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Author Topic: Ariana Richards: Porn Star - Chapter 2 - The Sex Machine  (Read 1157 times)


Ariana Richards: Porn Star - Chapter 2 - The Sex Machine
« on: January 23, 2023, 10:28:43 PM »
        Ariana quickly walked into the office, stopping for a moment to sign in at the front desk before heading to her destination. At this point she'd been here so many times she knew her way around the building by herself. Arriving at the office she was looking for she knocks on the door before entering. "Come in," a familiar voice and she enters the door, walking in. Seated at the desk is porn producer Willie Johnson. Ariana always has mixed feelings whenever he's around. Part of her finds him annoying and disgusting, especially after sleeping with him a few times. The other part of her finds him necessary since he is her only connection to the porn industry and the extra money it brings her. Unfortunately today is one of the necessary days.

        She's a little surprised to see two other people already in the office with him. Sitting on the couch is an older man wearing a suit and tie and next to him...well, Ariana stares at him much longer than she should. The other man is one of the most attractive men she's ever seen. It doesn't hurt that he's only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. He's muscular, with a buzz cut, and probably just over six feet tall. The man notices her, giving her a strange smile. "Hello there," he says. "Hi..." Ariana says softly, blushing. Thankfully the man on the couch ends the awkwardness. "Hello, you must be Miss Richards. I'm Doctor Jonathan Hopper. You've already met Hal," he says, gesturing to the barely dressed man next to him. "Ariana, baby, sweetie. Remember on the phone when I said we have something special for you today?" Willie asks, forcing his way into the conversation. "Yeah," Ariana replies. "Well that's where Doctor Hopper and Hal come in," Willie replies with a grin.

        Ariana looks to the doctor for some kind of explanation and Hopper wastes no time. "My dear what I'm about to say is going to sound completely insane but I assure you it's all true. I've been looking for someone to help me further my research and I think you may be just the person I'm looking for," he says. "How can I help? I'm an actress and an artist, not a scientist. Besides what kind of research would you be doing here at a porn studio?" Ariana asks. "Well Miss Richards I'm an expert in robotics and I've been looking for an opportunity to test my newest, most advanced creation," he says. "What's that? Some kind of dildo machine? I've seen them in a bunch of movies. That seems a little beneath someone in your field," Ariana laughs. "No Miss Richards, you misunderstand. Hal is my invention. He's a robot. Hal stands for Human-like Android Lover," Hopper explains. Ariana begins laughing hard, her face turning a dark red. She can't stop laughing, watching as Hopper pushes on Hal's bare muscular chest in several different spots. Her eyes go wide as the man's chest opens, exposing dozens of wires and blinking lights. "Holy shit!" Ariana exclaims.

        Doctor Hopper closes Hal's chest back up, smiling at Ariana. "I know it's a lot to take in. Hal is my life's work. He is the most lifelike robot ever built but he needs to be tested," he says, looking at her expectantly. "That's where you come in," Willie laughs. "The good doctor needs someone to fuck his robot. If you agree you'd be well paid, I mean REALLY well paid. And you'd be making history. You'd be the first person to ever hook up with a robot," Willie says, grinning. Ariana doesn't know what to say. It all feels like a dream, or something out of a movie. She blushes as she realizes that deep down she finds Hal more than a little attractive.

        "I can promise you Hal is perfectly safe. There are sensors built into his body to measure your vitals during your 'experience'. He's also been programmed with hundreds of sexual positions and techniques, guaranteeing you won't be disappointed," Hopper explains. "It sounds interesting. Is there anything else I should know about him?" Ariana asks nervously. "Hal's skin, hands, mouth, tongue and penis secrete an aphrodisiac that his partner absorbs through their skin or...elsewhere. It's perfectly safe and enhances the enjoyment of his partner. His penis can also extend in length as well as increase in girth at his partner's request. And that doesn't include the different textures his penis can take on," Hopper says proudly. "While penetrating his partner he can move his hips like normal or he can remain stationary and have his penis move in and out like a piston if you'd prefer," he continues.
         Her head is spinning at the thought. Sex with a robot? Part of her thinks it's the strangest thing she's ever heard. But...it would be a historic event, and if she was the first person to ever have sex with a robot she'd no doubt be set for life. Ariana sneaks a glance over at Hal, who is staring intently back at her, smiling. Why does she find him so attractive? Screw it, she decides. You only live once. Taking a deep breath she finally replies. "Alright, I'll do it," she says. "Great! I'll get the contract," Willie says. They quickly go through all the paperwork and head for the studio. The studio they enter has a queen sized bed along one wall, and a couple of dressers. There's also a chair near the 'window'. "There's really nothing special planned for today's shoot," Willie explains. "You and Hal will just go at it however you want. Hal is programmed to say and do whatever you want. You want slow, passionate lovemaking Hal can do it. You want him to be hard and rough as he talks dirty to you, well he can do that too," Willie says excitedly.

