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Author Topic: Drug Trials Chapter 7.5: The missing Pills  (Read 2278 times)


Drug Trials Chapter 7.5: The missing Pills
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Halle Berry dropped the bag of pills in the passenger seat slightly perturbed. All she wanted was her meds, but for some reason she had to go to the Pharmacorp headquarters. The mixed race actresses rolled her eyes as she put the car in gear. With all the money these companies made you'd think they could manage to not screw things up. Yet she had to deal with them; she was getting older and losing out on roles. That little bag contained her edge. Height, weight, measurements, everything was checked for those little pills, they must have been awesome to go through that much trouble.

As Halle drove she mused on that. It wasn't her agent that suggested it; rather the pharmaceutical company. Her agent was busy suggesting losing roles. Halle considered switching to Megan Fox's company; it seemed like people were flocking to her and she got things done. Maybe I should call and setup an appointment? Would that seem to desperate?

When Halle got home she beelined for the kitchen; immediately intent on these magic little pills. Opening up the bag she first pulled out a journal; one to chart her changes. She tossed that on her counter. Next she pulled out a note; it contained a generic thank you greeting.

Blah Blah Blah. Halle tossed the note onto the journal. She reached into the box and pulled out another sheet of paper. This one folded out halfway to the floor and listed every possible known side effect for her pills. Halle's brown eyes bulged as she read the list:

Bladder pain ,bloody or cloudy urine, difficult, burning, or painful urination, fast, pounding, or irregular heartbeat or pulse, frequent urge to urinate, lower back or side pain, Cold or flu-like symptoms, cough or hoarseness, fever or chills, Blistering, peeling, or loosening of the skin, changes in height,chest pain or discomfort, confusion, convulsions, dark-colored urine, diarrhea

difficulty breathing, difficulty with speaking, difficulty with swallowing, Dizziness, double vision, Faintness, Headache, inability to move the arms, legs, or facial muscles, inability to speak, Itching, joint or muscle pain, large, hive-like swelling on the face, eyelids, lips, tongue, throat, hands, legs, feet, or sex organs, loss of bladder control, muscle cramps or spasms, muscle mass growth, muscle pain or stiffness, muscle mass reduction, muscle spasm or jerking of all extremities, Nausea, Nymphomania, pain or discomfort in the arms, jaw, back, or neck, red skin lesions, often with a purple center, red, irritated eyes, seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there, skin rash, slow speech, sore throat, sores, ulcers, or white spots in the mouth or on the lips, sudden loss of consciousness, sweating, swelling of the feet or lower legs, tightness in the chest, troubled breathing, uncontrolled repeated movements (tics), uncontrolled vocal outbursts, unexpected gender reassignment, unusual tiredness or weakness, vomiting.

Geez, why don't they just say hallucinations as well. Oh wait, it's on there. Halle sighed. She did sign up for it.


Halle stood before the mirror butt naked. Her arms leaned heavily on the sink as she considered her options. Sitting before her was an innocuous little pill, looking something like a pez and a tic tac. In small print was the letter C with a G in subscript. I can still go back. Yet, she didn't want to. She wanted to go on. Bottoms up! The pill tasted slightly bitter going down. The brunette expected some sort of reaction but was instead disappointed.

Nothing. Halle did picture it cartoonishly bouncing down her throat until it hit her stomach with a loud splash but even that failed to appear. Oh well. Halle gave her body an inspection in the mirror. Her breasts were still lovely Ds, but age was starting to show. They were slowly losing a battle with gravity. Just as well her butt was still finely formed, but she feared the perkiness would disappear as she got older.

With a sigh Halle emerged from her bathroom, still fully nude, clicking the light off as she went. The busty brunette climbed into bed and crawled deep beneath the covers. What I am thinking? Why would it be instantaneous? It's not magic or anything.

Halle rolled over; tiredness over taking her. This had better be worth it. She thought as she close her eyes.


Halle's eyes blinked open. Sun poured in through the window. What the hell. Her body felt sore. Not bad sore, but the good kind. Like she just had an intense yoga session. She stretched languidly, enjoying the feeling as her body moved. There was something else too. It was an indescribable feeling, but if she had to it felt like youthful confidence.

