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Celebs Like It Big: Scene 13
Starring: Gillian Jacobs
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Facial

*Gillian Saves Johnny’s Cash*

The scene begins with a shot of Gillian Jacobs sitting at a desk while looking over financial data on a computer monitor. While looking over the numbers she begins shaking her head and has an annoyed look on her face. The former Community actress is wearing glasses with brown frames, a short-sleeved red blouse, a black skirt, and heels.

“What the hell? This is just unbelievable. Ugh! I better give him a call now.” Gillian said as she picked up her phone and began dialing a number. “Hello, Mr. Sins. This is Miss Jacobs, and it is urgent that you come by my office sometime today. There is something important that I need to discuss with you.” She then ends the call and goes back to looking over the data on the computer screen.

A few seconds later, the video transitions to Johnny Sins walking into the office. The bald adult film star is dressed in a light-blue polo shirt, jeans, and brown shoes. He then takes a seat in the chair in front of Gillian’s desk.

“Alright, Gillian. What did you need to talk to me about?” Johnny asked.

“Mr. Sins, it seems that you have been spending quite a bit of money at several strip clubs around Los Angeles.” Gillian said while showing Johnny the financial information.

“Hah! I admit that I like to indulge a bit.” Johnny replied with a chuckle. “I’m a wealthy guy and I have money to burn. So I don’t see what the problem is. And there is nothing wrong with liking strippers.”

“Actually, Mr. Sins, no you don’t have money to burn!” Gillian responded bluntly while giving Johnny a stern look. “As your accountant, I have to recommend that you stop spending so much money on strippers. Because if you don’t, you’re going to end up being destitute. And I don’t think you want that to happen.”

Just as Gillian was speaking to him, Johnny begins fantasizing about strippers.

“Are you listening to me, Mr. Sins?” Gillian asked while looking more annoyed than before.

“I’m sorry! Hah! And you can just call me Johnny.” Johnny replied with a chuckle.

“Goddamn it! Johnny, this isn’t a joke.” Gillian responded while leaving her desk and now standing in front of him. “You are my most successful client, and if you piss away all of your money, then I lose my main source of income!”

“Gillian, I really think you’re being a bit dramatic. But what is your suggestion? I don’t know if I can give up my stripper addiction.” Johnny replied while shrugging his shoulders.

“Well...since you love strippers so much. How about this! I could be your personal stripper. And you could just pay me instead. Would you like that, Johnny?” Gillian said with a smile while using her sexiest voice.

“Okay! Sure! I mean you are an attractive lady, Gillian.” Johnny replied with a dumb grin. “If you impress me then you can be my personal stripper. So show me what you got!”

“I think you’re going to be very impressed, Johnny.” Gillian responded with a confident smile while taking off her clothes. She is now only wearing her glasses, a black lace bra and panties, she begins doing a hot dance routine on top of her desk.

“Fuck! That’s hot, Gillian. I would have known that you could move like that.” Johnny said while lustfully watching his beautiful accountant’s sexy dance.

“Johnny, I’m full of surprises.” Gillian replied while giving him a wink as she continued her seductive dance routine. “Hey! Check these out!” The hot brunette then removes her bra and throws it at her client. With her nice set of tits on display she begins dancing more provocatively.

“Damn! Gillian, you have some great tits!” Johnny said with a smile.

Gillian then began to shake her ass for Johnny before sitting on his lap. The Love actress soon starts grinding on his crotch while looking back at him.

“Oh my god! Johnny, you’re so fucking hard.” Gillian said in an aroused tone.

Johnny and Gillian soon begin making out, and before long he begins sucking on her b-cup tits much to her delight.

“Yes! That feels so good.” Gillian said while Johnny continues to suck on her pink nipples. “Mmhmm! This is much better than wasting money at a strip club isn’t it?”

“Gillian, you're right. I’ve been such a fool.” Johnny replied with a smile. “Especially when all this time I had a piece of ass like you working for me.” *laughs*

“Hah! Now you understand, Johnny.” Gillian responded with a laugh before kneeling between his legs. The Choke actress then unzips Johnny’s pants and pulls out his long dick. “Holy shit! I have no idea your cock was this big.”

Johnny nods in agreement while giving Gillian a dumb smile.

Gillian then looks up at her rich client with her blue eyes and begins sucking away at his big dick. She even uses both hands to jerk the base of Johnny’s cock while blowing him.

“Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack!” Gillian said while slurping on Johnny’s cock. “I haven’t sucked a dick this big in quite a while. Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack!”

Gillian then drools all over Johnny’s cock before she goes right back to sucking it.

“Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! It’s so big.” Gillian said between sucks. The Hot Tub Time Machine 2 actress then begins taking more of his dick down her throat. “Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! I know you love that Johnny.”

“You know I do, Gillian. Fuck! You really know how to use your mouth.” Johnny replied with a smile.

“Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack!” Gillian said as she continued to blow Johnny. She sucks on his balls for a bit while using her right hand to jerk his dick. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! You have some nice balls too.”

After a quick video transition, Gillian pulls down her panties before holding onto her desk. Johnny then kneels behind her, and begins licking her cooze up and down while holding onto her ass cheeks.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ahhh! Mmhmm! That feels great Johnny.” Gillian said before moaning in pleasure a few more times as her employer licked her snatch up and down. “That’s it! Lick my fucking pussy.”

Soon Johnny begins finger fucking Gillian, and she starts letting out very loud sexual moans as he does so.

“Oh fuck! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Holy shit! That feels great!” Gillian said with a smile as Johnny finger bangs her cooze.

Moments later, Johnny inserts his cock into Gillian’s pussy lips and begins fucking her from behind. After receiving an amazing dicking for a few minutes, the beautiful accountant begins moaning very loudly.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! Mmhmm! Oh, Johnny! I bet you fuck the shit out of those strippers with that big dick don’t you?” Gillian said as he continued to plow her from behind.

