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Author Topic: Drug Trials: Chapter 6.5: Primere  (Read 1643 times)


Drug Trials: Chapter 6.5: Primere
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"God I didn't know you were such a woman for this!"

"What's that's supposed to mean?" Lindsay yelled back from behind the bathroom door.

"I mean you're taking so much time! Usually you're jeans, t-shirt and done." Megan sighed as she leaned against the wall, checking her phone for the 100th time. "We'll be late."

"We're not going to be late. I have everything planned out. I want to look my best. I don't get to go out that often."

"Oh really?" Megan didn't really believe her.

"Nothing this fancy anyway." The blow dryer turned on, killing the conversation. Megan resisted the urge to look at her phone again. A few weeks prior she was reminded that she had the Weekenders premiere to attend, which she of course ignored. With less than a week to go she had to scramble to put everything together. She did but she was missing one key thing. Megan needed a date for the premiere. This was her first time out and she wasn't going stag.

Enter Lindsay. The redhead was scarily enthusiastic about it. She went shopping for clothes, jewelry, everything. It was about as much as Megan could bear. Is that how a guy feels? Now the black haired beauty was locked out of her own bathroom while Lindsay put the finishing touches on herself. Megan was forbidden from looking in on her.

"I'm going downstairs, don't take too long." Megan picked up her purse and wandered down the stairs to the foyer. Her metallic purple dress shimmered with every step she took. Megan didn't want to admit it, but she spent way too long working on this outfit. This was to be her first public appearance since she stopped acting, and she wanted it to be special.

Her hair was still short from her Halloween party; an adorable pixie cut that would give Emma Watson a run for the money. No sooner did she reach the bottom step did the doorbell ring.

"I'm here for a Ms. Fox?" The smartly dressed chauffeur stated as Megan opened the door.

"That's me. Just a second, my date is taking her time." She offered the man a sweet smile then turned to the stairs. "Lindsay! Get down here now!"

Her yell caused the chauffeur to jump. Yet, that wasn't the only surprise in store. "Alright already."

Lindsay appeared at the top stairs causing Megan's and the chauffeur's jaws to drop. Lindsay was crammed into a silky red dress that went all the way to her ankles. Starting from the bottom, the redheads feet were in matching red heels; not too tall or too short, just enough. The dress billowed out around her legs, yet was just tight enough to show every little movement. It cinched slightly around her narrow waist before it went to her chest. Her two large mounds were on display. They weren't totally exposed like some other stars did. Just enough to be seen without slutty. If Megan had to compare it, it would be like Scarlett Johansson's red carpet dress. My how she's come since I first fucked her.

Her red orange hair fell around and framed her face. Lindsay wore just a dash of makeup, which only served to highlight her eyes. In her hands she held a matching clutch purse and her ears had red earrings hanging off the lobes.

"Wow." Megan stammered out. Think unsexy thoughts!

"Thank you." Lindsay smiled and turned towards the driver. "Now I believe we have a premiere to attend?"

"Right." The driver stumbled over himself, much to the girls amusement. "This way."

Megan and Lindsay followed the flustered chauffeur out to the waiting limo; gratuitously accepting his hand as they climbed inside. Shortly after, the door clicked shut and they were off.

Megan stared out the window as they went; watching the Hollywood lights flicker past them. Lindsay watched her silently. She's been so introspective lately.

"Megan, I've been meaning to ask..."

"Yes?" She turned back to face Lindsay.

"How are you feeling now?" Lindsay was obviously referring to the near mishap Megan had with Curvoma. The A version nearly rendered her catatonic to all but pleasure. She appreciated the concern, as it was something she couldn't handle on her own. Megan just didn't know it at the time.

"I'm fine now, my head feels better. Almost like a fog has been lifted." She replied honestly.

"Any changes?" Lindsay smirked.

"You'll have to see."

Lindsay made a move to look under Megan dress but the futanari stopped her. "Nope, not until later."

"Aww fine. You got that thing tied down don't you?"

Megan held up two fingers. "Two garters and a prayer that I don't get aroused."

"Really?" Lindsay had that gleam in her eye. Already the gears were turning as she accepted the challenge.

"Yes. So back off." Megan playfully shoved Lindsay away.

"Fine...for now." Lindsay jolted as the car came to a halt. Peering out the window she saw they had arrived. The flashes of bulbs illuminating the red carpet. "We're here."

"We are." Megan stated flatly.

"What are you nervous?"

"No." That was a lie.

"Bullshit." Lindsay snapped back. "This is your first time in public isn't it?"

"A lady looking like you do shouldn't use those words." Megan sighed, "Yes, I am alright?"

Lindsay reached across and kissed her tenderly. "You'll be fine."

The door next to Megan clicked open. "Showtime."


Megan Fox accepted the hand of her chauffeur and stepped outside. She was almost immediately blinded by flash bulbs. Why do they do these things at night? She resisted the urge to throw her hand up protectively. Instead, she smoothly turned and offered it to Lindsay. The redhead pulled herself out of the limo and into the camera's eye.

