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3rd Chromosome: Art
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Well hello there. Today I bring you a tale in the 3C universe. Whereas I've only written about celebrities in the past, this one is not. It also contains a different perspective on that world. Contains: sex, futa, etc etc. Everyone is over 18. Comments and feedback are welcome. Enjoy!


“Art as defined by the dictionary is ‘the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.’ Now that’s a mouthful of words there, so let’s simplify that.” Ms. Aberdeen moved along the rows of tables where students sat writing notes. She clicked the remote in her hand and the slide changed. “Art can be simply looked at as expression. Expression of art, beauty, or emotion. Here’s Picasso’s Guernica highlighting atrocities during the Spanish Civil War. Now here’s another piece that showcases love.

“Art appears in many forms. From classic works such as David to the Mona Lisa. Modern art is a new trend that’s more subjective.” She paused and clicked forward another slide. “Photography is a relatively new art, despite being around for 150 years. Robert Ebert said video games are not art, contrary to what my partner thinks, but they are.” The next slide showed a vista from the old game Bioshock, followed by another from the Sci-fi classic Mass Effect.

“Writing can also be an art. It would be the 3rd art we humans learned after painting and how to better kill one another.” She sighed and moved up to the front of the room, pushing a stray curl behind her ear. “In this class however we will focus on the visual medium.
“There will be lectures every few days with assignments throughout. You’ll have freedom during most classes but during lectures I expect complete attention.” She walked up to one student that was staring into his lap. “If you’re staring into a cell phone or your lap for whatever reason, points will be deducted and you may be dropped from the class, allowing a more attentive student to join. Clear Mr. Johnson?”
He looked up at her and nodded. “The main focus here is to adopt and discover your own distinctive style. Two weeks before the end of the semester you’ll be required to pick your best piece, and submit it to the art showing. There it’ll be graded by your peers and the faculty. Top two go on to the Finals at State University.”
“Why should we care about the art finals?” A student in back asked.
"Beyond being a portion of your grade? Just this: State University is granting $500 in scholarships to the finalists from Greensdale. If you win the Final they have $3500. Total that’s a semester's worth of classes.” She paused, leaning over her desk. “I know some of you are wondering about college and your parents are wondering about paying for it, this is one thing that can help you along. Anything else?"

There were no more questions.

"Alright, you have a copy of the syllabus. If you have any questions see me during office hours. Just two more notes. If you, and pardon the term here, ‘half ass’ your projects it will go up on the wall of shame.” She pointed to the far wall where students lazy, misguided, and procrastinated projects were mounted. “Avoid that. Also the Gender Alliance has its’ meeting on Thursday. All are invited to attend. Meet here at 3:30. Dismissed.” Ms. Aberdeen sat back at her desk while students began to shuffle out. This semester would be like most others, there were some students enthused, some lazy, some just hoping for an easy grade.
 Amanda, or Mandy as she liked to be known, made her way out of the classroom. She weaved her way through the student milling about to her locker. Like many other students, she desperately wanted to get into Ms. Aberdeen's’ class. It was the hot ticket on the elective circuit. As soon as registration came she had begging her advisor to fill out the paperwork and let her into that class. At first she got a maybe, then it came back a no. However, when her schedule for this semester was printed out, the class Art Studies was printed in big bold font as her 7th period class. Mandy was jumping for joy that she got in.To her it was like finding the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. It was strange however, she went to her advisor to thank him only to be told they had nothing to do with the schedule change. A guardian angel perhaps?
 Mandy plopped down her bag in front of her locker and started working the dial. She had barely gotten the door open when it slammed shut again. “What do you think you’re doing freak?”

 Mandy turned only to be face to face with Gloria. Queen Bee of the school, head cheerleader and head bitch. The stereotypical overly tanned bleached blonde was in a white outfit that just skirted the school's dress code policy. It clung to her full curves as she stared down at Mandy, and evil gleam in her eye. She adjusted her glasses, “Getting my books for my next class. Now if you’ll excuse me.” She turned only to suddenly facing her again.
 “I told you before I didn’t like your kind in my school. Beat it you di…” Gloria’s words were cut off by a hand on her shoulders.

 “Is there a problem here?” There was no mistaking that voice in this school. A beautiful London accent that came out from a beautiful face. Ms. Bradley was the head physical education teacher, and one of the most demanding. With pale skin and black hair that went to her shoulders, Ms. Bradley belonged on the face of a hot topic catalog. Her outfit, a green and white top with the Greensdale Warriors logo and matching track pants only highlighted her fit figure.

Gloria spun to face the teacher. “No problem here Ms. Bradley.” It was obvious to everyone here however the opposite was true and who was the cause.

 “Well then, I’d get off to class then. You don’t want to keep Ms. Cunningham waiting.” The teacher gave a smirk that dripped with feigned delight.
 “Yes.” Gloria responded in kind. As she left she murmured ‘slut’ under her breath.
 Ms. Bradley watched her go and turned back to face Mandy, who appeared on the verge of tears. “Are you okay?”

 “I…I….think so.” Mandy adjusted her glasses again and sniffed.

 “I know it’s a pain here, but you’ll make it. Girls like her are more shallow than a puddle in the parking lot.” The teacher expression softened, “Go to the bathroom and wash up before your next class.”
 “Yes Ms. Bradley.”

