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Unlocking the Goddess: Beginning
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“Details are still vague as Kristen Stewart has not been seen publicly in over a month. Reports suggest….” Kristen watched Giuliana Rancic from the couch, the staccato flashes of the tv illuminating an otherwise darkened room. Kristen was by no means missing. She just didn't leave her house during the day. The starlet downed another spoonful of ice cream before dropping it back into the tub.

This is just like when they said I didn’t smile. I’ll just have to prove them wrong. She thought to herself; peeling her body free of the couch. The willowy actress dropped the ice cream back in the fridge as she walked to her bedroom. Along the way, she slipped out of her clothing. Grey sweatshirt, black tank top and, as soon as she hit the bedroom, grey sweatpants all came free from her body.

Kristen absently scratched her boob as she entered the bathroom, sparing a single glance in the mirror. Someone on a movie set once called them bug bites. That same person no longer worked in Hollywood. But that was before. Kristen thought to herself, turning on the shower. Her chest had grown slightly in the last few weeks, now being slightly more generous but not large enough she’d have to explain away. Still, plastic surgery rumors would fly. Let them talk. I don’t care anymore. Kristen thought as she entered the shower. Her entire attitude changed ever since her trip to Mexico.

-1 Month Prior-

Coba.  An ancient Mayan city in the region of Tulum. Kristen's shoulder still stung where the doctor injected her vaccination. An essential, Dr. Kim stated, for traveling the world. Such thoughts didn't make it any less painful. Kristen pushed onward and upward, her muscles straining as she climbed the 120 stone steps upward. Next, to her a thick rope offered a measure assistance but right now she wanted to do without. 

Almost there. She grunted. The actress was told to get there early to beat out the other tourists. And they were right. The ruins were nearly deserted as she made her way through the ancient trees and stonework that made up the city. Yet the sun was ever present in her climb and as she climbed higher it felt like it was nearly a foot from her head. Already her porcelain white skin was beginning to turn red. A vacation was what she needed, to get away from it all as it were. Her relationship with Robert had broken up in a rather messy fashion and right now she could do away with people. With a final push, Kristen managed to scramble up the rest of the way.

Kristen stood up and took in the scene, basking in the Mexican sun and soaking in her accomplishment. Off in the distance, other temples and ruins were poking through the lush jungle canopy while a steady mist of humidity from an early morning shower wafted through the air. It was peaceful, nearly idyllic. Better get down now. With a sigh and a chug from her water bottle, Kristen began her journey. A journey she may never complete, at least in the way she intended.

Kristen put her first down and the rock beneath her slipped out. Water went flying as she flailed. The actress managed to fall back onto the stone of the temple dais. Yet butt impacting stone was not where she stopped. Kristen slipped back and rolled into the alcove of the temple, managing to bypass the wire blocking visitors and falling down a series of stairs into the interior. After what felt like 5 minutes of tumbling, Kristen ground to a halt in pitch darkness.

Fuck! Kristen swore to herself, carefully picking herself up. She mentally ran down a checklist of her condition. Automatically she reached for her phone, thankfully finding it still tucked into her pocket and remarkably undamaged. Thank you Otter Box. Kristen noted to write a review lest she get out alive. Flicking through the functions, she turned on the flashlight and took in her surroundings. Remarkably, the inside was well maintained and free of the spiders and cobwebs she expected. On each wall, there were beautiful bas relief carvings depicting Mayan civilization. Kristen assumed at least, she didn't understand a lick of the language, much less the pictographs. Yet there was something off here. The air was not stale nor humid. It was so out of place it took Kristen several moments to identify the source. Incense. Kristen’s nostrils flared from the assault as she continued through the haze. Someone is here. Although it seemed that right now the place was deserted. “Hello?”

"Ah, she arrived. She finally arrived." A voice snapped near her. Following the sound, she came to clear amidst the haze. Sitting on a simple, unadorned stone sat a woman; right hand curled up to support her head as if in deep thought. Behind her, a massive throne fit for someone far larger than any human.

“I am expected?” Kristen answered, bewildered by her tone.