        Ariana nods, heading to the adjoining room, getting 'dressed' for the scene. She decides on a white bra and matching bikini style panties, covering herself with a red silk robe that goes down to the middle of her thighs. Walking back on set she sees only Hal; Willie and Hopper most likely in the production booth. "Thank you for agreeing to have intercourse with me Miss Richards," Hal says, breaking the awkward silence in the room. "Despite having been programmed with thousands of hours of pornographic films I have never actually had any experience with a woman," Hal continues. "Don't mention it Hal, but a few things. First of, call me Ariana. Second, can you do something about your vocabulary? Don't say intercourse. It just sounds weird," Ariana laughs. "As far as never being with a woman, well, don't worry. I'll take the lead for the first part of the evening," Ariana says, really realizing for the first time that she's about to take a robot's 'virginity'. She forces herself not to laugh at the thought as they walk over to the bed, sitting on the edge.

        A light indicates that filming has started, the hidden cameras in the room recording all the action from every angle. Ariana knows at this point all the audience is seeing is a title screen introducing the scene:

"Ladies and Gentlemen you are about to witness history. Not just for the pornography industry but for  humankind. Ariana Richards, actress, artist, and occasional porn star, will be the first human to ever have sex with a robot. Hal the human-like android lover is designed with thousands of pleasuring techniques. How long will this young woman be able to last, having orgasm after orgasm, courtesy of her metallic lover?"

        One of the cameras zoom in on the couple as they sit on the edge of the bed. Ariana and Hal stare intently at each other, both afraid to make the first move. Hal breaks the silence first. "Ariana why don't we begin our evening together by kissing. That's how many of the romantic encounters in my data banks begin," Hal suggests. "That's a good idea. Let's do it," Ariana replies. They lean closer together until their lips finally touch. As soon as they make contact Ariana feels a tingling in her lips, no doubt the aphrodisiac being absorbed by her soft lips. Each kiss feels better and better, Ariana's breathing becoming heavier as they progress. She lets out a slight gasp as Hal slips his tongue into her mouth.     
        Surprisingly it feels like a real tongue, not the rubber or silicone like substances Ariana was expecting. As Hal explores every last inch of her mouth with his tongue, pleasure washes over her, like dozens of little lightning bolts zapping her, the amazing aphrodisiac gaining more points with Ariana. It has a taste similar to strawberries, Ariana hoping to taste much more of it as the evening progresses.

        Hal stops, pulling away from her. He reaches down, pulling on the small, thin piece of fabric holding Ariana's robe closed. Ariana stands, letting the robe fall to the floor. She feels Hal's eyes run over her nearly nude body, not sure if he's admiring her curves or simply gathering data. Hal cups his hands over her still covered breasts, squeezing them softly. "B cup?" Hal asks. "Wow. That's right," Ariana laughs, impressed. "May I remove your bra and see them?" Hal asks, smiling at her. "Go right ahead," she giggles, fully expecting the robot to struggle while he attempts to remove her bra. To her surprise Hal reaches around and unhooks her bra first try, sliding the straps down her shoulders and tossing it to the floor. "Beginners luck," Ariana teases him. "Not at all. My data banks have recordings of 2,489 videos of men removing their partners' bras. I simply calculated the best tactics and employed it to this real world situation," Hal explains. "Wow...That's probably the most romantic thing anyone's ever said to me..." Ariana says sarcastically. Hal blinks at her a few times. "I apologize. I will work on my pillow talk," he says. "Don't worry about it," Ariana laughs.

