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The Queen Mother: Cleopatra
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Egypt was going to fall. Rome was knocking at her door and there was little her ruler could do. Negotiations were fruitless. To Cleopatra it seemed they were destined to conflict, such as men were want to do.

Cleopatra, Pharaoh of Egypt, sat stewing on her throne when her court crier appeared. "A visitor has arrived!"

"Another messenger of Rome?" She snarled. "Tell the emperor's fool to bother another country. We're not interested in Rome."

"Highness, it isn't a Roman messenger. It's..." He started to speak but fell silent when a hand laid itself on his shoulder.

"Allow me." The voice was soft and feminine, but rich with power. "Greetings your highness, I come to seek an audience with you."

Cleopatra studied the figure with keen interest. Clad in a white robe that hid much of their figure, the individual was decidedly feminine. The pharaoh could make out the swells of her breasts and flair of her hips. Even her face was hidden under a white hood. This individual intrigued Cleopatra. "An audience?"

"A private one." Around her, guards readied weapons. Yet, she seemed unmoved.

"What can you offer me in private you can't say here?" Cleopatra was acting uninterested in her mysterious visitor; secretly however she was intrigued.

Her guest threw back her hood; revealing short chestnut brown hair and penetrating brown eyes. "Your future."

The room was silent as Cleopatra considered. Finally she commanded, "Leave us!"

Slowly, her royal court filed out of the room; her royal guard being the last to leave. When everyone was gone the pharaoh beckoned to her guest. "Please come to me. What news do you bring?"

Silently, the woman walked up the dais. Not a single step was heard as she ascended. All the while, Cleopatra drank in her beauty. Her skin was smooth and blemish free, a rich mocha. Her eyes sparkled and shimmered in the light. The woman's lips were naturally plump. Yet, that was just her face. Her body was well proportioned with large, voluminous breasts and wide hips that were matched by a well formed posterior. Cleopatra had experienced the pleasures of other women before, but it was a passing flame. This woman however, filled her with a burning desire for intimacy; a blazing bonfire in her loins. "Rome is coming."

"I know that!" She spat, cooling the fires she felt. "You did not come here to tell me the obvious."

"That I did not." The woman moved past Cleopatra and her nostril flared as she drank in her scent. "I came for you."

"Perhaps I should introduce myself," She said when Cleopatra didn't respond. "My name is Juno."

"Well then Juno," Cleopatra straightened, trying to maintain some decorum as her sex started to leak. "Why are you here for me?"

"Ever the negotiator." Juno touched the back of the throne; tracing the hieroglyphic outlines on the seat of power. "Rome is coming. With or without you, they will absorb Egypt."

"How long do I have?"

"Years at best." Juno spared her a glance. "You play the game well, but you will not survive. You are a woman after all."

Cleopatra simmered with anger even as she was filled with lust. "Then why are you here?"

"I ask a boon of you."

"A boon? You speak of doom then ask for a boon?" The pharaoh asked incredulously. "What is this boon? Why shouldn't I have you executed?"

"You won't execute me because you don't have the will." Juno advanced on her; when she was close enough she traced Cleopatra's own curves with a sole digit. "I ask for a child."

"A child? Anyone on the streets can give you a child." Cleopatra stated while shivering from Juno's electric touch.

"I know, but I want yours." Juno's breath cascaded over the woman. It was sweet and made her weak kneed. "Bare me a child Queen."

"But you're a woman!"

Juno grasped her hand and lead her to her crotch. Cleopatra's eyes widened as she felt a bulge emanating from her groin. Subconsciously, her hand tried to measure the member as her mind compared it to her previous lovers. Yet, there was no comparing to the cock she felt.

"Are you a god?" Cleopatra whispered.

"Something like that." Juno replied. "What is your answer?"

"If I refuse?" The pharaoh asked, yet her hand did not leave the bulge she felt.

"Then I walk away, and your legacy dies." Juno whispered softly. "I am bringing the future to the world. Man will be no more."

The desire that was stewing in Cleopatra's loins bubbled over with her words. "Take me goddess, I will bare your child."

Juno smiled for the first time revealing pearly white teeth. "You've chosen well, and you'll be rewarded."

Cleopatra melted into Juno's arms as the latter easily picked her up. Juno seemed to know instinctively where to go in the palace; her charge content to lay within her arms. Soon she came across the royal bedroom and pushed her way inside. Juno draped Cleopatra upon the bed and stood back. With a mere gesture her robes fell away from her body, pooling at the floor.

