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Alexia’s Biggest Fan
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Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen.

Shane was just your typical nerd . He would spend most of his time, if not all of it, at home either trying extra hard on his homework or trying to come up with some crazy invention. He also spent a lot of time on the internet as would a lot of guys his age  now a days. Shane like many others his age either watched porn or people streaming themselves playing video games. He watched a lot of streamers and liked a couple but there was one he truly enjoyed watching,


She was his favorite streamer and he had been a fan of hers since she started streaming and he did so due to her similar love for science. She had made a streaming career for herself after being a famous vine star but blew up as a streamer when her body developed and she grew rather large breasts. Shane did not care about any of that stuff, he enjoyed her streams for her gameplay and kind hearted attitude towards everything. He had always wanted to meet her but living in New York nothing really happened there relating to streamers.

That was until now.

He just found out that a convention in the city is coming up and a couple of streamers were going to be there, including Alexia. Shane immediately began looking up tickets for the convention and lucky for him they were pretty cheap. Not wasting a moment he quickly bought one and with his ticket secured he was able to relax knowing he has a chance to meet Alexia after so long.
Once he arrived at the venue, he quickly began looking for the line to Alexia’s signing. After a while. he finally found it and got in line. After waiting in line for over an hour, Shane could finally see Alexia at her signing table with only two others in front of him. His heart started beating faster as he was so eager to finally meet her. Now with one person in front of him Shane began to think of the right things to say in his head until he heard the security guard say:

“I’m sorry buddy the signing is over”.

Shane tried explaining to the guard that he had been waiting for over an hour and all he got was a sorry from the guard. Now depressed, Shane made his way out of line with nothing but a distraught look on his face. He began wandering around the convention hall until he noticed security escorting someone, as he looked closer he saw it was Alexia.

Shane began to follow the guards and Alexia until they escorted her to a room. He waited until the guards left and took this opportunity to walk up to the door and knocking . After knocking multiple times Alexia answered the door asking who are you? Standing silent for a minute Shane finally spoke

 “My name is Shane I’m your biggest fan”

He then pulled out the merch he had planned on asking her to sign.

“You shouldn’t be here”, she scolded him, a frown creasing her brow as she looked him up and down

He explained that he waited in line for over an hour for her signing and didn’t get the chance and she began to feel bad for him and decided to let him inside so no one would see him.

After pulling Shane inside, she asked for the merch he had and began signing it and as she was doing this she began to notice  a tent in his pants and began to chuckle. Shane was confused at why she was laughing and asked

“What’s so funny?”

She then pointed to his pants and as he looked down he immediately covered himself.

“I’m sorry. I’m just really nervous and excited to meet you”

Alexia stood there curious and asked for Shane to show her.  He couldn’t believe his ears and he began to pull down his pants followed by his boxers and she was shocked at was she saw. Alexia began to blush as she saw Shane’s penis was quite long and girthy and she pointed at his stiff prick.

 “I thought you were my biggest fan but it looks like HE definitely is”

She then got on her knees and looked up at Shane as she grabbed hold of his shaft and began to slowly stroke it, keeping eye contact with him. She began to kiss his shaft all around licking it in between then placed her mouth on his tip and begin bobbing her head on his cock. She continued bobbing her head, eventually picking up the pace and continued stroking his cock at the same time. As she heard Shane moaning, Alexia moved her hand to her pussy and began to rub it through her skirt, continuing her bobbing she continued pumping his cock and continued pleasuring herself.

After a few minutes of sucking Shane’s cock and rubbing her pussy, Alexia eventually moved her hand into her underwear and started fingering herself as the blowjob went on, while pumping her fingers into her soaked pussy. Shane started grunting louder and without warning, started cumming deep into Alexia’s throat almost choking her with his cum. She removed her hand from her pussy and removed his cock from her mouth spilling it all over her clothes. Shane didn’t realize what had happened until it was too late and began to apologize for not warning her. All Alexia did was put her finger up at him as she continued coughing.

Once she was done she looked at her clothes and her pussy and was a little upset

“What the hell you couldn’t wait until I came too!”

