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Serving the Goddesses
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Hello. This is a collaboration piece between myself and another writer. Everyone is over 18. Features M/Futa and a lot of celebs. As usual, comments and feedback are most welcome. Enjoy!

Serving the Goddesses: Book 1

I’m writing this journal out of...I don’t know really. It seemed necessary to keep a record of the stranger events that have happened recently. The entries will be as I recall them, with some minor embellishments along the way. Yet they are 100% true.


Entry 1: Taylor

Being a photographer had many perks, some may not be as obvious as others. And a few more are completely unexpected.

I got booked through a third party to take photos of some gala. I didn’t pay attention really. These celebrity events were normally full affairs. Snap a few pictures, don’t make eye contact and don’t dare speak to anyone. Pretty easy when most people ignored you anyway. The hotel was generic. After obtaining my ID card and badge I slipped in through the back, following the hand written signs to the event.

Typical of any event in Hollywood, the room was filled with suits and ties. And the women of course. Their dresses were all different designs, cuts, and colors that stood out from the drab blacks that the men wore. One in particular caught my eye. The way she moved was graceful; blonde hair spilled just past her shoulders. Her dress, emerald green, had a slit that showcased one beautiful thigh as she glides across the room. Her body language open as she travelled around greeting people and accepting well-wishes.

I raised my camera and centered her; snapping away as fast as my shutter clicked. After the first shot, my target turned towards me. Did she hear the snap? I wondered to myself. There was no way she could. Yet, Taylor Swift suddenly seemed intensely fixated in my direction. Settling down my paranoia I adjusted my aim elsewhere; allowing myself to take photos of another celebrity.

The incident was out of my mind when I felt someone approach me. Not even a person really, but an aura. It was hard to describe. A hand gently touched my shoulder and I froze. “Hey.”

Gears whirled and my brain rebooted. I’ve heard Taylor speak plenty of times, but this was something else. Was she always like this? Her voice was soft and sweet. My lack of response must have gotten to Taylor and she giggled. “I’m sorry did I break you?”


“Taylor.” She didn’t extend a hand but instead squeezed my shoulder slightly.

“Why don’t we take this somewhere else?” Taylor suggested, her hot breath dripping with desire. Well, there went another rule; never meet the clients. One hand was playful draped across my shoulder, musing my hair. The other was creeping down to my crotch. I could only dimly nod, my brain was fogged over with mixed emotions. On the one hand, Taylor Swift. On the other hand, professionalism for the job. If my dick had to vote it too would pick Taylor. 2:1 my protests were overruled. Not that it mattered. Taylor was already leading me away from the gala. We snaked through the halls of the hotel, avoiding people as we went. The entire time Taylor offered little bits of encouragement. “Oh you’re a cute one. You’ll do perfectly well.”

Soon she stopped in front of a hotel room door and waved her hand. Magically the door clicked and she pushed me inside. I barely turned around before she locked lips with me. Any resistance I felt melted away under the pressure of her plump lips. After an eternity, really it was a few seconds, she broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. Her arm draped across my shoulder and I found myself under her spell.

Even though I was taller than her 5’10” height, I didn’t stand a chance. Her grip dug into my arm and forced me to my knees. Kneeling before the veritable goddess her secret was revealed: a large bulge thrust out of the folds of her green dress. She displayed it with the utmost care; unwrapping her dress until her divine gift came free. A cock swung out into the open. Large and flaccid, the length ended halfway down her thighs. Dimly, I realized it was even bigger as it had to curve around two oversized testicles. A drop of pre formed at the tip. “Are you ready to praise your goddess?”

With some hesitation, I reached out and grasped the member dangling in front of me. It was warm to the touch, with a slight slickness, but that didn’t compare to the scent. Taylor’s unit emitted a strong musk that was sex distilled. An odor that upon hitting my nostrils caused them to flare and inhale the ambrosia. Slowly I began to jerk the cock, pumping blood into Taylor’s member; watching it swell until my fingers separated due to its girth. Both hands were required now, the member brought fully to life, bulbous head mere inches from my face. Occasionally the tip would tap my nose as it passed; leaving behind trails of precum.

I couldn’t resist any longer. The musk may have clouded my judgement, but I couldn’t break away as my tongue lashed out, tentatively at first, and dabbled at her member. Her leaking cock tasted divine; one speculative lick and I was hooked. I eased in further, peppering the phallus with licks that devolved into kisses. My hands continued to stroke the member, pleasuring it as Taylor purred with delight. One of her hands pressed into the back of my head; coaxing me forward and further down her cock. “That’s it. Show me your devotion.”

My nose soon rubbed against the base where it emerged from her loins. Taylor guided me down past her member to where her testicles lay; bloating the sack with semen. The musk was heavier here, even more intoxicating. The taste of her nuts was coating my tongue. I almost wished I could never taste again such was the flavor I was experiencing. For several long moments it continued, I licked and lapped at her massive gonads; peppering them with kisses. I dare not take one of those eggs into my mouth. I doubted I could even manage, and if I did it may seem as an affront to the goddess directing me. Taylor’s pleasured coos came with more regularity; her hands once again directed me. This time back up to the underside of her cock and down it’s full turgid length.

The head of the cock stared right at me. More cum trailed off it’s slit and down; dripping slightly onto the carpet. No doubt there was cum on my clothes, but I didn’t mind. It served as Taylor marking her territory. I pressed forward, once again slathering the purple crown with my tongue until it glistened. Yet, that was not enough for either party. With Taylor’s gentle urging I opened my mouth, forcing myself onto the member. My jaw hurt from the effort; Taylor’s cock was at least as big around as it was long, and my mouth’s only experience with something even close to this massive was at a sandwich shop. I was not going to disappoint her; willing myself to continue. With great effort I pressed onward, trying to relax my throat while feeding more of the divine gift in.

