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Megan Fox - Freeing the Fox
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Megan - Freeing the Fox

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Walking briskly down the corridor, he headed for the photo studio where they were working today. It was a shoot for a Men’s magazine, which wasn’t quite where he’d imagined himself entering show business, aiming to be somewhere on a film set, even though he’d had no delusions of walking into a directors chair. However it was a foot in the door and he had to work with it, and besides, he ended up on sets like this for photo shoots of some of the worlds most beautiful and desirable women, even if he was just a runner on low pay and long hours. He wasn’t late, just wanted to make sure he was punctual, it showed the right attitude to move up the chain, and it gave him a good amount of time to do anything he needed to prior to the shoot actually starting, which wouldn’t be for around an hour or so. Getting into the actual studio, he was greeted by the normal good mornings of the few people that bothered to acknowledge him, photographers and their assistants, setting up lights and tripods and so on, rigging up the umbrellas to create a soft, bright light on their subject.

The subject in question today was the luscious Megan Fox, the caliente young actress blossoming like a rose in both her beauty and career success. This certainly meant it was likely to be a good day, as despite doing running about making cups of tea or coffee and anything else that was asked of him in double quick time, he’d get to see Megan Fox in the midst of her photo shoot, probably with very little on. Her last shoot for FHM had seen her stripped naked, concealed by nothing but a sheet, and he certainly hoped she’d top that today, though he had no idea of prospective outfits or the direction of the shoot. Either way it’d be great to see her, though he didn’t expect he’d get a chance to meet her. Even if he was there in her presence at the time he found it unlikely she’d speak to him, even if she did seem down to earth and quite laid back for a young Hollywood star, from what he’d seen at least.

After doing a couple of basic things he always did, checking with people whether this or that needed doing, he got given a round of orders for tea and coffee from all the various people currently setting up for the photo shoot, as per usual. Without a complaint he headed off and set to work making them all, making sure to get them right, as he really didn’t fancy arguing without someone over the fact he’d put two sugars not one in their coffee. Making a tea for himself, he headed back out to the main area and worked his way round the set delivering the drinks, which everyone took, some with a thanks, others with nothing but the vaguest nod of acknowledgement to his presence. Finishing his round he paused to drink his own mug of tea, and since nothing had started there was nothing to actually do except casually talk to a couple of guys on set and watch the photographers set up their ridiculously expensive equipment.

Everyone seemed to be taken by surprise a few minutes later when the door opened and a lady with a rack of clothing breezed in, heading for Megan’s dressing room, and a few steps behind came her personal assistant and Megan Fox herself, dressed casually in a pair of skinny jeans that showed off her long legs and a simple black top, which snugly followed the curves of her gorgeous body, highlighting her slender waist and firm, perky breasts just perfectly. Wearing just simple flat shoes she stood at her five-foot-six height and made no additional noise as she walked as might have been expected. Everyone in the studio seemed to have stopped, a breath collectively caught in their throats as the gorgeous American star walked in, her beauty almost mesmerising, with her long dark hair, foxy eyebrows, pale blue eyes and full, luscious lips, just captivating the eyes around the studio, even of the women. Engaged in a conversation with her PA, Megan hadn’t noticed, walking slowly towards her dressing room as she discussed something, until she paused at the silence and looked up, her eyes flitting quickly round the room.

“Um…hi,” she said with a smile, finding it quite amusing the was the centre of such attention. It immediately spurred everyone back to work, acting as if they hadn’t been staring at her. However it left him and a couple of other guys standing right in front of her, and they couldn’t get straight back to work without seeming rude, and since they hadn’t been doing much anyway there was nothing to do except say hello to her and try not to make fools of themselves.

“Morning,” they all mumbled, practically in unison, immediately feeling stupid at it, though if Megan thought so she didn’t say anything.

“How’s it going?” she asked casually, turning to shoo her personal assistant on, making it clear she’d catch up in a moment.

“Umm pretty good,” he said, trying to sound casual, resisting the urge to add anything corny like “much better now you’re here”, even if it was the truth. The other guys mumbled their thoughts on the day, which were only positive.

“How about you?” he boldly asked, feeling his heart surge in nerves and excitement, quite amazed he’d even asked her anything at all. She snapped her head round towards him, her eyes locking onto his, leaving him unable to look away even if he’d wanted to, captivated and captured by her eyes.

“It’s going good, I think this is gonna go well,” she said, giving him a smile, but something in her eyes suggested more than manners at work.

“Excited about the shoot?” he continued, deciding that he had nothing to lose really by building on the promising start.

“Oh very much, I always am, I just get this…sensation when I do things like this, it feels just so liberating, almost natural…” she said, trailing into a husky whisper at the end, making him struggle to hide his surprise at such a candid insight to herself when they’d only just met.

“Well, at least you enjoy doing what you do, not all of us are so lucky,” he said, giving a slight shrug of his shoulders to indicate his own lowly occupation, suddenly realising the two tech guys who’d been with him had melted away.

“Oh you’ll get lucky soon enough, you’ll work your way up there,” she said with a slightly saucy edge, his heart stopping as he saw the slightly flick of her eyebrow, a spark in her eyes.

“Hope so,” he stuttered, quickly forcing himself to regroup, “but for now I’m just doing anything I have to, making tea and coffee,” he said, holding up his mug, then realising his error, feeling as if he’d been so rude to her. He didn’t give her a chance to speak, to follow up her understanding mm-hmm, jumping in quickly.

“By the way, do you want anything to drink, tea, coffee, anything?” he said, quickly but politely, she glanced down at the mug, then back up at him, raising her eyebrows a little as she broke into a sweet grin.

“Inviting me for coffee are you?” she purred, just looking him in the eye with her own gorgeous ones.

“Well, if you fancy something hot,” he replied without thinking, immediately feeling his chest clench in terror that he’d pushed it too far, but her dirty, genuine laugh told him otherwise straight away as she saw the humour in his quip.

“Well I would but I really best go get ready, get my clothes on…or off, I’m not sure which exactly,” she giggled, looking up and catching his eye again.

“Ok then well, you’d best go find out I guess, it was nice to meet you,” he said, extending a hand.

“You too, have fun running,” she teased, reaching out to just lightly shake his hand, more a courtesy grasp, but it was like a thunderbolt as her soft, warm fingers just closed round his for a fleeting moment, his heart rate increasing, breathing catching in his throat.

“Have fun posing,” he said as her hand slid from his and she turned to leave, making her give a cheeky grin and glance back to him as she walked away towards her dressing room, giving him a perfect chance to check out her gorgeous ass as she did, firm and inviting in her tight jeans. As she rounded the corner into her dressing room the moment was broken and he snapped back to reality, feeling like an electric charge dissipated from the air, leaving it clear, fresh and cool, like the aftermath of a heavy thunderstorm that left the atmosphere washed clean. Glancing round, he saw a couple of people looking at him, who held their nerve enough to give him questioning faces before they went back to what they were doing, leaving him to look down at his neglected mug of tea, swiftly raising his shaking mug to take a gulp of the sweet beverage, hoping it might help calm his jangling nerves and racing heart. Quickly finishing his tea and feeling very self conscious, not quite knowing what to do with himself, he went round and collected up the empty mugs from people, deciding that a couple of minutes alone washing them up might be a good idea to give him a chance to catch his breath.

