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Megan Fox - Cunning Fox
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Megan – Cunning Fox

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

This story follows on from the first part “Megan – Freeing the Fox”

* * * * *

Looking at his phone, his hand trembled a little bit as he highlighted Megan Fox’s phone number, stored on his mobile after being gleaned from his chest. Luckily his shirt hadn’t smudged the lipstick after she’d so carefully etched it on his chest and he’d quickly read it off in his mirror, checking it several times to make sure it was right as he saved it. Of course he’d also realised she might have just made up a number and scrawled it on his chest, but he put the thought from his mind in the hope that she really did fancy seeing him again. Taking a breath, he pressed to accept her number as the recipient and hit send, transmitting his message to her, or at least to what he hoped was her. He’d kept his message simple, hoping it sounded casual, not too eager, like a child begging for a treat, though he got the feeling she might see through it, being less than a week since he’d so delightfully met her.

It’d read simply “Hey Megan, how’s it going? We met at the photoshoot, you gave me your number in lipstick,”

He sat back and waited, his heart rate still going a bit too fast, knowing he should be calm. The worst that could happen is she wouldn’t reply, or he’d copped a fake number. He was a little surprised with a message swiftly arriving on his phone, the vibration shaking the table he’d set it on, the noise cutting the air and making his heart surge with anticipation. He took a breath and told himself to calm down, that it could just be a coincidence, a friend sending a message right now rather than a reply from Megan Fox herself. He reached for his phone, hearing his blood pounding in his ears as he slid the top part up, the screen bursting to life brightly and showing he had one new message. With a shaking hand he hit the select button to press “read” and open it, taking a conscious breath.

“Ooh hello big boy, eager for me again already are you? ;-) xx”

He just stared at it wide eyed, his breath shallow and short as he tried to absorb it, not quite daring to believe he really had Megan Fox’s number, though it was hardly any less believable than the fact he’d fucked her in her dressing room at the photoshoot a few days earlier. He took a breath, relieved it was her, and she seemed interested, not just pulling his leg, decidedly playful. However he wasn’t going to give into it and push his luck, rather than risk upsetting her in a poorly worded text message he’d meet up with her.

“Definitely, why wouldn’t I be? Was wondering if you wanted to meet up again sometime soon?” he replied, sending it and setting the phone aside, trying to remain casual though he really wasn’t. It took a few more minutes till he got her reply.

“Well…I don’t know. I’m a busy girl, not sure if I have the time…” was the message. He didn’t quite know what to think, whether she was just joking with him or genuinely busy. He couldn’t take the chance she was just playing with him, it’d be no surprise if she really did have something better to do, or simply not want to see him.

“Well if you’re busy that’s fair enough, understandable given your position,” he replied, trying not to sound too put out, even though he felt like he’d just deflated like a leaking car tyre.

“No I’m sure I can fit you in somewhere, like between my legs,” she replied, making his eyes widen in surprise at her brazen attitude when he read it. Unsure quite what to reply, he sat just holding his phone for a couple of minutes, before finally finding something to reply with, his mind racing as his thumb dabbed at the buttons.

“That sounds perfect. So where are your lovely legs and the rest of you to get between them?” he text back, breathing heavily as he sent it, his brain a minute away from oxygen starvation as his cock went absolutely rock hard in his shorts. Her next text told him he’d find her at a cute, expensive little coffee shop in the richer part of town, and that she’d be waiting. He couldn’t possibly get ready fast enough, scrabbling into a smarter looking shirt and jeans, but not wanting to seem too eager for her, even though he knew she’d see straight through him. With a quick splash of aftershave and enough mind power to check he had his wallet and so on, he grabbed his keys and headed for the door. Hailing a cab, he instructed the driver to take him a block or so away so he could casually stroll up to the coffee shop, and hopefully sneak a glimpse of Megan before he got there.

During the journey, he pondered over the meeting, what he’d say when they first met, how he should act. She seemed pretty playful, and he could probably get away with quite a lot, charm her with some teasing and innuendos, but the common sense part of his mind kept nagging that it was very likely to blow up in his face should he try. He still hadn’t made any kind of decision and was far more focussed on regulating his heart rate and adjusting his jeans to hide the semi he was already sporting as he thought of her, back to how she’d felt on his cock, the way she breathed hotly in his ear as he ground her into the wall…

It was a nice day as he handed over his fare and stepped out of the taxi onto the street, the hot sun beating down on the pavement, people out enjoying the nice weather as he started towards the café in an area of the city he rarely frequented due mainly to its prices, though he knew where he was going. He slowed as he approached the little coffee shop, his eyes locked on a foxy looking brunette outside, wearing a pair of dark sunglasses sitting at a table, casually sipping a coffee and checking her phone under the blue skies. Her luxurious brown hair cascaded down her bare shoulders and upper back, over the top of the light, floaty summery dress she was wearing, white with red flowers over it, looking cute and sexy. As he approached he could see her lovely bare legs sexily crossed under the edge of the table, the perfectly tanned limbs squeezed perfectly together, something he’d like them to do to him.

His footsteps must’ve betrayed him as she looked up when he got close before he could extend a greeting to her, giving a smile as she took him in, standing up, her soft little dress sliding back down her thighs. She didn’t greet him with words however, simply opening her arms to pull him into a light hug so she could lean up and give him a soft yet suggestive kiss on the lips.

“Afternoon,” she purred as she slid back down onto her sandals, smiling up at him knowingly as her hands slid down to his waist, seeming to sense how he trembled at her mere scent, the light graze of her hands down his sides, her gorgeous eyes that he felt like he was being drawn into.

“Hey Megan,” he greeted her, surprised at his own confidence to use such a casual greeting to her, though she seemed to be fine with it as she smiled and drew him to a seat with her, closer to her than was really necessary, on the same side of the table as herself.

“How’s it going?” she asked, her soft voice just delectable to hear, enough to make him stir in his jeans, as if her kiss and touch hadn’t been already.

“Much better now I’m here with you, but pretty good overall thanks. How about you?” he said, smiling as a sexy grin spread over Megan’s face at his little line.

“Mm it’s going pretty nicely, lovely day out here, can sit and have a nice coffee, and meet up with the guy that gave me such a good fucking the other day,” she said. It was practically enough to make him fall off his seat, her brazen attitude making his heart surge in his chest, a burst of adrenaline rushing through him as she just smiled teasingly at his gape.

“I um….really?” he said, unable to hold back his curiosity.

“Absolutely, I had good fun, not been just fucked like that, raw passion, for quite some time,” she said, as casually as if she were describing a meal she’d had the other night. He looked round to see if anyone was looking at her given her unabashed language, breathing out as he saw nobody close enough to have overheard.

“Well it was fantastic, just never imagined someone like you would see anything in someone like me,” he admitted, giving a slight shrug.

“Don’t see why not, you paid me proper attention rather than just looking at me as something to jerk yourself off over, though I bet you’ve done that before right?” she teased.

“Well…you’re very hot and all,” he said, blushing a little as she probed for an answer.

“Come on, admit it,” she giggled, letting her sandal slip from her foot, which she lifted to brush her toes up the inside of his calf muscle.

“Yeah ok I have, plenty of times,” he said, managing to steel himself and look up into her deep inviting eyes.

“Thought you might have, anything particular?” she murmured, rocking her leg a little to tease him with her dainty toes.

“That shoot you did with FHM magazine a while ago, and then GQ recently, in your bikini…” he trailed off, trying to remain focussed on her as he thought fleetingly to those stunning photos of her drenched body, her soaked bikini threatening to slip from her perfectly crafted frame.

“Yeah that was good fun, but I got a bit cold,” she replied, playing with the spoon in her mug idly as she continued to hold his gaze, her foot expertly stroking the inside of his lower leg, moving up towards his knee.

“I could tell,” he said shortly, this time Megan’s turn to blush a little and look away, looking so cute as she did so, her foot continuing to work at his leg however, which felt great, and did nothing to reduce the hardening of his cock.

“I’m not normally shy,” she whispered huskily as her foot slid up the inside of his thigh, pushing his legs apart a bit, neither of them mentioning as she did so, the electric touch of her talented toes enough to get him almost fully hard now in his jeans, straining against the denim, something not unnoticed by her, though again she didn’t say anything, just eyeing the bulge with a bite of her lip.

“I know, you certainly weren’t when I met you, positively…outgoing,” he smiled, shifting a little as her foot teased him, secretly hoping she’d put it on his cock, but also worried about being seen if she did.

“That’s because you just do it for me, intriguing, had to give you a go, and that’s why we’re here now and I’m not wearing any knickers,” she said, looking into his eyes. He nodded, then stopped, eyes widening once more, his cock straining particularly hard against the denim.

“You’re not wearing any knickers?” he asked, barely believing he was asking her it, his eyes immediately locking onto her bare, outstretched leg, his mind racing as he thought of her being naked underneath the flimsy summer dress, a breath of wind away from flashing her treasures when she was walking along.

“Want me to show you?” she asked, speaking as if challenged. He couldn’t deny he wanted to see her pussy, even if there was a big risk of them being spotted by another rich person just a table away.

“I’d love you to, but you don’t…” he said, offering her the way out, but her slender fingers were already on the hem off her light dress, casting a quick glance about and then casually lifting her dress, letting her other leg sag aside a little more to reveal herself. His heart practically stopped in his chest, as his eyes locked on her perfect pussy, her neat landing strip of dark pubic hair just down onto the top of her vulva, leaving her lips completely smooth, freshly shaved to perfection, looking so tempting he was almost about to go down on her right there at the café.

“What do you think?” she teased with a smile, since he’d seen it before anyway.