“Of course.” The woman finally looked over at her, hazel eyes blazing. “You’re the emissary of the gods. Their divine creation on earth.”
“I’m not….” She started only to be cut off.
“Are you not man and woman combined and made manifest?”
“No.” Kristen was sure this woman had been down here far too long, or she has bumped her head harder than she realized.
“Ah not yet.” The woman slipped down of the resting place and approached her. “You just need to be unlocked.”
“Unlocked?” Kristen eyed her warily. Hazel eyes were very uncommon here and as she studied the woman, noted that she was decidedly not Mayan but still indeterminately ethnic.
“Of course.” The woman grabbed her hand and guided her forward. Kristen didn’t resist even as she explained. “There’s a goddess inside you, all you need to do it let it free.”
Oh. Kristen blinked as she walked up to the dais the woman lead her up. The throne loomed even larger now that she was before. Made of stone and carved with depictions of figures, similar to the ones she saw earlier, covered the entire surface. Yet unlike the Mayan text, the stonework was undamaged by time and legible. As Kristen studied the pictographs she realized it was telling a story. From what she assumed, it was the rise of a great leader, judging by their height above everyone else. The brunette focused in on the leader. What the… Whoever it was had both breasts and a dick. Surely that must be a mistake, right?

Kristen was so rapt in her study she did not notice the woman speaking behind her nor the cup she had brought forward. "Drink and unlock your potential goddess."

So dry and parched was her mouth that Kristen grabbed the cup and drank without a moment's hesitation. The liquid felt hot as it burned down her throat with a distinct spiciness that was almost otherworldly. Yet she couldn't stop herself from drinking, gulping down the entire cup in one long pull. Finally, when the cup was empty she pulled it from her lips. "What was that?"

“What was needed.” The woman bowed respectfully. “Your transformation is underway goddess.”

Kristen looked at the cup then at the throne. When she turned back to face the mystery woman she was gone. Only the slight haze of incense indicated someone else had ever been here. As Kristen went to look for an exit, the entire room spun around and her vision went black.
Kristen took another pull from her bottle of coke. The sugary concoction felt good as she lapped it down. So much that 3 empties were on the floor beneath her. She laid in a hammock at her hotel, book in her lap. Yet the words kept swimming in and out of focus as she kept going over the day’s events.

The brunette woke up in the back of a Collectivo, sort of a bus service crossed with a taxi. In the front, the driver was yelling at her to wake up and pay him. Disoriented, she threw a wad of bills at him and exited, nearly face-planting on Tulum's central boulevard. How the heck did I get back here? Apparently, someone planted her ass in the van and gave the driver instructions. Wasn’t me though. What the hell was in that drink?

Kristen walked down the streets to her hotel. She had chosen, when she made this trip, to not stay at the beachfront properties and instead went to a smaller place near the edge of town. It was the right decision: she traded the beach for seclusion and an ocean breeze for air conditioning. Along this disjointed walk to her Posada, she stopped at a corner store and grabbed a handful of snacks. Beyond breakfast, she couldn't recall eating a single thing all day.

The words once again came into focus for a minute but Kristen couldn’t see. The day was an enigma, and she almost would have guessed none of it happened save one thing: she had the cup. The cup the strange woman handed to her and she drank from. The one thing that told her it had all happened. It was plain by all accounts, a chalice whose coloration has faded over the years. It looked to her like the Holy Grail from Indiana Jones. Resigning herself to not accomplishing any reading this evening she shut the book and closed her eyes.

A cool wind softly rolled out of the west; just enough to provide some comfort in the humid evening. Off in the distance, Kristen could hear distance rolls of thunder. A storm, no doubt, that would roll through overnight or in the morning. She shifted silently, content to let the breeze slowly rock her to sleep.


Kristen once again stood before the throne. She held her hand out to it as if beckoned by its call. Behind her, a voice rang out. "Do it. Claim your birthright and enlighten humanity."

She turned, but once again no one was there. Kristen looked back at the edifice and touched the stonework; feeling the smooth designs in her hand. After several minutes she finally reached the crux of the design. The leader. Kristen thought. No that’s not right. The goddess. The actress pressed her hand into the elaborate design and immediately felt a cool sensation run down her arm. The feeling kept getting stronger as it pushed forward, focusing in on her chest.

Heart racing, Kristen couldn't pull her hand back. Locked in place, her mouth open in a soundless scream of...pleasure? Joy? There were no words to describe what she was feeling. The sensation slowly died leaving faint trickles of raw emotions she felt. Yet another feeling crept in. Satisfaction. Like a well or font of power had been unlocked within her. As she dwelled on the feeling the world started to fade out. Kristen knew instinctively that this was just the beginning.


