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Author Topic: Drug Trials: Chapter 8: Turning Point  (Read 2193 times)


Drug Trials: Chapter 8: Turning Point
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Megan checked her motion detector again. Nothing. That did little to quell the feeling in her stomach. The noise was getting closer. This time sounding like it was rampaging through the walls and through the vents to where she was standing so hopelessly. Megan looked around for a hiding spot. There was one off in the corner, an equipment locker. Maybe she could wedge herself in there. Her motion sensor beeped, followed by a metallic screech as a vent cover was torn open.

Megan ran as fast and as quietly as she could. Opening and slamming the locker door shut behind her. The heard claws scrape across the bare metal floor. She tried not to panic as the steps grew closer. Sweat poured off her brow as the sound increased; worse than the sound of its' footsteps were its teeth. They seemed to chatter as it walked, promising an early grave to those that crossed its' path. Megan could see the shadow now as the creature drew ever closer; A bipedal killing machine in glossy black. She stifled her breathing.

"What are you doing?" The voice that erupted near her ear was a whisper but it might as well been a shout. Megan screamed and sent her controller flying across the room. She flailed and buried her head into a pillow.

Lindsay went to the wall and turned on the light; the room flashed and night became day as Megan peaked out from under her hiding spot. "Why the fuck did you do that!?"

"I asked what you were doing, but you didn't answer so I got closer."

Megan slunk out from under the pillow and sat up. "Fine."

"I'll ask again. What are you doing?" Lindsay moved back from the wall and navigated the maze of items on the floor. The box of a Playstation 4 and all the accessory packages were scattered about. The game console itself was plugged haphazardly into the TV. Lindsay picked up a game case. "Alien: Isolation?"

Megan nodded. "It's for work."

"Playing games....for work?" Lindsay put the case down and arched an eyebrow. "Care to explain that?"

Megan retrieved the controller and paused the game. Her character was still, fortunately, alive. "A script landed on my desk for another Alien movie. One based off this game. So rather than read it, I thought I would play it."

"An interesting notion." Lindsay sat down next to her. "And?"

"It's scary. I think it'll be a decent movie or possibly a miniseries."

"Uh huh. So, why did you get a script? You said you weren't doing that."

"I'm not. Well, I tried not to." Megan hugged a pillow. "Yet, they keep coming."

"That's good." Lindsay studied her for a moment. "You don't seem happy about it."

"I am, but it's not what I set out to do." Megan responded. "I wanted to get roles and manage people, not manage movies."

"I understand." Lindsay put a hand on Megan's thick thigh to comfort her. "Speaking of....we're due on set tomorrow."

Megan saved her game and shut down the console. "Oh yes, of course. Are you ready?"

"Of course I'm ready." Lindsay replied, yet Megan glared at her. "Okay, I am nervous."

"Why?" Megan pushed everything so it would become less of a tripping hazard. "You've done this dozens if not hundreds of times."

"It's just..." Lindsay pouted adorably.

"First big one after all those years?" Megan speculated but Lindsay nodded in agreement. "No worries, I'll be there."

"And let me show you how to thank you." The redhead advanced on Megan gently pushing her back onto the couch. The redhead sat down on Megan's lap; her legs spread wide over the conspicuous bulge that swelled with every passing second. Lindsay reached into Megan's pants, freeing the monster contained within. "I'm a little sad."

"Why?" Megan's bulging cock sat between them like a pillar of virility; pulsing with life to the tune of Megan's beating heart.

Lindsay grasped hold of the member and used her free hand to pull off her top. Unsurprisingly, she didn't wear a bra, and her large boobs swung free as she flicked her shirt aside. Lindsay rubbed the fleshy monolith against her breasts; smearing her breasts with precum. "My breasts are so small and this.....is so big....I can't give it a proper titfuck."

