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Drug Trials Chapter 1
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A year or so back, Curvoma was first being developed. Given the nature of the drug it was most likely not to be tested on animals first, as such the Pharmatech had to reach out for people that were willing to take such a risk and sample the newest miracle drug. In this case, rather than John and Jane Public, the company turned to Hollywood.

There they found many desperate starlets aching to get ahead or get back to some degree of attention in the Hollywood and public eye. Here now where it begins. Megan Fox, the hot actress from Transformers was at a near career low. Her disparaging remarks about her director had made her a pariah in Hollywood, and she was almost desperate enough to star in Lifetime original films. Regardless, she heard whispers of this new drug that was seeking human testing. Saying it could boost her figure over that of her rivals was enough to send her scampering to the office.

After a week of testing, begging, and a backroom blowjob, she had gotten it. She was in the sample of Curvoma, the yet to be released drug that could change models and celebrities forever. Without delay, Megan busted the cap open upon entering her apartment and started taking the pills. Her first dose was a like an orgasm upon the tongue, and though tempting as it was, she restrained herself from taking more of the pills for now. As she was the very first subject, and the side effects were still not yet realized.

As the days passed Megan got the changes she was asking for and then some. Her bust grew tremendously. Her meager chest had annihilated every bra in her drawer, sometimes when she was wearing them. In one particular case her bra had snapped when she was out for a jog. It was a grating run/walk back to her place with her boobs shimmying all over the place. Every step sent the ladies bouncing, her nipples dragging across the thin cotton tank top, intent on showing themselves off and driving her crazy in pleasure. If it was a side effect of the trial drug she didn't care much. Her new E cups were firm, were two bright red inch long nipples that were constantly erect, showing themselves through whatever material she tried to cover them up with, including her most padded bras.

Another week and her hips started to expand. Her waist, already thin by many standards narrowed even more. Her ass, showcased so finely in Transformers 2 now made any pair of pants look they were painted on her. The denim material stretched tightly across the two globes of rear end perfection. Truly giving Kim Kardashian and Coco a run for the money. At this point she even thought herself larger than either of them. One would expect such a large ass to be saggy and full of cheese. But this was not the case. Her ass maintained it's heart shape and firmness. Readily slappable, it was filled with a new found sensitivity. Clearly the drug had rewired some of the pleasure centers, even now slamming her butt into a car door to close it would make her wet.

Yet the experimental drug did still more to Megan. Her black hair had taken on a new sheen, the raven black locks shimmered and shined like a freshly waxed car. Her skin took on a healthy glow. Her eyes were bright and glowing, they were full of passion and not much else. Her lips had puffed out considerably. Much more them Angelina Jolie's, they were constantly pursed. Constantly begging to be kissed or have a cock shoved between them.

There were other side effects as well, ones not expected on by the pharmaceutical company. Megan Fox now had a cock. A very large one at that. At first her clit just protruded more than usual, but it didn't stop. It changed shape as it grew out becoming a fully functional fuck rod capable of sending pleasure to Megan and her lover alike. Its 14 inch erect length bristled with thick veins and was capped by a large head. It was plenty thick, Megan had to use two hands to pump it to orgasm. Speaking of orgasms, she was well stocked with two tennis ball sized gonads. The twin cum factories churned endlessly to create a never ending supply of spunk for her ejaculations. Ejaculate she did; she had experimented at first with jacking off but soon discovered, due to her massive size and pilates, that she was able to take the massive head in her mouth. her mouth watered and lips puckered as the head entered her mouth and was able to reach her throat. Her small hands able to play with her baby makers while her tongue worked it's magic. She tasted sweet, and found the flavor addicting.

Megan was thrilled with all these changes, they just felt right to her. She was sexy, sexier than ever before all thanks to the little pills. She kept them in a PEZ dispenser, always near her person, just in case she needed to top off or needed a boost. It was Hollywood cliché to keep her drugs in a PEZ dispenser, but she could care less. The results showed!

Megan Fox was out and about today, her feet in modest open toed shoes showcasing her red painting toenails, her legs went up to her thighs, thick and healthy, to her ass. All of this crammed into a pair of tight blue jeans. The denim screamed for mercy with every step she took. It looked painted on her lower half to all but the closest inspection. Occasionally a pop could be heard as a thread gave up. Her cock, just one of the unforeseen side-effects of the experimental drug, crammed into a denims. It's large size clearly visible against the material, while her big testicles pushed it up as if to scream out 'look at what she's packing!'.

Her pants were belted, very tightly due to her thin waist, while a simple tank top covered her upper body. Her large breasts pushed out of the neck due to the industrial push-up bra she was wearing. Her nipples still visible thru all the material. Megan's hair was back in a simple ponytail as she made her way down the street, her strut indicative of what she was, a woman on the prowl.

