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Dog Walking For Megan Fox?
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Disclaimer: This should not be read by anyone under 18 and is a work of fiction and not a representation of any celebs mentioned, just something concocted from the figment of my imagination

This story was originally published on September 26th 2009.

I turned over and looked at my alarm clock. It was one in the afternoon. I guess now was as good a time as any to wake up. I slowly got out of bed, getting to my feet and walking out of my room and into the kitchen.

"Hey man. You finally awake?" My room mate greeted me as I entered the kitchen.

"Is there coffee?" I asked, sounding as well as looking groggy, sitting opposite Will at the table.

"There was in the morning." Will replied. "You do know what time it is don't you?"

"Yeah. But when you got no work, does it really matter what time you wake up?" I replied with a question.

"Guess not." He replied.

"You got today's papers?" I asked.

"Yeah." Will replied pointing at them on the table at the side of me.

I opened the paper to the jobs section, looking to see if I could find something, anything. I hate being unemployed. It meant you had no money to do anything and how are you suppose to even attempt to pick girls up at bars when you can't even buy them a drink?

"Anything good there?" Asked Will.

"Not really." I replied. "Most of them are out of my field." I replied as I noticed something. "Hold on." I said. "I think I've found something."

"What is it?" He asked.

"Dog walker needed for a bulldog, Cairn terrier and a Boston terrier. Needed for an immediate start." I read the advert out.

"So you're gonna be a dog walker?" Will sniggered slightly.

"It's the only thing being advertised here that I can actually do." I replied scanning the page quickly with my eyes. "I'm not a plumber or a brick layer." I said using some of the adverts for jobs on the page as an example.

"Fair point." He replied.

"Anyways, what the fuck are you doing here at this time of day. Don't tell me you lost your job too."

"I've been coming home for lunch over the past week or have you not noticed?" He laughed.

"I got more important things to worry about then your comings and goings." I said getting up going to the fridge and taking out what I needed to fix myself a sandwich.

I picked up the phone and sat back down at the table, eating my sandwich, than dialling the number on the page.

"Hi." I said. "Can I speak to.... Brian?" I asked reading the name of the advert.

"Speaking." The guy replied.

"Hi. My name is Kash and I saw an advert for a dog walker." I started.

"Oh. Thank God!" The guy on the other end of the phone said. "I thought no one was going to answer the ad." He laughed. "We need someone desperately to look after them for tonight, so that's when you'll start."

"So there's no interview process or anything?" I asked.

"How are you with dogs?" He asked.

"Never had a problem with them. My brother has a dog, I use to help take care of it when I use to live at home." I said hoping that it'd help my cause.

"That's good enough for me, be side's, they're Megan's dogs not mine." He whispered and then laughed. "But don't tell her that." He added laughing some more.

"OK, so have you got a pen and paper handy?" He asked. I quickly picked a pen up.

"Yeah." I said and he gave me his address that I wrote on the newspaper and tore out.

"So be here for six tonight." He said.

"No problem." I replied and hung up.

"You finally got your ass a job then?" Will laughed.

"Even if it is something as lame as dog walking, a job's a job." I replied, getting up to hit the shower and try to look more presentable.


The address wasn't too far away from my apartment, so I decided to walk there. The main factor for my choice was the fact that I could not afford gas to drive there. I under estimated the speed that I could walk in and ended up getting there ten minutes early, so I walked up and down the street a couple of times to make time pass before walking up their drive way.

Their house looked huge, it was obvious that they must be loaded. Which reminded me, I didn't have a clue how much they were going to pay me. I was hoping it would be a lot, from the looks of their huge house, they could afford to. But then again, I had no idea how much a dog walker gets.

I walked up to the front door and rung the bell. I waited a few moments before the door opened.

"I'm Kash." I introduced myself. I was pretty sure the guy that opened the door was Brian.

"The dog walker right?" He asked.


"Come in." He said. I looked at him and thought the guy looked a little familiar.

"I'm meeting Megan for dinner, so I need you to take care of the little guy until nine. You cool with that?"

"Yeah." I replied. I couldn't help but noticed he said little guy. I thought there was more than one?

After hearing his girlfriends name, it started to hit me who he was. He was the guy that played Kyle Reese's brother in the Sarah Conner Chronicles and more importantly, that meant that the woman who he was referring to as Megan was his fiancÚ Megan Fox of Transformers fame.

It didn't really matter right now, seeing as though she was meeting him for dinner, which meant she wasn't in the house and was probably on her way to wherever they were having dinner from wherever she was currently at.

"OK, you're not gonna be walking a dog." Brian started.

"Really?" I asked.

"Megan's got six of them, so there's no way a total stranger is gonna be able to handle all of them, so we got that already taken care of."

"So exactly what am I gonna be doing?" I asked feeling a little confused and deceived.

"You'll be looking after Piggy smalls." He smiled.

"Piggy smalls?" I asked and Brian laughed.

"Let me introduce you to him." I followed Brian as he led me into the kitchen.

"Please don't tell me that's Piggy smalls." I said as I saw a pig sniffing at the cooker.

"Now if I put down pig walker, even less people would've applied for the job." Brian laughed. It was quite obvious that he found this hilarious.

"How many people applied?" I asked.

"Just you. But if I had written pig walker, we probably wouldn't have even had you phoning for the job."

"Yeah." I agreed, knowing in the back of my mind that I was so desperate, I probably still would've applied.

"So I walk him for two hours?" I asked.

"Hell no! This is a pig! You really think he can walk for half an hour let alone two?" Brian laughed.

"So I walk him to my apartment and then walk him back here for nine?" I asked sounding unsure.

"Bingo!" Brian said taking a leash out and putting it on Piggy smalls. "There you go buddy." Brian handed me the leash.

"What does he eat?" I asked.

"He's a pig. He eats anything." Brian laughed.

I walked Piggy smalls out of the house and Brian waved good bye as I started to lead him towards my apartment. I was pretty lucky that it was seven right now, this meant there was less people out and about and less of a chance of me being spotted by someone I might know.

So, I managed to get Piggy smalls back to my apartment and I had to admit. The thing wasn't the normal picture that you have when you think of a pig. A messy little fucker that rolls in it's own filth. This pig was very clean and didn't eat like there was no tomorrow.

I decided to kill time by putting a movie on. I didn't know which one I was gonna put on, but I decided to make some pop corn first, which made Piggy Smalls get quite excited. Guess he's a fan of popcorn. I sat down and decided to stick 'The Crow' on and watch it for the millionth time. Piggy Smalls sat at the floor.

"Dude? What the fuck?" Will asked as he entered the living room once he got home from work.

"This is the dog that I'm 'walking.'" I did air quotes as I tossed a pop corn towards Piggy Smalls mouth and he quickly opened his mouth and caught it.