The soft patter of rain woke Kristen out of her slumber. She was in no danger of getting wet and the soothing sound calmed the unease she felt. Already she was massaging her head. That was fucked up. Kristen thought. Her other hand drifted down her body; casually poking her curves. Something's not right...

Kristen eased out of the hammock and ambled back into her room. Immediately she regretted flipping on the lights, the brunette half stumbled towards the bathroom. Squinting against the light, Kristen looked into the mirror. Her eyes widened at what she saw and immediately began stripping out of her clothes. Kristen’s skin was practically glowing. The pale white tone she had earlier today was now a healthy tan. Her brunette hair, frazzled from a ponytail and jungle heat, now had a luxurious shine. Her eyes traveled downward.

She cupped her breasts and felt her nipples. They were pleasure in her hands. They felt good, really good. It almost seemed to Kristen like they were slightly larger, but that may have just been a trick. Surely they aren’t. She ran her hands down her stomach and felt its firmness, the muscles felt even more taught then normal. She thought she could see the faintest outline of ab muscle.

Kristen had abs once, during her filming of Snow White, but she let them fade back to obscurity since. She explored further down her body to her groin area. Her lips were puffy and moist. Even her clitoris was slightly enlarged. She felt down to her legs and her feet. Her dainty feet and legs felt fantastic. It was that just exercised feeling. They glistened softly from her sheen. What the hell happened?

-Present Day-

Kristen emerged from the shower fully nude save a towel wrapped around her head. The brunette left from a brief moment before emerging with a hardback black case. She popped the latches and opened up the container. Inside was not some exotic beauty tool. Instead, a fabric tape measure, 2 graduated cylinders, a ping-pong ball, a tennis ball, and a cup. Most importantly, a small journal and a few pens.

Kristen removed the book and flipped it over to the most recent date; filling in her categories for the day. After that, she proceeded to remove the other tools she has needed. It was silly, completely silly, and other people would find it baffling to have such tools, but Kristen found out they were essential for her.

-2 Weeks Prior-

Kristen looked at her log book and the columns that she wrote. Let’s do this. Since her incident, she was researching, in incognito mode of course, and came up with several categories and most importantly a name. Futanari. With a sigh, she grabbed her tape measure.

Height: 5’5”
Bust Size:

Kristen looked down at her modest bust; blushing before scribbling in her answer. A-Cup.

Penis size Flaccid: 3.2inches
Penis size erect: 6.1 inches

Testicle displacement:

She puzzled, Kristen wasn’t sure why she bothered to write it down. Then she looked down further and paused again.

Ejaculate volume:

Sigh. Kristen blitzed around the house, her naked ass running from room to room as she desperately searched for something to compare her gonads too. After a half hour of fruitless search, she finally found it. Her feet whined as they pressed upon the cold concrete of her garage, but Kristen ignored the feeling. Instead, she focused on the prize in her hand: a pack of ping-pong balls. Prying open the box, Kristen cursed as they went flying. Snatching one as it bounced away, she held it up to her testicles comparing their sizes. Close enough. She thought, walking back to the bathroom. How big is a ping pong ball? Kristen googled the size and wrote it down it in. 4 cubic inches each.

Ejaculate volume. That was tougher to answer. Kristen solved her conundrum in the most direct way; she grasped her member and started jerking. Her turgid cock shook in her hand as her mind conjured up images from her searches. Demi Rose and that massive ass of hers. God only knows how bad she wanted to plow it.  Even her big boobs shaking around her cock. Ugh!

Kristen groaned and started to buzz in orgasmic release. She panicked, frantically searching her kitchen until she found a measuring cup. No sooner had she positioned the cup did she cum. Her cock squirted out 3 large bursts of seed followed quickly been many smaller shots. After several long seconds she was spent. The measuring cup had managed to catch all of her seed. Kristen poured it out into a smaller one and measured. 10mL. She set the cup aside and scribbled in her response; cock dripping on the floor. For such an average cock you sure can put out a lot. Kristen mused, picking up the container and guzzling down the contents. I taste delicious!

-Present Day-

Cum splashed into the cylinder in several long bursts. After several seconds a few dribbles of cream joined to rest. Kristen squeezed her dick a few times then let it flop. 16mL. Her output was growing along with her dick. Her balls too were expanding, residing somewhere between the ping-pong ball and tennis ball. Each day it seemed to get closer to the latter. Not that she minded. Kristen dutifully wrote down her release and closed the book. The futanari then picked up the cylinder and drank down the contents; rejoicing in the flavor. Kristen's spunk was not salty but rather sweet, divine ambrosia of jizz.

