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Author Topic: Drug Trials Chapter 4.5: Nightmare  (Read 2260 times)


Drug Trials Chapter 4.5: Nightmare
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“Ah-choo!” Megan sneezed again into a wad of tissue paper. Snot ran down from her nose, which she attempted to stop. This sucks.

“There there now, drink this.” Avril sat on the bed next to her, a steaming bowl of something in her hands.

Megan leaned forward and sipped from the offered bowl. “What is this?”

“Miso. Always works.” Avril set the bowl aside and brushed a stray lock of hair aside. “Did you take your meds?”

Megan had fallen ill with a cold, and rather than do anything about it she tried to tough it out. The result was the puddle of a person now confined to her bed. Avril opted to take care of her, as she was more nurturing than Lindsay ever would be. “I took my Curvoma this morning.”

“Your other medication.”

“Yes.” Megan lied.

“Bullshit.” Avril reached over and plucked the box of Nyquil off the nightstand. “And I know it's bullshit cause it's unopened right next to you.”

Megan shrunk into the bed. “Do I have to? It tastes nasty.”

“You don't have to, but if you want to be ready for your Halloween party you do.” Avril said, sounding much like a parent. She unscrewed the cap and poured out a dose. “One for the road?”

Megan shot back the medicine and immediately wretched. The only thing in the world that tasted like green. “There we go. Now, I'll be back in a few hours to check on you, but right now you need to get some sleep.”

Megan nodded and passed off the tissues. She slid down the bed and tried to get comfortable. “Thank you.”

Avril kissed Megan on the forehead before gently smiling. “Just get some rest, I already have one baby coming to deal with, I don't need another.” Avril collected the bowl and discarded tissues before leaving the bedroom. Her fine butt shimmied out the door before it closed with a soft click.

Megan sighed and rolled over, praying she could get some sleep.


Immediately Megan knew something was wrong but she couldn't quite place it. Images flickered past her eyes at lightspeed; her brain managing to process the barest of details.

Curvoma set for release! New drug refines beauty! Hollywood's hottest clamor for new drug!

Megan shook her head trying to clear out the cobwebs. When she opened her eyes again she found herself on a street that was deserted. Fuck, this is how horror movies start! The black haired starlet carefully started walking down the street, peering into shop windows along the way. Fortunately, as cliché as it was, one shop had a TV on facing the street.

“Demand for the new drug is such that the manufacturer cannot keep up with orders. Prices started at $1,000 a dose have risen to over $2,000 per pill.” Megan peered in, watching the report. Hey that's Curvoma!

The report continued past, but Megan started to walk away. There were still no signs of life as she reached the end of the street. Looking around, she spied a small alleyway that she headed down. It narrowed considerably, forcing her to squeeze through sideways.

Megan emerged from the other side and stumbled. She caught herself before she faceplanted completely, her hands filled with warm sand. Sand?

Megan picked herself up. She slowly dumped the sand out; watching it separate as it fell to the ground. Looking behind her, she still saw glimpses of the alley, and the dark grey sky poking through the brickwork. Yet, here she was standing on sand, everything around her almost completely dark. Not even the tiki torches that dotted the landscape provided much help.

Yet, all was not lost. It seemed that torches made a path; a path that she reluctantly decided to follow. As she followed, sounds started to fill her ears. No longer just the wind; gentle strumming broken up by the crashing of waves along a shore. Megan soon came to a spot where everything was brighter, much brighter. The torches broke into a circle with a large hot tub in the center, a solitary figure inside.

Carefully, Megan approached. As she did, she recognized the person inside.

“Megan! So nice of you to appear.” Lauren Cohan welcomed her. That 1,000 watt smile of hers beaming with delight. “Why don't you join me?”

“I guess.” Megan responded, already naked she scrambled up the side and into the hot bubbling water.

Lauren smiled again and then took a glass that sat on the side of the tub. She sipped at before regarding her guest. “Wine. Can I get you some? It's really good.” Lauren snapped her fingers and a delicate looking woman appeared next to her; bottle in hand.

“Umm...no thanks.” Megan said. Despite how kind Lauren was, Megan felt some unease about this. Something is really wrong here.