“Hah! Of course, I do!” Johnny quickly replied as he continues to move his long dick in and out of Gillian’s snatch. He then gives her right ass cheek a smack before banging her faster.

“Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Fuuuuck! Holy shit!” Gillian cried out as Johnny was pummeling her pussy. The Community actress then smiled before shaking her ass a bit. “Oh yes! That’s it! Give me that big fucking dick!”

Eventually, Gillian is lying on her desk as Johnny is holding onto her left leg as he slides his long hard cock into her cooze. Her tits even begin to move and shake from how fast Mr. Sins was banging her.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Oh my god! Yes! Give to me, Johnny.” Gillian screamed out while sporting a lustful smile. “To think, we could have been fucking like this months ago!”

“I agree! You have some great pussy, Gillian.” Johnny replied while pumping away at her pussy. “Fuck! You take my big dick so well.”

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Mmhmm!” Gillian said as Johnny was pounding her cooze like no tomorrow. “Goddamn! That big dick feels so good!”

The video soon transitions to Gillian now wildly riding Johnny while he is now sitting in the chair while holding onto her hips. The camera begins zooming in closer to the Fear Street trilogy actress’ nice-looking ass as she was slamming her ass off Johnny’s muscular thighs.

“Mmhmm! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Fuuuuck! I just love riding big dicks like yours, Johnny.” Gillian said while resting her hands on his shoulders as she continued to ride his dick cowgirl. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me like the dirty slut that I am!”

Johnny then smiles while thrusting into Gillian’s hot box. He then grips her ass tighter and really begins giving to her.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Fuuuuck! I love being your personal stripper, Johnny.” Gillian said as she was riding his long hard pole. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! That’s it! Give it to me. Mmhmm!”

When Gillian was finished riding Johnny, she dropped to her knees, wrapped her pink lips around his long dick and began giving him another blowjob.

“Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack!” Gillian said while slurping on Johnny’s big dick. “I think I’m going to love being your personal stripper.” She then laughs and begins blowing the bald porn stud faster. “Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack!”

After a quick video edit, Gillian is shown down on all fours on the floor as Johnny is fucking her from behind. The Walk Of Shame actress then looks back at the hung adult film actor while he pounds her snatch.

“Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Oh my god! Give it to me Johnny!” Gillian said while moving her body swiftly to keep up with Johnny as he continues to fuck her doggystyle. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Fuuuuck! That’s it! Tear my pussy up!”

Johnny then begins banging Gillian faster and slaps her ass while doing so.

“Oh fuck! Your big dick feels so good.” Gillian cried out as he continued to move his cock in and out of her cooze. “Do you like my ass, Johnny?”

“Hell yeah!” Johnny replied as he continued to pump away at her pussy.

“Would you like to fuck it now?” Gillian asked while giving him a big smile.

“Sure! I would love to fuck your ass, Gillian.” Johnny replied with a chuckle.

After a quick video transition, Gillian is now riding Johnny anal reverse cowgirl while he sits on the chair. As she rides him, the Community actress moans loudly while using her right hand to rub her pussy.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Oh my god!” Gillian said as Johnny fucked her anally. “Fuck! I love having that big dick in my ass! Mmhmm! Yes! Keep fucking my ass!”

Gillian then began bouncing her ass on Johnny’s cock faster.

“Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Holy shit! Yes! Fuck my ass!” Gillian cried out while having a big smile on her face.

A few minutes later, Gillian is now riding Johnny anal cowgirl while he has a tight grip on her butt cheeks while she rides him.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! You’re fucking my ass so good, Johnny.” Gillian said while slamming her ass onto the bald adult film star’s cock. “Oh shit! That big dick is making cum. I’m ready for you to hose my face down with some hot cum now.”

Gillian soon dismounts Johnny and kneels on the floor. He then immediately gets to his feet while jerking his cock. Moments later, he blasts a huge load of spunk onto the Love star’s beautiful face and with most of it landing on the glasses she was still wearing.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh fuck! Johnny, that was incredible.” Gillian said with a big smile before removing her glasses and licking the jizz from them. “So did I pass your test?”

“Yes you did! Gillian, you're now my personal stripper. Congrats!” Johnny replied while giving her a round of applause.

“Thank you, Johnny.” Gillian replied with a laugh. “See! I told you I had a plan to save your money. I think I can give you an encore performance next week.”

“Sounds great! Well, I have to get going now, Gillian. I’ll see you later.” Johnny responded while putting his clothes back on. He then leaves her office while waving goodbye to her.

“Guess I should get back to work now.” Gillian said with a smile before returning to her desk while still nude and looking over Johnny’s finances. The video then fades to black.

End of Scene 13
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Re: Celebs Like It Big (Multiple Celebs Series)
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Celebs Like It Big: Scene 14
Starring: Lucy Hale
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, ATM, Facial, Swallow

*The Fitness Freak*

The scene opens with a retro-style title card that says Let’s Get Physical followed by a montage of Lucy Hale dressed in a white headband, a black sports bra, red 1980s gym shorts, and white athletic shoes performing a variety of different exercises. The first clip shows the Pretty Little Liars actress lifting some 10 pound weights while giving the camera a seductive look. The second clip shows her jumping some rope. The final clip shows her doing some stretching exercises and squats while focusing on her ass. When the video montage is over, the scene transitions to Lucy standing inside a studio on a huge blue mat while facing the camera.

“Good morning, everyone! Welcome to another edition of Let’s Get Physical. Which as you know is America’s favorite early morning exercise program. I’m your host, Lucy Hale and for the next thirty minutes we’re going to have some fun and get fit.” Lucy said with a smile and in an overly cheerful tone while placing her hands on her hips. “I have a very intense workout planned for today’s episode. “So right now, I’m going to bring out my workout partner since there is no way I can do this particular exercise without one. Well…actually I could, but it’s much more fun doing it with someone. Ha! Ha! Ha! Anyway, here is my workout partner.”