If any of them had fully seen his flirty exchange with Miss Fox none of them mentioned it, even the ones that’d made eyes at him, and he swiftly collected up the empties and went to wash them up, not rushing too much as he took some deep breaths and ran over the incident in his head, trying to hold his rampant imagination from running wild with what might happen, or what would’ve happened from then had he been the one with the power. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he thought it might just be her boldness and confidence that threw him off a little, not quite prepared for the fact she’d even spoken to him, let alone flirted with him in such a straight forward manner. Finishing with the mugs, another deep breath or two and he headed back to the main set area, where the technicians were just finishing setting up the equipment, calibrating for light levels and so on, the photographers themselves preparing their cameras ready for the gorgeous lady of the moment.

In the lead up to the shoot itself as they waited for Megan Fox to be readied by her make-up artist and stylist, him in perhaps more anticipation than others, since they were so experienced and had seen scores of desirable women come through over the years, he was put to work doing this and that. It was just simple stuff, such as getting a bottle of water for someone or finding someone to do something here or there. It seemed like an agonising length of time before the door to Megan’s dressing room opened and everyone looked round, even as they attempted to look like they were still doing their job, but it was understandable everyone wanted to see the her ready for the photo shoot. He was so stunned he almost dropped box of photographic equipment he’d been asked to move.

Megan Fox stepped out of her dressing room with her stylist in tow, dressed up as a saucy secretary, just putting together every possible aspect of the stereotype all at once, making everyone in the studio, male or female, want to get her to a desk and make her assume the position. He took in every tiny detail of her as she strutted towards the illuminated area for the shoot, her hair pinned up sexily, a pair of thick framed black glasses on her that just looked so goddamn sexy, unable to stop himself thinking how he’d like to give her a reason to be taking them off. Her luscious pout made her look the most kissable secretary he’d ever seen, right above her smart jacket, a thinly pinstriped black one that was small and snug, pulled in at her waist to accentuate her figure. Underneath it she wore a typical white shirt, tight linen, opened several buttons to expose the swell of her gorgeous breasts and a hint of black lace of her supporting bra. This all finished snugly at her hips, which were accentuated strongly by the tight material of her matching pinstriped pencil skirt which wrapped round her toned thighs, pulled tight over them down to mid-thigh, a split running up the side to allow a little movement. From underneath her sexy black stockings ran down her legs, wrapping them gorgeously in seamed nylon, the trademark join running up the backs of her legs to her shapely ass. Topping it off were a pair of black high heels, which made the most delightful sound on the studio floor as she strutted carefully to the staging area.

Unable to move, he unashamedly stared at her as she got into place in front of the photographers, who made their final adjustments for light sensitivity and such as her make-up artist and stylist fussed over final details, moving strands of hair here and there. They moved off and left her, Megan giving them a thanking smile, saying something he didn’t hear and settling back into position in the chair she was on, legs firmly together, glancing round the studio at everyone, who had all pretty much gone back to work as she awaited them to start, when her eyes settled on him. His heart stopped dead as their eyes met, the gorgeous young actress just considering him a moment, then looking down over herself, offering herself a view down her top and the rest of her sexy outfit, then she looked saucily back up at him from under her perfectly-shaped eyebrows, over the tops of the foxy glasses. A wicked grin spread on her cute mouth and she gave the slightest hint of an eyebrow flick as she looked at him, enough to make his cock twitch in anticipation as he was suddenly shaken back to reality, quickly moving to do what he was supposed to be with the case.

Megan gave a little giggle to herself as she saw the effect she had on him, pondering it a moment before the director informed her he was ready to start the shoot. She immediately got to work posing as instructed, the cameras starting to click relentlessly, taking the hundreds of photographs that’d never be seen, taking hundreds when they used just a handful, picking on the best ones. But she didn’t mind, she positively enjoyed it, playing up to the cameras, pouting and posing as a sex kitten, positioning her hands just right to change the way a picture would be seen, feeling a little thrill run through her as she thought of the people who would be excited just seeing these pictures in a magazine in few months. Although it may seem trashy, she enjoyed the attention she received for her looks, what girl didn’t, and she felt beautiful and sexy in front of the camera.

“Megan, over here,” instructed the director, pointing and indicating how he wanted her as she turned to another camera, another angle, another captured moment in time.

“That’s it, give us a pout, gorgeous, gorgeous,” rambled the director as she pouted and modelled accordingly, moving from doing shoots sat down in the chair to standing up, pushing her hips and ass out, sexily looking back over her shoulder, leaning forward a little, suggestively toying with her clothing. The shoot paused as a desk was brought in, wanting to create the complete environment, Megan standing and just taking a breath, looking round with a sigh as she relaxed a moment, feeling hot in the clothes under all the lighting, her make-up artist just moving in to dab and tweak her in the brief respite from shooting. With the desk in place, she was immediately positioned behind it to take some shots as if she were just in the middle of working, though she did wonder who’d ever actually seen a secretary dressed quite like she was. Playing up to it she flicked through, paused to stretch and push her hair back from her face as if taxed by a hard day, look and pout sexily up into the lens of the cameras, the tip of a pen in her sweet lips, just letting her tongue touch at the glossy lips and pen as she did, adding that little x-factor to the shots.

“Perfect Megan, you’re a natural, now if you could just stand up,” she was instructed, standing behind the desk so she could do a few of her leaning over it as if oblivious to the cleavage she displayed whilst doing so. Luckily as the shoot went on, people were busy doing their job and given everything was in place, there was little for him to do as a runner right then, meaning he got to enjoy watching Megan Fox minx it up for the cameras, which was sensational. He could just feel the energy coming off her, the sexual aura radiating from her stunning form, the way she just commanded the camera as she posed. She moved round in front of the desk, leaning back against it nonchalantly, but as she did her eyes flicked through the studio, settling on him once more, on his own eyes, making him surge with excitement and fear once more, just holding his gaze, even as she turned to do some shots of her from behind, sexily lifting her jacket and arching her back to show off her gorgeous ass a little better, she looked over her shoulder at him. He was sure she gave her ass a slight shake before she turned back to face the cameras, looking sexily sideways at him and flicking her eyebrows before looking away at the cameras again, making him shiver in excitement, his cock definitely stiffening a little at it.

The shoot started to heat up as Megan reached up to pull the pins from her dark hair, letting it drop loose about her shoulders, showing great volume and waviness, making her look a goddess as she tilted her head and arched her back to shake it free, pushing her chest out, straining the buttons on the jacket just perfectly in the process, making the shirt slide down just a fraction to reveal her lacy black bra a little more, hinting at its saucy style. With her hair down, Megan looked back head on into the camera, staring it down as she leaned on the desk, then shifting to stand fully, hands on hips, her legs apart in a power stance, as if declaring herself in charge, and right then he doubted there was a man alive that’d deny it. Reaching up, she slowly unbuttoned her jack, popping the two large buttons to free it, the thick black subtly pinstriped material swinging apart to show off her firm tummy which was just comfortably covered by the white shirt. It was tight over her breasts due to their size and the way the hidden bra pushed them up invitingly, but lower was just snug, the material still loose over her skin, just tempting him to find out what lay beneath. Leaning back once more, she did some more shots pulling the jacket open, hand on hip and so on until the director called for a break, meaning he’d need to start making more drinks.

People immediately started signalling they wanted tea and coffee, whilst he quickly scribbled it down since so many people wanted it, making him wish he could get some kind of promotion right now, perhaps to Megan Fox’s stylist, or someone else that got to see her naked. He glanced over to Megan herself, who was in some kind of conversation with the director, evidently trying to impart his “vision” of the shoot to his subject, who nodded and smiled over it. As he walked towards the small kitchen area to begin making the endless mugs of hot drinks, Megan started his way en route to her dressing room, immediately catching his attention and making him look up, where his eyes were captured by her gaze straight away, making him feel a cold surge of adrenaline and excitement clench his chest. He wanted to take a look over her as she approached the last few feet, her almost felt that he should, but he just couldn’t look away from her enticing eyes that most definitely put the Fox in her name.

