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The Queen Mother: Joan
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14th century, QA (Queen’s Ascension) France region of the Empire

Tears fell down over the shallow graves. She would’ve dug them deeper but she didn't have the energy. All she had the strength to do now was cry.

“May I sit with you?” The voice was calm and even; full of sympathy and understanding. When the girl didn’t respond the intruder did so anyway. For moments she said nothing even as the girl kept crying. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

“What do you know about loss?!” The girl snapped. The week’s hell finally broke through. “My parents are dead!”

“I know Joan. I’m sorry.” She offered a comforting hand only to have it smacked away. “Man did this.”

“Man.” Joan sniffed for another moment then realization set in. “How’d you know my name?”

“I know a lot of things.”

Logic overrode grief. “No one just knows someone’s name by default. Only the….”

Joan’s eyes widened and she planted her face into the ground. “Forgive me Queen Mother, I had no idea!”

The Queen Mother stifled a giggle. “Forgive me, rise child. You need not be prostrate.”

With some hesitation Joan picked herself off the ground before falling into the Queen Mother’s embrace. The water works began again as the Queen comforted her. “There there.”

“Why’d they do this?!” Joan wailed.

“A wiseman once told me that Man is fickle; Creates and thinks but does not reason. They’re jealous and hate what they cannot understand.” The queen explained.

“Come with me child.” The queen stood and extended a hand to Joan. “I will take you away from all this and train you to do what you were meant to do.”

Joan sniffed and wiped away the tears that poured from her eyes. She surveyed her surroundings. I have nothing left here. It was easy for her to take the Queen’s hand and be led away. As they started walking a question gnawed at Joan, “What happened to that man you mentioned earlier? What did you call him?”

“The wisest man alive. They killed him.”


-5 years later-

The queen watched from afar as Joan's martial prowess grew over the years. At the age of 18, she was besting many royal guards in single combat and her strategies were far ahead in thinking. Yet, there was little to be said for her spiritual development.

“Ladies, put your weapons away.” Tasha the taskmaster announced. “We have a visitor.”

The girls complied; sheathing swords and spears before falling to the floor as their guest entered. The Queen Mother entered and surveyed the assembled warriors. “You may rise my children.”

As they rose to their feet the Queen admired their forms. Not weighed down with muscle but instead with lithe tone. Despite this lack of bulk, they were easily stronger than a more powerfully built man. Each girl had come into her own in terms of beauty; each one from the lands of her Empire. There was Dasha, the proud warrior from the eastern steppes. Aminah, her dark skin from the southern reaches. Yuki, the first from the far eastern tip of the Queen's land. Dominique, hailing from what was the last bastion of man, Constantinople in Europe, and a host of others. Each one was beautiful beyond measure; their heritage proudly coursing through their veins.

Then there was Joan. She was beautiful but aloof; spending far more time in the libraries than with her compatriots. The brunette had never once visited the pleasure centers as was her right. Which was why the Queen was here today. “Tasha has informed me that you're progressing well. I am proud of what you are becoming. You are the pinnacle of our race. Holding high a standard for all other women to be. For that, I thank you. Tomorrow there shall be a feast on your names.”

The assembled group cheered until The Queen raised her hand. "Do not assume that it'll be easy. The empire still has many enemies abroad."

The girls stiffened. For years they've been told of men and what they sought. How their repeated raids disrupted trade and prosperity. They even once saw a captive man; studying the foul creature as he raged. Joan in particular looked awash with grief and hatred. "For now, train hard. Tomorrow you feast and in a month, you'll join me for a tour of our lands and race. Joan, please walk with me."

With some hesitation, Joan fell in line with the Queen. For several moments neither spoke as they walked out past the training center and into a courtyard. "I am pleased with your progress."

“I live to serve.”

"I am troubled though." The Queen leaned on a rail. "To my knowledge, you have never partaken in the perks of your position. "

Joan gulped nervously. "I use the libraries during off-hours."

The Queen looked right through her with a piercing gaze. "I am not speaking of knowledge but pleasure. You have never used the pleasure centers, not once embraced your comrades. Did you take a vow of the chaste of which I'm not aware?"

“ No, I just” Joan blushed at the question. “I am…. “

The Queen nodded, understanding. Taking a vow of the chaste was a serious decision. One not taken lightly in futanari society. To do so before siring offspring, another tradition in the empire, was all but unheard of. “You've never indulged because you've never learned.”