"You see, I don't know if that's something he already knew how to do or if it's something I taught him in the last half hour, but it's still pretty cool." I said as I started to flick more pop corn Piggy Smalls way.

"I can't believe you agreed to do it." Will laughed sitting down beside me.

"Money makes the world go round my friend." I replied and we continued to watch the movie. Once it ended I got up and stretched.

"Come on little piggy. Time to go home." Piggy Smalls, obediently got up very quickly.

"That's a well trained pig." Will said.

"Yeah." I said as I left the house, wanting to drop him off and get back as soon as I could.

But once I got there, no one was answering the door and there was nothing in their doorway. I waited about fifteen minutes before I got bored.

"Fuck this!" I muttered under my breath as I got up. I decided to tie one end of the leash to something and leave Piggy Smalls at the front porch so they could find him once they got home, but the little piggy looked up at me with big, sad eyes and I couldn't leave the little guy there.

"OK bacon bits, you're lucky I have such a soft heart or I'd be leaving your ass here." I said as I undid his leash and started to lead him all the way back home.

"What happened?" Will asked. "Why'd you come back with the pig?"

"No one was home." I replied.

"So you're just gonna keep him?" He asked.

"Well, I was gonna leave him tied to their front porch but I just couldn't do it. He looked all scared and..."

"Have you grown attached to the pig?" Will asked with a smirk on his face.

"Fuck you! Just cause I am a nice person doesn't mean I'm attached to the ham."

"So how will they know you still have the pig?" Will raised a good point, it's not like Brian took my number or address down. Which was pretty careless on his part.

"I dunno." I said shrugging my shoulders sitting down on the couch. Piggy Smalls came up to my feet and lay down on the floor.

It was about another half hour before the phone rang and Will answered.

"Dude? The phones for you." He said covering the mouth piece. "He sounds pissed."

"Hello?" I said taking the phone from Will.

"I thought I said to bring Piggy Smalls back at nine." Brian said.

"I thought so too. I bought pork chops back at nine, waited fifteen minutes and then headed back home." I replied.

"I don't appreciate being told to be somewhere at a certain time and then being the only one to stick to the scheduled meeting. I was courteous enough to be there on time, I expected the same from you, but alas, another thing to add to the list of things that have disappointed me throughout life."

"Look, I'm sorry buddy, just bring him around and I'll pay you double. Okay?"

"Sure." I said. "Gimme about fifteen minutes and I'll be there." Just like I had said, I was over there within the next fifteen minutes.

I knocked on the door and Megan Fox answered the door. She was in a dark purple dress that was a couple of inches short of her knees, very low cut that showed her ample breasts off. She had no shoes on and was bare feet, her black hair left out.

"Oh, little baby!" She cooed as she squatted down and hugged Piggy Smalls. She spread her legs, with Piggy Smalls in between them and for that moment, I wished that I was the pig, being in between Megan Fox's legs, getting a good up skirt view.

"Here you go buddy." Brian said handing me some bills rolled up. I didn't want to insult him by checking it in front of him so I just pocketed it.

"Sorry about being so late." Megan replied, looking up at me from the floor, her lips pouting slightly.

"Yeah. Sorry about that buddy." Brian added. "Can you come back on Thursday?" He asked.

"Sure." I replied as the two said bye and headed back into the house. I took the money he gave out of my pocket to count as I started to make my way home and to my surprise, he had given me $300. Which I was quite happy about and also a little pissed off about too. That celebs can throw away this amount of money on something as little as looking after a pet for two hours.

When I got home, I didn't tell Will how much I got, he'd probably want me to pay him back for all the rent he's covered for me.

Once Thursday rolled around, I decided it would be more sensible to head out in a t-shirt and sweat pants considering how hot it was. I managed my time more efficiently this time and made it there for a few minutes before seven.

I rang the door bell and stood there, waiting for one of the two to answer and to my delight, it was Megan Fox.

"Hi!" She greeted me, standing before me in a open, light blue shirt, a shirt that probably belonged to Brian, with a black bra underneath and in faded blue shorts, which were very short.

"You're going to go out to dinner dressed like this?" I asked. "The press is gonna love this." I added laughing.

"I'm not going out in this!" Megan laughed looking down at her attire.

"Shoot! I'm guessing Brian didn't tell you?" She said, getting a bit more serious.

"Tell me what?" I asked.

"He had to re-shoot some scenes and... well... He's not here so..."

"You guys aren't going out and there's no point of me being here." I said completing what she was going to say. Megan had a sorry look on her face, biting her lower lip and her shoulders slightly raised.

"I'm sorry!" She said. I heard pig squealing and assumed it was Piggy Smalls.

"We didn't mean to waste your time." She said looking like she was flinching.

"Don't look so worried." I laughed. "I'm not some monster that's gonna beat you for getting me to come all the way out here for nothing." I laughed some more and Megan joined in.

"Do I give off violent vibes?" I asked.

"Not at all." She said. "I know I'd be pissed if someone called me out for no reason."

"Well... I just finished watching 'Dirty Sexy Money' on DVD and I have nothing better to do so I don't mind." I added.

Right then I heard something and so did Megan, she looked behind her and we both saw Piggy Smalls running down the hallway and he ran up to me, snuffling around my feet.

"I think he likes you." Megan said. "He never gets attached to someone this quickly. What did you do? Feed him for the whole two hours?" She laughed.

"I used his mouth as shooting practice with buttered pop corn." I replied squatting down and rubbing the top of his head.

"No wonder he likes you!" Megan said squatting down as well, rubbing the sides of his face with her hands. I just stayed there staring at her tits, fleshy thighs and her arched feet as she petted her pig. She was a feast for the eyes.

"It seems like he wants to hang out with you." Megan laughed as Piggy Smalls looked at me.

"I could take him for a walk if you want?" I offered.

"That would be cool." Megan smiled. "Let me just put a t-shirt on." She went back in the house, leaving me in the door way with Piggy Smalls. She came back down the stairs a minute later in a pink Marilyn Monroe t-shirt. It was no surprise considering she had Marilyn Monroe tattooed on her right forearm.

She stepped into pink flip flops that was at the bottom of the stairs at the side.

"Going with the whole pink look huh?" I asked as I looked her up and down.

"I think it makes me look cute." She said pulling the bottom of her t-shirt, looking at the front of it.

"Don't you think?" She asked as she twirled around.

"No argument there from me." I replied. Megan gave a laugh and a look that said that she already knew that I wanted her. But then again, she is Megan Fox and pretty much every man that has laid eyes on her must've lusted after her, unless they were attracted to the same sex.

"Let me just get this on this little cutie and we can get going." Megan said squatting down in front on Piggy Smalls and putting the leash on.

I found it a little odd that she used the same word, to describe Piggy Smalls that she used on herself, 'cute.'

