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Mr and Mrs. XXX
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Special thank you to MadQV for the idea, astrangelyricist and GAV (and an extra thank you to astrangelyricists for an idea for a certain scene towards the end for their feedback and especially to Gorel29 for editing this, I am beyond grateful for all of you!
Disclaimer: these characters belong to Disney and Marvel.

Chapter 1: The Threesome

Remy was eager to get home as soon as he possibly could, mainly because he knew someone special was waiting for him. It had been two whole years since that fateful day where Shadowcat and Colossus's wedding fell apart and he and Rogue picked up the pieces by taking their places. Sure, the circumstances hadn't been perfect, but they both knew that, for superheroes like them, the perfect circumstances weren't really a thing, so he proposed to Rogue and, hours after that, the two were married.
Since then, their relationship had never been better.

On a regular basis, it had been long beach walks, nights curled up on the couch and playing with their cats and, best for Remy, and all-night lovemaking sessions (although sometimes they forgot about the romance aspect of it and simply opted to fuck their brains out).

Unfortunately for him, he'd had none of that for the past few weeks. That was because he'd been knee deep in a mission battling yet another of those nameless, faceless (yet incredibly violent and dangerous) anti-mutant terrorist groups that would pop up every now and again. It was the usual fare; a bunch of fights, some intelligence gathering about who was funding them and then he and a group of X-Men put them down (hopefully once and for all, although experience told him that was rarely the case) and then the names of whoever was funding them would mysteriously leak to the media, putting them in a hell of a lot of hot water with the general public (and certain law enforcement agencies).

Now, after all that fighting, he was completely wound up and ready to give Rogue the night of her life.
He rushed inside the apartment he'd shared with Rogue, and he found her standing in the hallway, waiting for him. The short, black dress she had on was already enticing enough, but the grin on her face told him he was about to get everything he'd wanted in the weeks he had been away and probably way more. Without even a 'Hello' he rushed over to her and kissed her as passionately as he could. Rogue truly loved how passionate her husband was with her (especially when it came to lovemaking) and he knew it. After a few minutes, they broke the kiss and Rogue grinned from ear to ear, very eager to get this show on the road.

"Before we get any further, why don't we get to the bedroom so I can show you the anniversary gift that I got, I think you're gonna like it." She suggested, before reaching down and giving his dick a brief rub through his pants.

That got Remy's interest. He knew that Rogue was incredibly creative when it came to sex and, given the look on her face (and what she'd just done), he was also certain that she had planned something good, and he couldn't wait to see what it was. She led him to the bedroom and told him to open the door, a big grin on her face as she knew that his mind was about to be blown. Remy wasn't sure what was behind the door, but given her almost limitless sex drive, he had a lot of ideas in his brain. He turned the handle, opened the door and his eyes almost bugged out at sight that greeted him. It was, to say the least, one of the few things that he didn't think he'd ever see. Emma Frost was standing there in an incredible lingerie (white, of course) set.

"Anna..what is this???" Remy was shocked, to say the least.

"What do you think it is? I set up a threesome for us and Emma." Rogue casually said, as she strolled over to Emma.

Are you serious?" Remy asked, still unable to believe his own eyes, he was still sure this was a dream.

"Does this tell you how serious I am?" Rogue asked, right before she kissed Emma and reached down to grab her ass.

Remy's disbelief grew even further, this really was like something right out of his dreams...which made him think that, during one of the many times she'd absorbed him, Rogue stumbled across one of those fantasies and wanted to make it a reality for their anniversary. In fact, he was 99 percent sure that was what happened, but he quickly reminded himself that it didn't matter, and his focus should be on the love of his life who, at that moment, was making out with one of the hottest women the world had ever seen. Sure, he'd say she had nothing on Rogue (and he'd mean it), but that didn't mean that Remy didn't think Emma wasn't scorching hot in her own right.

"I think he likes his present." Emma joked as she broke the kiss and looked over at Remy.

"Do you, Remy?" Rogue asked, although she knew the answer. She just wanted him to say it.

"Of course, I do, Chere, what man wouldn't?" Remy asked, getting a not of agreement from Rogue, who decided to get back into the action.