She was still horny after fingering herself and still needed to cum. She ordered Shane to sit on the couch and to begin stroking his cock. He listened and while he did that she began to undress, removing her skirt followed by her drenched underwear which she then threw at him,then came her shirt and bra.  After throwing them to the side, she sat in front of Shane cupping her breasts teasing him as he stroked his cock. Alexia then moved Shane’s hand away from his cock and placed his cock between her breasts, she slowly began moving her breasts up and down staring at Shane’s cock as it grew back to its hardened state. Eventually, she picked up the pace again bouncing his cock between her breasts. She looked up at Shane with a grin on her face.

“Oh you like watching your cock get rubbed on by my big titties.”

Shane could only nod and Alexia continued

“Well you’re gonna love this.”

As Shane felt like he was close to cumming again, Alexia moved her breasts away from his cock, denying him that as payback for the first time.

“Don’t worry” she said, “I have more in store for you.”

She then got up and walked towards a chair kneeling on it she looked back at Shane and said

“Come get some of this pussy.”

He quickly made his way to her, throbbing cock in hand.

“I haven’t done this before.”

“I’ll help you get through it. Just stick it in me now!”

Shane did as instructed and slowly inserted his tip first, groaning at the feeling. Slowly pushing his cock deeper he didn’t know he what to do next until Alexia spoke

“Now start thrusting that cock in me!”

Shane began thrusting forward, progressively getting faster. On instinct, he placed one hand on her hips which got Alexia’s attention and she then told him to grab her breast with his other hand. He did so which caused Alexia to arch her back to the point where their body’s met and the only thing that could be heard was the slapping of their skin meeting and Alexia moaning so loud without a care.
“Oh my god! Fuck my pussy!”

Shane continued his thrusting moaning along with Alexia, holding onto her breasts and they continued until they heard a knock at the door.

“Hey Alexia. Are you alright?”
It was one of the security guards at the door.  Alexia and Shane quickly stopped and Alexia made her way to the door. She cracked it open slightly.

“Yes. Everything is alright. I was watching a stream on my phone. Sorry for the loud noise.”

As she was speaking, Shane, feeling brave, walked up behind her and inserted his cock into her and began thrusting again. Alexia moaned for a second getting another question from the guard.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yea I’m fine.” Alexia tried speaking clearly as Shane pounded away at her pussy. “I’m  a little tired though so I’m gonna take a nap.”

“Okay” responded the guard and with that she quickly shut the door and leaned against it letting Shane do as he pleased.

After a couple of more thrusts Shane pulled out of Alexia and moved back to the couch. He sat down holding his cock in hand  and Alexia made her way to him straddling his lap and slowly lowered herself onto his cock again wrapping her arms around Shane’s head she pushed her breasts into his face as she grinded her pussy on his cock before she began bouncing.

 Alexia started bouncing her pussy on his cock screaming so loud that Shane grabbed her face and made out with her to silence her screams. He moved his hands from her hips to her ass slapping her ass in between her bouncing grabbing handfuls of it. Shane finally felt ready so he began thrusting his cock upwards to counter her bouncing, this caused Alexia to scream even louder.

“Oh yes! Fuck my pussy with your big cock!”

Shane continued making out with Alexia until he felt his balls begin to tense up, removing his lips from hers.

“Oh fuck, Alexia. I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum inside of me, Shane!” Alexia responded with lust in her eyes.

He couldn’t believe her words and he resumed making out whilst her grabbing her ass as he continued thrusting until he began releasing his cum and slammed her ass on his cock one last time so he could get it deep inside her at the same time Alexia came herself squirting her juices all over Shane.

They stayed like that for a moment as Shane’s cock finally went back to its original state and Alexia got off and sat next to him, breathing heavily, she got up and got dressed throwing her bra and panties at Shane as a gift. They walked over to the door and before he left, she kissed him passionately one last time and squeezed his crotch gently.

“You know.I’m gonna be in New York for the rest of the weekend. How about we do this again?”

He gulped and nodded dumbly at her and she giggled a little.

“The Excelsior Hotel. 7pm tomorrow. Room 417.”

Shane left the Convention thinking of what they were going to do the next time they met.
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Re: Alexia’s Biggest Fan
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can you make more stories on alexiaraye please :)
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