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Harry Potter: The Nymphonomigon
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Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I’d love to hear some feedback as per usual. My e-Mail addresses are at: mean.blackjack(@)yahoo.co.uk If you remove the parenthesis from the @ symbol it’ll get through! You can also get me at mean.blackjack47(@)gmail.com. Again, remove the parenthesis. Also, don’t forget to thank and like the story if you do like it! Also feel free to post on the thread to voice your encouragement, lord knows my ego needs stroking!

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again. Don't forget to add me on Discord too! My name on there is Swagatha Christie#2438.

Author's Note: So, the story is based around the end of the seventh book/movie and Hermione has just come back to Hogwarts to finish off her seventh year. She is 18 years old so this is perfectly legal. Also, I have no real preference as to how you view the characters, if you want to picture Hermione as Emma Watson, please feel free or if you want to picture her as the book Hermione go right for that too! I just want feedback as to whether you liked the story or not!

Codes: MF, Cons, MMF, Oral, Facials, Masturbation

Hermione Granger let out a defeated sigh of displeasure and collapsed at the old oak table in the library of Hogwarts. She had turned eighteen not two days ago and she was still stuck working her way through various tomes and large books that were starting to wear from the decades, or even centuries that they had been left inside here. Stifling a yawn with the back of her hand, Hermione pushed her chair backwards and climbed up out of it. Walking over towards the closest bookshelf, the young Gryffindor woman plucked another one of the large books out of the shelf and looked it over. Blowing a short burst of air against the cover of the book, she looked it over and had to raise an eyebrow at the sight of the front cover. On the front cover was a young woman, long brown hair that seemed to be a similar sort of shade to her own hair and she even seemed to be the similar sort of body shape and size as her as well. Sighing softly, Hermione tucked the tome under her arm and walked back to the table, dropping it down at the head of the table and slipping down onto her seat. She looked over the vast array of books that she had been requested to pick up and work her way through.

Not that Hermione had issues with reading of course! A natural bookworm and intelligent young woman, Hermione was often found with her nose in a book even on her time away from the magical school. Her hands ran over the front cover of the book and as the woman slowly moved from side to side from the book’s picture, Hermione bit down on her bottom lip and did her best to avoid the sensations that were threatening to rush through her mind. It hadn’t been that long since her last fight with Ron but it was close enough that their fight was still fresh in her mind. Scowling at the thoughts, the Gryffindor student looked down at the book and nodded her head while she read the title of the book out loud.

“The Nymphonomigon… Is that Latin?” She wondered aloud as she settled into the seat and slowly opened the book up. Running her hand against her chin, Hermione moved her small pink tongue over her bottom lip and then up to her top lip as she read over several of the pages inside the dusty old spellbook. The text inside the book was definitely written with a feminine hand and the way the words were scrawled out over the pages made it seem like the woman was in some sort of distress when writing it. The words were erratic and they had been scrawled over the page as if she had some sort of madness come over her. Frowning at the sight of the words, Hermione reached down to beneath her svelte frame and pulled the large chair she was sitting on closer to the table. Her brown eyes floated up to the three large, thin candles that were burning happily, rivers of wax running down the creamy sides of the candles and towards the plates at the bottom of the candle. The insides of the library were quiet at this time of night and while Hermione was far past the age of the average student, she was trying to become an Auror and work for the ministry of magic but she couldn’t do that at her home with her muggle parents being right at the sort of age that would be curious about what she was doing on her day to day life. It was far easier for her to say that she was in Eastern Europe and ‘volunteering’ somewhere.

Shaking her head and doing her best to focus on what sat on the table in front of her, the Gryffindor house star bit down on her bottom lip and then focused on the pages. The illustrations that accompanied the text moved as all magical tomes often did, but these illustrations were far more… Adult! Of course, Hermione had seen the various pornographic magazines and books that existed, travelling together with both Ron and Harry in the war against Voldemort had made her grow accustomed to the sort of filth that boys dealt with very quickly but actually seeing something like that in Hogwarts’ library? That was most certainly unheard of! Hermione found her hands to be fidgeting a lot now as she did her best to focus on the words in front of her in the book. Her arms came up and then laid down flat on the edge of the table while she tried to work her way through the pages all while thoughts started to dance at the back of her mind.