“Very pretty, looks good enough to eat,” he teased, managing to appear cool and unflustered as he looked her in the eye again, Megan quickly breaking that by pushing her bare foot up into his crotch, pressing on his huge erection as she carefully tucked her thin skirt down between her thighs to conceal herself.

“You’re more than welcome to,” she whispered, leaning down to look at him sexily from under her eyebrows, allowing him a peak down her dress at her firm breasts.

“I will, but not here,” he said with a smile, glancing around.

“Of course not, can’t get comfy on one of these chairs anyway,” she said with a smirk, pulling her foot back and standing it down into her sandal again, reaching out for his hand as she stood up.

“Come on sweetie, lets get you somewhere you can go down on me,” she said, taking his hand and leading him to his feet, leaning up to give him a kiss, her tongue pushing quite forcefully into his mouth, snaking round and over his own as her full lips pressed into his.

“Sounds good to me,” he murmured back, Megan giving a little satisfied smile before she turned away to lead him down the street as he quickly rearranged himself in his jeans so he could walk properly. The journey back to her place felt agonisingly long, though he was sure it was only a few minutes, a few minutes of walking behind her watching her peachy ass sway, cheekily reaching out to pat or pinch it without so much as a telling off from her, so he couldn’t really complain. The fact he could even know Megan Fox, let alone be on the way back to her place for an afternoon of hot, passionate sex, made any walk worth it. Reaching her apartment gave him a moment to wonder at how subtle it was, though he figured that was probably the point so she could live there a little more undisturbed than usual by the press and fans.

“It’s alright, I’m the only one living here right now, so we can make as much noise as we want,” she said, looking back to him with a smile.

“Good, it’s a nice place by the way,” he commented. She stopped at the door but pulled him close behind her, her hand immediately slipping straight to the front of his jeans, brazenly grabbing his cock through them in a way that made him inhale sharply.

“It’s the company that matters,” she purred, looking back over her shoulder at him with foxy eyes. Without another word she unlocked the door and let them in, pulling him inside by the bulge in his jeans and locking the door once more behind them.

“The bedroom’s this way,” she whispered, leaning up for another kiss as she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her master bedroom, kicking her sandals off, desperately horny now, her pussy so wet she feared she might drip any minute if he didn’t get his mouth on her. Her urgency was evident, from the firm way she grasped him to pull him towards the bedroom to her energetic, frenzied little steps and skips as she dragged him towards the bedroom, so desperate for some relief from her arousal. Pulling him into her boudoir as she dragged him into another passionate, she stumbled backwards to her plush bed, kicking a pair of shoes aside as she did so, skilfully navigating her way past them before kicking her own sandals to the sides, right before her toned calf muscles hit the edge of the bed and she collapsed backwards onto it, him following on top of her.

Catching himself on his arms over her, she gave a girly, playful giggle as he did, leaning down over her, smiling down at her gorgeous features, drinking in her beauty, drowning in her sheer sexual energy, feeling her knees slide up either side of his legs as she let him slip between them, her lightweight dress dropping easily between to leave them bare and smooth as she pulled them up around him, squeezing him powerfully.

“Mm don’t make me wait, I really need you,” she breathed, pulling no punches over how horny she was, desperate for him to go to work on her. Looking up from her for a moment, he took in her bedroom, surveying her private space, not too extravagantly furnished considering her wealth, which said more about her really, that she was far more down to earth and real than so many other celebrities. Either way he didn’t care, down to earth or not, he was going down on her and that was his pressing concern, well as well as the throbbing hardon pressing against his jeans. Kissing down her neck, he took his time to deliver soft, warm, wet kisses, just teasingly biting and nibbling at her beautifully soft skin, feeling her tense and shiver beneath him as he did, running his tongue down over her collarbone and onto her upper chest, just above the swell of her firm breasts.

He could just hear the sweet soundtrack of her breathing as he kissed over her chest just above her dress, Megan’s hands reaching up to her straps, her fingers twisting in the thin white spaghetti straps as she tried to work out what to do with herself to best remedy her burning loins. His hands slid down her sides, taking in the pinch of her slender waist and the wonderful curve of her hips, gripping a little firmer as they stroked down over her body, just slipping neatly off the hem of her little summer dress to her wonderfully smooth thighs, Megan’s breathing cut by a light gasp as her ultra sensitive body felt the caress of his honest hands, which immediately gave a squeeze to her powerful thighs, feeling her again shudder, her legs squeezing together, helping to stimulate her slippery pussy, which was so in need of his attentions she was on the brink of begging.

His hands slipped back up her perfect skin under her dress, back up the sides of her hips, quickly taking her little dress with it, the soft, thin material slipping up easily to give up her tantalising modesty. Megan didn’t resist him, positively aiding him in removing the little clothing she had on, lifting her hips up, almost presenting her pussy for him as he leaned over her, his hands leading the way by sliding her dress up onto her toney tummy to reveal her beautiful pussy, the exquisitely soft lips, already swollen and ready to action, her neatly shaven landing strip of dark hair contrasting sweetly against her lightly tanned skin. He knelt up to allow him to peel the little summery dress up and off her stunning body, Megan pulling herself to sit up and let him do it, which he immediately took advantage of, up over her head, drawing it off her hair to cast it swiftly aside as his eyes locked onto the naked body of Megan Fox for the second time in his life.

Her long, dark, luxurious hair cascaded down around her, down over her smooth shoulders as she smiled, her perky breasts bouncing down freely, nipples already stiffening a little in the fresh air and anticipation of the assault she was sure he’d give them. His eyes drank her in greedily, every possible detail, her cute little nipples and the swell of his firm breasts, which his hands quickly found, feeling her tremble a little and moan as he squeezed them, leaning up to hungrily kiss her again, something she returned aggressively, sucking her tongue into his mouth as he offered it to her, nipping and biting at it as he hands slid round his back, pulling him close to her. Breaking apart, she nuzzled him slightly as they breathed, feeling each others hot breath since they were so close, Megan trembling a little under him in anticipation.

“Lick me, every fucking inch, starting from the feet,” she breathing, her heart pumping firmly in her chest, breathing a little shallower than it had been. He paused just a moment as he gazed into her gorgeous eyes, falling into them before he leaned down to just brush her lips with his own.

“Anything you say,” he managed, before she pressed herself up to capture him in another deep kiss, his hands squeezing at her breasts again before he moved down, his hands grazing down her sides as he teasingly breathed over her toned midsection, particularly over her juicy pussy on his way down to her feet. He didn’t know quite what she meant by telling him to start at her feet, maybe she had a fetish, but he didn’t and wasn’t going to stay too long on them. Besides, he had far better places to be putting his tongue. Running his hands down her smoothly waxed legs, he got to her dainty feet, perfectly pedicured, nails varnished a bright red. Taking a breath, he ran his hands down her calves to her feet, softly brushing his fingertips up the soles of her feet, making her squeal and curl her feet, trying to get away, though he held her ankle firmly and leaned down to softly drag his tongue over the top of her foot. It evidently did something for her, as she gave a sigh and relaxed, her body loosening in his hands, allowing him to position her legs a little better to do it for her.

Dragging his hot tongue down the top of her foot towards her toes, he let it just dip between her big and second toe before turning and licking flatly across the top of all of them in a line before quickly sucking at the ends of a couple, making her giggle and playfully kick her feet away from him, letting him have them back immediately though. Leaning between her feet, he teasingly licked at the bottoms of her feet, deliberately tickling her in the most agonising way, holding her ankles so she couldn’t escape him, making her squeal for freedom from the torture, which he swiftly gave her as he moved up between her legs to lick over her ankles towards her lower legs and toned calf muscles. She murmured in more thorough pleasure as he softly kissed onto the insides of her legs, moving up with his lips and then licking back down, making sure he covered every inch of her soft skin, switching to her other leg, going right up to the knee on that one and back down, before swapping back over. In this manner he worked his way up to her thighs, taking far longer now to tease her.

Megan was groaning lightly, arching up from the bed as he kissed and licked softly up the insides of her thighs, using his hands to hold her legs down and stop her from kicking away from his soft caresses. Moving right up to her pussy, he was agonisingly close to it, Megan having to refrain from just grabbing his head and pushing his mouth to her slick pussy, screwing them up in the sheets instead as he teased her, building her arousal to dangerous levels, her clit throbbing with every heartbeat, so juicy she was sure she was leaking onto the bed. She couldn’t take it any more and reached for him, but instead of pressing him down into her snatch, she pulled him up, once more enveloping him in a deep, soulful kiss, their tongue gliding wetly past one another’s, soft yet strong as they artfully stroked together, Megan lightly sucking on his before allowing him reciprocate, before he pulled back and lightly pulled at her bottom lip with his teeth.

“Mmm, now get back to work,” she murmured, looking into his eyes with a saucy grin as she did.

“And why should I?” he teased, leaning down to just lightly nip at her earlobe before kissing down the side of her neck, making her shiver and struggle to come up with any kind of answer.

“Because…mm….um because…because I fucking need it!” she yelled, giving up and throwing away all attempt at coy mystery for a blatant declaration of her urges. Kissing down her soft, vulnerable neck, he lightly nipped with his teeth as he sucked and tongued at it, feeling her fidget with need beneath him as he worked his way down to her bountiful chest, running his tongue along the swell of her breasts, just giving her a hint of what was to come as she felt every millimetre of his tongue caressing her skin. Switching to kissing, he move down between her firm breasts, his hands sliding up her sides, over her ribs to push her breasts together round him a little, kissing and licking between and over the insides of them before he moved to one, covering it with soft, hot kisses before he involved his tongue, running both sides of it over her skin before circling her nipple, feeling it harden before he flicked at it with his tongue.

