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Futafume: Halle Berry (Futanari story)
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Futafume: Halle Berry
Written by Silent Soul Ken SSK
Summary: When Halle get’s her hand on a strange perfume called Futafume it causes her a world of trouble and discovery.

Halle Berry stared at the perfume in her hand, it was labeled ‘Futafume’ and was a bright gold color, she had bought an hour earlier from a new vendor who had been pushing a new product. Futafume had been one of them, along with Stud Soda, Bombshell Bath Soap, New U Gum and various other strangely named products. The thing that sold it for her waws, that if she used this she would never need a man in her life ever again. It was no well known secret that she had trouble with men recently, her recent divorce had convinced her that she would be better off dating women than men ever again. If this perfume could help she would take it no problem.

She decided to do a test spray, she held it up to her face and pressed the nozzle spraying herself with a golden spray, it hung in the air almost glittering, she inhaled. It was a very sweet, yet strangely masculine smell. The particles flew into her nostrils and produced a light tingling sensation all throughout her body. Halle blinked then set it down, and she stood up and stretched, “Ahhhh what time is it?” She asked aloud, looking around she found her cell phone and pulled it up, 12:38 PM, it read.

She tapped her chin then went to her computer and sat down the screen black till she wiggled the mouse and it lit up showing the dating site she was on. She was looking for single lesbians though with her recent trend of divorces it seemed that lesbo’s were hooking up every day now. That and the ones she usually got were much older women, she wanted someone young and dumb for the simple sake that she could rule the relationship. As she searched she thought of the possible girls she could get she saw some profiles but they were all dating. One girl caught her eye, a white girl with C-cup breasts, blonde hair, and green eyes. She was taken but Halle imagined herself with the girl.

She began to stroke her breasts, her body suddenly hot, “Strange.” She muttered, “I feel…” she began to pant, “So hot… and horny…” she was already reaching down past her pants and into her crotch rubbing her folds as images began to fill her mind. Her with the girl, kissing her and rubbing their chests, Halle feeling a brief moment of jealousy when suddenly her breasts began to swell larger and larger. She grabbed her breasts feeling them pushing against her fingers. Suddenly there was something bumping against her lower hand. She saw a dick growing bigger and bigger before stopping at 8 inches throbbing hard, a quick feel made her feel balls beneath walnut sized judging by how she could grip them firmly.

She thought it was weird till the other girl got on her knees and began to jerk her cock. It felt strange at first then it started feeling good, as sensations filled her head. A pleasurable tingling and a instinctual desire to thrust her hips which she did. Her dick sliding through the hand already beading with pre-cum. She felt her heart thud as she groped her boobs with one hand the other helping her jack-off she felt the sensation she had felt sometimes during sex but coming from her cock.

A building pressure that was pushing through her new cock. “Oh god I’m… I’m cumming!” she cried out and her cock bulged throbbed and then began to shoot. Small but hot spurts of cum sparying up into the air some of splattering on her keyboard and some under the table. Halle sat there panting… “Holy fuck where did that imagination come from?” SHe asked she looked at the screen, “Fuck if I had a dick I’d fuck her brains out like no tomorrow.” she said and she placed her hand on the keyboard… and paused she looked at her fingers and saw the slightly clear white fluid all on certain parts of the keyboard.

Her gaze went down, and she saw her cock, her first reaction was to scream which she utterly suppressed. Her second reaction was to touch it which she did. She felt it and knew it was real the very instant she did. She also knew that her balls were too, and an even lower touch revealed she still had her vagina, but the question boggling her mind was, ‘How did this happen?’ she was surprised but curious and was eager to see how much it could do.

She came once, what if she could do it again? Typically she had more stamina than both of her ex’s now was the time to prove it. However she would admit that even that first orgasm had taken a great toll out of her. But she was curious now, her initial shock gone. She grabbed her mouse closing out of the dating site and just looking up smut. She saw many girls then found what she was looking for, a white skinned red head with freckles and sizable breasts. A slight waist and slightly flaring hips.