“Hey Megan,” he started, quite amazed at himself that he managed to find the courage to initiate the conversation with her.

“Hey there, doesn’t look like you’ve been running much,” she teased, taking her glasses off and brushing some hair back from her gorgeous face.

“Well everyone’s been looking at you, so not had much for me to do,” he said with a smile, unable to stop it, hoping it didn’t look too cheesy or anything.

“Mm well I’ll give you something to do,” she purred, giving a little arch of her eyebrow and a little pout. He couldn’t believe he’d seen it, or was looking far too hard for signs she might like him beyond a mere curiosity, and put it down to that, not daring to hope anything else.

“Oh yeah, and what’s that?” he asked, hoping he sounded nonchalant, though pretty sure he failed as he saw her smirk.

“A coffee, two sugars,” she said with a smile, knowing how she was teasing him.

“How do you take it?” he said with cheeky grin, raising his notepad to jot it down, lest he forget it amongst all the other orders.

“Hot, and fast,” she purred, biting her lip sexily, enough to make his cock definitely swell in his jeans.

“Don’t worry I don’t waste time, will get you sorted out very soon,” he said, feeling his heart thumping in his chest at the tension between them, hoping a remark didn’t go too far and upset her.

“I should hope not, I’m ready and waiting,” Megan murmured quite saucily.

“So, you want milk, or you prefer something hot and black inside you?” he asked, trying not to shakily let out the end of that breath, clenching his teeth in worry, hoping she’d respond the right way.

“No thanks, I’ve tried that before, I like a bit of the white stuff,” she replied, unphased by his comment and positively loving the dirty little innuendos littering the conversation.

“Good. Well it might take a few, I’m kinda busy right now, just when everyone else is not,” he said with a slight laugh.

“Maybe I should ask one of them then,” she teased, stepping past him towards her dressing room.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you, you’ll be putting those lips to use soon enough,” he said quite boldly, gesturing towards her lovely pout.

“I hope so, you know where to find me,” she mused with a light, foxy smile, giving him the eyes as she sashayed away towards her dressing room, and he couldn’t help but think she was shaking her ass a little as she did so, before he finally got to work to go and make the drinks so he wasn’t moaned at too much. He made all the drinks, including another one for himself, and then set off with the loaded tray to make his way round and deliver all of them, gritting his teeth every time one of them thought themselves too high and mighty to even offer a little thanks. He was finally down to just his mug and Megan’s left on the tray, which shook a little in his hands as he walked to her dressing room, noticing a couple of people cast him a glance, but then notice the tray and ignore him once more. Firmly holding it one-handed, he tapped on the door and waited, not quite sure what to expect.

“Come in,” was all he heard, so did as asked and went in, finding Megan sitting in her outfit, being tended to her by make-up artist once more.

“Your coffee Miss Fox,” he said politely, not wanting to give the wrong kind of image in front of other people.

“Thank you,” she said with a pretty smile as he walked forward and offered the tray to her, where she carefully took her hot coffee, taking a sip. She deliberately made him wait, letting the taste spread over her tongue as she swallowed, closing her eyes, then breaking into another smile.

“Delicious, just the way I like it,” she purred, looking him straight in the eyes with her enchanting gaze, making his heart surge anxiously as she looked deep into him.

“Glad I could oblige,” he said, taking his own tea and having a good sip, hoping it might calm him a little.

“Well if I need anything I know who to ask now, as you’ll come when you’re needed and go fast when you have to,” she said sexily, taking another sip whilst holding his gaze, making him practically choke on his tea. He just about managed to keep his composure as she let out a breathy, overtly sexy sigh as she lowered the mug, shivering a little as the blended warmth spread through her.

“Well, anything you need Miss Fox, just ask,” he said, stepping back to the door.

“Oh I hope so,” she almost whispered as he backed out and carefully closed the door behind him, hardly letting himself believe he’d just heard her say it. The next few minutes passed relatively uneventfully, with everyone drinking their drinks and doing their own thing, giving him a chance to drink his own tea before he was set to work again, pounding round the set for every little thing. Collecting this, finding that, asking so-and-so for this, on and on, breaking a decent sweat. He somehow managed to get it all right as his mind lingered on Megan, the gorgeous babe just feet away in her dressing room done up as a male fantasy.

He figured the break was over as Megan emerged from her dressing room once more, much the same as when she went in, glasses in hand, and curiously her coffee mug in the other. She immediately looked round and set her eyes on him, waving her glasses to beckon him to her, which he swiftly did, not just because of the little bit of flirting between them, but because he didn’t want to be seen as not doing his job. Walking over to her, carrying the tray of mugs he’d been collecting up, he eyed her carefully for any sign of her thoughts, though he thought her smug smile was a good indication she was enjoying the power she had over him. Holding up her mug, he presented the tray for her to set it down on.

“Thank you,” she said with a wider smile.

“No problem, did you enjoy the coffee?” he asked politely, wanting to talk to her further but also knowing he couldn’t delay her from rejoining the shoot lest the director get annoyed at him.

“It was very nice thank you, went down nice and smooth,” she said, flicking an eyebrow just a little.

“Glad to hear it, if only everything else was so easy huh?” he said, casting a quick glance to where the photographers made their final preparations.

“Some things are,” Megan purred, looking sexily sideways at him from the corners of her eyes with an arch of her neat eyebrow, giving a little smile as she raised her thick framed glasses to just saucily bite on the end of one earpiece. Without another word she sashayed off, deliberately slowly, wiggling her hips and gorgeous ass perfectly, knowing full well he was watching her pert bum, as well as her legs in their seamed black stockings and high heels as they disappeared up under her tight pencil skirt. Managing to make his legs work, he headed back to the little kitchen area to clean the mugs away, washing them up in record time as he strived to get back onto the set where he could watch Megan on her photo shoot.

Making it back a few minutes later, he found himself lucky enough not to be accosted by any tasks and immediately set his eyes on Miss Fox, who already had stripped off her jacket and had her linen shirt undone up the middle, exposing a teasing hint of the sexy black bra she was wearing, as well as her perfectly toned tummy. His eyes were just locked on it, as perfect and tight as it had been when she’d arched so memorably in Transformers over the engine bay of the Camaro, taking in every curve and detail he could. Glancing up he saw her eyes locked on him once more, having sought him out in the people off set beyond the lights and cameras that stole images of her stunning body, her eyes immediately locked on his own as she posed. He had no idea how she managed to pick him out, or quite why she did either, but he loved it, the way her eyes just seemed to hint at having a little fun when he was sure they didn’t.

Holding her gaze steadily, as instructed Megan shrugged her shoulders back and peeled the shirt down her shoulders, pausing for photos, glancing momentarily to the cameras and then back to him with a sly smile as she slid it down and off her arms, letting it flutter to the floor by the desk she was leaning on, arching her back and shaking her hair out as she fully showed off her gorgeous body, her ripe breasts firm and ample, supported and imprisoned by the sexy black bra, a mixture of lace and sheer nylon wrapped snugly round and under her boobs. All this above her sculpted tummy made for a fantastic sight, especially given she was still in her sexy pinstripe skirt, stockings and heels, with her long, dark mane of luxurious hair hanging down around her pretty features, all while still wearing those glasses. Frankly it made her look far more like a naughty schoolteacher at that point, but did it really matter?