Of course she was well aware of how good masturbating could feel and how the touch of another’s hands on their body could feel but she, like all of her friends, had had prior things going on in their lives that the idea of even chasing a romantic relationship was wild to her and just unimaginable. Now though, now she had her own room at the school and she had no set schedule to adhere to with classes so she could spend all her time in the library to make sure she was truly the best qualified to move into the Ministry of Magic and she wasn’t just there because of the role she played in defeating the Dark Lord. Running her thumb over her bottom lip, Hermione fidgeted from side to side and awkwardly crossed her legs under the table, her knees bashing against the underside of the table as she let out an exasperated sigh.

Looking over her shoulders and then back to the book, the young woman closed her eyes and looked up to the vast, empty space of the ceiling of the Hogwarts library as she used it to try and calm herself down. This was such an unusual effect for her to be going through, she had never felt like this before! Especially when she was at school and supposed to be deep in her studies. Closing her eyes, the Gryffindor student silently counted to ten before opening her eyes and bringing her head down to look at the insides of the book again. The book was talking about something that she had never heard of before or even expected to use her magical abilities for. The concept of using her spells to give pleasure out for not only herself but for partners as well? It was unheard of for her, of course she was well versed in spells against the dark arts and ways to protect herself but she had never considered using her magic in that manner before! Her legs spread slightly and as she let out another slow breath, Hermione reached down between her legs and awkwardly pushed down the fabric of her school’s skirt to try and resist the urge that was swimming through her veins.

Hermione ran her hands down the front of her body, smoothing out the white of her school uniform before moving her hands up to the top of the shirt. Her hands came up to her school tie and as she looked around the still empty library, Hermione let out a defeated sigh and slowly loosened the knot in the fabric. Looking around as if she was guilty of something, the Gryffindor student bit down on her bottom lip and popped two buttons out of the loops to give her skin some more breathing room. As soon as her shirt spread open, Hermione could feel almost like a refreshing blast of energy wash over her and she could feel a swelling of desire start to take over her. Looking over her shoulder, Hermione's eyes drifted up to the large paintings that normally overlooked the insides of the library but Hermione was surprised to see that the paintings were... Empty.


"Hello?" Hermione called out, unsure of whether anyone was even there or not. Admittedly, the school was taking its time in getting back together after the war against Voldemort so perhaps that was something to do with it? Yes... Yes, that must be it. Hermione thought to herself as she nodded her head and moved her gaze back to the book. Her eyes moved over the text and with every word she read she could feel the touch on her bare skin start move up and down as if she were embraced. Biting down on her bottom lip, Hermione could feel her cheeks coming to life with colour and she knew what was happening to her. She had no idea why she was just so turned on but it was certainly taking a toll on her. Crossing her legs and then uncrossing them, Hermione sighed out loud before standing up and pushing the chair she had been sitting on backwards.

Looking around the inside of the library, the paintings were still empty, the candles were still lazily burning away and the only sounds coming from the inside of the library was her own breathing. Pressing her legs together, Hermione shut her eyes, silently let out a curse word and then moved with what her body was demanding. She reached down to the side of her body and quickly undid the clasp of her grey skirt and let it fall away from her. As the skirt dropped to the floor, Hermione should have become far more embarrassed by the events that were unfolding but she didn't. She actually felt... Liberated! It was such a strange feeling for the young woman and as she stepped out of the puddle of her skirt at her feet, Hermione's hands came down to her flat stomach and as she slowly touched her own skin, it felt as if her entire body was exploding with pleasure.

Threading her left hand through her long, brown hair, Hermione nodded her head. She had committed to what she was about to do now and there was no going back. She was going to enjoy herself. She deserved it! She could feel her mind deciding for her what she was going to do and how she should feel about it. Taking her chair back, Hermione spread her legs open wide and moved her hands down to her groin. Her fingers quickly stripped down her rhubarb coloured panties and while she probably should have worked on slipping her school shoes and knee high socks off, she was just too desperate for getting herself off now. Her hands came up and she quickly popped off the rest of the buttons of her shirt, spreading it open but keeping the school tie on her body.

