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Drug Trials: Chapter 2
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Avril grunted as her back strained against the weight. She pushed up with her might and was rewarded with the weight moving just a fraction of an inch more. Somewhat satisfied, she eased the weight down and the dropped it behind her with a resounding thud. Exercise was not something that came easy to her. Like Taylor Swift, she was best described as skinny fat. Skinny fat being the term for when someone is skinny, like herself, but when pressed is slightly pudgy possessing very little muscle or tone. That was changing now. After her encounter with Megan and the very sexy, sexual result, Avril had started her pill regime that very day.

Her results were much different from Megan's. After a few days she noticed the bump similar to what her new bff had reported. Moreover, her breasts felt tender to touch and her muscles felt sore. Spiking through her, and not just the sexual energy that Megan was charged with, real energy as well. Avril had started to jog, unintentionally at first, but she felt good after a run. The run became a brief exercise, then a half hour, then it moved to an hour. Now she was done with her workout for the day, the barbell behind her done helping with her squats. Already everything seemed to show. Avril's body seemed to take on a toned look to it. She wasn't horrifically muscled, and desperately didn't want to be. Instead she was starting to look like fit, like Jen Selter.

Jen didn't have a body like this however. Avril's blonde hair had taken on a luxurious sheen that made light dance around each lock. Her complexion improved like a proactive model. Even her eyes seemed brighter. Yet, that was not the only change Curvoma B made to her face. Her lips, formerly small and thin, had taken on a plumpness that looked like a constant pout. Moving down, past her slender neck, her breasts stuck out from her slender frame. Previously when asked, she would answer that she was a 'B'. If she was, she was a very small B cup at best, or a moderate A. There was no confusing these tits for A cups however now. A solid pair of large 'D's capped up with pink nipples that just begged for attention. Even now they jostled within the confines of her blue sports bra. Moving down, her stomach was no longer a round little thing, instead she had a hint of a six pack forming. Her waist remained a small 24 inches, while her hips flared out. Previously, 32 inches left her with a small pert ass. Now however, her butt flared out dramatically. It was not on the level of Kim Kardashian, or even Megan's new figure, but it was there. 38 inches of cushion. The squats she did now must have been helping as well, as her butt remained firm, with just enough jiggle. Her butt tapered down into thicker thighs and her dainty feet. All in all Curvoma was doing to her what was promised, and then some.

The 'then some' was ever present on Avril. Jutting out just above her pussy was a cock. It wasn't the 14 inch monster that Megan Fox had, but it was lovely none the less. After 2 months it seemed to settle down to 6 and a half inches and thicker than the cocks she had seen. Avril was fine with that, remarkably, she was even fine that she now had a cock. Perhaps the ever present Curvoma clouded her rational judgment on sex. Two small egg sized balls had filled out a sack. They seemed to constantly be at work in there, producing copious amounts of sperm.

Back in the present, Avril toweled off the sweat and grime from her workout. AC/DC, her go to work out music, blasted out Thunderstruck from Pandora from the far wall while she approached the floor length mirror and admired her form. Her blonde locks were tied back in a ponytail while a blue sports bra struggled against her new endowments. Even now they wobbled against the fabric with every pose she made, nipples jutting out against it. Her midriff was bare, showcasing her abs, leading down to a pair of black workout pants. They almost looked painted on against her wide hips and enlarged ass. There was also no hiding the bulge that stuck out from her crotch. Avril smiled and posed. She admired how everything stuck out when she went for the classic model pose. One hand on her hip and a leg bent. She turned and went for the Kim Kardashian pose. Both hands on her hips and her legs one right in front of the other. Avril liked that one, but Kim probably had that trademarked. One last pose. Avril faced away from the mirror and looked back. It was an ass shot that J. Lo, Shakira, and Kim made famous. It did wonders for her ass. Those two globes stuck out at a lovely angle. Casting no doubt on her feminity and raw sexuality. Quite the shift, Avril thought, from her formerly 'cute' title. 'Sexy. That's a title I can get used to.'

Over the blast of Brian Johnson singing, Avril became vaguely aware of the ringing of her phone. Sighing with regret, she turned down the music and picked up the phone. Avril's immediate thought was that it was her lawyer. Filing for divorce was never an easy prospect. She knew, she had been there before. Yet, this time was slightly different. Her lawyer insisted, despite her opinion to the contrary, that being in Nickelback was not reason for divorce. Yet, it was easier than saying her marriage was loveless. Even more so now. The phone buzzed again and brought her back to the present. The number was not one she recognized but she answered all the same.

Avril was greeted by a blast of unworldly noise. Holding the phone back, she shouted into the device. "Hello?"

Another screech, this time human. "Hey gurl!"

Confusion. "Who's this?"

"Oh hey, it's Lindsay. Megan gave me your number." Whatever sound was going on in the background lessened greatly.

Of course. Lindsay would inevitably get her number from Megan. According to the raven haired goddess, Lindsay was a sexual dynamo. One that was running Megan ragged despite her enhanced libido. Better to be addicted to sex than any of her previous vices. "Oh hi, what's up?"

"Nuthin. I wanted to call and check up on you. Megan is off for filming, and I'm reading through scripts. They're so boring."

"Oh yeah? Anything interesting?" Avril took a swig from her water bottle and started to clean up. She'd need a shower before going anywhere, and without a doubt she'd be leaving the house after this conversation. Megan out of town, Lindsay free to roam, things were suddenly making sense.

"Nothing yet, there was talks for a Mean Girls 2."

"I thought they made a second one."

Her phone exploded in volume, "That wasn't a sequel! It didn't have anything from the first movie!" Okay that was a sore spot.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Avril paused, knowing what Lindsay was struggling to get to. "Do you want me to come over and hangout?"

