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Cum Factor (Christina Hendricks) [Part Three posted]
« on: June 16, 2022, 09:58:00 AM »
Written as a commission for Psylent21. Thank you to him for the story idea.

Cum Factor

Starring: Christina Hendricks

Part One

The clock struck nine on the western seaboard of the United States, and men took to their armchairs from Alaska to Alabama, tissues and lube at the ready as they settled in for their favourite show. The theme tune’s opening bars blasted from speakers up and down the country, accompanying a crudely drawn graphic of a veiny, swollen-headed penis, being vigorously jerked by a cartoon hand. The penis erupted, shooting its animated goo at TV screens of every size, colour and picture quality. The cartoon semen landed with a sound effect-enhanced splat, spelling out the name of the show in dripping, off-white bubble-style lettering.


The spunk-written title slopped to the bottom of the screen, and the camera swooped and glided across a poorly constructed TV set as a garishly-dressed, slicked back man with a pornstar moustache strolled across the stage. The overwhelmingly male audience whooped and applauded as the director counted down from five and flashed a thumbs up at the host.

“Good evening, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to a brand new episode of Cum Factor.  I’m your host, Perv Griffin, and tonight I’ll be joined by a very beautiful celebrity guest who will be gleefully debasing herself for the charity of her choice. Shall we meet our guest?”

A cheer went up from the studio audience, some already brandishing their cocks in anticipation.

“She’s a redheaded knockout with a set of tits that could feed the five thousand. Please give a warm and sticky Cum Factor welcome to Christina Hendricks!”

The crowd went wild, many aggressively jerking themselves off as the show’s celebrity guest emerged from the backstage area in all her buxom glory. Scantily clad in a skin tight purple dress that barely extended past the curves of her ass, the chesty actress bounced and jiggled every which way as she strutted across the stage. Perv greeted his guest with a warm embrace, and a cameraman zoomed in tight to the actress’ cleavage, being sure to capture her mountainous assets as they squished against his chest.

“Wow! Doesn’t she look stunning, folks?” he asked, already sporting a visible hardon as he turned to face the audience.

The crowd returned a chorus of whooping catcalls, and Christina blew them a kiss, nearly triggering a heart attack from a man in the front row.

“Great to have you here, Christina. Are you excited for tonight’s show?”

“I’m very excited, Perv. Thank you for having me on.”

“You are more than welcome. And I must say, that is quite the outfit you’re wearing there.”

“Yeah, I wore this to an awards show once, I seem to recall. I think it had a bit more fabric back then though.”

Perv grinned. “Our wardrobe department have been working their magic again, I see.”

The crowd laughed. The wardrobe department at Cum Factor were well known for their talents in dress modification. Once again they’d taken a classy gown fit for the red carpet and turned it into a frock so slutty it would make a pornstar blush. 

“So as you folks are well aware, all money generated in today’s will be donated to a charity of Miss Hendricks’ choosing. Christina, what charity will you be supporting today?”

“Well, Perv, today I will be raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It’s a cause that I hold very dear to my heart and…”

“So I see,” Perv interrupted, marvelling at the huge pair of boobs that were all but spilling out of her scanty attire.

The audience laughed.

“Sorry,” Perv continued, stifling an impish smirk. “A very noble cause. I mean, if there’s one part of the anatomy that needs more research it’s the female breast. Ain’t that right, guys?”

Whoops and cheers sounded loudly from all around the studio, some even coming from the cameramen and the producers backstage.

Perv grinned and looked at his guest. “Sounds like they approve. OK, let’s make some money.  Those tits ain’t gonna research themselves. So, as you guys are well aware, round one is the Blowjob Round, and our lovely celebrity guest here will have just 30 minutes to bring as many men to orgasm as she can. But here’s the kicker. She’s only allowed to use her mouth, her hands and, of course, those lovely big breasts of hers. Now, there is a total of $100,000 up for grabs for your chosen charity in this first round, Christina. Do you think you can get it all?”

“I hope so, Perv. I’ll certainly give it my best shot.”

“That’s what we like to hear. OK, let’s get on with the first round.”  A timer showing 30:00 appeared on a giant screen above their heads as a group of four young black men strutted out onto the stage.  “Fellas, take it away.”

The timer started ticking down and Perv stepped aside as the four men approached, forming a circle around the celebrity guest. Hands grabbed at her from all four sides, squeezing her ass and groping her enormous tits. One man gripped her by the hair, pulling her towards him and pushing his big, thick lips against her own, his tongue plunging halfway to her tonsils.

“Hmm, looks like the guys are getting a feel for the merchandise,” Perv declared, commentating for the folks back home. “Doesn’t look like the best use of time, but, hey, can’t really blame them, right?”

Christina was pulled towards another, and a second second sloppy kiss quickly and messily ensued. A light tug at the top of her dress and her huge tits popped out, drawing further cheers from the enraptured audience. Hands pawed at those big, freed breasts and two men latched onto her nipples, suckling with greedy intent. 

“Damn!” said Perv. “Looks like these guys are feeling a little peckish, huh?  Let’s see if our guest has an appetite of her own.”

Lips peeled from her nipples and a pair of dark hands rested on her shoulder blades, pushing her towards the studio floor.  Christina settled at her knees, surrounded on all sides by hefty lumps, bulging beneath the fabric of their pants.  Belts were unbuckled and drawstrings untied, unveiling for the longest, thickest black cocks that the actress had ever seen. She stared in disbelief from one fat prick to the next, eyes nearly springing from their sockets. Her mouth fell open and the orifice was quickly filled by the man in front as he steered his cock towards her lips. 

“MMPF!” Christina exclaimed, her voice muffled as a hardy portion was stuffed into her mouth.

Her lips wrapped around his veiny shaft and a hand gripped the back of her head, guiding her down his length. Fingers wound around her spindly wrists, pulling them in different directions before a pulsing tube was slapped down into each of her palms. She gripped each member tight, jerking them in tandem as the man behind slapped his cock against her shoulders, eagerly awaiting his turn.

Veins throbbed against her tongue as her full lips slid along the shaft, saliva coating every inch. One last push and her lips touched base, her nose vanishing into his wiry pubes as she choked him down in the name of charity. Christina slurped and sucked, feeling him swell inside her mouth as a helpless groan flew forth from the young man’s lips.

“Ooh!  Hear that, fellas?” asked Perv. “Looks like we might have our first load.”

His grip loosened at the back of her head and he retracted desperately from down her throat, jerking his dick at a mile a minute. Her lips stayed open as he jerked and pulled, his dick pointed at the drooling target. One last stroke and his bellend erupted, firing a spunky blast straight into her waiting mouth. A cameraman moved in for a close up, shoving his lens into the redhead’s face.

“Damn! Look at all that goop!” Perv exclaimed, the image of her spunk-filled mouth now plastered across the giant screen. “Looks like you’ve got triplets in your mouth there, Christina!” Laughter rung around the studio. “Swallow it down for us, honey.”
Christina closed her lips, wincing slightly as the strong-tasting fluid slid down her esophagus.  Her lips parted and her mouth was dry as a bone, the first thick load now winging its way to her stomach. A giant number one flashed up on the screen, and the crowd cheered as the show’s load count was officially initiated.

“There’s a good girl,” Perv grinned.

Fingers threaded through her vibrant red hair, and her head was turned to the left, a second dark rod steered past her gaping lips. He gripped her firmly and started thrusting, mining through her oral cavity. His huge brown bellend soared past her tonsils, drawing a harsh gag as it pushed down into her throat. 

A hand grasped onto one of her boobs and Christina peered down to her chest as a hefty trunk was slapped down between them. Pale mounds of flesh enveloped his pulsing shaft, and soon the young man was thrusting in time with his buddy, slicing his dick between the actress’ tits. 

The thrusts quickened and soon a fat scrotum was slapping against her chin, balls swollen with her next thick wad of the evening. Spit rained down from her chin as her face was fucked, dripping down onto her jugs and lubing them thoroughly for the second huge cock that was buried between them. 

Christina felt a stir in both men’s genitals and within seconds, both her throat and cleavage were quickly evacuated. Two large rods were pointed at her face, tips winking in unison as both dark wonders were stroked towards completion. Her mouth stayed open as both dicks detonated mere fractions of a second apart, filling her mouth with so much goop that thick drops of the stuff started to leak from the sides of her mouths, trickling down her flushed red cheeks.

“Hmm, how about that, Christina? A two-for-one special!” Perv quipped, much to the amusement of his fans. 

Christina closed her lips and swallowed, but it wasn’t until she’d scooped up the escaping seed that the counter on the screen ticked up to load number three. 

“Wow!” Perv exclaimed. “Our celebrity guest is making light work of these loads, huh, fellas?  Just one man left.”

Fisting two clumps of fiery red hair, the last man standing held the actress still as he guided his cock between her lips, driving to the hilt with a single thrust. Holding her hair like a set of handlebars, he kept her exactly where he wanted her, listening to her cough and gag around his fuckstick as her lips stayed glued to the base. A sharp tug of her hair and his dick was retrieved, popping from between her lips in a spray of spittle. Christina gasped, refilling her lungs before the dripping black cock was stuffed back down her throat and the fucking quickly resumed. 

It was right around then that the enormous pictures of the sloppy interracial blowbang claimed their first victim. A man leapt up desperately from his seat in the audience, furiously pounding off as he scurried towards the aisle. An observant cameraman caught him in the act and the rampant facefucking was briefly interrupted as the man’s wincing red face was broadcast to the entire studio. 

“Oh!” said Perv. “I almost forgot. The audience here at Cum Factor have been known to get a little overexcited at times, so we’ve placed a few containers around the studio in which to do their filthy business. I fully expect every one of these receptacles to be filled to the brim by the end of the show, and if our celebrity guest would be so kind as to empty them for us then she will receive an additional $500,000 for her chosen charity.”

The director cut back to the audience where three other men were now hunched over plastic containers, pulling at their pricks like their lives depended on it.

The camera returned to the host, a wicked grin now etched across his face. “And it looks like there could be a lot of it!”

Back on stage, the last of the four men was building to an explosion of his own. Pumping his pelvis at a furious pace, he drilled his dick into Christina’s face, generating loud and nasty squelching sounds from the deepest parts of her throat. His balls were bloated and Christina could feel the thick cum swirling around inside them as they cannoned against her throat.  Burying himself to the hilt one final time, those big, swollen orbs squished against her chin, deflating rapidly as he nutted straight down her throat.

“FUUUCCCKKK!!!” he yelled, rattling light fixtures as he tilted his head towards the ceiling.

Hands gripping tight to the back of her head, he pinned her face to his groin, keeping her there until his sack had been emptied. 

“Damn!” Perv exclaimed. “That sounded like the biggest one yet!”

The man pried his dick from Christina’s throat and the four men trudged off-stage, leaving the panting redhead with a stomachful of the hottest, gloopiest semen that any of them had ever produced.

“Four down, Christina. How you feeling?”

“I’m…doing…great…Perv!” the actress replied, punctuating each word with a sharp intake of breath.

The remaining time read 20:37.

“Twenty minutes left, honey,” said Perv, ushering out the next six men. “Better pick up the pace.”

Christina remained on her knees as a half-dozen white guys marched across the stage, forming a tight circle around her. Time was of the essence, so the starlet got right down to business.  Reaching up to the man in front of her, she undid the clasp on his belt and whipped his shorts down, his long vanilla pole springing out before her very eyes. She took it in her hands and started stroking as a further five dongs flopped out all around her, pointing at her from every direction. 

She grabbed hold of another, stroking them in tandem as her lips opened to accept a third.  A hand gripped tight to the back of her head, pushing her down the shaft until her full set of lips were puckered at the base. Hands groped her tits and Christina kept jerking the two fat cocks that throbbed in the palms of her hands. Spit sloshed around her oral cavity, soaking the juicy rod now lodged in her gullet. Her cheeks hollowed inward, forming an airtight vacuum seal as she greedily sucked at the thick slab of meat. The crown twitched against her tonsils and the man cussed loudly as one particularly voracious suck nearly brought up the contents of his balls.


The hand came free from the back of her head and the man retrieved his dick from down her esophagus. Christina turned without missing a beat, swallowing up the next huge cock and taking it straight to the balls. Her left hand grabbed another, jerking it steadily as her right went back to the first, fingers curling around the thick shaft now drenched in her saliva. Her hair was gathered into a pair of bright red pigtails and the man in front of her started humping ferociously, powering his helmet deep into her oral canal. Spit slopped from the underside, dripping down from her chin and onto the tops of her titties. 

The man pulled out and another took over, quickly picking up from where his friend left off.  Slotting his crown between her dripping pink lips, he pumped his hips like a man possessed, driving his cock into her face with matching ferocity. Holding tight to her pretty red head, he used her mouth like a fleshlight, pumping into her gullet with very little self-control.

“Yeah! Take my dick!” he growled, baring his teeth as he kept on thrusting, beating her throat with his ballsack.

Christina coughed and spluttered, her large chest heaving as a thick, meaty sausage was crammed down her esophagus. 

The others were growing restless, and having stood idly by for three long minutes while the busty actress sucked and stroked his buddies, one man in particular had grown tired of waiting.  Gripping a fistful of tousled red hair, he gave a sharp yank, dislodging the cock from her windpipe as he pulled her head back. Now all she could see was the ceiling above her, and Christina stared helplessly at the studio lighting until four fat rods were steered into her field of vision. They hovered there for a fraction of a second, and Christina braced herself as the iron cross was beaten down onto her face. Spit and precum peppered her skin and she took the brunt of each smack as four swollen crowns bounced off her lips and cannoned against her cheeks and brow.

“Shit!” said Perv, now visibly stroking himself through the fabric of his pants. “Looks like our guest is getting quite the beat down, huh?”

The blows continued, helmets hammering her face until the guy in front stepped back, beating his rod against her tits before sliding it between them. Her face remained skyward as the man behind her took a step forward, pushing his cock into her mouth. Balls squished against her nose and his shaft pounded against her tongue as he thrust down into her face.Grabbing her wrists, the two on either side gave her a handful of meat, palms filled with pulsating girth. She gripped them firmly and started jerking, synching each stroke with the fucking of her face and tits. 

Her breasts hugged tight around the cock in between them, enveloping it entirely as it bore through her chestal chasm. One more thrust and her tits were vacated, the gorge quickly filled by a second fat cock that was smothered by her weighty melons. Boobs moulded in the palms of his hands, doughy flesh bulged through the gaps in his fingers as he bucked his hips, driving his cock through her tight, wet tit tunnel.

Christina felt a throb in her gullet and in the dick in her mouth was hastily withdrawn. Another man stepped up, dragging his balls across her face and the actress opened wide as he slotted his scrotum between her lips. Her face was smothered, nose pressed against the man’s hairy taint as she sucked on his sack, feeling the cum churn in both of his oversized orbs. 

Balls were pulled from between her lips, and Christina licked across the young man’s taint and right up to his asscrack. His crevice was just as hairy as the rest of him and Christina burrowed into the dense brown forest, fighting through foliage until she found his asshole.  Poking out her tongue, she pushed it deep into his anal cavity, attempting a prostate exam with the slick red flesh. And if that wasn’t enough, she gripped hold of his twitching cock and promptly started jerking, tooting the trombone like she was first chair in the school band.

“Wow!” said Perv.  “Looks like our guest today is a true professional!  Not many women can multitask like that!”

The clock ticked down to the thirteen minute mark and with ten men still to come, Christina was keen to move things along.

“Come on, boys,” she said, gripping two pairs of balls. “I haven’t got all day here. Empty these things already!”

The men were happy to oblige and a couple of them got in one last titjob or facefuck before they unleashed hell. Meaty cock held tight in her rack, Christina could feel the hot surge of impending eruption soaring through the shaft as it sliced through the gap in her tits. Parting her lips, she sucked at the head each time it emerged, releasing it with an audible *POP*. The man kept pumping, terminating in her mouth each time until his ballsack was fit to burst. The thrusting stopped and the man remained buried in her cleavage as he started spewing, voiding his sack between the actress’ lips. She sucked at the head, feeling the cum pumping through his tit-wrapped shaft as countless thick volleys were sprayed into her oral cavity. 

A hand gripped her head and the cock fell from between her lips as she turned to the right, where another was ready and waiting. Slotting his dick between her lips, the man exploded almost immediately, filling her mouth with a second thick wad that bulged her cheeks like a puffer fish. A big swallow and the first two loads were down in her tummy, swimming about amongst the others. The man retracted and Christina kept her mouth agape as another replaced him. A couple of thrusts and he too erupted, splashing her tonsils and the insides of her cheeks. 

The dick slid out from between her lips as a pair of others were pushed into her face, their owners jerking them ferociously. Her mouth stayed open and she poked out her tongue, offering it up as a writhing pink spunk target. Both men hit it with unerring accuracy, splashing her tongue with two hot wads that set her taste buds ablaze. Now there was just one left, and as the two men stepped aside, another fat cock was thrust between her lips. Gripping the back of her head, he pushed her down to the hilt and blasted straight down her throat, filling her stomach with load number ten. 

“Damn!” said Perv. “Ten loads and counting. Well done, Christina. You’re halfway there with ten minutes left. Let’s see if we can hit that high score!”