Kristen cleaned off the instruments and spared a glance at the cup. It appeared in her bag after that day so she had presumed it was important. The woman still hadn't taken another sip from it, doubtful, if not fearful, of the consequences. She slid everything back into the box and snapped it shut, returning once again to the mirror. There was no self-reflection or navel-gazing. Kristen was going out on the town.

Painted Tiles. It was a cliche name for a club but it was one of the hottest dance clubs in LA. In a bygone era, the dance floor tiles lit up to the beat of the BeeGee's or ABBA. Now you heard the Black Keys or whatever the DJ put on. ABBA still performed too, in a heavily remixed amped-up version that reflected the high energy of the club.

Kristen bypassed the bouncer with a single nod. Hair slicked back and a little black dress that highlighted her developing curves, no one was going to question her motives for the evening. Pressing in through the door she was greeted to the deep rumble of Daft Punk's’ Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger blasting through the building. The song gave her pause and Kristen almost turned tail. Yet the song ended and DJ came over the speakers and announced a switch. Good, I don’t want to listen to techno all night.

Pushing forward, Kristen bypassed the bar and headed to the floor. She had to control her arousal as a multitude of females seemed intent to press in on her. Butts, boobs, and beautiful faces all groped her as she slithered past. Fortunately, she made it to the floor intact. Mere seconds after Kristen got to the dance floor, the tiles lit up as if to announce her arrival. The speakers whined and a heavy beat broke out. Oh, fuck yes!

Kristen stepped onto the floor with purpose. I must admit, I can’t explain any of these thoughts racing through my brain. It’s true but baby I’m Howlin’ for you. The futanari sang along in her head, her body moving to beat; head swaying. Towards the center of the floor, she spied a blonde that was rocking it. Leather pants glued to mile-long legs and a butt that threatened to break them. A studded belt encircled and hung loose on a narrow waist. The blonde glistened with sweat that stained a black tank top. No bra bothered to try and contain her breasts either. Kristen found her mark.

She wasn't alone. Still dancing to beat, eyeing up the short haired blonde, Kristen slithered over. Along the way, she spied men, and at least one woman try to saddle up and claim her. But no one could succeed. Kristen already imagined the commentary as rider after rider was thrown off. Give it up for Johnny he lasted an entire 3 seconds! Couldn’t dig in before he was cast aside. A predatory gleam in her eye, the brunette futanari step forward to claim her. Down below, hidden (barely) in her thong, Kristen's semi-hard cock throbbed in agreement. Let’s get this bitch.

Kristen stepped up to plate even as the Black Keys still pounded out. The floor flickered with lights, illuminating her attempt to ride the blonde to fruition. Immediately she began; marking her attempt with a hand on her waist. Her target spared a brief glance back before nodding as if to say good luck. Kristen matched the blonde move for moving, her crotch practically grinding on that ass as it moved. It was incredible how she could rock that body Kristen admired. The blonde could shake her hips so that one side of her ass nearly went over the other. And that didn't even mention how she pulled at her top, or how her hair whipped from side to side as her entire body shook with the beat. Kristen slid her hand up past her waist across her firm belly, feeling the cords of muscle moving beneath her. Yet she didn't stop. Her hand rose and grasped a breast.

The blonde moaned and pushed back against her, to force her off but rather to grind. Kristen grinned. I bet no one has gotten this far. She responding by pressing inward herself, unknowingly pushing her fat cock, barely confined and gasping for freedom, against the blonde. For a brief moment her claim may have faltered, the blonde straightened up as if a revelation hit, but began going against Kristen even harder.

The Black Keys faded away only for Van Halen’s guitar riff to take over. The pounding drums of You really got me took over and boosted the duo to new heights. Blonde started rocking her ass back and forth and Kristen did the same. Her other hand wanted to shoot upwards to announce her victory over the blonde bronco, but instead, she slapped it forward, around her body and down to where that leather creaked ominously. Kristen could feel the heat coming off the blonde's crotch. God, she's hot. She thought, letting her hand slide just a bit further south. No underwear for this girl either. Just a little lower and Kristen was able to hit her clit. With one little tap, she set off a blonde bombshell.

