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Drug Trials Chapter 5: Party!
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Megan was pissed. She hastily ripped off her costume and looked in the mirror again. Packing to the right didn't work this time. It was true, She tried to shove her large 16 inch member down her right leg, but the strain was too much. As soon as she saw herself in the mirror her cock bulged and stretched the purple material; tearing it away allowing it to bob free in front of her.

What to try this time? She went to the bed and examined outfits she had available. It seemed like overkill to have some many options, but she planned ahead for this. How about something classic. She reached down and pulled up her black full body suit. The leather costume, with built in hood, should work holding her all in. Megan went to the mirror and watched as she slowly slipped the garment on.

Wow this is a little tight! She stopped when she got to her cock and regarded it. Let's try behind this time. Megan forced her semi flaccid cock down and between her balls. She considered trying to fit it in her cunt, but that would create many problems; getting an erection might kill her being the main one.Instead she opted to see if it would fit between her large ass cheeks. It seemed to work.

There. She continued pulling the material up her legs and then over large hanging testicles and up across her waist. She paused and sucked in her breath. Megan pulled up the outfit as best as she could. Her E Cups were always troublesome to fit into any outfit she wore. A bra would probably help, but she was so firm she usually didn't bother. The top half of her uniform strained across her breasts and she pulled it up. With one last shove she pulled the material up and across her braless tits.

Megan panted. Finally! She stopped and admired herself in the mirror, she had gotten into her costume! It was tight, and slightly awkward, but she had done it. In the mirror her reflection was a sight to behold, the leather clung to her skin and highlighted every curve. Her form was exquisite. Arousing even. Her large tits had fit into the outfit, even her nipples showed up thru the leather material. Her toned stomach was on display, and her wide hips were hugged closely. The material had clung to, and shown off her balls but there was nothing she could do about that. As she turned she saw how her semi flaccid cock arced up between her ass cheeks. If one didn't know better, it looked like she was getting an ass fucking the way it was nestled in there.

She got up and tried a few jumps and stretches, but had to stop when the leather started to creak alarmingly. She had miscalculated: She was too sexy in this outfit and was turning herself on. She could only watch in horror as the leather started to lose a battle against her cock. It was fascinating to watch her cock thicken and pull itself free from her large ass. It pulled and fought the leather as it struggled to resume its shape until finally...

The seam gave out and the leather around her crotch ripped apart. Once again she was staring at the mirror with her large cock bobbing happily. She couldn't get more upset, and instead found the experience incredibly erotic. Oooh baby, momma's gonna have fun with you, but not now. I have to get out there. She slipped off the defeated outfit in shame.

No mistakes this time. She grabbed the last outfit she thought would work. Her newest costume, the black catsuit would do marvelously, and it had a zipper in the front, perfect for stress relief! Megan took her time this time and carefully stepped into the outfit. I'll have to pack it up. Megan thought to herself nervously, now she was afraid of getting her glorious cock stuck in the zipper. She pulled up the black and grey material up to her ass. The outfit easily slid over and hugged her ample rear. The material also cradled and supported her large testicles. She did not want to experience them getting knocked around.

Megan positioned her cock up towards her head. She noted with pride that the semi flaccid member seems to have fit right into between her breasts. They cuddled together nicely she noted. Carefully she worked up the zipper, it was a tight fight, but she was determined. Finally, with just inches until the zipper was nearly up to her neck she stopped. It was done! Everything fit, and fit well. Inches of cleavage was on display and if she looked down between her glorious boobs, she would see the large head of her cock staring back out at her. She noted with some level of pride that her thick nipples were visible through the material that made up her body suit.

Lastly, Megan pulled on her remaining costume attire The boots fit excellent as always, her gloves slid on easily. The belt was a slight challenge, but she made it work. Megan didn't want to cut off circulation to her member. All her other accessories went on without a hitch. She grabbed her goggles and strung them around her neck. She was ready...almost.

Megan retrieved her whip from it's spot. Yes she had a whip before picking this costume.Can't go forgetting you now can I. She had a dark gleam in her eye as she pictured what she could do with it.

Megan, now Catwoman, strutted to the door. She paused for a moment, came back in and sprayed herself down with scotch guard. "This thing is probably a bitch to clean." She mumbled to herself.