A few moments later, veteran adult film star Scott Nails walks out to the set. The tall tattooed porn actor is wearing a blue sweatband, a sleeveless white tank top, navy blue gym shorts, and black athletic shoes.

“How are you this morning, Lucy?” Scott asked after standing next to her.

“I’m doing great, Scott!” Lucy replied while looking him over. She especially made sure to take a quick look at his crotch. “So are you ready to get started? Because I’m sure my audience is just dying to see the workout we have in store for them.”

“Well I’m always ready. So let’s do it!” Scott responded while giving the Truth Or Dare actress a knowing look with his blue eyes.

“Great! Guys I guarantee you’re going to love this workout.” Lucy said while smiling for the camera. The dark-haired beauty then rests on her knees and begins pulling down Scott’s shorts. His huge dick would then spring right out in front of her face. “Oh my god! I can tell you’re very happy to see me this morning, Scott. Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Scott then chuckles while shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh! It’s so big. I can already tell you’re going to give me a great workout this morning.” Lucy said while stroking Scott’s big cock using both hands. She soon begins licking the tip of his dick for a bit. She then opens her mouth and begins slurping away at his long pole. “Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm!”

“By the way! Engaging in oral sex is always a great to start off your morning. Since it does wonders for your jaw muscles and throat.” The Fantasy Island actress said before she began sucking off Scott faster than before. “Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack!”

“Holy shit! You’re great at that Lucy.” Scott said while looking down at her as she continued to blow him.

“I wish my last workout partner had a dick like yours. It’s so big!” Lucy replied with a big smile as she slurped on Scott’s big dick. “Glack! Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg! Glack!” She then began sucking on his balls while using her left hand to jerk him off. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! I just love your big balls too.”

When Lucy was done sucking on Scott’s balls, she began licking his big cock up and down. The Hating Game actress then placed his cock back into her mouth and attempted to deepthroat the stud’s cock.

“Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! Mmhmm!” Lucy said as she was basically gagging on Scott’s huge dick. “Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! Oh my god! It’s always important to start your early morning workout with some foreplay.”

Lucy then laughs before removing her clothes while Scott leaves the set. She is now nude except for her sweatband and shoes. When Scott returns he has a large gray medicine ball with him.

“Thanks Scott! That medicine ball will come in handy for the next part of our workout.” Lucy said with a smile while leaning over the ball and when she does the camera immediately does a close up of her toned ass.

Scott then takes hold of the hot brunette’s cheeks and begins eating her out from behind. Lucy soon looks back at him while giving the adult film actor an approving look with her hazel eyes.

“Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhh! Fuck! Mmhmm! That’s it! Eat my pussy.” Lucy said in an aroused tone. “Scott, you are so much better than my last workout partner. No doubt about it! Oh my god!”

After a quick video transition, Lucy is shown being fucked standing doggystyle by Scott. He is holding both of her arms behind her back for extra balance as he slams his big dick into her pussy. She then looks back at him while giving him an approving look.

“Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Yes! Oh my god!” Lucy said as Scott continues to fuck her cooze from behind. “Oh yes! Stretch out my pussy with that big fucking dick! Holy shit! That feels great!”

Scott then grabs Lucy by her hips and begins banging her faster.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Give it to me! Give me that big cock!” Lucy said while having a big smile on her face. “Oh fuck! My pussy is getting such a great workout this morning. Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! Keep fucking me, Scott.”

Lucy’s well-endowed partner does just that and begins pounding her cooze faster than before. Moments later, the Dude actress lies on top of the medicine ball and spreads her legs. Scott then inserts his cock into her pussy lips and begins fucking her again.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! Fuuuuuck!” Lucy cried out as Scott bangs her snatch. He soon holds up both of her legs as he continues to plow her too. The camera then zooms in closer to Lucy’s face as Scott is still fucking her. “See! I told you guys I had an intense workout planned for this morning. Oh fuck! That feels so good.”

The faster Scott fucked Lucy the more the medicine ball she was lying began to move.

“Oh yes! Yes! Give it to me, Scott.” Lucy moaned as the veteran adult film star continued fucking her. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Mmhmm! This is such a great workout!”

Moments later, Lucy mounts Scott’s cock while he is lying on the mat, and she begins riding him cowgirl. As the Pretty Little Liars actress rides Scott, the camera immediately zooms in on her ass.

“Oh yes! A combination of squats and riding big dicks is what helped me craft this fantastic-looking booty.” Lucy said with a laugh as she began riding Scott faster. “Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Mmhmm! Fuuuuck!”

“You definitely have a great ass, Lucy.” Scott replied as he continued to thrust his big dick into her pussy.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! That’s it! Fuck the shit out of me.” Lucy cried out as she continued to ride Scott. “Oh fuck yes! We’re really working up a sweat now.”

Scott soon begins banging Lucy from behind again. As the hung pornstar banged the Truth or Dare actress, she then began moaning very loudly from how much pleasure she was receiving from his big cock.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Fuuuuck! Oh my god!” Lucy said with a smile as Scott was plowing her from behind. “I meant to say this earlier, but viewers you always want to incorporate some doggy into all of your workouts. It feels so good! Mmhmm!”

After a couple of minutes, a new video transition happens which now shows Lucy resting on her shoulders.

“Now we’re going to do something really fun.” Lucy said with a smile as Scott stood over her. He then inserts his big dick into her pussy lips and begins pumping away at her. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! Fuuuuck!”

“Damn! I’m not sure if I can keep up with you any longer, Lucy. You’ve got so much energy.” Scott said as he continued to fuck her in the butter churner position.