She gave the other end of the leash to me and then shut the door behind us as we started to walk, Piggy Smalls leading the way as I held the other end of the leash.

"We'll just go to the end of the street and come back, that cool with you? Megan asked.

"Sure!" I replied.

"So how comes you took the job of walking a pig?" Megan asked.

"Well... in the advert it wasn't advertised as pig walking, the word pig was replaced with dog." I replied. Megan laughed at that.

"Should've guessed that's what Bri would do." She said.

"So you're into dogs?" She asked. I had read that she was crazy about animals so I decided to go along with it.

"Yeah. Who doesn't? But dog walking isn't my actual occupation. I recently got fired."

"How come?" She asked, looking slightly concerned.

"I dated a girl I met at a work function and never called her back."

"That's a typical guy thing to do, why would you get fired for that?"

"It turns out the girl, was the boss' daughter."

"Oh shit!" She laughed. "Hold on! It wasn't an actual girl was it? A child?"

"What?! No! She was 22!"

"Oh thank God!" Megan let out a sigh of relief. "For a second I thought you were a paedophile."

"Nice! Thanks! Just what I needed to be called by someone like you." I said.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Megan asked.

"What's what suppose to mean?" I asked.

"You said 'Someone like you.' What's that suppose to mean?" She had a slightly insulted look.

"Don't take offence to it. I didn't mean some spoilt rich girl." I laughed. "I meant a hot celeb that gets everyone's heart pumping faster from just one glance." Megan smiled. "Who actually wants a hot chick calling them a pedo?"

"True!" Megan said. "I am very hot." I just looked at her thinking she was quite narcissistic.

"I'm just kidding!" She laughed. "I was just using your words."

"Oh!" I laughed. "I was starting to think that you were self centred."

"No. I'm not. It's flattering when you get ranked high in Maxim, but I don't let it go to my head, I'm actually surprised I get rated high considering I don't think that much of my looks." She added reminding me that I read somewhere that she has a lack of self esteem in that department.

"You were voted number one in the UK on FHM and that's voted by the readers. That many people can't be wrong." I added.

"I know." She blushed a little.

"So what was it you got fired from?" Megan asked.

"I was a market researcher. I had actually worked my way up to no longer having to go around on the streets bugging people to do surveys and then that happened. It was a pretty big blow."

"You own your own place or do you live with your parents?" She asked.

"I live with a saint who's being paying my rent for my for the past two months." I replied.

"So how comes you have a pig?" I asked, quickly changing the focus to her before she could ask more questions about me.

"I just think he looks really cute. I just love animals." She replied.

"I figured. Brian said you had a bunch of dogs...."

"Six." She cut me off giving me the exact number.

"Jesus! Don't they ever get aggressive towards this little guy over here?" I asked.

"No. They actually all sleep together in a huge heap." She replied.

"Seven pets is a bit much isn't it?" Megan gave me a coy look.

"I have more."

"Really?" I asked, sounding surprised.

"I have a cat, two birds and a squirrel." She added quite proudly.

"It's a good thing you get big pay checks for movies or they'd be eating you out of house and home."

"Yeah!" She laughed.

So Brian is shooting more scenes. Is it for the Terminator series?" I asked.

"Yeah. The Sarah Conner Chronicles." She answered. "Which really sucks, cause we like to take a day off every few days so we can have sex."

I raised an eyebrow at what she said, more from surprise that she was being quite open about it.

"But then those mother fuckers called and now..." She sounded quite frustrated.

"You don't get laid?" I added.

"Exactly!" Megan said. "Now I'm gonna have to jerk off."

"Wow!" I said out loud.

"What? Does it surprise you how open I am about my sexuality?"

"Not really. I read an article once where you talked about a lesbian experience."

"So why'd you say 'Wow' for?" She asked looking a little intrigued.

"You said you're 'gonna have to jerk off.' I had no clue women said jerk off to describe masturbating." I laughed.

"That's the part that you pick up on?" Megan laughed playfully shoving me with both hands, but then not moving her hands off, holding my arm with both hands as we continued walking.

Surprisingly and much to my distaste, we had already circled around the block and were back around the front of her house. I didn't even notice us get to the end of the street and turn back, probably cause I was too busy staring at Megan the whole way.

"So when do you want me to come in next or is their not a next time?" I asked.

"I'm not sure when Brian is free next. He'll give you call." Megan said opening the front door and Piggy Smalls ran in.

"Poor little thing! He looks beat." Megan said watching him as he ran into a room.

"You want a drink or anything?" Megan asked.

"If you're offering." I replied. I didn't even think about drinking, but if it got me into her house, the both of us alone, I wasn't going to say no.

I closed the door behind me as Megan stepped out of her flip flops and led me into the kitchen.

"We got bottled water, OJ, apple juice...."

"Water will be fine." I replied. Megan got out two glasses and poured water into them from a big two litre bottle.

She handed me one glass as she drank from the other. I quickly downed the glass. I wasn't sure what to do now.

"Thanks for keeping me company." Megan said walking up to me. "I'll see you soon." She added kissing me on the cheek.

"I'll ummm..." I was left dumb founded. "I'll see... myself out?"

"Okay." She smiled as I walked off. I walked out into the hallway. I wanted to stay and fuck her, but I'm sure she didn't feel the same. Be side's, she's engaged. I'm not the type of guy to come between another man and his girl.

I put my hands into my pockets and I felt nothing.

"Shit!" I muttered to myself as I realised that I had dropped my cell phone. I started to walk back into the kitchen. Please let it have fallen out in the kitchen, I preyed. I instantly noticed a cell phone on the kitchen floor.

I went up to it and picked it up. It didn't look like me cell phone, it looked more like Will's. I picked it up and pressed a button and the screen lit up. It had a picture of his ex-girlfriend.

He really needs to get over her and the first step would be to change his cell phone's screen saver. Which I what I was going to do, but first I needed to get out of here. I really have no clue how I didn't hear the cell phone hit the floor, guess that's what happens when you're in dreamland.

As I walked out of the kitchen, I realized that Megan wasn't there. I figured she either went to the back yard or the living room, the kitchen did have three exits.

As I passed the living room door, which was very close to the front door of the house I heard some moaning coming from the living room. I thought it might be Megan on the phone to Brian, but I still decided to take one last peak of her before I left.

When I peered into the room, I saw that her shorts and black panties were in a heap on the floor, that's when I realized that she was at least bottomless. I decided to creep into the room to see if I could catch a glimpse of her being bottomless.

There was no way Will was gonna believe this, assuming that I was gonna see what I was hoping to see. I still had his cell phone in my hand, so I decided to take a picture as proof for when I bragged to Will about it. I quickly hit the up button activating the camera.

Once I looked in the room properly, I got way more than I was expecting. Megan was lying on the couch, her back turned to me, still wearing the Marilyn Monroe t-shirt, with her hips up in the air, her hands in between her legs, moaning. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Megan Fox masturbating!

