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Futa Cola: Jennifer Love Hewitt
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Futa Cola
The First batch
Written by Silent Soul Ken
Inspired by Genyun
Summary: X-Gene Soda is a company that wants to sell a new line of gender modification and body enhancement soda. However to properly sell these they need some people… though for some reason something goes wrong each time.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt sighed as she looked at the sheet of paper reading it from top to bottom. ‘Here I am doing useless work for a no name company… why? Just to get some sunlight in the public again.’ she thought. The vivacious, talented and beautiful actress known as Jennifer Love Hewitt was in a desperate situation. Ever since she had been in the show Criminal Minds her days of glory went straight down the shitter. And while she had left due to pregnancy it still hadn’t been her best move, her ratings plummeted and her acting career was almost kaput. Now she wanted to just get back on the TV screen again. Now with her children being cared for by her ex-husband she could devote herself back to the TV.

She didn’t really feel bad about it as she could see her kids 3 times a week if she wanted. Now she just wanted to get some work done. However her search turned up with bupkis minus the current one she was filling out for. Some soda company that was getting on it’s feet that wanted a celebrity to sponsor their product. They didn’t say what it was but were quite convinced that a celebrity would give them the foothold they needed to become successful. So that very morning she got dressed, ate, got in her car, drove to the company and was now reading the contract carefully in a office ,while a woman dressed in a very stylish suit sat across from her, going through documents herself.

Speaking of the contract it was a little… odd, for one it said that should anything go like they did not intend they would compensate for it. Among those included alternate living arrangements. ‘What exactly is it I’m doing a commercial for?’ she looked up and saw that the woman was watching her quietly. “What is it I’m doing a commercial for?” she asked.

The woman, a black haired woman with her hair done in an elaborate bun, smiled, “A soda but a new special type of soda.” She said.

Jennifer frowned, “what kind of soda would require me to have new living arrangements?” she asked.

The woman was blank faced as she spoke these next words, “That’s only provided nothing goes wrong but it’s a soda capable of altering the consumer on a genetic level. This is the first in a line of products we intend to push out this year.” however Jennifer’s face showed she hadn’t understood a single word of what the woman said. “Basically this soda can change what  your body looks like just by consuming it.” Jennifer blinked then looked to the side her brow wrinkled.

She then looked at the woman, “Bullshit.” she finally said.

The woman shrugged, “You’ll find out when you do the commercial.” She said. “Unless you wish to back out which I can understand why you would.” Jennifer sighed, thinking about it.

Then she looked at the woman, “I just need to do one right?” she asked, a nod. “Fine then. Let’s get this over with.” The woman smiled and stood as did the celebrity and the two walked out the office and into the hall and then into a door about 4 steps down the office on the right. They walked into a stage and there were people with camera’s setting up. “So when do I take this mystery drink?” she asked.

The woman smiled, “You’ll be taking the soda for the second part of the commercial.” she walked up and went to a small table where a bunch of soda cans were with the words ‘Futa Cola’ on it.

The star stared at the name, “What the hell is futa?” she asked.

The woman just smiled even wider, “You’ll see.” she said, “Come now scene 1 is gonna start soon.” And she snapped her fingers. Suddenly Jennifer was surrounded by 5 women who pushed to a room that said make-up. After a few minutes Jennifer was out dressed in a tight leather suit that hugged her curves tightly if one looked closely they could see a nipple poking through the tight suit.

Jennifer wiggled a bit, “Geeze this thing is tight I’ll be glad to get rid of it when we’re done.” and she walked to the camera to talk to the director. “So what am I doing?” she asked.

The director, a young woman turned to her, “first scene you’ll have the soda in hand and lines will be shown to you to speak. Then second scene we’ll show you after having taken to the soda.” Jennifer glared at the director.

She shook her head, “Uh-uh I’m not drinking that stuff!” she said, “I’m not becoming some freak!” she said.

The director shrugged, “Alright then we’ll just cancel your contract and just get Anne Hathaway to do this.” She said.

Jennifer’s jaw dropped “You serious?” She asked, the director nodded, the star gritted her teeth, “Fine I’ll drink the damn soda.” she said, “let’s just do this ok?” she said. And she went to the acting screen. She grabbed the soda and held it up in a pose changing the pose as the director ordered, when she was in position the director held up her fingers counting down, a silent ‘3… 2… 1…. Go!’ words appeared on a screen, “Ever want that extra edge in bed? Or maybe a chance to see what the other side of the fence looks like? Then try our new futa cola for a look at the other side of the night.” and she popped open the top and drunk.

