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Unlocking the Goddess: Part 2
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Scarlett tapped a pen against her pursed lips. Hmmm. The blonde glanced at her sheet, then at Kristen’s. “You were bigger than me!”

“I still am!” Kristen called back. It had been two weeks since Scarlett embraced the goddess, as they came to call it, and drank from the cup. It had been a busy two weeks. She had packed up her residence, moved into Kristen’s large house, and grown a dick! Scarlett was looking at their size charts and comparing their progress.

Kristen (Same time as Scarlett):
Height: 5’6”
Bust Size: B Cup
Penis size Flaccid: 3. 7inches
Penis size erect: 6.4 inches
Testicle displacement: 4 in^3 +
Ejaculate volume: 13mL

Height: 5’4”
Bust Size: D Cup
Penis size Flaccid: 3. 3inches
Penis size erect: 6.25 inches
Testicle displacement: 4 in^3 +
Ejactulate volume: 17mL

“We need a new category!” Scarlett shouted back, adding a new column to her chart: Girth. Carefully, Scarlett wrapped the tape measure around her softening cock and wrote down the result: 6.5 inches. Satisfied, she put all of her equipment back into the box.

“What was that you were saying?” Kristen came in dressed in short shorts and a tank top.

"You need a new bra," Scarlett noted.

"Mine are too small and yours are too big," Kristen complained.

“You tried my bras?”

“They were in the closet.”

Scarlett shook her head. She always thought of Kristen as dour. Yet, these previous few weeks had shown Kristen was very playful but reserved. A stark contrast to her sultry nature. "I want some ass tonight."

“Why wait?” Kristen dropped her pants and bent over the counter. Her enlarged butt waggled enticingly in front of the blonde.

“Later.” Scarlett smacked it for good measure. “Gym now.”


The Red Door was just like its namesake: A nondescript red door on an otherwise featureless building. There wasn't even a sign advertising what it was. Inside, however, was a full spa, pool, and gym for its members. It was extremely private, just what the two futanari wanted and after Scarlett had moved in, Kristen had joined as well.  The brunette slid the car into park and the pair stepped out. Kristen grabbed their bags from the trunk. "How are you feeling?"

“A little nervous. He doesn’t hide well.” Scarlett didn’t point out her member but Kristen noted it protruding; curved slightly to her right thigh.

“You need some shorts.”

“I don’t have any!” Scarlett whined. She was dressed in a pair of exercise pants that clung to her skin; highlighting every curve and bulge she possessed.

"Oh, we can go shopping afterward! It'll be great!" Kristen brightened as they reached the door. Scarlett just shook her head, Kristen was full of surprises.


Hayley Atwell exited the locker room with purpose. A few months ago the svelte starlet was once again approached by Marvel. They were producing a Marvel what if show and she was asked to be Agent Carter. Captain Carter actually. The premise being Peggy underwent the transformation rather than Steve Rogers. Unfortunately, that meant she had to work out. A lot.

Ambling towards the cardio section of the gym, Hayley mounted a treadmill and started it up. Almost immediately she regretted this decision. Every impact against the mat was faithfully transferred up her white New Balances through her legs and to the rest of her. The vixen could already feel her ass shaking with every step and her tits jostling to see which could smack her in the face. Despite the privacy the gym offered, Hayley was still flushed red with embarrassment. This is not how I want to be seen. She thought as breasts sloshed across her chest.

As she jogged she flipped through the tv channels, searching for something vaguely interesting. Yet, what truly caught her eye was a woman working out. Cardio equipment was on the 2nd floor, basically a large interior balcony, while the weights were on the floor below and the treadmills were against the edge so one could see down into the weight area. Which was exactly what Hayley was doing. Far below a blonde was doing squats and she couldn’t help but admire her form.

Hayley was always a little curious about other women, and she recalled once making out with Lyndsy one drunken night. Ever since then she had a fascination with the ladies. A muted craving as it were. The blonde below had a fine ass that popped when she completed a set. As she dropped the weight Hayley noted the large tits that she possessed. Not as big as her knockers, but she imagined them quite succulent. Still, Hayley continued her observation even as desire welled within her.