Stripping off her panties, Hermione dropped them to the side next to her skirt and spread her legs wide, draping them over the arms of the chairs and then, her hand touched against her pussy's lips. As her fingertips brushed against her entrance, Hermione could feel like her entire body was pulsing with pleasure and she was so close to just exploding with such a minor contact. Biting down on her bottom lip, Hermione was almost frightened to touch against her clit but she knew it was going to be such an immense pleasure she would have to. She was going mad with desire and it simply wasn't fair that she wasn't going to be able to climax. Slipping her middle finger on her right hand against her entrance, Hermione bit down on her bottom lip before pushing her finger inside of her and moving all the way in to her knuckle. As soon as her finger slipped inside of her, Hermione let out a long, loud groan in delight. The palm of her hand brushed against her clit and as soon as it touched her hot little love button, Hermione's entrance gushed with more hot liquid. Breathing in pleasure, Hermione continued to move her finger in and out of her while her palm carried on rubbing against her clit.

Gasping out in pleasure, the Gryffindor student's other hand came up and cupped against her breasts, squeezing on her chest before her fingers pinched on her nipple, Hermione continued to touch against herself. Her whole body was trembling with desire and she could almost feel her entire frame slick with sweat and pleasure as she was enthralled in what she was doing to herself. She couldn't even recall a time she was this aroused or ready for sex before and now, she was a knuckle deep in her own entrance and she still wanted more! Adding her index finger to the digits sliding in and out of her, Hermione's other hand groped at her breast and her fingers pinched onto her nipple.

Pumping her two fingers in and out of her, the sounds of Hermione moaning along with the slick noises produced by her own, hot entrance started to ring out inside of the empty walls of the library. Her head fell back and was almost leaning over the edge of the head of the chair as she masturbated and while she was listening out for any sort of attention she might have received, she knew she was enjoying herself far too much to really want to stop what she was doing. Hell, she had considered the proposal of having someone join in with her if it meant that she was able to quell the desire flooding her insides. Hermione rolled her palm around the hard button that was throbbing with desire with each push inside of her entrance, grinding the flat of her palm against her clit while she finger fucked herself quickly.

Hermione bit down on her bottom lip to try and stop herself from crying out in sheer pleasure as another wave of enjoyment flushed through her veins. Fucking herself had never felt so good to the young woman and as she threatened to add her ring finger to the digits invading her pussy, she could feel her walls tightening around her fingers. Sliding them in and out of her, Hermione's mouth gave up on the fight her teeth were trying to battle and she let out a long, loud and lewd moan. Pushing her fingers in and out of her, she tried to continue the grinding pattern with the palm of her hand but it was getting to be too awkward and so, she stopped toying with her breasts and instead moved both of her hands down to between her legs to hungrily force more pleasure onto her.

"Fuck... Oh fuck! Yes!" Hermione panted out, her fingers sliding in and out of her quicker and quicker all while her other fingers continued to eagerly brush and rub against her clit. "Fuck! Give me that cock... Give it to me!" Hermione panted as she thought out her fantasy, picturing men of all sorts of skin colours, builds, domestic classes, whoever so long as they had a thick dick for her to be fucked by. Pushing her fingers inside her, Hermione was already close but as she pushed her fingers inside once more, her ass was pushed up off of the chair she had been sitting on, making it bounce backwards and forwards slightly. With each hard push of her fingers, Hermione could feel how aroused she was and just how slick her fingers were as well. Her head was still leaning back, gawping up at the ceiling of the library as she finger fucked herself.

As she pushed her fingers inside her slick folds, the Gryffindor prefect could feel her velvet-ey walls starting to tighten down on her own fingers and her orgasm was closer and closer. Sliding her three fingers inside of her, Hermione's eyes flashed open almost in shock as her legs trembled and her body became slick with sweat. Her orgasm then smashed against her like she was on the receiving end of a Avada Kedavra blast. Her back arched up off of the chair and her pussy exploded over her fingers, soaking her digits and the chair as well. As the young woman pulled her fingers out from her entrance, she was amazed to see an explosion of her juices to shoot from her slit and to spray out over onto the table before her, another squirt landed on the open pages of the Nymphonomigon.