"Oh that would be wonderful, I already have someone over, and the more the merrier!" Her mood changed in an instant. Avril needed to tread carefully, as this girl was a live grenade. Why did Megan pick her?

"Alright, I have to get changed and I'll be over in an hour or so." Avril was already walking out of her gym and up the steps to her bedroom.

"Great." *click* This girl needs some manners. Maybe Megan was slowly fucking them into the redhead. Shooting off a text wouldn't hurt. Avril entered the bathroom and turned on the shower head. While waiting for the water to come up on the 6 headed luxury shower, Avril opted to write out a text.

'Hey Megan, Lindsay called and said you're out of town filming. She's invited me over to hang out, any issues or lines I shouldn't cross? Thanks '

Setting her phone down, she peeled off the drenched sports bra, letting the ladies bounce free. Now free of their confines, her boobs bounced merrily, as if they were breathing in fresh air after being locked in a cotton blended prison. Even her nipples, the rosy pink protrusions of pleasure, seemed to breathe in a sigh of relief at being freed. Avril massaged her breasts tenderly, enjoying the sensations from her heightened pleasure receptors. She absently flicked each nipple before guiding her hands farther south across her increasing taut midsection. With a slow move befitting a stripper, she began to slid down the black pants. Avril moaned silently as the stretchy material slid over the contours of her butt. The flesh rejoiced as they were hit with the open air, yet that wasn't the only part of her that was rejoicing. Her cock, the wonderful tool that it was, had started at half-mast from her earlier modeling session, now however it was full wood. The staff bounced happily at being freed from the confines of the pants and continued to twitch along with her rapidly rising pulse. The blonde reached down past the pillar of pleasure before her and absently scratched at the two balls in their own confining flesh prison. Satisfied, as much as she could be, her hands dipped even lower beneath her testicles and to her moist folds.

She moaned as she brushed she small sex. Already she was wet, something about a tough workout got her excited. Her left hand dipped in further, driving its' fingers along the lips and gently pressed inside. Meanwhile her right snaked itself back up and found itself wrapping around her dick. The small hand idly pumped the member whilst her fingers plunged deeper into her dripping sex. Avril found, with some experimentation, that if she could hit both spots pleasure at once it would send her into a raging orgasm that almost caused her to blackout. Almost caused her to end up in the ER first time it happened.

The blonde beauty panted as her delicate fingers searched for the spot, stroking madly for the elusive little button just inside her pussy. Her right hand was not idle, it spent it's time near her cock head, tracing the crown and skin just beneath. The elusive spot now within her grasp, she pressed the button with vigor. Her fingers moved around and on top of it. The smooth tops of her fingernails providing a sensational difference between the roughness of her fingers. To her it was like she could feel every ridge and bump of her fingerprints. She flicked the button with her nail, nearing inevitable release, only a few more seconds...

The beeping of her phone broke cut through her moans and sighs of pleasure. She tried to ignore it, but the incessant beeping caused her to lose her spot on the button inside her pussy. She preferred nothing more than coating the floor with several long streams of her own cum, but the phone had other ideas. Regretfully, she withdrew her two fingers with an audible pop. Bringing the fingers to her nose she inhaled the sweetness smells of her nectar before locking her fingers clean. Just like Megan, she tasted like honey fresh from a honey pot.

Idly stroking her cock to keep it from going soft, she picked up the offending device.

'In New York exploring offers. Go ahead and do whatever with Lindsay, she may not feel you in her pussy, I stretched her out lol. Maybe stretch her for anal? ;-)'

Avril unconsciously started to stroke faster. Anal? It was something she never even considered, but the thought of it had entered her mind, and it was a hard thought to lose. Was Lindsay an anal virgin? Probably not. Did it matter to her? Not really. Using her free left hand she absently typed up a response.

'You sure? Any good offers?'

Avril set the phone down and immediately turned to the shower. It had been running a good five minutes now, no doubt it hot, but she'd better hurry lest the water become cold. As she pushed back the curtain her phone beeped yet again. Sighing heavily, Avril turned back to annoying gadget of the modern age. The blonde nearly dropped the phone upon reading the text.

'One I'm exploring this very second!'

Attached was a very sexy picture that made Avril pump her cock faster. it was a view right from Megan's vision. The raven haired beauties bust pushing out a black halter top, her cleavage blocking the lower part of the shot. Even her thick, juicy nipple deemed themselves to be in the shot. Yet, that was not what was setting Avril off. Far below her cleavage, Megan's cock was out of her pants. The thick member was barely visible. A small hand was wrapped around the base while its partner was fondling her attached mammoth nuts, possibly even fingerings her pussy. Avril's eyes traveled the length of cock until it disappeared under a pile of dark brown hair. Judging by the exposed length, this mystery person was excellent at blow jobs.

Avril set the phone down and stared intently at the picture. She just pictured that happening right now. Far off in New York Megan was getting her monstrous fuckstick sucked by a pro. The mystery woman's lips wrapped around her cock, bobbing in time with her hand pumping while her other hand fondled her large eggs. Oh it was a joyous thought!

Avril pumped harder and let her hand drift down to her dripping snatch. She pushed inside easily with two fingers, searching again for the g-spot that would send her to ecstasy. In her mind a new vision took hold. Rather than Megan it was her getting sucked off. The mystery blower was replaced in her mind with Lindsay. The redhead bobbed up and down, experienced as she was with sex. Her tongue danced around Avril's crown while her hands stroked for dear life. When Avril was close, Lindsay disconnected herself, only to shift back and present her freckled cleavage for Avril. The sultry, wanton look in Lindsay's eyes was all it took. Her load unleashed in a torrent that took Lindsay in the face at first. The first blasted arched across her nose and dribbled down to her lips. Each subsequent blast went lower, coating her neck and before hitting her firm boobs.