 As she gathered her things the teacher said one last thing, “You know lass, you remind me of someone.”
 “Ms. Bradley?”
 “Nothing.” The teacher began to walk away and her demeanor changed in an instant. “Dagmara! Felix! Don’t you dare go into that bathroom!”
 Mandy, as did everyone else, turn to watch two other seniors scatter like roaches in the light. She got up and went into the bathroom herself. She could've gone into the designated bathroom, but it was easier to go in here. Turning on the faucet she scrubbed her face and looked in the mirror. It wasn’t that she was bad looking. Mandy was on the better side of average, with a short thin frame, modest breasts, and a perky butt. Her hair was cut short, just around her jawline. This week it was a mass of red and blonde. Small rimmed glasses sat on a small nose, covering brown eyes. By her count she should been knee deep in boys at this point, that wasn’t the case however. She sighed and looked deep into her eyes in the mirror, “Why did mother nature give me a dick?”
 Vicki Aberdeen shuffled some papers around on her desk when she heard a knock on her door. “It’s open.”
 Ms. Bradley popped in. “Class in session?”
 “7th period was my last one Ms. Bradley.”
 The physical education teacher gave an exasperated sigh as she propped herself up on one of the tables. “You haven’t been a student here for over a decade, there are other names you can call me.”
 Vicki smiled, “Yes yes Colleen, habit. Besides I think I called you all those other names in gym.”

 She laughed, “Oh that’s right! I’ve been called much worse you know.”

 “What? Ballbusting Bradley wasn’t good enough?”
 “Not even top 10.” Colleen laughed again. “I’ve stopped by to warn you. Ms. Cunningham is on the warpath again.”
 “Ugh, what now?”
 “She’s not happy about the Gender Alliance again. Says it tarnishes the school's reputation. Whatever that means.”
 “That witch doesn’t give up.” Vicki looked down at her desk then back up again, “Say are we still on for Friday?”
 “Yes! Amy got a sitter so she’s free, and Judy is always available from whatever she does.”

 “Or who.”

 “Or who.” Colleen agreed.
“Is she picking the place this time?” Vicki asked.

 “No I am.”

 “Thank god. That was one strange place last time. What was that a neo goth bar? Buffalo Wild Wings?”
 “Yes, I want to watch my Blackhawks defeat the Avalanche.”  Colleen smiled. “Nick doing something?”
 “He’s got something going on Friday, wrestling gig for State University. He will be jealous though about BWW, he likes the garlic parmesan.”
 “Great! I’ll let you know the details when it’s all set.” Ms. Bradley launched herself from the table and made her way out of the room, her tight butt shaking the entire way.
 Vicki watched her go. As soon as the door was shut she grabbed at her skirt. Now in her early 40s Colleen still had at the same effect on her as when she was a high schooler. Her underwear tightened as her cock began to surge. ‘Down boy. Later! Later!’

Mandy worked her way home through her quiet subdivision. She could've taken the bus, her mother insisted on it, but her father was against it. He said walking would ‘build character and give her time to think about what she’d done.’ Sighing, she ducked through her neighbor’s yard and into her own. She worked her key into the lock and slid into the house. All was quiet as she entered, which was exactly what Mandy wanted. Slinking upstairs she dropped her bag on her bedroom floor, flopped off her shoes and launched herself onto her bed. Her room was simple in design, consisting of a twin bed, a bookcase, a desk and a dresser. Muted grey paint covered the walls. It was however, livened up all her artwork that decorated the area. Bringing color and life to an otherwise bleak room. Mandy paused once again to ensure no one was home. Satisfied, she rolled off the bed and down over to her art stash. Hidden in her idea binder behind several art magazines was her prize.

The grey background followed by the black text of 3C Monthly. The model on the cover was a striking woman. Short red hair contrasted with brilliant emerald green eyes. Her light complexion clashing with the nearly overflowing black sports bra she wore. Mandy's eyes followed her  fit figure down to a pair of form fitting yoga pants that proudly showcased her bulge. The cover proudly declared that this was Madam J, and in Mandy's opinion she was to die for. Just the look on Madam J's face promised all sorts of naughty things. The slightly cocked head and the slight crooked smile immediately center Mandy's loins aflame. In fact, when she first found the magazine upon turning 18 she bought it on cover alone. Once she opened it did she discover the true gold.

The magazine, now months old was her goto. She shucked her pants and top as soon as she had the magazine in her hands. Clad only in a bra and matching panties, she sat back down on the bed, staring at the images.  Her right hand groped her breasts as she flipped open the magazine. While playboy was read for the articles, this adult magazine held no such stigma. There were articles sure, but this periodical was for the 3Cs within. Mandy flipped past an advertisement for firm fitting, confining underwear, pausing only briefly on the Hispanic model. Her goal was Madam J's pictorial spread. In the first pause it was classic tease. J's tongue was sliding across her full lips while leaning in on the camera. Each hand on her thighs, drawing Mandy's eyes to her package.

Mandy's own hand slipped down to her own panties, reaching in and freeing her own member.

The next shot was from the side, now showing the red haired beauty topless. Both arms covered her bust while her face gave the same naughty grin on the cover. A large green tattoo of a dragon was now visible. The tail began just around her neck and wrapped around her side. The body traced along her ribs before disappearing in J's pants. Mandy idly stroked her small rod while staring at the picture. Oh to have such confidence! It was a dream of hers to be that confident in her body.

The next shot had J pulling down those constricting pants. The very top of her cock was visible. Her face suggested surprise at being caught revealing herself. Her cherry red nipples, big and succulent, on full display. Mandy's hand worked itself over her dick, slowly pumping it's 7 inch length.

Mandy moaned as she worked along the crown of her member and flipped to the next page. J was completely nude, one hand on the base of her thick shaft, the other ran through her flame red hair. Her expression was passion, her mouth open in a moan. Mandy moaned herself. Her hand sped along her dick while her other dropped the magazine to the bed. she grabbed at her firm, bra encased globes, grasping at her small pink nipples before she headed down south. Beneath her dick her sex was dripping wet. Already her panties were thoroughly soaked with her juices. Not that she cared at this point.

