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3rd Chromosome: Summer Heat
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Natalie slammed the door shut and leaned heavily against it. She let out a deep breath in the vain hope it would relieve the troubles of the day. It did not. Leaving all her things piled at the door, Natalie moved into the room proper and flopped down on the couch; immediately sinking into the overstuffed cushions.

The brunette let out another breath when a tingle reminded her that something else needed to relax.

"Sorry." She mumbled as she fumbled with the button on her pants. It clicked not a moment too soon, followed by the sound of her zipper being undone. She let out a sigh as the pressure on her crotch released. Without leaving the couch Natalie arched her back and shimmied out of her pants. They went flying across the room; joining the rest of her stuff by the door.

Natalie slid a hand underneath her boxers to her prize. Her 8 inch long flaccid penis flopped out of her shorts; rejoicing at its new found freedom and the cool air of the apartment.

"Sorry buddy," Natalie said to her cock. "I didn't know it was going to be that hot out."

It was hot out, and Natalie choose her outfit poorly for the day. The temperature and general humidity created a rather unpleasant situation going on in her pants. She envied girls that didn't have that issue. Well, not too much. She gave her member a loving squeeze. "Let's get ourselves a bath."

Natalie Portman was a futanari, otherwise known as a 3C. Nature had given her a dick and she loved it. Embraced it really. She heard that some people hid their endowments, but not her. It was a blessing that she enjoyed.

Natalie slid off the couch and made her way to the bathroom; her flaccid dick swinging between her thighs the entire time. Her barefeet rejoiced in hitting the cool tile of the bathroom. Flicking on the lightswitch, she wandered over to the tub, a giant model that could fit several people, and turned on the water. As the water filled, Natalie stripped out of her remaining clothes. Her button up shirt disappeared as did her tank top leaving her in just a bra and boxers. Reaching behind, she freed the straps of the bra letting it slide off her body.

Now free, her breasts rejoiced at their freedom. Yet she ignored them and stripped off her boxers. Her cock already swung free but now the twins joined him in freedom. No more tight pants on days like this. She thought to herself as she scratched her balls absently. No matter, bath time.

The warm water flowed all around Natalie as she sank into the tub. Within moments she could feel the stress of the day melting away. Epsom salt really helped with that. Massaging her sore shoulders, she imagined it was one of co-stars. Emma Watson perhaps? The pixie-ish British beauty with the infectious smile. Maybe she learned a spell from her Harry Potter days that could relax muscles. Kiera Knightley? Essentially she was Natalie's sister. Perhaps she would message them later. Yet, they had their own shoots to do today and would probably be in the same condition. When was the last time they met for girl time? A few months? Far too long.

When she was good and pruned Natalie pulled the plug; sad to have her bath end. The brunette let all the water drain out before she stood up. It was odd yes, but she had two reasons. First, she didn't want to slip. Natalie had slipped in the bathtub before, she didn't crack her head open but she wound up straddling the tub edge instead. Natalie nearly passed out when her balls were crushed like that; she didn't want to repeat that experience. Secondly, the water flowing around her felt oddly sensual, like resting in a flowing creek. Natalie was all about sensuality. With a resigned sigh she hefted herself out of the tub and toweled off.

Natalie stood in the bathroom admiring her form. Starting with her smooth face. It was looking radiant today, without a single imperfection. Her lips puffed out slightly and looked so soft and moist. Kissable she decided. They curled slightly into a light smile. Natalie tussled her hair and admired her brunette locks. Even after all she had done, and the insane heat today her hair was still looking radiant. Her tresses were shiny and luxurious in the soft light. She teased her hair out slightly and continued her inspection.

Below her face her slender neck was, as always, the same. She moved further down. Her breasts were succulent. They stood proud for their inspection, her areola were slightly puffed out and her nipples were just a little erect. Natalie hefted each breast experimentally. No larger than a handful they were perfect for her frame. I've been good to them and they're showing their appreciation. Natalie gasped as she flicked each nipple and traced her areola in thanks.

Let's not get too carried away now. Her eyes drifted lower to her midsection. Her stomach was nice and firm. Not overly taut like a fitness model, but fit. It possessed a slight feminine pooch with a hint of six pack. Natalie traced a finger along the faint lines and smiled. Sexy. She poked her cute little innie belly button.