It was late in the evening, and Megan was feeling horny. She had shot 4 loads into her own mouth today, but she was getting tired of getting herself off and was noticing that she seemed to be getting hornier and hornier everyday. Yet, in a place like LA, she couldn't really go anywhere popular without being drowned in questions like, "What's up with the new chest Miss Fox?", or "Do you think your surging popularity has to do with your new body?", or even, "Hey is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Because of boneheaded questions like this, Megan was currently in a more... Obscure part of town, at a bar where no one would recognize her. She opened the large door and immediately was face to face with a busty blonde server. Megan had almost no choice but to soak in the sight; breasts plumped up by a tight, low-cut t-shirt, slightly toned midriff showing, and a short enough skirt to show off some serious legs and make her ass large as possible. The girl tilted her head and smiled, "Hello, welcome to Tommy's bar, would you like a booth or at the bar."

Megan just smirked and confidently thrusted her large breasts forward, "Get me a table quick sweetie..."

The server was slightly surprised by the gorgeous woman's attitude, expecting such language from the male regulars, but not raven haired women. "O-Of course. Please come this way..." She pointed her to the dim corner of the bar and left her a drinks menu, "So we have-"

The celebrity just put her hand up, "Just get me a sleeve of Bud Light sweetie..."

Again the server was a bit shocked, but turned around to get her drink. Megan sighed back and leaned into the chair, it was time for another Curvoma pill. She fumbled the dispenser and got it out of her pocket to put on the table. Meanwhile though, she surveyed the bar, and was disappointed to see it had the clientele she was expecting. Sure there were a small handful of cute ladies besides the sexed-up servers, but right now, they seemed more occupied in having some after-work drinks then having a random, freaky hook-up.

She ran her soft fingers of the denim covering her crotch. Her cock was always a little hard now, and felt just so powerful all the time, like she could punch holes in steel with it. She sighed as she felt it twitch, every little movement it made felt so good, and she knew her rod deserved the best today, so she surveyed the bar closer to see anything of interest.

"Your beer..." The server nervously said as she placed a coaster and a glass of pale liquid down.

Megan looked up at the busty blonde and gave her another obvious look up and down, biting her lower lip, "Hmm, when do you get off work today?" She spread her legs wide, proudly showing her bulge.

The server went wide-eyed, "Oh I-I'm sorry I don't... You know... Swing that way..."

Megan's grin grew wider, "Oh if you like dick... There will be no problem here..." She gripped her bulge aggressively and adjusted it to look even larger than it already did in the tight jeans.

The blonde just turned bright read and used a serving dish to cover her face, "Sorry!" She ran off into the back, leaving Megan unsure if the hot piece of ass was aroused or scared.

Either way, she picked up the basic PEZ dispenser and popped a pill into her hand. The pink capsule always seemed to glow gloriously in her hand, as if to say that it was the greatest invention of man. She knew that it wasn't supposed to mixed with liquor, but Curvoma was only meant to be taken once a day and here she was taking her third today! It wasn't like bud counted a beer anyway.

She popped the pill into her mouth and took two big gulps of the rather tasteless beer, and swallowed the mixing combination. Immediately she felt a warm glow smoother her torso, making her feel numb, and somehow even more horny. She made a drunken smile as she slowly tweaked her permanently hard nipples, and felt her tits grow ever so slowly. It was never a huge surge of growth for her, but after taking it for long enough, she could feel the subtle growth of her curves every time she took one. She gave a quiet moan as she felt her cock beg for action yet again, but she tried to keep it from growing to its huge full length yet.

Surveying the room again, she did notice someone else had come in alone. She had a baseball cap covering her long red hair, a large pair of sunglasses, a trench coat and long creamy legs. Megan recognized this instantly as someone who didn't want to be identified, which was always fun to see for her as a celebrity herself, the only question was, who was under the disguise.

Seeing the blonde server clearly rushing past the table desperate to not be seen, Megan gave a loud snap of her fingers with a "hey!" which made the server come over nearly against her will. She sighed, "Uh yes?"

Megan gave a smile, "Hey first off sorry about hitting on your super hot body... But second of all, can you order that female over there a nice martini."

The blonde seemed relieved that she was out of Megan's sexual predatory sight and quickly ran to the bar for the order. Megan watched intently as the blonde dutifully came over with the drink to the table, shocking the incognito lady sitting down. She nearly jumped to her feet, until the server pointed right across to her, making Megan raise her glass as a salute.

The redhead quickly walked over and sat down at the booth, "Megan Fox? What the hell are you doing here? How did you know it was me?" The voice was sweet but raspy.