As the song reached its' crescendo her dance partner abruptly turned and kissed her. It was unexpected but not unwelcome and Kristen found herself returning the kiss with passion. Mouths opened and tongues dueled for dominance and the futanari found herself unwilling to let go of her partner. Each one escalating the duel to new heights. Kristen felt a hand squeeze a boob and she replied with a handful of ass. Their explorations continued until the lack of air finally drove them apart.

Kristen opened her eyes to see the surprised face of her partner. Up until then, neither had seen each other and she found a set of emerald green eyes staring at her. Both pairs of eyes widened as each drank in the other. Scarlett! On the other side, The blonde had the same thought process. Kristen!

Scarlett Johansson leapt back onto Kristen, attacking her again with the passion she unleashed. After several minutes of passionate groping and making out the pair broke up. Scarlett spoke up.

“Your house. Now.”


Kristen gripped Scarlett’s hand tight as they ran out of the club lest she be overcome with reason. The futanari led her partner out of the club and down the street to her car. The metallic grey BRZ purred to life as both ladies piled in. Kristen popped the car into gear and took off down the street, racing back towards her house. As she drove, a hand crept towards her crotch.

Scarlett’s playfulness was in full swing as she cupped Kristen’s crotch, prodding the bulge that seemed to hide there. “You seem to have a lot of pressure here. Let me help you.”

Kristen’s eyes widened as Scarlett pulled at the hem of her dress; inching it upwards past her smooth thighs until her thong was visible. A very overburdened thong at that. Scarlett wasted no time in reaching in and pulling out her goal. She licked those ruby red lips of hers. “My my. What a surprise.”

“Yeah...uhhh…” Kristen sparred a glance her partner, yet Scarlett’s eyes were glued to the large cock jutting from her groin. She wanted to explain but never got the chance.

“So big,” Scarlett was measuring the cock with fingers; struggling to wrap around it completely. “And thick.”

Kristen has a nervous quip on her tongue that was replaced by a gasp. Seconds previously, she heard the distinct sound of a belt unbuckling. Scarlett decided her inspection was best done with her mouth, and she gobbled down the member as best she could. Kristen groaned, pressing the accelerator as her lover started to suck her cock. Drool and precum mixed and coated her dick as Scarlett started sucking.

The blonde bobbed up and down along the thick cock. Her tongue traced along the bulging veins before creeping back up to the helmet. Kristen shivered as Scarlett’s tongue played along the head; dabbling up the bursts of precum she was shooting out. She let one hand leave the wheel and run its’ fingers through Scarlett’s hair.

“Nope. Eyes on the road.” A finger waggled in her vision. Dismayed, Kristen drove faster as her partner sucked on her cock once more; pitch increasing with every second. The hand crept down to Kristen’s balls. Her gonads were sloshing back and forth, beating against her thighs with every turn before Scarlett grabbed and started in on them. She’s picked up each one in turn; massaging with thumb and forefinger, squeezing each one and tugging on them.

Kristen spun the wheel, taking the final turn hard. The futanari banged hard into the door, but Scarlett barely slid over; deep throating the entire cock before managing to pull free. Despite the scare, she didn’t stop or even slow her pace of pleasing the cock. The element of danger made her go faster.

Kristen ripped into her driveway and slammed the brakes, skidding the car to a halt before pushing into park. Finally free she was able to grab Scarlett’s head. A fistful of blonde curls in each hand she pumped her head up and down, getting faster with each stroke. Scarlett didn’t protest the help even as Kristen groaned out in ecstasy.

“I’m gonna cum!” Kristen announced, slamming Scarlett’s head all the way to the hilt on her cock. Kristen came in several long bursts; her member erupting with all the cum her vibrating balls could provide. Her blonde partner’s cheeks bulged as she coped with the volume Kristen was putting out. Fortunately, she didn’t have to hold on long.

With a dramatic sigh, Kristen relaxed her grip on Scarlett letting the blonde pull free of her cock with a loud pop. Scarlett wiped the cum off her lips. "You ain't fucking done are you?"

Kristen pointed to her slick wet cock that didn’t even attempt to go limp. “What do you think?”


The car was probably locked up when Kristen slammed open the door to the house. On her heels, Scarlett skidded to a halt and shut the door with brute force. In no time she was attacking Kristen again, pulling her into an embrace and peppering her body with kisses. As she went, Scarlett tore at Kristen's dress, removing it with all the care her pleasure set mind could manage. She squeezed a breast before moaning out, "Bedroom."

