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Blue Screen Brigade - MissClick
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the streamers, influencers, social media platforms etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own MissClick or any other current or former streamer or social media influencer, or their characters or platforms.

Starring: MissClick

Blue Screen Brigade – MissClick

An erotic influencer fan-fiction story.   

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])
Codes: Cons, MF, oral.

* * *

Blue Screen Brigade specialised in computers, parts, peripherals and accessories ranging from full builds, service, security, back-up and recovery all the way to emergency call outs and repairs. Priding themselves on being able to handle anything from a total CPU meltdown to just repainting the letters on a keyboard. And with the bonus of having a 24/7 call-out service, at a price of course, they backed up the popularity of their business with a top notch service to match. With clients ranging from the average home to commercial, and including famous online influencers too.

“Nothing like the sunny Florida weather...” Bruce Ross remarked with a chuckle as he pressed the door buzzer to the latest delivery spot of the day. Dressed in the BSB branded uniform of a short sleeved shirt with shorts on. Holding the package under his arm as he produced his ID card to verify who he was.

A few moments later, and the door opened with a nicely pleasing on the eyes sight on the other side. A blonde woman with short hair and styled with a swipe to one side with a tight, slim figure. Dressed rather casual with a blue hooded top and dark pants but still giving a hint of her gorgeous body and perky, rounded chest.

“Got a delivery here for…” Bruce began to say as he was going to double check the name on the box.
“New camera, right?” The streamer and influencer known online as MissClick smiled.
“Got it in one.” Ross nodded, passing it over to her.
“Thanks! You guys are a life saver.” She said, taking the box as Bruce took out his phone to confirm the delivery. “My current one is acting up a little. I can’t have my stream going on the frizz with this new Nintendo Direct coming up.” She explained.

“Oh yeah, I saw that announcement. They sure like to shadow drop those on us.” Bruce said with a short chuckle.
“I know, right? Got to love it though.” MissClick said, leaning against the door frame like she was all too eager to talk gaming. “I’m super stoked if the rumours are true though about them having a new Smash announcement in this Direct.”
“Nah, I’m not so sure about that.” Ross said, putting his phone away. “I think they’ve got enough anime guys swinging swords in the game already.” He joked.
“Oh shut up!” She laughed, giving him a shove on the arm. “Nintendo are not that predictable!”
“Yeah they are! I’d put a bet on it that it’s gonna be another husbando with a broadsword or something added in.” Bruce said.
“That so, huh?” She smirked. “What kind of bet?”
“...Oh, you serious?” Ross said. “Hmmmm… How about this then, since you’re a streamer, right? I’ll bet you 100 subs on your channel that there’s another God damn sword guy put into Smash.” He rather boldly said.
MissClick let out a whistle as she nodded. “That’s a pretty high stake! But what am I putting on the line?” She questioned.

“Heh… Well…” Bruce took a long moment to check the tight bodied blonde out, and that look alone made her eyes widen as her mouth opened in shock even before he spoke. “If I’m right and I win the bet? I think I’ll be swinging by your place here to enjoy some of you… If you catch my drift.” He stated and from her stunned look she absolutely know what he meant.
“I…” Her mouth closed, processing the offer and the risks as she took a moment to give him a glance over in return. “...Fine. I’ll do it.” She boldly said, and now it was his turn to have a surprised expression at taking such a lewd offer. “I got faith in my boys and gals in Nintendo. They wouldn’t do me dirty like this.” She said, even extending her hand to make the bet official.
“Well damn.” Ross eagerly shook her hand. “Didn’t think you’d go for it. I should have bet 50 subs.” He said with a laugh.
“Hey! No take backs! Especially with what I just put on the line.” MissClick said with a smirk. “And my channel’s name is MissClick by the way.” She added.

