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Agent Carter: Divergent
« on: October 21, 2018, 08:47:44 AM »
Agent Carter had survived situations that would kill the most hearty of men. So to meet her end due to a frayed wire was a vast disappointment. The electrical shock knocked her clean off her feet and into the wall behind her. There she crumpled into a puddle as the energy still coursed through her body. As her consciousness faded Peggy’s thoughts swam to Steve; the one true love in her life.


“Right now I'm in the middle of nowhere. If I wait any longer a lot of people are gonna die. Peggy, this is my choice.” A long pause. “Peggy…”

“I'm here.”

“I'm gonna need a rain check on that dance.” Steve replied, his voice breaking through the radio.

“All right. A week. Next Saturday at The Stork Club.”

“You've got it.”

“Eight o'clock on the dot. Don't you dare be late. Understood?”

“You know, I still don't know how to dance.”

“I'll show you how. Just be there.” Carter didn’t bother to hide the tears that now tumbled down her cheeks, or hide the

“We'll have the band play something slow.”


The vocalist came up to the microphone as the band began to wind up. The lyrics of Dearly Beloved came out in a mellow pace. Just what Steve wanted. Peggy Carter thought as the music wafted into her ears. She could already picture them dancing together on the floor. Captain America and Agent Carter. Heroes of the allies. The Captain couldn't dance of course. World saving hero with two left feet.

“Is this seat taken?” It was the 4th pass someone made at her this evening. It was about to be the 4th rejection as well.

“As a matter of fact it…..” Her voice cracked and the words on her tongue vanished.

“You told me to be here.” Steve Rogers replied, a wry grin on his face.

“Steve!” Peggy lost all decorum and stood abruptly, knocking over chairs as she fell into his arms. “I thought you were dead.”

“Thoughts of you kept me alive.” He whispered; holding her close lest she slip away.


“Was going to teach me how to dance.” Steve changed subjects. “I think this is a slow number.”

“It is…” Peggy wiped the tears that formed and lead her lost lover to the dance floor. She turned back only to discover that cocky Captain America was gone. In his place was the more nervous, far less confident Steve Rogers.

“I still can't dance…”

“You just needed to find the right partner.” It was her turn to smile. “Correct?”


Agent Carter had been waiting for this since she realized she was in love with Steve. Now it was finally going to happen as she lead him back to her room. Steve gained some confidence with her leading their dances, though he was still rough around the edges.

Peggy realized she had blundered into another problem.

“I’ve never been with a woman.” Steve stammered; backing into the bed behind him.

Peggy suppressed a giggle. “We’ll just set the mood.”

She sauntered over to the record player, an old zenith 33 she inherited, removed a sleeve and set it moving. Ella Fitzgerald came belting out of the speaker surrounded by fits of static. It wasn’t perfect, but it was all Peggy wanted. She turned back to face her paramour.

“Well, then we have to strip.” Steve grabbed at his suit but Peggy stopped him. “Each other.”

“Oh.” Geez, it’s like he’s a virgin. Oh yes, he is one. It was hard to remember sometimes when he was so confident as Captain America.

“Let me start.” Peggy stepped in front of him. She looked deep into the baby blue eyes as her fingers unknotted his tie. The simple black tie slid off from around his neck; licking through her fingers before hitting the floor. His jacket came next, sliding off his shoulders revealing his shirt beneath. His white button down shirt plastered to his skin as her hands went around just taking him in. Just a preview. That’s what Peggy told herself as she felt up and measured his body with her hands.

The brunette resisted the urge to tear of his shirt. Instead, she diligently undid the buttons, one at a time exposing his bare flesh. Peggy pulled back the shirt, revealing his muscled chest. Not a hair was to be found across his tan skin as she dropped the shirt into the growing pile. Now that he was topless she could really admire his physique. Steve may have been scrawny before but now though, his body was at the height of human perfection. Peggy cringed internally as she felt a tingle down south.

“Your turn.” Peggy tried to restrain herself, but failed when Steve leaned forward. He Carefully undid each button on her blouse; opening it up like a present, revealing her black bra underneath. The satiny material slid slowly off her skin until Peggy was standing before him in just her black bra and skirt. Steve hesitated.

“Keep going.” Carter moaned as his hands explored her curves. She blushed fiercely as he reached around her and attempted to remove the brasserie. After several botched attempts she sighed in frustration, reaching back to undo it herself.

“Please, let me.”

She bit her lip in frustration. “Alright.”

Steve tried once more and succeeded; freeing the offending garment from around her chest. Peggy had to resist the urge to cup her breasts as the bra slid free. Her breasts were large; hanging proudly off her chest in teardrop shape, capped with large nipples that stuck out like bullets. “Shall I continue?”

“Please.” It came out hoarse, dripping with desire. So much that Peggy didn’t realize it. She wanted him now, bad. She yearned for his touch now, and loved it when his hands tugged on her belt. Peggy quivered as his hand traced along her skin, finding the zipper of her skirt and pulling it down.