“Cut!” shouted the director, Jennifer let the soda play around in her mouth, she had expected it to taste horrible but it tasted quite good like sweet , she swallowed and drunk more “Ok you don’t have to drink all of-” but already the last bits of the soda trickled into her mouth and she gave a deep gasp for air then lowered the can, “Ok then… I guess we wait…” she said and she got out of her chair and walked off.

A woman grabbed Jennifer's shoulders, “This way please,” she said and she lead the star to the same room where they had given her make up. Jennifer felt… hot feverish like she was coming down with something. She began to hyperventilate as she grabbed the woman her legs giving out. But the woman held her up with unbelievable strength and carried her into the room, she then closed the door and locked then pressed a button and a pane of glass slid down, soundproofing the room. What happened next Jennifer would not remember.

Jennifer laid on the ground her body jerking and convulsing as her dna was changed on a molecular level, Her breasts felt hot, and her crotch felt like someone held a hot poker there. She turned over her back arching thrusting her hips into the air, and the slight sound of ripping could be heard. Something was growing from her flesh reforming and then growing, bigger and bigger straining against the leather suit. She felt something filling, and blood rushing down to engorge whatever was straining against the leather. A great rip and from the rip a large 11 inch cock poked out, throbbing defiantly, hidden in the leather was a pair of egg sized testicles. Jennifer fell and she panted then sat up.

She placed a hand on her face which was slick with sweat. “Holy fuck… that was… wait a minute… What the fuck is this!?” she shouted as she saw her cock. She looked at the woman who was standing at the door, “What the hell did you do to me?” she shouted.

The woman stared at her calmly, “We told you that the soda manipulates your genes on a molecular level this is the result but do not worry provided you don’t drink anymore within an hour it should revert back to normal.” she said.

Jennifer stared at her then back at her dick, “D-Does it work?” she asked, a simple nod, and a curiosity filled Jennifer, ‘What would it be like to be on the other side of the fence?’ she had, had sex that was for sure after all she had kids to prove it. But she had never understood why guys like to fuck so much. ‘Maybe I can find out… after the commercial.”

The door opened and a woman poked her head in, “She read- Oh yes she is… come.” the woman said, Jennifer looked at her then stood up and followed her. As she walked the staff stared at her the women blushing the men looking shocked. She kept walking till she came to the director. The director was stone faced a she looked down.

She nodded, “Good now then I need you to…” Jennifer listened but she wasn’t paying attentoin she was too fixated with her new dick, how it throbbed, how it stood hard against the cold, the heat it emitted, and the desire that was filling her mind.

It repeated over and over again, ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck…’ it was then she felt a push.

The director was glaring at her, “Hey you hear me?” she said.

Jennifer blinked then shook her head, “Sorry I missed that.” she said, “Say it again?’ she asked.

The director sighed, “Oh boy look we’ll have posters with pictures of the pose we want you in during certain lines do this bit and then we’re done.” she said.

Jennifer nodded, she walked to the screen and could see a person walking up with a hastily drawn poster with a pose in his hand. She looked at it and saw the lines, “Turn up the heat in bed with this,” she ran her hands down her body and then cupped her new male parts, “But there are more.” she said and she held her hands up a pose as if she was holding up drinks, she watched the signs, “The Manly Man Drink,” she looked at her right hand, “And Sensuous Seduction drink.” at her left hand, “Coming to a store near you soon!” she said winking at the camera.

The director stood up, “CUT! That’s a wrap people.” she said smiling for once. “Good job Jennifer didn’t think you had it in you, Ok there’s a room where you can wait out for the soda to-” but stopped when Jennifer went straight up to her.

Jennifer, grabbed the director’s arms, “Is there more?” she asked.

The woman was surprised, “More what? You mean that drink? I-I guess but you have to ask the people for it I don’t-” but she stopped when the woman from before appeared.

She walked up and grabbed Jennifer’s shoulder the former star turned to her, “Interested in our product? Unexpected but welcome, we’ll give you a single pack but we warn you to drink it sparingly if you drink too much your little friend here.” she reached down and gently stroked the balls of Jennifer’s dick and she shuddered. “Will become permanent… plus… well you won’t have more than 6 so nothing else should happen.” she said, “but before that we should do something about this.” she said, “Come with me.” she said, Jennifer followed her obediently.

