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Blue Screen Brigade – Amouranth
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the streamers, influencers, social media platforms etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Amouranth or any other streamer or social media influencer, or their characters or platforms.

Starring: Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa aka Amouranth

Blue Screen Brigade – Amouranth

An erotic influencer fan-fiction story.   

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])
Codes: Cons, MF, anal.

* * *

Blue Screen Brigade specialised in computers, parts, peripherals and accessories ranging from full builds, service, security, back-up and recovery all the way to emergency call outs and repairs. Priding themselves on being able to handle anything from a total CPU meltdown to just repainting the letters on a keyboard. And with the bonus of having a 24/7 call-out service, at a price of course, they backed up the popularity of their business with a top notch service to match. With clients ranging from the average home to commercial, and including famous online influencers too.

“OK, one more delivery for the day then I can get back for the game tonight.” Aaron Joseph remarked to himself as he pulled up outside of the client address. The toned man clad in plain shorts and a work shirt branded with the company logo. Parking up then getting out as he opened up the side door of the van to pull out the delivery box, already marked with the branding of a lighting specialist company. Briefly noting the name of ‘K. Siragusa’ as the person getting the package. Closing the van back up and locking it as he easily carried the box along to the front door.

Pressing the doorbell, he stepped back and placed the box down so he could lift up the badge on his lanyard around his neck, holding it to the camera he saw of the doorbell. “Blue Screen Brigade, Aaron Joseph here.” He introduced before lowering his ID down so there was a clear view of his face. “Got a delivery and set-up to do for a K. Siragusa for some lighting.”
“Yeah, that’s me.” The female voice replied. “Give me a second.”

He stood waiting as a minute or so passed before he heard unlocking and the door opened. Seeing that the Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa named was the offline name for Amouranth, the controversial and lewd streamer, model and influencer. The beauty with dyed red hair was clad in an outfit often seen in various colours or forms on her socials of a set of workout leggings and top, both bright pink and matching. Hugging tightly to that thick, rounded ass of hers while pushing her tits up and out to show them off.

“Got your lightning here, Miss.” Aaron reconfirmed as he held the box.
“Miss? You’re like the same age as me.”  Amouranth said, looking over the man. “Nah, don’t worry. I get it, being a pro and all. Come on in.” She said with a wave, leading him in. “I’ve been needing to get a new set-up for a bit. Changing the lighting and all.” She explained as she walked in, and Aaron couldn’t help but take a glance at the jiggle of her leggings as she moved. “But I got some time to kill now I’ve been fucking banned again.” She said with a roll of her eyes and an annoyed sigh.
“Banned, huh? Some dude bros killing your fun?” Joseph joked as he looked up from that butt.
“Well, not exactly. Maybe this time it was on me.” She glanced back, smirking. “I like to test what I can get away with some times.”
“Not been doing some ear licking while in a thong again, have you?” He added, as he recognised who the woman was.
“Not this time… But if I knew the reasons, I probably wouldn’t stop anyway. I still make my money on my other sites.” Kaitlyn stated rather proudly, like she knew already she’d be getting unbanned sometime soon. “But yeah, figured I’d get this done while I have some free time.”

She pushed a door open into a room clearly set up for streaming, and pushing the envelope as it was a textbook set up for an e-girl’s room as if the colour schemes wasn’t enough. A spinning wheel in the corner, a white board with marker pens and a few ASMR high specification microphones with two being shaped as ears. Let alone the air pump and a box marked for containing a small pool to act like a hot tub.

“So this is where the magic happens, huh?” Joseph remarked, setting the box down in the middle. “And the money gets made.”
“Part of it, yeah.”  Amouranth said with a smug smile, resting a hand on her hip. “Fan of mine, huh?”
“Well, hard not to have heard of you with how much, you know, the bans have come after you.” Aaron said with a smile.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” She teased, giving him another glance. “Hope you’re not expecting to get a follow back after this as a tip.”
“I think I’ll stick with doing my job here.” He said, looking to the box. “Shouldn’t take too long to put together. Standard set up, even with the price.”
“Smart man… I’m sure my husband wouldn’t appreciate a guy hitting on me just here to deliver my new lights while he’s away.” She added, but despite that claim she was really being the one bringing up such a topic of flirting, especially with the tone she used. “I’ll be right outside. Got some snaps to take.” She said as she turned around to walk away.