The men pulled up their jeans, passing the final ten as they strode out onto the stage.  Encircling the celebrity guest, they formed a ring around her two men deep, almost blocking her from the cameras entirely. Pants were lowered and a vast array of wildly differing dicks were flopped out before her eyes. Some were hooded and some were uncut. Some hairy, some trimmed. Some veiny, some smooth. Some white, some black, some brown. But regardless of the colour and whatever it looked like, all ten cocks had one thing in common. They were all huge. Ten inches at least and girthy beyond belief. 

Christina could scarcely comprehend the sheer volume of meat on display all around her. And before she knew it, all ten cocks were being propelled in her direction, slotted and shoved into hole or gap that they’d fit into. Her mouth opened and a big black one was steered towards it, sinking to the hilt with the very first thrust. Her hands went up and grabbed two more, stroking them in unison while the black man fucked her throat. Another was slapped down onto the top of her head, while two thick helmets were beaten against her shoulders. 

Hands gripped her head and the black guy’s ass was a blur as he drove his dick into her face, pumping with little restraint. Spit dripped from the underside, making a mess of the studio floor.  Balls rebounded off her chin, swinging back and forth until the man pulled out and her face was angled toward another. 

Her mouth gaped open as a well-hung white guy filled it with his cock, taking over from his dark-skinned buddy. His technique was different but equally ferocious, and he used her red hair like a set of reins to pull her in on his dick. The guys were getting impatient, and as her full lips slid up and down that long white pole, her wrists were grabbed and pulled towards a pair of others. Her fingers coiled around a black one and a brown one, and she stroked them smoothly as her face was impaled.

And so it continued, from one man to the next. One after another they stepped up to the plate, sticking their dicks into every slot and crevice. Some chose her mouth, some chose her tits.  Some went a different route altogether, backing up before her and pulling her face into their asscracks, jerking themselves off she rimmed them into a coma. Then, once every man on stage had taken a turn in her mouth or cleavage, a couple of nervous looking production assistants skulked out onto the stage, a camera following as they rolled a leather ottoman across the crowded platform. 

“Well, well,” said Perv, watching with everyone else as the new piece of furniture was wheeled into position. “What do we have here? Make way for the furniture, fellas. Think y’all will have some fun with this!”

The men moved in around the ottoman, forming a ring around it as the PAs scurried off stage.  Christina was helped to her knees and laid on her back across the leather surface with her head hanging over the edge. One man stepped up before her, gripping his dick at the base and shoving into her open socket. Another climbed up onto the ottoman, kneeling over the redheaded beauty and dropping his dick between her full set of tits. Gathering them in his big, strong hands, he pushed those big puppies around his shaft and thrusted with all he had. Two more appeared at her left and right, waiting with stiff knobs as she took them in her hands and started stroking.

The guys were under strict instructions from the show’s producer not to stick their dick in the redhead’s pussy. But he hadn’t said anything about fingers. With this in mind, a man knelt at the edge of the ottoman and spread her legs apart, ramming two fingers up her burning cooch.  Frigging her wildly with his invading digits, her pussy squelched at considerable volume as he stuffed them into her depths. Two more men took hold of her legs, holding them steady, lest the writhing and thrashing disrupt the meaty schlong that was tunnelling through her oral canal. 

One final jab at the actress’ g-spot and a loud squeal flew forth from her lips, muffled considerably by the juicy cock that was lodged inside it. Her clit throbbed and the man pulled his fingers out at the last possible second as a powerful jet of crystalline fluids squirted forth from her quivering cunt. A roar went up from the audience and a cameraman moved in close, both he and his lens getting a thorough dousing as the dam burst open in spectacular fashion. 

“Fuck!” yelled Perv, a few drops of liquid even splattering across his suit. “Look at that fluid fly!  No extra cash for that I’m afraid, Christina, but our audience seemed to enjoy it. Isn’t that right, fellas?”

The cheers grew louder and as the director cut briefly to a shot of the crowd, it seemed like the squirting had sparked further eruptions throughout the TV studio. Men were queuing up and down the aisles, ready to make a deposit into the various spunk receptacles that were rapidly filling towards the brim. 

The fingering continued and Christina squirted several more times, puddles of lady liquid starting to form on the studio floor. At the other end, it was business as usual, and great volumes of spit were slopping down the redhead’s face as a big, buff black guy went to town on her upturned face. Violently jackhammering his strong and sturdy dark hips, his long black cock was propelled through her oral tunnel at a blistering speed, loud splat sounds pouring into the various boom mics as his huge set of balls rebounded off her spit-drenched brow. 

Another dick was lodged between her tits, slicing through her cleavage like a knife through butter, while two more were in her mits, enjoying the best pair of handjobs that either had ever received. But time was ticking down, and the amount of guys she could pleasure at once and the length of dick she could fit down her throat meant nothing without the resulting cumshots. 

“Three minutes left, Christina,” said Perv from the side of the stage. 

Christina pushed against the black guy’s thighs and pried his dick from down her throat, a thick mess of saliva dripping down onto the studio floor. 

“OK,” she gasped, sucking in lungfuls of air, “I’m gonna need you boys to cum for me now.”

The men pulled her up from the ottoman and set her down onto her knees. Gathering in close, dicks of every length, width and colour were thrust in her direction, pointing at her face, her tits or the back of her head. A plucky cameraman stood front row centre, ready to capture the ensuing bukkake in crystal clear UHD. 

Each and every cock was being violently jerked, knuckles shuffling in every direction until a pair of thick cumshots were fired at the actress’ face. One from her left and one from her right, the first two loads were seconds apart, splashing across her cheeks and messing the sides of her hair. Then came another as someone behind her left two warm clumps of thick clotted semen wobbling on top of her head. The next two loads were aimed at her chest, leaving long, gooey strands of piping hot jism to run down her oversized breasts. 

The cameraman stayed in close, capturing every detail and paying little mind to the stray drops of semen now peppering his expensive lens. Men stepped aside and others replaced them, gifting the star of the show with one thick wad after another. One hit her full in the face, spraying across her lips and nose and covering one of her eyes. Another hit the side of her head, leaving off-white streaks in the strands of her hair. Two more loads were fired at her tits, coating her snow-white flesh. 

Nine down, one to go, and with three trios of well-hung men already on their way backstage, the one that remained was the biggest of the lot. Dick clasped firmly in a strong black hand, the man gripped onto the back of her head, careful to avoid the countless streaks of semen as he held her in place. Christina stared in disbelief at the tool in his hand, the tip winking with every stroke. 

The clock ticked down to the final seconds and the crowd chanted out the numbers as they descended towards zero.

“Ten! Nine! Eight!”

“Come on. Gimme that cum,” Christina begged, looking up at the dark-skinned stud and batting her baby blues. 

“Seven! Six! Five!”

A hand reached up and she cupped his balls, giving them a gentle squeeze.

“Four! Three!”

He tipped his head back, closing his eyes as a deafening roar ripped forth from the bowels of his throat.

“Two! One!”

Cum struck her face as the sound of the buzzer carried through the expanse of the studio. The man recalibrated and fired again, spewing further ropes of seed over her big, milky tits. 

“Damn!” said Perv. “Talk about a buzzer beater!”

Christina opened her mouth and the men squeezed at the swell of his crown, pushing out the last few drops. She closed her lips and swallowed them down and the camera moved in for a close up. Panning up slowly from the actress’ midriff, he followed the streaks of cum that trailed from her scalp right down to her belly. Cum clung to her nose and lashes, streaked her lips and dripped down the strands of her hair. 

“Phew!” Perv whistled from across the stage. “Well, wasn’t that something! How you feeling, Christina?”

“Covered,” the redhead replied, wiping cum from out of her eyes.

Perv laughed. “Those guys made a mess of you, huh? Don’t worry, honey. We’ll clean you up.  Well, there you have it, folks. Our celebrity guest scored no fewer than twenty thick, hot cumshots, netting her chosen charity a grand total of $100,000 for the opening round.” 

A loud ‘ooo’ went up from the audience, followed by a lengthy round of rapturous applause. 

“Just think of all the tits that they’ll save with that!” the host quipped, pausing for the laughter that inevitably followed. “Well, guys, that’s about it for part one, but don’t go anywhere ‘cause in just a few moments four legends of adult entertainment will be joining our guest as she tackles round two. We’ll be right back after this commercial message.”

End of Part One
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Re: Cum Factor (Christina Hendricks)
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Perv Griffin, that was good lol.

This was a funny story with hot titfucking.
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Re: Cum Factor (Christina Hendricks)
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I loved this, I could actually hear the crowd in my head lol.

What a fun idea turned into something cool.
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Re: Cum Factor (Christina Hendricks)
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You did an amazing job with this. I can't wait to read part 2!

Love the set up with a game show and playing up with erotica and comedy, that's something unique.

I am so glad to see another author writing for Psylent. He has become a dear friend of mine the more I got to know him. He comes up with some of the coolest ideas for Christina Hendricks.
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Re: Cum Factor (Christina Hendricks)
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This story is hilarious!

Oh my god, I want more! Can't wait to see the next part.

What channel is this on? Someone needs to put this in a cable package lmao
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Re: Cum Factor (Christina Hendricks)
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Part Two

Starring: Christina Hendricks

With: Angela White

Lacy Lennon

Anna de Ville

Adriana Chechik

and Madelaine Petsch


The camera faded in from black, coming to focus on an exquisitely designed, restaurant-size kitchen.  A woman stepped into frame, clad in skin tight light blue spandex with her fiery red hair tied up in a bun.  The woman bent forward at the waist, thrusting her peachy ass into the air.  The camera zoomed in tight, framing her perky, round cheeks as she rummaged through her kitchen cupboards.

“Oh, hi.  Didn’t see you there,” she said, turning to face the camera.  A blender and various foodstuffs were assembled across the worktop.  “I’m Madelaine Petsch, and before I work out, I give my body the fuel it needs with this.”  She plucked a small bottle from the kitchen counter and held it up to the camera.  “Slutamix.  WhorObics’ unique concoction of essential vitamins and minerals that is just bound to put a spring in your step.  I love this stuff.  Add this bad boy to the smoothie of your choice and you’ll really feel that extra kick.  Here’s a little favourite of mine.”

Madelaine checked off the list of ingredients, adding them to the blender one by one. 

“Kale.  Oats.  Splash of almond milk.  And of course, no shake is complete without a little protein.  Boys.”

Two men- one white, one black- stepped into frame, flanking the redhead from either side.  Both were entirely nude and already sporting a pair of firm-looking hardons, two sets of oversized balls swinging down between their thighs. 

“Wow!” said Madelaine, the camera zooming in as she cupped the black man’s nuts.  “Lots of protein in there, huh, guys?  Right, let’s get that out of there.”

She curled her fingers around the black guy’s tool and started jerking, her knuckles shuffling from bellened to base. 

“It’s better if it’s freshly extracted,” the actress grinned.  “I only use the freshest ingredients and so should you.”

She took hold of the white one and repeated the action, stroking both monsters in tandem.

“The more, the merrier, right, guys?  Our bodies need all the fuel they can get, so don’t be afraid to fill that blender to the brim.”

She stroked them faster, both shafts throbbing in her manicured hands.  A thick bead of precum formed in the black man’s tip and Madelaine dropped to her knees for a closer inspection.

“Oooh, look at that.  This guy’s giving us a little sample.  Remember, it’s always best to try your ingredients before you add them to the mixture.”

Madelaine poked out her tongue and lapped at the tip of his penis, scooping out a thick dollop of translucent goop.  She smacked her lips together appreciatively, enjoying the salty flavour.

“Mmm, perfect!  Rich in protein and tastes divine.  Now let’s try this one.”

She turned to the white man and gripped him hard, squeezing the head until a second helping appeared in his wide open slit.  She licked along the tip of his penis, gathering the precum that pooled there in copious volume.

“Ooh, that one’s good too!  Honestly can’t decide which one I like better.”

She turned to the black guy and tasted him again, then back to the white one, extracting further goop from his urethra.

“Mmm, both are delicious!  And should taste great all mixed together.  I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it!”

She jacked them harder and Madelaine felt the black one throb in the palm of her hand.

“Ooo!  I think this one’s ready.”

She rose to her feet, hand clasped firmly around the coal dark schlong as she aimed it at the rim of the blender.  A few more strokes and his bellend erupted, hot spurts of cum jetting from the tip of his prick.  Cum splashed up the sides of the blender, leaving a murky trail across the plastic as it dripped down into the bowl. 

“Damn!” said Madelaine, brown eyes bulging as further ropes of seed squirted from the black man’s tip.  “That’s a lot, huh?”

She squeezed hard at the head of his penis, coaxing out the last few beads of cum.

“Make sure you get it all out.  Don’t let a drop go to waste.”

She continued to squeeze at the black man’s crown, not stopping until she’d wrung out every last drop.

“OK, now the other one.”

She gripped the white one and jacked it furiously, the swollen crown getting angry and red. 

“Mmm, this is gonna be a big one, I can tell.  Come on, baby.  Shoot that wad.”

No further encouragement was required and as Madelaine’s hand slid down the length of his shaft, the stud let loose, dressing the remaining ingredients with a hearty splash of gentleman’s relish.

“Phew!  Look at that, guys,” said Madelaine, holding the blender up to the nearest camera. 

The cup was filled halfway with the various ingredients, the key component making up the lion’s share. 

“Looks good, huh?  Then all you gotta do is mix it together.”

Madelaine pushed the button and the blender whirred into action, whisking the concoction into a viscous, off-white fluid.  She popped the lid off the blender, pouring the mixture into a tall glass tumbler. 

“Doesn’t that look yummy?  Let’s give it a try.”

She put the glass to her lips and tipped her head back, gulping a creamy mouthful.

“Mmm, delicious!”  She gave a chef’s kiss of approval, a thick moustache of spunk and kale left behind on her upper lip.  “Well, that is just perfect.  A few mouthfuls of this and I’ll be good to go for hours on end.  It’s chock full of energy, tastes incredible and it’s all thanks to this.”  She held up a small bottle and the camera zoomed in close.  “Slutamix from WhorObics.  Available now from all good health stores and WhorObics.com.  Power your workout the right way with Slutamix.  Order now!”


The camera swept smoothly across the TV studio, accompanied by an excerpt of the show’s main theme, and an overlay of the familiar title card.  Panning across the studio audience, it finally settled upon the host, Perv Griffin, and the buxom guest that was stood by his side.  Freshly cleaned and with her red hair fluffed and makeup reapplied, Christina Hendricks had been returned to her former glory.  Stuffed tight into a new red dress, her incredible FF tits looked bigger than ever, all but spilling from her low cut bodice.

“Welcome back to Cum Factor.  If you’re just joining us then a) where the fuck have you been? And b) our celebrity guest has already earned $100,000 for her chosen charity, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  And in round two, Christina here has the chance to triple her prize pot, with a whopping $200,000 up for grabs,” the host declared, pausing for whoops and cheers.

“BUT, after making all those guys explode earlier in the show, this round is all about the squirting, and Christina will be joined by four titans of adult entertainment to help her win some cash.  Who wants to meet them?”

The crowd went wild, some brandishing cocks that were still red raw from the previous round.

“First, she’s a brunette knockout with a rack so big it almost puts our guest to shame.  Almost.  She’s from New South Wales and her tits are off the scales!  The wonder from down under, Angela White!”

The volume increased and the jerking began in earnest as Australia’s bustiest export jiggled out onto the stage.  Tightly squeezed into a red latex dress, her epic 32GG breasts were all but squished on top of one another, forming a cleavage so deep and cavernous it could make the Sydney Opera House disappear.  Clutched in her hand was a large two pronged strap on dildo, and the buxom starlet held it aloft like a WWE Championship belt as she strutted across the stage.  She stopped to give Christina a big, fat kiss on the lips and a cameraman moved in close, capturing the meeting of the four best boobs on the planet.  Then she gave Perv a hug and he immediately popped a chubby as those world famous tits squished against his torso.

“Wow!” Perv exclaimed, looking her up and down.  “Great to have you here, Angela.  And I must say you look even better than you do on my computer screen.”

“Well, thanks, mate,” Angela replied, beaming her familiar smile.  “Perv by name, perv by nature, huh?”

“And I see you’ve brought a toy with you.  Doesn’t look for the faint of heart, I’ve got to say.”

“Uh uh.  One for her pussy and one for her arse,” said Angela, smiling deviously as she ran her hand along both thick shafts.  “But she’s a slut, I’m sure she can handle it.”

“Well, we’ll have to see, won’t we?” the host replied.  “OK, let’s bring out our next guest.  She’s a fiery young redhead who is just as proficient with a vagina as she is with a big, fat cock.  She loves to tweet and she’ll swallow your meat!  Please welcome Lacy Lennon!”

Lacy Lennon emerged from the backstage area to a chorus of wolf-whistles.  Clad in a classy green set of frilly French lingerie, the redhead’s trademark RBF was out all for force as the joined the host, his guest and her fellow pornstar at the front of the stage. 

“Lacy,” said Perv.  “Looking lovely this evening.  Another redhead.  We’re gonna have to turn the house lights down before we give you both skin cancer!”

The audience laughed but Lacy’s resting bitchface remained as stubborn as ever.

“Yes, Perv, I am a redhead,” the starlet replied.  “A real one too.  Not an imposter like Big Tits over there,” she added, pointing at Christina.  “See.  Even got the freckles to prove it.”

“So I see.  And you’ve brought something with you as well,” said Perv, clocking the double-ended dildo that was clutched in her manicured hands.  “I must say, I didn’t realise it was Bring Your Dildo to Work Day.”

