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Blue Screen Brigade - Pokimane
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the streamers, influencers, social media platforms etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Pokimane or any other streamer or social media influencer, or their characters or platforms.

Starring: Pokimane (Imane Anys)

Blue Screen Brigade - Pokimane

An erotic influencer fan-fiction story.   

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])
Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

* * *

Blue Screen Brigade specialised in computers, parts, peripherals and accessories ranging from full builds, service, security, back-up and recovery all the way to emergency call outs and repairs. Priding themselves on being able to handle anything from a total CPU meltdown to just repainting the letters on a keyboard. And with the bonus of having a 24/7 call-out service, at a price of course, they backed up the popularity of their business with a top notch service to match. With clients ranging from the average home to commercial, and including famous online influencers too.

‘OK, at the address now.’ Dylan Bruce typed the message out as sat in his car. Clad in his banded zipper hooded top and work jeans, fitting nicely to a toned frame. ‘Must be an important client if you’re calling me out on my off day.’ The short haired man in his mid twenties remarked, glancing out at the building before down at his job paperwork for the client, a ‘Miss I. Anys’. ‘OK, shouldn’t be too long. Especially if it’s just a microphone that needs fixed.’ He added before putting his phone away. Exiting the vehicle and opening up the trunk to pluck out his tool rucksack then his work laptop bag before he locked up. A casual whistle to himself as he walked up to the front door and buzzed the door, noting the camera doorbell there as he pulled out is ID card.

“Hello?” A female voice said through the speaker.
“Hey there. I’m Dylan Bruce from Blue Screen Brigade.” He said, holding up his card to the lens before pulling back so whoever was looking could easily see his face matched the card. “I’ve been sent here to help out a Miss Anys with some tech issues. A faulty microphone.”
“Miss? Making me sound old already?” The voice said with a gorgeous laugh. “Yeah, that’s me. I’ll be right down!” She said before the click of the ‘call’ ending was heard and he stepped back.

A minute or so later, and the door opened as the famous streamer, influencer and online content creator known as Pokimane, Imane Anys, opened the door. Smiling as she was dressed in what looked half casual, half workout gear attire with a short, sleeveless black T-shirt and tight, green shorts that went from her midsection down to halfway along her thighs. Topped off with a set of sandals.

“I didn’t mean anything bad or anything by calling you Miss by the way.” Dylan politely said as he locked onto her, his face slightly scrunching like he recognised her face from somewhere.
“Oh, it’s fine. I’ve been called a lot, lot worse.” Pokimane joked as she stepped back. “Come on in. I’ll show you where the busted mic is.” She said, as he followed her in and closed the door behind. “You can just call me Poki by the way if it makes things easier. I’m more used to that these days even off camera.”
“Poki… Oh damn, like the actual Pokimane? Huh.” Dylan put the puzzle pieces together as he shrugged. “Well, I’d better work quick then. Don’t wanna let your fans down.”
“Oh please, don’t start.” She laughed again as she took him into a main living area, where she’d left the expensive looking, custom microphone out. “Here it is. I only had the thing for like a day and it’s started playing up on me. You don’t mind working on it here, right?”

“Ah, nah. This is fine. It’s kinda weird to just go barging into someone’s, you know, private space or bedroom and be working over stuff.” He said, putting his laptop bag down onto the table beside it, then dropping his rucksack down too to the floor.
“Thanks. I mean, it’s one thing to be showing snaps of my bedroom to the whole world but then having someone else coming in that I don’t know? Yeah, kinda a bit weird.” Imane said, smiling as she watched him look over the microphone.
“Ah, one of these ones. Using it for ASMR, right?” He looked over as she nodded. “These ones can be very temperamental, or sensitive, or whatever on a good day, but you got unlucky with the model since this one can be super bothersome. Or lucky, since I should be able to sort it out.” He explained, looking back over the tech.
“Guess your company sent over the right guy.” She remarked, giving a little look over him. “I was just kinda happy your picture matched the real you that your bosses sent over.” She said, with her voice showing a little hint of sounding impressed, if not approving of that fact.