“Bruce.” He said. An element there between the two already that they had agreed to fuck even without properly knowing one another. “But I figured you wouldn’t have the name that’s on the file. Guess I’ll either see you never after I empty my wallet… Or I’ll see you back here in a couple days.” He stated as he stepped back. “Got a day’s worth of deliveries to get cracking on.”
“Guess we’ll see…” She remarked as she gave a last look over before she closed the door, but looking confident her risk would pay off.
“Geez… Did that just happen?” Bruce shook his head. “A bet is a bet I suppose… But nah, she wouldn’t go through with it…” He said, although he glanced back at the closed door with a smile. “But if she did? Then damn… I’m so wrecking her if I get a chance to hit that.”

* * *

A couple days later…

A knock on the door as Bruce stood outside of the familiar door of the place where he’d dropped off a package to the streamer known as MissClick. A broad grin on his face from having watched the Direct and seen that his prediction had come true. Dressed now in smart enough jeans and a shirt to match, nicely resting against his toned body.

When the door opened, there was a pout on the face of the gorgeous blonde matching the expression of not looking completely happy about the situation. However, she was dressed up in a not exactly covered up way compared to when they’d first met. A pair of black, snug leggings and a short, sleeveless pink top to hug to her rounded chest.

“I’m totally mad about this, I hope you know that.” MissClick stated as she moved back and motioned for him to come in.
“Well, you don’t have to go through with it if you don’t want to.” Bruce stated as even though he said that, he clearly wanted some of her as he closed the door behind her. That was proven already by him hungrily looking her over with approval
“Would you have kept up your end of the bet?” She raised an eyebrow as she gave him a once over.
“Let’s just say I was asking around at work to cover shifts and get some overtime.” He claimed, but his tone not making it sound like he was just telling her what she wanted to hear.
“Sure, I bet you were…” She teased with a bitter hint. “Come on. Let’s get this over with.”

He followed her though into the very room she uses for streaming in. A nicely lengthy couch between two shelving units, packed with video game toys, memorabilia and merchandise. With neon coloured lighting on the back wall to serve a whole different kind of mood lighting than its supposed to be for. She led him over to the couch as she sat down on it, with the usual assortment of plush toys on it already cleared off. Another sign perhaps that she’d been preparing for him to show up as she looked up. A narrow eyed look to show that while willing, she was mad about this all as she reached up and went for his belt to peel it loose.

Her expression however soon changed to another shocked one. Being in perfect height for her face to stare at a meaty, lengthy piece of cock that hung between his legs. Even freezing in place with her hands on his jeans mid lowering them to stare at that cock for a long moment. Finally snapping out of it to look up at him still stunned as he grinned back. “Holy freaking crap, dude!!” MissClick said, finishing lowering his jeans as he stepped out of them after kicking off his shoes. “Like… What the Hell? That’s freaking huge!!” She admitted, like this was by far the biggest cock she’s ever seen in person. Her hand reaching up and taking a hold of him as she was being bold in her own way, especially with a man she only met and briefly at that a couple days before.

“Not too big for you, right?” He stayed smiling, getting a little hint of modest cleavage from her snug top as he stared down to watch her as she started to run her hand up and down his prick. Helping him to harden as he moaned lightly from the touch.

“Guess we’re gonna find out, huh?” She said, brushing her hair to the side a bit as she looked up. Leaning in closer to him and sliding her tongue out. Getting a proper moan out of him as she ran her soft, wet tongue across the tip of him. Not exactly holding back herself despite the claims of being mad about losing the bet with her body on the line. A slow, swirling motion around his bell-end. Nicely combined with her hand pumping the shaft while she licked at the top. Easily making sure his dick was rock hard as she pulled back just so she could, with wide eyes once again, see the big size of meat she was working with here. “Frigging thing looks like it should be in a porno, for crying out loud!” She stated before glancing back up at his handsome, smiling expression as he didn’t even believe she’d go through with this all.

“If you say anything about being a ‘big’ fan of mine, I swear…” She claimed before before he could reply she was moving back down towards him again. This time her soft lips parting as she made him groan, taking him inside her mouth and making herself groan in the process as she had to stretch around that thick rod. Keeping her hand gripping the base to stroke him off as he started to move her head up and down. A few inches along with the crown between her lips as she groaned around him. Still looking up as she started sucking him off and despite that big size, she was able to get into a smooth motion to work him over. Double teaming him with her palm taking care of the lower part.