Looking over to the book, the table and then her own trembling legs, Hermione let out a defeated sigh of raw pleasure and closed her eyes to try and recover from what was rushing through her body. Her small pink tongue came out of her mouth and she wetted her lips as a welcome change to what had been happening to her entire frame. Her hand came up to her head and using the fingers that hadn't been inside of her, she plucked some of the strands of hair that had been stuck to her face with the sweat from her masturbating. Cleaning her face up as best she could, Hermione was still tingly all over from her strennuous masturbating session and no matter how many times she scrunched her toes to try and shake some sense into them, it was like she was in another person's body. Looking down to her chest, Hermione's cheeks flushed with embarrassment slightly as she moved her fingers down to her shirt to button it back up again.

"Oh, please don't on my account." A new voice offered, prompting Hermione to sit upright and instantly look around the library. Her big brown eyes soon came back to the book she had came on and it was there that Hermione's heart dropped.

From the middle of the book, there was a small plume of smoke that moved upwards and filled out to the body and frame of a male figure that towered over her. Looking up at the specter, Hermione was curious as to whether this thing was an actual ghost or something else, like a djinn or some other sort of spirit. She pulled her shirt closed and then crossed her legs, her feet still clad in her long socks and her black school pumps as well. The figure had a handsome face, she could admit to that as she looked up at her new guest in the library. It looked as if he were a man from a long time ago, perhaps the renaissance era or some time in the French revolution? She didn't detect an accent from the brief words he had said but his time in the book could have diluted it...

"Hello? Girl?" The spirit asked, looking down at her as he lewdly gawped at her frame. The ghost was certainly interested in only one thing it seemed and if he had came at her moments before, the Gryffindor student might have even considered it! But now? Now... Now, the thought was just... Not... Her eyes looked up at him and she found herself even considering the idea of fucking this spirit! "Cat got your tongue?" He asked again, a throaty chuckle escaping his mouth as he looked down at her. His ghostly frame disappeared slightly as his frame slipped down so that he was almost face to face with her. His frame snapped into the real world and as if he were made of magic himself, the figure's hand reached out and touched against her chin making them keep eye contact with each other.

"I... I don't even know what you're talking about." Hermione bluffed, looking at the ghost while feeling her arousal start to take hold of her again.

"Sure you do. That's why you opened the book and why you were touching yourself all for it."

"I... I wasn't..."

"Yes you were." The ghost moved up out of the book again and floated away from the book, while a thin plume of smoke kept it attached to the table, Hermione watched as it moved behind her. Pushing the chair backwards and stumbling to her feet, still shaky from the orgasm, Hermione turned herself around to look up at the ghost and then down as the creature moved down to be almost eye level with her now. The figure could almost tell what was happening inside of her and as she took a step backwards to try and get some sort of distance between them both. Not that she really wanted it of course. The ghost's hands came up and pressed down onto her shoulders, forcing the young woman down to her knees in front of the ghost. She felt like she shouldn't be behaving like this but still, she continued with it. Moving down to her knees in front of the figure,  Hermione felt a wash of something come over her but she found that she wasn't fighting it and she was getting to grips with the idea of whatever this spirit wanted.

Watching the ghost, Hermione's eyes went wide as it moved up away from her slightly and then, the lower half of his body became apparent. Her hands fell from clutching her shirt together and came down to rest on her sides, her gaze settling on the thing that was starting to come to life. The long member slowly stretched out to the point where she'd say it was close to matching the length of her own wand. Licking her lips, Hermione felt another wash of pleasure as the ghost spoke to her.

"Yes, like the look of that don't you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Hermione defied, shaking her head but not taking her eyes off of the length.

"You want to suck on me right here in your school's library."

"I most certainly do not."


"How dare you... I don't want that." Hermione said, though even she didn't believe her words. Her hands came up and with almost an experimental manner, she wrapped her fingers around the width of his shaft and held it there in front of her face. Sliding her hands up and down, Hermione blushed as a moan of pleasure escaped her mouth. She could even feel the gaze of the ghost down at her as she stroked his length. "I most certainly do not want this." She said, as her lips opened and she pushed his member into her mouth.

Moaning around the member inside of her mouth, Hermione closed her eyes slowly and started to move her lips up and down the invading piece of ghostly meat. Pressing her lips down tightly around the thick shaft, Hermione pushed her tongue up against the underside of the big dick as she placed her hands up and pressing the flats of her palms against the stomach of the ghostly man. Slowly moving her face up and down, she worked on taking more of the dick into her mouth while keeping her eyes closed. Carefully, Hermione opened her eyes up so she could look up to the man who she was just happily sucking on now. Tears pricked against the corners of her beautiful eyes as she sucked on his dick, sliding her mouth up and down, Hermione was slowly sucking him up and down. She was so surprised at the feeling of the dick in her mouth, it felt like a real penis and as her hands touched against his body, it was like an actual person in front of her.