Somehow, through sheer will or other means, more of Taylor’s cock entered my mouth and proceeded down my throat. I can only imagine how I looked with her member bulging out my gullet. My gag reflex was suppressed by Taylor’s gentle touch on my head. Her subtle urging willing me to accept more until my nose pressed against the base of her cock. Her large balls pressed playfully against my chin; my nostrils inhaling her musk.

Taylor started to work me over. Her hands on either side of my head started pumping; gently at first. Along with the thrusting of hips, her member glided in and out of my mouth. I couldn’t describe the feeling of such a large tool in my mouth. I was, up until this point in my life, firmly heterosexual; and never had touched another man’s unit. Now I found myself being incredibly turned on. I could feel my own member tenting my trousers; staining the tan khakis with my pre as Taylor sped up. What began as a gentle pull was becoming a pistoning action. The cock going in and out. She managed to pull so far out the crown of the cockhead would bang into my jaw before this goddess would return and my nose would press into her tummy.

I couldn’t take it anymore and came. My dick spasmed into my underwear and thick layers of cum dampened my pants. My throat spasmed as I came; tightening around her cock. It was too much for her to have it clamped down upon. The blonde goddess bottomed out in my throat; her balls dangling playfully against my chin. I could feel something brewing and I was completely unprepared. Taylor’s member spasmed; bucking within the confines of my mouth. It pulsed and started jetting out jis
m. What felt like gallons of cum poured out from her cock. Taylor cries rose to a falsetto; a divine of exclamation of pleasure as her seed battered my insides. I couldn’t help but gulp along, my mouth sealing shut around her phallus, anxious to collect all her divine seed.

Taylor kept cumming. I couldn’t believe the amount of cum this goddess was able to unload. My stomach could take no more and I pushed back against her. Amazingly, she allowed me to release myself from her. With a loud pop I was ejected from her member. Cum continued to stream out, coating my face and shirt with her seed. I didn’t notice that though. I gasped for breath and my vision started to fade out. I think Taylor approached my prone form, a giggle on her lips. The last thing I remember was her pressing those lips to mine.

I woke up to an empty room. I didn’t know how much time had gone by since I passed out. Anxiously, I searched for my phone, finding it sitting on the bed. A single notification on the screen.

Unknown Number: Thanks for the great time. I’m sure I’ll be coming your way again soon!

There was a picture attached. Taylor was blowing me a kiss, her full lips in a large pout.


I write now at 2 am. 2:07 to be precise. I just had to get out of bed and write this down, if anything to recall this. Ever since my encounter with Taylor, a one sided affair, I’ve been having dreams. Quite unusual for me, as I usually fall asleep and it feels like five minutes later I’m waking up. Now though I’ve been having dreams;  vivid experiences that feel so real. Taylor replays in my head, the entire encounter. More than once I’ve woken up to wet sheets and a hardon that’s stronger than Superman’s.

That’s not all. There are others. I can’t see faces but their womanly features are as clear as day. Even more clear are the cocks that dangle between their legs. Each one swollen, a monument to fertility, with two massive nuts behind them. I can feel their heft in my hands, their scent on my nose. If it wasn’t for Taylor I’d think I was going crazy.

Tonight’s dream was spectacular. I was fucking one of these dickgirled goddesses. Her own massive member in between us as I pounded my cock into her. My cock was larger than usual; nowhere near the size of this goddess or that of Taylor but still impressive. I can see her large breasts wobbled gracefully as my dick slid in and out; her balls sloshing into my pelvis with every thrust. Her phallus teetered, never falling below its full mast but whipping around massed quantities of jizz.

Never stopped my movement I managed to grasp the swaying cock and drag it to me. It was large, so unquestionably massive it reached my chin despite this goddess being flat on her back. I couldn’t help myself, wrapping my lips around the flailing member and began to suck. It didn’t take long for everything to happen. Her divine cock thrusting in and out of my mouth in time with my own efforts to please her. I heard her grunt, not a manly grunt but one decidedly feminine. Her cock hardened to a painful degree, such that it nearly popped out of my mouth, before exploding.

Rivers of cum blasted into me, bulging my cheeks as I struggled to swallow. Her divine essence poured out and I willingly accepted it. My own efforts to please her halted as she exalted on me. My meager cock squirting out a small offering into her feminine sex as she continually came. It felt like minutes went by as her oversized orbs continued to produce seed for. Seed I diligently gobbled down. It was over far too soon. The cum slowed to a creep and I anxiously slurped down the remaining ambrosia. One of her hands went to her face, clearing away stray hair. I leaned forward, cum dripping off my lips and found myself staring at bed.

I blinked several times, realizing I had returned to reality from my dream state. It felt so real. I then became acutely aware of the stains on my sheets. It seemed like all the cum my body had was now on the bed.

Entry 2: Anna

These rich celebrities gather all the time. It’s great for me, because the cheddar is nonstop. I’ve invested enough back into the business to be at the top of my game and start the profit snowball. What I haven’t figured out is why Taylor Swift has a giant set of cock and balls and why I went to town on it. As you can guess, shit is about to get weirder. The dreams...the absurdity of everything...

Anna Kendrick was my main focus for the night and she was looking quite fantastic. She was also very uneasy. I wasn’t sure why. I decided to take a break and hit up the bar where she sat. The barkeep knew me and my drink came quick; Diet Pepsi. Yeah.

Anna snapped her head around and smiled. “Tired of taking sweet candids of me?”

I was caught off guard. “I just do what I get paid to do, ma’am.”