“Mmmmm… Wouldn’t fucking dream of it…” Bruce said, smiling down as he watched that gorgeous face slide back and forth along his cock. Making him moan as he got a flick of tongue on his underside as her lips worked him over steadily. More than enough of a motion to make her hair fall out of place to cover an eye for a moment before her free hand brushed it back. Not enough of a distraction to stop her bobs as she pushed a little more of his meat into her soothing, damp mouth to keep him moaning. “Mmmmm! Shit… That’s fucking good… Yeah…” He said as the streamer sucked him off and continued to apply her hand to the lower portion. Slightly bumping her fist into her chin when they two met as she slurped on the top half while jerking off the potion not yet between those soft lips. Showing off that this is far from her first time taking on some dick as she used the combo to make him moan out.

“Mmmmmphhh… Hmmmmmphhh… Shhhlllrrppp… Mmmmm…” She continued to look up as she worked her short haired head up and down on his dick. Those eyes already looking far from the peeved state she’d been when admitting to being ready to carry out the ‘losing’ side of their bet. Yet clearly she was willingly and looking rather eagerly blowing his big cock as the saliva started to drip down his inches. “Mmmm… Hmmmmm… Mmmmmphh!! Hhhhlllrrrpp…” She groaned around his prick as her hand switched up from jerking off to just holding the base with a couple of fingers. The hair still swaying as she bobbed back and forth and made this far from average and not just in terms of looks man moan out from her oral talents. He wasn’t making a bad showing for himself either with his dick rock hard and looking ready to take plenty more from her as she sucked off half of his impressive size.

Closing her eyes, she threw caution to the wind as she pushed her beautiful facial features down further onto his shaft, getting a louder moan out of him as she made his bell-end hit the back of her mouth. Her face tensing up from the discomfort as she let out a gag before pressed on, pulling up with a sinful slurp before sending her mouth down the shaft again to repeat the process. “GAAAAAAAHHH… HHHHHHLLLKKK… MMMMM!!” She pumped up and down deeply as her other hand clutched his thigh to keep herself steady as she sat. Letting her mouth do all the pleasurable work to coat his inches with her spit. And even with the choking her own arousal was clear and not just from the muffled moans she was making bounce off his prick as she took him in and out of that wet oral hole. Her pink top showing off hard nipples from arousal just from the act of a blowjob.

“GAHHHHHH… MMMMMPHHHH… GAAAHHHHH HHHHRRRKKKK…” MissClick choked  lustfully, moaning between the equally wicked raspy sounds as the spit drooled down her lower lip and off her chin from the repeated motion. Leaving drops hitting those perky tits as they fell both off her jaw and the fat cock she was slurping away on. Even blindly being able to reach up and keep her hair back in place while she focused on driving her mouth up and down on his rod. “GAAAHHHH… MMMMMPHHH… SHHHHRRRLLLPP! GAAAAAAAAHHH!!” The gags were loud as she put this stranger through his paces as he moaned out with every deep bob she delivered. A round of cock sucking that would send a normal man, especially a gamer, into an early finish within a minute. He just grinned and watched that stunning face move along his thickness as her lips fought to keep around him. Showing that while she isn’t used to tacking a guy packing this much dick she’s got a talented mouth that could be used for a whole lot more than video reactions and gameplay commentary.

When she finally opened her eyes, even though they were watered slightly from the discomfort of taking a cock so deep there was clear desire in those eyes, staring up at the grin he still had on. No one would blame him for smiling with a blonde hottie eager to suck his dick. Lifting off just to spit down onto his dick as she caught some air and used both hands to lather her saliva even more along his size with some double bumping. Making him groan in approval as she briskly pumped him and ground her teeth together briefly. Unable to help herself as she leaned in again and guided his dick into her mouth for another round of slurps but with the one hand holding his dick. Making them both moan as she shifted up and down and never breaking eye contact with the man she’d only agreed to blow as part of a bet, but now was already looking like she was ready to do plenty more to fulfil that handshake agreement.