Was the book doing this? She wondered to herself as her eyes floated up to look at the ghost who was moving his hands down to her long brown hair, threading his fingers through her hair and knotting them into the strands of hair as she sucked on him. Keeping her left hand on his waist, Hermione moved her right hand down to the large, hanging balls between his legs and carefully, she cupped and squeezed on the balls while her lips slid up and down. The member was a decent size and the Gryffindor student could feel her lips stretching to accept the hard cock inside of her mouth while she sucked up and down on him.

Feeling her hair come up and down, Hermione felt like she had something of a small victory in washing herself before she came down to study. Brown strands of her hair floated down in front of her face, tickling against the tip of her nose while she moved her mouth up and down. Looking up at the ghostly man, she could almost feel just how aroused the male figure was, even with him not being strictly alive or an actual person in front of her. Taking her hand off of the front of the ghostly male, Hermione reached down and brushed some of her hair away from her face as she continued to move her mouth up and down on the thickening dick inside her mouth. As she moved her lips up and down, she could almost feel the member coming to life and expanding inside her mouth, looking up to the man, Hermione almost begged for an explanation while she blew him.

"Hahaha like that dick?" The ghost asked, talking down to Hermione as she sucked on him, her warm, wet saliva running down his thick pole while she blew him. Her mouth was full of dick and as she pulled her mouth backwards, her lips brushed against the underside of the bulging head of his dick before she pushed her face back down onto the thick member and forcing more of his dick into her mouth. Sliding the thick cock into her mouth and having the large head bump against the back of her throat, she looked up at him and closed her eyes in defiance as her hands slipped up to the back of the man and then pulled on his rear, pushing the cock even further into her mouth and forcing the length to slide right down her throat.

Hermione didn't stop with blowing the cock, she kept going until she had her nose pushed into the small bush of his pubic hair and short bursts of her breathing snorted against the man's groin as she was left with her entire throat buried with cock. Her arms curled around the bottom of the man, keeping the cock buried in her throat for a couple more moments than she probably should have done as her throat closed and her eyes fluttered away some tears that were threatening to run down her cheeks. The ghost groaned in pleasure, his fingers continuing to tease her hair, stroking and tugging on the strands while she choked on his cock. Looking down at her, he slowly pulled his length backwards and out of her grasp, sliding his hips backwards to keep his length just inside of her mouth, the ghost groaned once more before his balls exploded and he started to cum inside of her mouth.

Hermione felt her cheeks puff out slightly as the man's balls were emptied into her mouth. Her eyes fluttered closed as he just shot rope after rope of his own cum into her warm, waiting hole. She felt his hips rock backwards and forwards in near perfect sync with each rope that he fired inside of her mouth. Slowly, he pulled his length backwards and he nearly floated all the way away from her, the tail of his ghostly plume waving down towards the middle of the book. Looking up at him with half opened eyes, Hermione pressed her lips together slowly and tasted what was left on her tongue. It was strange, it did feel like an actual puddle of cum on her tongue, despite the man no longer existing on the mortal plane. Closing her eyes once more before she swallowed what was left on her tongue, down deep into her belly.

Hermione cooed in pleasure at the taste while looking up at the man. She brought her thumb up to her bottom lip and made sure that none of it could possibly escape her mouth. Running her tongue out of her mouth and all over her lips, the young Gryffindor woman licked at her lips, tasting her own light shade of cherry red lip gloss and some of the cum that had threatened to escape from her grasp. Wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand, Hermione looked up at the ghost and smiled, her cheeks still flushed with red arousal. Her hands came up and she slowly pulled herself up to her feet by grabbing at the edge of the desk. Slowly catching her breath, Hermione watched as the ghostly wisp started to dissipate and the ghost was ready to vanish.

"I hope you aren't going?" Hermione asked, looking up at the male figure with her hands on the Gryffindor student's hips slightly. "You aren't finished yet!"