He realised his heart was pumping pretty fast in anticipation, but knew it was just because he was a red blooded male, which was exactly the point of these kind of photos being put in magazines. It was unrealistic to think she had any kind of interest in him, she was just teasing him with a bit of flirting, probably just to get amusement from his reaction, which he was sure she’d be observing carefully. Megan continued her work posing, doing a few shots on or around the desk, before getting back to saucily stripping, getting to something he’d been hoping he’d get to see. Reaching back, her slender fingers found the zip on the back of the sultry black pinstriped skirt, where Megan posed agonisingly to peek sexily back over her shoulder at the cameras with a naughty smile, before finally starting to slide it down, the skirt opening just enough to reveal her matching underwear, which made him inhale sharply enough that he was worried she may hear him herself.

Practically peeling the skirt down it was so tight, Megan wiggled her hips just perfectly, swaying her gorgeous ass side to side as it came into view, revealing that the waistband of the matching lingerie was a sexy black thong and a garter belt. It matched in that it was a mixture lace and sheer material, the lacy waistband soon giving way to a little material that didn’t hide her skin before it disappeared between her firm, tight bum. Her garter belt was wrapped snugly round her hips, reaching down into her skirt, which still lingered at her thighs as she was photographed, once again looking back towards him, a glint in her eye as she did, his heart giving a surge even though it was already pounding. Pushing the skirt south, she bent forwards as she revealed the tops of the stockings, the black lacy elastic close round her thighs, held up by the lovely garter belt. Letting the skirt go allowed it to puddle at her feet, where she kicked it aside with her high heel, cameras clicking constantly as they photographed everything possible.

Megan slowly turned around, pouting and posing for the cameras, positively loving the attention of it all, and looking absolutely stunning, so tall and slender. His eyes couldn’t help but stay fixed on her, following from her tall black heels, up her gorgeous legs in their black stockings, past the lacy tops to the stark contrast of her lightly tanned skin of her thighs, which led up to frame the sweet curve of her pussy, barely covered by the sexy knickers. The design was tantalizingly teasing, a mixture of sheer and embroidered lace to hide her femininity, though it couldn’t quite conceal her neat landing strip of dark hair, which he could barely tear his eyes from to scan up, over her garter belt, up over her incredible tummy, which he was just dying to run his tongue over, up to her pert, firm breasts, pushed up and threatening to spill out of the erotic bra. They jiggled softly, invitingly, as she shifted and struck another pose, tempting him to look up and take in her beauty, her full pouting lips, perfect features, suggestive eyes, combined with the sexy glasses, all perfectly done up with make-up to make her suit the name of Fox.

The shoot became more provocative with Megan down to just her underwear, turning to lean on the desk and then arch her back, pushing her ass out, showing off just how firm and tight it was, plenty to grasp and squeeze and spank, but toned and firm, just begging to be stroked. Turning back, Megan pulled herself up onto the desk as she was directed, sexily crossing her legs, acting as if she were interested in something else and that her saucy lingerie was of little concern. Sliding back off the desk, she did a few more shots around it, before coming back into full view and making a spectacle of kicking her high heels off towards the cameras, which he was sure would make for some great photographs in the magazine with a quote next to them. With them gone, she turned and raised her leg onto the desk, stretching forward to touch her toes, before sliding her hand sensually back up her leg to the garters, looking slowly over to him and biting her full bottom lip as she unsnapped the first one, giving a little twitch as she did, doing the same for the next as the director enthused over her performance.

“Goddamn, there are times when I don’t mind working twenty hour days for this kinda shit,” someone murmured next to him, another general lackey with a little more importance than himself, not much better paid either. He didn’t reply, far too enthralled by Megan’s raunchy striptease that she was delivering in a less than professional way. It was no standard photo shoot where she gradually removed her clothing, she was playing up to the cameras and it seemed to him as well, watching and eyeing him as he ogled her peeling her sexy outfit off. Giving an arch and shake of her dark, luxurious hair, Megan leaned forward and took hold of the toes of her stocking and then pulled it off in one smooth motion, the silky black nylon gliding off her smoothly waxed leg, where she threw it aside before standing down before the desk.

“That’s it Megan, you’re on fire baby,” the director praised, pointing and guiding photographers and lighting technicians to do this or that as the gorgeous young actress reached down and casually unclipped the other garters, then bent her foot up behind her and pulled the stocking off that way, once more sliding off her perfectly smooth limb. Standing down, her loose garters swung as she turned to face the cameras fully, lifting up her black stocking and pulling it tight between both her hands, before she aggressively bit down on it, giving a little growl as she looked sexily into the cameras, showing how fierce she could be in the bedroom as the director once again started praising her initiative. He didn’t notice though, since he was far too busy looking at Megan herself, taking in her body for the thousandth time, the bulge of her pussy in her saucy little thong, her perfect tummy, full breasts and gorgeous face, as well as her incredible ass when she turned enough to give him a peek.

Megan threw the stocking toward the camera, another good action shot to slide into whatever magazine this shoot would boost the sales of, then swiftly undid her garter belt and threw it down, leaving her in just her little thong and bra, which left very little to the imagination, but still far too much it seemed. Pulling the front of her little knickers down a bit, Megan gave them a view of the cute little tattoo near her pussy, teasingly close to showing off the goods. Turning round, he couldn’t hold in a deep sigh of desire as he saw her peachy rear again, just wishing he could cop a feel of it as he kissed her, and give it a good firm smack. Leaning over again, Megan went for a money shot, bending right over and wiggling her booty sexily, making even the director pause to stare, the sweet bulge of her pussy beautifully displayed, just barely concealed by the tiny underwear, a perfect shot to end a great shoot. Standing back up, she finally took off the glasses, as if she were another person in them, casually dropping them onto the desk, a last few photos taken before the director called a wrap on the set.

“Fantastic Megan, great set today, just perfect,” the director said enthusiastically, praising her modelling as a few sporadic claps arose from members of the technical team and photographers.

“Thanks, all in a days work,” she joked, stepping away from the desk and giving a light stretch, not hankering for a robe or anything else to cover herself, completely comfortable in her sexy underwear.
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Re: Megan Fox - Freeing the Fox
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“A very good days work today, gonna be a big seller this,” one of the photographers murmured, starting to pack up his equipment. Megan didn’t reply, simply smiling and then turning to walk towards her dressing room on her high heels, which clicked delightfully on the floor as she sashayed off the set. Catching sight of him a little further away, she slowed until she caught his eye, letting his wander over her a moment, then beckoned him to her. He swiftly walked across to her, trying not to be too hasty about it, though it was fairly obvious he was eager to get to her in just her bra and thong, the electricity building in the air once more as he approached her.

“How can I help you?” he asked politely, knowing he could talk to her a little more casually but still making sure he did his job, though it was difficult when the smoking actress was clad in so very little just in front of him.

“I need a little help…in my dressing room,” she purred, her voice low but husky.

“Um…no problem,” he murmured, taken aback, not quite sure what to expect from her words, since he couldn’t imagine it was anything near what he’d dare to fantasize about.

“Perhaps you could join me for…coffee,” she whispered, lowering her head, flicking her eyes up to peer sexily up at him from beneath her slender eyebrows.

“No problem Miss Fox, I can help you out,” he said, making her break into a smile.

“Good boy,” she whispered sexily, noting how he couldn’t keep his eyes to himself, looking down her stunning form, over her sexy, almost sheer lacy lingerie, knowing he could see the dark areas of her nipples and hint of her neatly shaven landing strip beneath her thong. Turning away from him, she continued on her way to her dressing room as he followed, able to feel his gaze on her firm ass, the tiny thong not doing much to conceal her, showing off her peachy rear just perfectly, especially as she walked. His eyes took in every inch of her, her intricate tattoos and gorgeous body, firm ass and tapered waist.

