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Medieval mischief - the FUTA chapters
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I was asked to post the FUTA chapters of Medieval mischief, original story can be found here https://celebritystorysite.com/index.php?topic=1195.0

Chapter 3

Starring: Sophie Howard, Christina Hendricks

Codes: MF, FF, Oral, Anal, titfucking, Facial

The Queen walked up to the tower, Her husband was away for over 2 weeks, this was one of the rare opportunities she had to visit Dumon.  Her 2 guards walked to either side, as always their duty was to protect the queen.

   She opened the door and slowly walked in “Wait here” she told the guards, “I shall be perfectly safe with the wizard”

   Queen Christina peered into the darkness of the laboratory, it was empty, she looked around for signs of life “Master Dumon, Sophie, are you here?” she said loudly.

   There was no reply, the Queen moved to the stairs, lifting the hem of her dress she moved up.  They spiraled around the side of the tower, she stopped at Sophie’s quarters on the first floor, knocking she heard no reply.

   “Where are you” she snapped at herself, annoyed that the wizard was nowhere to be found.  Christina had known him since she was a younger woman, having originally been his apprentice many years ago.

   She continued upwards to the top floor, and stepped up to knock on Dumon’s door.  As she approached she heard moaning and crying form inside, “FUCK ME FUCK ME!” a woman’s voice cried.  She recognized it as Sophie, Dumon’s apprentice.

   “Dirty old man!” she giggled, knowing what was occurring.

   She turned to walk back down the stairs, but then stopped, turning back she gripped the door handle and pushed it open.  Sophie was on the bed, Dumon standing by the edge, her legs on his shoulder, cock stabbing deep into her, her hands clawed at the sheets as she shuddered in climax, her body exploding in pleasure.

   “Dumon!” Queen Christina exclaimed, in fake shock

   He turned to look at her, Sophie still lost in pleasure, not yet noticing.  He grinned, turned back to Sophie and fucked her harder, “Come in Chrissie!” he gasped, “Always room for 1 more!”

   “Dirty fucker!” she replied.

   “Your MAJESTY!” Sophie gasped, realizing who was stood there, she tried to pull away and cover herself.

   “Oh don’t worry Sophie, she won’t mind will you Chrissie”

   “Dumon, show some respect, we may have known each other a long time, but I am your queen now, so you will not call me that anymore”  Christina said sternly.

   “Certainly My Queen” he replied, emphasizing the Queen.

   “I see you still fuck your apprentices then” she said.

   “Yeah, you know I love doing that don’t you” he replied, “Sophie here lets me fuck her when the mood strikes don’t you”

   “Yes Dumon” Sophie said.

   The queen began to unfasten her dress, letting it fall from her shoulders she stood in a tight white corset, those huge breasts almost spilling out as she was squeezed in all the right places. 

   She moved over and knelt on the bed, kissing the wizard, her hands roamed down to his crotch then up over onto Sophie’s pussy.  Her fingers rubbed Sophie’s clit as Dumon started fucking her again.

   “Ohhhh fuck” Sophie groaned, her legs trembling as the Queen rubbed faster.

   Christina kissed her way down Dumon’s body then moved to lay above Sophie, her fingers rubbing her whilst suckling on her breasts.  Sophie groaned, her body trembling at the touch, Christina’s teeth grazing her hard nipples as she sucked hard.

   “Fuuuck that’s good” she groaned.

   Dumon eased from her pussy, and moved to sit in the lavish leather chair next to the bed,  “Come over here and sit on my cock Sophie, I want to fuck your ass now” he instructed.

   Christina spun over to sit on the bed and watch as Sophie got up, Dumon held her hips and guided her down as she rested her asshole on his shaft.  She reached back and grasped him as her ring stretched around his head, she fed his whole length up her ass, eyes rolling as the thick shaft finally was balls deep inside her.

   “Ohh you never change Dumon!” Christina said, watching as he started thrusting.

   Sophie rested her hands on his knees, leaning forwards as he leant back into the chair.  Her big round ass rising and falling on his cock, the meaty girth stretching her asshole.  Christina moved to stand over Sophie now, gripping her hair and pulling her head back, she kissed her hard.  Sophie’s hands moved to Christina’s body, gripping her hips then moving to her corset contained breasts.

   “Fuuuckkk yesssss” Sophie growled as Dumon rammed so deep.

   Christina stepped back, spoke a phrase and her corset unfastened by itself, she held it for a moment before releasing it.  Sophie looked shocked, she recognized the magical phrase, but had no idea the Queen was practiced in the arts.   Dumon slapped her ass hard, making her cry, as Christina move back in front of Sophie.