"Your breasts aren't that small." Megan replied, her breaths coming in short bursts as Lindsay continually fondled her cock. It was true, Megan's Curvoma powered cum had undid years worth of damage to the redhead, restoring her body to a Pre-Mean Girls state. The futa knew from her research that Lindsay was a D-cup originally, but with all the Curvoma and the near unnatural firmness of her bust Megan assumed she was now a E if not larger.

"Compared to this monster?" Lindsay shook her head, yet continued to rub Megan's cock. When she was satisfied she released the member and started rubbing her tits with jizz until they shined. "Still. I'm going to try."

Megan wasn't about to stop her. Lindsay thrust a little and the member bounced between them; slapping Lindsay's bare flesh with several loud smacks. "Hold this, I'm gonna do the work."

The futa grabbed her cock and held it steady as Lindsay did her thing. Slowly, the redhead got going, rubbing her boobs against the meaty member while rolling her body against the pleasure pillar. Megan released it was only her massive size that allowed such an absurd titfucking to occur. As thick as a soda can, the girlcock sprung from her loins and traveled straight up. Huge veins criss crossed the surface as it plowed upward; each one pulsing with life. Capped at the very top of the fuckstick was the head, already turning crimson and unleashing a stream of precum; a fountain of futanari virility. Even now the tip brushed Lindsay's chin as the redhead rubbed her large breasts against it; her face twisted with pleasure.

"Oh baby, that's it." Lindsay cried, rocking her body against the cock; tugging on her turgid nipples. "Mmm, this feels so good....but.."

Lindsay let a hand slip down to her skirt, tugging at the zipper. In a flash the fabric disappeared and she began rubbing her bare sex against the base. Megan had to smirk, "No underwear?"

"Easier access."


"Your slut." Lindsay corrected.

"Well slut," Megan slapped Lindsay's ass once before digging into the pliable flesh. "Get to work."

Lindsay said nothing. Instead she scooted closer to Megan until her clit pressed harder against this penis. From there she continued her rocking motion; her face twisted with bouts of pleasure.

Faster and faster she went, grinding herself against Megan's cock with reckless abandon. Already the member was turning a shade of red; Lindsay's rapid movements sending dollops of precum in every direction.

"God I love this cock!" Lindsay declared; pressing against the pole while jerking it off. "It's so massive! It can tame any pussy!"

"It can!" Megan cried out, briefly considering the success she had with it. Already she was pressed back into the couch as far as she could go. Her braless boobs shaking wildly under her top as Lindsey rode her pole. Her free hand groped at her breasts, squeezing each one in turn; her oversized turgid nipples screaming in delight as she pulled and tugged on each one.

"I mean look at it! My itty bitty titties come nowhere near matching this thing." Megan restrained a laugh. Lindsay wasn't normally this self conscious. The redhead continued, "God, if I had melons like yours I'd have the wrapped around this fucker all day. Come on boss, cum for me! Gimme your magic seed!"

She ground even harder against the cock, letting it escape the grasp of her boobs and sending it rocking back and forth between the two lovers. Precum splashed Megan in the face as Lindsay kept up her assault. She recaptured the member in her freckled cleavage; pressing her bust firmly to ensure it did not give her the slip.

"Fuck!" Lindsay locked up, going perfectly rigid. The juices from her sopping wet pussy splashed Megan's crotch; coating her churning balls.

"Lindsay, I'm gonna cum!" Megan announced, her own hands rubbing her cock. Her lover once again didn't say a word. Lindsay leaned down and began to suck on the cock. Megan wasn't sure how but she was. Her tongue darted in and out, up and down and all around the cock head; swirling and lapping with every pass. Her hands never let up as she continued her undulating dance.

Lindsay tried to hold it in. Her cheeks bulged and eyes went wide as she tried to keep up, yet it was like trying to contain a fire hose with a tea cup. With a gurgle Lindsay's head snapped back; unable to contain Megan's massive monolith any longer.