        The android leans in, flicking his tongue on Ariana's nipple on her breast while cupping her right breast in his hand, rolling the other nipple between his fingers. "Ugghhh! That feels amazing!" Ariana groans, her tits tingling under Hal's touch. After a few minutes Hal switches breasts, Ariana's moans becoming louder as the aphrodisiac once again proves its worth. Hal continues for what feels like an eternity to Ariana, occasionally switching between her breasts. Finally he stops, standing upright again as he begins kissing her again. Ariana lets out a gasp as she feels Hal's hand slide between her legs and into her panties. Ariana groans as Hal gives her clit a quick rub before sticking a few fingers inside her, Ariana jumping slightly. The android pulls his hand out of her underwear as he stands up again, studying his hand. "Oh my! You are already so wet. It makes me happy to know I've been pleasuring you so well," Hal says, smiling. "You've been amazing so far. I've never felt this good in my life," Ariana says, blushing.

        "Thank you for that. Would you like for me to penetrate you now?" Hal asks. Ariana stares back at him, rather, she stares between Hal's legs, biting her  lip. She knows deep down what she really wants, trying to force herself to just say it. 'Screw it. You only live once' she thinks. "Before we do that Hal I want to give you a blow job," she replies. Ariana slides his boxer shorts down his legs and gasps. She's not sure what she was expecting but this definitely wasn't it. Hal's penis is easily eight inches long and already 'hard' from the looks of it. "Is it not long enough? I can extend it if you'd like?" Hal says. "N-no. It's fine. I just didn't think it would be this long to start," Ariana replies softly. There's a low buzzing sound as Hal's penis raises up until it's sticking straight ahead, almost pointing right at Ariana. "Is this better? In this position you should be able to fit the maximum amount of my penis in your mouth," Hal explains in a happy tone. "Good thinking Hal," Ariana mumbles as she slowly kneels down. Gripping the shaft with one hand Ariana leans towards the Android's hips, mouth open wide. She move slowly, getting about six or seven inches into her mouth before wrapping her lips around his shaft.

        Ariana is surprised how close the taste and feel of the 'skin' is to that of any other dick she's ever sucked. As the taste of the aphrodisiac hits her tongue any lingering doubts melt away and Ariana goes to town, sucking and licking the long robotic cock. "Mmm! You are very good at this," Hal replies. She knows that Hal doesn't 'feel pleasure' like a human would, so his compliment means she's doing extremely well, especially considering the android is programmed with the sexual knowledge of over a few thousand pornos. Ariana also remembers that according to what she saw in the contract that Hal's pleasure sensors would be turned down to their lowest setting, to help ensure he out lasts Ariana when it comes to reaching orgasm. She stops for a second, looking up at him. "Hal you won't cum unless I ask you to, right?" Ariana asks. "Correct, I will not ejaculate unless requested to by my partner," Hal explains. "Good to know," she replies, going back to blowing him. Ariana gives him a few more passes with her done before deciding she's blown him long enough.

         She lies down on the bed on her back, placing one of the pillows under her head and shoulders. Slowly spreading her legs wide, Ariana motions to Hal to join her. "I want to feel that big hard dick of yours inside me," she growls seductively at him, not at all caring that the android isn't turned on by that kind of stuff like a real man would be. She's so horny right now that her only concern is cumming on Hal's long robotic cock. "As you wish," Hal says, walking over to the bed. He climbs onto it, crawling on all fours over to Ariana. She nods at him, Hal understanding. Positioning himself above her, Hal slowly moves his hips towards hers, his artificial cock sliding into her. "Oh fuck!" Ariana groans as Hal pushes fully into her. She can feel him stretching her walls and it feels incredible. "Oh God! You feel so good Hal! I just wish your cock was a little thicker," Ariana moans as he continues pumping her pussy. "Actually I can increase my girth if you'd like. I can go up to five inches in diameter if you'd like," Hal says. "Holy shit! Why didn't you tell me? Let's try three for now," Ariana says. "One moment," Hal replies.

        There's a buzzing sound and the next thing Ariana feels is a mix of pain and pleasure. His cock inflates like a balloon, stretching her to limit and then a little beyond. "Fuck! Oh fuck! Now it's too big! Oh shit Hal! Go to one and a half," Ariana shrieks. The pressure between her legs vanishes, replaced by a smaller, but more pleasurable sized dick. "Oh my God that's so much better. Right there Hal! Just like that!" Ariana exclaims. "Would you like me to activate vibration mode?" Hal asks as he continues thrusting into her. "Vibration mode?! Yes Hal!" Ariana bluffs out excitedly. The effect is instantaneous, pure ecstasy radiating between her legs as the hard cock drilling her is also buzzing loudly as it vibrates violently with each thrust. It only takes a few more thrusts and Ariana breaks. With a loud wail she orgasms, the first person to have climaxed while fucking a robot. "Oh fuck! Hal I'm cumming! I'm cumming so hard on your big android cock!" Ariana cries out, her body shaking hard than the glorified vibrator between her legs. Hal pulls out, waiting for her to ride out the last waves of pleasure before her orgasm subsides.