She moved her hands to Emma's breasts and lightly caressed them as she tried to get Remy hotter and hotter. Not that she needed to, Remy was already thinking of bowling both over and taking every hole they had, all night long. Oh, I think we're both up for that. Emma mentally said to him.
Of course, even in this current situation, Remy did not like telepaths in his head. Something both women knew, but they also knew he was smart enough to not blow this whole deal by getting pissed at Emma, so he had to accept her fucking with him a bit. A small price to pay for what was to come.

"You ready to join us?" Rogue asked as she broke her kiss with Emma.

Remy was more than ready to take her up on that offer. He ran over and pulled Rogue into a kiss, eager to get down to business. He'd been on assignment too damn long and he was so wound up that he was gonna show Rogue a hell of a night and if Emma was there with them, it was just gonna make things better. Especially if Emma was half as good a fuck as she had spent years advertising herself as.

‘Oh, I promise that I'm even better than advertised.’ Emma mentally said to him.

Once again, such an action would normally get her throw out, but being in the presence of two incredibly hot women who he was about to fuck made him a very forgiving man, so he gave her that little stunt. Once the kiss with Rogue was broken, Emma moved in, and she planted a huge kiss of her own on Remy. It was one that told him that Emma had been waiting for this for a while just as much as he had. Which was a bit of a surprise, Remy was pretty sure she, at best, tolerated him due to his presence in Rogue's life, but he wasn't gonna concern himself with wondering what her actual feelings towards him were now.

He had other business to attend to.

That business involved his wandering hands exploring Emma's body. Surgically enhanced or not, most men would give their lives to touch her incredible body. Thankfully Remy didn't have to go that far to get his hands on her. In fact, Emma was more than happy when his hand moved to her ass and gave it an appreciative squeeze. He would never claim that any woman had a better body than Rogue, but that didn't mean that he couldn't enjoy the one he was currently feeling.

"You still liking your anniversary present?" Rogue asked, getting an eager agreement from Remy.

"Well, you're about to like it a lot better in a moment." Rogue said as she strolled up to Emma.
Rogue once again kissed the insanely hot blonde and took her own liberties with Emma's body.

As she did that, they also began to strip each other, normally all three of them would have taken it slow, but they were both already having enough of a good time that they didn't want to wait too long.
Remy was already incredibly hot, watching this however, almost sent him over the edge.
Somehow, he managed to keep it together. Rogue and Emma were impressed, with both Remy's willpower and with each other's bodies. Rogue's hands slowly glided down, making sure to pay special attention to her butt and her breasts while Emma, for her part, seemed to really focus on Rogue's breasts. It wasn't often that a woman could say their breasts were bigger than hers, but that was a boast that Rogue could easily make. Emma couldn't resist them, so she quickly moved her mouth down to Rogue's left breast…

As she gave a pleased squeak at Emma's actions, Rogue glanced over to Remy and saw that he approved of what Emma was doing. In fact, he liked just about everything about this scene, although he thought it would be perfect if he'd gotten involved. But he didn't want to jump in just yet, they were having fun and he didn't want to potentially ruin things. Rogue grabbed the back of Emma's hair and pulled her head up to give her an incredibly rough kiss, getting a surprised reaction from Emma at first, before Emma gave in and kissed her just as hard as she'd been kissed. Emma wasn't surprised by the way Rogue took charge, but that was fine with her.

"Don't promise things that you can't follow up on." Rogue said as she broke the kiss.

"Oh, I don't break my promises, in situations like this one." Emma shot back.

Remy grinned at that, he noticed that they were both into it, something that didn't surprise Remy, in fact, in confirmed something for him. He'd long suspected Rogue of being more fluid in her sexuality than she let on (although he'd never broached the subject with her, he did notice little moments here and there that made him wonder about it) and Emma seemed like a "Down for anything" kind of gal, which made for, in Remy's opinion, a perfect combination. Rogue kissed Emma again, but this time she made sure to move her fingers up and Emma's panty clad pussy, which caused Emma moaned in response. Suddenly, much to Emma's surprise, Rogue lightly pushed her on the bed and moved in to resume kissing her. The surprise was a pleasant one and soon enough, Emma lost herself in the kiss.
She had to admit that she was impressed with how much Rogue was proving to be quite adept at taking charge.