“Mmmmm… Shit! That’s some fucking good head right there…” Bruce said with a smile and a sigh as she lifted off again.
“Well aren’t you a frigging charmer?” MissClick teased, smirking as she sat back. “Bet you say that to any chick who blows you.” She said, before reaching down and lifting up her stained with spit top. Showing off those nicely sized, perfectly rounded tits as she tossed the garment aside.
“Oh, sure… Because it’s every day I get to fuck a hottie streamer in her fancy gamer den.” He joked as he stepped back. Allowing her to stand up and slide down those leggings while he unbuttoned and removed his own shirt. Seeing that, as expected she was fully ready to get down and dirty, she didn’t have any underwear on downstairs either. Getting a look at her smoothly shaved pussy along with her cutely rounded backside as she stepped out of her clothing.
“You should be honoured then, right?” She smirked, sitting back down to lean back. Not showing any signs of the annoyance when they met at her door earlier on as she spread her legs invitingly wide for him.

“Oh, I’ll make sure to give you what you deserve, babe…” Ross said, smirking as he moved in to get into position. Lining his shaft up with that slick looking entrance as he pushed in. Making full use of his prize as he pushed into her bareback to make them both moan out as her eyes once again widened and very much in approval than just shock. Her arms going out along the sides of her couch as she felt her love tunnel being spread open as his dick pushed in as her slim and toned body tensed up from the penetration. “Mmmmm! Oh shit… MMMMM… Yeah, that’s tight as fuck! MMMM…” He moaned out as her walls gripped his dick and he wasn’t even halfway into her yet. Fully planning on that and stuffing in a whole lot more as he began to pull his hips back. Thrusting into her twat as he took a hold of that waist to keep her in position as he stared down. Watching his dick start to work in and out of her but always keeping at least the crown and an inch or so of his pole within her as he built up the motion.

“MMMMM!! Oh wow!! MMMMM… That’s freaking huge!! MMMMM!! God damn!” She moaned and gasped out. Her eyes darting from up at him to back down between her legs as she kept them spread wide even as they began to shake as he applied force to his thrusts. Feeling her pussy getting not too much time to adjust to the increasing invasion but feeling nothing but pleasure from the pumping. “AHHHHH… God! Freaking stretching me open already?? MMMMM!! Ooooooooh… You’re a big frigging fan of me alright!!” She laughed with a gorgeous smile as she locked eyes with him before finding herself biting her lower lip. Already enjoying this more than she knows she should as he long shaft pumped in and out of her snug, wet pussy. Shaking her head from side to side to whip her short blonde hair sway from her eyes as she got taken on her own couch. Turning her own stream casting room into a sex den as she got pumped by a hunk she barely knows.

“I thought… MMMMM… I wasn’t supposed to bring up a joke like that?” He teased her, smiling as he groaned out as her wet tunnel stayed clamped around his thickness. Pushing in deeper to see what the stunning influencer could handle as his thrusts were already making her tits jolt a bit as he pushed firmly in. His hands running up her sides and admiring the toned abs she had while his cock more than took care of delivering her some top notch pleasure as her constant and far from quiet moaning already proved. “MMMMM… Mmmmmm fuck!! AHHHHH…” He groaned as he utilized his dick like a piston. Making them both groan out in delight as his prick went from being coated in her spit to now getting a healthy layer of her juices all over him as he pumped away into her. More than half his size now stuffed between her lower lips with plenty more to come.

“AHHHHH!! MMMMMM!! I think I can… MMMMM… Let you off with that now… OH GOD! MMMMM!!” She gasped out when he sent in a harder pump, working in another inch for good measure. Her eyes locked down at her own crotch, seeing that vanishing trick she was helping to perform as his inches went deep into her slot before a few reappeared as he kept the rhythm going smoothly. Almost like she was in a trance as the biggest, fattest dick she’s ever taken on in her life was fitting all too easily into her hot, damp pussy. “MMMMM… As long as you… MMMMM DAMN!! Keep that big freaking cock… AHHHHH!! Deep inside of me! MMMMM!!” She half ordered, half begged as her hands moved off from the seating to quickly stroke her hair back to the side sweep position. Then moving to hold onto his upper arms to further aid in keeping herself right in line to smoothly get drilled by his dick. Shifting on the couch but never far enough away so that even as he pulled back, his cock didn’t fall out of her needy twat.