Joan nodded; daring not to speak as her voice would come out a squeak.

“It's a shame your mothers died. They had so much to teach you.” The Queen sighed, leaning heavily on the railing. “Very well, I shall teach you.”

Words finally formed in Joan’s throat and exploded out. “What?! I could never...it would be blasphemous if I were too…”

The Queen silenced her complaint with a finger across her lips. “It is important for your well being to see after your spiritual needs. I would be failing as the Queen Mother to do otherwise. Come to my chambers tonight when the moon is past 5 fingers.”

Before her warrior could manage a further protest the Queen walked away.


Joan held her hand up to the sky again, trying to delay the inevitable. The moon was stubbornly above her hand as she held it to the horizon. I can’t avoid it any longer. She thought, knowing that ignoring a request from the Queen was unthinkable, if not unforgivable. With a sigh, she left the garden and meandered to the Queen's quarters. The Queen, unlike a person in her position of authority, lived in a room no different than anyone else. In her words, 'to stay rooted to her people.' She oft traveled alone as well, something that many had protested. After several minutes of deliberately slow travel, Joan arrived at the door. No guards were present, nor would they be required. The rumor was the Queen, when enraged, could slay an entire army on her own. She knocked.

“Come in.”

Joan pushed in the heavy door revealing the Queen’s quarters. As she expected, they were sparsely decorated. The Queen, the living goddess on earth, sat looking out the window at a starry sky. She did not turn when Joan locked the door behind her. “Took your time I see.”

The warrior fell to her knees. "Forgive me, my Queen."

“It’s fine. I can understand your reluctance.” The Queen finally turned and looked at her. “Please stand, here we are equals.”

"Yes My Queen." Joan stood reluctantly.

“You need not call me Queen either. You may call me Juno.”


“A name given to me a long time ago.” Juno looked back out the window, “long before our society existed.”

Joan blushed, feeling she was getting a more intimate look at the Queen than allowed. “Of course.”

“Now let’s see you.” Juno moved from her chair to sit on the bed. “Actually, no. Come sit here. We have to strip: Each other.”

“Oh.” Joan stately flatly, swapping positions until she sat on the bed in front of her goddess.

“Let me start.” Juno stood up and stepped in front of her warrior. She looked deep into the baby blue eyes as her fingers fiddled with the knot of Joan’s jerkin. The brown leather holding everything in place licked through her fingers before hitting the floor. She tugged at the main suit next; sliding up Joan’s shoulders and over her head revealing a plain shirt beneath. The white material clung to her skin as Juno’s hands slid down went around, evaluating every curve.

Joan was flush red with embarrassment. Even still, a part of her was aroused as Juno felt the cobblestones of her well-defined abs and taut muscles. Suddenly, she stopped.

"Your turn." Joan tried to restrain herself but failed when Juno leaned forward. With fumbling fingers, Joan undid the simple knot that held her toga closed. Slowly, like she was opening a present on Queen's Day, the warrior pulled open the simple robe. Her eyes widened and mouth watered at the deliciously tan flesh of the queen. It was completely unblemished and smooth. Hints of powerful muscles lurked underneath that skin. Moreover, her breasts hung wonderfully off her chest; defiant of gravity's pull. Far below Juno's chest was her member. It was draped artfully over two large, but not oversized testicles. Even now it seemed to pulse with life.

Her goddess, Joan realized, never wore much. Her own member triggered in response; hardening quickly beneath the tight confines of her trousers. She blushed fiercely as Juno reached up and squeezed her chest. Joan moaned involuntarily. Her breasts were smaller than her queen's but stood proud on her chest. Her nipples were surprisingly large and stuck out wonderfully. Joan cried out again as Juno rolled them through her fingers. "Shall I continue?"

"Please." It came out hoarse, dripping with desire. So much that Joan didn't realize it. She wanted her queen badly. She yearned for her touch now and loved it when her hands tugged on her belt. Joan's lips quivered as Juno's fingers traced along her skin as she undid the singular button on her pants.

Juno beckoned her to stand and they swapped positions. Now the queen’s warrior stood before her, clad in her loose trousers. Already they were threatening to explode off her body; such was her desire and thickening member. Joan hooked her fingers around the waist and shimmied side to side. “Shall I?”