They kissed for a bit, then Rogue slid down, an obvious sign that she wanted to eat Emma out.
Of course, Emma had no problems with that plan. Rogue started by planting a few almost chaste kisses on the underwear that was keeping her from what she really wanted, then she quickly ripped Emma's panties off, getting a swear from Emma due to how expensive those panties were (not that Rogue gave a damn), right before Rogue got ready to dive in. Before she did that, however, Rogue made sure to wave her butt around, obviously trying to entice Remy to join them. Naturally, he didn't need to be told twice, and he got behind Rogue and began to slowly dry hump her. Rogue knew he was just toying with her, trying to get a little revenge on her for getting him all wound up. That was fine with her, she knew there would be consequences for such a thing, but she still wanted to keep him as hot as possible.
And what better way to do it than by eating Emma Frost's pussy and making her orgasm?

Rogue, for her part, couldn't resist the chance to eat out such a gorgeous woman. Her tongue was finding every single inch of Emma's pussy it could, which Emma was absolutely loving. Meanwhile, Remy had pulled down his pants and was now teasing Rogue's pussy with his dick. Even now, she had to admit that Remy's abilities to tease her was without peer. Not that she had a lot to compare to, but the memories of women who'd slept with Remy that she had absorbed were enough to tell her that it was a skill that he excelled in. One that Emma clearly wanted to experience for herself. After a few minutes of teasing, Remy got ready to push his dickhead into her pussy. Before he could, however, an idea hit Rogue like lightning, and she stopped him and spoke up.

"Wait, before you do that, I think you should be a good host and start with our guest." She eagerly said.
Remy looked over at Emma, who got a big grin on her face, clearly eager to fuck him.

"If dat's your wish." He said to his wife (who had quickly moved away from them and found a chair to sit on), while also winking at Emma.

"You better believe it is, now gimmie what I want, Cajun!" Rogue responded; her eyes locked on him.
Remy was surprised by just how much Rogue was into the idea of watching her husband fuck another woman.

Sure, they'd both joked about having sex with their teammates here and there and certainly, even though they were married, neither of them hesitated to flirt with those teammates, but Remy never really thought anything about it, he simply regarded it as part of their respective personalities.
However, it was now clear to Remy that Anna had taken those jokes and the flirting to heart. Remy was guessing that she was curious and wanted to see if he wanted to make good on that flirting, which led to this situation. Sure, he had experienced many threesomes in his life, but never with two women as incredible as Rogue and Emma. So, he was beyond grateful for Rogue's curiosity, and he wanted to reward her for it. He got into the bed with Emma and kissed her, while Rogue eagerly watched them. Even with Rogue's unspoken permission, it still felt weird as hell for Remy to kiss a woman that wasn't his wife.

Sure, he'd kissed a few people on the cheek a few times since they got married, but he hadn't full on kissed someone like he was kissing Emma, hell, the thought hadn't even crossed his mind. So, as surprising as this scenario was, Remy was enjoying this kiss quite a bit. As they kissed, Emma briefly thought about how she and Remy were never exactly best friends, but she (in private) had to admit that he was incredibly attractive. If the right person pushed her and she knew it was just them. Remy had no such stipulations to admit that he found her attractive. He just made sure that it was with the caveat that she was, at best, an annoyance to him. Despite that attraction, neither of them thought it would ever get this far. She made a mental note (and sent it to Remy) that they would both really have thanked Rogue for changing that later.

For now, Emma and Remy wanted to focus on each other. They had waited long enough for this moment, and it was time for them to finally fuck each other. This was not in their dreams (or daydreams), this was for real. Emma continued things by grabbing his left hand and placing it on one of her breasts. Without even thinking about it, Remy gave it a rough squeeze. He and Rogue had found they loved getting rough with each other in the bedroom, so that was an automatic reaction, although Remy kicked himself for not asking first, he always tried to be a gentleman about stuff like that.
Luckily for him, Emma thrived when it got rough. After all, she had been the White Queen of the Hellfire Club and rough sex was very much part of the job.

A part that she took to it like a fish to water.