I quickly pressed the right button, turning the camera into a video camera as I held the phone up and started recording her rubbing her clitoris. I couldn't believe what I was seeing or what I was doing, the fact that I was so calm in this situation was even more surprising.

I made sure the angle was good, making sure that I caught as much of her face as I could without getting caught. She had her eyes closed, which made it easier and she was starting to rub her clit even faster as she moved her hips up and down as well as side to side at the same time.

The length I could record for came to an end and the cell phone made a jingling, confirmation sound. I instantly froze in the position I was in, my hand holding the cell phone up and that's when I realized that it was silent.

There was no sound. No moaning. That's when I knew I was caught. My eyes were fixed on the cell phone and as I slowly moved my eyes off the cell phone and onto Megan, I could see her staring and burning a hole right through me.

I had no clue what to do.

"What the fuck are you still doing here? I thought you left?" Megan said in a very annoyed tone, making no effort what so ever to cover herself.

"Did you.....?" She started as she saw the cell phone in my hand.

"You did didn't you?" She said getting up, quite clearly headed for the Cell phone in my hand. Again, I had no clue what came over me but I looked at the cell phone screen and pressed the send button and highlighted my number, sending the video to my cell phone.

Megan snatched it out of my hand.

"You got to be kidding me! Who did you send it to?" She asked in a stern voice.

"Myself." I replied, causing a confused look to appear on her face.

"This is my room mates cell phone. I accidentally picked it up instead of my own cell phone."

"So your room mate has your phone?" Megan asked.

"Not quite. He wasn't home when I left, probably gone to catch a movie or something, both our phones were on the table and I picked up the wrong one...."

"So your cell phone is still at your apartment on the table?" She asked.

"Pretty much." I replied.

"Then we got to go and get it!" She said her voice getting high.

"I don't think so." I said, feeling very bold, which was not like me. It was as if there was someone else talking for me.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Megan asked.

"You want money? Is that it?" She asked taking steps forward as she talked, getting really close to me.

"Nah! I don't want your money. Your fiancÚ paid me pretty well yesterday." I said.

"Then...." She stopped in mid sentence as she felt my hand on her bare ass.

"Your ass feels so soft." I said in a low voice. Megan folded her arms.

"I'm on my periods." She said with a stern voice not even flinching as I squeezed her ass.


"No!" She replied. "I had a slight case of IBS this morning. Might be something I ate last night." She had a dead serious look.

"So you could fuck me up the ass if you want, but there's a 90...actually 80% risk of you getting shit on your dick." She said casually.

"What the.....?!" Megan continued to surprise me and leave me speechless.

"Than I guess the video ends up on the internet." I said smugly. Megan deleted the video off Will's phone and handed it back to me. She didn't seem that bothered right now.

"You couldn't have gotten a good angle from where you were standing and we can easily pass it off as a look a like." She said calmly.

She was right. The angle that it was at, people would just believe that it was someone who looked freakishly a lot like her. But she had deleted the video before she could see it.

"You had your eyes closed most of the time that you didn't even notice the phone hovering mere inches in front of your face." I said and the look of fear appeared in her eyes.

"Plus I captured the tattoo on your hip with Brian's name and the Marilyn Monroe tattoo. So either someone went to a lot of trouble to look like you or it is you." I added. Megan knew I was right.

Megan looked down at the floor, pouting. Her lips looked so enticing, that I decided seeing as though her holes on her nether regions was out of play, that her mouth will have to do.

I lifted her chin up with my hand and kissed her, quickly wrapping my arms around her as she tried to fight me off. I pinned her down on to the couch, holding her hands over her head as I kissed her. She tried turning her head to the side and I just ended up kissing the side of her face.

I grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head and off her arms, tossing it onto the floor on top of her shorts and panties.

I pushed myself up, straddling her stomach. She tried to push her hips up to try and get me off her, but she didn't have enough strength to push a grown man off of her.

I pulled my sweat pants and boxers down, revealing my already hardening cock. Megan's eyes widened at the sight of my cock. Probably from the fact that my dick being out made it more real on what she was being forced to do.

"I'd like to call your bluff and stick my dick inside you, but I don't want to take the risk."

"You're not?" Megan asked, sounding a little relieved.

"No." I replied." Instead I'm gonna make use of these...." I lowered my head and kissed her lips. "...These pretty lips." She didn't seem to try and fight me off this time, so I kissed her again. This time she kissed me back.

"Looks like you're getting into it without needing any convincing." I said as I pulled my mouth off hers.

"If all it takes is a little blowjob to stop the video coming out, I'll suck it up and do it." She said.

"That's more like it." I said as I shuffled up her body, straddling her chest as I pressed my dick against her lips. Megan eagerly opened her mouth to take my cock into her mouth and I quickly pulled back as I realised why she might have all of a sudden turned so willing to suck me off.

"If you are thinking or even entertaining the idea of biting my dick, I'm gonna hit you so hard that it won't even matter when I put the video out, cause you won't even remember your name."

"I swear, I won't." She said. "The idea never crossed my mind until you just said it." She added. She reached forward with her hand and started to stroke my shaft.

"I like it to be nice and hard before I put it in my mouth." She gave me a sultry look. I just let her stroke my dick to full hardness, noticing that her finger nails were painted black and very short.

"I think it's hard enough." I said. "Time to use those pretty lips of yours." I said touching her lips with my thumb. She opened her mouth and sucked the tip of my thumb.

"But it's so big! I don't think I can fit it in my tiny little mouth." She pouted. I don't know why she was saying this, whether she was hoping I would agree and just let her jerk me off with her hands or if she was just saying to inflate my ego or what. But I didn't care.

I grabbed my member and guided it to her mouth without saying a word. Megan smiled and opened her mouth as if she was being spoon feed. Once my cock head passed her lips, she wrapped them tightly around my shaft, moving her head forward as she worked her lips up my shaft.

She leaned back on her elbows, pushing herself up slightly as she started to bob her head back and fourth, taking more of my shaft into her mouth, the tip hitting the back of her throat and her gag reflexes didn't even make an appearance.

She leaned on one elbow as she used her other hand to stroke whatever she couldn't fit in her mouth.

"OOOhhhhh!" I moaned moving her hair behind her ears as I watched her caress my cock with her soft lips and dainty hands.

"Faster!" I moaned and Megan looked up at me as she obediently began increasing the pace, my dick hitting the back of her throat more rapidly, a few times I felt the tip go past the opening of her throat, but that was probably cause of the fast pace she was going at.

Every stroke added more pace and my cock head was passing the opening of her throat more frequently until Megan just slammed her head forward, her chin hitting my balls hard, her nose pressed against my crotch and buried amongst my pubes as she had managed to get my entire length into her mouth and going down her throat.

