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Blue Screen Brigade - Angie Griffin
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the cosplayers, influencers, social media platforms etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Angie Griffin or any other cosplayer or social media influencer, or their characters or platforms.

Starring: Angie Griffin

Blue Screen Brigade – Angie Griffin

An erotic influencer fan-fiction story.   

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])
Codes: Cons, MF.

* * *

Blue Screen Brigade specialised in computers, parts, peripherals and accessories ranging from full builds, service, security, back-up and recovery all the way to emergency call outs and repairs. Priding themselves on being able to handle anything from a total CPU meltdown to just repainting the letters on a keyboard. And with the bonus of having a 24/7 call-out service, at a price of course, they backed up the popularity of their business with a top notch service to match. With clients ranging from the average home to commercial, and including famous online influencers too.

“Damn, hope I didn’t just miss the client...” Joseph Dylan remarked to himself, seeing a car move off from outside the address his sat-nav had been directing him to in the distance. Pulling up in front of the property just as the other car was going out of sight around a corner far ahead. “Ah well...” He turned off the engine as he got out of his van. “I’ll see if anyone else is home. If not, I can circle the block maybe a couple times until they come back… Or hit up that burger drive thru I passed.” He said, locking up the vehicle before he approached the front door of the decently sized property. No point in unpacking all his gear if there was no one home after all, but checking his phone again for the job details before he pushed the button for the bell.

As luck would have it just a minute after pressing the doorbell, someone was home. Joseph was taken aback by seeing a stunning, and busty, woman with long dark hair standing in the doorway. Clad casually in a black short sleeved top, but the upper garment was being tested by the huge, rounded tits she had. The tight jeans she wore nicely fitted against her thick hips as well.

“Hello there. Joseph from Blue Screen Brigade.” He introduced, producing his ID card to show off he was the real deal. Granted, his branded hooded top that went with his work pants should have been a giveaway. “Here to help out an ‘A. Griffin’ with a software issue?” He said, having to struggle a bit to rip his eyes off from those huge mounds.
“Oh shoot, I almost forgot! Yes, that’s me.” Angie Griffin confirmed, giving a smile. “Lucky I didn’t just go with my boyfriend just now then! We would have totally missed you.”
“Well, lucky me then!” Dylan stated, returning the friendly smile. “Yeah I saw a car pull off just a minute ago, was worried I’d missed you. Anyway, I’ll go grab my gear from the van then we can start fixing your problem.”
“Great! I’ll go clear some space.” Griffin said, nodding as she turned to head back in.

A few minutes later, Dylan was lead into a room that was clearly a pad for a pop culture enthusiast with several gaming and cartoon plush toys on a long couch, and similar retro and modern posters on frames on the walls. “Nice collection.” He remarked, before he looked to doing his job as he saw the computer.
“Thanks! Me and my boyfriend just love everything nerdy… We’re both big nerds ourselves!” Angie happily admitted with a smile.
“Lucky man, then.” Joseph remarked with a chuckle. “So, this is bothersome computer?” He said, putting down his tool and laptop bags down.

“Oh, it’s not the computer that’s the issue… It’s the guys trying to get into it that’s the issue.” Angie said with a sigh.
“Hackers, huh?” He knelt down, glancing back and finding his eyes just locked right onto her big breasts before he snapped his gaze up to her. “Going after files they shouldn’t be?”
“Yeah, like that. I guess being a cosplayer and all they’re trying to find pics that aren’t even there. Or maybe just trying to be really annoying and mean?” Griffin said, putting her hands on her hips.
“Oh, cosplayer huh? One of those models making all the famous characters look even better than they already are, huh?” Dylan said, smiling as he could tell why with a body like hers she’s prime for the cosplay genre.
“Well, I like to think I do them justice...” She teased, not exactly objecting to the tame flirting. “You get out of it what you put in after all.”