She easily slid a finger into her hole, but she came across a conundrum. How would she turn the page? She tried to ponder for awhile, but the pleasure overflowing her mind made it increasingly difficult. Mandy pumped harder while frantically deciding.

Moving carefully, she leaned down into the paper and started to edge it over with her nose. The page slipped several times but she was soon met with success. Pulling back, she admired J's hand wrapped around her cock. Her thick member seemed to pulse with life even through the picture. Thick veins wrapped around the shaft, ending with a head that almost too big for the cock it was attached too.

The second to last shot: J was erupting. Cum shot out of her cock, the picture capturing the moment of release perfectly. One long strand shooting across the picture. Mandy herself lost it, her small dick shooting out her load in several short bursts. Her cunt too released its’ juices. Mandy convulsed in pleasure as her orgasm ground on. One last spurt and she was done.

The 3C slowly opened her eyes. Her magazine had been spared the brunt of her cum, yet her sheets did not fare as well. Thick ropes of jizz clung to the bedspread; slowly they were being absorbed by the fabric. If she didn't clean up now they'd leave an obvious white stain. “Damnit!”


Vicki wandered in the door to her house, tossing her keys into the bowl by the door as she went. She entered the living room and found her partner exactly where she expected. Nick sat in his favorite beat up old chair reading an Entertainment Weekly. He barely glanced up from the magazine. “Afternoon dear.”

 “Afternoon to you to lover, what do you have your nose in now?” It was often the case with her partner, he had his nose buried in some book or magazine. It explained why the mail man hated them and the bookstore loved them.

 “Entertainment Weekly. They’re talking about HBO buying up the rights to Blood Ties. They want to make it a series.” He turned the magazine around and showed her the article.
 “Another Game of Thrones wannabe?”
 His blue eyes sharpened as if suddenly offended. “No, no…and no. This is a fantasy series yes, but it's more focused. They’re thinking Michelle Rodriguez as Aminah. Hard to picture her with the red/orange hair however. How did your day go?” He asked as she climbed into his lap.

 “Good, well new semester, new students, new problems.” She sighed, “Ms. Cunningham is mad at me again.”

 “Is she still mad about the bake sale?” He asked, having ditched the magazine and now wrapped his arms around her.

 “Hey! It wasn’t my idea to make those cookies!” Vicki shouted, then immediately settled back down. “I’ll probably hear about it again at the next review meeting. Oh, thank you by the way for the scholarship stuff. How’d you get the art head to give you that?”
 He simply smiled and held up two fingers.

 “Seriously? That’s all it took? Reservations at the Goat and tickets for the theatre?” She asked, incredulous.
 “What can I say, he’s got fine tastes but not a big wallet. When I mentioned I could get him tickets to see his favorite show and reservations at the Goat, he fell over himself to get those forms filled out. “
 “One less problem to deal with. I’ll be going out Friday with the girls.”

 “BWW?” Nick asked, suddenly perking up.

 “Yes, BWW. I’ll get you a bottle of sauce. I’ll have to go easy on the margaritas this time.”

 “Mmm, yes….remember what happened last time?”
 “Beyond that monster hangover?”

 He pulled her tighter and snaked his arm down her skirt to her member it contained. “You and Colleen, making out in the backseat.”

 Vicki turned red. “Ooooh, How could I forget that?”
 His hand freed her cock and started to stroke its’ hardness. “Mmmhmm. How you two were bouncing around giggling? You practically destroyed Colleen’s top getting to her tits.”
 “Mmm, yeah…” She moaned out.

 “Judy and I stopped the car just to watch you make out.” He stroked faster, even as he felt his own cock hardening at the scene replaying in his head. “She yanked down your pants and gobbled up your cock. Her mouth took the whole thing in one go.”

 “How long did you lust after her? How many times did you jerk off to her body in high school?”

 “Tooo….too…many” Vicki managed to squeak out.

 “Now you had it, huh? She sucked you like no tomorrow as you pounded her face in. Judy and I were both whacking at that point.” His hand was a blur across her dick. “Didn’t you see that, both of us jacking off to you and Colleen and you tumbled about in the back of the car.”
 “Stop! I’m gonna….”
 “I think we all came at once. You came into Colleen while we sprayed you two down. Oh it was great times watching you two lay there panting and covered in spunk.”
 That was all it took for Vicki. Her cock erupted in one long spurt. Ropes of cum shot out as she let out one long moan. Nick watched as the stream arced up and back down, landing on the coffee table. Subsequent streams fell short as he milked the last of it out onto his hand. He removed his hand and offered it to Vicki who sucked up her own seed with gusto.

 “Ahhh….Ahh….” An exhausted sigh. “Just what I needed after a day of work.” She collapsed into a puddle on him.


Sexual/Gender Equality. Ms. Aberdeen checked her spelling as she wrote it on the board before turning back to the assembled students. She surveyed the group and smiled slightly, there were the usual group of kids in the alliance meeting. The jock and cheerleader that just happened to stroll by, the girl that was passionate about everything but knew nothing, a few that truly wanted to know about this after school group, and of course the trouble makers. All were welcome much to her chagrin.
 “Now, I know that Mrs. Ofckey explained this all to you in health class, but I’ll go over it again. Some of you may even pay attention this time.” That brought chuckles to the students. “Gender and sexual identity is not set in stone for many people. There are many that define themselves as gender fluid. Meaning that they’ve identified as either one of the genders at one point or another. Sweden even has a pronoun for this. Hen. That’s fine, many go by the pronoun of their given sex. Hir is also becoming popular in certain cases. Whatever.