“MMMM FUCK… Yeah, I can fucking do that for you, babe…” He smirked as he let out a groan. His hands moving off from her waist for a moment, but just to pull her legs in and make them hook around his nicely hunky body. Clutching her midsection again as he surprised her with a firm thrust in. Sending his cock this time all the way into her with the closeness as a loud smack was heard from the first contact between their naked bodies. “OH SHIT… MMMMM… Oh fucking sure I can…” He added as he kept that slap ringing out as he repeated the motion. His balls hitting off her skin as he drilled her and filled that pussy up with his meaty rod. Moaning himself as her passage remained super snug all around him even with now being fully inside of her. Showing off a set of skills himself that would be more suited for an adult film star than a tech guy as he ploughed away into her wet, hot hole.

“MMMMM! AHHHH… MMMMMM YES! OOOOOOOOOH MMMMM…” MissClick groaned out as sweat began to form on her body. Still using a shake of the head to try and get her short styled hair out of the way of her lust-filled eyes but the repeated jolting her body has been doing leaving a loose strand or two across her features. Not enough to put her off however as she called out for more and let this man she barely knows have his wicked way with her and that smoking hot body of hers. “AHHHHH… So frigging big! MMMMM!! So… AHHHHH GOD!! SO FREAKING GOOD!! MMMMM!!” She added between moans as she didn’t even try to unwrap her legs from around him, showing how much she’s loving being taken nice and stiffly. Allowing him to unleash a fresh pace of quick, sharp pumps to get himself stuffed into the hilt repeatedly and with quickness. Her head tilting back for a moment in delight at being banged not just so expertly or even with such a huge slab of man meat. This cock could last inside of her, and being rewarded not just with the moans he’s letting out but how her love tunnel was still wrapped snugly all around his dick as it passed in and out.

“FUCK!! MMMMM… Feels real fucking tight to me too! MMMM SHIT…” He groaned out as he hammered down into the Florida beauty. Keeping her waist clutched even as she was more than doing the job herself of holding onto him in return to keep herself in line with his dick. Allowing for that smooth, swift back and forth of his length driving deep into her snatch. Juices starting to drip down from that slot, hitting the couch she was being banging on but any mess to be cleaned up later was far from her worries right now. Supreme pleasure the most on her mind right now as she got nailed nice and hard. Making her hair sway and her breasts bounce as while she got held in place there was still a bit of room to jolt as she took him balls deep. Impressing herself with how her pussy is still more than just tight even with this sort of stiff pace, let alone with his huge member, that would otherwise resize most women for at least a week from this position alone.

“Ahhhhhh…” A disappointed groan left MissClick when he let go of her waist and then pushed her legs away from him as he pulled his soaked cock from her pussy. “You’d better not be frigging finished already!” She warned with a stare of desire, but soon looking down to see that dick standing at attention.
“Far from it…” He told her as he reached down. Moving her into the next position to have her kneel on the couch. Her ass sticking out and leaving her to rest her arms on the back of it, having to arch slightly as her head was close to the wall in the wide gap provided by the neon light fixture on it.
“Good!” She grinned, looking back over her shoulder at him and biting her lower lip as he moved in behind her. And you’d better go to freaking town on me too! Make it all worth your while, winning this stupid, dirty bet we made…” She said, and clearly making a point to remind them of that fact like she’s turned on by having to offer up sex, and willingly so, after losing a bet to a man she doesn’t even really know.

The moans were soon sounding out around the room that she’s supposed to be using for her streams as he pushed his fat cock not just back into that wet and needy pussy, but deep as well. Only a few pumps required before his crotch was connecting off her skin as he filled her up. Making her cutely rounded rear clap against him as she jolted forward. Once again his hands going to hold that toned waist of the slim and stunning beauty. Allowing him this time to pull her backwards as he worked in. Making sure he was driving in balls deep each and every time as he brought her to meet his pumps. Using her in more ways than one with his dick firmly stuffed into her as those wet walls stayed wonderfully tight all around his thick prick to his grinning delight.