She gave a groan as his mouth closed over it, his hand moving properly grope her other breast as he sucked and tongued at her stiffened nipple, the springy bud feeling so perfect to his touch as he attacked it, giving a light nip with his teeth that sent a chill up her spine. Lightly brushing it with his teeth, he sucked it again before giving a firmer bite, taking hold with his teeth and squeezing a little bit harder, hearing her breathing get thicker, heavier as he did, giving a proper nip that made her yelp and try to push him away, even though she really didn’t want to. He held fast however, pulling away from her breast to stretch her stiff nipple a bit before letting it spring back to her firm breast, which he immediately squeezed as he switched his mouth to attack the other in the same way, only taking a little more time to twist at her nipple, sucking harder and working the tongue, finding the sweet spot with her that made her shiver in pleasure.

Eventually pulling himself away from her sweet chest, he moved down from the wonderfully soft yet firm mounds of her chest to her tight, toned stomach, letting his lips do the talking as he kissed wetly and smoothly down her, running back and forth, kissing down her sides. He teasingly dragged the tip of his tongue up her soft sides, making her tense and shiver as it tickled her, resisting the urge to give in to it, not having to as he moved back onto her stomach, kissing round her belly button before he sunk his tongue into it, making her murmur, then squirm as he massaging strongly in it with the tip, sending a funny sensation through her, not a bad one however, before he dragged the underside of his tongue out of it and down towards her sweet pussy, where she’d been desperate for him to put his tongue since she’d met up with him at the café.

But he didn’t give her what she wanted straight away, loving how he could tease her right now. He had her wrapped round his little finger, in a manner of speaking at least, and could wrap her tighter by continuing as he was, which he did by kissing at her lower stomach just above her mound, dragging his tongue carefully back and forth to just hint at what awaited her. She pushed herself up towards him in a bid to get him to lick where she wanted, directly on her clit, but he resisted, pushing her hips back down onto the bed and holding her there as he gradually worked his way down, running his tongue over the wonderfully smooth skin surrounding her neatly waxed landing strip.

Moving sensually downwards, he pulled his tongue down through her neatly trimmed landing strip of dark hair, letting it lead him straight onto the top of her slit, his tongue plunging into her as it pushed into her soft clit hood, making her groan in pleasure, her thighs tensing and shivering as she was finally touched. However he didn’t want to deliver on her clit just yet, and simply let the soft underside of his hot tongue drag down over her slit, her soft lips yielding invitingly, tempting him to delve into her treasures, but he resisted, letting his tongue slip off the bottom of her vulva before moving back up for another assault, only this time he simply went for her lips themselves. Curling his tongue, he licked up her outer lip on one side to the top, and then down the other, making her squirm as he pushed at her soft, puffy lips, tasting her abundant juices that leaked from within. Swiping his tongue across the middle caught a tongueful of her juicy taste, spreading across his tongue as he lapped at her soft, protruding inner lips.

He knew she was desperate for him to go to town on her clit but refrained, pushing his lips down between her own, delving his tongue into her, tasting her slippery juices. He pushed his tongue inside, feeling the heat and tightness of her, struggling to drive his tongue right up into her, her snug entrance resisting his penetration, but he managed, feeling her squeeze and clench around him as he did, greeted by a healthy amount of her juices, her taste enveloping him as he stabbed rapidly in and out of her pussy, hearing her groan. Finally deciding perhaps he’d let her have what she really wanted, which was an orgasm, he pulled it out, letting her muscles push his tongue back out of her pussy, before slipping it up to just push up under her hood enough to directly touch her clit, making her almost fold in half from the intensity of the stimulation.

She collapsed back to the bed panting, sweat glistening over her stunning body as she lay desperate for him to continue, her pussy dripping wet and ready for anything, but right then she needed a good licking. He didn’t disappoint her, not now, lowering his mouth to her juicy snatch once again and licking all the way up, pushing the tip of his tongue into the cleft of her puffy lips to flick her clit, making her tense up with another strangled sigh of pleasure, feeling the electricity of his touch crackle through her body, her skin prickling, back arching. She started panting heavily, her husky breaths coming short and sharp as he started to lick properly at her clit, wasting no time teasing her now, just going for the stiff, sensitive nub. Reaching down, he slipped a finger up into her juicy tunnel, loving how her muscles squeezed around his digit as he pushed it into her to the knuckle as she squirmed. Assaulting her once more with his mouth pushed a strained groan from her in her sexily seductive voice, his tongue flicking up under her soft hood to caress the button to her soul.

Megan pushed her hands up through her long, soft hair, screwing it up and pulling a little, loving the sensation, especially when it combined with him devouring her sweet pussy, lapping up every drop of her juices as he did, his tongue fairly dancing over her stiff clit under the hood, occasionally letting it hide beneath it to assault it from above. He slid his finger out of her and reached up to draw his hands down her sides, taking in the curve of her alluring body, the seductive pinch of her waist leading to the positively welcoming flair of her hips. Her dry, neat landing strip tickled as his nose as he went down on her, loving how it felt to have nothing short of a real woman in front of him, stroking down her smooth, toned thighs as he attacked her clit with renewed vigour, dispatching the hood and running round her little love button in swift circles before pressing directly at it. Megan was shuddering, her hands switching to grab at the bed, her breaths coming out as stuttered, ragged moans, her pretty eyes squeezed shut.

Needing a break, and wanting something else, Megan reached down to bat him away from her slippery pussy, pulling him up almost by his hair, making him look up to her sweaty, flushed face. She smiled down at him with a sated air, running her fingers down his cheek. Sliding up the bed a little, the gorgeous beauty rolled over and pulled herself up onto all fours, spreading her knees and little and presenting herself, her firm, rounded ass and the bulge of her delicious pussy between her legs.

“Carry on,” she murmured, wiggling her hips just a little as she sunk her back to fully present herself, making it very clear what she wanted. He took a breath and moved back in on her gorgeous form, not turning her down, his hands reaching out to squeeze her firm bum before sliding them round to hold her hips as he leaned down to bury himself in her again, straight into her puffy lips, his tongue fairly stabbing up to massage her clit, making her arch up tightly with a laboured sigh as pleasure wracked her body, her nails digging into the sheets. Another long, low moan escape her full lips as he went for it and moved up, dragging his tongue off her pussy and straight up between her pert ass cheeks to her tight ring, feeling it contract a little more as his tongue touched the strong hole.

“Oh god lick my ass,” she breathed, the only dirty talk Megan had managed so far, dropping down onto her elbows and pushing her hands back through her shiny raven hair, shivering in pleasure as his skilful tongue ran round her ring, settling in to give her a rimjob as she braced herself on the bed. His hands spread her pert cheeks as his tongue attacked her back hole, running round the tight entrance, feeling it loosen and tighten depending on what he did, how he pushed or licked at her. Running round in rapid circles made her shiver and tense, whimpering in pleasure and almost pulling away from him, before pushing back to get more, which he delivered, using what he’d learnt to tease her open and then thrusting his tongue into her tight anus before she could resist it.

Megan shuddered and let out a struggled moan, not quite believing he’d do that to her, quickly licking into her ass, but only for a minute before he went back to rimming her, making her sigh in pleasure. It was short lived though as his hand slid to her pussy, his fingers expertly finding her clit and starting at it, making her squeeze her thighs together as he lapped at her ass a few more times and then moved up her back, onto the base of her spine with his hot tongue as his hands worked at her pussy and squeezed her peachy ass, making her arch in pleasure. She let out another squeal of pleasure as he really hit the spot, her whole body contorting in pleasure as he pushed his fingertip briskly up under her clit hood and pressed right onto the eye-wateringly sensitive button.

Quickly rubbing at it, she pushed back towards his hand in pleasure, seeking every touch she could get as he kissed up her back, dragging his tongue up her spine, between her shoulder blades towards her neck as he continued to finger her briskly, keeping her quivering uncontrollably on the bed, on the brink of orgasm now. His spare hand now slid up her back to brush her hair aside, brushing the soft, dark hair away from her smooth shoulders as he kissed up just below her neck. Another attack on her clit dropped her head as she gasped heavily for air, her body wracked with the utmost pleasure, something she never managed herself when she used her fingers. It allowed him to easily move to her neck, softly kissing onto it just below her luxurious hair, applying his tongue wetly as he did, making her shiver even more than she already was, letting out a weak moan.

Pressing a little harder and speeding up with his fingers on her clit sent her tumbling over the edge easily, a quick succession of increasing moans with her rapid panting, her eyes squeezed shut as she clung onto the bed covers, body trembling before she exploded in orgasm. Her whole body shuddered powerfully as she climaxed, shifting and shuffling her knees, rolling her hips to grind herself into his fingers as he continued to stroke her at high speed, his fingers dancing over her clit as she came, almost every muscle tensing tightly as ecstasy clung to her body, overwhelming her senses as she bucked and moaned helplessly, a slave to her orgasm. A thumb pressed to her asshole only served to make things worse, prolonging it with another little peak of pleasure as he wiggled it in whilst continuing to stroke her clit and kiss at her neck, nipping lightly with his teeth as he pushed her through the last of her orgasm.

As it faded, she gasped for breath, pulling herself away from his hands as she turned delicate and untouchable, her clit fairly throbbing in the aftermath, which had sapped all strength from her body, making her sink slowly down onto the bed with limbs splayed as she just took the most immediate way to relax, pressing her face to the sheets as she drew in lungfuls of air, still spaced out by her climax, fumbling blindly back to take hold of his hand, squeezing it firmly to indicate her gratitude at such generous treatment. He smiled at the way he’d so thoroughly finished Megan off, her gorgeous, toned body splayed on the bed before him, and his now rock hard cock, even harder than when she’d first hinted at a romp and dragged him back to her place. It wasn’t unnoticed by her as she glanced back to him, his aching erection standing up before him as he knelt on the bed behind him.