Cum sprayed out in a torrent between the two lovers; Megan's cock throbbing as it sprayed jizz high into the air before it rained down on them. Lindsay gulped down the cum in her mouth before opening it again; her tongue out wide to catch the falling spunk much like a kid chasing snowflakes. For several more seconds Megan's cannon went off until the cum it had was depleted. Even then it sat throbbing for several a moment before it started to soften.

The two lovers were soaked from it's release. Megan's top was thoroughly coated and cum leaked into her exposed cleavage. The damage was far worse to Lindsay however. The redhead was splattered in divine seed. Streaks ran through her hair while strands clung stubbornly to her face. She did her best to lick it up even as more dripped down from the ceiling. "God you always put out so much!"

"I'm glad you like it." Megan replied, her breathing slowing down; her cock falling limp between the pair. "I'm going to have to get this couch cleaned."

"Take it out of my rent." Lindsay wiped away a globule that smacked her in the eye.

"You don't pay rent." Megan stated flatly.

"Then take it out of my ass." Lindsay hissed, bringing the futanari's hand to her tight butt.

"Later." Megan's eyes slowly glanced around the room before finally settling on the tv screen. Her eyes widened when she read the words 'Game over' plastered across the screen. "Ahh! You killed me!"

"Shut up." Lindsay silenced her protesting lover with a kiss only to be shoved away. Megan stood abruptly; engorged cock swinging.

"We'll be taking that fee now."


"Why am I here again?" Megan asked. She actually knew the reason, but she wanted to hear it from someone's mouth.

One of the assistant directors stammered over his words. "We wanted to....well....ensure that.....ummm...."

"Ensure that Lindsay would behave and stay on task?" Megan asked.

The director said nothing, but his jaw worked open and shut several times.

"That's what I thought." Megan dismissed him with a wave. It was to be expected really, Lindsay's past behavior was random at the very least. Megan's presence would make the crew feel at ease with the starlet. Impatiently, Megan tapped at her phone, scrolling through the messages that Jade had helpfully sent. Meeting request, meeting request, interview, meeting request. Hmmm, looks like I'm going to be bored for the next couple days. Megan sighed and put her phone away. They were ready to start shooting.

Megan watched as the scene played out. The extras milled about doing what they did while the main actors did their own bits.

"Odd huh?" A voice startled her. Megan looked up to see Tina Fey standing next to her. "Not being involved in any of the filming. Just a body here."

Megan adjusted her plump butt in her seat. "It does feel strange; I feel like I should be closer, or you know do something."

"Don't worry; it's just a few days. Once Lindsay proves to be reliable, they'll let you go." Tina settled a hand on Megan's shoulder.

"Great." Megan fidgeted again and resisted checking her phone. "I'm going to get some coffee."

Megan stood up and the chair she was in groaned in relief. Like it or not, she was getting bigger.

"Psst." The futanari looked around and saw no one. "Psst."

Megan looked around again and finally saw a familiar face peeking out from a working. "Are you trying to get my attention or did you spring a leak?"

"Hey." Kristen Stewart replied sheepishly.

"Hey," Megan paused then whispered. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see you."

"Thanks, but shouldn't you be on set?" Megan and Foxy Productions has recently fought tooth and nail to get Kristen a more interesting role. The result was Kristen getting cast in the newest Charlie's Angels movie. Quite a turn for the actress.

"I mean, I could go go if..." Kristen sniffed a little.

"Oh honey," Megan realized she offended her. "That's not what I meant. I want to make sure you're not missed. Come here."

Megan grabbed Kristen's arm and pulled her into massive bosom. She felt the thin actress wrap around her and squeeze. After a few moments she pulled out looking deliriously happy. "Thanks. I won't be missed."

"So why'd you want to see me?" Megan asked, ignoring her thickening member.

"Umm..." Kristen bit her lower lip adorably. "I think you've been neglecting something and I want to handle it."

Megan cocked her head. "What?"

"Stella taught me something." Stella. Kristen's girlfriend. Megan didn't have time to process as Kristen sunk down to her knees. The non futa pushed up her skirt and ducked her head inside. Almost immediately popped back out. "Boxers?"