Anna tipped back her vodka. “Sorry,” she mumbled, “but you have the most luscious lips for a man.”

I smiled with a short laugh. “Oh yeah? You like them?”

She was definitely borderline hosed. Those eyes were a bit droopy. She lit up with a smile and bit her lip. She leaned in on me and I almost freaked out.

“Have you ever sucked a cock before?” She whispered.

Under the bar, her hand took mine and placed it on her inner thigh. It was fucking massive and within a week, I’ve been in the presence of two high profile stars with giant cocks between their thighs. What the hell was happening around this city? Am I the drunk one? Did I die and go to the next life?

“Cat got your tongue?” She muttered. “All of that silence tells me all I needed to know.”

Fuck, I gave myself away and I downed my soda.

“I haven’t, no.”

Anna tapped on my tent underneath the bar. Jesus, I was sporting a monster.

“You’re a goddamn liar,” she chuckled through another drink. “Those lips were made for it.”

She stood from her seat, a little wobbly and latched onto my shirt with some drunken strength.

“You're going to show me how good they are,” she said strongly, staring right at me.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Back at her room, those beautiful nails were raking through my scalp. It felt nice and amplified the feeling of Anna’s rock solid slab pressed into my face through her suit. The heat was insane. I couldn’t stop from kissing on it, top to bottom. How did she hide this thing?

She found the jacket and tore it off to the ground and I stared up at those big, beautiful, creamy tits comfortably snug in her black lace. The zipper came down and her pants were chaos from the inside as it slammed with anticipation into the fabric. She was ready for me. I was ready for her. 

“I have a confession,” she smiled, peeling the pants apart.

Out of nowhere, her giant shaft smashed into my head with a thick thud and sliced through my hair until standing at full blown mast above me. Her huge, delicious bull nuts unfurled before my eyes and dropped down like two oranges in a taut bag. I didn’t have time for her confession. My lips squelched across her fat purple head and I inhaled with excitement, moaning through her leaky crown.

“Ohmm, shit,” she sighed, taking my hair with a tight grip. “Eager, aren’t we? You absolutely have done this before.”

Anna made me look up with half of her ten ridiculously girthy inches at the back of my throat. God, her cleavage outlined her chin and I can’t even describe the beauty and that—that scent. She smelled so wonderful. I had to feel up her milky thighs and clap onto that luscious ass.

“You have a cute butt. Which I plan to use at my leisure.” She smiled wide and blew a kiss. “Any objections?”

I hadn’t considered that and she pulled my head towards her. I thought about her question on the way down to her perfectly smooth groin. Those hot, heavy balls swayed gently between us with her long stretch of sac pressed on my chin. Similar to Taylor...very similar. My eyes rolled a bit back and my jaw was taxed. Anna was a giant woman between the legs. The veins were roaring between my lips and I fucking loved the idea of sucking her amazing gift.

“This doesn’t make you anything, except a man who isn’t afraid,” she whispered. “Be brave and suck it, baby.”

Being on the receiving end was strange for me, still, but after Anna had me on my knees, she reassured me that falling for a goddess wasn’t anything to be ashamed of. There was a weird emphasis on ‘goddess.’ How could I disagree with her smooth abdomen pressed into my forehead and her hefty nuts cradling my neck? I could feel the power—the heat—radiating from those orange sized hangers. She was churning something massive. All for me. Well, for her, but she is using me and I’m fine, oh, so fine, with that. She let me go, though.

“Think it’s time for me to explore,” she demanded, pointing at the coffee table.

She didn’t have to tell me twice and I coughed her out quickly before dropping my slacks. My own piece was sticking out a good eight inches and she let me know she was impressed. She tickled the top with her nails and took hold of the briefs.

“Perhaps a trade, yeah?” Anna said with more encouragement with her delicate fingers.

“Anything for you,” I blurted, dropping my shorts.

I was cock drunk. I turned and went onto my knees and elbows. My bloated package dangled down and dripped profusely into the wood. She wasn’t even inside of me, yet. I felt the heat of her thighs against mine and shivered at the rigid hardness sliding between my buns.

“This is such a nice ass,” she sighed. Those fingernails found my back and she dabbled slowly up and down. “I can’t wait to paint your insides white,” she said softly.

My cock twitched and sputtered a tendril to the table and I could feel her spit falling in waves across my tender opening. She was building for awhile. I heard her frothy mouth letting it out again and she coated her trunk in the valley of my bubble butt.

I wasn’t paying attention and flinched hard the moment she popped that fatness into my ass. I received a swat across the buns for my sudden outburst and put my head to the table.

“Wiggle those cute buns back on it, cutie pie.”

I did as I was told and wobbled them back and forth for her amusement, gently stuffing myself full of Anna’s solid steel beam. I knew she could hear my struggles and sighs from below and they were met with light giggles. God, my ass was full of cock and I was at an impasse, bouncing it on her but not gaining ground. Strangely, I wasn’t in any pain.

I felt her on my neck and she snatched my hair between her knuckles before lifting me like a feather.

“Ugh, what—how—you’re strong as fuck,” I moaned.

Anna laughed and grabbed my hip with the other hand. The power she possessed tore through my side with her grip and I felt powerless as she shoved her aching boner to the hilt. She was dragging her head across the furthest, deepest reaches of my colon and I could only hope I was tight and slick for her. Anna was pressing her hips into my cheeks and a blanket of warmth surrounded my aching balls. Her baby makers were caressing mine with all of that creamy love inside and I was melting for her. Taylor and now her. Something was weird with the universe.

I put my palms into the table and arched hard as she pulled.

“Quite beautiful on your hands and knees, lover boy,” she said, smacking my ass.