“Need a little help with that thing?” she teased, giving a sly, sexy smile as she rolled onto her side and then up to sit on the bed before him, not the least bit shy at her gorgeous nudity.

“I certainly wouldn’t mind,” he smiled, eyeing the alluring woman before him as her dainty hand snaked out to take a firm grasp of his manhood, her initial touch feeling like lightning as she wrapped her fingers round his throbbing length, making him stifle a groan. She gave a little triumphant smile as she started to stroke, just squeezing firm and slowly, getting him going gradually, slipping her hand up towards the bulbous head, just pausing a moment before the soft skin popped over the pronounced ridge of it, stroking up right over the base of his head with an extra squeeze, something that made him twitch a little in pleasure. Megan kept going this way for a couple of minutes, loving his incredibly hard, smooth erection in her soft hand, the way it felt, and the power she had over him, mixing her speeds a little to see how he reacted, feeling the way he thrust into her grasp.

She was unable to stop herself picking up the pace, far too eager to pleasure him after what he’d done for her, so her hand soon picked up speed, stroking his huge erection much faster, building him up a bit before she moved down to engulf his cock in the velvet, liquid heat of her mouth, squeezing the base of his shaft as she did so, hearing his groan and feeling him push up towards her as she did. She squeezed and stroked at the base of his cock as she started sucking, bobbing lightly up and down, hearing him gasp at a sudden increase in her pressure, sucking on him much harder all of a sudden as she reached up with her spare hand to push him back down onto the bed, which he slowly obliged with, no wanting to disturb her from her delightful ministrations. Moving carefully, he moved from kneeling to lay back as directed by her firm but gentle hand, Megan sliding neatly in between her legs, her warm shoulders and arms gliding over his legs as she leaned down between, giving him the full show of it. She could easily have stayed to one side of him, let her luxurious hair curtain her actions, but she didn’t, knowing what he wanted to see as she wrapped her luscious lips round his manhood.

He gave a groan as she looked up at him from under her perfectly shaped eyebrows, her entrancing eyes fixing on his own as she reached up to brush her dark hair back from her pretty face, all the while bobbing slowly up and down his length, her tongue carefully working at his shaft, flicking at the swollen head as she let her lips pull back to the cusp of it, just sucking a little harder as she got to the top to stimulate him. She looked so much cuter with him in her mouth as she moved slickly up and down his engorged length, her straight, dark hair just moving slightly as she did so, not obscuring her beauty in the slightest as she fellated him. He couldn’t just watch her though, wanting to spend every possible minute with his hands on her stunning body, his hands sliding up to her glossy hair, stroking down it before he let a hand rest on her head. Her eyes flicked up to him, then rolled as if to look at his hand, then back to him with an arch of her eyebrow, before both of them smiled, Megan smiling as she slipped him out of her hot mouth.

“Trying to hint at something?” she said softly, stroking him as she smiled up at him.

“I might be,” he said with a smile, Megan grinning a bit wider.

“Don’t worry, I think you deserve it now anyway,” she smirked, leaning down and engulfing him more thoroughly, her energy and hunger more evident now as she dived down on him, going deeper this time, faster too, sliding down to take over half of him in, making him stifle a throaty groan of pleasure as she did so, the suction of her mouth on another level this time as her tongue just pressed to his shaft in the process, full, ripe lips wrapped tightly round him as she drew back. He felt he should show her the respect of keeping his hands off her head as she worked, since she wasn’t a porn star, and slid them back to the bed. Megan however had other ideas, and reached out with a hand to take his and lift it back to her head, where instinct took over and he pushed his fingers into her soft hair to take a proper grasp on the back of her head, helping to push her down on his cock very slightly on the next push down, coupled with a little push up with his hips in response to her fantastic talents.

Megan gave a hum, it seemed of satisfaction that her ministrations were having the desired effect, and it spurred her to go down a bit more, taking a little more of his cock. She was gulping most of his length down now, pushing down tantalisingly close to the base, and he felt a little thrill of exhilaration run through him at the thought of her going down till his balls were pressed to her chin, which in turn made his cock surge even harder in her mouth, which made her give him a teasing little nip with her teeth, forcing a gasp from him at the sudden sensation. It hurt a little, but immediately was washed away with another wave of pleasure from her suckling mouth, starting to pick up speed now on his manhood as she sucked him off. His other hand slid to her shoulder, feeling the smooth, soft warmth of her body, wanting every inch of her, and he couldn’t wait any longer. Using her hair he paused her sucking, making her give a disappointed mewl as she couldn’t get down past his bulbous head, which she still made a point of attacking however with her tongue.

“Mm what’s the matter?” she mumbled through her very welcome mouthful.

“Nothing, you’re fantastic, but I want all of you,” he said, brushing her hair back from her face as she looked up to him, pulling up to drag her tongue erotically off his cock.

“You want to fuck me?” she said quite simply, offering it to him with no issues, quite willing to get on with it now and let him pin her to the bed.

“I’d love to honey, but I’d love to let you finish this fantastic blowjob first,” he said, smiling down at her, loving however that Megan Fox had just offered to fuck him senseless.

“Ok, so what do you want?” she asked, stroking him slowly, squeezing tightly to feel just how hard he was for her.

“Just pull that gorgeous ass of yours up here so I can appreciate you fully,” he said with a smile, giving a cheeky flick of his tongue.

“You’ve already done that for me,” she teased, but started to shift, pulling herself over his leg, her firm, ripe breasts hanging beneath her chest enticingly as she shifting to turn, not releasing the hand on his cock.

“Maybe, but I think you can go for some more, might help you concentrate,” he teased as she slid round on her knees to his shoulder.

“I doubt it,” she giggled as she lifted her leg to kneel over him and give him a full view of her cute pussy, its neat landing strip and already puffy, protruding inner lips. Leaning up a little he could see her round, firm ass perfectly, which he immediately reached up grasp, giving a firm squeeze and then spreading her cheeks, revealing her tight little asshole. She’d positively directed him to lick her there, so he wagered she’d be up for more, though he could only hope, and right now he wanted her to suck his cock and finish her luxurious blowjob. Settling back down, his hands slid up to her lower back, pulling down to make her arch a little as he leaned up to almost swipe his tongue down her pussy, from her clit down off her puffy lips, making has gasp and tremble.

“Mm…but I like your hands on my head,” she said in quite a small voice, almost ashamed to admit that she wanted him to hold onto her so she could deepthroat him. He was quite amazed she’d said that, but immediately honoured her request, reaching down past her toned thighs to slide his hands under her shoulders to her head, pulling his fingers round the back to touch as he pulled her waiting mouth down towards his cock, which she obediently lifted and opened wide for, her plump lips awaiting the head of his achingly hard erection. His fingers tangled in her soft, raven hair as he pushed her down, his cock sliding into her mouth, where he pushed her down to about where she’d been plus a little more, though no more then a few millimetres as she took it easily, once again beginning to suck like a dyson and assaulting him with her skilful tongue.

He gave a groan of pleasure, arching up from the bed himself, pushing his hips up towards her mouth as she bobbed on him, setting a rhythm that he didn’t interfere with, his hands simply resting on her head as she did so. After a moment he managed to control the intense sensations and leaned up to give her a kiss, planting his lips on her own as he let his tongue just flick out to separate her pussy labia a little, tasty her feminine juices and the soft, yielding labia with it, begging him to sink his tongue into her, which he did. A rush of flavour greeted his tongue on all sides as he did, wiggling it to break into her pussy past her tight, squeezing muscles that were just ready to be stretched round his cock. She gave a deep, soulful moan of pleasure as his tongue worked powerfully into her snatch, loving how it felt before he pulled back to curled up to her clit, making her shudder and push down further on his cock, sucking as hard as possible to pleasure him to the maximum in return.

It was all the hint he needed to grasp his opportunity with both hands, quite literally, his fingers tensing round the back of her head and pressing her down as she swooped back down on him, her lips just pulling onto the back of his bulbous head delightfully before she went down, harder, faster and deeper than before as he pressed her down. It wasn’t far to go and she knew what she was doing, and in a moment she was down to the hilt, pressed down so her chin was on his groin, her nose pressed to his balls, with seeming ease from her. Megan didn’t struggle or gag, able to swallow him down, evidently well prepared for it and almost comfortable as he held her down for a minute before guiding her back up and doing it again, thrusting up a bit to bury himself in her throat again, kicking off her hunger for his cock again, where she began sucking and tongueing him briskly, her full lips tight round him as she bobbed energetically up and down his shaft with help from him.

He really couldn’t believe this, that he had Megan Fox knelt over him on all fours throating him as he worked her head up and down, it was like a scene from the best porno he could ever have imagined. Holding her head, he let his fingers work their way into her hair a little more as he leaned up to her sweet pussy once more, licking straight at her clit, which immediately made her shudder, her wonderful thighs and bum tensing up over him. Pulling one hand reluctantly from her head, he kept pushing her down with the other but reached back to slide a hand up her ass, stroking her toned cheek a second before swatting her for a good firm spank, pushing a deep moan from her. Megan certainly seemed a little kinky so he gave her another two swift, stinging spanks for good measure, making her clench and groan, resisting nipping at his cock with her teeth as the sensation surged through her, her stomach fluttering as it combined with a further lick to her clitoris.

“Mm you could get more from my blowjob,” Megan mumbled, pulling off him just enough to say it before swallowing him again. He paused, unsure what she meant, his heart giving a surge as he felt a rush of excitement, merely at her suggesting doing something more kinky to her.

