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Annie Claus is Cumming [Annie Claus is Coming to Town]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the actresses, actors, characters, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Annie Claus (played by Maria Thayer)

Annie Claus Is Cumming

An erotic fanfiction parodying the TV movie Annie Claus is Coming to Town

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, inter.

* * *

“Damn Mom! Why you got to bug me like this??” Darren, a handsome, muscularly built black man said with annoyance down the line of his cellphone to the voice on the other end. “Why I got to get her of all my dang cousins a gift? All she gave me last year was a headache when she was playin’ that stupid trumpet! ...Yeah, I know you gave it to her, and it was stupid!!”

He comes to a stop, sighing in the middle of the Los Angles side-walk as he looks around. It was early in the day, the street nicely business which was unsurprising considering it is the Christmas period. He was dressed for the weather to, with jeans, sneakers, a light jacket and a dark T-shirt, all of which showed off his nicely built frame.

“And don’t get me started on buyin’ anythin’ for the rest of dem cousins either. I’ve never even met one of ‘em! And… Hold up, hold up...” Darren says, seeing the sign of the store he’s in front of. “Wonderland Toys? Yo… I’ll snag her something from this place. ...What? Naw, it ain’t no damn thrift shop! Listen, I’mma call you back when I get something, OK? Call you back soon.” He said, but as soon as he hung up the call he quickly powered off his phone to be on the safe side.

Moments later, and he was inside the store, looking less than enthusiastic about the assortment of toys on a table in front of him. “Man, then got some old ass lookin’ stuff here...” He mumbled to himself. “Kinda shit grand-dad would have probably played wid back in the day...”

“Hey there! Welcome to Wonderland Toys!” A sudden sweet and very upbeat voice grabs his attention. Turning around, he finds it belongs to a gorgeous, pale-skinned head headed female in an extremely festive-looking attire of a long, flowing red dress with a white belt around the waist, as if she was styling herself directly off of Santa Claus himself. “I’m Annie!” Annie Claus introduced herself with a friendly, warm smile. “How can I help you today?”

“Damn… Yeah, I bet you could help me...” He smirked, thinking of some definitely naughty rather than nice thoughts as he looked her over. “But like… I’m trying to find a gift, you know… My cousin, and she’s like… I dunno, six or something...” Darren explains as he glances at the toys.
“I have just the thing Mister!” She eagerly says, reaching into the toys and plucking out an almost as adorable as herself toy doll, complete with frilly dress and a smile stitched in the face. “A beautiful doll! I bet that your cousin will love this!
“Damn… Huh.” He blinks, surprised by her attitude but taking a hold of the toy. “Yeah… Yeah, I bet she would. That’s just what I needed. Thanks girl!”
“Oh, no problem Sir!” Annie replies with a nod and another smile.

“Sir? Naw, call me Darren girl...” He smiles back, before he takes a moment to openly look her over. “Better yet, how about I give you my number… Then you can call me up.” He says with a sly chuckle.
“Oh? So I can call you up when we have more stock?” She asks, innocent to the far from pure statement he’d made. “I’m sure we’ve got more of those dolls in the store room...” She thinks aloud, glancing away at the back of the room.
“Yeah… Back room, I got you...” He grins, misinterpreting her words now. “Let’s check in there… And I can show you what kind of “toy” I’m packin’...” He adds, sneaking in another look over her while she’s looking away.
“Toy?” Annie questions. “What kind of toy?”

* * *

Minutes later, in the storage room in the back with shelves full of toys and boxes of toys, she sees exactly what he’s really meaning when she watches with an open mouth as he drops his jeans to the floor.

“That’s… That’s no toy!!” Annie gasps with wide eyes of surprise and awe, seeing what Darren was referring to – his large, long, and fantastically thick to match black cock, which is already starting to harden as the smiling man steps out of his jeans. “That’s huge!!” She states the obvious, making it all the more clear she’s never seen anything quite as big in all her life as she steps forward. “May… May I?” She asks, looking up with still that adorable look of wonder.
“Go knock yourself out honey...” Darren says, still smiling as he watches the gorgeous woman start to kneel down in front of him, while he rather casually continues to undress as he peels off his jacket.
“I might end up doing that!” She says with a partially nervous laugh, getting down into position with her face now in line with that big dick. “Look at this… But it’s still not, ummmm… Hard, right?” She glances up before she smiles. “We can’t have that now, can we?” Annie states, taking a hold of the shaft with both hands and beginning to slowly work them up and down his size.