I should go say hi. She thought. Oh, that's perfect, ‘hi, wanna bang?' It works for some guys. Maybe next time. Hayley continued her mental back and forth; arguing internally if it was worth introducing herself. Yet, something was bothering her. From this vantage point, she couldn't see their face, but she felt as though she had seen them before. Maybe even met them. Cursing her apprehension, she continued her jog. 


Scarlett grunted as she deadlifted the weight. Her previous record was 245 lbs, done after weeks of intense Avengers training. 245 lbs were still heavy as she lifted it, but now it seemed as she didn't have to put as much effort into it. And once up she didn't struggle as much. She was able to do a full set instead of just one. Scarlett noted this accomplishment, intending to ask Kristen about it later. Leaving the weights on the floor, she moved on to the next part of her exercise.

Switching gears, Scarlett hefted a 100lbs weight bar off the rack; reading herself for squats. The mass of metal though felt insignificant in her hands. Setting the bar aside she grabbed a new one. 125lbs. She read the weight imprinted on the side. I did it once. Barely. It felt more obtainable now, however. Scarlett settled the weight on her back and began.

In the mirror, she admired how her muscles seemed to bulge with every movement. Scarlett couldn't even fathom what her butt was doing: it was no longer 36 inches, but something slightly bigger. With the squats, Scarlett could only imagine how it popped out with every rep. Based on the clatter of equipment; a lot. It didn't help matters that her pants were just a little too tight for her enhanced figure.

Ominously, she watched her cock as it started to snake out of its confinement. The member thickened and pulled away from her leg; a conspicuous bulge that left little to the imagination. I can get through this. Scarlett thought, even as the throbbing cock starting staining her pants with precum. Only 5 reps left. With great effort, the futanari continued, consciously aware that if she turned so much as an inch everyone would get an eyeful of her cock. That didn’t bother her so much. Yet, Scarlett and Kristen agreed to not reveal themselves until they were ready.

At last, she was done. Scarlett let the weight clatter to the ground behind her while grabbing her towel and using it to cover her erect state. Wiping the sweat off her brow and chugging down some water, a stray thought crossed Scarlett's mind. "Where's Kristen?"


Cum splattered in thick bursts against the tile. Kristen braced a hand against the wall as her orgasm subsided; cock dripping with jizz. She breathed in deep as her vision returned. Oh wow, that was intense. Her workout was hard, and Kristen pushed herself harder than ever before. Of course all that blood pumping went to every part of her body. By the end, her cock, all 7 inches of it, was poking out of crotch like a beacon. She hurried quickly the locker room and took root in one of the showers. There, under intoxicatingly warm water, she rubbed one out.

Kristen had her hand on the knobs, ready to leave when the curtain ripped open. She screamed, covering her crotch and breasts and backed into the corner.

"Relax it's just me," Scarlett replied, closing the curtain behind her as she entered. "I thought you were here."

Kristen cursed and straightened up. “What’d you do that for!?”

"It was fun." Scarlett began to lather up while Kristen watched. The blonde's member was rock solid and swayed with every movement. "I see you started and finished without me."

“I couldn’t help it.”

“Nor can I.” She rinsed her hair, “A good workout just gets me so hot. And all the ladies…”

Kristen came up to her until their bodies pressed together. Scarlett's cock popped under Kristen's legs while the brunette's cock squashed between them. "Yeah?

“Yeah.” Scarlett’s voice dropped into her husky, sultry range. Her hands reached around and pulled Kristen closer. “I believe I was promised some ass.”

Kristen bit her lip. “Then take it.”

Scarlett pressed Kristen against the tile wall. With one hand she held onto Kristen while the other stroked her cock. Guiding forward, she pressed into Kristen’s nether regions; the brunette’s feminine sex offering no resistance as Scarlett’s member slid in. Her partner suppressed a groan.

"God, you're thick."

"Mmmhmmm," Scarlett confirmed. "And you're tight."

“Fuck me with that fat cock of yours.”

Hayley stepped over the terrycloth puddle her robe made and slid into the shower. Thoughts of the blonde filled her head; dancing in front of eyes. Hayley's hand traced the outline of her sex; now so swollen with desire it was leaking. A finger easily plunged into her sex, followed by another. Her mind pictured her and that blonde going at it. Their lips locked passion as they greedily explored each other's bodies. It was not her hands plunging into her sex now, but her mystery lover.

