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Author Topic: Drug Trials: Chapter 3.5: The Lohan  (Read 1616 times)


Drug Trials: Chapter 3.5: The Lohan
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Lindsay smiled in satisfaction. Normally she'd commit this level of destruction in a drug and alcohol fueled rage. This was the first time, to her knowledge, that she destroyed a room to find something. The bed was tossed. All the drawers were pulled out and emptied. When she began, Lindsay knew it was going to be tough; Amanda was as much an addict as she was and apt at hiding things. Yet, that was an advantage she had: Lindsay knew where she herself would hide things, so Amanda's hiding spots couldn't be hard to find. After wrecking the room she found a clear bag tapped to the underside of the nightstand.

The redhead stared down at the baggy with curiosity. The powder blue pills sat inside, their invisible lackluster appearance still calling to her; alluring her with the pleasure that Amanda felt. Was it worth it? Several pills left the bag and entered her free hand. Lindsay stared at them in her palm. She wanted them. To feel what Amanda felt, to have her brain constantly bombarded with pleasure. One would go missing, no one would ever know.

Lindsay singled out a pill and placed it between her fingers; admiring it in the light. The plain blue pill that offered untold pleasures. She brought it up to her lips; wide open ready to receive when a thought popped into her head. Megan wouldn't like this. Megan! The Kurvoma tablet was at the tip of tongue when her brain snapped back to reality. Her hand seized and snatched it away from her all too willing mouth.

Why the fuck would I do that! Lindsay thought to herself. In her rage she threw the bag across the room. It sailed until it hit the far wall where is burst open; sending pills in every direction. Fuck! The redhead swore and leapt across the room; chasing after the pills as they rolled along the floor and hid under the debris Lindsay herself caused.

Nearly 20 minutes later Lindsay emerged from the room. She was somewhat confident she had retrieved every little pill. That episode had shaken her up. Why the fuck did I do that? She held the bag out in front of her with just two fingers; unwilling to look at it, and slightly ashamed from her actions. Without pausing she marched the pills back to the offices. She deposited them in front of Jade and left without comment. Lindsay didn't want to talk to anyone, especially someone like Jade that had a sense for people. The redhead just wanted to get away; no she needed to punch something! Fortunately, she knew where to go.


Lindsay heard the clank of metal as she entered the gym area. Someone is here! Lindsay resisted the urge to run back into the locker room. She didn't want to deal with people, but she forced herself forward. Fortunately, only Avril was in the gym. The petite, though muscled, blonde was currently doing some squats with a rather large weight on her shoulders.

"Lindsay? What are you doing here?" The blonde asked, letting the weights she was using clatter to the ground.

"I need to hit something."

"Well, you've come to the right place." Avril restacked her weights and signaled the redhead to come over. "Just frustrated or..?"

Lindsay wasn't certain how far she wanted to go, the bare minimum seemed the best. "I found Amanda today in some sort of stupor. It seems she got ahold of some off rejected Curvoma prototypes."

Avril paused while picking up a pair of boxing gloves. "That's awful! What happened?"

"She was just there...fingering herself and rubbing her chest. Her boobs looked fake. I got Megan and they carted her away. She was addicted to pleasure!" Lindsay shouted unnecessarily.

"I'm sorry, here this may help." Avril held up the two black gloves. "Give me your hands."

"Ommph these are heavy." The starlet nearly toppled from the weight on her hands.

"These are 12 Oz gloves, more than enough for you to handle." Avril gestured to herself and the punching bag hanging off a single chain. "You can punch the bag or at me."

Lindsay considered. "The bag."

"Good. I'll hold it." The blonde went behind the bag and held it steady for her. "Come at me."

The redhead approached the bag and started to punch it; though rather ineffectively.

"Come on! Are you a child here?! Punch like a damn woman!" With Avril's yelling Lindsay put more force into the successive punches, taking out her anger and frustration on the black bag.

"That's it! Show this bag who's boss!" Avril shouted as the bag absorbed another series of punches.

While it could be therapeutic, it wasn't helping Lindsay. It was really only exhausting her until she could take it no more. Lindsay burst into tears. "Avril! I fucked up bad! There were these pills...and..."

She never finished her sentence as she devolved into a blubbering mess. She started to collapse but Avril was already on her, gently lowering her to the ground. "Shhh...it's ok..."

"No it's not!" Tears streamed from the redhead's' eyes marring her face. "I wanted one of these pills! I wanted to feel what Amanda felt! Consequences be damned!"

"You wanted to take the pills?"

Lindsay nodded, tears still streaming down her face. "I wanted them. I had one on my tongue."

Avril leaned in next to her. "What stopped you?"

"I don't know; it was the thought of Megan not approving, especially after seeing Amanda."

Avril laughed causing Lindsay to get angry. "What's so funny? I'm being serious!"

"We all make mistakes Lindsay, whether we know it or not." Avril stated. "I have two failed marriages under my belt. The Onion even wrote an article stated I was divorcing Chad cause I figured out he was a member of Nickelback. Life is a string of choices.

"You just happened to catch yourself before you made another. That's all."

"...but Megan..."

Avril put a finger on her lips to silence her. "Shh... Megan doesn't have to know."

