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3rd Chromosome: Lindsay
« on: May 08, 2020, 10:05:07 AM »
This story comes inspired by TheNewcomer. Go read his work. I’ll wait. Like usual, this story takes place in the 3rd Chromosome Universe. Everyone is over 18 etc. Comments and feedback welcome. Enjoy!

Lindsay sighed as she entered her room. Finally free. The paparazzi had been following her all day asking every question under the sun. Confident she was well and truly alone she began to strip out of clothes.

The redhead kicked off her Merrell’s, nearly slipping on the wood floor as she did. Recovering, she yanked off her shirt, revealing a baby blue bra beneath. She fumbled with the clasp for a moment for releasing her prized melons. A smile formed on Lindsay’s face as she thought about how much speculation went into her D cup tits and if they were or were not fake. All Natural. She thought, giving them a squeeze. Next her hands slid down to her trim waist, delighting at the bare hint of a six pack. She wasn’t a fitness model, but Lindsay did keep in shape for most of her roles. The actress played with the button on her jean shorts before popping it loose and sliding them off her body and allowing her underwear to become visible.   

The last part was the most important. Her pride and joy sprung into view as she removed her boyshorts. Lindsay possessed a 3rd Chromosome attached to her base pair. Specifically a Y chromosome. There were other variations of course, but Lindsay had a Y, making her a futanari: the third gender of humans. Generally regarded as being extremely beautiful by the other two genders, they tended towards having the best traits of both, and Lindsay was no exception. The flaccid cock hung limply over tangerine sized balls; it’s length going to mid thigh. She scratched absently, picking it up and dropping several times to help it air out.

“Sorry baby,” Lindsay spoke soothingly. “I didn’t realize how tight those were.”

With that part taken care she went back to her bag lying defeated by the door. She rummaged around for several moments before plucking out a small host of items: a notepad, a pen, and most importantly a script. Ultimate Avengers. The newest marvel film. Lindsay was set to be cast as Mary Jane Watson, a shoe-in really for her. She’d already proven her worth in a host of other superhero movies including a role as a far more sympathetic Poison Ivy in the film simply called Ivy. Grabbing her phone, she tossed the script on the table before heading to her bedroom; destination: bath. 

The hot water stung as she dipped a toe in. Too hot! She screamed internally. The butter zone on her faucet seemed to be microscopic in scale. 1 millimeter in either direction and the water was either scalding or ice. Stealing her resolve, Lindsay plunged her entire foot in; sending shards of pain up her leg for a brief few seconds before her body adjusted. It was no easier as the redhead sank her entire body in, with grunts and groans marking her progress until she was fully submerged.

For several moments she did nothing, just rejoicing in the feeling of floating in the tub. Hot water wrapped around her like a glove and lapped at the few bits of flesh that stuck above the water. Groaning, her emerald eyes fluttered open and she forced herself upright. There was something else I meant to do. Lindsay reached over and dried her hand before locating her phone, opening a tab she began her search. It was no secret that Lindsay was a sexual creature, embracing the rampant sexuality that came with being a 3C. Moreover, she further delighted in getting to know her coworkers on a more personal level. If that didn’t work, there was an entire catalog of fantasies for her to choose from. Ultimate Avengers by Marvel was casting her as Mary Jane Watson, and with the role came a whole host of ladies she grew up with, but never met on a personal level. Or an intimate one. The redhead thought to herself, grasping her soft member with her free hand. Her cock surged upward under her touch and the naughty thoughts that trasped through her head. Liz Olsen, Brie Larson, and Natalie Portman would all soon taste her cock much like Kat Dennings already had. Yet those weren’t her overarching goal, more like stops along the way to meet the subject of today’s fantasy: Scarlett Johannson.

The blonde bombshell was only 2 years her senior, and despite that and their long careers in Hollywood, they never met. Not that Lindsay didn’t try of course, but luck was never on her side. She had to settle for watching her films and fantasies acted out by her right hand. Was Scarlett a crush? Absolutely. Lindsay admired the actresses’ svelte frame in the skin tight bodysuit. The thought alone filled her with lust, and her hand responded in kind; slowly jerking her cock until the oversized head breached the surface of the water. Lindsay’s mind hummed with possibilities; already she could picture herself behind Scarlett; her hips pressed into that big juicy rear end. Her cock thumping against Scarlett’s dripping sex. Lindsay let out a low moan, biting her lower lip in process as her thumb flicked through her phone, pulling up images of the actress. Lindsay bucked her hips as her hand sped up; splashing water in every direction.

The futanari finally settled on one image from one of Scarlett’s modeling shoots. Her legs emerged from a skin tight pair of black pants while her bust was pushing up from a matching top. All barely contained within a blazer. Scarlett’s hands holding it closed or open; Lindsay couldn’t decide. Open. She growled lustfully, transposing the actress before her, the blonde opening up her outfit and showing Lindsay what she had to offer. The redhead wanted to run her fingers through the short blonde hair before forcing Scarlett to her knees in a wanton display of lust. She’d press Scarlett’s full mouth around her package; guiding those lips across every curve and crevious until Lindsay was good and ready.

In the present Lindsay’s legs pressed into either side of the tub, spraying water onto the floor as she continued to stroke her unit. Precum shot in every direction as Lindsay, overridden with lust, dropped her phone; her mind placing the imaginary Scarlett over her cock. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Lindsay cried as the doppelgänger began to slam open and down on her; every stroke bottoming out. Both their faces were contorted with the pleasure of their coupling. Scarlett’s head was thrown back, hands gripping her hair and locked in a cry of passion as Lindsay pulled and teased her breasts. A veritable weakness of Lindsay’s, she loved to watch a large chest sway and jostle before her; feeling the weight in her hands as she played with a hefty set of tits. It was pure heaven.

It was too much for the redhead. Her entire body went rigid as her cock spasmed. A day's worth of cum was already ejactulating; shooting down the length of her member before coming down in a rain of rich cream. Thick wads splattered as they hit every nearby surface, and Lindsay rejoiced when some landed on her nose and face. Continuing to cum, her tongue darted back forth swallowing her decadent juices even as more joined the fray. After several more blasts her orgasm finally waned.

Lindsay sunk back into the tub, her entire body warm and lucid. She stroked the last few bubbles of cum from cock before letting it sink beneath the surface. Her climax over, Lindsay leaned over the tub lip completely spent. She basked in the glow of her orgasm for several moments before she was snapped from her self indulgent reverie. Lindsay wiped off the few traces of cum that glistened her phone before answering. “Hello?”

“Hi, is this Lindsay?” The voice was feminine and husky. It made the redhead’s soft cock thump against the porcelain.

“This is.” Lindsay shifted positions.

“Hi, it’s Scarlett Johansson.”
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Lindsay
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2020, 08:26:40 PM »
Nice work, it's great to see you writing again. Have missed reading your works.
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Lindsay
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2020, 07:47:52 AM »
Well shit, now I want a Poison Ivy movie . . . (And a well-hung Lindsay to go with it.)


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