The sounds of sex filled her ears. Whoever was in the next stall was going at it hard. Her pumping intensified; her cunt squirting constantly as her mind transposed the sounds. It was her and the blonde; She was behind a prone Hayley, ludicrously thick dildo pounding into Hayley’s cunt with reckless abandon.

“Give it to me you bitch!” Hayley paused, eyes wide. The voice came again. “Is that all you got?!”

“You want more?” The sound of an ass getting slapped filled Hayley’s ears followed by intense guttural moans and flesh on flesh contact. Oh, fuck! The busty British babe resumed pumping; the sounds of the pair going at it bringing her closer and closer to orgasmic relief.

“You’re stretching me out!” Did they have a strap-on? Such audacity. Hayley squeezed an oversized tit, relishing the feeling it provided. She pictured herself in that position, pressed up against the wall, tits splayed out, giant dildo smashing into her ass. Her entire body seized up as her latest and most powerful orgasm struck her. Her fingers tensed up deep within her cunt; one finger stuck pressing her g-spot. A muted scream caught in her throat.

Next door, Scarlett's cock started to spasm as she roughly pounded into her partner. Scarlett panted and cried out as orgasmic pleasure raced over her. Thick jets of cum erupted as her balls unleashed a torrent of jizz that shot deep into Kristen's receptive sex. Kristen cried out as her orgasm took hold, yet Scarlett kept pumping, milking her cock for all it was worth until it could give no more. Spent, it feebly squirted out one last drop before Scarlett withdrew it. Softening quickly, the member draped itself over her thigh; a small trickle of cum still leaking out.

Kristen leaned heavily against the wall; breathing deeply as she recovered. It did not help that her rock hard nipples pressed against the tile. “Wow.”

“You wanted it hard.” Scarlett resumed her shower as if nothing ever happened.

“Someone heard us!” Kristen exclaimed, realizing what she was hearing the entire time Scarlett was fucking her.



“Did they enjoy it?” Scarlett stretched, showing off her tight figure.


The shorter futanari poked her head out of the stall. “I don’t see anyone.”

Kristen pouted as Scarlett turned off the tap. “You said shopping?”


“How long was it?” They were in the dressing room of a local store attached to a mall. Scarlett was lounging in a chair while Kristen was plowing through an armload of clothing.

“10 years. Give or take.” Kristen was referring to Scarlett’s run as Black Widow, a job that was coming to an end.

“Geez, that’s a long time.” Kristen threw a shirt over the door. “A lot has changed. Feels like 10 years ago I was still wearing a training bra.”

"Not that much," Scarlett muttered, but Kristen peeked her head out and glared at her.

“They’re growing!” Kristen snapped back.

"I've noticed," Scarlett replied. "I am too. I meant to ask you, I noticed my workout was easier. I think there are other changes beyond the obvious."

"We are," Kristen confirmed, a pair of pants hitting the door. "I have just the hint of abs again. I like it."

“So do I.” The blonde felt empowered by whatever was coursing through her veins. I wonder how strong I’ll get? It was an intoxicating feeling. “Wait when did you have abs?”

“Snow White.”

“Ah” Scarlett forgot about that one. “Are you done yet?”

“Last one.” The brunette popped out with an arm full of purchases. Scarlett noted she had at least one bra. Thank god.  "They're all good."

As the duo stepped into the mall proper Kristen ground to a halt. “Hey, um I have something else to get. Meet at the food court in an hour?”

Scarlett raised an eyebrow, suddenly curious at what her companion had planned. She let it slide. “Mmm okay?”

Nearly an hour later Scarlett was absently twirling low mein noodles and people watching when a tray slid up next to her. “I think you’d do better than Fong’s.”

"My body wanted carbs." She eyed Kristen's dish. "I could say the same to you."

“Don’t knock it.” Kristen emptied an entire packet of ‘parmesan’ on her Sbarro. “There are so few left I have to enjoy it.”