“Hah! Thanks. Scott. But try to hold that load because we still have a few more positions left for this workout.” Lucy replied with a laugh before moaning in pleasure again. “Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! Keep fucking me!”

After a few minutes of fucking Lucy in the butter churner position, Scott pulls out of her and lies on the mat. She then quickly climbs on top of him and begins riding his cock reverse cowgirl.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Mmhmm! Holy shit!” Lucy cried out while riding her workout partner’s big dick as fast as she could. “Oh my god! Yes! Wear my pussy out, Scott. I just knew that cock of yours was going to give me a great workout today. Glad to see I wasn’t wrong.”

As Lucy continues to ride Scott, she gets an idea, and smiles.

“Hmm…I believe we have time for one more position before we go off the air.” Lucy said before dismounting Scott’s cock. She then kneels between his legs and begins blowing him. “Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! I need to get your cock nice and wet for this exercise since I forgot the lube.” She then returns to sucking the tattooed pornstar off. “Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! I think that’s good enough.”

Lucy then mounts Scott again and begins riding him, but now he has his cock inserted into her ass. The Hating Game actress has the look of pure joy on her face as Scott’s big dick slides in and out of her tight asshole.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ughhhh! Mmhmm! Fuck yes!” Lucy screamed out as Scott was giving her ass a deep fucking. “Yes! Yes! Yes! You’re fucking my ass so good.” She then begins bouncing up and down on Scott’s dick faster while continuing to moan in pleasure.

Another quick video edit now shows Scott pounding Lucy’s ass from behind.

“Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Mmhmm! That big cock feels so good inside my ass.” Lucy said with a big smile. “Oh fuck! As much as I love a great ass fucking, we need to wrap his up now, Scott. Are you ready to cum for me?”

“Yes! I feel like I’m about to explode, Lucy.” Scott replied while still fucking her ass.

“That’s great to hear. Okay! Give it to me.” Lucy responded.

Scott then pulled his big dick out of the Pretty Little Liars asshole and began jerking it. Lucy then rested on her knees and opened her mouth as Scott proceeded to fire a massive cumshot onto her beautiful face, inside her mouth, and on her small tits.

“Wow! That was great.” Lucy said with a smile before giving Scott’s cock a few more sucks. She then swallows the spunk inside her mouth and smiles. “Well, guys that will do it for this edition of Let’s Get Physical. I’m your host Lucy and you will definitely see me workout with Scott again. Until next time, bye!”

Lucy then waves to the camera using her left hand while still stroking Scott’s cock using her right hand. The video then fades to black just before she begins blowing the porn stud once again.

End of Scene 14
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Re: Celebs Like It Big (Multiple Celebs Series)
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Celebs Like It Big: Scene 15
Starring: Paris Berelc & Madison Ivy
Codes: MF, MFF, Titfucking, Oral, Anal, Facial

Brazzers is proud to present a very special episode of Celebs Like It Big.

*Disc of Desire*

The scene opens inside a studio with a cheaply designed set. The video then cuts to a live audience consisting of men between the ages of 20-40 cheering and applauding. The camera then quickly switches back to the stage with the focus being on a large vertical wheel known as the Disc of Desire, which has every sex position known to man listed on it.

Adult film actress and Brazzers contract star, Madison Ivy then walks from behind the purple curtain onto the stage to a chorus of cheers and wolf whistles. The smoking hot pornstar is holding a microphone in her right hand, and is sporting her signature bronze tan and long auburn colored hair. She is also wearing a tiny sparkling red dress that shows off her Double D tits, her slender toned legs, and black six-inch stilettos. Madison then blows a kiss to the audience before placing her left hand on her hip and looking directly at the camera.

“Welcome to another edition of the hottest game show on television, Disc of Desire! I am your host Madison Ivy, and today one lucky lady is going to be competing in a series of sexy challenges in an attempt to win our mystery grand prize.” Madison said in her usual sexy voice.

*Cheers and applause*

“Thank you! Let’s bring out our contestant. She is originally from Wisconsin but now resides in Los Angeles. Her pastimes include working out, doing gymnastics, dancing, and acting.” Madison said before shrugging her shoulders while looking unimpressed. “Anyway! Let’s welcome Paris Berelc to Disc of Desire!”

*Cheers and applause*

The camera then cuts to Paris walking onto the stage with a big smile while waving to the audience. The Alexa & Katie actress is wearing a small purple top that shows off her nice-sized cleavage, toned tummy, tiny blue shorts that emphasize her long legs, and white sneakers. She then stands next to Madison on the stage.

“Welcome to Disc of Desire, Paris. How are you feeling today?” Madison asked while placing the mic close to the hot contestant’s face.

“I’m feeling great, and I’m very happy to be on Disc of Desire, Madison. And I plan to win the mystery grand prize too!” Paris replied in a confident tone before jumping up and down in excitement, and her big tits bounce and jiggle when she does.

“Well you definitely have all the physical attributes to pull it off.” Madison responded while looking Paris up and down before giving the camera a knowing look. “Follow me because it’s now time to play the Disc of Desire!”

*Cheers and applause*

“Yes! I’ve been waiting for this all week.” Paris replied with a big smile while following Madison over to the Disc of Desire.

“Okay, Paris, here are the rules. After spinning the disc you must perform whatever sex challenge it lands on. Since I’m the host and judge, if you complete three sex acts to my liking you will win the mystery grand prize. Wow! That was a mouthful.” Madison said with a laugh. “So are you ready to spin the Disc of Desire?”

“You bet I am! I’m ready for any sex challenge that the disc lands on. So bring it on!” Paris replied confidently before spinning the disc.

Paris, Madison and the audience then watch on as the disc spins. Once it finally stops it lands on Titty Fucking.