She leaned back hand on cock already fapping the quickly hardening length, “god she looks hot I just want to fuck my cock between those fat tits.” she purred “Mmmf yeah!” she was fapping so hard now it almost hurt her hands slapping her hips. But she felt it the building pressure again that caused spasms in her body. She felt it bulge, and she groaned, “Fuck I’m cumming!” she groaned and her cock spurted jizz, her eyes rolled and she threw her head back as she felt her cock spurt for 4 seconds then start to fall limp. “Fuck... “ she said, despite it being so brief it was intense. She looked down and saw that the cum was even less than before. “Oh man… shit I guess… this is why guys don’t go more than twice.” She said. “Well that’s a disappointment.” Halle got up and walked to the bottle of Futafume. She grabbed it and held it up rotating it and saw a note on it in clear plastic the letters black but rather small making it hard to read from a distance.

She scrutinized the words, and read “Futafume, the perfect perfume for your rut in your relationship. Futafume lasts one hour per spray. Warning do not attempt to spray oneself more than 4 times, disastrous results can occur.” She blinked, now curious, “So it only lasts an hour per spray? Well that’s a let down but what’s with not spraying more than 4 times?” She stared at it then held up the bottle and gave a spritz.

She inhaled the golden particles, set down the perfume and waited. She didn’t have to wait long about a minute later she felt a heat at her crotch as well as at her breast and butt. She placed a hand on her cock and felt it start to swell bigger and bigger. A lower reach revealed her balls were growing as well. She felt a strange sense of accomplishment at the thought of her cock and balls growing. As well as a desire for more. But first she would see how big they get before going for another spritz. She also felt her legs start to lengthen as well, and placed a hand on her growing bust which seemed to be growing rather rapidly. She also felt her arms and hands swell as did her butt. She was eager to see the end results.

It didn’t last long though within 30 seconds it was over. She looked at her cock, it was definitely bigger. She grabbed her cell phone and snapped a picture at her hard quivering prick. She then activated a measurement app. It read, 16 inches, “What it only doubled in size? Lame,” she said. But she placed a hand on her bust and knew it was double it’s original size. Which wasn’t much it just mean she went from a B-cup to a D-cup.

She didn’t even bother snapping a shot of her balls she was sure they also only doubled in size. She grabbed the spray and held it up to her face, “Ok so this is the third time.” she said, a thought struck her and she set her phone down and turned on the recording function making sure she was in good view before spraying and inhaling the golden vapors. She barely had time to set the perfume bottle down when the burning sensation returned this time all over her body.

She wrapped her arms around her chest even as she felt her body pulse. The heat made her body sweat and she fell to the ground rolling around the cold floor to keep cool. As she rolled her body grew, limbs growing longer and thicker with muscle, her cock shooting up like a bizarre fast growing tree, and her ballooned with hot rich and even thicker seed. Her breast swelled bigger and bigger as did her butt enlarging with each passing second.

This continued for a minute and a half by which time she was panting. When it was over Halle rolled onto her front and pushed herself up. She instantly noticed the muscles slightly bulging against her skin and as she got up she went to a mirror and looked at herself. What she saw blew her mind. For one she wasn’t short anymore. She stood tall almost 7 feet tall but was short by 4 inches. A flex revealed a muscle that belonged to a light athlete nothing bodybuilder sized. Looking down at her cock was the real surprise, she had seen it in the mirror but that couldn’t be right.

But now that she saw she was shocked, her cock stood reaching past her belly button and almost curving into her new large perky breasts. She grabbed her phone and snapped the picture. A measurement revealed 36 inches. “Holy shit I’m fucking huge! But…” she was 4 inches thick. “Hmm could fit in… could fit in reaaaaal deep.” a twinkle in her eye. Then she saw her balls, and she reached down and grabbed them. They felt as big and bloated as they looked, each one just a few centimeters short of being the size of watermelon and loaded with hot sperm. “Damn enough to fill a horse probably.” she then saw her breasts.

Each one was almost perfectly spherical, they looked like balloons on her chest and were as big as basketballs. “Whoo if I go out like this I’d be on the front page I bet.” for some reason that just made her feel… adventurous. She turned to look at her butt, it was enormous, she had heard of a chick named Pebbelz da Model who had a huge butt that was enhanced. Halle’s butt was not only bigger, but it was bubbly each cheek raised high and a slight slap sent ripples of motion through the whole cheek.

Halle had to admit she looked hot, more than hot “I’m a fucking goddess!” she said as she began to pose and flex. She was so hot she was turning herself on her cock already leaking liberal amounts of pre. “Let’s see how much I can cum now.” She said and she stopped posing and grabbed her dick with one hand as she moved back to  her computer and began to load up some videos. She pumped her dick vigorously as she watched a young girl display and pose her body nude. Halle could already imagine her big dick going in bulging out the girls skin as her balls slapped the girls butt with each powerful thrust. Unlike before it was a good minute of pumping, air humping, and rabid imaginations before she came this time.