“Yeah, they like to go above and beyond you know.” Dylan stood up to look at her. “Make sure the clients know that no funny business will be going on. Wouldn’t want someone just running off with the family computer or anything. Or I guess in your case a fan drooling over your mic and ruining it even more.” He joked with a handsome smile of his own.
“Oh no, we wouldn’t want that.” Anys joked back, still smiling.
“...So, uh...” He broke the little bit of silence as he looked back to the microphone. “I think I’ll run the usual tests firsts, then I’ll take the thing apart and check out what’s going on. I’d say give me say, an hour and a bit and this thing should be good as new. Or I guess, as good as supposed to be new.”
“Right. That’s fine. I’m not like going anywhere anytime soon today anyway.” She nodded. “I’ll be just through there. I’ve got some e-mails and that to check up on so I guess if anything comes up or you need anything, I’ll be through there.” She motioned behind her. “Need anything right now? A drink or something?”
“Nah, I’m good. But thanks. I’ll just get cracking on this and then you’ll have your special microphone in no time.” He confirmed.
“OK! I’ll let you too it then!” Pokimane smiled again as she turned and walked off. Giving a glance back to see him having turned to open up his laptop. “Hmmmm… Kinda cute for a fan of mine...” She noted to herself as she continued walking.

* * *

About an hour of so later…

“Check check… One two, one two...” Dylan whispered into the repaired microphone, looking to the side at the audio readings of the microphone as he performed the double checks that everything was working right.
“Trying to steal my viewers now huh?” Pokimane joked as she walked over, seeing him doing the checks. “That’s supposed to be my ASMR mic you know.” She teased with a sexy smirk as she put her hands on her thick hips.
He shook his head, turning the mic off before he stood up. “I don’t think there’s any risk of me stealing anything.” He chuckled, making sure to turn off the device before he unplugged the microphone. “Nah, just running a last check or two. Everything’s good to go. It was like I suspected. High quality stuff here, but they sort of rushed production a bit, you know. So all it takes it one bad movement one way and the whole thing goes to pot.”
“Well, I appreciate having the expert here to help me out.” She said, stepping closer. “And I’m sure all the ASMR fans will appreciate you too.”

“Not a problem. I’m sure my bosses will be very happy that you’re happy.” He politely said, glancing over so he could shut down his laptop. “The guys in the company will e-mail you back with the invoice and the payment details.”
“Oh, leaving so soon?” She faked a pout for a moment before smiling again. “Thought you wanted to talk to your favourite content creator?” She said, pointing out that he was aware of her or her online fame at the very least.
“Heh, well, I’m not exactly a Tier-Three Sub if that’s what you’re talking about. But yeah, I’ve heard of you Pokimane. But then again, who hasn’t?” He said, turning to look at her.
“Living off the gift subs, huh?” Imane said. “Or have you been cheating on me by giving your Prime to someone else?” She playfully asked as she locked eyes with him.

“I’ve got a feeling that there’s no right answer to that...” He chuckled as he was taken aback by the sudden flirty turn of events, but his own smile showing he wasn’t objecting to it one bit. “Although I’m not so sure that your boyfriend would appreciate me saying I was giving you anything, let alone my Prime for the month.” He joked.
“Oh, so it’s like that?” She continued to tease, stepping boldly closer again. “Wanting to know if my boyfriend is around… If I’ve got one of course.” She added with a wink.
“I kind of feel like I should be making a joke about asking if the position is available...” He said, flirting back as he took a moment to look over the gorgeous influencer’s body.
“Maybe, maybe not… But there might be a position available of a different kind...” Anys grinned as she suddenly lowered herself down, kneeling in front of the hunky tech guy as her hands reached up for the belt of his jeans.

“No fucking way...” Dylan’s eyes widened seeing, but tellingly not doing anything to stop her, the famous streamer loosening his belt. Smiling as she pulled down his pants before doing the same to his boxers. But then she got a turn to gasp and be surprised as she caught a look of his nicely meaty and impressively lengthy cock. Her jaw dropping like this is the biggest dick she’s seen in her life before she had to snap out of it. Going back to smiling as she took a hold of his length.