“I’ll need to give your page a follow then.” Joseph added, before he turned back to open up his laptop bag.
“You’d better!” She said with a gorgeous laugh. “It’s Angie Griffin.”
“Ah, so it’s you I’m helping out today.” He stated, before pulling out his phone and quickly bringing up the App for his social media. “Angie… Oh yeah, that’s you alright. Damn!” He let out a whistle as he did a quick swipe through her photos, with the majority of them clearly, and shamelessly, showing off her large chest in a selection of attires ranging from Catwoman to April O'Neil, and even just more casual shots of her in low cut dresses and tops.
“Hey, mister! Don’t be just spending all day looking at my pics!” Angie teased, putting on a fake pout as she looked over him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll save it into bookmarks for later.” Joseph said, putting the phone away. “So, yeah. Let’s get you fixed up. I’ll hook you up with some new security software, a password manager and check you’ve got more than the basics. That should sort your main PC out, and with the software we use you can get it on other devices as well for extra protection. So your fan-winning selfies will be safe on your phone.” He cheekily said with a glance back.
“That sounds awesome.” Angie smiled back. “The password for the computer is on the desk there. But take your time! My boyfriend won’t be back for a long while anyway. So it was super lucky I stayed behind or you’d be stuck out here for hours!” She added. “I’ll be just down the hall if you need anything.”

“No problem, Angie. This shouldn’t take that long. A few tests first, then installing everything.” Dylan said with a nod. Making sure to keep his eyes on her as she turned to leave as her rounded ass swayed as she walked out. “Lucky fucking me indeed...” He mumbled under his breath as she headed out. Wondering if there might be something more to the flirty chit chat they’d just had, especially with her man being absent for a few hours. But before anything like that, he had a job to do as he took out his laptop and started setting things up.

* * *

It wasn’t more than an hour or so later that Joseph easily found the issues and corrected them with some expert pieces of software to plug the digital gaps. All in all a routine, textbook job that made him wish all the jobs were as easy to do as this with clients. Not to mention doing this for such a gorgeous woman as well. Letting the laptop do one more safety check on the PC for good measure as he stood up. “Excuse me? Angie?” He called out to down the hall. “That’s me just about wrapped up.”

Footsteps followed as Angie came back into the room with a smile. “That wasn’t too long! You must be used to doing this?” She asked, seeing the tech plugged into her computer.
“Well, when you know what you’re looking for and what to do? That makes it easy. It’s when you don’t know what the problem is, that’s when it takes time.” He humbly said, looking to her. “But yeah, this one wasn’t too tricky to settle and in the long term it should keep you free from pesky hackers looking for your pictures.”
“Good! Don’t want them leaked out do we?” Griffin said with a smile. “Got to keep the best stuff behind the paywall.”
“Oh, so I don’t get a sneak peak for a job well done?” Dylan said, rather boldly teasing her as he chuckled.

“Sneak peak?” She raised an eyebrow, as her hands went to her hips. “I think you’ve gotten quite enough peaks at me already today, mister! I saw you staring at my boobs earlier on.” She called him out for the leering, but already tellingly her tone didn’t seem too offended by that.
“OK, OK! Caught me red headed.” Joseph said, raising his hands up with a smile. “But I mean, can you blame me? Your man is real damn lucky to be with a girl like you.”
“Yep! He sure is...” She smirked, stepping forward. “And I’m sure he’d be awfully upset if he found out some random guy was in our house, flirting with me and staring at my breasts all day...” Angie said with a more deliberate, sultry tone as she closed in to him.
“...Well, I mean...” He started grinning, liking where this was going already. “That’s only if he found out, I guess...” He said, like he was making a wicked suggestion to the busty cosplayer.
“Oh? So, you’re saying you can keep a secret?” Griffin said, her rack now just an inch away from him as she locked eyes.
“Ever heard of client confidentiality?” He now smirked back, not trying to hide it as he looked right down at her bust. “You’re damn right I can keep a secret.”

“Well you’d better!” She playfully warned before giving him a reason to grin as she reached down. Pulling, with a slight struggle thanks to her thick curves, her top up and over her head. Making those massive, rounded and smooth breasts bounce free as she tossed the top down to the floor. “Well? What do you… Mmmmmm!!” Whether she was going to ask a question or just challenge him would be unknown as she was cut off by this stranger taking the open invitation. Leaning in to cup her tits with both hands. The more than ample flesh spilling out around his fingers as he started to grope her. Making Griffin moan out in approval as she watched his hands go to work on her large  mounds. The touch already enough to make those boobs jiggle as he felt her up. Making her lean forward, sticking her rack out towards his hands a bit to further encourage the exploration and make her moan lowly.