Megan blushed. "It won't fit in anything else."

"It's not fitting here either." Kristen grinned. "No matter."

Megan felt Kristen's hands tug on her underwear, sliding it down over her member. Now Megan was curious. "So what is this?"

Kristen ducked back under the skirt. "Mmm it's a secret."

"Do I get to...oh god!" Megan began only to nearly topple over as Kristen probed her feminine sex. The futa managed to grab a conveniently located bar to avoid spilling to the ground. "What are you doing?!"

"Shh." Kristen's muffled voice emerged from her skirt. "You're going to attract attention."

Megan looked over her shoulder, suddenly concerned about any unwanted attention but everyone was occupied. "What are you doing?"

"Something you haven't had in a long time." Kristen replied. Before Megan could respond she went back at it; paying rapt attention to Megan's pussy. One finger traced the outline of her sex while she felt a tongue begin to probe. She reached down to help guide only to have it batted away. "This is on me. Work your cock."

Megan nodded and grasped hold of her member. Already the shaft thickened and pushed up the front of her skirt. Filled with her member's warmth Megan began to jerk the rod. Slowly at first, until she couldn't wrap her hands around the thick tool.

Kristen began again; her two fingers probed the leaking honey pot before her. A spray of juices landed on her tongue as it went it for a taste. They delicately explored her sex, tracing every inch of her womanhood. Already a trail of juices began seeping out that her partner greedily gobbled up.

Megan desperately wanted to use both hands on her tool but couldn't. One hand was preoccupied with holding the busty futanari upright. The other furiously worked over her rigid member; precum came in rivers and scattered as the cock jostled under her stern grip.

While Megan struggled to stay upright Kristen continued to assault her sex. Her tongue continually dipped in and out of the pussy before her while her fingers continually swept along the inner most folds. Suddenly she stopped and with her thumb and forefingers she squeezed Megan's g-spot from both inside and out.

The move caused Megan's cock to engorge even larger than before. It unleashed a large wad of jizz that launched across a room and splattered against a wall. Megan lost control for a brief second; a silent cry stuck in her throat. The futanari didn't know but the move also doused Kristen with a healthy amount of girlcum from her cunt. The electricity was coursing through her her and pleasure overwhelmed her system. There was only one outlet.

"Cumming!" Megan's voice returned as her grip slackened on her organ as it reared back. Her churning, bubbling balls vibrated as they prepared to release their potent cargo. Kristen did not halt nor even slow her efforts to please Megan's feminine sex. Her twirling tongue continued to do it's work on the futanari. It scraped along the sides before brushing against the edges of her lips. Kristen's fingers kept up their magical dance as well; twisting and turning inside before pressing against her g spot.

Megan gripped the bar tightly as her orgasm washed over her. Her vision clouded and blurred while her cock spun up and ejactulated a torrent of cum. The jizz sailed through the air before splattering against a wall. She staggered slightly and only her death grip on the rack prevented her from crashing to the ground. Kristen kept up her oral assault as Megan continued to unload. The cannon of a cock steadily ran out of ammunition leaving a trail of spunk from the wall all the way back to the duo.

Breathing heavily, Megan came down from her orgasmic high just as her member finished releasing its payload; settling atop Kristen's back and leaking a small amount onto the actress. Kristen finally stopped her efforts with a few licks to clean up her mess. When she finally re-emerged her face was caked with Megan's juices.

Before Megan could quip Kristen hugged her again; locking lips in a deep kiss. Seconds passed to moments and only the need for air broke their connection. "Something to remember me by."

Megan snorted. "Like I could forget."


"Who the fuck is running things over there?! Barney Fife?" Megan yelled at this latest development.

"I do not know. I've only been told about this today." Jade responded. She dare not say anything to agitate her boss further.

"Well at least Scott told us." Megan calmed down and rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "Can you pull Halle's number and call her? I'd like her to come in as soon as possible."