Cleopatra nearly choked. Juno's body was a piece of art. Her skin, blemish free. Her large breasts jutted from her body, gravity tried to pull them down, but her boobs stayed defiant. Her chest tapered down to a taut midsection before flaring out into a set of womanly hips. Juno's male sex jutted out from her groin, a hint at her true nature. The semi erect member hung to her mid thigh, which two large testicles just behind it. She turned slightly and Cleopatra was able to admire her fine butt. It was firm, like her breasts, with just enough junk to jiggle. Her hips lead to full calves before ending with her dainty feet. She was, in Cleopatra's opinion, a goddess on earth.

"Well?" She ran a hand through her brown tresses and stared at her with a smoldering look.

Cleopatra nearly bowled her over. Her arms wrapped around the goddess's body and pulled her close. Despite her 5'7" height, the pharaoh still had to tilt back as they kissed. Sparks flew as their kiss turned passionate. Her own arms wrapped around her neck as it extended from seconds into minutes. Finally, they had to break off for air.

Juno smiled at her, "Aren't you wearing a bit much?"

"Too much." She said, matching her smile. Breaking her grip, Cleopatra tugged at her gown; struggling against the fabric. Finally, it gave way and faltered to her waist. Juno whistled at her upper body. Cleopatra was known as the goddess of the Nile; a claim that was not over exaggerated. Her breasts, while not as big as Juno's, were firm and capped with thick nipples. With a finally last pull the remnants of the dress fell free. Cleopatra's stomach was tight and her butt was not overly large but tight. The slight hair around her mound glistened with desire.

"Is this for me?" Cleopatra asked innocently, advancing to her new found lover.

"All for you."

"As it should be." Her small hands encircled the member, steadily stroking it to full hardness. Kissing her partner one last time, she went down to cock level. Already, Cleopatra was inspecting it with a discerning eye, though it was obvious that she liked what she saw. Her tongue darted out and lashed across the meaty, turgid member. A solid groan erupted from Juno as Cleopatra lathered it up with her tongue, her hands helping spread the saliva around.

Cleopatra looked up at Juno with sultry eyes as she started to pump in earnest. Her hands, barely encircling the thick tool, working a stead back and forth motion. At full hardness, Juno's cock stood a godly 18 inches from her body, the apple sized head turning red from her ministrations.

Cleopatra slowed down to admire it. This was a far cry from what her previous lovers had. Her last bedmate, a man so pathetic he was erased from existence, was so proud of his 5 inch member, but this was magnificent. In her mind Cleopatra had just gotten her reward for service to the gods. Years of suffering suddenly rewarded with a taste of the divine. She looked up at Juno again, and their eyes met. Maintaining the gaze, she leaned forward and sucked at the tip, lapping at a bead of precum that had formed.


Her mouth opened again and she lapped at the head, her tongue encircling the crown before working the sensitive underside. Her tease went on for several moments. Cleo would get the head good and wet, and Juno all worked up before pulling back slightly. With her full lips puckered she would lightly blow. The breeze danced along the wet stiff cock, causing it to tingle and Juno would groan out in frustration. Her hands gripped tightly on her long hair.

"What? Am I getting you all bothered?" She said, a sexy smile on her lips.

"Yes!" She managed to hiss out.

"Is this what you want? Hmmm?" Her tongue reached out again and brushed the underside of the cock head.


"Mmm. Alright honey." Cleopatra braced herself. She never worked a tool this big, nor seen one in person to be honest. Opening her mouth wide, she felt everything stretch as she took the head in.

The thought of something so big and powerful was such a turn on to her. If she had bothered looking down, she'd see a puddle of her juices forming below her. The sweet nectar tainting the floor of the royal bedroom. Yet, her mind was occupied. More and more she beckoned the rod forward. More and more it slipped into her hungry mouth, her warm breath cascading over it. With a grunt and a push from Juno the cock slipped forward, hitting the back of her throat.

Unfortunately, that's where her reflex hit. It was too big, she never practiced for an intruder so large, and now she was nearly choking on it. Bring it back out, she looked at it before trying again. The same result left her slightly despondent, she wanted to get this down!

"It's fine..just work it!" Juno offered as words of encouragement. It was all she needed.