Natalie's eyes continued their journey to her other features. Of course she meant her most prominent feature, the one that made her who she is. Slightly pruned from her bath, her flaccid cock hung between her legs. 8 inches of cock. 8 inches of flaccid cock she corrected herself. When hard her cock became a solid of foot of meat. None of her lovers complained, in fact all of them came back for more. She smiled at that thought. Been awhile since I've seen Mila. Maybe I should give her a call. Just underneath her two balls swung freely in her sack. Each one the size of a golf ball; each one producing copious amounts of sperm.

She paused as she inspected, well admired really, her vaginal lips. Pulling her large dick and balls out of the way she carefully ran a finger over them They were swollen and slightly puffed out. If she didn't know any better she'd swear they were expecting something tonight. Natalie giggled. "Maybe you are."

Natalie now got to her derriere. She turned to the side and modeled it from all sides. Her hips seemed wider than usual but this didn't bother her. It did it fact please her. Her hips and butt all seemed so womanly to her. It was almost completely sensual to Natalie as she rubbed her cheeks this way and that, really just admiring the way her butt looked at flared out. Feminine. She thought. With much effort she moved her gaze lower.

Her thighs were about the same. They were thick, but not overly so. They just looked so proportional to her. She admired her feet as best as she could. She'd have to paint her nails tomorrow she decided, especially if she was going to wear sandals. The boots she decided to wear today, while sexy, were a complete mistake. Her feet just baked inside of the black leather.

"Are you done yet?"

Natalie screamed and panicked. She turned frantically looking for a towel; accidentally slapping her dick against the sink. Natalie grunted and still searched until her brain processed the voice. "Jesus Kiera, how long have you been here?"

Kiera Knightley sat on the toilet; not using it but rather paging through a magazine. "Awhile. I've been watching your little inspection. By the way your new 3C Magazine arrived."

Natalie sighed, rubbing her dick where it hit the unforgiving ceramic. "Thanks. How'd you get in here?"

Kiera put the magazine down and looked at her partner. "You gave me a key. Are you feeling okay?"

"Oh that's right." Natalie rubbed her temples. "Sorry my brain is a little baked."

"Summer heat got you?"

"More like those idiots on set."

"Awww... I'll make you feel better." Kiera approached Natalie in a saunter. Natalie eyes traced Kiera's body as she approached. Kiera was a little less shapely, certainly up top. Yet, she had a fantastic little ass and wonderfully pouty lips; perfect for oral activities. Even better, she had a magnificent bulge hanging between her legs. Kiera was wearing a white tank top and tan shorts. Said clothing did little to hide her body. Even more so as it was slowly being stripped away. Natalie admired how her shorts bulged out with her member. Last time they measured, Kiera came in at 6 inches soft. Hard she was about 10, and as her shorts slid off her body it was obvious she was heading in that direction. Her dick bulged out of her panties until those hit the floor.

Kiera slid down before Natalie. Her hands gently taking the member up. One hand traced along her shaft while the other cupping Natalie's balls.

"You feel full. When was the last time you really let go?"

"Ahhh, 2 weeks...?"

"Far long." Kiera wrapped her hands around Natalie's soft member; gently teasing it to life. She then shifted to one side and stuck her head in; burying her nose in her lover's crotch.

Natalie felt Kiera's tongue reach out and lap at her balls. Kiera had excellent oral skills learned through hours of practice. They were now being put to good use as she ran her tongue along Natalie's member.

"I missed you." Kiera didn't look up when she said that. She could have been talking about Natalie or her dick; she didn't care. All that mattered right now was the pleasure she was receiving.

"Show me." Natalie managed to moan out.

Kiera began to pump Natalie's cock; both hands rubbing the thick tool. Already rock hard, it bounced with her movements. Then Kiera's mouth joined the fray. She started by blowing a stream of air at the her tip, aiming right for the slit.

Natalie loved the cool air wrapped around her dick. The head on her dick tingled from the feeling and sent those on to her other head causing her to shiver with pleasure. As her hands worked Kiera scooted closer until she was able to lap at the head.

Treating it like a completely oversized lollipop, she took long slow licks at the underside; drenching it with her saliva. From the tip a small bead of pre formed from the slit. This too was quickly gobbled up by the greedy Kiera.

Soon though was the main event. The brunettes' mouth opened wide and she took the member into her mouth. Natalie moaned as Kiera's hot breath poured around her cock. Kiera carefully feed more and more of it into her mouth; treating it like a straw as she sucked on it. No doubt anxious to receive its' payload.