“Shame.  I’d have liked to have seen yours, Perv,” Lacy quipped, the small hint of a smile now tickling her deadpan features. 

The crowd laughed raucously and the host’s face turned a deep shade of red.

“OK…moving on.  Up next we have a former gymnast, whose asshole is as stretchy as she is.  Prague’s favourite adopted daughter, Anna de Ville!”

Anna de Ville stepped out onto the stage, dressed in a black bra and panties, a sheer dark top  and a kinky pair of fishnet stockings.  Her jet black hair contrasted heavily with her pale white skin, and her lips had been coated a deep shade of red that matched her rosy eyeshadow.  Clasped in her hand was a very large and veiny red dildo.  She kissed her fellow guests, leaving a little bite on their lower lips, then squeezed Perv’s crotch as she slotted in beside him.

“Hi, Anna.  Welcome to the show.  That’s a very interesting toy you’ve brought with you today.”

“Yeah,” said Anna, holding her toy up to the nearest camera.  “This dildo comes courtesy of my good friends at Wonder Toys.  They said if I gave them a plug, they’d give me some in return.  If you get what I mean.”

“I see.  And last but certainly not least, we have the self-proclaimed nastiest holes in porn.  She’s had more cocks than John Wayne’s pistol, Brat Nasty herself, Adriana Chechik!”

Loud, whooping catcalls greeted Adriana as she crossed the stage.  Dressed in a short pair of frayed denim cutoffs, a pink cowboy hat and matching boots, the new D-sized additions to her stunning figure bulged from a thin white crop top.  Her toy of choice was an anatomically correct 12 inch BBC dildo and she gave a brief display of her deepthroating prowess as she made her way to the front of the stage.  Turning her back to the audience, she gave her ass a good hard spank, generating a sharp smack sound that echoed around the studio. 

“Ladies,” she said, blowing kisses to her fellow starlets.  “Perv.”

“Adriana,” said the host.  “Thanks for joining us.  Having followed your work for a great many years, it seems that a job like this would be right up your alley.”

“A lot of things are right up my alley, Perv.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen those scenes as well,” Perv replied, hoots of laughter erupting across the studio.  “And as a true squirt goddess, I trust you’ve come nice and hydrated for our scene today?”

“Of course, Perv.  Rest assured, our celebrity guest will be drowning in cum by the time I’m done with her.”

“Good to hear.  So, ladies, we’ve upped the sum to $20,000 for each spray of ejaculate.  So to get the full amount, you’re going to have to make our guest squirt a total of ten times.  Think you can do that?”

“Absolutely!” said Lacy.

“Oh, for sure!” added Adriana.

“Piece of piss, mate,” claimed Angela White.

“OK,” said Perv.  “Well, you know that means, guys.  We’re gonna need some wands.  Candy, the Hitachis please.”

Stilettos clicked against the floor, somewhere in the distance and the already vastly over-stimulated audience went absolutely wild as Perv’s busty…sorry, trusty…assistant, Candy, came strutting out onto the stage.  Held out in front of her was a shiny silver tray, and laid out across said tray were four very powerful looking vibrating wands. 

“Now, I’d like to take a moment to thank the folks at Hitachi for providing these toys today.”  Perv plucked a wand from his assistant’s tray and held it up to the camera.  “And believe it or not, these wands have been specially designed for the occasion.”

A loud ‘ooo!’ went up from the studio audience.

“But never fear, ladies, if you’re watching out there, ‘cause these bad boys will be on general sale from tomorrow.  Entirely battery powered, these wands have THREE separate settings.  ‘Slut’.”

He turned the toy up to the lowest setting, and loud buzz filled the expanse of the studio.


He cranked it up a notch and the volume increased, the toy visibly rumbling in his hands.

“And ‘Adriana Chechik’.”

He turned it up to the highest setting and the buzzing intensified, thundering so hard he could barely keep hold of it.

“Pfft!” scoffed Adriana, snatching the wand from Perv.  “I’ll be the judge of that!”

Tugging down her cutoff shorts, Adriana held the wand to her clit, the intense vibrations sending shivers down her spine.

“OK,” she said, scarcely able to speak as the powerful sensations shook her to the core.  “That’s…pretty…powerful…actually.”

Adriana pulled the wand from her quivering clit and a hot gush of fluid sprayed forth from her urethra, leaving a large puddle on the studio floor.

“Wow!” she said, unleashing a deep sigh as the final few tremors coursed through her trembling form.

“And there you have it,” Perv grinned.  “If it turns Adriana into a quivering mess then you know it’s not for the faint of heart.”

The camera cut back to Christina, looking nervous as she realised that she would soon be assaulted by FOUR of these things at once. 

“OK, let’s get to it, shall we?” said Perv.  “Ladies, over to you.”

The timer returned to the big screen and ticked down from 30:00 as the ladies moved in on the celebrity guest, grabbing various parts of her buxom frame and leading her over to the white leather ottoman.  Three brunettes gathered around the furniture as Lacy Lennon pushed the busty actress down onto the expensive leather.  Climbing up onto the ottoman, Lacy knelt before her fellow redhead, a menacing grin stretched across her face as she clutched her twin-headed dildo.

“Open your mouth,” the redhead instructed, and Christina duly obliged, gaping her full set of lips as wide as they’d go.

A bulbous crown slid past her lips as Lacy’s mouth enveloped the other, and both of the auburn beauties began to slide down the rubbery shaft.  The remaining women took to the ottoman and hands were all over her in the blink of an eye, groping her ass and fondling her big, full boobs.  The hem of her dress was hiked up to her midriff, and Adriana’s heavily Botoxed lips curled up into a filthy grin as she delivered a hard smack to the redhead’s tushy. 

Twin sets of lips slid down the double-ended dildo, edging nearer to one another with each passing second, the twin plastic crowns jabbing at the backs of their throats.  One of the most accomplished deepthroaters in the industry, Lacy managed her half with ease.  But Christina, less experienced than her professional counterpart, had run into some trouble.  Her gag reflex had kicked in in full force, and the buxom redhead was retching violently as she shoved the dildo down her throat.

“Come on, bitch,” Anna encouraged, sneering into the actress’ ear.  “You’re not done yet!”

Gripping tightly to the back of her head, she pushed her down the remaining length, not stopping until Christina’s lips sat flush against her fellow redhead’s.  The plastic crown pushed down into her esophagus and their lips stayed fastened shut, all twenty inches lodged down their respective gullets.  Christina gagged around the plastic shaft and Anna tugged at her flame-red hair, retrieving the dildo from down her throat. 

“Phew!” Lacy gasped.  “Not bad for a newbie.  Now let’s see how much you can get down your throat.”

Christina opened wide and the double ended dildo was pushed into her oral cavity, sliding down to the midway point with minimal resistance.  The crown pushed against the back of her throat and began to descend down the actress’ gullet as Lacy kept pushing, feeding her inch after inch.  The remaining women gathered around her as she choked down the plastic shaft, each one offering their own unique brand of encouragement. 

“Yes, come on, mate,” said Angela, squeezing one of Christina’s tits.  “Swallow that cock!”

“Come on, slut.  Take it down,” added Adriana.  “You can go deeper than that!”

“You wanna suck like a pornstar?” asked Anna.  “Then make that thing disappear!”

The first few inches were plunged down her throat and her gag reflex began to kick in, coughs and splutters starting to emanate from her darkest depths.  Spit started to drip from her chin, soaking her enormous tits through the fabric of her dress.  Her eyes turned red and began to tear, inky black trails of mascara spilling down her cheeks.  Another stretch of plastic was shoved down her throat, and one particularly violent wretch nearly brought up the contents of the redhead’s tummy (which by this stage, of course, was mostly semen).

“Keep going, bitch!” Lacy exclaimed, her filthy grin growing wider by the second.  “Nearly there!”

A few short inches were all that remained, and Christina closed her eyes as the first plastic crown edged down towards her stomach.   One more push and the whole thing had gone, every rubbery inch concealed in her mouth and gullet.  The women cheered and Lacy pressed her lips against her fellow redhead’s, kissing the mouth that she’d stuffed full of plastic.  The crown poked out from between her lips and Lacy pulled, extracting it inch by inch.  One large heave and the rubbery snake slid out from Christina’s windpipe, drenched in saliva from bottom to top.

“Phew!” Adriana whistled.  “Damn, girl!  You’re a natural!”

“I think she could do with a career change!” Anna suggested, grinning from ear to ear.

“She’s definitely got the tits for it,” Angela declared, undoubtedly an expert.

Anna laughed and patted the leather ottoman, the surface soaked with the actress’ spit. 

“OK, Big Tits, on your back.  Not you, Angela.”

Christina nodded and laid on her back, her face finally returning to its usual colour.  Anna knelt on the floor before her and pushed her legs back, thrusting the ginger’s ass up into the air. 

“Mmm, what a cute little asshole,” the porn star remarked, admiring Christina’s sphincter.  “When did you last have something in there?”

Christina thought for a moment.  “Like a week ago?”

“Hmm, guess I better lube you up first then, huh?”

And with that a thick jet of spittle was propelled from between her lips, hitting Christina’s asshole with unerring accuracy.  Her tongue followed, plunging deep into the redhead’s sphincter.  Angela and Lacy gripped onto her ankles, making sure her legs remained as wide as possible.  Anna tongue fucked her taught muscle, loosening and lubing it in the process. Retrieving her tongue from deep in her rectum, she spat a thick glob of spittle onto Christina’s butthole, then climbed into her strap on. 

Gripping her dildo at the girthy red base, Anna pressed the tip against Christina’s sphincter, guiding it in with a single push.  The dildo was thick, but the redhead’s ass was extremely accommodating, stretching around the plastic girth.  Anna gripped onto Christina’s thighs and quickly started thrusting, driving her plastic cock deep into her tight back passage. 

Somewhere in the midst of the action, Adriana had gotten her hands on a vibrating wand, a loud buzz filling the studio as she cranked it up to the highest setting.  Holding it to Christina’s crotch, the big, buzzing boyfriend-replacer worked its magic on her stiff pink clit. 

“Oh, fuck!” Christina squealed, the powerful vibrations sending tremors through her body.

“Yeah, you like that, bitch?” Lacy laughed, jiggling a huge breast.  “Feels good on your pussy, huh?”

“Uh huh,” Christina groaned, her features violently contorted.
“You gonna cum for us, bitch?”

“Yes!  Yes, I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum then.  Fucking cum for us, you big-titted slut!”

Anna pumped harder into Christina’s rectum, and a few strokes was all it took to ignite an orgasm from deep inside her.  The wand was pulled from her clit and Christina’s body spasmed from head to foot as a powerful jet of clear, warm fluid sprayed forth from her quivering cunt, soaking both Anna and the nearest cameraman.

“Yeah!” yelped Adriana.  “That’s it, bitch!”

Anna was drenched from top to bottom, but she didn’t let it break her stride.  She rolled her hips on an endless loop, perky tits jiggling as she drove her girthy dildo into the redhead’s ass.  Hands were roaming all across her frame, tweaking her nipples and grabbing big handfuls of tit.  Tongues licked sweat from her body and lips were pressed against her open mouth, devouring her greedily as her ass was pummelled.  Adriana grabbed a Hitachi and held it to her groin, the large round head thundering against her clit until she showered the busty actress with a violently spray of sizzling girlspunk.  Christina yelped as the juice struck her skin, soaking her chest and face. 

“Ooh, yeah!  Take it, slut!” Adriana laughed, and she returned the toy to her clit, holding it there for less than a minute before erupting again, soaking the redhead with a second load.

“Damn!  Girl’s really making it rain, huh?” Perv quipped, drawing laughter from across the studio.

Anna held tight to Christina’s thighs, slamming deep into her asshole with each new stroke.  Burying herself to the hilt one final time, Anna stayed deep in her rectum for a few more seconds before pulling out, her asshole gaping wide as the crown popped out from her sphincter.  A cameraman moved in close, nearly pushing his lens up her rectum as he captured her yawning hole. 

“Wow!” said Perv.  “Look at that black hole!  Could suck up the entire universe with that thing, huh?”

Anna knelt on the ottoman beside Christina, thrusting her dildo into the actress’ face.

“Clean me up, slut.”

Christina nodded and turned her head, sucking up the plastic schlong and cleaning off her various fluids. 

“My turn, mates,” said Angela, strapped up and ready to go.

Two large dildos jutted forth from the starlet’s groin, both shafts dripping with lube.  The Aussie took up position between her legs, pointing the two thick helmet’s at the redhead’s tight twin holes. 

“Yeah, you want it, bitch?” the pornstar asked, teasing both orifices.  “You want these big cocks in you?”

“Yes, I want them!” Christina begged.  “Fill me up with your big, fat cocks!”

She didn’t need a second invitation, and all it took was the slightest push to fill the actress to the brim. 

“Oh, GOD!” Christina shrieked, as two fat prosthetic cocks entered her in unison, stretching both her holes.

Twin prosthetic crowns pushed deep inside her, vanishing into her rectum and jabbing at her g-spot.  Holding her thighs for leverage, Angela pumped her child-bearing hips, huge tits flopping this way and that as one enormously busty woman slammed into another.  Every thrust took her straight to the hilt and Christina felt the cool steel rivets pressed against her taint as both the two huge dildos were drilled into her innards.  She’d been DP’d before, of course, but having both her holes filled by a single person was something she was yet to experience.  It was an unwieldy piece of equipment but Angela handled it with aplomb, driving both dildos into the redhead’s holes as deep as they would go. 

“Yeah, take those dicks, bitch,” said Lacy, lightly choking the buxom actress as she was pounded into next July.

Adriana passed her Hitachi onto Anna who held it to her pussy, the huge white head rumbling against her clit.  She wasn’t famed for her squirting like her fellow brunette, but the honorary European blasted like a firehose all the same, soaking Christina with a second blast of fiery fluid.

“Ugh!  JESUS!” she squealed, spraying her face, her midriff, and of course those lovely big tits. 

Even flopping up and down as violently as they were, Christina’s breasts were an easy target, and the pale brunette paid them special attention, drenching those tanks in litres of fluid. 

“Fuck!  Look at these fat fucking titties!” Adriana gushed, burying her face in between them and slurping up the crystalline fluids.

Motorboating with furious intent, the brunette didn’t emerge from the chestal chasm until both huge tits were dry as a bone, her face smeared with Anna’s juices.  Meanwhile, Anna moved the wand from her pussy and onto Christina’s, the powerful toy vibrating against her clit as Angela drilled her with those two big dicks.  Adrianna jiggled and slapped her big, wobbling tits, while Lacy pushed her mouth against the actress’ own, muffling the squeals that spewed from between her lips. 

The wand rumbled against her pinkest pleasure point, violent tremors rocking her every inch.  The twin crowns of Angela’s toy plunged deep inside her, hitting her g-spot and tunnelling further up her backside than any man could even dream of.  One last thrust and the spark was ignited, fiery pleasure engulfing her body.  Anna pulled the wand away at the very last second as a sharp burst of fluid was fired across the studio, splashing crew members and destroying expensive equipment.

“FUUUCCCKKK!!!” Christina screamed, nearly deafening the audience and crew as she roared into the studio mics.

Angela gripped one of her plastic cocks, prying both shafts from Christina’s holes. 

“Well done, mate,” said the Aussie.  “Guess you’re not just a pair of tits after all.  I’ve still got the better ones though,” she grinned, jiggling her massive breasts as she climbed down from the ottoman. 

Adriana had been waiting patiently and as the space between Christina’s thighs was vacated, Brat Nasty herself was quick to occupy it.  Sliding her hands underneath the redhead’s ass, Adriana lifted her legs into the air, pushing back on her thighs until her feet nearly touched her head.  Her fellow pornstars moved in close, holding the actress in position with her ass thrust high. 

“Hmmhmm.  Look at you, you little whore!” sneered Adriana, pushing into the small of her back.  “These slutty holes are ripe for the taking, huh?”

The other girls laughed, licking along the redhead’s thighs and up to her meaty ass.

Adriana clutched her BBC dildo, feeding the crown between her lips.  Her deepthroating skills were the stuff of legend, and the brunette treated the audience to an extended display of her God-given gifts.  A cameraman moved in close, capturing the action in crystal clear UHD as the enormously thick plastic shaft descended as if by magic down the tunnel of her throat. 

“Goddamn!” said Perv, puffing his flushed cheeks.  “I’ve never had my dick sucked like that before!”

Adriana pried the toy from down her throat, thick trails of spit trickling down the plastic shaft.

“Wait ‘til after the show,” the porn slut quipped, quickly returning the dildo from whence it came.

Perv stared down the nearest camera, looking nervous and excited in equal measure at the prospect of being eaten alive, penis first. 

A lens stayed trained on Adriana’s throat, capturing the bulge in her world class gullet as the chocolate dildo was pushed down towards her stomach.  With a push of her index finger, the final inch slid past her lips, her mouth closing around the base of the big fake cock, holding it inside her with the greatest of ease.  The crown was lodged in the depths of her esophagus, yet there was no coughing, no retching; and the telltale lump in the brunette’s throat was the only indicator that she had anything in her mouth at all. 