“Um…what do you mean honey?” he ventured, not wanting to imply anything, wanting her to open up and tell him exactly what she meant. She pulled off him, though his hand still rested in her hair as she stroked at his rock hard cock, throbbing slightly with his rapid heartbeat as he waited for her to explain.

“Well…this isn’t really a blowjob, but it’s not quite a throatjob,” she said, kissing the bulbous head of his cock as she squeezed him. He was quite shocked by her almost pornographic approach to things and wondered if he hadn’t opened Pandora’s box by opening her legs.

“And you’re suggesting I make it into the latter?” he said tentatively, amazed at the coherence of his own voice as Megan Fox offered to let him batter her throat.

“You could do yes, if you want to of course…” she said in a slightly small voice, as if worried that he wouldn’t want to. It was just a ploy by her for a little more sympathy from him, not that she was sure where sympathy fitted in with a throatjob, but she wanted to give him one and was sure it’d help. It did, as he immediately responded enthusiastically.

“Of course I’d like to. How would you want me to do…you? On your knees, you back?” he asked, still looking up at her sweet pussy and tight ass from between her knees as she paused to suck at him like a lollypop, which made it very hard to move her.

“Well either of those work, but I was thinking maybe let gravity play its part a bit more…” she said, sucking him in again, rather hard this time so he gasped.

“What do you mean? Surely it would if I put you down on your back…” he breathed, once again reaching down to hold her head on his cock as she sucked like no woman had ever done for him before.

“True, it would, but I’d like a little head rush to go with it I think…” she purred, before going back onto his cock, letting the vibrations play through his stiff manhood. She gave him a moment as she sucked to let him grasp the full meaning of what she’d said, letting the mental images rush through his mind before she pulled off him to speak in her smooth, purring tones.

“But it’s up to you of course, I’m yours,” she added, knowing the suggesting he was free to do what he wanted with her would turn him on even more.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to let you down,” he said with a smile, leaning up to give her clit a quick suck, making her shiver before he set to work with the rather precarious move to get her into the upside down position. Megan just smiled to herself as she slid her mouth back onto his cock, working softly now as he turned and put his feet down over the side of her luxurious bed, reaching up to hold of her hips, just letting her suck a moment longer before he strained powerfully and sat up, pulling her knees over his shoulders. Megan quickly pulled off his cock to prevent herself choking, holding his legs in return as he gave another strong push and stood up. Holding Megan tightly, she looked down towards the floor, her long, straight, raven hair tumbling towards the ground between his legs as she tensed her legs to hold herself on his shoulders as his hands slid down round her back, firmly holding her ribs.

“Mm well done, my big strong man,” Megan cooed playfully, since it was a strong physical effort to lift them both up like that, turning her face to rub her wonderfully soft cheek along his cock. His subtle lifting of her was all the hint she needed to get back to work, opening her mouth and turning to suck him in, letting his cock rub into the soft hollow of her cheek as she did, feeling his cock surge a little harder for a moment as she let it back into her mouth, the sensation of his smooth, solid cock caressing her tongue. Megan relaxed and controlled herself as she was lowered down, sliding his cock blissfully deep into her mouth, just letting her full lips glide down the length of it till she was pressed to his groin, taking every inch of his manhood. He held her for a minute, loving not only the sensation of her lapping and sucking at every millimetre of him, but that he had the power to keep her there.

Lifting her up allowed her to draw a breath, something she didn’t attempt to hide, gasping in the air before sucking him again, where he got a rhythm going, since despite Megan’s slight figure his arms would soon ache. Letting her slide down, he lifted her back up once more and then down, from the tip to the balls, feeling her gag slightly as she went right down on him. He had full control now and they both loved it. She loved the fact he could do what he wanted with her, and knew he’d remember this as far more than a fantastic blowjob. Her arms slid round his back to help support herself, firm breasts pressed into his stomach he rocked her up and down, starting to put some movement in with his hips. She’d never done a throatjob this way before and was soon introduced to a part of giving up all control, as he thrust up with his hips as he let her drop down under gravity, plunging his cock as deep as he could possibly manage into her throat, tripping her gag reflex despite her trying to hold it back. She gave a heave, retching and coughing as he pulled back, coughing out saliva as her eyes watered, which started to run from her mouth down her cheeks and under her nose.

“You ok?” he asked inanely, knowing it was a silly question, since she clearly wasn’t really. Letting go with one hand, she reached up to wipe her face with another cough before grasping him again.

“Yeah, keep going,” she breathed, before enveloping his penis in the liquid heat of her mouth once more, turning her head and sucking him deeply in as he lifted her a little before letting her down, somewhat more carefully this time to let her build up again, something she murmured appreciatively about. Building back into a rhythm, he ignored the already building ache in his arms as he rocked her up and down, using his hips to slip every inch of himself into her mouth, the bulbous head driving deep into her willing throat. Her sweet pussy was just inches from his face, the intoxicating aroma of her wetness almost overpowering, certainly enough to entice him to taste it again, leaning in between her legs as he continued to work her up and down, extending his tongue to flick at her clit teasingly, feeling as much as hearing her groan through his cock before he buried his mouth into her soft labia. She shivered and tensed, sucking him harder for a moment before starting to bob her head to work harder at him as he guided her up and down, controlling the sensations that threatened to overwhelm her, emanating from between her gorgeous legs as he assaulted her pussy, his tongue easily opening her up and finding no problem getting under her thin hood to dance on her exposed clit, flooding her with intensity she feared would make her come almost immediately.
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Megan’s increase in sucking however had only spurred him to go faster, barely even realising it through the pleasure of thrusting into her hard working mouth as he let her down, concentrating the rest of his efforts on eating her juicy pussy again. Megan herself was now struggling, breathing heavily through her nose in tiny amounts between his brisk thrusts, saliva running uncontrollably from her mouth down her face towards her eyes, which she’d now squeezed shut and watering, starting to cause her make-up to run from the corners of her eyes. Sweat beaded her read face, the blood rush to her head almost dizzying her and making her head feel even heavier as she was driven up and down mouth-first on his member, lips wrapped tightly round his smooth skin. He thrust a tiny bit harder to get as deep as he possibly could, which tripped her gag reflex again, making her tight, toned body heave, pushing him from her throat and holding him out as she coughed though he didn’t stop the motion, too caught up in it all.

Megan didn’t want him to stop either, she wanted to be used, and she certainly didn’t want him to stop licking her pussy. As she coughed hard, more saliva running from her full lips, he worked at her clit, taking her perilously close now as she opened wide again for him, immediately plowing into her throat hard, making her choke. She held back her gag but couldn’t stop herself from breathing loudly as he pulled back, choking and gagging a little as he pumped into her throat, barely able to close her mouth around his solid cock. Her long soft hair swung vigorously between his legs as he held her, the smooth, sensual sensation brushing his legs as he pumped into her mouth, getting very close to climax as he did things to Megan Fox he could barely even have dreamed of. Megan meanwhile had never quite imagined having her pussy eaten in such a position, and the job he was doing was sublime, the tip of his tongue dancing over and circling her stiff little clit, pushing her over the edge with ease as he made a final assault to get her to orgasm.

The climax hit her like a battering ram, tearing through her body without a hope of her stopping it, making her cling tightly to him, her eyes rolling back in her head as she tightened, winding up like a spring before shuddering uncontrollably around him, her legs kicking out behind his head, thighs tightening over his shoulders as she arched her back, pushing her toned tummy and firm, ripe breasts into him. She managed to stop herself biting down on him, focussing enough to continue sucking, the sensations overwhelming her body as her head swam. It was all she had to do as he took care of the rest, hammering into her throat as she desperately moaned and gasped for breath in pleasure, her fingers digging into his back as she held on, gagging and choking as he went harder, faster and deeper than he had so far, chasing his own climax now. Megan couldn’t do anything to stop him, and didn’t want to. His pounding of her throat had got her off as much as the licking of her pussy.

Groaning in anticipation he pumped her hard, Megan’s throat making wet sounds as she gagged and coughed, her eyes streaming, make-up running from her eyes to go with the saliva running from her mouth over her pretty face towards her glossy hair. Pumping hard into her throat, she felt him harden just a little more, indicating her that a thick load was imminent for her throat, though she didn’t really know how she’d handle it. She soon found out though, as with a few more pumps into her protesting throat he growled deeply in pleasure, his cock jumping powerfully in her mouth as a huge, hot burst of come ejaculated into her throat, Megan jolting in surprise as it erupted into her throat, automatically trying to pull back even though she swallowed, though completely unable as he held her, still pumping hard into her throat as he unloaded.

Megan’s plan of action included a token attempt to swallow but it didn’t work, as the thrusting deep into her throat so deep her chin bumped him hard with every one combined with the huge load he unleashed made her cough and gag hard, opening wide round him as she choked, letting him pound against her unrelenting throat as a mix of saliva and his come ran thickly from her mouth. He shuddered and shook through his climax as he unloaded what he thought might be the biggest load he’d ever had into Megan’s throat, squeezing her pert body tight to him as he just about managed to stay standing up. She put effort back into it, deliberately working his cock with her tongue and closing her dripping mouth to suck at him again and get all she could from his still hard cock, feeling him respond with another stab deep into her throat, that by now had had enough, making her cough and gag again, more saliva running down her face to help completely ruin her make up, leaving her looking like a complete whore now as he pulled her up, collapsing back onto the bed with her on top of him, completely spent now.