“Holy shit… These are some real massive tits… Real Big Hooker Tits stuff...” Joseph marvelled as he had his fun fondling the breasts of a woman he knows full well is in a happy relationship with another man. Taking full advantage of her willingness to cheat as his dug in just enough to her tits to make her groan in delight as he moved the flesh around. Making her tits press together and spread out, along with making them bounce in his grasp. Feeling her nipples harden from his touch as he puts those fantastically sized and rounded boobs to full use. “What? I read that in a story once on a neat forum...” He teased seeing her fake another pouting look of pretending to be offended at his dirty talk. Not able to resist as he leaned forward and started to make out with her rack. Licking and kissing across the skin of one before moving over to the other as he was easily rock hard in his pants himself from the worship of the pair of tits that might be some of the biggest and best in all of cosplay.

“Mmmmmmm fuck!! Oooooooooh yeah! Mmmmmm...” Angie purred, putting a hand on the back of his head, stroking through his hair for encouragement as his handsome face worked over her chest. Loving the eager flicks of the tongue over her flesh as he continued to feel up her mountains as he dragged his saliva across her. “MMMMM!! Oh shit!! Mmmmmmm fuck...” She groaned when his lips captured a nipple. She was already hard but the feeling was electric as he slurped loudly and without shame onto the nub. Easily coating it in saliva as his tongue flicked a bit out on her as he sucked. Soon moving over to give her other tit the same oral treatment to leave her moaning as she stood. Her hips shifting a bit from the pleasure as she was more than turned on by letting a man she’s only just met go to town on her melons.

But she wasn’t just going to stand there and just take it. Reaching down herself as she got her tits sucked to blindly find his package. Smiling again as she found a sizeable bulge down there to her pleasant surprise. All the more reason for her to begin stroking back and forth along the outline of his prick as she squeezed through his pants with the perfect amount of pressure to bring pleasure and not pain. Rather like this isn’t the first time she’s jerked someone off through their clothing. The lucky hunk getting it wasn’t complaining as he now moaned into her boobs as she repaid a bit of the feelings she was enjoying. Her tits getting generously coated in saliva while she now pumped along his bulge to make him groan into her.

“Mmmmmm… Guess you’re all worked up! Never seen a woman with real big boobs like this, huh?” Griffin let out a sexy laugh as she used her hand on his hand to pull him in. Squashing his face into her huge tits to his moaning approval as he changed his own grip to push her breasts in from the sides. Allowing him to motorboat her chest as she grinned, intentionally shaking her mounds too from side to side in a clear display of how often she’s shown off her goods. Just not quite in such an erotic way with a lucky man buried into her tits while she’s jerking him off through his pants at the same time. “Mmmmmm… Making me cheat on my boyfriend like this… You don’t have any shame at all!” She teased, with a smile of her own that showed she knows how guilty enough in this willing encounter she is herself. Especially as the man she was holding down into her tits to rub them all around and over his groaning, handsome face had to push himself out to be able to breathe.

“Making? Mmmmm...” Joseph groaned as he stood up, with her hand still fondling his cock. “I’m pretty sure you made the first move on me...” He claimed with a grin.
“You stared at my tits first.” She countered as she let go of him. Moving over to the couch in the room as she cleared off some of the pillows and plush toys from it to make a space.
“And you could have kicked me out of the house first.” Dylan stated before he smiled again as she took a hold of him, pushing him down onto the furniture to sit.
“Oh please!” She laughed as she lowered herself down to her knees. “If I had a dollar for every time someone stared at my tits? I wouldn’t need to do cosplay any more!” Griffin joked as she reached up, loosening his belt as he helped by lifting his hips so she could pull his pants and boxers down. Taking a moment to admire the more than impressive length of his cock as it stood up straight and ready for some fun.