The entire studio watched in amazement as the plastic BBC remained stuck in her oral cavity, some even wondering if she’d swallowed it whole and was now accommodating it somewhere in her digestive system.  But then, after what must have been a two minute long game of Hide the Dildo, her mouth came open and the brown base of the thick fake schlong slid out from between her lips.  Adriana gripped the shaft of the dildo, freeing the remaining plastic from inside her famous throat.  The cock was soaked from top to bottom, every inch of veiny brown plastic dripping with the pornstar’s saliva.  There was a brief spell of silence as the audience, producers and crew tried to wrap their heads around what they’d just seen.

“Wow!” Perv finally said, almost forgetting what show he was presenting, why he was presenting it or even where he was.  “Looks like the art of sword swallowing is alive and well, huh?”

The silence broke as laughter spread across the audience.  Adriana grinned then spat a thick string of saliva onto Chrstina’s asshole, lubing it thoroughly.  The plastic tip pressed against the actress’ sphincter and a stunned gasp flew forth from between her lips as the large plastic crown was steered into her anal cavity. 

“Yeahhh, that’s a thick one, huh?” laughed Adriana, watching as the redhead’s asshole stretched around the width of her toy.

It was, without a doubt, the biggest thing she’d had in her ass and the tightness of her anal passage was making it difficult to accommodate.  But luckily for her, Christina was in the presence of some of the most prodigious talents in the adult business, all of whom were happy to help her in any way they could.  Three of them were vastly experienced in the art of anal, and chimed in regularly with useful tidbits to assist in the entry of such a large foreign object. 

“Relax those ass muscles, girl,” Anna instructed, an expert on anal insertions.  “The more you fight it, the harder it’ll be.”

“Play with your clit, mate,” said Angela.  “It’ll loosen you up.”

Even Lacy, the backdoor virgin of the group (on camera, at least), found her own way of providing assistance, applying extra spittle to Christina’s sphincter at every opportunity.  But it wasn’t enough, and even with her rectal muscles entirely unclenched and two fingers strumming at the nub of her clit, the giant dildo wouldn’t budge but a single inch.

“Hmm, looks like we might need some extra lube,” Adriana suggested, and just like that the thick brown helmet of her huge prosthetic cock was plucked from the redhead’s asshole.

Sliding the tip along her taint, she switched her attention to Christina’s snatch, gaping wide and soaked like a sponge.  This hole was easier to breach, and a gentle push was all that was required to sheath her big fake schlong right down to the plastic balls.

“Oh, my!” Christina gasped, eyes bulging wide as the massive dildo was plunged to the hilt, a cylindrical lump protruding from her belly and rounding off just shy of her navel.

Adriana kept it in there for several seconds, twisting and turning it, making sure the prosthetic helmet touched all of her deepest parts.  Then once her insides had been thoroughly explored, Adriana pulled at the plastic balls, extracting the dildo in a single tug.  The entire shaft was dripping with juices, soaked with arousal from bellend to base.

“There,” she grinned.  “That oughta do it.”

Adriana returned to the redhead’s asshole, rubbing the tip against her puckered sphincter.  The extra lubricant worked like a charm and the prosthetic crown vanished into her anal cavity with minimal fuss or effort. 

“Ahh!  Oh, fuck!” Christina gasped, playing with her clit all the while as the first two inches of thick plastic shaft were pushed into her rectum. 

Further globs of mother nature’s lube were added from all around her, easing the entry of the impossibly huge black dildo. 

“Fuck!” said Lacy, jiggling her fellow redhead’s giant FF tits and pulling at her stiff pink nipples.  “You’re taking that like a pro, huh?”

“You’re wasting your time with that acting shit, mate,” Angela quipped.  “I think it’s time we got you in some real movies!”

Praise and acclaim continued from all around her but Christina ignored it, focusing fully on the enormous fake cock inching its way up her anal passage.  Even at the midway point, Christina’s ass was more thoroughly stuffed than it had been with any man, and soon the plastic tip was pushing into depths that she hadn’t even known existed.  The last few inches were particularly gruelling, and Christina breathed through the pain as further stretches of veiny, dark plastic were forced into her backside. 

“Nearly there, mate,” Angela encouraged.  “You’ve got this!”

The Aussie had taken some big men in her butt during her time on screen- Dredd, Mandingo and Manuel Ferrara to name but a few- but even she was amazed by the ease with which the huge black dildo vanished into her large intestine.

One more push and the studio went silent, a cameraman moving in close as the final girthy inch slid into Christina’s rectum, the fake plastic balls wedged up against her taint. 

“Wow!” said Perv, prompting a deafening cheer that spread across the studio like a virus.

Adriana fistpumped and blew kisses to the crowd then, getting caught up a little in all the excitement, shoved four fingers into the redhead’s cooch, frigging wildly until she sprayed across the studio.  The sudden explosion made her asshole contract, propelling the toy from her rectum like a dick-shaped missile. 

“Oh, fuck!” Perv exclaimed.  “Those are some powerful ass muscles, huh?”

Adriana grabbed the dildo, smeared from top to bottom with Christina’s juices.

“You gotta clean this up now,” she said, putting her nose to the shaft and inhaling the redhead’s scent.  “On your back, head over the edge.”

Christina did as instructed, assuming the position with the aid of her helpers. 

Adriana knelt before her, and clasped her dildo at the base, promptly stuffing it into the actress’ mouth.  Christina tasted her asshole as her lips were stretched by the first six inches, then gagged a little as the plastic tip nudged against the back of her throat.

“Oh, come on, slut!” laughed Adriana.  “You can take it deeper than that!”

Adriana shoved the dildo deeper into the starlet’s mouth until the tip pushed past her tonsils, invading her esophagus.  A loud splutter sounded from deep in her throat and thick ropes of spittle gushed out from between her lips, pouring down her face and messing her bright orange hair.  The additional saliva provided some much needed lubricant and the remaining length slid down her throat with relative ease.  Adriana pushed against the base of the sextoy, not stopping until the redhead’s lips sat flush against the plastic balls, twelve black inches stowed inside her gullet.  Holding it there for close to a minute, Christina choked around the thick lump of plastic. Her massive tits jiggled as she squirmed with the big fake cock buried in her throat, a further wave of spit pouring from her mouth as the dildo was finally retrieved. 

“Well done, girl,” Adriana grinned, giving the redhead a playful slap on the cheek.  “Had to make sure you’re ready for the next round.  From what I hear, those guys are even thicker than this,” she declared, shaking the spit-drenched schlong.

Christina’s eyes bulged and she gulped nervously, trying to wrap her head around what would be coming up after the commercial break.  A pair of arms wrapped around her thighs, pulling her back up to the ottoman.  Knelt before her on the now very sticky white leather was Anna de Ville, still sporting her big red strapon.

“I gotta get seconds with you, ho,” said the brunette, stroking her cock with a menacing leer.  “Turn around.  Show me that ass.”

Christina turned, and as she stuck her butt out beyond her, a second fake schlong was thrust into her face.  This one, an anatomically correct ten inch whopper, was strapped to the waist of Miss Lacy Lennon, the thick base clutched in a manicured hand.

“Mouth open,” the pornstar grinned and Christina quickly obliged.

Placing a hand at the back of her head, Lacy steered forward with a powerful thrust, ramming her plastic rod deep into Christina’s mouth.  The tip touched the back of her throat and Lacy’s right hand joined her left at the back of Christina’s head, pushing the two few inches past her full set of lips.  Then, as her nose pressed against the leather harness of Lacy’s strap on prick, a second man made penis was pushed up against her sphincter.

Anna gripped onto Christina’s hips, entering her with a single thrust and skewering her like a shish kebab.  Rowing in deep on the very first pass, she buried her fat red prick in Christina’s asshole, sheathing herself to the hilt.  Fingers digging into the actress’ flesh, Anna bucked her skinny hips, slamming into her anal passage with little restraint.  Drawing her hand back in exaggerated fashion, Anna’s fingers cut through the air as she delivered a smack to the redhead’s kiester, leaving a handprint on her pale white cheek.

Christina groaned around the dildo in her mouth as the powerful slap stung her buttcheeks, her hair now gathered in Lacy’s hands as she humped in time with her fellow pornstar, synching each thrust to perfection.  Her dildo tunnelled deep into Christina’s mouth, the plastic crown jabbing at the back of her throat.  Spit poured out from between her lips, making a mess of her chin and the lifelike shaft of Lacy’s big, fake schlong. 

Anna’s hands migrated downhards, gripping her big, plump asscheeks and spreading them wide as she plucked her cock from the actress’ rectum.  The result was a gaping hole of truly epic proportions, the likes of which the Prague-based American had rarely seen in all her years in porn.

“Damn!” Perv exclaimed, as the filthy images stretched across the enormous screen.  “Look at that black hole.  Don’t even think Adriana can gape like that!”

“No, I can,” Adriana replied.  “Not bad for a newbie though!”

Adriana and Angela moved in from opposing sides, firing globs of spit at Christina’s rim before Anna rammed her strapped on dick straight back into her rectum.  The thrusting resumed, each stroke harder than the last as thick plastic rods snaked through her esophagus and sunk into the depths of her colon.  Lacy held tight to her hair, pulling so hard that she almost yanked it out at the roots, showing little mercy as she fucked Christina’s face.  Lacy kept thrusting, railing the redhead’s mouth until a tap on her shoulder signalled that her time was up.

“My turn, Ginge,” said Angela, and Lacy gave one last thrust into Christina’s throat before retrieving her plastic cock.

Two huge dongs still strapped to her waist, Angela adopted a different stance altogether, laying longways across the ottoman with her thick twin crowns pointed up towards the ceiling.

“Let’s see if you can fit both in at once,” the Aussie declared, a filthy grin stretched across her face. 

There was a hush in the studio and Anna plucked her cock from the redheads ass as her fellow pornstars settled in to watch the show. 

Christina was stunned.  She thought her ears had deceived her.  Did she both?  In her mouth?  At the same time?  Both cocks were huge, with girth in the realm of the average pornstar.  Not to mention a two inch gap in between.  How on earth was she going to fit both in her mouth at once?! 

“Did I fucking stutter?” Angela snapped.  “Open that slutty mouth of yours and wrap those lips around these cocks!”

Christina did as instructed, her mouth gaping open as she sunk down into Angela’s groin.  The first attempt was unsuccessful.  Her lips enveloped one of the plastic crowns but missed the other entirely, the thick fake cockhead rubbing against her cheek. 

“Gonna have to go wider than that, mate,” Angela grinned.  “Come on, stretch that mouth out.”

Christina tried again.  Fitting one crown into the corner of her mouth, she gaped her lips as wide as she could as she attempted to accommodate the other.  Her lip pressed against the tip of the second dildo, spreading wide like they were made of elastic.  It hurt like hell and she worried that her cheeks might tear in two, but Christina persisted, her lips stretching to the point of rupture as she slotted both helmets inside.

The crowd gasped.

“Damn,” said Perv, his jaw swinging in disbelief.

Even the pornstars were speechless, including Adriana, who’d had two big cocks in her mouth more times than she could count. 

A hand reached up and Angela pushed down on Christina’s head, forcing her down the thick twin schlongs.  She couldn’t take them very far down, but her lips stretched lewdly as two large helmets were stuffed into her cheeks, spit dripping from her mouth and into the Australian’s lap.  Gathering her hair in a makeshift ponytail, Angela gave a sharp tug to the back of Christina’s head, plastic crowns popping from between her lips as her mouth returned to its normal size. 

“Well done, mate,” said Angela.  “We’ll make a pornstar out of you yet.”

“My turn!” yelped Adriana.

Christina was still refilling her lungs when Brat Nasty herself hopped up onto the ottoman.  Strapped to her waist was a brand new toy- a jet black dildo that had a curve in the shaft for deeper penetration.  Adriana wasted no time in pointing the tip at Christina’s asshole and her rectum was filled in the blink of an eye.  But the anal insertions didn’t end there, and no sooner had Adriana buried herself to the hilt in Christina’s ass, Lacy had climbed up behind her and gotten in on the action.  She too was freshly strapped up, with a lifelike BWC, and she aligned the head with Adriana’s butthole, entering her with practised ease.

“Woah!” Perv exclaimed, his eyes widened.  “That’s quite a train, huh, fellas?”

A loud roar went up from the audience, many of them jerking into the strategically-placed cumpots until they were overflowing. 

Lacy gripped Adriana’s hips, sheathing her fake cock right down to the plastic base, making her the meat in a redhead sandwich.  It was quite the spectacle; a sexy version of The Human Centipede.  Pulling back to the tip of her dildo, Lacy drove forward with all her might, driving deep into Adriana’s world-famous asshole.  Then she, in turn, slammed into the depths of Christina’s rectum.  Conditions were cramped and they couldn’t use their full range of motion, but each woman pumped into the next one with as much force as they could generate.  Adriana pulled back, Lacy pulled back.  Adriana thrusted, Lacy thrusted, and so the cycle continued. 

But with so much thrusting and so many phallic objects stuffed into so many holes, something was going to give, and a particularly hard squeeze of Christina’s rectal muscles popped Adriana’s dildo straight out of her anal cavity.  Lacy didn’t stop thrusting just because Adriana had, and the auburn haired girl gave the brunette’s cock a perfectly executed reacharound as she pounded her seasoned backdoor.  But Christina’s holes didn’t stay unoccupied for long, and quick as a flash, Angela spotted her chance, entering her with her big twin cocks and getting another turn in her pussy and ass.

And so it continued from one hour and into the next.  The clock had ticked down to zero some time ago, but no-one dared interrupt the all-girl fuckfest raging under the studio lights.  Pounding her furiously until she squirted once more, Angela pulled her two thick schlongs from Christina’s gaping holes.  Anna took over, pushing her custom dildo into the redhead’s ass.  Adriana joined her, squeezing in front of her fellow brunette and laying claim to the actress’ cunt.  Both women pounded in unison until the buxom starlet was once more overcome by the violent quake of orgasm. 

And on and on it went.  Christina was ravaged from all sides, stuffed full of foreign objects, too numerous to mention.  Dildos went in, dildos came out.  Fingers went in, squirt juice came out.  Thick rubber rods snaked through her colon, while long plastic pricks were shoved so far down her throat that she was practically swallowing them whole. 

Men jerked themselves to climax from one end of the studio to the next, blasting spunk into any receptacle they could get their hands on.  Finally, and with the entire studio whipped into a frenzy, Christina sprayed like a firehose until she seemingly ran out of juice.  Collapsing back onto the sodden wet leather of the ottoman, Christina stared at the ceiling above her, chest heaving violently as her pornstar counterparts gathered around her one last time, squeezing her tits and kissing her panting mouth. 

Visibly stunned, Perv Griffin returned to centre stage, pitching a tent in his lime green pants that could house an entire circus.

“Wow!” he said, gawping listlessly as he addressed the cameras.  “Just...wow!  How many times did you cum, Christina?  I’m not gonna lie, I lost count some time ago.”

“Hmm?” the redhead replied, still utterly overcome by the events of the previous hour.  “Oh, err…yeah, me too.”

“Right.  Fuck it,” Perv shrugged.  “We’ll give you the money.  Let’s hear it for our four special guests, Angela White, Anna de Ville, Lacy Lennon, Adriana Chechik and, of course, the woman of the hour, Miss Christina Hendricks, who has bagged another 200K for her chosen charity.”

The audience rose to their feet, many naked from the waist down as they broke into rapturous applause.

“But,” Perv continued, “it’s not just titty doctors who will be benefiting from tonight’s show, and there is a total $20,000 up for grabs for four lucky members of our studio audience, all of whom will be handpicked by our wonderful special guests.  Ladies, over to you.”

The pornstars nodded and headed into the audience, inspecting the men aisle by aisle in search of the perfect candidates.  Their criteria was simple.  They wanted the men with the four biggest cocks, and the fullest pairs of balls.  Though as nigh on every one of them had been jerking himself silly for the past 90 minutes, the pickings were noticeably slim.  After much deliberation, the women made their selections and escorted their studs to the stage.

“OK, guys,” said Perv, “so the game is a simple one.  Christina here will assume the position, and our guests will jerk off their chosen studs and shoot all of that hot, thick cum over this beautiful, buxom body.  Spray those tits and you’ll win yourselves a grand.  They’re an easy target, after all.”  The audience laughed.  “Facial: two thousand bucks.  And the grand prize: a big, fat oral cumshot for five thousand dollars!”

“OOOOH!” the audience exclaimed, brandishing their cocks in anticipation.

“Sound good, fellas?”

The guys nodded enthusiastically.  Sure, the money would be great, but the real prize was nutting on Christina Hendricks!

“OK, on with the game.  Christina.”

Christina knelt on the studio floor as the girls formed a line before her, their handpicked studs at the ready.

“First, we have Angela White.”  The audience cheered.  “Who’s this young man, Angela?” Perv asked, gesturing to the black man beside her.

“Um…I’m not sure actually.  That bulge in his shorts looks good though, huh?  What’s your name, mate?”


“Tre, OK,” said Angela.  “Lose the shorts, Tre.  Let’s see that cock.”

Tre lowered the waistband of his baggy fit basketball shorts, unveiling his thick brown schlong. 

“Strewth!” the Aussie exclaimed, eyes growing wide at the sight of his cock.  “OK, I can work with that.”

Curling her fingers around his rod, she gripped it hard and started jerking, shuffling her knuckles from bellend to base.  Her handjob technique was second to none and Tre’s black rod was twitching in her palm in a matter of moments.  Angela looked up at him, her huge tits jiggling as she tugged him off.