“No… No we can’t...” Darren states, smirking and rather casually leaning against the shelving behind him as he takes full advantage of the innocent, kind nature of the beauty in front of him, letting out a light moan as her soft, stroking hands work up and down his hardening pole. Her hands are applied to the different halves of his pole, with the left pumping over the bottom portion while the right slides all the way up to the crown before sliding back down, the two occasionally meeting each other but not putting her off from the double teaming that easily soon gets his member at its full, massive length.

“Nope! I wouldn’t be a good employee if I did!” The beautiful redhead states with a smile, continuing to give his rod a few more strokes before she takes a moment to look over that cock, holding him by the base. “Now, if I remember what Mother told me… Just treat it like a big old candy cane...” She thinks aloud, before giving a cute nod to herself and then leaning her head downward a little, allowing her to stick her tongue out and run it across the top of his bell-end, generating a moan from the handsome man she’s got a firm hold of. Glancing up with a smile, she presses on, letting her tongue roam around all the way around that head, circling around with quick, testing little motions and all the while glancing up to check she’s doing a good job on the man she’s only met for a few minutes.

“Shit… Bet you ain’t never had a “cane” this size, right girl?” He asks, but can already tell the answer from the way she’s double checking his cock as she licks him over, now moving down along the shaft as she raises his dick up so she can run her tongue down the side, reaching the balls before she applies that tongue to the other side for the journey back up. Once there, it’s back to that nice, swirling motion, her tongue already getting his crown nicely coated with a light dabbing of her saliva, not to mention how her hand is occasionally pumping the rest of his rod for good measure. “Come on girl… Mmmm… Get those lips of your around me and really give… My “cane” a taste...” He chuckles as he goes along with the festive puns, but groans again in approval as she gives another flick of the tongue against the very tip of him.

“My lips? Oh, right!” She says, brushing her hair back over the shoulders and gripping his cock firmly again before she opens her mouth, pushing down and making herself groan as she starts taking inch after inch into inside, easily filling her up and making her lips stretch as they handle being wrapped around such a thick piece of man meat. “Hmmmmphhh!! Hmmmmm...” Her widen as she looks down at the dick she’s now starting to suck, another groan being muffled as she starts lifting her head back upwards towards the crown but showing impressive knowledge of the act for someone so apparently inexperienced she pushes back downward before even reaching the bell-end.

“Mmmmm yeah… Suck it Annie...” The smiling stud encourages, watching that stunning face start to raise up and down on his prick as she properly blows him now, feeling the warmth and wetness of her oral hole around his top inches as she rocks her head up and down on him in a smooth and steady manner. At the same time, her hand also goes back to give the odd pump along the rest of his vast size every know and then, to make it already resemble a scene from an interracial porn movie as this beautiful white woman sucks off this big black cock, much to his moaning approval as he gets to feel those nicely soft lips sliding back and forth over the upper half of his pole while that pumping palm handles the rest. “Ahhhhh… You tellin’ me you ain’t never… Mmmmm… Sucked some dick like this before?”

“Mmmmphhh… Nnnnhhhhrrrr whhhhyyyyy!! Hmmmm...” Her response was muffled by all that dark man meat she had stuffed into her mouth as she bobs away onto him, her slurps audible and the head motion so energetic that she has to use her free hand to brush her hair out of the way so she can keep on blowing him without any distractions. Annie’s eyes remain locked up at the handsome man she’s servicing, still checking for that approval for her blowjob work, as if his moans weren’t proof of that already. Even with her claims of not having done this before, she’s showing the work of a pro as her hand keeps pumping over the part not yet between her lips while that naturally talented mouth sucked away steadily on the upper part, this combination ensuring that his pole is nicely coated with her saliva.