Megan merely gave a hearty laugh, breasts bouncing quite noticeably below her top, "Oh my! I actually had no idea until you opened your mouth... So what brings Lindsay Lohan to such a out of the way bar in LA..."

She bowed her head and took off her glasses to reveal the hazel eyes beneath, "Well I imagine the same reason you are here... Look all I want to do is have a quick drink without every tabloid saying I have fallen off the wagon for the 20th billion time. I would have to go back to rehab if word of these few drinks got out!"

The raven hair beauty just leaned over and pushed her breasts out with her arms ever so slightly, "Don't worry babe. Megan can keep a secret... Lets have a few good drinks together, and talk about the business..."

Lindsay put a finger to her mouth, "Fine, but not too loud okay?"

Megan lifted her glass and gave a horny grin, "To the greatest business and sexy ladies..."

The red head shrugged and decided to join the toast, "To the sexist of ladies!"

Five drink orders went by, and Megan was surprised to see what a light weight Lindsay was considering her reputation. By now her hat came off and so had her jacket as she generally didn't care what was happening. Lindsay spilled a little of her fruity cocktail on her as she ranted, "You... You know what? I just totally paved the road for young child stars like you Megan... So where is my appreciation right?"

"Lindsay? We are the same age you know?" Megan put her hand on the starlets thigh and started to rub.

She threw her hands up, "Whatever! You know you are a touchy feely girl... I like touchy feely girls... Those girls know how to have the best time!"

Megan put her other hand on the red hair and started to twirl it, "Oh yeah? How so?"

Lindsay's drunken smile got close to her face, "Because a girl who doesn't eat pussy doesn't live life properly!" She gave a loud snort with her laugh.

She put the drunken celebrity's hand on her crotch, "Well what if you had the best of both worlds?"

Lindsay rubbed her hand back and forth and giggled, "Oh my! Hehe! Is that like a strap-on beneath? That is so oddly sexy! I mean its weird, but so sexy!"

"You want to see it?"She just gave an excited nod and felt her hand get pulled away from the table. They were quickly pushing on the female washroom door and were inside a surprisingly well maintained washroom. Lindsay clapped her hands excitedly as she locked the door behind her, "Oh man this is going to be hot!"

The other girl just came close to the other girl and spoke in an extra breathy voice, "Oh but... Are you sure you don't want to do some foreplay?"

"Like what?" She was confused on what she meant.

Megan put her hands and gripped Lindsay's derriere hard as she came in for a kiss, and the drunk Lindsay didn't resist as all, even encouraging such an advance by opening her mouth and wiggling her tongue. Megan started to french her aggressively as her hands sneaked down the back of the pants, and played with her ass cheeks. Lindsay let out a gasp of surprise but only gave a horny grin of encouragement.

Lindsay's hands fumbled down her lover and played with the belt. She moaned as she noticed the almost impossibly tiny waist, "Fuck how do you have such a perfect body..."

She let out a moan, "Let me fuck you, and I will let you know what ever you want to know about my sexy body."The redhead just nodded as she dropped down to her knees. She drunkenly zipped the fly down, and reached inside for a plastic phallus, but instead, she pulled and found a 14-inch hard flesh cock bouncing in the open, hungry to fuck. She gasped, "Oh... What? I mean you have a-"

"Shut up and take it inside you bitch!" She cried out as she grabbed the red hair and shoved it down onto her cock, mouth popped open. Lindsay gave a muffle cry as she felt her mouth move back and forth on the cock. Megan panted and gasped at the pleasure the combination of tongue and teeth were giving and used both hands to pump Lindsay's face harder.

Soon it was evident that Lindsay was getting off on this domination though, as her own hands reached down to pop off her own jeans and finger below her thong. Megan finally pulled Lindsay off after a few moments, and Lindsay looked up with a horny grin, "Best... Blowjob to a girl ever... Can you fuck my pussy as hard?"

Megan bit her lower lip as she slowly jerked her steel hard cock, and she nodded, "Present yourself you piece of trash..."

Lindsay just excitedly giggled, "Oh fuck yeah I am your dirty bitch!" She bent over the sink and braced herself with her jeans and thong at her ankles. Grabbing a firm hold of her cock, Megan positioned her saliva soaked cock right outside the quaking pussy lips and slowly pushed the thick dick inside. She gave a weak cry out and bit her lip hard as Megan tried to push as deep inside as possible. As expected, Lindsay was pretty loose down there, but she had never taken a cock like Megan's, so even Lindsay felt like a virgin hole. After getting a good half way inside, Megan quickly thrusted out then back in with a slam. Another cry echoed in the washroom, as Megan started to thrust rapidly, making Lindsay moan, "Oh, oh oh oh oh oh, oh!"