After a half dozen bursts her cock was spent. Lindsay reached up and massaged the cum into her breasts. As Avril watched intently, Lindsay transformed. Her red hair turned blond and shortened up while freckles disappeared and her skin lightened. Before her now was Miley Cyrus. The blonde looked up at Avril with her big blue eyes. Holding eye contact, Miley leaned down and extended her long tongue. Her tongue reached out and slid along her firm B cups, grabbing a long stream of cum. She retracted her tongue back in her mouth, swallowing the load with a protracted "Mmmmm". It was more than Avril could take, the sexy innocence of it all and her cock stirred just long enough to fire one blast across Miley's full red lips. She responded by giving a sly wink and smiling, cum dripping off her face.

Avril opened her eyes. She was panting heavily, leaning against the sink cabinet. All the strength in her arms were gone save her vice like grip on her softening member. Slowly, Avril picked herself up. Several ribbons of cum dripped down from the mirror, and several more collected in the sink. One unfortunate stream painted the screen of her phone. Drawing in several deep breaths, she took in the devastation. Even the floor was wet from where her pussy sprayed out its fluids. That dream was so vivid to her. Avril carefully picked her way across the floor; being careful not to slip. As she entered the shower she could only wonder who was the mystery girl, and how she could make her day dream a reality.


Megan set the phone down next to her. She closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair. "Don't worry, no one can tell it's you." She closed her eyes an enjoyed the brunettes ministrations.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Tina, nothing of your face is visible. Now get back to it. Take the whole thing down!"

Tina Fey nodded, before pushing back her glasses and inhaling the awesome piece of meat before her. Tina didn't get ahead by just her considerable talent, it did take a lot of coercion at times. At college and later on she perfected her coercion technique, which Megan now benefitted from.

"As I said, there are hints of a true Mean Girls sequel, not a direct to video piece of shit, but a..ahhh...right there...there...there! ... true sequel." Megan shuttered as Tina hit a sensitive spot. "I think Lindsay is ripe to make a comeback, and your talent is essential."

Tina looked to be nodding. It was hard to tell as she bobbing up and down on Megan cock, steadily taking more and more of the 14 inch monster down her throat. It might of seemed strange that Tina was so open and willing to blow Megan so readily, but she had found a secret of Tina's that she was willing to exploit. Tina was a bit of a size queen, and loved trying the biggest. Thus when Megan learned that her husband was almost comically small, matching his 5 foot tall stature, she realized she had an in.

When she got up this morning, she dressed to exploit this fact. Her breasts were bursting out of her halter top, shaking wildly with every step she took. They threatened to break out of their cloth confines, erect nipples leading the way. Her cock, ever present in anything she wore was similarly displayed. The tight denim in her blue jeans outlined her dick nicely as it was packed down her right leg. Her large orange sized balls dented out her crotch obscenely. Even in the rear the pants looked painted on her wide hips and epic ass. When she finally was crammed into her chosen outfit she completed the last step of the morning. Her PEZ dispenser came out and the familiar pill went down her gullet. The warmth that spread throughout her system gave her shivers of pleasure as she felt everything she wore just get a little tighter.

When Megan walked into her meeting with Tina Fey, it was obvious she was in control. From the first words Megan asserted her dominance and Tina was filled with lust and desire. Coming back to reality, Megan was pleased that Tina was so adept at sucking cock. She laughed when she admitted that her husband was nearly a quarter of Megan' erect size. It was Tina that made the first move, groping at her full length confined in her pants. Megan had simply allowed her to continue, fishing out inch after inch of female cock and allowing her to lick and fondle it to full hardness. Now Megan dictated her terms to Tina.

Mean Girls was, for all intents and purposes, Lindsay's best film. Certainly her most famous. After that it was a career slide. However, she felt that the redhead was ready for a comeback and needed some A-list firepower to bring her back up. Was it deceptive? Yep. Was it in self-interest? Probably. The media portrayed Megan as being entirely self-centered, she was not going to argue that, but at the same time she had some altruism. Getting Lindsay back on her feet and constantly off her cock was a goal.

Megan grunted as Tina reached new depths. Almost all her cocktail had disappeared down the order woman's throat. Her hands switched to exclusively fondling Megan nuts and probing her honey pot hiding just beneath. Tina picked up in tempo causing the raven haired girl to gasp, she allowed the cock to go all the way back til just the large head sat in her mouth before slamming in back down and taking almost all of it in. Megan pawed at her breasts, desperately pinching and pulling at her nipples as she neared her inevitable release.

The futa girl howled and her testicles pulled themselves up to her cocktail and unleashed a torrent of cum. Her dick spasmed wildly as it unloaded like a cannon, firing blast after blast, streaming cum down its length. Unfortunately for Tina, she only had the head in her mouth, tongue dancing along the underside of the sensitive head when Megan went off. The initial spasm knocked her head back and Megan's free. Falling on her ass she could only watch in slow motion as the monstrous cock stood over like a shower head, sending geysers of spunk high into the air before raining down on her. The batter coated her, hitting her legs, her skirt, and her shirt revealing her black lace bra, before one final spasm arced out of Megan cock. Tina admired, in slow motion, as the stream came down at her, splattering her face and coating her iconic glasses. She removed her and drank up the thick white coating on them before replacing them on her head.

