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Maxís Dream Orgy
« on: May 11, 2020, 06:29:26 PM »
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen.

Part 1

Following his last fuck session with Pokimane, Max was extremely nervous to call her back for another after they were caught by her friends. Even if he wanted to it would be much harder for him to go over to her house now that she moved with her roommates to a more secure house.

He paced through his room thinking if he should or shouldnít message her until he finally said screw it and sent her the message. A few minutes later Pokimane got Maxís text asking if he could come over. She hesitated for a moment before giving him the ok, then responded by telling him her new address and to let her know when he was outside the gate.

A couple of minutes after that, Max arrived at the gate to Offlinetvís new house and sent a message to Poki. Not long after the gate opened and Poki stood there in a pair of green tights with a matching sweatshirt and told Max to follow her in. As they made their way to the house Max was in awe of the size of Pokiís new home as well as her ass being squeezed to its limit in those green tights.

As they made it inside, Max asked about her roommates and Poki simply told him that they went out with a few others to get food so theyíll be gone for a while. They began walking up the stairs with Max close behind as he continued to stare at her amazing ass. His cock taking over his brain for a moment, he told Poki to stop and as she did he immediately grabbed hold of her waist pulled her ass towards his face and buried it deep into her ass and began licking her pussy through her tights causing Poki to begin moaning and causing her body to shake.

They both stood at the top of the stairs, as Max continued licking her pussy through her tights until he decided he wanted more and grabbed her tights and roughly ripped them open then resumed eating her pussy. Pokiís eyes began to roll back feeling Maxís tongue and she started moaning out louder when she felt his fingers brush up against her pussy, before Max inserted them into her pussy and began fingering her as hard and fast as he could. Max continued eating and fingering Pokiís pussy as her moans got louder and she grabbed his head and held it there as she felt an orgasm coming and she held onto Maxís head as she came hard on his face and fingers.

Once she was done cumming, she pulled Max up and quickly dragged him into her room and shut the door behind them. She pushed Max onto the bed, and got on her knees in front of him. Poki very quickly got to work unbuttoning Maxís pants and pulled them down quickly almost getting hit by his massive cock. She grabbed it and immediately inserted it into her mouth and began bobbing her head at a fast pace right away, placing her hands on his legs she looked up at Max and had most of his cock in her mouth already and deep down her throat, slobbering all over it.

Poki worked every part of it using her tongue, and as she licked and sucked, she grabbed his balls and began fondling them, squeezing them lightly while her mouth covered his entire cock in her saliva causing some of it to drip down onto her clothes. As Poki continued sucking Maxís cock, she slowly got more and more of it down her throat with ease so she decided to go further and so she held onto Max and began deep throating his cock getting even more of it down her throat causing Max to close his eyes and grunt loudly. But just as Max was on the brink of an orgasm, the door to her house opened and a few of her friends walked in without Poki or Max hearing. And as Maxís grunting got louder, he began cumming with his cock deep in Pokiís throat. He grabbed onto her head and shoved it deeper down as he came grunting hard one last time as long thick ropes of his cum shot down her throat and her eyes began rolling back and her mouth drooling.

Max held himself there for another minute getting all of his cum down her throat and at that moment they both heard a knock on her door.

it was Pokiís friend Janet.

Once they heard the knock they both got up and began panicking as Poki told Janet that she needed a second. As they were looking for a place to hide Max, Poki got an idea and told Max to hide under her desk and she would sit there pretending to make a video. Max quickly got underneath her desk as Poki sat down and Janet walked in wearing a bright red shirt and plaid skirt asking Poki if everything was alright and she just nodded her head.

While poki and Janet were talking, Max was trapped under her desk but had a perfect view of her pussy thanks to him ripping her tights earlier so he decided to have some fun and start playing with her clit, using his fingers to rub and pinch it causing Poki to shake. Then Max decided he was hungry, and started eating her out while she and Janet spoke.

Poki continued her conversation with Janet as her body shook more with each lick. Pokiís body began tensing up as she felt an orgasm approaching and felt like she was gonna explode so Max began licking her pussy faster, even inserting two fingers into it and going full force right away. With his tongue and fingers doing all this, Pokiís pussy began tightening around his fingers as she finally exploded, covering Maxís face and fingers in her squirt and lucky for them both Janet finally left.