Megan rolled off, feeling the thick, warm mixture of his sperm and her gooey saliva cooling on her pretty face, wondering how she’d not been sick during it as she felt the tingling of blood flowing back to her legs and toes. It was easily the most whorish thing she’d ever done, and hated the thought of what she might see if she looked in a mirror right now, but she’d been thrilled by it and felt exhilarated, especially since he was totally out of it right now in the wake of his massive climax. She just lay gasping for breath, her throat and mouth feeling strangely empty, though aching enough to make her glad he was finished with her. For several minutes that’s all there was, the sound of their heavy, satisfied breaths, Megan a bit harder, which he listened intently to, even the sound of her panting seeming sexy. His hand found hers, squeezing tightly to add a little note of intimacy to the moment, since her appearance didn’t tell the story of a particularly intimate encounter.

“I think we could use a shower,” Megan murmured through her clammy mouth, the unmistakeable taste still lingering on her tongue.

“Would certainly help,” he replied, at which he grasp tightened on his hand and she slid from the bed, leading the way and not looking back, not wanting to show him herself in such a state again, relishing the shower that would wash away the thick mess on her perfect features.

They walked naked through her luxurious apartment to the bathroom, Megan leaning in to turn the shower on when they got there, holding a hand daintily under the water till it warmed up, then hopping straight in and under it with a gasp, letting it cascade over her face, washing her clean of her deepthroat activities. The warm, enveloping water soaked through her dark, luxurious hair and ran down her back, washing away the sweat and fatigue of their little session as it tumbled down her fantastic figure, over the firm swell of her breasts, her toned tummy and her sweet pussy before spiralling away down her luscious legs. She gave a shiver as the heat spread through her, her nipples screwing themselves up tightly once more, her soft skin goosepimpling. He smiled as he watched her under the steaming shower, moving to step in with her, when she reached out and stopped him with a naughty smirk, water running down her face as she brushed her soaked hair back from it.

“No, not yet,” she murmured, smiling with her full, delicious lips. He stood back, his cock already starting to give the telltale twitches as another erection beckoned as Megan smiled, immersing herself under the spray once more and reaching up to slick her hair back, tipping her head back and opening her mouth to let the hot water patter on her tongue as she arched her back. Giving a stretch, she gave her firm, shapely ass a good shake at him, glancing back over her shoulder foxily with a sideways look and a quick flick of her perfectly shaped eyebrows before turning towards him more as she pulled her hands up her sides to her chest, spreading her fingers to encompass her ample breasts, giving them an immediate squeeze before running her hands up her neck to her chin before moving them back down, once more fondling her boobs, letting her fingertips tease at the hardened peaks before her hands smoothly flowed on down over her toned stomach, stopping to rest on her hips a moment with a pensive pout.

He managed to bite back is words to urge her on, able to clearly see she wouldn’t be rushed, going her own pace, which would encapsulate him soon enough, his cock hardening properly once more. Giving a teasing flick of her left eyebrow, Megan bit her full lower lip and let her hands stray south, onto her lovely thighs, stroking into her inner thigh, then back up with both onto her sweet pussy, giving a light moan as she ran her fingers up her labia, letting them just dip in between the juicy lips, brushing over her stiff clit, making her shudder with excitement at the intensity of the sensations as her fingers slid through her neat landing strip of hair. Just slowing a moment, she let him eye her touching herself and then stroked back down her thighs, bending a little to stroke down between her legs to her knees, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on his face, reading every little reaction on his face to her tight, wet body. With a grin, she reached out to him as she straightened up.

“Come on baby, make me dirty again,” she purred with a giggle, loving how quickly he stepped in to join her, immediately drawing her into a deep kiss, his tongue fairly attacking her own. He didn’t waste any time doing as she asked, pushing her straight back against the cold tiles of the bathroom wall, making her squeal loudly, shivering as her skin goosepimpled all over. He didn’t give her time to recover though, simply lifting her up under her arms, where she instinctively pushed her legs forward, wrapping them round his hips and pulling him close, offering his aching erection perfect access to her dripping pussy, which he gladly took. He slid effortlessly into her juicy snatch, gliding to the hilt in her silky body, feeling her squeeze tightly round him as he ground in against her pelvis, both of them groaning with delight. Her blissful pussy felt as perfect as it had when he’d made love to her the first time, ironically enough in the same position, with her pinned against a wall.

Water splashed down over them as all pretences were dropped, both of them solely interested in a good hard fuck, which he set about giving her very swiftly, holding her quite hard against the wall as they kissed in a similar fashion, lips mashing together as they devoured each other, tongues darting and flicking as they kissed, matched only by him pumping into her body hard, driving every inch of himself into her. It might seem abrupt, but after his delicious lick down of her body followed by her choking throatjob, she was immensely turned on, her pussy slippery and welcoming to his cock, which it swallowed easily to probe her juicy depths.

She slid across the tiles into the corner, bracing her shoulders at the apex of the wall to hold herself steady as he pounded on her, his hands now under her fantastic ass, groping the firm cheeks as though he’d never touched them, pulling them apart as he drove his cock powerfully in and out of her. Megan screwed her eyes up and gritted her teeth with the pleasure, her gorgeous raven hair now soaked and stuck down over her shoulders like a shampoo commercial, firm breasts perky and sporting stiff, dark nipples. She pulled her legs a little tighter round his arse to spur him on as he took everything from her that he could, his cock getting to places she didn’t know she had as he plundered her sweet body, her hands clawing and grabbing at his sides, arching her back and shivering at the sensations rippling through her.

Suddenly he stopped, making Megan look up confusedly as he pulled out of her, prying her legs from himself as he let go of her stunning ass, where she slid down onto her feet, looking at him perplexedly, wondering quite why he’d stopped fucking her. Her question was immediately answered though as he pulled her to her feet, drawing her into his arms for a deep kiss, his hands sliding round her wet back, pushing her drenched hair out the way, their tongues twisting once more till he pulled away and turned her round. Megan just smiled and let him have his way, bending her over under the shower, the water cascading down over her smooth back, loving how his eyes took in every detail of her figure, the taper of her waist, flare of her hips and firm ass, now presented in front of him.

Immediately she was greeted by a firm spank to both sides of her ass, making her gasp and bite her lip, loving the sudden sharp sensation, completely unexpected, though the sensation of his throbbing erection between her thighs, the bulbous head teasing up her slick entrance wasn’t, doing it for just a moment before grasping her waist with one hand and plunging his cock back into her, sinking half way into her at first, stopping as her muscles tightened up around him. He waited just a moment as she clasped round him then relaxed a moment, before slowly pushing the rest of his ample member up her juicy tunnel till his hips rested against her peachy rear, loving the feel of her soft cheeks pressing into his body as he held her slender waist to hold her still, just groaning and shivering a little as she squeezed at him with her vagina.

“You’re a bad girl Megan, you know that?” he murmured, holding her gorgeous ass as he pulled back to the crest of his head before driving back in, pushing from her the breath she’d intended to speak with.

“Why?” she managed after a quick breath, looking back towards him past her wet hair.

“Being such a tease, showing off those fantastic legs when I met you earlier, and not to mention your little show just a minute ago,” he said, pulling back, delivering a further spank before he pushed back into her delicious body, which spread before him and pulled him in.

“Mmmaybe,” she murmured, giving a little wiggle as she settled her ass back into his hips again as her pussy devoured his cock.

“Only maybe? Being naughty again, not owning up,” he chided playfully, spanking the sides of her ass firmly again as he pumped steadily into her, loving the feel of her perfect pussy around him, tight and wetter than anything he’d ever experienced before.

“Maybe you’ll just have to teach me a lesson,” she murmured, biting her lip and pushing back against him, grinding firmly. He took it as an immediate sign to start fucking her hard, his hands tightening on her hips, holding her firmly in place to drive his cock into her, just taking a few moments to revel in the succulent pussy engulfing his cock. The hard jolts, despite his support of her hips, made Megan reach out to the wall, pressing her hands flat to the wet tiles to support herself, bracing herself and giving in to the intensity, pushing back to meet him, spurring him to fuck her harder, which she really needed just then, feeling the surge of passion within her to be properly nailed. Heavy gasps escaped her luscious lips as they screwed, her eyes closed as she reached up to push her wet hair back from her face over her ear.

“Learning anything?” he teased, though he was only playful, doubting very much there was anything he could teach her.

“Mm that if I’m bad I get a good fucking?” she said in a mischievously innocent manner.

“That’s not the lesson from all this at all Miss Fox!” he scolded, releasing one hip to deliver a quick smack to her perfect ass in a momentary pause from fucking her.

“But it seems to be,” she cooed, looking back round at him with her pretty eyes, giving him an innocent, pleading look that made him melt, but also just made him want to fuck her all the more.

“Well you need to look deeper,” he almost growled, plunging his hips down into her so the bulbous head of his cock slid powerfully across her G-spot, making her shudder as it drove to its deepest yet, stretching new places inside her for the first time in their fuck. Just holding for a moment, he let her take it in, signalling she was ready to continue with a squeeze of her delectable pussy, which immediately set him off thrusting quickly once again, but he maintained the depth, taking her by surprise. Megan could no nothing but gasp, curling her toes as she felt her legs wobble, desperate not to fall over in the shower, the cascading water having faded into the background as she focussed on the lovely spreading sensations from her pussy, up into her tummy as her orgasm built, which immediately trebled as she felt his hand slide round under her, quickly locating her stiff clit and giving it a rub, pushing a guttural groan from her as she shuddered. He pressed the advantage, circling her clit firmly to build her climax up, which worked very quickly, Megan again shuddering and grinding back into his crotch to get every possible inch of his manhood into her squeezing pussy.

“Please, don’t stop,” she breathed, eyes squeezed shut in imminent ecstasy. He decided not to tease her, continuing the pump stiffly into her wettening pussy, his fingers dancing over her hard button as she squeezed and spasmed around him, ready to come. Giving up on the circling of her clit, he switched to very firm, direct rubbing, up and down rapidly with his fingertip, immediately making her shudder, trying to curl up under him from the overwhelming sensations it caused, struggling for breath as she trembled. He kept going, her breathing hard and fast now, sharp gasps as she struggled to stay on her feet, her hands curling to dig her nails into the tiles as she held on as long as possible, bracing herself against the tidal wave, before it suddenly gave way and she was swept away by it in a powerful orgasm.