With that Megan was off; Catwoman was now on patrol. This Halloween party is going to be great!


Megan's house was a riot of activity. The lights were down and the sound was up. She did have to give credit to her staff who went all apeshit decorating the place. It did have a Halloween feel. Even the pool had fog coming off of it. That's probably a safety hazard.

Megan brushed back some of her short hair as she walked past groups of mingling costumed guests She had her cut to a shockingly shortly length for her costume. If anyone was paying attention to the guest list they'd notice that there were shockingly few men invited. Most of the guests were her underlings and of course some of her famous clientele. The few men there were husbands, boyfriends, or gay. Even the wait staff, suitably dressed in sexy witch attire, were mostly women.

Megan grabbed the microphone from the DJ. Carefully, she climbed up a chair where she could survey the crowd. More importantly, they could see her. She tapped it twice, and the music faded down. "My friends, thank you all for coming out here this evening. I'm not going to give some bullshit speech about success and what not. Tonight, let's enjoy ourselves!"

A cheer went up from the crowd. "Oh, and for anyone that isn't having fun..." She snapped off the whip and waved it menacingly, "There will be punishment."

Megan was pretty sure she heard Lindsay cheer at that remark. Is there anything that girl won't do? There was one other rule that was made abundantly clear: no cameras, and all phones were checked at the front door. Megan turned off the microphone and the music came back on. Climbing down from the chair she received a hand of support. Upon hitting the ground her eyes traveled along the arm to see one Kate Upton.

Her gorgeous body was crammed into the outfit of universally accepted space babe Princess Leia. The slave bikini was practically crying in mercy as it struggled to contain her overflowing assets. Her hair pulled back slightly and her eyes gleamed with mischief.

It was obvious however, that she was drunk or nearly there. "Hey...Megan...swell party you have here." *hiccup*"

Oh geez she's blasted. "Thank you."

"I just want to know, I'm telling you I want to knows..." Kate's voice got louder as she tried to explain herself. "Are those rumours that I'm hearing really true?"

"What rumours?" Megan looked up at the taller girl with confusion. Though, Kate was kind of a cute drunk.

"That you are, what I'm trying to say is...are you packing down there?" Kate gestured to her crotch, nearly grabbing it.

Megan smirked. "Why don't you see for yourself."

"Don't mind if I do!" Kate announced. The blonde model stumbled as she knelt down, her face planted in Megan's crotch. "Oooh it is...let me see!"

Megan had to stop Kate from grabbing at her zipper. "Not here. Why don't we go somewhere with a little more privacy?"

"A swell *hic* idea." Kate leapt up, nearly falling over in the process, and grabbed Megan's hand. "Lead on."

Megan held firmly onto Kate as she lead her out of the party zone. Not that there was much choice, Kate was pressed into her, one hand intertwined with hers the other reaching over trying to grasp at Megan crotch. "Just a few more minutes."

"I can't wait!" It did seem the excitement of the moment was sobering Kate up. That was good, Megan wanted her to remember this. The dickgirl lead them upstairs, away from the party and into one of the many bedrooms. Kate practically stumbled in as Megan closed the door behind them.

Kate half turned only to have Megan upon her; she had closed the distance and cupped Kate's face and kissed her deeply. Kate was shocked, normally she'd pull away, but this was something different. She found herself readily returning the gesture. Tongues intertwined as Megan gently lowered them to the bed.

Megan broke the embrace to stare into her lover's eyes. She slowly, teasingly pulled the zipper down from her outfit revealing her deep cleavage inches at a time. Kate could only grin as more and more flesh was exposed. "I knew you'd like them."

Megan pulled out a breast and lowered the nipple to Kate's waiting mouth. The sensations provided were exquisite. Kate rolled the nipple around in her mouth, gently biting it, then stroking it with her tongue.

"Oh my god! Where did you learn this?" Megan could only moan out. Kate smirked; when she was out on shoots and needed to take an edge off, there were more than enough willing models.


"Ohhh, keep it up my little slave girl!" Megan took a hand and forced Kates head even further into her enormous tit. Her free hand snaked down to massage her growing cock. It's semi flaccid length slowly pushing her zipper down further and forcing itself next to Kate's face. Kate brought her hands up from Megan's ass and started to rub the giant cock.