“Hnng, fuck me,” I mumbled. I groaned as she slid back into the balls. Jesus, she was spreading my insides in such a good way.

“You like being my fuck toy, I can tell,” she said sternly. “That’s good because you and I are going to be best friends.”

I heard a heel next to me and felt her soft inner thigh caressing my back. Next thing I knew, she was straddling my ass from above. Oh my god.

Anna was on a mission. She lightly pushed my head into the table and I grabbed on for dear life. Speed wasn’t needed. Anna was drilling—fracking—her soft, warm tunnel with long and slow thuds and nothing short of balls deep with each stroke. She was petite but full of mighty power. My bones rattled and she forced my hot jizz across the table, plowing it out of me. The nut scattered in waves and I didn’t have time to react. I could feel her veins as they trembled from her expansion. This wasn’t a joke. Anna was ten deep and her large globes were smashed together between her deceptive, dainty arms while pushing into the small of my back.

“God. Damn. It.” I huffed and puffed. “So. Strong!”

“Yes, tell me more, baby boy!”

“Fuck. Fuck!”

Anna laughed and pounded my sweaty, wobbly cheeks with raw power. “I am so going to inseminate you,” she cried out. “Splash your guts full of it.”

“Do it!” I shouted.

“Take my cum, baby!” She hollered, bottoming out with deafening thuds and clapping her fucking giant balls against my backside. “Oh, you’re gonna get it!”

I growled in pleasure against the grain and shivered. “Fill me, Annaahnngg.”

Rugged breathing and light cries, the goddess was there. She slammed up against my thighs, her heavy balls twitched and the sigh was met with a hot lava sensation across my insides.

“Cu—cumming,” she moaned. “Oh my—ughhh.”

Anna shoved it and sprayed sweltering nut batter so far I thought I was going to feel it on my tongue. She dropped her weight and her nuts over and over, flooding and slathering my walls in her splooge. She gushed creamy spunk until she was surrounded, costing herself in the white mess. She stood up tall, buried deep and smacked my ass with a loud bang, letting those nuts drain. She pulled her hair back and let out a sigh of approval before she beat on me again. She couldn’t stop spanking my butt and after a few minutes, she stood up and dislodged that amazing thing from my beaten hole. It plopped out with a profound squish and she leaned down for a kiss in my hair.

“Thanks for that, sweetie.”

My mouth opened with the sudden sensation and I covered her cock in an eruption of hot nut. It splattered all over the table and covered the floor.

“All part of the process,” she smiled, pulling away. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s going to happen more often.”

And like that, I had sucked off Taylor and got fucked senseless by Anna, left alone in her room. In a week. What the hell…

Entry 3: Katy

I couldn’t help but feel a little confused to say the least. Two of the hottest celebrities out there were packing heat between their legs. I thought Taylor was a one off experience. My brain could justify the encounter, a bad meal, a trip I didn’t know I had. I had sampled some less than legal drugs back in college and knew a bad trip. Nothing about Anna or Taylor was bad. They were angelic in both behavior and figure. Even their phalluses were heavenly. Futanari was the term for them. I looked it up a while earlier and discovered a plethora of porn dedicated to such individuals, yet for all the pictures and stories that existed there was one underlying fact: Futanari didn’t exist. What a bunch of bullshit.

I was having another dream, the events of which still remain quite hazy, when something bagged at me. It was that feeling of uncertainty that pulls you right back to reality. My body shook as I came to wakefulness. I coughed and took several gulps from my water bottle; attempting to reorient myself. Still, something felt off. Running through a mental checklist, everything was in order. Almost. To my horror I saw my nightstand was open, and my journal, the one I’m writing in now, was missing. Nervous, I slid silently from the bed; noting the large stain at crotch level. I softly plodded along the floor; aware of every squeak I made. The living room light was on.

I wanted to run, to valiantly call the police and flee. Yet I couldn’t resist. I quietly leaned in and nearly fell on my ass in shock. A woman sat on my couch. It wasn’t Taylor or Anna. She had raven black hair and was dressed in a blue ensemble that displayed inches, if not a foot, of cleavage. In one hand she held my journal, her big blue grey eyes scanning the contents, while the other played with her cock. And what a cock it was. It slipped out of her dress and arched upwards, oblivious to gravity’s pull. It was long, longer than Taylor’s but nowhere near as thick. So long she could simultaneously titfuck and blow herself. My own member twitched and dripped cum onto the floor. Steeling myself, I walked in. “Hello Katy.”

“Oh hi!” She looked up from her reading, not bothering to release her member or stop stroking.

“Umm, what are you doing here?” I said, sitting down in the chair across from her. This felt so normal, like a friend stopping in to chat. Up until this point in my life, I’ve never met Katy Perry; professionally or otherwise.

“I was just in the area and thought I’d pop in. Found this book in your nightstand and decided to read.”

“Uh huh.” I stated.

“Your encounters here...they’re just so delicious. I couldn’t help myself.” Katy put the book down and looked over at me. “You’re such a naughty boy. Offering yourself to Taylor like that.”

“I didn’t…” I began but she corrected.

“Oh that’s right, Taylor just forced herself on you. That’s just how she is.” The raven haired goddess pressed herself up from her chair and started walking towards me. My eyes didn’t know where to look. Her cock, swaying with every step, a single hand sliding up and down its length. Her breasts, confined in a blue dress, but with thick nipples pressing against the fabric. Or her eyes tainted with mischief. To my surprise, and slight disappointment, Katy didn’t ram her member down my throat; pummeling it like the others. Her member slid right by my head. Occasionally it would rest on my ear and I could hear the blood pulsing through its veins. That didn’t matter though as Katy grabbed my shoulders. “Come here.”