Megan leaned over, keeping the same pace, and pressed her large tits against hers, rubbing them in tiny circles to enjoy the sensation of her sensitive nipples as she gripped onto Lindsay's own breasts, "Say your my bitch Lindsay!"

"Oh... I am your bitch Megan..."

"Say I own you..."

"You own me Megan!"

Megan gave a grin, "Now I am going to cum deep into you, and you are going to cum right bitch?"

Lindsay just gave a nod as she felt the cock in her go deeper and swell ever so slightly. She screamed as hot liquid shot right into her insides, making her feel so sexy that she made such a sexy stud cum with her pussy. As the cock was pulled out, Lindsay slumped to the ground, body overwhelmed in pleasure.

Megan merely poked her with her cock and grinned, "Clean it..." She did so dutifully, licking the cum dripping organ up and down like a pro. Megan continued, "So how would you like a career boost? I was thinking that if you become my little celebrity cock slave, you could help both our careers as I get you off the bad drugs and get you on the good ones..."

Lindsay looked up at the word 'drug' and sexily licked the cock with a look of lust in her eyes, "Mmm would I look more like you?"

"Not as good, but we can get you looking at least back to those 'Mean Girls' days... Maybe even better than that..."

Lindsay moaned at the prospect of gaining some of her status back, "Mmm fuck yeah sign me up. I am your loyal cock slave, wanting to join your rising fame train..."

Megan rustled the redhead's hair, "Excellent... Now how about we get cleaned up and we can have a more intense round 2 at my place."

Giving her cock another lick, Lindsay just excitedly nodded, "Oh fuck yeah to that idea..."

Megan rose up from her bed. Once again everything was in disarray. Sheets, clothes and everything else was tossed. If one didn't know better, they would guess it was a robbery. This however was passion unleashed. The sex between the only true futa girl and her pet. Megan surveyed the damage with a smile. Last night was particularly wonderful. She frowned. My cleaning service is going to throw a fit. Again.

Opted to go naked she walked, no strutted was the right word now, to the bathroom. Since she started her drug trial of what'll eventually be known as Curvoma her hips had enlarged and her walk had taken on a sway that sent her ass cheeks a rockin'. Megan reached into the shower and turned on the water. Leaning back on the bathroom counter she giggled as her ass pressed itself into cold marble.

Everything changed when she started the trial, her looks improved, her attitude improved and now she has an addicted lover. Lindsay was no longer partying all night drinking beer and taking meth. Instead Megan's cock was her new addiction and the sweet cum her drug. It was a much better trade off. The washed out Lindsay was improving, her skin and shape was improving. She would of guessed that her cum was healing the washed out starlet. More likely however, some of the drug was entering Lindsay thru Megan's cum, something she got plenty of. No sign of any growth however, Megan would have to guess her body was absorbing those chemicals before they ever touched her sack. Megan stepped into the shower and let the warmth over take her. Everything that touched her skin seemed to be more sensual now. When she first visited the doctor after experiencing her changes the doctor immediately wanted her to stop the treatment. 30 minutes and countless orgasms later, the young brunette doctor had readily agreed to continuing the study. Even better, she insisted Megan come in twice as often for evaluations.

Megan finished her routine in the shower and stepped out. She loved the view in mirror. Her body dripping with water, her nipples bright red on her tan cleavage. Her semi hard cock reaching mid thigh and her large testicles bouncing and slapping her thighs with every step. She was sexy and she knew it.

Megan had no sooner wrapped a towel around herself when Lindsay came bouncing in. Bouncing was the correct word too, the red hair had recovered nicely. Her hair was soft and a brilliant red. Her boobs had reinflated back to full C cups if not D cup territory. Her body was undoing all the damage. "Hi lover!" She chirped before embracing the Raven haired goddess and sticking her tongue deep down her throat.

Megan reciprocated the gesture before pushing Lindsay off her. "Morning to you too."

"You're up early today! Do you have time for a quickie? I need it bad!" Lindsay crossed her legs and put her hands over her cooch. Admittedly, she looked adorable in that pose. Her blue eyes taking on an anime size.

Megan considered. She had a lot to accomplish today. She had another checkup, an audition where she'd be reading against the emotionless Kristen Stewart, then an interview late in the day. Her day was packed but her cock stirred and told her what it wanted.

Megan ran into the studio office with a reckless pace. Her actions earlier in the day, while thoroughly entertaining, had left her behind schedule. Lindsay wouldn't let her leave her apartment without a fuck. She had brought her red headed minion to countless orgasms as she pounded her over the bathroom sink. While loose from whoever she did in the past, Lindsay was just barely able to take in Megan's wide 14 inch long cock. Hitting her cervix brought them both extreme pleasure. If Megan had to guess, she would assume Lindsey was now completely ruined for anyone els, and possibly pregnant. That hadn't come up with her doctor at all. Was Megan fertile? She'd have to ask her doctor next time she showed up in a few weeks.