-Walled off Room-

Jennifer went into the room and what she saw set her heart ablaze it was the 6 pack of Futa Soda, along with a bed, on the bed was a woman with a body that wasn’t normally possible. Breasts as big as pumpkins, with unnatural perk and roundness, wide mother bearing hips, and a huge ass that stuck out so far out she was sure that it could knock off an entire shelf of items in a store. “This is someone who took one too many of our Sensuous Seductor drinks, a look at what will happen to you if you drink too much of the Futa Cola.” she said. “Well there they are and there’s something to outlet into. Enjoy.” she said and she walked out.

Jennifer went to the 6 pack and grabbed one she popped the lid, tilted her head and drank deeply gulping it down. Her muscles swelled slightly and her legs lengthened her breasts became more firm, her butt slightly bigger, and the veins in her body briefly glowed green. Her cock was even harder than before. She tossed the soda, and looked at the woman who was sticking her fingers into labia furiously masturbating. Jennifer kicked off her heels and jumped onto the bed her hands reaching for the breasts and squeezing them. They were as soft as marshmallows despite their enormous size. She pushed, pulled, and even kneaded them her cock was throbbing with arousal and she grabbed one massive breast wrapping her arms around it, and pulled it up and she latched onto the large nipple and sucked greedily.

Though no milk came out her position was such that her cock was between both behemoth breasts. She rolled her hips in a thrust motion, and was greeted with the sensation of her cock being squeezed by the two giant breasts. It was heavenly, like two marshmallows massaging her. She couldn’t help it, her cock bulged, her body stiffened and her toes curled and she had her first male orgasm. She spurted out a small spray of jizz into that mountainous valley of boobs. As she recovered from her orgasm, the woman suddenly became alert, she sat up and ran her hand through her boobs and held it up to reveal the sticky cum she sniffed then licked it up. She suddenly changed she sat up and pressed Jennifer down.

Jennifer was surprised when the woman stared at her then slid off and walked to the sodas. She grabbed the pack and walked back then she placed the pack on Jennifer’s chest. It was clear what she wanted and Jennifer was too happy to oblige. She grabbed a soda and popped it open, she chugged it down her veins glowing green again, and her muscles swelling slightly her breasts firming up, her cock becoming even harder, her balls inflating slightly with new seed. She threw the can aside and popped another chugging it down, her body swelling again her muscles becoming even bigger, her cock gaining an inch, and her balls expanded even more! Jennifer could feel the growth and she loved it, she wanted to grow more but first she had to feel her first cunt.

The woman licked her lips and pounced again but this time Jennifer reached up and grabbed her from the air her head clapped by the giant boobs but she didn’t care as she spun around and placed the woman on the bed, back first. She moved up and kissed the enhanced woman, her hands moving to the woman’s ass and pulling it up, right in position for her cock to thrust in. And thrust she did, she slammed in her 14 inch long cock her apple sized balls smacking into the big ass.

The woman shuddered at the cock pushing in and out of her but it wasn’t enough. “More! Bigger!” she gasped. Jennifer was happy to oblige she grabbed a soda popping the top and drank deeply her muscles again swelled and her skin began to take a greenish tinge, her cock also swelling by another inch while her balls grew even bigger. She then took the 6th and final cola and popped that too, dimly her mind registered the words, ‘If you drink 6 you’ll never turn back to normal again…’ she looked at the cola then smiled, “Fuck normal!” and she downed the soda, this time nothing happened not even till she drank down the last drop. She tossed it and looked at herself noting her skin tone but sighed in disappointment. “Seems this is my limit.” she said.

But the woman giggled, “it takes time.” she said, “But you’ll need more to get even bigger.” she said then giggled again.

Jennifer shrugged, “That’s all I’ll get even if I wanted more I think I’d want at least a cooler full of it.” she said.

-In a hidden room-

The woman that had led Jennifer to the room sighed, “Looks like the side effects are still present, hold back the commercial.” she ordered to several women. They nodded, “And get a dispenser full of Soda ready might as well see how far she’ll take it.” she said. Another woman nodded and walked off.

A man walked up, “Seems no matter how hard we try some side effects just can’t be erased Madam Director.” he said.

The woman, the Director of the Gene-X soda, sighed, “It would appear so well lets see what happens after 6 have been consumed at the very least.” she said and indeed they watched through the hidden camera in the room.

-The Sex Room-

Jennifer was slamming her dick in and out of the woman, who she had learned was named Barbara, as before she hadn’t felt any change but as she thrusted, and sucked on one massive boob. But slowly she felt her body start to shake the skin seeming to bubble and froth and steam began to exude from her body, “oooh it’s coming, it’s coming!” Barbara squealed. Jennifer pulled out and looked at her body. Her body swelled, the skin getting a deeper green tinge, slight but powerful muscles bulging along her arms and legs, a powerful 6 pack forming on her abdomen and her cock and balls surging with growth. Quickly growing to 19 inches, and her balls becoming as big as soccer balls, she also surged in height going from 5’2’’ to 6’6’’ her breasts also grew going from modest C-cups to sizable and low hanging F-Cups. She stared at herself, she felt like She-hulk from the comics. However a familiar throbbing made her look at her cock which was already leaking out some slick pre.