"So pretty." She disconnected herself from Megan's tit and started licking the large head. Megan was panting as somehow Kate was able to start the massive head in her mouth. Her tongue danced around the head, paying particular attention to the sensitive slit. Precum came out in large amounts, bulging her cheeks obscenely.

Megan pulled back from the oral assault. There was no way she was going to last long against this. Kate was just too talented with her tongue, her mouth, the whole package. Megan pulled back, her cock leaving Kate's mouth with pop. Instead she leaned back and stroked herself, staring at her busty companion.

Kate took notice and did what she did best: tease. This wasn't a sports illustrated however. Kate ran a hand down her thigh, a digit slipping behind her gold costume into whatever treasures she had beneath. The wet digit entered her mouth. She moaned as it was retracted, the flavor of her honey on her lips.

Megan stroked faster as Kate continued her tease. Her hands a blur as she stroked her massive length. Her hips rocking in sync with her arm movements. Kate let her hand glide back down to her crotch, pausing just long enough to free a breast. Her free hand wasted no time in grasping it; each digit carefully exploring her large tit.

"Do you like it when I do this?" Kate asked, cupping the breast while pulling on her large nipple.

Megan merely nodded, her pace already frantic.

"What about this?" Kate managed to stuff a tit in her mouth. She sucked on it while simultaneously fingering herself; the gestures were obvious for Megan to see.

Megan seized back as she came. A torrent of cum erupted from her cock in several long bursts. Each one arced gracefully through the air before landing on her slutty slave. Every subsequent shot landing slightly lower until one last rope of jizz landed on Kate's bikini bottom. Megan hefted her deflating member, wiping it clean on Kate's garment before stuffing it back into her costume.

Kate lay in a panting heap, cum drenched her from her neck all the way down to her covered sex. It was an exquisite feeling, all this cum drenched upon her, and she loved it. The blonde bombshell idly ram a few fingers through it before tasting it on her lips. "Mmm call me?"

Megan was already near the door. "I'll consider it."

She opened the door and almost immediately ran into Alex Daddario. The famous star was just as startled as she was. "Umm, hey have you seen Kate? She disappeared from the main party."

"She's inside if you want to check on her." Megan gestured to the door.

"Thanks." Alex moved past her, opening the door and coming to a complete stop. The busty brunette admired the scene for but a moment before locking the door behind her.

"My my," Alex said, a feral gleam in her eyes as her tongue dragging itself across her lips. "What have you done."


Megan heard the lock click as the door closed. Oooh, that'll be a good show. Megan checked herself over; finding no problems she strutted her way back to the party; She was on the hunt once again.


Megan angrily swatted around her, anxious to destroy whatever was making that buzzing noise. Try as she might though, she couldn't make it stop. Her clouded mind eventually started to turn over, whiskey and tequila blocking her thoughts. With a stifled groan she finally realized the buzzing offender.

Her cell phone jingled again as she wrapped her hand around it. The screen illuminating her face giving her eyes fits. Office. The gears in her mind suddenly started whirling. Shit! None of that came out when she answered the phone however.

"Hello?" Her voice sounded cracked, like she was inches from death.

"Sleeping in Ms. Fox?" Jade sounded amused on the other end.

Shit. "I guess I am." With her free hand she rubbed her forehead. What happened last night?

"No problem, I'll just rearrange a few things. Come in whenever, if at all."

"Thanks Jade." Megan didn't bother for a response, rather clicking off the phone and dropping it from her hand. Her phone took the most irritating route possible to the floor. The device repeatedly banged against her nightstand and bed before clattering to the floor. "Ugh."

The black haired beauty slowly sat herself upright, careful not to drain any blood out of her head lest she pass out. Her brain ran a system diagnostic. Brain: Hurts. Eyes: Sensitive. Ears: Ringing. Breath...she smelled it...hellfire. Everything else seemed to be sore. Even her cock felt a little tender. That should of been a flag to begin with: her member didn't rise like usual in the morning.

Megan groaned again and rubbed her face. She needed a shower, and seriously brush her teeth. She needed to smell like daisies, not death. With a large sigh she eased herself out of bed, her distinctive strut now a hobble as she navigated a large debris field around her bedroom. With no time to waste she got into the bathroom and the shower.