“As you wish.” She did wish it. Joan tugged and her pants slid off her body. They hit the floor and stood before Juno fully nude. The queen leaned back to take her all in. Her cock was erect, almost painfully so, throbbing over a foot from her body. For a moment neither said anything, but now it was her turn.

"Do you like it?" Joan asked as Juno examined her body critically. She suddenly became self-conscious of her figure and the queen's silence. Her hands started to get clammy and her heart pounded. I’m not good enough. The queen will reject me. I will be…

"You're perfect." The queen said and Joan exhaled a breath she didn't realize she was holding in. Juno stood and came up to her. With both hands she cupped the warrior's chin, drawing it into a kiss. Joan melted at the electric touch of the Queen. She had never been with another woman and even her own hand was foreign to her. That didn't stop Joan from fantasizing, however. Yet all her fantasies didn't hold a candle to the real thing. The warrior readily began to return the kiss; mimicking Juno's actions.

Far below, her cock thrummed to the beat of her racing heart. Already erect, it pressed against the queen’s thigh. For a second Joan thought she was in trouble as Juno broke the kiss, but her worry was for naught as the Queen smiled at her. “You’re a natural.”

Joan gasped as the Queen wrapped a hand around her swollen cock. Already precum was leaking from the tip of her 12-inch member and more soon followed as she began to pump. A soft, guttural cry escaped Joan's lips as Juno continued her efforts; never once slowing in the several moments she jerked the cock. With one last tug, the queen halted her efforts, releasing the cock from her grasp and letting it settle between them. "Your turn."

“I’ve never seen someone else’s before.” Joan exclaimed as she sunk to her knees. Remarkably, the Queen’s cock was flaccid; such was her control and willpower. Her hand reached out and touched it. Warm. It seemed alive as she started to stroke it. That’s what I’m supposed to do right? Under her ministrations, the member swelled in stature and rose up; ignoring gravity's pull as it engorged to it's full size. Already a bead of her lube was forming at the tip. Joan couldn't stop herself from what happened next. The Queen's member was half again as large as Joan's; easily as thick as her forearm as well. It called her, beckoned her for a taste.

Juno gasped as Joan cautiously licked the tip of her cock. Nervously, the warrior stopped until the Queen beckoned her onward. “Please, continue.”

Once again Joan’s tongue lashed out at the member, lapping at the pool of precum that formed at the tip and slid down the base. No longer content to merely lap at the ambrosia Joan started peppering the cock with kisses. Soon those kisses stretched longer until her full lips stretched out the massive cockhead of the Queen. With some effort, Joan began to force herself down on the member. It was no easy task: the Queen’s cock was every bit as powerful as the Queen was, and Joan felt herself nearly gagging several times.

Yet she was not deterred. Not for her Goddess and certainly not for herself. It was a point of pride for her that she could best any opponent. The brunette pressed onward, the godly member slipped in a few more inches. Her throat ached as it expanded to fit the invader; bulging visibly as inches slipped further and further down. Her gag reflex was right on the edge, threatening to disrupt her praise but Joan ignored how hard it pressed until she felt her nose tickle the base of the Juno's cock. With some satisfaction, she began to pull back; letting it slip out a scant few inches before she returned. The words of her fellow guards rang through her head, techniques, and styles they all appreciated. Joan tried to put those words to action, bobbing her head up and down the Queen's member; leaving a trail of spittal and precum in her wake. Her reflex lessened and the cock was no more a challenge for her than breathing; even as she began to pummel herself on the cock. Joan had to slow down once as she nearly cracked her nose on Juno's thighs. Her hands strayed from Juno's legs, one gilded inward to the mammoth balls that bubbled and banged into her chin. The other swung south to her cock, feeling the hardness and lightly stroking it. For several moments she continued, her own cock painfully erect at the Queen Mother's moans.

"It's time." The goddess stated, carefully removing Joan from her member. With an audible pop, the warrior was disconnected from the godly phallus.

Joan hesitantly stepped forward; one hand firmly on her cock lest she miss. Carefully, the warrior lined up her aim and pressed forward. Her cock was immediately engulfed into a velvety womb. The more she pressed forward the more she didn’t want to leave. Beneath her, the queen moaned in satisfaction.