   “SO Close!” Sophie growled her body tensing.

   Christina dropped to her knees, lips clamping over Sophie’s clit, sucking it vigorously as Dumon slammed hard up her ass.  Sophie bucked and shook, her body climaxing again, breasts shuddering.


   Her pussy gushed, Christina avidly sampling her, the sweet juices filling her mouth as Sophie screeched and wailed.

   “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!!” She screamed.

   Dumon stopped thrusting, as Sophie calmed from her climax.  Christina standing up and again pulling her head backwards,  opening her mouth the Queen dribbled her juices down, sharing them before kissing her hard.

   “Ohh fuck you 2 have me sooo close” Dumon gasped.

   “You still have it I see” He said to Christina, looking at the ring on her little finger.

   “Couldn’t get rid of it, took me far too long to perfect” She replied.

   “Could we do it one more time?” he asked, “I am so fucking close to cumming now”

   Christina grinned, holding Sophie’s arm she helped her up onto somewhat shaky legs.  Sophie watched as Christina moved the ring to her index finger, gasping Christina shook as her body transformed, her wet pussy changing to the shape of a large hard cock.

   “Your master is a dirty man Sophie, he helped me make this ring just to pleasure him, it has been most useful over the years as well though” Christina said.
   She sat down in the chair as Dumon stood, bending over Christina leant in and started to tongue his asshole.  His hand wanked his cock as her tongue did its work.

   “Fuuuck yeah baby” he groaned.

   Sophie watched shocked as Dumon settled back onto Christina’s cock, letting her slide it up his ass.  His cock bounced in front of him, hard as nails, throbbing as large as Sophie had ever seen.

   “You dirty man, you nasty man, you like that” Christina teased.

   “Yes baby, ohh fuck your dick feels good in me” he groaned.

   He started stroking his hard cock faster and faster, the head growing and building as he did so.  Sophie grinned she was going to give him a treat, kneeling down she gripped his shaft and took over stroking.  He leant forwards looking down at her as she urged him to cum.

   “Cum on me Master, cover me in your seed” she begged, his hard dick swelling rapidly in her hand.

   Christina held him down as his hips bucked, ass clenching on her magical cock.  His cockhead pulsed, thick wads of semen drenching Sophie’s face.  The thick white streaks laced across her forehead and cheek, clinging to her fringe and eyebrows.  His engorged cock blasted her over and over, the semen never stopping, she was drenched from nose to chin.

   “Fuuuuck yeah Master” she gasped, cum dripping down her chin onto her tits.

   Dumon was finally sated, his balls empty he collapsed backwards onto Christina, “Ohh fuck that was amazing, I have missed that so much” he gasped.

   Sophie knelt gasping, her eyes burning, swimming in semen, she could see cloudy shapes in front of her as Dumon lifted himself up.  Christina bent forwards in the chair and started to slurp his cum from her face, Sophie opened her mouth and she dribbled it in.  Slowly the Queen cleaned all the spunk from Sophie’s face until she had her mouth full.  They shared a long cum filled kiss before finally she helped Sophie to her feet.

   “Majesty, that was amazing” Sophie said.

   “Want to make it even more amazing” she said to Sophie, “I’ve seen you looking at the Lady Lucy, desire in your eyes, do you like women Sophie”

   Sophie avoided her gaze “yes” she said quietly.

   “Ohh don’t be embarrassed Sophie, I like to fuck women too, I just prefer my Husbands dick in the end” The Queen said smiling, holding her chin and turning Sophie’s face to look at her, “Would you like me to fuck you?” she asked.

   “Please” she said, lying back on the bed

   Christina lay ontop of her arms either side of her body, their tits squashed together as she eased her magical cock into Sophie.  Looking down into her eyes she Started thrusting, the full length in and out.  Sophie groaned in pleasure as the Queen fucked her, her legs wrapping around her waist.

   “Ohhh fuck yeah, fuck me please” she groaned the feeling of the curvy Soft body on her driving her wild.  Sophie’s hands groped Christina’s breasts, crushing them, squeezing them, as she eased upright to stand at the edge of the bed.

   “Ohh yeah, fuck that’s good Sophie, damn your tight!” Christina gasped.

   Sophie groped her own tits now looking up at Christina, she watched as the red headed monarch fucked her hard.  Christina’s huge udders bounced around as she rutted the full length of her cock into Sophie.   

   “Ohhh fuck me! Fuck me!” Sophie wailed as Christina pumped faster and faster.