        Ariana lies in the center of the bed on her back, eyes closed, breathing hard. She focuses on pulling herself together when she hears Hal's voice. "Are you alright Ariana?" Hal asks, a bit of concern in his voice. She laughs before answering. "I'm...great. That was... the best orgasm... I've ever had...in my entire life," she pants. "I'm glad you're ok. I'd hate to imagine what would of happened had I been using both of my penises during our encounter," Hal says, shaking his head. "B-both... Penises?" Ariana exclaims, voice hoarse, as she forces herself to sit up. "Are you telling me you have not one but two of...those?!" Ariana says, pointing at his still rigid cock, glistening in the light of the room, thanks to her juices. "That's correct. I'm sorry, were you not given the full list of my skills and accessories before today?" Hal asks. "No, apparently I was not!" Ariana growls. "I apologize. If you're up to it would you like me to use both of them on you now?" Hal asks. "Absolutely," Ariana says.

         The blonde rolls herself over, onto her stomach. Ariana forces herself up so she's on her hands and knees, both her holes facing Hal. "Let's do this," Ariana says. A small hatch above Hal's penis opens, a second identical penis extends outward. Ariana turns her head, watching the whole thing with wide eyes and a lust filled grin on her face. "Come on. Hurry up! I'm still horny," Ariana whines. Hal climbs onto the bed behind her, positioning the heads of both dicks to line up perfectly with Ariana's holes. With one fluid motion Hal pushes his hips forward, penetrating both of Ariana's holes at the same time. "Holy shit that feels great!" Ariana cries. "Can you alternate the two of them? So one is going out as the other goes in?" Ariana asks. "Of course I can. I believe you will enjoy it much more that way," Hal says. He grabs her by the hips, his own hips stationary as his internal engines cause his dicks to pound her holes like a pair of pistons. "Pull my hair Hal," Ariana says. Hal complies, gathering up her long blonde hair in his hand and gives it one good yank. "Ugh! That's what I'm talking about!" Ariana grunts. "Fuck me faster Hal! Fuck me harder!" she says.

        Hal obeys, the buzzing of gears and motors becoming louder as he speeds up. It's unlike anything Ariana has ever felt before. Sure she's taken two cocks at once, several times before but none of those times compare to this. She grips the bedsheets tightly, her face contorted in a mix of pleasure and pain. "Ugghhh! Mmm! Uggggghhhh! Your dicks feel so good inside Hal," Ariana cries as he drills her from behind. "That's right Hal. Make me your servo slut. Your dirty little tech tramp," Ariana moans. "How about my mechanical minx?" Hal asks. "Ugh! Aahhh! I'll be whatever you want as long as you keep fucking me like this!" Ariana groans. "My sensors indicate that you're mostly like about to orgasm in less than two minutes at this rate," Hal says, his cocks continuing to fuck her stupid. "Believe me I know Hal," Arians moans. "Grab my tits Hal. I love it when a guy grabs my tits while he fucks me from behind," Ariana says. Hal does as he's told, squeezing her B cup breasts in his hands, another dose of the aphrodisiac being absorbed through her tits.

        Ariana proves Hal's sensors wrong, letting out a loud moan as she cums again, burying her face in the bed sheet to muffle her screams of pleasure. This time Hal decides not to pull out until she finishes, Ariana collapsing limp onto the bed as he does. "I do not mean to repeat myself but, are you ok?" Hal asks softly. Ariana doesn't even open her eyes or turn to face him, nodding to let him know she's fine. She lays there panting hard, reflecting on the night's events when it hits her and she feels like a bitch. This isn't just her first time with a robot, it's also Hal's first time having sex...ever. The whole time she's been so concerned with herself that aside from the blowjob earlier she's basically ignored Hal and his needs. That ended now, as far as she was concerned.