I don’t have a choice in the matter. Katy hauled me and threw me over her shoulder like I was no heavier than a feather. It was still shocking how strong these ladies were. I mused on that as she carried me back to the bedroom. Each lady had just the barest hint of muscle but able to lift a full grown man like he was nothing. Katy interrupted my thoughts. “Here we are.”

She unceremoniously dropped me onto the bed, avoiding the wet spot I had made previously. I couldn’t help but stare as Katy stood before me. Her breathing was coming in deep breaths; her chest rising hypnotically. She bit her lower lip as if in thought.

“Make love to me.” It was cheesy yes but right now Katy seemed to want my touch. It seemed worlds away from the other goddesses I served. They were more likely to force themselves on me then offer themselves up. I wasn’t going to complain either. I slithered out of my boxers.

I paused and looked over at her, making sure she was comfortable. “Are you sure?”

“Whatever happens, happens.” Katy slipped down the straps of her dress and exposed herself to me. Somehow the dress slipped around her erect cock but I wasn’t going to start talking physics. She lifted her bloated testicles and showed me her waiting pussy. Already a patch of moisture clung to the lips of her female sex while her cock stood rock hard away from her body. I gently reached forward and beckoned her towards me. Katy didn’t protest as she fell atop me, nor when I rolled her so I was on top. I leaned down to kiss her full red lips. A quick peck at first that melted quickly into full blown passion. Katy was unleashing her passion on my mouth. Our cocks dueled for dominance; Katy’s cock was far larger and apt to win as we wrestled around bed. Finally we came to a halt, I was once again atop her. Her eyes were pleading, “I’m ready.”

I pushed her balls up and exposed her feminine sex. Carefully I pressed my rod forward. My entry elicited a sigh of contentment from Katy. “Mmmm. That’s right stud, I haven’t had a cock in me for a long time.”

I wasn’t going to argue that. How these cocks remained hidden in all their shoots and photos remained a mystery. While my own member was nothing to sneeze at, Katy had it beat in size and girth and would seem impossible to hide in a pair of parachute pants let alone a skirt. The rock hard girl cock pressed between us as I started pumping. Slowly I pushed into her waiting and hungry pussy. Greedily, it welcomed me in, massaging my dick with every stroke. I looked up to see Katy’s face wrapped in pleasure. Her blue eyes fluttering with every stroke. Her tits heaved up and down until I managed to get a hand on one. It felt wonderful in my hand. I couldn’t resist and rolled her oversized nipple between my finger; ending with a twist that caused her to moan. It must have been the right call, as her cock blasted out a shot of jism that splattered against the wall.

She was not done however. Her legs wrapped around my waist and willed me onward. Her legs coaxed a little more out of every single thrust. It was the kind of experience that was once in a lifetime. “Katy...I’m gonna…”

“I feel it! Just a few more seconds. Cum with me!”

I gritted my teeth and curled my toes. Vainly attempting to hold back the inevitable release of cum and the joy or orgasm. In my mind it was near heresy to disobey a Goddesses command. However, it was difficult when the goddess was writhing beneath you, her body awash in pleasure, her mighty phallus pressing between you and her, angelic face torn into pleasure. It was too much. “I can’t…”

“Cum.” It was a command. Katy managed to eek it out. I wasted no time in releasing my toes as if they alone prevented me from cumming. Yet I felt my seed was not enough for her. I released her breast and grappled her cock, bringing it up to my mouth. I stretched wide and managed to get the head inside just as she managed to orgasm. Jizz shot out of my cock and into her divine receptacle, triggering her own bliss. Her cock rumbled and shot out cum of her own. My cheeks bulged as I struggled to keep up. The long phallus continues to jump and thrum with energy.

Katy’s dick flayed around, popping free from containment and spraying her girlcum all around as she rocked in orgasmic bliss. I slowed my pace down, letting them both come down as I finished pumping seed into her womb. I gave one last grunt and was spent, my cock softening rapidly despite her velvety pussy.

Finally spent, I withdrew from her throbbing sex. Her own cock slowly deflated as I rolled up next to her. Katy slid over to me and wrapped around my frame, patting my full belly; her cock doing much the same.  “I think I may Love you.”


Entry: Blake Lively

At this point, do I even need to set up the next scenario? All of this was absolutely absurd. I thought about telling my closest friend and maybe a family member, but I couldn’t bring myself to it. I felt like if I did, I’d just ruin this...gift. It would be tough to explain that I’m getting used by a handful of powerful celebrities that have impossible, dare I say celestial, endowments that give me pleasure beyond my own comprehension.

A comrade in the photography world gave me some assistant duties for a Blake Lively shoot. An absolute stunner and one of Hollywood’s most beautiful blondes, at the moment. Not totally sure what this was for and didn’t care, I was getting paid. They had her sitting in a small, Golden throne with a fake Sakura tree that someone dropped leaves from, from above.

That gorgeous head of hair was draped across her shoulder and part of her chest. The white and pink kimono hid what everyone knew about Blake and that was her fantastic body. Everyone wanted to fuck her. Everyone. Underneath this pseudo-Japanese get up was a divine being.

“Hold on,” she shouted. “Whoa, whoa,” she waved her arms. “Everyone out. I need a break.”

That was sudden. The little crew started to put down their equipment and I started dismantling my camera for a temporary put away. Wasn’t long before the room was empty.

“You’re staying,” she said, startling me.

I looked around and saw no one in the room and pointed at myself.


“Come here,” she motioned, barely moving a finger.

Whatever chance I was given to meet Blake, I was going to take it and climbed up the couple of steps to greet her at the throne.

“What can I do for you, Mrs. Lively?” I asked sincerely.

