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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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I love glamour!
It's so good to read this kind of short story, the last one on Lucy Pinder is great. Well done, it's funny and exciting to see that it's even the Australian Angela White behind the camera. Excellent idea. I love this series, everything is perfect !
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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This is a collab of two giants together. For the longest time, CHLP and Cade were the only two writing glamour models. I am so happy to see something like this.
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Any chance of some lesbian scenarios with US models and girls like Lucy and Melissa?
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Starring: Jennifer Ellison (cameo from malene Espensen and Emma Glover)

Codes: MF, FF, Facial, Anal, GG DP

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

The camera panned up, a set of long, but thic legs.  Slowly to stocking tops, then black suspender, a skimpy pair of purple panties covering her cunt.  A toned midriff led to a matching bra, containing a big pair of fake breasts.  Long blonde hair over her shoulder finally revealed the face of scouse sexpot Jennifer Ellison.

    “Hey boys! Bet you didn’t expect to see me!” She said smiling, “Yeah I know I don’t do the ‘mainstream’ site, but this is more my style”

   She stood by the end of a 4 poster bed, holding the pillar in one hand, her curvy body on full display.  The bra she wore gave her a huge cleavage, those prime fake cantaloupe breasts, straining to escape as she walked around to sit on the end of the bed.

   “I love to fuck, always have done, and now you boys are paying me to get railed.  It’s like my dream job, but make sure you keep it secret, I know you understand the consequences if you don’t!”  She said.

   A naked muscular man moved in from the right, turning to the camera, you could see it was Brad from the earlier scenes.  Jen reached out and gripped his already throbbing hard cock, eager to get started.

   “You are gonna love some of the stuff I have in store for you to see me do” She teased, her lips engulfing Brads cockhead.

   Pulling her long hair away from her face so the camera could get a good view, she sucked up and down his dick.  Each bob of her head a little bit lower until finally her nose touched his abs, she held him there for several seconds until she gagged, then lifted her throat from his cock.  A long strand of saliva bridged from the tip to her bottom lip until she slurped it up.  Wanking his dick fast she spat it back onto him, using the slippery throat spit to lubricate her strokes, she flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock every 10 or so pumps, making him groan and shake.

   “Fuckk yeah baby, that’s a nice hard cock you have for me” She groaned lowering her head again.

   His hands found her hair as her pushed his cock to the back of her throat, hips thrusting as she took him with ease.  Holding her tightly to his crotch Brad jabbed his dick as far as her could down her neck, balls tight against her chin.  His thumbs held her forehead the rest of his fingers the top of her head, forcing her onto his shaft as he lurched forwards.

   “GWAKKK GWAKKK GWAKKK” Jen gagged hard, her throat probed by his hard cock.

   Saliva burst from the corner of her mouth, splattering his balls and dropping between those monster tits.  A thick oozing wad on her right thumb as she started stroking him off again. Allowing her to come up for air, she gasped and croaked.

   “Fuccck yeah baby, work that sloppy throat” she choked.

   Brad shifted one hand to the top of her head, one under her chin, locking her in place her pulled all the way out to her lips, then pushed all the way back, Jens throat stretching to accommodate him.

   “Open that throat Jen!” he gasped.

   Jens mouth was wide, tongue out touching his balls as he working his shaft back and forth.  No lips no teeth, just pure throat and tongue as Brad pumped her hard and deep.  She gagged and slobbered, thick gloops of saliva oozing down her neck, clots lumping together in her tits.

   “Sweet fuckkkk Jen!” he growled, his dick destroying her tight slippery throat.

   Jen was slobbering and spitting like a tap, the Spewtum oozing down from her chin, gloops just collecting in her cleavage then, slowly flowing down from the bottom of her bra to her belly.  Brad was not holding back giving her head a furious pounding, a true skullfuck.

   “PHUUUUUUGGHGGHGH” she wretched forcing his dick from her throat, spit spraying over him and back down over her tits and chest.  She gasped for air as his cock was freed.

   Pulling her up he positioned her on the bed, head hanging off so she was looking back at the camera directly. Gasping for air he pinned her arms down, but his cock didn’t move for her mouth, this time he eased it into her slop filled cleavage.

   “Ohh use those slippery tits baby” she croaked, still gasping for air.

   His twitching shaft pushed in, displacing the large gloop of spit that had formed a reservoir in her cleavage.  Thick clots now ran down her neck, up over her chin and down her face, as his dick pumped between those big round tits.

   Jen blinked her eyes as this wave of slobber oozed down her face, “Ohh baby use those titties good” she growled.

   Brad knelt on her shoulders pumping his dick in and out of her tits, she leant her head back staring straight at the viewers letting them watch the spit drip down her face and clot in her hair.  She had finally caught her breath and was able to speak coherently.

   “Ohh fuck, do it Brad slam these fat whore titties” she groaned, “Use that thick spit and lube that cock good.

   Brad pumped her tits, as she lay there, letting him use them for as long as he liked, finally he eased up, dick almost ready to explode. “Ohh you close Baby” she teased.

   He stepped back and allowed her to roll over and stand, as she knelt down on the floor at the foot of the bed. “Go on then empty those balls over me” she teased.

   Brad stroked his dick, he was so close already and the sight of Jen on her knees looking up at him was just about to set him off.  “Empty those fat full balls over my whore face” she instructed, hands in her lap, she faced straight at the camera, eyes looking up and to the right at him.

   He groaned, dick pulsing as a thick jet of Semen blasted the right side of her face, the long streak hitting her forehead then down past her eye and onto her cheek.  The second blast hit her on the bridge of the nose and clang to it, hanging there just above her top lip.  She didn’t move or flinch, her eyes now locked on the camera as her face was blasted with spunk.

   Brad kept stroking, firing blast after blast over her face, Jen unflinching as the bolts glued themselves around her eyes and nose.  Brads aim was spot on, everything hitting a small area between the top of her forehead and upper lip, cheekbone to cheekbone.

   “Ohh fuuck I feel like a mess” Jen gasped as finally Brad was sated.

   He stepped from the picture as the camera zoomed in on her face, showing every drop of cum and spit on it.  Jen had received an epic facial from Brad, he had been saving that load for days, and every single drop of his cum was now on display.

   “Ohh do I look like a nasty cum whore?” she said, winking, “Would you like to see me fucked up the ass with all this cum on my face?”

   A hand helped her to her feet, and as the camera panned out we could see Alex Standing there, his rock hard cock bounced against his chest as he helped her stand.  She wiggled out of her tiny knickers before positioning herself on the bed, ass high, resting on her breasts, arms folded behind her back.  She looked right at the camera again, face still soaked in semen, winking once more as Alex moved behind her, gripping her hips.

   “Stick that big cock right up my shit hole” she said, “Fucking ruin me for all the perves watching at home”

   Alex gripped both her hips and ground his hard cock up her asshole, wiping the slick spit from her pussy and belly to lube his shaft.  Jens eyes were wide as she gasped with each inch, “FUCK! FUCKK! FUUUCKKKK!” she hissed, as she felt every inch stretching her.

   He rested his hips on her ass, dick all the way in as she panted, getting used to his girth.  Alex was all the way in now, and slowly pulled back starting to thrust.  Jens face was screwed up as she felt his dick inching back and forth in her ass, cum dripping and drying on her face.

   “Ohhh fuckkkkk yeahhh” she growled as he got a goo rythm going, his belly slapping on her round ass cheeks with each thrust.

   Hands holding her arms, he pinned her down and fucked her asshole, dick pushing deep in and out, her hips high in the air as she took it well.  Eyes wide, staring at the camera she groaned and gasped, feeling her back passage being invaded by his dick.

   “Slam it baby, slam that asssss” she gasped.

   Alex worked hard, hips rutting deep up her ass, as Jen urged him on to hard strokes, “Take me, Take me, fucking take meeeee” She howled as he pumped deep.

   Alex felt her ring start to clench as she neared her climax, dick using her asshole, balls whacking hard against her pussy lips.

   “FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!” she wailed, body shaking as he buggered her good.

   Jen was shaking and shuddering as her orgasm hit, body tight fighting his thrusts, eyes rolling up in their sockets she squealed and screamed. “YEEEAAASSSS!!! YEEEEAASSSSS!!!!” she cried.

   Alex kept pumping, her body flexes sending him close, and Jen felt him twitching as she calmed slightly from her peak, “OOOHHHH FUUUUCKKK!!!” she moaned, “CUM IN MEEEE!!!”

   His thrusts became more frantic as he nearly came, hips slamming, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! as he felt his balls swell. “DO ITTTT!!!!” Jen howled as cum exploded up her ass.

   Sweat dripped from Alex’s face onto her bare back, as her rutted so deep, flooding her asshole with spunk. She bit her lip contentedly as she felt each hot spurt of semen inside her. Jerking and pinning himself to her ass Alex finally felt his balls empty.

   “Fuuuckk Jen” he groaned easing out.

   She looked at the camera grinning, as Alex stepped out of shot.  Jen moved to stand up by the bed, finally she peeled off her bra top, revealing those prize assets.  Still shiny and soaked in Cum and spit, she played with her rock hard nips.

   “Well I hope you enjoyed that, I certainly did, now who’s gonna help a horny girl out?” she teased.

   2 peachy ass’s stepped into frame, think thongs between butt cheeks, long blonde hair to the left and cropped brunette to the right. Turning sideways each gorgeous lady sported a thick strap on shaft, standing proud from their crotch.

   “Can we assist” Emma Glover said, naked barring the penis shaped weapon.

      “You ready for some fake cock” Malene Espensen asked.

   “Fuck yeah!” Jen replied, leaning in to kiss first Malene, then Emma.

   All 3 stood in a kissing circle, swapping back and forth, tongues snaking together.  At one point they shared a 3 way kiss.  Malene and Emma licked every drop of cum from Jens face, sharing with each other and Jen, as they washed away all the semen.

   “MMMmm I think there’s more cum somewhere else” Malene grinned as she said it, kneeling down behind Jen, hands on her ass cheeks spreading them.

   “Ohhh fuck Lene” Jen gasped as she felt her tongue pressing into her sphincter.

   Emma knelt as well lips going to Jens Juicy cunt, as Malene rimmed and sucked on her asshole.  Jens hips shook, as both her holes were eaten, the pair of gorgeous models working intently, Malene trying to extract as much semen from her ass as she could, Emma working on her swollen clit.

    “Fuckkkk, damnnn that’s goood” Jen gasped, as her body reacted to the stimulation, “Eat me girls, fucking make me cum”

   She squeezed her big fake tits in her hands, mauling and groping them hard as her thighs started to twitch and tremble.  Malene and Emma both held her hips supporting her as she came, body overcome with stimulation.

   “FUUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!” She squealed, pinching her nipples tightly as she legs tried to collapse.

   Malene face buried in Jens ass held her up, as Emma supported her from the front.  Jen shook and gasped in pure pleasure ass they orally assaulted her front and back.  Hands in Emma’s hair she shook and twitched as she came.


   Malene drilled as far as she could, savoring every stick glob of spunk as she licked it from inside of Jen, Emma was soaked as her warm juices flooded out, drinking them down with relish.
   “FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!” Jen roared one last time as her climax subsided.

   Emma slowly stood, moving to kiss Jen, sharing the taste of her pussy.  Malene kept delving deeper and deeper wanting every taste of semen inside of Jens asshole.  Jen broke her kiss with Emma, moving to suck on her pert firm breasts.

   “Ohhh naughty!” Emma groaned, “We are here to please you!”

   Malene stood up, stepping around to be next to Emma, “Mmmmmm” she said, savoring the last taste of spunk, “Ready for a pounding” she teased.

   Emma stepped back and sat on the bed, laying on her back the fake shaft proud.  Sideways to the camera, Jen straddled Emma, and lowered herself onto the shaft. Her wet eager pussy eating up the hard plastic cock until she rested ontop of Emma’s hips.  Grinding down, she rocked slowing back and forth.

   “Ohhh fuckk that’s good!” she groaned.

   Emma reached up and groped Jen’s big fake tits, playing with them as Malene got up on the bed Standing above Jen she offered the shaft to her lips, “Need some of Jens throat Juice” Malene teased, “before I stick this up your asshole!”

     Gripping Jens long blonde hair she pulled it back from her face so the viewers could get a great shot of the shaft pushing down her throat. Malene quite roughly slammed her hips forwards, Jen gave her throat , Malene taking and fucking her hard.

   Fingers curled in Jens hair, Malene skullfucked her, working hard to get a nice thick coating of spit on her shaft.  “I am gonna Slam your ass so good Jen” Malene said, her crotch tight to Jens face as she gagged hard, bringing up a nice phlegmy wad.

   Malene pulled out using one hand to catch the sloppy spit, curling it around and around the shaft the long strands coated it.  Jen gasped for breath as Malene moved behind her, squatting down and spreading her bum cheeks.

   “Ohh stick it in Lene” Jen groaned, as she felt the head touch her ring.

   Malene pushed the shaft inside of Jen, who tossed her head back hissing.  The thick fake cock pushed relentlessly inside, until finally Malene and Emma had Jen pinned between them.  Hands holding her hips Malene started to fuck Jens ass, back and forth in a slow steady rhythm.

   “Ohhh Malene! Fuck me, fuck me like a dirty scouse slut!” Jen gasped.

   Malene gripped tighter, starting to pick up her pace.  The loud thwack of crotch on ass cheek echoed in the room.  Emma ran her hands up to Malene’s boobs squeezing and groping them as she rocked above her.  Malene was now really slamming Jen up the ass, giving her full deep strokes.

   “Fuuuuck yeah” Malene squealed, pumping hard.