   Sophie’s big round melons wobbled back and forth as Christina’s hips pumped furiously, her thick magical cock pounding relentlessly into Sophie.  Sophie’s mind and body were exploding in pleasure, she was being fucked by the queen, but with a cock!  Every dirty fantasy about the curvy read head was now coming true, Sophie was cumming so hard.

   “YES! FUCK! YESSSS!!! YESSSSSS!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!” she screamed.

   Christina held her legs up high as they kicked and squirmed in her grasp, she pounded so hard and deep, her body feeling every sensation on her dick.  Her abdomen clenched, waves of pure pleasure spasming through her pussy, as she screamed and cried loudly.


   Christina was getting so close, she knew she would cum any second if she didn’t stop thrusting.  Luckily Sophie was just calming from her climax, as Christina pulled her cock from inside her.  She grinned slapping the head on Sophie’s wet pussy lips, before moving up to straddle her body, dick nudging the base of her panting cleavage.

   “So close Sophie, let me use those tits baby” she groaned, easing her shaft between them.

   “Fuckkk Christina, you can cum?” Sophie groaned, looking up her.

   “Yes Sophie, I can” Christina gasped as she sawed her cock back and forth between her big round tits.

   Sophie squeezed her tits tightly together, looking up she still couldn’t believe it, Queen Christina, naked, straddling her a huge fake magical cock sawing between her tits.  So looked up, eyes on the Huge pair of soft natural breasts that bounced up and down, the Queen had an amazing rack she decided.

   “Ohh fuck yes, please cum on me your Majesty!” she gasped.

   Christina could feel her balls tighten, the pleasure building to a climax as she erupted between Sophie’s tits.  Thick white jets of magical semen blasted from the tip of her cock. Sophie squealed in delight as the tip of the cock burst free from her cleavage, eye pulsing, thick hot cum raining up over her face.

   “YESSSSSSS!!!!” Christina growled, her hips shuddering tight against the base of Sophie’s breasts, lurching forwards trying to eject as much spunk as possible over her.

    The tick cum splattered Sophie’s face, hard cock twitching over and over, the cum seeming never ending.  Christina shuddered and twitched her shaft deep, her body climaxing hard as she shed her load all over Sophie’s gasping face.

   “YES!!!! YYEAAASSSS!! DROWN YOU WHOREEEE!!!” she snarled as Sophie was drenched.

   Eventually her spurts stopped and she collapsed back onto the bed beside Sophie panting hard.  Sophie lay there, face a mask of cum, thick pools in her eyes, streaks in her hair, she was absolutely sodden in semen.

   “Ohh fuck” she spluttered.

   Her hands went to her face, she scooped the sum into her mouth, it tasted absolutely delicious, she couldn’t tell what flavor, it was just the best she had ever tasted.

   “I thought you would like that” Christina said rolling onto her side, watching Sophie devour every drop she could. “The magic means you will love the taste, it will be the most delicious thing you have ever tasted”

   Sophie scooped and scraped every drop possible from her face, blinking her eyes open she finally finished.  “Oh My, oh your Majesty that was incredible”

   Looking down the cock was now gone from her crotch, Christina smiled. “The magic only lasts until I cum” she explained.

   Sophie rolled over to look at Christina, She was red, flushed from her exertions.  Sophie smiled, then sat up, looking she saw Dumon had left them and gone downstairs, she started to gather her clothing and dress.  Christina did likewise.

   “Sophie, do you like women more than men?” Christina asked

   “Yes” Sophie replied, “Ever since I was old enough to know, I have always been attracted to women.”

   “You find me attractive?” the Queen asked.

   “Very, your majesty” Sophie answered, “You have just made one of my all time fantasies come to life”

   “Who do you find the most attractive?” The queen continued as she adjusted her dress.

   “Lady Lucy” Sophie replied “I want her more than anything”

   “Has she shown any interest?” The Queen asked.

   “No, in fact I don’t think she likes me very much” Sophie said.

   “Interesting” The queen said smiling “We shall see if we can change that”

   Both were now dressed and went downstairs to the ground floor.  Dumon was starting to prepare some food.

   “Would you care to join us your majesty?” He asked.

   “”No, no thank you, I really came to ask how the cure for my husband was going?”  She said.

   “Actually I have made progress, I believe at the full moon next month I may have a possible remedy” He replied.

   “Oh Dumon Thank you!” The queen said, excitement in her voice.

   “It's only a possible cure, please do not get your hopes up yet your majesty” Dumon said.

   “Dumon, Queen Christina, could I possibly ask a favour?” Sophie said.

   “Go on” Dumon replied.