"You... Ah, you want more?" He asked, turning to look at her completely and his hard length still pointing out and directed exactly at her again. Nodding his head, he ran his fingers through her hair and slowly, his entire frame moved down so that if he were on his feet, he would be walking with them. Looking at her, he smiled and nodded his head. "Of course you want more." The ghost licked his lips again and folded his arms while looking at her.

Walking to a point where he was between the table and the chair Hermione had been using, he looked to her and raised an eyebrow slightly. "Just how did you want to do this?"

Hermione moaned and moved around in the library, moving to the edge of the table and almost collapsed over the side of it. Resting on her elbows, the Gryffindor student lifted her head and she looked over her shoulder to look at the ghost.

"This... This should do quite nicely."

"I understand." The ghost said, nodding his head and floating to be behind her. His hands came down and took hold of her by the sides and steadied her. With no need of using his hands to steady his length, the male figure moved his hips forward and sliding it all the way inside of her. The length pushed her folds apart with ease and with how wet she was, it just spread her folds open and a long moan escaped both of their lips. It was strange for Hermione, as she was fucked from behind, she should have at least been able to feel the presence of legs behind her but there was just nothing there. The only thing that was behind her was a hard cock that was forcing her entrance open and making her take it. Her palms slapped against the surface of the table, the Nymphonomigon bouncing from left to right slightly with each hard pump inside of her. Raking her fingers through her brown hair, Hermione tried to keep some of her strands of hair out of her gaze, the young woman licked her lips and could barely believe what was happening to her.

The ghost's own dick was sliding in and out of her from behind, smacking inside of her entrance and brushing against all of those sweet spots inside of her that he knew about. All these lovely little witches looked the same when they were so wet and ready for it. Licking his lips, the ghost really did enjoy the feeling of this one and her certainly wanted to experiment with more of her options to see just how else she would feel in as many positions as he knew how to.

Hermione groaned in pleasure as the male ghost behind her started to adjust his penetration inside of her. His hands ran along her sides and touched against her skin, the tips of his fingers brushing against her bare skin under her school shirt and touching against her pale pink skin. The young woman pushed her body back against her new lover, wanting to get more of the ghostly dick inside of her and make him feel so good. His dick was bumping inside of her, smacking against all of her insides and the touching bumped against her g-spot and made her walls tighten down around him. Hissing in pleasure, Hermione looked over her shoulder to the man who was pumping his body backwards and forwards, making the young woman shake as well. Making eye contact with him, Hermione could feel a rush of pleasure wash over her as they fucked.

The man's fingers touched at her skin, sliding his hands up and down, stroking against her flesh while she was sawed backwards and forwards with the sounds of her round arse smacking against his waist mixing the sounds of her moans with the sounds of her flesh hitting his own ghostly flesh. Moving his hands around to her stomach and then sliding his right one up to her breasts, he took hold of her right breast and then cupped hold of it. His left hand ran along her side, touching against her skin and stroking it while his own body continued to pump backwards and forwards, pushing his cock all the way inside of her. His hand pinched her nipple gently, tugging on it and twisting it from side to side gently as the touch was enough for the young woman who he was balls deep inside of to moan.

Hermione was moaning louder and louder with each hard pump inside of her and as his dick slipped into her with one more push inside her, her body tensed and she felt another orgasm start to take hold of her. His dick moved inside of her with one more push and she started to climax all over him. Her body fell limp onto the table as she started to cum hard over his invading dick while his balls smacking against her and clapped against her hot, little clit. Her walls were exploding like a series of fireworks all around her as the ghost continued to pump himself in and out of her. The ghost cooed in pleasure while he pushed himself in and out of her, fucking her through her orgasm while he fought his way to keep sliding himself inside of her.

Moving his dick all the way in, the ghost grunted as his hands moved from her breasts and down to her sides. Keeping her firmly on her position, bent over the edge of the table while he pumped in and out of her, his eyes were locked on the back of her messy brown hair and he could only smile as he felt his balls become wetter and wetter with her earlier orgasms running down her entrance and all over his cock and balls all while he moved inside of her. Pushing his cock inside of her, he moved in and out and all the way inside and then sliding himself backwards so that just the head of the dick was left inside of her. Keeping hold of her waist, the ghost then jammed himself forward with one hard thrust and his entire dick was buried back inside of her. He smiled to himself as the young woman reacted so strongly, her head rocking backwards and a cry escaped as she orgasmed again all over him.