Her doctor visit went precisely as planned as well. The routine exam started with just the usual measurements. Her breast side had increased to a healthy G cup. Remarkably, she had no difficulty holding up their increased mass, it seems that the miracle drug had increased her back muscle mass as well. With the quick exam over, the more intimate examinations were ready to begin. The small doctor was a symphony as sounds as everything she had learned in med school went out the window. Positions never thought possible were learned and exploited as Megan plowed her from behind. She had taken longer than necessary but the results were well worth it. Another drug sample in hand, and the doctor a passed out cum leaking mess in the exam room.

Now, however she ran into the room with speed and skittered to a halt. "Can you be on time for once."

The voice was as emotionless as the person that spoke it. Kristen Stewart was known for being the star of Twilight, but also known for being an emotionless and expressionless girl. Megan put on her best smile, "I'm sorry my doctor's appointment ran late this morning, and I've been trying to get caught up ever since." She adjusted her top to better suit her large mammaries.

"Oh the doctor! Did you finally get that prescription for Actinol? It'll really improve your work!" She was emotionless, but still had incredible sarcasm. Megan was not impressed. After apologizing to the director they had begun. The scene in question was read. Read again, then once more. Something seemed to be missing each time. Megan knew the reason precisely, but no one else wanted to catch on. After another disappointing read the director had it and called a break.

"Do you mind if I have a word with Kristen for a minute? I think I know how we could improve the scene."

The director nodded and Megan grabbed her costar and dragged her to a side room. She gave Kristen no time to respond and she slammed the door shut and locked it tight. "What's the ide..."

Megan had silenced her with a kiss. Their lips interlocked and Megan's tongue probing deep down inside her mouth. Her hands roamed up and down the slightly taller star, taking notice of her relatively flat body. It was a miracle anyone consider her a star with that body. She was featureless terrain to Megan, ripe for conquest. "Come Kristen, we need to get some emotion into you." Megan tugged at her shirt trying to get the garment off. Any resistance Kristen had was melting away by Megan's frantic motions. Kristen was pliable as Megan nearly ripped off her own shirt and overloaded bra in one gesture. She was able to guide the girls trembling hands to her breasts and the long thick nipples that were just begging for attention. Kristen steadily kneaded the mounds before her. Megan could only moan as her delicate fingers squeezed her plump nipples. She nearly had a boobgasm when Kristen suddenly stopped and pulled away. The dickgirl whimpered in protest of being denied release.

Megan gasped as Kristen latched on. Her tongue danced along the large aerola before flicking the large nipple. Megan's passion erupted from her. In a flash Megan had worked down Kristen's pants exposing her simple panties that covered her sex. Megan's own pants came down and her cock came roaring free. Kristen had little time to panic before Megan held her fast and worked the panties down. Her sex was dripping as Megan lined up her large cock head and started to insert it.

Kristen tried to pull away but Megan held her fast. "Come on now bitch, you're going to learn to show some emotion! Here's how we do it!" It was hard at first, she had not practiced this position with an unwilling partner, but Megan was able to grab the girl and slowly send her into a wall. From there she was able to lift her up and slowly piston into her. Each thrust caused Kristen to unleash a cry of pleasure.

"That's the stuff girl! See what happens! You love this don't you!? Say it! Say it!"

Kristen's cries echoed thru the room. "I love it! I can feel it! It's amazing!" Her voice was both hoarse and a explosion of emotions. The best way to describe it was that every bottled up hidden emotion was unleashed at once, all thanks to Megan and her cock. Kristen was mostly along for the ride but now returned in passion. She was exceptionally tight, no doubt Robert wasn't as big as he would claim, or simply her cunt wasn't as well used as it should be. Megan would fix that. "Now Kristen! I'm going to cum deep deep inside you. When that happens you'll be mine got that? Got it?"

Kristen nodded as best as she could. Megan's rough pounding was causing her to shake with many orgasms.

"Say it!"

"I'm yours! Completely! Now release it in me!" She shouted with as much passion as her exhausted body could muster.

With her proclamation Megan slammed herself far into the now emotional starlet. Her cum bubbled and erupted in a singular blast that shot deep into her now passionate costar. While not intentional it seemed that Megan had claimed another woman for her cock.