Kiera kept on feeding the member into her mouth; her mouth widening comically to fit it in. When she felt she had enough, Kiera began to bob; thrusting the dick in and out with gusto. If Natalie could see how her cock bulged out Kiera's throat she would've cum immediately. Since she didn't the brunette had to rely on just the stimulation her lover provided.

As Kiera blew her lover, she reached down and starting playing with her own dick. Her sizeable 10 inch member felt warm in her hand; even more so as she started to pump, slathering it with the steady stream of precum she was leaking out.

Natalie death gripped the sink as her knees began to wobble. Kiera was taking her all in and seemed to be making her dick vibrate as it passed through her throat. Another skill that Natalie praised her for. It was so much pleasure Natalie thought she might tumble to the ground; she curled her toes to try and stave off the oncoming orgasm.

"God, I'm about to cum!" Natalie shouted. Kiera seemed to hear her and redoubled her own efforts. Natalie's legs went weak as she felt her balls retract. This was going to be a big one.

Natalie came in long spurts; her cock bucked and continued to spray down her partner. Kiera, for her part, tried to keep up but there was far too much cum coming out for her to get it down. Some managed to squeak out past her lips and dribble down her chin.

After 30 seconds or so, Natalie was spent. The last of her jizz shot out and her dick started to soften. Regretfully, she withdrew her member from Kiera. The nearly flaccid cock dripped with cum and saliva as it exited, one thin strand connecting the two. Kiera didn't cum herself, but that didn't matter, only Natalie's pleasure.

Kiera swallowed the remaining load in her mouth. "Mmm. Far too long."


"So I know you didn't just come by to blow me. What gives?" Natalie asked; absently flipping through a script. The pair had moved from the bathroom and now naked sat in the living room; praying the air conditioning would turn on or the sun would turn off.

Kiera was stretched out across the sofa, her nude body draped across it as if she was at a photo shoot. She flipped through Natalie's 3C magazine, her erect cock telling Natalie everything about the issue. "I found another one."

Natalie slammed down her script in joy. "You did?"

Kiera nodded. "I did. Avril Lavigne."

"That little punk princess? How big could she be?" Natalie was a little indignant, she had never bothered to really look at Avril; her music was not her style.

"No idea, but Emma confirmed it and..." The British woman brandished her phone, "gave me her number."

"Oooh." Natalie rung her hands together, "You want to break one in today?"

"What does this tell you?" Kiera pointed to her erect member. That was the only answer Natalie needed.


The door opened revealing Avril Lavigne. The tiny rock star was in everything you'd expect her to be. A battered Ramones t-shirt covered her upper body while a pair of skater shorts that had obviously seen better days covered the rest of her figure. Her dainty feet were in a pair of worn in Chuck Taylor's. Sparing a glance at her outfit, Natalie might think the petite blonde just came from a skater park. Yet, Natalie didn't notice any of that. Instead her eyes were drawn to the monumental bulge that pressed out of Avril's shorts. Her eyes traced the outline of her flaccid member has it went down the blonde's right thigh, seeming to end just before the shorts did.

"Hi!" Avril was chipper despite her punk appearance.

"Hi, come on in." Natalie opened the door wider and watched as Avril entered in. Her eyes flashed to Kiera. The British brunette also had her eyes glued to the blonde. Kiera looked to be mentally undressing her and eye fucking her.

"Nice place you have here." Avril giggled, "I didn't realize I was interrupting a nude day."

"We were just having some fun. Long day and all." Natalie explained. "Also lack of air conditioning."

"Oooh mind if I join you?"

"Sure. Why...not..." Avril already had her shirt over her head before Natalie finished her sentence. That was why Avril was invited here after all...mostly. In Natalie's mind she was the alpha of her pack of 3Cs; discovering a new one meant bringing them into her hold and dominating them. Though as she watched Avril strip she knew that may not be the case. Natalie definitely had Avril beat in the breast department. However, those gumdrop sized nipples looked incredibly suckable. She gulped nervously as Avril unbuckled her pants.

A massive shaft sprung into view as Avril's pants slid down. It was incredibly thick, and just seemed to keep going as those pants went down. It curved slightly as it jutted out from Avril's crotch. Yet, the reason for that was abundantly clear. Two orange sized testicles hung just below her member. One of those cum factories alone dwarfed both of Natalie's. The shorts hit the floor and Natalie was flabbergasted. Avril's pillar of pleasure hung down almost a foot, nearly to her knees. She was about as big as Natalie, and completely flaccid.

"Jesus." Kiera shouted and slammed her thighs together defensively. Her own member was starting to rise again.