“You gonna cum for me, baby?  You gonna shoot that big load?”

“Uh huh,” the black man groaned, tilting his head towards the studio ceiling as the buxom pornstar spanked this thick brown plank.

“Mmm, yeah,” she said with a grin.  “Make it a good one, OK?”  She looked down at Christina.  “Open that mouth, mate.  Give him something to aim at.”

She did as instructed, gaping her lips as wide as they’d go. 

“And hold those titties up.  There’s a good slut.”

Christina cupped her enormous tits, giving her rack an enticing jiggle.  Angela kept jerking, feeling the black cock throb in her hand until finally it erupted, thick jets of hot white fluid spurting forth from the wide open tip.  She aimed at Christina’s mouth as best she could, but Tre’s cock had a mind of its own, spasming in her grip as she jerked it to climax.  Cum sprayed violently across the actress’ face, dousing her cheeks, nose and forehead, sealing an eye shut and streaking her matted red hair.  But the one place it didn’t land was in her mouth, so the top prize of $5,000 remained elusive.

“Damn!” Perv exclaimed.  “That is one big facial and it nets our boy Tre a cool two G’s!”

The audience cheered as Angela dropped to her knees, wrapping her lips around Tre’s thick shaft and sucking out the last of his load.  Turning to face Christina, she spat a few thick drops of spunk into the redhead's gaping maw.

“There!  There’s some in her mouth now!” the Aussie squawked, waving her arms at the host.  “Give him the five grand, mate!”

“Uh uh,” said Perv, shaking his head dismissively.  “Nice try, Angela, but I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way.  Let’s hear it once more for Tre and Angela White!”

Rapturous applause rang around the studio as Angela took Tre by his still very hard cock and led him across the stage.  He may not have won the full jackpot, but he definitely wouldn’t be leaving emptied handed. 

Next in line was Anna de Ville, in the company of a California surfer type with beach-tanned skin and locks of long blonde hair.

“So, next we have Anna de Ville.  Anna, who do we have here?”

Anna looked at the guy beside her.  “Brad, right?”

“Brad…yeah, right.  Totally,” the man replied, speaking in that drugged-out hippy way that only a true beach bum can.

“OK,” said Perv.  “Ready to win some money, Brad?”

“Uhh…yeah, sure.  Whatever you say, man.”

“Right.  I think that was a ‘yes’.  Anna, over to you.”

Anna whipped down Brad’s boardshorts, unveiling his nine inch schlong.  Gripping it hard, she spat a thick glob of spit onto the surfer’s shaft, using it as lube as she started pumping.

“Woah!” Brad exclaimed, conveying as much surprise as his weed-addled brain would permit.  “Like…woah!”

“How’s that feel, Brad?” asked Perv.

“That’s like…far out, man!” the beach bum replied, staring down gormlessly as the honorary-European jerked his big, thick cock. 

His dick started pulsing, exhibiting more life and vitality than the rest of him put together as it throbbed in the brunette’s palm. 

“Shit!” Brad yelped.  “I’m, like…gonna cum, man!”

His sack was swollen to the point of bursting and one last stroke was all it took to deflate his balls back down to their normal size.  A hot jet spunk burst forth from the tip of his penis, spraying copiously across Christina’s enormous chest.  Anna did her best to recalibrate her aim, pointing Brad’s dick at the redhead’s mouth.  But the fat schlong spasmed in her hand, sending the last few volleys sailing past Christina’s shoulder and down onto the studio floor.

“Ooh!” Perv winced.  “Bad luck there, Brad.  Looks like Anna here’s gotta work on her aim.  But you gave those tits a good dousing so you’ll leave here a grand better off.  Go and spend it on hacky sacks, or Phish CDs, or whatever the fuck you beach bums like.”

The crowd laughed as Anna gripped Brad by the arm, ushering him off the stage. 

“Right, next we have Adriana Chechik.  And who’s this with you?” Perv asked, gesturing to the slicked back Mexican dude that was standing at her side.

“Uhh…don’t know,” said Adriana.  “I don’t think he speaks English.”

“Hmm, let’s see.  What’s your name, buddy?”

The man said nothing, returning naught but a vacant stare.

“Your name?”


“Your…oh, forget it.  Do you want to spunk on these tits?” Perv asked, pointing at Christina’s rack.


“Tits!  El titas!  Grande, si?”

A grin stretched across the Latino’s face and he nodded in agreement.  “Si, senor.  Muy grande!”

“OK!” Perv exclaimed.  “Now we’re getting somewhere!”

“Ready, Adriana?”

“Que?” the Mexican replied, prompting a facepalm from the frustrated presenter.

“Just jerk him off already.”

“Aye aye, Captain,” said Adriana, grinning as she saluted the host.

Adriana positioned the Mexican in front of Christina, then dropped to her knees behind him.  Spreading his ass cheeks as wide as she could, she proceeded to shove her face in between them like only a true porn slut can.  Pushing her tongue into his asshole, she reached around and gripped the Latino’s pole, sliding her fist up and down his shaft. 

“Ay, dios mio!” the young man squawked, eyes nearly popping out of their sockets as the filthiest girl in adult entertainment sunk her tongue into his rectum.

Stroking and jerking his long brown pole, she kissed his sphincter repeatedly as she bobbed her head, attempting a prostate massage with the tip of her tongue.  Already the Hispanic was throbbing incessantly, precum dripping from the tip of his prick. 

“Damn!” said Perv.  “He looks ready to blow, huh?  Get ready, Christina.  Looks like you’re gonna get some Mexican hot sauce!”

The crowd laughed and Christina closed her eyes, bracing herself for the impending tsunami.  A few more strokes and out it came.  A deafening roar burst forth from the Latino’s throat, and Christina winced as what must have been close to a pint of spunk spurted from his dick like a firehose.  But unfortunately for the Mexican, the redhead needn’t have bothered.  Tonguing the young man’s ass may have made his dick erupt like an active volcano, but it didn’t help Adriana’s aim, which was erratic to say the least. 

Ropes of spunk sprayed from the contestant’s prick, squirting out in different directions.  Some struck her shoulders and belly, somehow missing her chest altogether as it plastered the redhead’s abdomen.  Coos and groans echoed around the studio as rope after rope missed its intended target.  Adriana kept jerking and his rod spasmed as yet more splooge was pumped out from his slit, spraying straight past her face and adding to the mess already splattered across the studio floor.  Adriana was persistent and she kept on going until the bitter end.  But the Latino had run out of juice and the last few drops of spunk dripped tamely onto the floor at his feet.

“Yikes!” said Perv as he moved in close, inspecting Christina’s body for fresh streaks of spunk.  “Damn, Adriana, you gotta work on that aim.  I don’t think you hit her once!  So, I’m afraid that’s a big fat zero for our Latino friend.”

“Que?” the Mexican asked, befuddled as ever.

“Zero!” Perv snapped.  “Nothing!  Zilcho!”

Adriana pried her face from between his cheeks, looking up at him from her spot on the floor.  “Whoops.  Sorry about that, man.”  She cupped his now very shrunken balls and gave them a hearty squeeze.  “Once these things have refilled, I’ll make it up to you.  OK, buddy?”


“I’ll bounce my ass up and down your dick then jerk you off ‘til you explode all over my face,” the pornstar grinned.  “And this time, I won’t miss.”


Perv sighed.  “OK, let’s move on, shall we?  A big hand for Adriana and…well, whatever his name was.”

The crowd applauded and Perv ushered the naked Hispanic off the stage as quickly as he possibly could.

“Right,” he said, “last but not least, we have Lacy Lennon.”

Stood at her side was a well-muscled frat boy type that came equipped with an irritatingly cocky smile and a small fortune’s worth of hair product. 

“Hey, buddy,” said Perv.  “Welcome to the show.  Please tell me you speak English?”

“Englisch?” he replied in an overly contrived German accent.  “Was ist das?”

“Oh, God!” Perv whimpered, burying his head in his hands.

The frat boy laughed, looking like he was God’s gift to comedy.  “Nah, I’m just fucking with you, dude.”

“Right,” said Perv, his face unmoved.  “Looks like we’ve got a regular Lenny Bruce in our hands, huh?”  The crowd laughed.  “What’s your name, man?”


“Matt, OK.  Right, let’s get this over with, shall we?  Ready, Lacy?”

“Uh huh.”

“Alright, fire away.”

Matt whipped out his cock and Lacy latched onto it, pumping with a tightly-closed fist.  The college kid’s dick was hard as a rock and Lacy’s strokes were timed to perfection, jerking smoothly from base to tip.  His cock was throbbing in the palm of her hand and it didn’t take long for a rockpool of precum to form in the tip of his prick, drops of errant fluid dripping down to the floor beneath.

“Yeah,” Lacy purred, gazing into his eyes as she pulled his pork.  “You gonna cum for me?  Huh?”

“Fuck yeah, I am,” Matt returned, that cocksure grin spreading across his face in all its shit-eating glory. 

“Open your mouth, Big Tits,” Lacy instructed, looking down at her fellow redhead.  “This one’s going between your lips.”

Christina gaped her lips apart and Lacy delivered on her promise.  Jerking the frat boy to climax, she aimed is cock at Christina’s mouth, shooting thick volleys of burning hot semen straight onto her tongue.  Her aim was perfect, and not a single drop of spunk missed its intended target.  A cameraman moved in close, capturing the hot load of jism that filled her mouth to the brim. 

“Damn!” Perv exclaimed.  “She shoots, she scores!  Fantastic aim from Miss Lennon and it earns her partner here a cool five grand.  As if he wasn’t cocky enough already!  Now all that’s left is for Christina to swallow that cum.”

Christina closed her lips, and with an exaggerated gulp, swallowed the load in a single hit. 

“And there it goes.  Down in one.  And there we have it,” said the host, helping his guest to her feet.  “A big thank you to our four…”

“Hang on, Perv,” Adriana interrupted.  “Shouldn’t we clean her up a little first?  I mean, we can’t send her back to makeup looking like that, can we?”

Perv looked at his celebrity guest, caked in splooge from the chest up.

“Maybe you’re right.  Would you like to do the honours?”

“You bet I would,” grinned Adriana, guiding Christina back down to her knees. 

Putting two fingers to her clit, she thrummed herself with abandon, firing a jet of crystalline ‘cleaning fluid’ straight at the actress’ face.  It struck her copiously, but did little to shift the thick ropes of cum still plastered across her face and chest.

“Hmm,” she said, “well that didn’t really work, did it?  Guess I’ll have to use the old-fashioned method.”

Dropping to her knees before the spunky guest, she poked out her world-famous tongue and licked from Christina’s chin, right up to her left cheek, scooping up a mixture of semen and squirt juice.  She signalled to Christina to open her lips and the redhead complied, a hot mess of fluid landing with a splat upon her outstretched tongue.  Moving down to her chest, Adriana cleaned her huge tits off one by one until each was sparkling clean, spitting cum into her mouth until her lips were overflowing. 


Christina nodded and closed her lips, gulping down the spunky-squirt cocktail without the slightest flinch. 

“There, that’s better,” grinned Adriana.  “Now, are you going to thank me for cleaning you up?”

“Yes, thank you, Adriana.”

The pornstar shook her head.  “Uh uh.  Not like that.  Like this.”  She turned on her heels, prying apart her peach-shaped buttcheeks and baring her sphincter to the kneeling redhead.  “Thank me properly.  Lick my asshole.”

Christina gulped, staring ahead at the gaping ring that had been entered by so many men in adult entertainment.  Sometimes two or even three at a time. 

“Come on, bitch,” Adriana snapped.  “Get your face in there.”

Gripping a handful of tousled red hair, she pulled the famous actress between her even more famous set of asscheeks, burying her to the ears in her buttcrack.

“Get your tongue in my ass.  Show me how grateful you are.”

Christina poked her tongue out from between her lips, pushing it into Adriana’s asshole.  Swirling it around in concentric circles, she licked all around the porn slut’s rim.  Puckering her full set of lips, the redhead kissed Adriana’s sphincter, plunging her tongue into her rectum. 

“Yeah, that’s it, slut,” purred Adriana, her grin growing wider.  “That’s how we say ‘thank you’ in this industry.”

Tugging at her messy red locks, she pulled Christina’s face from between her cheeks, then leant over to kiss her, tasting her asshole as she plunged her tongue into the actress’ mouth. 

“Wow!” Perv exclaimed.  “What a way to end the round.  Well, unless anyone else wants their asshole licked, I think it’s time we cut to commercial.”

“She can lick mine if she likes,” said Anna, clearly not picking up on the joke.

“And mine,” Lacy chimed in.

“Yeah, I’m never gonna say no to an arse licking,” said Angela, and three of them formed a line in front of the buxom actress.

Perv facepalmed in comic fashion, waving a hand at the nearest camera.  “Just roll the commercials.”

End of Part Two
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I love the lineup to this. Great varied set of porn stars that stack up well next to Christina. The TV parody is brilliant and not something done often. Love all the details in this, excellent work.
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Re: Cum Factor (Christina Hendricks) [Part Two posted]
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This was a great chapter, Dark. And I loved the commercial with Madelaine.
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Re: Cum Factor (Christina Hendricks) [Part Two posted]
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Part Three

Starring: Christina Hendricks and Madelaine Petsch


The camera opened on a large, exquisitely decorated living space.  Though various expensive items of luxury furniture crept into the corners of the room, the bulk of the frame was nothing but carpet and wall.  Madelaine Petsch stepped into frame, still wearing the light blue workout threads from her previous commercial. 

“Ah,” she said as she spotted the camera, “you’re still here.  Well since you are, you can take a look at our latest product.”

Madelaine whipped a plastic cone-shaped object from behind her back and held it up to the camera.

“The Slut Plug, Whorobics’ brand new workout assisting gadget.  Think FitBit but more fun,” she declared, the editor cutting to a closeup to reveal the grin now stretched across her face.  “Are you tired of stuffing your phone into your workout gear?”

The commercial cut to a shot of Madelaine pulling out the waistband of her leggings and stuffing her iPhone inside them.  The camera then switched to a closeup of her ass, a long rectangular lump now stretched across her two plump buttocks.  Madelaine shrugged at the camera, her lips curled in a goofy ‘I dunno’ type grin.

“I know I am.  But The Slut Plug comes with its own very manageable memory card.”

Madelaine opened the base of the gadget, removing a small plastic card, about the size of a mobile sim. 

“Just plug this into your computer and voila!  You’ve logged all those important reps.”

The commercial then cut to a clip of Madelaine inserting the memory card into her Macbook Pro, and flexing a bicep as the rep counter on her screen ticked up into the quadruple digits.

“The Slut Plug is small and compact and fits right in your back pocket.”

She turned to face the wall and stuck out her ass for the camera.  Peeling down her skin-tight leggings, she revealed a round plastic object that had been stuffed in between her buttcheeks.

“Oh, sorry, did I say ‘back pocket’?  I meant ‘back passage’.”  The editor cut to a close up as she pointed at the object.  “Here’s one I popped in earlier.”  Clasping the base with her fingers, Madelaine pulled the Slut Plug from inside her rectum, her asshole stretching around its plastic girth.  Spreading her ass cheek with a manicured hand, she promptly returned it from whence it came, pushing it back into her bottom with minimal fuss or effort. 

“As you can see, the Slut Plug is easy to take in and out and comes with this free bottle of lube.”
She held the small bottle aloft and the camera cut to a close up.

“Of course, I don’t need any of that,” she said, tossing it over her shoulder.  “But for you novices, it can certainly come in handy.  OK, so I know what you’re thinking.  ‘But, Madelaine, how does the Slut Plug count my reps if I’ve got in my ass?’.  Well, allow me to explain.”

She pulled the Plug from her ass once more and held it up to the camera.  There was a ring of small lights around the base of the gadget, flashing and blinking in a variety of colours. 

“These sensors can detect even the slightest movement in your rectal muscles.  So each time your asshole contracts…”

A video overlay flashed on screen of a half-naked Madelaine performing a deep squat.  A close up shot showed the sensors blinking as her ass dropped down, then switching off as she rose back up.

“...the Slut Plug does its thing.  Now, this item can be used for a variety of different activities…”

The commercial then cut a montage of Madelaine performing a number of different exercises, while her voice narrated over the top.


The editor cut to a shot of Madelaine running down an affluent residential straight, titties bouncing as she went.


Next was a shot of the redhead in an indecently short white tennis skirt, the classic upskirt angle revealing a close up of the Slut Plug stuffed into the depths of her ass.

“Even soccer.”

Now Madelaine was dressed in a full soccer kit, the ball at her feet as she dribbled towards Lili Reinhart in the opposition’s goal.  Slotting the ball past the hapless blonde, she and teammate Camila Mendes ran off to celebrate, whipping down their shorts to reveal two matching Slut Plugs.

“But these things aren’t just limited to physical activity, by any means,” Madelaine continued.  “In fact, I have one of these in pretty much all the time.  When I’m at the grocery store, at the salon, even on set.”  She leaned in closer to the camera, putting her hand to her mouth and delivering the next two lines in a hushed mock-whisper.  “My friends like to use them too.  Lili likes the small, Cami likes the medium, and I, of course, use the biggest one there is.”  She looked into the camera lens and gave a naughty wink.  “So if you’re tired of messing around with pesky apps…”

The editor cut to a shot of Madelaine angrily tapping at her iPhone screen.