Stopping at the door to glance back as she looked at him, giving another smirk as she caught him looking and checking her out but that expression of hers seemed to indicate that she was hoping to nab him in the act of doing just that. As she just walked back out without saying anything, leaving him smiling too. “A little too casual to catch me like that leering… Or her just mentioning her man is away out of the blue…” He said to himself as he easily read the signs already. But for now, he had work to do as he pulled out the cutter blade from his tool belt and starting to cut the tape on the box.

* * *

About a half hour later, the lighting set-up was all in place and plugged in, illuminating the room perfectly as he adjusted the angle of it. Footsteps approaching as Amouranth peeked in and then walked in. “Not bad, not bad… This should work great for whenever I can start streaming again.” She remarked, glancing at the opened box at the side of the room with the empty plastic bags and spare screws in it.
“Yeah, you get your value out of this for sure.” Aaron chipped in as he stood up. “Good quality bulbs too, so you shouldn’t need to replace them for a good few years.”
“So no excuse for you to stop by and undress me with your eyes any time soon?” Kaitlyn teased as she walked towards him with a sexy smirk.
“About as much excuse as you have, hitting on me when you’re married.” Joseph counted as he looked over her as she stood in front of him. Not needing to be sneaky with his looks now either from the tone and body language she was giving off.

“As I recall, you were the one making moves on me first. Checking out my ass when I was just innocently walking.” She claimed, giving back a look over as well.
“Ain’t nothing innocent about you, babe.” He said, taking a step closer to shorten the distance.
“Damn fucking right there isn’t…” She smirked, brushing her dyed hair back. “And I’m the mood to kill some more time now that I’m not gonna be unbanned for the next day or so…”
“I think I can help a poor, lonely, bored wife out with that.” Aaron stated as he moved his hands, about to put them onto her slim waist. When she grabbed his wrists.
“How big is your dick?” She demanded shamelessly, raising an eyebrow like it was a challenge.

“Should I make a joke about being a big fan now, or later?” He let out snigger at her bluntness, but did as demanded as he reached down. Loosening his shorts to slide them down, and making her eyes widen with excitement as she got a look at his more than impressive, thickly sized and lengthy looking shaft.
“Well I don’t waste time fucking fans if they ain’t got a nice fat fucking cock like this.” Amouranth licked her lips, getting down into a squat in front of him with her thick butt sticking out. “Not that I fuck fans all the time anyway, of course.” She claimed, taking a hold of his prick to start to stroke him off.
“Is that another tier of content on one of your sites?” He joked, staring down and getting a good look at her cleavage on display as she pumped his rod, getting him rock hard.

“Guess there’s some things money can’t get, even when it comes to me…” She smirked up confidently before she put her mouth to better use. Parting her soft lips and taking him inside, making him groan at the instant double team done on his cock as her hand stroked the shaft and her mouth sucked on the crown. Staring up with well practised ‘bedroom eyes’ as she bobbed on the upper part. Groaning around his thick size while pumping along the shaft, showing already that she’s no novice when it comes to sucking cock. Even making sure already to use her free hand to keep her dyed red hair out of the way of her gorgeous face as she went to work on his cock.

“Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm… Hmmmmphhh…” The streamer and model moaned around that fat cock as her soft lips were stretched perfectly around the meat. Sliding back and forth along him as she wasn’t even teasing with her motion. Keeping her tongue running against the underside of him as she slurped, while her hand still worked over the lower inches. Her eyes narrowing sexily at his groans from enjoying her sucking his prick, but enjoying this herself as her own moans bounced off his member as she passed it smoothly in and out of her mouth. Saliva starting to run down those inches from the repeated motion. Lifting away just for a moment, getting in some extra air. “Fuck… That’s some good fucking dick…” She purred like a well trained pornstar before spitting onto his cock. Her hands adjusting her workout top for a moment, which showed off more how her nipples were hard and poking through the material, before her mouth dived back down to resume blowing him as she pushed down deeper.