Joan grabbed either side of Juno's thin waist and started to push. Her exertions made sweat come off her body; landing atop the panting Queen Each steady thrust packed more and more of her 12-inch tool in. Juno screamed out in pleasure as the head finally entered completely. She had a mini orgasm from that first move. Then began the long pull. A grunt and a long thrust from Joan sent her cock forward. The mighty penis spread Juno wide as it continued to push down towards its goal.

After a series of long thrusts, Joan bottomed out nearly bottomed out completely; her balls audibly slapping Juno's butt. Both paused for a moment to collect their breaths. Joan pulled back until all but the head was exposed to the open air, eliciting a gasp from the Queen. With a roar and a heave, she sent her cock forward again at a rapid pace. The turgid member pushed in and started to stretch out the love canal. Juno howled in delight. She couldn't remember the last time she'd taken a cock, nor remembered when she had never been filled quite so much. Her legs snaked up and wrapped around her young lover's waist; intent on pulling her in. Her moans increased as more and more of Joan slipped in.

It was a monumental effort, but finally, the barest inch of her thick fuck stick remained out. Determined as ever, both lovers exchanged a glance. Joan pulled her as best as she could, while Juno pulled her in with her legs. If there was a sound to be heard over all the grunts, moans, and gasps of pleasure, it would have sounded like a key clicking into place. The entire 12-inch length of Joan fit into Juno's cunt like a hand in tight gloves. Her velvet box was a perfect fit, and she began to showcase her control. Her velvet box muscles worked in perfect harmony to some unheard chant. Perhaps it was the tempo of her moans or the pace of her renewed thrusts, but her muscles synchronized their work along Joan's meaty member.

Juno's boobs wobbled frantically as her screams filled the room. Joan's groans filled in whatever her cries of ecstasy could not. Her pace rapidly filling and draining her receptive moist canal. Between them Juno's cock pulsed with godly life, a constant spray of cum spitting around the duo as they continued their lovemaking. After several long moments, the bed could bear it no longer. Its constant squeaking got louder as their intensity increased. After one particularly strong push, the support started to give way, and Juno's wonderful ass sunk lower. Another thrust and the headboard groaned. Within a few more pushes, it gave way entirely. The beautiful woman's back was suddenly plopped down flat. The bed fell to the floor, But the lovers did not stop, nor slow. If anything their pace increased. Juno's boobs flopped about with even greater intensity, no longer being held down by gravity. Joan was no longer pushing uphill as it were, and her thrusts were becoming more forceful as her entire body shifted into giving her partner the pleasure she deserved.

Thick ropes of cum burst from her loins. Her cock flared in size deep within the queen before disgorging copious amounts of cream into her. Joan cried out in pleasure as the orgasmic high only continued. It was everything she ever wanted at once. Juno too screamed in pleasure. The thick cock that lay in between the two seized once, throbbing and pulsing with life before erupting. The Queen’s ambrosia shot high into the air, nearly hitting the ceiling before raining down on them. Joan caught much of it on her outstretched body; a divine rain that splattered on her chest and stock. For once, Joan was smiling as the cum rained down on her.

Her orgasm died and Joan collapsed next to the queen. Years of sexual frustration left with her release. A sudden panic gripped her as Juno rolled over to face her.

“I….I don’t feel worthy of this.” Joan stammered, embarrassed at the act she just committed. With the Queen Mother no less.

Juno silenced her by kissing Joan hard on the lips. “You were always worthy. You just didn’t know it yet.”


"Joan, my child." No hint of their activity had crossed the Queen's face. Still, Joan couldn't help but feel a warmth in Juno's eyes, and a smile tug at her lips. "For you, I present one of the greatest gifts. Stand before me."

Joan marched forward and fell to a single knee before the Queen. Joan has heard whispers throughout the intervening week from her fellow guards. There was a distinct change in her attitude that hadn't escaped notice. Through her cloak, the Queen drew a long sword. The blade glistened in the light of the dais and seemed to make the bright room even brighter. "My child, I present you with Durendal. It is an old blade but marked with the valor of its' wielders. May it serve you well in your role."

“I am honored, your majesty.” Joan felt the blade press into her hands; a warmth radiated out from the sharpened steel.

“The honor is mine.” Juno looked up. “Let no woman here doubt Joan’s devotion or honor. On this day I declare you be mine. Rise Joan, first Maiden of the Queen.”
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