In fact, even before her 'training' from the other Inner Circle members, she reveled in it. Emma felt like the rougher her partners were, the more on equal footing she was with them. Which she was more than happy to show her partners. In fact, she proved, more often than not, that most guys couldn't hang on her level. So much so that she usually regarded her partners as beneath her before they even laid a hand on her. A belief she didn't really have when it came to Remy. Sure, they were incredibly antagonistic when they interacted (and they certainly weren't fond of each other on a personal level), but both sides knew that bubbling under that antagonism was lust, which gave their snide comments an edge to them that they didn't have when snarking on others. And, since both sides were done denying it, they were going to indulge their lusts for as long as they could. Which, as there was a lot to work out between them, was going to be awhile.

Rogue respected that.

After all, she had her own desires that she wanted to act out with Emma and she would make sure that would happen, but she would be willing to wait until Remy and Emma were done. She wanted to watch the show Emma and Remy were putting on, and what a show it already was. She had to admit, that those two had a lot of chemistry. So much so that Rogue thought that she would have to see if Emma would be interested in another go around once they were done. Granted, it was just a formality as she just knew that Emma would jump at the chance, but she still liked to extend the courtesy.

Rogue was getting ahead of herself though, as a superheroine, she knew that could be futile. As for Remy and Emma, they were, now, locked into a passionate embrace, neither side wanting to do something that could be seen as ceding ground to the other. Something about Remy brought out a weirdly competitive spirit in Emma and vice versa. Which, in Rogue's eyes, was making this paring that much hotter. Eventually, though, it was Remy who ultimately gave in and placed her on the bed.
He wanted to show her just how good he was at pleasuring women. Rogue would gladly attest to his abilities in that area, and she knew he was going to prove himself to Emma.

But she remained quiet (beyond the little noises she was making as she masturbated), not wanting to spoil it when Remy's tongue first plunged into Emma's pussy. Sure enough, the moment was an electric one. Remy, of course, drew it out, rubbing her pussy just enough to get her all wet then he got his tongue as close as he could before pulling it back. He did it a few times and Emma was soon on the verge of murdering him. Which was exactly what he was waiting for. He'd done it to Rogue so many times before, she knew exactly how close he could get a woman to having a meltdown, weather he pushed her over the edge tended to be based entirely on what he felt the situation called for. As soon as he began to eat her out, it was clear that the trick had worked on Emma. The former White Queen's face soon got a look of surprise on it, clearly, she had underestimated Remy LeBeau and his oral skills. Rogue began to finger herself as hard as she could, she could already tell that Remy and Emma had incredible chemistry.

"That fucking tongue." Emma managed to moan out.

Rogue couldn't help but give a bit of a laugh at Emma's reaction. She knew all about how good that tongue was. Of course, Rogue also knew that this was just the beginning. Remy was only getting warmed up and, once he got going, Emma was really gonna have a reason to moan.

"God, it's amazing." Emma continued.

Rogue had tried to stay quiet, but she just had to speak up to agree with her.

"It's his best feature." She jokingly said.

Emma had to give a bit of a laugh in response, right before she loudly moaned as Remy made sure her attention was back on him. Rogue couldn't blame him; she knew that Emma was a very enchanting person and Remy was clearly under her spell. Which Rogue wasn't surprised by, hell, in truth, she had to admit that she kinda felt the same way about Emma. Maybe it was going to make her and Remy a little competitive over her attentions once the threesome properly started, but that was fine with her.
In fact, she found it a little fun. It wasn't a position that she'd ever found herself in before, but the hope that it'd happen was exciting. Remy of course, thought nothing of that, now because all he could think about was making Emma cum. His tongue was deep in her pussy while his hands manipulated her clit, actions that made Emma get louder and louder by the second.
Thankfully, their bedroom was completely soundproof.

It was a necessity with them.

They didn't want the others in the building constantly calling the cops due to either a supervillain showing up and trying to kill them or, more likely, them getting way too loud when they were fucking.
Especially when the whips and ropes came out.

"That's it, girl, give Remy what he wants and cum." Rogue said as she played with her breasts, even from her perspective, she could tell what Remy's goal was, so she figured she could help a little. Emma liked her kind of encouragement and let Rogue know it with a moan.

"That's right, all you gotta do is cum, baby." Rogue continued.

They continued like that for a bit with Remy's tongue and Rogue's voice being quite the combo.
Eventually that combo did their job and gave Emma one of the best orgasms of her life.

"OH MY GOD!" She screamed as cum soon gushed out of her pussy.