Kristen half dragged, half carried Scarlett to her bedroom. Strength welling within inside her making the task easy. Equally easy was tossing Scarlett onto the bed. The blonde vaulted through the air landing on the bed with a single bounce. Kristen was short in coming after her, landing with both legs spread wide, her cock bouncing merrily with her landing. Just below, Kristen's testicles spilled out of their cloth confines. Kristen discarded the thong and grasped her cock. Much like Scarlett, her fingers could barely fit around its bulk.

“You want this?” Scarlett nodded and Kristen moved forward. “Then get out of those clothes.”

In a flash, Scarlett was nude before Kristen. Her sweaty body glistening in the moonlight. Her breasts heaved with desire; the delicate folds of her sex wet with lube. Her very soul crying for attention. Scarlett was a sex goddess, and Kristen was going to enjoy this.

The futanari started at the top, opening up with a kiss on those ruby red lips. As the kiss broke she moved downward, licking and lapping at her nap and down to her breasts. Kristen lavished each one with her tongue. Scarlett’s thick turgid nipples relished the feeling as they were pulled and prodded. Pleasure danced up to Scarlett’s brain and a moan escaped her lips. Already she was rocking her legs, trying to rub her sex. Kristen took her time exploring her every fold as she made her way down to Scarlett’s glistening sex. She even paused to lick and kiss her tiny belly button. Finally, after what seemed like years of vibrating pleasure to Scarlett, Kristen got to her vagina.

She wasted no time in starting to open the doors to Scarlett’s pleasure palace. She licked her clit and gently bit it. Her skilled hands massaged Scarlett’s legs open and played on her midriff as Kristen explored further.

This girl’s tongue was a gift from the gods. Scarlett thought; her body crying out and writhing in satisfaction. It seemed she was able to reach every spot on her. Finally, her fingers joined the mix as her tongue explored more to the south. Her sex, which was leaking heavily at this point, reacted strongly to Kristen’s ministrations. Her tongue was electric and fingers danced as they moved across Scarlett’s sex. The blonde was a twitching and moaning mess as the futanari continued to play with her body.

Suddenly, she broke off and Scarlett mewed in frustration until Kristen silenced her with a slick finger coated in juices. Her juices. “It’s time.”

Scarlett spread her legs wide as Kristen positioned herself. She watched hypnotically as Kristen stroked her massive cock; every pump coating it further in precum. Silently, the futanari lined up her member and pressed forward; any resistance Scarlett could offer evaporated as the oversized head pressed into her sex.

They moaned simultaneously as the cock forged a path into Scarlett’s pussy. The pure girth stretching her out and filling her with pleasure. “Oh fuck!”

"Mmm, that's the stuff," Kristen replied, tongue darting across her lips, eyes closed as she sucked in all the sensations Scarlett's vice-like sex was providing. Her mammoth member jolted with power as she forced inches inside her partner. So this is sex with a dick. She thought, her brain loving the signals it was getting. Scarlett pushed down against her, wanting more and more cock. An offer Kristen was more than willing to provide.

One hand grabbed Scarlett’s leg for leverage and pulled. The blonde came as Kristen’s cock slammed up to the hilt; balls hitting her butt soon after. Enjoying the sensation for a brief moment, the futanari began to rock back and forth; pistoning her cock in and out of her partner.

Kristen’s enjoyed watching Scarlett bounce under her efforts. The futa’s cock shook her body and sent her breasts jostling all over her chest. Maybe I’ll be that big one day. Kristen mused. Already she felt her churning balls signaling an impending orgasm. She leaned down, keeping up her pounding pace and kissed Scarlett hard. The blonde returned the favor, their tongues dueling for dominance as the pair skyrocketed in pleasure. Kristen broke the kiss and whispered.

“I’m gonna cum. Do you want it?”


“What was that?”



“Yes! Fill me up you cocky bitch! Drench me with your seed!” Scarlett shouted, her face contorted in pleasure; sweat matting her hair.

“Don’t mind if I do!” Kristen slammed home one last time and unloaded.

Cum bubbled in her loins and shot out of her cannon-like cock, blasting Scarlett's sex with countless shots of cream. Kristen kept cumming for nearly 30 seconds, her aching balls and throbbing member continuously releasing more and more of her seed. Scarlett was trapped in a wordless scream, a level of pleasure she never felt as Kristen's cock vibrated within her. She was incredibly sensitive and could feel each impact of sperm as they hit her insides; every hit, a pinnacle of pleasure. At long last Kristen was spent; her full balls finally empty.