An exhausted Megan Fox stumbled back into her house. Between work, travel, and nearly nonstop sex with a revolving chain of people, she was beat. It turns out that Lindsey used sex as a substitute for drugs. She demanded constant attention to keep her from going back to blow. It was wearing Megan out. In order to relax she opted to take a bath. She slumped into the bathroom and turned on the water. On a whim she dumped in some bubble bath and Epson salt. She looked at the handful of salt in her hand and added 1 more for good measure, praying the salt may soothe her nearly raw cock.

While it was filling, Megan started to strip out of her clothes. Her tank top slipped up over her head with considerable effort. Her large breasts had gotten even larger in the past weeks and her clothing now stretched tightly. There was no hiding her thick nipples now. Her stylish but woefully inadequate black lace bra breathed a sigh of relief as she undid the 4 hooks. She herself breathed in relief. The custom made bra was tight, but kept the ladies in place. Megan was unique, her proportions were outrageous and a bra with a 32 inch band and GG+ sized cups didn't exist. The first custom bra maker nearly passed out when she took Megan's measurements.

Regardless, her girls bounced free and her nipples stood large and proud as always now. Moving lower she slid down her pants. It was a struggle to get them over her ample rear, but the denim gave and sent tingling sensations thru her body as it went down her thick thighs. Her flaccid cock and balls rejoiced in being free from their denim prison and expanded slightly. They were still constrained somewhat by her boxers. Megan had experimented for some time with different underwear. Thongs were a no go, regular panties were off the table. She tried boy cuts, but they made everything tighter than Kristen's ass. Briefs were also attempted but the white cotton failed at even half staff. So boxers it was.

The material slipped down and her cock and balls merrily bounced free. With that final step she gave herself one last look in the mirror then turned and slunk over to the tub. Before she slipped in she found her pez dispenser in her purse and popped a single pill in her mouth. As the warmth of the pill spread through her body she slid into the ever receptive water. Everything tingled as warmth overcame her from both ends. She closed her eyes and rejoiced. Life was good.

Megan's relaxation was interrupted by the vibrating of her cellphone. The vibration was quite audible on the silence of the bathroom. As Megan became annoyed the vibration suddenly stopped. Before she could breathe a sigh of relief it started up again. Her annoyance was evident as she forced her self up out of the soothing bubbles and reaching for her phone; nearly dropping the phone in the water due to her wet hands.

Looking at the number she didn't recognize it, and her number was kept very private. With an annoyed glare she answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello, is this Megan Fox?"

"Speaking." Megan slid a few inches deeper into the tub.

"Hey! I heard from an acquaintance that you're on a drug trial for some new medication."

"That's right." Megan's free hand snaked down to her large cock. She idly played with it while she spoke to the mystery caller. She wasn't sure who the other person was but they sounded sexy.

"I'm on the same trial now! The company insisted I was a good candidate. I've started immediately, maybe I could come over and you'll walk me through it?"

Megan sighed, on the one hand she didn't want the distraction, in the other, she would have a new pussy to plunder. The very thought sent her cock to full hardness. The 14 inch monster erupted from the bubbles like an old sea monster searching for prey. She couldn't argue with it's needs. "I suppose."

"Great I got your address and I'll be over in an hour. See you soon!" A click ended the call.

Megan idly tossed the phone away. She had a new target! Admittedly Lindsay was getting a tad boring and wearing her down, a new cunt to plunder may invigorate her. She let the bubbles and suds over take her as she stroked her cock. While it desperately called for a release, she was holding back unwilling to let her immediate desire tamper what may happen later. Megan was forced to tease her cock with an achingly slow hand job. Her left hand slowly traveling the entire 14 inch length only to turn around and return. Her right hand pinched a nipple as she imagined her mystery caller. Some sexy starlet, or down on her luck girl turning to the new drug to improve their career. But wouldn't that give them a cock? Surely they were working that out. Her doctor said they were moving past alpha stage Curvoma. Even still a cock wouldn't be bad; her pussy hasnt been used in many months. Since her last random hookup in fact. Megan let out a low moan and started pumping slightly faster.

Before Megan's arousal could get to far, her phone beeped again. It was decidedly for the better it happened, already she was close to losing control. Thanks to the drug her arousal would quickly win battles of will vs her logical mind. Almost regretfully she pulled the drain and stepped out of the tub. Suds cascaded off her body as she stood up. Megan found where she tossed her phone and looked at it.

Low battery. That's what caused her masturbation to end. Oh well, she toweled off and gave herself an approving nod in the mirror. Time to get ready!

A scant 20 minutes later she was pacing the floor in front of her door anxiously awaiting her new guest. Her long legs stretching a pair of yoga pants to their limit, her cock and oversized testicles making a huge impossible to notice bulge in the front. A blue tank top completely her ensemble. Her large breasts held down by an industrial strength black sports bra. Yet her long thick nipples still managed to show through all the material plain as day.