        "Hal I need to apologize. I've been ignoring you and your needs. I want you to turn your pleasure sensors back to normal and put away the second penis," Ariana says. "Resetting sensors and retracting second penis," Hal replies. "Good. Now lie down on your back on the bed. I'm going to show you why they say you never forget your first time," Ariana says, grinning at him. "I cannot wait," Hal replies, lying down as instructed. Even with him laying flat on his back, Hal's penis stands up completely straight, ready for action, and Ariana is more than happy to help with that. She crawls over to Hal, swinging a leg over him, and begins to lower herself onto his waiting cock. She bites her lip as the head presses against her pussy lips, Ariana forcing herself further down on the Android's dick. She lets out a small moan as the first inch slides inside her, Ariana's groans becoming louder as she slowly lets him inside, inch by agonizing inch.

        Ariana gets as much of the android dick inside that she possibly can, all but the last inch buried between her legs. She begins slowly rocking her hips back and forth, switching to an up and down movement after a few passes, then returns to the back and forth motion. To her surprise Hal moans and groans beneath her. "Ahhh! Ohhh! Ughhh! That feels so good Ariana," Hal says, his usually happy voice sounding a little strained. "I'm glad you're enjoying this as much as I am," she laughs. "I wouldn't say no if you wanted to go faster," Hal says.  "Faster I can do," Ariana says, flashing him a seductive smile. Her hips go into overdrive, Ariana flailing wildly on Hal's cock like she's riding a bucking bronco. She goes faster and faster, switching quickly between her two earlier tactics, until she's basically jumping up and down on Hal's big, hard dick. "Are you going to cum for me Hal? I bet you want to fill my tight little pussy with your android cum," Ariana moans as she fucks him mercilessly. "I-is that what you'd like me to do?" Hal grunts from underneath her. "My artificial semen is perfectly safe to release in your vagina or anal cavity. And it's also safe if...ingested," Hal explains. "It's too bad I have to pick one or the other. I really want you to cum inside me. But I also want to swallow your load too. It's not fair Hal! Don't make me choose," Ariana whimpers.

        "Good news then. You don't have to choose," Hal says. He lifts an arm toward her face, the palm of his hand opening. Yet ANOTHER penis emerges from his hand, fully erect. "Oh my god Hal! That's amazing. Wait until I get this one in my mouth, then cum in my mouth and pussy at the same time," Ariana exclaims happily. "As you wish," Hal replies. She grabs his arm with both her hands, guiding it to her mouth. Ariana wraps her mouth tightly around this new dick like her life depends on it. She nods at Hal, bracing herself. Hal lets out a moan, the Android's body shuddering slightly. Instantly Ariana feels both dicks in her begin to tremble, then Hal releases both his loads. The one between her legs starts ejaculating seconds before the one in her mouth, Ariana feeling a warm sensation spreading deep inside her. Hal lets out another groan as he sprays the second load down her eager throat. It has a vanilla taste, Ariana gulping down every last bit. Not what she was expecting but still better tasting the normal cum.

        As Hal retracts the second penis back into his hand, Ariana feels her body twitching and she realizes the artificial semen must also contain some form of aphrodisiac. Her orgasm hits her hard, Ariana clamping her legs tightly against Hal's hips as she weathers the storm. And what a storm it is. If she had to describe it, Ariana would have to say it was a full body orgasm, many times stronger than any other orgasm she's ever had up to this moment. It finally ends, Ariana feeling dizzy and disoriented. She begins to fall forward but is instantly caught by Hal's gentle but firm hands. "Are you alright? Your vitals are all over the place," Hal asks, concerned. "Trust me. I'll be fine," Ariana groans.

        The door suddenly opens, Willie and Doctor Hopper hurrying in. "Tell me all about your experience," Hopper asks eagerly. "You have no idea how much you've helped my research," the doctor says, unable to contain his excitement. "Who cares about your research. Ariana, baby, what was it like to get fucked stupid by an android? That was so hot," Willie says, that familiar sleazy grin on his face. "I'll tell you both all about it after I take a shower and rest for a little bit," Ariana says, slowly sliding herself off of Hal's cock. "But I have a question for you two. Is this going to be an one time thing or will I get to see Hal again?" Ariana asks as she approaches the door to leave. "I would be very much open to more sexual experiences with Ariana," Hal says, sitting up on the bed. Ariana and the two men laugh at Hal's comment. "Just name a time and place and I'll make it happen," Willie laughs...

The End?
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Re: Ariana Richards: Porn Star - Chapter 2 - The Sex Machine
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2023, 06:54:10 AM »
I read parts of Hal's dialogue in the Hal-9000 voice lol

Love the idea of sex machines, nice work.
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