 “Regardless, it is important to realize that all people are equal. Race or sex does not matter. I say this because you have to realize that not everyone identifies the sex they were born with. An example of this is the hermaphrodites. Herms, futanari, 3C, call them whatever you want. Just not the D-word or the P-word. As many are actually born male.” She went to the board again and started writing. “Now we think, but don’t know for sure, that 5-7% of the population falls under this category. Statistics are vague as many keep their gender identity secret.
“I’ll save most of the history lesson for those unfortunate enough to have Mr. Robbins, but back in the middle ages there were puritanical revisions to ye olde lore. Anyone that did not fit into two gender ‘man-woman’ equation was ostracized if not outright killed. To many, the 3rd gender, and those that deviated from the ‘man loves woman’ equation were seen as an embodiment of sin. Surely they must've done something for their body to do that right? A woman liking women, a man with a man, etc. Now we actually know that it’s genetics and DNA. I’ve heard described scientifically, but I don’t want to bore you that much. Basically, the human genome occasionally laughs in the face of the norms. In some cases when puberty kicks in, people are racked with changes as their genome decided that 1 gender wasn’t enough. These people actually have a third chromosome. A woman is normally XX and a man is XY. However, a 3C is either XXY or XYX. There's also some extremely rare cases of XXX and XYY.”

 She set the marker down and leaned against the board adjusting her glasses. “I know some of you actually keep up with news. Gender and sexual equality is still an issue that needs to be addressed in this country. Some states have passed laws defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Even gay/lesbian marriages are becoming an issue in the world. This is all good, but the outed 3Cs in this country still don’t get these rights. Though several prominent celebrities are campaigning for that.” Vicki didn't need to mention celebrities that were 3Cs like Emma Watson or Iggy Azalea.
 “So what’s the purpose of this club, team, group, whatever you want to call it?” Ms. Aberdeen looked around the classroom.
 “To raise awareness?” One boy asked very carefully.
 “Part of it yes, but it’s to create a bond and safe place for people of all types and genders to get together, meet, and discuss issues that are bothering them. Our group pressured the school into introducing gender neutral bathrooms last year.”

Vicki gestured as she moved up in front of the class. “Look, I know high school is tough for you guys. I was a student once. Here in fact. You can see some of my art on display in the gallery hall. I want to make this experience as easy as possible for everyone. If you have an issue, concern, or just need to talk and don’t feel comfortable bringing it up with a friend or advisor, you can come to me. I will keep whatever concerns you have in the closest confidence.”
 She looked over at the silent crowd. “Alright, that’s enough for today. Before you go I will tell you about my detention.”
 “Wait, you got a detention?”  Chris asked.

 Vicki looked indignant, “I will have you know Mr. Schaffer that I was not always the proper teacher I am today. I was an outcast in the school. I did get a detention.”
 “What was it?”  The class all leaned in to hear this.

 “Way back when, and don’t ask when that was, I wasn’t sure who I was. In high school you’re supposed to find yourself, but I was failing that….and English. Art was my refuge, and I was branded an outcast because of it. So much so that cheerleaders took to picking on me. In fact, they even tried to lure my best friend away.” Vicki pushed aside a brown lock of hair as she looked back into the past. “That day they said some pretty awful things to me, and I lost it. I took a lunch tray to the head cheerleader's face.”
 The gathered students burst out laughing, incredulous that their sweet teacher before them was a badass.
 Vicki had to laugh with them too. “Yes, yes, I know. Fortunately my friend interceded before I put her in the ER. Ms. Bradley stepped in and gave us all detentions.”
 “She’s that old?”
 “That would make me old too wouldn’t it?” Chris shut up at that question. “No, she’s not that old, but I was in detention. Myself, my best friend, that cheerleader, and a host of other misfits. Think of it as the breakfast club before the breakfast club. I’m about to sound incredibly cliché, but I learned a lot that day, gained a couple friends, and found my place.
 She leaned forward on Mandy’s desk who sat in rapt attention. “So that’s my detention story. You never know who you’ll find, but know you’ll always have friends.”
 Buffalo Wild Wings was the hopping place you’d expect it to be on a Friday night. The smell of wings and beer filled the air while the sounds of cheering and disapproval wafted throughout the building. None of which interested Mandy, but it was her father’s choice, and he normally got what he wanted. Pressed into the booth with her mother, she had nary a glance at the menu, she was not interested in wings. A more pressing concern was the two empties her father left in his wake. He downed beer as if it was water, while continually yelling at the large screen across from him. It made Mandy want to shirk away in fear, as she knew what was coming next.

“They can’t do anything! That team is full of pussyboys and dickgirls.” Her father boisterously exclaimed, making Mandy shrink further back into the booth. It was these sorts of statements that made her resent him. He was loud, obnoxious and a bigot. “At least they have some talent though.”
 Mandy knew who that was directed at. “Dear, please. We’re out.” Her mother tried to calm him down, receiving just a grunt in response. Their waitress came by and took their order, offering a brief respite from her father's’ wrath.
“See that chick? She knows what she’s got. A fine normal gal.” He stated, guzzling down the rest of his current beer while pointing at their waitresses’ pert butt shimming away.
 “Honey!” Now he managed to make everyone at the table offended.
 “What? I’m simply stating the truth.” It was like he didn’t even know what he was saying.

 “May I be excused? I need to use the bathroom.” Mandy dared to ask. Politely of course.
 “Of course dear.” Mandy’s mom got out of the way and she wasted no time in bolting from the table. Rather than running into the bathroom, she ran past it through the double doors outside. Once there she wasted no time in balling. Her eyes filled with tears as she let out her spent emotions. Her own damn father couldn’t keep his mouth shut about anything in public.

 “Hey are you okay kid?”

 Mandy’s head snapped up and looked about. Leaning against a No Parking Fire Lane sign another woman stood with one leg artfully up against the metal pole. Her hair was uniformly black, cut drastically short. Her eyes covered by a pair of sunglasses, while a faded black tee covered her upper body. And what an upper body it was. Her breasts, larger than Mandy’s but not overly big, pushed out the top wonderfully. Her stomach was mostly flat, with a small belly, before flaring out into a decent set of hips and a firm butt encased in a set of torn blue jeans. She took another puff of her cigarette. “I said are you okay.”
 “Yeah…I’m fine I guess….” She lied.