Her head went down again onto the rod until just the head was in her mouth. From there she bobbed up and down on it, letting a few inches in before backing out til just the tip remained. Her tongue was a flurry of activity as it swirled about. It caressed the ridges before hitting the head, especially the sensitive slit. When the cock slid back in her mouth, her tongue turned to massaging the bottom. It was an experience like no other for Juno. Who helped the process along by pumping into her mouth.

Cleopatra felt she was about to cum, and opted to instead stop it. This was their first fuck and she wanted to enjoy it. Not that she wasn't enjoying herself, as evident by the slippery floor beneath her. Withdrawing the rod from her mouth, she clamped down on the base, pulling herself up slightly. The pair exchanged a brief kiss before she sauntered to the couch, her perky behind taunting her to follow. Cleopatra sat back on the bed.

"Come here with that cock of yours." A single finger brought Juno towards her.

The glistening folds and velvet interior of Cleopatra's sex beckoned Juno forward. Her mighty cock pointed the way to her dripping cunt. Cleopatra was splayed out on the bed, her legs wide, and arms out. The look was entirely that of a fashion model, Juno thought, yet no fashion model was this sexy, or entirely nude. Her entire body on display before her; a gift for her godhood. The sweat made her tan skin glisten in the sun's light. Its' heat adding much to the feeling of the room. Cleopatra was to Juno at this very moment, the embodiment of desire and female sexuality. Her tight rear end propped up her body, the impressive cheeks pressed out to each side. Her midsection was taut, worked out, with a strong hint of abs. Her breasts, a solid handful, hung down ever so slightly. Their large size making it hard to avoid gravity's pull, but they fought it nonetheless. Even her nipples were large and turgid. Dark nubs stuck out nearly an inch from her puffed up areolas.

Her body was in stark contrast to Juno's. Her mocha skin glistened with sweat. It poured down her body and highlighted the power contained within her curves and muscles. Her abs were beyond 6 pack. The Pharaoh's own body was tiny compared to hers. Cleopatra knew Juno's ass was on par with the rest of her, but it was hidden behind the sign of her godhood. The cock was nearly crimson. Thick veins crisscrossed its' impossibly long length and wide girth. Two large egg sized testicles filled the sack to the max, causing it to hang low against her thighs. A lesser girl would be woefully intimidated by such a piece, but not Cleopatra. Not the queen. Her life was all about challenges, growing up in the shadows of her father, even Rome on the horizon. Even though she just failed to take it completely in her mouth, her hunger for such a tool would not be denied. She licked her lips in anticipation as she watched Juno slowly approach her. Her fist slowly pumped the length of the tool, its' purple head staring her down; tempting her. With a slowness that belied the raging sea of hormones between them, Juno finally pressed against her weight against her seated form. Tongues intertwined in a mating dance of their mouths; breasts pushed for dominance. Finally, Cleopatra broke the facial embrace by pulling away, but dragging her teeth across Juno's lower lip.

"Now stick that in me!" She demanded. Juno grunted and began entry. Her juices provided as much lubrication as possible, yet it was still not quite enough. Her lips parted absurdly wide as the plum sized head demanded, and forced entry into her sex. Despite not being a virgin, Cleopatra was impossibly tight. She was not a loose woman by any means and her athleticism kept her as tight as a vice. That vice was being forced apart by the massive member that was being shoved in. Inch by Inch, grunt by grunt, more and more of the mammoth tool was forced in.

Juno grabbed either side of her thin waist and started to push. Her exertions made even more sweat come off her body, landing atop the panting Cleopatra. Each steady thrust backed more and more of her 18 inch tool in. Cleopatra screamed out in pleasure as the head finally entered in completely. She had a mini orgasm from that first move. Then began the long pull. A grunt and a long thrust from Juno sent the cock forward. The mighty penis spread her wide as it continued to push down towards its goal.

After a series of long thrusts, Juno hit her cervix. Both paused for a moment to collect their breaths. Several inches of Juno still remained out in the open. Time to fix that. She pulled back until all but the head was exposed to the open air, eliciting a gasp from her Egyptian lover. With a roar and a heave she sent her cock forward again at a rapid pace. The turgid member pushed in and started to stretch out the love canal. Cleopatra howled in delight. She had never been filled quite so much, or so completely, and yet more of Juno's cock remained to fit into her box. Cleo's legs snaked up and wrapped around her waist, intent on pulling the goddess in. Her moans increased as more and more of Juno slipped in.