“Can I get a kiss?” She smiled wide, beautiful teeth showing.

I paused and blinked. “Like a kiss kiss?” I looked around and chuckled. “This a prank or something?” I couldn’t find anyone in the room and the single door was closed. I turned around to face her and I’ll never forget it.

“Does kiss mean something different where you’re from?” she asked, her interest piqued.

I lifted my shoulders in disbelief and I scoffed. “I can’t just kiss Blake Liv—“

“Give your Goddess a kiss.”

The atmosphere instantly changed and I froze. I’ve looked into the eyes of many women but Blake was locked in. Big blue orbs just stuck on me with no movement. Those pretty pink lips started to move again, but it felt like slow motion…

“Get over here. Now,” she told me again.

My feet started to move. Was it me or her controlling my legs? I was unsure. She was so unreal. I knew something was up with today. I fucking knew it.

“You got me this job,” I blurted out. My knees were against hers. “How do you find me like this?”

Blake shook out her hair and gave a blank stare. “You thought Taylor filling your belly was just for her benefit?”

I had to think about it for a second.

“You’re going around getting filled by everyone,” she laughed. “My man over here got his naughty little butt filled. What was that like? Anna was thorough with the details.”

“Felt...so good,” I admitted.

“Yeah, it did,” she nodded.

Blake didn’t take her eyes off of me and pulled at the kimono, revealing her bare chest. The cleavage went on forever. Those big creamy titties were so massive. I caught myself salivating immediately and felt a bit dizzy. Her delicious abs came into view and I willingly dropped to my knees the moment her gigantic trunk was visible. Cleanly shaved and smoothed out, I followed her crotch to the meaty veins. She was the biggest of them all. The stalk was revealed more and more, my breath skipping in and out. I wanted to see Blake’s big fucking dick so bad and I got my wish. Every mouth watering inch hung between her legs, out over the throne and on top of her hulking, taut balls. Fucking monstrosities full of that goddess cream I’ve been craving.

She draped her hands back across the arms of her golden chair and leaned back. My face was trailing across the black lace thigh highs on her thick legs and I moaned downward, pulling the leaky crown between the lips.

“Give your Goddess a kiss,” she repeated.

The loudest of squelches came out and I pursed for her, holding the fatness and beating it furiously with my tongue from the inside. I closed my eyes with awe and swirled around the crown, taking all of her in with deep, savory kisses. My thick lips slurped away and popped her out but I couldn’t resist and inhaled her again, desperate to taste what she had hidden down below. One thing was true: I loved sucking goddess cock.

It was so long and heavy that as I lifted it up, it collapsed in the middle. I solved that problem and swallowed her down the throat. I needed it so bad. The hardness flattened out my tonsils against the sides of my neck and I sealed my big lips on her pulsing lines. So much slobber started to fill my mouth. She was so gorgeous and I had to give my best. I bobbed and let her listen to the dampened gurgling from within my sweltering tunnel. Every time I pulled away, she let out a little moan, focused on the drippy slobber that trickled across her broad meat and slid down her juicy nuts.

“Good boy,” she smiled. “Show me why Tay picked you.”

My hair started to dance and I jerked her off with my warm insides, popping my head back and forth. The thick globs of syrupy buildup sloshed around, coating her in a slippery sleeve that allowed me to widen my jaw and slide forward.

“Do it,” she gasped, eyes widening.

I felt a slight pop in my mouth and wiggled side to side, eager to get it down. The tightness had her flaring out through the nostrils, slowly making her lose her composure. My eyes rolled into my skull and I let it all go, falling face first into her lap and pushing my chin into the cushion of her sack. My forehead smacked her rigid belly and Blake moaned and gripped the throne, throbbing wildly in my chest. A wicked snake thrashed about against my heart, pounding on my lungs and pressing on my sternum. My back heaved from the sheer amount lodged inside.

“Mother fucker,” she sighed, teeth coming together.

She dropped a heavy hand on top of my head and curled, sinking those long pink nails into my scalp. She clinched and pulled, slobber spilling profusely until she smiled and stuffed me full. Slowly, she casually used my insides for her pleasure. It was so much dick. I was beside myself. I had won her over.

“To the fuckin’ balls,” she demanded, pushing those soggy fatties into my neck. “Every time.”

Long, gushing rumblings came from my throat as she impaled and retreated. She let me go and without a thought, I was crown to nuts, my aching neck trying to keep up with so much divinity.

“Well, look at you go,” she whispered. “Probably so much going on in that head of yours.”

She smiled. “Besides the obvious.”

Blake flicked a finger and my head flew up. Whoa. Air filled my lungs fast as I gasped, plastering her crotch in spit. My gut instinct was to slobber down the backside of her behemoth slab, buttering her up with lovely kisses and slurps until I found those mind numbingly large hangers. Mm, God. They were fucking huge. I opened wide and slathered one of them with glee, loudly bathing her gorgeous ball in hot slop. I danced between the two, trying to fit it all but she was just too much of a woman. Out of nowhere, her slab flung forward and fwapped against my head, dribbling down into my shoulder blades. That heavy warmth had my own balls aching and eager to blow. Blake flicked a finger and my head flew up. Air filled my lungs fast as I gasped, plastering her crotch in spit. My gut instinct was to slobber down the backside of her behemoth slab, buttering her up with lovely kisses and slurps until I found those mind numbingly large hangers again. Mm, God. They were fucking huge. I opened wide and slathered one of them with glee, loudly bathing her gorgeous ball in a hot soupy mess. I danced between the two.

Out of nowhere, her tree flung forward and fwapped against my head, dribbling down into my shoulder blades. That heavy warmth had my own balls aching and eager to blow. Couldn’t believe no one had come back at this point. Or was she controlling that too?