   “Yes! Fuck yesssssss!!” Jen Screamed, bole her holes violated by these 2 gorgeous women.

   Her big fake melon breasts bounced and jiggled as Malene rammed Jen harder and harder. Hand gripping Jens hair she yanked her head back, bending her back and up. Hips pumping she drove deep into Jens sphincter, as Emma increased her hip thrusts upwards to match.

   “FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCCKKKK!!!!” Jen howled, her climax hitting hard.

   Her body shook as both stiff shafts pounded her clenching holes, Emma lifting her hips repeatedly, as Malene dropped hers down.  Jerking and twitching Jen screamed in primal pleasure her body craving the stimulation of both fake cocks.

   “YEAASS!!!! YEEEAASS!!!! YEEEAASSS!!!!” She cried.

   Emma watched as Jens face screwed up in orgasmic delight, tweaking her rock hard nips to add to the sensations. Jen stared straight at her, a big grin on her face as she growled the final moments of orgasm subsiding.

   “Oh fuuuuck YEAH!” Jen gasped as Malene collapsed ontop of her.

   All 3 lay there panting for a moment, before Malene got up.  Moving to stand by the bed once more she waited for Jen to unmount Emma.  Rolling off Jen sat back on the edge of the bed, sweat beaded and trickled down her cleavage, she had a satisfied grin on her face as Emma moved and stood up.

   “Enjoy?” Malene said, gripping her shaft and holding it up to Jen.

   She reached out and drew the thick member to her lips sucking it straight in.  Jens other hand reached to Emma’s cock and she alternated between them, sucking and savoring the taste of herself toying with the viewers as she did so.

   “Ohhh you nasty girls” She gasped releasing both dicks.

   Malene and Emma drummed their cocks all over Jens face, giving her a nice dick slapping before stepping back from view.  That left Jen sitting on the bed, thoroughly fucked for her first scene at GlamourXXX.

   “Well Thanks for watching my Debut, remember if you want to see more keep those tips and subs coming”  she said, “I have some real filth planned if you guys are generous”  She winked at the camera as the screen slowly faded to black.


Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Unbelievable! Jennifer Ellison is a voracious, I like her face and she still wants more lol

Liked the 'anal' part, how the camera movement starts until the end I loved it too much. You were very generous with her. This story is very well put together, it was great. I like, I like and I like!
Thanks :)
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Jennifer Ellison, what a blast from the past I did not see coming.
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Glamour XXX - Stacey Poole's Double Titfuck
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Glamour XXX - Stacey Poole's Double Titfuck

A week had passed since Stacey Poole left her previous management company. The Lady Agency had become notorious around social circles of glamour models communicating with each other. It was no secret that they had a history at this point mismanaging careers and restricting them from other avenues of business. They refused to allow her to open a FansOnly account, something that once frustrated her greatly. Lucy Pinder had reached out to Stacey and informed her about the Glamour XXX project. Stacey wanted to leave the Lady Agency after their long conversation over the phone. Taking a month to think about it, she kept her eye on Glamour XXX. Other models reached out to her in friendship and after several discussions, she made the plan to finally rid herself of the hassles that came from being signed to a rubbish management firm.

Her welcoming into Glamour XXX was to be a grand event. Lucy gave Stacey a tour of a sprawling London mansion they had rented out for filming the pornographic scenes. The mansion had Postmodernist architectural design choices for the interior decoration, something that immediately caught her eye. Those white walls and wooden floors brought back memories of their times doing photo sessions with Nuts magazine. Stacey did not care what room she filmed in, just so long as the light was shining in front the big glass walls to illuminate the scene on a typical afternoon. She liked getting fucked in the daylight. For whatever reason that was, Lucy did not ask her friend for the details.

The day arrived in the middle of the week. Stacey stood in the doorway leading into a large room that had been arranged to her liking. Black leather couches faced the large window-like wall. Multiple cameras were situated in the room to capture the action from various angles. The welcoming committee for her Glamour XXX debut were two men whom she could care less about their names. All that mattered to her was having two hard cocks to play with. This scene was all about using her enormous breasts as weapons of pleasure. From the doorway she stood topless. Her long brunette hair had a few wavy curls pouring down her shoulders. Her pink lips curved into a grin as her chestnut brown eyes glared back at a camera zooming out on her.

This was going to be her show. Stacey felt confident that the two men handpicked by Lucy would be moaning and groaning for her throughout the next hour before she forced them to cum. All from the power of her breasts alone. No bra was needed to contain them today. The only pieces of clothing Stacey wore was a black thong and fishnet stockings stretched up to her thighs. Black high heels covered her feet, elevating her height and booming loudly any time she stepped across the wooden floor. Her presence was known throughout the mansion each time she walked. She would not be alone in this room. Apart from the two men Lucy selected for the scene, Stacey was also joined by a camera man operating the POV station. That man currently had his camera lens focused on her giant breasts, as her face was above.

Her hands were planted on her hips as she kept her head raised high. The camera eventually focused on her face again, but it was too late for Stacey. She pressed her palms against her erect nipples, hiding them from view as her heels boomed across the floor. She entered the room to find the two male porn stars waiting for her on the couch. Both were already naked with a semi-erect pole between their legs. One man had short black hair and tattoos covering his muscular arms. The other was skinny with slicked back blonde hair and a dark mustache. Stacey could care less about their names, but she did recall Lucy saying one of them went by Kevin. Which one? What did it matter? She was here to suck and tittyfuck some cock, not socialize. Stacey felt cool, calm and collected as she approached the couch. The camera man stepped aside to allow the other cameras positioned near the couch to film this interaction. Stacey moved her hands off her massive tits, revealing them to the men as they both gazed back at her.

"Hello boys. Looking for some company?"

A smile curved across her lips after greeting the men. They both raised their heads and smothered themselves with a boob each. This was how the scene was scripted to go. Stacey softly smiled and rested her hands on the back of the head to each man. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt the man to her left sucking on her nipple. The other was squeezing his hands harm into her firm skin. Stacey moaned as they fondled and sucked on her tits. She waited until one man pulled away, and then she pushed her breasts together, making them bounce in her small hands.

"Can't wait to feel those wrapped around my dick."

The man sitting on the right side spoke. His accent was clearly American. Stacey smiled at him. By now, the men had moved away from her breasts. Stacey wrapped her left arm around them, using her right hand to gesture at sliding between them.

"Mmmmm, want to feel your cock right here."

Her eyes shifted to the other man as she flashed her teeth in a grin.

"And maybe I'll suck on yours while he has his fun."

The man did not smile or reply back. So far, she was not expecting any kind of conversation with the men. Taking a step back, Stacey fell down to her knees. The main camera man now had his work cut out for him, as he had to find a spot to get a proper shot from an upward angle. The naked men stood up from the couch, their cocks bouncing and flopping around until Stacey reached for them. She twisted her fingers around each pole and proceeded to wank them, back and forth. Exhaling a deep breath, she made an innocent smile while gazing up at the camera. The men stepped to the side, offering a little bit of room so their shoulders were not touching. Stacey took her time, stroking those cocks back and forth. She continued until feeling they were both at full erectness.

Before she was ready to use her breasts, Stacey was eager to taste these cocks. She chose her dominant hand first, moving to the right and flicking her tongue across the head. Her left hand was still pumping the other cock slowly as she began sucking. She closed her eyes, softly moaning as she bobbed her lips up and down the first few inches. It was not fair to just suck one and not the other. Pulling her lips to the head, Stacey released the cock from her mouth with an audible pop. She then moved to her left side and gave the other shaft some mouthily attention by twirling her tongue around the head. When she sank it between her lips, the man let out a sigh of relief.

No words were spoken among the men. Only soft moans and one groan from the American voice were audible. Stacey paid them no attention. She forgot to glance up at the camera as she gorged herself on a hard cock. Taking her time, Stacey pushed her right hand up and down, wanking the other cock so the other man did not feel left out. After a few moments, she pulled her lips away from the cock with a popping sound and it was time to alternate. A string of saliva dangled from the right corner of her mouth. The men stepped closer together as the camera man now was able to capture a perfect view of her great big tits on display and lips squeezed around a cock.

'Mmmmmmm', soft moans followed by a popping sound were audible throughout the room. Every two minutes, Stacey would alternate which cock was between her lips. The slobbering and sucking noises her mouth made continued to grow louder with each passing second. Getting nasty was not her natural talent, but so far, she was indulging herself. Drool built up around each cock, making it easier for her hands to slide up and down them during stroking. Drool dripped from the cock to her left, as that was the sign that they were both prepared for her tits. The men stepped back, pulling their cocks away from her. They sat down on the couch as the camera man stepped back. The time had come for the other camera stations to do their part in filming the action.

"You're both ready now, but who gets to go first? I'm sure you're both wondering that."

Stacey grinned, flashing her teeth as her hands stroked each cock again. With the men sitting down, they were in perfect position to begin tittyfucking, but the choice was hers. They did not utter any meaningless words as she made the choice to scoot over to her left. Letting go of each cock, she brought her hands down to her massive breasts and held them up. The man grabbed his shaft from the base, holding it upward for Stacey to pull those giant breasts apart and trap his dick between them. A soft moan was heard from his voice as she glanced down and spit on the head of his dick.

"Mmmmmmm, that's right where I wanted your cock."

She winked at the man while squeezing her tits around his cock. The other man sitting on her right hand side wrapped his hands around his dick and proceeded to pleasure himself. Her tits easily swallowed up that shaft, making it disappear entirely between the folds. Stacey paid him no mind as she began to pump her breasts up and down. She began at a fast, hard pace. Her soft large tits made a smacking sound as they hit against his lap. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed between the moans and cries of pleasure.

"You like that? You like how your dick feels between my big titties?"

Stacey teased him with her dirty talk, but it was unimportant. All she cared about was feeling every inch of that long shaft sliding up and down between her breasts. She continued to pump her tits up and down, all while the other man sat there wanking himself. Stacey slowed down, all so she could part her lips and flick her tongue over the head of that cock. Her big brown eyes gazed up at the man she was occupied with. She sucked the head of his cock and began to pump her tits again, nice and slowly. When he let out a groan, that was the cue for her to stop. She let go of her tits, freeing his cock, but was not done with him quite yet. She grabbed his cock and rubbed it up against her right areola. When the man looked in her eyes, Stacey gave an innocent smile.

Smack. Smack. Smack. She slapped the head of his pole against her erect nipple. He moaned before she alternated it to her other boob. Stacey wanted to at least give him the impression she would do the same, but didn't. Instead she rubbed it against her nipple, moaning softly. She was done with this man, at least for now. The other man had risen from where he previous sat, now standing up. Stacey knew what to do in this position as she brought her tits over to him and pulled them apart. She wasted no time stuffing the other shaft between her boobs and spitting on it before she squeezed them together.

The camera man now had a job to do as he walked around to her right hand side, capturing the action from a different angle now. Unlike the previous man, this guy wasted no time taking control. From the moment Stacey rubbed his cock between her tits, he started bucking his hips. She moaned, feeling her body nearly rock. Her long hair sway beyond her shoulders as his cock pumped back and forth between her tits.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah. That's it, fuck my titties."

She bit her lower lip, closing her eyes and moaning. The other man got up from where he was sitting and moved directly behind her. When Stacey opened her eyes, she could see him from the left corner of her, but she kept her focus on the man currently in control. She moaned, feeling every inch of that hard cock pumping between her tits. Her eyes gazed up at the camera and she winked. Only when the man slowed down was it time to change positions. That was now two down and she had to use her imagination for how she would be tittyfucking the next one. An idea suddenly popped in mind. She turned, facing the camera and then raised her arms up.

The men were confused at what she was doing until Stacey clamped her arms down on each cock. She squeezed them into her arm pits, The length of each shaft poked out just far enough that she could shake her tits to make them rub up against it. Giggling loudly, she flashed her teeth. This action caught the men by complete surprise. They were trapped in this position now as she shook her tits left and right, hitting them up against each dick.

"Can't say nothing to me? That's okay! I know both of you can't resist me. You want these tits, don't you boys?"

Still shaking her boobs, Stacey giggled. This was all in an act to tease them, knowing it would drive them crazy. As soon as she raised her arms up to free the cocks, the men grabbed her wrists and stood her up. They were ready to take control now as a team. The man with the American accent led her back to the couch, and motioned for her to lay down backwards. Her feet raised up, nearly blocking the view of one camera station. Once again, the camera man had to make the most use out of his POV station to capture this unscripted change of pace. The American man sat down on her chest and shoved his cock between her tits. Stacey hung her head upside down from the couch.

Her long brunette hair flowed down as she was gazing upside down at the other cock begging for attention. It was no question where it was going to go, since the other man was busy with her tits. Opening her mouth wide, Stacey watched as the cock drew closer, blurring her vision before into her mouth. She closed her eyes, feeling the man's hairy nut sack rubbing against her forehead as he began to thrust down her throat. A gag was followed by the sound of choking. Stacey needed a moment to adjust herself, as this position was something she had little experience in. At the same time, the other man was busy pumping his dick back and forth between her huge boobs.


Slobbering and sucking noises echoed from Stacey's voice as drool began to leak from the corners of her mouth. Due to hanging her head upside down, her saliva ran down her cheeks. When the man came to a halt and pulled his cock from her lips, a flood of her drool ran down her nose and forehead. Saliva strings dangled from her forehead, all while the other man was still busy pumping his cock back and forth between her mighty boobs. The drool strings broke, falling to the floor as her hair swayed around from the pressure of tittyfucking.

"Oh god, yes! That's it! Fuck my tits!"