“Oh! Now that is going to be a fun challenge!” Madison said with a big smile as the camera focused on her huge tits. “And judging from the funbags under your shirt, I’m willing to bet that you do a lot of titty fucking.” *laughs*

*Laughs and applause*

“Guilty as charged, Madison. I do love giving titjobs.” Paris replied with a chuckle. “So who is going to be fucking my tits?”

“That is a great question! But don’t worry, I have the perfect man for the job.” Madison responded before pointing to the stage curtain.

Seconds later, an already naked Danny D walks from behind the curtain onto the stage. Not only that, but his huge English cock is swinging wildly as he waves to the audience with a goofy smile on his face.

“Holy shit! His cock is so huge! Oh my god!” Paris said as her hazel eyes were fixated on the porn actor’s schlong. But she soon regains her composure. “But I think I can handle it.”

“That’s great to hear!” Madison replied while nodding in approval. “Well! What are you waiting for? Take your top off and start titfucking!”

Paris quickly removes her shirt, revealing her large tits which causes the audience to cheer loudly. She then drops to her knees and Danny begins pouring oil onto her amazing rack. He then places his huge dick between her boobs to receive an oily titfuck from the former Lab Rats: Elite Force actress.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Oh fuck! I’ve never had a cock this big between my tits before. It feels so good!” Paris said while giving the British pornstar an oily titjob. “Ohhh! Ohhh! Oh my god! Yes! Fuck my titties!”

“Just a reminder, don’t try to suck his dick. This is a Titty Fucking challenge only. And don’t play with his balls or put them in your mouth either!” Madison said while watching the hot action and looking very turned on.

Oh come on, Madison! I really wanted to suck it too. It’s not every day that I meet a guy with a dick this big.” Paris replied while almost pouting as Danny continued to slide his massive cock between her oiled up boobs.

“Fuck! Her tits feel great!” Danny said in his English accent.

“Hmph! I’m sure they don't feel better than mine.” Madison said while rolling her green eyes as the camera zoomed in closer to her tits.

The camera then quickly returns to Paris giving Danny a titjob.

“Oh my god! I really love titty fucking your huge cock, Danny.” Paris said with a smile as she cupped her tits together and began titfucking him faster while looking directly at Madison. “It feels so good! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm!”

“Okay! I’ve seen enough. Paris, you have successfully completed the first sex challenge.” Madison said with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

*Cheers and applause*

“Yes! I knew I could do it.” Paris replied while clapping her hands together in victory.

“It’s time for you to spin the Disc of Desire again.” Madison said with a naughty smile.

“I hope the next challenge is sucking dick.” Paris said with a smile before spinning the disc once again.

Madison, Paris, Danny and the audience eagerly await to see what challenge the disc will land on next. After a few moments, the disc finally stops spinning and lands on 69 Time.

*Cheers and applause*

“It appears you have very good luck, Paris. Because here’s your chance to finally suck Danny’s cock.” Madison said with a smirk. “And if you do a satisfactory job you will move on to the third and final challenge.”

“That sounds great to me. I’ve been told many times that I’m an excellent dick sucker and Danny is about to find that out today. And he’s going to get a taste of my pussy too.” Paris said with a big smile before pulling off her tiny shorts and is now completely nude. Danny then picks up The Crew actress and flips her upside down and begins eating her out. Paris then grabs a hold of his cock and begins sucking it.

“Damn! Paris looks so hot with that big cock inside her mouth. Doesn’t she, audience?” Madison said while watching the action with a very horny look on her face.

“Wolf whistles and cheers*

“Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Holy shit! I can’t believe how big this dick is.” Paris said before taking more of Danny’s dick down her throat. “Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg! Hlurg!” As Paris is blowing him, Danny continues to eat her Asian pussy. “Oh fuck! You’re so talented, Danny. I may have to date you.” She then laughs before going right back to sucking his huge English cock. “Glack! Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg! Mmmm! Mmhmm! It tastes so good!”

“Oh my god! That is so hot.” Madison said in a sexual tone while watching Paris and Danny orally pleasure each other. “Alright! Paris, you have passed the 69 Time challenge. Congratulations!”

*Cheers and applause*

Paris gives Danny’s cock one final lick before he places her back down on the floor.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! One more challenge to go.” Paris said with a smile before doing a handstand into a cartwheel ending with a split in celebration and also to show off her athleticism.

“Nobody likes a showoff, Paris!” Madison chimed in while shaking her head. “Anyway it’s time for you to spin the Disc of Desire one more time to see what your final sex challenge will be.”

“That grand prize is mine!” Paris said before spinning the disc.

As the Disc of Desire spins the audience along with Paris, Madison and Danny are all silent as it seems like an eternity for the disc to stop spinning. When the disc does finally stop it lands on Ride That Dick.

*Applause and cheers*

“Ha! Ha! Ha! This is going to be a perfect final challenge for you, Paris.” Madison said with a laugh. “You may have been great at sucking Danny’s big cock, but now you have to show me how well you can ride it.”

“I think you’ve going to be very impressed with my dick riding skills, Madison. Come on Danny! Let’s show her how great I can ride your cock.” Paris replied with a smile before Danny and she walked over to the purple couch that was on the left side of the stage. As soon as the English pornstar takes a seat, she instantly mounts and begins riding him reverse cowgirl.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Yeahhhh! Holy shit!” Paris said as she rode Danny’s big cock while moving her body at a quick pace. “Oh my god! That dick is so fucking big! I can just feel my pussy being stretched out by your cock, and it feels so good! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Fuuuuck!”

“That’s it, Paris! Ride his big dick. Oh! It looks so fucking hot.” Madison said with a sexy smile as she watched the hot contestant bounce up and down on Danny’s cock. “She may just win the grand prize today.”