The crowd seemed to be entranced by their appearance. Lindsay was looking as radiant as ever; one might say better than her mean girl days. Meanwhile Megan was nearly bursting out of her dress. Her Curvoma enhanced figure was turning heads all over. There's going to be hell to pay for this I'm sure. Lindsay embraced her as the cameras kept on clicking. "Let's go."

The pair were directed to stand before the posters for Weekenders. Each gave off a half dozen poses before the were separated. Megan stood up for her pictures, being particularly careful about how she posed. I have a cock but I don't want the world to see it. Yet. She smiled at that thought. I've banged how many chicks in Hollywood and no one has mentioned it yet? Maybe no one cares.

Megan turned from the cameras and practically ran into herself. Well, not herself actually, but she felt like she was looking at a mirror. A pre-curvoma mirror, but a mirror nonetheless. The girl looked close enough to Megan that they could be sisters.


"No, it's all my fault, I can be rather clumsy." Megan apologized and offered a hand. "Megan."

She shook it. "Meg. It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Fox."

Megan took in the sight of the singer Meg Myers. Her outfit was a little off, but Megan could see the potential. She could be my sister. "You're a singer right? I feel like I saw you somewhere."

"That's right, I've been on tour mostly."

"Mmm." Megan thought to herself for a moment. She would make a nice addition. Megan reached into her clutch purse and fished out a business card. "Listen, if you want to make a talent change, call me. I'm sure we can work well together."

Meg took the card and stared at it. "Thanks, I'll umm...consider it."

Megan got close and pressed her body up against Meg's, her lips just inches from Meg's ear. "I'm sure you'll be satisfied with my services."

Now Meg definitely didn't know what to do about this turn of events. She stood looking at the card as Megan sauntered away and rejoined Lindsay.

"Found another one did you?" Lindsay teased as they made their way inside.

"Shut up."


Megan took her seat next to Lindsay after everyone gave their little speeches. It was typical Hollywood to talk about the movie; rather self indulgent and served little purpose.

"I'm fairly certain no paid attention to what you were saying." Lindsay leaned over as Megan sat down.

"Why do you say that?"

"Everyone was too busy drinking in your curves to hear what you said." Lindsay explained, "You'll be front page tomorrow."

"Great." Megan said with enthusiasm, but truthfully, she wasn't very enthused. Not exactly what I wanted. Before the conversation could go further the movie began. There were tons of laughs as Megan and Kristen's characters tried to make their way through their dumb luck. One bit involving a cucumber had the audience rolling with laughter.

Lindsay leaned over at one point. "You didn't tell me you two made out in this."

"You didn't ask." Megan whispered back.

"Mmm, no wonder Kristen seems so alive in this. Did you fuck emotion into her?" It was obvious that Lindsay was started to get aroused. Megan was too; she felt the blood start to pump to her member.

"Maybe." She did.

"Shhh." Someone said from behind them.

"Sorry." Megan apologized then turned back to face her date. "Cut that out."

Even in the dim lighting provided by the screen Megan could see Lindsay grinning. "Challenge accepted!"

The redhead slid down out of her seat and onto the plush movie theater carpeting. Lindsay slid, as best as she could, before Megan.

"What are you...ooh!" Megan's dress went up and Lindsay disappeared underneath it. She felt her hot breath between her legs as her hands felt up her thighs. It was obvious where she was intending on going.

Megan grimaced as a slender hand poked at her bloating member. Her own hands grabbed a hold of the arm rests and dug in; Lindsay wasn't going to be denied this.

"Cut that out!" the futanari whispered through gritted teeth. Lindsay didn't say anything, but Megan could make out the dress shifting back and forth. No. Dear god is this happening?

Fortunately, the row they were in was rather empty, with no one seated nearby, at least to either side of them. Lindsay's breath returned against her member. Megan felt it lurch to even greater hardness; the two garters digging in painfully against the shaft.

A hand slid up and removed the first garter, then the second. Suddenly free, her fat shaft bounced once against the fabric of her dress before her intruder caught it. Megan's nails dug into the armrests and Lindsay started lick at her cock; The massive head getting a good tonguing as the redhead went to work. Already Megan could feel Lindsay's hands start to pump at her shaft, her fingers no longer encircling its' girth. Grrr. What if someone sees this?!

Lindsay took the head into her mouth and Megan suppressed a groan. Lindsay's mouth was hot and wet, and easily toyed with her as the redhead greedily sucked at the shaft. More and more slipped in as she devoured Megan's tool. It actually surprised Megan she was able to get it in. Since she switched from Curvoma-A to Curvoma-D her cock had swelled a bit in size. It wasn't the 17 inch monster anymore. Now it was a demon that swelled to a monumental girth. It was a pussy destroying monster in every sense of the word.

Lindsay bottomed out; somehow. The redhead began to suck on her cock in earnest now, letting the entire length out before swallowing it back up again. It was always amazing that she was about to do that. Lindsay wasn't content with just lightly pleasuring her now, Megan watched as the outline of Lindsay's head sped up, taking on an incredible urgency as she blew the futanari.

"God, if you keep that up I'm not going to last long " Megan whispered through strained teeth. Lindsay seemed to hear her and kept going at it. Her throat felt incredible around Megan's member. May the nerve endings increased with my girth? Megan may have pondered but her brain wasn't set to higher thinking at this moment. She managed to lock her legs around Lindsay, holding her in place for what was about to come.