   “Your ring, could you teach me how to make one?”  She asked

   Dumon smiled, looked at the Queen who winked at him, “Yes Sophie, I can, but there might be something you have to do in return”  The queen said.

   “Anything your majesty” Sophie said giggled, extremely pleased at her answer.

   Christina walked through the door and the 2 guards followed close behind, “I hope you were not too bored?” she asked.

   “Of course not your majesty” One replied.

   She made her way towards the main castle, needing to find her grimoire in her chambers to exactly remember what Sophie would need to do.  Grinning to herself she remembered the ritual to enchant the ring, I might well need to watch that, she thought, her mind still remembering Sophie’s incredible naked body.

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Re: Medieval mischief - the FUTA chapters
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Chapter 6

Starring: Michelle Marsh, Salma Hayek, Christina Hendricks

Codes: FF, FFF, Titfucking, Facial, DP, DAP, Futanari

“Uhhhhhhh” Queen Christina groaned, her back arching, hips trembling in pleasure.

Lady Michelle surfaced from below the covers, lips glistening with royal pussy juice.  Grinning she made her way up to kiss her Queen, who savored the taste of her own climax.  A knock on the door, interrupted them.

“Your majesty, a coach approaches, it will be here in 10 minutes” Said the voice from beyond.

“Thank you Sergeant” She replied. “I shall be down shortly”

Getting up from the bed, she stood in the sunshine of the window, naked curvy body soaking up the rays, Michelle climbed out and began to dress, before moving to attend Christina.

“I wonder who it is Michelle” she asked as Michelle laced up her tight corset, huge breasts squeezed and pushed up.

“You weren’t expecting anyone?” Michelle asked.

“No” Christina replied, ”I thought I was having a break from Royal duties”

Christina instantly recognised the carriage when it pulled up, ignoring protocol, she rushed down the steps and embraced Salma as she got out, “Salma! Ohh it’s so good to see you” she said.

Queen Salma stepped back from her embrace to look at Christina, “Chrissie, you look amaaazin” she purred, “I have cum to play” with a wink.  She held Christians hand, her fingers running around the magical ring on her finger, an identical one on her own clinking together.

“Well we can definitely accommodate you” Christina replied a broad grin on her face. “Lady Michelle, see to Queen Salmas bags, and then meet us on the sun terrace” She instructed.

Michelle arrived on the large terrace to find both of the Queens sat laughing and chatting over a cup of tea, she curtseyed. “You majesties, All of the cases have been unpacked and the guards are now being found quarters.” Michelle said.

“Thank you Michelle, Queen Salma was just telling me she had visited the Castle and spend an ‘eventful’ night with Lady Lucy.”  Christina said.

 “Lady Lucy certainly has some adventures” Michelle replied, a wry smile on her face, knowing exactly what the queen was hinting at.  Admiring Queen Salmas full figure, she imagined what was contained beneath the dress she wore.

“Soo Meeechelle, do you like to fuuuck?” Salam said, looking straight at her.

“Your Majesty!” Michelle said blushing, “Yes, yes I enjoy the pleasures of the flesh” she stammered.

“Ha! Don’t be coy Lady Michelle, you love to get taken hard just like me!” Queen Christina said laughing.

Face bright red, Michelle didn’t know what to do except nod.  Lady Salma stood up and moved over to kiss her, softly at first, then harder, her tongue delving deep into Michelle’s mouth.

“Mmmm you are good” Salma said breaking the kiss, “Let’s not waste time Chrissie I can only stay one night now”

Christina led Michelle and Salma back to her quarters, walking briskly sharing glances with her old friend.  Closing the door, she said to the guard, “We are not to be disturbed”.

Salma and Christina stood in the center of the room kissing passionately, Michelle moved off to toss the covers from the bed, turning as they broke their embrace.  “Unfasten us” Christina instructed, turning so Michelle could help them remove the heavy dresses they both wore.

“Ohh fuck it’s been too long Salma” Christina gasped as she was released from her dress.

“Youus steel like eet ruff?” Salma asked grinning.

“No limits Sal” Christina said turning to watch her friend wiggle from her dress.

 Salma stood in a black bra and panties set, long black stockings tight on her amazing legs.  Christina huge boobs encased in a cream corset, tiny red panties digging into her full thick thighs. 
They both turned to Michelle, admiring her body as she removed her clothes, fingers rubbing wet cunts, both queens sat on the bed, legs spread wanking watching Michelle.

“Ooooh youz have a great body Michelle” Salma purred, 2 fingers in her pussy, stroking her clit with her thumb.

