black, overknee-length leather boots. While the pumps were cute and professional at the same time, they were also dark blue, disrupting the color scheme of the rest of her “outfit”, so now Jessica wore high-heeled, shiny black leather boots.

Originally she had taken them in case she would have had time for a paparazzi stroll, giving them something eye-catching while not revealing anything. Paired with jeans, like she had intended, the boots would have looked sexy, with three inch heels and some shiny, polished buckles at the side. Now, in combination with tight, sexy underwear, they looked slutty.

“I look like a whore!” Jessica murmured to herself, feeling slutty and sexy at the same time. If it was not okay to look like a whore tonight, when was the time then?

Nonetheless, when she looked back at the reflection on her face, she could see the nervousness in her own eyes behind the black, lacy mask. Coincidentally, the borrowed mask fit her lingerie perfectly, the style of the lace very similar. It looked dangerously thin though and some small voice in the back of Jessica’s head doubted that it would be enough to disguise her identity.

With her lips painted a sinfully dark shade of red and her brunette hair tied back into a French braid that fell over her left shoulder, Jessica like what she saw very much. She was just a bit freaked out by how much she saw.

“Fuck it, let’s do this!” Throwing her make-up back into her chosen locker to the rest of her stuff, she quickly locked it with a self-chosen combination before she turned to leave. One last glance in the mirror, one last, deep, calming breath and Jessica was out of the door.

On her way through the lobby, Jessica gave the red-haired hostess a quick, nervous smile before she turned towards the oak doors. She could hear jazz music from the other side. Her heart racing, Jessica grabbed the door knob.

“Excuse me!”

Jessica froze as she heard the hostess’ voice calling out from behind her, her hand clasped around the knob. Some primal, ludicrous instinct yelled at her to run, just run away. Instead, Jessica slowly turned around.

“Y-yeah?!” she asked. Damned, her voice shook again!

The redhead approached her, a smile on her face, but a stern look in her eyes. “You can’t go in there like that.”

Jessica’s heart skipped a beat. “What do y-you mean?” God, her voice sounded squeaky.

The hostess smiled and pointed at Jessica’s chest. “The bra. Take it off!”

“What? No!” Jessica protested, her arms inadvertently coming up to protect her breasts. “Why?”

“It’s the dresscode!”

“No, dresscode is lingerie!” Jessica insisted, feeling panic in her voice.

“No, I’m sorry,” the woman smiled as she calmly explained, “The rule is that only panties or boxers are allowed. Those boots are fine. Very nice by the way! But you can’t wear a bra!”

“Ohmygod!” Jessica thought, staring wide-eyed at the other woman as she realized that even as exposed as she was, she’d have to bare even more! Swallowing hard, Jessica’s arms reached behind her back and she unhooked her bra, quickly slipping it down her arms.

The redhead’s smile turned a bit more predatory as Jessica’s breasts were released from their constraints. They sagged the tiniest bit without the support due to their size, but still were amazingly firm, capped with dime-sized, hazel-colored areolas and small, stiffening nipples. Reaching out, she snapped the bra from Jessica’s hands.

“I will keep this for you!” she declared before nodding towards the door, “Now go have fun!”

She watched as Jessica meekly turned and opened the door, a smirk spreading as she admired the skimpy thong that did nothing to cover the Latina’s firm bubble butt. This hot, little whore was in for the night of her life…

As Jessica pushed the door open and entered the party she was painfully aware how her bare tits jiggled with each of her steps, just how exposed she was to anyone looking her way…

Who is going to have fun with Jessica first?

-   A man (public blowjob)
-   A man (back room destruction)
-   A woman (public pussy-licking)
-   A woman (back room strap-on play)
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #24 on: February 18, 2020, 09:51:29 AM »
Public blowjob sounds great
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Re: Jessica Alba - Slut in Secret
« Reply #25 on: February 18, 2020, 09:59:08 AM »
i'm go with a "man" choice, Jess needs some mans, not a fan of lesbo stuff and definitely this story need some rougher, tougher chapters, like a first one or like in your another stories, hope the next chapter will come soon, thank you for sharing
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