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Holy shit! Give to me, Danny.” Paris said as she continued to ride his huge dick. The brunette actress’ big boobs begin bouncing up and down from how fast she is riding the hung Englishman. “Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Fuuuuuck! I love your big dick!”

“Stop! I’m proud to announce that Paris has completed the final sex challenge and has won the mystery grand prize.” Madison said to the audience. “I am very impressed by your raw sexual energy.”

*Loud cheers and applause*

“Yes! I knew I had what it takes to win this challenge.” Paris said proudly while hopping off Danny’s dong and wiping some sweat from her brow. “I was working up quite a sweat riding his huge cock. She then laughs. “What is the grand prize, Madison?”

Madison then smirks and points to herself.

“I’m the grand prize! And now we’re going to fuck Danny together until he blows a huge load all over our faces.” Madison replied while quickly taking off her dress and is now nude. She then kisses Paris on the lips.

“Not the prize I was expecting, but I’ll take it!” Paris said with a smile “Now let’s go drain Danny’s balls, Madison.” *laughs*

*Applause and loud cheers*

When the camera cuts back to the couch Danny is shown fucking Madison doggystyle. Not only that but she is also eating out Paris who now has a big smile on her face as the porn actress is devouring her pussy.

“Oh fuck! That feels so good. Damn! You can eat some pussy.” Paris said before moaning in pleasure again.

“Damn right I can!” Madison replied with a confident smirk before spreading Paris’ legs wider and returned to eating her out. She then looked back at Danny and smiled. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! That’s it! Stretch my fucking pussy with that big cock!”

Eventually, Danny begins plowing Paris from behind while she is now eating out Madison.

“Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Fuuuuck!” Paris said as Danny was moving his cock in and out of her cooze at a rapid pace. “I love how you fuck me, Danny.” The talented actress would then return to licking Madison’s pussy.

“Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhh! Oh yes! You’re quite talented at this.” Madison said before moaning in pleasure again.

“Thanks! I do this with my friend Kelli [Berglund] a lot.” Paris replied with a big smile.

Sometime later, Madison is now riding Danny cowgirl while Paris was watching the action from the opposite end of the couch. In fact, she began rubbing her clit as well.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! Yes! Yes! Fuck the shit out of me, Danny.” Madison said as she wildly rode Danny’s big cock. The camera of course zoomed in closer to the pornstar’s tanned ass before focusing on her huge tits. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! That big dick feels so good!”

Moments later, Paris begins riding Danny cowgirl while Madison watches on.

“Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Oh my god yes!” Paris cried out as she slammed her booty off Danny’s huge cock. “Fuck! That big dick feels so good inside my pussy.” As the English porn actor bangs the Hubie Halloween actress, he starts sucking on her brown nipples while holding onto her waist as she rides him. “Oh my god! Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! “Mmhmm!”

*Applause and cheers*

Madison would eventually give Danny a blowjob while resting on her knees on the stage. Paris is also kneeled beside her watching on lustfully as the veteran porn actress sucks and slurps on Danny’s huge cock.

“Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm!” Madison said as she sucked off Danny while using the double-handed twisting motion. The skilled performer then licks Danny’s shaft up and down for a while before slurping away at it as if it contained the secret of life itself. “Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg! I know you love how I handle your man-meat. “Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack!”

“Damn! I think you’re trying to suck out his soul, Madison.” Paris said while watching in disbelief of Madison’s top-notch oral skills.

Before long, Paris & Madison begin blowing Danny together while using the corn on the cob technique. Paris is on the right and Madison is on the left, and they work in sync while sliding their lips across his huge cock. Afterwards they begin sucking him off at a quick pace.

“Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm!” Paris & Madison said while blowing Danny together.

“Fuck! I think his cock is getting harder.” Paris said before taking over and sucking Danny’s extremely wet dick on her own. “Glack! Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg!”

Meanwhile, Madison begins sucking on the Englishman’s balls.

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! I just love sucking on big balls.” Madison said proudly as she continued to lick and fondle Danny’s nuts.

Paris now has Danny’s saliva-coated cock squeezed between her boobs while cupping them together.

“Oh yes! Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhhh! Fuck my titties.” Paris said as Danny was giving her another titfuck. “Hey! I want to see you do this Madison.”

“Sure! You don’t have to ask me twice to titfuck a big cock!” Madison replied in an excited tone. Once Paris moves over, Danny begins sliding his massive dick between Madison’s famous Double D tits. “Oh fuck yes! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Keep fucking my big tits!”

*Loud cheers and applause*

A few minutes later, Danny is now fucking Paris missionary on the couch as Madison lustfully watches on.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! That’s it! Stretch my fucking pussy.” Paris screamed out as Danny was slamming his huge dick into her snatch. Meanwhile, Madison is standing behind Danny while licking his neck and rubbing his chest. “Oh fuck! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! That big cock feels so good.”

Danny eventually begins banging Madison in the missionary position as well. Not only that, but she has her legs behind her head too as the English pornstar continues to pound her pussy. As this is happening, Paris is taking a breather and watching on.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Fuck! It feels so good.” Madison cried out as Danny was fucking her. And he soon picks up the pace and begins fucking her faster. “Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! Fuck the shit out of me!”

*Loud cheers and applause*

About five minutes later, Paris is once again riding Danny reverse cowgirl on the purple couch. As the 1Up actress bounces up and down on the porn stud’s cock, Madison is standing to her right sucking on her breast.

“Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Oh my god! Holy shit!” Paris said with a huge smile as she rode Danny’s big cock. “Fuck! I love riding your big cock. It’s so fucking big!”

“And I love watching you bounce on it!” Madison said in an aroused tone before she returned to sucking on Paris’ nipples. “You ride his cock so well, Paris.”

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! Fuuuuck!” Paris said as she continues to ride Danny and her entire body begins to tremble from how well he is fucking her. “I want to see you ride him again now, Madison.” She then dismounts the Englishman’s cock and Madison takes her place and begins riding him.

“Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! Yes! Give it to me!” Madison said as she began grinding her amazing body on Danny’s cock while riding him.

“You’re a great dick rider yourself, Madison.” Paris said while watching on.

“Oh fuck! Mmhmm! Paris, why don’t you spin the Disc of Desire one more time to decide our next sex position.”

“That's a great idea!” Paris replied before once again spinning the disc. “I hope it lands on something good!”

The Disc of Desire spins for sometime until it finally lands on Fuck My Booty.

*Loud cheers and applause*

“I wasn’t prepared to take a cock in my ass today. Especially one as big as Danny’s.” Paris said while looking a bit concerned.

“Hmph! I thought you said earlier that you’re up for any challenge.” Madison replied with a smirk while still riding Danny’s cock.

“Fine! I’ll do it, and I’m sure it will feel amazing too.” Paris responded before returning to the couch. She then gets down on all fours and begins to shake her ass a bit.

“That’s the spirit!” Madison replied with a smile before hopping off Danny’s cock.

“I’m going to enjoy this!” Paris said while looking back at Danny as he began to insert the tip of his dick into her ass and begins fucking her. “Ughhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Wow! That big cock feels great in my ass! Oh yes! Don’t stop fucking my ass.”

“I knew you were going to love it, Paris!” Madison replied with a smile.

“Your ass is so tight, Paris.” Danny said as he continued to pound her asshole.

“Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Fuuuuuck! I love that big cock in my ass.” Paris moaned while having a big grin on her face. “Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! Yes! It feels so good!”

“It’s so hot the way you’re pounding Paris’ ass. But I need your cock inside my ass now!” Madison in a sexual tone while looking over at Danny and wiggling her toned backside at him. “Fuck my ass now!”

“Yeah go fuck her ass, Danny! I want to see how she takes it.” Paris said just before the porno actor removes his cock from her asshole. He then walks behind Madison and begins fucking her ass.

“Oh my god! Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass!” Madison said as Danny pounded her ass. “I love big cocks in my ass! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm!”

“Damn! You’re taking Danny’s big cock so well, Madison.” Paris said while watching on.

“Of course I am! I’m a fucking professional pornstar.” Madison replied with a chuckle. “Oh fuck! Danny, keep fucking my ass! Fuuuuuuuck! I’m ready for that cum now.”

“Yes! I am too.” Paris replied.

*Loud applause and cheers*

Paris & Madison are now kneeled on the stage floor as Danny jerks his huge English cock for them. Before long, the hung adult film star begins firing off huge ropes of cum onto their faces. After he was finished the camera focused on the sexy pair’s cum-soaked faces before they shared a kiss. The audience of course erupted in loud cheers and applause after that performance.

“That was the biggest load a guy has ever shot on my face.” Paris said with a big smile before licking some from her mouth.

“Well in my line of work you get used to it. But it was still very impressive as always, Danny.” Madison replied before looking directly into the camera. “Now that is all the time we have for Disc of Desire. I want to thank our big winner, Paris, for being such a great sport. Be sure to tune in next week for a brand-new episode.”

Paris, Madison and Danny then wave goodbye to the audience before the video fades to black.

End of Scene 15
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Re: Celebs Like It Big (Multiple Celebs Series)
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Celebs Like It Big: Scene 16
Starring: Sydney Sweeney
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Titty Fucking, Swallow

*Sydney’s Dirty Massage*

The scene begins as Sydney Sweeney is walking into a spa named ZZ’s Massage Parlor. The beautiful busty blonde is dressed in a pink polo shirt that accentuates her C-cup breasts, jean shorts, white sneakers, and is carrying a large designer handbag. After a quick transition, Sydney is shown sitting inside the waiting room while reading a fashion magazine.

As Sydney is pursuing through her magazine, Chris Diamond walks towards her with a smile on his face. The Spanish pornstar is sporting his usual dark blonde hair and is wearing a white masseur uniform.

“Good day, Miss Sweeney! I’m ready for you now.” Chris said in his Spanish accent.

“Great! I’ve been so tense lately and can really use this deep tissue massage today.” Sydney replied with a smile as she checked out the handsome masseur. The blonde starlet would then follow him into the next room.

The Euphoria actress soon takes off her clothes. After revealing her incredible naked body, Chris was of course in awe of her huge tits as his blue eyes grew wide while staring at them. Sydney then lies prone on top of the massage table.

“I’ve been waiting for this all week.” Sydney said with a smile as Chris began pouring oil onto her back before rubbing her down with his strong hands. “Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Oh my god! Yes! That feels fantastic!”

“I’m happy that you’re enjoying your massage, Miss Sweeney.” Chris replied as he continued to rub her back down. “By the way my name is Chris.”

“Well Chris you’re doing an amazing job. Mmhmm!” Sydney responded with a smile. “And your hands are so strong, but they feel so good!” The beautiful blonde soon flips over and is now lying on her back.

Before Chris could begin rubbing down Sydney’s front, he was once again distracted by her huge boobs. This does not go unnoticed by the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress. In fact, she smiles at the sight of the huge bulge inside his pants too.

“Just call me Sydney. Also, it would appear that you have something in those pants that could help me relax today too.” Sydney said while giving Chris a lustful glare with her blue eyes.

“What you’re suggesting is against the parlor’s rules.” Chris said with a chuckle.

“Fuck the rules! I’m the customer and the customer is always right.” Sydney quickly replied.

“I cannot argue with that.” Chris responded with a grin as he unzipped his pants. He then pulled out his 10-inch cock for the Nocturne actress.