With all this vigor, she sprung out of bed. It was there she noticed her first change: Her breasts bounced as she jumped, landing much higher than they used to. Did they change? Halle cupped each one experimentally; hefting and checking their weight. They look bigger. Fuck, they look better! In her mind they seemed a little larger. Once more they sat higher too; resisted gravity's pull despite her larger size.

She sat down to think, her ass pressing deep into her bed. That's when she noticed her second change. My ass looks bigger. Hands not leaving her chest, Halle torqued her body around until she could see her backside. Hmm. The brunette stood and looked again. Bigger. One hand dropped from her tits and slapped one cheek experimentally.

A moan escaped her lips as her cheek undulated. Wow, much more sensitive! She admired her plump rear end again. Kim Kardashian's got nothing on me! Halle realized looking this good required a special outfit, a very particular one at that. She scampered into her closet and went digging.

There was no reason why she kept this particular outfit. At the time she thought it was ridiculous. A faux leather halter top with a matching skirt. It was an imitation of Raquel Welch's bikini from 1 million BC; of course it would be. It was from the Flintstone's movie.

The clothing was plastered to her body as she emerged from her closet. The faux leather and fabric creaked ominously with every movement she made as it struggled to contain her assets. As Halle noted in the mirror, inches of magnificent mocha cleavage poured from the top; her nipples threatening to punch holes in the overburdened fabric. It still fits!

Halle was pleased. She had made the film over a decade ago, and yet for all those years she had managed to keep it together. Sure her boobs may have sagged a bit due to gravity's pull, but she still got it. She turned, giving the mirror a side shot. Yep. Still got it. Maybe I should spend the day like this.

Halle turned but felt a twinge in her stomach. Attempting to brush it off it only seemed to intensify as she went along. Halle grunted and fell to her knees; the pain felt like someone shoved a poker into her stomach. She cried out once, but then just as quickly as it came on the pain died out.

"What the fuck was that?" She shouted; her voice echoing through her vacant home. Halle went on all fours for a moment. Trying to collect herself she took in several deep breaths, but no avail. If anything it only seemed to make it worse. Come on girl, you can do this. Halle let her head drop until she was staring at her body. It caused her to scream.

The gorgeous brunette watched in slow motion as her breasts seemed to increase in size. With each passing moment that seemed to sink lower and lower; overflowing that embattled outfit and stretching it to its' breaking point. That's not why she screamed however. Between the valley of cleavage erupting from her chest she spotted something hanging from her crotch. With each breath and heart beat it pulsed larger; steadily it crept out of the confines of her skirt heading towards the floor.

"Oh god!" She fell on her side, quickly coming up to sit on her butt. Tentatively she leaned forward and looked beneath her monumental cleavage. Sitting on the floor was a dick. Not just any dick: hers. She knew it instinctively. The rod peaked ever so slightly out of her skirt, with each passing second it expanded; filling the void in her lap. She reached out and touched it.

Warm, that's what it felt like. The flaccid member felt warm and smooth in her hands. Investigating, she traced it back to her crotch. There she felt around, noting to some satisfaction that she had two oversized testicles as well. Halle couldn't see them because of her boobs, but felt their size. Heavy. And as she held them in her hand they only seemed to get heavier. She pushed them aside for now and traced lower. Her female sex was still there; emanating a heat as she felt around it.

Well, at least that's normal. She mused. This is one hell of a side effect. Halle knew she should call the company right away and explain this new development. That's when she discovered her last alteration.

Halle's head brushed the ceiling as she leaned back up. "What the fuck?!"

She tried again, only to bang her head; small bits of plaster raining down on her. "I'm growing?"

Halle was so caught up in her bodily inspection she didn't notice that her pills had caused her to grow. Her clothing was plastered against her body; by some miracle the leather had broken. Yet, even now it cried out for mercy.