Megan for her part was slowly recovering. She hadn't cum in at least a day and it took a lot out of her. Her deflated dick came down and rested against the plush chair, continuing to leak a small amount of cum onto the now stained carpet. Her breathing became normal, returning from the sharp shallow gasps and eye piercing yelling of her orgasm. Neither spoke for several minutes as they collected themselves.

"So we have a deal?"

Tina smiled, cum still dripping off her face. "I'll do it, get some more talent lined up for me." She turned around and shucked off her cum stained skirt, revealing the black thong wedged into her ass. Presenting her ass to Megan she turned and looked over her shoulder. "Now seal the deal."

Megan stood up, grinning while pumping her dick back to full hardness.


Avril was late getting to Megan's place. Her bathroom fantasies and subsequent lukewarm shower had pushed everything back. LA traffic certainly didn't help matters. She bound her way up the stone steps to Megan house, secretly enjoying how her breasts jostled around in her button up top. Yes, Avril had a wardrobe change and decided for something normal. The short skirt popped up revealing her as with every step as she bounced up the stairs.

The blonde didn't need to knock, Megan had opted to give her a key, so frequent were her comings and goings. Opening the door, Avril was greeted by the sounds of giggling occasionally interspersed with a slurping sound. If she didn't know better, Avril would have guessed Lindsay was eating ice cream or soup. She did however know better. Following the sounds lead her past the living room where Megan introduced her to her python, past the kitchen where she was banged over the counter. She marched through the open door to the pool area. Avril paused by the hot tub where they comically tried to fit their dicks into bikini bottoms. Good times. That was when Avril first had a cock worth showing, and received her first blow job. The blonde started forward again and entered the pool proper. She passed clothing scattered about the hall, clearly someone was here. The giggles were louder, accompanied by a series of low moans that resonated throughout the room.

Turning the corner, Avril stopped short at the sight before her. Lindsay was spread out, legs wide on one of the plush lounge chairs. One hand pawed at her beasts while the other forced a dirty blonde head further between her open legs. Lindsay moaned again and wrapped her thighs around the girl, locking her in place to continue her oral services. Avril picked her way to the scene unfolding before her.

"Lick my cunt you cunt!" Okay, her dirty talk needed work. "Dig deeper you slut!" A lot of work. It did seem to do the job however as the red head soundly cried out in pleasure.

"Is she doing well?" The mystery girl immediately tensed up but Lindsay played it off.

"Amanda is doing a fine job. Why don't you say hello Amanda?" She released her leg lock and allowed her to shift. Amanda Bynes turned to face Avril, her face covered in Lindsay' juices but also bright red in embarrassment.

"Hello." She said meekly.

Avril cocked her head to the side. "You two know each other?"

The redhead nodded, dragging Amanda back towards her moist sex. "We've done rehab stints together. Since you were taking so long, I called her."

"I got stuck in traffic." She half lied. At the same time she couldn't help but get aroused by the nonchalant attitude Lindsay had right now. Here she was keeping up a conversation while her fellow rehab celebrity was eating her out.

Lindsay noticed her growing arousal and dragged her tongue achingly slow across her ruby lips. "Come on now girl. Bring that thing out! I want to see what you've got!"

Slightly embarrassed, Avril began to strip for Lindsay. Her skirt parted and fell away, revealing the packed spandex shorts beneath. The spandex even now was having to put up a fight against her hardening member.

"All of it!" The redhead whistled.

Blushing...wait why was she blushing?...Avril pulled down the shorts. Her bare member pushed against the fabric, eliciting a moan from her lips as the tip of her penis drew along the soft material. With a final tug her cock happily bounced free. Soon after her balls too tasted freedom from her confining bottoms. Avril pulled at her top nervously.

Lindsay beckoned her over, which she dutifully complied. When she was close enough, the girl reached out and grabbed her member. Avril cooed and allowed herself to be pulled down to kiss the lips of the redhead. She could feel Lindsay' tongue as it probed for entry into her mouth. Parting slightly, she let their tongues intertwine in a sensual dance of lust and passion. Breaking the kiss with a moan and releasing her cock, the freckled Lohan smiled deviously. Bringing her hands up to Avril's top she wasted no time in pulling the material. Buttons shot off in every direction as her black bra was ripped into view. Her mouth watered at the inches of Avril's milky white cleavage clad only in the bra. Through outstretched hands, she grasped and pawed at the flesh, eliciting moans of delight from Avril and shrieks of delight from herself as Amanda hit a sensitive spot. Obliging Lindsay desperate motions, Avril reached behind and unhooked the bra, letting it fall free along with the tatters of her shirt. Her pink nipples jutting out proudly against her pale flesh.

The redheaded slut wasted no time in pulling her down again, mouth open to embrace Avril exposed nipples. A long gasp turned into a low growling moan as Lindsay latched on. Her tongue worked furiously around the nub, while she sucked in the whole areola in her mouth. She would disengage, only to drag her teeth across the sensitive flesh, then switch to the boobs' underappreciated partner.

Avril had a repeat of this morning. Her right hand encircled the hard member jutting from her crotch while her left hand dipped even lower to her wet snatch. This time however, pleasure came faster as Lindsay worked her breasts. She even felt a hand on the head of cock that slowly traced the crimson helmet and tickled under the sensitive head. The blonde futa needed her release, her actions becoming tense and more frantic, desperate to reach a release and spray down her aggressor.

"What the fuck is that!"

The exclamation brought both of them out of their list induced haze as they both turned guilty to Amanda. The dirty blonde had disconnected herself from Lindsay's cunt and stared in a mix of wonder and horror at the dick jutting out 7 inches from Avril's crotch.

"It's my cock silly." Avril giggled, her embarrassment washing away.