“Well, if you want a piece of these? Let’s see if you can handle it!” She announced as she shifted her position and leaned in. Making him properly moan out now when she captured his prick with those heavy, meaty breasts of hers. Making herself groan from the hot feeling of a big cock between her much lusted after tits. “Mmmmm… Not bad! First time in a while I can kind of see it!” She said with a naughty giggle as she looked down. Just seeing the crown of his rod sticking out from her cleavage as she pressed her tits against and around his pole. “Well? Come on then! Show me what you can do then, cheater...” She challenged with a sexy smirk. Giving a little motivation by making her tits sway from side to side, bringing his cock with her for a slight tilt as she made him groan from another motion that didn’t seem to be one she was unfamiliar with.

“My fucking pleasure!” Joseph wisely said as he began to buck his hips upward into her. Already making a loud, sinful slap ring out around the room when his crotch connected with the bottom of those massive breasts. Sliding his cock up between her mounds them smoothly back down as he began to fuck those fantastic boobs of the model and cosplayer. Leaving her groaning as she felt his cock working between her mounds as she held them in place. Sandwiching his manhood perfectly so his could use a steady, smooth motion to pump her titties with, but still allowing her to rub and grind her chest into his rod so she could once again give back as good as she was getting.

“Mmmmm yeah… Fuck these big fucking tits! Mmmmm… Bet you love it! You love fucking my big fucking tits with that… Mmmmm… Nasty, dirty cheating cock of yours! Mmmmmm...” She purred out the dirty talk like it was ripped from the pages of a porno script. All while she was working her huge, built for skin flicks chest up and down along that pole like she was more experienced at titty fucking than posing for hot pictures to post on the Internet. Keeping her mountains in place against and around his prick as he worked steadily up into her. Her own flesh jiggling wildly around her fingers as they dug in to ensure this was a breast pumping to remember for the both of them. “Oh yeah! Mmmmmm… A nice big fucking cock… Deep between my boobs! Mmmmmm… I’m such a bad, naughty, dirty girlfriend… Cheating on my poor man while he’s out of the house...” She kept playing things up, knowing full well she was just as bad as the stud she was letting pound her mounds to be unfaithful. But still groaning out as that nicely meaty dick slid in and out of her rack.

“MMMMMM… Fuck!! Holy shit… This is like some fucking porno shit! MMMMM...” He just sat back and moaned out, watching those huge tits jiggle on his crotch as she kept them pressed onto him to ensure his dick was wrapped with soft flesh all around. The firm slap of when he pumped up and the bottom of those mounds hit his body ringing out fittingly like a machine as he kept this piston-like motion going. He couldn’t even really see his bell-end when he pumped up from those huge breasts, but the feeling was more than good enough along with those melons being there in bare glory on his lap. All combined with her stunning face looking up with desire in her big eyes and a sexy smile that all served as plenty encouragement to keep fucking the biggest and best pair of tits he’s seen in his entire life. “Yeah, no shit I’m loving this! MMMMM… Your boyfriend is one lucky motherfucker! Getting to… AHHHHH! FUCK… Fuck these big fucking tits all day! MMMM...”

Angie just gave a flirty wink at the remark as she kept her boobs pushed against the sides of his prick. Oh her part, she was clearly more than fired up by her own admission of not having had fun with a cock of his far more than average size in a long time. Whether that was an admission of frequent fucking behind her man’s back, or an unintended insult to his size would be unknown. Loving the feeling of this dick thrusting up firmly and swiftly into the deep cleavage she was creating with her hands. Knowing how to enhance the feeling too as she leaned down a bit. Spitting down into the valley to send a wad of saliva onto the crown of his prick before it popped back down. The pumps rubbing the spit over not just his cock, but the skin of her tits as well to go with the light shine of his own saliva left onto him from the previous worship. Just keeping the smooth motion going as her mounds made him moan out loudly while she groaned in her own lusty approval.