But boy did she cum, her cock spurted hot jizz aimed straight at the ground, each spurt blasting hot thick ropes that splashed on the ground creating a sizable puddle. Also unlike before this orgasm lasted 30 seconds in which her abs felt sore from the ejaculatoin. When it was over Halle looked down. The puddle was quite large, so large that even her feet were covered, and the cum actually steamed slightly. But she was surprised, and pleased, to find her cock was still rock hard if anything she felt full of energy.

A thought rose in her mind, ‘I wanna fuck a chick.’ and she agreed with it. She wanted to fuck someone but she couldn’t think who. She couldn’t go out, not until her transformation wore off. She couldn’t do the maid either, a woman in her 40’s who was married. She thought and thought, then it hit her, there was a family nearby who had a daughter who just turned 21 and was deciding on going to college or acting school. She hadn’t decided on which one yet, maybe Halle could ‘help’ her decide maybe even ‘invest’ in her while she was at it. Halle grabbed her cellphone and scrolled through the numbers till she found the number. The Markinsons, she called the house number.

It rang 4 times before it was picked up, “Hello?” Came the gruff voice of Adam Markinson.

Halle smiled, “Heeeeey Adam it’s your neighbor Halle.” she said.

The gruffness was replaced with an insincere kindness that even a toddler could’ve seen through. “Ah Miss Berry what can I do for you this lovely afternoon?” He asked.

Halle sat down leaning back in her chair, “I wonder is Jessica there right now?” she asked innocently.

There was a pause, and she heard through the phone, “Honey? Is Jessica here?” a muffled response, “Yeah she’s here why did she do something to you?” He asked his voice gruff again.

 Halle smiled as she felt her dick get hard, “Oh no I just want to talk to her about career options, and quite possibly some sponsorship deals if she’s willing to listen to me.” she said, “Tell her if she wants she can come but to not bring her phone, I don’t want any distractions while we discuss ‘business’ you know?” Halle knew that there was no way she wouldn’t come.

She knew that the father was already thinking of giant pay deals, not that they weren’t poor but apparently Jessica recently spent a good portion of their money on a boob job apparently it was a really rare implant that was more or less banned in America. “Hold on a minute.” She heard the slight scratch as the phone was put down, but the sound of footsteps pleased her. She kept the phone to her ear and decided to put on some clothes to see how they would fit but she knew they would be too small for her now enormous frame. After 5 minutes the phone scratched, “Ms. Berry?” he asked.

Halle smiled as she put on her cargo pants, “yeeeeeeesssss?” She milked.

He sighed, “She’ll be there in 3 minutes, I hope she doesn’t insult you.” he said.

But the bi-racial star just chuckled, “There’s nothing she can say to me,” she said, and she hung up the phone. “Let’s see this should do.” and she grabbed a top and slid it on it was hiked up by her huge breasts. “Eh it’ll do.” She grabbed the perfume thought for a minute then slid it into a drawer and out of sight. All she had to do now was wait.

-5 minutes later-

Halle got up as the door was knocked, “Coming.” She said in a singsong voice. She opened the door and stepped aside, “Come on in.” In came Jessica, white skinned, purple haired, tattoo on neck, wearing a loose top, with skin tight leggings, and with some jewelry. She had E-cup breasts that were held up by a tight bra, and a slight booty that had some roundness to it. She looked up at Halle with her roundish yet angular face she blinked then rubbed her eyes.

She looked up at Halle’s face which stood a good foot above her, “Am I crazy or did you get taller?” She asked.

Halle smiled, “I got a little… improvement done on me, one I’m wanting to try out.” She said, and she closed the door and locked it. “Come in we need to ‘talk’ about your future.” she walked to her couch and sat down thankful she wasn’t hard yet but knew it wouldn’t matter in a few minutes.

Jessica couldn’t believe her eyes, it was true that Halle had gone underground after her recent divorce but this… this was unbelievable. She was pissed her dad had taken her phone but there was nothing she could’ve done about it. Apparently Halle didn’t want any interruptions, but Jessica now knew it was because Halle didn’t want her snapping photos. Jessica was a confused girl but she wasn’t dumb. “So you said you wanna talk about my future?” She decided to break the ice first.

Halle nodded, “From what I’ve heard you haven’t decided on what you want to do with your life.” She said.