“Uh-huh.” Scarlett looked over the table and spied Kristen’s newest bag. “GAP? You ditched me to go to the GAP?”

Kristen looked at her bag then back to Scarlett. She shrugged and took a bite out of her pizza. “Sure.”


Scarlett's body snored pleasantly on the couch. Her mind, however, was in another place altogether. She found herself standing in a temple, far different from the one Kristen described. Massive white stone pillars lead to a distant ceiling. Squinting, Scarlett realized the temple was of Greek origins. She carefully pushed forward through the maze of columns; uncertain as to her goal. Kristen said there was a throne. Maybe I’ll find the same. The futanari thought. Scarlett entered passed one row and the temple opened to a grand room. Braziers dotted the walls at regular intervals, guiding her to a raised platform.

Carefully, Scarlett climbed the marble steps to the top where an intricate pattern dotted the floor. At first, she thought it was geometric, yet as she looked closer she realized it was a mosaic. Taking care not to step on the inlay, the futanari studied the shapes. It’s a story. Scarlett tried to follow along but without context, she was hopelessly lost.

“Your arrival has been foretold.” Scarlett stiffened and turned around. At the bottom of the steps stood a woman.

“Pardon?” A bizarre thing to say. She thought. ‘Where am I? Who are you?’ But I go with pardon.

“You are the Goddess are you not?” Scarlett paused. Kristen mentioned this.

“I’m not a goddess.” Scarlett chose her words carefully.

The woman ignored the statement and instead climbed up the dais. “You’re interested in the story?”

"Yeah...I guess…." The futanari studied the woman. She was pretty, with womanly curves that pressed out against an otherwise loose-fitting toga, and a full mouth and large lips. Scarlett had previously heard such lips as dick sucking lips.

“A plague will come. The leaders shall rise.” The woman walked around the mosaic, reading the designs as easily as Scarlett could read a script. “They shall ascend, and their chosen with them.”

“What?” Scarlett’s eyes were wide. What plague?

“Be ready to lead your people.”

Scarlett awoke with a sudden intake of air. Her entire body felt charged; hair standing on end and her member pressing out against her pants at an awkward angle. She wiped the sweat that formed on her brow. "What the fuck."


“What’s this surprise you have?” Scarlett was laying in bed, popped up on her arms. Moments prior Kristen slipped away, her mysterious GAP bag in hand. Adding to the secrecy she had turned out the main lights leaving just the dim glow of a pair of nightlights. Scarlett’s member twitched with the beating of her heart; a variety of lewd images flashing through her mind.

Kristen’s voice came back. “Just another minute.”

Scarlett mumbled and sighed. Her member twitched again.

"Aren't you the impatient one." Kristen leaned against the door; a seductive smile on her face. Scarlett went silent as she drank in the sight of her lover. Kristen's body was wrapped in a tight sheer bustier that highlighted her trim figure. Her breasts were pressed and inches of tantalizing cleavage was on display. A matching pair of sheer panties encased her lower half. Her cock and balls were pressed against the black material, threatening to pop free at any moment. "Do you like?"

Scarlett could only stare but her cock responded for her. It gave a shake and engorged to full size. Kristen’s smile widened. “I take that as a yes.”

The blonde found the words. “Uhhh.”

“I got this today.” Kristen spun in a circle, showing off her goddess enhanced curves.

Brain cells started firing, pulling precious blood away from her member. “Is what you snuck off to get?”

“Yep.” Kristen mounted the bed; straddling Scarlett’s legs. “I just love it. I feel so…”


“Desirable.” Her voice dropped to a few octaves, taking on a husky tone. “I’ll accept sexy too.”

Kristen’s hand wrapped around Scarlett’s cock and slowly began to pump in a deliberate, slow tease. “I want to give you something.”

“You already have.”

“I want you to take my last hole.”

Scarlett’s eyes widened. “You mean…”

Kristen nodded and Scarlett raised her hands to the bodice the wrapped around her lover's frame. Gently, she tugged at the tie that bound the whole ensemble together. The sheer fabric fell away as the bondage loosened and Scarlett lifted bustier over Kristen and tossed it to the side. Her lover's bare breasts slowly rose and fell with each breath. Scarlett traced her fingers down to Kristen's groin; her transparent panties thoroughly inadequate for containing her dick and bulging nuts. She fingered the hem for a brief moment.