"Where'd that come from?" She crept closer, looking at the appendage.

Before she could answer, Lindsay chimed in. "She grew it. She's on a trial for a new medication. That's a side effect."

"What's the drug do?"

"It's supposed to give her these." To emphasize her point she squeezed each breast, causing Avril to yelp. She followed this by smacking her ass. "And this fine piece of ass."

"I need to get me some!"

Avril, angry at Lindsay for butting in, snorted. "Good luck, it's long process and there's a lot that goes into it. Not to mention potential side effects." She stroked her cock.

"Well..." Her round face furrowed in thought as she looked at the dick leveled before her. She wanted it, but had reservations.

"Come on, don't you want to try it?" Avril asked, pointing her dick at the wide-eyed Amanda.

Amanda considered but Lindsay chimed in again. "Why don't we demonstrate for her?"

Avril clapped her hands in delight. "Of course!" Delighted, of course, to pound Lindsay for the first time, and follow Megan' suggestion. The loud redhead was in for a rude surprise. Avril, still standing, pulled her out of the lounge chair. With little regard for her feelings she started to command her pointing to her erect member. "Blow."

Grinning, Lindsay got down in her knees on the floor of the pool room. She regarded the cock carefully before leaning towards it. She started with some tenuous lucks along the length, slowly building up steam as she slathered the dick with her saliva. When she decided it was good and ready she popped the member in her mouth. Avril groaned as Lindsay began in earnest, her head bobbed up and down the member, easily taking in its size. Avril's hands wrapped around her head and she began to force the strokes. A glint of evil crossed the blonde's eye as she began to facefuck the redhead. Slowly at first, but gaining speed as she trust her hips into Lindsay's freckled face.

Not that Lindsay seemed to mind. Her hands were busy massaging her own chest and reaching down and fingerings her moist snatch. Her face contorted in a mix of pleasure and pain each time her nose slammed into the base of the cock and the large head forced itself down her throat.

Avril was enjoying this. Check that, she was relishing it. "Take...it...all...you...fire...crotched whore!" She managed to hiss out between thrusts, each one becoming stronger and faster. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Amanda sitting up in the chair. Her legs wide and her right hand buried 3 fingers deep in her snatch.

"Oh that's the stuff! Work that little bitch!" Amanda moaned out, eyes locked on the scene before her. Her free hand twisted and pulled at her nipples, relishing in the pleasures they gave as her other hand fingers her pussy and her thumb massaged her clit.

Avril felt herself nearing a release, everything just felt good and she swore she felt her balls creep higher. As painful as it was, she disconnected and pushed Lohan off her member. Disappointed, she crashed to the hard tile in a heap before instantly being picked up by the futa. The blonde maneuvered her over the back of lounge chair, breasts hanging over the front and her rear presenting an oh so inviting target. With a loud smack on her ass that broke through the chorus of moans in the room, Avril leaned in close and whispered in her ear.

"Megan told me I should take care of you." She whispered softly. Her hand guided her cock to Lindsay's wet folds. The redhead cooed as Avril rubbed her head across her moist entrance.

"Stick it in already!" Lindsay rocked back and forth, desperately trying to move Avril along.

"Okay, we're good and lubed now." Avril ran her cock along her nether lips one last time before guiding her rod upwards.

"Wait! Wait! That's my...!" Lindsay's eyes went wide as stars flew past her vision. She had done anal before, but that was with a lot of prep and someone smaller than Avril's 7 inches. She croaked out a cry as she felt the thick intruder press into her anal cavity. She gritted her teeth as the pleasure and pain threatened to short circuit her brain.

Having never received nor given anal before, Avril was surprised. Lindsay had put up stiff resistance but that did little to stop the short blonde from ramming the head in. it was like a vice squeezed her cock as she fed it into her unwilling hole. "Come on, loosen up!" The vice loosened slightly as Lindsay relaxed or gave up fighting. She didn't know and didn't care. Her hands gripped either side of the screaming redheads' waist as she forced more in.

With a dull thud caused by her balls hitting Lindsay's cunt, causing a moan from Lindsay herself, Avril was in. She just rested there for a second, collecting herself, relishing the feeling of being balls deep in the Mean Girls star. Eliciting a groan from her partner, Avril started up again. Slowly at first, she pulled herself out until just the head was in. She then slid back in until her balls hit again. Avril was content to just go at this slow pace, such was the enjoyment she was getting. However, this wouldn't prepare Lindsay for Megan now would it?

The pace quickened, Avril slid her length in, then back out, slowly increasing the speed. Lindsay was, for her part, getting used to the pillar of cock flesh buried in her and pleasure overtook the pain. So much so that she started pushing back at Avril's strokes, desperate for more.

Like a metronome out of control, the blonde's pace speed up alarmingly. This was not the gentle stroked previously experienced. This was the tempo of a Marilyn Manson concert. Her hips were a blur as they rocketed into the now receptive redhead. Her mouth emitted grunts, groans, and the occasional sigh as she pounded away. Lindsay gripped the top of the chair for dear life as she she was pistoned back and forth, her breasts slapping the backrest with every stroke. Her voice, now just a hoarse whispered moan that was unending save when it emitted a sharp cry. Pleasure, pain, it was all the same in her brain.

Off to the side, their voyeur had nearly worked her small fist into her own pussy. She swirled it around desperately, trying to match the rhythm those two had set. She wasn't getting enough she thought, removing her hand that was abusing her small chest and let it take hold of her clit. There it gripped hard and pulled, rubbing furiously like it was a stain that needed to come out. She needed to cum that was for sure. She was almost there, just that extra something was needed.