“Guess I can say the same thing, right?” Pokimane stated as her gaze switched from up at him to down at his cock. Her hand slowly moving back and forth, getting a feel of his size and watching him harden in her grip as she pumped. “Geez, this thing is fucking huge! Your girlfriend must be super happy to see you come home!” She laughed as she stroked him off. Working up and down with her soft hand as she slightly licked her upper lip a bit. “If you’ve got one, of course.” She winked, using her own words against herself before she shifted in closer. Using her free hand to brush her long dark hair back before she leaned her pretty face down towards his hard on.

“Oh shit… Mmmmmm...” He moaned when she took his shaft into her soothing, nicely warm and wet mouth. Wrapping her pouty lips snugly around his meaty size as she groaned herself, showing that she was having to get used to such a bigger size than she usually handles. Keeping her hand on his base as she pumped along the lower inches. “Guess that means we’re either both cheating on partners… Mmmmm… Or we’re just being fuck buddies, right? Mmmmm...” He joked as he looked down. Watching as she started to run her head up and down along his prick. Keeping him moaning as she slid her mouth along his inches to kick off the blowjob. Already showing that her oral hole isn’t just used for the occasional ASMR video as it didn’t take her long before getting into a steady rhythm to suck his big cock with.

“Mmmmmphh!! Hmmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm...” Pokimane groaned around his cock, taking the top part and the crown in and out of her warm, wet mouth. Getting her saliva onto him as her tongue lightly grazed the underside of his meat when it passed between her lips. Staring up with more than just a hint of lust in her eyes as she gazed up at the handsome guy she’s barely known. Making sure to use her free hand to keep brushing her long hair out of the way so she could focus on dishing out some head. “Mmmmm… Mmmmmphh!! Hmmmmm...” Her hips slightly bouncing as she stayed kneeling and bobbed her head up and down to show her arousal as she sucked on a nice fat cock. Looking like she was far from inexperienced at it as well not just from her smooth motion, but with how deeply as was taking him as she gradually worked another inch of his thick size into her oral hole.

“MMMMM! Ahhhhh fuck! Holy fuck that’s good… MMMMM… Shit… Fucking suck that dick, Poki...” He groaned, making the scene dirtier by using the nickname of sorts of her online name as she worked over his dick and made him moan. Staring down to watch her gorgeous facial features moving back and forth over his length. Her soft lips tightly wrapped around him to ensure the saliva was layered over his rod. Along with her stroking hand as she made sure both parts of him were well taken care of. “AHHHHH… Ahhhhhh shit… Fuck… Yeah, fucking suck that cock… MMMMM… Who’d have fucking thought it… Pokimane is a hot fucking cock sucker! MMMMM...” He groaned with a smile as he watched the spit start to drip down her chin, leaving little splats on her T-shirt as she kept her motion going steadily. Her hand grazing against her chin as they two met from double teaming his manhood as the Moroccan-Canadian beauty showed off skills on this fat white American dick more suited for a XXX-rated streaming site than the video game one she’s known for.

“Mmmmmphhh!! MMMMM… HMMMPHHHH… HHHHHLLLKKK!!” Getting into the moment, and perhaps just enjoying a long cock that can clearly handle a blowjob, Pokimane got braver as she put both hands onto his hips. Using just her mouth to slide back and forth along his thickness and trying to take him in deeper. Her cute face scrunching up when the fat crown of his tool connected with the back of her mouth and she was made to gag. Making her raise back up and slurp away on the amount of him she was more comfortable with taking. “MMMMMPHHH… HHHHLLLKKK… MMMMMM...” Her eyes still lustful as she took his shaft in and out of her talented oral hole. Gagging rarely when she lost track of the inches stuffed between her pouty lips and filled her mouth a little too much than she knew she should. The grinning man taking this wasn’t going to stop her from having her fun however. Moaning out as his dick dripped with her saliva as it trickled down to his balls from her repeated sucking.