“Mmmmm… Damn honey… For a chick whose never gone black before… Ahhhh… You can suck some damn fine dick...” Darren says with a chuckle, moaning again as she gives another slurp for good measure before lifting her head away from his pole.
“Thank you!” Annie warmly says despite the dirty nature of that compliment. “I can’t believe I fit so much of it in! It’s so big!” She adds with a cute laugh as she starts to stand up.
“Speakin’ of fittin’ it in… How about you ditch that dress and lemme see what you’ve got...” He requests, casting a hungry gaze over her once she’s standing in front of him before he pulls his top up and over his head, showing off his nicely muscular upper body.
“Oh… OK! I mean, it’d be rude not to! You’ve shown me your “toy” after all...” She reasons as she reaches down, unbuckling the festive belt around her waist before she starts to slip her dress downward. Slowing, but not purposely teasing, she reveals her beautiful pale skinned body to the black hunt, her perky tits contained in an innocent, white bra, and then showing her equally pleasing to the eye hips and rounded ass in a matching pair of panties.

“Damn… You shouldn’t be hidin’ that kind of body away in a get-up like that.” He comments with a smirk, stepping in so he can move her into a position, having her now be the one to lean against the shelves full of toys she’s supposed to be selling, instead of using this storage room for them as a makeshift sex room. “Let me show you what you’ve been missin’ out on...” Darren states as he know kneels down, raising his hands up so he can slowly, but firmly, ease her panties down from her, revealing her delicious looking pussy with a neatly shaped tuft or hair above that proves that, as the saying goes, the carpet matches the drapes above. Once she’s helped to step out of her panties though he keeps a hold of the leg, raising it up and to the side so he can move in closer, bringing his face to her snatch and pushing his tongue out against her.

“Ahhhhh!! Oooooh… Oh that’s… Mmmmm...” Once again Annie’s eyes go wide but this time accompanied by a moan as she stares down, watching him now return the favour from before as he puts his tongue to work, starting to give quick licks up against her folds while he places that leg over his shoulder to allow him to be right up close to her lower hole. “Mmmm! Oh goodness!! That’s… Mmmmm… Oooooooh….” She groans, her hands reaching out to her sides as she grabs the edges of the shelving she’s up against for extra support as she watches herself getting eaten out, feeling that tongue of this customer lapping against her outer folds without a hint of restraint or tentativeness.

Indeed, the two are certainly opposites and not just in skin colour as he boldly shows his experience in this sexual act, his tongue flicking against her snatch already easily getting her wet from just a couple of rounds working over her. His hands slide up to slightly spread the thighs a little more, fingers in to allow him to spread those moist lower lips, taking a moment to glance up at smirk at the moaning beauty above him, then proceeding in as he pushes his tongue forward into her pussy, and unsurprisingly this gets the clearest moan out of her so far. He’s far from done though, running his tongue up and down her slit in a controlled but quick enough fashion so he can both taste her forming sweetness as well as ensure that dampness continues to build for what he’s planning to do with her next after having this fun between her and his tongue.

“Mmmmm!! Oh my! Darren… You’re… Mmmm!! You know what you’re doing there!” The stunning daughter of Father Christmas confirms with a gasp as he pushes his talented tongue deeply into her love box, causing her to bite down on her bottom lip as she gazes right down at those desirable facial features pushed up close against her snatch, briefly feeling his lips grazing against her snatch as his tongue begins to work further around inside her. “Ahhhhh… Oh gosh!! Mmmmm… There should… Mmmmm… Be a whole new Naughty And Nice List… Mmmm!! For this...” She says, smiling with a laugh before she moans again, now moving a hand downward to run through his short hair as he continues munching away on her tasty pussy, keeping the redhead easily moaning out as she stays up with one leg on the floor, back against the shelves and the other leg over his strong shoulder to keep that offer of a meal fully open to this far from novice at pussy eating hunk.