Megan looked up at me and looked like she was smiling. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, flicking my nut sack. The sight of her with my cock down her throat was a really, really big turn on and as she slowly dragged her mouth of my shaft, leaving it covered in a thick layer of saliva, I felt my dick get tense and pre-cum squirt out.

Megan started to noisily suck her saliva off my cock and then swallowed. Her saliva was so thick it looked like cum and seeing her swallow it off my shaft looked very similar to her sucking cum off my dick.

She wrapped her lips around my shaft once again and this time, I felt like I was getting ready to cum and she knew this.

"Ahhhhhh!" Megan moaned, her mouth opened and her tongue spread out, now using both hands to stroke my man hood, resting the back of her head on the arm of the couch.

"Come on! Give me that fucking cum!" She moaned as she stared at my cock whilst she stroked it as fast as she could.

She quickly looked up at me and those beautiful blue eyes sent me over the edge.

"Here it.... Comes!" I uttered and Megan quickly placed her soft lips over my cock head as my cum shot up and spewed out into her mouth.

"Fuck!" I moaned as I drained my balls out into her mouth. Megan took her mouth off my cock head and swallowed, then she flicked my pee hole with her tongue.

"That was amazing!" I said and Megan gave a knowing, cocky laugh.

"You could've had more but you were slow on the ball."

"What?! How could I have had more? You said..."

"That's what I said when I had already gotten myself off. But before.... I threw you a lot of balls and you failed to catch any." Megan smiled as she pushed me aside and got up.

She stretched, her arms going up and her body quivering as she did. She looked back at me once she was done, her hips pushed to one side, her thick butt sticking out.

"You could've had this..." She said placing her hand on her ass.

"What balls did you throw me?" I asked as I pulled my boxers and sweat pants up.

"I told you that I was horny and really wanted to fuck. I even invited you in!" Megan said.

"Those were barely anything! If you had told me you were horny when we came inside that would've been a different story."

"I told you when we were outside." Megan said.

"Yeah, what was I suppose to do? Throw you into the bushes and fuck you?" I said sarcastically.

"Not only would've that been spontaneous, but it would've been a lot of fun." Megan said. "Not that you being all forceful wasn't fun."

"I was barely forceful! You did everything!" I said.

"I did didn't I?" Megan said biting her bottom lip. "I should've held back and waited for you to hit me then I should've given in and cried while I sucked you off." She said, like she was thinking out loud.

"No! That's not what I wanted." I said.

"Maybe I should've bitten your dick as well?"

"No! I'm glad you didn't."

"So are you really on your periods? Or did you lie about that?" I asked.

"That was true, the IBS wasn't. If you hadn't taken the bait, you would've blown that load deep in my ass instead of my mouth." She laughed and I stood there gob smacked.

"You know I only learnt how to deep throat recently? I've been practicing with Bri, but his cock is no where near as big as yours." She said throwing out another random thought.

"Really?" I asked. "The way you took my dick down your throat without even gagging was very impressive. I figured you'd done it a lot."

"Are you calling me a slut?" Megan asked, looking at me suspiciously.

"You did say that if I hadn't dropped the ball I'd be buried deep in your ass."

"Oh great! Use something I said against me why don't you." She laughed. "You're not really going to put the video on the internet are you?" She asked getting more serious.

"I was gonna delete it once I got home, but seeing as though I know how you'd bend over and take it like a inmate, I'm thinking you'll get it back when I get a piece of that ass."

"Well..." Megan said looking at my crotch. "I can see the shape of your cock through your pants and it looks like it's still at full length, we can go now."

"After talk of IBS and periods, I don't think so." I replied. "I'm gonna give you seven days to set it up." I said as I started to walk away from her.

"Set it up? I don't know your number or have your address!" She protested chasing after me. I opened the front door and she instantly stopped. She was still bottomless in a t-shirt, so she kept her lower half behind the living room doorway so that I could only see her upper body.

"If you want that video not to get out, then you'll find a way." I said as I stepped in to my sneakers and out of her house.

"But I thought that's what the blow job was for!" She said, getting desperate.

"That was so I wouldn't upload it straight away and wait seven days for you." I replied with a smirk on my face.

"Why are you being a dick? I thought we had fun?" Megan protested.

"Oh. And if you tell Brian, the video gets uploaded straight away. I'll know if he knows." I said going to close the door behind me.

"Trust me." I said giving her one last look before I closed the door. I have to admit those last two words came out sounding more sinister than I had intended, but she did look scared when I said it.


It was Wednesday, six days had gone by since I last saw Megan Fox and forced her to perform felatio on me. Come tomorrow, I was going to have to keep my end of the deal and upload the video on the net. I had not heard from her or Brian.

"You can't actually be thinking about doing it." Will said.

"I don't wanna seem like I'm not a man of my word." I replied.

"She didn't keep her end of the deal, so she's left me no choice." I added.

"But she still has one more day!" He argued for her.

I was sat in front of the PC with my phone in my hand, procrastinating with both Will and my conscience on whether or not to upload the video, after all, she did still have another day left and that's when my cell phone in my hand started to vibrate and ring at the same time.

"There you go!" Will said sounding relieved. "That's probably her right there." He said pointing at the phone.

He seemed awfully worried like it was a video of him or someone from his family that I was threatening to upload.

"Hello?" I answered the phone, not even looking at who had called.

"Brian left this morning and won't be back till tomorrow morning, so gimme your address and I'll be there as soon as I can." Megan said getting straight to the point.

"But your crib looks so much better. It'd be better scenery to fuck in."

"Not after the stunt you pulled the last time you were here. I'm gonna make sure that your cell phone your room mate's cell phone and your computer has no traces of that fucking video and the only way to do that is to come to yours, so gimme your address!" She sounded a little pissed off and was getting straight down to business.

"You got a pen and paper?" I asked.

"Yeah." She replied and then jotted my address down. "Isn't that just around the corner to my place?" She asked.

"Yup!" I replied.

"Then I'll see you in about fifteen minutes." She said and hung up.

"She's coming over right now." I said looking at Will. "So go hide in your room or go see a movie. I don't care as long as you're not in the way."

Will seemed quite nervous and quickly went off to his room. I stood in front of the window, like an eager puppy waiting for his masters arrival. I saw a flashy looking car pull up and Megan get out. She had taken about a minute from after the phone call to get here. She really didn't want that video leaked.

She was in a pink dress, that was just long enough to cover her ass and she was in flip flops, her dark hair left out. She quickly made her way to the door and rang my number.
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Re: Dog Walking For Megan Fox?
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I picked up the receiver and buzzed her in, I knew it was her so I didn't need to waste time by asking. I opened the front door of the apartment and waited a few moments as she came into view as she climbed up the stairs.

"Couldn't you find an apartment with even more stairs?" She asked rhetorically.

"I did offer to come down to yours." I said.