Eventually, however she had to pull off with a gasp. Starting up with a flash of burning desire before composing herself a bit as she took a hold of his dick and stroked him off. Noting caring for how sticky her fingers got as she pumped her saliva all over him. “Like that, babe? Huh? Mmmmm… Like this big fucking cock, stuffed down my dirty fucking throat, huh?” She purred, sounding like more of a porn star than an influencer or streamer as she enjoyed her no thrills fun with his handsome hunk. Sticking her tongue out as she gave a treat of slapping his bell-end off her wet, soft tongue for a quick round. Before going back to stroking him off as she spat down onto the crown in order to stroke it over his already smothered inches. “Mmmmmm… I know I fucking loved tasting this nice, fat fucking dick… Especially one that can fucking last in me as well...” She noted with a slight bitterness to show perhaps past encounters, let alone fanboys, haven’t been able to keep up with her.

“Lucky me… Hell, lucky both of us!” Dylan said, groaning to cut off his laugh as she stroked him off. “Because, not to brag or anything? I’m definitely no minute man… Unlike some of your exes it seems.” He guessed as he smiled.
“Promises, promises...” She teased, letting go of his cock as she shifted back so she could stand up. “Because your favourite streamer needs that big fat, dirty fucking dick stuffed deep somewhere else...” She said, reaching down as she started to ease, and not easily, those tight shorts down her sexy, thick hips.
“I uh… Have you got a rubber?” He eventually asked, snapping his gaze away from the sight of her exposed pussy as she stepped out of the clothing. “I don’t exactly carry one around in my wallet like us guys are supposed to.”
“Oh? Then you’d better make sure to really be careful… And not disappoint me of course.” Pokimane grinned as she pulled her T-shirt up and over her head, showing off her nicely rounded and sized breasts so she was already naked just fresh from sucking his dick. “Ready to impress me, stud?” She grinned, moving over to the couch of the living room and spreading her legs shamelessly, and invitingly, wide to show off her folds that already looked more than a little wet.

“Damn! You’re kind of a secret fucking little freak, aren’t you Poki?” He grinned, needing no further motivation as he stepped in and down into position. Pushing his long, thick American cock into the wet and waiting snatch of the Morocco-born Canadian. Making her gasp with wide eyes as she felt her inner walls having to stretch already to handle his size and he was only barely halfway inside of her as her hands gripped his arms. Biting her bottom lip as she gripped those lovely thick thighs of hers to keep her limbs spread before he started to pump. Her head raising up as she moaned, taking his fat shaft into her box and loving the feeling already. Caring little for the risky nature of this hook-up considering he’s entering her bareback, let alone the fact she barely knows this man at all.

“MMMMM FUCK… Oh yeah!! I’m a… MMMMM!! I’m a fucking dirty fucking freak! MMMMM… Give me that big fucking dick!! Ooooooooooooh!!” She groaned her demand, staring down along her toned, gorgeous body as the Internet famous stunner took that big fat shaft deeper into her snug twat. Her body grinding down slightly but more than happy to let him control the pace and give them both what they want. “MMMMMM… You try keeping up a sweet girl look online… AHHHHH… And try to have some fucking urges bottled up! MMMMMM...” She smirked as she glanced up at him to show the pleasure and lust in her eyes, before he gaze went back down at his cock to watch the almost hypnotic sight of the biggest sick she’s ever had in her lift plunging into her tight, slick pussy. The same inches she’d left coated in her saliva now getting layered with fluids of a different, erotic sort in a short space of time. Her lust leaving her feeling no shame at letting his stud sample another of her lovely, snug holes.

Dylan just showed off his skills as he pumped his cock in and out of her box to keep him groaning out and more than making sure she moaned out at the same time. Seeing those perky tits bouncing a bit as her body shifted on her couch from the nicely stiff pace he was using. Looking to see how much the stunning influencer and streamer could take as her love tunnel was still super snug around his thickness. Knowing how good he was at banging, even if it’s never been with someone of this high quality before, so there was no risk in his mind of any premature end. He still wanted to play his part, and wanted to stuff this horny content creator full with his dick. So he kept his grip on those delicious thighs of hers as he started to work his prick like a piston into that moist pussy.