While she was calling to the one man in control, Stacey forgot about the man standing up. She soon felt his hand gripping her hair from underneath before he fed his cock back into her mouth. The time to endure another round of simultaneous mouth and tit fucking commenced. This time, she did not gag on his length as he thrust inch after inch of that long pole down her throat. The camera man had walked around her left hand side, making sure to focus on the action that involved the cock currently fucking her tits. It proved difficult to film the action as only the head poked up with each thrust. Once the man fucking her mouth stopped and pulled out, now it was time to finally change position again.

At this point, Stacey was almost overwhelmed, all from using her tits and mouth alone. The feeling between her thighs was almost too great to ignore. Her pussy was tingling, desperate for attention with a wet mound that undoubtedly stained the thong she wore. She felt the urge to stop and finger herself, but remained in concentration at the task on hand. Once the American voiced man got off her stomach and stood up, Stacey wasted no time climbing off the couch. It was the other man's turn for another round of fucking her tits. The saliva that dripped down her face was now gleaming and shining when the camera man zoomed in to an image of her face.

Stacey licked her lips and rubbed her tits up against that wet cock again. She had already been tittyfucked once in this position, so she felt the need to switch things up a bit. Whereas the American man fucked her tits, Stacey was going to do all the work for the other man. She began by pushing down far enough to allow the head to poke up, then kissed it lovingly. Her eyes shifted up at the man while the camera operator moved back around, now filming every still shot frame of her working those beautiful tits up and down.

"Ohhhh yeah..."

Moaning aloud, she pumped her tits up and down at a fast pace. Fop. Fop. Fop. The sound of her tits smacking up against his skin became louder with each passing second. The other man entered the frame shot from the right side. He playfully shook his cock in front of her face to get the model's attention. She turned her head and opened her mouth, allowing him to slide that big dick back in for another round of sucking. 'Mmmmmm', a muffled moan escaped her lips as she closed her eyes. The man placed his hands on the side of her head, as if to hold her in place as he began to buck his hips, driving inches of his shaft between her lips.

Having her mouth fucked again had caught Stacey by surprise. She kept her eyes shut and stopped pumping her tits, allowing the other man to take control. He did not waste any precious time as he began to drive his cock between her great big tits. Every inch of that shaft was felt pushing between her soft moans, all while she was busy slobbering on a few inches of another dick. She did not expect to find herself in a position like this for a second time; getting her mouth and tits fucked in unison by these strong men. When she felt the cock between her tits thrusting up, the other man would pump into her mouth. Stacey opened her eyes right in time for the dick to be snatched from her lips.

A popping sound echoed through the room before the man stepped back. He seemed ready to blow his load already, but Stacey was not done using her tits yet. She waited for the other man to come to a halt, and then she let go of her tits, allowing that cock to slip out and flop around. Stacey was not going to allow this man to wank himself into blowing a load all over her face. At least that's where she believed he wanted his cum. Despite this scene having scripted events, they had completely moved off script when they placed her on the couch minutes earlier. None of it mattered to her anymore as she was now pumping her tits up and down, fucking that cock to a pulp as fast as she could.

"Oh yeah! Ohhhhh, yeah! I know you've got a load of hot spunk waiting for me."

She gazed at the other man who was stroking his cock faster than she would have expected. Stacey giggled.

"I know you do too. I want you both to cum all over my big titties. Think you can do that for me?"

Her eyes leered back to the man who's shaft was currently trapped between her breasts.

"Think you can too?"

The other man stepped forward and aimed his cock down at her tits. Stacey had no other choice but to pull her breasts apart, freeing the other cock and allowing both of them to prepare for this moment. She was ready by pushing her tits up and gazing back and forth at the men. Meanwhile, the camera man had to step in front of them. Thankfully, they allowed enough room for him to quietly tilt his camera downward, getting on the sale level of Stacey. Each cock was visible from the upper left and right hand corners, but the focus was on her face ready to be drenched in cum.

"Cum for me. Cum all over me. I want it... I need it."

Soft groans and grunts were heard from the men, but it was not until she heard one man begin screaming, did Stacey close her eyes. Just in case they decided to blast her face instead, she did not want any cum splashing into an open eye. The camera man zoomed in at the right moment as the first wads of cum splattered down on her chest. Stacey moaned, raising her head up and softly smiling as she felt the warm sticky substance coating her skin. The other man fired off thick strings of cum that sprayed up to her neck, making sure to give her a pearl necklace that was now dripping down to run a river of semen between her boobs. Wads and strings of cum decorated her smooth, tanned skin.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah."

Once their cocks were depleted, the nameless men left the frame. The camera was now focused entirely on Stacey as she pushed her tits together and shook them. Streams of semen dripped, running a course of rivers down to her nipples and the passage down the middle. All this time sucking and tittyfucking, she had ignored the wet mound that formed at the front of her thong. Soon, she would be able to pleasure herself by the touch of her hand. But right now, she was moaning while gazing back at the camera. Her lips formed that same innocent smile from earlier. Her hands were still on her breasts, flexing her elbows out to hold them in position for the camera. A sticky and wet welcoming to Glamour XXX had come to pass for Stacey. One thing she knew for sure, she could not wait for more naughty filming that awaited her.
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Good to see Stacey, this series is rolling.
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Stacey! How good, this star on the front of the stage, what a foot. Hot story, I had sweats..
It was great and amazing! Thanks :)


Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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   Starring: Lucy Pinder, Angela white (2 surprise guests at the end)

Codes: FF, Facial

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

That familiar figure of Lucy Pinder, sat in a tight black dress, on a high stool, near the kitchen counter.  She stirred her martini glass, sucking the cherry from the cocktail stick, teasing her tongue around it before swallowing it.

   “So did you enjoy it?” The Australian accent was clear in the voice from behind the camera.

   The camera panned around to another busty Brunette, Miss Angela White, pornstar extreme.  She smiled, “So did you?” she asked again, obviously referring to the exclusive double anal scene.

   “Hell yeah I did!” Lucy replied, “I was really nervous, but once they got started, a switch kind of flicked”

   “It’s addictive, I am warning you” Angela explained, “The rougher they get the rougher you need it to get off”

   “Those 2 guys, man they knew exactly how to do it, the right way to hold me, the right pressure to grip me” Lucy’s eyes were slightly glazed over as she took herself back to the scene.
   Angela moved to sit next to Lucy, placing her cocktail glass on the counter, she leant in and kissed her.  The touch of Angela’s lips on hers woke Lucy from her daze, and she responded in kind.

   “So now you’ve had a taste, I assume you want more?” Angela teased.

   “A LOT more” Lucy replied.

   “Mmmmm, I am gonna wank hard watching you play”, Angela stood up and started to peel down her dress, revealing her huge natural breasts.

   She pulled Lucy’s face to her cleavage, Lucy reaching out and gripping one huge udder in her hands she sucked on Angela’s nipple.  The dress dropped to the floor and she stood, naked barring her high heels.

   “Ohhh Lucy, you have skills” Angela gasped as each of her nipples was sucked and lightly chewed in turn.

   “Ohh I love a good girl girl session” Lucy replied, lifting her head up to kiss Angela again.

   Both Women kissed for what seemed like an age, Angela’s hands roaming over Lucy’s ass cheeks as she stood from her seat, to get closer. Finally, Angela pushed Lucy back a step and sat up on the counter top, rubbing her pussy as admired Lucy.

   “Ohh I’d love to hear about that, I want to know all the filthy things you have done, so I can see what we should have you do next” Angela, continued playing with her clit as Lucy bent down and spread her legs wider.

   Lucy’s lips engulfed Angela’s swollen lips, as she went to town on her pussy.  Lucy savored the sweet taste of her juices as she softly at slowly got to work.  Lucy’s tongue found Angela’s clit and flicked the engorged bud, faster and faster she lapped as Angela’s squirmed and moaned in pleasure.

   “Ohhhh fuckking Hell Pinder!” she squealed as Lucy hit one particularly sensitive spot.

   Angela’s hands gripped Lucy’s hair, pulling her in tight as she feasted on her pussy, she felt a slight quiver in her thigh, the very first signs of orgasm. Lucy worked faster, driving her towards here climax.

   “Shiiit fuckk Lucy, there oh right there!” Angela gasped.

   Lucy grabbed her thighs and held her down as she sucked licked and ground her face into Angela’s soaking wet snatch.  Each flick of her tongue or bite of her lips Angela jerked and twitched, pulses of pleasure flashing through her.

   “Ohh Jesus Lucy, I am soooo close” she gasped, “Get down for me, grab that glass” Angela gasped, her fingers taking over from Lucy’s lips.

   Lucy knelt down in front of Angela, as she wanked her pussy furiously, “Grab the glasssss” Angela whined at Lucy.

   Lucy could see fleck of pussy juice start fountaining from Angela, as she quickly grabbed her cocktail glass.  Kneeling mouth wide, glass held up she was soaked by a huge jet of girlcum as Angela exploded in orgasm.

   “FUUUCKKKK!!!!” She screamed as she came, body shaking, eyes rolling back.

   Lucy was drenched, her dress soaked with Angela’s eruption, her glass filled to the brim with the nectar. She blinked and spluttered as the Aussie babe shook in violent orgasm. Blinking her eyes so she could watch as the thick curvy body or Miss Angela White convulsed in pleasure.

   “YEASSSSS!!!! YEAAASSS!!! YEAAAASSS!!!” she wailed.

   Lucy was in awe, this sexual legend squirting her warm sweet cum all over her, cumming in front of her, as she knelt there.  Angela finally calmed from her orgasm, bringing her fingers to her lips, to savour her own juices, before offering them to Lucy.

   “How do I taste?” she teased.

   Lucy sucked on Angela’s 2 fingers, before the Australian minx grabbed her hair and thrust them deeper into Lucy’s throat making her gag.  Lucy spat up a nice thick throatwad that trickled down her chin, Angela moved fwds and sucked it up from her neck, playing with it before swallowing it down.

   “Ohhh your nasty” Lucy gasped.

   “You fucking knew that Pinder!” Angela laughed in reply.

   Lucy stood up, setting her glass back on the bench, “I’m soaked” she said, peeling off the straps of her dress.  Slowly she wiggled out of it until it dropped to the floor. Standing there black stockings, suspenders, not knickers. 

   “You fucking are!” Angela replied fingers reaching down and easing into Lucy’s cunt.

   “Well” Lucy gasped, “I was talking about you soaking me, but yeah I am fucking wet”

   “Wait 1 minute” Angela said to her, “Tell the people watching which girls you have fucked, I am sure they will get off hearing about that”

   Lucy turned to the camera, a naught grin on her face, ”Well…”, she said, “Obviously you have seen Sophie Howard and myself together already, and Michelle Marsh and I have done all sorts of dirty things together.”

   She sat back, finger stirring her glass, as she thought about all the women she has fucked, “Well ontop of those 2, I fucked Emma glover with a strap on during a drunken holiday trip, and 69’d Holly Peers on the same one”

   Lifting the glass she took a large mouthful of Angela’s cum and swirled it around her mouth before swallowing, ”Ohh that’s good” she gasped.

   “Then there are the really dirty ones, Malene Espensen, fuck that Danish slut has a truly filth mind, and She may be cute and pretend to be wholesome, but Casey Batchelor is one dirty minded woman” Lucy smiled, “I am sure you will see them in action on GlamourXXX again soon”

   Angela returned, leading 2 men.  Both were mid 20’s reasonably muscular, one sported a shot stubbly beard.

   “I brought us a present” Angela said.

   “For me?” Lucy said a big grin on her face, she reached out and took the bearded man by the hand.

   “All yours, only request is you make him cum on your face” Angela said, “Otherwise do anything you like with him”

   “Whats your name baby?” Lucy asked, kneeling down and reaching out for his hard cock.

   “Ben” He replied, “and this is Tom”

   “Well then Ben, lets drain these balls shall we?” Lucy teased drawing his cock to her mouth.

   Angela was on her knees too, but she had Toms dick between her big soft tits, jerking it hard.  Lucy was bobbing her head up and down, lips sucking hard on his dick as she worked it furiously.  Deeper and deeper until finally she was balls deep, cock twitching in her throat and neck.

   “Oooh Skills Pinder!” Angela gasped watching.

   Lucy brought her head up, coughing a thick strand of throat slop over Bens dick, she swirled the sticky thick wad around his shaft with her hand before wanking him hard.

   “Competition?” Lucy said grinning, “See who can get the Messiest?”

   “oooh yeahh” Angela smiled, “I love that”

   Both ladies hopped up onto the counter, laying on their backs hair hanging down, as both Ben and Tom stepped up.  Dicks slapped chins then pushed between eager lips, as took them inside their mouths.  Angela easily opened her throat for fucking, and Lucy was no slouch either as they started getting pumped.

   Balls deep, Angela gagged first, a nice thick wad dripping down her face, clinging to her chin before plopping to the floor.  Lucy too a few more deep thrusts before a glug of spit blasted from her nose and clang to her forehead.

   “Ohh shit” Tom gasped, his dick ramming deep into Angela’s gullet.

   Both women took their facefucking with skill, hard cocks pounding their throats over and over.  Each coughing up large spitwads until they were caked in it.  Thick lumps of mucus dripped down Angela’s face, a particularly large one settling in her right eye socket.  Lucy Had 2 thick streams bubbling from her nose, down over both eyes and forehead, a huge wad had collected in her long hair.
   “So clooose” Ben groaned having to pull his cock out, “Fuck I am gonna cum soon”

   Tom too had to pull out, leaving both women panting. Angela turned to look at Lucy, who in turn looked at her. Laughing out loud, ”I think it’s a draw!” Lucy spluttered.