He chuckles as he brings his head back a little so he can look up at the stunning woman he’s eating out. “Babe, we’re just gettin’ started here...” He states, proving that to be very much true as he brings a hand up to her wetness, and pushes a finger up into her hole, causing her start moaning again just as profoundly as she’d done when he’d just been using his tongue on her. “Damn… You’re a tight one!” He grins, feeling her pussy walls gripping his digit as he starts to push it in and out of her. Leaning back in, he double teams her needy twat as he flicks his tongue out against the top part of her pussy, coming close to touching her clit but instead works over the snatch just like his finger is doing, the erotic squelch of that finger plunging back and forth being just heard as her moans have increased in volume as he’s turned up the tempo of working over her snatch.

“Oh gosh!! OH MY!! I’m… I’m feeling! MMMM!! AHHHHHH...” She squeals out in delight, eyes wide but now staring up at the storage room ceiling as her hands yet again but tightly now grab at the racking she’s up against, her nicely rounded and still bra-clad chest pushing out as she takes in deep breaths, drops of sweat forming on her forehead as she shows she’s never taken such a superb sexual act like this before. “MMMM!! D-Darren!! I think… OH GOSH!! I’m gonna!! MMMM!! I’M GONNA...” She tries to warn, but tilting her red haired head back she can’t stop herself, a rush of juices escaping from her snatch to flow over that thrusting finger and give this stud something extra to lap up as Annie Claus is cumming just from a double teaming of tongue and finger work, leaving her moaning out and grinding a little against his mouth and hand as she rides out this sudden and quick wave of pleasure.

“Mmmmm… Girl tastes damn good...” Darren says with a smirk, letting her savour that sexual high for a couple moments more after her groans have calmed down. Pulling his finger out of her, he stands back up, using that hand to stroke his still rock hard cock a couple of times. “You ain’t plannin’ on leaving me hangin’ now, are ya?” He asks, watching her push off from the shelving as she still catches her breath.
“I… Oh wow… Sorry, I just need...” Annie stumbles her words before she shakes her head for a moment. “OK… No, I’m good! I mean, I can’t be a bad girl and get on the Naughty List by not making sure you enjoy yourself!” She states with a gorgeous smile and a nod.
“Yeah girl, you know it!” He grins, before a thought crosses his mind. “Shit… You got a rubber on you?”
“Rubber? Ummmm… I’d need to check what kind of materials are in the toys...” She says, looking thoughtful but not understanding what he was actually meaning by a “rubber”. “Maybe there’s a stationary set or two with erasers in them, if that’s what...”

“Forget it… I’ll just have to be careful...” He cuts her off as he again takes the lead of things, turning her around and getting her into position with a hand on her pale back, sticking her nicely rounded backside out towards him as she again uses those toy-laden shelves for support as she grabs a hold of the edge. Just as she tosses her hair back to look over her shoulder at him, he grips his shaft and lines up with that wet and ready pussy, pushing forward and making them both moan out as he begins to invade the willing beauty from behind. “Awwwww shit!! MMMM… Fuck yeah… Feels fuckin’ tight...” He marvels, getting the chance to moan again now as he starts to pull his shaft out from that snug to say the least hole, waiting until just the head and an inch or so remains within her before he sends his dick back into her firmly, already starting to work in deeper despite how her vaginal walls are clamping around his vast size.

“AHHHHH!! Mmmmm!! Oh… OH GOSH!! OH… Mmmm!!” Just a minute into taking her first black cock into her tight, white pussy her mouth is already open with moans pouring out, the previous wetness from her first orgasm providing more than an ample amount of lubricant to allow this huge, fat rod to plunge in deep, his force causing her to rock forward each time he pumps into her. “Uhhhhh!! That’s… MMMM!! So good Darren!! OH YES!! Mmmmm!!” She moans her approval, looking back with eyes still wide in awe but now with clear desire, wanting this sinful action and to be taken like this, and most of all wanting more of that big dick inside of her as she keeps on moving back and forth now, her body working on natural sexual instinct to ensure more of those inches can slip into her.