“Mmmmmm… Fuck yeah… Suck that fucking dick…” Aaron encouraged the cheating wife, reaching down with a hand as he went right for those pushed up titties. Groping a mound through her top to make her groan as she leaned towards the touch. Still bobbing along his cock so even the pleasure she was getting wasn’t throwing her off as she kept her red haired head sliding smoothly back and forth. “Mmmmmm… Ahhhhh shit! Fuck yeah… Get it nice and fucking wet, babe…” He added between groans. The spit starting to fall from her chin, leaving little splats on the pink material of her top and the exposed skin. The least of her worries as she happily blew a man she’d only just met and made it look easy. Sinking further along his meaty size as her hand switched techniques to stop stroking and just hold the base to twist around him as her mouth handled more of that delicious size.

“Mmmmmmphhh!! Shhhlllrppp… Mmmmmphhh!! Hmmmmmphhh… HHHHHLLLKKK...” The beauty banned already several times from streaming and social media platforms showed off oral skill that would for certainly violate Terms of Service beyond any appeal. Sliding her lips up and down smoothly and steadily as she groaned out. Feeling the fat crown of his length hitting the back of her mouth when she pushed down. An erotic gag leaving her as she took in seemingly more cock than she was used to handling. Brushing her long, dyed hair back again as she stared up with a seductive gaze and resumed bobbing on that man-mat. “Mmmmmphhh!! GAHHHHHH… Mmmmmmphhh… HHHHHRRRRKKK… Shhhhhrrrlllppp!!” The spit dripped down his member, reaching her fingers wrapped at the base to leave them sticky to go along with the shine now covering her tits – standing out more profoundly than it would thanks to the newly set up lighting to ensure the saliva was clear to see. And more droplets being added with each new slurp as she kept working over his size, even with the occasional pause from choking sinfully on his tool.

“HHHHHLLLKK!! Mmmmmm!! HHHHHKKKK… GAHHHHHH…” It seemed the gorgeous model was enjoying herself a lot too, getting the feeling that the hunk she’d only just met today wasn’t just handsome but could handle what she could deliver. Taking his prick in and out of her wet and warm mouth without any sign of him even throbbing between those soft, pouty lips of hers. Getting a workout of her own with her oral hole being filled up when she sent her pretty face down towards his crotch then sliding smoothly and swiftly back up the shaft to repeat the motion. “GAHHHH!! Mmmmmphhh!! HHHHMMMPHHH… GAHHHHHH…” Her lips brushed against his base, her fingers spreading to allow access but unable to keep pressed down for long as she raced back up, just to venture back down. Caught by surprise when the hand that hand been groping her tits went to the back of that red hair. Bringing her in so her eyes widened as she was encouraged to deep throat his whole length. Stretching the throat out as she choked again, sending her drool splattering around over not just his dick but his crotch down to the balls. Yet at the same time, letting him do this as she didn’t actively push back against his admittedly light grip until she gagged again and had to pull up for air.

“FUCK!!” Amouranth groaned out when she lifted off. Drawing in air as she grabbed his cock and used both hands to stroke her spit all over those already soaked inches. “Oh, you’re gonna fucking get it now, stud…” She purred, staring up as she pumped him.
“Guess it’s been a while, huh?” Aaron stated the obvious as he smiled down.
“No fucking shit… If I had a hundred bucks for any time I made a guy blow just from sucking them off? I wouldn’t need to get unbanned again.” She claimed without any hint of shame as she stood up and turned around. A well practised look of gazing over her shoulder as she arched her body a bit, sticking out her ass. Slowing sliding down the pink leggings as she revealed that stunning, thick and rounded backside of hers. Along with her cleanly shaved, wet looking pussy for good measure.
“Guess I better make this count then.” He said, as before she’d even pushed them down her thighs fully he was now the one getting down. Kneeling behind her as he clamped both hands onto those ample cheeks in order to spread them.

