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Author Topic: 3rd Chromosome: Golden Age  (Read 2029 times)


3rd Chromosome: Golden Age
« on: March 06, 2019, 11:02:50 AM »
"Quick in here!" Evelyn Keyes held open a side door waving frantically at Rita. The elegant woman took off at her in a trot; her long copper hair flowing in the wind, her butt shaking with every step.

"I'm trying." Rita responded through gritted teeth. "You try running in these heels."

"Hurry!" Evelyn didn't try to argue that. As Rita Hayworth brushed past her she slammed the door shut and locked it with a satisfying click. "Finally we're...umph!"

Rita was on her partner in an instant; lip locking Evelyn with the pent up passion of displaced lovers. The pair kissed for several minutes as their hands roamed each other bodies. Finally, the vivacious blonde broke off their kiss.

"How long has it been?"

"Ugh. Too long. Days at least."

"I know. Are you full?" Evelyn asked while her hand prodded at Rita's crotch.

"Very. I haven't jerked off since last time. It's aching."

Evelyn kissed her partner. "Aww, you must be ready to burst...let me handle that."

The blonde started to slide down Rita's body but she stopped her. "No, You went first last time. I got this."

Rita slid down Evelyn's body; clothes dropping open as she went. As soon as she hit the floor Evelyn's member was out free. It was by no means large, maybe only 9 inches, but it was more than sufficient for Rita.

The copper redhead examined the blonde's member critically. "Mmm...looks like you've been holding in too."

Evelyn moaned as Rita took her length in. Immediately her member was surrounded by the wet confines of her throat. "Oooh...yeah..."

"Mmm...mmmm!" Rita moaned back, her lips wrapped firmly around the cock. Her head bobbed as she pulled the blonde's ass forward; demanding and willing more of the 9 inch member into her waiting throat. As she did she began to hum.

Evelyn never knew the tune but knew the effects well. Her dick, already rock hard, swelled even larger from the effects. Nerves fired as pleasure shook her body. A guttural moan escaped her lips. "Oh...that always gets me going..."

Saliva and cum bridged Rita's lips and Evelyn's cock. "That's why I do it."

Rita wasted no time in returning to her duties; gobbling up Evelyn's member. She easily swallowed the entire length, her head bobbing to that same beat. The blonde watched as her slick dick disappeared into Rita only to reappear again. The sensations were becoming far too much for her, even with Rita looking at her with those big brown eyes.

The two lovers were getting close to the main event when Rita unexpectedly stopped.

"Why'd you stop? Get your mouth back on my cock!" Evelyn demanded.

"Shh." Rita pulled herself off the dick before her and held up a finger. "Someone's coming! Into the closet now!"

Rita stood and pulled Evelyn along by the cock into a storage closet. There, surrounded by mops and cleansers, the pair held their breath. The door they entered in from earlier slammed open.

Marilyn Monroe was the one that slammed the door open. Audrey Meadows quickly followed her inside. With the door shut the pair embraced with much the same passion the hiding pair had earlier.

"We just saw this." Rita whispered to her lover.

"We just did this." Evelyn corrected. From where she was kneeling her hand was already snaking down to her member.

Back in the main room Marilyn broke off the kiss, a smile on her ruby red lips. "I know you didn't come here just for that."

Audrey smiled in return. "That's right I didn't."

The redhead went down to her knees and pulled up Marilyn's skirt. Hanging free between her legs was a cock. Both Rita and Evelyn's mouths watered at the sight of it. Flaccid it hung halfway down her thighs; erect was anyone's guess.

"Can you imagine fucking that?"

"Shhh!" Rita tried to silence her partner. Yet. Even she had her hand wrapped around her own dick; slowly pumping it's 11 inch length.

"I've missed this." Audrey said, her hands already around the thickening member. Under her efforts the blonde's dick swelled until it was thicker and longer than her forearm.

"Jesus, that's got to be like 14 inches."

"Now who's the one making a racket." Evelyn responded.

Outside Marilyn's member was nearly full mast. Audrey steadily pumped at it until a drop of pre appeared. The redhead greedily lapped at it. Then, to the hidden girls amazement, she gobbled up the cock. More than half disappeared in an instant as she swallowed the member.

"Wow." Evelyn anxiously pulled at her member; saliva and precum dripping onto the floor beneath her.

"That's so sexy." Rita had moved behind Evelyn and slowly started to massage her pink pussy. The redhead's fingers easily slid about the hole; massaging and preparing for her entry. She readily sucked down the juices that had cascaded onto her fingers. Evelyn tasted just like honey. "You ready?"

"Of course I am you fucking tease!" Evelyn managed through clenched teeth. She shook her ass temptingly at Rita. "Just fuck me already!"

Rita readily complied. Her buxom blonde partner suppressed a cry of delight as she entered. The large head of her cock sliding in several inches before stopping.

"Aw, yes. That's what I want!"

Outside, Marilyn and Audrey were doing much the same. No longer content with just a blowjob, the blonde had pulled out of Audrey. Now the two were stripping out of their clothes, and soon both were in all their naked glory.

Marilyn was what one would expect; a sultry blonde bombshell wrapped in a utterly fuckable package. Audrey was quite the opposite. Her modest bust and pretty face lead her to be the ultimate girl next door. If the girl next door had a dick hanging between her legs. No where near as large as Marilyn, her considerable member was still plenty long and thick.