Michelle was naked, her large natural breasts held in her hands, squeezing and playing with them, putting on a show for her 2 voyeurs.  Salma leant over and started kissing Christina, one eye on Michelle, as she gyrated in front of them.

“Mmm I want some of that” Michelle gasped, moving down to make it a 3 way kiss.

Salam and Christina latched onto her breasts, sucking and playing with one each, a flick of a tongue or playful chew from Christina drove Michelle wild, her body aching to be used more forcefully.
“Fuuuck what I would do for a hard cock right now” she gasped.

“Hmm Salma” Christina said grinning, “Michelle wants a dick!”

Standing up either side of Michelle, both ladies looked at each other, sliding down their wet panties and twisted the matching rings on their fingers and spoke an incantation.  In front of her eyes both grew 2 huge cocks, where moments before they had had soaking went pussy lips, huge erections now bounced, and big full balls swelled.

“Enough deeek for you Miiichelle?” Salma groaned, as her magical cock bounced proud.

“What, what you can cast enchantments?” Michelle gasped.

“Ohh weez can do lots of theengs you have not even seen” Salma purred.

Christina nodded, as Michelle looked up at her, “I am gonna fucking destroy you” she said grinning.

Another word and her corset again magically unfastened, falling to the floor, her huge tits dropping free, almost slapping on her ribs with their own weight. Salma peeled off her bra, her large breasts now revealed, both women leant forwards to encase Michelle’s head in the avalanche of titty flesh.

“Fuuuck” Michelle groaned.

Salma rolled back, laying on the bed, Christina tugged at Michelle’s hair, “Ride her, ride her hard”

Michelle clambered over, straddling the curvy Brunette, gripping her impressive shaft she lowered that wet slick pussy down.  Groaning loudly Salma felt her cock engulfed by Michelle’s eager cunt, finally she rested balls deep inside.

“Fuuuck meeee” Salam gasped as Michelle began to rock back and forth.

Michelle looked down at the gorgeous woman below her, she felt that huge dick probing deeply as her hips rose and fell, leaning down she kissed Salma hard as she rode up and down.
“That’s it Chelle, faster, faster” Christina said standing watching, stroking her hard cock with one hand, crushing her right breast in the other.

Michelle slammed her wet pussy up and down, her body getting closer to its own personal orgasm as she pleasured Salma. Faster and faster she slammed down her lips engulfing the throbbing member as she rode her.

“Ohhh fuuuuck that’s goooood” Salma growled.

“So close. So Close” Michelle gasped, feeling her stomach muscles tighten.

Christina twisted her hair and straddled her back, at the moment Michelle screamed in climax she stuffed her full length up Michelle’s winking ring. Her scream pierced the room, unable to stop mid orgasm, the pleasure balanced by the brutal thrust of hard cock up her ass.

“FUUUCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!” Michelle wailed as Christina pinned her down onto Salma.

Her body convulsing, Michelle roared as her holes were taken, the 2 voluptuous women hammering the blonde slut pinned between them.  Christina had her hair pulled tight, as she slammed her huge cock into Michelle’s asshole.  Her crotch bounced on that tight ass, as she slammed hard against it.

“SHIIITTTTTT!!!!!!” Michelle screamed, her body taking the unexpected probing, and using it to climax even harder.

Salma reached up and pulled one of Michelle’s big breasts to her lips, chewing hard on the nipple forcing her to gasp in pain/pleasure.  She bounced between the busty beauties, body jammed in both holes as she shook in climax, her body refusing to come down from her orgasm.

“OH SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! YEAAAAASSSSS!!!!” Michelle howled.

Christina eased up, her hands holding Michelle down onto Salma, cock just twitching every so often in her ass. Wiping her brow she pushed her red hair from her eyes, and grinned, “Told you she was a nasty one” She said to Salma.

“Ohh yeah this mamacita is feisty” Salam gasped.

“Stack me” Christina said, winking at Salma.

She eased out from below Michelle, who collapsed to the bed, Christina laying ontop of her as she panted and gasped for breath.  Salma moved around to hover over Christina, before driving deep up her ass.  A double stack of anal fucking, Christina into Michelle, Salma into Christina.

“Fuuuuck yeah” Christina groaned as Salma started thrusting.

Michelle had her face buried in a pillow as Christina pounded her ass, Salma was fucking her at the same time, doubling up on the thrust into Michelle. That magical cock was driving so deep. She was close to a full on anal orgasm.

 “Pound me Salma” Christina gasped, trying to get the rhythm just right.