Nearly a half hour and 2 aspirin later Megan left the bathroom. Her raven black hair wrapped in a towel, but otherwise fully nude. The shower had given her time to think and she had started to piece things together. There was a party...and drinking. A lot of it. Somehow she got to bed. Megan surveyed the room, for once noticing the clothing scattered about. Stopping over a pair of panties she picked them up and studied them. There was no way they were hers. The blue satin number would snap before it made it past her juicy thighs or wonderful ass. Even if it did there was no way it would contain her mammoth member.

"You can keep those if you want."

Megan looked up from the underwear. Sprawled out on her was Kristen Stewart. Megan's Weekenders costars nude body was spread out on the white down blanket much like you'd see in playboy spread. Her small breasts already at attention, her nipples engorged. Megan's eyes traced along the woman's body. Her cock had its' own response: slowly it began an inevitable rise to full size.

"What happened last night?"

"You don't remember?" Kristen pouted. "Wonderful things."

Kristen got up and approached her and dropped to her knees. With her tongue she began to lick at the dickgirls' soft member, slowly trying to coax it to life. Despite its' soreness it responded. Blood pumped into into the shaft, no doubt coming from Megan's head as she started to feel faint.

"Aww, let me do the work." Kristen steered her to the bed, "Lay down and I'll serve you."

Serve me. Yes thats right. Megan fell back onto the bed, her body sinking into the soft down. The futa would have certainly gone to sleep were in not for Kristen. The emotionless brunette was anything but. She attacked Megan's crotch with gusto. At first, she ran her hands up and down the 16 inch pillar of flesh; a stream of precum emerging from the tip providing lubrication. Soon she buried her face on Megan's crotch, lapping at her pussy.

Megan let out a cry of pleasure as she felt Kristen's tongue. It was obvious Kristen was no stranger to this and that got her juices flowing. A pair of fingers dove into her sex and started to work themselves around. A steady flow of juices trickled down her fingers which Kristen eagerly licked up. Kristen's free hand continued to massage Megan's rock hard member as she eat out Megan. The cock tilted and swayed as if caught in a breeze.

Kristen emerged from between Megan's legs with her face slick in her juices. "No tit fuck here, I'm afraid my boobies aren't up to the job." Kristen pressed the cock up against her chest, but Megan wasn't looking. Rather, her eyes were closed and she was drinking in the sensations her costar provided. Right now Kristen was grinding her clit up against her cock, furiously rubbing it and screaming out in pleasure.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh your cock gives me so much!" Kristen kept grinding herself on the member, getting off at least once. She leaned back; a sheen of sweat covering her body. Both hands gripped Megan's pillar for support. The thick rod bent slightly, but didn't yield.

"I think it's time for the main course."

The thin actress leapt onto the bed and carefully positioned herself over the giant head that stared up at her. Then she sat down. Almost immediately her cries filled the room. Kristen hadn't had anything this big in her for months and it was pushing her wide open. Gravity and the unyielding cock did all the work.

Megan was in heaven. Even more so because she didn't have to do anything. She just got to lay down with her eyes closed, hands glued to her chest while Kristen bounced up and down on her member. By how Kristen was yelling, she half expected a 'yeehaw' to come out of the actress as she rode her bucked on her dick.

The twilight star rode her with reckless abandon; willing more and more cock to enter her sex. Willing wasn't the best word. Demanding was more like it.

"Dear god you're filling me up so much! Wreck my pussy!" Kristen hollered. Megan didn't have to work much for that, as Kristen was doing a good job on her own. All the futa had to do was buck her hips in time and continue to knead her massive mammaries.

"I'm going to cum you bitch! Get ready!" Megan grunted and exploded into Kristen. The brunettes stomach bulged as liters (not really) of cum emptied into her womb. Kristen herself rode out the orgasm with glee. Her shrieks of pleasure filling the room; her pitch varying as she bounced atop the cock.

One last spurt and Megan was done. Her dick already starting to soften inside Kristen. Megan opened her eyes to look at her partner. Her eyes were rolled back into her head as she went limp. Kristen collapsed in a heap next to Megan. Cum leaked out of her abused sex and her snores filled the room. I fucked someone unconscious! Megan rejoiced in her head, yet there was no time go celebrate. A loud gurgle from her stomach threatened to wake Kristen back up. Megan needed to eat and see what disaster was left behind.