The duo embraced again; their lips joining as their bodies rubbed together. Tongues dueled as their cocks danced around as well; each one hitting the other as the pair explored each other's bodies. Marilyn pushed back Audrey until her bare butt hit a table.

Audrey looked back and smiled. She pushed herself up and spread her legs wide. "You know what I want."

Her blonde partner stroked her cock, slowly bringing the massive member to Audrey's pussy. "You know what you'll get."

Audrey's scream surprised Rita and Evelyn, despite that they were watching it all happen. The two lovers in the closet both jumped in surprise; Audrey's passion interrupting their slow and steady fucking.

"She must be tight." Evelyn commented as she pushed back on Rita.

"With that cock entering her? She's gotta be loose." The redhead responded. "Why don't you fuck her yourself."

"Maybe I will. It's not like you're doing it." The blonde mock yawned.

Rita tightened her grip on Evelyn's waist and speed up. "You'll pay for that."

Back in the main room Audrey was panting hard. Marilyn's first thrust took her nearly to the hilt. The thick dick spread her open wide and nearly sent her to an orgasmic frenzy. "We're just getting started baby."

Marilyn set an easy tempo. Her entire body shook and she began to pound her redheaded partner; their mutual cries of pleasure beginning to fill the room. The steady thumping of their bodies joining setting the beat.

Inside the closet Rita unconsciously matched Marilyn's pace. Her partner as well pushed back in return. There's was a more sensual fuck. It has to be; any noise would expose them. Even still, the sound of their sex still wafted through the cracked door.

Marilyn was no longer content with the gentle fuck. Hands firmly on Audrey's hips she began to speed up. The light thumping of their bodies joining getting replaced by a slap as Marilyn's large orange sized balls slapped her lovers' ass.

"You're filling me up!" The redhead shouted, "Damn it's like a baseball bat in there! Fuck me harder your blonde bitch!"

Evelyn looked back at Rita as they continued their fuck. Neither suspected that sweet Audrey would have such a dirty mouth.

"God! You're fucking me so well!" Audrey shouted as she rode the waves of pleasure she was getting. "I'M GONNA CUM!"

"Not yet!" Marilyn reached down and grabbed hold of Audrey's cock. Her sizeable appendage was bouncing between the two, slapping each stomach in turn. The blonde started to pump it with much the same vigor as her fucking; it wasn't long before Audrey couldn't hold back.

"I'm cumming!" The redhead barely had time to announce before it was replaced with a window shattering scream. Rita and Evelyn both watched as her entire body shook with pleasure, as if every nerve was firing at once. Her dick blew not soon after. The first shot arced high and caught Marilyn in the chin. Every following blast just dripped between their bodies. Cum shots landed on Audrey's chest and Marilyn's stomach.

Marilyn's own member went off. She gave one last thrust, burying herself deep into her partner and unloaded. Neither Rita nor Evelyn could tell Marilyn was cumming. Instead they both watched as Audrey's stomach swelled and bulged out with Marilyn's seed. The blonde grunted, but that grunt extended until it became a purr of pleasure.

Back in the closet Rita and Evelyn's sex session was reaching it's own crescendo. Rita felt Evelyn tighten up around her cock. "You're gonna cum my little slut?"

"Yes!" Evelyn hissed back.

"Do it. Cum for me!"

Evelyn bit her tongue as she came. Her pussy clamped down like a vice as her own dick started to spasm. Spurts of her jizz shot out, splashing against her stomach and onto the floor below. Just behind her, Rita started to cum. Her cock went off like a cannon; visibly pumping as it launched its' cargo deep into Evelyn.

The redhead had to hold back as she came. She wanted to scream, to smack Evelyn's ass as she claimed it for her own. Yet, she couldn't any noise and they'd both be caught, and there was no telling what the two in the room outside would do. Several spurts later and they were done. Evelyn collapsed as her arms came out; her entire body shaking in orgasmic bliss. Rita was not much better, yet she had Evelyn's ample rear to lean upon as her a wave of post orgasmic exhaustion hit her.

Back outside, cum dripped off the two lovers as they pulled apart. Audrey's abused sex leaked a river of cum as Marilyn pulled out. The duo kissed and then separated. "Amazing as always."

"Mmm... same to you." The blonde bombshell swirled up a dollop of jizz and swallowed it down. "Delicious too."

"I ate the foods you suggested." Audrey added helpfully.

"I approve. Now come on, someone's bound to notice we're gone." Marilyn and Audrey cleaned up after their sexual adventure but the room still stank from their efforts. Audrey left first followed by Marilyn. As the blonde was leaving she looked towards the storage closet and smiled. As soon as they left Rita and Evelyn spilled out of the storage room.

"Jesus, can you believe that? That blonde bitch knew we were there."

"I can. We just saw it." Rita responded, her hands busy fixing her dress. "Come on, before anyone notices."

Evelyn nodded and checked her own outfit. Aside from a damp spot where cum stained her outfit, everything was intact. "Next time...all four."

Rita nodded at Evelyn's suggestion. "The more the merrier."
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Golden Age
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2019, 11:54:31 AM »
Loved this story back when I read it years ago. Rita Hayworth is probably my all time favorite classic Hollywood babe and you nailed her here.  ;)
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