Now she stood before him, clad in just her black panties. Already they were moist with her desire. Peggy hooked her fingers around the narrow parts and shimmied side to side. “Shall I?”

“As you wish.” She did wish it. Peggy stepped out of her panties as they hit the floor and stood before Steve. He leaned back to take her all in. Her sex was already glistening in the dim light of the apartment, the small V of pubic hair above pointing to it. For a moment, neither said anything, but now it was her turn.

The leather of his belt slipped through her fingers as did the the zipper to his dockers. Peggy leaned down and pulled off his shoes before yanking down his pants. Carefully, she stood back and examined her prize for the evening. Jutting from his groin was his member. It wasn’t fully hard, but quickly heading that direction. Fully erect she imagined it was just a shade over 10 inches. Just underneath were his two testicles, each the size of ping-pong balls.

“Do you like it?” Steve asked as she examined his dick critically.

“I’ve never seen one so big before before.” Her hand reached out and touched it. Warm. It pulsed with the beat of his heart as she started to stroke it. Under her ministrations the member swelled in stature and rose up; ignoring gravity’s pull as it engorged to it’s full size. Already a bead of his lube was forming at the tip.

“Just wait til it’s inside you.”

“Right.” Peggy responded. Steve motioned to her to move up but she instead maintained her grip on his cock; unwilling to let it go lest it slip away.

“Follow me.” He started scooting back up the bed. “I don’t want you to fall off.”

She followed, reluctantly releasing his member, and got up on the bed on her knees. Peggy slowly crawled her way over to him. Looking deep into his eyes she put on her most seductive voice. “So what now?”

Steve carefully pulled her forward til they were eye to eye. With nothing else left to lose he leaned in and kissed her. Peggy’s eyes went wide as she felt his lips press into her own. Surprise was overwhelmed with desire and she found herself readily returning the kiss. Her soft moans of pleasure got caught in her throat as he wrapped his hands around her neck and pulled her closer. Peggy’s leg went up over his stomach, her passion overwhelming everything else.

His cock poked her as she climbed over him. It drug along her belly, leaving a trail of his lube as it went. Their kisses became more frantic. Their tongues dueled for dominance inside their mouths as Peggy anxiously started to rock back and forth. His member was behind her now. As her butt jiggled, his cock banged into her sex; setting the tone for their passion. So big. She mused as it hit the lips of her pussy.

Peggy broke the kiss and pulled back so she was straddling him. His hands glided around her body, gently exploring her every curve. Suddenly she felt very subconscious about her body. I’m sure he’s got his choice of ladies….

“Sorry if…” She began, but Steve stopped her.

“You’re perfect.” He responded as he fondled her nipples. Pleasure shot through her like electricity as he kneaded and pulled at her teats. It was a weakness of hers, her nipples; they were so sensitive. Sometimes she could cum with nipple play alone, and Steve was bound to discover that as Peggy turned into jello. “You like that?”

“Mmmm…...it feels….soo….good….” She rocked back into his cock. Her hands were wrapped around his, coaxing him along in his exploration. Her pussy was dripping now, and she feared she’d cum before they even fucked. Her brown eyes sparkled, “Ready for the main event?”

Steve stopped his teasing and nodded. Peggy leaned forward, reaching down with a hand so she was able to grasp his rock hard cock. Slowly, she lowered herself so the head was right at her entrance. Here goes! Her labia spread wide as the member slid in. Her moans filled the room as she sunk down further and further; inches of cock disappearing as she went.

Peggy knew she succeeded when she felt his hips. Holy shit! The brunette began to rock back and forth, raising her pelvis up before slamming it back down. His cock filled her up completely, filling her pussy and pressing out against the velvety interior. Her moans turned to cries of pleasure as she started to ride him. Her hands flew to her tits; squeezing and pulling at them to increase her pleasure.  Peggy bucked her hips as she rode Steve. She was one yeehaw away from riding a bucking bronco as she went up and down upon his cock. For his part, Steve was able to thrust his hips in tune to her but mostly he was fascinated as she went. Her skin glistened with perspiration as Peggy’s body moved rhythmically up and down and back and forth; her soft moans filling room as she did.

Steve could tell she was starting to tire though. Her movements slowed down, yet she suddenly twitched in place. Her entire body locked up as a orgasm came crashing down on her. It took them both by surprise. Peggy’s body locked up as she threw her head back in a muted cry of pleasure. A grunt finally emanated from her mouth as her brain started to function again. Yet, she was spent.

“Need to switch?”

Peggy wiped the sweat off her brow, exhaustion overtaking her “Please.”

Steve surprised her by coming up from his position; grabbing her hips. He was able to spin them so they were facing the bed edge and stood up. Oh god! Peggy was locked firmly in place by his cock as he moved about the room. He slowly kept rocking her as she went, making sure she was still bubbling with pleasure. Peggy yelped in surprise as she felt herself being pressed against the wall.It provided a unique feeling as he started up again. His pace was slow and gentle.