Megan left the room and started to explore her house. Still fully nude she descended the stairs. The living room was a mess, Halloween decorations still hung around the room. That's right, halloween! The sofa might of been a loss though. Erica Durance, the sexy Lois Lane of Smallville, was sprawled along a couch. Her nude body coated in a layer of jizz, which even now dribbled off her face. Man this must of been a good time.

Singing and the sound of pots banging lead Megan into the kitchen. Behind the substantial kitchen island Giada De Laurentiis worked. The petite Italian was naked save an apron wrapped around her lithe body. Megan approved of this wardrobe choice. She couldn't help but admire how it managed to push the woman's boobs up. What a risk in the kitchen.

"Morning!" Giada was all sunshine with that huge smile of hers. "After last night I figured I'd make everyone breakfast. Can I get you coffee honey?"

"Yeah, please." Honey? Megan strode up the island and sat down at one of the stools. No sooner did she sit down did Giada come up with a steaming mug of Joe.


"If we have it." Megan almost yelped as a slender hand grabbed her cock, pumping a little of her own cream into the cup.

"You mean if you have it." Giada giggled, setting the cup down before the raven haired woman. Megan sighed, picking it up and taking a sip. The coffee was okay but her cream was excellent. No wonder everyone loved it.

Megan watched Giada work. The small woman was easily navigating the kitchen, preparing a large meal for all that managed to arrive. How many people survived this party?

As she watched she became aware that something was going on through the window. Leaving her spot she looked outside. Lindsay and a brunette were going at it on the patio furniture. As they switched positions Megan saw that it was Michelle Rodriguez that Lindsay now started to 69. She sipped at her coffee as she watched the pair. Lindsay's face buried in Michelle's crotch. No doubt licking the latina's sex with all her skill. Michelle's body went stiff for a moment, a muted cry of pleasure breaching doubled paned glass. The redhead looked at window then smiled and crooked a finger at Megan.

Tempting as it was, Megan declined to join the pair. Instead she opted to sit back at the island. She no sooner sat down than a pair of hands wrap around her. "Morning." Erica's fingers started to caress her body, paying particular attention to her breasts. Not to be outdone, Erica pressed her own considerable rack into Megan's back. Her lips slid along her neck before ending at her ear.

A gasp escaped from the goddess's lips as Erica started to poke her ear. Her tongue traced along the curves before she nibbled on her lobes. Far below, Megan's member responded to the stimulation. A resounding thud echoed through the kitchen as her cock hit the island. Wood fought against wood as her dick attempted to bypass the unyielding furniture. Megan finally got both hands around her thick cock and brought it around. The shaft now nearly parallel to her body, the large head pointing towards the ceiling.

Erica hands kept at Megan's breasts. They jiggled, squeezed, and pulled at them with a passionate sensuality.

"Scoot forward."

Megan complied, her cock now pressed up to where is sat between her breasts. Erica wasted no time in taking advantage of this development. The brunette pushed and pulled at Megan's boobs; rubbing them along her cock.

"Have you ever done this before?" Erica whispered into Megan's ear.

"No...I never...*gasp*...have." Megan replied, her mind was awash with the sensations; Her massive cock fucking her own tits. She never thought of this before and now wondered why she hadn't.

Giada stopped whatever she was doing. The tiny chef had launched herself onto island across from Megan. With her legs splayed wide open, small hands pulled open the apron revealing the Italians' glistening peach. She slowly began to plunge her fingers in and out of her sex, cooing with pleasure as she stroked her folds.

Megan managed to get her hands around Erica's; they crept downward past her stomach to the base of her cock. One started in on her member; even with fingers fully extended she didn't come close to wrapping it around her thick meaty member. Instead she just jerked it as best as she could. Megan's fingers working across the sensitive underside.

While that hand was busy, the other hand was idle. It went just past her cock to her balls. Each one, despite her earlier orgasm, felt like they were buzzing. No doubt churning out an impressive amount of cum waiting for an inevitable release.

Erica's speed increased, making Megan's tits move in a blur across her member. As she massaged those melons, her fingers grabbed at Megan's large nipples; rolling and pulling them between her fingers.

The dickgirl cried out in joy as her brain was bombarded with waves of pleasure. A stray finger left her balls and probed her cunt. As expected, she was sopping wet and leaking out an ample supply of juices. Oh if she only had 3 hands!