Michelle’s fists clang to the bedsheets, as her body shook in pure orgasm, her ass clenching so tight as Christina continued to thrust.  Trying to escape the intensity of the pleasure Michelle fought but was pinned by the weight of the 2 women.

“FUUUUUCCCKKKKKKK!!” Michelle screamed into the bed, loud shrill screams of pure joy.

“Beeeetch loves it!” Salma gasped as she collapsed ontop of Christina.

“YES! YESSS!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!” Michelle cried as they topped their thrusts and allowed her to cum.

Salma ran her hands down over the 2 naked bodies writhing below her, squeezing Christina’s breasts, Michelle’s ass, as they lay stacked 3 high.

 “Ohhh fuckkk” Michelle gasped, turning her head to the side.

Salam eased out of Christina, grinning as Christina rolled off and over, she tugged at those soft red locks and pulled her head down off the edge of the bed.  Stepping up she pushed her cock in between Christina’s lips, making her savor the taste of her own ass.

“Duuuuz eeet taste guuuud” she groaned, as Christina sucked on the head, before holding her shoulders down and starting to facefuck her.

Michelle moved down and took Christina’s big magical cock into her mouth, sucking on it as Salma drove hard and deep into Christina’s throat.  Christina growled on the shaft in her neck, Michelle was expertly sucking her dick, while Salma brutally facefucked her, just the way she liked it.

“Mamcita loves eeet” Salma gasped as her hips slammed hard.

Christina choked on the huge cock as it bulged her neck, spit bubbling down from the corners, running in big globs down her cheeks.  Michelle pinned her hips down as she thrust upwards, her body uncontrollable as she reveled in this punishment.

“Foooking take eeett beeetch” Salma screamed, her hips furiously slamming in.

Her body shook, throat urging large wads of spit as it blasted out into Salma’s crutch, Michelle stuffed 2 fingers up Christina’s ass, as she swallowed her cock deep.  Eyes rolling Christina was in her element, as she was abused by the 2 gorgeous women.

Her body started to shake, as she came, the fat false dick exploding deep in Michelle’s gullet.  Warm thick magical semen filling her belly, Christina flailed her arms as she came, hips forcing up and pumping so deep, Michelle taking every spurt of cum, Salma held her crotch tight to Christina’s face, grinding it hard as she screamed on the shaft.

Michelle choked a thick wad of spunk blasting from her nose and splattering Christina’s belly, the cum snot oozed down and pooled in her navel.  Salma slapped both her breasts hard as she came, Left then right, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Christina squealed in pain and orgasm all at once.

“FUUUCKKKKKKKKK!!!!” she wailed as Salma finally pulled from her throat, cock slapping up against her own tight belly.

“Pgh” she spat a thick wad up and it splattered onto Salmas magic balls, blinking her eyes and gasping for breath.

Michelle eased up from Christina’s cock, as it grew limp in her throat, as she released it the spell ended, and Christina reverted to her former state.  Christina lay their panting, as Salma moved over and bent down, slurping the wad of spunk from her navel, savoring the taste then swallowing it.

Christina sat up, “Fuuuck I came so hard,” she panted, twirling the ring on her finger than handing it to Michelle, “I’ve used it up, but you can have a go Michelle”

Michelle took it, as Salma stood, cock in Christina’s grasp, slowly being wanked.  She spoke the enchantment inscribed on the ring, and gasped as the magical member grew from her crotch.

“Holy fuck!” Michelle said, not knowing what to do.

“Stroke eet baby” Salama gasped.

Christina pushed Salma backwards, until she sat in the large chair in the corner, Spinning around she eased Salmas shaft to her ring, and sat on the spit slick cock.  Salma grinned, as she guided Christina down, her asshole clenching tightly, until she was finally sitting down.

“Remember what you told me about Lucy and the guardsmen Michelle” Christina groaned, fingers rubbing her pussy. “Do that to me”

Michelle grinned, clutching her newly formed cock, and moving up to Christina, “Oooh you want that my Queen” she teased, hands grabbing her legs under the knees as she lay back onto Salma.
Salma gripped Christina by the breasts, crushing and squeezing them as she watched Michelle.  Rubbing her dick over Christina’s pussy, she threatened to push it in, but then ran it down and pressed next to Salma.  Christina growled as Michelle increased her pressure, until finally the tight ring gave and the head of a second dick popped in.

“OH MY GOOOOOODDDDDD!!!” Christina howled, never having experienced this before.

“Dirty mamacita” Salma gasped in her ear, clawing at her tits, as she shook.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” She howled as both dicks started to thrust.