It was a monumental effort, but finally the barest inch of her thick fuck stick remained out. Determined as ever, both lovers exchanged a glance. Juno pulled her as best as she could, while she pulled her in with her legs. If there was a sound to be heard over all the grunts, moans, and gasps of pleasure, it would have sounded like a key clicking into place. The entire 18 inch length of Juno fit into Cleopatra's cunt like a hand in tight gloves. Her velvet box was a perfect fit, and she began to showcase her control to him. Her velvet box muscles worked in perfect harmony to some unheard chant. Perhaps it was the tempo of her moans, or the pace of Juno's renewed thrusts, but her muscles synchronized their work along the meaty member.

Cleopatra's boobs wobbled frantically as her screams filled the room. Juno's groans filled in whatever her cries of ecstasy could not. Her pace rapidly filling and draining her receptive moist canal. After several long moments, the bed could bare it no longer. Its constant squeaking got louder as their intensity increased. After one particularly strong push the wood started to give way and Cleopatras' wonderful ass sunk lower. Another thrust and the base groaned. Within a few more pushes, the back gave way entirely. The beautiful woman's back was suddenly plopped down flat. The bed slowly inched its' way across the floor; anything in the way pushed aside. The lovers did not stop, nor slow. If anything their pace increased. Cleo's boobs shimmied about with an even greater intensity, no longer being held down by gravity. Juno was no longer pushing uphill as it were, and her thrusts were becoming more forceful as her entire body shifted into giving her partner the pleasure she deserved.

The entire bed failed completely not soon after. Without a pause or a break, Juno hoisted Cleopatra up, still deep inside her. Her goly muscles easily held her weight up as she continued to thrust into her lover. If one was documenting this it would be considered a high powered form of suspended congress. With a gentleness that matched her thrusts, she laid her panting lover down on a conveniently located rug.

Juno withdrew her rod almost completely, with a subtle pause she grasped one of Cleo's legs and freed it from its embrace. With but a glance to Cleopatra, she started to rotate her body around her cock. The Pharaoh's screams got even louder as she felt the cock rotating within her confines. It was a pleasure she never attempted with one of her toys, less even knew about until the moment. She still had enough sense to put down her knees and arms as she assumed the classic doggy position. Her pounding resumed its 'normal' high intensity pace and Cleopatra was raked by the pleasure of the new position. Juno's cock head no longer ran across her g-spot. Instead its sheer size overwhelmed her in this new position.

Her pistoning got stronger, soon she had to release, and it would be a mighty release indeed. Juno's long strokes filled her with glee, causing her to moan out in unbridled lust. For several moments, the rough grinding of their bodies were all that could be heard. Juno's large testicles in their overfilled sack hit Cleo's womanly thighs each time she bottomed out. Cleopatra's perfect ass too slapped joyously against her abs as she returned the motion. Each cheek begged to be squeezed, and Juno was happy to oblige. She alternated fondling one tan cheek, then the other. Giving each the attention it deserved, each squeeze causing his lover to moan out his name. Cleo was riding a sea of emotions now, each mini-orgasm ended with another beginning soon after. Her elbows long gave out holding up her upper body, now she was down to her head against the plush rug. Cleopatra's large breasts dangled freely, every thrust and return sent them rocking back at forth. Her nipples grazed the rug, electricity danced from the fur tease and into her continually pleasured brain. She gripped the fur rug tightly.

"Oh Juno you animal, cum in me! Dump your seed in me!"

"Cum for me Cleopatra! I'll shoot my hot load deep into you!" With a last thrust that connected their bodies in ways never thought possible, she released her load. Cleopatra felt her balls travel up her thighs and knew what was coming. Juno's cock swelled up even larger than before unloading. Her roar of orgasm announced several long spurts of her divine seed shooting deep down into Cleo's womb. The hot spray finally did it for Cleopatra and cried out as her massive orgasm hit her. Her own juices released in a cosmic explosion of pleasure. She continued to spray deep into her for several long moments, each blast slowly getting weaker. Yet Cleopatra's orgasm continued, she thrashed about in orgasmic bliss before finally settling down. She came down from the high in utter exhaustion. As her mind fogging orgasm died, Juno collapsed down. Fortunately she didn't land on the defeated Cleopatra, but rather to the side. Juno was still connected and caused the exhausted Egyptian queen to roll over in an erotic spooning position.

For several long moments, the two said nothing. The only sound in the air was their panting and gasps for breath. Juno snaked a free hand around Cleopatra and gently massaged her perfect tan globes. "Mmmm...that...was...wow..."
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