Chest heaving, she withdrew from Scarlett. Scant cum escaped, the rest devoured by the blonde’s hungry sex. Kristen rolled over, utterly spent. Running her fingers through Scarlett’s hair cause a content sigh from her lover. “That was amazing.”


Kristen woke up spooning Scarlett. It was enjoyable, to say the least, her arm had wrapped around the actresses body and she cupped one of Scarlett's lovely boobs. At the same time, her dick pressed itself against The blonde's butt. Kristen pushes forward and Scarlett grumbled and pushed back. Kristen nearly came as that butt nearly swallowed her cock. Slowly she started playing with the breast, enjoying the coos her partner made. Kristen rolled a nipple between her fingers when Scarlett inhaled deeply. Fun time is over.

Scarlett rolled over and Kristen found those emerald green eyes staring back at her. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself.”

A feeling of uncertainty, if not outright panic gripped Kristen. She tried to force the emotions down. Where do I start? “So...about last night….”

“What about it?” Kristen didn’t see Scarlett’s hand moving to her member.

"I just...there's a lot to explain." Kristen began only to yelp as a hand grasped her semi-hard member.

"Oh, there is, but later." Scarlett's lips curled into a smirk. "Right now I'm gonna fuck you as you did to me last night."

Kristen didn't resist as Scarlett kissed her, nor when the blonde forced her onto her back. She didn't even whine as she ripped the covers off of her; exposing Kristen to the cool morning. The Black Widow actress gave her member a few more pumps bringing it to full mast before saddling up. One hand held the 8-inch cock in place as Scarlett guided herself downward.

"Fuck!!!!" She rumbled as the head pushed into her sex.

Scarlett was slow and deliberate in her actions as she worked Kristen in. She would sink down an inch or so, then withdraw another inch, then work two inches in. It drove Kristen nuts and was providing her so much pleasure. She felt every ridge and bump of her dick as it worked its way into Scarlett's sex. The blonde's tight love box massaging it in ways she didn't think possible. She felt Scarlett reach bottom; her wonderful posterior providing ample cushioning against Kristen's thighs.

Scarlett slowly started to withdraw, letting inch after inch of cock slip out of her snatch until the head was all that remained before working back down. The pleasure was intense; Scarlett was slowly kicking up the heat, enduring Kristen didn’t bubble over.it was sensual. Her small boobs rocked back and forth as Scarlett bounced merrily along. Her engorged nipples relishing the cold air tracing around them. The sensations fogged over Kristen's brain; the pleasure: divine.
Kristen felt her orgasm coming and she wanted it. She wanted it bad. The futa urgently bucked against Scarlett's efforts, trying to drive the process on faster, but she wouldn't be rushed. For what seemed like an eternity she was on the very edge of a true orgasm; her mind on the precipice of pure pleasure.   Finally, Scarlett sank down one last time, her cunt milking Kristen the entire time and the dam burst. Kristen's entire body went rigid for a moment before starting to spasm, her voice screamed the rainbow as she was suddenly transported to a higher state. In her pleasure filled brain, she felt and heard Scarlett moan as her cock started to unload its precious cargo. She felt each spasm as more and more of her love juice painted her lover.   Kristen settled down from her high, her consciousness had finally flowed back into her body from where it had launched. Her breathing was ragged and she gasped for breath between sighs of contentment. She moaned as Scarlett leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Their tongues intertwined and danced with each other.
Scarlett broke the kiss and looked down at her; her lips curled into a seductive smile. I could get used to this.


Kristen went through the entire story as a rapt Scarlett listened. When she finished neither said anything for a few moments. Finally, the blonde spoke. "So this gift…."


“Can you spread it?”

“Maybe?” Kristen sounded uncertain. “You’re actually my first.”

“Mmm what a first it was.” Scarlett hummed. “You got the cup?”

Kristen nodded and left the room, emerging a few minutes later with a black hardback case. Scarlett certainly enjoyed the view of the naked futanari; her cock swaying with every step. Kristen sat back down and popped open the case and Scarlett peered inside. As she watched Kristen moved a notebook aside, exposing an ancient looking chalice. She ignored it for a second. "What's in the book?"