“Suit yourself.” Lauren waved away the girl as her glass was refilled. “You know, I really need to thank you.”

“Thank me?”

“Of course. You, after all, did the initial testing for Curvoma. You made sure it was safe for all of us big name stars to use.” Lauren opened a container on the side of the tub and removed a pill. She swallowed it down, a moan escaping her lips as it slid in.

“Mmm so good.” Lauren sipped at her wine. “In fact, I know exactly how to thank you.” Lauren stood up, baring herself in all her glory. Megan admired her body somewhat. It was full in all the right places. Her large breasts were no doubt Curvoma enhanced, each pendulous knocker capped with a prominent nipple that begged to be sucked. Further down, her tight abs were on display. Even further was something that shocked Megan. Nestled between Lauren’s shapely thighs sat a cock. Not a dick but a cock. The fat shaft was already plump. Megan presumed it would be a mighty 10 inches when it was at full mast. Impressive but nothing compared to her own member.

Megan reached down to heft her own member, yet her hands came up surprisingly empty. In a panic she reached down and only felt the slit of her vagina. That what felt off! Reaching behind she realized that her plump delicious ass was back to its old pre-Curvoma self. If that's gone that also means…. Megan felt herself up and realized that her boobs were no longer those massive monuments to sexuality. Instead her original small bust sat on her chest. All of these realizations nearly brought Megan to tears. She was no longer the apex of sexuality. She sniffed.

“I know, I am that sexy right?” Lauren looked down, and sized herself up. Already her cock seemed to plump even larger. “Mmmm So sexy, why don’t you prove to me how sexy I am.”

Before Megan could react Lauren had crossed the distance between them. Her large rod right pushed right into Megan’s face.

“Go on. Show me.”

It was really the last thing she wanted to do, but there wasn’t much choice in the matter. Tentatively she reached out and licked at it. A mixture of Lauren’s pre and water hit her lips. Internally, she wretched. Yet, externally she knew she could how no such thing.

Megan slowly licked the shaft. It responded in kind, growing in size until her hands couldn't fit around it. This thing is probably thicker than mine! Megan thought to herself. Lauren continually rocked her hips back and forth, shoving the member more and more in Megan’s face. It was obvious what she wanted, and Megan was desperately trying to avoid it.

That decision was made for her however. Lauren put a hand on either side of her head, straightening it and directing it until Megan was staring, head to head mind you, with the thick shaft that jutted from Lauren’s loins.

“Go on now,  suck it. Prove how worthy you are.” Worthy? That alarmed Megan. She didn't have time to dwell on that however. The large head hit her lips and she reluctantly opened up for it. Her jaw spread wide as the cock entered her, the bloated head making the turn down her throat. Megan’s gag reflex was going into overdrive.

Lauren didn't give her much time to dwell, as her pace increased. Her cock sliding in and out of her reluctant partner.

“That's right, take it all in!” Lauren pounded her member into Megan, her hands forcing Megan into a face fuck. To say Megan was displeased would be an understatement, yet she couldn't do anything about it. After several minutes of this Lauren extracted her member with a pop. A large strand of saliva clung between the glistening head and Megan’s lips. It dropped when Megan massaged her jaw, trying to regain feeling.

Lauren picked up the smaller actress and propped her up on the tub edge. Megan’s legs were spread wide as Lauren guided her rock hard member into Megan’s sex.

She didn't want to. She really didn't want to, but her body betrayed her. Instinctively a moan escaped her lips as the thick cock entered her. “That's right bitch!”

Megan was in the ride of her life. Compared to Lauren, Megan have been the most gentle lover out there. The dickgirl wasted no time in pushing her dick deep inside Megan. The fat cock pushing her sex open wide as Lauren set the pace.

Said pace was punishing to say the least. Lauren would pull out til just the head was still inside Megan before slamming back in. She did so with so much force that Megan thought she'd tumble over the side. Such a fate would of been preferable. Megan felt Lauren’s balls slap her ass with she every thrust. The brunette maintained a solid grip on her, her hands holding her by the waist as she continued to plunge deep into her.