Peggy’s back arched against wallpaper as her legs wrapped around his muscular torso. Her butt went up and down the glass as Steve steadily thrust in and out. It wasn't the animalistic sex she expected. It was more sensual; she liked it.

“I'm getting close!” He hissed out. Steve’s brow was covered in sweat. Steve was a superman and Peggy may have weighed a buck and change at most, but the strain was taking its toll on her partner.

“Yea?” Peggy hissed back, her second orgasm was close in coming.

“YEA!” His pumping took on a more urgent tone as he neared his release. Peggy for her part was experiencing her own orgasm. Waves of pleasure shot through her body, tensing up her body as her cunt released a spray of juices. Her mind fogged over with joy as the warm glow surged from her toes to her scalp.

“Don't cum in me!” Peggy managed to yell out. Though the thought of his massive load of spunk filling her up excited her in a way she never encountered. Yeah, a huge load of cream dumping into me. It added a peak to her orgasm.

Steve dropped her to floor. Not unceremoniously, but slow enough that she was able land on her knees. Peggy looked up at him, but his large member dominated her view. She knew what was going to happen next. One hand outstretched and grabbed the base of his cock while the other slid down to her dripping sex. Peggy opened her mouth wide and slid forward.

Like a lollipop. She thought as the big dick entered her mouth. Never having had experienced it before, she treated it like a lollipop. Peggy noisily slurped and sucked the prick; her mouth barely fitting around the large head as her tongue tried to massage it.

His hands went behind her head and started to push and pull; bucking his hips in turn. The result was obvious. The 10-inch member slid back and forth in her mouth. Her throat bulged as it slid down. It felt hot to Peggy to be used like this. It excited her. The juices flowing freely from her cunt confirmed it as one free hand pawed at her sex. Desperately she tried for her g-spot; anxious to get one last orgasm in.

“I'm gonna cum! Are you ready!?” Steve stated through gritted teeth. He was trying to hold off cumming until Peggy approved. She tried to nod, but it was difficult with a 4 inch thick cock jammed down her throat. She managed to signal okay to him. He shoved his dick in as far as it would go and let loose with a long grunt.

Peggy gagged at first as he came. His dick seemed to flare in size before it bucked and released its’ cargo. The first shot went clear down her throat before the second caused her to gag. The cock sprang free and unloaded across her face. The next shot splashed just under her eye and across her cheek, while the final shot hit right between the eyes. A few feeble drops came out and splattered across her chest. A flood of her own juices signalled her own orgasm; her body convulsing as she reached a third release.

Peggy licked cum off her lips. The flavor actually isn’t that bad. She actually enjoyed the taste as she scooped the rest of it and gulped it down. Steve had withdrawn his softening member and wiped it off. He offered her the towel which she gladly took. Peggy wiped off the remains of his
spunk and tossed the towel aside. She then willingly joined him on the bed. Her body seemed dwarfed by his frame as she cuddled up to him. Her hands wrapped around his chest to his neck, while a leg found curling up over his. For the longest time they said nothing. His right arm found its’ way up behind her body puller her even closer.


Peggy’s vision slowly focussed. I’m not dead! She thought. Although the brunette felt like she just downed an entire fifth of whiskey. What happened? Peggy rubbed her head; shaking free the groggy sensation that clouded her thoughts. As the fog lifted Carter did a systems check. Everything felt fine. Everything felt better than fine; Peggy felt fantastic.


Steve. The dance at the club and the night that followed had all been in her head.

Slowly, she began to piece together what happened. For years she had been exposed to Vita-Rays and absorbed much of it. Her contact with Steve no doubt introduced the super soldier serum into her own blood stream. The two disparate parts lay dormant in her system until a catalyst trigger their reaction. For Captain America, that came from a chamber that pumped ten of thousands of volts into his meager body. The result transformed him from a scrawny 4F to the most powerful man in the world. For agent Carter, a malfunctioning clothes iron trigger her own transformation. As she discovered, Peggy was no longer a mere human; she had become much like her lover.

Immediately upon standing she whacked her head against a low mounted pipe. That never bothered me before. She thought, before realizing she was indeed taller. The clothing she wore had mostly failed; those pieces that survived were stretched taut over her enlarged frame. With surprising ease she tore off the remaining stitches.  Carter moved on unsteady feet to the full length mirror she owned. What she saw nearly sent her back to the floor.

Her body now had a flawless complexion. Her breasts, considered by many to be her best asset, had swelled even larger yet still resisted gravity’s pull. Continuing her exploration, she noted that her stomach had developed a six pack and her biceps were now thick cords of muscle. Peggy was strong, inhumanly strong, but still decidedly feminine. Especially with a bum like this one. She probed her butt experimentally. How will I explain this at the SSR?

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Re: Agent Carter: Divergent
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Terrific story, very well written!
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Re: Agent Carter: Divergent
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If Marvel would have included a sex scene like this in Captain Avenger, it would be my favorite movie of all time!
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Re: Agent Carter: Divergent
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It was great! The sex is well written, I liked it from the beginning it captivated me from start to finish. Great, thank you!


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