Letting out a long moan of pleasure and resignation to his skills, she came hard, shuddering uncontrollably, her knees buckling and squeezing together, tightening her around him with her thighs even as her pussy squeezed hard and held tight, pulling him right into her, clamped down round his cock, but with a rush of her thick, slippery juices he was able to keep thrusting, albeit a bit slower, but that merely increased the intensity as he ground into her to the hilt with each one, his fingers still assaulting her clit even as his other hand swiftly slid up her side to cup her breast, squeezing it quite hard, which only made her back arch and pulled another groan from her as she was swept along by the river of pleasure in her orgasm. Despite his work, her orgasm faded, at which point he delved his cock as deep into her again as he could and stopped, rubbing her clit slowly to a stop as she tried to bat him away from it, shivering and gasping in the intense aftermath of his touch.

After a moment to let Megan catch her breath, he slowly pulled back and withdrew from her juicy pussy, hearing her whine as much in disappointment that he wasn’t going to continue screwing her as much as that she wouldn’t be able to return the favour and make him come. Reaching down he pulled her up, the sexy actress murmuring a bit at her stiff back from being bent over as he reached up to stop the shower, the sudden loss of the rushing water making the whole place seem deathly silent. Stepping out, he grabbed a large towel, holding it out towards her as she stepped out, wrapping it round her gorgeous body as she sighed, snuggling into it and letting him hold her close a moment. Relinquishing control of the towel to her, he grabbed one for himself, wrapping himself in it quickly to towel off the water swiftly so he could get her back to bed. Quickly drying himself off, he tied it round his waist and reached back for Megan, who had done just the same, leaving her with a beaming smile and her lovely, perky breasts on display, the nipples having screwed themselves up tightly in the cool air after the shower.

“Mm let’s go back to bed,” he said, unable to keep his eyes from roaming to take in her chest and lovely waist.

“Definitely. I think you should punish me for being such a bad girl,” you purred, looking into his eyes with a little flick of her eyebrows.

“Oh really, and how might I do that?” he teased, though his mind gushed with potential ways to punish her, every dirty little fantasy welling to the fore like a hot spring.

“Oh I’m sure you’ll think of something to put me in my place, and I’ve a few things that might help you out,” she said with a sexy sideways smile as she sashayed past him in her towel, her hand effortlessly finding his to pull him towards the bedroom, not that he needed much persuading, especially as a flick of her wrist dispatched her towel to the floor.

“Well, you do need to learn your lesson,” he murmured with a smile, just letting his spare hand reach out to pull her wet hair back over her sexy shoulders, having just been wrung out by her from the shower, shiny and dark down towards the small of her alluring back. He watched the sway of her gorgeous, inviting ass, something he’d not got much of as yet, as she led him back to the bedroom. It was just like something from a dream, Megan Fox, naked and wet, fresh from the shower, leading him to the bed with the intention of handing herself over to his sexual dominance. He momentarily wondered if she’d ever play such a movie part, then wondered at the pointless wander of his mind at such a time and focussed himself on Megan once more, his cock giving a surge of hardness as he watched her ass, letting his free hand stray forward to stroke and then squeeze at it. Turning back to face him with a naughty smile, she drew him close, pressing her naked body to his, her perky breasts and stiff nipples pressed into his lower chest as she looked up to him.

“In the drawer there baby,” was all she said, before standing on her toes and kissing him, a quick kiss that swiftly turned into far more, his arms wrapping around her, lifting her waif form up from the floor so her dainty feet dangled freely as they kissed, making Megan feel like a princess or something, easily held aloft by her big, strong man. Their tongues slid sensually against each other as he stepped to her bed, then carefully lowered her down to it, Megan hooking a leg around his to draw him down with his, sighing through their snog as he slid down on top of her, between her perfect pins. His towel was still on but she could feel his throbbing erection waiting for her, which spurred her to quickly draw up her feet and kick it away from his waist, and it was easily disposed of to the floor once it was free of its knot.

“What’s in the drawer Miss Fox?” he asked teasingly through their kiss as Megan held onto his bottom lip with her teeth, pausing to suck a little at it before she dropped her head back to the pillow with a smile and answered him.

“Whatever you feel I need,” she purred, her smile cracking to a dirty grin, pulling him down again for another kiss as he reached over to the drawer, his other arm busy holding him up at the elbow as his hand groped over her firm breast, cupping her, squeezing rhythmically, quite hard but it was nothing but a good sensation to her aroused body. Yanking the drawer open noisily, Megan was surprised it didn’t fall out onto the floor with a crash, immediately hearing the rattling as he started to fumble through it, his hand reading the items for him, which felt very interesting. In there, he very clearly felt handcuffs, a bottle of oil or lube, several dildos and vibrators, one of them being a rampant rabbit, as well as what felt like a couple of buttplugs, one of them a significant size. He couldn’t help his curiosity any longer, pulling away from the gorgeous babe beneath him who was currently grinding up against his erect cock, eyes closed, and looked to the drawer to confirm his suspicions.

“I think this might be a good place to start with you,” he said, pulling the handcuffs and holding them up before her. Megan eyed them with a smile, her mind immediately thinking of times before when she’d be restrained by the cold, merciless steel, the bite into her wrists, the clang of the chain on her headrail as she writhed in pleasure at the torments of the man who had locked her up.

“Well, I’ve been bad after all,” she murmured, raising her wrists to him, offering herself fully to his captivity. With a smile he unlocked the cuff, putting it round her slender wrist and tightening it up, Megan inhaling with a pout at the cold metal touching her soft skin, but he didn’t let it slow him, using it to pull her up from the bed as he stood, Megan quickly following so he didn’t pull the cuff into her wrist, not that she was sure he would. This was playful, not painful.

“You know, with you at my mercy, I may not be able to resist that sweet ass of yours you know,” he said, almost idly as he pulled her close to him with a cuff, letting go of it to once again wrap his arms around her.

“Well, I won’t give you permission to fuck me in the ass, don’t even ask,” she said teasingly, unable to hold the smile back from her cute lips, looking almost shyly aside then back up at him with eyes the screamed her desire to be owned. Without another word they kissed passionately, more to it than mere lust, his hands sliding up her back into her long, damp hair, pushing his hands through it and grasping it, which he used to firstly hold her head back as he yanked abruptly away from their kiss, Megan gasping and seeking with her tongue momentarily, then to lead her, using it to firmly pull her to the end of the bed. Megan felt a surge of pleasure at the pull of her hair, she loved it, she always had. There was just something inherently erotic about having her hair pulled, even pushing hands through it was enough to make her shiver, and for him to lead her this was a huge turn on.

Pulling her to the footrail, there was not a word spoken as he pushed on the top of her back, bending her over the metal rail of the bed, a squeal breaking from her skilful mouth as the cold steel pushed up into her toned tummy, making her shiver as he pulled her hands down, pulling the cuff through a convenient bar and locking her other wrist, leaving her prone over the end of her own bed, her gorgeous ass displayed, pussy peeking invitingly between her luscious, strokable thighs. He admired her for a second, then pushed her feet apart, near kicking them out so her legs were spread further, revealing her even more and leaving her ass pushed out as far as it could go, her back arched, just waiting for his taking of her. He started however by restraining himself, just letting his hand wander to her ass, stroking over the her perfect bum, down between her legs to stroke at the insides of her thighs, then back up to her slippery labia, stroking and parting the delicate lips like petals before drawing his hand back up, his finger trailing up between her cheeks and over her tight asshole, making her gasp and shift a little before his hand once again rested on her ass, before quickly pulling back then swatting at her for a swift, sharp spank that made her shudder and moan  in the most blatant display of need.

“Hmm what am I going to do with you Megan?” he mused, just resting his hand on her lower back, letting it once again pull down over her smooth ass.

“I’ve got a pretty good idea, you men are all the same,” she said in a playfully resigned manner.

“Oh is that so, so sure of what awaits you are you?” he asked, smacking her ass lightly, watching the pert cheeks jiggle ever so slightly at the blow, Megan sighing deeply.

“Fairly sure, after all, isn’t it what you want? To fuck me?” she asked, looking back at him with her enchanting eyes.

“I believe I’ve already done that, something you offered up quite willingly,” he said with a smile, reaching with both hands to squeeze at her ass.

“…I was horny,” was all she murmured, smirking and looking away.

“You still are, which is why you’re practically begging for this,” he said, reaching from her ass to drag a finger straight up her slit, making her shiver as he felt her slippery pussy, very wet and ready for penetration.

“See, you’re absolutely dripping down here, just gagging for it,” he said, his hand returning to her ass, squeezing harder.

“Well I already did that too, but if I’m so horny, what do you have in mind for me?” she asked, wiggling a little. He proceeded to spread her ass to expose her tight back hole, looking so inviting, the thought of how tight she’d be anally enough to harden his cock even more.

“Oh I can think of something, something that will both punish and please you,” he said with a smile.

“Well I’m helpless now you’ve cuffed me, you can do anything you want to me,” she murmured, really starting to warm to her submission.

“I know,” he said with a smirk she could hear in his voice, right before a pair of swift, firm spanks hit her ass, making her gasp and shiver, biting her lip to stifle a following moan.

“I bet you’re gonna really fuck me hard aren’t you? Because I can’t stop you,” she asked, looking up from under her damp hair.