Megan tried to think of anything she could. All the worst celebrities, sports, even her ex husband, but there was no stopping what was about to happen. Her pussy clamped down hard on Lauren’s cock as her body started convulsing in orgasm. A guttural cry announced her pleasure as her body continued to spasm. Megan quietly hoped that her cunt would rip off Lauren’s cock, yet that was not the case.

Instead, Lauren slammed in even harder, as if such a thing were possible. Megan’s unyielding sex provided way too much pleasure for the brunette to stop. As she continued to slam into Megan, Lauren reached her orgasm. A loud scream signaled the release of a torrent of cum erupting from her member. The thick cock shot ropes of jizz deep into her companion.

Megan rode out Lauren’s orgasm. Her rod twitched as it continued to unload semen into Megan abused cunt. Her grip was like a vice holding the smaller woman in place. Finally, Laurens' dick gave off one final spurt and her orgasm subsided.

Lauren let out a shudder as she finished. Megan felt the cock inside her twitch one last time. Lauren was slow to pull out of her, instead she leaned down and bit Megan on the shoulder. “Ow! What was that for?”

“Just something to remember me by.” Lauren said, her cock pulled out with a pop. The futa woman smiled and picked up her wine glass. “I hope you enjoyed it, not many get to experience the joy I offer.”

Megan sniffed again, blinking back tears and praying this would stop. She rubbed where her shoulder got bit, praying it wouldn't get infected. Right now she wanted to be anywhere else but here.


Her wish was granted. Megan found herself elsewhere. Not on a deserted street, not on a some sandy beach, but a hallway. Yet, she realized this was her hallway, or at least one at her office. Megan carefully traced her steps along the carpet, her bare feet making small impressions as she went along.

The decor had changed. Whereas she had the place done up in a contemporary style, this was more...sensual, sexual. What the hell happened?

Megan turned a corner and came across her assistant's desk. It was empty, but as she looked it over the door to her office creaked open. Just like a horror movie. Everything said don't go but her curiosity got the better of her. She carefully plodded to the door and stuck her head through.

“Megan, come on in.” There was a sensuality to that voice, feminine yet commanding. Megan dutifully obeyed.

Lindsay Lohan sat behind the desk. Her desk Megan thought. Yet, this wasn't the same Lindsay she knew. The carefree girl was dressed for business. Her red hair tied back into a bun, a pair of chopsticks holding it in place. A pair of glasses rested on her nose. Her body was covered by a navy business suit, and what a body it was. The seems of the suit seemed to bulge with every movement. The front buttons creaked as the struggled to contain her assets.

Megan was dimly aware that Lindsay was speaking; instead she was comparing her former curves to Lindsay’s new ones. It seemed that the redhead had her beat out just about everywhere.

“Pay attention!” Megan jumped when Lindsay punched the desk.

“Sorry, I was…”

“Distracted as usual. Your bank-ability as a star is waning, especially with your inability to focus. I won't be surprised if I see you snorting Kurvoma with other rejects.”

Megan’s mind flashed to Amanda. Ms. Bynes’ star was on the rise, only for drugs and bad publicity to cut it off at the knees. In desperation she bribed a janitor for what she thought was Curvoma, but got the rejected variant instead. Her tits ballooned like they were inflated with pounds of silicon and her mind became fogged over as pleasure replaced every higher function. Lindsay, the real one and not this doppelganger, referred to it as hedonism in a bottle; a fate which Megan did not want to suffer.

“There you go again, not paying attention.” Lindsay sighed and stood up. “I'll make you a deal.”


“If you can pay attention to something long enough, in my sole estimation, I'll keep providing you work.”

“If I can't?” Megan didn't like the sound of this. This was not the Lindsay she knew; the carefree sex kitten was gone.

“You'll be discarded with the rest of the trash.” Okay, that makes it worse.

“What do I need to do?”

“Pleasure me.” Lindsay pulled at her outfit revealing the large outline of a cock. Her cock. It was probably at least a foot, but on her dainty body it looked gigantic. Megan showed some hesitation, so Lindsay pushed her along. “Go on now.”