 “Yeah, yeah….bullshit.” The woman flicked ashes off with a tap.
 “What?” Her tears suddenly stopped as she looked at the woman.

“You’re not fine. Don’t bother lying to me about it.” She stomped out her now discarded cigarette. “So what’s the problem? Parents? Friends?”
 “My…father I guess.” Mandy still sniffed her nose.
 “Father huh? Not dad? Is he an asshole?”
 A giggle escaped from her lips, “I guess he is.”
 She approached Mandy and laid a hand gently on her shoulder. “Tell him Judy said he's an asshole.” She moved past Mandy and went for the door back inside. Before she did she removed her glasses revealing emerald green eyes. “Fuck him.”

Colleen had just started to yell at the refs on screen when Judy wandered back to their table.
“Welcome back.”

“Thanks, got delayed out there. Some girl was out there crying.” Judy responded, pulling her beer towards her.
“Oh? Which one?” Vicki turned around and surveyed the room.

“Ummm, she’s not back in yet, but she’s wearing a blue top.”

 “Reaching out to help another girl?” Amy asked over her potato skins.
“Fuck you.”

“A likely story.” Amy fished around another potato piece. “Hey is that her?”

 The entire table, minus Colleen, turned and watched Mandy as she reentered the room and made her way back to where her parents sat. “Yes.”

 “Colleen.” Vicki spoke to her distracted friend. “Colleen….Colleen!”

 A jab to the ribs brought her back from the TV screen. “What the bloody hell was that for?” She said massaging her rib.

 “Do we know her?” Vicki asked, pointing out Mandy, who even now was shrinking back into her booth.

 Colleen’s eyes glanced up at the screen, then over to Mandy, then back to the screen. “We do, at least I do. That’s Amanda aka Mandy. She’s in one of your classes I think. I put her on the list.”

 “You’re the one that’s been dicking around with my class list!” Vicki shouted.

 Judy and Amy both looked at the pair. “What?”

 Vicki slumped in defeat. “Since I started teaching, someone has been messing with my class list, dropping students, moving new ones in. I didn't recognize that access code used, I thought it was the Dean. I didn’t think it would have been you.”

“Of course I did. I see all the students and have my eye for the troubled ones.” Her eyes dashed around the table. “I saw her just a few days ago nearly getting assaulted by Gloria the cheerleader. Sound familiar?”

 Vicki turned bright red. “It does.”

 “Oh that’s right you did get detention because of that.” Amy chimed in.
 “Unlike you, she would of taken the punch. And, she won’t get to fuck her afterwards.” Colleen absently plucked a fry from their other appetizer. “I figured she could use a hand, being what she is and all.”
Vicki leaned forward in thought, only to be nearly knocked off her chair along with the contents of the table as Colleen stood up again yelling. “Come on! What kind of hit was that! Box him!”
Amy and Judy just laughed and clanked their drinks together.

Mandy walked back to the booth on autopilot. Her mind whirled as she just considered the encounter she just had. That mystery woman. Who was she to ease her out of her fit so easily? And why did she seem so familiar?

“Better now dear?” Her mom asked.

“Better.” Mandy sort of felt better.

“Good. No room for sissies here.” Her dad responded, making her mother glower.

“Don't bother mom. It's not worth it.” Mandy leaned over and whispered to her. Her mother nodded in response. No words were spoken but the feeling was mutual. Let's just get through this.


What she is. The words bounced around her skull. After eating their fill in wings the 4 ladies had departed. Now Vicki and Colleen were driving back home. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” Colleen absently was looking out the window.

“What did you mean by what she is?”

“About Mandy?” Vicki nodded and Colleen sighed. “She's a displaced hormonal teenager. She really isn't sure who she is or who she wants to be. I imagine her home life isn't fantastic either.”

Now Vicki was confused. “Wait, so this isn't about…..”

“What about being a 3C?” Colleen laughed. “Hardly. I've fucked some as you know, dated some. Mandy is a teenager that's all. Having a dick doesn't change anything about that.”

Vicki slumped her shoulders, defeated. My mind is getting lost. “Were you ever a teenager?”

“Nope. 12 right to 20. And the scars to show for it.”


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A little backstory here: I lost this. Seriously. It disappeared from my drive. So I’ve had to reconstruct it from memory. Hopefully it meets your expectations as the first chapter proved surprisingly popular.


Vicki heard the door open and shut followed by keys hitting the counter. Her partner, lover, and all but husband slunk in carrying a brown envelope. “Did you go to the Book Cellar again?”

“Hello to you too.” He replied; clutching the envelope like it was a state secret. “I found something.”

“You always find something.” Vicki narrowed her eyes. “What’s in the bag?”

Nick’s eyes sparkled with a look she knew all too well. Oh god what now?! With a sigh she reached over and grasped the envelope and started to peel out a magazine. Vicki read the label and slammed it back inside. “You bought porn!? 3C porn?! I’m the only porn you get!”

“Look at it!” Nick exclaimed.

“Alright you…” Vicki snorted and pulled the rest of the magazine out. Her eyes widened and she looked at the cover and then back at her lover. “No fucking way!”


The flesh rippled with strength from every exertion. Muscles contracted and pressed against her skin with every movement. Not a single action was wasted; no effort without purpose.

Mandy couldn’t help but stare as Dagmara flexed again bringing the bar down across her back. It was hard for her to concentrate with the Polish blooded beauty in her gym class. The way she moved and carried herself was so regal and arousing. When she worked up a good sheen of sweat Mandy couldn’t help herself from smelling her divine scent.