Like she was unwrapping a present, Scarlett slowly pulled the underwear down. Kristen's member was aching for freedom with every tantalizing inch that came loose. Within a few brief moments, it was completely free. A shade over seven inches, Kristen's cock was rock hard. Precum drooled out the tip; a small creek of cum that landed on Scarlett's erection. Their cum mixed as Kristen steadily pumped the blonde's member; fully erect and ready for what was next. "It's time."

They slowly swapped positions, with Kristen moving down on all fours while Scarlett came up from behind. The brunette's member dragged against the soft sheets, causing her to let a long rumbling moan as she moved into position. Kristen pushed her hair to one side before reaching back and pulling on a cheek; exposing her waiting butt. She waggled it while giving Scarlett a sidelong glance.

Scarlett squeezed her cock, pumping out a few squirts of precum onto Kristen’s ass. Satisfied with her work, she steadied her rock hard member and lined herself up. Maybe a little too eager the thick cocked futanari pressed forward too fast.

“Oh Fuck!” Kristen shouted and Scarlett immediately stopped her advance.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just,” Kristen sucked in air. “Go slow.”

“I thought you said you’ve done this before.”

“I did!” Kristen looked back at her lover, cock still poking her in the ass. She held up thumb and forefinger in an indication of measurement. “You’re a lot fucking bigger than that!”

Scarlett grinned and coaxed more lube out of her cock. Slowly, she pushed forward again, her cock pressing into Kristen’s ass. The oversized head meeting then entering the tight ass. Kristen groaned as the thick member forced entry. Even relaxing as much as possible, it was a tight fit.

With deliberate slowness, Scarlett pressed inward. Resistance gave way to pleasure with each inch. While Scarlett's member was as long as Kristen's, it was girthier, with large veins that crisscrossed the surface. Blood coursed through the pulsing penis, surging it with life as Scarlett steadily bottomed out in her lover.

“Come on.” Kristen panted, looking at Scarlett and egging her on by shaking her ass. The ripples causing Scarlett shivers of pleasure. “I know you want it. I offered you my ass, take the whole thing.”

With a final animalistic grunt, the blonde gave a final shove. Her cock pressed in the last few inches and her cum laden nuts thumped in Kristen's with a resounding thud. "There!"

The brunette smirked. “You just gonna admire it or fuck it?”

The blonde grinned back. Slowly, she backed away from Kristen’s rear end, only to push back in. The duo both moaned as Scarlett reached the hilt, repeating the process, steadily building up a head of steam; pumping with increasing vigor. Soon the blonde with thrusting her hips while Kristen pressed her butt back, rhythmically shaking the bed at an increasingly frantic pace. The Scarlett’s domineering instinct took over.

Scarlett mercilessly violated Kristen; pistoning in and out with reckless abandon. The blonde futanari's balls slapped against Kristen's butt, occasionally whacking her nuts as they wobbled back and forth, filling the air with a steady beat as she continually pummeled her lover. Shouts, cries, and gasps provided a chorus to their lovemaking. Kristen's member thumped against the bed and her stomach; streams of cum splattering out at regular intervals.

“Come on bitch!” Scarlett pummeled that ass. Kristen long since abandoned being on all fours. Her arms gave out and she was facedown against the bed; ass propped up for Scarlett’s enjoyment. The blonde’s hands wrapped around her hips, stroking Kristen in long powerful strokes. She would pull until only the crown of her cock was keeping it in, only to return a bare second later; wrecking Kristen’s ass as she bottomed out. The brunette had given up speaking, her cries coming out as incoherent gibberish.

It was too much for the bucking futanari. Kristen was too tight, her anxious cock delivering far too much pleasure for her to handle. Scarlett slammed her eyes shut and curled her toes to hold off her inevitable orgasm. It was all for naught however, she slammed in one final time before orgasmic relief hit her like a title wave.