“Oh my god! That is a huge dick!” Sydney said before gasping at the sight of Chris’ member. The White Lotus actress then leaves the massage table and drops to her knees in front of the Spanish hunk. After grabbing a hold of his cock, she begins sucking it. “Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Glack! Mmmm! It’s so fucking big and thick too!” She then wraps her glossy pink lips back around the stud’s dick and starts blowing him faster. “Glack! Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg! Glack! Hlurg!”

“Fuck! That mouth feels so good.” Chris said as Sydney continues to suck his big dick.

“Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack! Mmmm! Glack!” Sydney said as she continued to blow the hung masseur. The Downfalls High actress then begins licking his cock up and down as if it were a lollipop. “I want you to fuck my big titties now. I know that’s what you want Chris.”

“Yes I do!” Chris replied while taking off his shirt. He then began pouring some oil onto Sydney’s huge tits before sliding his cock between them.

“Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhh! Ahhh! Yes! Fuck my big titties!” Sydney said while cupping her boobs and looking up at the Spanish stud. “Mmhmm! Oh my god! I just love how that big cock feels moving in between my tits.”

After Chris fucks Sydney’s tits for a while, she is now sitting on top of the massage table with her legs spread as he eats her out. The Voyeurs actress would soon begin moaning loudly as the well-endowed masseur licked away at her cooze.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! That’s it! Chris, you have such a talented tongue.” Sydney said with a smile as he orally pleasured her hot box. “Mmhmm! Yes! That’s it! Eat my pussy!”

Eventually, Chris would insert his huge cock into her snatch and begin fucking Sydney on top of the massage table.

“Oh my god! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Holy shit!” Sydney cried out as Chris was banging her at a quick pace. As a matter of fact, he is fucking her so fast that her big boobs begin to move and jiggle. “Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! Give me all of that big fucking dick!”

Chris begins doing just that and soon begins to pile drive his huge cock into Sydney’s pussy.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! Fuck yes!” Sydney moaned out as Chris was slamming his schlong in and out of her cooze. The busty actress would soon begin moving her body swiftly to keep up with the hung stud. “Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! That big cock feels so good!”

Sometime later, Sydney is now riding Chris reverse cowgirl while he is lying on the massage table. The Euphoria’s star’s big tits bounce up and down too as she rides the Spanish adult film star.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Oh my god yes!” Sydney said with great enthusiasm as she bounced up and down on Chris’ big dick. “I love riding your huge cock! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Fuuuuuuck!” The busty blonde starlet would then begin working her ass and begin riding him faster as the massage table shakes and moves. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! That’s it! Fuck me!”

After a quick video transition, Chris is now kneeled behind Sydney while fucking her doggystyle on the massage table. The golden-haired actress would soon look back at him and smile from how well he is fucking her.

“Oh yeah! Yes! Yes! Yes! Chris, you’re fucking me so good!” Sydney said before moaning in pleasure again. “Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! That big dick is stretching out my pussy so good! Oh fuck!”

Chris would soon begin pounding Sydney from behind faster than before.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Fuck the shit out of me Chris!” Sydney screamed out while once again looking back at him. “I’m so glad that you are my masseur today.”

“I am too!” Chris replied with a laugh as he continued to pound ‘Everything Sucks!’ actress from behind.

About five minutes later, Chris is caressing and sucking on Sydney’s tits much to her delight.

“I love your big tits Sydney!” Chris proudly declared while sucking on her pink nipples.

“Wow! I can tell that you do, Chris.” Sydney replied with a laugh. Moments later, she would drop to her knees and begin giving him a titjob.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! I can tell that you really love fucking my titties by how hard your cock is.” Sydney said seductively as she continued to titfuck Chris. But he would soon begin slapping his long thick cock onto her boobs a few times. “Oh yeah! I fucking love that. The White Lotus star would soon wrap her huge boobs back around her masseur’s dick and begin titfucking him again. “Ohhh! Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhh! Ahhh! Yes! Keep sliding that big dick between my titties.”

Next, Sydney would begin riding Chris in the cowgirl position on top of the massage table again. As she rides him, he has a firm grip on her hips as the camera zooms in closer to her amazing backside as it bounces up and down.

“Ohhhh! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Mmhmm! I love riding your big dick so much.” Sydney said before slamming her ass off Chris’ muscular thighs quicker than before. “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Fuck! That big dick feels so good!”

As Sydney rides Chris, the camera then zooms in closer to her famous cleavage.

“Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Oh my god yes!” Sydney said with a smile as she continued to ride Chris. “Fuck! This is the best massage I’ve ever had!”

Soon, Chris begins fucking Sydney in the missionary position on top of the table.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Oh my god! Chris, you’re pounding the fuck out of my pussy with your big dick. And I fucking love it! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Don’t fucking stop!”

“Oh my god! Sydney, you have such a great pussy.” Chris said as he plows her pussy on the massage table.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhhhhh!” Sydney cried out as Chris continued to bang her with his huge cock. “I’m ready to drain your balls now. I want you to fuck my tits again.”

After a quick video transition, Sydney is now knelt on the floor while titfucking Chris. In fact, her boobs are completely covered with oil as well.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Mmhmm! I can’t wait for you to cum on my boobs.” Sydney said while looking up at Chris as he slid his dick between her oily tits. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh my god! Keep fucking my titties!”

Chris doesn’t need to be told twice as he saws his cock between Sydney’s luscious melons. He does this until he groans and begins cuming on her huge boobs. The hot blonde then smiles at the hung masseur’s handiwork.

“Wow! That was incredible Chris.” Sydney said with a big smile before using her right index finger to scoop some spunk from her tits and swallow it. “Yum! Let me clean myself up, and then we can continue my massage.”

“Yes! Of course, Sydney.” Chris replied with a smile before handing her a towel.

“I may have to schedule another massage with you next week.” Sydney said with a laugh as the camera zooms in closer to her face. The video then fades to black as the scene comes to an end.

End of Scene 16
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