Giada continued to work her own sex. Her deft fingers pumping mercilessly as she got off on Megan's pleasure. Already she came once, her body releasing a spray of juices that reached as far as Megan's cock. More lube for her as she kept pumping it between her breasts.

"Do you want to cum for us?" Erica whispered into Megan's ear.

"Yes, YES I DO!" Her stroking intensified.

"Cum for us! Give us your seed!"

Megan let loose an anguished cry as her cock itself released its' load. Much like an artillery piece, Megan's cannon recoiled as it unleashed volleys of cum. Each blast arced high into the air before coming back down and splattering in front of her. More than a half dozen streams erupted as Megan's mind left her head for the duration. So much pleasure!

A few more spurts and her cock was spent. The last one barely clearly her slit before it dribbled down its softening length. Giada took the brunt of the eruption. The apron, which was cast aside earlier, would've been helpful. Cum splattered her entire body; starting at her head and in her hair the trail of jizz connected in some streams as it went lower and lower. Her boobs in particular drew a good deal of cum. Each nearly perfect tit got a blast that even now dripped down or soaked into her skin.

Erica released her grasp on Megan's tits, letting them flop free and release her deflating member. She leaned in on Megan. "Was it worth it?"

Megan nodded as her brain started to function again. Titfucking herself was now something she needed to try. She thought it over as her cock hit the cold marble. I wasn't exactly in control here by I felt more like I was being worshipped. These two got their pleasure from mine. Megan felt a little smug at that thought. Like a goddess. I like it.

Erica licked her one last time before sitting down at the seat next to her. "Anytime you want, call me."

"Mmm." They both turned and looked at Giada. The smaller woman was idly swirling some of the cum on her body Occasionally she'd bring a glob to her mouth, letting it slid down her tongue. If Megan didn't know better she'd guess that Giada was getting off on the taste. "I can do so much with this."

Lindsay popped in the door with a rather flustered Michelle just behind her. She drank in the sight of the cum covered Giada. "Let's eat!"


"The results are in." That was Jade standing at the TV in Megan office. On screen was a microscopic view of swimmers.

"The costume contest?" Megan asked, still drained from all the activities of the last 12 hours. She came into work and regretted it. Even now she was fighting her body's urge for rest. Her outfit didn't help matters, she was dressed to Netflix binge, not run a business. Grey loose pajama bottoms and a matching grey tank top, sans bra. She did manage to throw a jacket over her top so she'd look somewhat professional, but Megan was confined to the desk.

"No, that was decided last night."

"Oh, who won?"

"Much as I want to say myself, I'm afraid the African warrior only scored the top 5. Catwoman was number 3." Jade sounded a little disappointed.

"Who got first?"

"Avril did as Wonder Woman." Megan licked her lips at the thought of the little amazon. Jade continued, "the sample you gave the lab was viable, quite viable. The average sperm count is from 15 to 200 million per milliliter."

"Wow that's a lot."

"Not when you consider you had 350 million per milliliter."


"Exactly what the lab said." Jade tapped her tablet and the TV changed. "On to more important things: True Lies 2 is moving forward. Fox loved the idea. I've also arranged a meeting with Ms. Curtis as there are stipulations."

"Anything major?"

"They do want her to get in shape, she's been an agent for years, not selling yogurt."

Megan chuckled, "Whose words were those?"

"Our Fox rep, I'm just paraphrasing."

"Thank you." Megan blinked several times, fighting to keep her lids open. "Can you do something for me?"

"Depending on what it is, sure."

Megan worked herself out of her chair; her body straining in effort. She managed to squeeze out of her jacket and lumbered to the couch. "Make sure no one comes through that door for at least a half hour." She paused. "Make it an hour."

"I'll do my..." Megan hit the couch and immediately sunk in. As if a switch was flipped, she was already out cold; Her snores filling the room. "...best."

Jade studied the snoozing Megan for a moment before leaving the room. "Damn lightweights."


It was an out of body experience that Megan was having. She saw herself on the couch, exactly where she passed out. Yet at the same time she saw herself enter the room. Strange. Her other self, which she labeled Meg, came up to her sleeping form. Whereas Megan was dressed to relax, Meg was dressed professionally. A blue button down shirt strained against her chest; each button nearly crying in surrender. Her thick thighs, full ass, and her wonderful cock struggled to be contained in a pair black business slacks. Meg still had her long hair, and a sultry smirk plastered on her face.