As much as she put on the front of being ice cold, Remy caused her to overheat in a big way.
Which was, in Remy's eyes, quite the accomplishment. To both Anna and Remy's surprise, Emma didn't need a great deal of time to recover after that. Emma proved to both, that energy was rarely a problem she had when it came to sex. Of course, it helped that, in her post orgasm haze, Emma heard Rogue asking if she was gonna fuck her husband yet and that gave her quite the reason to get back to business. Rogue had to admit that she was a bit surprised at herself for asking Emma and Gambit to fuck. Rogue had to admit that, visually, they were a tantalizing pair and she wanted to see more from them. Which, even before her comment, Remy had picked up on, he was good at picking up on the little things when it came to her. After all, even if he was pleasing an amazingly beautiful woman like Emma, Rogue was still (for the most part) the focus of his entire world. Despite that, Emma was ready to fuck, and she immediately maneuvered both herself and Remy so that she was on his lap and gave him a light kiss.

"Ready for the ride of your life?" She asked him, more than a bit of ego in her voice, which was something she knew turned guys on.

It made them really want to make sure that she'd remember them and make her beg for more, although that very rarely happened. Rogue would have normally taken offense to that, but she was enjoying this, and Emma seemed more than willing to try and back up her words. As soon as Remy dared her to try and top Rogue, Anna knew she was in for a show she'd never forget, and Emma knew she was going to have to work quite hard to meet that challenge. When Emma quickly sank down on Remy's dick, the look in her eyes telling him that she was gonna make him rue the day he challenged her.
For her part, Rogue already liked what she was seeing in front of her as Emma began to ride her husband. Emma's ass was incredible and watching her ride Remy was almost like watching a work of art come to life.

Rogue felt lucky that she got an up close and personal view of it. Emma started out slowly, then she'd begin speeding up just enough to get him going, before returning to her slow pace. She was torturing the hell out of Remy and she could clearly hear that Rogue was getting almost as much of a kick out of it as she was. Emma may have been Remy's anniversary present, but she wanted it clear to everyone in the room that she could easily take charge if she wanted to. She knew neither of them expected anything less from the former White Queen. Emma's skills clearly had impressed even Remy, who never hesitated to be vocal about things (one of the things Rogue liked about fucking him, she knew that, far too often, guys would be as stoic as possible, Remy being so vocal was a great ego booster).

"Mmmm, dat's real good, Emma, fuck dat cock as hard as you can." He said, clearly hoping to encourage her to go harder.

"Aw, you want more?" She asked, with a smirk on her face.

"You know damn well I do." Remy curtly responded.

Even in this situation, neither one was showing much of a desire to give up too much control.
Which meant that Remy knew that he might have to take charge in this situation. In fact, he was pretty sure that pushing him to take control was Emma's goal. For Rogue's part, she was enjoying watching this. Remy was always more than happy to serve her, but she was also more than willing to let him take charge when she felt it was needed. Right now, he clearly wanted to take some control here, but he also knew that was Emma's goal: to establish, in her own way, that she was in charge, so he couldn't give in.
Rogue wasn't surprised by that as she knew that he'd wanted to knock Emma down a peg for years (hell, a lot of people did) and she also knew that she was watching yet another of the small battlefields between them. Rogue had to admit that it had been kind of hot watching them bicker over the years.
She wondered if the pair had even realized the kind of tension they'd had.

Then again, if anyone beyond her noticed it, they probably didn't think it was unusual. After all, Remy had that kind of sexual chemistry with every woman he'd met. So, it was just something people learned to live with, which meant that it tended to not be noticed by his teammates. Rogue, however, noticed every single time Gambit was around another woman. As much as she didn't want to admit it, for years Gambit's flirting with others had bothered her. Eventually, however, as she discovered how much Remy loved her and how much flirting was just in his nature and not a weapon that he was using against her, she started being amused by it.

All of that was irrelevant now because Emma started to move faster and faster, obviously spurred on by Remy's repeated swatting of her ass. The first one had just been a little test to see how she reacted, when she gave a positive response, Remy saw his opportunity and took it. Much to everyone's surprise, Emma was the one who decided to give up and she let Remy take charge, which he was gonna have some fun with.

"When I say move, dat means move!" Remy exclaimed, getting a submissive squeak in response.
Rogue liked seeing this different side of Emma.