"Of course." Jade got to the door and turned back. "By the way... Barney Fife? How old are you?"

Megan smiled, "TV Land. Only thing my grandmother watched when I was growing up. MASH, Golden Girls, I Love Lucy...I know all those things."

"I'll go place the call." Jade shut the door behind her, leaving Megan alone in her office. When she was sure Jade was on the phone Megan slapped her hands onto her desk.

"Incompetence." She spat.


"Have a seat Ms. Berry." Megan stood from her desk and gestured to the seat in front of it. Halle nodded and sat down. Megan took a moment to soak in Halle's beauty. Despite being nearly 50, the woman was still quite pretty; probably better than many women half her age. "I'm sorry if Jade startled you, but this is something we don't take too lightly."

"It's fine. I just wasn't expected it." Halle left out that it happened the day after she got the pills.

Megan tapped her chin as she resumed her seat. "I'm sure that wasn't the only thing unexpected."

Halle blushed confirming Megan's thinking. "No it wasn't."

"As you might have guessed, we or more specifically, I, have an interest in your medication. Truth be told, you weren't even supposed to get those pills. Yet Pharmatech seems to mishandle things as often as they may brilliant advances."

Halle nodded; it did seem a little odd that Megan knew so much about the medication she was accidently given. She had heard rumblings through Hollywood that Megan was part of some experimental drug trials, hence her heavily exaggerated, and to be honest, sexy figure came from. This meeting just confirmed that. Halle brushed that aside for now. "What's going to happen to me?"

"Well besides the most obvious change, you'll find yourself undergoing a sort of beautification."


"Not that you need it." Megan replied. "Wrinkles will disappear as will blemishes. Your boobs will firm up and increase in size. Your nipples may also be constantly erect."

Megan continued listing off changes that could affect Halle. They didn't sound that bad actually. Finally she ended, "Those are just the physical changes we know of."

"You know of..." Halle repeated.

"Yep." Megan punched a button on her desk. "Find Avril please and send her in. Thank you. Curvoma comes in several different varieties. PharmaCorp is using us as a test bed to document what the effects are. In return we get the meds for free and some discretion on...well..I'll tell you later.

"My original version was A, it caused the figure you see before you. There were also some side effects that caused me to get switched to D." At that moment Avril walked in. The blonde was dressed to show off her trim muscular figure. "Avril, this is Halle. Halle: Avril. We were just discussing some of our changes."

"Pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise." Halle could feel the singer eyeing her up. What's she like in bed? Is she a dom? She blushed at that thought.

"Avril got the B version. Her measurements increased it wasn't to the same degree as myself. You're what a E Cup now?"

"More like a D+. My sports bras are getting tight again."

Megan nodded before waving off Halle's question. "She started as an A. I started a B, no idea how big I am. I stopped reading tags awhile ago. Anyway, her version caused her muscles to go into overdrive. She gains really easily and I was told the density increased. She may not look it but this lovely lady can bench over 200."

"225." Avril corrected with a smirk. "Broke it this morning."

Holy crap. Halle thought. "What's going to happen to me?"

"No idea." Megan responded seriously. "You will notice your cock will keep growing."

"How big?" Halle gulped.

"I don't know that either. Sorry about this..." Megan stood up and traced the outline of her magnificent bulge. "Mine is....well huge....but has presented no difficulty. How big is yours again?"

"12.5. Melissa insists on recording it." Avril cupped her crotch for show.

Megan shrugged. "Somewhere around there? Maybe?"

"Okay. I'm sorry this is just a lot to take in." Halle rubbed her temples, avoiding her companions wonton display. "What's the other issue you mentioned earlier?"

"You're going to be horny. Very horny." Megan stated flatly. "Avril can control her urges..."


"Mostly. By working out. You may have to adopt something similar."

"I'm not a fan of...."

Avril interrupted, "Oh it feels so good...after a big stack of weights I can just..."