“MMMMMMM… Oh shit!! Mmmmmmm…” The streamer moaned out, her hands now going to her waist so she wasn’t even properly undressed as she felt the tech guy’s tongue now pressing onto her tight asshole. Rimming her just moments after she’d shown off what her mouth could do, and now getting the favour returned in perhaps even more filthy fashion. “Not what I was planning… MMMMM… But I think I can go along with this…” She groaned, still looking back at the handsome face now between her juicy cheeks. Licking her lips as she felt his tongue roaming across the entrance to her backdoor. The fact that she wasn’t outraged by her asshole being targetting was telling alone as she stood and kept her backside pushed out for him to dine on. Eyes narrowed with desire as she was all too happy to let a man that wasn’t the one she was married to enjoy a taste of her much lusted after backside.

He was certainly making the most of this shot. His fingers easily digging in firmly into that ample, plump flesh of the model and influencer’s behind to keep her spread apart. Allowing him to be up close as he patted his tongue against her asshole. Leaving it lightly slick with his saliva as he explored over her and made her moan out. Feeling a slight rock of those thick hips back against his features as he rimmed her. Breaking away to make a run up and down her crack as well, moving down to almost coming into contact with her wet twat, before he roamed back upward and over the targetted hole briefly before reaching top of the valley. Then resuming the task at hand as she pressed his tongue against that backdoor to keep her groaning.

“MMMMM… Come on, stud… Get it fucking in there… MMMMM FUCK…” She demanded with a groan as she slid a hand of her own down between her legs. Starting to tease herself with slow strokes across her lower lips, getting the already sticky with spit digits that had been holding his prick now further coated with her forming juices. Her head then tilting back a bit when she got what she wanted. Feeling his tongue finally penetrating her tightness to start to explore inside. “AHHHHH FUCK… Mmmmm… yeah, that’s it… Eat my ass, baby… Ooooooooh! MMMMM FUCK…” She purred, staring back still with half-closed eyes as her other hand brushed across her chest for another boost of pleasure. Rocking back and forth on her heels slowly and surely, grinding that juicy rump into his face and helping his tongue get in to her snug hole. Much like how it was clear she was no stranger to sucking dick, it didn’t appear like engaging in anal was anything new for the often banned, lewd streamer and content creator. Moaning out as she got her stunning ass eaten out by a hung hung from behind.

Unsurprisingly, the lucky guy getting to shove his tongue up one of the most famous backsides on the Internet was smiling into that rump as he dined away. Darting his tongue in and out as his own saliva slowly dripped down her crack from the brisk eating out he was doing. Even daring to raise a hand off her cheek in order to strike for a firm spank that sent the loud cracking noise echoing around her streamer room. Sinfully, a groan that was far from disapproving escaped from her as she grit her teeth. Almost as if to say ‘That’s the best you can do?’. Provoking working out nicely as he spanked her again with some extra force behind it, leaving her shapely cheeking rippling away as she moaned with a lewd smile. Keeping her own hand stroking over her twat as she got her ass played with an eaten out.

“MMMMM… Yeah, that’s it… MMMMM FUCK… Eat that fucking ass… MMMMMM… You’d better get me real fucking warmed up… AHHHHH… If that big fucking dick is gonna fit in there…” The Houston, Texas native said between moans. Double teaming herself with gropes of her chest through her top and stimulating her pussy with the slow rubs back and forth. Leaving drops of her juices catching the leggings she’s only dragged down to the tops of her thighs. “MMMMM FUCK… Fuck!! Fuck, that’s fucking good… MMMMM!! Yeah, I can fucking tell… MMMMMM!! SHIT… What a big fucking fan of mine you fucking are…” She groaned, pushing her booty back against his tongue as he rimmed her nice and deep. Saliva pushed up into her as far as he could reach as he tasted that delicious, tight back passage. Enjoying the feeling of those soft, juicy cheeks pressing into his face from her rocking back to enjoy his eating out talents. Giving as good as he got and then some with his cock still rock had and coated with her spit from the oral pleasure she’d given before the tables were willingly turned to get him dining on that stunning butt.