Kristen blushed, offering the book to her. The blonde took it and read through the contents as Kristen explained. “About 2 weeks after I decided to keep a log of my…ummm…changes.”

Scarlett cocked an eyebrow. “You’re getting bigger.”


“How big?”

“Don’t know.” She answered honestly.

“So,” Scarlett began. “You don’t mind?”

Kristen blinked. “Mind what?”

“Joining you.”

"No, the woman said to spread the gift." She paused. "You want this?"

“Fuck yeah! That was some of the best sex I ever had. Lord knows you enjoyed it too.”

“I did.” Kristen mulled it over, but the answer was decided long ago. “Alright Lover.”

“Lover.” The blonde rolled the word out, emphasizing its’ significance. Scarlett looked at the empty container expectantly. “What did you drink?”

“I don’t remember. I didn’t see it.”

"Well, that doesn't help," Scarlett added. Kristen furrowed her brow in thought as she went back to the where the gift was first offered to her. The taste was sweet. Almost divine….

“Cum!” Kristen shouted as the realization hit her.

“Pardon?” Scarlett raised an eyebrow.

“Cum. It was cum in the cup.”

“I thought you said you didn’t look at it.”

Kristen blushed. “I didn’t, but ever since my change I’ve been drinking my own.”

“Dirty girl.” Scarlett grinned and Kristen’s face turned crimson. “Alright there baby, blast out some of your cum.”

“Right here?”

“Yeah. What’s stopping you?”

Performance anxiety. Despite last night, despite this morning, even Kristen was nervous about whacking it in front of someone. "I...uhh…"

"Oh, you need some motivation," Scarlett replied; dropping out of her chair and onto the floor. "How's this?"

Kristen watched as the blonde massaged breasts. Her slender hands cupped each tit before pinching her nipples. Scarlett gasped at her efforts yet she stared at Kristen and her rising cock.

Kristen's hand dropped to her hardening cock; the thick tool overwhelming her hands. Slowly, she began pumping. Large veins throbbing with blood brought it to full mast and Scarlett couldn't help herself.

“Mmm, that’s the stuff. Such a big sexy cock.” She leaned in and kissed it, letting her tongue slide the slit. “Tasty too. Come on Kristen jerk it for me.”

Like she needed an excuse. Kristen sped up, one hand on her cock while the other snaked down and massaged her balls. Already they felt full of potent seed; each one a mighty cum factory and churning out more with each passing second. Thoughts of last night popped into Kristen's head, Scarlett bouncing on her cock, Kristen balls deep in the actress. As she thought the view changed. Scarlett with her own cock jutting from her loins. A mammoth member that Kristen easily took up her snatch. The two of them dueling in the shower, dicks banging together as they made out. That was damn sexy.

The head of Kristen’s cock, now an angry purple, continuously sprayed out precum. Each pump sent more splattering across Scarlett’s face. Yet the blonde was not deterred. “Fuck you’re gonna cum aren’t you? Spread your batter all over me? Cream all over my tits? Come on girl, give me everything your cock has!”

The head flared and Kristen shouted a brief warning before blasting Scarlett in the face. Her member bucked and squirted copious amounts of cum over the starlet as Kristen continually milked it for more. After four shots she was spent, thoroughly coating Scarlett’s face and chest with seed. “Fuck!”

Scarlett cleared her eyes and blinked. “Damn that was a lot.”

She started to lick her fingers until Kristen stopped her. “In the cup.”

With a sigh Scarlett scraped all the seed she could, dutifully dumping it into the offered chalice. When she was done Kristen offered her a towel. Her partner offered her one last chance.

“Are you sure?”

Scarlett stared at the cup, nearly overflowing with Kristen’s divine seed.  “Bottom’s up!”

And drank until the cup was empty.

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Re: Unlocking the Goddess: Beginning
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Yo, I thought the road head scene was fantastic and then you dwarfed that with the facial at the end. Scarlett getting a full mask of Kristen’s nut is so fucking good. I can’t wait for the next part.

I love the way you made them friends already. It lends a realistic layer to a more fantasy-based story.


Re: Unlocking the Goddess: Beginning
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Loved this, I think it's one of your best stories.
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Re: Unlocking the Goddess: Beginning
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That was amazing, love your narrative style.


Re: Unlocking the Goddess: Beginning
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Thank you for all the feedback. This is one of the first stories I’ve been excited about in a long time.


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