Scarlett came in buckets, praising the goddess as her cock erupted. Kristen cried out as the dick buried in her butt swelled in size before unleashing a torrent of jizz. Her orgasm was not long in coming as her backside continued to get painted in futanari spunk. Kristen's cock sputtered and released its cargo of spunk. For what felt like a minute the onslaught of cum continued. Kristen's orgasm died shortly before Scarlett's. The blonde futanari was proving to have a much larger reservoir for spunk; her cock releasing more with each passing day.

When it was finally over, Scarlett leaned back; dick still buried within Kristen. Sweat gleamed off her body and her breathing was tense and ragged. Kristen didn’t move as her partner popped free. Cum dribbled out as Scarlett fell onto her back, completely exhausted. A small smirk was plastered on her face as she looked over at Kristen. “You’re incredible.”

Kristen didn’t respond and Scarlett frown. She reached over and poked the actress. Kristen responded with a deep breath and then a long rumbling snore. Scarlett shook her head. Fucked unconscious. Go to me.


The following morning Scarlett woke up to an empty bed. She immediately feared the worst, leaving Kristen in her position probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but calmed when she noticed a light on in the bathroom. She pushed aside the covers and headed that way. Kristen was standing before the mirror; kit spread out over the counter. “Hey.”

“Hey.” The brunette didn’t even look over at her.

“I didn’t hurt you or anything did I?” Scarlett asked with some concern.

“Hurt me?” Kristen put the tape measure down. “It was fantastic. You’re just bigger that’s all.”

“Good. I was worried when you passed out.”

"Hahaha, well it was awkward." Kristen laughed. "Hey, can you give me a hand?"

Scarlett grinned and sunk to her knees. Before her, Kristen's member stuck out like a beacon; beckoning her forward. Scarlett wrapped her hands around the rock hard cock, causing her partner to coo lovingly. "You're getting big."

“7 inches.”

The blonde licked her lips. “And you’re still a growing girl.”

Scarlett leaned in as she slowly pumped Kristen’s cock. “You know how many have fantasized about this?”

“Millions.” She licked the tip. “But you’re the one that gets the real thing.”

Kristen shuddered as Scarlett waded in. The blonde coaxed a small bead of precum out while peppering the head with a series of ever-increasing kisses. After making her way down one end and back up the other, Scarlett decided the cock was good and ready.

Slowly, Scarlett sunk into the member. Her ruby lips parted as she allowed the pillar of the goddess to enter her mouth. Inch after inch slipped inside before sliding down her throat. Kristen groaned as her cock was engulfed in the tight surroundings; Scarlett’s hot breath wrapping around hot provided intense pressure on the throbbing member. The blonde teased her partner mercilessly. A small sliver of cock would slip inside, only to pop out a moment later. Her tongue lapped at the oversized head, sending shivers of pleasure to Kristen.

“You fucking tease.” Kristen moaned out; bucking her hips to speed up Scarlett’s tease. She looked down only to see Scarlett looking back up at her; a single eyebrow raised. “You know exactly what you’re doing.”

The blonde bobbed in agreement; cock still in her mouth. Starting over, Scarlett started to slurp at Kristen's cock in longer exaggerated motions. Her tongue slid across the sensitive underside before dancing around the bulbous crown. A freehand slid up Kristen's thighs; nails slithering up causing her toes to curl. As the reached the function, Scarlett's fingers grasped at the nuts hanging between Kristen's legs. Together, they overflowed her hand. With Scarlett having Kristen by the balls, she began her blowjob in earnest. Back and forth she went, pistoning the cock in and out of her mouth. The seven-inch member responded by releasing small splatterings of precum that coated Scarlett's throat. She eagerly swallowed it even as the dick continuously pounded her. Thick veins crisscrossed the cock, adding to the pleasure the blonde felt as it slid down her throat. All the while, her partner was letting out a never-ending stream or gasps, praise, and encouragement.

Scarlett continued to lavish praise on Kristen’s member while fondling her balls. Each cum factory felt heavy in her hands and vibrates under her touch. Kristen groaned as Scarlett continued her oral assault whilst massaging her nuts. She wished the blonde blowing her would stop this relentless tease; she felt like a kettle put on to boil, and there was no telling how long before she boiled over.