Eventually, he had to pull back as he had his turn to suck in more air. Getting in another spank of that juicy ass for good measure. “So, about fitting into that ass of yours?” Aaron said, smirking as he stood up.
“Fetch me my lube.” Amouranth bluntly said, pointing to the white board in the corner of the room. “I got some stuff hidden behind there. I keep the fun stuff off camera.” She added with a wink.
“I bet you do…” Joseph chuckled as he moved and leaned the board over, getting the jar of branded lube from out of a selection of back-up makeup and the like as he headed back over.
“Allow me.” She said, scooping some onto her fingers when he approached. Making herself sigh when she dipped them into her already warmed up, well licked booty to push in with a groan. Sliding the lubricant in nice and smooth for another display that she wasn’t a stranger to backdoor action. “Mmmmm… And you? Lay down stud… It’s my turn for some fun.” She said, gasping as she fingered her own ass and got her passage ready. Seeing how he was also giving his dick a few strokes in order to apply the sex aid onto himself.

Laying down on the floor, he watched as the red headed beauty finally eased down her leggings all the way to step out of them. Not even bothering to remove her top yet as she moved down and straddled his crotch while facing away. So that he could watch that thick butt backing up, teasing his prick with a little hot dogging action first as she rubbed her cheeks against his prick. A slight up and down motion to leave him smirking as even her rump was jiggling from that simple motion. Sliding his tool back and forth into her crack, brushing so slightly into her pussy as a result. All accompanied with that well used, familiar smouldering look over the shoulder she was casting at him. But not too long before she reached back, lining his cock up with that intended hole as she easing down, taking the head inside first to make them both groan out at the super tight sensation.

“MMMMMM!! FUCK…” She groaned out, tensing a bit as she adjusted to a vast size now inside of her tight back passage. Having to grind back against his rod for a moment before she lifted up, and started to lower back down to fit another inch into herself. “FUCK… God, that’s fucking big!! MMMMMM… SHIT!! MMMMM…” One of the most viewed female streamers in the world moaned out as she began to bounce with a slow motion, helping to get her ass used to having to take a cock far thicker and longer than what she’s used to. Even with all the saliva from both the eating out and cock sucking they’d done before and the lubing up, this was still a very snug fit. Her anal walls having to stretch to accommodate this pornstar size of dick, while the man she was on top off groaned from the vice-like but pleasurable pressure around his manhood. The redhead gritting her teeth again, fighting through the discomfort as she worked his prick up into her thick booty.

“AHHHHH… God damn, what a fucking ass… MMMMM!! Shit’s tight as fuck…” The lucky tech guy laid back, watching her juicy ass raise and lower as she pumped his cock with that snug asshole to make them both moan. He could just stare across his toned frame and watch that thick rump shake sexily as she moved up and down. Plunging his cock up into herself nice and smooth motion that easily kept a smile on his face. So caught up with watching him going to work that he wasn’t snapped out of staring at his cock filling up her ass until she reached down and grabbed his wrists. Being far from subtle as she placed his hands onto her hips for him to grip and give him support. Allowing her to give a sinful smirk over the shoulder again as she went back to lifting up and down, groaning as her back passage was stretched by such a massive dick.

“MMMMMM… OOOOOOOOH FUCK… Yeah, you like, babe? MMMMMM… Like this fine fucking ass, bouncing on… MMMMM FUCK… That big fucking cock?? MMMMM…” She groaned out. Not acting like a woman happily married to another man as she shifted her stunning body up and down. Making her cheeks ripple away as the motion got firmer now she was used to the fat size stuffed into her tightest of holes. Her long, dyed red hair now swaying behind her in time with the shifting her body was doing on that pole. “AHHHHH SHIT… Feels real fucking good! MMMMM… You’re a dirty guy, you know that? MMMMMM… Fucking me when you should be… OOOOOOOOH… Fixing my lighting instead…” She purred, not sounding ashamed of the fact she was cheating or that she was doing so with a sudden hook-up with a guy she’s only met for about an hour. Now bouncing away on his cock with her plump backside as she had him hold her in place over his crotch to take those inches in and out of her snug asshole. Allowing her to use a hand down between her legs as she resumed her own self teasing and pleasuring with quick strokes across her wet pussy while fucking a big cock with her ass.