Hermione's eyes were rolling into the back of her head as she was fucked so deeply by the male ghost. This was like something beyond her wildest fantasies and even as she thought back to when she first discovered masturbating, she had never felt this good before and her body was lifted up and away from the table. Her eyes opened weakly and she could see the table moving down towards the ground, almost surprised she looked behind her body and saw that the male was lifting her up towards the air. While she was still buried on his dick, Hermione was shocked to feel her whole body being turned around and moved to face him. The ghost was quick to maneuver her around and then pulled her down onto the chair she had originally been using to simply study the tower of books she had brought with her.

Collapsing onto the lap of the ghostly man, Hermione let out a gasp of surprise but as soon as her mouth was rocked open, she was surprised by another ghostly length inside of her mouth! Her eyes went wide and she looked up at the light green figure who was in front of her. She didn’t recognise the attire he was wearing and the frame of the new man did seem new to her as well. She would have made more of a scene but with the feeling of one big dick inside her and another sliding in and out of her mouth, the Gryffindor prefect was lost in her own sea of pleasure. Her hands came up and rested against the stomach of the ghost she was sucking on while she slid up and down the other ghosts length. A set of hands raked through her hair, prompting an aroused growl of delight from Hermione all while the hands on her sides kept sliding her up and down on his dick.

The hands moved from her sides to her breasts, grabbing at the bare mounds of flesh while she swallowed the ghost cock in her mouth. Her own hands were desperate for some kind of touch as her hair and breasts were both toyed with by two ghosts who seemed to be doing their best impressions of two horny teenage boys. Hermione didn’t mind though. Bouncing up and down on the dick, riding it in the chair, while she sucked on another cock was something wild and definitely an uncharacteristic move for the young woman to make. The sounds of her wet folds sliding up and down mixed with the sounds her mouth was making as strands of her warm, wet saliva dripped down her chin and splashed towards the gap between her legs. Moving her body up and down, Hermione groaned in pleasure while her tight walls worked on squeezing on the ghost cock inside of her.

Hermione has barely said another word when her orgasm started to take over. Her head rocked back, almost dislodging the cock in her mouth, as her entire body shook and she came again. Her entire body was slick with sweat, her cheeks were flushed with arousal and her brown hair was even more of a mess than usual. As her hips smacked against the ghost on the chair, she shivered as he vanished for just a moment and reappeared in front of her. Still sitting on the chair, Hermione looked up at the two slick dicks and licked her lips. Keeping her breasts on display, Hermione leaned her head back, closed her eyes and opened her mouth, lewdly presenting her tongue as she did so. The sight was enough for the two ghosts to know what to do. The two phantoms started to hungrily stroke their cocks, aiming the two heads at Hermione’s face. After a few more strokes, they both started to cum and those hot dicks were both aimed directly at her face. Keeping her eyes screwed shut and her tongue stuck out, Hermione moaned in pleasure as the pleasured sounds of the two ghosts panting while they each stroked their own dicks at her face.

Risking a look, the young Gryffindor woman opened her right eye and was flattered at the sight of the two hard cocks that were being stroked in front of her face. Licking her lips, she closed her eyes as a sound of pleasure escaped one of the ghosts. Tensing up slightly, Hermione felt a strand of hot ghostly sperm splash against her face and land on her cheek. Another rope landed on her forehead while a different rope shot out and landed across the bridge of her nose, the sounds of the ghosts in pleasure filled Hermione’s ears and as she dealt with the seed dripping down her face, more cum started to smack against her flesh and land on her forehead. Cum started to drench against her and she offered the two males the tip of her tongue to shoot on as well, cum touched against her and it was enough to make the Gryffindor student wriggle in pleasure at the taste of it. The sounds of the grunting ghosts filled her ears and as a few more strands of their ghostly sperm landed on her face the two vanished. Hermione felt a flush of warmth across her body and as she weakly opened her right eye, she found her left eye was still glued shut from all the hot cum. Her one good eye looked up and around, towards the sight of where the two ghosts should have been but she found that she was alone. Sitting back on the chair, she scooped up some of the ghost cum and sucked her fingertips clean before looking around the now silent library.

“What was that?”
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