   Rolling over Lucy looked down at the thick spitwads splattered and pooling all over the floor, “Fuck Casey would love to be here” she gasped.

   “Spit Queen?” Angela asked

   “Totally” Lucy replied, “That bitch is soo into it, fucking disgraceful some of the things I have seen her do!”

   Blinking her eyes Angela got down onto her knees once more, as Lucy did the same for Ben.  Mouth open eyes wide, she knelt as he jerked his cock right in front of her face. “Fucking drench me” Angela teased.

   “Shoot it then big boy!” Lucy gasped as Ben furiously worked his cock, “Fucking spunk over my spit soaked face”

   Both men were on the brink, these 2 natural curvy babes kneeling in front of them, thick clots of spit oozing down their bodies, dripping from their tits.  “Fucking do it now!” Angela urged, as Tom felt his cock twitch.  She squealed in delight, not flinching once as the cum burst out thick ropes lacing her face.

   “Ohh fuck yeahhh” Angela gasped.  Ben felt his balls swell and a massive jolt of semen splattered Lucy right on the forehead, dead center.

   “YES!” Lucy Shrieked as the hot scalding cum spattered her forehead.  The next blast took her in the right eye, gluing it shut.

   Angela was laced in cum, it clang to her left eye lash and across her eyeball, onto her cheek. She knelt gasping as Tom stepped back balls empty.  Looking across at Ben who was squeezing every last drop she could over Lucy’s face.

   “Ohh good work boys” Angela purred as they both left the screen.

   Standing up both Women sat back on the stools by the counter top, Lucy one eye left open, admiring the mess Angela was in.  Angela turned to look at the camera, “You ready for some Q and A Lucy, our members have sent in some questions for you?” she asked.

   “Sure hit me up” Lucy replied, trying to force her eye open.

   “Question 1 – spit or swallow?” Angela asked.

   “Ohh both!” Lucy replied, “Swallow is great especially if its several loads, I love that thick gloopy feeling as it clings to my throat” she shifted in her seat still struggling to keep her eye open, “But if I have a playmate I love sharing, so swapping cum and snowballing it”

   “Perfect answer!” Angela said.

   “I remember once Michelle and I fucked this guy in our hotel room after a shoot, we picked him up in a bar” We must have shared his cum between us about 20 times before swallowing it, I was so turned on, and so was he we had round 2 minutes after he came for round one”

   “Question 2 – Most guys you have ever fucked at once?” Angela quizzed her.

   “Before GlamourXXX?” Lucy checked, Angela nodded.

   “3” Lucy replied, “Rhian and I did a rally event, and I got a bit tipsy and fucked all 3 guys from one of the teams.  Rhian was a bit of a Pussy and refused to fuck any of them so I had to take up the slack.  She did lick all their cum off of me though when they were done, greedy bitch swallowed the lot herself as well!”

   “I guess you made up for her chickening out” Angela said.

   “Yeah, It was some good sex, one of the best fucking I have had, every hole got stuffed, and I came twice” Lucy further explained, “One of the guys text me afterwards asking if we could do it again, but it never had a chance to happen, man after my GlamourXXX experience I could give those 3 the night of their lives now!”

   “Wait until I’ve had some time with you Pinder, your gonna be a one woman dick wrecking machine” She giggled. “’Dick wrecker’ that’s your new nickname!”

   “Question 3 – Pussy or ass?”

   “Oooh great question, my answer is Ass” Lucy winked with her free eye, “I have to say I am a bit of an anal lover.  I never let my boyfriend fuck my ass, but then Sophie the dirty minx bent me over during one hot session with a strap on, and instead of fucking my pussy stuck it in my ring.  I have never had an orgasm like that one, was the most incredible experience ever.  She fucked my ass until my legs were like jelly, I came for a good minute or more non stop”

   “It’s so good isn’t it” Angela relied, “Ass Gasms are so more intense”

   “ohh yeah, and now you’ve got me hooked on 2 dicks up the ring!” Lucy laughed, “Fucking so many nasty ideas about what I can try now.  Honestly shocked myself that I could take 2 and that I could cum like that.”

   “Final Question – Filthiest thing you have done up until now?”

   “I took an 8 man bukkake to get signed to a high end studio in the USA, I think that’s the filthiest I have done before GlamourXXX” Lucy replied.

   “Fucking diurty bitch! You kept that quiet” Angela gasped in reply.

   “I had to fuck the boss as well, then let his employees cum on my face at a party” Lucy went on, “I think I had only maybe taken a few facials before this point, but I got fucking drenched here.  I was really turned on by it though, that feeling of all the men using me to get off, its powerful”

   “I know exactly how you feel, the act of being bukkaked is so submissive, but the power is actually in your hands, as all those men are being turned on by you, you’re doing it to them not them to you!” Angela explained.

   “Exactly!” Lucy agreed.

   “Well thank you Lucy, that’s all the questions for this session” Angela finished, “I have one more if you don’t mind?”

   “Of course” Lucy hadn’t expected this question it was definitely off script.

   “What’s next, what’s the next thing you want to try at GlamourXXX?” Angela asked.

   “Well I want to win that bukkake competition, Malene has set the bar high, and I was wondering if you could help me with that?”

   “Ohh Lucy my pleasure, I am sure I can call in some favours and get you the best and biggest bukkake bunch” Angela looked really happy to help Lucy.

   “Annnd” Lucy continued, “I want to push the submissive stuff, see how I feel when I get really controlled and used.  Give myself over just like in that double anal, let myself be passed around and fucked at will”

   “Wow! That’s getting hardcore Lucy, I can definitely pass some names across to star with you in that, guys who love to fuck true sub sluts” Angela had a twinkle in her red eyes, just at the thought of Lucy getting fucked like that.

   “Now we have a little preview of what’s next, stay tuned and remember keep those rebills on!”

   The screen faded back in from black, to Lucy and Angela standing next to a large cloth covered item.  Both had changed into extremely revealing evening gowns, full length gloves, huge hoop earrings and high heels.

   “Well then Lucy, are you going to explain our feature for the next few weeks?” Angela said, smiling.

   “My Pleasure” Lucy said, reaching up and pulling down the cloth. 

   A large wheel was revealed, segmented into 12, with words written in each segment. “The wheel of debauchery,” Lucy said, “Where your greatest wish might come true”

   “So how is this going to work then?” Angela asked, prompting Lucy to explain.

   “A spin costs £250,000, once we hit 12 buy ins, I get spinning, so you could get ‘Anal’ for example. “ She turned the wheel to that segment. “And then you get to see some bum fun!”

   Angela looked around the segments briefly scanning them, “Wow there are some filthy ones here”!” She grinned, “I love it!”

   “Oh for sure” Lucy replied, “Get bidding!”

   “So you are going to do all these?” Angela asked, “I am kinda jealous”

   “Not quite, I am going to have some assistance” Lucy said, “Come on in Ladies, I am sure you need no introduction”.

   From the left an insanely curvy red headed figure walked in, her hips swaying as her thick body wiggled hypnotically.  She wore a tight red dress, hugging every soft plump curve of her body.  Spinning around she grinned, Miss Christina Hendricks had arrived at GlamourXXX.

   From the other side a short petite Brunette strutted confidently into picture, her tight ass on show in a figure hugging black dress.  She span the opposite way, as the fiery Salma Hayek, smiled at the camera.

   “I needed some experienced women to help with this, and these 2 Ladies were perfect for the job.” Lucy explained, “So over to you, once we get 12 bids, the wheel gets spun!”

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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Love what you guys are doing. Now a real porn star crossover here.
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Glamour XXX: US Edition - Spin The Wheel
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Much success in the recent months had paved the way for new projects within the Glamour XXX camp. Investors willing to offer several hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes, over a million were able to fund the lewd projects involving all the glamour girls signed. Lucy Pinder took the time to expand Glamour XXX with new offices, a private studio and a mansion to be used in future projects. With enough money saved up, it was time to add a new branch to Glamour XXX across the pond. The introduction of an American off-shoot had long been discussed between Lucy and porn star Angela White. It would take a month to prepare everything. Angela promised Lucy that she had connections in the adult entertainment industry and her own saved money to fund a private studio in Los Angeles.

Funding would not be a problem. The same could not be said for the Hollywood based guests that Lucy set her eyes on. One photographer who worked for Glamour XXX had mentioned a friendship they had with Salma Hayek and Christina Hendricks. It would prove to be difficult to involve established Hollywood women with the project, but Lucy felt ambitious as ever. Everyone had a price. Even someone that you could not pay in cash, they at least valued something like friendship. Lucy felt more confident once she had met Salma and Christina together. It would take more than just a simple meeting to pick their dirty minds apart and find out what turned them on. Lucy had at least heard rumors from her photographer friend who knew both of them.

Glamour XXX: US Edition - Spin The Wheel
Introducing Salma Hayek and Christina Hendricks

The cameras fixated on the face of Salma Hayek as she stood in the glaring light from the windows. Her signature jet black hair was pinned up in a ponytail, revealing her full face with minimal makeup to show her natural beauty. Much of the focus was on her legendary bust. A small bra contained her giant breasts, as the only piece of clothing visible on her body until the camera scaled down. A black thong covered her pussy, matching the fishnet stockings that ran up to her thighs. The outfit was of little importance, as it would soon be taken off. Salma glared at Lucy, curving her small red lips into a devious grin.

The British glamour model knew what her co-star was thinking. Today was one day where they would be removing their skimpy outfits early on to indulge themselves in a dirty game. Salma was joined by the other Hollywood actress who's name appeared on the title card. Christina Hendricks' long red hair swayed behind her shoulders with the glimmer of diamond earrings tucked into her lobes. Her outfit was also in black, but with sheer nylon stockings, a g-string and no bra to contain her giant F cup breasts. Christina had no care of giving a tease show, as she had already let her boobs loose in competition with Lucy before the cameras began to roll.

Lucy herself had put her bra back on. The sheer top was see-through, exposing her erect nipples while a thong covered her snatch. She took Salma's hand, leaning in and kissing her on the lips. Christina moved to her left side and then accepted a kiss on the cheek from Lucy. All cameras were rolling, as one special man was waiting outside the room. It was not time for the viewers to meet Carl. All three women had planned to introduce him through a special game they were about to play. Lucy was the first to fall down to her knees in preparation for this contest.

Salma crossed her knees down onto the wooden floor from Lucy's left side. Christina joined from the right. All of them were sitting in a bedroom with a bed directly behind Lucy made up in black sheets and matching pillows with a blanket. All four corners of the room had cameras for filming various angles of this production. Down on the floor was the game wheel Angela had introduced Lucy to. It was the same one, except for a red label added to the end of hand where the spin would stop on. Lucy had used pieces of tape to write her name, Salma's and Christina's at the end of the wheel so they could play this lewd game. Before turning on the cameras, the ladies agreed to play this silly game amongst themselves. Since Salma was the oldest, she had the choice to go first.

"Lets begin, shall we?"

Her accent was strong, oozing in her seductive tone as she gripped the side of the wheel with her left hand. Salma spun the wheel, causing the circular piece to become a blur as it spun around on the floor. Christina and Lucy licked their lips as the wheel continued to turn. When it finally stopped, the hand was pointed directly at Lucy's name.

"Looks like you're the lucky winner."

Lucy giggled at Christina's words.

"So what's it gonna be, glamour queen?"

Salma spoke as Lucy bit her lower lip. Since she had the choice, there was no time to waste with introducing Carl to the viewers. Lucy clapped her hands and then raised two fingers to her lips to loudly whistle. That was her way of calling the man to enter the room. The door opened a few seconds later and all three women gazed at Carl. He was a tall man. A California native who had joined the porn industry several years prior to meeting Lucy. If not for filming several scenes with Angela White, Carl may have been unknown to the girls. He had a muscular build to compliment the short blonde hair on his head and clean shaved face. Lucy had long taken a liking to American men, so she was happy to meet Carl when this new project began.

Apart from his muscular body, much of the focus was on the tool between his legs. Measuring at an impressive nine inches in length. He kept his body shaved to bring more attention to his cock. After all, it was his claim to success and fame through the industry. Now Carl's cock was immortalized at the will of Hollywood ladies alongside British glamour models. He stepped into the room, offering a cheeky grin on his face as he greeted them.

"Looking for me, ladies?"

He was standing naked with his semi-erect cock poking forward. Lucy grinned at him as she nodded.

"Yes, come right in. We're playing a game and now is my choice."

"But you didn't tell us what you are choosing!"

Christina blurted out at Lucy.

"Oh dear, we all get to take our turn sucking him off. I am sure Carl wouldn't mind, would you?"

He flashed his teeth in a goofy grin. Of course he was not going to complain about that. With a nod, he walked behind Lucy and towards the bed. Salma immediately got up and began to take off the little bit of clothing she still had on. The thong dropped to the floor, revealing her pussy with a dark strip of hair above her wet folds. Christina watched her take her bra off to free one of the most legendary breasts to ever grace cinema. The red haired actress dropped her g-string, quietly stepping out of it while Lucy grinned at Carl. From where he stood, the girls were lined up with Salma to his left, Lucy in the middle and Christina to the right.

"I think I'm in the mood to suck on something to get this day started. How about you?"

After Lucy spoke, she looked over at Christina, then Salma. All three of them nodded their heads. Lucy made sure she was the last one to remove her bra. The sheer see-through fabric gave Carl the exposure of her tits, but not full sight until now. Her giant boobs jiggled and wobbled around freely as she fell down to her knees, following Christina and Salma who did the same. For a man like Carl, this had to be an ultimate fantasy come true. Not only did he have Lucy Pinder eager to suck him off, but Salma Hayek and Christina Hendricks as well. Lucy made first contact with his shaft by grabbing ahold of it with her cold hands. The feeling had made Carl moan.