A submissive Emma was something that she couldn't really imagine. Sure, Emma would defer to Scott, but this was different as usually that was to stay on his good side and to stay in power. Remy seemed to be able to bring this side out of some women. Rogue had absorbed him enough times to know that. She used to be deeply ashamed of how much she cherished those memories. She had loved laying in bed and playing with herself while she imagined herself as the girl he was fucking. Of course, these days, she'd done everything she'd dreamed of with him in real life and even more, so she had no use for such memories. In truth, despite her willingness to try anything sex related, she could never imagine that she'd be watching her husband fuck Emma Frost and having a great time while doing it. Yet, here they all were, in that exact scenario. Rogue was furiously masturbating while Remy was fucking Emma like their lives depended on it.

"Dat's what I like." Remy said, just before he kissed Emma with a ferocity that would have made a normal person cum.

Thankfully for both, Emma could last through whatever things most things guys could throw at her and then some. Suddenly, Remy spun them around and was soon on top of Emma, a show of power that didn't go unnoticed by Emma. Rogue couldn't help it anymore; she got up from the chair she was in and quickly joined them on the bed so she could get a close-up view of this one. Remy seemingly had no mercy for his teammate, fucking her as hard as he possibly could and repeatedly informing her that he was in charge here, which Emma happily conceded to. He reached down and took her breast into his mouth. While he didn't think they could compare to Rogue's big naturals, they were certainly as close to the real thing as he'd ever felt fake breasts be.

It didn't take too long before Emma began to have the biggest orgasm of her entire life.
Rogue was also orgasming, as she rubbed her clit harder and harder, trying to match her husband and Emma's speed. The room was getting hotter and hotter by the second and, amazingly enough, there was still plenty of time left in the night. As soon as Emma's orgasm subsided, Remy surprised both by pulling out of her before he came.

"Rogue, you wanna do a little clean up?" He asked her, ever the gentlemen when she was involved.
Clearly, he had something up his sleeve and Rogue was pretty sure she knew what it was.

Rogue happily took him up on his over and dove in and began to eat at Emma's pussy. She was pretty sure that Remy wanted to get in her backdoor and she wanted him to know that she was ready for him, so she began to wiggle her ass. Remy got the hint immediately and moved behind Rogue.

"Which hole?" Was all he asked her, even when he was dominate, he made sure never to do something that could cross a line with her.

Rogue looked back at him and happily told him whichever one he wanted. She knew, as soon as she said it, which hole he'd chosen when he heard him move away from her long enough to grab some lube from their nightstand. Remy loved anal sex, but he rarely indulged in it because Rogue (who certainly enjoyed it a lot) believed that it should be for special occasions. Of course, she considered tonight to be a real special occasion, so she had no objection to this. After a few moments, Rogue was all lubed up and she soon felt Remy pushing inside her asshole. Rogue gave the obligatory pained groan as he slowly pushed his entire length in. It was Emma's turn to be impressed with Rogue, given that Remy's dick was huge.

"Here we go, mon Chere." Remy said, right before he began thrusting.

Rogue let out a yelp as Remy began to fuck her ass as hard as he could.
Normally Remy liked to let it build up, but he was clearly all wound up from fucking Emma and he wanted to get off. Rogue couldn't blame him for that. The only real problem was that it made it a harder for her to lick Emma's pussy as having fucked her as hard as he was made it kind of hard to do her job and clean Emma up. Granted, it had already gone beyond simply clearing Emma's pussy, instead Rogue was trying to get her to make another mess. Of course, Emma was smart enough to see the problem, and she soon grabbed Rogue's head and steadied it, giving Rogue (at least as far as her head goes) some stability. Remy, for his part, wasn't interested at all in keeping things stable.
Instead, he had tunnel vision and all he cared about was cumming in Rogue's ass. As he fucked her, Remy told Rogue all about how incredible she was, about how tight her ass was and how it was the greatest ass he'd ever seen.

Rogue didn't hear much, given Emma's hands were almost totally covering her ears, but she knew how complimentary Remy got when he was getting close to cumming. Something she always enjoyed hearing and she'd repeatedly told him how much she loved it, so he always made sure to do it when the time was right. Not that Remy was ever stingy with the compliments it was just that she really liked hearing it right as he came. There was something oddly romantic about it.
He made a motion to Emma, who immediately released Rogue's head, so she could hear whatever Remy was about to say.