"I don't see that happening." She said as she entered the apartment. I closed the door behind her and she was stood there looking at me. Waiting for me to led the way to wherever, instead I put my arms around her waist.

"You know, you look even more sexy when you're mad." I complimented her, grabbing her by the hips, pinning her against the wall as I started to kiss her. Megan kissed me back but it didn't feel like she was getting into it, so I broke the kiss.

"Where are you going?" Megan asked as I made my way to the PC and sat down.

"You know? Your heart just doesn't seem to be in it and I don't wanna force you into doing something you're not gonna enjoy." I said wondering if she'd notice the irony.

"You want me to enjoy this? Fine!" Megan said walking down the hallway. She went into a room, which was my bedroom. It didn't take a genius to figure it out. An open door to a room with a bed in it.

I saw her panties fly out the door and hit the wall and fall to the floor. I quickly got up and walked into the room to see her on all fours on my bed, the pink dress still on but the straps halfway down her arms, which in turn made the front of her dress slip down enough to reveal her beautiful bare breast.

"Looks like you're getting a chubby!" Megan laughed.

"I haven't masturbated since the day you sucked me off, just so I'd be so horny that I could fuck you a couple of times."

"Looks like you've got big plans for my ass!" She said looking at me with fuck me eyes.

"This is more like it." I said closing the door behind me and letting my pants and boxers fall to the floor.

"Should I be expecting you to take long to cum?" She asked as I walked up to the bed and her mouth just inches away from my cock. She provided a good point. Usually when I got like a week without sex or jerking off, I blow my wad very quickly.

Megan started to tease me by circling the air around my cock head with her tongue, not actually touching my man hood, making soft moaning sounds. I could feel the wetness of her tongue around my dick.

She had her back arched, her thick butt sticking up into the air, her legs bent at the knees with her feet up in the air, her plump heels touching her thick rump. As I became disconnected with reality, staring at her feet and ass, I felt the warmth and wetness of her mouth around my cock head.

I took a step back, away from Megan and more importantly, pulling my cock out of her mouth.

"What's wrong?" Megan asked, her voice sounding more like she was moaning and a little like she was whining cause I took my dick away from her.

"I like trying new things. I've already had your mouth around my cock and now..." I said staring at her round ass and pretty soles. "...I want to try something I haven't done with you before." I said.

"Oh, I'm all for new things." Megan said with a dirty, horny look on her face. "What have you got in mind?" She asked.

"Turn around." I said.

"You want my ass?" She asked as she did as I said. I quickly pulled her dress down her hips and thighs. Megan lifted her knees up so I could get it off around them and then she raised her feet up in the air, her toes less than an inch away from my mouth.

I quickly pulled the dress off and tossed it on the floor.

"One of many things, but first......" I said opening my mouth and taking her big toe in to my mouth and sucked on it hungrily. Megan let out a little giggle followed by a low moan as she wriggled her big toe around in my mouth.

I took my mouth off her toe and turned her foot slightly so I could see her sole and licked down it, moving my tongue around side to side as I licked up and down her sole, getting it wet with my saliva before placing as much of my mouth over her heel as I possibly could.

Megan curled her toes tight, causing wrinkles to appear on her sole and turn really white. My erection right now was so hard that it felt like it was gonna burst.

I quickly lifted my head up, placing my dick on the sole of the foot I was licking and then placing her other foot on top, so that the top of her foot was resting on the top of the sole of her other foot, sandwiching my cock in between them.

"Feet fuck!" Megan giggled looking back at me as I started to thrust my hips back and forth, feeling her fleshy sole against the underside of my cock and the softness of the top of her other foot on the top of my cock.

After a couple of strokes, my cock was already throbbing hard, I knew I wasn't going last more than a minute. I slowed down my thrusts, wanting to relish the feeling of having her soft, sexy feet masturbating my man hood.

"You want me to fuck that cock with my feet?" Megan asked, looking at me with the horniest look I had seen from her yet.

I let go off her feet and she took that as a yes as she began working her feet up and down my shaft, pressing the top of her feet down on to my cock hard, but not too hard that it hurt. I could feel the soft wrinkles on her soles on the underside of my cock as she worked her sexy feet up and down my manhood, rapidly getting faster.

My cock throbbed hard instantly and Megan knew that was the first sign of my orgasm showing, so she added more pace.

Her big toe on both feet squeezing the sides of my shaft hard as pre-cum covered her black painted toe nails.

"FUCK!" I yelled as I felt my balls start to tighten and I knew that the my big load was about to follow up the few spurts of pre-cum I had just shot out.

"That big cock feels so good throbbing in between my toes!" Megan moaned. "Is it getting ready to give me a hot, sticky surprise!" She giggled looking into my eyes.

"YESSSS!!" I moaned as I felt my cum pump up my shaft. Megan instantly laid one foot flat in front of my cock so that my cum could spray out all over her sole, whilst she used her other foot continue to pleasure my shaft.

I held my breath as my cum shot out and up her sole, going right up her heel and all over the balls of her feet. She continued to stroke the side of my shaft with her toes, squeezing hard as she milked any remaining cum out of my cock.

I looked down at her sole, which was now covered in a thick layer of cum whilst my cock head rest on top of the hot jizz on her sole.

"Wow! That was a lot of cum!" Megan said raising her foot, tilting it slightly to the side and wriggling her toes. A drop of cum oozed out of my pee hole as I saw her do this, feeling turned on by the sight of her pretty feet covered in my cum.

"It feels so sticky and gooey!" She said as she curled her toes, making my cum stick to the heads of her toes. I wiped my cock head on the side of her foot, where there wasn't any cum.

"You got a tissue or something I could wipe this off with?" Megan asked.

"Yeah." I said getting up. "How flexible are you?" I asked her.

"Very!" Megan smiled. "Why? Are you looking to try and do some karma sutra positions?" She laughed.

"No!" I gave a stern look. "I wanna see you eat my cum off your feet. " I replied.

"I think I can reach my mouth with my feet." She said lifting her foot up.

"That is some sticky cum!" Megan laughed as she moved her foot closer to her mouth. "Not a drop of it has spilt anywhere!" She added before she stuck her tongue out and licked her sole.

I could already feel my dick start to get hard again, so I started to stroke it to get it back to being rock hard as I watched Megan lick and suck my semen off her sole and her toes. I quickly took my t-shirt off and tossed it onto the stack of clothes that was starting to build up on the floor.

Megan looked up at me as she licked her toes, teasing them with her tongue before parting those gorgeous lips and taking her own cum covered toe into her mouth and sucking hard.

"Mmm!" She let out a moan with her eyes closed as she had now licked and sucked all of my man juice off her foot.

"Let's see..." She said as she moved her foot away from her mouth. "...Is there any on the other foot." She added lifting her other foot up.

"Aww!" She said.