“MMMMM… Fucking Hell! That’s better than fucking some pussy! MMMMM...” Joseph remarked, staring down at this jiggling flesh as he brought his pumps to a halt. Needing to wipe some sweat from off his forehead already from pumping some of the biggest tits in all of cosplay.
“Oh?” Angie smirked, removing her breasts from around his tool much to his groaning disapproval. “So, you’re saying you don’t want to go all the way?” She then grinned as she stood up. Undoing her pants so she could ease them down. Showing off briefly a pair of soaked panties before she lowered them down too, showing off a tight, cleanly shaved but already moist pussy as she stepped out of her lower clothing to stand fully naked in her own self confessed ‘geek’ room.
“I absolutely did not say that.” Dylan quickly stated, looking over that stunning, hourglass body as she moved forward. Just snapping out of it in time to haul his upper clothing off from his toned frame to join her in being completely nude.
“Good! Because I’m not just gonna cheat on my man without making it worth my while.” She wickedly said as she moved up onto the couch. Mounting him and facing her sudden fuck buddy as he reached down and helped line up his cock with her wet and ready entrance.

His hands went right to her rounded thighs while she held onto his shoulders, giving him another close up of those already familiar, vast tits. But for once something else other than her chest had his focus even if he wasn’t looking down between her thighs. Both of them moaning out as his cock, bareback no less, was sliding up into that tight, damp snatch of hers to start spreading her open as she sunk smoothly down. Another sign that she wasn’t kidding about not having enjoyed a length and thickness of his rod in quite some time from how her walls were snugly around his rod as she eased downward. Not even waiting until her body had fully met his before she started to get into the motion. Lifting upward until just a couple inches and the crown were inside her before dropping down and getting them both loudly moaning.

“OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! Oh yeah! MMMMM… Fuck that’s so fucking big! MMMMM!!” Angie groaned out, closing her eyes in delight as the busty model and former actress starting riding the cock of a man she’s only known for a couple of hours. Caring about as much as the consequences for fucking a total stranger without any protection on as she cared for the fact that, along with them both being naked, they would be easily caught in the act from their loud moans echoing out of the room into the rest of the house if her boyfriend suddenly returned. “MMMMM… A nice big fucking cock… AHHHHH FUCK!! Deep in my dirty, nasty, cheating little pussy! MMMMM!!” She added between her moans as she smoothly worked up and down on his manhood. Having adjusted in no time at all to the feeling of being stretched out wonderfully as her curvaceous body started to smack down into his own nicely desirable frame. Adding a new, just as sinful sound to all the groans in the air as the slap of skin hitting skin now rang out as she bounced on his cock.

“MMMMM… Yeah, that’s it babe! MMMMM… Ride that fucking dick! MMMMM… Ride me like you’re a fucking pornstar, Angie...” He encouraged as he moaned out. Her hot, wet and snug pussy more than doing the trick to get him going as despite his claims before, being balls deep in this stunning beauty’s twat was in fact just as good as when he’d been fucking her tits minutes before. Plus, with this position he just had to help hold her in place and let her do all the work. Enjoying how those massive breasts of hers jiggled hypnotically in time with the motion her body was doing to bounce in rhythm. “AHHHHH… Yeah, take that fucking dick! MMMMM… Show me what a naughty fucking girlfriend you are!” He added with a grin. More than loving how he was getting to enjoy what seemed to be a kink for being unfaithful to the man she’s in a happy relationship with. Happy to fuck a nice big cock in the mere hours gap of her boyfriend being out of the house, let alone in a room full of all the fandom posters and merchandise she and him have collected over the years.

“OOOOOOOOH YEAH! MMMMM!! I’m such a bad fucking girlfriend! MMMMM...” Angie licked her lips, staring down with lust as she continued to ride away on his fat dick. Pausing only briefly to grind her wet twat down onto his crotch to sneak in some air before she went back to work bouncing away on him. Her long dark hair swaying behind her as her body began to shine with forming sweat from the effort used to get the most of out of fat, long cock for the first time in a long overdue while. “MMMMM!! I’m the fucking worst! Oooooooooh!! MMMMM!! Inviting a man into our home… AHHHH FUCK!! And fucking him behind his back! MMMM!! Like I’m a nasty, dirty, shameless fucking SLUT!! MMMMM!!” She played up this encounter even more than he was. Revelling in the cheating nature of this sex as she lifted herself up and down over and over. Leaving her thick backside slapping down firmly into his legs as she rode his lap. Filling up her still snug love tunnel with all of his inches to keep them both loudly moaning out. Having been fucking for so long that his laptop, still plugged into her computer, had long gone into hibernation mode as he turned a routine house call job into sexually satisfying a stunning, busty girlfriend of another man.