Ms. Bradley came by and laid a hand on the bar Mandy was fondling. “Can you focus on your workout and not Ms. Grych please?”

Mandy straightened and nearly dropped the weights. “I’m sorry Ms. Bradley, I just..”

“Don’t even bother. Just follow me. Let the weight down. Do not drop it.” Colleen signaled Mandy to head to her office. She turned to the other students. “The rest of you have 5 minutes. Then head to the gym and laps.”

A chorus of groans followed the pair as they left the weight room and marched down to Colleen’s office. Mandy’s heart raced as the teacher shut the door and sat at her desk. “Well?”

Mandy blinked. “What?”

“Are you going to explain yourself to me?”

“I was just…” Mandy exploded. “I mean I can’t…”

“Enough.” Ms. Bradley cut her off. “I won’t have you distracted in my gym. It poses to much of a safety risk.”

“Yes Ms. Bradley I just…”

“Am frustrated?” Mandy nodded. “Ms. Grych is not Captain of the Volleyball and swim team because of her looks. She works hard for it. She’s in the gym everyday. If she’s not in the gym she’s getting cardio in with Felix Sanchez.”

Mandy blinked, It was so unusual for a teacher to readily admit students were having sex on the grounds. Colleen leaned back in chair, finger across pursed lips “So how can I help you focus? Do you need a training regimen?”

“Ms Bradley,” The 3Cs face reddened. “I can’t workout cause I...um…”

Colleen suddenly shot forward. “That’s it!? You get wood?”

Mandy gulped and nodded. The teacher responded by facepalming and muttering into her hand before laughing. “That’s it? Alright lass.”

“What?” Everything was moving to fast for the unfortunate student.

“Getting an erection just happens naturally. Nothing to be ashamed of. It’s your bodies response to exertion.” Colleen leaned over the desk. “You know it’s an advantage right?”

“It’s not an advantage, it’s a…”

“Ahh that’s where you’re wrong.” The teacher shot up out of her chair. “You have so much testosterone coursing through your veins looking for an exit. When you exercise do you feel a burn?”

“Maybe?” Truth be told she didn’t invest much into gym class.

“It’ll feel good. Trust me. That’s your body reacting; building up muscle. With a proper regime you can gain quite easily.”

Images of Dagmara and even some of the cheerleaders filtered through Mandy’s brain. “I don’t want to be super fit.”

“No of course not. But it will give you an outlet for all your excess energy.”

“But what about…”

Colleen sat back down and rummaged through her desk. After several moments of searching she produced a barely used blue notepad. “What do you have next?”

“Um...history….but…” A piece of paper was already being torn off.

“The rest of class you’re going to give me everything you got. After class I expect you to handle your little issue. Wait until everyone leaves and use the showers.” Ms. Bradley handed her a hall pass. “For now on I expect 100% out of you.”

Mandy stared at the sheet dumbly. “Okay.”

“Now back to class, you’re running suicides.”

The 3C gulped. What the hell just happened?


“And that’s why this little alliance is posing a threat to the school.”

Ms. Aberdeen didn’t bother to hide her annoyance at Ms. Cunningham. The old crone was wailing again at what the Gender Alliance and allowing 3Cs into her school was doing for it and her reputation. Even the principal and dean were trying not be annoyed by her behavior. The dean, an aged hippie, finally spoke up after moments of deafening silence. “I don’t think…”

Undeterred, the witch droned on. “Of course you don’t. The reputation of this school is on the line. They pose a threat to our accreditation. Letting them in was a mistake you’ll soon regret.”

“Those born with the 3rd chromosome have been attending here for years without issue.” The dean looked over at Vicki. “I don’t see how this is suddenly an issue.”

“It’s always been an issue!” Ms Cunningham wailed; color rising in her wrinkled, ashen face. “Just because we’ve had a few ‘passable’ students doesn’t mean the rest aren’t deviants and malcontents.”

Deviants and malcontents. How fucking old are you? No wonder you got divorced Annis. Yes, her first name was Annis. It was getting too much for the art teacher. “You’re implying…”


Vicki glared at her. “Implying that those with the 3rd Chromosome are predisposed to deviancy?”

“It’s no secret that they’re more likely to be deviants. Don’t you read the news? Or are you beyond books?”

Vicki ignored the rebuke even as it made her insides bristle. She tried to be diplomatic, “I don’t agree with you or your sources. There is no evidence, scientific evidence, that those with a 3rd chromosome are predisposed to anything.”

“They’re already abominations. Deviancy is not far off.” Vicki was going to leap over the table and smack that smarmy smile off Ms. Cunningham’s face. What the brunette also resented was that the principle and dean were silent while they had their debate. When they said nothing, the english teacher continued.

“I think we’re done here.” Annis declared, attempting to stratify her victory. After a few seconds of silence she got up and harumpfted. “Do be sure your club is properly disbanded, I’d hate for the news to pick it up.”


If there was part of her that didn’t hurt, Mandy couldn’t name it. True to form, Ms. Bradley stuck to her word. She relentlessly pushed the 3C student until every bone ached; even having her make up the suicides that the other students had done while they talked. There better be a payoff here. Mandy thought as she struggled to breathe. After running from end to end of the gym Ms. Bradley broke them into teams and had them play Ultimate Frisbee; a game that had all the physicality of football with the coordination of baseball. Needless to say, Mandy was terrible at both and the two combined did little to help her athletic prowess.

She grimaced as Dagmara effortlessly threw the frisbee. The red and white disc sailed through the air and to Mandy’s horror, started to arc in her direction. With a mighty heave, Mandy launched herself into the air. Even though the jump barely cleared a few inches, it was just enough. Her fingers grasped then tightly gripped the plastic and dug in. Gravity came back as she clung to the disc and dragged her back down to earth.