“OH FUCK!! MMMMM… Yeah, you fucking like that, babe? Huh? MMMMM?? Like my dirty fucking pussy? Taking that… MMMMMM OOOOOOOOH!! Big fucking cock of yours?? MMMMM...” She groaned as her hands slid up his arms to act as encouragement, as if her loud, shameless moans let alone the snug feeling of her hot, wet pussy weren’t fuel enough to this tech guy who had gone from fixing her equipment to stuffing a tool of a different sort deep inside of her. Clearly she was looking to make the most of this big cock action as she kept bucking down against the incoming pumps. Helping to work him in further to her needy, wet hole and getting the reward soon enough of his crotch smacking off her darker toned skin as he filled her up. Making her head again tilt back in delight like she was a natural Size Queen even with a cock just a fraction below being a full on pornstar size like he was. “OH FUCK YEAAAAAH… MMMMMM!! Fucking fill me up, you fucking stud!! UHHHHH!! Oh fuck I fucking need it!! MMMMMM FUCK!!”

“MMMMM… Yeah, I can fucking see that… MMMMM… Your naughty fucking pussy is giving me a real fucking workout too, Poki...” He grinned as he helped himself to a squeeze of her plump hips as he kept his cock drilling her smoothly and stiffly. Making the slap of their bodies connecting ring out around her living room to fit along with their lustful groans. Seeing the light shine of sweat starting to form across that already wonderful body of hers as she jolted back and forth against the seating she’s being taken on. “AHHHH… Don’t worry, babe… I’ll make sure you get all fucking action that your man couldn’t give you… MMMMM… Heh, if you even have one...” He made sure to keep teasing but was more focused on driving his shaft nice and deep into her twat. Sending his balls slapping into her skin as he pumped back and forth. Keeping her legs spread and going in deep into her snatch to keep driving her wild as she moaned away. Putting in a performance himself that made him look like he had more of a career in skin flicks than anything to do with tech support.

“MMMMM… P-Pull out, stud...” Pokimane demanded, groaning when he slowly withdrew his prick from that already well fucked hole of hers. “Don’t worry… I just want to give my new fanboy a real nice, hot fucking ride...” She said, playfully pushing him back so she could stand up.
“Well, since you asked so nicely...” Dylan smiled, as he let her move him so he was now sitting down on her couch.
“Nicely? I don’t think that a slut like me, fucking some random guy I just fucking me, is anything fucking nice...” She licked her teeth as she moved down, mounting his lap and reaching down to line his cock back up with her snatch.
“So, you’re saying that you’re really a dirty fucking slut, huh?” He seized on the dirty talk with a grin of his own. “Guess I better treat you like fucking one then!” He said, reaching around her and taking the opportunity to give her rounded backside a firm spank. Making her groan lustfully out to further prove her own words right as she smiled sinfully at the strike.

“That better not be the best you can fucking do!” She challenged, before she grabbed onto his shoulders and started to lift herself up. Getting into the motion quickly as she raised and lowered her stunning body onto his fat dick. The action made easy thanks to how stretched to fit the shape of  that thick rod her snatch already was. Her head tilting back when, as demanded, another harder slap was delivered to her rump. Making her flesh already jiggle more than she was already doing from her riding action. “MMMMM… That’s fucking like it, stud… AHHHHHH… Harder, babe! MMMMMM… Make this… AHHHHHH… Fucking slut feel it! MMMMMM...” She groaned as had to resort to just using hair flips to get her long locks of the way of her pretty, moaning face as she wanted her hands stuck in place to ensure she was impaled in place on his prick. Even with one of his hands clutching his waist as she bounced on his member. Setting them both off moaning all over again.