"I hope you're ready for me, big boy."

"Ohhhhh, Lucy sounds like she is desperate. Must be starving for dick, if you ask me."

Christina spoke as Salma giggled. Lucy flashed her teeth at him as she slowly wanked his cock back and forth to bring it to full length. She had fucked Jim Stark in the past, but Carl's cock appeared to be bigger and stronger. She would learn later on if he had the strength and stamina to fuck her in the ways Jim did. His cock was definitely longer, but Lucy was eager to give her best here. She parted her lips and slid the head of his shaft into her mouth. She slid her right hand down to the base, still gripping it while her big brown eyes gazed up at Carl. Lucy passionately sucked his cock, making muffled moans and humming noises.

"So big..."

Salma spoke as she kept her mouth open long enough as if she were about to drool at the size of his meat pole. Carl knew the Mexican Goddess of Hollywood was hungry for his meat, but Lucy was busy with it. Christina licked her lips and pressed her hands against her mighty tits. The other two women quietly sat there as they watched Lucy bob her head up and down. 'Mmmmmm', a muffled moan was audible before Lucy pulled her lips back to the head and released it with a popping sound.

"Am I gonna get a chance now?"

Salma was the first to speak. Lucy shook her head.

"What? No! I just started sucking it."

The older woman sighed. Lucy did not realize that by pulling Carl's shaft from her lips, she would have two other women eager to taste him. This was enough to make her shove Carl's cock back into her mouth. She moved her right hand from the base and instead pressed her hands against her boobs, as if to prepare him for tittyfucking. His cock was not wet enough for that yet and she would have to compete with the other ladies for the first chance. Closing her eyes, Lucy bobbed her head up and down, devouring half of his cock with ease as she sucked it lovingly. While Lucy was hard at work sucking, Salma and Christina watched her every move. The red-headed actress looked away to gaze up at Carl with her big blue eyes and grin at him.

Lucy opened her eyes and then looked up at him. she had never taken a cock this big before, so she was hesitant to deepthroat him. She knew she would have to stop soon and give Salma and Christina their fair taste, but not now. She was bobbing her head up and down at a faster pace, slobbering all over his pole. As Salma watched Lucy, she began to consider how she too might struggle with his length. Only one woman in the room had ever taken a cock that big. Christina Hendricks had no fear of testing her gag reflexes on it. She and Salma both watched as Lucy pushed her lips down far enough that she finally gagged. That sound made Christina grin smugly. Lucy extracted his shaft out of her mouth, breathing heavily with saliva strings dangling from her mouth back to his shaft.

"My turn."

Salma made sure to speak over Christina. That was okay, Christina thought to herself. If she had to go last, that only meant that she would have a greater chance of forcing him to cum. With a cock that big, she could only assume that his spunk would be a thick load. Christina did not want the others to have that first load. She was going to act greedy and make sure it was for her only. While she thought to herself, Lucy leaned back and Carl stepped to his left. It was indeed Salma's turn for a round of sucking cock.  The older woman quietly moved her hands over the sides of his shaft, grazing her fingertips across it as she parted her lips and flicked her tongue across the head. When her eyes gazed up at Carl, that was cue for Salma to slide his cock into her mouth and begin to suck.

"Ohhhh, man."

There was one thing Lucy did not manage to achieve that Salma had already done. She made Carl moan and speak aloud. This made the British glamour queen pout in disappointment at herself. Salma opened her mouth wide before taking Carl's cock between her lips. She moved both hands away, instead using them to press into his legs as she slowly pushed his cock further into her mouth. Like Lucy, she was not eager to begin deepthroating him. At least not yet, as they had plenty of time to spare. It took her a few seconds to find a rhythm, bobbing her head up and down at a slow pace. 'Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmm', her moans were muffled and sensual, sending vibrations into him.

Carl stepped back, forcing his cock out of Salma's mouth. The pop noise and sound of her breathing filled the room apart from light moans from Lucy and Christina. Salma locked her eye son him, gripping as she pressed her palms down into the floor and began to crawl forward. He did not talk much, but she knew from the look in his eye that it was time to turn things up a notch. Carl was obviously thinking the same thing as he placed his hands down over her head, slipping his fingers through her dark locks of hair. Salma moaned out to him.

"Fuck my mouth."

That was all she had to say to get her point across. Carl bucked his hips as she opened her mouth wide, accepting his cock back between her lips. Salma kept her mouth slightly open to make her gagging and sucking noises louder. Her big brown eyes never left his as she pressed her hands against her breasts and felt him thrust his cock into her mouth. Christina's eyes widened as she and Lucy sat there watching as Carl began to fuck Salma's mouth.


She closed her eyes and squeezed her lips around his shaft as he proceeded to slowly thrust inch after inch into her mouth.

"Just like that, baby. Just like that."

When Carl spoke, Salma opened her eyes and looked up at him. He continued to fuck her mouth at a slow pace, thrusting more of his cock between her lips until she began gagging on his length. She closed her eyes one last time, only to re-open a few seconds later. Carl was still pumping his cock into Salma's mouth as her hands squeezed her breasts in anticipation of having his shaft between them.

"Wow, that is so fucking hot."

Christina bit down on her lower lip while watching the action. Carl was slow, but he fucked Salma's mouth in a lovely way that impressed Lucy. Knowing that her turn was coming up soon, Christina got up from the floor. Lucy watched her move to the bed, not knowing that Christina was only preparing a new position for them. The buxom red head was not going to spend her time down on her knees sucking dick like Lucy and Salma. She knew how to handle a cock at his size, in the preferred position. When Carl finally pulled his cock out of Salma's mouth, she broke eye contact. Her eyes observed the shiny drool now dripping from his cock. Salma spit on the head as Christina clapped her hands.

"Yoo hoo! It's my turn now!"

Carl turned around to see Christina on the bed. Her heels were pushed down into the black sheets while her head was hanging from the bed in an ideal position for him to fuck her mouth. He could only smile at that sight.

"Are you looking to get your mouth fucked too, babe?"

"Yeah! It's not fair for only Salma to get it!"

She pressed her hands against her breasts, rubbing her own nipples as Carl stepped forward. Christina was looking at him upside down until his slobber-coated shaft entered her line of sight. Lucy and Salma got up to watch, moving on both sides of him as Christina parted her lips and allowed Carl to feed his shaft between her lips.

"I think she's experienced with men like him."

Lucy and Salma looked at each other while Christina closed her eyes and squeezed her breasts. Carl fed half of his length into her mouth immediately and then gripped her hair from underneath to begin thrusting. To his left side sat Lucy on the bed. Salma suddenly remembered to grab the wheel game and moved to get it off the floor. After this was over, it would be time for another spin to play the game again. Christina was busy slobbering and sucking on Carl's length. He pushed his cock as far as it could go, until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

"God, yes! Suck it, babe!"

She did not gag or choke, but the head of his cock was visibly moving with her throat muscles. Christina pinched her nipples and continued to suck.

Carl gripped her hair tighter as he concentrated on fucking her mouth. Lucy gasped when she thought for a moment that he was close to having his orgasm. The harder he fucked her mouth had only made Christina slide her right hand down and begin playing with her pussy. She fingered herself with her middle finger as his face scrunched up and he made one last thrust before screaming.

"Fuck! FUCK!!"

Christina could taste his creamy, white seed as his cock erupted in her mouth. Carl withdrew his cock and then gripped it. All he had to do was give his shaft one squeeze and a puddle of cum splattered onto her neck and chin. Christina closed her eyes feeling the cum drip from her face. She opened her mouth and allowed the cum to drip from between her lips. All of it slid down both sides of her nose, trickling to her forehead. While Salma stood there and watched, Lucy grabbed a mounted camera from one corner of the room and zoomed in to capture the still shot frames of Christina's face covered in cum.

"I think it's your turn to spin the wheel now."

Salma spoke, offering Lucy the wheel board. Now that Carl had his fun, he stepped aside. Christina took a deep breath and spit on the floor, still feeling the cum ooze down her face. It took a moment for all three girls to move back to the floor and sit down on their knees. Once they were there, Lucy gripped the wheel and gave it a hard spin from the right side. The wheel was a blur, rattling on the floor until it slowed down until it came to a halt pointing at Salma's name on the board. All the girls looked at each other as the older woman curved her lips into a grin. Since she had the choice, there were only a few words Salma had to say.

"I think it's time I indulged myself with a cock between my boobs. I know I'm not the only one sitting thinking about that."


Salma was desperate to put her great big tits to use, but there would be a catch involved with the other women. Lucy and Christina were not going to let her sit there and have all the fun of tittyfucking Carl. He was the kind of man who commanded a level of respect in the porn industry, so Lucy insisted that they hold off on anymore filming with him. Salma would have to get her one-on-one time with him on another day. It would make for a proper film production, if all went their way. Instead of wasting Carl's time being featured of another part of their kinky game, Lucy wanted to bring in three lucky guys to enjoy a tittyfuck from them all.

Two of the men were part of the production crew: Alex and Sean. Alex was a camera man and Sean handled moving equipment back and forth from storage and elsewhere. The third man was Salma's choice, her own personal bodyguard Mason. All the men looked similar, as casual tall skinny guys with dark hair. Sean had a beard and Alex sported a five o'clock shadow due to not shaving in the past few days. None of that mattered to the ladies, so long as they had a hard cock ready for a round of tittyfucking.

A POV camera was activated by Sean as he stood there, watching Christina Hendricks squeeze her giant jugs around his dick. The entire length of his shaft disappeared with only the head poking out. She let out a sigh and then gazed up at the camera as she was working her boobs up and down at a slow pace. Soft moans and breathing was heavy from Christina's voice while another POV camera turned on. Lucy Pinder was laying down on the bed with Alex sitting on her stomach. She offered a small passage between her boobs, a valley between the mountains. Alex slid his hard shaft between them, prompting Lucy to squeeze her tits around that cock. A soft moan was heard from her English voice, echoing through the room with Christina's cries of pleasure.

For Salma, since it was her choice of a titfuck, Lucy and Christina wanted to make things slightly more difficult for her. They had to choose the position, leaving Salma down on the bed with her bodyguard sitting on her stomach, shoulder-to-shoulder with Lucy. For Mason, this had to be a dream come true. She knew the young man had long been wanting to try something with her since he occasionally would flirt. Mason had been Salma's bodyguard going on three years and through that time, it was impossible for him to keep his wandering eyes away from her curves.

Now he was experiencing a dream that many men had for decades. His cock was stuffed between her legendary breasts and he was bucking his hips, thrusting up and down. Over his right shoulder was a similar POV camera that the other men had. Without proper experience with managing the camera, it wobbled and shook within his grasp. Mason was not paying attention, causing the filming to end up with 'shaky cam' as viewers would undoubtedly call it. Salma knew this was going to irritate Lucy when they entered post-production for the filming. She still kept her big brown eyes locked on the camera as he thrust every inch of his hard cock between her tits.

"Ohhhhhh, yes. Please fuck my tetas."

Salma mixed a word of Spanish into her moaning words.

"You like that? You like how my big titties feel wrapped around your cock? Ohhhhhhh, yeah! I know you do!"

Christina was the second lady to moan. She continued to work her tits up and down Sean's throbbing pole. Closing her eyes, she felt the head poke her chin with a full thrust. Christina began to pump her tits harder and faster, tittyfucking Sean's cock to a pulp.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah. Feels good, doesn't it?"

Lucy spoke as she pumped her breasts up and down Alex's shaft. He remained sitting there on her stomach, making her do all the work. Lucy parted her lips and slithered her tongue out. Each time his cock poked up, she tried to flick the head. Sometimes it was difficult, not reaching far enough. She leaned her head forward and began to slow down, hoping that at any moment Alex would take control and fuck her tits like Mason was doing. If not for the POV camera currently activated, she would have glanced over her shoulder to see her new friend hard at work.

"I always dreamed of this, ohhhh man."

When Mason spoke, Salma flashed her teeth in a loving smile. She knew this had to mean the world to him. He continued to buck his hips, driving his cock between her tits. The camera shook and could not maintain a proper angle, but Salma did not care. She felt the wetness continuing to develop over her pussy, desperate for attention.

"Fuck these tetas, Mason! Come on, yes!!"

She did not want him to stop. Not until he finally exploded and covered her famous tits in spunk. He began to thrust harder and faster, all while the other two men were busy tittyfucking as well. Lucy had finally managed to get Alex to take control and pump his cock between her boobs. All three men were now fucking a large pair of tits, pumping in a steady rhythm. Christina had lowered her head and opened her mouth. Each time Sean thrust up, the sound of his cock entering and exiting her lips could be heard with pop noises. None of that mattered to Salma as she was breathing heavily, keeping her focus on Mason in hopes of making him cum soon.

"I'm almost there!"

"Yes, yes!! Cum for me, Mason! You know you've always wanted to cum on these big tetas! I want it! I need it!"

Her words had an effect on Mason, motivating him to thrust even faster. Salma had lost the grip of her left boob causing his cock to flop freely. His face scrunched up as he gritted his teeth and grunted. He gripped his cock with his left hand, stroking it as Salma slid her hands to the side of her great, big tits. She pressed them together and closed her eyes, just in case his cum did not land on her boobs.

"Take my cum, Salma! Yes, YES!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!"