“Yeah!! MMMM!! Fuckin’ take it girl!! AHHHHH… Fuck!!” He groans in response, his gaze switching from down at her nicely rounded butt as he watches his fuck-stick vanishing forward into her twat before soon reappearing for that brief moment before he repeats the motion, and upward to that pretty, moaning face of the supposed to be innocent woman who instead of selling toys in this very store she works in, now is getting fucked from behind by a customer in the storage room. “MMMM SHIT… Yeah… You fuckin’ like that? MMMM! Like that big black dick… AHHHH… All up in you??” He grunts his filthy words as he sends his hips sharply towards and then right away from her, his hands keeping a firm grip on her waist not just to keep her nicely in place for this thrusting motion, but for his own self satisfaction knowing that in just a short period of meeting this redhead he’s already gotten blown by her, eaten her out to orgasm, and is now deeply nailing her like this was a booty call hook-up.

“MMMMM YES!!! Ahhhhh!! MMMMM… I… I love it!! Oooooooooh!!” Annie groans out, biting down on her bottom lip as she gazes back at the hung and hunky man behind her, gasping each time another inch is pushed past her folds to fill up her already soaking love tunnel, but still demanding more of that dick that she’s already become more than just a little familiar with. “AHHHHH… OH GOSH!! MMMMM… Goodness… OH MY GOODNESS YES!!” She squeals with shameless delight the moment her pale, rounded ass smacks off of his muscular, dark skin as she impressively for a first timer for interracial sex takes every thick inch of his pole into her, her eyes closing as she enjoys the feeling of being totally filled up. As he keeps on thrusting away and the smack of their desirable bodies coming together rings out again and again, she’s getting to feel that sensation many times over to her moaning, smiling delight.

“MMMM!! God damn girl!! AHHHHH… You’ve got to have… UHHHHH… Been down with this… MMMM… Before…” Darren comments between his own moans, as while he’s clearly focused on getting the most out of this unexpected but already very pleasurable sexual encounter as he can, he can’t help but be blown away by how well she’s taking all of his cock, his balls slapping off of her every time he drives forward to shove it in to the base, and easily making them both groan loudly out upon each swift thrust. “MMMMM… But fuck!! AHHHHH… I ain’t fuckin’ complainin’ either way...” He grins again as he carries on with the task, sharply sending his stiff shaft straight into her snatch, the pace of the motion resulting in her gorgeous body jolting forward each time he pumps into her wet and still needy even after one orgasm hole, causing her ripe ass cheeks to jiggle from the impact, but it isn’t long before she’s pushing herself right back in order to take the very next thrust in another impressive display from the sexy white woman who is taking her first black cock.

“AHHHHH… MMMMM… I-I swear!! I’ve… OOOOOOOOH GOOOOSH!! I’ve never done… AHHHHH!! This kind of thing be-before!! MMMMM...” She groans out, sweat now forming across her beautiful, pale body as she keeps on rocking herself back and forth between that shelving she’s been bent over towards and gripping like her life depends on it, and that hung and handsome hunk behind her as he ravages her with thrust after deep and stiff thrust to more than ensure her first interracial experience will be one she most likely will never forget. “MMMMM!! OOOOOOOOH AHHHHHH… Don’t… Don’t stop!! MMMMM!! OH GOODNESS!! It feels so… SO GOOD MMMM!!” Annie adds with moans, as while in her nature she isn’t spilling out the dirty talk her no-strings-attached sexual partner is, the way she’s moaning out with every thrust she takes and the layer of sweat across her already attractive enough frame makes the redhead look more like a sex-loving free spirited beauty rather than usually always festive, innocent woman she’s supposed to be.

“MMMM… Don’t you worry girl… I got plenty left in me...” Darren smirks as he pulls his coated with her juices rod out from her, causing said female to groan at the empty feeling in her now already well fucked snatch. “How about you honey? Got another round in ya?”
“Oh… Oh yes, I sure do!” Annie looks back at him with an eager grin, pushing off from the toy shelves so she can stand up, showing she’s indeed ready for some more from him and his huge cock. Taking the moment to catch her breath, she reaches back and finally takes off her bra, sliding it off to let her rounded tits be freed.
However, before she can make a further move he again asserts the lead he’s been taking during this sexual encounter, taking a hold of her by her pale, slim waist in order to lift her completely off the ground with ease. “Good… ‘Cuz I’m done takin’ it easy on ya...” He chuckles as he lowers her down pussy first back onto his cock, and not stopping until she’s once again taking him in balls deep and leaving them both groaning sinfully as a result.