Megan's muscles flexed as she came. Her grip on the arm rest tightened even further as her cock dumped its' load down Lindsay's all to willing throat. There was a sound of plastic cracking as the armrest Megan was holding seemed to flex and give way under her grip. Ooops. Megan hadn't cum for a few days and it seemed like all that buildup was now being released. Lindsay was helpless as the cum kept coming until it finally slackened after a good 45 seconds of continuous shooting.

Megan felt her softened dick get moved around. It was against her right thigh as the garters were snapped back into place. Lindsay slid out from between Megan's legs and resumed her seat. The redhead checked herself, finding some vestiges of her blowjob.

"I hope you enjoyed yourself, cause you're in trouble." Megan threatened.

"You enjoyed it too." Lindsay wiped the last traces of cum off her lips then added, "Bring it."


The audience seemed to love the movie as they all exited the theater. Megan got congratulations and back slaps from producers, cast mates and fans, but she didn't really feel them. Rather she felt simmering rage at her companion. Her unexpected exhibitionist episode could've cost them both a lot. More so for Megan than Lindsay.

Their chauffeur was waiting for them at their limo holding the door wide open for them. Lindsay entered first; Megan following shortly thereafter. As she entered Megan whispered in the driver's ear. "Ignore all noises you hear coming from the back."

The driver nodded and shut the door behind Megan as she climbed in. As soon as the car pulled away Megan was atop Lindsay.

"Someone's feeling it tonight." Lindsay stated.

"Turn around." Megan commanded. The redhead readily complied, waiting for the fucking she realized was coming.

Megan slapped Lindsay's ass when she exposed it. "Not wearing underwear huh?"


"What were you thinking?" *slap* "Doing that. You know how much trouble we could have gotten in?"

"I'm sorry." Lindsay was...sorta. She loved the thrill of public sex, but maybe she pushed it a little too far today.

There was a rustle behind her as Megan freed her member from its' confines. "I'm sure you are, but now you'll be punished for it."

"Ooh yes, punish me." Lindsay saved her butt enticingly. Behind, Megan hefted her member, stroking it to its full hardness.

"You will be." Megan was still seeing a little red as she lined up on Lindsay.

"Wait, wait!" Lindsay suddenly panicked. "That's my...oh god!"

Lindsay cried out as Megan stuck her massive member in her ass. Nothing the redhead could do would stop her as she stretched Lindsay out. "Oh jesus."

Surprisingly, the cock slid it quite easily. Making it nearly half way before it encountered serious resistance. That push seemed to knock Megan out of her trance. "Oh my god Lindsay are you ok?"

Lindsay didn't say anything, but instead released an animalistic growl.


"Keep fucking me you animal." Lindsay declared, pushing her but back on Megan's member.

Megan grinned a little. There was nothing she wouldn't do. Placing a hand on either side of Lindsay's waist and grabbed hold; she starting thrusting in earnest.

Lindsay grunted as Megan started up again, pushing back against her and meeting her thrusts. More and more of Megan's mighty member sank into the redhead. Megan herself strained as she plowed forward; Lindsay was unbelievably tight and her cock was unbelievable thick. The results were obvious. Lindsay was crying out in pleasure and pain while Megan started sweating from the exertion. Her skin took on a sheen as her dick continued onwards.

With a slap of flesh against leather, Megan knew she hit home. 17 inches of girlcock was buried in the tight redhead. For a moment, neither party did anything. They just sat in silence, rejoicing in their accomplishment. Then Lindsay began to get anxious.

The redhead pushed back a little and twitched her butt; as much as she could twitch her butt. That was Megan's cue.

Megan began working her cock in earnest. Pulling out slightly before thrusting back in with all her might. Lindsay too pushed back with what strength she could muster; a string of grunts, groans and curses streaming out of her mouth.

Lindsay cried out in pleasure and pain as Megan came. The futa's cock had swelled even larger as it pumped its' payload of jizz into the redhead. Megan just held it in place as she experienced her orgasm. Her vision blurred as she reached her first true orgasm in days.

Lindsay gripped the couch as more and more cum entered her; painting her insides. Finally, the assault stopped as the rod buried inside her stopped bucking. Lindsay had survived what Megan had thrown at her.

Megan kept her cock buried in Lindsay's behind as it softened. The girl was now a mess, thoroughly disheveled in both appearance and state of mind. Megan withdrew as the car came to a halt and made herself and Lindsay somewhat presentable. The driver knocked on the door and Megan opened it.

The chauffeur helped Megan out. "Thank you for your discretion in this." She let the man palm a stack of bills.

"Ma'am." He took the money but did dare meet Megan's gaze. No doubt he heard what happened in back.

Lindsay stumbled out of the car. Her legs were bowed out and gait wavered like a sailor on shore leave. If Megan had to guess, she was positive Lindsay couldn't manage this walk when she was sober. That is not drunk from the fucking she just got.

Lindsay turned back to Megan and the driver as she got to the door. "Best car ride ever!"

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