The young man screamed as string after string of his cum went flying out onto her breasts. Salma smiled widely as she felt the sticky load splattering both of her boobs. Alex watched the other man, as he then came to a stop and began wanking. Lucy was the next one to receive cum, but it went into her mouth. She quickly swallowed it down while Christina stopped working her tits to bring Sean's cock into her mouth. A chorus of moans serenaded all three women as they forced cum from the lucky men. For Christina, this was her second load of the day. She swallowed it down, gulp after gulp. While Sean was screaming his head off, Salma looked at Mason with loving eyes. Alex climbed off Lucy, giving her time to lean up and take the camera from Mason. She shut it off and then leaned down to lick her left boob. Christina had to hurry over to the bed, wasting no time to lap her tongue over Salma's tanned skin

"Yes, yes. Clean it up for me ladies, but give me a taste too."

She closed her eyes and embraced this moment of Lucy and Christina licking her tits clean. After they were done, they shared a kiss. Salma opened her eyes just in time to witness the moment of Christina and Lucy pulling their tits apart with a string of cum dangling between them. Lucy slurped the string back into her mouth and then Salma opened her mouth wide. Lucy was the first to spit her wad of cum into Salma's mouth, then Christina did the same. Salma took her time, squishing the cum around in her oral canal before swallowing it down. She then opened her mouth to show not only the ladies, but Mason that she had swallowed his load.

"That was fun, but finally, it's my turn to spin the wheel! I've had to wait all day on this and I don't wanna wait any longer."

Salma rolled her eyes, looking over at Lucy as they had a similar reaction to Christina's complaints. They quietly gestured slight annoyance over Christina. This time around, the ladies would have men joining them on the floor to spin the wheel. It was unfortunate for Lucy that she did not have the tape and a marker to add all their names to the wheel. She almost wished that she could raise the stakes and add new possibilities to the wheel. It would have been amusing for it to stop at one man who could potentially request a blow bang or something wild like that. When the wheel slowed down, she let out a sigh seeing it land on Christina. The red head had her choice for the final kinky game of the day.

"Ladies, I think it's time to break out the strap-ons. We don't need any men to help us for the rest of the day."


Red, white and black. Those were the colors of choice for six-inch long strap-on tools that were tucked away in the erotic tools Lucy kept around. Salma chose the black one, teasing the girls as she put it on and showed that it did not swing around like a real cock. Christina chose the red one. It had sparkling silver glitter. Lucy was left with the plain white one. Each strap-on contained a black leather belt piece that hooked around the waist and could easily be adjusted. Before turning the cameras on, Lucy took the time to adjust and play with her strap-on.

When the cameras were finally turned on, they captured the moving frames of Christina fucking Salma with her sparkly red strap-on. The older actress was laying across the bed in missionary position. Her high heels were taken off, sitting in the corner of the bed. All Lucy could do was stand there and watch. She could not even pleasure herself by the touch of her hand due to the strap-on blocking access to her pussy. Salma had taken her strap-on off to allow Christina to fuck her. Her hands held her big tits, allowing them to bounce and jiggle around as Christina thrust the strap-on inside her at a slow pace.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhhh yes."

It was torture for Lucy to only be able to stand there and watched. She was so tempted to take the strap-on off and begin fingering herself. Salma was moaning loudly in her heavy accent. Christina bit her lower lip and continued to thrust. When she noticed Lucy standing next to her, she spoke.

"What are you doing? Do you want some too?"

"Would you tell me no, if I answered yes?"

She laughed at Lucy's response. Christina pointed across the bed, motioning for Lucy to climb up. The British glamour goddess did as she was instructed, pressing her hands down into the bed sheets and sitting on all fours. She loosened the strap-on while Salma moaned some more.

"Yes! Yessss!! Ohhhhhh!! That's it!!"

Her great big tits bounced and jigged within the grasp of her hands. Christina became distracted at the sight of Lucy's bum. She stopped fucking Salma and pulled the glittery red strap-on dildo from her pussy and then began to climb onto the bed.

"Don't worry, Lucy. You don't have to wait much longer."

Salma would have laughed, if she was not frustrated by the redheaded actress. It was not fair for her to begin something and stop, all to give Lucy some attention. Salma's eyes wandered, watching as Christina climbed onto the bed and positioned herself behind Lucy. The sparkling red strap-on slid beyond Lucy's vulva lips.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah..."

Closing her eyes, Lucy let out a loud moan. Christina took her time pushing the red dildo into her cunt. After she had found place, Christina gripped Lucy's hips and began to thrust.

"Ohhhh yeah! Fuck me!"

As Lucy called out her demands, her giant breasts began to move. They bounced and shook from underneath her. Christina's own big tits were also bouncing and jiggling around as she fucked Lucy. Salma was now the one left out, just sitting there and watching as Christina was fucking their new British friend. Unlike Lucy, Salma did not have to fret about her own desire to touch herself. She brushed her right hand over the strip of hair above her pussy before sliding her middle finger inside.

"Faster! Harder!"

Lucy barked out demands to Christina who was now thrusting harder and faster. Gripping the bed sheets under her, Lucy closed her eyes as her breasts continued to bounce and sway all around. Christina gave her what she wanted by fucking her at a fast pace. As she watched the girls fucking, a new idea came into Salma's mind. She grinned while adjusting the strap-on to cover her pussy. Salma then stood up on the bed, sinking her feet down into the sheets as she hurried around to face Lucy. It was clear to Christina what her friend was about to do. Lucy gazed up to see the strap-on hanging above her head. All Salma had to do was snap her fingers and order her.

"Start sucking."

As soon as Salma spoke, Lucy opened her mouth for the black dildo to be inserted between her lips. She moaned against it while Christina giggled at her friend. Salma saw the grin across Christina's face. She reached her right hand out and together, the ladies did an Eifel tower hand pose while Lucy was caught in between them. The glamour goddess bobbed her head up and down, sucking Salma's strap-on cock while Christina thrust her glittery red tool into Lucy's juicy cunt.

"This is so beautiful. Look at her go."

Salma was impressed with Lucy. The longer the day carried on, she learned that the British woman was truly a proud sex addict. She had a drive in her that demonstrated pure joy in fucking. The position was only held momentarily. Christina came to a halt and pulled the sparkly red dildo from Lucy's cunt, leaving her desperate to continue. Salma knew the feeling, as she too was now snatching her dildo out of Lucy's mouth.

"I think it's time I took you for a ride!"

Christina gasped at Salma's words. They looked at each other, nodding before moving into position. Lucy was left clueless and neglected as all she could do was watch Christina lay down on the bed and Salma climb on top. The older woman loosened the strap on, but did not pull it off entirely. Salma simply pushed it up her waist, exposing her pussy so she could lower herself down onto Christina's sparkly red dildo.

"Mmmmmm, don't take your time. I know you can ride it all night long, as you've told me before."

Salma blushed, giggling at her friends remarks. Lucy was now the only one left out again, feeling as if this was done on purpose. Salma gasped and let out a loud moan as she lowered her pussy down onto Christina's dildo. The glitter sparkled as it thrust into her cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah. That's it."

"Come on and ride it, hot mamacita."

That last word spoken from Christina made Salma grin. She bit down on her lower lip and watched Christina trail her ivory hands up her tanned body. Salma leaned forward to allow her breasts to hang down near Christina's face. This gave her good enough room to smash her hands down over Christina's tits. All Lucy could do was sit there and watch as Salma began to roll her hips and ride that dildo.

"Just like that, Salma! That's it, yeah! Ride it!!"

"Ohhh yeah, you like that, Christina? You like it when I ride you?"

"Yeah, but you know what else I like it? I love it when someone spits on me while I'm having sex."

Those words had made Salma snarl down at her. Christina bit her lower lip as her friend was riding the strap-on. She knew her friend was not going to give in to her request for a wad of spit on her body, but it was still fun to tease her. Salma gasped and began panting as she continued to roll her hips. Lucy thought of standing up and feeding her own strap-on dildo into Salma's mouth, similar to how the older woman did her, but she changed her mind on second thought. Nothing was going to stop Lucy this time from pushing the strap-on up and pleasuring herself with her fingers. She wasted no time slipping her right hand index and middle finger into her juicy cunt. Christina heard Lucy moaning and turned to glance in her direction.

"You're supposed to be looking at me! Not her!"

Salma was quick to reassure Christina of where she wanted her attention. This only made Lucy whimper as she could not help but feel left out. Her pouting had caught Salma's attention. Lucy gazed into her dark eyes, quietly gesturing for a new position by giving her a disappointed look. Again and again, Salma rode Christina as her tits bounced and shook all around. She lifted her hands off Christina's boobs when it was time to abruptly end this position.

"Lucy, lay down! I know what we can do next!"

Christina looked confused until Salma climbed off her. The older woman clapped her hands and then pointed at her.

"Climb up on Lucy."

"What are you gonna do? Just sit this one out and-"

Salma cut her off in speech.

"No, just get on Lucy. Don't worry about me, I'm gonna join in when I want to."

Lucy had laid down and adjusted her strap-on to cover her pussy. Salma had been somewhat vague of her intentions, at least from spoken word. Some kinky ideas were better left as surprises. That was something Salma believed in and Christina was about to learn how she  truly was. None of that mattered once Lucy climbed onto Christina and sank that black dildo strap-on into her pussy. She softly moaned and then began to roll her hips, eager to ride Christina's strap-on.

"Ohhh, yes! Yes, yes!!"

Biting down on her lower lip, Lucy raised her arms and threw them over her head. She slammed her pussy down on that dildo, riding it as her huge tits were swinging and shaking all around.

"Yes, there you go. Ride her. That's what she really wants."

Salma commanded Lucy. The position was ideal for both Christina and Salma to give Lucy a double fucking. The older woman stood on the bed, eagerly anticipating that moment for Lucy to lean forward. When she finally did, those giant British tits pressed against Christina's pale white breasts. Their nipples rubbed against each other as Lucy was now bent over in perfect position for Salma to join in. Lucy soon felt Salma's hand slapping her ass. When she glanced across her right shoulder, she witnessed the grin on the older woman's face.

"Time for two!"

Lucy gasped. She knew that Salma had to be referring to her pussy. This was a surprise she did not anticipate early on. Gasping for breath, she closed her eyes. Christina began to laugh as Lucy suddenly cried out in pleasure.

"Oh god! Ohhhhh, GOD!!"

She screamed, causing her English accent to echo throughout the room. Salma pressed the black strap-on cock against the red one and carefully thrust into Lucy's pussy, stretching it slightly. Lucy gritted her teeth, snarling and growling aloud. It took Salma a bit of work to get both dildos lodged into her cunt, but once she did, Lucy opened her eyes, knowing they were going to fuck her into an orgasm. The pressure was almost too much from the beginning. Lucy knew she was not going to be able to hold on for long.


"Beg for it! Let us here you beg!"

Salma reached for her hair, snatching up several locks and tugging it hard. Lucy raised her head, moaning uncontrollably as she could feel her orgasm drawing closer and closer with each passing second. Over and over, the two strap-on cocks pushed into her stretched pussy. Lucy pressed her palms down on both sides of Christina, sinking them into the bed sheets to elevate herself. Her eyes were closed for a few more seconds as she gritted her teeth and growled. She could not handle another thrust as her inner walls finally collapsed and a gush of her juices coated both strap-on dildos.


Salma responded to Lucy's screams by slapping her ass. Lucy was entirely out of breath and exhausted, but she could not complain. This was a new experience with friends she was looking forward to doing more with. As Salma pulled the strap-on cock out of her pussy, that gave Lucy the time to climb up off Christina. They had forgotten entirely about the cameras pointed at them from various directions and angles in the room. It was going to be a long night of editing and post-production effects to get the final video done and uploaded on their FansOnly site.
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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That was quite the wild ride for a short story. Well done Cade
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Re: Glamour XXX (Cadeauxxx/CHLP Collaboration Series)
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Starring: Lucy Pinder, Salma Hayek, Christina Hendricks

Codes: MF, FF, Anal, Facial, DP

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

         The screen once again faded from black, the GlamourXXX logo spinning across the screen.  2 women were sat on a sofa and a chair, Lucy Pinder stood off to the side next to a large multi coloured wheel, Salma Hayek and Christina Hendricks were relaxing sitting watching Lucy. 

   “It’s round 2 of spin the wheel!” Lucy said excitedly.  Lucy wore a short pair of Daisy dukes, and a very tight fitting pink bra.

   “Ohh I am really looking fwds to what come up today?” Christina said, “After last time I know you boys are in for a treat”, Christina was decked out in one of her trademark evening gowns, a lilac colour, that revealed her huge tits perfectly.

   “Go on spin zee wheel Lucy!” Salma urged in her Latino drawl.  Salma had a tight pink dress on, it clang to her curves and showed off both her boobs and legs perfectly.

   Lucy gripped the top of the wheel tightly and span it hard, around and around it went and finally it settled on a segment. ‘Lucy’ it read.

   “Finally!” Lucy said excitedly.

   “Would you love some bum fun then Lucy?” Christina asked hypothetically, knowing Lucy had a fetish for anal.

   “Waaat are we doing? Salma Asked.

   Lucy curled her finger beckoning behind the Camera, “Ohh boys, I think we need some help” she teased.

   Carl stepped from behind the scenes a massive grin on his face, after the blowjob adventures of the previous spin, he was eager for this.

   “You ready to play again Carl?” she teased, leading him over to the sofa Lucy bent over, her ass perfectly on show in her daisy dukes, and took his cock into her mouth. Sucking him slowly.  Christina reached up and took his hardening dick from Lucy and wrapped her lips around it. Salma sat in the chair, playing with her breasts through her dress watching them get Carl hard.

   “Lets see how hard you can stick that monster up our assholes” Lucy said.

   “Wow!” Lucy gasped as Christina released her lips form Carls member, it was rock solid now and easily 9 inches in length, “That’s gonna be new for me again!”