The stunning daughter of Santa Claus doesn’t even get a chance to grind on that now very familiar dick as he takes a hold of her thighs, keeping her legs spread apart for free access, and starts to go to town on her just as he’d vowed. In the next moment he starts deeply thrusting his cock straight up into that dripping wet twat with a rough, sudden pace that has her instantly squealing out with that wide eyed, open mouthed look of stunned awe. Already her tits and bouncing in time with the jolting motion her body is being made to do as she’s made to ride his cock from the force of these pounding pumps up into her pussy that has her near yelling out in pleasure as he grunts and groans as he lets loose with the sort of pace only a true size queen would be able to handle.

“OH GOSH!! OH GOSH!! AHHHHH!! MY… AHHHHH THAT COCK… MMMMM!! DON’T STOP!! OH YES!!” She squeals out, arms reaching back and locking fingers behind the head of her far experienced partner, offering zero resistance to the way he’s pounding away at her snatch now like he owns it, leaving her moaning and bouncing away as strains of her red hair stick to the sides of her sweat-covered face. “UHHHHH!! OH YESSSSS!! MMMMM… OH YOU… AHHHHHH… You’ve got… AHHHHH… To be on… UHHHHH!! The nice list this year!!” She moans out as she tilts her head back, still able in this highly lusty state to keep her truly Christmas nature remaining true despite how very naughty she’s currently being, getting slam fucked over and over by a man she barely knows, let alone the taboo nature of him being an absolute black stud and she being a white stunner, even if she’s far less wholesome as she had been an hour ago.

“UHHHHH… MMMMM… Fuck bein’ nice girl!! AHHHHH… I’m gettin’ real fuckin’ naughty! MMMMM!! Fucking up in here!!” Darren grunts in between his powerful, rather relentless now pumps as he delivers not just the kind of pace most porn-stars would struggle to maintain, but that many their female co-stars wouldn’t be able to handle for half this time. Add in the fact that as he’s taking this beautiful redhead he’s keeping her held completely off the ground as he hammers away up into her snatch? His sexual ability is undeniable, much like the pleasure both of them are getting from this wild action as he continues sliding his cock smoothly, swiftly, and with slamming force up into that slick to say the least snatch of the pale skinned babe who, despite her innocent demeanour, seems to have a body built to take black cock just like she’s doing right now.

“OOOOOOOH YES!! AHHHHH… WE’RE SO… MMMMM!! WE’RE SO NAUGHTY!!” She laughs out before another deep and long moan escapes the woman who has gone from working in this toy store to now fucking in the storage room with a customer, and is loving every moment of it as she takes that huge and long cock that’s getting stuffed completely into her snatch from underneath. “AHHHHH… And… MMMMM!! AND I LOVE IT!! AHHHHHH!! I LOVE BEING… MMMMM!! BEING SO NAUGHTY!!” She gasps out as she’s made to ride that pistoning shaft thanks to the force of his crotch connecting against her making her jolt upward before gravity does the work of bringing her back down just in time to meet the next deeply ramming motion, the slap of skin hitting off of sweat-coated skin ringing out along with their deep and loud moans.

“MMMM SHIT!! Awwwwwww YEAH!! FUCK… Fucking take… TAKE IT MMMMM!!!” The black hunk hisses, beads of sweat trickling down the sides of his handsome face as he puts in every bit of effort he’s got left in him in order to give this stunning white girl the kind of fucking she deserves but never knew she could take. His cock continues to ram all the way until his crotch smacks against her, her ass cheeks made to jiggle from the impact and her nicely sized breasts still bouncing away in time with the motion of that lovely, white body of the smoking hot redhead. “UHHHHH… SHIT!! Fuckin’… MMMMM!! Fine ass white girl!! FUCK!!” He moans his unique brand of “approval” for her in general, but most of all that still pleasurably tight even after all this intense pounding that’s gone on pussy, that hole now soaking wet to coat that shaft all the way down to the balls yet feeling like she could take this kind of action for another hour if not even longer.