Mercy was not yet coming though. Halle continued her expansion; slowly filling the voids in her room. Gotta get out of here! She bolted to the door; crawling on all fours desperate to reach her destination. Halle heaved and only managed to get her head through. Fuck!

The brunette wiggled frantically against the door frame, succeeding in getting her shoulders out. Then came her tits. Her oversized funbags banged against the door as she struggled. The door frame creaked ominously as she pulled. Halle managed to squeeze an arm through; the slender limb lashed out and grabbed the door opposite her own. She heaved, pulling with all her might.

The sound of wood splintering echoed throughout the house, but she was free. Halle was quite pleased. Her massive chest heaved as she was now free from the door. However, her leather top had not made the journey; it hung uselessly from her left tit, barely covering her engorged nipple. God how big am I gonna get? She thought. No time for that, need to get out!

With both hands now she dragged her ever growing frame forward. Her large rear hit the fractured door sending remnants flying as it busted through. Now completely naked, she took stock. Still growing. Still in the house or what's left of it. The brunette scampered, her cock dragging erotically across the carpet as she went. There was something strange about the situation. It was almost erotic to her.

Need to leave now! She thought, though a growing sense of arousal was there in the back of her mind. Halle would have preferred to leave through one of the doors or even the big window out back, but her body had other ideas.

Halle shot upwards as she stood up. Her growth not caring what was in the way. Her head banged against the ceiling, yet this time there was no resistance as her mocha body shot ever upwards. Her house quickly becoming a scene of devastation as she emerged from it. Dust flew up as she went.

Her body quickly expanded as whatever magic worked itself upon her. Not to be outdone, her main 'attractions' increased as well, becoming disproportionate to her body as she continued expanding. She removed herself from her damaged house; boards and timbers ineffectually bouncing off her massive frame.

The newly made futa giantess sucked in her surroundings. It was regular day, the sun shining down on Hollywood, but fortunately no one seemed to be around. She needed to get away fast. With body still seemingly growing she took off; her massive breasts bouncing with every step. Worse was her dick. With each motion it waved from side to side: it's ever growing length slowly hardening. Halle was getting turned on by the absurdity of the situation. So big, so...massive...so...sexy...

Her massive steps shook the ground as she went. Her massive body retreating away from the city and to the hills. Yet, as she went forward another feeling overtook her: Desire. Halle's cock was diamond hard at this point; a pillar that vibrated and bounced with every step. She had to take care of it.

Reaching the slope leading up to the Hollywood sign Halle couldn't take it anymore. Her monstrous cock demanded attention; the crimson head continuously leaking of a stream of pre. Just below, her bloated balls banged into her thighs with every step. Signalling that they too wanted a release. Halle shuffled, coming to rest against the mountain side. Her enormous, even for her, ass flattening the landscape as she sat down. Her hard dick stuck out in front of her; slowly throbbing with each beat of her heart.

With a wicked smile she ran her hands down her vivacious body. Her breasts were larger than she ever imagined. Each tit looked as big as a volleyball to her. Their rounded curves nearly settling onto her lap. If it were possible, and Halle didn't know or didn't care, they seemed sensitive to everything. Even the light breeze that happened by tickled her rock hard nipples. It felt...sensual.

Yet, that wasn't the main attraction. Even as Halle fondled her enlarged tits she saw her cock begging for attention. A river of juices escaped from the slit; cascading down side until it hit the ground below. "Mama needs to take care of you."

It took both of her hands to encircle her member, such was her girth. She admired the feel of it in her hands. It's warmth, how the veins seemed to bulge out, even the tingles of pleasure it sent her brain as she merely touched it. Halle wanted to continue but encountered a problem.

How do I do this? Halle thought to herself. The giantess had fucked plenty of times, given many blow jobs, and performed countless handjobs, but never to herself. She giggled, "Welp, gotta try!"

Tenuously, she started to pump her dick with both hands; the river of pre providing ample lubrication as her hands slid along the thick shaft.