Jennifer looked at Barbara who was staring at her aghast, “How’d you get so big? It took like 30 more sodas for me to get like this.” she said sound jealous.

Jennifer leaned in, “Don’t know maybe I wanted to be like this… but I wouldn’t mind being bigger for you.” She said and she kissed Barbara. As she did her cock slid right back in and with it’s new size it pushed deep till it hit Barbara's cervix where it was stopped. She pulled away from the woman with her hyper curvy body and pulled her hips back. “Let’s get all the way inside!” she said and thrusted in with all her new considerable strength and the cock slammed past the cervix into the womb! “Mmmm yes I can feel it… nice and ripe… and ready for my seed.” She purred and she began to thrust pumping her cock in and out.

Barbara was in bliss, she had been so horny and all the men even the ones that took a drink of the male enhancement soda, the Studly Suds, weren’t big enough for her. Then again that was because they never took 6 drinks or more. But this, she reached up and wrapped her arms around Jennifers neck and pulled so that she was touching her forehead against this She-hulk-esque futa “Do it! Come inside me with that hot baby seed give it to me! Give me so much you impregnate all my ovaries!” she begged her eyes focused on Jennifer’s own. The two kissed and Jennifer rammed it all in, her balls swelling then clenching as they began to unload their vast supplies of cum. Barabara could feel it flooding her womb bloating it while excess flowed into her ovaries the seed deluging both. Her belly grew bigger and bigger as over 3 gallons worht of cum flooded her. It was over in 48 seconds, Jennifer slid to the side to not squish out the hot cum she had just put in, and broke the kiss. She stroked Barabara’s cheek lovingly.

Jennifer felt strange a sense of completeness in life… something she didn’t have before all this. She was satisfied with her place in life, she looked at the belly and rubbed it, her cock was already hardening again and as a new hunger filled her, “Again?” she asked, a grin was her response but before they started again Barabara looked up and gave a gasp she pointed and Jennifer looked. She saw a clear sports drink dispenser easily containing a gallon of green fluid on the front were the words, ‘Go Nuts…’ she licked her lips and stood up pulling her cock out with a wet slurp Barabara moaned in disappointment but quickly ‘oohed’ with pleasure as Jennifer took the dispenser and held it up the nozzle was a large nozzle with a turnable attachment. She looked at Barbara, “let’s see how big I’ll get!” she said.

-One Month Later-

The Director watched the live feed with a slightly bored expression, in the video was Jennifer green skinned, with a cock easily 3 feet tall and a foot thick, a woman with enormous breasts bouncing on it while massive green balls the size of giant pumpkins. As it turned out Jennifer didn’t get any taller or muscular but her male parts had grown tremendously as did her sexual appetite. She could move still but preferred to just lay on her back while she was serviced. She was given 2 other women who had also overdosed Sensuous Seductor drinks. Now they just had sex day in and day out endlessly only eating when they needed to. Barbara was pregnant and already she had a sizable belly it was revealed that she had octuplets. The director was contemplating what to do when the children were born.

There were footsteps and a voice, “Still watching?” Said the voice of the man.

The director sighed, “We really need to work out the side effects of that drink… on the other hand how is the clone of Jennifer proceeding.

The sound of rustling paper, “She is nearly fully grown and should serve long enough for a permanent clone to be grown to fully replace Jennifer.” he said.

She sighed and stood, “Very good now then how’s the work to…” her voice fading as she walked away.


Jennifer sighed as she broke from the kiss of Rashael a black woman whose massive ass was the highlight of her body. Bouncing on her cock was a asian beauty named Lin whose hourglass like body made her large breasts and butt seem larger. Jennifer thought back to when she had chugged the dispenser full of soda, instead of her body growing more her cock and balls just grew, bigger and bigger till she ended up how she was now. But she didn’t regret it or was angry about it. She had found her place in the world, she was at peace with herself and she wondered why she had been so desperate in her past life… Barbara came up her large belly filled with Jennifer’s children and the two kissed. She reached for Rashael and Barbara and pulled them close, “I’ll love you three forevermore.” she said in a low hushed tone, and the other three knew her words to be true.
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