Unexpectedly, Avril felt lightheaded. The pace combined with her earlier workout must have been doing a number on her. She slowed her assault for a brief moment and that's all it took. A passionate cry erupted from her lips and her cock spasmed. Cum aplenty released from inside her and was pumped deep into Lindsay. She felt the secondary explosion beneath her cock as her pussy exploded, releasing its' own flood of juices. The juices ran down her thighs, soon joined by Lindsay's as her orgasm sprayed out behind her. The scream that erupted for her pierced the air and made Avril recoil. Unexpectedly, the howl died before it reached its' natural end. It was like the cable got ripped out of the speaker.

Amanda cry filled the void. Avril saw her frantic motions, desperate to keep those endorphins flowing through her system. Unfortunately, her released ran its course and she slunk back into her chair, regretfully withdrawing the hand from her abused cunt, yet continuing to tease her over stimulated clit.

Even more lightheaded, Avril disconnected herself as the last few shots erupted from her cock, painting the ass and back of the passed out Lohan. Out of breath and gasping for air, Avril stumbled back onto an adjoining chair. Her sweat drenched form sank deep into the cushions. Not long after, darkness clouded her vision and she passed out.


Several hours later, Avril woke up. The sun was on its way down from its high position in the sky. Taking stock, her legs were sticky from her and Lindsay's fluids. Her cock was a little sore from its earlier encounters. In the distance, Lindsay had moved to the lounge chair rather than hanging off the back, but was splayed haphazardly across. Her firm butt still open for all to see, traces of cum dried on. The redhead snored occasionally. Of Amanda, Avril could find no sign. Her clothes were missing and what looked to be a trail of her leakings lead out of the pool area.

Avril stretched, feeling her muscles and tendons pop with the exertion. She stood up on shake legs and snatched her phone from her clothing pile. A couple emails and messages that made her phone vibrate. She absently deleted several irrelevant emails and glanced at the few messages she had. Most were unimportant, but one Megan had sent her a text.

'I finished my business in New York, catching a late flight home. How'd it go?'

Avril considered her response as she walked about. All her muscles ached from the day. Walking about, she spied the hot tub. The way the water bubbled was hypnotic to Avril. She was drawn to it. Climbing in, she relished the feeling as her legs slid into the water. Descending further, the warmth wrapped around her like a blanket, going up to her taut stomach, then further still as she sank in. Buried up to her neck, she sighed. It was such a wonderful feeling. Absently, she pawed about for the control box. She cranked it on that immediately yelped out. Unbeknownst to her, she has sat down in a jet. The pump started and starting blowing warm water across her nether regions.

Calming down she settled into the water, allowing the water to tease and caress her most tender parts of her body. She cooed as bubbles slipped by her now erect nipples, and the warm jet sprayed her testicles, gently teasing all her equipment with the soft spray. Avril's body was already responding to the touch, she could feel the blood entering her cock. The hardening shaft rising up, reaching to break the surface, but not coming close. 'Megan's cock would easily break the surface.' Her mind thought to when their hot tub encounter. After busting those bikini bottoms they had climbed into the hot tub. Megan's cock punched out of the surface sticking out like a pillar of flesh in a choppy sea. Avril's cock twitched at that thought. Oh to have an encounter like that again! Maybe it would happen. Before she left her place today she sent a text to her friend Miley. Maybe that would show some promise. Leaning back she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye. Lindsay had started to stir.

"Bitch, get your ass up and get me some wine!" Lindsay tried to get up, but soon collapsed back into a heap. Maybe she rode her too hard. Nah, that girl deserved it. Avril typed a response back to Megan and slunk deeper into the hot tub.


Megan sat waiting for her number to be called. The boarding agent was more than friendly, but still it was a pain waiting for everyone to pile into the plane. Her trip to New York went very well. With Tina Fey on board a new Mean Girls was looking to take shape. Megan pursed her lips as she thought. Did this make her a talent agent? Should she be one? That had some appeal to her. All those stars coming to her with her ability to get top deals. The thought of that appealed to her. Lindsay was a start, but maybe she could grow with other celebrities that were down on their luck. Her cock twitched under the skirt she wore. Yes, and fuck them too. 'I know what your thought is.'

She absently looked down at her phone as it chirped. A text from Avril.

'Sorry, worn out. Lindsay had Amanda Bynes over.'

'Hmm.' It was like fate was dealing her a hand.

"First class passengers may now board." The older woman at the desk announced. Megan slung her day bag over her shoulder and made it past the ticket agent. She hated descending the walkway into the plane. It was always felt like it was held together with duct tape and prayer. More so for the plane itself. She greeted the flight attendant and found her seat easily. First class was light on people and whoever she was next to had not shown up yet.

She sat down, relishing the feeling of her ass as it spread out and filled out her seat. She was dressed for comfort, not style. Tight jeans would have caused too many problems for her in the 4 hour ache inducing flight home. Megan got comfortable and absently flipped through Skymalls' final issue. She'd much rather be watching something on her tablet, but had to wait til the plane was in the air. Watching Taken 3 was much more her style than deciding if she wanted to buy a deer feeder for her backyard. Hint: She didn't. She even was cursing to herself that she left her book and kindle on the nightstand.

Megan glanced up and was greeted by an odd sight. The last occupant of the flight had finally arrived and boarded. If they were trying to blend in, they failed utterly. The skin tight clothes highlighted their lithe frame while a pair of glasses dwarfed her face and covered half of it. A ball cap on backwards did little to hide her dyed blonde tresses. There was also no hiding those full ruby red lips. Megan admired how the clothing pulled taut against the trim figure as this girl shoved her carry-on into the overhead bin.