That's when I noticed there was a tattoo on her ribs on her left side that was nine lines long and read; 'there unto was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART'

I knew she had one there, but usually it's covered, so you can't see it properly, but now I knew from first hand exactly what it said.

"That's a sexy tattoo you have." I said getting on the bed, going in between her legs.

"Yeah." She started and it seemed like she was going to explain why she had or where the idea came to get it but she stopped in her tracks as I used this as an excuse to distract her as I pushed my dick into her warm cunt.

"Oh fuck!" She moaned. "You're already hard and ready to... go again?" She moaned as I worked my member in and out of her tight snatch slowly.

"Like I told you, I've restrained myself from trying to pick up girls or relieve myself so that I could fuck you for a long time." I said kissing her neck. I really wanted to kiss those beautiful lips, but she had just spent the past few minutes lapping my cum off her foot.

"You're so tight!" I moaned as I began adding more pace. "And really wet!" I added as I realized that she was already wet when I entered her pussy, guess the foot job turned her on as much as it turned me on.

I lowered my head and I started to suck on one of her nipples. Megan was moaning louder with each thrust and was now gripping the back of my head as I gently bit her nipple. I took my mouth off her nipple and went to the other one, alternating between her nipples as I drilled into her at a decent pace.

"Fuck me faster!" Megan moaned and I looked up at her to see her face lost in total ecstasy.

"I want you to make me cum! NOW!" She moaned pushing her chest up as she arched her back. I put my arm under her body and reached up, grabbing her shoulders and pulling her down so I could get my dick deeper into her tight cunt as I began thrusting into her as fast as I could.

I have no idea how long it takes for her to cum, but I didn't care, I had already cum and I knew it was going to be a while before I came again, so there was no need for me to slow it down to prolong my orgasm.

I watched her face as she got more and more into it, her moans now light screams and her face was now making the hottest sex faces I had ever seen.

"Looks like someone else has gone a while with out sex too." I said in between thrusts. Megan didn't reply, instead her pussy started to twitch uncontrollably around my shaft.

"You gonna cum?" I asked.

"YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!" Megan screamed throwing her head back and this just encouraged me to try and fuck her even harder if that was possible.

As her orgasm hit, she thrust her hips forward, burying my dick to the hilt. We both stayed in this position for a few moments as Megan's breathing went back to normal and her hips stopped gyrating underneath me.

Megan looked at me, her eyes half open and a smile formed on her face.

"You wanna give me another one?" She asked with a cheeky looking smile.

"I don't see why not?" I replied. "That is one of the primary reasons for a penis." I started to thrust in and out of her pussy causing her to make pleased squealing sounds.

I started to look around the room and Megan had a puzzled look on her face.

"What are you looking for?" She asked.

"Vaseline or something I can use as lubricant." I said not looking at her. Megan let out a cocky laugh.

"Ready to move onto my ass are we?" She asked with a horny look in her eyes.

"I would've started with the ass but seeing as though you were 2-0 on giving orgasms, I thought that I should at least try and get on the board." I replied.

"If you want my ass that badly, then just stick it in." Megan said casually.

"But what about lubrication? Won't it hurt?" I asked. Megan reached up and pulled me closer to her.

"I like the friction!" She whispered into my ear, gently scrapping her teeth on my ear lobe.

"I'm sure your dick is probably covered in my pussy juices that it'd just slide in easily." She added.

I quickly reached down as I pulled my hips back, pulling my dick out of her pussy, which caused her to give a triumphant laugh as I used my hand to guide my dick towards her hole, pressing my swollen cock head against her dark opening.

I got the tip of my large bell shaped cock head in, but her sphincter was so tight that I struggled to squeeze the rest of my cock head in and she was providing no support, in fact, I think she was clenching.

"OOOhhhhhhhh!" Megan cooed as I managed to force my cock head past her tight ring, instantly feeling her sphincter loosen around my shaft, realising that my initial thought of her clenching was actually true.

I used my hand to sit up in between her legs as I started working my dick in and out of her tight rectum. Megan lifted one of her foot up and placed her sole on my bare chest, inching her foot up towards my mouth.

I couldn't remember which foot I came on and I didn't want to take the chance that this foot may or may not be the one I came on so I moved it to one side, bringing both of her legs together moving her onto her side, which in turn caused her ass hole to making a twisting motion on my shaft that felt incredible.

Megan moved onto her side, with me now behind her without even moving. I could now clearly see the tattoo on her left shoulder. 'We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.'

A 'King Leer' quote. I didn't know she was into Shakespeare, but at the moment, I didn't care, all I cared about was fucking the shit out of her.

I liked her ass hole twisting on my dick so much I decided to lie down on the bed behind her, which caused that twisting friction on my cock that just felt incredible.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and she placed her hands on mine as I proceeded to fuck her from behind, pulling back only half way and slamming my hips forward. Megan pushed her hips back against me so she could get me as deep into her ass as she possibly could.

It looked as though she really liked anal sex and was enjoying this as much as I was, maybe even more. Brian was lucky to have a girl like her, but then again, she was an actress and I did threaten to upload the video if she didn't look like she was into it. Either way, I was happy with her enthusiasm and that's all that mattered right now.

I thrust into her at a steady pace, loving the feeling of the tightness of her sphincter around my shaft and with every thrust, I had to feel her tight ring even more that I began to go faster and faster with every thrust until I was now going as fast as I was when I was fucking her pussy.

"Ohhhh SHIT!" Megan moaned her voice sounding shaky from being pelted from behind.

"That feels so good up my ass!" She moaned whilst getting dry fucked up her butt.

"I wanna ride it!" She said enthusiastically. "I wanna work my ass hole up and down that huge fuck stick, slowly, squeezing that big fat cock so tight that it just cums up my ass!" She moaned.

Her dirty talk was working, I wanted her to do all those things, so I rolled onto my back, still holding her waist with my arms, pulling her onto my front, not leaving the warmth of her bowels.

Megan was now on top of me, her back pressed against my chest as she lay on top of me. She raised her legs up, bent at the knees and placed her feet on my thighs, her legs spread. She started to ride me slowly, working her tight ring all the way up my shaft and nearly off before slamming her hips down, impaling herself on my shaft.

"You like that?" She asked. "Cause it feels so good in my tight little ass hole!" She said with a lusty look in her eyes. She reached down and started to rub her clitoris as she began building up pace rapidly.

"Oh yeah! Fuck my ass while I ride that fucking cock!" She moaned and I did as she asked. Thrusting my hips up as she slammed hers down. I lifted my head up slightly and I could see her rubbing her clit at a incredibly fast rate, so I decided to go faster and try to give her ass hole the rapid pleasure that she was giving her clit.

"That's it! Fuck my ass really hard! Fuck me like a filthy fucking whore! Make me cum from butt fucking my tight little ass hole!" She screamed throwing her head back. This left me with no choice but to fuck her like she asked.