“...or those fiddly little bracelets…”

Next was a shot of her fumbling with a plastic FitBit bracelet before tossing it over her shoulder.

“...try the Slut Plug,” the redhead declared, holding one up to the camera, “just $19.99 at WhorObics.com.  Feel the burn with Slut Plug.  Available now!”


The camera panned across the brightly lit stage, stopping at the host, Perv Griffin, and Christina Hendricks, his celebrity guest.  Her pornstar accomplices from the previous round were now backstage, tending to the four lucky men that they’d plucked from the studio audience.  Most of said audience were looking a little worse for wear, sore and exhausted after two straight hours of nearly constant jerking off.  Christina had been through another wardrobe change and was now dressed in a slinky black dress that hugged her tight in all the right places, showing off ample cleavage in the process.

“Welcome back to the show,” said Griffin, speaking to the nearest camera.  “Before the break, our guest Christina Hendricks was joined by four legends of adult entertainment, who helped her earn an extra $200,000 for the chosen charity.”  The crowd whooped.  “Now we move onto Round Three, where there is a total of $300K available for our very own buxom redhead.  In just a moment, three groups of guys will be joining Miss Hendricks on this very stage and…well, not to beat around the bush, pounding the living shit out of her.  Of course, these guys are all very well hung so they’re sure to give our guest here a good going over.”

There was a stir in the audience, cocks hardening at those words alone.

“And since there’ll be so many men for our guest to take care of- fifteen in total- we’ve decided to give her a little assistance.  She’s a natural redhead with lips for days and an ass that won’t quit.  You might know her better as Cheryl Blossom on The CW’s shitshow…sorry, hit show…I’m always doing that…Riverdale.  But around here we call her Madelaine Petsch!”

The crowd cheered as a rotating panel turned slowly at the back of the stage.  Even the ear-splitting chords of the show’s main theme couldn’t drown out the unmistakable sounds of facefucking as Madelaine Petsch was revealed to the audience.  Down on her knees, no fewer than five muscular black men were already surrounding the athletic redhead.  A cock in each hand, Madelaine’s wrists were pumping something fierce as an enormous ebony dick was stuffed straight down her throat. 

“Damn!  Look at the lips on this nasty slut,” one man proclaimed.

“Shit, bitch sucks dick like it’s going out of my style!” another declared.

The panel stopped and the mini-blowbang went uninterrupted as Perv continued his piece to camera.

“So, as you can see, Madelaine will be acting as our very own celebrity fluffer, making sure those guys are nice and hard for our special guest.  And what a job she’s doing.  You guys ready?”

Response was minimal, most of them still enjoying the feel of Madelaine’s mouth or hands, but a couple of grunts could be heard amongst the coughs and sputters.

“I think that was a ‘yes’.  OK, Madelaine, you can put those cocks down now.”

“Aww!” Madelaine whined as meat was withdrawn from her face and hands, and the guys made their way to the front of the studio.

Before she knew it, five more men stepped out onto the stage, turning her frown upside down as they gathered around her, whipping out their very large cocks.

The first group stopped at the front of the stage and moved in around Christina, eyeing her voluptuous body.  All five were rippling with muscle, their skin as black as the ace of spades.  Huge thick cocks swung down between their thighs, each one ten inches or longer and girthy beyond belief. 

“OK, so you guys know the drill by now,” Perv declared.  “Three groups of guys.  20 minutes per group.  If she makes them all cum, she wins some cash.  Right, now let’s get some cock in her.  Guys, take it away.”

Hands reached up from all around her, grabbing various parts of her body.  She felt a push between her shoulders and Christina accepted it, sticking her ass out behind her as she bent at the waist.  A man behind her pulled her dress up to her hips, ripping off her lacy panties and tossing them aside.  Two on either side gripped the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her head.  One balled it up and tossed it into the crowd, where two men promptly tussled over its possession.  The other unhooked her bra and threw it across the stage.  It landed on Perv’s head, a massive cup almost covering his skull completely.

“Damn!” he exclaimed.  “You could camp under this thing!”

The audience laughed as he plucked it from his scalp and waited until no-one was looking before stuffing it in his pocket for later use.

A swollen crown pushed up against Christina’s pussy and a loud gasp flew from between her lips as he steered himself inside her.  Grabbing her hips, he rammed in deep, sheathing himself to the hilt with a single thrust.  Her mouth stayed open as he hit her cervix and a man in front was quick to capitalise, stuffing his black cock between her full set of lips.  Placing a hand at the back of her head, locks of glossy red hair flowed through the gaps in his fingers as he pushed her down his shaft, guiding her straight to the base.  Cameras pulled in tight on the action, revealing the bulge in her throat.  Two moved in from either side and were promptly treated to a pair of handjobs as Christina gripped their cocks, jerking from base to tip.  The fifth man watched on high-alert, ready to fill whichever slot or orifice was first vacated.  Furiously fucked from in front and behind, Christina was used like a see-saw as ballsdeep thrusts were alternated into her mouth and cunt.

“Wow!” said Perv.  “These guys are getting right to it, huh?  Let’s see how Madelaine’s doing back there.”

The camera cut to the rear of the stage where Madelaine Petsch was down on her knees, barely visible amidst a ring of naked studs.  Some black, some white, all five men had one thing in common, a big meaty cock that was thicker than Madelaine’s wrist. Hands gripped tightly around a pair of pipes, two shiny handfuls of fiery red hair were clutched in a black man’s fists as he bucked his hips, aggressively fucking her face.  Her jaw was stretched as wide as possible to wrap those famous DSL’s around his girthy shaft.  Cutting to a closer camera, the skilled lensman provided a fantastic top down shot of the athletic redhead surrounded by meaty cocks, a particularly thick one plunging into the depths of her throat.

“Phew!” Perv whistled.  “Mads is fluffing those guys up good, huh?  Make sure you save some for our guest, fellas.”

Back at the front of the stage, the guys were in the midst of a change.  Pulling out of Christina’s pussy, the first man moved to the side and was promptly jerked off by the buxom actress as another took his place.  Rubbing his tip against her drippy wet slit, he gripped his pole at the base and steered himself in, entering her with a single thrust.  A new cock filled her mouth and her lips wrapped around the base of his shaft as he pushed his crown past her lips, sinking straight down to the hilt.  A set of tears rolled down from each eye as he worked her head down to the root of his cock, holding her there for close to a minute.

Loud slaps echoed around the studio as the man behind her drove into the depths of her pussy, her asscheeks rippling with every thrust.  An army of hands reached down underneath her, grabbing and squeezing those fantastic FF breasts.  Her dyed red hair was clutched in a strong black hand, his long dark cock pushing past her tonsils with every row of his hips.  Thick ropes of spit were being jettisoned from her lovely pout with each rep.

Men across the audience were jerking their cocks in a frenzy, some making use of the many large spunk receptacles that were dotted around the studio. 

Christina was passed back and forth from one man to the next, drilled hard in her pussy until a pair of production assistants appeared on stage, manning the same ottoman from the previous round and wheeling it into place.  One of the guys took a seat on it, his long black cock pointing up towards the ceiling as he laid back across the leather. 

“Be a good whore and ride my cock,” the man said crudely.

Christina climbed up after him, straddling him in the cowgirl position.  Gripping her thighs as she squatted above him, he gripped the base of his shaft as he guided her down, lowering her onto his cock.  Christina gasped as she felt him enter, sinking down low until her ass touched his thighs and his entire ten inch cock lodged in her tight pink pussy.

The remaining men gathered around her as she started to ride his cock, her thick ass jiggling as it slammed down onto his thighs.  One was stood in front of her, gathering dyed red locks in his meaty fist as he pulled her towards him, plugging her mouth with his shaft.  Two more came in from the left and right, grabbing her wrists and pulling her hands to their long black cocks. 

“Here, baby.  Stroke these cocks.” one of them said and Christina immediately obliged.

Curling her fingers around their thick twin shafts, her arms were a blur as she started stroking, jerking both monsters from base to tip. 

Now there was just one man left and one hole remaining in which to accommodate him.  Stepping up behind her, he knelt at the edge of the ottoman as he pointed his cock at Christina’s sphincter.  Adriana and co had warmed her up nicely and all it took was a single thrust of his strong black hips to split her asshole open. 

“MMM!!” Christina shrieked around the cock in her mouth as a second black dick was pushed into her rectum.

Sinking to the base, he remained there for a moment with his huge black balls flush against the redhead’s taint. 

“Fuck, that’s a tight ass,” he winced, sucking in air through twin rows of clenched white teeth.

Dexterous fingers dug into her asscheeks as he drew his hips back and started thrusting, timing each stroke with the man underneath him.  Soon both cocks were ramming into her body at maximum velocity, twin black helmets hitting her g-spot and tunnelling into the depths of her rectum. 

Pulling hard at her bright red hair, the man in front quickly found the rhythm.  Pumping his hips, each and every stroke was flawlessly synched as he drove his cock into her gullet, making her gag around his invading tool.  Even the frantic tugging motions of her two tight, jerking fists were timed to perfection, warm, sticky precum leaking out onto her knuckles with every stroke and pull. 

A hand came free from her hip and the next thing Christina heard were long dark fingers slicing through the air as a meaty hand was brought down onto her ass, leaving a red palm print on her porcelain skin. 

“MMM-UHHH!!!” she moaned, as he drew his hand back again and again, repeatedly slapping her big white ass.

Underneath, the man in her pussy lifted his head from the leather ottoman and shoved his face into those famous tits, motorboating ‘til his heart’s content.  Grabbing and squeezing them with both his hands, his mouth slid back and forth from one large nipple to the next, feeling them grow in between his lips.

“Mmm, these titties though,” the black man declared, mumbling through mouthfuls of tit.

Christina was on cloud nine, large cocks assaulting her body from every conceivable angle, and that extra stimulation was all that was needed to spark an orgasm from within her buxom frame. 

“MMMMM-MMPHH!!” Christina squealed as she was dicked through the throes of climax, her moans blocked by the meaty cock still fucking her mouth and throat.

The tremors finally ceased and her body was evacuated, one black cock at a time.  Hands grabbed her body and lifted her from the ottoman so the guys could change places.  One of the two she’d been jerking off was first to react, dropping his ass onto the leather before anyone else could.  Gripping his cock at the base, he pointed the tip at Christina’s butthole as her thick, curvaceous body was lowered down on top of his.  His dick was still lubed from the A-list fluffer and her asshole slid down onto it with consummate ease.  Sinking right down to the base, she planted her feet either side of him as she straddled his muscular frame, taking her earlier cowgirl and giving it the full one-eighty. 

Spreading her legs as wide as they’d go, the man she’d been blowing took a step forward, parking himself in between them.  Pressing his tip up against her clit, it wasn’t long before his still very slick black cock was sheathed straight down to the balls. 

“Mmm, shit!” he exclaimed, cussing as he rowed in deep.  “Damn, this bitch got a hot pussy!”

Two more men climbed up onto the ottoman and Christina got an intimate taste of her anal fluids as the guy who’d been fucking her ass shoved his rod in between her lips.  Pushing his cock right down to the base, he pinned her head to his groin as he started thrusting, fucking her skinny little throat.  Plunging to the balls one final time, he kept her there for several seconds, listening to her gag around this thick black meat before pulling it out and steering her towards his buddy.  His friend did the same and soon her taste buds were tingling with a cocktail of pussy and ass juice as a second fat cock was stuffed down the actress’ gullet. 

Slamming viciously into the redhead’s snatch, the man in front of her licked a meaty black thumb and pressed against her clit, kneading it vigorously as he continued to thrust.  Her pussy throbbed in response and a few more pumps of his strong black hips were all it took to ignite an orgasm from deep inside her.  Wrenching his cock from the grip of her pussy, he backed away slightly but remained in the line of fire as a warm burst of clear, wet fluids sprayed forth from the actress’ cunt, dousing his member from bellend to base.

“Oh, shit!” said Perv.  “Looks like we’ve got some squirt left over from the previous round.  Any more in there, fellas?”

The guys switched places again and now one of the men she’d been jerking off was balls deep in her pussy.  A few hard thrusts and Perv’s question was answered.  Pulling back out just as quickly as he’d entered, he too was hosed down with a quart of squirt juice as a second explosive eruption sprayed forth from the redhead’s cooch.  Stroking his now very squirt-soaked cock, he shoved it back in her pussy, tearing into her with a flurry of thrusts.

Across the studio, Madelaine was marooned in her very own circle of studs.  Fully utilising her full set of lips and both her dexterous hands, she handled no fewer than three at a time as she sucked, stroked, jerked and rimmed her way around the ring of cocks.  One in each hand and a third one in her mouth, the redhead pumped each cock like it was going out of style as the third meaty fuckstick was shoved deep into her oral cavity.  The very first thrust took his tip past her tonsils.  Two more and his crown was lodged in her gullet, those fat pink lips of hers puckered at the base of his shaft.  Gripping two handfuls of long red hair, he used them like reins as he thrusted harder, making a mess of her makeup as he forced her down his pole. 

“Yeah, that’s it, slut,” he growled.  “Take that fucking cock.”

Spit started leaking from between her lips, dripping from her chin as his balls slapped against it, loud, wet thuds pouring into the studio mics.  Sinking to the base one last time, he gripped tight to the back of her head, pinning her face to his torso.  Madelaine coughed and sputtered as his crown slid down her throat, precum leaking straight down her esophagus.  His hands came free from the back of her head and he retracted swiftly, wrenching his cock from her gullet.  Madelaine gasped for breath, spit dripping down her chin as she was pulled to another thick shaft.

The cameras returned to Christina in the midst of another orgasm, screaming around the cock in her mouth as a pair of huge black dicks pounded the redhead senseless.  Tremors rumbled through her buxom body, but Christina was scarcely given time to recover before the man in her pussy wrapped his arms around her back and hoisted her into the air.  Hands moving down to her ass, he clutched both cheeks as he held her aloft, dick still stuffed in her snatch. 

His friends hopped down from the ottoman and again she found herself surrounded, ringed from all sides by well hung black men, all five studs stroking their cocks in anticipation.  One stepped up to the plate, pushing his cock up against her asshole and shoving it deep inside.

“Ugh!  Fuck!” Christina yelped, sandwiched between the two huge black men like the filling in an Oreo.

Two sets of hands grabbing at her ass and thighs, Christina was lifted upwards until two very large dark crowns were all that remained inside her.  Holding her there for a fraction of a second, the feeling of emptiness barely had a chance to register before they dropped her back down, letting her plummet to the base of their shafts.

“Oh my God!  FUCK!” Christina screamed, tilting her head toward the studio ceiling as her slutty MILF holes were impaled on a pair of big black cocks.  One dark, skinless helmet vanished into the depths of her colon, while the other bumped her cervix, touching parts inside her she hadn’t even known existed.

But it didn’t end there, and Christina scarcely had time to recover before she was lifted back to the top and dropped back down again, her body stuffed to capacity.  The last three men gathered around her, stroking their cocks as they awaited their turn, watching the busty redhead getting skewered on an endless loop.  Her tits were flopping and bouncing all around her chest, hitting the man in front of her and nearly rendering him unconscious as he pulled her down into him, slamming her pelvis into his. 

Five minutes on the clock were all that remained and the guys passed her back and forth for the rest of their allotted time, each one vying for a turn in her pussy or ass.  The man in her pussy was first to depart, another taking his place and filling her with his big black dick.  The remaining three stayed close to the action, keeping themselves thoroughly rigid as they watched two of their friends pound the auburn MILF into next July.  Some tossed her up and down on their thick twin cocks, impaling her repeatedly, while others held her still and threw themselves into her, slamming into her buxom body with endless savage thrusts.  But however they fucked her, the result was the same, and Christina came more times than she could count as she was passed back and forth from one pair of studs to the next.

Soon the men could take no more and Christina was lowered to her knees as five big black ball sacks swelled to the point of bursting. 

“Here we go!” Perv exclaimed, an excited grin stretched across his face.  “Looks like our boys are ready!”

The clock bore 2.30 as the guys gathered around her, cocks pointing at her from every direction. 

“Open your mouth, bitch,” one man instructed, feeding his tip between her lips as she gaped them open.

He jerked himself once, then twice, then the third time proved the charm.  Tilting his head towards the ceiling, a deep grunt launched forth from the bowels of his throat as he fired a thick rope of semen that splattered across the length of her tongue.  Fingers squeezing at the tip of his prick, he pushed out the last few drops then took a step back, another quick to replace him. 

Christina kept her tongue outstretched as the man stepped forward, slapping his cock against it several times then laying it across the slick red flesh.  He was so close to cumming that he didn’t even need to jerk off, he simply rested it against her tongue and let nature take its course.  A few seconds later and his bellend erupted, firing hot jets of off-white magma that formed a murky pool within the confines of her mouth.  Taking his cock in his large black hand, he too squeezed the swollen tip with two meaty fingers, wiping the last of his load onto the redhead’s lower lip. 

He moved back slowly as two more studs swooped in from either side.  Jerking themselves silly, both men came at the exact same time, blasting thick ropes of goo that crossed in mid-air, splattering the sides of her mouth.  A hot mess of spunk slopped down the insides of her cheeks, the level of collected fluid rising dramatically as it merged with the first two loads.

Four down, one to go.  The men parted and went their separate ways as the last of the five moved into position.

“Room for one more?” he asked.