Swaying her hips a little, she took the few steps to her dressing room and opened the door, sauntering in and standing aside to invite him in, glancing back out to see a couple of people looking their way, to which she flicked her eyebrows quickly and then shut the door behind him, bolting it immediately. He turned back to see what was going on when Megan launched herself at him, throwing her arms round his neck and kissing him hard, fighting past his initial shock to bury her tongue in his mouth, which he quickly responded to, his tongue entwining wetly with hers, feeling Megan’s hot tongue curl back behind his front teeth.

“Oh god I’ve wanted you since I first got here,” she gasped through their intense, hurried kisses, her full lips feeling great against his as they snogged, tongues battling momentarily between gasps and breaths. She pulled tighter to him as his hands slid up her back, holding her to him as they embraced, allowing her hands to slide down to his chest, nimbly starting at the buttons on his shirt to quickly undo them.

“Same here, but I never thought you’d…well…” he breathed heavily, his hands sliding up and down her gorgeously smooth back, fingers sliding beneath the strap of her bra and down to the waistband of her little black knickers.

“This is your lucky day then,” she murmured, pulling his shirt back off his shoulders, making him momentarily release her fantastic body so she could remove it, which she swiftly did, yanking it off his arms to the floor, which immediately closed round her once more.

“Very lucky,” he mumbled, his hands once again sliding over her, bolder this time with his caresses, both his hands sliding right down onto her firm ass, where when he heard no protest, he gave a good firm squeeze of her ripe cheeks, making her murmur through their enduring kisses. There was no more talk as her hands dropped to work on his jeans, getting the belt undone and going for the button as his hand slid up to her bra strap, where his fingers deftly hooked under and then pinched the clasp, slipping the hooks apart and letting go to undo her bra strap, allowing it to fall loose on her chest and let her full, ample breasts break free, not that they dropped much given how young and pert she was. His hands slid round to her front, Megan leaning back a little to let him access her, immediately giving her generous breasts a good squeeze through the loose bra before he grabbed it and pulled it down her arms, where she paused a moment to let it fall off to the floor and reveal her lovely boobs.

Just pausing a minute to let him take her in, Megan studied him and his features, seeing a mix of rugged handsomeness and cute innocence in him, though she wasn’t sure what it was that made her think so, and his hands suggested otherwise. Going back to work, her dainty hands brushed over the bulge of his rapidly stiffening erection as she released the button and then pulled his zip down easily, exposing his bulging boxers. His hands meanwhile where busy cupping and squeezing at her chest, holding and massaging her perfect breasts, using his fingertips to coax her already firm nipples completely hard, pressing into the palms of his hands as he groped her once more. Keeping one hand on her rack, he used his other to slide down the curve of her back to her ass, delivering a good squeeze and then, after a little further increase in his heart rate, a sharp, swift spank.

Megan gave a gasp, biting his bottom lip lustily and thrusting her hand into the front of his jeans, wrapping her soft hand round his cock through his shorts, just squeezing him a moment before starting to stroke him, making him shiver in anticipation as she satisfying warmth of her ministrations spread through him. His hand stroked over her hot ass once more, his fingertips dragging lazily up the crack of her bum before he hooked them in the waistband of the little, but expensive, thong. Taking hold of the pricey knickers, he pulled them down, sliding them over her peachy rear and down onto her thighs, the front of them peeling from her neatly kept pussy to reveal her puffy pout and neat landing strip of dark hair. She pulled her legs together a little to help him dispatch the thong to her knees, where it slid easily down by itself to lay over her high heels, leaving her practically naked save her smile.

They engaged in another particularly passionate kiss, sucking and biting at each others tongues playfully, Megan pulling at his bottom lip as he licked teasingly at her upper one, just letting all the sensations mingle as she continued to stroke him, using her other hand to push his jeans down to his thighs and make him easier to access. His hand slid round from her firm ass, though one remained, and found its way between them to her exposed crotch, sliding over her hip straight to her puffy pussy, his fingertips gliding through her neat strip of pubic hair and down to her wet slit, his middle finger sliding down between her vulva, the insides of his knuckles bumping over her stiff clit, making her tense up and shiver with a ragged breath of restrained pleasure.

 Breaking the kiss, Megan kissed hard and fast down his chest, which was reasonably buff since he’d been trying to work out, trying to keep motivated at it. This was something that’d do it, and it made him glad he’d managed what he had as she kissed and licked down, sinking to her knees before him, grabbing his boxers and pulling them quickly down to reveal his erection which sprung back up, inviting her attentions. Grasping it again, she started to stroke him, harder and faster this time, as she used her other hand to pull her lacy thong off over her high heels and toss it aside with the expensive bra.

Her hand worked swiftly at him as she looked up foxily from beneath her eyebrows, her spare hand moving downward to quickly rub at her pussy, making him breathe heavily in arousal as he saw her so blatantly pleasure herself as she tugged him off. Megan continued to rub at herself as she gave some long squeezing strokes to his cock, base to tip, giving a few more quick strokes to him before she slid her hand to the base and held him still so she could lean forward, breathing hotly all over his bulbous purple head, looking up to him with a naughty smile, knowing just how she was teasing him, feeling him thrust towards her in a vain attempt to get his cock into her waiting mouth. Giving a slow, powerful pull up his cock, she squeezed the blood to the tip of his penis, holding him as she then let her tongue flick out to touch the end of him, just doing it a few times, hearing him groan, in anticipation as much as pleasure.

Megan ran her tongue over his firm head, relaxing her grip and stroking him again before she leaned forward and got on with it, planting a kiss on the end of his hardon with her full, plump lips, which she then slid straight forward over his head and onto his cock, taking the first few inches of him into her hot, wet mouth, hearing him groan and shudder with pleasure as she did. She wasted no time in starting to suck, not too hard, just right to please him as she started bobbing, squeezing and stroking the base of his thick shaft as she fellated him. Building up speed quickly, Megan’s tongue worked double time, flicking and wrapping round his cock, swirling wetly over the head, the tip tracing every contour of his manhood as she sucked him off, bobbing her head energetically, her glossy hair shaking around as it cascaded down over her shoulders. She slowed to match her hand with her head, bobbing up and down in duality, making him groan and push towards her as waves of pleasure ran through him.

Megan shifted a little, settling on her knees as she withdrew her hand from her slippery pussy, giving a last quick rub to her stiff clit before she reached up, removing her other hand from his shaft as she took hold of his hips, hanging back to saucily kiss the tip of his cock again, looking up at him sweetly as she licked the underside of his rock hard erection before taking it into her mouth again. Megan sucked harder than she had, and worked faster, plunging down to take more of his cock now, over half, bumping the back of her throat as she gripped his hips, jamming her mouth down on him as she wetly sucked him off, swirling and tonguing at him whorishly as she slurped at his cock. He couldn’t resist any longer and let his hands move to her head, where she made no effort to stop him, making him bolder in sliding his fingers into her dark, luxurious hair, taking a firm grip on her head as she pumped her mouth up and down on his hardon, feeling her clit throb with need, her nipples hard and needing a good sucking, and a set of teeth wouldn’t hurt them either.