Kristen gripped the counter so tightly her nails dug into the surface. Pleasure bubbled up from Scarlett's ministrations, coming up in constant waves that bombarded her brain. The stimulation was too much to bear, Scarlett's full lips wrapped around her thick cock. In a single motion, Kristen grabbed Scarlett and pulled her until her nose was pressing against the base of her member. The blonde's eyes widened in surprise, but before she could react the dick buried in her mouth came.

Thick jets of hot cum rocketed out of Kristen’s cock. Salvo after salvo blasted into Scarlett until her cheeks bulged and a small wisp escaped her lips. Kristen released her partner before reaching over and nonchalantly handing Scarlett their measuring cup.

The blonde drained her mouth of cum. “You could have warned me!”

“Pfft.” Kristen dismissed it with a wave. “How much?”

“15mL” Scarlett coughed. “May have lost some down my throat.”

“That’s probably how much leaked out of my ass. That cock of yours is a cannon.”

“You better believe it.” Her measurements complete, Scarlett swirled the cup of cum before upending the containing; chugging down the entire load in one sensual pull. “All gone.”

Height: 5’6”
Bust Size: B Cup
Penis size Flaccid: 3.2 inches
Penis size erect: 7.1 inches
Testicle displacement: 4 in^3 +
Ejactulate volume: 15mL


“So what do you think?”

“I’m not sure.” Kristen tapped her chin thoughtfully. “It sounds like my dream.”

"A little more apocalyptic though," Scarlett replied.

"Yeah." The brunette sighed. "I need to think about it."

“Alright.” Her partner pushed herself up. “I’m going to go to the gym. You wanna come?”

"You wreck my ass and want me to work out?" Kristen shook her head. "Go ahead, I want to think about this development."

Scarlett nodded before leaning over and kissing Kristen. “Don’t think too hard.”

She snorted. “Don’t work too hard.”

Scarlett was already out of the room, grabbing her gym bag and walking to the car. Unlike yesterday she has dressed more appropriately; she wore a skin-tight pair of exercise shorts that outlined her girlcock and balls. Over that she wore a pair of baggy basketball shorts that helped disguise her futanari nature. Overkill, but she loved the way the tight lycra cupped and clung her nuts. A tank top covered her generous chest. The thought of showing off her increased strength, not to mention the secret between her legs, made her nipples pucker; denting out the confining top.

A short drive later and Scarlett was stepping into the gym. Being the exclusive place as it was, there were few fellow patrons present. She shrugged and stepped into the locker room. As she did, she ran into someone. Scarlett took a step back.


“Scarlett?” Hayley Atwell’s eyes widened. “What are you doing here?”

“Staying in shape. You?” Hayley’s busty figure filled Scarlett’s mind with lust. Especially how her outfit clung the British actresses extreme curves. It didn’t help matters that the gorgeous bust was meandering in and out of Scarlett’s vision.

"Getting in shape," Hayley commented. "I'm going to be in Marvel's What if?"

Scarlett blinked. That’s an animated series. Does she not know? She filled the thought away. “So you’re going to be…”

“Captain Carter!” Hayley declared, mimicking Chris Evans’ famous Captain America pose.

Scarlett laughed. "Oh, I love it. Should I get a shot for Chris?"

"Oh, goodness no." Hayley covered herself up, suddenly self-conscious. "I already ruined several takes in Captain America admiring his body."

"Uh-huh." The blonde couldn't help but notice that Hayley was getting flush... "What is it?"

“I just….” Hayley twirled a lock of hair, a stray idea crossing her mind. “Were you here at the gym yesterday?”

“I was, and with a friend.”

"Oh, I…" Scarlett wasn't sure what happened. She felt a vibe from Hayley, one she couldn't explain. It felt like an aura of attraction. Yet, the brunette wasn't acting on those feelings. The futanari formed a plan in her head.

Scarlett went in, completely confident in what was going to happen. Hayley was adorable when she was nervous, fidgeting with her fingers. She did not turn away when Scarlett’s lips met her own. Instead, Hayley melted into it. Her hands roamed the futa’s body; exploring every inch of her curves. Scarlett mirrored her actions, her explorations getting lost in the giant chest that was not pressing against, and the curvaceous butt that she desperately wanted to pull closer. Hayley’s hand slid down the top of Scarlett’s shorts. The blonde’s eyes widened as long slender digits brushed against the base of her cock. Secrets out. Hayley broke off the kiss. “Is that a...?”