Jessica shrugged, “Not particularly no,” she admitted, “So what you gonna give me some life lessons?” She asked, with great sarcasm.

Halle smiled, “Sort of, I’m gonna make you a deal, if you have sex with me tonight I promise that whatever you wanna do in life I’ll support you.” she said.

The caucasian blinked, “Wait what?” She said not sure she heard right.

Halle sat up, “If you have sex with me tonight, I’ll support you with whatever decision you make in life.” she said.

Jessica was silent, the she stood up, “Look I’m not into girls, you know? They got nothing to give. Secondly what do you think I am stupid? What I sleep with you and I get labeled a whore who sleeps with people to get up top? Nah that’s not my style.” She said.

Halle chuckled, “Ha ha ha ha, I’m not like most girls anymore.” She said, “I have… a special present from my improvement.” She said, “One that puts me above women… or men.” She said and she stood up when she did Jessica saw the rather large bulging tent at the celeb’s groin.

The girl blinked then she laughed, “What? You got a strap-on? Real lame I’m outta here.” She said, but she barely had time to turn when Halle grabbed her pants and pulled them down revealing her large endowments. Jessica gazed at the cock her mouth dropping her nose picking up the clear scent of musk. “What the… that’s… fake right?” She said her voice unsure.

The celebrity walked up and thrust her hips letting her cock hang right under Jessica’s nose, “Touch it…” She said simply.

Jessica had seen dicks before, heck she’d seen and touched her ex-boyfriends before he tried to force her to have sex. She dumped him afterward, but for some reason while she had been repulsed by his dick, she was drawn toward Halle’s. Not only was it just utterly massive but the smell just made her feel hot and horny. Her eyes had also caught the balls too, a massive pair of orbs that looked bloated, studded with thick veins over the stretched skin. Jessica had her doubts but they were erased when she saw the bead of pre emerge from the cock swell then fall to the ground with a small ‘plop’ she swallowed, “How… this shouldn’t be real!” She touched it and felt the hot pulsing flesh. “What did you do? Some kind of transplant or something?” the girl theorized grasping at straws.

Halle just smiled, then she moved forward so her dick was tickling the girls neck, “How about less talking and more action… you have sucked a dick before right?” She asked, silence, “What you a virgin.” Jessica blushed, “You are aren’t you? Well tell me now you want to keep it or lose it?” She asked.

The punky caucasian was silent, on the one hand despite her rebellious teenage streak she believed in losing her virginity with a lover and internal belonged to her husband. On the other she wanted to be penetrated by this god-like half-man half-woman thing before her. A hidden desire was emerging in her, a desire that was imprinted in humanity but only few tapped into naturally. She wanted to praise this woman and worship her and devote her body to her but it struggled with her identity.

But a poke from Halle sealed the deal for her, “Come on just one lick.” she urged, and so Jessica did, she licked the cock head and the pre-cum. It was over for her, Jessica was no longer a girl, she was a slave to the cock, to Halle, everything and anything Halle wanted she would give without hesitation. Jessica’s tongue retracted and she swallowed shuddering as she did. “So? You gonna take my deal?” Asked Halle.

Jessica looked up and nodded, “Yes Mistress.” She said.

Halle raised an eyebrow she rolled that word in her mind and found she quite enjoyed it, “Mistress I like that.” She said. “So then will you do what I say?” She asked, a nod, “Anything?” Another nod this one stronger. “Then strip!” She commanded.

Jessica found her body moving automatically, in fact her mind was already bent to Halle’s will all she needed now were the commands. She pulled off her clothes with a feverish pace damn near tore them off she was eager to please this goddess before her. She stood her bare body held out for Halle’s view. Her enlarged breasts wobbled slightly as she inhaled and exhaled. “I-Is my body pleasing to you Mistress?” She gasped.

Halle walked around her, noting the height difference and thoroughly enjoying it. She examined the waists, the hips, the butt, she slapped it hard, “Bigger.” She said, “I know someone who can do it.” She kept walking, and came to the breasts. She leaned in, “Not much bigger, a bit disappointing.” She said.

Jessica thrust her chest forward, “I have PP string implanted in, they will grow with time.” She assured. “It could take a week or a month or a year but they will grow.” She said.