“MMMMMM… Fuck yeah! Fucking ride it, you horny fucking little slut! MMMMM… Take all that fucking dick!!” He encouraged as he watched her tits bounce just in front of her face. Making sure to keep her going as he levelled into her backside once in a while with a fresh, sharp spank to enjoy the surprising filthy side of her compared to the usually sweet and bright personality seen on her streams. “AHHHHHH… Gonna give a… MMMMM FUCK!! SHIT… A fucking hot slut like you… MMMMM!! All the fucking dick she needs! MMMM...” He said, sweating himself with the drops rolling down his handsome facial features. Unable to help himself as even though she wanted to ride him, the feeling of that snug Moroccan pussy around his fat, white American dick was too good to pass up. Thrusting up into her already filled up enough box so when she dropped down, he was there to send his prick straight up to ensure she took him balls deep over and over.

“UHHHHH!! AHHHHH GOD!! AHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSS… MMMMMM!!” She’d given up on trying to keep her hair free from her face as loose strands were sticking to her cheeks from all the sweat. Concentrating on just enjoying a huge, thick dick filling her up unlikely anything she’s experienced before in her life. Letting loose a fantasy or two as she kept working her snug, wet tunnel up and down on his shaft even as he now ploughed upward into her for good measure. “OOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCK!! MMMMMM!! Yesssssssss… Fucking fuck me babe! UHHHHH!! Fuck me! MMMMMM… Give me that huge fucking dick… UHHHHH!! You dirty fucking stud!! MMMMM...” She purred out for stimulating sounds even better than any ASMR stream or video she’d ever do. That’s even before factoring in the wicked slaps of her body dropping down to meet his, or the slaps of his hand stiffly delivering spanks to her thick backside as a naughty to say the least handprint was starting to form. Ensuring that if she did indeed have a boyfriend, he’d know she’d been having a fun time behind his back from the evidence of that erotic temporary tattoo on her jiggling cheek.

It was indeed quite the sight to see, watching as one of the most famous content creators on the Internet was acting like she was more destined for a career on porn websites than social media with her skilled, repeated and smooth bounces. Making her hair sway behind her and her breasts jiggle in time with the motion of her beautiful frame. All as her snatch, even with the repeated pumping in this position alone that she’s taken, still stayed wonderfully snug around that meaty, long cock that she was so shamelessly enjoying. Riding away to take him in to the hilt and helped out by his own perfectly paced rhythm. Making sure his inches were completely stuffed up into her wet hole as he brought out a wicked, red hot side of a beauty more known for her sweet and innocent-like online persona.

“AHHHH SHIT! FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK ME YOU FUCKING STUD! UHHHHH!! GIVE ME THAT… BIG… FAT… FUCKING!! DIIIIIIIIICK MMMMMMMMMM!!” Her head again tilted back as this time she dropped sharply down and remained onto him. Leaving her jolting on his lap as he kept sending his dick like a piston into her slot as Pokimane suddenly hit an intense peak. Cumming hard over his shaft and digging her fingers into his shoulders to leave him hissing as she enjoyed a well earned orgasm. Further coating his rod with juices as she hips slightly rocked back. But for the most part all she could was just lean back and enjoy that huge dick ramming in and out of her soaking box. “MMMMMM… FUUUUUUUUUUUCK… OOOOOOOOOOOH...” She gasped out as she collapsed onto the toned chest of her newfound fuck buddy with a lazy, but satisfied smile. Groaning when he slipped his still rock hard dick out of her well used snatch. Allowing her to mumble and grind back against that length she’s now very familiar with. Gasping when he sneaked in another spank of her booty for good measure.

“So… Since you’re such a slut and all...” Dylan teased, letting her gasp against him as he caught his breath himself. “You’d be cool with me taking you any way I wanted to so I can finish off as well, right?” He said, taking advantage once again of all her dirty talk and her horny secret side he’s been enjoying.
“S-Sure stud… Mmmmm...” Pokimane seemed to be half listening to him, still high from her orgasm as she rubbed her snatch against that dick. “Anything, babe...”
“Excellent...” He let out a snigger as he lifted her off from him. Pulling her into the position he wanted as he laid her down along the couch on her front so she could at least catch some rest. But his focus more on raising that lovely thick backside of hers up and out. Taking a second to head over to his tool bag as he reached into a side pocket for a small jar of lubricant that was supposed to just be use for jobs to fix repairs instead of this more sinful purpose.