Scarlett nodded, fully expecting to be hit or her new found lover to run out of the room.

"On the bench. Now!" Hayley declared, pushing Scarlett to one changing bench. To Hayley, it was like two wishes were granted at once. Here was a woman, a very very sexy woman. With a dick. Not the biggest she ever felt but she was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Not when her desires for a woman and man came true. In one deft motion, she yanked on Scarlett's shorts, peeling back both layers of clothing. Scarlett's aching member bounced once then twice before coming to a halt. It still managed to shake with the pulse of Scarlett's racing heart. Hayley examined it critically. "It's beautiful."

“Thanks, just like you.” Hayley blushed. Automatically her hands slid around the cock and started to fondle it. For several moments she continued to pump the throbbing tool. Scarlett finally interrupted her hand job. “You know what would be better?”

“Hmm?” Hayley snapped out of her trance.

“Why don’t you wrap those boobs of yours around it?”

“Ooooh.” Hayley smiled playfully. She released the dick and cupped her breasts. “These?”

Scarlett nodded and Hayley wasted no time in whipping off her overburdened sports bra. Her luscious globes merrily bounced as the came free. Hayley spread Scarlett's legs wide, pressing her into the opening. On either side of Scarlett's cock, she planted a breast; pinning them into place with a hand. "Bet you never had this done before."

Slowly, Hayley started to work her tits up and down Scarlett’s cock; a small amount of spittle mixed with precum provided all the lube needed. Soon Hayley’s boobs were shining; coaxing out pleasure and even more cum out of the prodigious member before her. Her massive melons pressed in tightly, creating a canyon of cleavage. Hayley herself couldn’t resist and craned her neck. Her tongue darted out, offering rapid licks.

“Oh fuck!” Scarlett panted; her face contorted in pleasure as Hayley continued to work her massive melons around her thick cock. No wonder guys love this!

"You like that huh?" Hayley teased and Scarlett responded with a grunt. She kept the pace up, her lubricated breasts bouncing and rolling as Hayley shook them back and forth, up and down Scarlett's member. "I love tit-fucking. It's just...feeling a rod slam through my boobs."

“I’m gonna...I’m gonna…” Scarlett cried out.

"Cum? Damn, right you are. Give me that spunk! That thick seed you're storing!" Hayley's dirty description sent Scarlett over the edge. Her cock spasmed within Hayley's cleavage and began to shoot off. The first shot arched high into the air before splattering against Hayley's nose; sending strings of cum down onto her breasts. Scarlett's member fired off salvo after salvo, each wad of batter blasting Hayley in the face. For what felt like a minute it was a never-ceasing rain of jism. Hayley's face took the brunt of the storm, with copious amounts dripping into her sea of cleavage.

When it was all done, the futanari’s dick let out one last burst and that clung to Hayley’s chin. Scarlett breathed in before looking at her partner. The brunette looked like she went to a bukkake party, only it was just Scarlett that plastered her with layer after of cream. Hayley let her tits rest on either side of the cannon of a cock and wiped cum from her eyes. “Wow.”

That was all she could manage as she started to slurp down the ambrosia. 


Kristen watched CNN silently as the anchor gave her report. "Infertility on the rise. Several Health Organizations are now reporting a large number of couples are having fertility issues. Initially, research indicates a lower than average sperm count in males can be to blame…."

"That's what she meant," Kristen said out loud as the report continued. "That's the plague."

Kristen long thought that the plague the old woman hinted at was biological or chemical in nature. Something man-made, or a massive war. Yet this could be far worse. Gears were turning in her mind, realizing the possibilities of what was unfolding.
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Re: Unlocking the Goddess: Part 2
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The visual of Scarlett holding on tight to a slumped over Kristen while pounding her cute ass is so intoxicating. I love this series and the fantasy behind it.


Re: Unlocking the Goddess: Part 2
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Loved this! So glad I waited so I could read the whole thing on my computer instead of fighting that little phone.
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