   “And meeee!” Salma gasped at the size

   “Ohh I am gonna enjoy watching you 2 then!” Christina said, confidently, “I’ve had bigger but not by much”

   “Ohh ladies don’t tease me” Carl groaned, “I’ve never managed balls deep up the bum before, you sluts deep throated it, can you take it up the ass too?  Please say yes!”

   “Ohhh Carl, you eez going to be sooo happy” Salma replied, standing up.

   She started to peel off her dress, every toned curve on show, her full perky breasts wobbling as she kicked off the remainder and sat back into the chair.  “I neeeeed some lube girls” she said, Christina kneeling in front of Carl and Lucy dove between her thighs.

   “That’s eeet” She gasped, gripping her own legs below the knees and lifting them up.

   Lucy tongued her asshole, spitting and licking filling it up, Christina gagged on Carls cock, making it wet and slippery with her throat.  After a minute or so, both Salmas ass and Carls cock were soaked in slippery spit.

   “Come ooon then beeeg boy” she said, “Let’s get you inside meee” 

   Carl eagerly moved to in front of Salma, hands gripping her ankles.  Christina held his slippery shaft and guided it to the puckered ring. She gasped, he groaned as he pushed his cockhead in. Christina and Lucy both leant in to kiss Carl as the same time, turning his head left then right.

   “Ohhhh fuuuuckkk” Salma groaned as he eased further in, about 4 inches of cock still to go.

   “You goood Baby” he asked, checking Salma was OK.

   “Take it eeeeeezzzy” She gasped as he slowly pushed deeper.

   Carl pushed his hips fwd dick slowly inching in, Salma squirmed her legs quivering as her butt hole was filled deeper than she had ever experienced before.

   “Come on you dirty mamcita, take that cock like a nasty whore” Christina teased.

   “Do it Salma, take that dick” Lucy encouraged.

   Her hands let go of her legs and clutched the arms of the chair, Lucy held her left leg, Christina her right, as she kicked and twitched almost uncontrollably as 7 inches of hard cock were inside.  She was biting her lips, breathing heavily through her nose as she felt it stretch and push inside.

   “Ohhhh so biggg” she whined as Carl paused, Lucy and Christina holding tightly.

   “Push it all in baby” Christina said, urging him to finish.

   “This is further than I have ever been” he groaned, an inch of dick left outside of Salmas asshole.

   Salma arched her back grinding her body into the plush armchair, as Carl sent the final inch in. He trembled as he held himself against her, the feeling of all his cock inside so good he had to compose his body.

   “Ohhh fuckk its sooo beeeeeeeggg” Salma squealed as she felt him start to thrust.

   Slowly at first Carl slid about 2 or 3 inches in and out, her ass clenched so tightly around him.  Salma hissed as her drew in and out, body slowly getting used to his size.  Carl was now working a nice pace, hard cock pumping her ring, she moved her fingers to her pussy and started playing with her clit.

   “Ohhh yessss, yeaaassss” She gasped, now her body reacting with pleasure to this anal fucking.

   Lucy and Christina watched her, holding her legs tightly up in the air as she got fucked up the ass by the big cock.  Salmas hands rubbed faster and faster at her pussy, as she got nearer and nearer to a climax.

   “Do eeet now Carl, Foook my asshole” she drawled, as he pumped relentlessly into her.

   Carl kept going as Salma shuddered, her body moments from orgasm. She had her teeth clenched spit spraying out as finally she roared in climax.  Her ass gripped Carl so tight he could barely thrust as the fiery brunette howled in pleasure.

“FUUUCKKK YEEEEESSSS!!!! YEEEEESSSZSS!!!” she wailed, body shaking wildly in the chair.

Lucy reached down and crushed her firm right tit, squeezing hard to add to her stimulation, as Salma came her fingers still working her clit and pussy.
“FUCK! FUCK!!! FUUUUUUCKKKKKK!!” she cried, as finally her climax ended.

“Ohhhh fuuuuckkk” Carl gasped, his throbbing cock once again balls deep in Salmas asshole, “Damn I nearly came then!”

“Easy tiger you have 2 more of us to pound yet,” Christina said, “And I need to be pounded”

He slowly pulled from Salmas ass, she sighed as the thick shaft was removed from her ass.  Lucy let go of her legs as Christina moved to behind the sofa, bending over it.  Lucy dropped to her knees, sucking Carls cock deep into her mouth, tasting Salmas ass as she deep throated him.

“Ohh suck that cock Pinder” Christina gasped, leaning forwards over the sofa back.

Lucy gagged him deep, finally releasing the shiny shaft and allowing Carl to move over to Christina.  He worked his way behind her, hand gripping those fat soft ass cheeks through her dress, before pushing it up over her waist.

“Give it to me Carl, don’t be holding back” She said, “Fuck that asshole nice and hard”.

She reached back and spread her cheeks, he slapped his cock hard on her meaty ass. TWACK! THWACK THWACK! Then pressed it to her ring. “Are you sure?” he asked, “Ohhh I am” she replied.
Gripping her hips he pushed in, her head flicked up eyes wide as his shaft pushed deep.  Fingers clenched to her thick soft hips he pushed as second time, then finally with his third thrust he was Balls deep in that fat meaty ass.

“ohhh fucccckkkk” she gasped, “You’re a beast”

Salma was sitting in the chair rubbing her cunt, watching Christina get fucked in the ass, Lucy stood behind her with Carl, watching his dick push in and out of her ass.  He held her hips and moved faster, much quicker now than his pumping of Salma, crotch slapping against her ass with each pump.

“Ohhh yeah fuck me, fucking slam me up the asss” she gasped as Carl buggered her ring.

Lucy watched intently as her ass took every inch, he was slamming 6” in and out every thrust, waves of ass cheek wobbling as he hit balls deep at the end of each hip thrust.   His fingers dug into her hips, the soft flesh bulging between them as he clasped so tight, hips now really driving in and out.

“FUCKING DO IT! DO IT!” Christina begged.

Her fat tits were lurching forwards in her dress, jiggling madly, yet somehow still contained.  The massive melons bulged and strained each time they went forwards, somehow defying every law of physics and staying inside that dress.

“Pull my hair and fucking slam my asshole Carl” Christina snapped, needing more cock up her ass.

Lucy moved around to watch her face as she got slammed, Salma sitting up to see what was next.  Carl wrapped his fingers in Christina’s hair and tugged hard, she hissed as the pain of it balanced the pleasure she was feeling in her ass.

“Yessssss” She growled.

Lucy watched Cristina, her face screwed up in pleasure one moment, eyes wide and gasping the next.  She timed it right just as she thought Christina was going to climax, 2 fingers in her throat she gagged up a thick wad of spit which she expelled right onto Christina’s forehead.

Eyes wide completely taken by surprise, they rolled up into her skull as she came. “FUUUUCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!” she roared.

The tick spitwad oozed down her shaking face as Carl really hammers her clenching ass.  He drilled in and out hard and fast, balls slapping her soaking pussy. Christina’s body shaking and tossing as he slams her ass.

“YES! YESSS! FUCKING YEEEAAASSSSSSS!!!” She screams, as her ass is used, spit dripping from her face.

Carl rode the bucking redhead, using his cock like he never dreamt, slamming nearly the whole length up into her clasping ass as she came ferociously.


She flailed wildly, her hips pinned to the sofa back, Carl slamming over and over again, jolts of orgasm making her jerk and twitch.  Finally after several more seconds she calmed down enough to stop the wild erratic tossing, and settled back into jerking back and forth in time with Carls thrusts.

“Ohhh fuccck yeah baby!” she gasped, “That was amazing”

“Damn Cristina you took me so good, no bitch has ever let me pound them like that” Carl said panting and recovering from his efforts.  He eased from her ass, and this time Salma was on her knees gagging and choking on his dick.

“Ohh and you Pinders, you fucking learnt what I said last time, about how I love someone to spit in my face just as I am about to cum, that sent me over straight away” Christina said, standing up, trying to adjust her dress.

Lucy moved to stand in front of Carl, his cock glistening with Salmas spit.  She unbuttoned her shorts and eased them off, before moving over to the sofa and bending over the arm.  She pulled a cushion to her face and turned her head sideways, ass high over the arm.

“Fucking use my ass Carl, fucking don’t hold back.” She said. “Don’t be gentle I can take it”

Stepping up behind her, Christina helped by spreading Lucy’s ass cheeks for him, he pressed the head of his cock to her ring, smearing it with Salmas gooey saliva.  Christina leant over and whispered in his ear, “All the way baby, 1 push, can you get balls deep in 1?”

Carl grinned, his left hand resting on the base of her spine, the other holding his rock hard shaft, aiming it at her ring hole. Holding her down firmly, so she couldn’t move he thrust his hips forwards, Lucy squealed as the cock invaded her ass.

“Fuuuuuckkkkkk!!!” she cried as he kept going.

Biting down into the cushion Lucy screamed as Carl kept going, her ass was so tight, but he thrust harder, using the same force he had with Christina.  He was less cautious now, having seen a woman take his dick, knowing it would fit all the way in.  Her legs kicked wildly as her put all his weight down on her, hips tight to her ass cheeks, hard throbbing cock twitching all the way inside.
“Oh God, Oh God, oh GODDDDD!!” she whined feeling every inch up her asshole.

“Foook her asss hard” Salma gasped, sitting and rubbing her pussy, watching Lucy squirm

Carl pulled all the way out, until just the very tip of his cock was in her asshole, then dropped it all back up her ass again in 1 stroke.  He repeated this over and over, hands pinning her down as she kicked and screamed into the cushion.


Carl wasn’t holding back at all as he dropped his monster cock up Lucy’s ass, thick long length driving deep, balls smacking her pussy as her legs kicked wildly.  Christina moved next to Salma watching the brunette take her anal destruction.  Both now mutually wanking each other off.

“Do it Carl baby, destroy that ass for us” Christina urged him on.

Sweat was now dripping from his face down onto Lucy’s back, a river almost running down into her ass crack, and lubricating his dick, Carl continued to pound Lucy’s ring. Head turned sideways now, Lucy had gotten somewhat used to this pounding, the camera zoomed in to watch her expression.

“Fucking yes, do it fucking use my asss baby!” she growled, teeth now clenched.

She spread her legs, allowing him even deeper access to her back passage, moving her arms forwards, stretching out and curving her back even more.  The side shot from the camera was this curvy brunette, bent at the waist, huge ass high, long cock driving in and out.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she wailed.

Salma and Christina watched as Lucy came hard, Carl using her asshole repeatedly, no let up as the clenches of climax hit Lucy’s body.  Lucy howled in pleasure, her hips shaking and trembling, fingers clutching the cushions as the powerful orgasm hit.

“FUUUCKKK!!! FUUUCKKKK FUUUCKKK!!!!!!!” Lucy cried, Carl continuing to pound her relentlessly.  Lucy was clenching so tightly on his cock, but he powered down rutting deep strokes into her.

Carl felt his balls tightening, slamming harder and deeper into Lucy, all thoughts now on emptying his semen into her.  She was kicking and screaming her body tight with orgasm, whimpering as he drilled her tight ring over and over.

“FUUUCKK YESSSS!!!! YEAASSSS!! DO IT! DO IT!” she squealed.

Carl was gritting his teeth snarling, “Dirty fucking whore” as he slammed his dick up Lucy’s ass faster and faster, all thoughts bar emptying his nuts in her gone from his brain.

Lucy shook and trembled the final moments of orgasm leaving her loins, as Carl slammed himself over and over up her rear end.  Hands squeezing her ass so tight, groping her thick full cheeks as he neared his final point.  Frantic erratic thrusts were the prelude to a roar of pure pleasure as he felt his balls shoot that first huge thick load inside of Lucy.  She squealed in delight feeling the hot jism pulse out inside of her.

“Do it! Fucking do it!” she shrieked.

His back arched, cock trusting so deep as hi thick hot semen shot again and again up Lucy’s ass. Teeth gritted her gasped and grunted firing that spunk up her ass.  Lucy lay there loving every hot spurt, reveling in it, the feeling of being filled with his cum turning her on even more.

“Ohhh fucking do it Carl, fill my ass with your spunk” she gasped.

Finally Carl collapsed onto Lucy, spent.  He panted hard as she looked sideways at the camera grinning, loving the feeling of his cum inside her ass.  Slowly Carl eased out from her butt, as Christina and Salma stood up.  Lucy’s legs quivered as she managed to stand, Carl stepping out of shot.  Salma and Christina fed Lucy their fingers so she could suck the shiny wet juices from them, as the camera caught the whole sordid act.

“mmmm you girls had fun!” Lucy said, winking.

Shall we go for another spin?” Salma asked, moving back to the wheel.

Lucy walked over to join her, naked from the waist down, her tiny white tank top now soaked in sweat and see through.  Christina had re adjusted her dress, to appear the film star perfect look once more.

Throwing all her weight behind it Salma span the wheel hard, it settled on ‘Lucy’, Salma span the wheel again, “No doubles” she said, not letting any of them have more than one pick.

 The wheel span around for several seconds until finally landing on ‘Christina’.  All 3 looked at each other, “So who who’s getting a thick load?” Lucy asked, already knowing the answer.

“Me!” Christina replied confidently.

“Well we have a very special guest for this one” Lucy said, “Please Welcome pornstar legend, Mark South!”.

A naked man, trim, in his mid 40’s stepped into shot.  Shot hair, light stubble, clean shaven chest and balls.  Smiling at all 3, he wasted no time in offering his rock hard cock to them.
“Ohhh Man I am gonna get blasted aren’t I” Christina said, knowing Marks reputation for the biggest cum shots in the biz, for nearly 2 decades he had blasted numerous pornstars with litres of cum.