“AHHHHHH FUCK… You’re the one who is fucking the guy you let into your home…” He grinned back, enjoying the dirty talk as much as the stunner calling out a porn script between her moans was. The clap of her huge ass hitting off his body now ringing out around her streaming room as she went deeper down onto him and his fat cock. His hands squeezing her thighs a bit but still keeping her stuffed onto his flagpole. Enjoying how her cheeks jiggled when she moved up and down and he got to watch his cock reappear from out of her asshole before being slid right back up. “MMMMM… And you’re the dirty girl… AHHHHH… Fucking some guy while her husband is out of town…” He added before he groaned out. Seeing that the woman infamous for multiple bans across streaming and social media isn’t just one who looks red hot, but can actually fuck as she smoothly raised and lowered her booty onto his dick over and over. Keeping them both moaning out as her long hair flowed in the air from her steady motion.

In their lust for this (in more ways than one) booty call neither of them had bothered to remove their upper clothing as the streamer’s push up chest was testing what her pink workout top could contain as her tits jiggled away as she shifted up and down. Sending her thick rump slamming down firmly so the slap echoed around to mix with their shameless moans in the air. “MMMMMM SHIT… Oh yeah, I’m a real bad fucking wife, aren’t I, stud? MMMMMM FUCK…” She purred with a wicked, devoid of shame grin as she proved that by keeping all that plump butt moving up and down. Sweat starting to form over that gorgeous, curved body of hers as she more than put in the work to fuck this man who was basically still a stranger to her. Taking his huge dick deep into her rear as her cheeks connected down into his crotch and waist over and over. “AHHHHH… Cheating on my man… MMMMMM FUCK… Getting fucked up the ass… OOOOOOOH! MMMMM… I’m a real bad fucking bitch, aren’t I?” She added with a long, low groan before licking her lips. Revelling in the sin as she brought her motion to a stop on his lap. Grinding her booty down into him, enjoying how her ass was stretched out just perfectly so that her back passage clung to the length deep up inside her. All as she got in another round of quick strokes of her hand over her twat so she was fully pleasured by the feeling of a big cock up her rear.

“MMMMMM… Well, you say fucking… But I’m kinda just laying here taking it…” Aaron noted, groaning from her grinding down into him.
“I was wondering when you’d want to take your turn…” Kaitlyn said, easing herself off from his rod with a groan. Rolling over to take up a familiar pose for her, getting onto her hands and knees with her ass raised up invitingly high.
Still not taking the time to remove his shirt, he moved behind her and gave that thick butt another firm slap. “You and me both I guess.” He said, smirking as he spread her rump apart and pushed his dick back into that pleasurable hole with a groan.

“MMMMMM… I fucking love… AHHHH FUCK… A nice, big, fat cock… MMMMMM… Shoved up my fucking ass from behind…” The lewd streamer moaned out, and already proving her words not to just be mere dirty talk as she rocked herself back against his cock before he’d even begun to pump into her. A hand stuffed between her legs, resuming rubbing away at her already wet folds as she rocked back and forth on her knees. That familiar, lusty stare over the shoulder locked on after she tossed her dyed hair back. “MMMMM… Fuck, I love it… Stretching me out… MMMMM FUCK…” She groaned when he matched her timing, pushing his length into her asshole as she pushed her hips back. Resulting in that sexy clapping ringing out once again as skin met sweat-covered skin as her rump hit his waist without any pain. His hands gripping her slim waist to keep her in place so he could smoothly work in and out like they’ve been familiar lovers for months, rather than just an hour or so.