The faster I went the more I felt like I was going to cum, but there was no build up in my balls and it hurt slightly, but in a good way.

"OH MY GOD! YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM! I'M....!" Megan yelled as her ass hole started to clench my dick so hard that her sphincter was too tight to fit anything in let a lone my thick shaft and her ass hole ended up pushing my shaft right out.

As my dick stood up straight, pushing against her ass hole but having no luck in re-entering her tight orifice, I felt her cum flow down my shaft, covering it in a light layer of her juices.

"Mmm!" She moaned rubbing her thick ass cheek against my groin.

"That dick looks so good covered in my cum that I just gotta taste it!" she said getting off of me and sitting beside me.

"It probably taste like your ass too." I pointed out in case she forgot.

"Mmm!" She licked her lips. "An ass, cum cocktail! Only thing that'd make it better is if your cum was on it as well." She had a way with words and I felt pre-cum shoot up my shaft and it spurt out as she held my shaft at the base.

"Ask and you shall get." She laughed as she lowered her head and took the tip in to her mouth.

"Fuck!" I moaned as I watched her work her lips down my cock and suck her cum off something that was up her ass less than half a minute ago.

"That is so fucking hot!" I moaned and she laughed with my cock in her mouth. I lay there and watched her lick and suck my dick for the next few minutes before I decided that I need to be back in that ass again.

I quickly sat up, grabbing her by the hair, but not too hard as to cause her harm and pulled her off my man hood.

"My mouth getting to be too much for you?" She laughed.

"No." I replied. "I need to fuck that ass some more." I said getting onto my knees.

"You want me to ride it again?" She asked.

"No. Just turn around."

"You wanna fuck me like a bitch?" She had an excited smile on her face.

"Yeah." I replied. Megan turned around, on all fours in front of me, pushing her ass back and her thick soft ass cheeks rubbing against my member, which was now drenched in her saliva.

"You've gone for quite a long time." Megan commented. "Could this be the last round from you?" She giggled.

"Maybe." I replied as I pressed my large cock head against her tight little shit hole, this time her saliva made it much easier for me to slide my overly large cock head past her sphincter, even with her clenching.

"Probably!" I moaned once I felt the tightness of her ring around my shaft as I thrust my dick up her rectum.

"Fuck! That feels tighter than before!" I said as I gripped her thick round butt cheeks in my hands.

"That's cause I have to clench harder now that you got some lube on that fat cock of yours!" She laughed, which quickly turned into a moan as I began adding pace to my thrusts very quickly.

After a few minutes, I was going as fast as I could and all that could be heard was a loud slap as the tops of my thighs hit the back of her thighs and my groin slapped her butt cheeks causing ripples to go up her butt cheeks and up her back.

"Oh shit! It's so big, it's stretching my tiny little ass hole out so much!" Megan moaned, saying things to feed my ego and for me to speed things up and come sooner and it was working.

"Fuck! I can't wait to feel that huge dick fill my inside's with that hot, thick, creamy cum. Just sitting in my bowels and feeling so fucking hot in there!" She moaned as she began to thrust her hips back to meet my thrusts.

"COME ON!" She yelled looking back at me. "WHY ARE YOU KEEPING ME WAITING?" You know I want it, so JUST FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!" She screamed, her voice sounding quite desperate now, like she desperately needed to feel my semen inside her.

"You want me to cum?" I asked as I hunched over her, my chest pressing against her back, kissing the side of her mouth, getting the after taste of her cum on her lips.

"You know I do!" She moaned in a desperate tone, pouting her lips. Her lips looked so full and luscious that I placed mine on them and she instantly started kissing me back passionately, pushing her tongue into my mouth, tasting of her own cum now.

This spurred me on to try and go faster, which was physically impossible, but my level of enthusiasm to climax had increased to the highest level possible and my hips were going back and forth at a rate that it probably looked like a blur.

"Oh shit!" I moaned pulling my lips off hers.

"You gonna cum?" She moaned looking more desperate than ever to feel a load up her ass.

"Yeah!" I moaned and she started to push her hips back and forth faster.

"HERE IT COMES!" I yelled as I felt my balls tighten and Megan slammed her hips back, I manage to get a couple of quick thrust, before my hips jerked forward, burying my dick deep up her rectum as my cum burst out into her bowels.

I don't know how much semen I shot out, but judging by how long it took for my cock to stop spraying her bowels with cum, it felt like the largest amount of cum that I had ever spewed out in one orgasm.

"Fuck!" Megan moaned kissing my cheek. "That felt like a huge one." She added, as if she was reading my mind, but then again, she was the one who felt my cum blasting up her shit hole.

"Yeah." I moaned feeling breathless. Holding her waist tightly as I rolled on to my side on the bed hugging her.

"I never would've pictured you as being the type who liked to cuddle after sex." Megan laughed as she nuzzled the back of her head against my collar bone and neck as she rubbed my forearms and hands.

My cock was still deep in her ass, still at full length and I put that down to her ass hole being so tight that it wouldn't let my cock shrink.

"You know, considering you blackmailed me into fucking you, this was probably the best ass fucking I have ever gotten." Megan added, turning her head and kissing me on the cheek.

We both lay there with my dick still up her ass for a few moments before I decided to break the silence.

"You weren't really on your periods or have IBS last week, did you?" Megan laughed.

"The first one yes, but the second one no." She replied.

"How comes you made the IBS thing up? I could've posted that video on the internet."

"I just wanted to see what you'd do to get inside me and I have to say, you played it very well." She smiled dragging her ass off my man hood.

"Jesus! That thing still looks so fucking huge!" Megan said sounding as surprised as she looked.

"What can I say? I think I can go again."

"I'm sure you could, and as much as it pains me to walk out on an erect penis, I have to go. But first things first. We get rid of everything to do with that fucking video you made." Megan said walking out of the room.

"Hey you got a tissue?" I heard her ask. "I got cum dripping out of my ass." She added. As I was about to answer, I heard Will's voice.

"Er... We... um... got some in the bath room." He replied. The stuttering was probably from seeing Megan Fox's incredible body naked.

"Thanks! She said. "Is your computer on?"

"Er... Yeah." He replied.

"Do you still have the video on your phone?" She asked as if she wanted him to do the same thing I did to her.

"No." He scoffed.

"That's a shame." Megan said, her footsteps getting lighter indicating that she was walking away from him.

"Kash!" He burst into the room. "Do you still have the video of her on your phone?" He asked. I shook my head

"She deleted it first thing."

"Damn!" He said.

"Sorry bro, you missed out there on one tight ass."

It was a day that neither me or Will were every going to forget. For me, it was the best sex that I had ever had and for Will. It was the day that he missed out on getting to fuck one of the hottest woman to ever live.


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