Pushing down harder, she took a bit more of his cock as she sucked harder, drooling over his prick as she sucked busily, hearing him groan as he pulled her onto him more, helping her own motions, her fingers tightening her grip on him, sliding round to grab his ass a bit as he pushed into her mouth. Her full lips felt fantastic sealed around his cock as she moved up and down, her skilful tongue indicating she’d given plenty of head in her time, which he was grateful for as her succulent mouth went quickly up and down him, right into the start of her throat without a hint of gag. Wanting to see how good she was, he grasped her head tighter and took control, picking up the pace a bit and then pushing deeper, which she coped with easily. He started pumping deeply, pushing right into her throat, going all the way and pulling her down till her nose pressed against him, feeling her a little surprised by the suddenness of it but able to cope, holding back an initial gag and staying calm, simply sucking harder and continuing to assault him with her tongue as he pulled back and then did it again.

It felt fantastic to drive all the way into Megan’s throat, loving how she took it so perfectly, knowing exactly what she was doing as his balls pressed to her chin, her full lips pouting round his engorged shaft as he pumped it in and out, building up the speed again. Even that didn’t trip her up, and she just let him give her a proper throatjob, pumping her head up and down almost as if he were bouncing a basketball, opening her eyes to look foxily up at him from under her arched eyebrows, giving a look that begged him to do more with her than her mouth could offer. He continued to drive his cock into her willing throat, which bulged at the intrusion, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked them in onto the sides of his cock, showing off her fantastic angles and beauty as she did, eyes closing once more. A little sensation from his balls up to the tip of his cock told him that if he just let Megan keep sucking his cock he wouldn’t last very long, since she was an absolutely expert cocksucker, positioning her tongue with precision accuracy to pleasure him.

Not wanting to finish in her mouth, and with Megan dripping wet and begging for attention, he gave a few final plunges into her throat, holding her right down for a moment, just letting her work her tongue on his cock, before pulling her back off him suddenly, making her give a deep gasp for air, saliva running down her chin, which she swiftly reached up to wipe away with the back of her hand. Grasping her shoulders, he drew the gorgeous actress to her feet and kissed her passionately, her now-proven tongue entwining with his own, sliding and pushing at his as they snogged, his hands sliding round her smooth back and down to her firm, toned ass, grasping the cheeks as her own soft hands slid round to hold onto his strong back. He turned her round as they kissed, pushing her back against her dresser, his rock hard cock pressing into her flat stomach. They both had exactly the same idea in mind it seemed, with Megan putting her arms up round his neck as he reached under her pert rear to lift her up, where she promptly wrapped her gorgeous long legs around his waist, holding him tight as he put her on the edge of the dresser.

“Oh god don’t keep me waiting,” she gasped, practically begging she was so turned on as he reached down to grasp his rock hard cock, still moist from her sucking, pressing it down towards her juicy snatch.

“I’m coming,” he breathed with a smile, teasing her about her need, something she’d never made any particular secret of.

“Already, I’m that good am I?” she goaded, smirking until he kissed her hard, feeling her respond as he pressed into her slick pussy, pushing for just a moment till he felt her give way and let him in, feeling her muscles hug every inch of his cock as he slipped into her, snug and tight but not holding him back, letting him push all the way to the hilt in her hot pussy as they both gave a groan of slight release at finally getting together. Holding still just a moment to bask in the sensations, they both took a few good breaths before Megan cheekily leaned forward and bit his shoulder, not too hard, but enough to spur him into action, grabbing her tightly and pulling her towards him, drawing back and thrusting up into her hard, hard enough to lift her ass off the desk a little, making her grunt deeply, her legs weakening a little before she wrapped them around him tightly once more. She used them to help pull him deeply into her as he started to thrust in earnest, kissing her neck, running his tongue down the taut skin as he pumped up into her, giving her every possible millimetre of his cock. His hands slid down her gorgeously smooth back to just above her ass, pulling her hips down and towards him on the edge of the dresser as he fucked her, Megan nuzzling in for a series of quick, hot kisses.

“Oh god I’ve wanted you since I met you this morning, just knew you’d fuck me so good,” she gasped, giving a growl as he powered into her with a strong, slow thrust.

“I’ll do my best, but why me, I’m just…nobody,” he murmured through their kissing, just focussing on fucking her, the squeeze of her tight pussy on his aching cock, which he didn’t think had ever been so hard, something he hoped Miss Fox appreciated. She certainly seemed to as she rolled her hips and clung tightly to him, breathing heavily.

“Maybe, but you’re the one that gets to fuck me. There’s plenty of other guys out there that’d love to give it to me, I can tell by the way they look at me, but you’re the one who’s got me, so you can’t be that much of a nobody,” she breathed, smirking as she pulled on his bottom lip with her teeth.

“And I’m not gonna let you down,” he growled, squeezing her tighter and pumping her particularly hard, making her almost choke out the breath she had, giving a deep, soulful moan as he picked up the pace, squeezing the top of her ass as he thumped in between her legs, feeling her pelvic muscles sucking his cock in as she helped slam him into her with her powerful thighs. Megan leaned back from him, hanging back on his neck, which he quickly followed up by sliding his hands up to the small of her sexy back, which she took advantage swiftly, letting go and leaning back, letting him hold her up. Arching back tightly, she pushed her full chest out, presenting her perky breasts with their hard, screwed up nipples, glistening with sweat, a droplet sliding down over her lightly tanned skin, sliding just over her crinkled aureole as they bounced gorgeously before him, jiggling firmly as they screwed on the edge of her dresser.

They fucked hard, unable to hold back a wave of passion, kissing and biting insatiably as their hands roamed and squeezed, not wanting to let go. Holding her tightly he picked her up, making her squeal and giggle as he spun her round and almost slammed her against the wall, her ripe body bouncing delightfully as he did, Megan smiling wide as he let her slip back down on his cock, her thighs reaffirming their grip on his hips as he started to thrust again, their bodies rocking sweatily against the wall, Megan smiling as she panted, reaching up to swipe some hair back from her glistening face. She let out a loud, sharp gasp with each thrust he pumped up into her, her smooth back jarring up the wall with each one, her sweat letting her slide just right, her thighs squeezing harder as she felt a little surge of pleasure inside her, her body buzzing with the stimulation and excitement, sighing wistfully as she sank back down onto the good sized cock buried in her wet pussy.

There were no words exchanged, there just didn’t need to be, the only sounds their gasps and grunts as they fucked busily, Megan draping her arms saucily round his neck as they did, loving how he jammed her into the wall, how he pumped between her legs, his hands grabbing her ass as he supported he, just as he loved feeling her weight, her hot, powerful thighs around him, her juicy snatch squeezing at his hardon, the way her long hair tickled his face as it hung down around them. His fingers sunk into the soft flesh of her gorgeous ass, making her moan in pleasure at being almost forcefully taken, something she did enjoy, a little bit of the rough stuff, spurring him to thrust harder, and deeper, than he had since he got her against the wall, driving right to the hilt in her, his bulbous head practically barging her cervix open.

His hands couldn’t release her to do anything else for her, so Megan took matters into her own hands, releasing him to reach up and cup her firm breasts, squeezing them fully, quite hard, her fingers pressing into the inviting skin, pulling back to let her fingers play with her nipples, deliberately showing off to tease him, since his eyes were now locked on her chest, managing to keep up the thrusts that made it bounce however. Megan grinned as she tweaked and pulled at her stiff, dark nipples, moaning showily as she did it, feeling his cock surge to a new granite hardness inside of her, making her wiggle her hips a little as best she could to enjoy it, pinching and pulling at her hard little peaks before letting her hand slip south, slowly down over her toned stomach to where their sweaty bodies joined, just letting her fingertips and nails graze at his body as she sought out her stiff clit through the neat landing strip she kept.