"I think this is my row." Her voice rang out, a slight gravel and southern mix.

Megan stood slightly and allowed the girl to squeeze pass. That still didn't stop her from grazing her chest. Megan shuttered slightly as the girls' arm seemed to drag across her full nipples at an aching slow tease. "Miley."

Miley Cyrus frozen in her tracks. Her arm seated against Megan's chest. Realizing her predicament, she broke contact and sat down, her butt barely making a dent in the large first class seat. She removed her glasses and studied her new companion. "Megan Fox" She sounded satisfied she figured out who the raven haired beauty was. "What are you doing here?"

"I had some business here to attend to, just heading back to LA now. You?"

"Well, a friend of mine messaged me, asking if we wanted to hangout. Her marriage isn't going so great and Patrick well..."

Megan nodded, it was no secret that Miley's soon to be ex was in the Caribbean with his ex. Who was her friend though? "So you just decided out of the blue to travel to Los Angeles?"

"Avril invited me out. Seems she has some new things to try. I assume musically, she was vague."

Megan agreed, but inwardly she was quite pleased. 'Good job Avril! Convincing Miley to come down. I can guess what you want to do with her.' She unconsciously licked her lips. "I think she's been bored. There hasn't been much going on." She lied a little.

"Oh you know her?" Miley turned to her surprised.

"We've met a few times. Lately she's been spending more time hanging around."

"Interesting." Miley turned back and faced the front. They were silent as the attendant went through the safety instructions and the plane pushed back from the gate. As the plane began taxing around Miley turned a little pale.


"I hate this part." She stated as the whole plane began to vibrate. The engines far behind them roared and began to roll down the runway. Miley moved her hand and gripped Megan's tightly as the plane took off and began its ascent. Megan said nothing as her grip tightened then relaxed as they leveled off to a gentle climb.

Miley exhaled a deep breath and seemed to relax visibly. "Thanks."

"I did nothing."

"Say, you said you were in New York for work. I heard you were filming some flick with Kristen Stewart."

"Weekenders," She nodded. "It's really a garbage flick about friend relationships made all the more worse by Kristen wooden acting. I was able to get some more emotional responses out of her."

Miley looked over at her curiously. "How'd you do that?"

Megan saw an opportunity and decided to go all in. She leaned in conspiratorially, "can you keep a secret?'

Miley nodded.

Megan leaned in close until her hot breath cascaded over Miley's ear. "I fucked her."

"You what?!" Miley yelled, causing all eyes to turn to the pair. She turned bright red and leaned back in and whispered. "You what?"

Megan snorted and threw back some of her hair. "I think we all heard you the first time." She whispered again. "Yes, I fucked her. She was a symphony of sounds."

"How? With like a strap on?" Miley asked, suddenly curious.

"No, with what you have your hand on right now." Megan pointed out.

Miley looked down and saw that her hand had indeed slipped down from the armrest and rested atop something in Megan's lap. With her urging, the blonde slipped her hand under her skirt and slid up to her crotch. Before she got there, Miley felt something massive. She prodded and was rewarded with Megan letting out of a soft moan.

"What is that?"

"My cock silly." The raven haired Megan cooed softly.

"Ummm. What?" Miley knew it was weird, but she couldn't get over it. Even now she continued to stroke the ever hardening member.

"I'm on a drug trial, and there are side effects." Megan panted out. "You need to stop, I don't want an incident here." She tried pulling Miley's hand off to no avail.

"I want to try this thing." She whined.

"Okay...okay..." It was going better than she planned. "Once the seatbelt sign is off I'll go to the bathroom. Wait a few minutes and join me."

Miley nodded but continued to stroke Megan burgeoning member.

After what felt like an eternity, the light went off. Megan practically leapt out of her chair. The few members in first class got an exquisite view of her ass as she bolted down the aisle to the bathroom. Megan had barely sat down when the door crept open. Miley slinked inside and stood before her.

"Let's see it."

Megan obliged and flipped up her skirt. Her cock, slowly engorging with blood, was confined tightly in a pair of biking shorts that were even now straining to contain her bulk. Miley reached forward and traced the outline, delighted as it lurched under her touch.

Unconsciously licking her lips, Miley grabbed the waistband and started to pull down. Her mouth watered as the thick base came into view. Her eyes bugged out at the size and thickness as more came into view. With a final determined yank, the shorts rode free. Miley was in awe.

Half erect, the monster nearly went to Megan's knees. The shafts rested comfortably on her two large, orange sized testicles. The large hard slowly saying fuck you to gravity and rising to meet the stunned blonde's face.

"Lick it." It was a command not a request.

Miley's long tongue came out and tentatively took a few licks, causing Megan to let out a soft moan. The head rose even faster as a small dollop of pre came out. Her small hands grabbed the member at its base and began to stroke. Such was its' size that both hands barely came together. These were not gentle pumps. These were strokes that traveled the length of the cockpit from the base all the way to its head.

The head, which Miley currently had her tongue dancing across while her full lips drew ever nearer. Her ruby red lips parted wide for the head. It was like trying to fit a cue ball in her mouth, something she was able to do quite easily. Precum spilled forth down her throat. She loved the taste; it was sweet, radically different from the other cum she'd sampled. Maybe the raven haired beauty drank a lot of pineapple juice to sweeten her flavor.

To Megan surprise, the large head slipped in easily as well as a good portion of her 14 inch length. Miley began to bob up and down the shaft, slowly letting more slip in to her mouth. Megan could only groan as she worked. If Tina was a pro, Miley was a goddamn expert. To her ever increasing delight, Miley had a complete system down. Her hands would move along the surface opposite of her face. As if coaxing everything to her mouth. At each movement of her head her tongue felt like it wrapped around her cock and drew its rough surface across her bulging veins and sensitive spots.