Holding her trembling legs Michelle thrust deep, Salma matched her, and the 2 shafts pistoned her ring over and over.  Christina hissed and shrieked as her ass was double fucked, the feeling filling her with pleasure.

“DO IT! DO IT DOOOO IIITTT!!!!” she wailed at Michelle, face screwed up in pure ecstasy.

Michelle pumped furiously, watching Christina shake, and yell.   Her cock felt so good in her ass, she knew why all the men always wanted that with her now.  Big breasts wobbling as her hips pumped, Michelle was trying to thrust as forcefully as she could into her queens asshole.

“HARDER! FUCKING SLAM ME HARDER!” Christina screamed at her, as Salma crushed her tits tight.

Michelle released her legs, stuffing 3 fingers up her pussy as she fucked her asshole.  The other hand rubbed her clit hard and fast. “Squirt for me, squiiiirt” Michelle gasped hips fingers all working hard.

“FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!!!” Christina screamed, her body clenched, ass so tight, pussy spraying hot warm juices up over Michelle’s body.

Salma twisted her nipples hard, as she shook in pure animal orgasm, Michelle unrelenting in her rubbing of Christina’s clit.  She bucked and howled as her body released its pent up pleasure, ripples of climax shaking through her belly.

“YES!!! YEEAAAASSS YEEEAAAASSSS!!!!!!!!” she cried.

As the final moments of her peak ebbed from her body, Michelle stepped back, her dick still up Christina’s ass, back arched, rivulets of Christina’s cum trickling down her already sweaty body.
“Ohhh I think my cock is gonna cum” she gasped.

“Ohhh baaaabeeee” Salma purred, “Pleeeese hold back for meee”

Michelle pulled from Christina’s asshole, and stepped back, her hard cock bouncing and nearly slapping on her own belly.  Salma crushed and groped Christina’s nipples, letting her slowly recover from her pounding.

“Ohhhh fuck that was sooo good” Christina panted.

Leaning forwards she stood up onto her wobbly legs, as Salma lay there, hard cock upright and proud. Michelle quickly moved down, mouth engulfing the shaft. Salma groaned as Michelle eased her throat down the throbbing member, her hips bucking up to meet the soft wet orifice.

“Ohhhh Salma babe” Christina moved to lay next to her, kissing her hard.

Her hips pushed up to meet Michelle’s mouth as the voluptuous blonde gagged hard, Salmas hands grabbed her hair and she choke fucked her ferociously. Michelle didn’t fight allowing the Latina Queen to use her throat.  Spit sprayed and poured down Salmas dick, huge gushes as Michelle urged and threw up on her shaft.

“Fucking use her Sallie” Christina said gleefully, watching her lady in waiting choking on the dick.

Releasing her hair, Salma gasped, her magical balls so close to exploding.  Michelle pulled her head up dragging in huge lungfuls of air.  Christina lay back on the bed and Salma Straddled her, crushing those magnificent breasts together, she started pumping her shaft in and out.

“Oooi, Chrissy your teeeeets are so soft” Salma groaned as she slid back and forth.

“Pump them Sal” Christina gasped, holding them in her hands and squeezing them tight, “Fuck my whore queen tits and spunk all over my face”

Salma thrust her hips her dick feeling so good between the huge soft orbs, spit lubed her thrusts as she slammed harder and harder into the cleavage. Michelle recovered from her throatfucking now knelt facing Salma, she leaned in for a kiss, then made her way down sucking on those big natural breasts.

“Fuuuuuccck” Salma groaned as Michelle chewed on her nipples.

The tip of her magical cock poked free of Christina’s cleavage, the Queen lifted her head up and snaked out her tongue, flicking the tip on every stroke.  Michelle moved to prop up Christina’s head, using her knees she held it in her lap.

“Cum on her Salma, blast her with spunk!” Michelle teased.

Holding Christina’s head still, she opened her mouth tongue out, teasing the Latin whore.  Salma slammed harder and harder, she could feel the cum bubbling in her magical balls.  Hard slamming strokes were the signal for her eruption, roaring as the cum splattered out in thick streams, drenching the red head in semen.

“Phhugh” she spluttered as a thick was blasted down her tongue, the white snake of spunk running from tip to tonsils. 

Salma howled, her dick giving her such pleasure as cum blasted Christina.  Her face was covered, bolts on her forehead and cheeks, a thick droplet clinging to her sweaty fringe.  Michelle watched in awe as her Queen was blasted by Salma, reveling in the cum blasting from the curvy Dark haired temptress.

“Oohhh sheeeet” Salma gasped, balls empty.  She rolled off of Christina and lay there panting.