With resignation, Megan pulled at the redheads’ pants. The black slacks resisted for a moment but gave way. Like Lauren earlier, Lindsay’s shaft was already engorged. Thick veins crisscrossed it's length, already the head was near crimson in color. It was oddly inviting to Megan. Just below the jutting pillar of flesh Lindsay’s balls hung. Each one the size of a tangerine. As Megan felt each one she swore they were vibrating, churning with potent futa seed.

Megan continued to cup the balls. Each baby maker felt heavy in her hands. Overcome with something, she reached in a licked one. Lindsay responded with a moan, and Megan continued. She slathered each testicle with her to tongue. They glistened as her tongue slid across the bumpy surface.

Megan came up and started in on the cock itself. Her hands encircled the member, slowly pumping it with even more life. Starting at the base, she lapped at it, feeling each bulge as she moved slowly along til the tip. Once there she kissed the head, paying particular attention to the overly sensitive slit. Lindsay's growl suggested she was doing something right at least.

Megan moved and attacked the head. From her experience the crown was sensitive. Very sensitive.

"What are you doing?....ack!" Lindsay cried out as the pleasure hit her. Megan's teeth glided across the ridge. The ridges of her enamel providing the perfect counterpoint to the soft flesh of the dick. Lindsay agreed. Out of the corner of Megan's vision she law the redhead reach into her top and expose each breast. Lindsay brought each freckled tit up to her face in turn, sucking on her large nipples. She pulled each one hard before letting it flop back to her chest. Lindsay repeated the process on her other boob, much to her own pleasure.

It was time. Megan steeled herself as her jaw opened. The fat rod popped into her mouth, the head nearly filling it to capacity. Her lips ran around the member as she started to blow it. Her hands struggled to pump the shaft as her head bobbed back and forth. Each repetition sent it further and further into her gullet.

"Oh my....Mmm...you are a natural at this." Lindsay said while pulling at her chest. "Maybe I shouldn't give you work, just keep you hear as my little whore."

The redhead looked down at the bobbing black haired starlet. "You'd like that wouldn't you? Just being my little plaything? My stress reliever."

Megan tried to protest, but the thick cockt in her mouth made it difficult. Instead it came out as a vibration that sent shivers down Lindsay's cock and up her spine. "That's what I thought, you'd love it! Being my little bitch; well bitch, get ready

Lindsay came in a torrent. Her fat cock spasmed and twitched in Megan mouth. So much that it popped out after the 2nd shot. She did manage to main her grip on the bucking member. Her face getting painted in the spray. It continued on unabated for what felt like minutes to Megan. The hot sperm continuing to splash her, already it leaked down onto her breasts. It formed a river as it funneled through her modest cleavage down to her stomach. It dripped over her sec before hitting the floor.

The spray of jizz finally subsided, yet the damage was done. Megan was thoroughly coated in Lindsay’s cum. The black haired girl wipe it out of her eyes and mouth, the scent filling her nostrils. Megan felt ashamed. She enjoyed it. Worse yet, she thought she came when Lindsay went off. Does this make me a slut? Lindsay fixed her outfit and went back to her desk.

“Ms. Fox, I believe our business here is concluded. I'll let you know my decision at a later date.” Lindsay pressed a button and several people appeared. Megan, cum still dripping off her body, was carted unceremoniously out of the room.


Megan body spasmed as she woke up. It wasn't the gentle morning ‘oh that was so wonderful’ wake up. This was ‘holy shit what just happened’. Her hand instantly went to her chest; her heart pounding hard enough to leave her body behind.

Megan ran a systems check on herself, thankfully finding everything was still in order. Her magnificent mammaries were intact and most importantly her cock sat nestled between her legs. Despite this, she was covered in a sheen of sweat. So much that she shivered. All a dream. An insanely bad one. Am I really like that? She thought as she compared the dreams behavior to her own. Nah. Megan made note of Lauren in her dream, adding to her mental ‘to dominate’ checklist.

What the fuck caused that? Megan first looked for the bowl of miso, but realized Avril took it with her. Whatever that crap was. Her eyes though zoomed in on the likely source of her nightmare.

The bottle of Nyquil joined the growing collection of tissues in the trash. “Fucking meds.” she murmured to herself as she settled back down to bed. This time she hoped to have a pleasant dream.
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