“Fuck yeah you are! MMMM FUCK… Dirty fucking cheating slut… MMMMM… Fucking my big old dick like a nasty, cheating bitch...” He smirked, telling her what she wanted to hear and getting the same dirty talk right back. But soon enough his mouth was busy doing something else as he leaned forward and moved his hands up. Being greedy once again as he enjoyed a sample of those massive tits of hers for another round of motorboating. Squeezing and groping the flesh to make her groan out with her head tilted back before he rubbed his face all across and into her mounds. Having the added benefit of those tits now jiggling away from not his touch, but her constant raising and lowering on his rod. Ensuring he was moaning into those big mountains as he held them against  his face. Caring little for the saliva and sweat that was being rubbed into his hunky features as he had another fill of enjoying those world class breasts.

 “MMMMM!! AHHHHH!! OOOOOOOOHH FUCK!!” The gorgeous model and cosplayer groaned out as she kept up her motion at an impressively smooth and swift pace. The slap of her booty striking down into the man she was mounted on ringing out, being heard all the way to the far corners of her house so their sinful act would be exposed the moment anyone, especially her boyfriend, would enter the property. Her pussy wet and leaving juices dripping down over his crotch as she expertly handled his thickness, despite her own admission as to having taken someone of his size and length before in quite some time. “OH FUCK! FUCK!! MMMMM!! You’d better make me fucking cum soon, stud! MMMMM FUCK!! Before my man comes back… AHHHHH… And he finds out what a bad, naughty, unfaithful woman he has for a girlfriend...” She groaned out, licking her lips again as it sounded more like she was concerned with challenging him than being worried about being caught in the act. Even making sure to lean in against him to make the motorboating more intense before she came to a stop, staying mounted on his lap.

“MMMMMPHHH...” He groaned into her tits before she leaned back and he gasped out, taking in some air. “Sounds like you want me to finally put in some work...” Joseph remarked with a smile. “And something tells me it’s nothing to do with helping out your computer problems either.”
“Less talking. More fucking, stud.” Angie said almost with a growl as she dismounted his cock. Allowing him to stand up before she moved back up onto it so she could sit back on the same couch that’s been the backdrop for a few of her sexy selfies and posed pictures. Spreading her legs shamelessly and invitingly wide.
“Yes, ma’am!” He said with a chuckle as he moved between her legs. No hesitation at all in sliding back into her and the moment he buried in balls deep her sexy, curvy body arched up in delight.

“OOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Griffin moaned out, as her legs curled up to wrap around him as he began to pump with her ankles crossing shamelessly around the man thrusting away into her twat. His motion nicely stiff to make her body shift up against the couch but her grip on him making sure she jolted back down so once more that slap of their bodies hitting off of one another rang out along with their moans. “MMMMM FUCK!! OH YESSSSSSSS! AHHHHH FUCK! FUCK!!” She groaned as the sweat was starting all over again to coat her as she took this stiff, deep pumping in all too willing fashion. Leaving her huge tits jiggling once again in time with her body’s motion as she stared up with half closed, lust-drunk eyes at a man she barely knows but had let plough into her breasts and her wet snatch in equal measure.

“MMMMM SHIT… FUCK… MMMMM...” Hardly poetic and it didn’t need to be with them both knowing what a no-strings-attached fuck this was to give them, but especially her, what they needed. His fat cock slamming down into its new wet, snug home as even with the repeated pumping she’s taken her love tunnel was still very pleasurably tight all around his inches. Although his own focus was drilling her deep like the admitted unfaithful girlfriend she is. His hands had been down either side of her head for support so he can keep stiffly pumping her, but he didn’t object when she reached up and made one of them move off and back down onto the flesh of her shaking tit. Making her groan again that extra hint louder as his digits dug into that not exactly unfamiliar region of her mounds for another dose of groping.