“AHHHHH… Feels fucking good here too, babe… MMMMM SHIT!!” The stud behind her groaned as he pistoned his thick, long cock into that still snug asshole of hers. Able to smoothly and deeply stuff himself into that stunning, rounded backside of the influencer and model, but her back passage was still gripping his length for plenty of pleasure without any friction. “MMMMMM FUCK… Your husband is one lucky bastard… Getting to… AHHHHH… Tap this shit every night…” He said, knowing full well he was banging another man’s woman without even knowing him, and loving every moment of it. Staring down to watch those huge cheeks ripping away with every sharp slap back into him the beauty’s he’s fucking from behind gives back. Another display of her able to give back as good as she gets as she’s just as skilled at riding dick as she is with taking it.

“MMMMMM… He is… And I’m such… AHHHHH FUCK… A bad, nasty fucking wife… MMMMM… Letting some big, bad man come into our home… OOOOOOOH FUCK… And shove is big, fat fucking dick… MMMM!! Up my ass… MMMMMM…” Her voice continued to sound like a porno soundtrack just without the music as her groans broke up filthy words. Playing up on the cheating aspect of this all like it’s a kink to her over and above the ass fucking she’s taking with impressive ease. Her chest still bouncing in her top that was sticking to her now from all the sweat as she pushes herself back and forth against those stiff, deep thrusts into her read. Propped up one arm and her knees to take it from the back. While rubbing away at her dripping snatch as she gets fucked up the ass. “MMMMMM… That’s fucking it, babe! AHHHHH FUCK!! SHIT… DEEPER, BABE… MMMMM FUCK… Fuck that ass! MMMMM!! FUCK ME, STUD!!” She groaned out as she slammed her ass back, like she was trying to fuck herself harder on that dick than even the firm pace he was using to take her. Keeping her ample cheeks jiggling away without him even needing to spank her, but when he did deliver a firm blow the slap was nice and loud and soon followed by a long groan of approval from the sexy beauty who was getting wild on his dick.

His balls were swinging to bounce off her tanned body when he drove in, with a brush against her fingers as she roamed furiously over her snatch to keep herself pleasured. Strands of her dyed red hair now covering her face and sticking from the sweat that was leaving her top clinging to her tits much like his work shirt was resting into his tone frame. A little deep cleaning the least of their worries as he fucked her from behind in her own streaming room for a scene perhaps impressively finally more lewd and outrageous than some of her live streams have been. Backing all that ass up over and over to meet his stiff pumps and fill herself up balls deep to stretch her back passage to a limit more suited for a Size Queen. If she ever got banned permanently from more tamer sites, she’d be sure fire set for making a killing in skin-flick websites with this sort of moaning, shameless performance.

Switching position slightly, she lowered her upper body down to leave those top-covered tits pressing into the floor but still gazing back over the shoulder to watch her thick ass getting fucked nice and hard. Keeping her hips raised up as her legs slid down so her rump was still sticking out but now taking it more of a prone-bone position. Just leaving an arm sprawled out while the other was staying between her legs. Now going from just brushing over to dipping fingers in and out of her slot to make herself moan out. Sweat dripping down her pretty face and off her almost naked body as she got her thick rump pumped deep. Her cheeks still clapping back as she kept shifting herself to meet those thrusts with still perfect timing.

“FUCK… FUCK!! OH YESSSSSS… MMMMM… HARDER, BABY… UHHHHH!! DEEPER! MMMMM…” The gorgeous model begged as she took that dick already balls deep into her rear, leaving her ass loudly slapping back into him as her new lover pumped away to leave those thick cheeks shaking and her body jolting to slide against the floor. Juices dripping down from her pussy as she kept on briskly fingering herself as she took cock hard and fast into her booty. “AHHHHH… FUCK THAT ASS, BABE! MMMMMM… NICE, BIG, FAT… UHHHHH!! FUCKING DICK… DEEP IN MY FUCKING ASS… MMMMM!!” She moaned as the pleasure built, leaving her face pressing into the floor while her tits were squished down, rubbing back and forth as her body was pushed and pulled to meet his pumps. A combination of her moving those thick hips back to meet him, and his own grip on her waist so she couldn’t slip too far away before he rammed back in.