“AHHHHHH YESSSSSSS… MMMMM!! SO FRIGGING BIG! AHHHHH GOD!!” Her wide smile showed she was loving it as well. Not objecting to being pushed and pulled on his thrusting dick as he ploughed away into her. Keeping her shifting as she held her position and got fucked from behind from a cock without any concern not just from this being a no-strings-attached hook-up. But the huge cock driving into the full-time streamer being bareback as it slid into the familiar territory of her love tunnel over and over again. “MMMMM!! GOD IT’S SO… MMMMM! FREAKING GOOD! MMMM!! YEAH, COME ON! MMMMM! GIVE IT TO ME! MMMM!!” She demanded, having to look through strands of her short, blonde hair as even trying to whip it back with a shake of the head at this point just left her in more of a mess than she already was. Sweat coating that gorgeous face and leaving a shin across that tight and toned frame of hers. So while she wasn’t even getting a chance to push back, taking the biggest dick in her life was taking a lot out of her and she was revelling in every moment of it.

That dirty talk just kept a smile on his handsome face as he gladly gave her not just what she needed, but could clearly take and now was finally getting the chance to get it. Groaning himself as he drilled her from the back. Keeping her butt smacking off his hunky body as he worked his hips back and forth to keep feeding his prick deeply into her dripping snatch. The slap ringing out around the room as he continued to pull her back to show off his strength as he made her snatch pump along his rod as he thrust away into her. Heightening the pleasure for them both at the expense of him starting to sweat now as he put in double the work but more than reaped the rewards of it if his moans are any indication.

“MMMMM!! OH FREAKING YES!! MMMMM!! OH GOD… OH GOD!!” MissClick gasped out as she stared back over her shoulder. Watching that thick, long cock vanishing into her folds as she got taken from behind. Her hands clutching the back of her couch she was getting fucked over while her pussy dripped juices to further add to the mess she was leaving on the cushions. Panting now as she got drilled nice and hard, not being used to having sex not just feeling this good but lasting this long. “MMMMM!! MORE! YEAH, COME ON! NICE AND FREAKING DEEP! MMMMM!! OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS…” She hissed as her head tilted back, leaving another strand of her hair across her face as she looked like a wild mess. All too happy to be fucked without any say in the pace as that still tight snatch was filled up by his meaty dick again and again. Her tight body hauled back into him as her backside crashed off his waist whenever the next pump got delivered into her slick box.

“AHHHHH… MMMMM! FUCKING TAKE IT! MMMMM!! FUCK!! FUCKING GOOD… AHHHH… TIGHT FUCKING PUSSY! MMMM…” He grunted back in response as he drilled her stunning, Floridian body from behind. Keeping her ass slapping off of him as he sent his dick driving deeply into her box like he was a well oiled machine set into overdrive. His ball sack hitting off that sweat-cover skin of hers each time he went balls deep into that still nicely tight pussy. Her love tunnel managing to hug her thickness even despite the repeated, stiff ramming she’s taken from this position alone. “MMMM! BET YOU’RE… AHHHHH!! FUCKING GLAD YOU FUCKING LOST…UHHHHH!! THAT FUCKING BET NOW, HUH? MMMMM!!” He grinned as he pumped in and out of her slit. His hands still gripping her waist as he drove her back into his hunky frame so she was filled up to a limit she never knew she had before today. Making her jolt back and forth while his cock ploughed into that soaking wet lower hole. His dick dripping with her juices as it left more than a noticeable mess on the couch she was kneeling on.

The Nintendo Brand Ambassador found her face against the wall of her streaming room, with the cheek on the surface to grind a bit as her head shifted from the jolting back and forth her body was being made to do. Moaning out with half closed eyes but still able to look back and watch him ravage her gorgeous frame through that sweat-soaked, messy short hair of hers. The pleasure continuing to build with every deep and hard thrust she took. Being put through a pace that even a seasoned porn star would struggle to last against as her face moved against the wall but so much lust flowing through her she didn’t even feel a hint of pain. Fully focused on the delights from that prick driving away into her slot.