"Hehe, thanks. He does have that effect on people." Avril hefted her cock once then let it fall. It slapped against her thighs with a dull thud.

"How big is that?" Kiera asked. Natalie was slightly taken aback by Kiera's interest.

"Hmm, I don't know. It's been awhile since I've measured it." Avril looked down at her flaccid member.

"Can I?"

"Be my guest."

Kiera stood up and searched went into the bathroom. She return a moment later with a fabric tape measure and sat down in front of Avril. A slender hand wrapped around the blondes' member testing its' weight.

"So heavy." The British brunette was getting a little glassy eyed as she drank in its' form.

"Kiera!" Natalie shouted. Not because she wasn't measuring Avril's member, but because she was so enamored with it. Well, in all fairness Kiera did have a cock obsession.

"What?" Kiera looked annoyed as she was ripped from her inspection. "Oh, right the measurements."

Natalie moved to sit down in the seat nearest the door; Watching carefully as the British brunette placed the tape measure at base of the cock then ran it down to its tip.

"Wow." Kiera's eyes grew wide in disbelief.


"10.25 inches. Soft." Kiera announced while Natalie looked dumbfounded. Avril just giggled.

"Looks like I grew a little."

Kiera rose to her feet and came back a moment later with her phone in her hand. "Can I get a picture?"

"You want a pic of me?" Avril asked.

"Just your dick. I collect them."

"Sure." Avril was concerned about her privacy. A few months back a lot of people got hacked from the iCloud disaster. Several friends got outed in that incident.

"Thanks. Now if you could just..." Kiera went and started moving Avril around posing her how she wanted.

Avril looked over at Natalie. "Is she always like this?"

"Always. She's a cock collector." Natalie responded flatly. She was getting really upset at the attention Avril was getting from Kiera. Let's break this bitch already.

"Perfect." Kiera snapped the picture she wanted. Avril was turned slightly to the side with her legs poised. The viewer could see the entire flaccid length of her dick and the swell of her large sack. Of course you could also see the shape of Avril's pert butt.

"May I?" Avril held out her hand and Kiera passed the phone over. "Wow that's hot. Do you have more?"

"There's an app on there called DM Input. Open that up." Kiera answered.

"Holy shit!" Avril exclaimed. "How many do you have in here?"

"31 so far. Well now 32." Kiera smiled at Avril.

"Wow." Avril wandered over to the couch and sat down; paging through all the images. Just above there were initials and two sizes. The person and their soft/hard size?

While the blonde was looking through the gallery of gonads Natalie pulled Kiera aside.

"What are you doing?" Natalie demanded

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. Why so nice?"

"It's the polite thing to do. Besides look how big that thing is." Kiera pointed at Avril's crotch. The blonde was slowly massaging her member to life.

Natalie rolled her eyes. "Yeah I noticed it."

"Aww, you're jealous." Kiera pinched Natalie's ass and sauntered back over to Avril. "Ready for a hard measurement?"

"Almost." Avril kept stroking at her cock while viewing the pictures. Kiera watched in fascination as it engorged; it took on a life of its' own as blood pumped in. Veins bulged as it rose, gently curving up from Avril's lap. The head pointed upward; a fuck you to gravity's pull.

"Let me take over." Kiera pushed aside Avril's hands and started massaging the blonde's member. "Like those?"

"These are so awesome!" Avril exclaimed. "You have a real talent for this."

"Thanks." Though it was ambiguous if she was referring to photography or the hand job.

"Who's this?" Avril held out the phone and showed Kiera the picture. Whoever it was had a gorgeous pair of tan legs. Not to mention a dick that jutted out from their crotch wonderfully. Above the picture were the initials C.C.

"Cheryl Cole." Kiera barely glanced up from her work.

"Wow. She's an 9?"

"Mmmhmmm." Kiera confirmed. "Loves having her balls fondled. I think you're all good now."

Avril looked away from the phone to her massive member. "Yep. Should I stand or..."

"Right there is fine." Kiera retrieved the tape and started to measure again. "Holy shit."


In the background Natalie's ears perked up, she wanted to hear this number.

"14 and 9/10 inches." Kiera stated. "15 inches of solid meat."

Natalie's jaw dropped. No fucking way.

"Phone." Avril presented it to the skinny actress. "This might be the album cover."

"I'm honored. Should I move?"

"No stay right there." Kiera moved about Avril looking for the best shot. Finally she settled for one right next to Avril. It was admittedly quite sexy. Avril's bloated balls resting on her thighs while her dick jutted out from her groin. It curved upward til it was about 8 inches away from her body and even with her nipples. "Perfect."