Christina lay back grinning, Michelle looking down at her semen coated face, Christina openend her mouth and wiggled her tongue.  Michelle knew exactly what the monarch wanted and spat a large wad down into her open mouth.  Christina savored the spitball before swallowing.

“Fuck me up my whore ass Chelle, while her cum is all over my face” Christina said, getting up onto her hands and knees.

Her huge tits rocked as Chelle mounted her from behind, cock pushing deep up her ass making her groan.  They swayed forwards and back as Michelle settled into a solid rhythm, hands holding Christina’s hips.

“Fuck me baby, fucking ram this cum covered bitch” Christina groaned.

Salma moved to the chair, rubbing her returned pussy fast as she watched Michelle fuck Christina up the ass again.  Her huge udder swang fast as her asshole was pounded harder and harder, Michelle working hard, sweat running down her tits as they bounced with every deep thrust.

“FUCK! FUCKK YESSSS!!!” She growled, cum dripping from her face.

Michelle furiously buggered her now, feeling a climax approaching.  Christina roared in pleasure as she came, cum soaked face, magic cock balls deep in her asshole.  Salma came too, her fingers deep in her pussy, juices spraying everywhere.

“YEAAASSS!!!!! YEASSSSS!!! YEAAAASSSSSS!!!!” Christina howled.

Salma whined teeth gritted as her cum sprayed up over Michelle and Christina, the redhead lost in the power of her orgasm.  Michelle clawed at her wobbling ass, slapping it as she clenched in pleasure.

“FUUCKK!!! FUUUCKKKKK!!!! FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!” Christina cried.

Collapsing to the bed, Michelle eased from her ass, kneeling stroking the throbbing shaft.  Salma grinned at her, beckoning Michelle as Christina lay panting on the bed.

“You gonna coooome for me baby” She purred, “Geeev me a nasty facial”

Michelle stroked her cock, she knew she could cum in a few seconds after pounding Christina.  Salma reached up and took over, wanking Michelle as she looked up at her.

“I feeeel sooo nasty” Salma purred, “I neeeed you to cuuuum in my eyes”

Holding one eye open with her left hand she stroked Michelle furiously with her right, 10 seconds later a thick bolt of cum shot out and blasted her eyeball.  Salma gasped as a second bolt hit her eye.  She switched to the other, pinning it open with her fingers as Michelle twitched and 2, then three thick strands of spunk splattered her eye, clinging to the round sparkling orb.

“Sheeeet, fuuuuccckk, sheeeet” Salma squealed, both her eyes now full of spunk.

Christina was intently watching Salma, having seen her do this before, she never tired of seeing it, such a degrading act, Christina craved to emulate it.

“Nasty slag!” Michelle gasped, as her balls emptied, Salma tipping her head back and collecting her jizz in the eye sockets.

“Fuuuuuck eeeet burns” Salam gasped, trembling, forcing her eyes open, looking left and right under the thick lumpy white lakes of semen.

“I’m a naaasteeee whoooore” She growled, shuddering as the cum stang her eyeballs.

Christina moved and stood next to Michelle, knowing what Salma craved, she drew her hand back and slapped Salmas right breast hard, causing her to squeal, then she whacked the left.

“That’s eeet, fucking slap meeee” Salama cried, as Christina whacked her big tits.

“Dirty slut!” Christina snarled, 2 final slaps on Salmas tits.

“Ohhh mamacita” Salam gasped as the stings on her tits eased.

Michelle was empty, the cock faded from her crotch, she watched as Christina moved to suck the cum from Salmas eye sockets, spitting the thick white lumpy fluid down into Salmas waiting open mouth.

“Swallow Sal, guzzle it baby” Christina groaned.

Salma savored the flavor before swallowing, blinking her red eyes she tipped her head up to look at Michelle and Christina.  A huge shit eating smile on her face, she gasped, “Ohhh Baaybies, that was gooood”

Christina joined Michelle on the bed, both kissing as Salma moved to join them.  A long deep 3 way kiss followed, tongues everywhere, swapping between them as hands groped and caressed their naked bodies.

“Ohhh thank you Christina, a great hostess as always” Salma gasped breaking the kiss.

“How long can you stay?” Christina asked eagerly.

“Ohh a couple of days baby” Salma replied, “We can have some more fun for sure”

Giggling they collapsed back, more filth planned for the next few days.
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Re: Medieval mischief - the FUTA chapters
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Salma was a big surprise! Happy to see you are writing again, hope you are feeling better.
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Re: Medieval mischief - the FUTA chapters
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Salma and Christina are both very curvy women and have played many sexual roles.


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