“W-What? What are you… OOOOOOOOH!!” Once again the head of the influencer tilted back, but this time with an unexpected sensation of her ass cheeks being spread and feeling a wad of saliva being spat down onto her tightest of holes. “UHHHHH!! MMMMMM...” She groaned as then the next feeling was the cool sensation of lubricant being applied onto and around her entrance from the amount scooped off her fingers. Her hips bucking back from the unexpected sensation as she was completely inexperienced when it came to this sort of backdoor action. Yet, she did nothing to resist or demand this to stop, not that she had the energy in her to even attempt it. Gasping with wide eyes when he then slipped that finger down into her fleshy backside, making her whine out as he invaded her and slowly pumped in and out of her asshole. Lubing her up and feeling how super tight she was even just from a single digit. Repeating the motion over and over to make her squirm and hiss out, and even taking a moment to scoop up another dose of the gel for good measure and give her a second round of finger banging into her backside.

If Pokimane thought that was a sensation to attempt to handle, she nearly lost her mind when she felt that fat, long white dick pressing down into her Moroccan-Canadian ass. Squealing out when he took advantage of her and that open off by pushing his shaft down into her vice-like asshole, making himself groan out as he eased down. Only pulling a few inches out but keeping the crown inside her before he went back down into her. Making this an even more dominating position with his hands on her shoulders, keeping her pinned down onto her own couch but not really needing to use any strength to hold her down. She was still far from recovered from her orgasms from minutes before, and she wasn’t exactly trying to even resist or demand he stop. Willingly giving up her much lusted after ass to a man she’s only met today and has already now let fuck all of her pleasurable holes.

“AHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK!! OOOOOOOOOH GODDDDDDD FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” The gorgeous influencer and content creator groaned out loudly with closed eyes as her face rested on the cushion. Taking prone-bone with her ass raised up a bit as her body slid against the furniture as she jolted into it. Being used like the slut she admitted to be as she was just being taken like she was just a set of holes for a man’s pleasure. His cock pumping down stiffly, giving her little time to adjust to the burning yet erotic sensation of taking not just a dick in her ass for the first time, but a fat, long one that was already stretching out her previously unused hole before. “UHHHHHH!! FUCK!! OH GOD!! OH FUCK!! AHHHHHHH!!” She squealed, eyes briefly flickering open to show how rolled up they were like she was finding a newfound kink for anal sex despite this being her first time. Little wonder why she was so happy to lay and be taken as her backside jiggled as his inches ploughed gradually deeper into her asshole.

“MMMMM… That’s it, slut! MMMM… That that fucking dick… AHHHHH… Deep in that tight little ass… MMMMM...” He grunted, pumping his cock stiffly into her back passage as her walls clamped around his rod as her body wasn’t letting him drive in easily. Still giving resistance as she stayed tight even with the prior lubing up. Not stopping him as he groaned and sweat fell from his nose and chin down onto the back of the woman he was giving a crash course in anal sex to. “MMMMM… Yeah, you’re a hot fucking slut… Fucking a guy behind your man’s back? Letting him… AHHHHH FUCK… Tap this hot fucking ass? MMMMM… Bet you’re chasing dick the moment your man is out the fucking door...” He teased her between grunts, letting loose his own dirty talk to accompany her groans and the smack of skin hitting skin. Forcing his dick deep into her so her rounded cheeks were starting to clap into him. Further pinning the streamer and influencers onto her own couch as she was fucked up the ass from above.