Mandy’s sore legs went out from under her as she landed. Even as she victoriously clutched the disc, the brunette crumpled to the floor. Unfortunately, her fall was broken by another player. Even worse, that player happened to be Gloria. The pair fell into a pile of humanity; the blonde cheerleader’s body took the brunt of the impact. As they toppled Mandy came face to face with her tormentor.

“Hi.” She managed to squeak. Her erection, which she managed to keep hidden throughout the activities, was pressed firmly into Gloria’s thigh.

Gloria blinked for a second before roaring. “Get off me!” 

She roughly pushed Mandy up off her. Did she just cop a feel? The 3C thought as the cheerleader shoved her. She felt fingers grasp her member for just a second; a slight tug that announced her attentions. The encounter, lasting only milliseconds, left Many confused. Before she could process it, a whistle sliced through the air. “That’s enough. Everyone to the lockers!”

Students ran to their water bottles and quickly filled out the door. Mandy had just gotten to her bottle when Ms. Bradley stopped her. “Except you. Help me collect everything.”

“What did I do?” 

“Everything I asked.” Ms. Bradley explained as they went around and collected cones. “You showed good work today. I expect that out of you from now on.”

“Great.” Mandy said dryly.

“I’m serious dear.” Colleen offered rare praise. “You did very well. One thing though.”

Mandy finished collecting the markers and handed over the assembled pile. “Yes?”

“Get some biker shorts or something. Your dick sticks out.”


I can’t believe I’m doing this. Mandy thought as she slipped into the locker room. Ms. Bradley’s delay allowed the other students time to go to their next class, leaving Mandy alone for what was next. That didn’t stop her from checking every nook and cranny just to be sure no one was around.

Satisfied but still uncertain, Mandy stripped down to bare flesh. Grabbing a towel and a single sample bottle of body wash she crept into the shower. With a solid tug her chosen shower head sputtered to life; spraying her first with ice cold water before it warmed to acceptable levels. Initially she actually did washdown her body. A layer of sweat coated her body that disappeared under the watermelon scented soap. There was no delay though as she firmly grasped a hold of member. The 6 inch dick stuck out like a beacon against the feminine curves of her body. It felt warm in her hand and tingled as the palm of her hand wrapped around it. Slowly she started stroking the cock; Mandy’s brain filtered through the myriad number of fantasies before settling on one.

Gloria was kneeling in front of her. Her clothing in tatters and her breathing ragged. Eyes filled with desire she beckoned Mandy. “Come on Mandy. You know you want this.” She ran her tongue across those ruby red lips of hers. “How long have you wanted to fuck me? How you many nights have you jerked to me?”

“Shut up!” Mandy declared. In her mind she was pushing her cock forward until it pressed into Gloria’s lips.  With a little shove, the member popped passed the threshold and into Gloria’s inviting mouth. The blonde did not protest, instead she welcomed the dick. Her tongue lashed out over the rock hard member. Drops of precum erupted from the tip and splattered against Gloria’s throat. It only encouraged Mandy further. Her hips rocked back and forth and her member started to piston out of her blonde partner. Mandy turned the situation around, “Is this what you wanted? You blonde bitch jealous of my cock? Well here it is!”

She sped up her actions. In her mind’s eye her dick was thrusting in and out of Gloria’s full lips. In reality, her hand was furiously pumping her cock. Sheets of water fell upon her as her cock continued to spew copious amount of pent up pre across the white tile. Mandy was on a hair trigger today and wasn’t going to last much longer.

In her fantasy she pulled out of Gloria with a loud pop. The blonde ran her tongue of cum stained lips and started to rub her own body. “That was just a preview wasn’t it? Don’t you want the rest of me?”

“Later bitch!” She shouted. Only satisfaction was on Mandy’s pleasure addled mind, though a brief image of Gloria laying before her, legs spread wide and welcoming to Mandy’s cock as they fucked. Yet that was not to be.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mandy grunted in her fantasies. Her hips bucking as she continued to pump her cock; the member was throbbing and pulsing angrily. Gloria teased her onward, rubbing her large breasts and rolling her massive nipples through her fingers. “Give it to me you bitch! Give me your 3C seed!”

Mandy pumped even faster; her hand a blur across her cock. Her free hand gripped tightly against the showerhead; holding her steady while spraying the futanari with deluge of water that was quickly turning cold.

“Is this what you want?” Mandy taunted.

Her cock seized once before releasing its’ cargo. Thick spurts of girlcum shot out of it, blasting the tile with her seed. The cream splattered along the wall in quick bursts, each one losing a little bit of intensity as Mandy cried out, as quietly as possible, in utter satisfaction at her dirty deed.

If Mandy paid attention to her surroundings she may have noticed someone observing her impromptu teacher sanctioned masturbation session. As the cum continued to drip down the tile wall the blonde watching the 3C silently crept away.


“You look like you tried to tame a lion.”

“It felt that way.” Vicki replied, “I got called before the dean to settle some accusations.”

“Want to talk about it? I’ll buy the coffee.” Ms. Bradley offered.

“Coffee’s free here.” Vicki narrowed her eyes.

“I’m still buying.” An insistent buzzing erupted from Colleen’s side. She reached into a pocket and plucked out her cell phone. “Hello? What bloody time is it there?! You what?!”

Vicki did math in her head. It was nearly noon here. And if it was England, plus the time zones...it was tomorrow? Ugh, she couldn’t do add it up. Any color on Colleen’s pale face drained away.

“Right I understand.” Ms. Bradley looked over at Vicki. “I got to go.”

“Okay.” Vicki replied, not comprehending what was happening, nor realizing if Colleen heard her. Already the phys ed teacher was marching down the hall; bulldozing a path through a throng of students.