“OOOOOOH FUUUUUUUCK!! AHHHHH YESSSSS!! OH FUCK!! OH SHIT!! MMMMM!!” The sexy beauty of the Screen Team duo gasped out in delight as the pleasure built inside of her as she kept taking this man’s dick deep into her dripping box. Able to buck slightly up into his incoming motion but for the most part just loving being used and pumped by not just a long, thick dick. But one that doesn’t belong to the man she’s in a happy relationship in. “MMMMM YES!! FUCK!! AHHHHH FUCK YESS!! MMMMMM!! FUUUUUCK!!” She loudly groaned out as she panted between her moans. Making her sure her legs are stayed clamped around his body so he has no choice (not that he had any plans of pulling out) but to keep ramming away into her still needy pussy. Her huge mounds jiggling away even within his firm grip as she’s made to slide up and down along her couch. Making her look more like a first timer doing a casting couch porn scene as she moaned out and the sweat and juices dripped onto the seating.

At the same time, the hunk getting to drive his shaft up into the hilt into this stunning cosplayer was working up more than a decent amount of sweat himself. Finding out the effort needed to give a woman with such a stunning, curvy body like this the satisfaction she deserves. Caring little that he should be fixing her computer problems rather than ploughing her on her own couch. While all the discarded toys and merch she’s collected laid strewn on the floor along with their clothes from her eagerness to clear some space for this red hot action. The smack of his crotch hitting hers still ringing out as he bangs her smoothly, deeply and repeatedly with his balls slapping off her skin. Even bringing up his other hand to start giving her other ample tit more shameless groping to more than get his fill of her and that one of a kind body of hers.

Jolting in delight underneath her sudden new lover, once again her body arched as the sensations rose within that busty frame of hers while she loudly groaned out. Her eyes had already started rolling upward but soon closed as she felt her peak arriving, and only driven on not just by his deep, hammering pumps into her love tunnel. But the grip on her jiggling titties racing her on as her wrapped legs stayed in place but her ankles rubbing with fresh squirming. Little surprise then that when she came, her orgasm arrived hard to further soak his prick with juices as it dripped down onto the couch. Leaving more potential evidence of her unfaithfulness to be seen even if the two of them got dressed up right after this all. But he wasn’t going anyway at the moment. Groaning as those legs found some power to keep him stuffed and balls deep in her slot while she bucked into him. Using his prick to ride out her sexual peak even when he came to a full stop just to enjoy the sight of a stunning, large chested beauty in the midst of wild delight.

“MMMMMM… Ahhhhhhhhh… Ahhhhhh fuck… FUCK!!” Angie gasped out as the sweat rolled down her gorgeous face. Groaning as the man on top of her got another grope of her tits in before her now feeling rubbery legs finally unwrapped from around him.
“Your man might be home soon… Might as well give him something to walk in on if he shows up...” Joseph said with a grin, as he set her to stay sitting on the couch and in her own juices as he moved up.

An awkward position perhaps, requiring a squat down to be able to sit on her chest as she was still against the couch, but it allowed him to place his cock back between those familiar, large and rounded mounds of hers. Using his hands this time to sandwich his man meat between her orbs and as soon as he was groaning he started to firmly thrust up into that ample flesh. Making her groan, but nowhere near as loud as his own cries of pleasure as he got another round of fucking those big titties of the cosplayer. And not holding back this time either as he was making that wicked slap of his crotch hitting the underside of her boobs ring out as he pumped in deep and quick. Making her own pussy juices be smeared across her once again shaking flesh to join the spit and sweat already coating her.

“Mmmmmm… Dirty stud… Taking advantage of a nasty, cheating slut like me… Mmmmmm...” Angie faked her protest as her own groans and the filthy smile on her face showed her real approval for this as she stared down. Seeing the crown of his prick popping out before vanishing back down into the deep valley he was making her mounds create. “Ahhhhhh! Being so rough… Using my big, naughty tits like this… Mmmmmm… My poor boyfriend would lose his mind if he ever found out...” She added, keeping the dirty talk going to add to the occasion. His fingers firmly digging into the sides of her juicy rack, keeping those big boobs wrapped around his rod as he once again used her body for his pleasure. He’d impressed enough with the first round of titty fucking to not just blow a load there and then, but he wasn’t exactly looking to score a world record here with the second turn. Now looking to empty his balls and get there by pumping away into these huge, ripe tits of the Internet-famous model.