“UHHHHHH… YOU’RE… AHHHHHH… FUCKING… MMMMM… STRETCHING… UHHHHH… M-ME… AHHHHH… THE F-FUCK OOOOOOOOUT MMMMM...” She gasped her words out as sweat coated her face, leaving a mark on the couch she was resting on as strands of hair covered and clung over her gorgeous face. Not even able to reach a hand back to play with herself as she was roughly used in the prone-bone position. Her fleshy backside slapping off his crotch over and over when he plunged into her still vice-like asshole. “FUCK… FUCK!! AHHHHHHH… FUUUUUUUUUCKKK...” Her eyes flickered again, staring upward and a trail of drool escaping her lips from barely holding onto reality from the rough way her ass was getting hammered by a fat cock. The Moroccan-Canadian stunner getting dominated by thick, white American dick stretching her out in a way that even a seasoned porn starlet might struggle to handle. Even if she had let a boyfriend tap her ass before (if she even really has one right now) she wouldn’t likely be tight enough to feel any lesser cock than this for a good few weeks if not longer after this pounding.

The smack of his body hitting off of hers, making her body slide on the sweat-shining cushions of her own couch was loud enough to mix in their air with his moans and her groans. He added in the sharp slap of a spank to her cheek once in a while, ensuring the sinful brand of his stiff hand print on her rump would be there for a couple of days if not longer even on her smooth dark toned skin. That likely being far from her worries considering the wild, rough way he’s slamming his fat dick balls deep into her back passage. If she could think straight, she’d be concerned that she might not be able to walk straight for a long time let alone sit down without pain. That thick rod plunging away in and out of her with a machine-like motion to make her earlier orgasm seem like it happened a lifetime ago.

The gorgeous content creator found herself grabbing a pillow, bringing it to her mouth as shamefully she clamped her teeth onto it. Biting down as she let out a near primal groan into it to try and muffle herself. Her body reacting further to the stiff way her ass was getting hammered as a fetish she never knew she had, or needed, was triggered. Cumming without even touching her pussy as more juices dripped from her snatch to further stain the furniture she was being pounded on. In turn making the stud tapping her fine, rounded booty grunt loudly as her back passage clamped all over again around his prick. Her eyes rolled up like she was in a trance, drooling onto the pillow as she remained biting on it with a long hiss.

There was one last moment to endure for her however. The newfound fuck buddy burying his shaft into her with his crotch slapping against her cheeks and staying there. Her head tilting back, but mouth still clamped onto pillow, as he emptied his balls into that much lusted after backside of Pokimane. The hot spurts of thick seed not exactly soothing the pain of having her back passage stretched out beyond a limit she never knew she had. If anything, it just helped to ride out her orgasm as she groaned and mumbled into the pillow. Dylan’s hips bucking once in a while to help a fresh blast shoot out deep into her before he finally pulled out with a grunt. Unsurprisingly, her asshole left in gaping state so there was no way to prevent some of his load seeping back out of the well fucked influencer. Adding to her self-admitted title of slut along with the red hand mark of repeated spanks on her cheek.

“Well… Did not expect to be doing this today...” Dylan said as he stood up, grabbing a cloth from his rucksack and wiping sweat off his forehead. “Fixing a mic and taping some ass… Well worth the overtime shift...”
Pokimane finally let go of the pillow with teeth marks clear in it along with sweat and drool as she gasped out. Staying laying down as she tiredly looked across. “D… Do… Do you do… P-Personal calls too, s-stud?” She groaned out, as her lusty gaze fell onto his fat cock even if its now limp state.
“For you, slut? I’m sure I can leave you a contact card for me...” He smirked as he returned the look, checking out the gaping mess he’d left her ass. “And for my new favourite streamer? I’m sure I can cut you a deal on a reasonable rate...” He joked.
“Mmmm… You mean… Your new favourite slut...” Pokimane corrected him, smiling wickedly herself. “Just don’t tell my man… And I won’t tell your girl… If either of us are telling the truth about that...” She added before her head slumped down. “P-Pass me my phone… I’m gonna have to postpone my stream tonight… And m-maybe tomorrow too...”

* * *

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Re: Blue Screen Brigade - Pokimane
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Awesome work, I'm happy to see you tackling streamer babes!
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Re: Blue Screen Brigade - Pokimane
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Thanks for sharing Daxg2001. Pokimane is a hell of a little rascal, what a woman! Wonderful.
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