"Aww, Megan is sleepy. Well, we can keep you awake." The doppelganger saddled up near the Megan and began pulling at her clothes. Her pants fell away revealing her flaccid member. The doppelganger ran her manicured hands over the cock.

"Mmm...so pretty." Megan's dick responded to the stimulation; it slowly began to plump full of blood, starting an inevitable rise to full mast. Her other hand went down and cupped each testicle in turn. She picked up each orange sized ball and tested their weight. "Mmmm...so full."

Meg stood eruptly and began disrobing. Her pants hit ground revealing her own semi flaccid member. Her shirt joined the pants too, but not in a way Megan was expecting. Meg stared at the buttons, her fingers fiddling with the top one.

"Fuck it." She declared. Meg sucked in a big breath; the buttons strained for a moment until the center one failed. It popped off her chest and flew to where Megan was laying. The pressure now relieved, inches of tantalizing cleavage were on display through the gap. There was no time to enjoy the view however as Meg grasped either end of the hole and ripped.

Buttons flew everywhere in a confetti and the remnants of the shirt joined her pants in the pile.

"Now that those are out of the way, let's see what we can do about you."Meg sauntered up to Megan's prone form, her half masted cock bobbing with each step; the head happily pointing at its destination.

Megan's own cock was rigid as Meg grasped it. She tickled it by tracing her hands, nails first, along its contours. When she felt it was ready Meg Meg wrapped her lips around her cock. The sleeping Megan moaned and grabbed at the couch as her dick was engulfed in the warm wetness of her doppelgangers' mouth.

Slowly, Meg began to bob up and down on the cock, each time letting a little more in. But that wasn't enough, with her hands she brought up her pendulous knockers and attempted to wrap them around Megan's member. Yet, as she tried her cock got in the way. Meg's own erect monster whacked Megan's, knocking it out of her mouth. Meg tried again only to have her dick smack Megan's tank top encased nipple. She leaned back to take stock.

With a wicked gleam she announced: "I know where to put you."

Meg grasped her own member and lined it up before slamming it in. The thick shaft slid deep into Megan's sex. Already her cunt was dripping it's honey; the invader only increased the process. Meg slowly inched forward, pushing more of her member into the sleeping Megan.

Megan thrashed about as the cock entered her. It was the first thing in there for a long time and it stretched her wide. Just the entry was enough to cause a mini orgasm; a small spray of juices emerging from her overloaded sex and a shot of precum coming out of her cock.

"Much better. Let's try this again." Meg, with the hinderance removed, or at least relocated, began the process again. Her large breasts came up and wrapped around Megan's thick cock. Her lips too came back down around the cockhead, welcoming it back into her warm mouth.

Meg undulated her entire body. Writhing her body like a snake across Megan's member. Her hips bucked in time, forcing her cock in and out of Megan's pussy. Her chest heaved to the beat, her breasts rolling up and down Megan's cock while her head bounced in turn; sucking in the crimson head. Her tongue too rolled across the head. It lapped at the stream of precum before it slid along the underside.

The sleeping Megan moaned out in delight; oblivious to what was happening. She certainly felt it however. One hand massaged her breasts, pulling at her engorged nipples while her other twisted and yanked on plush couch material. Her whimpers and moans filling the room as Meg continued to simulaniously ously fuck, titfuck, and blow the dickgirl.

"Yeah that's right! Do you feel that? My giant cock pumping in and out of your cunt." Meg shouted, "My balls slapping your ass, ready to unleash a gallon of seed into you! You're so tight, it won't be long now!"

Meg sped up her movements across Megan, her cock reaching deep within Megan's pussy while her tits bounced across Megan's shaft. If she was awake Megan might call the experience heavenly.

"I'm about to cum you bitch, so open wide!" Meg slammed into Megan with all her might, threatening to knock the pair off the couch. Only Megan's steadfast grip on the couch stopped them from a cockblocking plummet. Meg's cock erupted in a torrent of cum. Her dick bulged as it injected it's load deep into Megan, each shot filling her already over filled cunt to even greater extremes. Meg slipped off Megan, leaning back and riding her orgasm. Her breaths coming in wild pants as she continued to unload.