The feeling was mutual from the lucky in more ways than one hunk who is getting this action that even he didn’t think she’d fulfil her end of the bet for. All too happy that she had as he rams his prick into that soaking but still snug snatch of the influencer. Pulling that slim and sexy frame of hers back into his prick each and every time so only a few inches escaped her with his shifted his hips backward, just to drive back forward as he brought her body in. Using her almost like a living sex toy as a more than healthy coating of perspiration was across his nicely desirable body. And having a great view of the action too. Only needing to look right down to watch his dick vanish into her twat as her ass clapped back into his crotch. Or up across her to see that intense look of lust over those pretty features of her through her hair.

“OH GOD! OH GOD!! OH MY FREAKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!” She near screamed out as her mouth hung open. Her stunning body shivering as MissClick was finally was driven through an unsurprisingly hard orgasm. More juices gushing out of her pussy to further splatter across the couch of her streaming space she’s been fucking on and over since she paid up for losing the bet with her tight snatch. “AHHHHHH… MMMMM!! OOOOOOOOOOH…” She groaned out as there wasn’t even a break for her. Banged all the way through her strong peak as he kept his dick drilling away into her even as he moaned from her twat clamping around his size as she came. Running the risk, especially as he took her without any protection on, just to get in another dose of pleasure from her as he withstood that renewed tightness. Thrusting balls deep to make her pant and moan as she came down to Earth with wide, shameless smile on that sweat-dripping face of hers.

“FUCK!” He grunted, pulling out of her pussy. “I’m fucking close babe… Where do you want it?” He offered as he finally let go of her waist. But before he could even reach for his cock she had moved down. Sitting back on the couch like this had all started, and not even caring she was resting in the stains created by her own juices, as she grinned up. “Guess that answers it…” He grinned as she opened her mouth again while her hands clutched his hips.

“MMMMMPHHH… MMMMMM…” Once again her mouth went to work on that very familiar cock. Even more sinful than before as she wasn’t just tasting his thick dick as she bobbed up and down. The taste of her own pussy that this length has just come fresh out of wasn’t just strong but her juices were still soaked all over his inches. Leaving her groaning as her tongue got hit with her own lewd flavour as it ran across his underside. “MMMMM… MMMMPHHH!! MMMMM…” She groaned in approval, eagerly cleaning her own mess from off of him as she slurped up and down. Staring up still with lust in her eyes despite the orgasm she’d just taken a couple of minutes before. Still fired up to give back some of the pleasure she’d just gotten as she plunged her oral hole down on his prick to make him moan.

“MMMMM SHIT!! FUCK!! MMMMM…” He groaned down, watching as the stunning streamer drove her face swiftly up and down his rod with the sort of pace that alone would make many women have a headache trying to keep up. Let alone her managing to pull it off after all the shameless amount of action she’s taken from the start of this all. Juices still dripping from her pussy but now putting another hot, wet hole to work as she sucks on his dick. Replacing her own fluids of arousal with her saliva as she blows him nicely deep. “MMMMM!! Never been fucking happier… MMMMM FUCK!! To win a bet in my whole fucking life! MMMMM SHIT!!” He stated the obvious between his groans as she wildly went to work on his prick. So focused on this dick sucking task that he was left to sweep her short hair back so he could get the clear view as she dished out another dose of head that felt even better than the round that began this encounter over an hour ago.

“MMMMM!! MMMMMPHHHH!! GAAAAAAAHHHH…” Once again, her eagerness was leaving the crown of his dick hitting off the back of that soothing, moist hole of hers. Saliva again dripping down off her chin and landing across her perky tits as if she wasn’t a mess enough already from all the juices and sweat. Her raspy gagging bouncing off his tool as she sunk up and down to pleasure him hands free. “HHHHLLLKKK!! MMMMMMPHHH… GAAAAAAHHHH… SSSHHHRRLLLPP…” Keeping her soft lips gliding along his manhood as she got the spit layered all the way down to the balls. Her eyes locked up at him, and not even flinching when his hand came down to brush her blonde locks back. Going soon deep into his crotch that the tip of her nose brushed against his skin as she went beyond just filling up her mouth.