"You ready for dis load, Anna?" He asked her, a grimace on his face telling Emma that he was gonna have a hard time holding it in if she wasn't.

As soon as Anna gave a 'Yes' Remy began to shoot his load deep into her ass. Rogue looked up and Emma and gave her a smile that told Emma that she liked getting his load. Emma pulled her cunt away from Rogue's mouth and soon she maneuvered herself until she was face to face with her teammate.
Then she kissed her, unable to believe what had just happened. Remy watched the two of them begin to make out again, while they also rested a bit and smiled to himself. Once he was ready to go again, Emma declared that she had something she wanted to try, and she left for a few moments. When she came back, she was wearing a strap-on, caught the attention of both husband and wife. For a few seconds, Gambit and Rogue were unsure of who she planned to use it on, and their faces showed it. Of course, to ease their concerns she explained that her idea was to fuck Rogue's ass while Gambit, in turn, would fuck her ass. Remy got a huge grin on his face at that idea, he was already looking forward to it.
Rogue was far more unsure about this than her husband was, but she'd still give it a try.

She hoped Emma had picked up on response (she was down for most things, but she considered anal to be an almost sacred thing, so doing this with someone other than her husband was weird) and would make sure to take great care with her. Then she realized that Gambit would probably be the one setting the pace, so that idea went right out the window. He was gonna fuck Emma's ass as hard as he possibly could. She knew he wasn't gonna be able to resist the opportunity to ruthlessly dominate Emma.
She didn't think she'd be able to resist doing the same either if she were in his situation.
After a bit of preparation from everyone, Rogue found herself bent over, waiting for Emma's strap-on to enter her ass.

As soon as Emma did, they waited for a few seconds, before Remy then entered Emma's ass.
Emma had deemed very few worth enough to do this with her and Remy had proven himself to her, so, while she was recovering from her first orgasm, she decided to try this out with him. Also, it gave her a chance to take Rogue's ass, which she'd admired for quite a while. She'd put it on par with her own and that was an honor that she'd give to very few women. So, few, in fact, that you could barely count them on one hand. Putting Rogue in that group was a high honor, to say the least. Of course, as soon as Remy entered her ass, all thoughts left Emma's mind. Somehow, his dick felt even more amazing in her ass than it did in her pussy, and he hadn't even started thrusting yet. After a few moments of just enjoying the feeling, he began fucking Emma as hard as he could, which meant that Emma was now fucking Rogue as hard as Emma could. Which, as it turns out was hard.

Emma's only verbal responses were loud screams and the occasional "FUCK!", with Rogue having a similar reaction to the large dildo going in and out of her ass. Remy was fucking Emma harder than anyone had ever fucked before, and it was clear he was having a good time dominating her. It was something that he'd wanted to do for a long time and, now that he was in this position, he decided to really put the screws to her. There was something he knew would get under her skin. He slowed down just enough to let her regain her composure...then he asked her a question.

"Tell me de truth: Am I the best you've had?" Remy asked her, determined to get the victory over her that he'd fantasized about for so long.

Emma immediately caught on and decided to turn the tables on him and Rogue.

"You're alright...maybe I should ask Rogue the same question." Emma shot back, before descending into screams as Remy, in response to her little shot, picked up the pace again.

If the time wasn't right now, then he'd have to wait...but she would tell him he was the best she'd ever had. He'd make damn sure of that. It was clear that both Remy and Emma had begun another of their endless battles. This battle was going to benefit Rogue quite a bit. She'd never dreamed of something like this, but she was enjoying the hell out of it, even if she felt a little like an afterthought. But she was fine with it, after all this was something Remy and Emma badly needed. She'd still cherish this night for the rest of her life. As for her husband, he was 100 percent locked in on fucking Emma as hard as he could. He wanted to leave Emma in a state of shock by the time he was done, making sure she'd never doubt just how good he really was. He also wanted to use her as a tool to pleasure his wife. Although he wasn't sure which goal took priority.

"C'mon, girl, throw it back, I thought you were a once in a lifetime fuck, you know a Queen that drove men mad." Remy taunted, in his never-ending quest to get under her skin.