Blake moaned and I felt both of her hands snatch me by the hair. She stood up, tall and angelic. It was instant and I had no time to react. Blake’s hand swiped across my face and blasted me sideways, nearly knocking me to the floor. I felt a hard pop in my mouth and struggled to find reason for her to beat me. I didn’t have any pain from the strike.

She pulled me up again with both hands and I could no longer touch the ground.

“Do you dislocate your jaw for every Goddess or just me?” she grinned.

“I would do it again for you,” I said slowly.

“Oh, I know. That mouth is to die for.”

The door behind us was being knocked on and I shuddered at the idea of them catching us. Blake gave me a wide smile and I blinked, no longer in the same room. It was instantaneous and I felt uneasy.

They could teleport. Of course they could!

I felt chilly for just a moment. My body probably needed time to adjust. Ears popped a little bit, too.

She dropped me to the floor and stretched far and wide, every muscle she had on display, pumped and glorious. I blinked and realized she had changed. How? When? The blonde waves were tied back into the tightest, strongest ponytail possible, falling to her back side. I noticed her small black choker and then the real prize, a black leather corset that smashed her heavy melons together, untied and cleavage in abundance. I followed the straps passed her meaty dick and pressed my face into her satin thigh highs, nice and black like her stilettos.

“What are you?” I asked, staring up in awe. Genuine shock and awe.

Blake stepped over to me and slid a hand across the entirety of her dripping meat. Slow strokes up and down before grabbing me by the head and putting her bloated sack against my lips. They were heavy, saggy and full of warmth that radiated against my cheeks. My mind was playing tricks on me, I think. For a moment, I thought I could hear her goddess cum swirling around on the inside.

“Now isn’t the time for that,” she said strongly, clutching her hips. “But I am going to break you in.”

“What’s that mean?” I said, puzzled.


I was snatched and turned to finally see where we had gone. This was insanity. A basement? Or a dungeon. Jesus, the room was massive and full of so many devices. Dimly lit with nothing modern in sight. This stuff was old. I heard a couple of clinks and blinked.

“Whoa. What the hell…”

My wrists and ankles cuffed, chains churning and pulling me off of the ground until fully suspended a few inches from the floor.

“Blake, what the fuck.”

She stepped in front of me and I found her sultry eyes and a sly smile. With one finger lifted, my shirt was yanked violently from my body and flung far, followed by my pants. The cool air hit me hard and it only made my bulge stronger. I was too scared to be soft.

“Said you weren’t afraid,” she said, head cocked with sarcasm.


She took my hair and dug in, tipping my head back. I could feel her thighs nudging against my ridiculous erection and then her heavy boobs pressing into my chest. Her light breathing on my neck pushed a bead of hot liquid into my underwear and I moaned.

“But what?” she said strongly. “When was the last time you felt pain?”

I thought briefly.

“I could fuck you for eternity…”

“Really?” I popped off.

“Oh,” she smiled, biting down on my chin and growling. “Now you’re not scared.”

Blake’s hand clutched everything that I was and wrapped around it, holding it tight in her hand.

“But you still feel pleasure,” she whispered, wrist cranking and pulling thick beads out onto the fabric. “I could take that away.”

“I’ll do whatever you want,” I admitted without thought.

“Once you pledge yourself to the Goddesses, there’s no turning back,” she told me, kissing up and down my neck.

“I pledge myself,” I squirmed, wanting to cum.

Blake let go and clamped both of my butt cheeks into her palms and pushed my leaking meat between her damp thighs until I was nuzzled against her hot slit. Meanwhile, that fat shaft throbbed between us.

“Careful. You don’t know what it means,” she shook her head, laughing.

“I want it,” I told her. “Just do it.”

“Taylor is usually such a good judge of character,” she grinned.

“Please, Blake,” I begged.

“Okay,” she said, happily.

Her hair was tossed to one side and she made her way behind me. She pushed my head forward and slid between my legs until I was using her cock as a post for my nuts. She reached around and grabbed a hold, stroking it for me, pulling drips out onto her fat crown.

“Funny how you haven’t come yet,” she mentioned into my ear, that sweet voice making me tremble.

“Holding back for you,” I mumbled.

“Sure, you are,” she told me, pulling it long and hard, bouncing my nuts onto her log. “Maybe you need more stimulation.”

I felt my balls drop and I was released. Tension washed over my butt and she was nudging me. Anna introduced me to a new realm of pleasure, but she wasn’t nearly as big as Blake.

It tickled for just a second and she spread me open. No pain, only ultimate fulfillment. She wrapped around my chest and held me tight, slowly filling my rectum with her girth. I clinched hard, unable to contain myself, wanting more. I felt her big tits press into my back and a hard pop inside as she glided up into my colon. There was no room for anything else, only her gigantic Goddess cock. Deeper and deeper she plunged into my depths until her thighs were onto mine with her hefty grapefruits dangling between her legs. Her hand roamed my belly and she massaged the protruding abdomen.

“What—the fuck is that,” I moaned.

Blake slid back until it was gone and pushed her hand out again, making me groan in delight as I was stuffed. My head hung down, watching her slowly bottom out and expand me repeatedly.

“Yeah, I’m a big girl,” she laughed.

She yanked my head back and I gazed up into her bright blues upside down. I heard the slam into my backside and moaned up to her. The chains rattled and she grabbed my waist to hammer it to the base again, clapping my ass with her body. The Goddess was tall, locked knees, spreading my insides with her angelic dick, pounding me slow and heavy.

“I wanna cum,” I muttered.

The liquid flowed from my bloated bag in a continuous drip to the floor, tip stinging and flushed purple. No release, only a tease. Nonstop pleasure and a climax that seemingly never came.