Not to be undone, the sleeping Megan achieved her own release. Jizz shot out from her cock, drenching her doppelganger as he'd balks seized up and unloaded their stock of sperm. Each blast splattered onto her double, throughly coating her opposite number. At the same time their orgasms ended, both with feeble squirt as their cocks gave their last.

Meg massaged her tits with Megan's cum. "You may just be my best fuck ever. You'll just have to be awake for it next time."

Still attached to Megan dick to cunt, Meg leaned in and kissed her on the lips. A thin strand of cum connected their mouths as she pulled back.

Megan finally opened her eyes as Meg pulled away. That nap was exquisite. It did true feel like someone was fucking and sucking her. I need more naps like that.

"God, Lindsay?!"

The redhead looked up. "Mmmrr?"

Her mouth was firmly clamped around Megan's cock head as it continued to pulse and leak out cum. Megan noticed that Lindsay was topless; her gorgeous freckled D-cups were wrapped around her throbbing member. Those knockers were held in place by one hand. She felt rather than saw the other hand. Lindsay's right hand was buried deep in Megan's sex; even now her digits teased her insides.

Lindsay disconnected herself from Megan. "Hi Megan!"

The dickgirl propped herself up on her elbows. "Hi Lindsay. Can I ask what happened?"

"Oh, I came in here to ask you something and you were having some sorta dream. Your dick was threatening to blow out your pants so I just helped it along."

"You helped it along?" Nothing phases this girl.

"Mmmm hmmm." Lindsay retracted her fingers from Megan's pussy and started cleaning of her fingers one by one by suckling them dry. "You kept moaning and grabbing at your crotch, calling out Megan! Megan! Is that a new girl you've been fucking?"

Megan rubbed her face. "No, well sorta. It sounds weird but I dreamed I was fucking myself."

"Like masturbating?"

"No like a clone of myself and I were having sex."

Lindsay licked up the last of the cum before responding, "That must be one of your greatest fantasies huh?"

"Yep, it's up there." Megan replied, she tapped her finger against the couch, her brow furrowed in concentration. "Lindsay can I ask you something?"

The redhead wiped her mouth off with her discarded shirt. "Sure."

"Have you ever considered going on a Drug Trial? Sampling Curvoma?"

Her reply came back instantly, "Nope."

"Nope? Just that simple?"

Lindsay reached down and rubbed Megan cock, slowly pumping life back in it. "It is that simple, to me at least."

That was a lie. When Lindsay ransacked Amanda's little room she had found the pills. The redhead found the little baggy, and poured several into her hand. She considered it, popping the pills knowing fully what would happen to her. Lindsay wanted to experience that sorta of pleasure. Yet, there was something about these drugs that scared her. It worked for Megan and Avril but nearly destroyed Amanda. After all her experiences with narcotics, Lindsay realized that was too much power for a pill to have. Disgusted with herself she put the pills back. She didn't want to be bound to something like that. Not again.

"Can I ask you something?" Lindsay asked as she started to lick at Megan's prodigious member.

"I suppose." Megan's cock was nearly back at full attention.

"What other fantasies do you have?"


Avril was reading a baby book in her room when her phone beeped. Jade. Curious.


"Hello, Avril?"

"Yes Jade, what can I do for you?"

"Umm, can you come in and see me? I want to discuss something with you." The mulatto personal assistant sounded a little worried on the phone.

Discuss something with me? "Yeah I can do that."

"Great. Thanks." *click*

Avril stared at her phone for several minutes, unsure of what just happened.


As soon as Avril walked into the office Jade had taken her aside to an empty conference room. Curiously, she checked the door and windows before she spoke. What the hell is going on?

"Avril, what I'm about to say has to stay between us ok?"

"Umm, yeah sure."

"I'm serious." Jade in fact was; her green eyes were hard around the edges.

"Okay, I'll keep it between us." Avril managed to squeak out. "What's wrong?"

Jade took a deep breath in before replying. "I think Megan needs to go off Curvoma."
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Re: Drug Trials Chapter 5: Party!
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Thank you for sharing this story. Kate in that Slave Leia bikini is something I'll never forget. This is probably my favorite story of yours out of all of them. Love how you write Megan too.
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Re: Drug Trials Chapter 5: Party!
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Great stuff writing Kate


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