And, if the way her body was moving told the truth, it was working. The usually cold Emma had heated up in a big way. The Former White Queen was finding out that Remy tended to make women completely lose control. Which Rogue would gladly attest to if she didn't have a strap-on deep in her ass. So, much like Emma, her responses took the form of her screaming at the top of her lungs.

"OH GAWD, PLEASE, HARDER!" She demanded.

Not that Emma was able to fulfill that demand. Remy was the one that was in charge, and he made sure to emphasize that when he responded to Rogue.

"Really, Chere, you want it harder." Remy asked, slowing down again.

This time it was so Rogue could start moving her ass, trying to get Emma's strap-on even further up there, which was proving hard to do as Remy now was holding Emma still. She may have hated when he played these games, but she knew that the pleasure was worth it. Still, Remy having that knowledge made him a very annoying person to deal with at times and this was one of those times.

"You know good and hell well that I do." Rogue snarled at him.

Remy grinned, he always loved doing this to her. Get her as riled up as possible and then make sure that she'd have an earth-shattering orgasm. But truth be told, now, he was more curious about Emma. He couldn't see her face, but he imagined she wasn't thrilled with him.
Which made him very happy.

"What about you, Emma, do you want it harder?" He asked her.

Emma growled in response, eager to get on with it. A very uncharacteristic response from her.
Which was just what Remy wanted. He was in control of her, and she knew it. And that pissed her off while arousing her even more! Remy was the most infuriating and amazing man she'd ever fucked. Others had tried but failed to get under her skin like this. It was something he'd done before, in their day to day lives, so she knew she shouldn't have been too surprised that he could translate that talent to the bedroom as well. She might not have liked him, but she sure as hell had come to respect his creativity. Especially after tonight. With her right where he wanted her, it was time to go in for the kill.

"You know exactly what I wanna hear you say!" He declared, refusing to move until he got what he wanted.

"FINE, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN BECAUSE YOU'RE THE BEST FUCK I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED!" Emma screamed out, finally reaching her breaking point.

Remy grinned, he had what he wanted from her, so he was gonna give her (and Rogue) what she wanted. He began to fuck her with every bit of strength his hips could gather. Emma was, at least for the moment, all his. He had the ultimate victory over her. Of course, tomorrow they'd all go back to their normal lives, but Remy would sure cherish this memory for the rest of his life. He wanted to punctuate his victory by cumming deep in Emma. So, he started pounding into her even harder than he thought he could. For what seemed like ages, he thrust over and over into her, wanting to cement his status.
Of course, even he had a point where it to got to be too much and he felt himself getting closer to cumming.

"Almost time." He managed to get out, getting Emma ready for his cum.

He usually wanted the woman to cum first, but he wanted to make one last point to Emma (or, more accurately, in Emma). Sure enough, he soon came in a big way, giving Emma's ass the biggest load, it's ever gotten. That, in turn, triggered an orgasm of Emma's own, with Rogue soon following. Remy eventually moved out of Emma's ass and laid in bed, with Emma also laying down between him and Rogue. All three of them wanted to make damn sure this didn't end, but they all needed a lot of rest before they went again.
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Re: Mr and Mrs. XXX
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2022, 07:29:03 PM »
Fun story, I'd like to read more.
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Re: Mr and Mrs. XXX
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2022, 10:27:33 PM »
Thank you, if all goes well, there should be plenty more in the future!
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Re: Mr and Mrs. XXX
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2022, 03:02:46 AM »

That was awesome. I really like your use of the dialogue here and the accent use. This was a fun read! Great use of details to paint a visualization in the mind.
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Re: Mr and Mrs. XXX
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2022, 02:52:22 AM »
Thank you, Cade, I really glad you liked it.
In truth, I would have consulted you on the accents, but I felt it would be best to leave myself to my own devices and see how bad the come out, that's the Marvel way!
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Re: Mr and Mrs. XXX
« Reply #5 on: September 17, 2022, 01:48:35 PM »
Cool! I love Marvel and comics in general! It was a good story really fun, I love the characters chosen the reading is good it was really good. Thank you for this pleasure :)
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Re: Mr and Mrs. XXX
« Reply #6 on: September 20, 2022, 10:06:04 PM »
Thank you, Nikko, I 'm really glad you've enjoyed it!
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