"Really, you'll do that?" Lindsay stared at the blonde wide-eyed.

"Of course."

"Oh thank you!" The crying redhead was gone and her regular bubbly personality was back. Lindsay launched herself at Avril, catching her off guard and sending the duo crashing to the floor. "I think I know how to thank you too!"

Lindsay shimmed down and attempted to grab at Avril's member. However, since she was still wearing the boxing gloves, she merely succeeded in cock punching the blonde.

"Ow, what kind of thank you is that!?" Avril said while reaching down to massage her wounded dick.

"Sorry! It's these damn gloves." Lindsay tugged each glove free from her hands. "There we go, much better."

She placed a hand on Avril's cloth confined member. "Much better."

Lindsay tugged at the black fabric, slowly pulling it down to reveal Avril's flaccid member. Her fingers played with the flesh; stroking life into it. "Let me make it up to you."

Avril groaned as Lindsay's lips wrapped around her cock. The redhead was a pro; going to town on her 7 inch member. She ducked and hummed while her hands played with the blondes balls. She slid her fingers along those testicles. Each one hung loosely in Avril's sack. As she felt each egg, Avril cooed in response. Or was it because her cock was buried in Lindsay's vibrating throat? It did matter.

"God I want to cum!" Avril shouted at Lindsay, her hands were on the redhead forcing her further down on her cock.

Lindsay managed to extract herself, leaving Avril's dick glistening in the cold air. "Nope, not until I say so, but we'll start the main course."

Lindsay straddled Avril, letting her hands glide across the blonde's toned physique before cruising up her own body. With a solid yank, Lindsay's shorts came free from her butt. Already her sex was glistening in anticipation of Avril entering her. Her lips opened as the cock entered her; the hungry cunt more than willing for it.

In a rare display of athleticism, Lindsay leaned back while still holding in Avril. Her legs came up and she pulled her shorts free, tossing them aside. She never let the dick slip out of her snatch.

"Impressive." Avril commented through gritted teeth.

"I'm full of surprises." Lindsay responded. She also responded by starting to rock her body. A subtle milking and massaging of Avril's member that made the dickgirl moan.

After a suitably long tease, Lindsay picked up her pace, no longer just rocking her body but bouncing as well. Her pussy would engulf Avril's cock completely before coming up until just the head remained. Then she'd reverse and slam it back inside; Lindsay's ass slapping Avril's thighs in the process.

Lindsay kept speeding up to Avril's pleasure and her own. Already an orgasm was approaching. The blonde's dick seemed perfectly sized to repeatedly hit her G-spot. Each thrust seemed to make the head catch it; sending stars crashing through Lindsay's vision

One particularly strong thrust and the redhead came. Her pussy tightened around Avril's cock as she rode waves of pleasure. In suitable Lindsay style, she responded with a cry and rode Avril even faster. She did however become unbalanced as she went; Lindsay lost her footing and her pace nearly toppling into her partner.

Fortunately, she caught herself. Unfortunately, it was sinking her hands into Avril's boobs and pressing with all her might; causing the blonde to yelp.

"Hey, those aren't hand holds." Avril commented as Lindsay dug into her chest.

"Let me try this then." The redhead shifted around while still pistoning atop her cock. Her hands slipped under Avril's confining sports bra and wrapped around the boobs contained within.

The blonde arched her back as Lindsay pawed at her breasts; a finger and thumb wrapped around each nipple. Together they pulled, yanked, and pressed on her teats as her hands massaged her chest. It was equisite.

"God keep that up you slut!"

"Can do!" Lindsay went to work with gusto, sloshing Avril's tits around while she continued to plunge on her cock. Her vice like cunt gripping and releasing with every bounce.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum!" Avril shouted, her eyes rolling back in her head.

"Do it! Cum for me! Give me your seed!" Lindsay demanded. Already she felt a second orgasm brewing. With luck hers will match Avril's.

Avril bucked her hips as she came, willing her cock to go further into Lindsay's box as it released its' spunk. Lindsay pulled her hips forward in an exaggerated motion while simultaneously clamping down with her cunt muscles. She was, in effect, milking Avril's dick for all of its' sperm. Her own orgasm came in a wave that washed over her. Poor Avril was at her mercy as her hands tightened, squeezing the blondes bosom.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Give me your cum Avril! Give it to me!" Lindsay shouted as she experienced her own release. Her juices flooded out of her cunt, pushing past the blonde's dick and marring her outfit.

Avril grunted as the last load was released; a feeble squirt which Lindsay's thirst sex devoured.

Lindsay collapsed onto Avril, her pussy sucking the last of the seed out of the dick. "You won't tell?"

"Don't worry; I'll keep your secret." Avril said as she cradled the redhead; her cock still nestled inside Lindsay's love box.

"Thank you." Lindsay managed to sniff out.

At that moment Colleen walked in. The British woman was not at all happy with the pair. "I hope you two are satisfied because right now you're in a heap of trouble."


Jade counted the pills on her desk one last time. 63. By her estimates, that was a few pills short of how many Amanda should have had left. The mulatto assistant ran her hand through her hair, her brow furrowed in concentration. Where'd the other ones go?
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