"Later. You'll also find there's a lot of, how should I say, ass, walking around here. Everyone is pretty willing and accommodating."

Halle furrowed her brow. "Accommodating?"

"Listen I got a 17 inch cock. By all rights it should destroy the girls I fuck but it doesn't. PharmaCorp thinks our pre contains something to make areas more...elastic."

Halle measured where such a dick would be. Somewhere in my chest. What did I get into? "Anything else?"

Megan sat back down, adjusting her pants several times. "Umm not really. Feel free to stay around here. Meet with Jade and she'll take care of you; on your way over we bought out your contract and we'll sign you. I hope that's okay."

"Umm no that's great." Well, that wish got fulfilled.

"Oh, one last thing." Megan leaned over completely serious. "Until you feel comfortable using it, avoid Lindsay Lohan at all costs."

"Something wrong?"

"She will destroy you."

"Sexual atomic bomb." Avril added.

"Thanks, I'll uh keep that in mind." Halle stood up and forced her skirt down. Avril and Megan both eyed the small but noticeable bulge she was attempting to hide. "Jade's just outside?"

Megan nodded. "Thanks."

"Stop by anytime." The largest futanari pointed to the couch. "A word Avril?"


"What do you need?" Avril asked.

"Get on the couch." It was not a request.

"Uh...okay?" Avril did as she was told; sinking into the overstuffed furniture. Megan wasted no time in slinking towards her.

"I've been thinking, and I realize I've not done something in awhile." The black 'alpha' futanari dropped to her knees and pried open Avril's legs. Her hands slid up towards the blonde's crotch.

"Which is?" Now she was confused.

"A blowjob." Megan grinned. "I haven't given one since I got Curvoma and I'm gonna suck you dry."

Avril's cock immediately hardened. For a long time she wondered what it would be like to have her dick between those fat lips. Still... "Are you sure?"

"Quite. And you're not protesting either." Megan traced the outline of her package. "But do tell; what do you think of the newest addition to our family."

"Well," Avril paused then gasped as Megan tore open her jeans. "Easy there Tiger. These are my favorite pair. She definitely seems more hesitant than anything of us."

"That I figured." The tool was warm in her hands; pulsing with life. As Megan wrapped her hand around the footlong tool she could feel the bubbling of Avril's large balls. Full load for me. Delicious. "What else?"

Without giving time for a response, Megan's lips parted and engulfed the head. Avril groaned again as she suddenly felt her warm mouth all around the glistening head. It got even worse as she steadily started to work back and forth. With each stroke she seemed to force more and more into her hot mouth and down her throat. "I don't know what change she got!"

Her right hand continued to hold onto the base of her large cock, pumping as if coaxing it towards her warm mouth. Her left had gone below to her nuts. Megan's fingers poked and prodded, stroked and cupped each one in turn, adding to the sensual assault she was undergoing.

Avril had received several blowjobs before, a few from Melissa, two from Lindsay,, a couple from her various companions. None of them however matched Megan's technique. It was both raw and sensuous.

She started by lapping at the length of Avril's rod until the surface glistened. Satisfied at her work, she ran hers lips up and down the shaft. Her skilled tongue pressed along the surface as she glided back and forth. Megan alternated her speed, moving from slow to a rapid pace. When she felt this was done she switched to her next technique.

Selina took the large head in mouth, slowly inching it in despite its thickness. When she had gone far enough, in her estimation, she tilted her head so that her throat tried to draw it in. It felt like someone attached a vacuum to it as he was twisted and pulled and she bobbed on her tool.

Avril was a panting mess. The feelings Megan provided were incredible along the length of her cock. No wonder Megan got Curvoma who could resist such a blowjob. Admittedly her bribery attempt for Curvoma involved just straight sexing the guy. It was obvious how Megan didn't need to resort to that. Avril squeezed butt together; a vain attempt to hold off the inevitable. "Megan, I'm gonna cum!"