Once her door shut, Poki immediately got up and grabbed Max, pulling him up and was about to push him onto the bed again. But Max had other ideas, and grabbed her this time and threw her onto it instead and jumped on following her. He laid down and told her he wanted her to ride him and Poki did as he asked and straddled his lap and was about to lower herself onto him but Max grabbed hold of her waist and slammed her down onto his cock. Poki gasped as she felt Maxís entire cock slam into her pussy as he began thrusting upward into her now holding onto her ripped tights. Max began smacking her ass hard, with each smack her ass rippled and her moans began again with each one. And as Max kept thrusting, he grabbed onto her sweatshirt and lifted it up over her head then immediately got rid of her bra and began sucking on her perky tits, licking and sucking her nipples with each thrust.

Max was in total control, and as his thrusting got faster, he began biting on her nipples causing Poki to moan louder and her pussy began creaming on his cock. As his thrusts got faster, the more cream Max saw on his cock. Max kept thrusting hard into Poki, their bodies slapping together hard with each thrust as they both moaned loudly. Then max suddenly grabbed Poki and stopped thrusting only to lift her up and place her on the floor with her pussy and ass facing him.

He got into a pile driving position and thrust his cock into her again and again, this time in her ass though, causing Poki to scream even louder. Max resumed his original speed thrusting into her downwards this time, his cock stretching out her asshole to its limits with each thrust. Pokiís body rippled with each thrust as well as her eyes rolling back as she felt Max hit her sweet spot time and time again. She moved one of her hands to her pussy and began fingering herself as Max began picking up the pace even more. She thrust her fingers into her pussy fast as she felt Maxís cock begin to throb inside her ass she went faster herself and started cumming before max and began squirting covering both max and herself in her juices.

As Max felt her pussy juices hit him, he finally came deep into her asshole, and he held himself deep inside to get every last drop. Then, as Poki felt as though Max was done, he proved he was not and he immediately resumed thrusting into her again as he used his cum and her juices as lubrication to go faster and he went faster than before. Max wanted more of his cum inside Poki, so he stopped for a moment and grabbed her again lifting her up back onto the bed and laid down telling her to ride him again but this time in reverse. Once they were both ready, Poki lifted her pussy over his cock and held onto his legs squatting as she slammed down onto his cock causing them both to moan loudly again as she started slamming into him, her ass bouncing off of him hard with each thrust.

As Max watched Poki squat fuck him, he began smacking her ass again leaving more marks and bruises. As Poki kept bouncing on him, her lust took over as she felt herself becoming cum drunk and she wanted more so she slammed onto his cock harder and began begging him for more cum inside her as she let go of his legs and began playing with her body as her eyes rolled back again and her tongue sticking out.

She got her wish when Max suddenly came deep inside her again but in her pussy this time and it caught them both by surprise as the both continued thrusting into each other. As Max finished cumming inside Poki again, Poki still wanted more so she began twerking with his cock still inside her and resumed bouncing on his cock catching max by surprise he held onto her as she twerked hard on his cock slamming each ass cheek on his body as his cock became covered in more cum and was once again hard.

He began thrusting into her matching her twerking, making Poki look back at him and smirk as she then pushed his hands off and did a perfect split on his cock while still twerking on it. Max moaned loudly as he watched her perfect ass bounce hard on his cum covered cock, his balls slapping against her pussy with each bounce forcing Poki to rub her clit as she twerked.
As max thrust upward into her again, Poki continued twerking on his cock. Maxís already sensitive cock was close to cumming again and he knew it so he stopped thrusting and watched as Poki squirted hard before him causing her pussy to tighten around his cock and giving his cock a better time to cum and so he did. Right as his tip was poking at her womb he came hard one last time, as Poki stopped twerking and stayed still on his cock in the full split as he came deep inside her once again.

Both of them laid still for a moment before Poki lifted herself off and laid on her soaked bed. Max laid there exhausted, but neither of them had a chance to relax as they heard someone walking to the door. Max quickly got up and ran to her bathroom to hide and stayed inside her shower and closed the door while Poki went into her closet and began putting on a new outfit right as Janet walked in again telling Poki everyone is downstairs with food.

She quickly changed and followed Janet down, while they did that Max was unaware of anything and sat on the bench in Pokiís shower but he got a big surprise when the door suddenly opened and Janet stood there with a smirk on her face as she coughed catching Maxís attention and once she did he sat there speechless as she simply said hi.
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Re: Maxís Dream Orgy
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Love the poki fanfics!
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Re: Maxís Dream Orgy
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Patiently waiting for part 2 ; )


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