An abrupt moan and tensing indicated she had, and even she wasn’t ready for the intensity of the quivering sensation it induced, her fingers pausing as she shuddered, biting her full lip before carrying on, getting her fingertips dancing on herself just right, working to slowly build up since she felt rather delicate she was so horny. It was one of the sexiest things he’d ever seen in his life. Megan pinned back against the wall by him, rocking up and down on his stiff cock, her head back, dark hair cascading down the wall behind her as she fingered herself, her perky breasts bouncing just perfectly as he fucked her, spurring him to add a bit more power despite the burning in his thighs. She let out a deep, shaking groan, her pussy squeezing on him to indicate just why, her thighs gripping his hips tightly, almost stopping him inside her, till she relaxed a little and let him continue, which he did harder than before, jamming her stiffly into the wall as her fingers gained speed.

“Can’t hold you up much longer Megan,” he gasped through gritted teeth, his hands squeezing her ass a bit more as he pushed up into her juicy pussy, feeling her strong, tight velvet walls clamping down around his manhood.

“So put me down,” she whispered, quickly leaning forwards to kiss him hard, hungrily, biting at his lips as they snogged, her tongue just about finding his in her haste, causing him to bear the burning in his muscles a little longer before reluctantly lifting her off his cock and setting her down, unable to restrain a sigh of relief however. She gave a giggle as he stood before he, letting his arms just rest a moment, his throbbing cock standing up between them, which she quickly slipped her hand round, making him groan as her soft digits wrapped round his shaft.

“Come on baby, finish me off,” she whispered into his ear as she leaned up, her tongue flicking out and up his earlobe, making him shiver. His hands immediately found her waist, pushing her back against the wall as he bent his knees to get back inside her, reaching down to unashamedly lift her leg up and allow him access. Megan lifted her long leg to his grasp with a giggle, not stopping his posing of her body as he moved to press into her juicy entrance, just splitting her slick labia when she spoke up.

“You know, you haven’t really put me down,” she growled, looking into his eyes, just holding still for a breath as he contemplated her words, then pulled away with a smile and let her leg down. She gave a grin as he pulled her to her dresser with her hand, then turned her away and pushed on her shoulders, urging her down over the surface. Megan complied happily, allowing him to bend her tanned, toned form over the dresser, her firm breasts hanging down delightfully beneath her, but that also meant they made contact first, so her stiff, sensitive nipples touched onto the surface first, making her yelp in shock from the cold. The top of the dressing table was actually glass, making it a pleasure to press her down on it and hear her scream. Megan gave a shriek as he pushed her down onto the dresser, trying to fight him after feeling the cold on her nipples, unable to resist it though and shrieking loudly as he pressed her down on the icy glass, the sharp chill racing all over the front of her body, her chest and tight abs, shivering and goosepimpling as he held her there with a smile.

“That’s more like it,” she gasped, the cold still spreading through her, surprised her nipples didn’t etch it they were so hard. He didn’t reply, simply reaching down brush his hand over her pert ass, unable to help himself, pulling it back and delivering a swift spank to her, making her clench and squeal, more in surprise than anything else. Her ass was a delicious, tempting sight, so tight and rounded, something he’d love to squeeze his cock into, and he momentarily wondered if she liked it that way, secretly hoping she did. He gave her another with similar results, then wasted no more time, grabbing his cock and pressing it between her legs to the back of her dripping cameltoe, pressing between the puffy lips into her entrance, which just held a moment before he slid into her, easily gliding right to the hilt in her hot pussy as they both groaned, knowing they were close. Pushing forwards against her peachy rear, he bumped her hips against the edge of the dresser, getting her settled in a stable position, before taking hold of her slender waist, pulling back against her hips for leverage, pulling himself a bit deeper into her which made her whine a little before he withdrew.

It felt like he was pulling her back from the desk she was so snug on his cock, her pussy holding onto him tightly as he pulled back, making him gasp before giving a growl as he drove back into her, his hips banging against her firm ass once more, both of them giving a grunt, Megan dropping her head with a shudder as he did, jamming her hips against the dresser. Grasping her more tightly, he went to work, drawing right back against till he threatened to slip out of her before plowing back in, driving full depth in her so his balls pressed against her, feeling the divine sensation of her lovely ass against his crotch. She murmured in pleasure as he ground into her bum for a moment, shifting her bare feet on the floor to spread her legs a bit more, making her steadier and allowing him better access to plunder her treasures, as if he needed it. He responded by immediately jamming into her deeply once more, making her give a groan of surprise and pleasure as his throbbing erection was buried into her, feeling every ridge and contour of him.

He was close already, even after just a few strokes into her from behind, but then when you got to look down at Megan Fox’s sexy back, with its lovely taper at her waist and body ink it was no surprise that he was near, especially since he’d fucked her plenty already. He didn’t want to leave her unsatisfied however, it was only fair, and he wanted to see what she was like when she came. Holding her waist still with his left hand, he leaned forwards and let his right hand sneak underneath her, across the bottom of her stomach and down to her pussy, sliding through her damp landing strip to find her stiff clit. Megan shifted a little with a murmur, as if trying to indicate he shouldn’t worry about her climax, but she soon lost herself to a deep shudder of pleasure and a stuttered moan of pleasure as his fingertips slid over her clit, stroking her through the delicate pink hood.

He focussed on thrusting at the same time as playing with her, concentrating hard to make sure both kept going properly, not jerkily, wanting to please her properly. Maintaining his stiff thrusts into her primarily, if a little slower, he then got to work stroking her clit, running his fingertips round the stiff little nub in swift circles, quickly going one way then reversing on her, as well as going directly over the top to make her shiver, as well as cheekily delivering little squeezes and pinches to it, something that made her thighs squeeze together strongly. He could tell she wanted to protest, to complain at such direct pressure to her sensitive button, but loved the feeling far too much to want it gone. He could feel her vagina rippling round him, clamping down on him more frequently now, more erratically, its owner clearly nearing her climax. Speeding up his ministrations on her willing body, he worked her clit harder and faster than before, something she seemed to respond very well to, her whole body giving a shudder and bucking strongly on the dresser in pre-orgasmic tension.

She clearly enjoyed some good energetic sex, and perhaps liking it a little rough now and then, something her tattoos and general attitude would hint strongly at, and he figured maybe he’d be lucky enough to find out about that sometime, but right now he just had to focus on getting the gorgeous American actress off as strongly as possible. Continually to plunge his rock hard cock in and out of her, his fingers danced on her clit, working hard to get her to climax as he tried to angle himself to pressure her G-spot with his bulbous head, which seemed to have some affect as she groaned and pushed back onto him a little more, her hips rocking onto him just perfectly to get her off, which he managed moments later. Megan tensed up, her body tightening up like a spring in the time it took him to rub her vigorously and thrust into her three or four more times as deep as possible, arching up from the desk, before she suddenly sprung, giving a long, loud scream of ecstasy.

Her back arched tightly, pressing her fantastic tummy down against the glass dresser top, her pussy clamping down tightly round him, squeezing at him rhythmically, trying to milk him for a load he wasn’t yet giving her, though her squeezing was gonna get him pretty damn close, steeling himself to ride it out as he hot, juicy pussy worked round him, feeling a little rush of her hot juices leaking round his cock as she orgasmed. She grabbed the other side of the dresser and pulled herself down hard on it as her screamed turned to gasps and grunts of pleasure as the smaller waves of the orgasm broke over her, her body glistening with sweat as she jolted and shook over the dressing table, becoming aware again that he still had his rock solid erection buried to the hilt in her, his fingers still lightly massaging her most intimate place.