Megan was right about the full load. Avril's balls quaked once before launching volley after volley of cum down her 12 inch tool. She struggled to suck it all down and her cheeks bulged as she attempted to keep up. A thin stream escaped her bee stung lips only to be caught be a finger.

"Oh god!" Avril cried out; grabbing Megan's hair and forcing her down on her cumming cock. She held her there until several seconds later her orgasm had finished. Making sure

"Sorry!" Avril blushed, horrified that she just forced Megan down on her like that, but the other woman was nonplussed.

Megan gulped down what little seed managed to escape. The taste was quite refreshing and Megan could easily grow to like it. Secretly, she hoped a theory she had was correct. "Tasty."

"Thanks." Avril wiped her cock clean and stuffed it back in her pants. "Anything else?"

The other futanari sucked her digits clean. "Nope that's all."


"I need a favor." Megan began as Jamie walked into her office.

"What sort of favor?"

"I was hoping to find Sigourney Weaver, but she's hard to find." Megan tapped on her computer and an image came up on her TV. "I've been asked to find a lead for an Aliens miniseries. I'm not suited towards it."

"And I am?"

"Please, between your early work and Scream Queens you have that covered."

Jamie pursed her lips in thought. "I suppose I can. What do I get?"


"What's my return?"

"You'll already getting a producer credit for Mean Girls, full run of our facilities, not to mention fucking Lindsay whenever you want." Megan paused to let the older actress absorb that. "What's the number? 4 now?"

Jamie's mouth worked open and closed several times. "5. Okay, I'll take a look. Where do I start?"

"Jade will give you a tablet to work from. Ideally someone that looks like they could be her daughter."

"Right." Jamie left the room and Megan let out a long sigh. She pushed back from her desk slightly and looked between her legs.

"Was it really 5?"

Lindsay, engulfed on her cock, shook her head negatively and held up both hands.

"8?" Megan moaned as Lindsay hit a sweet spot. "How do you have time to act?"



"Sorry about that, I didn't know it was going to be so....." Jade tried to explain her decision. The duo had just come from a meeting that went well but certainly left a bitter taste in both of their mouths.

"No that's my fault, I said yes. I shouldn't have said yes. Let's make sure nothing like this happens again." Megan sighed. "Too many variables with that group."

"I'll try." Jade responded. Before she could go further Megan's phone rang. The busty black haired woman glanced at it then put it on speaker.

"Megan Fox."

"Megan, it's' Avril." Neither could tell where she was but there was a lot of commotion in the background. "It's time."

Jade and Megan both looked at each other wide-eyed. "We'll be right there."


Miley crept into the build as quietly as possible. I shouldn't be here. The floorboards squeaked beneath her feet as she went. A few days ago Miley received a card asking her for a meeting. While all logic pointed to not going; intrigue got the better of her. The address lead her to this seemingly empty building in the middle of Hollywood. I hope this is worth it.

She picked her way through the house; floorboards announcing her presence as she went. Nearly unnerved the blonde was about to pack it in when a voice rang out.

"Miley, come in." The voice sounded oddly distorted, like it was through some sort of filter. However, she felt there was some sort of lisp in the voice. Miley approached an innocuous chair, the occupant of which was hidden behind two lights facing the blonde. "That's close enough. I want to discuss something with you."

Now I really shouldn't be here. "Discuss?"

"I understand you have a troubled relationship with your manager." It was stated so matter of fact, like it was common knowledge.

"That's true. She put my current project on indefinite hold because of something I did."

"I see." Pause. "And that made you upset yes?"


"Good, good." Great, now they're going full on evil villain. "I want to make an offer to you. Work for me, and together we'll take down Megan Fox."

This deal sounded too good to be true to Miley. It felt like there was some sort of catch. "And what do I get?"

"Besides taking down your manager for stalling your career? What about a supply of Curvoma so you can dominate the industry?"

That was quite the honey pot; one Miley couldn't resist. She licked her lips involuntarily. "Tell me more."
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