Halle looked at her and felt a strong desire to kiss her, but she denied that desire for now, she would make her new pet earn it first. “Alright, hopefully sooner than later, let’s see now get me lubed up I’m gonna ram it right in your pussy.” She said. “And I’ll get you ready myself.” And before Jennifer could even bend down Halle grabbed her and hoisted her up with ease, she then flipped her around so that her face was pressed against Halle’s cock head. Jessica opened her mouth wide, and engulfed the head. She sucked on it hard though it was clear she didn’t know what she was doing. “Lick it, lick it real good and hard, also move your head that’ll do it.” she said, “While I take this lovely treat.” and she leaned in to the young virgin pussy and began licking it.

Jessica moaned she had masturbated before but it couldn’t compare to the feel of Halle’s big rough tongue licking her vulva then wriggling it inside her pussy. “Don’t stop girl work your tongue.” Halle urged and Jessica remembered her task. She began to lick and move her head as Halle asked. It was difficult to work with breathing through her nose and sucking at the same time.

It was during this that Halle finally noticed that her balls felt very heavy, She wanted to reach down and feel them but had a suspicion they were bloated beyond belief. She licked one more time and felt the juices pooling, she raised her head. She could feel her cock throbbing hard and knew she was plenty lubed up. She pushed Jessica off who desperately tried to keep sucking addicted to the taste now. “That’s enough now let’s get this in.” She said and she flipped Jessica around so they were face to face. Jessica stared into Halle’s large beautiful face.

She stared hypnotized and enamored she wanted to lean in and kiss her. Halle smirked, “Do you wanna kiss me?” She asked. Jessica nodded eagerly, “Well then let’s first do this.” And she lowered Jessica in one sudden motion. Thrusting up as she did and her cock sank in a solid 8 inches into Jessica’s virgin pussy. THe pain was instant and sudden and Jessica screamed Halle silenced her with a swift kiss. Jessica still screamed by as Halle caressed her head gently then her body she stopped and moaned. The servant was glad for the kiss it was her first one and one she would treasure for all time.

Eventually Halle broke the kiss and looked down, “Well people can stretch can’t they?” she said, Jessica looked down and saw the distinct shape of Halle’s cock bulging near her crotch. “And yet I can put in so much more.” And she began to push Jessica down they watched as Halle’s cock pushed upward stretching her stomach as it went up.

Jessica couldn’t believe that so much was in her already, and yet there was so much more to go. “”Hmmm just half of it in right now.” Halle said. To Jessica it felt like more but she wouldn’t argue against it. “Let’s try getting in another 3 inches.” And she pulled her down, and pushed her hips up. Jessica groaned as she felt it pushing her womb upward. “Oh is my little baby reaching her limit?” She asked. Jessica wanted to shake her head but when Halle pushed even further she groaned again. Halle decided to give her a reward she grabbed Jessica’s bottom and pulled her up and brought her face down to a hot kiss.

Jessica felt the tears brimming in her eyes, it was a gift she didn’t expect to receive tonight. As they kissed however Halle began to move her hips thrusting up and down her cock sliding in and out of it. Jessica moaned and panted as she felt the cock spreading her and going deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her belly distorting more and more, but she couldn’t care, she was receiving an honor that no one could even comprehend unless they stood before Halle.

But Halle could feel her thrusts becoming jerky, her cock bulging ready to unload. She had never thought that a pussy could feel so good. It now gave her a clear idea as to why most guys shot off within minutes of fucking. But she knew that the more she got a taste the harder it would become to orgasm. For now though she would just let it ride, “I’m going to cum, do you want me to cum inside or out?” She asked.

For answer Jessica wrapped her legs around Halle’s butt. “Alright then!” Halle said her heart thudding in her chest. She kept thrusting then she gave a single powerful thrust up. Her cock bulged and then unloaded the deluge. THe first 2 orgasms could not compare to this one. She felt her whole body tense, her muscles bulge and her butt clenched while she threw her head back her neck tight and her teeth gritted tight.

For Jessica she had to describe it as if she was being filled with water, but very hot and heavy water. She felt it flow into her womb then felt it ovaries, then it tried to flow out only to be pushed back in suddenly her womb began to inflate. She looked down and she could have an orgasm as she felt her womb fill more and more with hot sticky cum. Halle gripped Jessica’s butt so tightly her fingers were sinking in. She pushed up even more her cock spewing vast amounts of seed out.