“So cum,” she said casually, sheathing herself into me.

I was slowly realizing it.

“I can’t,” I stammered.

Blake wrapped a hand around my engorged meat, almost unable to connect her fingers. It was so sensitive, I wanted to faint. It pulsed and pulsed, globs spilling out but never unleashing fully. Her puffy lips suckled up to my ear and she slathered it with her tongue.

“Yes, you can,” she whispered deep, jerking me; fucking me. “When I say you can,” she moaned.

“Please, Blake,” I mumbled incoherently, eyes floating in my head.

“You wanted me to fuck you for eternity…”

Her voice slithered deep into my essence. Everything she said was the truth. I had pledged to them. I didn’t ask questions.

The chains dropped me forward at the waist and she slid around my hips, bucking me and flinging sweat to the floor. Bent over and at her mercy, I could only hear the sloppy mess happening behind me. The moment her massive gonads spanked mine, I cried out, dying to cum. Over and over, she pounded her warm fruit into my aching bag, churning previously thought impossible feelings inside of me.

My damp hair was being felt on, nails searching until she had handfuls, tightening and pulling me into an arch.

“The difference is I can cum whenever I please,” she chuckled. “And however much I please. In any place I please.”

I couldn’t respond.

“Unf-unf-unf,” is all that escaped me.

My jiggly bubble butt was crushed into her hips at a frightening pace. Chains snapping and grabbing at my limbs as she jackhammer-fucked me taut into an echoing explosion of thuds that never stopped. Hair pulling, ass smacking, nails down my back, hips snatched and held tight until she felt the need to crank her nails into my shoulders and drill me into a drooling stupor. The pool of liquid beneath me started to trail off into the distance, a reminder that I could never cum.

I gasped at the sudden appearance of Blake. That ball bat of a dick came in with a sway and she clicked next to my head in her heels, clasped my head and sunk into my chest in one motion. I heard a resounding moan leave her and I took pride in being able to swallow her in one gulp.

Nails tight into my skull, she kept my jaw taxed and punched my forehead with her abdomen. Big noisy claps with a delayed fwap of her low hanging spunk globes. Every deep insertion was a win for me, knowing I could take Blake’s horsecock. Doesn’t matter if it’s my ass or my chest, she pounded with power; uninterrupted rhythm, free of fatigue and a passion to pump that dick deep into my body.

“You absolutely LOVE sucking cock,” she broke the silence. “Oh, I’m going to empty my fucking balls into you. Right. Now.”

With grit teeth and the strongest grip imaginable, Blake stood tall, body shiny and tight. The chains refused to give, just to let her smash into his face at her leisure, violently. Sloshing. Gulping. Thundering.

“Taylor knows—she knows cocksu—“ she moaned. “That Goddess knows cock suckers,” she growled.

“Now. You’re. Ours,” she squealed. “Listen!”

Blake clamped her palms to the sides of my head and covered my ears. The throbbing vibrated through my lips to my heart and I heard the rumbling passing through my mouth. My tongue was smashed down flat and it knocked around my vocal cords into a hum until the steaming, thick Goddess batter spewed forth, caking my esophagus instantly. Blake groaned and sunk my lips to her trunk, stretching her meat to its limits and filling my ears with another roaring splash into my guts. Her voice sunk low and her grip tightened, her giant balls viciously ejecting their gooey contents deeper and deeper until it was lathering my stomach. I was full of cum.

She ripped it out of my gullet and the chains hauled me up right. The remaining bits of her explosion dribbled down my chin and she was there to kiss it up between her lips and kiss me deep. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. She spun, filling her ass crack with my agonizing boner and dangling her long blonde tail in my face. She went up on her tiptoes and I was snuggled tight between her thighs, swallowed up by her otherworldly walls and buried balls deep in the tightest pussy I had ever had. I wanted to die. I couldn’t take this pleasure.

“Mmm,” she smiled, gyrating her wide hips and lathering me in unbelievable warmth. “Nice and hard,” she said, laced with irony and sarcasm. “Would be nice if he could cum inside, huh…”

Blake bounced her exquisite set of buns into my waist and my head fell forward after my crown smushed into her cervix. She held it, pushing back and making sure every inch was smashed inside. I wanted to take back my pledge. I couldn’t handle this. Fuck my life.

She was kissing up my neck, wrapping her arm around my head and let me watch her juicy cleavage come together.

“You evil bitc—“

I heard a snap of her fingers and my entire existence froze. The dreadful creep from the bottom of my overflowing balls evaporated and I let out a short grunt just before the instantaneous blast that flooded her and sprayed the ground. She pursed her soft lips against my ear and snapped, pulling my soul through my cock and drenching her innards with it.

“I am so not evil,” she whispered with another flick of the fingers, pulling me flush against her backside and unloading heaps of hot nut into her overflowing tunnel.

Blake shimmied her hips side to side, moaning in the splashing of batter that continuously fell out of her. She snapped her fingers and gasped into my ear.

“Imagine me leaving you like this forever,” she smiled, snapping again. “That...that’s evil.”

“Till next time,” she said out of nowhere.

It was empty and cold, a sudden burst of nothingness until I saw my clock on the wall. I was in my bed. Naked with cum flowing from my cock. I looked around. I don’t even know if—-it had—it was a dream. Wasn’t it?

I stood in the bathroom, washing my hands and I paused to find deep red lining both of my wrists.

I had my answer.
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I loved the Anna Kendrick section. She loved his ass. Yes, she has a penis, but she definitely seemed very feminine. She clearly enjoyed the experience.
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I quite enjoyed this story. Funny to read this but very funny.


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