Mandy pressed herself against the locker as Erica passed by. The latina was a fellow 3C but possessed the rare XXX or ‘sexy’ mutation. The result: Her body was sex distilled and poured into a person. Her breasts were much larger than her head and covered her entire torso. And her butt was so thick and juicy that it filled her with lustful insanity. Mandy lost many a night to visions of that ass. Erica wasn’t vain like Gloria but knew she had an intense following; a legion of cocks at her command. Mandy sighed as she watched that butt wobble away; she wasn’t going to get any of it anytime soon.

“If you’re done admiring I’d like to get lunch.” Sarah whispered in Mandy’s ear causing the now brunette to jump.

“Gah, your scared me!”

“Yeah well, I don’t have a dick so I can’t daydream about sticking it in people.” Her friend replied sarcastically. “Come on. Pizza day. I want to get there before it gets cold.” 

The pair headed to the cafeteria and piled into the line for food. As they shuffled forward Sarah filled her in on the latest gossip. “Ms. Cunningham was angry about something.”

“When isn’t she?” Mandy took a sandwich while Sarah piled on several slices of greasy pizza.

“This was different. We were supposed to go read Anne Frank but she decided we didn’t need it. Instead we’re focusing on the order of things. ‘Go Set a Watchman.’ What is that crap?”

Sarah and Mandy sat down at the table of outcasts with their friend Tony. Sarah wouldn’t complain this much unless… “You already bought the cliff notes didn’t you?”

“I did!” Sarah continued to whine as she applied napkins to her pizza. “I only earn so much babysitting and I need it for my outfits! I won’t get asked to homecoming looking cheap.”

Mandy did her best to hide her eye roll. My clothes come from Goodwill. Another of her father's doing.  “Of course. What do you think?”

She prodded Tony who remained unresponsive; his face buried in the screen of his phone. She prodded again. “Hey! What was that for?”

“Making sure you’re alive.” Mandy commented but he was already gone. She swore that his entire existence revolved around that glowing box of his.

“This kids never gonna get laid with that attitude.” Sarah pulled off the now transparent napkins. “If it does. End of the world. Armageddon.”

The 3C rolled her eyes again; ignoring the sickening squish the napkins made as they hit the tray. They were quite the Dysfunctional trio but they were friends.


“Thanks for doing this.” Ms. Aberdeen stated to her visitor.


Vicki grabbed Judy’s shoulder and shook it. “Seriously. We had no idea you were a…”

“Model? Page 2 girl? Dick slut?”

“Model will suffice.”

“How’d you find out anyway? I tend to keep my job separate.”

Vicki reddened. “Well, you see Nick was at the store and…”

“Nick found me!? Dear sweet Nick was looking up porn and found me?”


“If he wants to see the real thing why doesn’t he just ask?” Judy teased and grabbed at her cock. “I could give him a personal show.”

“No!” Vicki demanded, straightening her glasses. “I already gave him the business.”

“Pity. Let’s get this over with.”

Vicki lead her friend into the classroom. “Everyone, our your supplies away. We have a guest today. This is Judy Cu…” She paused. “Judy.”

Her class blinked for several seconds. No one daring to ask what Judy was. Finally someone spoke up. “What are you?”

“Human. Flesh and blood.” Judy quipped. “But in today’s class I am a model, photographer, and director.”

“She is here to explain the art she’s involved in. I thought you’d appreciate an insider's view.” Ms. Aberdeen explained.

“That’s right.” Judy explained, surprisingly professional. “I work in photography mostly. There you cannot be just a model, you really need a grasp of the entire business. Anyone can grab a camera and stick photos on Instagram, and that might get you famous. More than likely it will not. You need to have a grasp on all the aspects of your profession.”

“Did you go to school?”

Judy snorted and pulled up a chair, sitting on it backwards. “Of course I did. I went to this one. Got kicked out too.”

Several times. Vicki thought. Detention is how we met. Her guest continued, “Formally, I swiped a camera from a shop. When it didn’t sell I started using it and discovered photography. I made a portfolio that got me accepted to a community college then a ….”

Mandy was vaguely listening to the her. Everything was tuned out as she stared and the woman speaking. Red hair, confident demeanor. Just turned slightly and Mandy saw a shimmer of green on her neck. A tattoo. Her heart fluttered and her cock, which had been satiated early in the day, suddenly sprang to life. If she wasn’t wearing jeans it would have smacked the table with a resounding thud. There’s no way it could be…

Judy stood abruptly and marched to the board. Mandy watched with rapt attention. It has to be. She eyed the woman’s jeans and the way the bent around her crotch. She’s a 3C. Surreptitiously she reached into her bag, quietly plucking out her cell phone. Mandy hurriedly snapped several pictures before shoving her phone away.

Before long the class, and day, ended. Mandy raced home as fast as her legs could carry her. Bursting through the door like a human tsunami, she bolted upstairs to her room. Ripping through her art box she pulled out her copy of 3C magazine, tearing through pages until she found her goal. With a careful eye she compared images of her idol to those she had snapped earlier. Similar hair, boobs...maybe? Cock….Mandy was bad as guestimating sizes, but she assumed they were similar. Tattoo. Her eyes traced the barest slivers of green Judy showed on her neck, matching them to the picture in the magazine. Oh god, oh god, oh god!  There was no doubt in her mind that Judy was Madam J. Her heart fluttered and member ached in her pants. Fuck me!


The following week Vicki walked into Colleen’s office and immediately came to a halt. In place of trophies and neat stacks of paper there were boxes everywhere. In the previous week the mostly outgoing but stern teacher had withdrew from society. To Vicki, she was running on autopilot. “What are you doing?”

“Packing.” Colleen replied as she wrapped up a trophy.

“I can see that. Why?”

“I’m leaving.”
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