“Mm thank you, enough, that was great,” she gasped, reaching back to bat his hand away from her crotch, which he replaced on her waist with his other one, grinding a little to feel the exquisite sensation of her around his cock.

“No problem,” he said with a smile, reaching over to run his fingers down her spine before moving the hand back to her waist.

“Now please yourself, don’t hold back, you deserve it now,” she breathed, looking back over her shoulder at him, reaching up to hook her dark, luxurious hair back over her ear to look foxily out of the corners of her eyes. He just gave a smile and pulled back, loving how her now even more slippery pussy moved around him, pulling back till her labia bulged a little before driving back deep into her, groaning at her now tighter, juicier pussy, feeling just sublime on every millimetre of the smooth skin of his cock. He didn’t need to try and distract from his climax now and held onto her tightly, his fingers pressing into her lightly tanned skin as he pumped vigorously into her with short, fast strokes, gasping in pleasure as almost immediately he felt his balls start to tighten.

“Come on, come to mamma,” Megan cooed, coaxing him on as he pounded into her hard, slapping into her ass healthily as he did, making the firm cheeks jiggle delightfully on the process, Megan still holding the other side of the dresser with one hand. It was all he could take, feeling the inevitable sensation as he reached the point of no return, his cock hardening a little more inside her in the final moments, which she capitalised on by squeezing down on him tightly with her pelvic muscles to help finish him off. He held on as long as he could muster, his fast, deep strokes grinding down to a slow, strained push of his cock into her, right to her womb, his sperm already leaking out before he let go and burst inside her, spilling his hot, thick load deep in the gorgeous actress, who gave a deep, satisfied groan of pleasure as she felt his warm, thick come shooting deep inside her. Holding himself as deep as possible inside her, he bucked and thrust against her as he emptied his balls into her, a particularly big load, though that was no surprise given he’d had her sucking him, and then got to fuck her, through an orgasm at that.

Giving a last few powerful pushes into her, he gave one last drive, getting right in and pushing as deep as he could, which Megan rewarded with a strong squeeze of her hot pussy, getting every last drop from him, before they both sagged exhausted, her over the dresser, him just down on his heels, shoulders sagging as the tension was relieved in them. He just stood breathing heavily behind the gasping Megan, both of them trying to catch their breath after their energetic sex, his cock softening inside her slick body. Letting his hands slide up onto her back, he pulled them down to give her perfect ass a good squeeze as he pulled his cock out of her, a little trickle of their combined juices leaking from Megan and running down the inside of her thigh. After a quick stretch, he leaned down to pull his jeans and shorts up, tucking himself back into them carefully since she’d really worn him out. Megan glanced back to watch him, then get a stretch over the dresser, a further arch that showed off her tight ass and her bulging pussy between her thighs. Standing up slowly, she gave a stretch and turned round, his eyes taking in her wonderfully naked body as she stepped close to him with a smile.

“That was very nice, you can do more than make coffee,” she purred sliding her arms round his body and holding herself close to him, looking up at him with a suggestively smirk.

“Glad you think so, you’re just…perfect,” he said, unable to say anything else, since she really seemed it. She grinned at it, loving the flattery like any other woman, looking almost shy and girly with it.

“Thank you,” she murmured, leaning up to lock her full lips with him, kissing him quite tenderly, their lips parting to just allow a sensual blending of their tongues in their most intimate kiss of the evening, far more to it than just lust this time. Slipping away, she gave a few kisses down his cheek and then rested her head on his shoulder, seemingly quite comfortable to stand naked with him and just let him hold her for a moment, relaxing with a sigh as she rested her head. Pulling back after a moment, his hands slid down to the perfect pinch of her waist, just resting there as her hands moved to rest on his arms, just looking up into his eyes. He couldn’t help a grin, which Megan returned more conservatively, finding slight humour in his giddiness following their fornication.

“So…can I have your number?” he asked, hoping his voice didn’t shake and betray his nerves.

“My number? Gonna call me up, take me out on a date are you?” she teased, smirking as she looking deep into his eyes.

“Well, that was the general thought yeah,” he murmured, squeezing her just a little.

“I think you just want to fuck me again,” she said, playfully accusing him.

“Well I’d hardly say no, but that wasn’t the idea,” he replied, playing along but wanting to get the right message across.

“Mm right, well how about you give me your number and I’ll decide whether to call you or not, then you can’t just ring me up looking for a quickie,” she teased, giving a cheeky flick of her tongue as she did.

“Sure, I’m hardly gonna argue with that,” he said with a laugh as she slipped from him and turned to the dresser, his breath catching as he took in her stunning naked figure once more, loving how casual she was about her famous, tanned body. Glancing round, Megan picked up all she could find, which was an eyeliner pencil and then grabbed one of the tissues from the box, spreading it out and then carefully taking down his number as he managed to recall it.

“Hmm…maybe I can risk giving you mine,” she cooed, turning back with a bright red lipstick, sliding back into his soft grip as she pressed the end of it to the left side of his chest. Concentrating, she carefully wrote her number backwards across his chest, so that when he looked in the mirror he’d see it, the scarlet lipstick bright and bold on his skin.

“There, now you can put your shirt on,” she said with a giggle, reaching up to run the bright lipstick round her full pout as he reached down for it, sliding into it and swiftly buttoning it up wrong, not that he even noticed. Finishing applying her lipstick, she blew a kiss at him with her scarlet lips, breaking into another smile as he gathered her up again, unable to help a glance down at her lovely, pert breasts. It wasn’t unnoticed, and she smiled at his continued lust for her as she slid in close to him, leaning up, grabbing a handful of his shirt as she pressed her damp lips to his shirt collar, working to leave a good lip print on him. Pulling away, she gave a smile as she saw the ruby print of her pout, marking him as her own.

“Mm very nice, everyone will know exactly what you’ve been up to now won’t they?” she teased playfully, sliding her arms round him again and slowly starting to edge him back towards the door.

“You know I think they’ll have a pretty good idea, you weren’t that quiet,” he joked, letting her guide him backwards.

“Well I’m sure you don’t mind people knowing that you nailed me,” she purred, leaning up to just brush her cherry lips on his as her hand unbolted the door behind his back.

“I think I can live with it,” he murmured with a smile, right before they melted into another kiss, a little more passionate this time, her full lips pressed tightly to his as their tongues entwined, swirling and stroking, before biting him cheekily, as she opened the door just enough, pushing him back through it into the studio area. Pulling the door immediately closed save room to peek round it, she grinned at him devilishly, her hair hanging down round her gorgeous face.

“Until next time,” she whispered, blowing him a kiss and then shutting the door. The sound of the latch broke the spell, making him look round to take everything in, noticing more than one person looking at him, more than one of the men rather enviously at that. Pulling himself together, he resisted the urge to look down his shirt at the number scrawled on his chest, or the red lip print on his collar, simply taking a breath and getting back to work, though he was thankful it was mostly done now and he wouldn’t have much to get through before he could get out of there, take down Megan Fox’s number and give her a call…

To be continued.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.

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Re: Megan Fox - Freeing the Fox
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2020, 09:51:51 PM »
I love this story, it's an all time classic. Thank you for posting!
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Re: Megan Fox - Freeing the Fox
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2020, 09:14:11 AM »
Great stuff, I had the biggest girl crush on Megan Fox back in the day. She may not be a popular face anymore but that star turned bright.


Re: Megan Fox - Freeing the Fox
« Reply #4 on: May 25, 2020, 09:51:26 PM »
Love a good story with Megan being slutty. I've been craving her and feeling nostalgic as of late since she has reappeared.


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