"Send it to me." Kiera complied and Avril stretched, a grin on her face. "Now what's there to do here besides...woah!"

Kiera attacked Avril's member. Her mouth drawn to the massive meat; hungrily slobbering over the tool. The brunette tried to swallow the turgid tool, yet met with little success. It was simply too big for her to take in given how she was attacking it.

"Woah, woah..you need to slow down." Avril pulled Kiera off of her before pulling her up to her head. She kissed her softly before continuing, "You need to go slow. Just relax your muscles and..yes...that's it!"

The brunette had returned to Avril's member and taken her advice. She relaxed and opened her mouth wide; the monstrous head barely fitting into her mouth. Yet she managed it. Even better, she managed to slowly start sucking on it; Avril shuddered and leaned back into the couch, one hand gliding to her small chest while the other went to Kiera's head. It didn't try to shove her further down the cock; instead it teased her hair and turned the whole encounter into something more sensual.

Natalie stared at the pair jealously. Avril had enthralled Kiera so easily. Was she that good? Or am I that bad? Natalie thought to herself. Her hand subconsciously drifted down to her member. Her solid 12 inches responded to her touch as she began to lightly stroke it.

"Starting without me?" The door to the apartment clicked shut. Emma Watson walked into the room, a smile plastered on her face. She bypassed Natalie and went straight to the duo. "Mmm...hello Avril, glad you could make it."

Avril and Emma locked lips in a kiss; their tongues dueling inside their mouths. "Hey Emma."

Emma bent down to where Kiera was blowing Avril. She pulled her off the cock and locked lips with her fellow Brit.

"And hello to you too." The pair kissed again and then turned their attention to the dick right next to them. They worked as a team, sliding down Avril's member with their tongues til they reached the base, then traveling back up meeting at the tip.

"Oh come on. We can't leave our host out of this." Avril said. All eyes turned to Natalie. The brunette had her fist wrapped around her cock; pleasuring herself to the sight before her. "Emma why don't you..."

"Gladly" The pixie like woman got back on her feet and turned to face Natalie. Clothes disappeared off her body as she made her way to the current alpha. Soon she was standing before Natalie in nothing but her panties; her own bulging member barely contained within the pink underwear.

"You look like you're missing out." Emma stated as she fingered her waistband.

"I'm..." Natalie started to say she was fine but Emma silenced her with a kiss.

"Missing out." The pixie-ish woman straddled Natalie into a hug. Their two cocks pressed up against other; separated only by a thin piece of cotton.

Their lips smacked together in a duel as hands explored the each others' body. A breast was grabbed, a nipple pulled, a butt pinched. Emma gained the upper hand when she twisted her partners' nipple. Leaning into Natalie, her weight brought them down deep into the chair.

Emma then surprised Natalie by pulling off of her. The Harry Potter star climbed down and got down on her knees before her. "Spread'em!"

Natalie complied and cooed as Emma grasped ahold of her cock. She gave it one tender lick then went south. Natalie gripped the armrests as Emma actually went past her balls to her very sensitive, and wet, slit. Emma worked her tongue along each lip before diving in. Her appendage drove deep into her honey pot; lapping at the juices and riling up the brunette.

"Ahhh!! What are you doing?!" Natalie cried out. Emma had never gone this far south. It was practically forbidden.

Emma pulled back, her face splattered with a mix of precum and vaginal juices. "Exactly what's needed!"

Before Natalie could respond Emma tackled her again; this time slathering Natalie's face with her own juices as she kissed her deeply. Who knows what had gotten into the english actress but whatever the role she was playing, she was performing it with gusto.

"Is she ready?" Avril asked from the couch. She and Kiera were in a post coital cuddle, and the blonde was ready to move onto her next lover.

"Ready!" Emma announced, dismounting Natalie and presenting her like an offering. Avril strutted her way over to the stunned brunette, her member sticking out in front of her; pointing the way to Natalie's moist pussy. It was ripe for conquest.

"Turn around." It was a command not a request, and the stunned Natalie complied without even hesitating. Avril drank in the full ass that was now on display; her pussy was ripe and leaking; the lips seemed engorged. She was going to enjoy this.

Avril guided her member in; the large head easily brushing aside any attempts for those luscious lips to stay closed. Natalie screamed as it forced it's way inside. In truth, she was a giver,not a receiver; nothing even close to this size had ever been attempted to be put inside her sex.