Given that cum was already spilling out of her mouth and trickling down her cheeks, the answer was probably ‘no’, but Christina ignored it and gave an emphatic nod.  The man looked up at the clock.  There was a minute left.  Plenty of time.  Gripping his cock at the base, he slapped it down between Christina’s tits and gathered them in his hands, kneading the dough-like flesh as he wrapped them around his pipe. 

His cock was particularly thick, but such was the size of Christina’s rack that his meaty schlong almost disappeared entirely as he buried it between her tits.  Basted in spit from earlier throat-fucking, his dick slid through the gap in her tits with minimal resistance, his swollen brown bellend poking out of her cleavage with every thrust of his hips.  Christina craned her head down as he fucked her tits, gaping her lips apart and catching his crown in between them.  Precum leaked from his wide open tip, trickling across her tongue each time his swollen helmet plunged into her mouth.  Heavy black balls swung back and forth with every saw and thrust, growing larger by the second as they slapped against her sternum. 

His dick was throbbing, pulsing harder each time he bucked his hips.  Christina sucked at the head each time it snuck into her oral cavity and with but a handful of seconds left on the studio clock, the black man roared at the top of his lungs as he blasted a thick load of cum that sprayed across the roof of her mouth.  She could feel his cock throbbing between her tits as he pumped out the last few ropes, her cheeks now bulging with the sheer volume of piping hot spunk swilling around inside them.  His crown popped out from between her lips and a thick mess of spunk spilled out after it, landing with a splat on top of her enormous rack.

“Wow!” Perv exclaimed, his eyebrows raised in shock.  “Think that was the biggest of the lot.  Right, where’s my fluffer?”

The director cut to the back of the stage where Madelaine was smack dab in the middle of the second group of studs, a cock down her throat, another in each of her hands.

“Ah, there she is.  Come here, please, Madelaine.  We have some cum that needs collecting.”

The guy in her throat quickly retracted and the actress was hauled to her feet, several hands grabbing at her ass as she took off across the stage.  Squatting down in front of Christina, Madelaine licked up ropes of stray cum from around her mouth and the tops of her massive tits.  Then, gaping her lips as wide as she could, her fellow redhead spat a seemingly endless stream of spunk straight into her waiting mouth.

“Yeah, that’s it, Madelaine,” Perv encouraged, watching with a grin from the side of the stage.  “Careful.  Don’t spill any.”

By the time they were done, Madelaine’s mouth was almost overflowing, just as Christina’s had been a minute or so before.  Closing her lips, she swallowed it down with a single gulp, re-opening her lips and showing her empty mouth to the camera.

The first group of guys gathered back around Christina, getting their knobs polished one last time before heading backstage. 

“OK,” said Perv.  “Five down, ten to go.  Looks like the next group is ready, so let’s continue.  Guys.”

The next five men marched from the back of the stage, forming a circle around the buxom redhead.  Three were white and two black, each one sporting a cock that was thicker than Christina’s forearm.  A hulking great white dude with a bald head and a beard grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her towards the ottoman.  Christina stumbled along on her heels as he plonked himself down on the leather and pulled her up on top of him.  Her tits went in his face as she straddled him, and he buried himself between them as he shoved his cock in her pussy.

Christina gasped as she felt him enter, her mouth quickly filled by a thick black rod as two more men appeared on either side.  Gripping the back of her head, he drove his dick into her mouth with a flurry of thrusts that sent his crown gliding straight past her tonsils.  Her wrist was grabbed and pulled towards the third big cock, a thick, veiny white one that filled her entire palm.  Curling her fingers around his shaft, she jerked his cock at a furious pace, synching each stroke with the ramming of her mouth and cunt.

As Christina got acquainted with group number two, the last five guys strolled out onto the stage, forming a circle around her assistant.  Dropping to her knees, Madelaine’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as five massive cocks were all unleashed at once, pointing at her head like long flesh arrows.  She took two in her hands and started pumping, opening her mouth for a third.  Her fingers travelled nearly four hand widths as they made their journey up and down their shafts.  A long, thick cock was steered towards her and Madelaine gagged as it sunk in deep, straight to the back of her throat. 

Her plump set of lips puckered even larger as she kissed his groin, every inch of him secured inside her mouth.  Her eyes started to roll back as her throat massaged his lengthy shaft. Gripping the back of her head, he held her tight as he started thrusting, ramming straight down to the balls with every row of his hips.  Spit rained down from the underside, dripping from her chin as he fucked her face, every thrust sending his swollen cockhead soaring past her tonsils.

Prying a dick from down her throat, Christina turned to the man on her right, mouth gaping wide as he steered his monster inside it.  Hands reaching out, she gripped hold of the two men in front of her, jerking them swiftly as the final man got into position behind her.  She felt his tip nudge up against her asshole and she moaned around the cock in her mouth as he pushed himself in, infiltrating the last of her holes.  Christina sucked and jerked the three men in front of her, performing both actions to a T as the two remaining studs went to town on her pussy and ass.  Thrusting hard, big pairs of balls both white and black were slapping against her taint as they threw themselves into her, bottoming out with every thrust. 

They pounded her holes for several minutes, slamming into her buxom frame, until the man behind pulled his cock from her rectum.  At first she just thought he was simply tapping out but the well hung black man had different ideas.  Pointing his cock an inch or two lower, he pressed his swollen crown up against her occupied snatch, attempting to slot his big black cock in alongside the white one that was already in there. 

“Ooh, what do we have here?” said Perv, spotting the image on the screen above his head.  “Looks like our Chrissy’s about to get her pussy stuffed.”

There were murmurings throughout the studio, audience members engaging one another in excited discussion.

“Oh, damn!  Bitch bout to get filled UP!”

“Shit, man!  Hendricks’ pussy gonna be looser than a bucket of fishing worms!”

“Hope she’s changed her mind about having kids.  Little fuckers are gonna falling out of her by the time she’s done!”

Christina's eyes bulged wildly as she felt him enter, her pussy stretching as he pushed his helmet inside her.

“Oh my God!” she shrieked, spitting a cock from her mouth as she looked back at the dark-skinned stud, her snatch filled with a potent blend of chocolate and vanilla.  “Go slow.  You guys are so thick!”

“I gotchu, baby,” the black man returned, thrusting slowly as he fed her the first few inches.

His girth was astonishing and already her pussy was stretched like never before.  A camera guy appeared in front of her, thrusting his lens into her face and capturing the look of anguish plastered across it as the hung black stud treated her A-list cunt to a second dose of dick.  A few more thrusts and he was sheathed to the hilt, her insides taxed as two fat cocks were stuffed balls deep into her once tight pussy.  The guys remained there for just a few seconds, enjoying the additional tightness that the extra cock provided.  They didn’t seem to mind that their dicks were touching and probably would have had a full on sword fight if it meant getting a crack at Christina Hendricks.

Pulling back until only their tips remained, the redhead was left with an overwhelming feeling of emptiness before both men thrusted forward once more, a pair of swollen helmet’s jabbing at her cervix.  The three remaining men watched for a while, enjoying the sight of the actress’ coochie getting stretched to its limits, then gathered in around her, wagging their cocks at her in all directions.  Christina, knowing time wasn’t on her side, reached out and gripped the pair on her left and right, stroking them tenderly as her mouth fell open, inviting the third one in.  He took the invitation, steering his cock past her lips and plunging straight down to the hilt.  Gripping the back of her head, he held it tightly as he started thrusting, driving his helmet into the deepest parts of her throat.

With two fat cocks stretching her pussy and another lodged in her esophagus, Chrstina was well and truly being put through her paces.  But she wasn’t the only one.  Back at the rear of the stage, Madelaine’s jaw had just began to recover from the last bout of furious facefucking when two men stepped up in front of her, both sporting devilish grins as they pushed their cocks into her face. 

“Think you can fit two in there, huh?” one of them asked.

Madelaine nodded.

“Bet you can, you fucking slut,” the other man said, exchanging laughs with his buddy.

A nervous gulp escaped her throat as she gaped her lips apart, stretching them as wide as she could.  A hand grabbed her head and one dribbling cockhead was pushed past those plump DSLs settling on her tongue as another one followed, criss crossing with the first inside of her famous mouth.  Thrusting forward, they drove their cocks in different directions, her cheeks bulging obscenely as two swollen crowns pushed against them from the inside.  Twin rivers of thick, sticky precum trailed across the length of her tongue, merging as one and flowing straight down her throat.  The men even tried to line up their cocks in her mouth to see if she could deepthroat both of them at once.

Just then, a second leather ottoman was wheeled out onto the stage and both cocks her pried from Madelaine’s lips as she was gripped by the wrist and dragged up to her feet.  She climbed up onto the new piece of furniture and laid out across it, flowing locks of vibrant red hair dangling down to the floor as her head hung over the edge.  The men formed a line, each one intent on fucking her upturned face. 

Lips wide open, a thick black cock was steered towards her gaping orifice, plugging it shut as it plunged straight down to the hilt.  His nuts pressed against her nose and he kept them there for close to a minute before he started thrusting. Pinning her arms down against her leather, he held her in place as he slammed in deep, hitting her throat wall with every pelvic slam.  Sinking impossibly deep, he enjoyed the view of the outline of his massive dong in her throat.  Her throat muscles flexed on the massive cock as spit spilled from her open mouth, gushing down her face and into her hair as he spanked her nose with his giant, plum-sized balls. 

A few more thrusts and the first man pulled out, his black cock dripping with thick ropes of spit, as another took his place.  This one started differently, backing up towards her and squatting down low, parking his ass on her face.  Her tongue came out and found his butthole, licking it several times before pushing inside.  The man groaned, vigorously stroking his long white cock as the nasty redhead plunged her tongue into his anal passage.

“Yeah, that’s it, slut,” the man growled.  “Get in there good.”

She bobbed her head as much as she was able, fucking his rectum with her tongue until he shifted forward, dipping his balls into her mouth.  Her cheeks bulged lewdly one again as both fat orbs were squeezed into her mouth at once, swelling and churning against her tongue. 

“Jerk my cock,” he instructed, grabbing her wrist and guiding her to hand to his shaft.

Madelaine did as instructed, wrapping her fingers around his pipe and pumping it vigorously as she sucked on his bloated nuts.  With her mouth occupied, another man moved in between her legs, wetting two fingers and shoving them into her cunt.  Madelaine groaned around the cock in her mouth as he fucked her pussy with his probing digits, pushing them in deep until her clit started throbbing.  Pulling them back out, the nearest camera was doused in water as a hot jet of crystalline fluids sprayed from her urethra, soaking the studio floor.  The man buried his head between her thighs without missing a beat, and licked up the remaining fluids, making her coo and moan as she licked the other man’s ass.

Meanwhile, the second group of guys were running a train on Christina Hendricks.  One stayed underneath her, pounding away at her snatch while the others stepped up behind her one at a time, stuffing their cocks into her ass, her pussy or both.  As the last man pulled out from the depths of her snatch, the man underneath her grabbed her by the thighs and scooped her into the air, thrusting a few times before he lowered her body to the studio floor. 

Christina settled on her knees as the men gathered around her, trusting their cocks into her face.  Gripping two fistfuls of matted red hair, a hung black stud pulled the actress towards him and onto his cock, the tip touching the back of her throat as he pulled her down to the base.  Christina sucked hard at his long black dick, tasting a mixture of pussy and ass as he stuffed his cock down her throat.  A few hard thrusts and he pried himself loose, slapping his cock down between her tits.  Christina grabbed hold of her famous assets and wrapped them around his schlong as he started thrusting, smacking his crown against her chin. 

Another man came in from the left and gripped the back of her head, turning her towards him.  Her mouth came open and the man was quick to fill it, feeding her his vanilla popsicle until the tip pushed her tonsils and her lips were puckered at the base.  He too thrusted in time with his buddy, his big, spunk-filled balls slapping against her chin with every row of his hips.  Spit dripped from the underside as he rammed his cock in deep, driving balls deep with every thrust. 

Her eyes started welling up, inky black tears running down her cheeks as he furiously fucked the actress’ face.  One last thrust and he sheathed himself inside her, both hands gripping at the back of her head as he held her in place, wet, soggy balls now flush against her chin.  He kept her there for close to a minute, listening to her gag around his thick piece of meat before finally releasing her.

Christina sucked in air, hastily refilling her lungs as the black man pushed her in the direction of his friend, a second dark cock getting stuffed down her throat as the white guy in the middle continued to fuck her tits.  Taking them in his hands, stretches of creamy, pale flesh bulged through the gaps in his fingers as he squeezed them tight, sawing his cock in between them.  Christina could feel him throbbing, veins pulsing in his shaft with every row of his hips. 

Scooping red hair into a makeshift ponytail, the black man thrusted just as hard as the others, ramming his coal-dark schlong deep into the bowels of her throat.  Balls swinging back and forth, Christina could feel them as they beat down on her neck, smacking against her gullet with every thrust he took.

“Ugh, yeah!  Take it, bitch!” the black man growled, listening to her cough and gag as he gave her all ten inches, driving to the hilt each time.

Abs hit her brow.  Balls slapped against her chin.  Veins throbbed in the deepest parts of her esophagus.  He thrusted a few more times then pinned her face to his groin, pushing his balls against her lower lip.

“Lick my nuts,” he instructed, and Christina poked out her tongue, licking his scrotum as best she could with his dick lodged down her throat. 

He kept her there for several seconds, then pulled at her bright red hair, freeing her his veiny shaft.

Madelaine, meanwhile, had gone one better.  Jerking two cocks while her throat was fucked by another, she turned to the man on her left, his thick crown pointed at the redhead’s face.

“Open up wide, bitch. Let’s see what this mouth was made for,” he instructed and Madelaine obliged, gaping her lips as wide as she could.

Wrapping a hand around the base of his shaft, he squished his heavy balls up against the veiny underside as he steered it towards her mouth.

“Oh, damn!” said Perv.  “She’s going for it now, huh?”

The audience watched with bated breath as he pushed his junk into her gaping mouth.  Madelaine wrapped her lips around his cock and balls, until all that was left of his genital area was a small batch of partly-trimmed pubes.  Her cheeks bulged like never before and she coughed and retched as his swollen crown nudged at the back of her throat, his bloated, cum-filled gonads churning against her tongue.  She kept him there for as long as she could then plucked him from between her lips, spit dripping from his cock and balls.

Back at the front of the stage, Christina was helped to her feet, having just deepthroated all five men, a cock at a time.  A guy sat down on the ottoman, grabbing hold of her wrist as he pulled her towards him.  The man laid back across the leather as Christina mounted him, giving both the man himself, and the camera behind him, a fantastic view of her ass as she lowered herself onto him, sliding her pussy down the length of his cock.  Grabbing her child-bearing hips, he helped her up and down as she started to ride him, her thick ass crashing against his pelvis as she worked her pussy along the length of his shaft.

As can be expected, her tits started flopping up and down as she rode him faster, and a nearby cameraman was treated to one hell of a view as those huge, ripe melons of hers bounced all around her chest.  The men watched for a moment, in awe of the size of her cans, before one stepped forward, his dick clasped in the palm of his hand.

“Hold her back,” he told his buddy.  “I’m coming in.”

The man on the bottom wrapped his arms around the redhead’s waist then pulled her down on top of him, grabbing her thighs and spreading them wide as a second fat cock pressed up against her pussy.  Steering himself forward with a violent thrust, he breached her snatch with force and assertion, stuffing her to the brim.  Entry was easier the second time around and he was able to sheath himself fully in a single thrust.  Hands groped her tits from underneath and pawed at the insides of her thighs as the two men thrusted in unison, ramming their thick twin cocks into her tight pink pussy.  Christina screamed as they rowed in deep, their combined girth stretching her snatch as both men drove to the hilt, bottoming out inside her. 

As Christina’s pussy was stuffed to the brim, two more men climbed onto the ottoman, standing on either side.  A hand gripped the back of her head and Christina was turned to the left where a third thick cock was ready and waiting.  Wrapping his fingers around the base, he held his cock tightly and steered it forward, silencing the squeals as he filled her gaping mouoth.  Still gripping tightly to the back of her head, locks of sweaty red hair spilled through the gaps in his fingers as he pushed her down his length, not stopping until she reached the base.  Holding her there with a good firm grip, he listened to her choke around the width of his penis, the crown stuck somewhere in her gullet. 

Then, just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, a hand gripped tightly to each of her wrists and pulled them to her right.  A fourth huge prick was slapped into her waiting palms and Christina curled her fingers around it like a good little slut, stroking it smoothly as her face as fucked and her cunt was stretched by a pair of big fat cocks.  The men were throbbing violently; Christina could feel it in her hands, in her mouth and most of all in her widely stretched, double stuffed pussy.

“Ugh, shit!” said one of the men, growling fiercely as he shared her tight snatch with his buddy.  “I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh, fuck!  Me too,” said the other, and both men started thrusting harder, tearing into her stretched out cunt with a sudden intensity that only an imminent orgasm can bring.

Sheathing themselves inside her one last time, their cocks throbbed against each other as both men erupted, firing twin streams of potent jism deep into the redhead’s snatch.  Christina screamed as she took both loads, getting pumped to the brim with so much spunk she thought her womb was going to burst. 

The first man pulled out and Christina climbed down from the second as two loads of cum slopped out messily from deep in her cunt.  The last three men all gathered around her and Christina was pushed to her knees as they moved in close, shoving their cocks in her face.  She looked back and forth from one twitching cockhead to the next, precum leaking from each and every one. 