She sat on the sofa, about 45 degrees to the camera, Mark stood in front of her, dick in his hand slowly stroking.  Lucy stood next to Mark, as Salma stood behind the Sofa and Christina.  The camera moved on so it had a crop of Christians face and huge tits, and Marks cock being stroked slowly.  A second camera now moved out of shot to stand over his shoulder, giving a POV shot of Christina from above.

 “Shoot that gorgeous hot spunk all over my face baby” Christina teased.

Lucy reached down and took over wanking his dick, Christina looking up, eyes wide begging for that load. Salma gripped her hair pulling it back away from her face, showing all of it off to him.  Christina licked her lips, biting the bottom one, before slowly releasing it from between her teeth.

“Cover me in that honey cum Mark, blast me like the whore you know I am” she teased.

“Do it baby,” Salma urged, “Deeed you watch the sluuut get asss fooked?”

“Tell me you want it, ohh fuckkk tell me” Mark groaned as Lucy swirled the palm of her hand over his throbbing head, whilst holding his shaft firmly with her other hand.

“Do it baby, cover me in your thick cum” she drawled, “I want to be blasted by all that thick jizz”

Christina held her massive tits up with both hands, Lucy drumming Marks cock over them.  Ripples of titty flesh wobbled outwards from each Thwack, her fat tits shaking as they got hit.  Mark took control of his cock again, moving up and dickslapping Christina hard.  She squealed in excitement as his throbbing bellend smacked hard against her forehead, and cheeks.

“Fuck yeaaahhh” Christina gasped, “Fucking shoot that cum for me please Mark baby”

Lucy moved behind him, spreading his as cheeks, tongue searching for his asshole, this was too much even for this experienced pornstar, and he groaned in pleasure his balls firing their load up his shaft.

“YES!” Christina gasped, as the first huger rope fired from his cock.  Marks aim was perfect it hung in the air for a split second before splattering down across her face.  Hitting just below her hairline, it stretched down to her chin, one thick rope of white jism, clinging to her eyebrow and nose, across her closed lips.

2 equally huge rickets of semen fired from Marks dick, both splattering to the left and then right of the first.  3 huge lines of spunk now covered Christina’s face.  She held her eyes wide open, unflinching as the cum splashed down, the right hand rope going over her open eye, clinging to her eyeball as it fell onto her face.

“Ohhh shit, do it Mark!” Lucy gasped, watching Christina get blasted.

Smaller but still sizeable wads of cum now machine gunned her face as he stroked his dick furiously.  Firing pellets of spunk across her face, Mark coated nearly every inch with his cum.  She gasped and spluttered as wads flew into her open mouth, one thick drop even shooting into her right nostril.

“Fuckkk, pghhh fuuuuckkk” she spluttered.

Finally Mark was empty, Christina sat soaked in spunk, his dick flicking a final few drops over her face, Lucy moved down and sucked the end of his cock making him jump as the so senstive tip was engulfed by her lips.

“Fuuuuuuckkk” Christina groaned, feeling all the cum oozing down her face.

Stepping back out of shot Mark left the 3 ladies to show the camera exactly what a mess he had made.  Zooming in on Christina’s face, her left eye glued shut, right darting left and right under about 3 strands.  As her eye moved the white translucent semen was pulled with it, the cum rope moving and stretching with her eyeball.

“Mmmm that’s what I call a facial” Lucy said sounding somewhat jealous of Christina, “You and I need to talk” she said to Mark offscreen.

The camera held its close up of Christina as Salma and Lucy moved side by side.  Each turned to face Christina and then slowly licked her cheeks.  Tongues scooping up the huge volume of semen from her skin, sucking and slurping at the thick white clots.

“Clean me up bitches!” Christina teased.

Lucy and Salma slowly and softly licked every drop of spunk from Christina’s face.  Making sure they held every drop in their mouths as they worked over her.  Finally when they were done, each leant over the top of Christina’s head, as she held her mouth wide.  First Salma then Lucy spat a thick stringy stream of spunk into her mouth. 

“Ohhh enjoy baby” Salma said bending down to kiss the redhead when she had emptied her mouth.

Opening wide she showed of the huge mouthful of cum that had been cleaned from her, swirling and playing with it using her tongue.  Closing her lips she swallowed in an exaggerated fashion, before opening again to reveal her empty mouth.

“I think we need 1 more spin today ladies” Christina said standing up.

Moving back over to the wheel, she gripped it tightly before spinning it hard.  Around and around the wheel went, until it finally settled on a segment. ‘Salma’.

“You ready boyzzz” Salma purred, beckoning 2 figures from behind the camera.

“Ohh man I need a double dicking” Christina grinned, “Love 2 cocks at once”

Brad and Alex stepped into shot, both eager to please all 3 women.  “Who’s first?” Brad asked, and before the words had even left his mouth, Salma had both men in her hands, leading them with her by their erect cocks.

The naked Salma led both men over to the bed, before pushing Alex back onto it.  She quickly straddled his cock her soaked pussy eating up his length as she settled onto him.  She growled looking back over her shoulder at Brad, “Don’t leave me hangeeeng big boy” she gasped.

Brad wasted no time in mounting the fiery brunette, his cock pushed into her asshole and she gasped in pleasure, “Foook me hard” she groaned as they started pumping.

Lucy peeled off her Shirt standing naked watching Salma get fucked, her fingers slowly rubbing her pussy and clit.  Christina move up behind her, hands cupping her boobs, playing with the rock hard nipples.

“Ohhh fuckkk yessss” Salma gasped as 2 dicks invaded her holes, she writhed and rode them both hard.

Alex lay back, hips thrusting up to push in and out of Salmas wet pussy, as Brad held her hair in one hand and pumped his cock up her ass hard.  She was groaning and gasping as her body neared its climax, the stimulation of both men driving her wild.

“Si, Si, Siiiiiii!!!!” She screamed switching back to her native tongue in this moment of pure bliss.

Both men kept thrusting their cocks continuing to invade Salma as she shook and trembled in orgasm.  Her body tight head tossed back roaring in excitement, as she came hard.  Watching the action had her so horny her orgasm came quickly making her scream in pleasure.


   Lucy’s legs were trembling her fingers already had her on the brink, and Christina released her breasts and moved to the bed to sit beside Salma, as she calmed from her climax. “Mmm that looked so good baby” she said.

   “Sooo goood” Salma purred as Brad eased from her asshole.

   Christina gripped his cock and sucked it deep, savouring Salmas ass as she slurped on his rock hard member.  As Salma rolled off of Alex Christina moved to suck him as well, getting both of them ready for her.

   “Fuuuuckk I am gonna cummm” Lucy groaned, her legs trembling as she watched Christina.

   Christina grinned, loving the fact she had gotten Lucy off by sucking these 2 men.  She stood up and slowly peeled off her dress.  Finally those glorious assets revealed to the camera, she squeezed and lifted one breast to her mouth as Lucy stood wanking herself off to orgasm.

   Salma dropped to her knees in front of Lucy just as she came, a huge spray of girlcum splattering her face and tits.  Salma spluttered as Lucy breathlessly orgasmed, squirting hard all over the latin firecracker.

   “Ohh that’s a bonus for you boys!” Christina said to camera as Lucy’s orgasm slowly ebbed.

   Christina moved to sit over Alex who now was on the end of the bed, cock hard and upright.  Easing down onto it she sat reverse cowgirl, leaning forwards towards the viewers, big fat tits hanging down.

   “Ohhhhhh fuuuuuckkk” she gasped. His thick shaft inside of her asshole.

   Alex gave her ass a hard slap, before she leant backwards and Spread her thick legs.  Resting on her arms, Alex wrapped his arms around her stomach holding her tight as Brad approached.  The camera move dup to a POV shot over his shoulder, filming every moment as he spread those legs and eased his cock into her soaking cunt.

   “Fuckkk me hard, fuck me so hard” she groaned as he started to thrust.

   Both men began thrusting in and out, each alternating their pumps so one was deep whilst the other was all the way out. Christina was groaning, and gasping as her holes were filled, Brad had her legs in his hands as he spread them wide.

   “Fuuuck that’s it faster, faster, fassssttterrrrR” she growled, as both men picked up the pace.

   The camera was zoomed in on Christina’s face and bouncing tits, as her holes were rammed harder and harder. She was biting her lower lip hard as she looked up and snarled at Brad, eyes wide loving every thrust.

   “Fuck me like a ginger whoooorrreee” she growled feeling both men within her.

   Her huge tits wobbled back and forth on her chest as she took the hard cocks repeatedly, like 2 fat Jellies they jiggled in time with the fucking. Lucy and Salma could see Christina nearing her orgasm, breathing getting faster, groaning louder and louder.

   “Fuck yeah, do it, DO IT!” she cried.

   Again Lucy moved up in front of her face, this time joined by Salma, and both spat a thick saliva bomb just as Christina reached her climax.  Splatting right on her forehead, she squealed eyes wide in pure pleasure as her orgasm hit.

   “YEAAASSS!!!!! FUUUUCKKKKK!!!! YEAAASSSS!!!!” Christina screamed, her body shaking, legs flailing wildly.

   Her eyes almost rolled up into her head as she came hard, the gloopy spit running down either side of her eyes, catching in her eyebrows before dripping down her cheeks.  Lucy added a second wad to her first as Christina’s face contorted in pure pleasure.

    “FUUUUCKKKKK YESSSSSS!! YESSSSSS!!!!” she shrieked.

   Alex and Brad gave her no letup as she was railed hard, reveling in her spit shower Christina tossed her head back screaming loudly.  Body convulsing in orgasm, Christina was loving every second of her intense pounding.

   “FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKK!!!” she screamed.

   Alex eased up, his balls almost exploding too soon as the clenching of Christina’s body became too much.  She laughed knowing exactly what she nearly did,””Oooh baby, that was close wasn’t it!”, Brad slipped his dick from her pussy, helping her to sit up.  She grinned down the camera lens as she eased up from Alex’s shaft.  It was Lucy’s turn now.

   “Ohh boys, I know you are gonna fuck me good, don’t hold back I want you both spunking deep inside of me” She teased. 

   Shuffling around this time Brad lay on the bed, whilst Lucy straddled him easing her pussy down she stared straight into the camera.  The subscribers had the perfect view of her massive tits swinging down form her chest, and she slowly rocked back and forth ontop of Brad.  Alex moved up and slapped his hard cock on her ass, turning back to look at him “Put it innnn” she gasped.

   Alex grabbed her cheeks and spread them, jabbing his cock into her ass.  For the second time in about an hour Lucy was taking a cock balls deep up her butt.  She rode hard as Alex and Brad fucked both her holes, huge tits swinging and bouncing as she put on a real show for the camera.

   “Fuck me, Fuck, me fuuuuckk meeee” she growled.

   Hair tossing from side to side, Lucy groaned as her holes were fucked, cock pushing deep into her ass and pussy as she took both dicks like a pro.  She was loving the sensations but also showing off to the camera, knowing exactly how to jiggle her boobs to best turn on her viewers.

   “Fuck me like a big titted whore” she gasped looking straight down the lens, “Fuck both my holes like the slut I am”

   Christina and Salma moved to either side of Lucy, each leaning in and kissing her hard as she got double fucked, “Ohh take it Pinders, let it go, make them cum inside you” Christina urged.  “Yesss Foook them hard Looocy” Salma purred.

   “Ohhh fuuuck thats so goood” Lucy growled, as both men went harder and faster, “Cum for me, cum for me” she snarls.

   Alex and Brad now really pick up the pace, both pumping as hard and fast as they can, knowing any moment they could shoot deep inside of Lucy.  Her body starts to buck and shake as she orgasms hard.  Pent up desire from all the sexual games now reaching its peak and exploding in her pussy and ass.

   “YYEAASSSSSSS!!!!” she screams loudly, eyes wide body shaking.

   Brad has hold of her hips, thrusting his cock deep inside her pussy her cries, balls pumping their cargo into her.  Lucy squeals as she feels the hot cum pulsing into her cunt, gasping and jerking, camera zooming in for several seconds on her face.

   “DO IT! CUM IN MEEEEE!!!” she screams.

   Alex hips erratically pumping now, slams tight against her ass, pinning her down onto Alex.  His cock spurts into her bowels, cum flooding that asshole as she quivers and gasps in pleasure.

   Sandwiched between the 2 men Lucy has a sly grin on her face as the final trickles of cum ooze inside of her body.  Her pussy and ass feeling the hot semen, 2 large loads just for her.  Alex rolls off of Lucy laying on teh bed for several seconds panting, as Lucy sits up and looks at the camera.

   “Ohhh fuck thank you, that was amazing” she gasped, “I have 2 thick loads inside of me, I can’t wait to see what is next!”

   Easing off of Brad, all 3 ladies stand in front of teh camera, “Full of spunk?” Christina asks smiling, “Ohhh you know I am” Lucy replies.

   Christina sinks to her knees a Lucy stands sideways, turning her head to wink.  Grabbing both hands into that long ginger hair, Lucy gasps as Christina’s devours her pussy, tongue driving and searching for that cum.  Her eyes go wide as Salma copies Christina, but spreading those as cheeks and Rimming that freshly buggered ring.

   “Ooh well thank you for supporting this special project” Lucy managed to say, as the camera cropped her off at the waist, the tops of Salma and Christina’s heads just about in shot at the bottom of the screen.  Lucy’s huge tits shook as her holes were eaten, and she struggle to say the final piece to camera.

   “Subscribe and tip if you want to see part 3, I really want to see what the wheel of debauchery has in store for us next!”  She finally managed to get all the words out through her quaking voice, as the screen faded to black

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This series is officially on fire.
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