However when she felt the panicked slap on her chest she steeled her nerves and looked down. Jessica’s belly was so large it was pushing her back slightly not only that but veins began to appear on the belly. Halle pulled her up her cock slurping out then exiting with a wet ‘pop’ and her cock bounced as it kept spraying while her legs were hit with a flood of cum. Ten seconds afterward and it was over. Halle’s legs shook and she stumbled onto her living room sliding slightly on the cum slick floor. She set Jessica down then collapsed on the floor.

Jessica quickly went to Halle and kissed her hot tears falling down her face. “I’m sorry mistress I couldn’t hold it all! I failed you!” She sobbed.

Halle grabbed her face and kissed her again tasting her hot breath and massaging her cheeks. She held her for few seconds then broke it, she then hugged Jessica, “It’s fine baby… next time… shhhhh.” she stroked Jessica’s soothingly. Her dick however didn’t respond it had done it’s job and Halle was tired. She hugged her new servant closely, she then raised her head to Jessica’s ears. “Here’s what we’re gonna do…” Halle explained the new plan that had just arisen in her mind.

Jessica nodded, “Thank you Mistress you are too good to me.” She purred, and she got up shakily to take a shower and get as much cum out of her as she could. Halle got up and looked a her floor which was almost painted white with cum.

She sighed, “I better clean this up.” She said, “No matter in the end.” The plan echoed in her mind, Jessica would go home with 1,000 dollar check. She would tell her parents that she would be staying with Halle as a live-in maid and that she would be working to pay off her school bills with her. Her parents would be allowed to see her but would have to call ahead of time.

This would give Halle and Jessica plenty of time to clean up if they need be. To that end Halle explained that her current body wasn’t permanent but Jessica said that no matter what she looked like that Halle owned her heart and soul. “We’ll see about that.” Halle said, she had to admit she didn’t want to turn back to her original self but until she knew what was going on with this perfume she wouldn’t press her luck with it.

-30 Minutes later-

Halle gently patted down Jessica to make sure she looked presentable. She then crouched so she was even with the white girl. “Tomorrow your loyatly will be tested provided your family agrees to this deal. Tell me tomorrow alright? Well then see you later sweetie.” She said and she kissed Jessica again.

Jessica reluctantly parted lips with her goddess and went to the door the check in hand she opened it and left. Halle sighed as she looked at her floor which was mostly washed some white bits here and there. She then went up to her room and collapsed onto her bed where she fell asleep. That night she had dreams of being surrounded by beautiful, bodacious women with Jessica at her side pregnant and nursing a child to her oversized breasts. Halle stood even taller than before her body pure sexual might and perfection. It would soon become her ultimate fantasy.

-The Next Morning-

Halle awoke to the sound of her doorbell and she got up and groaned rubbing her head still heavy with the dreams. As she sat up she felt her weaker body and felt a strong sense of disgust at how puny and flat it was. She badly wanted to smell the Futafume again but decided against it for now. She got up and grabbed her clothes putting them on and went downstairs. She opened the door to see Jessica standing there a carrying case in hand while her father stood behind her with 2 more. “Ah good morning Mr. Markinson.” She said.

Adam smiled, “Just Adam is fine, so how much will she be getting?” he asked his eyes lit with greed.

Halle smiled though her’s was more acidic, “one thousand a month more if she does an ‘excellent’ job.” the celebrity turned to Jessica who did have a look of disappointment but not disgust on her face. “So then come on in, I’m going to be leaving soon, I’ll help her with her stuff.” She said. The two walked in Jessica and Adam putting her cases near the door he hugged and kissed her soundly on the cheek. He then held out his hand to Halle.

She grabbed it and he shook it pulling her closer, “Take care of her she’s my daughter.” he said.

The bi-racial woman nodded, “Of course don’t worry I’ll make sure she’s very, very ‘well supplied’ in the future.” he gave her a nod and released her hand heading for the door. Halle looked at her, “Now then I’ll be back later for  now just get your stuff unpacked.” Halle said and she went to her room. Jessica nodded and went to find her own room.

About ten minutes later Halle came down wearing a casual shirt and jeans with purse slung over shoulder which had the Futafume inside. “Mistress?” Halle smiled and turned to see Jessica, “Will… will you return to your true form again?” She asked, which caused the celebrity to blink.

She hadn’t considered that maybe the body she had was in fact the body she had been borned with and had been hidden away. But that was something she would find out later, “Maybe we’ll see. Don’t worry about me just relax and enjoy yourself till I get back.” she said and she was out the door.

-The New U Vendor-

Halle walked into the store and saw the cashier at the register talking to a pair of women.”With this we can have children?” one woman asked.