It was the one to her left that went off first, firing copiously as he splashed her cheek, streaking the side of her mouth.  Then came the one to her right.  Aiming a little higher than his buddy before him, he shot a thick load that struck Christina’s forehead, leaving lines of white in her bright red hair.   Jerking his cock like a man possessed, the last man came with a deafening roar, leaving a thick streak of cum that stretched across her face from hairline to chin.

The men took a step back and a cameraman moved in close to capture their handiwork.  Christina’s face was thoroughly basted, nearly every stretch of skin coated in a thick mess of spunk.  Men across the audience had been jerking themselves silly for the last ten minutes and for many the sight of a cum-drenched Christina Hendricks was enough to finish them off.  Grabbing hold of the nearest receptacle, dozens upon dozens of horny fans made a generous contribution to the rapidly filling pots of semen.

“Wow!” said Perv, looking at the camera with his eyebrows raised.  “Those guys made a mess, huh?  Looks like our guests needs cleaning up.  Madelaine!”

Madelaine plucked a black cock from down her throat as she heard her name, the men grabbing onto her arms and hauling her to her feet.  Madelaine hurried to the front of the stage and dropped down to her knees.  A nearby camera was thrust in her face as she poked her tongue out from between her lips and licked Christina’s face, gathering as much spunk as she could as he rolled her tongue from chin to cheekbone.  Madelaine swallowed the mouthful of cum then went back for more, licking up the other cheek and across Christina’s forehead.  This time she pushed her lips against her fellow redhead’s and the camera pushed in closer as they shared a messy kiss, spunk sloshing back and forth from one pretty mouth to the next. 

“Woah!  Wasn’t expecting that!” Perv exclaimed, crossing his legs slightly to cover the hardon poking at the fabric of his trousers.  “OK, let’s get the next group of guys down here before I have to change my pants!  Fellas!”

The last five men turned en masse and headed to the front of the stage.  Two climbed up onto the ottoman, positioning themselves either side of Christina, while another got behind Madeleine.  Placing a hand at the back of her head, he pushed her down between Christina’s legs, shoving her face into the older woman’s snatch.

“Lick that cum out of her pussy,” the man instructed, pointing his cock at Madelaine’s slit.

Her tongue came out at the point of penetration, moaning a little as he pushed her tongue into Christina’s twat.  The man rowed in deep, bottoming out inside her as she scooped out a tongueful of jism from deep in Miss Hendricks’ snatch, closing her plump set of lips and swallowing it in a single hit.  The stud thrusted harder as she went back for more, her lengthy tongue probing that tight MILF pussy and hurriedly retrieving any semen that remained inside. 

Christina, meanwhile, was being put to good use herself.  Head turned to her right, a thick dark cock had been stuffed into her mouth, her bright red hair held like a length of rope as the black man bucked his hips, driving his cock into her oral cavity.  Her tits swung back and forth, huge funbags violently under siege by the man on her left, her own hands clasped around his throbbing white pole.  Hands sliding from bottom to top, Christina jerked him off with the perfect pace and tempo, his shaft already slick from the numerous deepthroating passes she’d already taken down the length of his dick.

Madelaine pulled her tongue from deep in Christina’s snatch, moving it up to her clit and licking ferociously as she was railed from behind, her big ass bearing the brunt of countless deafening smacks.  Christina moaned around the cock in her mouth as Madelaine licked her clit, her tongue swirling around it in concentric circles even as the man behind her all but pounded her into a coma.  Hips pumping at a mile a minute, every pass took him straight to the balls, his heavy scrotum slapping against her slit each time he thrust inside. 

A few more thrusts and the man pulled out, stepping to the side as the next man in line moved in behind her.  Holding his cock at the base, he aimed it a little higher, pointing his large black helmet at the redhead’s puckered asshole.  There was no oil to hand but the spit basting his shaft from the sloppy sucking she’d treated him to earlier was lubricant enough.  Gripping her ass with both of his hands, his fingers sunk into her layers of muscle as he pried them apart, her butthole splitting open in the process.  He pressed his crown against it, entering her with the slightest push. 

“Uhh!” Madelaine groaned, peeling her tongue from Christina’s clit as the man’s wide girth stretched her asshole like an elastic band.

“Keep lickin’, slut!” the black man snarled, putting his hand to the back of her head and pushing her back between Christina’s thighs.

Madelaine obliged, rolling her tongue out and returning it to the older woman’s pussy, licking her as she best she could as that huge black cock slammed into her plump backside.  He went at her hard from the very first thrust, bottoming out in her famous ass.

Meanwhile, Christina was going back and forth from the two thick cocks that were hanging either side of her, red hair swishing this way and that as she switched from one to the other.  Big, heavy tits swung back and forth, occasionally grabbed and squeezed by a roving hand as she blew both men, taking them deeper each time. 

Madelaine’s ass cheeks bounced and jiggled as the black guy reamed her, giving her his entire length.   Her head swung back and forth as she was furiously pounded, still pleasuring the older woman through the onslaught of thrusts.  Raising his hand into the air, he spread his fingers as wide as he could, bringing it forward with an audible swish.  His hand struck her ass, hitting it with such force that it almost deafened the sound guys.  He gave a few more thrusts then did it again, leaving a large red handprint on one of her enormous cheeks. 

Gripping her buttcheeks with both of his hands, his fingers dug into the muscles as he pulled them apart, prying his cock from her rectum.  A cameraman moved in close, capturing a gape so large that it almost swallowed his entire lens.  Slotting his cock back inside, he sunk straight down to the base and thrusted harder than ever, bottoming out inside her with every row of his hips.  His scrotum swung back and forth as he continued to thrust and Madelaine’s wetness was picked up by the camera mics as his balls slapped against her dripping pink slit.

Madelaine kept licking Christina’s pussy as she was fucked in the ass, continuing to do until the older woman screamed in delight and her tongue was drenched by a hot gush of sticky warm fluid. 

“Damn!“ said Perv.  “Girl knows how to eat pussy!  Let’s see what she’s like with the ass!”

Christina turned over onto her knees and presented her  with a second well fucked hole to push her tongue inside.  Kneeling on the ottoman in front of Christina, a bearded stud with numerous tattoos leaned right over her buxom frame, grabbing her thick pale ass as he stuffed his cock down the redhead’s throat.  Digging his fingers into both her cheeks, he gripped them tightly as he pulled in different directions, spreading her ass as wide as he could.

Meanwhile, a second huge cock was shoved into Madelaine’s pussy as a hand took hold of the back of head, pushing it towards Christina’s ass.  Madelaine poked out her tongue as her head was shoved forward, steering it unerringly into the older woman’s asshole.  Her full lips puckered as she kissed her sphincter, pushing her tongue into Christina’s rectum, as deep as it would go.  Pulling her hair as he started thrusting, her tongue slid back and forth in Christina’s ass, sinking deeper with every enforced bob of her pretty red head.

“Yeah, get in that ass, bitch,” he growled, sneering into her ear as she tongue fucked Christina’s asshole.

Every so often he’d wrench her head back listening to her scream as he slammed into her pussy.  As he did that, the other man kept Christina’s ass cheeks spread as wide as he possibly could, showing her gaping asshole as he bucked his hips, driving his cock into her mouth.  His hunched over stance meant his dick was embedded in her mouth and throat, spit dripping from the underside and running down her chin as he fucked the actress’ face. 

One particularly hard yank and Madelaine was pulled into an upright position, her head pulled back until she was staring at the ceiling above her.  One hand groped her perky tits while the other clasped around her throat, cutting off her screams as he thrusted harder, ramming into her pussy with very little self control.  Christina’s asshole was left unoccupied, but it didn’t stay like that for long.  Keeping her cheeks spread widely apart, the man in the redhead’s throat pushed two fingers from each of his hands directly into her sphincter, stretching it wide as he kept on thrusting, driving his cock into the bowels of her throat.  A cameraman moved in for a close up, capturing her assisted gape in all its yawning glory.

“Wow!  Look at that!” Perv exclaimed.  “Someone call NASA.  I think we’ve found a new black hole!”  The audience fell about laughing.  “Let’s see how many fingers you can fit in there.”

The man nodded, promptly slotting in two more fingers, one from each of his hands.  Her asshole stretched wider as he pushed them in, then quickly followed them with a pair of others.  A cameraman moved in close, pushing his lens into the action as no fewer than eight long digits were shoved inside her, pulling her asshole apart.  Spreading it wide, he fed his cock back in without the use of his hands, then slowly retrieved his fingers, using both hands to pry her buttcheeks apart. 

A tall black stud moved into position, slotting himself between Christina and Madelaine.  Curling his fingers around the base of his shaft, he shoved his cock into Christina’s gaping asshole, sinking straight down to the hilt.  Gripping a fistful of sweaty red hair, he held it like reins as he started thrusting, slamming his cock into her anal passage.

A hand still gripped to the back of her head, Madelaine was pushed face first into the black man’s asscrack.  Poking out her tongue, she licked his ass as he thrusted hard, making him throb in Christina’s rectum.  He pounded her ass for several minutes, enjoying the feeling of Madelaine’s tongue as it pushed into his anal cavity. 

Then, tucking his arms underneath her thighs, he hoisted Christina into the air, his cock still in her ass as he held her aloft.  She threw an arm around his shoulders, holding on tight as a second black stud stepped up to the plate and filled her vacant hole.  Wrapping an arm around the black man’s neck, Christina clung on tight as the men gripped onto her ass and thighs, tossing her up and down as she was sandwiched between them.  Lifting her high into the air, they pulled her body up the length of their shafts, keeping her there for a fraction of a second before dropping her back down again, impaling her repeatedly on their long thick cocks.  Christina yelled and screamed, her pussy and asshole squeezing the two men tighter every time she plunged to the base of their shafts.

“You, over here,” one of the men called out, pointing at Madelaine with an outstretched hand.

A cock was pried from Madelaine’s ass and she rose to her feet, hurrying across the stage as fast as her legs would carry her.

“On your knees,” the man ordered and Madelaine quickly obliged him, hitting the deck in front of him. 

Lifting Christina up off of their cocks, the two men held her with a single hand as they gripped their cocks with the other, pointing them at her assistant.  Her mouth fell open and Madelaine steered it towards the big black cock that had been in Christina's pussy.  Wrapping her lips around the ridge of his crown, she plunged down deep on the very first pass, taking it to the base in the blink of an eye.  Holding it there for close to a minute, she coughed and gagged around the width of his shaft as it throbbed and pulsed inside her, the thick tip rubbing at the back of her throat.

Prying his dick from her gullet, she turned her head to the right, where the second cock was ready and waiting.  Stuffing it deep into her oral cavity, she bobbed up and down on that long white fuckstick, taking it to the base each time.  Sucking and slurping at the width of his shaft, she cleaned up the fluids left behind by Christina’s asshole, not stopping until his dick was sparkling.

The guys returned to Christina’s holes, quickly picking up from where they’d left off.  This time, instead of lifting her body up and down their cocks, the men simply held her in place, driving their dicks into both her holes.  Christina squealed as they started pounding, hitting her deepest parts with each dual thrust.  She came in a matter of minutes, screaming at the ceiling above her as her curvaceous body was racked to its very core. 

She stayed like that for several minutes as they guys took turns in her holes.  Cocks came out, others went in.  Some threw her buxom body up and down on their dicks, while others chose to pound her senseless, all of them making use of Madelaine’s mouth to clean their cocks at regular intervals. 

“Fuck!  She’s really getting used, eh, fellas?” said Perv.  “Let’s see if that ass can handle two at a time.”

A big black cock was plucked from her pussy and the man in her asshole took a seat on the futon, keeping his dick buried deep in her colon as he parked his ass on the leather.  A man stepped forward, dousing his cock in a fresh dose of lube as he pointed it at the buxom redhead’s already occupied bunghole.  He pushed forward and Christina squealed as her already taxed sphincter was stretched even wider against the tip of his prick.  The entry was slow, laboriously so, and a slew of swears flew from the actress’ mouth as the thick cock entered her an inch at a time.


Gripping her thighs as he spread them wide, he used them for leverage as he pushed a little harder, stuffing further inches into her stubborn backdoor.  When he reached halfway he started thrusting, slowly at first, pulling back to the tip and pushing himself back in a bit further with every row of his hips.  The man underneath started thrusting too and soon both were working their cocks deep into her anal cavity.

Two other man climbed up onto the futon, standing either side of Christina.  One fat cock was shoved between her lips, while the other found a home in her tightly clenched fist.  The man in her mouth started thrusting his hips in time with the others, driving his cock into her mouth while the two thick slabs of meat stretched her asshole to the point of rupture. 

One hand stroking a big, juicy cock, the other reached down and started rubbing her pussy, her clit throbbing harder as her ass was destroyed.  Her thick body spasmed and she mewled around the cock in her throat as a hot jet of crystalline fluids flew forth from her quivering cunt, drenching the man in front of her.  A few more thrusts and she came again, spraying his chest and abs. 

The man she was jerking off began to grow impatient and he grabbed a fistful of her matted red hair, pulling her mouth off his buddy’s dick.  Turning her towards him, her lips stayed wide as he thrust himself forward, shoving his cock into her open mouth.  The man on her left grabbed hold of her wrist and soon her palm was full once more as he clenched her fingers around his shaft, jerking him from base to tip. 

The man in front pulled out her ass, another quickly replacing him.  This new cock was even thicker, and her moans were muffled by the dick in her mouth as a second fat slab stretched her ass to its limits.  The man who pulled out grabbed hold of Madelaine and pulled her towards him, stuffing her mouth with his penis and giving her an intimate taste of Christina’s asshole as he pulled her lips to the base.

The two men inside her pumped like a pair of pistons, alternating thrusts into her juicy behind.  One man plunged to the base as another retracted, ensuring that her ass was always filled with cock.  Gripping his cock and jerking it furiously, the man to her right dangled his nutsack into her mouth, feeding it to her a ball at a time.  Reaching to her left, she grabbed hold of the fourth big cock and started stroking, jerking from base to tip as she sucked on his buddy’s gonads. 

The men switched tactics and started slamming her asshole in tandem, driving to the base with each joint thrust.  Christina came with shuddering force, screaming around the balls in her mouth as her body was racked by violent convulsions.  The cocks in her ass were squeezed extra hard as her orgasm hit, bringing both men to the brink of climax.  Their faces screwed as kept on thrusting, clinging to their loads like their lives depended on it.

“Oof!  Looks like our boys are about to nut,” Perv observed.  “Dunno about y’all, but I’d love to see them shoot their loads in that big, fat ass!  How ‘about it, fellas?  Think you can do that for us?”’

The men grunted in response, three of them jerking their cocks while the remaining two plucked their pricks from Christina’s ass.  Positioning her on the ottoman with her ass stuck high in the air, the men formed a queue behind her, ready to run a train on her tight backdoor.  A bald-headed black man was first to enter.  He gripped on tight to her meaty ass and with a few pumps, his head had tilted towards the ceiling above and he roared at the top of his lungs as he was brought to climax, firing his spunk into Christina’s rectum.  He came non-stop for close to a  minute, finally pulling out with his ballsack utterly voided. 

Madelaine kept the last three busy as the next man entered, pushing his cock into Christina’s rectum and pounding with all of his might.  He too came in a matter of minutes, firing off blasts of burning off-white splooge that splashed the inner walls of the redhead’s rectum.  The next three came in rapid succession, entering her one at a time and pumping the actress with semen until her anal cavity was filled to the brim.  The last guy pulled out, a thick dollop of virile spunk trickling out after him as he pried his cock from her tight backdoor. 

“Wow!” said Perv.  “There’s a lotta cum in there, huh?  Think we better get it outta there before she bursts!  Madelaine, you ready.”

Madelaine nodded and the men got her into position.  Kneeling in front of the ottoman, her gaping mouth was mere inches from Christina’s leaking butthole.  Christina pushed, relaxing her asshole as much as she could.  A thick mess of cum flooded out of her gaping sphincter, pouring into Madelaine’s mouth and across her outstretched tongue. 

“Damn!” Perv exclaimed.  “That’s a real mouthful, huh, Madelaine?”

The actress nodded as she closed her mouth, her cheeks bulging like a squirrel with a nut.

“Be a good girl and swallow that down for us.”

 Madelaine nodded and tipped her head back, gulping down the semen in a single hit.  A cameraman moved in close as Madelaine opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue as proof that the cum had vanished.  Panning to the right, he pointed his camera at Christina’s ass, a few small drops of nut still trickling from her gaping sphincter.

“Looks like you missed a bit there, honey,” said Perv.  “Go ahead and clean that up.”

Madelaine poked her tongue out and steered it towards Christina’s asshole, licking slowly around her gaping rim and lapping up the remaining spunk.  Christina climbed down from the futon and joined her assistant on the floor of the studio, landing a big kiss upon her now very spunky mouth.  Loud cheers spread across the studio, some in the audience jerking themselves extra hard as they watched the two babes make out. 

“Well, wasn’t that something, folks?” the host exclaimed.  “Another great round for our celebrity guest who successfully extracted all fifteen loads, earning her a whooping $300,000 for her chosen charity!”

The cheers grew louder as the audience gave a standing ovation, some rising to their feet with their pants around their ankles as they jerked their throbbing cocks. 

“We’re going to shake a short break, but don’t go anywhere ‘cause we’ll be back for our final round after this commercial message.”

End of Part Three
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