“And because you want it,” he said matter-of-factly as he looked around her room, just letting his fingers stray between her legs to her needy pussy, teasing the entrance and then circling the clit lightly, making her thighs squeeze around his hand.

“Whether I want it or not you can do what you want to me,” she breathed, sweat breaking out on her brow.

“I can, and you’re still going to be punished for being such a bad girl,” he said, immediately delivering a quick series of smacks to her stunning ass, which made her cry out with every one, clenching her hot rear and shying forward towards the cold metal bed frame. He smiled as her slightly reddened rear as he looked round her stuff, his eyes on her dressing table. Walking over, he quickly looked through it, his eyes locking on a bottle of moisturising oil she had, which he quickly picked up and stepped back to her with, Megan’s eyes following him, though she uttered not a word about it.

“I think you wanna be fucked properly, dirtily, don’t you Megan?” he asked, posing the question right when his fingers attacked her clit relentlessly again, making her arch and shudder quite violently, a stuttered groan escaping her mouth as her eyes squeezed shut.

“I….I….yes, yes!” she cried out, really wanting to get on with it, hating his tease.

“See, you’re a naughty girl, begging for sex,” he said, and with that delivered more spanks, making her cry out and shy away, the sting spreading over her bum, but also making her clit and nipples throb with her need, feeling so alive and awake to the world around her, every touch to her skin, every gasping of air she took, the way the cuffs dug into her wrists as she pulled at the cruel metal. He switched back to the tease though, stroking up her sides, over her back, round her tapered waist, and of course between her legs, over her juicy snatch and down the insides of her toned thighs, making her squirm in need. Just one hand slid up between her firm ass, his fingers exploring her anus a little more thoroughly, a fingertip just pushing in a little, making her moan, as with the other hand he picked up the bottle of oil and uncapped it, holding it up and drizzling it over her gorgeous ass.

They didn’t speak as he did, Megan just sighing as he showed her such worship, loving how the cool oil trickled over her perfect ass, running down her soft skin as she bathed in his admiration of her booty. His fingers pulled from between her cheeks as he poured more oil over her, his spare hand sliding through it to spread it over her ass, stroking the slippery liquid over her body. She shivered and goosepimpled as she smooth oil spread over her, first one cheek, then the other, him only pausing to add a little more to create a perfect shine on her ass. Rubbing her firmly, she pushed back to him as she relished the sensation, something highly erotic about it, especially as he oiled her ass up just to look at, well at least right then. His groping and stroking continued, solely of her ass, for several minutes as he rubbed the oil into her, leaving her glistening and shiny, her ass looking even more gorgeous than ever. And then she knew he was ready to take her, as his slippery fingers probed between her cheeks to her back hole. A little pressure and his slick digit easily entered her ass, easier still since she didn’t resist it.

The visit was brief however, as after one finger, he tried cautiously with two, eagerly gaining speed however as her ass stretched to accommodate them, making him aware that she was able to and willing to take anal, since she neither complained or was troubled, simply moaning lightly at the interesting sensations of him fingering her rear. Pulling back, he held her ass apart and poured a generous amount of oil between her cheeks, running down over her asshole, his hand quickly moving to scoop it up to her ass, pushing his finger easily back in to spread it inside her and make sure she was fully lubed, though some still ran past and down over her swollen cameltoe to mix with her own natural juices. With his other hand he quickly poured a trickle over his cock then put the oil aside, using the hand to quickly spread it over his bulbous tip. She heard him put the bottle down, sounding louder than it really should, then his other hand move to her ass, his finger still inside her, but he pulled it out to take hold of her hips, shuffling her a little into a better position as he stepped in behind her, feeling his knees bump her legs, her heart racing in anticipation of the fuck to come.

She let out a little murmur as his swollen head bumped her waiting hole, just feeling him push tentatively at it for a moment, finding his angle before he pushed forward firmly but carefully, reading her body for what she could take as he drove determinedly into the Hollywood star, pushing a deep groan from her as he plunged his cock into her, pushing her limits just a bit as he pushed his manhood balls deep in her oily booty, making her groan turn to a squeak at a slight twinge of pain, wincing as he gave her every inch of his cock, breathing out slowly as he paused to let her recover. Megan spurred him on with a restorative squeeze to his cock using her tight sphincter, which immediately alerted him that she was ready to get fucked in the ass, and he had absolutely no problems with taking advantage of that opportunity. Megan let out a strained groan like she’d been hit in the stomach as he suddenly grabbed her hips and let loose on her, pulling back and slamming back into her ass with everything he had, his hips slapping against her peachy ass in the process, pushing her forward to strain at her cuffs.

Not a word was spoken about what they were doing as his grip tightened on her lovely figure, quickly getting a rhythm of deep, fast strokes into her ass, his hands sliding from her hips up to her waist, pulling back against where his hands had been to offer leverage to take Megan fully, not that she minded that in the slightest. She let out a breathy moan of pleasure as she felt every ridge and shape of his cock driving in and out of her asshole, squeezing at him to slow him down, increasing the pressure and resultantly the pleasure she felt from it, hearing him growl and feeling him tremble as he was slowed but immediately rewarded for it by her vice like ass. His pace picked up in the wake of her clamping down, driven to chase his pleasure more in her gorgeous ass, the thought of the fact he was fucking Megan Fox in the ass as much of a turn on as her soft, tight, squeezing body was round his cock and under his hands, and in front of his groin as he pumped into her.

He pumped into her as he felt the buzz of a rising climax in the head of his cock, just keeping it steady and not letting it take hold as he fucked the moaning movie star in the ass, loving the way she pushed back to meet him, not pretending she didn’t love it or was only doing it for him. She was most definitely doing it for herself as well, seeming to positively relish his hard cock up her ass, squeezing at him, giving a grunt every time she did as her body rippled around his. As he pulled away she tried to meet him, feeling the cold steel bite into her wrists as she fought the handcuffs, wishing desperately to reach back for her clit, stiff and untouched, or for him, to hold him closer to her as he took her. The delightful rattle of the chain on her handcuffs against the bedframe was music to his ears as he fucked her, loving that she couldn’t escape him, not that she was trying, but was completely helpless to his whim, which was only to pump her ass as hard as he could however.

There was no holding back now, he just couldn’t, grabbing her damp hair, with both hands and pulling back to jam his cock into her, making her cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, Megan loving how the cuffs dug into her skin and her head searing in the most erotic manner from his treatment of her, her back arching, head pulled up by him as he fucked her hard. Deciding she couldn’t get to her clit and not taking no for an answer, Megan pulled herself forward, surprising him, though he reined her in with her hair, but only succeeded in pulling himself to her as she used her powerful thighs to yank herself forwards to the frame, gasping as the cold metal pressed into her hips. However it offered her just enough room to reach up, sliding the cuffs up the bars of the bed, to reach for her clit, fumbling a moment before getting her fingertips to her clit, shuddering hard as soon as she touched it. Her squeezes instantly made him shiver and grunt, suddenly pumping her hard. Megan knew what it meant, the way his cock swelled a little bit harder and he started pumping her faster, with shallow little thrusts just into her ass to stimulate his head. He was going to come, hard, but she didn’t care as she was about to do just that herself, and she wagered harder than him.

“Oh fuck my ass!” she gasped whorishly, surprising even herself with it as she came, her fingers dancing at her erect button, making her spasm beneath him, her legs buckling a little beneath him, her weight dropping onto the frame more, the cold press of the steel only adding another sensation to turn her on as she burst with ecstasy. Her fingers didn’t stop, working hard as he worked just as hard to plunge his big cock in and out of her tight little ass, her screams coming out long and loud, not caring about anything else as she trembled and jerked over the foot of the bed, her ass squeezing incredibly round his cock, pushing him easily over the edge, which she just about knew about through her orgasmic haze. She sensed his awkward, strained strokes into her ass as he tried to hold it back, before an abrupt, deep stab into her ass that made her yelp, before a deep groan as he emptied his hot, thick load into her in sharp, hard bursts, pulling back on her hair harder and grunting as he let his climax wash over him. Giving a few slight thrusts into her he pumped every last drop of himself into her incredible ass as she shivered to a stop herself, gasping heavily for air, feeling the sweat cooling over her back as he slowly released her hair, letting her aching neck down as he inhaled the cool air greedily himself.

After a minute or so, he slipped his softening cock from her luscious ass, pulling from her shiny, oiled ass and just stroking a hand down her back that made her tingle, murmuring a little tiredly as he managed to find the key to her handcuffs. Reaching straight between her legs, they both smiled as he unlocked her, releasing her from her prone, submissive position over the bed, standing up a little stiffly and turning to him, offering her arm with the cuffs dangling from them. Reaching for that, he unlocked it, casting them aside completely, then used it to pull her close to him, pushing her hair back from her face and drawing her into a deep kiss, holding it as he reached down to scoop her up, his arm under her knees and back to carry her round to the bed itself, lowering her down.

“That was fantastic Megan. I’m so glad you wanted to meet up,” he breathed as he laid her on the bed, leaning for another kiss as he slid on beside her.

“Mmm me too, where would I get any action otherwise?” she teased as he lazily pulled the sheets over them, Megan immediately pulling herself close to him for a cuddle.

“I’ve no idea. After all, where would a woman as hot as you find a man?” he said with a smile, closing his eyes and just relishing the feeling that he was snuggled up with the worlds sexiest woman. Leaning up on her elbow, Megan flicked the hair back from her face and looked down to him with a sexy sideways smile.

“You know, you don’t have to leave right away…”

To be continued.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

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Re: Megan Fox - Cunning Fox
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Many thanks for posting these stories on the site, I used to read them all the time years ago. Some of my favorite stories.
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Re: Megan Fox - Cunning Fox
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Mmmmmm Megan is such a dirty Fox. Love it


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