The cashier smiled, “Yes indeed, just a whiff of this and you’ll get something that’s ‘critical’ having children in a normal relationship.” She said. The cashier was a woman with long purple hair and golden eyes, and wore a lab coat for a uniform. “I’ll sell it to you for fifty bucks.” she said. The two women looked at each other then one reached into her purse and pulled out the bill she handed it to the woman who took it. “Have a wonderful day.” she said, the two left in their hand was the Futafume. Halle walked forward, the woman saw her and her eyes narrowed slightly, “Can I help you?” She asked. Halle pulled out her own bottle of Futafume. “We don’t do refunds miss unless you’re dissatisfied by the product?” she asked.

Halle smiled, “No I have a question, what happens if I take 5 whiffs?” she asked.

The woman raised an eyebrow, “It would make the, male effect, permanent.” she said.

Halle leaned in, “What about the size?” she asked.

The woman smiled, “Unfortunately that’ll be temporary. However if you take it after the 5th and from then on the effects will be even greater than before. If you plan on taking a 5th dose then I would recommend this.” she said and she went to the back after several seconds came back with a box that said ‘Portable Portal system’ on it. “All you do is take one part and place it on your body and then this part wherever you want this to appear. That way you can go about without have to worry about anybody finding your ‘pecker’ at the wrong moment. Oh and it’ll camouflage that part so it doesn’t look out of place.” She said, “Now you’ll understand the price is five hundred dollars this is a very special piece of equipment.” She said.

Halle did understand she reached into her purse and pulled out a check. But before she wrote down the price she looked up, “Do you have anything that could give a person like a really hot body?” she asked.

The woman raised an eyebrow, “Describe ‘hot’ exactly?” she asked.

The celebrity leaned in, “Huge perfect breasts, slim waist, badonk-a-donk booty, big lips, and some nice slender legs. Also got anything for say, ‘inflation?’ if you know what I mean.” Halle asked.

The woman wagged a finger at Halle, “I like you,” she said, “one sec I’ll get those, call it 600 and you get those plus I’ll give you a bonus item as well.” Halle wrote out the check while the woman went in the back. The woman placed 5 items down, one was a bottle of pills that read that said, ‘Breeder Balls’, the second was another box with a patch on the sid that said ‘Bombshell Patch,’ the third was series of needs filled with a blue liquid that said, ‘Safety Shot’ the fourth was a large dropper that read ‘Stretching solution,’ finally the last one read ‘Mega Milk’ and was several cartons of milk.

The woman pointed to the first one, “What this does is if you take it it doubles the size of your balls, the amount of cum you shoot out, produce and pregnancy rates. If you take another it doubles it again and is a 100% pregnancy rate it lasts one hour per dose and no the growth is not permanent at least not completely. Some of it will linger on but don’t take more than 3 or you’ll end up like a beached whale. You can inject it anywhere but if you want instant results just stick it straight in your nuts.”

She pointed to the second one, “With this if you put it on someone their body will change to that of a bombshell and yes that means, big lips, huge tits that are almost perfectly perky, great big bubble, thin waist, wide hips, long sultry legs the whole package.” she said, “It takes one patch and the whole transformation will take about a week to finish, put 2 if you wanna speed it up but keep in mind it’ll fuck with their head if you do that.” she warned.

Halle interjected with a question, “What if the person has implants in them?” came the curious question.

The woman frowned, “Depends on the implants in most cases it takes the implants and then converts it into actual flesh. But some, like saline will fuse with the breast tissue and thus makes them pretty hard.” she said.

Halle raised an eyebrow, “And what about PP String?”

The woman raised an eyebrow, “In THAT case it absorbs the implant but it keeps the constant growth but accelerates a bit. If not watched carefully they could end up with tits as big as a house in about 2 months. But getting PP string is damn near impossible, anyway moving on.” She then pointed to the third one, “These are Safety Shots and what they do is make it utterly impossible for a chick to get pregnant. You could take 100 of the Breeder Balls she ain’t getting pregnant anytime soon. We made it for those that don’t want that ‘extra’ commitment. They last a single day.”