Megan was about to leave when the doorbell rang. She leapt to the door and practically tore it off its hinges to see her mystery guest.

Megan was completely surprised by the girl at the door. While it took her a moment to recognize her, there was no mistaking the pixie of a person that was Avril Lavigne. Her slightly longer than shoulder length blonde hair was loose around her head. Of course there was a streak of pink in it. Her signature smokey eyes was dramatically toned down, and for once Megan could make out her eye color. Blue. Yet, there was more to the girl then just her head. Avril had kept her signature look on despite all the turbulence in her career, and this time was no different. An oversized black jacket hung loosely on her shoulders while her frame was covered by a slightly too large black tank top with a while skull emblazoned on it. Her small pert breasts barely made any impact on the top. Her small ass and probably smaller sex was covered by a plaid kilt? Skirt? Was it a kilt if a woman wore it? Megan was getting off track. A pair of black leggings dove into her boots.

"Megan! It's good to see you again!" Avril rushed forward and embraced the taller girl. Stunned Megan did nothing for a brief moment, her mind whirled and analyzed. Her second head did its own thinking and started its' own actions. Blood slowly engorged her flaccid member, all due to the hug of the pixie blonde. OF COURSE! She had met Avril before. Between her two marriages they had chanced into each other at some event. Both were scoping out potential bedmates that evening. As she recalled, none of the possible suitors met her standards. Maybe that's where Avril met Chad. Regardless, she needed to get control of things fast before one head took over the other.

"Yes, good to see you too!" Megan broke the embrace and led her into the living room. The small singer picked a couch and plopped down. From her motions and movements it was obvious that something was bothering her. "So what happened? I thought everything was going fine?"

The answer was a long time coming. "It was. At least I thought I thought it was. I had met Chad and things were good, but then my last two hits...really weren't. Hello Kitty caused way more controversy then I thought, and the last album plummeted. I have the feeling Chad might be trying to sabotage me and my label might drop me."

"So that's why you got on the trial?" Megan arched an eyebrow.

"I did. He's not touching me anymore, and it's just...frustrating!" She let out a sniff/whimper. Megan felt her cock plump up. "Then this company called and offered to get me into this drug trial to improve my image. They mentioned that you did it too."

Megan nodded, not disclosing the fact that her career took a hit and this was a way to recover. Avril stopped sniffing and examined her partner. "So what happened? They gave me something called Curvoma Type-B. What did you get?" Avril started to fish into her purse and extracted a pill bottle.

"They gave me Curvoma Type-A. I guess I'm patient zero." She laughed. "There's a lot of things the happened they gave me the pills. For one I feel almost addicted to them. They just make your body feel sooooo goooooood." Megan stood up and modeled. "My boobs got bigger as you can tell." She cupped them inside her top. "They went up a modest B to a full F.

Megan moaned out "And sensitive. My nipples just love it. They're erect nearly all the time. Mmmm the love to be sucked and teased"

Avril sat mesmerized by the display before her.

"My hips, they've gone up too. I was a 32, now I think I'm near a 40. Most of this is in my ass!" As if to show off, Megan practically thrust her increased booty in Avril's stunned face. "Last though. I got this." Megan turned and just a foot from Avril she cupped the unmistakable bulge in her pants. As the blonde could only stare, Megan slowly pulled down the tight constricting yoga pants. Her large thick, semi flaccid member slowly came into view. Below her large orange sized testicles hung low in her sack. "Mmm yeah, that's nice." Megan's eye were shut and she slowly rocking her hips from side to side. A free hand started to pump her member to hardness while her other groped one of her large breasts.

The dance was hypnotic to Avril. Her hands were drawn to the sexy woman in front of her and her pseudo-strip tease lap dance. Her hands slammed onto Megan's hips and slowly drew the tan goddess forward. Her small tongue darted out, licking her lips at the large member drawing closer to her lips.

Megan's eyes flashed open and she pulled back. Easily breaking the lock the blonde had on her. "That'll be for later." She grinned predatorially and sat back on the couch, cock bobbing against gravity's pull.

Avril whimpered, lust was evident across her face and her entire body. Megan could see the smallest hint of nipple poking through her top. She was aroused. "Awww..."

"So what else did you want to know?"

"Well...I...umm...I..." her eyes never left the cock bobbing before her. "Will that happen?" She half pointed, half reached for the magnificent member.

Megan shrugged, "I really don't know. My version caused it, yours may not."

"Is...umm...everything still there?"