She even had a little trick with her head. When she took more cock in she would do this head twitch. It caused all her throat muscles to spasm. It was a reverse gag and it seemed like Miley's throat was sucking her in. It was electric and Megan had to cover her mouth or she would have let out a scream. It was driving her nuts as more and more of her member was taken in.

Despite the near physical impossibility, Miley seemed to take in the entire length. Megan was astounded when she felt her nose hit the base of cock. Looking down, she was greeted with the blonde's big eyes staring back at her. She imagined she was smiling, but 14 inches of thick cock made it hard to tell. Her hands, no longer pleasuring her rod went south. They jiggled and fondled her large nuts. Judging their weight and tracing along the contours they made against her sack.

A lone hand went south, probably to probe her as but soon stopped as it encountered a greater prize. Megan's sex had been dripping ever since she sat down and now Miley had found it. Her eyes widened in surprise as she touched the sensitive folds. Megan could only purr as she was getting double action. Her delicate touch sent her rocking in the seat, causing honey to drip out of her snatch at the same speed as her pre.

Miley cupped it for a moment then brought up the drippings. Withdrawing her mouth until just the head was in, she spread the juices all over the mammoth rod. Slowly, she worked the wet rod back in. One long moan as she tasted the sweet juices.

Megan's eyes rolled back into her head at the feeling. It was like she had a vibrator attached to her unit, one that was slowly sucking it in. She felt rather saw Miley's hands return to her sex. They probed around, gently searching for her sensitive spots. A guttural moan erupted as the blonde found her hidden clit. Her fingernails drew across the button, causing sparks to fly in Megan's brain.

Overwhelmed by pleasure she had a scant few seconds. "Miley...I'm...I'm...gonna...cu..." She got the first part of the word out before she felt everything tighten up. Thinking quickly, Miley stuffed a sock into her mouth to stop her oncoming scream. Her cock spasmed and fired. The first shot felt like one long pull as it fired. Her brain melted as static overwhelmed her vision as the next volley began.

Miley for her part was well prepared, she didn't pull away, rather drove herself deep onto the cock as it began its' spray. She relished the feeling as it veins pulsated and the entire member leapt as it fired shot after shot deep into her. Her eyes bugged out as the orgasm continued. Maybe this time she took too much? As if to answer her prayers, she felt the member slowdown in its' spasms and the amount of seed slowed to a trickle. Megan had nearly gone limp from the pleasure, her body splayed over the restroom stall. Yet, it still had a post sex afterglow a blind person could see.

Slowly, Miley slipped back and let the deflating cock withdraw from her mouth. With a loud pop, the cock came out and fell limp between Megan's knees. Both of them said little, rather they both sucked in air deeply.

"That was...wow..." Megan spoke at last, after having removed the sock.

"I didn't...didn't know you were could unload that much." Miley grabbed at her shirt, which now showed off a little potbelly. "I feel like I just ate thanksgiving dinner."

"With all the trimmings!" Megan smirked.

"Yeah. All the trimmings." She replied, still a little stunned. "I'm going to get back, you may want to clean up. Welcome to the club!" Miley stood and propped the door open. She gave the dark haired goddess one last look before closing the door.

Megan sat collecting herself. She was somewhat presentable. Grabbing the few toiletries available, she went about doing it. Quite the challenge considering the damage done.

Nearly 10 minutes had rolled by before Megan reappeared. Her hair was almost back to normal and her skirt was almost on straight. She resumed her seat next to Miley. "Alcohol?"

"Yeah, blood mary, they won't let me smoke on this plane. I needed something after that." Miley sipped at the red drink.

"Hmmm," Megan thought for a moment. "I think I can get you something." She pressed the call button and waited for a flight attendant.

"Can I help you?" Megan couldn't help but admire the Latina that came up to assist. Her figure was very Jennifer Lopez esque, poured into a uniform just a size too small. Despite her recent orgasm she felt her cock twitch.

"Yes, can I get a blanket please? I may take a nap."

"Of course." She disappeared and a moment later reappeared with a blue blanket. "Anything else?"

"No, that'll be all thank you." Unconsciously, Megan winked at her. The attendant merely smiled and walked off. She unfurled the blanket and tossed it over the two of them.

"Ooooh, what are you thinking?" Miley asked, sipping her drink.

"I'm going to return the favor." Her hand ran across the little pot belly she just made and down to Miley's leggings. Slipping inside she could feel the heat and wetness radiating out from Miley. "No underwear? Aren't you the naughty girl." She whispered in her eye.

The blonde cooed, "oh, I am." Her free hand joined Megan's in probing her sex. "Now, *gasp* how'd this all happen?"


Amanda sat in the worst bar she could ever imagine. Even the dirt had dirt. However, she was willing to overlook it if it would get her what she wanted. A behemoth of a man sat across from her. "So you can get me what I desire?"

Gus nodded, a cracked smile forming in his mouth. "I can do it. I clean all those labs up."

Amanda nodded once. She had decided after leaving Lindsay and Avril's company that she needed to get some of that. She had actually decided it long before that, but decided on an avenue afterwards. She didn't know how long a process it would be to go get Curvoma officially, so she decided to skip the line. Thus leading her to Gus, a lab janitor for Pharmatech.

"Good, I can pay you..." She was reaching into her wallet when he stopped her.

"I don't want cash missy, I want something else." There was a glint in his eye as he spoke those words that filled her with dread.

She gritted her teeth as she stood up and walked out the door with him. 'This had better be worth it.'
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