"Mmmm, that's right." She told herself as she became familiar with it, gradually becoming more comfortable with her ministrations. Burst of pleasure filled her brain as she learned what worked and what did not. Just pumping her cock was enough to keep her stimulated; the large head seeming to grow ever bigger with every stroke. Am I still growing? The thought crossed her mind but was quickly dismissed. She didn't care, her pumping continued.

One hand came free from the shaft, sliding down erotically to her bloated balls. To her they were like tennis balls. To anyone observing, if there was actually anyone observing, they'd be utterly massive. Bigger than trucks and filled with enough cum to fill the largest of pools. She rubbed each one sensually; her body relishing the feelings each one provided. It was almost like they were purring in delight in her hands. Halle's head shot back in a guttural moan. Oh the feelings! The pleasure! She needed more.

"Yes! YES! BIGGER!" That was the chant Halle made as she pumped her cock. Her hands a blur across its massive length. How big was it now to her? 12 inches? 15 inches? It didn't matter at all to her. All she was concerned about was pleasure. Specifically her pleasure.

Halle found, through some effort, that she was able to bring her cock up to nearly her face. She came a little as the crimson head slid through her mocha cleavage; a dollop of pre erupting through the slit. Halle leaned forward, stretching as far as she could. She felt the head on her lips; the surface, slick with her juices, right up against her mouth.

Halle opened her mouth and bent down further. The head, the size of a plum to her, slid in. I can blow myself! She did not waste time dwelling on this discovery. With both hands firmly around her magnificent member she started to blow herself. Her tongue slid along the head, grabbing precum as it went. Her hot breath sending pleasure through the engorged head. Her hands nightly pumped at her member; both jerking it as fast as they could. Such was their rate that her arms kept banging into her colossal breasts. Each brown boob slamming into her dick in rhythm. To anyone observing, Halle had become the poster for narcissistic hedonism; concerned with pleasure, but only her own.

She was getting close, she could feel it. Halle's newly formed balls vibrated; full of copious amounts of sperms as they pulled snug up her body. Halle disconnected from her cock with a gasp. Her need for air overwhelming it. The goddess didn't let up her pleasuring however. Instead she relished it, revealing as her dick seemed to swell larger before her. Halle was riding a roller-coaster of pleasure, and she just reached the first drop.

Halle let out a piercing wail as she came. Windows shattered and car alarms wailed and her screamed reached a crescendo. Her huge, even to her, cock throbbed releasing thousands and thousands gallons of sperm on the helpless populace. Nothing could stop it as her bloated balls continued to release their cargo. They sagged, only to pull back and release more of their cargo. Halle leaned back into the mountain side, her body overwhelmed by her release. She twisted and turned as she rode the roller-coaster down to its finish.

After several moments, the orgasm died. One last spurt erupted from her slit and fell between her legs. It hit the ground, leaving enough spunk to fill a pool. Halle squeezed one of her oversized teats as she let out a satisfied groan. Her first orgasm with a dick, and it was...awesome! Slowly she opened her eyes.

Hollywood was drenched from her onslaught. There was not a single major spot that wasn't hit by her cum. Oops! She thought, giggling to herself. Her member drooped in her hand, quickly losing its diamond hard state after pumping gallons of jizz across the sky. Halle licked her lips; she could get used to this. I am a goddess after all.


Halle woke up with a start. Sweat drenched her body as it lay twisted amongst her sheets. She smacked a hand to her forehead.

Was that all just a dream? Halle sighed with a mixture of relief and disappointment. Being that big, that massive was enjoyable. Sexy even!

Her phone rang on her nightstand, startling the actress. Unknown number. Who the hell...?

"Hello Ms Berry." The voice was polite, feminine even. "It has come to my attention that you've been given a new supplement, we'd like to discuss that with you."

Halle tried to unwrap herself as she sat up on the bed. This sounds out of a movie. "Who is this?"

"My name is Jade, and I'm the personal assistant to Megan Fox. At your earliest convenience, please come to the Foxy Productions offices. You won't need an appointment."

Halle didn't respond for several seconds as she processed that information. Why is this happening now? She pondered, then a realization hit her. Oh shit!

Cautiously she lifted up the sheet that covered her body...
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