"Oh of course!" She pulled her pants down even more and angled her cock up. A small hand picked up as much of her sack as possible and lifted it out of the way. It was incredibly arousing to Avril, no doubt she easy thoroughly soaked through now. Megan looked down between her mammoth boobs, her cock pressing deep into her cleavage, mere inches from her mouth. Avril gripped the couch cushion, desperately fighting with her fleeting willpower to not jump the raven haired sex goddess before her.

"See? Still there, but it hasn't gotten much use lately." Megan sensed her guests struggle and upped it a notch. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and traced around her plum sized cock head. "Mmmm. That feels so...goooood."

Megan panted, "I don't even know if it changed. Maybe it's tighter, but it's certainly wetter." To demonstrate a free finger traced her folds and their glistening contours. "Sensitive too." She purred out.

Avril abandoned her pretense of control and launched herself up from her couch. She neared her mark, Megan's large bouncing cock. It's large red head called to her and she responded. Like a moth to a flame she approached the tip. Licking her lips drew closer and closer. Her tongue stuck put as she was mere fractions of an inch away. Avril took in a breath, only to loose it as strong hands forced her down. She panicked as Megan hands held her head. Thry did not however push her away, rather they pulled her in closer to a different destination.

Avril nose came to rest against something moist. She opened her eyes to her vision covered by flesh. Megan testicles covered her face while Avril mouth was now at her entrance. Avril had never knowingly gone down on a girl, but it seemed she didn't have a choice now. Tentatively, she stuck her tongue forward and licked at the glistening folds before her. Remarkably, Megan was sweet. Her juices were liquid sugar, tasting of honey.

Avril dived in with gusto. 'If this is what a girl tastes like, I can soooo get used to it.' She thought as she dove her tongue in. Megan moaned and her juices flowed forward. The blonde singer lapped at the pussy before her. Soon though she was just content to lap at it. She experimented and dipped her tongue in, causing Megan to gasp and force her head in further.

The black haired futa was not idle. While one hand forced Avril deeper into her female sex, the other started to bring her cock up. With flexibility that would make her yoga teacher proud she reached down and was able to pick the colossal cockhead. She moaned into her dick as she started to take in the length. She wouldn't get far, but that mattered little. Her arousal evident by the appearance of a stream of precum that flowed down from her slit to the blonde below.

Avril felt rather than saw something hitting her head. Her vision, already clouded by the two testicles before soon got worse by the milky white liquid flowing down from Megan. She wouldn't let it impede her however as she drove her tongue in, out, and and long Megan' love canal. So desperate for her honey, Avril didn't care about the mess that was being made on her.

Megan rubbed her cock in earnest. She sucked like a seasoned pro, tongue dancing across the head while her lips barely wrapped around the member. She discovered too that she could lightly drag her teeth across the helmet. The sensations would flood her mind with pleasure and she'd nearly choked twice from the overload. It wouldn't be long now.

Avril was full. She never took it more fluid in her life and yet it still kept coming and she kept drinking it down. No doubt the ambrosia was like a aphrodisiac. Her left hand was violently twisting her small boobs around, yanking hard on her eraser sized nipple. Meanwhile, her right was working feverishly in and out of her steamy sex. Her own juices leaked out and down her bare thighs. Only thing that could make it better right now was if someone was eating her out or ramming her with a cock, strapon or anything really. Avril didn't care.

Megan neared her release. She was used to the sensations now that built up to her climax. Without delay, she pulled the Canadian starlet away from her pushy and pushed her, roughly, to the flood. Megan barely stood up before drinking in the sight of Avril. Her hair a mess, her makeup smeared, Megan' pre dripping down off her chin. One hand desperately clutching at her meager chest while the other worked her sex with reckless abandon. Avril looked so vulnerable right now.

That was all it took. Megan's entire body shook as her cock hauled off and released. Her cry of release was raw sexuality, starting with a deep moan that went through the entire note scale that became of scream of unbridled delight. Her balls churned as she fired off several long bursts. Each thick rope of cum splattering over the singer. Avril herself exploded in orgasm. Her wails filled the room as ropes of cum drenched her body. Her hands worked furiously to prolong her release.

As all good things, their mutual orgasm came to an end. Megan' first; her cock gave one last drip before stopping and her voice let out a squeak as everything ended. Avril' actions slowed as she came down from her high. The blonde celebrity let out a purr and stretched languidly as she felt the white streaks of cum that covered her clothing.

Megan collapsed back onto the couch with a loud plop and a sigh. Neither said anything for a few moments. The singer finally broke the silence with merely, "wow."

"Still works, much more sensitive. " Megan eeked out matter of factly.

Avril, her face contorted into post coital bliss, slowly opened one eye. "I need to start my drug trial."

Megan could do little but nod in agreement.
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Love reading about slutty Megan Fox. Looking forward to reading more of these.


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