“OH YES!! YES!! YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOH MMMMMM!!!” A final loud and long squeal from the woman taking the fucking of a lifetime, and once again Annie Claus is cumming, and hard at that as an even more intense flood of juices rushes out of well pumped snatch all over the first black cock she’s ever had inside her but has handled all this smoking hot action with such skill that if anyone had seen this shameless, sweat-soaked sex they’d think she had only even done interracial in her life. “AHHHHH… OOOOOOOHHHH… OH GOSH… Ahhhhhh… AHHHHH MMMMM...” She continues moaning out, slumping almost as she rests against the stud who is still thrusting into her, but at a mercifully slower and less forceful pace that allows her to come back down from this even more intense of an orgasm than the one she’d experienced what now feels like a whole separate Christmas ago. The big smile on her face shows that’s more than happy to have experienced it, even if it means a potential eternity on the Naughty List for both parties involved in this.

“SHIT… UHHHHH!! Gonna… MMMMM… Gonna bust soon girl!!” Darren warns, quickly lifting her up and off from his cock as he senses his release coming.
“Bust? Oh! Quick! Put me down!!” Annie says, this time able to guess what he’s referring to, and once set on her feet she’s swift to turn around and drop down to her knees, much like how this whole encounter started off with once they’d gotten into this storage room.
“MMMMM… Awwwww SHIT!!” He says, furiously jerking his cock with rapid strokes, his long member throbbing in his grasp and the urge to release only helped by the pretty face staring patiently up at him. “Here… UHHHH!! It fuckin’ cums!! MMMM!!”

Another deep groan, and not it’s time for Annie Claus to experience someone else cumming as the first hot shot of spunk lands across her pretty, white facial features as that huge black cock unleashes a huge load that makes her close her eyes as she takes this facial. He grunts as he pumps away at his shaft, sending streaks of spunk lashing down across her cheeks, lips, nose and forehead to even land high enough to land in her sexy bright red hair. Once again to her credit, despite being new to this sensation she’s taking it like a professional, not even flinching even when it lands over her eye to drip from the eyebrow, similarly matching the jizz starting to trickle down her cheeks and off her chin to leave her looking far from her usual festive self but even more stunning than usual.

“Mmmmm… God damn girl… You take it like you’ve done this like a damn street walker!” Darren “compliments” as he grins at the mess he’s made over her, giving his softening dick a final stroke for good measure before he lets go of himself.
“Golly… Guess this brings a new meaning to “Let It Snow”!” Annie says with a laugh, able to open her clear eye first as she brings her hand up to clear away the rope of cum over the other one. “But that was amazing! Thank you so much!” She warmly says with a nod, making the cum laying in her hair even more noticable when her long red locks shake from the movement.
“Thank me? Girl, you’re somethin’ else...” He chuckles as he looks over her cum-covered face. “Shit… Fuck it, after all that? I’mma buy like, a bunch of damn toys from this place now! One for each my cousins!” He vows with a smile.
“You… You mean it?” The smile of Annie’s gets even bigger at this news. “That’s fantastic! Ted is going to be so proud of me when I tell him!” She adds in her innocent manner, even if ruined by the spunk-coated mess she now is.

* * *


“Mrs Claus? Dear?” Jolly old Santa Claus himself calls out to his wife from another room. “How is our dear daughter Annie doing?”
“She’s… Doing just fine!” Mrs Claus says, her eyes still wide after watching what her daughter had just done thanks to the magical snow globe her husband usually used to keep an eye on what Annie is up to. “I’d say she’s… Got this toy selling business figured out much like you have delivering them!”
“Oh ho ho ho! I hope she doesn’t put me out of business then!” Santa jokes with a hearty laugh.

“...I hope there’s a vacancy at that store...” Mrs Claus mumbles to herself.

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While I'm not accepting requests for stories, feel free to leave any feedback as a reply to this thread. Thanks for reading!
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Erotica Writer from Scotland, focusing mostly on fictional stories with famous videogame etc characters, with the odd but of celeb smut.
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