Managing to catch his eye, since he’d been just staring at her bouncing rack as he’d been fucking her, she got him to stop with his cock stuffed between her tits. Allowing her to lean down and spit onto the fat crown of his tool to make him moan out. Following up by sticking her tongue out. Groaning herself as she got the first actual taste of his cock for all the time she’s been fucking a man who most certainly isn’t the one she’s dating. Licking around the tip as far as she could reach to get the faint flavour of her own snatch from off his pole as she helped to double team him. Using frisky tongue work and those wonderful, massive breasts of hers to grind around his inches to make him moan. Rewarded with the feeling of his length throbbing in her cleavage as he moaned out and drops of sweat rolled down his hunky face from the sensations.

“FUCK!! MMMMMM...” Dylan grunted as he started to piston between her tits again. That smack of his crotch hitting off of the underside of her pushed together mounds ringing out all over again along with his deep groans. The tit fuck being world class and, as he’d bragged about before, feeling just as good as actually being balls deep in her wet twat. “AHHHHH!! FUCK! UHHHHH!!” He grunted, staring down again to watch how her boobs shook even in his deep grasp as he kept them pressed around and against his length. Now there was the added bonus of her tongue sticking out to tap against the tip of his bell-end when he pumped upward between her mounds. Leaving her drooling onto his crown with the occasional lick across him to help aid him towards his own well earned orgasm. Perhaps showing too that she knows actually how to please a man with her chest with these extra techniques, so perhaps she’s not all that unfamiliar after all with tackling big, meaty dicks like this despite her earlier claim that this had been the first time in a while.

Even with his stamina to make it seem like he was more of a porn star than a tech support guy, he was soon hitting his limit as he pulsed while between her tits. “AWWWWW FUCK!! FUCK!!” He grunted out as much of a warning as he could before the first shots fired out. Leaving her groaning and closing her eye as the ropes hit high up her gorgeous face and down her cheek as she grinned. Already sneaking a taste of his load, while another shot caught her neck for a half necklace, with a lick at the corner of her mouth where the streak hit her. He pulled out from between those huge, stunning breasts as he stroked himself off. Angie helping by now taking over to hold her chest, pushing her orbs up and together for an unmissable target. Rewarded by him showering those mounds with hot blasts of thick spunk across both of her tits. Some splattering down into the cleavage but all of it generously coating her rounded chest to leave her groaning as the last drips were stroked out of from his cock.

“Oh fuck...” Angie gasped, wiping away the spunk from her eye as he dismounted her. “You made a real fucking mess of me!” She said with a gorgeous laugh as took the finger into her mouth and just as shameless as she’s been during this, sucking it clean of the spunk with an approving slurp.
“Guess that’s what a bad girlfriend like you deserves?” Joseph teased as he smiled. Admiring that mess he’d just mad on her with his load slowly dripping down her big, now heaving for air tits.
“I guess so… But a girl like me deserves to have some fun every once in a while… As long as my boyfriend gets the best of me when he comes home.” Griffin said with a sexy smirk, showing that even after such wild cheating sex she isn’t planning on ditching her man any time soon.
“Shit… If that’s not even your best? Then your man is real, real fucking lucky...” Dylan remarked with a smile.

“Oh yes he is!” Angie nodded. “Now you need to help me clean this mess up, and get out of here before he finally comes back. Because you don’t want to get a report to your Bosses saying you were out fucking your client instead of fixing her computer!” She warned with a playful sternness.
“Oh, no problem there. Let me close down my stuff then I’ll help you out.” Joseph wisely agreed, moving to pull up his pants and boxers to get dressed.
Angie smirked, watching the man quickly move about. “Oh you’ve helped out alright… When my man gets back? I’m riding the shit out of him and draining his balls dry… It’s the least a bad, nasty, cheating girlfriend like me can do for him after cheating on him...” She added, scooping up her own clothing. “...Well, cheating on him again I suppose...”

* * *

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Re: Blue Screen Brigade - Angie Griffin
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That was hot
I LOVE cheating themes and this girl, never heard of her before but she is adorable.
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Re: Blue Screen Brigade - Angie Griffin
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2021, 10:16:38 AM »
It was hot! Angie is so busty, her body is lovely.. Well written story, I enjoyed reading it so thank you.
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