“FUCK!! MMMMMM SHIT!!” He grunted as she boldly stuffed his dick into her throat. The gagging louder than before but the pleasure even better as she narrowed her eyes, determined to go all out and make the most of this big cock action. Her fingers digging into his skin a bit from her focus as she slobbered away all over his dick. Plunging him into her tight oral passage as it massaged his size with the snug to say the least grip. Her first time trying this as her eyes quickly watered but even with the discomfort that she was willingly doing to herself she never thought about pulling off. Pumping up and down to slide his cock right through her mouth and into her throat as the chokes continued while her chin brushed against his balls.

“GAAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHLLLKKK!! GAAAAAAAAHHH HHHHRRRRLLL!!” That stunning face looked ever hotter than ever, impaled on such a fat cock that would be more suited on a porn star than a lucky tech guy. The saliva drooling down not just off his prick but her chin and down her neck to leave his balls soaked and her tits shining from the mess. Happily face fucking herself to show that while she’d been the one drilled during the proper sex before, she could more than give back as good as she takes. “SHHHRRPPP!! GAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHRRRKKK!!” She gagged around his dick, keeping the spit splattering all across his shaft while her head rocked back and forth. Her eyes only widening when he felt him starting to pulse between her lips as she plunged down again for a last deep throat before she pulled off. Letting out a filthy gasp as she sucked in air then kept her mouth hanging open as she grabbed his cock with both hands. Sticky fingers far from her worries as she rapidly stroked him off and aimed him right at her.

A fitting reward for them both as he began to explode across MissClick’s stunning facial features as well as filling up her mouth with a sizeable load. The first couple of shits hitting over her nose and forehead, catching into the side swept blonde hair and a little hitting her cheek at the side. Most of it though hitting the offered target, making her oral hole collect the hot, thick shots as she groaned from the sensation. The occasional tail end or top hitting the lips and her chin as she pumped away at his dick to milk him dry. Only letting go when he finally went soft in her grasp. Leaving her to press her lips together and using a single, gluttonous swallow she took all the collected jizz down. Even going the extra mile and opening up again with a loud gasp as she stuck the tongue out to show she’d more than paid out for a wicked bet between them both.

“Mmmmm… It’s a good freaking thing I’m not planning on streaming today…” MissClick joked with a grin as she sat back on her couch. Too exhausted from the hard hitting sex to care that she was just smearing more sweat off herself onto the couch.
“From the looks of you? Maybe you might need to take tomorrow off too.” Bruce replied with a smile of his own.
“Oh, I think I might manage… The struggles of a full time streamer and all that.” She said, licking her lips clean of the spunk. “Anyway, about this bet… I know we just sealed it and all… But you didn’t happen to tell anyone else about it, did you?”
“Nah, I didn’t… I don’t think anyone would have believed me anyway if I told them.” Ross stated. “Why?”

“Oh? That’s a shame…” MissClick said with a smirk.
“How so?” He said, picking up the flirty look she was giving him.
“I was kind of looking for an excuse to ‘keep you quiet’…” She bluntly said as her eyes roamed over him to focus on his dick.
“Shit… If you want another round of this? Sign me the fuck up!” He wisely replied. “And I don’t think we need the foreplay of doing a bet about it either.”
“No… No we frigging do not!” She smiled as she reached up with her hand. Scooping up spunk from her face in order to lick it down. “And I’ll be sure to hit you up the next time I need to unwind after a stream...”

* * *

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Re: Blue Screen Brigade - MissClick
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Yum that was bold. What a daring bet besides risky but Bruce gets away with it very well in the end. I liked this new story, the meeting is well brought and their interactions are rather good. It was a pleasure.

MissClick comes out of this story with a whole new face if we can say so!
Thank you 😊
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