He was just staring down, grunting as he worked his shaft like a piston in overdrive to plough into that juicy rear as it slapped off him and barely turned a shade of pink from the repeated contact. Especially considering him enjoying free spanks onto her to give her plentiful cheeks a sharp smack, leaving her groaning from a bonus thrill. Moaning away loudly himself as he enjoyed how still snug all around his cock her back passage was despite the pornstar pounding she was taking. Her ass stuffed full with meaty dick while she finger banged her soaking wet snatch, the only hole of hers he hadn’t gotten to slam full but there was no complaints from either of them about that. Focused on the wild, sinful anal sex that was leaving her sweaty mess as she let a man who isn’t even the one she’s married to hammer home into her peachy backside.

“OOOOOOOH YES! FUCK… YES YES YESSSSSS AHHHHHHHHH…” That dyed red haired head tilted back as Amouranth closed her eyes, leaving her mouth open in a perfect O-shape. Cumming hard over her own fingers from being fucked up the ass from behind. Soaking her fingers more with juices as she kept pumping in and out, driving in almost as hard and quick as the fat dick slamming into her ass at the same time. Leaving the fluids dripping down off her hand and wrist, adding to the mess of sweat from off the both on the floor of her streaming room. “MMMMMMM… FUUUUUUCK… AHHHHHH…” She groaned, squirming in pleasure as she eventually just left her fingers stuck into herself to the knuckles, jolting on the floor as she took a last round of thrusts from the tech guy. Feeling that shaft pulsing inside of her as her back passage found a tightness to clamp around him all anew as a result of her orgasm.

So it was no wonder that soon her pulled out of that more than well fucked ass, leaving her asshole sinfully gaping wide from the pumping as he gripped and started to stroke off. Aiming down at that unmissable target and soon grunting himself as he started to blow his load. Making her groan with approval as thick ropes flew out and splattered across those juicy, ample cheeks. Coating both sides and dripping down them at the front and sides. Including down into the crack, leaving some trickling over that open hole to seep into her ass. Stroking the last drips off to wipe onto the flesh as it dripped down, landing onto her legs to properly brand the cheating wife for offering up her fine and fuckable ass to a hunk she’s only just met.

“Mmmmmm… Shit… Fucking painted me, stud…” Amouranth shamelessly purred, pulling her fingers out of her twat so she could raise up a bit, sticking her ass out and swaying to show off the mess he’d made on her.
“All in a day’s work I guess…” Aaron chuckled as he stood up. “Never had a day like this before though.”
“Oh? You don’t go around fucking your clients all the time?” She teased, staying in position. “That’s a shame… I find hot, stud boys to pound me all the time when my man’s away… They don’t always get to really ‘deliver’ like you did though…” She added, licking her lips.
“And here I thought we had something special…” Joseph said with a joking tone as he looked over her. “Guess I’m just one of your hit and runs, huh?”
“Well, maybe I’ll keep my DMs open for you…” She smirked, giving a wink through her messy, sweat-soaked red hair. “Or better yet, I’ll order something else from you… And make sure to get my favourite new lights guy to deliver to me…” She claimed with a purr in her lusty voice. “Now, be a nice, hung stud for me… Grab me a towel from behind the pool box. I need to wash up before I go live tonight… If I can tighten my fucked ass up in time that is…”

* * *

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Re: Blue Screen Brigade – Amouranth
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2021, 05:07:27 PM »
God that was fucking hot. You always manage so well with dialogue and women with big tits!
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Re: Blue Screen Brigade – Amouranth
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2021, 10:24:12 AM »
Like Angie, Amouranth is hot, hot. This story was wonderful, it captivated me from start to finish, great choice of influencer and good dialogue. It was hot, thank you!
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Re: Blue Screen Brigade – Amouranth
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2022, 01:26:46 AM »
Very nice story... Wish she did THIS on her streams instead of sleeping lol
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