"Oooh, that's right!" Avril smacked Natalie's ass. "Don't you love that?!"

Emma had backed off now, watching the scene unfold before her. She wasn't the only one; Kiera wrapped her arms around Emma from behind in a hug.

"Sexy isn't it." Kiera whispered into Emma's ear. Her hands crept down the actresses body until they reached her panties. "Overdressed aren't we?"

With a slight grunt of effort, Emma got her underwear off. They were stretched out considerably as her 8 inch member was fully erect and pulling them away from her body.

"Much better." the taller actress wrapped a hand around Emma's junk; slowly backed them up to the couch.

Kiera hit the furniture and slowly guided down Emma. The brunette gasped as Kiera's 10 inch member presented itself at her entrance. With a sly smile she slid down; her hungry pussy enveloping Kiera's cock.

"Reverse cowgirl today?" Emma asked while looking over her shoulder.

"Mmmhmmm." Kiera reached up and started to massage Emma's mounds as the girl started to run her body up and down her member.

"So good..." Emma cried out as she started to flex in earnest, her ass quaking as she slammed herself down onto Kiera's cock. The sitting brunette emitted a soft moan in delight, her hands pinching down on Emma's nipples.

Meanwhile, Avril's balls were slapping Natalie's thighs as she roughly pounded the alpha. Each thrust seemed to go deeper and deeper into her partner; stretching her to new lengths, yet providing the utmost stimulation to the blonde. At one point she just stopped moving; enjoying the feeling of Natalie's tight cunt around her cock, how it seemed to pulse as the muscles struggled to grasp her thick member.

"God! You're so fucking tight! I bet you never had anyone go this far with you!" Avril slapped Natalie's butt as she starting pounding her from behind again. "Say it!"

"Never!" Natalie cried out in a haze. "Never this far!"

"You like it don't you?" Avril yelled at Natalie. Emma and Kiera both stopped their copulating and watched as Avril continued her domination of their alpha. The blonde let out a particularly deep thrust when her partner didn't respond. "Don't you!?"

"Yes!" Natalie yelled, admitting it to Avril, Emma, Kiera and most importantly herself. She loved being filled up so much, loved how the member just seemed to rip her open. Her body couldn't control itself as another orgasm raced through her.

Avril grunted as neared her own orgasm. It had been days since she fucked someone and her balls were just aching to release their cargo. She changed her pace, slowing down but increasing her strength; maximizing pleasure for Natalie and herself. Both hands gripped Natalie's waist as Avril gave her long deep strokes that bottomed out in her love box.

"I hope you're ready, cause this is going to be a big one." Avril gave one last push and came. Her voice rose in octaves as her dick bulged and released its' load. Avril imagined that Natalie's belly was swelling comically as she unloaded. Her cries slowed down as her cock continued to release, steadily dwindling its orgasm.

Natalie passed out as she came. Avril's dick spurted its' life out as it released jets of cum. Her pussy, stretched out to no end by the massive invader, still released a torrent of juices. It clamped down as best as it could trying to contain the bucking cannon that unleashed waves of cum. The alpha brunette's eyes rolled up and she went limp; her mouth locked open in a silent orgasmic scream. Avril finished her orgasm; her member finishing its' job then withdrawing from the abused Natalie. It popped free with a loud splort noise.

"Who's next?" Avril asked. Her cock didn't even get completely flaccid before it started to rise again.


It was a scene of absolute carnage. Bodies were strewn all over the room, some still piled up where they fell. Replace the layers of cum with blood and one would have a mass murder scene. Yet, this was the results of the groups' orgy. People moaned as they started to regain consciousness.

"Ugh, what was that?" Kiera asked rubbing her head.

"A blonde hurricane." Emma stated with adoration in her eyes.

Avril rose up from the pile of body and stretched. Her cock already erect and curving up her body. "That was a good warmup. Who's ready for more?"


It was obvious that the balance of power had shifted in this group. Natalie was no longer the one calling the shots; Avril now had control. The blonde had so thoroughly dominated the group that there was no question of it. Natalie meekly went along with it, she couldn't get enough of that cock. If there were any doubts, Avril and her 15 inches of cock were sure to silence them.
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Summer Heat
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Natalie as a 3C, now that is a real gem here.


Re: 3rd Chromosome: Summer Heat
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This is the only story she's appeared in so far. There's a guy on imagefap named Harvey Logan who has done morphs with all 4 of these ladies.


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