She then pointed to the 4th item, “Does what it says, just one drop in the mouth and you can fill them with all the water in the great lake and no one dies. But be careful their skin becomes like a balloon so if you’re gonna inflate someone do it where there’s no sharp stuff ok? This also lasts for about a day” she pointed to the cartons, “This stuff makes your tits bigger by alot but also fills them with milk also makes you lactate if you wanna get kinky with that. The more you drink the more you produce and the bigger your breasts get. If you drink a carton I’d advise to stop there as your boobs will be leaking for about half-a-day you drink 2 and you’ll be gushing out milk for the whole day.” she said and she got out a basket from under the counter. “Take all this and you’re good.” Halle gave her the check.

The woman took it and winked, “Enjoy yourself. Oh and if you like the idea of being big? Come back I’ll have something very special for you!” She said, she placed everything inside the basket and pushed to Halle who took it with both hands and went to the car already having some sexy fun planned.

-Halle’s Home-

Halle walked in through the front door she saw Jessica dressed in a maid outfit. Halle knew if she had a dick it’d be rock hard. Thankfully she would remedy that in a few minutes. “Mistress?” Jessica walked up looking at the basket. “What is all this?” She asked.

Halle placed a finger on the girls lip, “Shhh put this on you, just one. Also inject this,” She said, and she gave her the box of Bombshell Patch and a shot of the Safety Shot. “Ok? Wait for me when I come back we’ll have alot of fun,” and she went upstairs.

Now in her room Halle set the basket on the bed and she grabbed her purse setting that down as well she then opened her purse and grabbed the perfume. She held it up to her face and sprayed once. She felt the heat and she grabbed her clothes and pulled them off she then went to her mirror and watched her body change. She watched as her breasts swelled losing sagginess and gaining perk, her hips widening, her arms and legs bulge with muscle and her crotch reshaping into a small cock and balls that quickly grew as if part of her the whole time. She saw her legs lengthen as she got taller and taller while a quick side turn showed her butt enlarging and bubbling up creating a distinct heart shape. 30 seconds in the heat faded and she was done for the first part of her transformation.

She held up the spray and once again spritzed herself inhaling all she could. The growth returned but it felt stronger than the previous night. She felt her muscles bulge and her legs lengthening while her cock and balls had an explosive spurt of growth drastically enlarging. Another spray and it happened again stronger this time.The third and fourth ever more satisfying as she flexed her muscles and looked at her huge cock and balls, she grabbed her phone and measured her cock was 42 inches long and 4 inches thick. She was bigger than before, the lady was right. She looked at the spray, this was the fifth one after this she would keep her dick and balls forever. She held it up and sprayed.

Jessica was downstairs having injected the strange formula in her and having just placed the patch on her shoulder. The moment she did she felt slightly light headed. She was brought out by a roar from Halle’s room. She walked forward then she felt herself get dizzy again she stumbled only to stop when another roar emerged from Halle’s room. She shook it off and ran up the stairs and saw the closed door. She approached it quietly then knocked, “M-M-Mistress are you alright?” she heard groaning and panting then huffing finally a sigh.

“Come in.” Came a seductive purr, Jessica opened and was granted a sight beyond mortal comprehension. Halle was standing 8 feet tall, body smooth and powerful, long legs that bulged as she stood, a massive cock easily 4 feet long and 7 inches thick large veins visibly pulsing along it’s length while copious amounts of pre dripped from the head mixed with some white sperm. Beneath was a massive pair of testicles both as big as giant pumpkins but perfectly smooth and bulging veins pulsing on them as well, they seemed to swell even now bigger stretching the nut skin tight. Halle also had a pair of breasts that looked like yoga balls with large dark areola’s and nipples that jutted out at least 4 inches out. Halle turned revealing her large bubbly rear end, she gave it a smack and it jiggled like pudding before returning to normal. She then looked at Halle’s face and once again she was in love.

Halle looked young, like she was in her 20’s again, and her hair was long and luscious as were her lips that were somehow larger and puckered slightly. Halle held up a hand and gestured for Jessica to approach. She did, walking forward dazed, Halle then held up a dropper and said, “We’re going to have alot of fun, who am I?” Jessica stopped just below the huge cock head letting the pre-cum drip onto her hair and body.

She got to her knees prostrating, “You are Halle Berry, my mistress, my owner… my goddess.” she said.

Halle smiled, she felt strong, beautiful, and horny as hell, “Open your mouth and raise your head.” Jessica did so, “If you do good then perhaps next time we can take it to the next step, and I may get you pregnant… does that sound like a reward you want?” She asked. Jessica nodded, “Then impress me.” and she dropped a single drop in Jessica’s mouth and smiled she would see the limits of her body and the limits of this strange but wonderful medicine.
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